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Big Test For Tech, New IPOs And Fisker Blaze In

Wall Street Breakfast

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Big Test For Tech, New IPOs And Fisker Blaze In

"As the demand for telemedicine grows so does the need for connectivity five G. meets that need qualcomm remains focused on giving doctors and patients superior security rich five G. connectivity learn more at QUALCOMM DOT com slash invention age welcome to seeking Alpha stocks to watch Wall Street breakfasts weekend edition our news teams weekend preview of upcoming IPO's earnings reports, conference presentations, investor days, FDA. Decisions Barron's mentions and other key events that could impact stocks to set you up for the week in the markets. Subscribe to this podcast on Apple podcast. Google podcasts spotify stitcher. Good Morning today is Sunday October twenty fifth. I'm your host Rena sure bill. We begin with a breakdown of the week ahead from seeking Alpha's news team. Big Tech gets a big test next week as apple facebook Amazon and Google. Parent Alphabet all step up to the earnings plate after a sizzling run for the sector wedbush securities things the reports will fuel up another tech rally into the end of the year despite the general nervousness over stimulus and the election apple is the firm's favorite thing name Microsoft and salesforce are the top cloud software picks and Z scaler is called the cybersecurity standout. There will also be some focus next week a US Senate hearing on section two, thirty immunity with twitter's Jack Dorsey facebook's mark. Zuckerberg and Google's Sundar Pichai all in the firing line. The economic calendar includes updates on new home sales, durable goods and consumer sentiment as well as what will be an eye popping Q. Three GDP report a historic thirty three percent quarter over quarter surge in Q. Three, GDP is expected to be reported to follow on the over thirty one percent drop in Q. Two despite the strong bouncing Q. Three the feds official forecast for this year is for GDP, to decline three point seven percent, which would mark the biggest single year drop since at least World War Two. Also on the schedule in the week ahead, look for some ideas to be generated out of the Robin Hood Conference and Spat Creation. Boards Town Motors Corporation could burn some rubber when it starts trading. In Earnings News Hasbro EXPE- semiconductors and Boyd Gaming Report on October Twenty sixth Microsoft BP Caterpillar jetblue Seventeen Raytheon Pfizer and Merck on the twenty seventh general. Electric General Dynamics MasterCard ups, Boeing Sony Ford Western Digital Amgen visa an Ebay Report on October twenty eighth shop by twitter craft Heinz Yum brands comcast anheuser-busch inbev. Amazon. Apple Google facebook and starbucks report on the twenty nine. An Exxon Chevron Phillips Sixty six and under armour all report on the thirtieth. In IPO news emeril home expects to price its IPO on October twenty eighth the offering of fourteen point seven million shares is expected to price in a range of between sixteen and eighteen dollars by ODA six is also slated to price its IPO on the twenty eighth with four point one, seven million shares due to go off in an expected range between seventeen and nineteen dollars. Other companies that could price IPO's next week include Allegro Microsystems, caliber home loans, Leslie's route and maverick owner keep an eye on avocado pure play mission produce with the analyst quiet period expiring following the company's IPO shares have shown a modest gain from the IPO pricing level of twelve dollars. IPO. Lockups expire on Sprout Social Lear Therapeutics, and pharmaceuticals, and Group has secured the final regulatory approach to launch what is shaping up to be the world's largest initial public offering the mainland China leg of the IPO will be priced October twenty seventh and has been running a digital IPO roadshow across Asia Europe and the US to gauge investor interest. A special meeting of sparred energy. Acquisition Corporation shareholders will take up a vote on the business combination with fisker Inc. following the proposed business combination ev automaker fisker will be listed on the New York. Stock Exchange under the new took her symbol FSR the crazy intersection of electric vehicle stocks and SPEC interest is just getting more crowded with Quantum Scape Kensington capital Lordstown motors diamond peak holdings canoe Hennessy Capital X., L. Fleet pivotal investment to and Romeo systems are G. Are All the new combinations to watch. As we mentioned at the top. The robinhood conference is running this week from October twenty eighth through the twenty nineth in a virtual format with presentation scheduled from the White House's Lawrence. Kudlow Ache, you are capital management's cliff asked. Green. Capitals David Einhorn Citadels Ken Griffin ally Lily CEO Dave Rex Regenerating Co President George Yen Coppola Softbank Coo Marcello chlor and Robin Hood's West more the best idea blitz on October twenty seven at two thirty pm eastern feature short pitches from Lakewood capital management, Lone Pine capital Saba capital Tusk Investment Partners Satyam head capital management, and Glenview capital management. Investors are expected to key in on whatever details, apples out and how iphone twelve sales are going more than the Q. Three tallies although service revenue and non iphone hardware sales will still be closely watched earlier in the week. Morgan Stanley noted that average lead times were running eight and a half days for the iphone twelve pro and just over ten days for the iphone twelve from just over eleven days and point two days respectively when pre orders began on October first. Wedbush says it has seen strong cloud deal activity around as you're in the field during the September quarter with another street beat and raise likely in the cards for Microsoft. This current work from home environment is further catalyzing more enterprises to make the strategic cloud shift with Microsoft across the board with the. Growth likely in the fifty percent range. In many cases, we are seeing enterprises accelerate their digital transformation and cloud strategy with Microsoft by six to twelve months as the prospects of heavy remote workforce for the foreseeable future. Now looks on the cards with this in nineteen backdrop. Previewed analysts dives. The firm continues to see Microsoft as the core cloud name to play the transformational secular trend. In investor meetings and business updates, news bed bath, and beyond holds a highly anticipated investor that an October twenty eighth also on the calendar Viva Systems has an analyst and investor, day scheduled for the twenty ninth Kroger. Has An investor update call scheduled on the twenty seventh and Chairman CEO Rodney mcmullen and CFO Gary Miller chip provide an investor update to replace traditional investor day event, which has been pushed back to spring twenty twenty one. Stitch fix President Coo Mike. Smith. Will be a speaker at a barons live event and his talk we'll delve into the rapid evolution of express delivery amid pandemic and cover future ECOMMERCE trends. Open tax will hold its open text world twenty twenty event from October Twenty Six th through the twenty nineth. The conference brings together leading experts to rethink the challenges facing business and society talks from open tech CEO, chief product officer and engineering executives. Former Vice President Al Gore is also a guest speaker. Cargurus is holding event extra over twenty six through the twenty-seven designed to help educate automotive retail professionals and how to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape. Their industry has been facing over the past year. Virtual attendees will learn more about inventory acquisition strategies in this new environment and Best Practices for digital retail as the industry moves towards more online connections cargurus scrapping for more sales after revenue dropped thirty percent year over year in Q. Two. Dea Gio is raising the stakes in the competition for no alcohol beer sales by launching a non alcoholic of Guinness in Britain and Ireland. The beer industry has been shaken up this year by the impact of the pandemic, an on premise sales although at home non alcoholic demand has guess what increased shares do are down eighteen percent year to date. And this week embarrass mentions the stocks and themes drawing attention in Barron's weekly addition. Coca, Cola is profiled as an under appreciated post pandemic play. The beverage stock is also seen as a hedge against the weaker dollar with seventy five percent of its profit derived from outside the US in the world reeds positive transfer medical real estate are seen lifting community healthcare, trust physicians, Realty Trust, and healthcare realty trust. The publication suggests it may be time to look outside the US tech giant's for Future Growth Alibaba China Tourism Group duty-free Quash Shoe Group. In O, Van biologics Mercado Lebron and reliance industries make the list of intriguing ways to play emerging markets. That concludes this week Sox to watch. Thanks so much for listening for the best investment analysis a news on the web. Go to seeking Alpha DOT COM subscribe to this podcast on apple podcast Google podcast spotify stitcher. You can sign up for other podcasts Alpha traitor. Let's talk ETF's the cannabis investing podcast and essay for as on those platforms as well have a great week.

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