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"blair vlad guerrero" Discussed on The Tony Kornheiser Show

"Don't see why the nationals would not move forward without him. However you've got strasbourg sign long-term you're going to have to give soto a zillion will deserve in today's day and age. You wanna bring max scherzer back somehow next year. So there's only so much money to go around but trae turner's a better player than people think he is and among all these great shortstops coming up for free agency and he's not one of them yet because he's arbitration eligible next run here that that guy's really really good okay. I'm glad you feel that way. Our stick with the nats. And i will say what i've said to my son a number of times in the last few days. The clinical definition of insanity is to keep repeating the same thing over and over and think the result will be different davey martinez continues to trot out. Brad hand to save games who continues to blow saved games. He's awful. He's just awful are the does anybody want him and with the nets. Get rid of him. Yes my guess. Is brad hand daniel hudson. Who's good brad. Hand hasn't been good lately. Both we'll move. This is the time of year. Tony where relievers go to championship caliber teams and they make a difference. Given how important bullpens are to every game these days. Daniel hudson would really help a contender brad. Hand as a left-hander could really help somebody but probably not as the closer at least not the way he has pitched lately. I i think the nats are unloading or moving people. It will be those two guys. I as opposed to and turner and there will be people in line to get daniel hudson and there were people. There will be people who want brad hand okay. I'll get outta here on this and we'll go national with joe madden who everybody loves. Because he's a wreck on tour smart guy Thinks that there's no doubt that shohei otani is the mvp in the american league. No doubt and if you vote for somebody else you'd be an idiot. I think you could vote for blair vlad guerrero junior. I mean he could win the triple crown and the other part is Somebody on the red sox is someone used somebody in the last third of the season but just is dynamic on a on a team that is in the playoffs. The angels are not even in the playoffs at the moment. I could see giving it to them. But i'm wondering how you feel about what madden said with otani. Well of course. He's going to say that about his own guys. Yes it's been the most incredible season really that any of us has ever seen given that he got to thirty five. It got to a hundred strikeouts as a pitcher with thirty five home runs. The most runs before that of any pitcher got to one hundred strikeouts was nine. He hit us thirty six last night so he has four times many homers as any pitcher who's ever struck out one hundred batters in the season. That's how good shohei otani has been and yet if Black guerrero wins the triple crown and somehow toronto makes playoffs. How can you vote against him. I i don't think he's gonna win. Even if he wins the triple crown ted williams and forty two and forty seven one the triple crown and didn't win the mvp. Gary won the triple crown and thirty four and did when the vpn joe Chuck klein in nineteen thirty three. None of that matters today. Here's the different sony. It's not the mvp anymore for me. We are voting on this as the player of the year. It's no longer about. Did you help your team win and go to the playoffs. That is a secondary element. Now it's still a primary element for old guys like me. I wanna see you take your team to the playoffs. And you're right zander. bogart's rafael devers has an amazing finish here and the red sox win the division. They're they're going to get a lot of support for mvp and they should. But i'm telling you again shohei ohtani. This moment is the mvp and should be the mvp but that could change. I'll go way back on this. You'll remember soil versus of the twins had a great year. He was voted. Mvp twins finish like eighty games out. And you say wait. How valuable could he be. You know i mean just say most outstanding player. If you wanna make it that way right i mean that's it's semantical but it's a legitimate thing to say right right well. Andre dawson won the mvp on a sub five hundred. Eighteen cal ripken but things have changed in the voting process. And the way we look at things. And i'm okay with change but if i'm voting i'm gonna i'm still going to take a look at how many truly meaningful game that you play and how much you have to do with your team. Winning those are difficult questions today. But i still ask them. Thank you tim talk soon. Appreciated have fun doing the game tonight. Okay tony thank you tim. Kurkin boys and girls is headed out right now to an avocado stand. One of those foods and vegetables stands we come back with email and jingle. I'm.

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