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"blue america pac" Discussed on The Nicole Sandler Show

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"blue america pac" Discussed on The Nicole Sandler Show

"So howie klein You know we we. We talk every week just about but there's still some new listeners. Joining us all the time who may not be that familiar with the blue america pac. And what you guys do i mentioned. Of course it's you digby and john motto. And but why don't you tell them a little bit about a blue america and how you guys work. okay We we have We we started pack in two thousand and five to raise money for progressive candidates. Not for democrats But since there are no conserve there are no republicans who are who are Progressive these days All of our candidates happen to be democrats I want and and we. We've raised about seven million dollars that goes directly through blue through act blue not through blue america recklessly to the candidates. So it's not like we're asking people to donate to us then we give it out. We're asking you to donate directly to the candidates that that's what we do. I want to say something though before. Chris gets on because i don't wanna embarrass him but a movement progressive. That's not the embarrassing part. The part that i i i wouldn't say while he's on with us is that he before he can get to ron johnson there like a pack of You know cut out. Democrats cut out. Doll gordon variety. Democrats right when i say. This is a movement progressive. I when i mean by that is christmas and trying to come up with the right words to say to turn on voters through a focus group or something christmas who he is and who he has always been like. I said i've known kristen tuesday. Young guy You know i. I've been friends with him when he had his first child. I've been friends with hinson. And when he had his second chart. And chris is the kind of guy who only people like. Chris should be elected To public office. He is a believer the people he's running against all have something in common. They don't believe in anything except their own careers. These are people who are not in it because of issues. I'm i'm not even talking about the republicans i'm talking about democrats who are running. And who may you know. Try to take a progressive position here and there and say look look. I'm a progressive and if suddenly the progressive position wasn't the The most popular they would say look. I'm a conservative. It doesn't matter it doesn't matter they are just whatever it has to be. That they're focused. Group tells them it has to be to try to win office. So i wouldn't want to say that when chris was on the phone embarrassed him some of these people he knows some of them are even colleagues and say nasty things about people. But i want to hear and that's why punch in fact not all of them. Some of them are actually terrible. Terrible better than ron johnson. Anyone would be better than ron johnson. Even another republican would be better than ron johnson. But you know he's got some multimillionaires trying to buy the senate seat for themselves or whose father is trying to buy sun a senate seat And and you know we have an opportunity here to get someone who's really great into the senate right. It's not the time to settle for someone who's mediocre or you know. I saw you walk somebody on on twitter today. Who is. I didn't read the whole threat. I couldn't find it but they were saying something about some candidate is better than ron joins. Yeah that's that's too low of a bar that someone who could wind up being one of the really great senator right someone lizard with warren and bernie sanders and jeff merkley. I mean chris. Larson will be one of the great great. Us editors oh without a doubt and one other day there were two people who are arguing with me one who was a right well a troll or probably bought another person who actually suggested another candidate in the primary and i guess it's it's not it's not a uncrowded field and i i went to that person's website and there's nothing there here's a give for me i can tell i can always tell if somebody is a real progressive or not because the real progressives aren't afraid to share their stance on the issues and if you go to a stance on the issue they want to show your health candidate. Don't put out issues only make problem for you. And that's because people like schumer are embarrassed of where they stand people like. Chris are not cook. People like crista running because running on of it running on it and want to talk to people about it Some of the other candidates the candidates who don't share where they stand whether it's in wisconsin or in other state are either either. They feel that they can't explain it properly. They don't understand it themselves or they're embarrassed of it right there. And that's what i meant by cut out. Democrats like cut out dolls. They're just just nothing. Say they want career. That's all it is. They want the position. They wanna korea. Maybe sometimes they'll do the right thing. Maybe there it's chris. Tonette care cinema. Jackie rosen these are not these are not who we should be no especially in primary. I mean i if if some awful candidate wins a primary and then you then you want to vote for them because they're better than a republican. We'll let your decision but now we're in primary time time to find the best democrat. We could find absolutely have found that with larson. Well let's bring. Let's bring chris larson on because he is here Chris larson running for the. Us senate from wisconsin to please. Oh hold on. I have no audio on the shot. Give me one second everybody. Everything went dead. Give me one second. We will have audio in a moment. Yeah hold on one second. Let me put it back so that people can hear me now. I know audio on that shot. Bear with me one second. Everybody i don't know why it looks like i have audio on that shot but i'm so chris i we can hear you now until i get audio on on our shot. We just don't have your picture. Thank you for joining us today. Welcome to the show and thank you for jumping into this race. Thank you very much nicole. I really appreciate being on your show and Yeah it's good to see you how you're here you all right. How how we can hear you. Okay and now hold on now. We've got audio okay. So there's chris now we can see you and hear you sorry about that. So i was looking at your website which is vote for larson dot org and right there on the homepage chris. Goals owes contin. That works for all green. New deal medicare for all wealth tax..

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