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"black college university radio station" Discussed on Radio Survivor Podcast

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"black college university radio station" Discussed on Radio Survivor Podcast

"You know some of its genesis. One one of the things that I have come away. From this project with as a as an interest in seeing stations, collect oral histories from those folks who are still around who were there when the station was in its early years whether it's still on the air or not and You DC at I think is is looking. To do something like that to kind of make the memory of the station come alive. And I think that because it's in the nation's capital because it's it has this unique role as the only public hbu in in the district that there is this this. Acknowledgement of of their their role and their historical. And I think when that is present. preservation happens. And I think that's Much. What was happening Waso Antioch College has always seen itself as as a place that is. As unique and and important to the the Higher Education Universe and and I an, it's not. It's no wonder to me that people there felt that these materials were important and needed to be kept. and I think that one of the things I do run into at HCC us is even though the institution is a keeper of Culture. and has that that that takes that mantle. So often in in the community and at the at the institution itself. That you know just knowing that that what you is important and worthy of of of preservation and worthy of of passing on two generations you know in the future is. it's it's a mindset and and I don't know that oftentimes when particularly in the African American community when and particularly in the south that You know. Getting that mindset that Y-. That are materials need to be? Preserved and protected and celebrated Sometimes, it's an uphill struggle for that and Justin Robertson. You're the project director of the historically Black College University Radio Station Archival Survey Project and you know, and we've the conversations come to this point in which we're talking a little bit about you know why and how stations particularly college stations have an archive may not have an archive to even go to even look at and you know you mentioned earlier on that that you. Worked in administration, right? You've you've been at radio stations, but you've also worked administration and I think that that's a side..

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