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"bo takenaka gami" Discussed on MotoWeek - MotoGP, Motorcycle and Racing News

"And how qualifying has been his arch nemesis this season. I think there's only two races all year long that he started inside the top ten and watching once again. What he did in this race is just just reinforcement that. If brad bender could just simply figure out how to qualify well he would likely be doing the same exact things. We've seen out of miguel lavera before the break and miguel by the way was injured in this one. That's why he was really not that great all weekend long and brad proved it again. Today i mean he started sixteenth and he was ninth as late as lap. Sixteen in this race. And then he just comes blazing through the field in the final third getting by bo takenaka gami and johann zarco in the final few corners of the last lap to get an incredibly impressive fourth place. Finish after starting sixteen. They just need to figure out how to get him. On the first three rows of the grid and brad bender could make some big big waves over the second. Half of the season. Never talking nakagomi. Well i don't know maybe he's feeling a little bit of that. Pressure from iowa is increasingly more impressive performances. Emoto too but one way or the other taco was motivated and he was looking a lot more like he did in twenty twenty in this race then has so far in twenty twenty one and getting roughed up a bit by bender at the end was really his low misstep and talk a finally gets back into the top five for the first time since he res- was a really good race for him on the other end of the spectrum. I wanna talk about three writers who did little to help their chances on sunday. And they all happen to be on do kadi's starting with johann zarco who actually had a decent race and he was in a really good spot when jack miller went out to at least only finish one spot behind fabio quattro in this one but then he let to riders. Get by him in those final few corners on the last lap going from fourth to sixth. And you just you can't. You can't do that if you want to be in the championship against a guy who's been as fast as fabio quarrel has been all season long. You can't make those mistakes especially when you're chasing writer in the championship if you've got the buffer. Well okay you lost a couple of points. Come back the next day. You can kind of fix it. But here's arco is a good distance behind. He needs every single point he can get in those situations. You have to find a way to stay in front of two riders who you are better than and i know that's arguable. But based on the results we've seen the season zarko should have been able to best takenaka gami and brad bender instead. He lost out the both of them. That's really really bad way for him to end the race for petco back niamh. I mean when this first started before the red flag. He looked like he was going to be a contender and then he was simply flat in the second race. He never got anything going it all and he finished eleventh doing himself no favors. And then jack miller ma'am after leading the race early and then falling out of the podium spots. Jack was in the middle of a late race. Push to get by fabio coiro. Get back on the podium. Make up some points in the championship as well which would have been huge for himself. Amber johns arco too. Because it would have taken a couple of points away from coiro. And i really don't think showing mir would minded. That's so much either. But then he lost the front end in the stadium section with ten laps to go trying desperately to match the corner speed of the aha instead of being patient and relying on the dakotas real strength which was sectors one two and four. Don't try make it all happen in three if you don't got it in three right and instead of maybe getting on the podium or at least finishing fourth he missed out on at least thirteen points. Maybe even sixteen and because of that. He's now over seventy points out in the championship. He is perilously close to having his title. Bid for twenty twenty one come to an end as well before we finish up on the qadis by the way how about the droese finishing tenth in this race he got the last spot based on a track limits and fracture but still top ten for a guy who hasn't racing a couple of years. I think that's a good day. All things considered becoming background to. It wasn't a good day for them. Obviously they didn't accomplish what they set out to and yet she still had a smile on his face at the end of the day. Why is that well. Because i'm pretty damn sure. He was looking up at martine on the top. Step of that podium and thinking there's next factory rider that's the guy i'm going to go. Try to win a championship with if these other guys aren't going to step up for me. Because if mirrored one or even if somebody like johann zarco have one he was going to be pretty darn upset that his factory guys didn't step up to the challenge. But instead i think he was seeing the future up there and thinking you know what maybe not this year but maybe next year or the year after that because i got somebody. I can really really work with here so on the podium whore. Hey martine his first victory pray mac qadis first victory in modo. Gp and a fantastic display of talent from future contender show. Amir was second the ride height device and the result that came with it. I think definitely gives mir and suzuki a ton of forward momentum them running at the podium fabio quarrel he just keeps on going and this is just like a win for him in a champion like effort as well and in that championship while fabio of course still leads the way and he actually has a bigger lead believe it or not when he showed up in austria which is huge the margin now stands at forty points after johann arcos last lap. Struggles mirror gets couple back. He's now fifty one out while disappointing efforts for both factory riders. Lee petco back. Nine of fifty eight points. Back in jack. Miller wapping seventy two behind some more and more this fabio quattro arrows championship to lose..

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