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"black  guard" Discussed on The Paul Finebaum Show

The Paul Finebaum Show

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"black guard" Discussed on The Paul Finebaum Show

"Reaper. Johnson City jail a buddy man named Robert Williams who still lives in the oak ridge area. He came and posted a $50 bond 45 minutes later got me out, took me back to the coliseum and I made it back before blue was to call it came on. So my parents never found out about it. So it wasn't nothing too hard core. And it was in the late 70s. So again, maybe they didn't have the records. They don't keep up with it. But that's the worst thing I did. I'm 63. So I feel like that did pretty good. And your number one leg humper quit again, is that what I understand? Apparently, did you know I'm surprised he doesn't call in and say, yeah, I did time for like shooting the queen of England or something. And assassinated democratic presidents. I don't think there'd be a minor one for something. Where was Jim when Kennedy was in Dallas? Well, that would have been 60 60 years ago. Almost 70 years would have been a gym would have been about 16, 17, 18. That's slow enough to commit a crime. Well, it is the question. I was about to say, I think we have the shooter, but I'm not really sure we do. All these many years later. Thanks for taking my call. Thank you very much. And I know some of you are wondering, why are we talking about prison? I will give a quick recap. Legend called earlier. And I knew his story. And he was very honest about it. And it was a meaningful story talking about a black guard in prison, not a guard, but a guy that was more like a trustee, saving his life. And then the next call was Joe and red bay. And I just one of those times you put your foot in your mouth. I flippantly said, well, I'm assuming Joe that you've never been to prison. And he said, yes, I have. He'd gone to he'd been charged with murder and spent 5 years and it was overturned, and he eventually got out. So I will not ask that question again. If you're in Alabama fan or Georgia fan, I might ask you, I might ask you that, but I'm not asking if you've been to prison. Let's check in with Kyle, who's in Georgia. Hello Kyle. Hey, how you doing? Very well. Thank you. Hey, I'm a first time call a long time listen. Wonderful, great to hear from you. Yes, sir. I was wondering about the details of coordinator position that's coming up with landing going out the organ must help get that job. I think he probably is capable of doing the job. I think most jamm did a great job this year with special teams and I can't imagine Kirby wouldn't feel comfortable giving him the position. Yeah, you know the fans we love and we know the history here, you Jay alumni and the players they love them. Yeah, to me it would be the simplest hire of all time. He's already on your staff will must have boys considered when he was at LSU and later at Texas and auburn to be among the very best defensive coordinators in the country. But another poll I wanted to ask you, I know we shouldn't have. You know, we can get a clip from the air duck in again at the Georgia war in the championship. Yeah, we hope we had her on a week ago today, Kyle. I hope you obviously missed it. No, that's all I do. Yeah, what were you playing again? You got that. Would be more than happy to do that. All right, I don't know how much time I have, but I appreciate your home. Take them a cold. Well, Kyle, you have all the time you need. So you call back again some time and thank you very, very much. Thank you, sir. Thank you very much. Great to hear from you. And Charles is in Georgia. Hello, Charles. Mister prime mom. Yes. I'm calling you back to clarify so if you were to call her earlier yes,.

Johnson City jail Robert Williams oak ridge Hello Kyle Georgia red bay Joe jamm Kennedy Jay alumni Kyle Dallas Jim England Alabama Kirby LSU auburn Texas
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"black guard" Discussed on Now Playing - The Movie Review Podcast

"Sense two teams. The first team comprises such dc super villain. Saif look into you jay losers. I mean the suicide squad was never a-team of a-list ones. That's why they're the suicide squad. Had all these leftover villains when they combine their multi verse. Into one so yeah. Let's get all these just kill them off. Weasel has barely alive when he gets on the job. Weasel did a total total organization in the comics. Wears a suit like weasel like. Now he's like a mutant. I'd never heard of the detachable kid played by nathan fillion. Well because the comic he's armed fall off boy from the thirtieth century. Legion of superheroes. He should've kept that name arms. Fall off boy. I thought he might be your new hero. Earning captain boomerang. Returning j. courtney. Black guard played by pete davidson early. Quinn played by margot robbie and is led by joachim is returning character. Colonel rick flack. That team is sent to support the corto maltese rebels who want to install a democratic government. But the team is also a diversion for a second team. Sharpshooter blood sport played by idris. Elba is the leader of the team sent to destroy the american research facility. His squad is sharp shooter. Peacemaker played by john. Cena polka dot man played by david. Dastmaltchan an anthropomorphic shark called king shark voiced by investor stallone and rat catcher to who could speak to and control. Rats played by thin yellow melchior. They're tasked with capturing the lead. Scientists studying the alien known as the thinker played by peter cappelli then they will use the thinker to get into the lab known as yoting hyme and blow it up. Get thinking thor was gonna show up with that name. Your nine i just kept thinking idris. Elba was heimdal. That's right. I mean he's going to your. It's intrigues elba like wait. Didn't you leave the marvel universe along the way to yoda behind. They encounter rick flag the only surviving member of the first task force. But then they discover harley. Quinn also survived and was taken to the new president of corto maltese to be his bride. The team goes to rescue harley only to find out she killed the president and all his guards and was walking out on her own with the two new team members. They kidnap thinker and break into your time but while plastic explosives flag finds proof that the us was behind the alien research when flag says that info will be made public. He's killed by peacemaker who waller tasked with keeping that data secret peacemaker was also going to kill rat catcher who witnessed flags murder but rat. Catcher is saved by blood sport. Who proves these the better marksmen when he shoots peacemaker or just s muller bullets in the chaos the captured alien a giant. Starfish called storrow escapes. It shoots out little starfish which latch onto human faces and take control of the victim's body storrow kills thinker and starts rampage on the island nation. Waller tells the team don't worry about it their missions complete but against orders. The team decide to fight against the giants. Starfish polka-dot man is killed in the fight. But blood sports king shark and harley. Quinn hurt the alien. But it's rat catcher. Who summons all the rats on this vermin-infested island and who defeats storrow. When herat's bite the alien to death and blood sport blackmails waller saying the four survivors are to be set. Free or the footage of the american's part and project. Starfish will be made public as credits. Roll to a scene showing that weasel survived and then a second scene. Showing peacemaker also survived his gunshot wounds and is needed to help. Save the world or at least hbo max. Subscriptions so based on that plot. Summary can i just point out. We're watching guardians of the galaxy. Three peacemaker is drax. King shark his groot. Rat catcher to nebula blood. Sport is star lord. The little rat sebastian. Baby groups i mean i feel like james gone has a template and did not stray from it. I don't know suicide squad has always been a team of misfits just because he's done other teams of misfits. I don't think that definitely means there's a template going on. Yeah i thought king shark is groot. I thought rat catcher and sebastian were kind of combine rocket but yes absolutely. Sure jacob the lots of misfits but there's no edge to these people they're all goof-balls they all have the comic stylings of the guardians crew. And that's what dc paid for. That's what they wanted him to do. I think it's what you guys were saying. You wanted from the team in two thousand sixteen so this is a good idea. Right just remake. Dc and marvel's image. I mean where people expecting a dark gritty polka-dot man zack snyder. Were still involved with this kind of stuff. We wouldn't have some of these characters. I do not want the snyder kind of polka-dot man. Yeah we wouldn't even have them. They wouldn't even be allowed to be here. He wouldn't want there to be a focus on absurdity. The way that james gunn loves to pick out you know he likes losers you know he shares with tim burton the idea that superheroes are losers and weirdos and freaks and i like the villains more than the heroes so like give me the weirdest most obscure villain and that's who's going to be my hero but i've always argued. I think they retained this aspect. The real villain is amanda waller. And we see right from the get go here. She's reestablished as someone that is willing to sacrifice a whole bunch of people so that she can get the real team to the beach safely like she creates a team of decoys and we spend a lot of time thinking that michael rooker is going to be a part of the suicide squad only so that they could be wiped out. Yeah michael rooker. Good friend of james guns gun. Almost didn't do guardians three just because he'd never wanted to make a film without michael worker but here. Yeah we get johnny cash playing folsom prison blues as we just watch michael rooker throw a racket ball around and kill a bird and i'm like here's the thing the trailers told me who was going to die. Because if you watch the trailers there's a lot of scenes with idris elba and king shark and harley quinn and not a lot of scenes with pete davidson and michael rooker and weasel. Yeah so. I knew that this guy was not going to be a main main character. But we're going to spend quite a bit of time showing he can really hit marks with a racket ball before getting into things who is savant. I didn't really even get other than you know. He's wearing the orange crocs on his feet and hair down to his knees. This awful wig. I don't know what he was a savant of throwing balls and the comics. He's kind of like an batman. Knockoff us another rich orphan that decided to become a vigilante and trained and had run with batman and even i think worked with the birds of prey from time to time but here they don't really define him at all except i. I don't know maybe he's a marksman that's why he could kill that bird. There's a lot of bird violence in this film. It's weird i. I'm not sure why. James gunn hates birds so much. Now he gets revenge on the end we will see floating in the ocean. Savant corpse will have the bird land on it and peck his headless neck. The birdcage set on fire violence against birds. I'm not against it. I'll be honest. I'm not a bird van but advocate for them being lit on fire anyway. Yeah michael rooker is going to do is tell people that might have missed the first movie forgotten the first movie very quickly what the suicide squad is all about and establishing the whole we put a bomb in your neck you work for amanda waller. You do the dirty work of america. No one is to find out about. They'll disown you if you try to go public we get it really really fast. And i think it's helpful to have the recap and i think it's helpful to aweso. Show that this suicide squad. Aren't you prep me. But this was going to be one where people actually did die. It's going to earn that name because it's going to have a high body count. Yeah already you talked about this whole team you know. They're dead meat..

storrow michael rooker pete davidson Quinn idris Elba Black guard margot robbie Colonel rick flack Cena polka Dastmaltchan peter cappelli corto waller harley nathan fillion Saif King shark Weasel joachim
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"Five four. Three two one. We start with savant killing a bird with a ball and being recruited by van waller into the suicide squad reflect harley quinn savant captain boomerang black guard. Tdk javelin mongol and the head out on their mission head sokoto martinez recently overthrown taken over by new management not friendly to america and destroy the nazi air lab. Yo nigm was hold. Something called project started. Squad is ambushed on the beach and everyone but harley rich are brutally murdered is captured by the military and flag seemingly captured by rebel fighters. Meanwhile the real squad. Blood sport peacemaker rat catcher to king chartres applause without man revealed on another beach squad. Locate rick accidentally killing all the rebels. Who not forcibly holding. Y rick back to harley. Who's taking a silvio. Lunar the new dictator of corto maltese after a steamy romance luna reveals. That he will use project. Starfish to control people. Quinn sadly has to myrtle because he promised herself she wouldn't date man with red flags. The general mateo suarez. Become the new president. Alertus quinn to be tortured back with our regular squad. They go to a nightclub get drunk and capture the thinker learning that harleys captured. They go to rescuer but find that she's already saved herself. Finally the squad is full united and hate to joe hyme for their objective task force x easily infiltrate the lab take down a bunch of guys and split into two teams plant charges. Rick racket or two and the thinker. Hate to the basement where peacemaker follows despite.

van waller sokoto martinez harley rich king chartres harley quinn Tdk rick mateo suarez Alertus quinn silvio america harley Quinn joe hyme Rick racket
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"Is there a faction actually that you haven't won a major event with yet is it bracken's or yeah i haven't won with i haven't won a major event with barath. It's all been nights watching. Lancaster so okay i might. I think the last time we had a podcast. I promise you when we were discussing some of the visions in the flames and things. I had promised you that. I was gonna get my toe in targe arians. Yes you had said. You were surprised that i hadn't tried them yet. Because they're so in line with that tracker spam. That i. I'm kind of. I'm honestly kind of leaning towards targe arians all right. I think you should go for. I think i would push for that. You gotta do the good on. Check the boxes all the factions here. I won't harass you about free folk at this time. Although we've had talk about free folk in the past but yeah i just sell my free folk stuff. They would totally be on my radar's too many of them. I'm hoping some people out there. I don't know if mark up is actually going to nationals. If you're listening to mark you should and there's players out there. I just like to watch and see what they're doing and look at the success. They're having i know he's been ended up with some free folk. So maybe something you'll say. Yeah i don't know so fraternal guarantee. Is there any commands. That have really standing out you. I've been trying to dabble with them. And that's kind of my fun side thing while i've been Really mostly focusing on free folk. And i've mostly been running cows rogo and experimenting with seamless with him but any any any commanders. That have been standing out you with tar. Garin cal drago definitely stands out to me But be in. That's mostly because he's got expert dualist in a cavalry unit. Was just very nice but aside from him. I think you should give gray warming shake number. There's a number of cool things that you can do with. Grey worm because issue commands can be used to remove an order token. If you're running something like bastards girls with the unsullied officer you have the option to either take gray worms unit and make no actions and then you can give the like the bastards girls another action or you can remove their order token which could be relentless or the charging volley and i know that with rodrick nc you in the starks. No a lot of star players have been removing that charging volley or token twice at round. And that's just really really brutal but the other thing you can set up with grey worm of course having issue commands is. You're able to double maybe triple tap with a dragon and that's pretty so my gas. That seems interesting. Issue commands is essentially a more restricted version of tyrians. Old cunning ploy card yet. Yeah so you can. Yeah you can definitely bunker. Grey worm in a unit that you don't mind missing out on their tax something defensive like pike men and then or even a bolt and black guard that is a phenomenal bunker unit in any army. But if he's in them you don't really miss his attack. You just give the dragon another attack..

targe arians barath bracken rogo Garin cal drago Lancaster rodrick nc starks
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"black guard" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"Palmdale brings you missed convention. Narrow wolves up as archie goodwin speaking mr harris krill Does mr quayle no mr wolf. Oh i see what is it. Energy name harris krill is secretary. Says he wants to talk dave. I mr welsh rather busy right now. But i'll give him a message if you wish. Yes yeah wait a second. Mr wolf black on red and red on black. This is solitaire so so a game. it is baby. Wenzinger person knows they wish to put card or no red guard or the black on. Black guard legiti. Judy what is i. Message mr hunt. His secretary asks you to convey just that he wants to see rather tragic sense. I suppose he does by tragic. Unity wants to see me. He is blind. Tell him to can hear his own convenience. Okay what does mr cry. I want to see mr wolf about a murder a murder. that may still be prevented. I g justice. Atkin what i have read the cards at his.

harris krill archie goodwin Palmdale Judy welsh quayle
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"Larry humira. Oh you're in when they finish the laser beam at is one hundred percent. How johnny cage is getting his arcana lights up green at this gives him the confidence to fly again and then we got another wardrobe change. Supply barbara ellen fly towards sogo. Black guard chases them in the film's version of tie fighters which this predates star wars mentioned which barbarella managed to shoot down as pienaar. Flies them to sogo. Apart shutdown at an momentarily knocked down they fall. You're against consciousness right before they hit the ground and then she shoots the last couple with her laser but just in time as her laser run out of power atlanta in the back streets so go and they create more attention than they expect with the dregs of sogo staring at them and barbarella is kidnapped by couple of sleeves bags who take her to into an alley full of bubble wrap with intent to raipur she saved with a switch by switchblade wielding woman with a crush window in outfit of tent on calling her pretty pretty and she also wants to fuck barbarella. Apparently there was a sex scene between these two. That was eventually cut. I don't think they were shot but it was planned. I don't think any nudity but just like you know how she gets higher than every night. Barbara leaves nagazine cuts right. Barra leaves and looks for pijar. She follows a trail of feathers and find some being attacked by the street. Trash sogo few pulls him into a room which he identifies as the chamber of ultimate solution which basically means a suicide chamber and they have to choose between three possible debt. They watch as an unnamed woman picks a death behind the door and she screams as she goes at sight. There's no way out so barbara. This is they need to choose a door and try to stave off. But as they're about to go through one of the doors they're stopped by the grand tire it's concierge at the behest of tyrant itself by has taken away by the black cards in a net of. What's the line she has she. She's looking for pijar. She hears screaming like oh nothing. Good comes from screaming. The think no..

Barbara Larry humira barbarella Barra one hundred percent two barbara three possible debt couple of sleeves bags one johnny cage sogo barbara ellen pienaar atlanta
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"black guard" Discussed on Pop Culture Leftovers

"I don't know what else this guy has to do to prove that he's superman. He was there fucking darling. There on social media for the longest time he was like the litmus test for what they were gonna do going forward and the c. e. You and i mean this guy's been. I don't know i don't know i feel bad if he doesn't get an opportunity to come back but i won't be surprised if they do recast him and he's left in the dust so i won't be surprised like you brought up with amy adams. Is that if you have trouble bringing in the supporting cast. That was around him in manage steal it at that point. Is it easier just recast and start with a clean slate if she's done in like what's the point bringing him back if you've got to recast lois lane that and you get rid of the baggage of all the previous movies. What you recast. What you re cast you can revision. Even have to have the history anymore. You can just start from scratch again. Yeah yeah news. For my jan jacob brothers to my attention. James gone confirmed that the suicide squad is now fully finished and praised warner brothers for not even slightly interfering with movie take place taking to twitter gun reply to fan who asked whether the studio is heavily involved with the suicide squad in response. Director explained how he's given total creative freedom on the project making every single choice himself as warner's gave very few notes and it was his choice whether to take them on board or not. He also confirmed that he that he that the movie has now reached completion. He was asked on twitter How much of this movie will be what you want it to be. One or brothers has a knack for editing. A movie into shit very blunt question that came from at at lang and james gunn responded hashtag. The suicide squad is fully finished and cut and i made every single choice and they never once even slightly interfered. They gave very few notes. They usually good and minor. And i took them if i wanted to. And if i didn't want to warners was creatively. Amazing the suicide squad for the eu is one of several major warner brothers. Movies that will be released in theaters and on. Hbo mac simultaneously asli this year and with carte blanche to kill off any suicide squad members. He wanted to even harley. Quinn gun has loaded up the movie with cannon fodder cannon fodder obscurities like black guard javelin polka that man savant and more.

James twitter this year one jan One lang warner single choice Hbo james gunn Quinn notes jacob harley adams
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"black guard" Discussed on They Called This a Movie

"And then they're off they team up eventually. They continue to walk through the wilderness. They come across a villages been sacked by the black guard. One of the guards is trying to get away with one girl that i guess he plans to rape and haning christianson from from way downtown takes out a bow and arrow and shoots him from about three hundred yards. And the most overdramatic shot. It is silly because then and like well. How did he do that. And he said impracticable practice. You probably got to be honest. I'd like holy shit. I can't believe that work serpentine. To and and there was the woman was on his back right. The the woman that he was trying to save is on the riders back. That's like a one in a billion shot right there and he does it somehow he does. It is just too good. He's like mickey mantle swing for the one of the mental. He put up career numbers right there so they saved the girl and she has no bearing on this plot whatsoever but she has personally got paid every day to show the set. I guess come on man. She does things she eats food. Yeah she says a couple lines presumably important stuff. I don't remember so then. They continue to go traveling around. Eventually they make to the desert and they happen across a caravan of people on camels and they are still being hunted down by the black arts or they pay the woman that is in charge of the caravan to escort them through into the next neighboring village and he gives them all bunch of gold and she says yeah short come along and they get into the city and we have. This is league almost scene where it to be a den of equity and there's harem of women and drugs and alcohol free flowing jacob. Hating christianson is enjoying every minute of it and then he gets drugged any pass out. It comes to. He's been tied up and locked into prison as well as zhao and leeann but he quickly breaks out a few guards when he sets his wrist ties on fire. Does everything else set on fire. Because all you see is it just goes up like the flame. Just goes around. That scene cuts away. I'm like that makes no sense. That's he's got a sword right there that he could probably use the cut the rope off. He was trying to be dramatic perfect. Yeah that was. That was an improv. made christianson. wouldn't it be cool for did this. Anyone should allow him to do any sort of improvisation. Ever you've lost that Privileged my man fun trivia fact killing the young ling's was all improv. You george i know you want this whole thing you go differently but what about if i instead of just like walking out from the kids. What if i just brutally murdered them. I don't know man that's a little dark. Yeah but isn't that like darth vader will do. I don't know if he would do that. Well i know poetry. I'm so i'm gonna say yes. He does destroy a whole planet. So i'm presuming their children on that planet shit. I'm going to sell off this property for four billion dollars like fifteen years in this movie hating christianson. Just pull out a dvd copy of episode three and go..

haning christianson zhao black guard darth vader mickey mantle rape christianson black arts leeann
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"New Jersey one on 1.5 days. We thought weekends we rot Bob sequences here hanging out with you playing a love jerseys. Favorite hits right now, Joan Jett in the Black Guards. Been about 17. May I? Because it solves your way. Next May. Next, moving on. May will be moving on and singing and as old song with me Want one. Family. Great pushing my my The one No. One in Jersey time. Time is 8 35. Let's take a look at the Rhodes right now. With New Jersey fast traffic..

New Jersey Joan Jett Black Guards
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"Would absolutely love to my family, my bullets, my husband my mom, my sister they really really really chip in when I'm trying to create. A one year old child, and it's really really hard to create with a baby. So they helped me out a lot. I also would like to give a huge huge huge shoutout to Natasha Rea- else Gary Black space black are your check it out if you haven't already lease go like. AM. Follow Black Slaves Black Guard on facebook, and INSTAGRAM. I would also like to shout out my project manager which.

Gary Black Natasha Rea facebook project manager
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"You have to be if you're talking about me. I think actually Gameplay Wise Becker looks like one of the most interesting she plays like the Batman character. Absolutely, night wings obviously going to be a beater beat him up guy so. I didn't really get a good glimpse of the Robin don't really show much robin, but it's probably the Timberlake Robin. WHO's my favorite Yup Tim Drake sorry. Looks Cool I. Mean There's not a lot to say about it watch the trailer if you want to see and there's a gameplay trailer that I sent to you. Yes I mean, the trailer I think is very good. The End, the game game I, mean it looks like besides just the Gameplay I'm just saying like the story that they that they show you in this trailer and the way it's narrated and everything about it is just very good to me. Here's what's coming out like this Arkham game is blowing everything out of the water on the Internet for games that are going to be released on new platforms, and immediately people started judging onto the new marvel's game that's coming out. Marvel's avengers. It's new game that's supposed to be coming out at the end of the year I think November that game supposed to come out, and then this Arkham game doesn't come out until next spring but. There that marvel game has been getting a ton of criticism because the character design is kind of poor Apparently, people are hating on black widow and what her game play and style looks like. and it's kind of a button Masher like we were talking about before there's not much to it. It's so Batman. ARKHAM games it is. It is but there's a lot more to do. Yeah. You know it's not a very linear game. It's you can jump around and go to different places. This is a little more linear it looks like and they're weighing it more on the online. Side of things like it's more online cooperative. That's the only way you can do it. It's either online cooperative or single player and people are hating on it because this game just came out and said, Hey, you've got a co op mode where two people can play together and do the whole story altogether. And They and the styling the look of it the game play, it looks a lot better and more it's definitely going to be. Because, in the gameplay trailer, they're playing a little bit and and he says this, this is about. Forty hours into the game or something or thirty hours or something. Yeah. I don't remember I don't remember what he said. So it's GonNa be a big. It's huge. I'm excited about it for sure like the Arkham Games my only criticism of the arcade archimedes ever has been that it's very repetitive in your combat and stuff like that. Yeah. The combat is. It's basically repented dropping down from gargoyles snatching people up isn't that what you WanNa do go around other gargoyles in a round room, but it's cool and I'm into it. I it's been a long time since I played those games and they're fun to play. They're very fun to play I haven't played one since I lived in town Masan at least so. That's been since twenty probably early. Twenty Fifteen Five Years Chris. It's a long time. Going to have to get my thumbs ready. Greece somehow I'm going to have to grease up my thousands maybe some pizza Greece author and start I'm going to have to do thumb lifts. You know where you just lay your hand flat and lift your hand with your thumbs like a push up. Yeah for your hands. Get One of those grip. Grip strength winners I'm going to need one of those a small one. Yeah. Got To work up to the adult size I don't even know if my hand can fit around adults is on got small hands. All right onto the next news doing thumb lifts. The flash if you didn't know I did know. A panel revealed burials new costume, which was made by Batman it was. Looks like a sleeker design, a little less cumbersome than the. You know it looked like a plastic suit to me. In the Batman in the justice. League movie we get hints of the possibility of revisiting classic DC movies with Danny Elkins. Batman theme playing in the background. Cats are also showed the flash teaming up Michael Keaton's version of the Dark Knight. So that's what I was. GonNa say is that they're saying that they have a team up throughout this whole movie. And they're fighting together. Greg Berlanti has said he wants to include more DC film characters in TV crossovers after as Miller's flashback grant. Guston's version of the character in last year's crisis event so I mean, that's really all there is. It's just like little hints, possibilities? Right. The suit looks fine. Whatever because they haven't started any principal photography for this or anything yet have the unknown twenty, twenty, two, I believe it's supposed to gosh. Everything's so far away. Next Big One. James guns suicide squad had a kind of a mini docu trailer I. Guess it was. Idris Elba playing. Damage I thought this was blood sport. That's not. John Cena as he's maker and Pete Davidson Black Guard. Bunch of other new characters in it. Man It looks freaking good i. tell you what now we were talking about how Batman the new Batman trailer does a good job of blending things. This one does a very good job of making it comic book and it looks like a comic book movie..

Arkham Timberlake Robin Batman Tim Drake Idris Elba Marvel John Cena Masan Pete Davidson Black Guard Michael Keaton Greece Greg Berlanti Guston James Chris principal DC Danny Elkins Miller
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"You never acted like she was sort of interested in some other feller at a sociable or box. Upper or something like that the Oh something like. That must've happened even to somebody like ms or like your Abbott. The time at the fourth of July Picnic Didn't she team up with somebody else in the sack race? Let's let's see now accolades sure and you've got all mad about earliest ways. I hope he did. And let me thank Spec Blair was not like get now. You're talking my advice. Wait a minute abner. We ain't got the problem straight here. How who That marmot did. She teamed up with Matt Sack Race. I can't recollect to that. Let's see we're at Frank Foster. I know that I missed a cue. Tell us just how you felt after this terrible calamity struck your happy little home. Hell Oh you don't need cover up how you fail to recollect that. Everything you say here is kept strict confidence. Just unburden yourself. Pour out your poor heart us. You must have felt terrible when this black guard this villain. This wolf and sheep's clothes delivered tried to break up your blissful Mary. What makes my heart ache to think about it? That's snake in order to be hardened town at forty four man Mr Q. U. Poor mistreated critter. Let's see who was at farm. Mr Hugh I'm GonNa let Mr Spears. One of our beloved judge gave you the first piece of advice to help you try to find your way out of this unhappy predicament into which you have so structure. They've been through our Mr Spear Yeah. Tell him grandparents is. Us's I'd take a good stout axe. I recollect to that was a disaster will power is. I've Armitt I'll scuffle with him Who WAS IT MR? Cue that low down critter mode mood mode. Oh my goodness wait a minute. Wait a minute Lama. But don't answer don't answer I know what it is not even picking up the receiver. Don't ask ladies and gentlemen you.

Spec Blair Frank Foster Mr Spear Mr Hugh Mr Spears Mr Q. U. feller abner Matt Sack Us
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"Tally Sworn Shield list. Yeah that might have just been. It was at four units. I think it was. It was four units One of these sworn shields had a A sword captain and the other one just had Brennan tellies Commander Commander Unit in it. Now I don't really play starts but I always thought that was a really cool sub faction element Totally play that seems seems to be a big shift. Well it's just it's just beat. You're putting you know. I always say this. I've said this plays million times the discord. You're putting the faction action in a box right so now you're saying okay. So because of their play style is basically torn to shreds because of these counter intuitive. You know changes. Now you've got these totally lists which are basically going to be elite lists just because they work way better that way It's very it's very beneficial to have all tell units there's only two units in the game only one that gives you know currently gives a affiliation which is just your Commander Vendor so if I'm going to run a four unit list of tolleys I'm gonNA run either one or two calves I'm GONNA run You know a sworn shield or two and I'm going to run a great acts depending on what your preferences play style watts but then you start to look at all right now. What else can I play from? Competitive Consecutive Maybe I'll play editor editor. Still pretty good but the problem is is that it's going to be the same type of list. It's going to be hyper leat. You'RE NOT GONNA be able to balance it out well without wolves And you can't take those walls because they're too much of a liability at least in my perspective an opinion. So what's the counter point counterpoint. The point is like all right. Let's go the other side of the extreme. Now we're just GONNA go spammy and just play. You know five six sworn short swords which at that point you have so many of those units. It's that you start to make up for the deficiencies that that that unit has it being like a very like core utility unit. Yes sure they have four you know four armor and whatnot not but they can hit hard with all the script lows you get to on you know you you basically try reiter them stark. Raider them on you know on other factions. And that's that's where it becomes you know Useful but if you try to make this weird balance lists of not weird but now it's weird where you're trying to you know all right. Well I just want to one resercher Kerr a one grade accident maybe one CAV Eunuch. It will throw a crowd man in there It just it's just awkward because it's not powerful. It's just a can't compete Pete with some of these lists that are being thrown out that nightwatch and free folk and even Lancaster. Now you know it's just it. It's just it's tough. It's tough to look at the look at Star what they have and be like like. I don't know what do you know. It's it's frustrating for for sure and what doesn't help at all is going through all of these units in the back of my head. I kept going. I these weird alarm bells going off saying well. That's not all the units in the faction. It's it's all his. It's in the reason why is because no one's playing outriders Roman down in the cabinet you've been saying we're talking about competitive play tournaments. We're you're looking. At least to a level of expectation you're not seeing outriders or bowmen being played successfully by a majority of star players guarantee. There's somebody out there who is the bowman savant and he has it all figured out. He's not me. Yeah exactly two. We don't what have we don't have any announcements officially yet of the seam on a national tournament we do know that on the packs unplugged website when you go to register the convention which opens on November Fifteenth for registering prevents. They do have a spot for Song of ice and fire the twenty nine thousand nine. US Open National National Championship event. I do wonder it's that one's only got sixteen players in and they're gonNA take the top four It's not really clear on the description but I wonder what will see out of the results in their if we're going to see a balanced spread of things or do you think with these changes coming out now. Only you know five have weeks out six weeks out You think it's going to kind of skew. What we see actually getting played competitively like would you would you? I know Chris. You play a lot of stark's if if you were suddenly going to that tournament would you bring your starks Not confidently I think I could field field to competitive lists but they would be super predictable and by round two or three people know exactly what I'm trying to do There would be not enough variation in my play style just from the fact that I just don't have the utility I need to to to make it any more varied You know I'd probably would take nuchills. Got To be honest I would take take revoke. Yeah that's a quick the answer if I if I had to predict the top four it would probably be one free folk. Tonight's watching it. I think there will be someone from free folk that finally only breaks through and realizes how amazing they are an from in a competitive setting on something that you and I talked about quite quite a bit on the discord. Chris is and we've seen in both large events as world. Our local meadows is nightwatch flooding. The top ex top four top eight top chopsticks are bigger. Event is night. Watch wedding all of that but a single skilled lancaster free folks stark neutral player taking the top slot. Ah Agree with that one hundred percent. I think that you know I. I know they're not going to touch. You know nightwatch now because it's too early and we're focusing on NIA initial factions but the amount of utility and especially with just the you know the night's watch to heroes for the point cost of some of their attachments the the fact that some of the two and one point attachments get some of the abilities that they do. is crazy. I mean just look at House of Thorne I mean he is so good at any cost an insight on a two point unit. I mean wow you we know with ranged and melee which is a rarity in this game. Yeah you know sworn brothers at six points. Exactly Ed's great it's all yeah. I agree night watches in a solid place. Like they're not. They're not overpowered not over tuned. You're very easy to pick up up and have a a the example. All the time is my fiance is not a huge work gamer. She dabbles she roll some dice. She enjoys playing. I can put my hands and she could go and win in a game at a competitive like she could go depth on with me. I could give her night watch. She will win a game over that weekend lowering the game the day before the hotel my watch the easy to pick up and be able to be successful what they WANNA do not every faction is that way. No IT'S A it's a less less extreme slash right now at the same time. Aren't we seeing though in some of the event data that it does it has a maybe a lower floor but You know the into the end qualifiers but we're not seeing a lot of nightwatch players seal the deal over everybody right. Don't really have the same playmakers other. Heroes do box has added a lot. I can say or being and the builder stone-thrower Rohwer had a lot to do with that going forward as well And the reason for that is when you were looking at the core box plus heroes one tiny early nightwatch stuff like Chris has been talking about with stark's it was a variation on the same idea. We're going to bring some sword grows as the spine of the list. We're GONNA set on objectives and be chewed out but now going forward with the builder stuff. Scorpion the crossbows and stone-thrower. Suddenly I can bring a sworn Bros warm list and I can bring this gun line war machine and if my opponent picks the wrong option thank you for the game. Yeah yeah well and and that to the house. Black Guard is like a cheaper veterans You know it's not quite the same rule. It's not quite as lead. But you got a pretty defensive bunker right there for only six points eight. Yeah I mean a I mean the the Black Guard Lancaster's best friends and we're going to see the Meta shift to Thailand Black Guard very soon and you. Can you heard it here. First folks and we've been talking about on. The table has been talking about Taiwan's black guard for a long time. I mean it was originally. It was the kickstarter if that unit has been so long but timing unit was and where it is now is just. Yeah so funny. But it wasn't disappointed though. 'cause that's what what we have now because before it was the black guard and it was telling cavaliers every couple of weeks some of the pull up this photo of the cavaliers and be like. Hey I found this picture. And they're like the rules under there aren't even rules in the game anymore. Yeah they're all here like what's the next like mythical beasts. Is there some sort of tell you what it is it's still from the kickstarter remembered the gradually and Martel House logos are on the Kabui. Yeah we gotTA start. They got we got to find some old like Alpha card of that somewhere and some some. Great Joy swordsman Earth. Cellular make and pull his others templates. It is making more sense I feel like goodwill the community. We actually got angry people from the others stuff that really. It was a a joke if we did like a legit fake like great joy card. I I can only imagine so I see what you have cooked up for next April fools. It's through the tradition. It's going to be we'll do car third or something though the warlocks faction who knows that would be great and all they do is like As an ability you can flip their card and they like turn into an attachment attachment. Your opponent has on the field it was just a mere faction. Yes ever you just put an empty tray with numbers on them and only three of the numbers that have six is like an actual unit. Who knows we'll be ridiculous on that but you know that reminds me of the stark situation is in stark situation? So the other component here is I remember way back when we had fabio come on. It was like a lot of people start complaining about things and like the first thing I'd do is get good Is this a situation. Where the a new star of the new scenarios in any way like offset this or or Help the starks We saw some really works to things. Like the game of thrones mode where they have the central objective now is is that static card for two points Feast for Crows got totally overhauled fire and blood. Now you reworked significantly as well you know does any of the faction design get preserved or saved are softened by these new scenario is just not really seeing that fire and blood is currently sticking out to me significantly This is again reinforcing. The points lines that Chris has made which is stark's WanNa play a very different way. So my personal placed alloway starks. I M V four drop guy might cheapest unit is eight points. Because I'm bringing double double tolis generic starks fire and blood with stark's is super easy to look your opponent across the table and I'd say I don't care what you mark everything in my army really wants to and I will make you pay for it. The I realized I came to rotation. I'm like man I just always seem to struggle on this mode have complained about it for like episodes and episodes and I just realized recently like that's what it is when I'm in playing free folk I'm basically just having too many easy options for my opponent and when I'm playing against them and say I've got ten units and they've got four. I'm like like I guess the best thing I could do is give it to your great access because the other choices are even worse a whole no but it's like no that is the worst right he's got like two great access to because semantic I eat. I can't win. They're yeah I've got some crappy unit getting marked and so I realized it's like you know maybe I need to be sure to build like elite lists as as free folk. I don't really know but yeah but she's talking about not taking wolves on on this either then. I duNNo. Chris would agree with this one even talk about it that much but when I approach to format list building I don't really think about like faction counters that much I think more game moats with stark's I will vary very often bring a very combat focused elite less my Go-to blender lest is actually double. BESERK IRS Double.

stark Chris Black Guard alloway starks Commander Commander Unit Commander Tally Brennan tellies cavaliers Black Guard Lancaster editor Kerr Pete US Thailand Black Guard Lancaster Martel House IRS Ed
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"To January second twenty seventeen five A._M.. In the shower our power fails wet and naked in dark. We scream outside the sky Frankenstein's over our red castle like it's at war with itself five bolts at once playing bright notes left right from White Chapel steeple to black guard Dr Tower horseshoes snipers race aligns five miles long they heard us out stairs by flashlight screwed hymns mm stripping the wind swirls hot and cold together. They pop our cage doors with a pry bar. They count our faces. Our our bunks our feet. They are afraid to radios in keys invoices. Now.

White Chapel Dr Tower
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"Other sort of units are gonna build that too. So where would you put that storm crew tenant. I guess it's really <hes> tempting to put him and cutthroats as much as i like to keep them cheap. I think he'd be really great way. <hes> kind of kushner output really kind of next level there. Yeah what's interesting is a man. I'm really excited for the storm crows to find out more about them but you we're still kind of waiting for those. Those black guard units feel like if they just got a little bit more. Love got a little bit more units released they would. This army could really open up a lot. I think down on the road will see that neutral be really strong faction their tactics tech jimmy worry about that i sometimes i worry that just by its own nature feature of that like each one of these units can be fielded another army <hes> so i guess my fear goes both ways number one. I worry that if each one of these units can be put in another army army that means they always have to balance these units for the worst case scenario so they don't do some sort of crazy synergy with some faction as yet unreleased that is game breaking so maybe the units will be like underpowered but at the same time you're going to have this you have this army that like keeps getting these kind of weird odds and ends added in and does it run the the risk of maybe eventually just being this faction that has like all the good stuff i definitely think there's some inherent faction weaknesses with their their lack of mobility and ran <hes> kind of their dependence on a specific zones mostly here like like the storm crowded lieutenant who is wanting to have that wellstone can be a liability a lot of times so even if down the line got some storm crow units but they needed the wealth zone own that might be challenging because that's a very predictable and you're gonna shut down in general anyway. I also noticed the lack of <hes> three point n._c. Us which is actually huge firm list building yeah so it sounds like in massachusetts you guys have some some strong songfire communities and we've had <hes> an fantastic community out here and it's been growing you know almost every week. <hes> people can come into the shop and more often than not somebody's grabbing a pickup gang of song of ice and fire so i think that's really kind of inviting for people who might be interested in getting into the game and then so that's off-the-wall games and what town is at and again i wear in hadley massachusetts. Our local community just started off with maybe two or three people who back the kickstarter and just playing games at the local store really increased interest for the game features. There's like regular play just getting out there and people come into the store and just see that there's a community behind it and they see the people there they see the miniature nice got a ton of new people into war gaming have maybe been put up by the hobby aspect of it before a big john more of our the traditional <hes> or gaming community and then also the aspect of the tactics cards is something that might be really familiar for for a lot of magic a gathering players yeah. I think that's one of the cool things about this game is that it really is a you know a bridge between the board gaming and other gaming communities and the organ community outright. Well you know i gotta get up there. It's only a few hours drive. I've gotta get up there and get some games in at some point. <hes> it'd be later in august. I can squeeze some time in that'd be great. We'd we should have another <hes> tournament coming up in august <hes> exact date it is to be announced but <hes> yeah i feel much more confident now that the the free folk euros box too is is out and it's amazing. I don't know if you've got many games against it actually picked up a free folks starter. A couple of weeks ago managed to get a few games james in s. They've been really fun yeah. They are really fun nine. It's one of those things where it's just. It's not typically affected that i a style that i play and so it's been really fun trying to learn all the different approaches to it and the heroes box two now though is just like this crack things wide open open. I just keep finding you know like nothing fancy. It's just like oh like this thing. Does that like you know. It's like it makes sense than when you go to do it and you're like oh. This is really good like harm. It can send my unit like how far is like. Oh my are like this eunuch and deploy behind an enemy unit now or just so much goodness so i'll probably bring something up and get into trouble with it trying to do something fancy. That is overly complicated but it'd be fun too fun to get some games. Will you guys it'd be fun on <hes>. You know we'd be happy to have you awesome all right well. Thank you so much for coming on the podcast and if anybody has questions if you're in the on the table gaming discord mike from off the wall mix <unk> grabbed his ear and ask them questions and maybe down the line we get you to write a tactics talk. We can put up on a song of ice and fire c._c. As the the <hes> the north east neutral guru with so many games under your belt with this faction and your expertise maybe you can help out some of the newer players here's who are looking into getting into song of ice and fire or the neutrals faction all those bolton fans out there. You know who you are yeah. We'll get make sure we a- you know use you as a resource absolutely italy and now all the better to kill all the star players out there again i can get behind so i guess and in the meantime thanks for listening and because your ministers on the table i'm not..

massachusetts wellstone hadley massachusetts bolton
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"Thursday may second goes to the human Jarve helman's mayonnaise, commonly known Taylor swift. Now, let me tell you something I'm grown, man. So it's not too many things. I haven't seen. Okay. A lot of things we see each creature just reruns. All right, no, ideas originalist nothing new onto the sign especially in the world of entertainment. Okay. One thing's for sure two things for certain. I grew up in an era where black people created something. Just no it's only a matter of time before Caucasians create a manage flavored version, all right and putting on the menu of mainstream America, quadruple, the price right in my life. I've seen the kings the God the legends name new addition. And what did y'all cool cook up the copy new addition new kids on the block, all right in my life? I have seen a black guard name MC hammer. What did y'all coup go to the lab to create the mimic that king for nila ice? Right. The mandate that it mainstream America called Elvis Presley, the king of rock and roll. But how could he be the king of some? That Chuck Berry a black man invented a right to the ripping off black music and style by white artists have been going on since the beginning of time. All right. I want you all to Google in article from slate by Jack Hamilton, titled how rock and roll became white. It cites the article from the Pulitzer prize winner Margo Jefferson, titled ripping off black music. I'll read you a paragraph from this auto, but you gotta go do your own homework on it. Okay. She says the night Jimi Hendrix died. This was the latest step. She thought this is the latest step in a plot being designed to eliminate blacks from rock music today, maybe recorded in history, the creation of whites future. Generations, my dream rain will be taught that while rock may have had his beginnings among blacks it had. It's true, flowering. Among whites. The best black artists with be studied as remarkable primitives who unconsciously foreshadowed future developments. Well for a long time. This has been true within a long came Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs, iphone and social media, and one of the beauty of the social media that when some BS happens. In real time. It can be caught up and last night at the MGM grand Rena Taylor swift open the two thousand nineteen billboard music awards with her newest single me. Well, when she says me what she actually means is B as in beyond because it seems Taylor swift studied beyond Netflix documentary and decided to do her own unwashed chicken version of beyond today's Coachella performance now beyond the not the first person to perform with the marching band. But if I'm anyone on Taylor's team, I'm telling her, you know, you're opening the billboard awards beyond say district. Coachella ashes, you put out a documentary about it. She did the whole marching band thing. Maybe we should come with something outs. Because people will say you're imitating her. That's what I would have said if I was on team swift. But that's not how colonization works. Okay. See colonizers still have to act like they discovered something that was already discovered and the people on Taylor swift team should be ashamed themselves to think that tell us with could come out is marching band routine, and nobody would notice and this is exactly why. Why you should not trust people who don't wash their chicken. Okay. I'm not spending a lot of time on this. Because we've been seeing this into beginning time. Okay. White people stealing from black artists, but the difference between now, and then as we are able to call it out, and we see it in when things caught out on social media in this way. It makes the next white artists. Thank you know, we can't just be appropriate and coach like we used to. Okay, not only social media amplified of voices calling this coach role identity theft out, but we were able to amplify the voices of our ancestors came before us exhibit A, Rachel Ray, Charles, right? Yes. Of course, you do Jamie FOX one and a plan alleging that is Ray Charles, but have you ever seen Ray, Charles doing an interview with Bob Costas and Bob Costas white man as reach all the black man about white artists in particular Elvis, stealing black music everybody. Go goo Google is about two minutes, thirty seven seconds long. But I'm gonna play about forty seven forty seconds of it just to piss off Steve. Our cameraman Stephen the white demon. All right because this sums up how feel about this momentum as music at the time in the fifties early sixties, a resentment of some of the white performers who were copying.

Taylor swift Rena Taylor Steve Jobs Google Jimi Hendrix Elvis Presley America Ray Charles Pulitzer prize Margo Jefferson MC hammer Bob Costas Chuck Berry Jamie FOX MGM Rachel Ray Jack Hamilton Netflix
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"So we have on the Tinder area because it's taken years to work this out like, okay, man, we can't get into first class lounge for having a first class ticket, but we can get somewhere with this black card that they've always said we'll open the door. You guys would laugh your ass off when you get this black card, you get this leather bound thing and you open and there's a good looking chick. And she's like, I'm your concierge travel. Jewelry, private planes. Whatever you want just show your black guard, you'll walk in Fort Knox. You wanna bang Blondie? Trump just Flach a swipe it under visine, and you will you can with this black guard, and then I proceeded for the last fourteen years ago to every single airport and hold the black card out, and they go I don't what do you want? Why? No, there's choices Trump Billy Bush about that. We just wait Marsh Lee, the placard two moats at the black card, which is when you pull it out at the lounge. Can I get in there with this? And they go are you going to use it to Jimmy the door? No during that, we're working hours. When you guys are guys are open. Oh, I don't know. What is that? Like, there's I don't know what that is. Or the have we used except that card. So now, we're dealt that. And we into delta, and we show the card say something about those chicks at run those lounges couldn't they be deputized with just a little bit of power like pull the goddamn card out. And I show it to him. And she goes. Yeah. And I should you septa the card Ryan. She's like, no not since January first. And it's like, but it's it's on your website. Yeah. But now kind of on you if your website says, we're doing this. And then you pull it out twenty seven days later in his show to and they go. Yeah. Not any more. Couldn't you at that point this go. Yeah. Go ahead. But from this point on handcuffed behind those desk because they are incapable of making any decision that goes against company policy. They're handcuffed answer tied. What does it say on the website maxa, or what are film my car? But. The website just says you can use it. Right. But now does it. There's a problem. What is it? Well, he's pulling in right now. But he did he did some Richardson, call them, and he said the website is up dated. So we gotta we gotta get to the bottom. So I got a big piece of paper. I got an itinerary that's head and use your black card here. And then we walk all the way across the other terminal because it's not on the United on one side of the airport in the deltas on the other. And then we walk in. And there's nobody in there. There's no line. There's no anything. And then you get sorry. Me you feel that. Yeah. Also is far as I know like thirty one people on the planet who have one of those placards like me, Jimmy, and Jerry Seinfeld. Like, what is what's what could happen? If people came in with that black guard, and you let him sit down and have a free Fresca. Emmy website websites today. It was all my fault. So what was the problem? What was the problem starting January first no more access for interior, black card, diamond members, and platinum members? They do have a board meeting going..

Jimmy Ryan Trump Fort Knox Flach Billy Bush Richardson Marsh Lee Emmy Jerry Seinfeld twenty seven days fourteen years