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"bo sporum" Discussed on Native America Calling

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"bo sporum" Discussed on Native America Calling

"We look at the overall survival. Of the colony that comes from the United states. Over here we call invitational wildfires in 2016, has become one of the biggest sort of days on account of the protests have this also in all these issues. Sure, sure. So there's your podcast, the work Dixon is doing with his arts. You've mentioned some of these huge protests on Australia day. How else are activists working to change these narratives and uplift people stories and culture? And so one of the ways I heard you talking to the historian a bit earlier is sort of mentioned something about change today. That was sort of a progressive or so called sort of progressive idea that came I think around the earth 2000s from the great sort of wing political party, which has support a lot of sort of First Nations issues. Later on in the mid 2000s and the protests from coverage will act as this was abolished a bullish on the day. And one of the reasons why we say this is because what we wanted to do was give people an understanding that hey wait a minute because of all of these things that have happened not just on this day, but if we go and change it to another day, all we're doing is sort of celebrating the genocide of average of playful and other data. And at this point in time, we believe that Australia or the government don't have the right to sort of celebrate because like you've mentioned previously on your show. We haven't entered into a negotiation process for treaty. The story hasn't sort of been honest. And accepted sort of what they've done towards average. It has the most process. But I'm interested because I mean, some of these stories, these experiences that you've shared, that Dixon has shared the history that we've heard from doctor martini. I just wonder could the country of Australia recognize both its colonial past and still be respectful of its Aboriginal populations? Are these two paths just too hard to reconcile? What's your thought on that? Well, I think we might have lost both. So I'm going to go to doctor martini Martin, doctor Martin, did you hear that question I just asked? Oh, yeah, Sean. Well, when Bo gets on the line, you can answer it, but yeah, I mean, one thing I've heard discussed by people who really think about these issues and activists is recognition and celebration aren't necessarily the same thing. And so like we were saying they need to be a real confronting of the true history of the British colonization of Australia before there can be any kind of commemorative day that perhaps brings these two together. What about like an education campaign recognizing the origins of Australia day? And these decisions to create a holiday time to raise awareness of Aboriginal culture and challenges with something like that help yeah, and I mean, I'm not sure what's changed in the Australian curriculum, but I assume sort of among non Indigenous Australians, the majority of the population, of course, in Australia. Assume there is more history told your artist guest talked about. There's more interest in Aboriginal culture and history among the general settler population. But, you know, when I was in school, sort of in the 80s and 90s, there wasn't much. So it's really similar to the curriculum on the east coast definitely in the U.S. that most people don't get a lot of Native American history in the same in Australia. And yes that has to change. And I hope it is changing. Yeah, absolutely. And I know that these arguments to abolish Australia day have gained steam in recent years and it'll be interesting to see going forward if the government will hear these opposition voices, are they merely waiting until the movement loses steam, so we'll definitely want to pay attention to that. I do want to ask quickly if Bo is still on the line if he could share information about how folks can learn more about his podcast. Bow, are you still there? Doesn't look like we have bow. So I'm sorry about that, but I think if you Google name both sphere and I think you'll find some really good information in some great resources. Folks, that's all the time we have for a day's show and an enlightening discussion about Aboriginal peoples and their efforts to redefine Australia day into a more inclusive holiday. I want to thank my guests, doctor Elsbeth, martini, and Bo sporum, also thanks to Dixon Patton. We're back live tomorrow with a show about recognizing and addressing generational trauma on a personal level. We hope you can join us. I'm.

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