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"black owned restaurant relief fund" Discussed on Chicago Tonight

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"black owned restaurant relief fund" Discussed on Chicago Tonight

"Gravy it tastes better when you heated I text her to say y'all even better than. The sauces somehow just sunk in. CLEO's is one of several restaurants benefiting from the Black Owned Restaurant Relief Fund. A gofundme me Jeremy started to help restaurants featured on his site, so he was able to raise seventy five thousand dollars. We split the money evenly among fifty four restaurants, and actually the checks in the mail, and they're going out to black on Ross to help further their business. The President of the Illinois Restaurant Association has said Chicago restaurants have seen an average eighty percent loss in revenue during the covid nineteen pandemic. Another black owned business getting help from Jeremy is the ice cream shop kill wins in Hyde Park. Jackie Jackson owns this kill wins and two others in the loop he. Is, getting the community involved with supporting black on small businesses. He's been very successful, and it has been definitely a big third in business. Since this has started since this initiative has started Jeremy's from Chicago's south suburbs since he started black people eats in December, two thousand seventeen. The site has expanded to include Atlanta Houston. DC and other US. Cities Goals is creating a black people eats in every city, a company that can truly connect the world's of black restaurants everywhere. Salmon for Chicago tonight this Garcia. In case you're wondering black people eats isn't Jeremy Choices full-time gig yet? At least he currently works at an investment firm and produces his own food blog on his own time, and up next more highlights from our covert across Chicago series, so please stay with us. This evening's presentation of Chicago tonight is made possible in part by COM. Ed powering lives. We have tremendous source of untapped efficient energy. Right here in our school. The comment. Energy efficiency program has relied for making schools energy-efficient. And we're back now. With more from parachutes on the copen across Chicago series that he and producer Quinn Myers embarked on over the last three, and a half months the to hit forty two Chicago community areas as well as twelve suburbs and Illinois cities along with hitting towns in Iowa, Wisconsin Indiana and Michigan. NPR's is here again to unpack what it all means. Means Peres! Is there an overarching theme that you discovered from getting such a ground level view of the city? Well, see this brand's I think it's a city that it's an intense pain right now. Economically health wise especially in some of the neighborhoods that have suffered disinvestment for many years. It's very clear that covert nineteen, and then the civil unrest after George Floyd. Floyd has put a microscope on the structural inequities that exists in this city have existed for many decades. They are plainly out in the open right now. It's also on a microscopic view. We discovered pretty early on that. This was hitting. Black and Brown communities disproportionately cove one thousand nine. Hundred isn't Wbz came out with that amazing analysis of just how that was. Was Happening, so I? I WANNA, play a couple. Clips speaking to that a doctrine Chatham who had warned about the risks to the African American community because a co morbidity, and then we also in Brighton Park where the CEO of community health center. There was fretting about the unusually high rate of positivity in some Hispanic Latino residents that he was testing. So I. think that there are multiple factors that are.

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