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"black cowboy museum texas" Discussed on Stuff You Should Know

"Hey and welcome to the short stuff I'm Josh and there's shock who knows where Jerry is but this is short stuff. So it doesn't matter because we can handle it ourselves with a little assist by our friend. Dave couse. Stain. Yeah. I don't think do we. We don't shout out Dave enough. Not Nearly enough as a matter of fact, just make this episode US talking about how Great Davis. Right the original black cowboy. That's right. But totally wrong. But it was a it was a decent attempt at a segue. Yes because we all know the original black cowboy was sheriff bartend blazing saddles. Yeah. I forgot about that movie that's a is that a good one I mean it's a classic it couldn't be made today. Sure. But you know written by Mel Brooks and the Great Richard. Pryor and think those one other writer. But yeah, they played that for comedy in that movie. But as it turns out, there were a lot of black cowboys in the United States in just don't see a bunch of movies and TV shows where they're represented Shaq Shaq but they I, mean there are some statistics that say. Twenty five percent or more of Al all cowboys. After the civil war in the wild west where these black men out there like how he stuff working hard roping cattle doing all the things that you see in the movies. Yeah like the idea from what I can tell from the research, is that the popular conception of cowboys and cowboy life and what cowboys did is fairly accurate but the the race of them in off that that the the just the fact that black people were not all represented among cowboys in the popularization of cowboy life. Back East is just that's the historical misunderstanding that apparently even before the civil war most black cowboys according to one historian of the American West, most of them most of the cowboys were black in that it was a job that was open to enslaved people basically and that if you were white, you didn't want to be known as a cowboy that. That job was potentially beneath you or whatever. Even though it was all about Bronco Busting, you know herding cattle and Lhasa Wing and stuff like that. All the stuff we think of with with cowboys today But that the that transition between being from something that may that was like beneath a a white guy out west to something that was a coveted title among white guys was when back East people started here about cowboys and say those that's cool. What a cool life, and then all of a sudden white guys were like Oh actually I I'm a cowboy now you can count me in. Yeah. I mean I think that that name at least according to this historian as racist in nature. because the the white workers wanted to be called cal punches or Callahan's. and. The black men were called cowboys and like you said once they once lor hit back east they they jumped on that cowboy train 'cause I guess that word took in it sounded cool. Yeah. The thing is I went and tried to corroborate that elsewhere because it makes sense if you take it from that standpoint that is actually cowboy actually has like a denigrating origin but I did not see that anywhere else and I couldn't find the difference between a cowhand and a cowboy. The are completely interchangeable from what I can tell definition wise. But I don't know maybe that just that at a molly got lost a history you know well, Larry Kelly's runs the Black Cowboy Museum Texas and Rosenberg. And we want to credit him with saying that since he's He's where we got it. Yep here. Larry here's the limb. Go out on. So the idea of by cowboys..

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