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"blake griffin reid" Discussed on View from the Cheap Seats

"Here like you on you can't hope somebody some they need they wanna have to want to help himself derided or 'having is not cape that's what i'm saying but he knows you like actually now finally i know it's hesitate hit people don't hit people in whatnot but here's the thing fight tinder if you fight to get that guys grew out the door in a jerry bailey gortat adrienne brown or get them together fight tinder leaders say weight class but if you're on a basketball team in a move the ball around can't all the can't do it on your own lead other people in your work as a point guard and as someone and as the sixth he should understand more than anybody i got to come off the bench they help everybody out so i can't be selfish and what he is being in the situation selfish unless he was odd in less is landlord was my landlord which case in which case slows is mcgann don saab i find good i'm glad you had a knife pulled on the sabbath day as long as there was not zaba zaza there you go that's quick hits dan ban kirk about that limp leg asshole all right got ta make her at daniel van kirk follow him on twitter follow him on instagram has got a great podcast called hindsight do you has bullpen on it lead has really great photos from each other life we talk about the contents of their life without furloughs i love it and then listen to dump cuba town and all our job people town fans were coming over this check this podcast out lungs yawning lunch head bill boro we've had blake griffin reid had uh next words ward sin worry scoble amazing people on this podcast talk and sports and having fun to check that out i will be back all right after this was a very special.

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