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"blackfriars distillery" Discussed on Sips, Suds, & Smokes

"All right up next is going to be a really well known jen we're gonna talk about plymouth gin and carrying skinny introduces force yes so plymouth jen is that true original since seventeen any three its unique recipe of the tentacles has been made to the highest standards in this same distillery in the very heart of the historical city of plymouth on england's south west coast i thought plymouth with iraq over here in this country a lot of americans have stolen all rocks in you've put them on the other side of the pond and then he name after theft this right next to us you've got some new it's the jetty these factors have resulted in our particularly english jen becoming a famous than well traveled as those who first tasted at this is made at the blackfriars distillery and is the oldest working distillery in england i'll give an app set he will not with the military let's just say that right yeah so i chose to talk about this one because i was most surprised that this is at the second category that jen irate at the highest and was very disappointed to find out what it was that my first note on it was ginny djendjen i definitely think it heads all of the notes agenda shed and does it in a really fantastic unbalanced way sarah from the nose to the finish and i think it's a really complete balanced chen add juniper definitely the driver and takes good direction from the citrus in warm spices and there's a little residual sugar it's just really onion and creamy i enjoyed it i didn't mean to you.

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