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"bmw rutherford" Discussed on WSB-AM

"BMW Rutherford national quarterback great year we we what's next dish bring practice and we wanted to leave our young quarterbacks was something to work on is a resume when you start now making a high school team are a common to make a college team are going into the NFL you need a resume of of five quick passes if you can throw a twelve yard pass it point two five seconds that's a hundred miles an hour I can throw the ball so hard you can't catch it you've got to get with your receiver would reconfirm grow and throw the ball all right thank you wrote the food and I agree you gotta throw it and then you got to catch it rather for it those are the hardest uncle Rico under miles an hour the ball over those mountains all right left tackle que mais left guard Solomon can like center tray hill right guard I think is open it's been Cleveland can get it together academically I think he's your started there tomorrow so you're at right tackle tight is gonna be a big question mark I'm gonna go with a true freshman Darnell Washington there that's a little insight folks wide receiver George beckons yes Sir Dominic Blaylock yes Sir another tree freshman markets rose me all tailback Zamir white quarterback that's the big one a lot of it all that's the big but is it a I need a name is it gonna be number eleven and and I think that is what would you look ahead twenty twenty season open is it gonna be Jake from it is a Kevin back about what what you got on that K. B. I don't think he is that I I think he's done unbelievable here I think he's ready for the next step you know it really just comes down to him and his family and what they you'll feel like he needs to accomplish or if he's accomplished everything here that's usually when you take that next step hi I'm lane and that he's going to come back but this is one of those spots would you agree with this I wouldn't be surprised that whichever way he decided no I wouldn't either and I just hope it soon I hope it's quick because it's it's very important to the university of Georgia the fan base is certainly very important a Jake he's got a you know get together with an agent he's got to get ready for you know combine all that kind of stuff so it's it's a big big time and and all these young man's life and you know their families are all part of it and that's that's where it's really gonna come down to who Georgia starting pondering kicker B. and twenty twenty wow you know its you know we've got to assign a coming in place kick in and you know I I they signed a edgier circle that all he is right now I mean he's he's he's a good talented kicker came to our camp this summer yeah we might have the best place kicker on the team already Jacob Marge good very good kicker Brooks uses very good kicker he also these guys might be out there you know if if push came to shove and and nobody stood up and then yeah really claim that kicking position yeah you might want to look at Jake become in that place kicker and then trying to fill a punning position because we have your roof right here we've got club Chumley here and start a family size yeah we've got some very capable ponders I would say our partners right now that twice now and it is just deeper and and Brooks is you know the only one that we have right now on on the place kicking if you don't cal Jake in it so they'll be a lot of competition out there but it's going to be a good solid position force again all right always love a call about the crystal ball there you go what a way to end the season as the Bulldogs when the Sugar Bowl to the six to fourteen over the Baylor bears at K. B. and I will have our final comments on this season as we continue on for the hotel indigo dogtrot postgame driven by BMW here of the Georgia Bulldogs sports network in.

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