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"blacks national association blacks" Discussed on Capt. Hunter's Podcast

Capt. Hunter's Podcast

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"blacks national association blacks" Discussed on Capt. Hunter's Podcast

"Website. Read over and look over this news one special report art. It's a three part series. The first part is black versus blue. Second part is policing black. America and a third part liberty and justice for all so he's also they also have a number of other articles that can be explored on the website without further ado ladies and gentleman. Here's the interview with Dana. Dana Jones. Thank you day. McKay Jones for being on our show. Thank you so much I appreciate it. No problem no problem my a pleasure. Okay so just tell us a little bit about yourself. I did read your bio but just tell tell us a little bit about yourself and what you got going on with your plans for the future and things like that well I'm Correction Office in my profession. That paid the bills. I worked for the Westchester County Department Department. Correction I'm on my third year and Almost cone on a Black Westchester magazine. I am New York State representative the beginning of of blacks and law enforcement of America also. I'm a CO founder of Westchester Black Political Conference. So keep myself I keep myself busy is sounds like you do so your state rep for the blacks and law enforcement so is that electric Alexa medicine. You know that that organization started ten years ago and at that time we I was at that time I was in North East regional president of the National Blackley sociation and we had Little Disagreement Well big disagreement with the president at that time was name is Melinda. Z's I believe he was the Deputy Chief of Dallas Police Department we. We didn't like the way the organization was going. They what they was Dressing issues on the national level which National Organization when is Asian should so myself in a couple of other members decided to leave and start blacks and law enforcement of America to actually give black communities of boys from from a law enforcement perspective and Retired and active law enforcement. Oh okay the organization is fairly active. Then right I see in your newsletter that you are constantly putting articles and dressing dressing now getting situations that are happening in New York but situations around the country. Yes yes We we try to give that voice And we we also vichy where we're trying to work together with the NASA Blackley so they have a new president Sonia Pruitt and She's a good system. I was on the board with her when we was When I was in the National Black Police Association we was on the Board and I'm also part of the National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice and the great thing about these these organizations especially blacks National Association Blacks and criminal justice because of their history and the need for Young black officers throughout the country to participate in these organizations. Because we've seen you've seen lately that Black officers which is is is not surprising. You you don't get the same representation and and and then on Push with the same zeal of defending Black Officers As they do their white counterparts right when the biggest cases that comes to my mind we talk about that. Is that situation happen in Minnesota. I think his last name was not war He was recently convicted. Right right right and yes yes yes yeah he was. He was convicted. Part of that too. You know Great great that you brought that up so part of that also is is the. DA's office when they prosecute cops seems like when his white cops is a higher threshold Oh to indict but when there's black cops the threshold is is is a lot lower and We have to look at that. You know The the bias and the justice system even when it comes to black law enforcement not saying that they shouldn't be accountable but we see that they're treated differently than in their white counterparts and that goes that goes back to having a national organization that can come into thin and defend in the office. And you know. I don't think we will defend you. Know police brutality cases. If you're going out and violating black people's rights but there's certain issues I get calls from all over. You know Black officers feel that they had been asked about a union and in the US not fighting for But you know I think that's needed and no out. I can't think of the state offhand but the black organization in one city and they have instructed then they're black officers to come out of the come to come out of the F. O. P. So I think is black officers starting to be aware that in the union representation when it comes to black officers is little to none. Yeah I was watching another podcast. I think it was rule the mar and I do forget the brothers name and he was. He was definitely saying that he was a current police. Officer who was saying that The black officers need to stop giving these union dues now not. I'm advocating for either way but but it there's a problem there's a problem. Didn't we need to address that problem. Exactly what I wanted to talk about. His Swab addressed this criticism. It's two thousand nineteen. Do we need these organizations. You know why guy separating yourselves you talked with a little little bit about it but just addressed at that point exactly. Why do we need these particular black organizations or do we need them? You know. Well well we still need them because the reason y the organizations was were created. Those same problems exist today when the first black law enforcement position was created in Houston and The issues were you know racism in treated unfairly. Those issues exists today. I mean it it really it really. Hasn't it really hasn't changed. You know we might have more black faces in managerial positions But but it's still. The culture of policing is still racist. It's still biased. I mean it's the DNA that's what it was created for. It was created to and to enforce the the slave codes and the black codes. I mean you know stop question and Frisk was created from from how the the patrollers I used to stop and question flays so I mean nothing. Nothing has changed in the attitudes towards black people haven't changed attitudes for in the attitudes for black people in this coach. Having chain you know just having a badge on. Don't don't let us not be fooled that the attitude for black officers changed at saddened. Terrible right would think that we've come so far but Apparently not in some people's minds. You're absolutely you're absolutely right. I remember remember when when I joined National Association in Nineteen Ninety two. You know. I'm twenty three years old. You know I'm going to these conferences as you know and I'm walking around and I'm looking at these guys and black law enforcement. I mean these brothers that they came up. Join join Policing in the sixties and and you know in the civil rights era in the seven the black power ever and and these are some strong brothers and sisters man and I I had that feeling like wow man you know. Freedom is just around the corner eating what I'm saying like these brothers and then twenty some odd years later. I'm dressing the same issues that addressed in the nineteen ninety-two and that's that's really sad. Do you think that we will ever ever break it. Do you think we'll ever get to that level that these organizations aren't necessary that people really are completely judged on their performance in their abilities rather than the color of skin. Ever think. We'll ever get there. I believe all ethnic organizations on necessarily right even if it was peachy keen in the police department. I think all ethnic organizations are necessary for networking for for for for gaining knowledge. You Know Oh folks for the conferences. The conference is beautiful but I think as as as the reason you know why organizations organized differently than black organizations right you know. Black Organization was created to fight the racism. White organizations are created to keep power. It's a different. It's a different while these organizations you know and and and the reality is white organization. You know really don't need because you know people say to you. Make what if I make a white police association. See your dot one your local police department. We're outnumbered right. We're we're out usually usually in police departments. You know unless it's like you know like like Jacksonville Mississippi where that it's like a nine percent black police department. You rarely see the police departments like that. You know I mean they're out there there are few but they're very very very very rare. And if you look at the numbers I you know. I live in in New York Westchester County. You Got Westchester County. This is New York right. This is this is this is where people think black folks is doing. Good New York right. Black folks are doing because they're making money. Got Big houses and say these benzes Bucci Louis Vuitton but then when you take a city like yonkers New York which is the third largest the city in in New York state out of three hundred offices they got twelve black caps and when I tell people that they laugh like you like really like they got last time they had more black tops in the eighty. Then they doing twenty nine thousand nine hundred okay. So let's address that because I went out of the right before I retired. I was part of the recruitment team. And I've been talking talking about this and dealing with this I read an article in Chicago. I WANNA say defender Chicago Tribune or defender Windows magazines out there in Chicago where they were talking about the about their inability to to attract black officers. I was there I went to numerous colleges. We went to barbershops. We went to churches we. We can't get black officers come. I was hired nineteen ninety-five doing during the Clinton Crime Bill. They're targeted black officers. We we all came on and now how today fast forward to two thousand seventeen eighteen. Nineteen we can't get black people to want to become police officers so speak about that. I think I I think is is is the lack of accountability of law enforcement within within itself to attract Black People My wife is a detective For my Gurney. We have we have two children in their twenties and early thirties. And they don't WanNa be pleased they don't WanNa be a part of the system right you know because what because of what they see even though you know. They've seen me out there. They see their mother out there doing work in the community. Give it back community being good law enforcement officers right for but their experiences you know. They're not not just what they see but their experiences Hansen's theirselves with other law enforcement officers in other in other jurisdictions and other cities. You know I mean we had to really go go after one Hispanic officer. That was totally disrespectful. Then you know to my daughter to to literally tell her that she wasn't smart enough to attend Attend University of Miami. Are you kidding me. We paying three thousand dollars a month and you have the nerve to tell somebody not that you know when when when they show you this student. Id Card you know and and and then you and then someone that looks like that you would think the understands. This wasn't a white top Spanish Cup right right so so when when our children experience these things some other kids they don't have parents than law enforcement. That could make the offices apologize right that that that know how to get that person that Eh violated them so you know imagine what the average black child you know it is thinking when they see it and they experience so it was very the hard to get those power five people. Now you know to to to take these tests because they have no faith in the system and they don't trust the system so you know and and a lot of times you know they they look at us as enemies to even though you know we're like let's make good life we can make you make some money right. You have a good pension. You have good good benefits you know what for your kids and everything and you're like man screw that I'm not being part of that right right. I don't care how much how much you know. I'm not going to be a part of that so you know that that's what we still try to do that. Then still trying to get people to take the test. Don't don't still try so it's a constant effort but the numbers are getting smaller and smaller smaller. I regret that they are getting smaller and smaller. I had the same conversations with my children. I mean I kind of don't really want them to be cops because of the danger and all that stuff but but you the opportunities to progress into be a positive in your community. I coached for our police activity league. A new number of different sports can so I had interacted obviously with them. I interacted with a lot of other black kids And you know for them to grow up and sit and have that same mindset is really disappointing. My Son's twenty three. His friends are are twenty three and I try to get in the take the last round of police tasks..

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