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"blasio ziama" Discussed on The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

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"blasio ziama" Discussed on The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

"You won't regret it so why is the BLASIO Ziama can't set in an inner city kids and and again. Tell me what is it. There's enough data that has come in now that these schools outperform and again you don't have to do much outperform a super horrible inner city school barely perform and you shall outperform they outperformed so so what are they dead set against them for why they're not unionized. Oh right makes perfect sense now. You are in with the teacher Machina. The teachers unions vote you so the teachers unions. I thought it was some sort of fairness thing but you're right. It's the union. The Teachers Teachers Unions support your ass so you must then support the teachers unions. These schools are scabs part of the reason they they get their teachers to performance. They can fire they. Tell them hey you gotta stay on five o'clock at night and then I'm going home early like okay. You're fired. If you're underperforming performing in that environment you can be fired and not protected by your union. De Blasio is dug in with the unions so he asked to get get up there and talk about the schools being dangerous of course they're not dangerous. What's dangerous is you're. GonNa hip pocket of unions yeah but you can't say that and and also fuck you very much teachers in your unions. Do you care about kids. Why are you show against this thing right if you if you reportedly care about kids heads then why not this right they can't come up with anything so fuck you and you're not heroes and this thing where you go somebody said this the other day gracing ever hurt said and think about it think about it in terms of like. Al Sharpton or even teachers are teachers unions. There's a quote I wrote it down. Basically it's this it starts as a movement and it turns into a business and then it turns into a racquet think about Al Sharpton starts as a movement turns turns into a business now. It's a fucking racket. That's what happens with all these fucking unions and all these groups and all these if they start off as something like hey we gotta get together. Are we safer environments. We need to get together and organize. It all starts. Is that then a certain point. It's business commerce like everyone pay. We got. We got forty thirty. One Thousand Teachers and I'll pay dues and then next thing you know we got start voting. We're going to take that money. We got behind a candidate. That's going to get US long. Whatever now it's Iraq now now. You're doing things to hurt kits interesting movement business racket then what then it it falls apart usually the whatever southern poverty law center Biz starts as a movement visit then it becomes a racket now eventually eats it itself so to Blasios against because what what normal reason would guy like the blasio be against. I charter schools. He'd be the first guy for charter that would be. Why wouldn't he want to charter school. You would think he says he hates them. Why does he hate them because outperform his shitty schools but everyone's safe everyone's got a job. No one ever gets fired because I've got a union. Let's do by the way no one can ever get fired. Just bring out the best in all the teachers that how it works. I don't get why these people don't understand human. What competition is good for and why why it works. Oh just make it. Stop suspending spending kids that tell teachers to fuck off. Okay understand how that works. What how should that be. What's it going to lead to oh. They're so fucking dumb. They're like why aren't these kids doing well. They don't have tablets okay. We'll give him tablets ever wore no. That's why that's the question I keep asking. What what what do you what's leading what philosophical frame Aamer using what? How do you make sense. What do you what do you intend. Oh so there's no. There's no intent the philosophical I mean when you had who'd you have Barbara Boxer on laughing at me like you've got your home or whatever that I things I i. I've said this. I don't know if I said to you well. What if we just said this. What did you said this. What what mar you you like trader. Joe's Turkey going to sprouts alike going lawns. You like going to whole foods. I Papa unless the government is going to take it over yeah. This is one market governor. Mark could have all the same. It's all be the same. How do you think that would go. You think you'd be delighted when you walked up and down the aisles of what is now. The government owned traderjoes. Don't we like them. Do it out for our business now. The government has a role they can regulate check the meat and check the the sanitary conditions that they can do a million different things but let them duke it out and think about the markets uh-huh the the their shrines. I mean they're crazy. It's only competition. They're just doing better than they have. There's so much out there that gotta pull. Yan Right yeah absolutely just just close your eyes and imagine if the city of Los Angeles just took took over the market for the supermarkets all of them. Oh my God would all look like the sidewalks if the Cownie Tony Los Angeles County that we're just taking over the sprouts and there are one and the Gallison's and the whole foods and the trader we know equality and food distribution. Whatever we're we're we're. We're good at what we do. We're taking it over. You'd have to move. You couldn't live in that. Could you live in this town. Well you know they do a horrible job. Wh what makes them experts at education nothing blinds. Galore you're now. I didn't do well in math but one hundred percent custom window treatments in and I know you.

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