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"blue grass army" Discussed on The Rush Limbaugh Show

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"blue grass army" Discussed on The Rush Limbaugh Show

"Whatever the season whatever. The reason visit the place where memories are made. Every day hampton. Virginia get inspired by our beaches history attractions. Use it culture and more plan your trip at visit. Kempton dot com. Thanks for being here with me on the clay travis and buck sexton show. This is bach. Clay is a out today on vacation. He's doing well enjoy the time out about going to a game fam- and he'll be back with assume but just me today at the helm here and we wanted to get to your calls because it is open line friday eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two. Let's get to chuck in kentucky. Chuck welcomed the clay travis and buck sexton show. Hey thanks for having me on love. Your guys she'll start with. Thank you sir. i'm a i'm a. i'm a former. Us army if creole retired and The when you start your show one of the things you had. You played that idiot plan at john was a some kind of a hero. He's not if you look at what he's done. I don't understand why The whole cabinet of vines is not being brought up on treason charges I'll remember signing a note. That stated i would defend this country against all enemies foreign and domestic when i took my oath as a second lieutenant That stands deep in my heart. We do not deal with our enemy and the taliban is our enemy and guarantees they will strike us again as a matter of fact. I'm very worried that they may hit kentucky here close to lexington because of the blue grass army depot that has all kinds of four own chemical weapons for not paying fifty stored there And it amazes me. That biden is almost like friends. They're not our friends. There are enemies and they will hit us again. You know this is the position of thank you first of all. Thank you for your service. Thank you for calling in from kentucky. The body administration put itself in a position where we had to ask. This is just the truth. These are things that. I don't like saying things like this because as an american it upsets me. We had to ask the taliban politely. Can we please get our people out please. Taliban can we get our people out and to our servicemen and women who in battle kicked the taliban but every time day in day out for almost twenty years. Now i know that's that's they. They're telling me. I mean i have a lot of friends who are still in or have left the service and their enraged by it would. That's the situation. Somehow this is honestly a holdover from the obama administration to they could sit down with a winning hand and somehow still lose at the poker table. That was the obama foreign policy team. And now it's the bind foreign policy team because it's basically the same team i used to go on. Cnn back in the. I know. I know but i was a conservative. Who would go on. Cnn and fight with them you can find their some fun clips of me. Smacking libs around on air from what four five years ago now especially on the terrorism stuff because they had a bunch of ignorant commies running around saying. Oh it's not the terrorist fault. It's awful for being mean to the terrorists. That was the classic. Cnn analysts line. on that. But i just. I gotta tell you. I'm furious furious about what's happened here. I know many of you are as well and going back. To the the obama era their foreign policy of the obama administration was one of the most indefensible aspects of it. It was just loss after loss blunder after blunder anderson in iowa. Welcome the clan. Buck show. You're talking book The reason i'm calling today is i just had a bit of a comment as far as You know the whole time that divide administrations than in there. They haven't really follow his anything. That trump administration had put into place therefore the border wall. You know the pipeline Everything just an orange man bad we gotta shut everything down this orange man but then all of a sudden here comes this pull out of afghanistan. They know they're not ready for it. And then they take. They take trump's advice or they follow his Not advice that they follow his deadline. or try to anyway or blame the fact that they that. It was a failure on his deadline. I just think that's really crazy House they didn't say orangemen batum this one just completely dismiss it And i just wanted to bring that up as a comment and see what. Your thoughts are absolutely anderson. I think he just even in your question or your comment here. You've established a critical point. Right they say and thank you for calling in from iowa. They say that it was trump's. The timeline was trump's fault but they didn't follow the time line. So how could it be trump's fault that there was a time line that they had to follow when they didn't follow it right not really. They extended it so they were going to get everybody out on september eleventh and they had to accelerate it because of the fall of the afghan national security forces. There is a it's almost like a multiple personality disorder that this administration has on messaging. They'll say one thing in two minutes later. Say another thing especially about afghanistan put about many things that contradicts the statement they just made and then they look at you like you're crazy right then they look at you like you don't understand and i sit here just jaw hitting the.

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