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"blaney boyer johnson" Discussed on In The Draft Show - NASCAR Talk

"Yeah, I was gonna say, why are you putting Kyle Larson that makes them like Kyle in kind of a, he's he's an outlaw guy, so he knows how to save a damn cargo inside ways. Yeah, I think I think he, I think he's in the group above him. I think so. I mean, who knows these guys kill Ben going into term one. But so who knows for sure. But I kinda group him with the guys without Merlin Lugano above them that they've got enough of a points margin. They just need to take care of business, make it through the first stages somewhere in the top ten and they're good. But yeah, these other guys, man and I again, I mean, it's going to be just like a total like mad house and that's what they're advertising, but they should be advertising all of those guys Bush Elliott Dylan Bowman, Blaney Boyer Johnson, seven guys and two of them are one hundred percent go to go home. I mean, yeah. I mean maybe more than that, if Ghana or moral Rex or something like that, but still it who knows this is probably the most exciting or the potentially potentially the most exciting cut race we've ever had. Yeah. And for the stupidest reasons, and for the stupidest reasons and part of the reasons because no clues gonna win this thing, I don't even know how to pick it. When we get to the picks later. I got no clue how to. Zero idea. I do have a side bet for us, so that's good. That's good. How many curse finish the race? Well, okay. We got. Some of those guys, those guys through whammy of them that aren't already locked in. Who do you think has the best chance to be the surprise out of that group? Either surprise they're out and you thought they were going to be in or surprise there any thought they were going to be out. Double Jay, Jimmy, Jimmy Johnson. Yeah, I still think he has Charlotte, magic in. Yeah, somehow, someway comes to track becomes frigging superman. Yeah. So I think that he has a good chance of just playing it smart and letting everybody else kind of go crazy. Kurt Busch is going to tank. A, why think Kirpal tank. He's high. Like that's a lot of points. That's what fifteen points cutline. Yep. Yeah, yeah, it is, but I don't know something about him. I don't trust, especially with the way the the looking for a new ride is going in the uncertainty. I think he's going to be gripping the wheel a little too tight. I think he's gonna be. He's gonna be corrected a little bit too much. Yeah, I agree with Johnson. I mean, you know he has had village that come up big and big races and wasn't he actually superman one time here thing it was. No, that was seen. He was. Oh, he was. He was he was superman, but that was auto club that was at auto. Yep. And then from the guys that are inside right now. I would say mostly because it supports my theory of who's going to be out Lugano. Wow, didn't have a good brace in Richmond, and I know he's got a huge point margin Clint Boyer. But if he wrecks out early, all bets are off. So that means he's going to win the race he could. He could absolutely hell awesome. Would it be like Jones is wins damn race. Now everything gets throw everybody into tizzy, that'd be the best I would love. So come on something, of course, crap. Oh my gosh. We've gone to the end of the first art, so here's what we're going to Tom. So quick before we go. Yeah, go for it. Shutout gray. Golding. Didn't need to make his money. Didn't he gray Golding money this week on the number fifty. Two had live casino and hotel of Maryland on the car really Diddy the number fifty two done a new burger tribute. I'm sure he probably doesn't who done noon burger is. Oh. Oh, but the Maryland live casino on the on the hood of that number fifty to ride so good for for Maryland, good for Dinu burgers to be relevant on the shell again. Thanks,.

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