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"blake griffin garda" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"Veasley continues to shoot the basketball and do an ocean three or four shooting the basketball all three of them three pointers and the nuggets are out to a seven point lead on Detroit's man when you're looking at what the nuggets have been able to do so far that keeping the pace. Hi there. It's acting and then kicking out to the generating the right type of shots being able to knock those down here early on. Detroit's rush off of a timeout. Jackson gets it into Bullock leaves back behind him for Jackson. A Detroit will go to work with seven forty. Deputies. Jackson has it between the rings gets a high pick from Blake Griffin. Throws it to Blake on the pick and roll traveled. No whistle in the corner. Three quarters on the way by Brown. No good. Rebound comes down to Mason. Plumlee only gets it across the timeline. Throws it on high right side of the Barton catch go baselines. Now, he stops takes a wing jumper. And that one's no good rebound cleared by Andre Drummond. Drummond has it across the timeline. No one stopping ball. Here gets the patriots win a photo. That was good rebound down at a coal Yokich Yokich picked up by drummer lengthen floor. Throws it on the high right side over the Montaigne. Moore's give them a pit bull fights through a top of the key shelter for three short. No good. Rebound comes down to Brown. Rounded up the right side. Got it out there by Monte top the key to Blake Griffin hands it off hide him to Jackson. He'll try to three. That's an air ball. Rebound. Trump. Man. Just unlucky right there for the nuggets ball just dropped right into Drummond's hand man that timeout cool. Both. Welcome back to earth. Right lante. Moore's has it at the midcourt circle the logo halfway holder in the first quarter yoga Chaz it inside the art hands off behind him over to the league. Veasley takes Yokich turned the corner drives on Trump takes a tough to as a he check shock from Lee Beasley, bad shots election there. Three down to Griffin lake has it inside the art. He's got it out there by Mason Plumlee. Peels off to the left side hands off behind him the ball through the window over the Blake. He leaves it utha. And they're gonna call a foul on Denver as well. That'll be an an one free throw coming up for drumming. So the one thing about Blake Griffin. Is he attracts so much attention? You don't want low so much. That's right. Getting about some people always seen a couple of plays early on where Griffin was able to get out the bullet for three and then right there. He turns the corner attract a bunch of nuggets on defense. He just lobs it over the top to Andre Andre Drummond gets the and one free throw here. Tori, Craig comes into the game for Denver Langston Galloway is the contest now for the Detroit Pistons. Free. Throws goodbye German and here comes Denver Nuggets lead it by two now twenty five to twenty three inside the architects. Mason Plumlee guarded by Blake Griffin. He puts it on the floor hands off behind him over to Barton gives Barton a picky slips at Barton gets down the lane. Crossword passed a Beasley bottles the pass as a Dettori Craig back out on top the Yokich. You gotta hurry here. Yokich stops on a guy takes the contested three. Missed it. Rebound down to Beasley knocking joker shot. Never hit the rim and the Mets offense got pushed back out kind of near half court there late meshach lock in the didn't get a good look quick inbound Bullock leaves it back behind him over to Jackson gets a high picking Blake spins away from it goes against the grain. Good defense here by Denver Jackson throws it off over to Blake Griffin Garda by Tori, Craig he's at the mid post Kantor, clearly, but he gets it over to drummer drumming hands it off in the corner to Galloway. They find jumpers up an end. Ten we're tied up here. Twenty five point hundred back. The other way comes Denver Colo, yoga it across the timeline. Dan's off behind him over to Beasley Beasley throwback over to Yokich yoga face, the past drives on Trump goes to the left hand. He's at the baseline chanted off the plumber who was fouled and that'll be Denver basketball decide. Yokich and Mason Palumbo Blake Griffin. Trying to hold off to Mason plumbing, cannot do it thousand. To fouls on Andre Drummond in Casey's gonna leave him out there for now. And Denver basketball. Trey Lyles come in comes in Mason, Plumlee goes out. Bart looks Israel's it off. The Beasley the attack the rim. Leans voters on the way. No good got his own this. What a backup miss that. Rebound down a German click out with Passover to Reggie Jackson. Jackson stops throws into the corner with a Galloway for three that was good. The choice of a sudden back in the league twenty eight to twenty five timeout alone. Four oh, two left to go in the first quarter on the altitude radio network. Space some regions are vast and empty other areas. We call closets. Fortunately, Kevin from the container store has answers. Right. Kevin..

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