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"And I'm Joan Jones, teddy Gilman as our producer. And the top stories we're following today Russian missile attacks on residential buildings have killed at least 18 people in the Ukrainian port city of Odessa, two children are among the dead and another 30 were injured. The assault came a day after Russian forces withdrew from a strategic Black Sea island snake island. It was initially thought that that retreat could ease the threat to Odessa, but Russian forces have kept up their push to encircle the last stronghold of resistance in the eastern province of Luhansk. American basketball star Brittany griner has just arrived at a Moscow area court as she is set to go on trial today. This comes about four and a half months after she was arrested on cannabis possession charges at an airport while traveling to play for a Russian team. The Phoenix mercury center and two time U.S. Olympic gold medalist could face up to ten years in prison if convicted of large scale transportation of drugs, fewer than 1% of defendants in Russian criminal cases are acquitted and acquittals can be overturned. It's 5 32 now. They January 6th committee investigating the attack at the capitol, says it will consider criminal referrals to the Justice Department. If there's evidence of witness tampering, Mitchell Miller has more from Capitol Hill. The panel's vice chair Liz Cheney at the latest hearing read from statements made by some witnesses who were not so subtly told to be loyal. They reminded me a couple of times that Trump does read transcripts and just keep that in mind as I proceed through my interviews with the committee. Cheney has subsequently told ABC News that witnesses have indicated they've received veiled threats. She says the committee and the Justice Department should take any indications of witness tampering seriously. CNN reports that former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson was contacted in an apparent effort to influence her testimony. On Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller, WTO P news. There are allegations of election meddling in the race for governor in Maryland. All they care about is their own political power. With the Maryland primary less than three weeks away, Republican candidate for governor Kelly Schultz says the democratic governors association is interfering by spending more than a $1 million for TV ads that support a Republican rival Dan Cox. She says the group thinks that Cox will be easier for the eventual democratic nominee to defeat. They think that you can be manipulated and fooled. Cox called the claims a distraction. He's endorsed by former president Donald Trump while Schultz is backed by governor Larry Hogan. Nick I LA WTO P news. Meantime, we continue hearing from other candidates for governor in Maryland. One of those running was born in Rockville, and if elected would be the youngest person to serve as governor. Ashwani Jain, a Democrat, is running a publicly funded campaign for governor on education Jane says he would make changes, including moving away from standardized testing to more performance based testing. When it comes to student mental health and school safety, he says his plans would include removing SROs and replacing them with more guidance counselors and social workers. Jane doesn't think public safety and police accountability are mutually exclusive. We demand accountability in every other field and our criminal justice system should be no different. On economic matters, Jane emphasizes incentives for small businesses, Jane supports transit like the purple line, but opposes widening and adding toll lanes on I two 70. And he favors what he calls sustainably expanding capacity at the Chesapeake Bay bridge. I would mandate that at least one or two of those lanes are designated for HOV or buses and making sure we don't forget about the access roads. Kate Ryan, WTO news. Now you can read the interviews with all of the Maryland governor candidates at WTO dot com and search the word candidates. The Maryland primary, by the way, is on July 19th. Fuel leaked into the tap water of a military base because of shoddy management and human error. That's according to a navy investigation into a jet fuel leak last year at Hawaii's Pearl Harbor. It poisoned thousands of people and forced military families to evacuate their homes. The report lists a cascading series of mistakes that caused the fuel to leak multiple times. Four men are now facing charges in connection with the deadliest migrant smuggling incident ever on U.S. soil. More than 50 migrants were found dead in an abandoned trailer near San Antonio on Monday. Federal officials have charged the driver of the truck and three others with conspiracy to transport illegal aliens, resulting in death. If convicted they could get life in prison or the death penalty, according to court documents, one of the four 28 year old Christian Martinez said the driver 45 year old Texas native Homer zamorano was unaware the AC unit stopped working, which is the reason the 53 migrants died from

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