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Tell Em Why You Mad Son!!!!

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Tell Em Why You Mad Son!!!!

"This rock mr magic of jig nation. And if you haven't heard about anchor is the easiest way to make a podcast. Let me explain it's free. There's creation tools that allow you to record. And edit your podcast right from your phone or computer anchor would distribute your podcast for you so it can be heard on spotify apple podcast and many more you can make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership. It's everything you need to make a podcast in one place. Download the free. Ankara app or go to anchor dot. Fm to give started and now to the show dj wedding you. Now listen to the original. Zeke podcasts go entrance way talk slowdown speed up. Fresh it what objects. My name is. Rocky mr magic and he is ginning dna and this is the original jeep. Podcast unique dini my man. What's up was Geek nation you know. I was thinking about this the other day. Everybody causes cheek nation. This is you know by the nation podcast instead of what our actual title is. I don't know maybe we should just change. It uses the same. I was thinking about the other earlier. I was gonna actually. Hey think we should have changed the name. i forgot who i think. I'll listen to the bruce. Yeah but everybody does it. The boroughs i think they like i think they calling the be all idea. The jewish podcast. I'm like And then i realized yeah. Because i was listen to like we had a bunch of guests episodes in the last couple of weeks so i was like kind of catching up and i listened to the mountaineers shake. They call this dictation. Today rose Because you left the review at three o'clock in the morning when for whatever reason at three o'clock the morning yeah accordance of max you'll left to review. I think it was two thirty eight. Am or something like that eastern time. Yeah yeah because we know you don't sleep but Yeah he when he referenced it he said jack nation podcast and then i was listening to dweller and i realized that i said so. Yeah was thinking about that solely random off topic and nobody cares but Yeah let us know please. The we our from the original g podcast you just cheek nation podcast but yeah. I don't know That is a common thing. Yeah i mean. We've i think every guest spot. We've pretty much done almost even either together a single day. You've referenced us that way Yeah gritted our name is long especially if they say they rejoin sheikh podcast by jig nation. That's a bit long. That is yeah. I don't know something about israel. Pull out there even better. We will throw pull out there. And then we'll see what the people say sounds good to me. Sounds good anyway. Uh so So what to do. What's going on. Wh what's your what's your plan. What you watch my friend. I am playing absolutely no actually. That's not true. I just download it. Because i got tired of seeing the ads and the cia fbi where roses tapping my phone. Not stop bombarding me with these ads. And so i decided to jump on it because that's the only way you can get rid of him as if like you download whatever they're trying to or by whatever they're trying to sell you so i downloaded the magic the gathering iphone app and so i've been playing that which has been pretty fun because i haven't played matches together and since middle school. Yeah a little bit of a little bit of a drought yes so little nostalgia. Run right there and It's also fun because you know it all the work for me. I'll have to do math anymore. Okay 'cause you know. I like If all right if i do this one as points within the discipline takes away two hits and you know you know for those. That played car gains a middle school. High school you know what. I'm talking about do mental math And keep score and all that stuff. I'll have to do that anymore. Because it's all digital so It's made the game much more enjoyable. Okay not that. I hate math or anything actually like math. But you know he's up the pace a little bit also mobile and you know. It's fun because like now collecting cards and stuff and even some cards. That i had when i was in middle school. So that's kind of fun. You know my soul stouter trip. So i am playing that But i've been playing much of anything else because life as always Far as watching I which it's hilarious in. I recommend it. And i usually don't do this but i started watching the way a of a house hudson. The way of the house husband on netflix at the anime. Yes i did. He started watching again. And it is hilarious. I mean i'm like three episodes of but it's hilarious Totally ridiculous completely absurd is it. Is it the real househusbands of hollywood type ridiculous. I was not as black. But i'm just saying the level ridiculous. It's up there. Yeah yeah okay. it's up here for it. It's it's hilarious of no spoilers because in a trailer would you know. He's a he's a execute yakuza boss who Turns life into being a house husband. He kinda just retires from the yakuza and becomes a house husband. And so just larry's you get to go on his all his daily intakes with them so If you got to check it out the episode short like twenty thirty minutes. But i was just fight. I haven't laughed at anime like like that in a while. Yeah this is pretty funny. It's just like i said this is ridiculous outlandish I've been watching that. I've been watching it on. Hbo max okay That's been good. It's been good. It's it's slowly building whereas going the actresses the lead actresses. I don't know the names of them. Terrible that's your job They're great people are great at. They're into So you have into that Episode three or four. Now it's you know what i am very upset about and i don't want to go too much of iran but i am very upset that we are back to cable tv Just give me my shows and let them please like this. Weekly release stuff is crap. This is why cut the court in the first place mansi. I can't. I can't go there with like some stuff. I'm okay like if it's new. I really don't mind my thing is i. Don't ever want to binge something that's been released. It was being completely released. I don't want to not be able to bench but if it's new. I don't mind the release schedule. Especially if it's great because i get a week to decompress i get a week to talk about it I like the water. I love water cooler. Talk so if brand new. I am all here for weekly releases but if it's a you know if it's like like on cable tv reruns and stuff all over all over. The place syndicated stuff that stuff. I shouldn't have to your weight for certain time to come on to watch like that to me is ridiculous teenage but if it's brand new i'm i'm really okay with with you know. Yeah you know what it is is like if it's okay i don't mind right but if it's good like i'm emotionally invested now i don't wanna week especially if i'm paying this for like you know it was when it was cable is like we didn't have any other choice and i think that's the problem for me at least anywhere and maybe people disagree but for me. I think we have cable. We didn't have a choice. You take what they give you right because there was no such thing as streaming services and then there was also wasn't have internet fast enough to do it to watch it anyway. Take us three days downloaded so We were just better a watching it on tv. But now like i mean when you have instant content everywhere and i got a week to find out what happens in the next episode. Like i'm just. I'm over it I'm paying way too much money in these streaming services to to wait a week. You know what the next step is going to be. No the next step is going to be like what disney plus doing with two movies of we gotta pay pay limited releases. Yeah it's an advance screening essentially. If you wait you'll get it at this time or you'll get it you'll you can watch it. You know as it comes out right now for thirty dollars is gonna cost you x. Dollars seat or you have to have this level membership to to see it. All an announcement on its release schedule. Yeah what's hbo is going into a They're doing the hulu model. I just read really. Yeah so they're gonna have. The add base version is going to be cheaper but cheaper. 'cause i paying fifteen a month for no add version. Yes so the the current version that we all have fifteen among unless you're like eighteen t got the free You know you get is included this bays included a free traffic you pay for it as included in your bill but They tell you it's free. Yeah you're gonna diversion is ad free. It'll stay ad free. But then i think the next the the ad as of me seven bucks or something like that. And i think they said seven and you're going to get ads kinda like you know. How hulu did that or is still doing that. Actually which is also ridiculous on paying. You still serving me ads. There was a bit ridiculous. I don't pay for hulu. 'cause i have ira what it was was a spotify or i don't know who do so. Many fresh avenues play was like my credit card company. Because i had a i to capital one car and they were like. Hey who for free because your customer he go. Just pay the bill on with your card and then like you know they were charging and reimburse it or whatever and then that like expired and then spotify had deal for like if you pay for spotify premium. Y- hulu free had that in the disney plus deals. I don't know how i'm getting hulu for free. But i'm not paying who i know that So i don't care about the ads but Yeah just. I just find it all ridiculous and i said if it's really good late like i said i'm in. I liked the numbers. I'm enjoying it. But the fact that i had the way the week Pay fourteen fifteen dollars a month. Is this kind of crazy to me. doing wrong. I get it it just kind of like you know 'cause like i could see if cable wasn't still a thing capable is absolutely still thing then so at this point all these streaming services like why what what am i doing not having cable mothers cable. Just go back to the old way. So that's my rant for the five minutes. I hate rabbit hole with dna well-considered. It's not filling quite myself you. It's all good. It's all good. I it's not provoking and is i understand where you're coming from i. I wouldn't go back to cable. Just because i don't need to on bass but i just think it's ridiculous. I still think it's ridiculous. I'd never go back to cable but is one of those things right. It's like you you had unlimited. You know there was a point where we had unlimited data and then they started charging us for a limited data will some people. I i got grandfathered in but You know they started charging for data. And then you're like then. They started throttling. The data throttling. You're like this is ridiculous. I used to have unlimited data. But i'll never got got you know. I'll never go back to not having data that all this thing i need to have it but Yeah so it just kind of one of those things. But yeah i saw what else i've been watching I guess that's kind of been a dabble here in their hop on different these different streaming services and watch different things but those are the ones that i've been watching consistently. Oh oh how. Could i forget the The bad batch started watching that Because you know star wars. And that's been good to their three well. This friday be episode three So that was awesome. That was got you all about this. Release schedules right now. Actually you know. I don't i don't mind it as much because like it's not like it. I mean we know what happens in star wars right. We already know the story. So i'm not like it's not like i gotta. It's actually more like the numbers actually is kinda got me that in Invincible was on that train. To now is over I was watching that. But you know that. The finale aired was last week. Yeah so i'm not watching that anymore. but yeah Yeah i watched stuff here and there a lot of the main trying to keep up with dweller and Yeah but those are the kind of the big three that are watching right now. Creating a creative entrepreneur of always creating so coffee. I won't bore you guys at that. Follow me on instagram or twitter. Or whatever you want to see what about you what. You man Well yesterday i binged. All of big windup every twenty six episodes a big wind up and they wind up. That's one of my favorite enemies. So good man. I regret to inform you that i have yet started on bad bad yet. I'm not surprised that because you were really even. You weren't really into clone wars until like later in like they were almost done. You started watching it if i remember correctly correctly. Matt's y. I haven't watched it yet. Because i want to watch more of komo's before i dive in bags. I wanna have proper context to what i'm watching so i don't think it's going to be wile from me for batch. Yeah there's a whole lot going on in star wars for me to just you know. Hey like i'm gonna leap on into this year. I i don't want to. Also i wanna do it. Justice you know So i think that the best way for me to do that would be to continue watching clone wars and then get the badge when i get to it. sec- wells to think here Did all that watching of big wind. Up and i was watching something else now drawn a blank been playing allow destiny for the usual by today. Is the you know this has been the last days of the current season. So i've been trying to crank stuff out Because i've been i will go the season you know. Start off good dip out a little bit because things happen or just forget to play out jump into something else then. The season will be almost over number all snap. I wanted to finish such and such you know missionary do this but the timeframe so i can earn whatever whatever sealer whatever and then you realize i just. I don't have enough time to to complete the goals. Ask for myself and yeah hoping to do that. With this season but y- i needed like three weeks to do one thing. And i do not have three weeks because as we are recording the monday tomorrow tuesday is The last you know half day of the season the season ends like noon. Tomorrow so yeah. I don't have time to to get everything done. I wanted to get done. And that means a missing out on a big punch of bright desks which is used to buy you know chani ornaments in armor ornaments yell stuff to make my might. My warlock look fly. Yeah so. I'm a little disappointed myself in that. But it's no big deal so they're playing a lot of destiny. I've been playing Swim plans of no man's sky here and there you'll by myself for or with one of my one of the twins and i i've been i've been playing a lot of. Mlb nineteen are planning. I'll be twenty one. Because i have it on game pass which it's still just weird seeing the playstation logo and then the xbox logo one after the other as just weird weird easily. But it's going to be the play. Mlb the show on on xbox. I think you get used to. It's kind of like the the fox logo when you. Yeah we watch. Disney plus fox is is going on. That does does weird. It does not. I am planning anything else. was played a yet but i started. I turned it on. Play it and then. I didn't play it because my kids took over But was playing six six in a while. But i got i think i told you before. I got it for free and So let me let me play this. I've had it for a while. I got for free the me. Let me sit down. Let me play this from once. No child was on the switch. So if i let me play this. And then i think i need to do something. Maternal light cook dinner or something and then by the time i was done child was playing it and so making i want to see my own switch. Share it with the children ain't working. I'm sure fortunately. I don't have to worry about that right. Yeah you're the tooth but one day soon you realize enough to go around for everybody. I'm out that's the one thing. I'm not looking forward to. Oh man yeah. It's i mean. I'm glad that we that we can share the the game of the part of gaming the all like animal crossing. But it's like. I don't know how you managed our animal crossing. He'll too many people who play an animal crossing honestly because my kids to dominate to switch time so much because they're only animal crossing and into nasa's playing everything under the sun I still haven't finished breath of the wild. That's fair. I haven't either but that's because i'm trying to find every single shrine in this way too many way too many shrines i i just. I'm not trying hunting. I'm just having opportunity. Synergies is while. But i will say this once i do find well. There's no way i can lose. You're probably so over level like Like i was. I for a while is playing pokemon shield and i was like pokemon always as easy or does it get really good. I level grinding breezing through all the gym masters like nothing. But that's okay. Because i do. I do that final fantasy games. I got i got found. Fancy twelve the zodiac agent. I did play that kind of pre recently. And i am saying insanely over level. In that my the you'll the main character von. I've got him in ninety nine. I've got bausch and bossier at level sixty something And the three lays right now. They're like level. Forty something and i have one of the guest characters a part of the story where supposed to go to mount burma safe or something like that song probably like only a third into the game storyline wise. And you know. I've got the catcher nine two catches at sixty I'm just. I'm just level grinding. Grinding and i was in this my kids what are you doing. I'm playing for france. I'm just running through the same stages pretty much Killing the same man. He's killing the same beasts getting a thousand over twelve hundred or thirteen hundred. Xp each kill. And then i have a embroidered it on one character that doubles the x. P. earned some wearing an app. Pap and i have the guest be the support character and have one of them. You know by itself so they can get all the xp modern through and just just grinding just level grinding. Gotta do sometime but that makes it so much easier when you when you know like the the games that you played in you know in the higher levels of coming up. Oh i know and for me. it's not even like to. The levels aren't as like there are there are hunts and found fancy twelve or the special beast hunts and when i was playing on the. Ps two i would. I know i had at least one. Character was at ninety nine and two are pretty leveled high and the guest had guest level when the guest guest joins you. It's symbols based off of your character levels. So the guess was. I got ninety nine and i was trying to do this. One hunt and i could not take this beast out so i was like i gotta get the whole squad up by every everybody's gotta be at ninety nine so i'm going to replay was like you know what i'm just going to get. Everybody where they need to be. So then when i progress started doing this everybody's good you know as a matter of character is all ninety nine. Let's go let's run it. I can do everything. And i'm good but he's taking along of course. Of course i put i am. I'm gonna say how many hours it's insane amount of hours. Put it that way. Make sense to me. We speaking level grind. We want to know. What hours are you putting in your game or shell are you just putting in fain amount of hours into let us know unaccommodating post for this for this podcast and of course if you are on social media share it with us in the nation community. Our facebook share with us on twitter instagram. We are out here on the social media. We want to hear what your plan. What you're watching and if you're creative we are what you're creating. Also if you love spoilers you can also join the nation discord where spoilers are free to just be said so things because that's the place where things to be ruined just court. This court is the place for everybody to be on top of what just happened and so have a safe place for everybody else to take their time because hey sometimes we just don't have time to go and this is why weekly releases but anyway go back back down the rabbit hole of league releases but on a brighter note. It is a month. It is asian american pacific islander months heritage month and in celebration of a month. You need dina myself we have compiled lists of our five favorite. Api actors get so go unique dna while you give me your your five first okay and no specific order because yeah in for like putting them in order now orders here. We're just five. Donnie yen car jelly. Jackie chan carragee. Okay so for so mount you so because some people may not know use car or carragee. I wouldn't say that they're big time household names while you share a little bit about who they are okay car from. Or she's been in a few things he was in the internship with wilson bins. Yeah the remember his name. I ever always movies wilson guy. They they really do a lot of movies together. But anyway i'm not going down that rabbit hole So yes she was in the mare That's the first time i. But i really didn't like get me like interested in her. As an actress. Seattle like minor role wasn't like major. We're really got me interested in her. As an actress was she plays sabine van on rebels if you know star wars rebels. She's the voice actress. I mean and of course as you know if you're anything this podcast you know a star wars nerd fanatic. Whatever you wanna call it so I love the character being in. She does a great job voice acting and so she's been in a couple of other things too. You can google her and see what else. She's been in but everything. I've watched that she's been it has been greet so yeah. She deserves her name. List carragee Haven't seen her in a ton of stuff but most recently my favorite with her is the expanse. She played commute a drummer and she did an amazing job as drummer. And yeah. i mean if you haven't seen the expense go watch it. I won't spoil it for you because it's the where does the season before the final season But even yes Magic can tell you that he can attest to how great that show is. And how great a job. She did And then the other three. You know them You know some of the biggest action stars in the last two decades Yeah row really longer than that. But i'm just thinking about. I think the last time i saw jet li anything was what two thousand four Around there i know that's when he was like really big that one he's coming to feed it but then he had the whole health problems. Yeah so I'm giving them at least twenty years. But you know the last since we've been born pretty much. jackie chan. So yeah that's my three year five but five. My five is very similar. Starting with a great new set of jackie chan. Just i mean what more needs to be said about jackie chan. He's just he's amazing. There's no better martial arts actor in my opinion can do sanger. Don't forget singer finger. Yes just the fact that. You'll jackie chan kin flatow act like he just isn't a martial arts performer. You what mostly. He's known for like he does have movies where he doesn't do martial arts and they're good Jackie chan is a great talent And he does sing and apparently he's a strict pair because he's not leaving his money to his son So jackie chan. Also donnie yen. Donnie yen is easiest. One of my favorite martial arts actors and ease secret. He's also a force adept person and he's just amazing. His he's got to stat insane. Hand speed that. I marvel at and four hollywood actress. He is like legit like other martial arts actors. They will tell you all the time. They really can't fight but they talk about dining in there like you know this guy he knows. Bj jj he's you know this guy can actually throw it out so big pig cups to danica mush respect for him another one. Also within the the martial arts world Shell i a huge michelle yeoh fan. She can also just act outside of just a martial arts movies palm you know. She did a movie with donnie in very very young michelle. Very i'm donny. Ended the movie wing chun and movie as a good movie and she's known as a bongo from Tomorrow never dies. She was in Memoirs of geisha so no martial arts and that one just great acting and also most very recently. She was in star trek discovery and did a wonderful wonderful job during two seasons discovery. So i'm huge fan. Michelle yeoh another one. Who a very big name. I don't think anybody needs a explanation on him. Is the rock and wrestler actor. No more the people's people's champion and who knows he may become the people's president in twenty twenty four people's president coming twenty twenty four. Do you smell what the president is cooking. I love it here for it. Here for dwayne run so the rock number four Again not inbreeding. Particular and last on my list also comes from the expanse and she plays the martian. Martian gunnery sergeant and that is a frankie addams. Yes they were. Yeah she's awesome as you're familiar with frankie She is a new zealand. Simone actress who has a lot of talent very commanding presence and hers. You know the role she plays in the expanse is just fantastic. I have only seen like one other thing drawn a blank on. What on what it was. I saw him something else. Recently but primarily her work in the expanses is what i based off of and even though it sounds like. She's only really one thing. She wasn't my number one. I have to give him an honorable mention to jiangxi If you don't know her by that name you may know her. Best as the forget the characters name which is unlike me but She was in rush hour two. She was ricky tan's right. Hand Chris tucker was flirting with while he was fighting She is mostly known for her role. In crouching tiger hidden dragon as young younger who stole the Green destiny sore So i'm john. Gee i've watched her and other non martial arts saying she's a very talented woman she's also in that cloverfield movie where the spaceship in going through time and all that i was a bad move the parallels cloverdale yet yes. She was in that once. She was the chinese Scientists terrible movie. It was down cloverfield it with not her fault. Terrible but terrible movie zhongjie. He's excellent actress And she's got to be my mom. She was my first thought but she hasn't been seen here on quite a while. So i was trying to go with active people. So that's why. I want my frankie over over asia but an honorable mention like it dig it so some of ours overlap which makes sense because we both have martial arts films. It was tough for me to leave jelly off to like that. It was tough. It's just like i couldn't leave him off his like. I'd say phone from twelve until i graduated high school like he was in everything. Marshall was like anything martial arts. A jet was even Lethal weapon for that was for him in the weapon. Four yeah and He had Black mask black mask. Romeo must die the grave. Gray davis is popular everywhere and then he's like the head he didn't. They did hero. Yep how they did Fearless yeah he did a lot so it was hard for me not leave him off. It's like so much martial arts movies at that time just gently including Rush hour yeah rush. Hours was in there. He was there he was he was. He wasn't in russia he was in he was he was in one of the. Was it rush hour the room. He wasn't any rush hour he was. He did like a small rural rush hour. He wasn't like one of the big bads but he was in one of the rush hours. Yeah i am. I am one hundred percent positive. Jelly was not in any rush hour. Movie he was in rush hour three. I barely remember three kids. It was horrible. But i think our remembered seeing jellinek i wanted to. I felt like it was three. I could be wrong. But i feel like it was three or maybe four. No they didn't make a four. It was it had to be three. I haven't seen it as i'm looking at filmography right now. Now he ain't no rush hour three. I don't know. I felt like he was in three. Maybe i was just. I don't know maybe because he was in so many movies. It seemed like you. You wasn't a lot of movies but he wouldn't in rush hour three now. There was some overlap during that timeframe because it was a martial arts movie at that time. It was either jet li or jackie chan. Donnie yen did have a lot of lap over with jackie because he was in shanghai night. Yes i remember that he was a he was one. I guess he was the big bad of that at least in the although the fighting big data that one to the has some overlap there. Maybe i don't know i needed now. I gotta get up. Because i remember remember remember what movie that was. I feel like it was rush hour. But i could be wrong. He did expendable after that. I remember that you know. Twenty ten expand assuming there was a lot of movies that came out around that time so i could have just boom. My brain does that sometimes. I'm blend together movie plots I mean chad. I have multiple with i have. He did lethal weapon. Four ninety eight romeo must die two thousand moving through both. Who is i own. He did the one which wasn't a good movie but the action was good. I own that one too then. Kissed the dragon which was which was surprisingly good. I have that one too with a bridget fonda as the check that one french do. That's always trying bagai. Then he did hero. Which donnie yen is isn't hero. He i remember that. And that's that's a fan and so is Who's the other dude young. It's in that to just just a great film film was so good then. He declared to the grave Fear a fearless in no sex warlords in in warren. Oh seven forbidden kingdom in eight kingdom. That one is jackie chan and jet li. So maybe you were thinking. Maybe that's why. I'm blending the nothing yet two minute but now i don't think that was it. I don't know probably when we're done. I'll probably be like that's the movie. Yeah right now dot com. That's okay those are those are some some fantastic and black man doesn't get enough love it doesn't. It's still underrated and actually to my favorite movies from from and donny and both involved that the cato. Look in black mask. And then for donnie he did. He's got long title. It's the return on the return of chen zen or something like that got like a long subtitle alleged the return of in two thousand ten movie fantastic martial arts good stories. Well you talking about the japanese British american occupation in china during post war one. You know the the political structure in intentions there and just are just a really good movie little long. But i did mine because the action was was fantastic. If it keeps you keeps you interested. Yeah you don't realize it as much you really don't and that that the cato look in the they were just scenario mask and the black and the they just tearing it up tearing it up loves it definitely ones. I recommend watching black mask and legendary fists the return of chins and marshall saturday night movie. Yes yes this is. This is definitely our martial arts. Actually let's do it as give three more. Give this gives landscape three more recommendations for martial arts. you can watch legend the fifth retarded shenzhen. Looks like you can watch it on to be right now from sweden so you can watch it for free on the tubi. Give me give me one more. The one i gotta go man which one early the first of all. They're all good. But i i gotta go with the first one. The first one is the best one. The first one was the best. I concur fully on that eamonn man that that's not gonna know matter spoil it but there are some. There are some great martial arts scenes in this movie. You know what. I can't like you saw you fall out four haven't you. Yes okay. i know. I'm supposed to feel bad because like it's real life and stuff but i did not feel that bad about his wife because i did not like her. They didn't do a good job of like making you care about her. Be they age. You like not like major kinda hater. Yeah and then. You're supposed to be. Like oh i feel bad for them now and things aren't going well and you know i felt bad for him. Yes he really cared. Yeah like he was all about her he was trying to. Yeah but it was like work yeah. She didn't reciprocate per se. I was there i. I didn't dig hurdle. Yeah wasn't really feeling that either. But like i said. I think i don't know if maybe it was. The actress orders the way the script was written. But they really didn't make you wanna care about her much So yeah that's true to give number four here man who kind of both gave that one. Oh yeah jackie chan and you can watch my record agent to watch either one. But i'm gonna say the legend of drunken master. You stole my if so good if you wanna watch the original master. You won't be disappointed if he loved classic martial arts films but it is. It's older it's got you know the super super cheesy. You know chinese effects like finding effects to the dubbing and such is not good So if you don't like seventies martial-arts said i say legend of drunken master gives you the trunk of boxing action that you're looking for the dub was done by jackie chan himself so it's really good and the actions fantastic. The supporting actors are fantastic and is one of the last appearances of anita heal africa on on pronounce. Last name things we we. Mu mu i. i'm not sure how it's pronounced. But anita m we. I think is how it goes of her last performances before she unfortunately passed away when she was a fantastic Actresses well definitely watch legend of drunken master. That was the. I watched that at least once a year. So i've got on dvd. I'm not to get rid of that. Physical media no way. He got on dvd to end the last one. I guess is up to me and since we already did down again and jet li Jackie chan. i'm going with for jet li so many good ones. Then we'll go ahead. We did do gently remember. Our first two are all right. Black mask and bowed out in the fest elsewhere fuel free. Well i still still going to drop in forbidden kingdom. 'cause i okay a lot Good movies says greece will be. I like the story. You know the whole monkey king house. It's been done before. But i like it. It was as good Let's see donnie yen. I mean you can't really go along with anybody anything that he's done Well no that's not true. Okay there's there's one move one movie they did. That's they're barely in it with. Jackie chan and donny and have a fight scene in a movie that stars jackie son. And it's absolutely terrible even their fight z. Came save that hor horrific film. It's i think the american name is blade kings also called the twins effect to If you ever see this movie people in your netflix suggests yum nephew recommendations. Because i think it's still on netflix. If you see it on prime on netflix anything rabbit do watch this movie unless you want to torture yourself. It is or physically. I don't know how i manage. I mean i know. I kept watching because i knew. Jackie chan and donnie yen were in it and there was going gonna be a fight scene. The only reason i went through it and everything else is terrible. Jaycee chan cannot act. And he's you know he's a singer like his daddy. He's not as good as data singer. Either everybody in. This movie was horrible. Except for the fighting. Between jackie and donny. So if you do press play just fast forward to the fight scene watching anything of horror enough so number okay so That's a good so that's a good one for being a good movie. I took it that we'll stick with that. That's our five martial arts movies recommendation. So martial arts saturday night watch them and let us know what you thought of if you can get through all of them and hopefully you can find them on. Because i i haven't seen black mask on streaming services all on dvd. So yeah. i don't have to worry about that. Either people listening. I don't know how you can always find him some usually if you can't find home streaming the final some paid service like voodoo or something know that's not always the case. Okay because i said usually not all. I was having an eighties. Flashback and i was like you know what i don't know what brought it up like you know. I wanna wash cocoon. I haven't seen cocoon in probably a decade or longer. It's bill longtime. You probably never even seen the movie Because it came out like a year before you were born. But i was like you know when i really wanna watch cocoon and you cannot find coon anywhere. It's impossible and in my search for cocoon i. I found an article from my year ago. Lamenting the fact that you cannot find cocoon anywhere. It is virtually impossible and nobody seems to know why this this article guy who wrote this article emailed the actors. Steve steve good burgers and he emailed steve gutenberg and gutenberg's like assistant replied setback gutenberg. Wanna talk about cocoon like the guy to read. The script emailed the people who did the score because the movie have won nine academy war. I think for music. He emailed all these people involved with the movie. And nobody knows or nobody will respond as far as why you can't get this movie on streaming servers and not even services. You can't even buy it on. I tunes you can't buy. You can't buy prime unless you bought a physical. Dvd which is out of print. You can't get anywhere. let's say amazon. Has it the the return and you might have to this region. Is it because it's probably going to be region to region to region to exact blu-ray also region two. It was never there was never a there was never region are released on blu ray for us but these days. Most people aren't us who can get out a fair fair but you can get around. Can't get around him. You cannot but. I was like you because i was i was going to buy it all. Sit there and you know made my kids watch another movie. A good one. Why didn't have to. I mean there's still some it's eighty s this question okay. Well most movies aren't obscure eighties movies. That magic was to watch on a whim. What the don't know how this part six now that's an obscure aids movie. Always have these like on would never billable anywhere. The biggest movies of the eighties. That one's not obscure scheduler ratings. Other thing does have curious because it's an excellent movie I our and eighty ron howard has got the diabetes dude wilford whatever. His name was abused fabulous. You're the commercials to be like diabetes. He was and he started in that and was crazy is he was forty nine when he started. That and i man look like he was seventy. Some there was the diabetes. I guess because he is. Paul rudd is forty nine now and looks like he's like twenty five allred man. He found a user drinking the blood of virgins or something. I don't know what it is. You know Once you get a certain amount of money yet I was listening to listen to listen to. Kevin smith Podcasts and he's like yeah. It was Robert kirkman was on there talking about invincible elite. That's a little bit about walking dead and everything. And then they're talking about the. How amazon renewed over two seasons as he's like so you know you got enough money to get a blood guy now right. He's like you get you know this much money. Get a blood guy. And then you know a supply blood to keep you alive for for decades forever. Never yeah so yeah got a blood all alright in betty white look younger than all man. Well we're gonna move onto some quick hits as we Charged on a couple of rabbit holes here as always wanna meet you. Put something on the topic list. So we've through a couple of things to talk about. Yes because i didn't enraged for the last few months. Oh this topic's tell why you matha and you had to and we haven't done our own. We've just started some podcast and we've tempered our thoughts a little bit on these topics not these specific topics but the overall umbrella topic And i was like talking about this on our podcast. We could say whatever we want design show. So let's start with the captain okay. So if you don't know listener there's a comic book event coming out in later this year. That is called the united states or captain america and there are going to be capped regional cat. America's that pop up all over the place so the latest brazil of a regional. captain america. is they native american. Captain america that will debut Later on this year and this captain america is going to be named. Joe gomez unique. Dna saw this on twitter shutout to christ across. I don't know. I don't know is there was actually was if any bros. Jared believe posted it for well. He repos he re tweeted. Remember who the original tweet from. No jerry reaches. Yeah so pick up to the original poster comics in the cross fellow. Cots originally was also good podcast. If you're a christian you like comics. Lead so i think i'm pretty sure they were the original. Even if you're not a christmas the podcast realize that they're dealing to the to your target demographic anyway in short unique. Dna all this on twitter and was like what they do so we need to talk about this. This cool let me let me write it down in especially because we had just as he mentioned been on several shows talking about falcon winter soldier and particular the aisa bradley dynamic. And this so tell me why you manson. I'm not gonna. I'm gonna tell you first of all if you see the captain america. I mean he plays on a few different tropes right stereotypes if you will I'm not quite sure is live from what mine is standing. There are some native americans on the panel that are helping develop this and all I will temper this by saying that. This character joe gomez is created by geo scientists which. I don't know what that has to do with anything. So lazy and lebron apache writer. D'arcy little badger and quality pool become first nation artist david cutler and joe gomez character is a member of the kickapoo tribe. Okay a few problems. The one okay. Let's start with number one. A native american as captain america like how much more of a slap in the face could you do to the native american people. He's wearing the red white and blue is classic star Not necessarily stars and stripes. But there's some elements of stars and stripes in his in his uniform. I'm going to say listen not not saying To be derogatory. Especially because. I have a very my grandmother was half cherokee i. I've got your mind to remove half sue. Graham thing is not like a joke but his character's costume very stars in eagles compare to star. I mean yeah. Compared to stars and stripes. It's very native american tribal gear type costume very very warpath. It's like if you took captain america's uniform mixed with warpath you've got joe gomez is uniform. So yeah i mean when i with it just like it seems i mean like i said i understand this people on the panel who are but it just seems insensitive The american quote unquote the british came over here. The europeans came over here. Can't put it on. The brits yeah europeans europeans here and basically stolen. I mean everybody knows the story right. This is nothing new If you've been alive in premium for the last any point a dime emmy semi carbon hidden history you know the history of america And so for a native american to be captain america is. It's just like it's. I'm trying to find the right words for and i think also like just baffled by why. This is even a thing that i can't find the careers for what is just like how much more you know. How much more d like. How much more can you take. Away from them I in even the. I guess i can say us to like i said my grandmother half su But it's just like it's is. It goes back to the same thing as in fucking winter soldier. When sam is talking to is area in is as like no self respecting black men would even want to be captain. America like It's just a sell out to your history to your tribe to your people to your You know whether you're black or native. American like everything that the flag stains for right and everything that you know as controversial as it is. And i don't care because like i said it's park as we can say whatever you want. What cap you know for for. And when i say cap- i mean colin kaepernick with his you know peaceful protests of kneeling dorna anthem And the message that he was trying to portray with that. And even you know other athletes across america following suit since then At different times throughout the last couple of years it's just like everything that that flag stands for is a disrespects our history. Our heritage isn't even our current situation and culture and it's it's evident by the people who are so outrage when you refuse to stand for the national in the when you refuse to respect the flag as they say You need no need to look no further than those people to understand why we don't want to stay national anthem. We don't win over where the flag we don't want to be captain america Because of what they're doing out outside of those you know fans stands and different things Towards our people and you know native. Americans got just as bad either. The native americans were diversely before the the african-amer transatlantic slave trait. you know. Well some not all of them but you know they were kind of. They retreated just as badly until the africans were brought over. And then they kind of like. Yeah we we could let the native americans go. Send them to the west. Let them take the land over there as if it was. You know there's to give away So yeah i mean. I just got so many problems with a native american Wearing the stars and stripes. I think it's worse than than having a black captain america. To be honest a black had an american thing right because for a lot of us as black men and women. We don't have a whole lotta history. We don't know where he came from house. You know we can trace roots back to maybe back to win our you know our ancestors were brought here and then trail goes cold for nearly who knows what they were stolen from because nobody kept records because nobody cared So it kind of you know kind of ends there. So america is unfortunately part of our history but Yeah as a nave. Americans like to don. The stars stripes in the red white and blue is like i mean you're basically that's like a. That's like a jew wearing a swastika. Me like you know. I'm going to i'm going to become a nazi like that. That's basically that's the way i quit anyway. like these people destroyed every year entire heritage. Your history your culture your family. you know. there's what many. What is the percentage of native americans that are still around that are full blood native american like less than one percent probably the population and they're still losing weight and still lose it. You know our former president who won't need the you know he went right through the sacred burial grounds to build a pipeline. The alaskan pipeline for oil like. They're still being trampled on. I mean there's stealing the biggest one of the biggest labs. Interfaces is mount rushmore. I mean you know. I mean like you literally got to look up every day and see the people who yeah not selanne you know. Yeah i tell you this. My my biggest problem with it is is a premise behind. Because when i read on this. I read this caption to you here in this. This is The teaser from this upcoming comic. The saga of the united states with captain america begins when captain america's original shielded stolen and when the mysterious shield steve targets cultural mark in kansas hoping to put a permanent stain on cameras image. Steve rogers and sam wilson hot on his trail where they meet the kickapoo tribes own captain america. But there's more to the thief's agenda than meets the eye and the three caps may be headed straight into a trap now with this and also let us also not forget The lgbtq plus Hero aaron fisher. Who is going to be the captain. America of the railways. And the shell right. Who is the black female captain. America and this comic The way. I the way. I see from all these announcements of who is going to be. The who are these regional captain. America's it's all it just. It just reeks of white hero worship. They all they all want to emulate steve rogers and not that stevie all everything about steve is like bad that he's doesn't have any attributes that are worth emulating but The captain america title. What captain america has fought for defended has always been four. Four them you know. So having all these people who are recognizably marginalized and oppressed to different degrees. All want to dress up to be. Like steve is like i. I don't i. Don't i don't see what the point is. I don't get what the point supposed to be. It's a screams like pc for me to like. Let's have a black female a black male. Oh you know An an indigenous native person Lgbtq i a. plus person a like this is the cover all bases in. Oh so we're not so we can ride the politically correct train if you will To cash in golden rich leg fame. We've already had a black female captain. America we've had danielle cage. I mean greenwich. She's not six six. But it's not like we haven't seen that you know. Seen a black woman as captain america like this particular like story team up. You know we i. at least. I haven't. I don't follow captain america comics. That goes where. I haven't been in a couple of years but it doesn't seem like we've had this kind of team up ever We just seems to me like mike when it comes to dan gal like you know. She's the daughter of to superheroes who are both vendors like who are both teammates and fans of captain america. Like it'd make sense that she would potentially go that route. What this story is seems. Is that across the united states. You just have people in the region to take up the mantle of captain america to defend that area because they are such great admirers of captain america. Which you know. Captain america's synonymous with steve rogers. Right now other people are bad. Amancio like sam lie john walker like isaiah bradley and others. You know bucky. Barnes and others people say captain america. They're talking about steve rogers. It is seemed like this regular people. Here are worshiping as steve. Rogers were still white savior right and i. I don't understand where they're going with it either. It it doesn't it doesn't make any sense to me now. Maybe they've got some plan that i can't see or they haven't revealed that amanda being good but the optics and the presentation so far. I'm not happy with probably won't follow it. I mean i guess. Maybe i guess if if i hear good things that maybe i'll pick it up but right now i'm not interested in. That's more than fair now. I'll tell you what i'm not interested in. i am not interested in in whatever. Wbz doing with superman. I eh this is. And i wanted to our wanted to add this on. I was mad about this too. But i wanted to add this woman because i know this is burning point for you because this has been a bernie point. We've talked about this before we have at length. So if you're familiar with the show. I am not going to burden you with the past rantings. I've done on this. I had hope. I don't know why i had hope. Probably because of the great job and we just knocked marvel's people may be thinking that were not happy with marvel and overall. I'm happy with what models producing. I don't expect our be perfect because marvel is still a predominantly white run company and when it comes to Things of race in such. They're they're people are gonna make mistakes regardless of who's in charge of it and so i'm i'm not. I'm not upset upset with marvel to the point where on my forget them but with the recent things that they've done great work they did with wanda vision dealing mainly with grief and trauma and the reaction to it And what they've done with his grief in recent trauma racism systemic racism and even putting the allegory of isaiah bradley two to life Which is now going to the tahiti experiment Marvel's done a great job. The unique myself or not knock you marvel but we will so and we so far being can that part but wb one brothers brothers dc. They have not been performing well with her their movies and their live action movie so to be accurate. Those are their animated. Movies are been awesome. Live action movies have been trash and there was hope that when there was an announcement that where they're going to be black superman that we were going to get either vows which my preference or calvin ellis long-established characters that have loyal followings. Now would be great to see on the big screen what we did not want to see and what we have said many times. I've said it here. I've even said it on the infinity. Bros podcast a couple of months ago. And i'll fade again palette swapping race bending clark kent slash cal l is stupid and unfortunately that's exactly what they reported reporting is exactly what they've done. They brought intonation coats. They brought in all these people to simply palette swap. Clark kent which is stupid especially because being white is part of his character. There are multiple instances where him even though he's crip tony. He's an alien with him. Looking like the average white dude has been a part of a story has been part of a point that they've made. There is a fantastic panel. Where one woman is attacking martian manhunter and marsha men hunter admonishes her for sticking up. I for superman and not for him because even though they're both aliens he looks like them and martian manhunter doesn't it is a part of coup. Clark kent is cal l car. Can't it's a part of him now vows on that's different even the cavin cal it's different you had different. You had established to work with and you failed to use it stupid stupid stupid stupid in the words of randy. I'm quoting randy. Orton be stupid. It's just stupid and it's a. It's a shame that we even have to have this conversation. Yeah yeah. I think it's ridiculous. I think number one i mean. I have a few points of contention with this whole thing but number one being ally bringing all the it almost feels like hey we brought in all these great advisers to sell you the movie right and when i say you i mean the people of color audience Because we can say oh well we attacked all these great black political activists than you know people who know how to tell black stories etc etc and so you should come watch it. Because they're attached to and they know how to tell black stories and they approve this message. and i think is trash. Think when you bring in great minds like that like number one you already have black. It's not like we don't have black characters that you could use right right. It's one thing for somebody. Somebody icon doesn't exist right. Like is not like vowed Doesn't exist is not like jon. Stewart doesn't exist like there's so many they you know. D c has so many black characters that are available. Yes that is shock. Which i mean. I'm supposedly working on which is great. But you've got black lightning. Pull him into the black lab. Named right i mean he has a tv show they have bringing bringing he has a good show this ideal. We only w one. I've even in europe half years. It's not perfect. Mind you but it's the only one that i felt that it's been worth watching all so bring. Yeah bring him into it. I mean this will mean people you can bring in so many characters you bring in That their stories already out there already. You know already been told on on In comic books that you could just bring that to the big screen and then and then use those same at this point. I mean no disrespect to them. But tokens because that's what they are ta nehisi coats and all them right now. They're just tokens To actually develop those stories and tell those stories. So they're not just being there to be tokens they're actually there to to give valuable feedback in into the story into the the movie to make one make us wanna go watch it But to you know come on to basically say what we're gonna take car can. We're gonna make him black. And then we're going to bring in our tokens and tower tokens in front of you. So that you're going to want to go watch it too so we can make billions of dollars just doesn't work for me is not only does work for you or friday. I don't even know if it's gonna work because so much of this has like it has has been heavily rumored very like like people who are known reliable sources have been talking about this so people are kind of taking his gospel but it is still pretty much heavily rumored however because of the backlash that is not just coming from you and i but is coming from around the internet black twitter especially as well. I don't know if it even what happened in particular. If you're a black actor in and they offer this to you you're going to catch. Hana flack for taking this role diageo unless your brand new and this is your first big break and maybe even then people are going to look at you sideways that you took this role when you know when you're taking like you said you're taking a token role you just. You're there being lazy. They're not they're not using in established black character. That black people. Have you come. Fans and such an experienced general have have read in connected with an and recognize wants to see. They're just going to palette swap. What we've already known like into take that role if people are gonna are gonna look at him funny for that and i can't. I can't blame them. You know for if they do go. Get them funny for that. I probably would. I'm brother probably not the wisest thing to do. And i want to tell anybody to not get. I mean i am always about people getting checks and our people get money but that may not be the choice. Said you'll someone wanted to make and and this is why you know we have to. You know we have to stand up for for ourselves in that aspect especially for someone like coats. No this isn't cool. I'm not gonna write this and this is how you're going to do project that i'm walking like i'll give you your money back. If i spent a navy like. I think he needs to step off anybody. Anybody with any type of Creative integrity these step off is how they're going into the project and you know what for all that you know if you're to it i'd rather see i mean some warner brothers property but i'd rather see a handcock to get the rights to that and make that you will need wills needs to to get back in shape. Make a hancock to or or give or talk to robert townsend. And give me a reboot of meteor man or something like. Give me something that i can work with. If you're not going to give me vows odd if you're not gonna give me calvin als. If you're not going to give me jon stewart for not gonna give me black lightning Or static shock. Gives me something i can work with because i'm not working with just a power swab that that's that's lazy writing. It's not creative. It's disrespectful to the original. Character is disrespectful to the people. You're trying that you act like you're trying to appease is just. It's disrespectful my here for it. Yeah me. I'm i saw my hand. Twitter say just does give a shack the just give sacked and let them reduce deal would be. I'd rather see that. I mean that was terrible. I rather see that. It's absolutely absolutely ridiculous. don't even bother making. Put the money into your guy gardner movie or making the actual degree land movie Something don't i to me. Don't even spend the money on the film. Because you know what. I'm not going to see it. I don't care if it's on hbo. I don't care. I'm not gonna see it if it goes if it goes down like this i will. I have no problem now watching it. I i had no like you know me. If i don't rock with something i in rock and with it i don't care i ain't gonna watch. I still haven't watched time man and i ain't going to because i don't rockwood already jay and i ain't gonna watch this exactly like this. Nah of all of especially because like this one of brothers in dc. They see what their competition's doing they see. How well the competitions making movies yet. they don't seem to understand how to do something. Endure it right to do it. Well creatively to do with Respect for for people's racing culture and social identity. How you've got great example. They're your competition. You don't have to copy their formula but you need to have the same intent behind it and the stories you're telling but like every other dc movie project it simply cash grab and then they hope that you're going to just go see it and then they'll make their money and that's really all that matters they don't care about telling good stories or accurate stories now. They don't care that it's money yeah. I'm not something. I didn't wanna rant. I i fully expected. And i intentionally put this on iran because i was like. I'm leaving me out there to die on my hill alone with native american captain captain america. Aw man is it's ridiculous. It is totally ridiculous and it's just it's lazy and i mean we talked about this before the it's and and that's why i don't want an empathy was really gets me and probably gets Because this the for me you know me. It's the same across the board for me. And this is why don't wanna black chains von because it's the exact same lately crap. Writing james bond is a scottish. Why do we all know it. John brown or whatever. He's a white dude. I don't want a black. James bond gives me a brand new character. That is an six asian. Who happens to be black or asian or happens to be a woman or happens to be you know india or whatever like give me that expand the bond universe and i said this really bros. as well and day you. I had an epiphany there like h- bonders. yes exactly. Give me a bond verse that way you can give me. Maybe only one or two films because he is like fifty. You can get your idris elba. You know as you know. I i've just. I've already dubbed him. Mis double nine idris elba. You know he could do a couple ones. Then you can you can get a woman To eight hundred million. Great british actresses out there. You can pick And because the uk is is a very melting. Pot ish In some ways. And i will do to count ation. They've got ties. And all these are the countries you can't have people of color who are doing reconnaissance and such in africa In the middle east in the in the in the caribbean islands and such and habby believable. Because you're not sending you know you know alistair smith into ireland or in order to nova scotia to you know to do his recon work. You know you're sending him somewhere where he will blend in where he can do. An effective job as a spot that one scene in What was in casino. Royale where bond is chasing the brother through through africa like of course they knew you were there. You only two white dues in this whole snake pit mongoose fighting thing you you think they know you would air kabbah man. They knew you were there i. It's insane the lack of like i make absolutely zero sense. Why we haven't had a double o. Six movie or we haven't had a double the weight movie why we haven't had a double o nine movie. It makes absolutely zero says. Yeah and i've personally just like wouldn't want because i don't know i mean i know a lot of people haven't read the books but there was a lot of like casual or even overt sometimes racism in in those books seven bucks so and and the misogyny on top of it. Yeah there was even like. Yeah there was some i forgot. I wanna it a bit casino royale. I did read. I read a couple of but it's like the first bomb story. Yeah and it was just it was overtly racist So of course like wow. Why should we attach a character. A black character that history us just like you said it. Create a new. A new character started new universe mention the money. Chuck that you could pull up the anyway. All you do is more money by making new stories. And that way you can always have bond featured a little bit here and there that way like daniel craig mentioned being over worked with it's a grind and i can imagine it's a grind. They're physically demanding films. The you don't wear out your bond you know. Where are your people ill by working them and you have and you just you just have a truck of money like i. And it's not like especially when people were asking for. Because i'm sorry you had one of the widest properties out there period like it was just super white You know everybody. Except for like felix lighter he was like the only and he was a very light skinned hispanic but everybody else's white super white they made With the what's his name I can see his face and can't believe up forgetting his name peers bronson when peers monster took over and they took 'em inmate. Emma woman they may dame judi dench m that was huge. People lost their freaking minds when they made emma woman so there. Hey emma woman and then they added The black dude. Who was his friend was never there. He was just like talking to him here. And there. I forget his name They added him and then they went to the daniel. Craig mons an ms still woman and they kill her off and then they bring in a new and they finally break the daniel courtesy finally bringing money and they make money moneypenny. Black you've got. You had this extra black dude. You made emma woman you turned moneypenny black and and you and then you've got people you're saying well we should make bomblet doe. It doesn't make any sense to make bomb black and it's not like you haven't added some representation in as well like it you can now. I think what they're doing with. The next movie is great. Because the woman playing double. Oh seven is a black woman because double oh seven is designation is not the character turn bothers the character double seven is his m i six designation and i think that needs to be adamantly which is why they've had how many fixes that have betrayed. James bond like it's a designation. Anybody can have a designation that they assigned to it and you can have a the bond franchise could be come the i six franchise and then it could be the hot spot for everybody that wants to do a spy movie or two. And then you just have stars rotate. Obviously you have your bond is still the centerpiece and you have a bond. Who's bond for you. Know four five six found whatever. But you're you're you know you're 007 the double awaits you blow sixes you double choose. Whatever people can cycle in and out of those because unfortunately as the whole premise has been in in in bond is that doubles. Don't have a long lifespan. So no one should be expecting them to last long. Either you're rotating menu rotate amount. You make a lot of money because all these star that you love playing these call. Spies and cools pie stories. Like what what is like how. How does that not work for. Gm how does it now work for the in the in the is fans how. How does that not make sense. How does that not give you more content and better and better content you know. Maybe i'm just crazy. I don't know. I think you're right. I we. I think we are on the wrong side of the writing table. That is true. You way line about that. That's the problem worse groups. Mgm call us. You have entire universe that you're not utilizing and it is a crying shane. Especially in the era of universes these days. Everybody wants an extending. I mean we got a mazda verse for for cryan alao. Yes who would have ever thought that we'd be in this. I mean you know. Legendary is tapping into that taking advantage. Taking full advantage of it already said. They're working on the kong three. Whatever they're gonna call in there they're bringing in more monsters. They're expanding the universe. Which i love the monster monster. Verse bring officers absolutely but Yeah i mean. I don't understand why some of these franchises don't have have been tapped into the extended universe yet and they're just laying disney and pretty much dizzy be honest of dominate. This this were i mean. Dc is trying But these are tied down by warner brothers your brothers. They don't have a plan. Whoever they call the shots they don't have a plan. Marvel cabin fried. You have a plan. Well from what i understand. Warner brothers has some very contentious issues up top and that's what's affecting their their direction with what they're doing these movies and who they want the star and how they wanted to be done and all that stuff which respect to disney and marvel 'cause they just said look we're gonna we know how to make this work. We won't get one guy all the control. Let them duty once he makes his own. You know the miss universe and it works because when you got so many people you can have a extent like you got to have one person drivers ship. He who one person who's giving the primary direction. I think they've done a wonderful job. By mixing different directors and different producers. To help you'll tell different stories different way but it's still still other story focused a directly because that's the thing that's where i think marvelous is i mean. Dc is is really missing it because they're like oh we want you know an. I haven't read this anywhere but it seems like they're like oh we want diversity. We wanted diversify our. We don't want one person. Tylenol two stories. But it's like you don't have that one person's telling all stars yet that one person telling the main story right everybody else for the overall yet and then everybody else say well. How do we get there. That's up to you. You figure how you get there but this is the main story this was going on. This is how it is in a work. Whatever you make needs to help the entire thing continued to go on forward toward this overarching story exactly. But they ain't doing that. I mean it's they were star wars to Well let's not go there but it's not as bad as that was isn't as bad as dc but it's there yeah. This recent trilogy wishes my favorite director of all time sarcasm. Their next ridiculous opinion does come out here bus. If you don't know who dreamed buses your. She is the daughter of the late. Dr bus who had owned the los angeles lakers. She is he controlling partner Of the bus siblings. Who owns the los angeles lakers. And she is probably one of the most attractive women in her sixties. I've ever seen in my life Jitney bus owner of the lakers gave her top. Five lakers of all time list includes kobe. Bryant kareem abdul-jabbar. Irvin magic johnson. Her ex boyfriend phil jackson. And lebron james earl. What is genie smoking. I i don't like it. I mean she has some that. I will agree with but overall the overall top five. Now i like it. I have a problem with four. The five my problem is lebron. Because kareem co brought five titles cap. Imagine brought five titles together. That's that's ten titles right there. Phil jackson obviously coach. Kobi through all five of those titles. No vigor coach has coached more championships of their seventeen. No coaches coach more. Because people forget that pat riley not coach the first showtime a championship. The only coach for those five in the eighties so no one. No coaches one more as a championship of the laker coach. I'm okay with those. How the brawn. James is on. This top five lakers of all time over jerry west who has the same amount of championships as a laker is the logo of the freaking league or allegedly west allegedly said you got away with allegedly in the eighties and nineties. How he is. How pushy puts lebron over will chamberlain. Who has won the championships with the lakers. How she puts him on over. James worthy who has won more championships and one finals. Mvp for the lakers. I it makes absolutely no sense. Like i'm sorry they're elgin baylor jerry west and also. Let's not forget shaquille o'neal she did not put shaquille o'neal on here who don't know won three championships with the lakers. Just three trust three one. You know multiple finals. Mvp's await he won. I think he went all three. He he went all three. So you're gonna put again. This is young. We love the brown on this show. Be lebron is not the goat. But we doesn't mean we don't have the brand. I believe you need do this to placate lebron's ego which means just ridiculous. Because of course she did she did. She did it earlier this year or last year when she gave a speech at the at the The award the trophy ceremony. And she said you know he brought the title back to la and he restored the lakers in. He's like you know the savior of laker. Like come on like a man. Don't hate against brian. I mean he did he did he. Did you know the lakers were weren't even contending team until they showed up But yeah i mean to put them top five. And i probably would. I mean i i understand why feel is there But yeah the brandon belong there not yet no no now if he brings you to more. Okay how the congress egging you can definitely make the case especially you know but he only has one and allow people because it was the bubble championship giving this. They wanna put asterix on jimmy. You can only play me conditions that you can play because if we give an asterik to every i know one if i was nitpicking and invite native and ask you can. You can basically find an asterisk for every season ever. I wouldn't say like i'm almost was like if you're going to nit pick because you're talking about the great at the very top to separate them you have to nitpick so if you know for example i would nitpick the ninety nine championship. That's his first. One why lockout shortened season. I would nitpick the twenty twelve miami heat why lockout shortened season. And then of course i wouldn't have picked the bubble because you had teams who you know unique circumstances no crowds. You had teams that have players who didn't come because they didn't feel safe. So some teams were weaker. You had it was. It was a different situation. Made some competition easier. Some competition Weaker it was just. It will the unique situation. So pump people with your nit-picking would probably put him asterik around that so but to me you can. You can only play the conditions that you can plan and he won the championship. I don't take that away from but you can't with any type of sense or logic put in a guy who won one championship in over a guy who not only one three but th- repeated and with your final the mvp. Yeah i definitely means. That was actually surprised. Shocked that make list but also understand the bryans current star. He's her current lead. You know star player and Especially right now coming back from an injury you know the gotta you gotta gotta gotta massaged the ego. I guess especially when somebody like lebron. We know how he can be But it's disrespectful. Yeah i wouldn't have been how shaquille o'neal a statue outside the staples center give. It's disrespectful. Wouldn't gave it to him over even shock. Yeah i mean at the very least but there's so many others that could be there like you said but because because obviously i wouldn't have been mad out of out of been like what. I would have been mad if she said james worthy over shack because he does have more titles. Vp but he was an integral part of more championships. So i could see where argument could be made. But i in big game. James called big game. James for a reason that man's averages with playoff time that means averages all went up like he came. Time to deliver james delivering. So i can see that. But i i can't see an argument for the bron- outside of massage his ego. Your because any anything he did outside like uniform doesn't count. We're not talking about demands entire legacy as a great player. We're talking what he did in a los angeles lakers uniform winning a championship and missing the playoffs. One year two years. That's it will be with this turn out with right. We know what's happened this year. But even if he wins another one that's still two out of three and that's still less james. That still less in check. I just as worse than ac freaking green okay. You know what i'm saying. Oh man Yeah i get why she did it. I don't agree with it. But i get why she did it. Especially we know how he can be. Yeah all right lasting. Moving on i I saw this. I was like i couldn't believe i was looking at because i had never heard of this brand either and i it was also kind of wondering why this guy never got a shoe deal at the height of his of his career but copper drop. Jeremy lynn's signature shoe by. I mean i'm assuming this company is pronounced step even though it's it's spelled x t ep. I'm gonna step. Yeah i'm calling stem. What do you think of the signature. Jeremy lin series men lightweight basketball shoe by it looks a lie lake. Oh well i i would i would cop. It is reasonable price for basketball shoe From what. I'm looking at their base. Nowhere to base but The showed me. Us dollars so it's like ninety bucks which is average for nine flagship shoe extended the chinese company. According to s you let's see now label But either way. Nike makes shoes in china anyway. it's it's a decent pricing you know the non Like the off. Jordan brand. I since auto brand but you know the non flagship jordan brand sneakers are all around around the same price so with jeremy lin's name attached but a decent price right If i'll go buy some zion's right now they're like one one fifty twenty one twenty I know at one point. The kyrie's going around the same price. head i dunno mind's gone blank but there was a bunch of other ones. I know katie's were around one hundred bucks. So they're they're their price praise relatively well. I like the style the look I will copy them. The only thing that's kind of funny to me is the they allow like the lebron sevens was burned sevens. I think it's the lebron says. I think it. I think you're right. I they looked like a lebron's to meet you. I don't remember which i think you're right. That there the sevens. Yeah yeah even. The color ways are common flag. Wants no actually. Yeah because even the black ones they got like the cavs when he was at the cavs know with the black and gold. Yeah the i mean. So i would definitely get them but they definitely look like. Lebron sevens on sale. O'brien service was sticks out of my head. like slap a nike. Check on libra. Could you cop them because don't to wear thirteen. Nah i wear eleven and a half okay. Yeah they got mice we got. You saw the highest sizing the twelve and a half. Yeah just looked. Yeah those are definitely lebron sevens. The tongue is a little different. Yeah with that. The sevens had the bubble the bubble gold across the whole soul posted. Ease the bubble only goes like from the mid sole but they definitely have a seven field. Thome maybe we'll mix with a little bit of the curry's on the he'll part the the the the total a little bit like curry's too but Yeah i mean a dope my copy them but I i like the blue blue collar. Way the best one. The blue and the white is a classic. Look the wait is cool with cross colors on the soul. Yeah i like him. Okay cool cool. I mean i'm not going to give an opinion because the kid gloves for me. So i looked like an affordable shoe They don't they're not generally when we see you know. These are major brands in the united states. The shoes are pretty ugly. But these are not ugly so If you wear a from you know size six and a half to twelve and a half and you wanna shoot. That looks are. that's under one hundred bucks. The extent jeremy lin series may be for you. Go for though i would probably look ling. Li t we are they still going for the weights aids. These still have do with them. I think so probably i want to say yes or guess not yet. He's got some up here they're going for about was stock aches stock ex Still going around one hundred hundred forty so that's not bad But yeah i like those too but these are cool. I like these. I would probably i would actually probably ball emmys okay Looks like they do these protection in ankles to Support that he'll protection for somebody who the has heel spurs. I appreciate good guy. He'll protection guy that's well to But yeah they look superlight stickers that have that actually play ball. 'cause i don't play ball jordan's actually yeah that you know how high time right now about i completed the true factor. I finally did it. You got them. I did not know you got them. I did so for those who do not know. I'm going to go into the full thing but sense the jordan lemons came out. Your boy rocking. Magic has been chasing jordan. Eleventh finally crack through by getting my first pair of elevens ever About two. I guess two years ago now where i got the i got lows. I'm not. I don't hate lows. But i'm old fat. Now my boeing anymore. So i got lows. I was hard to get the is hard to get the highest anyway. But i got the the ear decent Easter addition concords. Which actually i like. More than the original concorde's the adjacent light reflects. It looks really really dope so that was my first pair and then Twenty nineteen had the The bread the bread releases the bread. Twenty nine thousand nine hundred. And i got those and those are the highs and actually wore them for the first time just a few days ago i had not worn them at all. I thought i had tried the mom. I never tried the morning. Just like cuddled them for a while. Never put him on a warm recently and then on the on this past friday. The sevens the university blue hill so the white patent leather. The white the white with the pat and other the university mu bottom Those released and lows. And i got though so. That is my three favorite color ways of the jordan eleven. I try factor has been complete. And i can't wait to get my new ones than those are lows too Can't wait to to get those in. Have my my trinity of shoes. I am excited for you. My friend i have never owned a pair of elevens ever. I love when i felt so good in my in my breads on friday. I like him. I like him Specifically a the the reds are some favors. The cabinet gallons great. Actually i have own one parallel. I had the gamma eleven. Which i look a lot like the a pair but it's just so hard to get. They are the only come out once a year around christmas time. Come pretty much like you lately. Lows will come out in the spring and then the highs will come out at christmas time. Yeah but i never really liked the bill of the low. Just don't they just feel weird. I guess because i'm used to the is But yeah he's other cool grave which i will definitely skip out on. 'cause i'm not a fan ical. Yeah there i. I might get them just because they probably will be available there all right i. I do not have anything that i would wear. That the coup would look would match or go with i. We got some stuff. I can rock with it too. I have hopes that one little good with the cold grub. 'cause i got the statue of liberty tens which are like the Agrees but they got like that. Metallic finished home gray and saw got. When i got those i got them just because they were like i was like the statute of liberty. Ted's why not. Why not limited edition. You've probably never see this color way again So yeah i got some stuff to match that so but i. I rarely ever wear 'cause like i said you probably never see it in. My kids would probably be twenty before they ever come out with that color again so This'll keep me from where those whenever i wear. You know even have other gray sneakers but Yeah i like wearing nose the by Definitely will probably get those. Because like i said. I don't really i love sneakers but i hate fighting fighting fighting aligns. I especially around christmas time. You're you deal with a lot of lines and stuff anyway I just don't have time for it. Takes takes joy out of it And i used to have. Yeah when i had a friend who worked while he had a connection with Dr jay's which is like a sneaker store around here than it was like whatever like oh can you give me you know whatever he will get it for me but of yeah. I can't even do that now. So yeah yeah you in the same boat. The rest of us folks that is going to be for this episode of the original g. Podcast i am your host rocket mr magic. He's uni gina and we wanna thank you for listening but we couldn't possibly do this show whether we call it. The original podcast. Or we start calling you. Jack nation podcast. We couldn't do it without you. Continue to support us so please continue to press play as well as great in review. Show on your podcasting app choice. We are on apple podcast. Google podcasts spotify stitcher casbah pod chaser and more and if you can't find us let us know at nation at gmail.com or message us on facebook or twitter at cheek nation until next time a entrance report. Talk about this is dj. What can you listen to original jeep cats.

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RENER GRACIE | Comfort and Chaos

Order of Man: Protect | Provide | Preside

1:19:08 hr | 5 months ago

RENER GRACIE | Comfort and Chaos

"As many of you know several years ago. I immersed myself in brazilian jujitsu and frankly it's been one of the best things i've ever done for myself my entire life And today i'm joined by a man who has done a tremendous job in getting brazilian jujitsu to the masses by codifying system of learning jujitsu trained and developed tens of thousands of martial artists His name is henry gracie he's a fourth degree black belt and the grandson of helium gracie. He's also the founder and chief instructor of gracie university. Today we talk the systems him and his brother have created The differences between sport. Jiu jitsu and combat. You jitsu a building. Legacies training our police force to be able to handle themselves And ultimately how to develop comfort in chaos your a man of action live life to the fullest embrace your fears boldly charged your own path when life knocks you down. You get back up one more time every time. You are not easily deterred beating rugged resilient strong this is your life this is we'd walk. This is who you will become at the end of the day and after all is said and done you can call yourself a man gentleman what is going on today. My name is. Brian third host handed down order. And then podcast of movement. Welcome here and welcome back. I am glad as always am to have you tune in learning from some of the most incredible men how to train car bodies and minds all of the tools at our disposal to be more effective men fathers husbands business owners community leaders just our ability to serve people. That's what we're all about and that's what we're doing here in the order of man. Podcast a guys real quick. Make sure you are following along on the socials Very active over on instagram at ryan. That's where most active so you can connect with me there. makes sure also you leave a rating in review. I don't ask a whole lot guys but my goal this year is to move us. From last i checked we were number thirty five and podcast up to top ten of all of podcast in. I need your help to do that. And you can do that by sharing by taking a screenshot in posting on social media instagram facebook twitter etc And then also just leaving a very quick rating and review believe it or not if we have a thousand two thousand five thousand. Ten thousand people leave a rating review a believe it or not. That's gonna do. A huge huge service in boosting up the visibility and of course more important than the visibility is just spreading the mission of reclaiming and restoring masculinity also before we get into the meat of the discussion today. We've got our new battle planning app. That is available if you go to twelve week. Battled planner twelve battle planner The number twelve not spelled out twelve week battle planner. You can download the app on android or your apple device It's going to help you develop a vision. Come up with objectives quantify the tactics you need to do on a daily basis and then ultimately help you track those things as well so Very cool new app that was developed and I think it's going to help you accomplish more in the next twelve weeks. Then maybe it has or you have been able to in an entire year so make sure you check out. Twelve week battle planner twelve. We battle planner dot com and download that and also if you're a member of the iron council that's actually included in your iron council membership so thought it throw that out there as well our guys. Let me introduce you to henner He is the grandson of the man who brought jujitsu brazilian jujitsu to america halio gracie He's a fourth degree black belt. He's the founder and lead instructor of gracie university and as i said earlier has instructed tens of thousands if not more a men women and children in the art of brazilian jujitsu. He's also extremely extremely innovative. And forward thinking he's created programs for Law enforcement specifically with what they deal with for women and also through children or for children through their Gracie bulletproof program. In addition he trains many top level fighters including ufc's brian ortega Needless to say the man knows what he's doing and he comes from a long line very capable and proficient tactician irs so. I think you're going to enjoy this one. What's up man. Thanks for joining me on the podcast. Today pleasure man heard a lot of good things. Thanks for having me on. Yeah you bet. I've been looking forward to it. Because i've been on my own jujitsu journey over the past. I would say really. I've been hard for two years. Although i started three years ago. It took me a year to actually commit to it. And so i've been going hard for two years men on. I can't tell you. How many guys that i connect with that. Want to get into jujitsu and they just don't know where to start. They've got shepherd ation about it. They're nervous about it. There's just so much to it. And so i really appreciate the work you've been doing because i think you've codified it and created a system that allows people to become more comfortable although it's a very uncomfortable thing by nature i think. Yeah that's that's good. Put it because listen. The truth is you can you. Can you understand the challenges of the beginning of jitsu when you understand the beauty of the end of jujitsu call or the you know the final destination that we're all looking for an ultimately jujitsu is comfort in chaos. That's it that's all. We all want comfort in uncomfortable situations. So that's the best skill. I have in my life whether it's in a fight whether it's in life comfort with uncomfortable situation this skill that i had to go through jujitsu if that's true. The starting point is discomfort in uncomfortable situations which is why the first year ryan. You're on the fence about a year to commit. You're saying that because for the first year you look you're constantly ask yourself. Why am i doing this. And am i gonna commit to this long term and these bumps and bruises and stupid little injuries in nagging things and the eagle check that i get every class. Is it worth this. But after a year of toughing it out in the conventional. Bj jj way you reach a point of comprehension in fluid it'd be and understanding basic very basic level. But you go man. I kind of see the bigger picture now. And i can see that if i stick with this this might pay off and worth all the little challenges of the upstart here so discomfort with discomfort is where you begin right normal. Human beings are not comfortable in the horizontal plane. Right so those laying on top of you doesn't like you to hurt you. You're on your back. That's not natural for humans right. Where by pets right so. We're not like cats. We're not meant to be on our backs refighting with what we get up. Expose our next in the processing get choked out naturally. That's just human nature so for me understanding that number one that that's what we're coming from for starting for me as someone who was born in america rights brazilian jujitsu my family's responsible for bringing it to america. But i was born here. My mom's american. I asked myself man. Why is it that ninety plus percent of people who started ju jitsu quit within the first six months that's right and this is from data internally but also anecdotally from every other person i talked to you why is it that old less than ten percent survived the first six months into the first year. Like you have so. You're the exception ryan and not to flow your boat to make you understand that you barely made it through. Most people. don't make it through the first six to twelve months. And so when. I understood that my thought was men. Jujitsu is the most effective martial art in the planet. I might be a little biased. But it's just a a no brainer. No other martial. Art has the track record of success against other larger wife letting people jujitsu right so based on the track record among other art on amazing and Under saying the jews wanted to spend six months learning you're gonna find in six months So especially if you're finding someone strong more more powerful faster younger better than you. You better not jitsu totani. Even the scale so understanding what we're up against in terms of woulda amazing martial artist is but how difficult it is for beginners to stick with the art. My thoughts as i kind of came into adulthood here in america as my brother was. We need to really step back and reassess the entire journey of learning jiu jitsu for a student. We have to ask ourselves. Are we doing this the right way or just doing this. The way that it's always been done and then only the strong survive and the irony and the reason why we were so determined to address. This was because our grandfather always felt that she was for the week and for the athletic and for the small indian standardized but the irony. Is that as jujitsu evolve at the end of the year. They're in brazil. An into america here in the seventies eighties and nineties It became this art that only strong survive and only the strong and powerful can do right these fight club mentality because it's so effective in attracted athletes in the athletes basically have steamroll mentality when rolling with beginners. It'd be shy away from it and then the very people that was meant to serve it's not serving by the culture that exists in these schools to me was like public enemy number one. I've got a freaking crack. This code and major jitsu for everyone and that was a structural design flaw. Not a are a technical design flaw. The art can be the same art. It's how restructuring it for new students to remain encouraged from day one of the best experience of their life and then for those same students to stick with it through those first six twelve months where it's miserable if not real did if not real done the right way. And and that's what. I spent the last fifteen years or so orchestrating in as a result of our success. We now have you know. Well you know pre covid noncovic era. We have almost fifteen hundred students here at one. School endurance headquarters which is which is really unprecedented number of the states. And a hundred and eighty plus schools around the world that are certified training centers that run these systems that are talking about so that beginners can get on board have the most encouraging technical of stimulating exciting beginning journey without all the things that make it so miserable at other schools. That don't have these systems in place. So now we have these hundred eighty schools that are basically making jitsu possible in a way that we've kind of personally crafted my brother and i and we're very proud of the work. Now this exists online. Someone can do this entire process online in the garage with training partner or they can do it at one of several hundred certified training centers. So it's a very young. Could i mean it makes sense. Because i think the way that i've i've learned over the past couple of years is almost have to be and i think he used the term conventional method and contrasting that with your method. You almost have to be a bit of a masochist to be able to enjoy just getting your ass handed to you in a verbal physical beatdown. And you know it's funny because you talk about humans not being at the horizontal plane. It's also very frustrating. And the mind when you take a guy like what are you way henner now about two hundred covert okay to two hundred so two hundred probably about. You might be a little taller than me but you take a guy. That's one hundred and seventy pounds one hundred and sixty pounds and you size them up right. That's what men do we size this guy up and you think oh i could take that guy and then you can't get out from underneath a guy that you forty pounds on. It's so infuriating. It's the mindset to which. I think you address early and often that way when you get in the physicality of it they get the mind right and i think that's going to keep the longevity for these individuals and for us. Listen at the core. We did for our beginning program to make it so encouraging is first of all in the is a sport and jacuzzis a self defense systems practice as both right and if possible to practice distinctly sport where you'd literally never talk about a punch. You'd never talked about writing on your on pavement. You never talked about management for protect prevention. You'd never talked about other variables multiple attackers entering when you're in the middle of a graphite possible digitally practice exclusively without those considerations. But it's also possible district to be practiced with does consideration so for us. We understand that beginners. Who come into jitsu when you say you want to practice fort to grab the learn these points and do these things. There's a disconnect immediately. They say wait a minute and all. I heard about how the best thing for street fighting. But yet i've been training for seven months and not once. Has someone mentioned to me what we do in the fight begins in someone spits on my wife and i have to speak to this. Man assert myself manage the distance enclosed. It isn't against the striking opponent when we learned that so the problem is in mosul. Let's say ninety. Five plus was around the country gets you. It's never address let alone in the first twelve months when someone needed the most. So what we've done is crafted our entire curriculum. Beginner to advance but kraft i eight to twelve. Months is one hundred percent dedicated to the eventualities of a street fight. So that someone who's coming in goes well. This makes perfect sense. This headlock makes perfect sense. This mountain punching taught me. How do i thank you for showing me that today so every single classroom. There's a sense of gratification. That they learn solution to a problem that resonates with them versus learning suite to an opponent is trying to pass their guard with another sports techniques. They're trying to have trouble placing in their lives. So the first thing is connection to the immediate and reality of what. They're learning what they're learning on day. One does it resonate. They won't come for day to and if they're kind for day to doesn't resonate. they won. They go this is needed. Make sense and so ninety percent of people fall short for six months. Because i think it's it's true ego too much. I'm gonna you're gonna you're gonna get beat up your the grappling with the more advanced students. But it's also they're not connecting with the topic of discussion and they're having trouble placing. Why get what you just taught us but then one. Where's the spit into a whole fight. So that's what we teach. Listen the curriculum. One hundred percent self defense for beginners and beginners aren't sparring right to have someone come in with two weeks of experience learned floor moves and now grown man like ryan. Go fight that grown man. Michael who's twenty your two hundred twenty ryan. You look pretty athletic. Got a beard. Go fight back over there. Who's to twenty and you guys gonna do what happened and you're going to go the closest they pose what is far and the coach. You look back at you and say just don't tap and it's funny. You said that that was my very first training session. I went in there and he said i'm going to pitch up against this guy. The guy was probably a buck. Seventy and i'm like okay. I'm like well. What do i do. And he's like just try not to get submitted. I'm like i don't even know what that means. And the guy had in a triangle. Like this i know. So here's what happened in that situation. The coach did that to kinda prove to you. That your piece of trash that you are. You need your because you felt when you were done you were like wow that sought but that. But here's the point. You're the three to five percents ryan you the rare. Who when you get neilly like that. You want to learn that the rest of the world. They already believe jujitsu is the way. Listen to joe rogan. Listen to ryan michler. Listen to any podcast about someone who doesn't jew and watching the ufc any weekend. Anything do the most popular fastest during the world. So it's already been so you don't have to beat up the new student for them to feel like they need to learn from you. So the point is this idea of of basically submitting you into wanting to learn the art. It was the old gracie way gracie beat up all of that. You have the you have c. Was was conceived right in that spirit of every other martial art socks. Where'd you jitsu. Let's prove everything wrong. I get that but now that everyone who comes future says man on alert you to because i already saw that it proves the world's best martial art we don't have to beat them up and the problem is by doing what they did to you. Ninety plus percent are going to go. Oh my god i was. I subjected to the island came for empowerment and confidence. But yet i was subjected to the most disempowering and confidence eliminating experience of my life but there was no empowerment there. I don't feel better than i did. Yesterday i feel embarrassed. And i feel useless. But that's about it in that. School is full of those trump's who are going to be smaller than be beating me up because they can. How long don't i want to subject myself to this. So the point is it so common sense. But i'm shocked there. Rv jj schools back even survive beyond the first six months of opening the and the only reason why 'cause there's enough ryan's who say i don't care how much pain i go through if i have to just learn i've been subjected to but you had that you are the exception so crazy so the point is they don't know how to do it other way. They learned that they were. If you open the school tomorrow you will just do what you did to you. You just knew what was done to you right now. And that's how you learned. That's how you learn so you don't know there is another way so the point. Is those schools out there exist. Because there's enough ryan's and their thought is this if we attract the more athletic more powerful or capable students in our student base than we can send them to go do competitions and if they win to hold their medal at our school and like stay of the top of the podium as our school one because we got the most athletic talented so this process of elimination isn't not only. Is it natural because the stronger are going to beat the weekend. You're going to quit because they wanna be there. But it's somewhat allowed and encouraged by the school because that means that the ones who are left are more likely to go with metals for the school which ultimately the owner thinks that that's gonna make them more successful not realizing that having your win. More medals will only get you so far because the only people who see ryan with his metal are the other people who are winning medals who are already their own schools. Sure your fishing in a where every fish is already married to someone else so my point is if you wanna fish in the pond of ninety seven or ninety nine point nine nine percent of people who have never done your jitsu and the ninety five plus percent of people who aren't atlantic or capable enough or feel empowered enough to go in there and get beat up for a year before they decided they want to stick with it. If you wanna fish in the remaining part of ninety five percent of normal humans you have to create an environment that empowers encourages. Builds stimulates rewards grow grow and then somewhere down the line several months after they learn the foundation of jitsu and they feel confident in a self defense situation. They have all kinds of friendships right. You have all these friends in commodity in the jolting and all that is done then you start to introduce gradually the that salary the challenging reality is you to which is someone's gonna beat you you're gonna learn from it and you're going to get better. That's kinda how this works for the long haul. So you know what's interesting about this. I think one of the concerns people might have about the system that you're addressing. Is that if you were to take a guy. That's let's just say off the streets. Neither of them have experienced. You've got two guys and and they've opened training for. Let's say four to six months the guy that's been rolling for four to six months. I think probably has an advantage over the guy who's been learning the technique skill etc etc in that timeframe. And so. I think people will see that and believe that. Oh it doesn't work because they're looking at it from a short timeframe. Well let me answer a great question so to keep in mind number one. Neither one of those two people are gonna fight each other after six months of bj practice first of all the fight. That's going to happen. In the street number one both of them are gonna be pitted against some third party. Who doesn't knows youtube because ninety nine point nine nine zero and they're going to both go there and do their thing now. The students have just been learning a self defense learning how to address strikes distance. Measure may not have the intensity that the student i acknowledged that but they will have understandings of distance and strike protection that have never been taught. I've had brown does come to me from international. Come up with you. never done. Ever jujitsu striking zero. And i put on just log loves jitsu but punches are allowed to be touched. We call street scoring. So we're just lately and i can't tell you how these students who've never ever had a strike them in their lives how they absolutely frees up at brown the white belt sometimes so the one guy with six months of white belt that worse learned seventeenth. Four guards fars every day. One stores everything off so the point is both of them against that. Third party are going to be only moderately prepared because it's so fresh so new then fighting each other isn't concerned because they're not gonna fight they see each other the club and you. I do paper. Where do you train okay cool. That's awesome. I love to jitsu. So they're not even the years the only fight that matters ryan the only fight that matters is if you get a hundred people and you put them in the bucket of learning jujitsu in a structured comprehensive mentally stimulating rewarding and fun way. Were they love coming to class every day. Safe environment encouraging building the confidence not tearing it down. If you put one hundred people in that bucket ninety five will be there after six months if you put one hundred people in the alternative bucket. Five will be there after six months. So you have to understand ryan. I'ma playing checkers year. I'm playing. Chess is a whole different understanding about how we need to address the problem of teaching the world jiu jitsu and here's the bigger fight and conservative the night. The one hundred people that he put in a crazy. We'll call it trial by fire. Jujitsu bucket which is the ninety was the most common one hundred put in that bucket when the ninety five quit in the first six months they lose faith in jiu jitsu. Not just that school so now those. Jj schools were doing it. This way are not just losing the opportunity. More money more students more business. More impacting the community. They didn't just lose all of that. They robbed ninety five of those students from the relationship. Lifelong relationship with ju jitsu and that's right take effects. And that's why i'm so outspoken. About this because i go look if you're oblivious to a better way and you're doing it poorly fine but once you become aware that you protect students for twelve months and then you add onto the rough and tumble once. They know the basics. Let them at least learn the basic sixty four thrown to the wolves. That's all i'm saying. So anyone advise against that basically saying they don't care who stays on the ju jitsu boat they just care that the ones that stay the or the officials added one hundred are the most savage beasts in the world. My point is that don't even need you jitsu. Yeah they're gonna date. They've already got the athleticism. They've got the the football players the rugby players the high school wrestler. The reality is they're going to be okay regardless those the five hundred right and presumably you like lettuce like sports like doing garbage. It's wrestled in high school. I played through just another. No you wrestle. But i just drag is called that ryan. What does that need. There are patterns to this after thirty years in america. Must doing this. There are patterns. And there's no wonder you barely survived because you had wrestling experienced a fall back on to keep you alive during those savage first twelve months. And hey congratulate you proud. You're like man. I survived it. So here's the problem if you would open a school tomorrow as a purple belt under probably open a school. You're going to say yeah. I'm so proud of the savagery. That i survive as a white well could not dare create anything other than that environment for the white belts who are gonna trust me to lead them. I'm gonna create celia london feel that too but yeah it's almost like a right of passage like the sorority or fraternity is like hazing. Like you went through it so you want them to suffer to. Here's the point ryan. I went through the wolf. Pack to when i was born wasn't the worst of the worst. I bet one of your family the eighties and night as a kid in the eighties as a young adult in the nineties and in the two thousand when by my dad better truckers who had not cracked this code yet. Because this is something that you did it in the mid. Two thousand is two thousand and two dozen four. It doesn't so before we figure this out as you're our black belts. I'm a product of the savagery. But i know this. There's not one person. Today who trading that started with me when i was seven years old and gets classes or learn years old or when i was seventeen years old those people are gone because only the few surviving. I'm telling you right now. I don't show this often. But if i could create would i tried like twelve times i tried. Is that because of your family that you thought it couldn't cut it because it sucked so bad the feeling of getting annihilated so frequently by Trade partners with no consideration of teach. This it was just a frigging mosh pit of negative experiences that as especially twelve thirteen. Fourteen years. Old at sucks. So bad. That i just didn't want to do it and then of course i didn't have a choice. I would go home cry after class and then you have to go back to class and then it's like you have to go. I'm like i don't want it. No you have to go right. This is one tracy's do you. Don't yet we just go to class. You're going to sit home and play your games note. We couldn't even afford them back. Then so you just go to class. Sold them when it is on their choice. And here's the thing. Eventually i started teaching at thirteen have been first private student. His name robert mendoza junior and the kid was getting bullied. He would spy and i helped him. And i don't know ten dollars a class with gracie. But i was a kid and i'm teaching. This kid saved his life. Built his confidence and fourteen fifteen. I finally started sparring with adults. And i figured it out at tap my grownup and i was like oh that feels great. So then i got the bug in the media from that point on i was just annihilation station and i was the hammer not the nail. So then it felt great. I love to. Because i'm the hammer she would. Now here's the point. Finally i was the hammer her so long like seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty twenty one twenty two. Isn't that what this nobody to play with. Just me and he don't just you know i'm like where is everyone who started with us and why are beginners here for three months and they're gone like this and the gracie academy two thousand three hundred four. I'm sitting back in the gracie academy you have originator. The center to the world had two hundred and twenty five students on that for years. We couldn't get it over to twenty five people were coming in by the droves so my question was why is it that we simply cannot cracked his twenty five to thirty five to twenty five to you're bouncing in that range would never consistently noting close three hundred or more no way and i'm like why is it the number one school in the world fame wise at least qatar to fifty three hundred students. I don't understand thinking. Just that amazing so it really strata inward and i realize everything and that's when gracie combatants are beginner program was born structure thirty six techniques. Twenty three classes drove three times each card system calendar. Here's what you're gonna learn. Here's one you're gonna learn it the order we're gonna learn it and once you complete this car you move on to the next level. If you pass a test you will be to the master cycle. And that's where things start to get more rough and tumble but by then the resilience. The confidence foundation the friendships relationships with jitsu the friendship with us the ability to school. All of that was so sticky that they were gonna quit after getting choked out one time by some better than them. They weren't gonna quit because they have so much to stay for. The problem is some days of training two weeks or let you on your day. There's so little to stay for because you're so new. There's no long standing friendships. There's no solid foundation of the art. There's not thousands of dollars invested. There's not anything that you're the state while. I can't quit because of this. The only reason you didn't quit 'cause you went day. I'm bigger smaller than isolated me and you have a unique dna. I have to be capable. No one's going on feels miserable to have had that happen to me as a man or a woman right so. That's the only reason you stay because your dna. It's different so mike. We changed it and guess what we went from. Two hundred twenty five two hundred fifty students to seven hundred fifteen suit. Seven hundred fifty students in eighteen months dying. Yeah of that like we could stop it. We had to change locations. We moved to our new school. Which even before one that. I'm in right now. Our second school will call it. This is the third one we will our second school in two thousand five thousand six and then we changed everything. Once we crack that code internally. That's when we started certified instructors around the world. We said look guys. We have cracked the code. On how a beginner needs to learn jujitsu the programs online grace university dot com gracie. Combat's you can do online with video in order. Just watch lessons and at the end of the whole curriculum you can take a video evaluation where you demonstrate your skillset. We have a pedal of evaluators who watched the videos that you upload after age twelve months and then we say. Hey congratulations ryan. You look great. There are a couple of states. Here's the time code word. You messed up otherwise pass gracie combatants tests and you qualify to go into the master cycle curriculum. This is the same as in person if you pass the greasy combatants course than you graduate into the master cycle where there's much more sparring much more. Advanced techniques swore technique self defense techniques. It starts all become more normal. Bj is functioning but guess what we just keep ninety five out of one hundred when the rest of the world is struggling to keep the fiber five or dropping off after one month. Our twelve months thirty months sixteen months to years. Those are driven away. Which is why most schools. We'll never impact the community in the ways that they could because they're they're chasing the wrong victory. Well the other thing that i like about what you guys do to is the very practical application one of the things that you guys are so great at you in particular is breaking down altercation street altercations and the ones that i enjoy. The most are the ones with police officers. And i've heard you talk quite a bit about ensuring that our police departments are getting the necessary training that they aren't right now and i think a lot of the reason they aren't and you can correct me and fill in the blanks. Here is because we have a bunch of lawmakers who aren't familiar with the art of violence. They see it from afar and they can't fathom what it's like to have a sick a guy who six foot tall two hundred pounds. Grab you by the arm or the body or the necker whatever and all these violent part of it. They don't see the other part which is how to do and how to restrain. And all the things that you talk about in these breakdown videos you guys do so. Thanks for bringing that up. Yeah we're gonna come some on first training. In america we are at a most pivotal point in the history of american policing right. Now where in the center of energy to is in the center of it but to give a little bit of context. Police officers have always been disastrously poorly trained. They get four hours every year sometimes two years depending on the hours jane and not even just defensive tactics which includes like you know restrain devices because use of force policy might include a takedown in a control on the ground. It's a joe is literally even with the. It's it's an embarrassment to all cops. They know what embarrassment is and largely down to state funding and they always complain about the blame it on budget for whatever the reason is it's always been terrible. The difference now is it's exposed because everything is captured the damn different cameras surveillance cell phone dashcam bodycam. It's now more visible. Which is why. All the uproar is happening. Not that cops were train and as a result of their poor training excessive in their use of power. Twenty thirty forty years ago. it was the same. the difference is now there's accountability and the problem is while accountability and visibility will call. It has gone through the roof for for the civilians. Hoist training has stayed the same. So now we have this disparity between visibility and what the public expects cops to do and what they're actually capable of and that right there is called the pd gap. I call it. The police disappointment gap the greater disparity between visibility and exposure and the actual capabilities is the degree of his appointment. That is possible to the public. Which is why we had the riots. We have all this situation. Went up. So understandably i it makes perfect sense because they cops should be better. Trains made that very clear. I caught for the most under trained professionals. In america i would go so far to say meaning. There's no steel. There's no profession in any professional professional any in the where we asked them to do. More with less training for the task than when we ask police officer to take down someone larger than them put them in handcuffs when that person's on drugs and does not want to go to jail at all costs. There's no there's no tasks that requires more from someone and taff that we're giving less preparation for than cops for that particular and you're trying to do it in a way to keep that suspect relatively safe like you're not trying to injure the person you know obviously not trying to kill the person and it's not only saved the suspect correct but also appease the visibility of the people around the has to be cameron. We also of it. Because if you if you support as justifiable is one thing but if it's justifiable to the officer or justifiable to the general public are two separate things. Right as they say it's lawful might be lawful use of force but it doesn't mean it doesn't look awful they call it lawful awful so cops are operating in this lop off every day. Because they're not giving the skill sets to do it in a way that is effective safe in and looks acceptable to the general public. Right so anyway. So what has happened now is this. We've always been saying that the only solution to this is mortgage into for officers. We have our program called gracie survival tactics. It's our week long certification. Course reteach the instructors. The those certified records of agencies go back teach their colleagues and we've had thousands and as a result of the tens of thousands of that we've certified hundreds of thousands of cops have had exposure to this. Here's the problem. They only get four hours from the guys that recertify so running for hours of gst a year is a joke. So everything all he s gracie survival tactics is of course even four hours of gst by someone that i've certified in a week. Long course giving that hours to the end user. Their student is a joke. It's not enough. I've always said that gnc is great for the little time they're gonna get but the real solution regular practice every week for every officer in america at least one hour a week and i've been touting this and i've been pushing this one hour a week perhaps officer in america falls on deaf ears until marietta georgia our agency in marietta who is a gst certified as of eleven years. Marietta georgia major jake. King jesse certified takes it upon himself and says we're gonna do this. They had a video go. Viral in marietta were. It was in a restaurant. You know percent saturday four cops one guy punchy by trying to beat him down right and the public uproar the whole thing happened and they go wait a minute we just. How can we expect better. If we don't provide war that was included. So what do they do. They agreed to sponsor all of their officers in the agency with free jujitsu. Off-duty ju jitsu practice at a carefully vetted civilian owned and operated jujitsu academy so now. The department is paying for these officers to go train. They provide the uniform they pay for the classes. The cops go train and they did it and they did it for eighteen months. As of eighteen months ago. They started right and right. Have all the data. And i'm going to recite them of it now but i'm going to say here. The website we can see it all gracie university dot com slash reform. It explains all the marietta case study and anyone who is listening right now who is in law enforcement. You have to see this. And once you see the data you can even contact. Major king grow excite. We get to talk to major thing. Who's done what i'm about to tell you. And you can basically find out the exact plan of orchestration in his his department to buy into this because it was a monumental feat accomplished measures eight feet. He just did it but it was a monumental accomplishment to get the agency to hey for their cops do weekly two three or four times a week. Jiu jitsu practice. So here's what happens. A small agency hundred fifty officers hundred forty five ninety five of them opted into the program. Fifty did not do it so we have a comparison group right. Sure am the sucks. Here's the data. What they found is that in the eighteen months prior to this initiative being kicked out. I tell you in the eighteen months of this program. Twenty six hundred classes have been taken two thousand six hundred classes by the collective ninety five officers injuries in training one reported injury in eighteen months over twenty six classes. One that's not even a percentage that's like one tenth of one tenth of a percent. It's a thirty percent sure. I forgot tracking the nose on a takedown practice while he was sparring. And that's it no other reported injuries. Anything no concerns zero so chiefs. Who say well is it safe. Yes it saved on a training. If the school knows how to treat beginner safely hands what we're talking about the importance of a structure beginner curriculum. Where even the least athletic officer will not be mopped into a frigging steamroll and just beat up by advance student. Because he's a cop and they wanna do because they're training with civilians. You'll be remind you so. Here's the data eighteen months prior eighteen months after they had twenty nine injuries. A cop injuries in the field. Use-of-force injuries by cops in the twenty nine injuries before eighteen months eighteen months prior in the eighteen months since his initiation they had fifteen injuries by officers in us. Well yeah as is. That's a forty eight percent reduction in injuries. Middle that means is workers comp. Kate claims were forty eight percent less true reports with the average worker's comp claim right under five thousand dollars the agency gross savings on workers. Comp was sixty seven thousand dollars. This is on. The website can look everything up. Sixty seven thousand dollars saved by the agency. Now the deal at the agency doubt was ten dollars per officer per class. Which is the deal that we offer at all of our sort of trade centers in the world for agencies want to partner with us and make this opportunity possible for cops. Ten dollars is like it's it's a steel on top of a seal right and the six thousand dollars for that. Hasn't yes and the point is twenty six thousand dollars of training. And here's the best part is that they only pay for the classes. They show up to so. We don't do monthly membership for these cops. Would you invoice at the end of the month for the comedy. Show up so the agency literally only puts out for Actually took advantage of this amazing opportunity. So twenty six thousand dollars invested sixty seven thousand dollars. Gross savings the net savings over forty thousand dollars for the agency in marietta and the point. Is this simple data. forget everything else. I'm gonna tell you the second but that alone is getting so we're getting contacted by agencies all over the world now who want a copy. Marietta success the problem is we don't have enough certified training centers today and in many of the territories were inquiring your we're in graz university. Sign us up. We want to do this with you. Guys what do we want to do. And i go. Sorry how. cdc there yet. It'll be six to twelve months before we have one open. And then we gotta find opera people in the area who wanna open a certified trade center so literally. This is the problem. We're facing right now as an organization is there's an unprecedented opportunity for police departments to partner with civilian own schools. You never have ever heard of a police department partnering with a karate school or a school or any martial art institution that is very rare dummy institutions partner officially with a private institution accomplish specially for which they like to pretend like they got it all figured out so the fact that. There's now a new precedent for civilian law enforcement partnership it's it's a. It's an entirely new opportunity in martial arts. And that's why right. Now we're just working frivolously to open many certified training centers and then trying to terrible serve by trade centers with the agencies nurturing their departments but back to the data. So then i'm like okay. This is crazy injuries. The officers went drastically down. What about tasers deployments. Tasers appointments in the officers who are be. Jj trained are down twenty three percent. They unity as your left us less often than are needed. They don't need it at. Here's the catch the times that they do use it or not in the face to face fight altercation. They're using it when someone is fleeing arrest. They're running away from so using the end. The foot pursuit disaster a dr- drastically more often than when they are face-to-face altercation. Account insurance one more at the end the injuries. Here's what's crazy of the injuries. That did happen. The fifteen injuries that happened post. Bj program implementation zero of those injuries in the bj. Ninety five officer population l. really in the base level. I'm just yeah. That's all the data there. So they're all in the comparison group of fifty officers who have not yet adopted shitsu which makes perfect says because when you only operate in the vertical plane you interleague over his arnold but when you're practicing just horizontally every single week several hours a week when you get on the job which are duty in your best. It's just another day at the office. It's just another day at the office. So then i'm like well jake major king my friend. Now if you've been corresponding so heavy on this data major king. What about injuries to civilians. Here's what they found versus when you interact with the non. Bj summit will interact with the bj. Trained officer is fifty three percent less likely to go to the hospital. Wow yeah then lawsuits. Go down all of this other stuff. you're talking about. Nearly nine ansel element of it. The financial benefit of workers. Comp is measurable because the workers comp claim that never happens is a tangible identifiable of the lawsuit. That never happens you. You'll never know about las. That didn't happen. But that's just bonus ryan that's just bonus on top of what's already being benefited from the measurable right undeniable workers comp benefits of having half essentially the injuries the officers in use of forces in the field and then of course there was another part kind of a war isolated study regarding the night shift. They were previously responsible for a very high degree of responsible. Initially for forty four percents of all uses of forest was the night shift was the nation walked out for mostly shitsu crew. They became responsible for eighteen percent of uses of force which means that on the surface that the jewish group at night shift is fifty nine percent. Less likely to use force at paul ryan. Does this make sense. I'm gonna to use force. I wanna talk to a suspect so-called so clear so deliberately so so so assured it my capabilities that the suspects go day. And i a hit the pause button. Ra- quick on this conversation. Because i want to talk to you about accountability. Accountability is very very important and most of the men who join our exclusive brotherhood the iron council they do so to gain some level of accountability. And that's one of the main reasons. I started to say shen But with his any men who are looking for some level of accountability from from the programs and masterminds and brotherhoods that they participated few of those programs offer as much accountability as we have built into the iron council. So when you band with us not only you're going to get access to the eight hundred twenty plus men who belonged to the iron council but you'll also have the opportunity to join a battle team of fifteen men who will hold your feet to the fire and with the addition of new battle. Plenty app that. I mentioned earlier which is included in membership. You're going to have the metrics and the data in the information needed to achieve at every aspect of your life so if you're looking for accounted or excuse me added accountability. I should say in your life and you want the tools and you want the systems and you want the brotherhood and camaraderie needed to thrive join us at order man dot com slash iron council again. That's order man dot com slash iron council. You can do that. After my conversation gets wrapped up with the one only henner gracie doesn't seem scared out of their deal with me right now. This cop seems ready. This cop seems willing and the fact that they're willing and ready as i probably don't wanna go there. I don't want to ask mess person. Of course that's why we say you learn how to fight so you never have to learn how to fight the best deterrent to ever have to get into a fight. So that was one of my favorite parts of the study or the data. Is that fifty nine percent less likely to use force in the j. Jj trade group so collectively all of this team together. Republish the data. I did an interview with a major king just like this zoom interview and everything has changed in law enforcement so it's one of the most exciting times alive right now. It's one of the most exciting initiative part. Because i'm at the center of this right now with your jitsu and with helping schools on board to become capable of partnering with these agencies because these agencies are very cautious about who they partner with because there's jj schools who are run by people with felony convictions and there's bj schools run by and we it's not regulated industries. My whole point not to mention mo- schools are teaching sport jiu jitsu so the bj school. The agency police agency is going well. We don't want to go in there. Just grappling for the sake of grappling especially if injuries are high likelihood at the very beginning and they're not addressing weapon retention or punch protection. All the things he's cops would actually need if those are being addressed. But what's amazing. Is what certified training centers. All of them are teaching our self-defensive curriculum but more importantly they're all background. Checked and equally importantly every one of them becomes certified to teach gracie survival tactics in addition to the civilian programs at the cdc. They're allowed to offer our proprietary law enforcement defensive tactics program so the these these agencies are assured that the same institution that day trust chief their heads rector cops how to teach. Gfc certified training centers are also gst trading hub so that they're capturing the gst as end users on a regular basis on top of the civilian practice of the regular gracie combatants have non law enforcement classes self-defense. Classes they're also gonna get all the law enforcement adapters which means what weapon retention. How do your duty belt. Had a transition every submission into cuffing procedure and how to make sure that you're taking all the other variables into consideration a law enforcement officer making sure to include those verbal commands. You should address other potential threats in the crowd while you're doing with the suspect so the language and so much reality around law enforcement training. That's different than just be. Jj for the sake of grappling that we make sure all those get address in these gnc supplementary classes that these partnering agencies are benefit to not to mention all of these curriculums are online so when an agency partner centers things the cops in the department get free online access to all this material. So it's it literally were i mean. I signed two contracts yesterday for agencies. That are not party. Said we're just it's going now. It's one hundred percent of one hundred fifty persons agency seventy percent run the brigham study at eight hundred officer agency up there in virginia. So it's literally. We can't stay in front of the right now. There's another there's another. There's another non-tangible here. I think that we haven't touched on as well. I would imagine without the data. I'm sure you have more of it than i do. Of course that that recruiting for police departments is at an all time low. I imagine but when a potential prospect realizes that his police chief and his department is going to give him the training required to do the job effectively. It's easier to recruit the best people as that's the hall monitor monitors of the school. You know what i'm saying. It's not an assumption right marietta or told me that they're having people transferred from other agencies and i imagine from around the country to apply marietta and recruiting is very expensive for agencies. So the fact that they have this perk up dirt was paid for. You find some guys who are talented already jujitsu. It kind of comes backwards right becoming conflict shitsu now. You're getting people from youtube to become cost. Because they see an agency that respects their skillset set number one and number two they see as basically pay for them to train which is what most. Jj people who are you know a bj jalen absolute fans wanna do is be sponsored to newsra jitsu right like a dream job happening and marietta already confirmed the expect more and more stories like that to come. Where if an agency is one hundred percent pro jitsu. You're going to get the best candidates who knows and as a result are able to de escalate. You can learn all the other stuff which you can't learn his confidence true like not uniform confidence. I have a gun out of badge macaca. Listen to me. i'm talking about all the badge and gun right. That's from my who's left right. Introduce it gives you a substance that that the badging gun can give because those are two of the amount function but my jujitsu is always with me. Even when my teaser fails in the future you get a you know. Whatever do you think that there is it. Sounds like you're you're working more with the departments but do you think there's an issue with politicians getting behind this and is this something that needs to be addressed because right now i think again to go back to what i was saying earlier. A lot of politicians look at it and they're like hey we you know we don't want you to subdue this person in that particular manner not because it doesn't work but because it doesn't look good so how do you. How do you begin to sway and convinced already happening in georgia. Major came out. With a georgia's senate georgia's senate is contemplating as a result of major kings data and his his his testimonial they're they're just a success there in marietta. Their completing creating state sponsored grants for agencies wanna kickoff comparable programs in georgia. Now here's how this works row when things work the word spreads. It's working marietta. We're we're gonna several agencies in georgia now to make the same initiative happened and once that happens then georgia's the state senate looks at. It says it is successful okay. Great we're gonna offer state funding for every agency. That wants to give him two hundred thousand dollars and just a number. But we're going to give him this funding and they're going to partner with their local agency or their local jew school in so much as as long as i should say the judicial meet certain criteria because they had to make sure they're giving funding to a partnership that actually provides officers with more than just you know savage jujitsu practice rightly. It has to be something that plays to the benefits of law enforcement so long as this meets the criteria. The state funny again. This is all down the line but the point is we've radishes happening in georgia when i'm here to say is once we have data in marietta. I want agency right now. Right what's most for agencies and eventually an entire state has data of a year or two. Imagine what the other states are going to do. They're gonna look in. Georgia is just a superstar state now when it comes to police training. And then you get california. Idaho wisconsin new mexico. Whenever like they all start falling. Who knows what order. We couldn't have predicted. Marietta took major king and the courage of the agency to say we don't care anymore. We're gonna risk everything by giving everything to our officers and athens and it was funny because it's counter intuitive and i think that's and you alluded to it earlier and i can't remember the exact terminology used but if you're skilled in fighting your odds of having to actually use that are greatly diminished it. It's like the old adage. It's better to be a a warrior in the garden than a gardener in a war but having the skill set is what actually keeps you from being in that encounter in the first place so it's counter intuitive and most people i don't think dig in. They look at it like. Oh that's violent. Why i don't want to deal with that and they don't see the full picture of it. They're seeing it now bro. At work this is. This is helping having you having me on the podcast here. I'm getting is giving us meet. Podcasts i can to share this information because it literally just education at this point and we're social media is never been so easy to educate so broadly. So i'm talking to me. I'm talking to chiefs right now. This is the data for the chiefs. I'm talking to police officers users Street cops who see david and say hey. Pass up to mine attendant. Who can enjoy right. I'm talking to bj school owners. Especially say look you guys. You can keep doing to the way you've always done it and keep getting the results you've always got or you can reach out to us. Go to instructor dot com and look into. What does it mean to become certified. Not only gonna grow on your civilian business but you're also gonna grow in the city of being a school that is positioned to partner with police department right before that i was going to say what's interesting about that too is now you start getting the the government side of things so politics budgets things like that that are actually putting money into small businesses in the community which is significantly better than handouts and welfare programs and losing money in overspending on items. That don't need to be overspent. you're actually investing in the community. Which is a huge benefit for me. Look aggravating. and here's the thing right. Is that each agency will partner with one with once jujitsu school. That's how it's going to happen right. Marietta apartment with a second third and fourth. Bj school. they're just going to partner with one and each agency right now. We have roswell penney. They're going to with our cdc in roswell and that's it is done one partnership because there's two hundred cops. They don't forty four schools especially when there's risks in multiple schools because they're not managed the same quality and safety that's all they care about quality safety and and st applicability of the skill that he's going to be exposed to so it's a one time thing and if you miss out on that opportunity and the agency partners another school you're pretty much abbas gushing until that others will completely botches the relationship at which point the agency making a new partnership or they might just cancel. Be jail together with a man. Forget about so my point. Is this every city right now. There's an opportunity. We can't guarantee that partnership but we can say this. There will be no partnership were there is no optimal and carefully vetted. Bj's fool that the agency feels comfortable partnering with it simply isn't even possible so what we allow is whether it's an existing bj j. school or it's a person who loves your jitsu and has always dreamt up kind of the realm of opening school and doing that whether you're a blue bluebell. Purple belt brown belt right is it doesn't matter you can be a low range because you're teaching just beginners in the beginning of your client with your rank with us while you teach you advance your teaching steel as you advantage skill. The point is we allow pretty much anyone to come on board by the only or you wanna On whether you want to eventually open a school we allow you to come on board and we have what's called a territory reservation program you say. Where do you live what city i live in maine. Yes so i'm always up here so it's a little bit more rural where i am but that's just say you said man i'm in made. There's no certified training center in the immediate vicinity. And you decided. I wanna become a certified training center because i wanna teach. I love that. Be my profession. Going forward number one. I gonna make my passion. My profession number two is i want to do with the gray season gracie university because they are the law enforcement. Jujitsu organization right. That's a generally accepted. So what you would do. Is you would submit an inquiry and say hey guys is my territory. Available free go to gracie instructor dot com this as severe verified territory reliability city One minute you send it in. We look at the map reverb. There's no one that we respond to you and say hey ryan it's available your territories available and if you'd like you can submit now a reservation application that gives you read for twelve months. You lock your territory and all you pay is a sixteen hundred dollar instructor certification courses feet that sixteen hundred dollars ryan is the fee you pay at the end to do the instructor certification program shore locked in your prepaying it but and you're showing good faith like look count on me to do go to the hoops and learn the material and the curriculum you get certified in this much is more than enough times. Count on me to do my part. Thank you for reserving the territory for me you can count me. I'll see you in four months to go to work now studying adult online anyways and you can practice at your house with a partner or in your doja or wherever you mass face. The point is we just started this last year. reservation early last year when kobe struck. And we've had over two hundred reservation territory submitted within the last twelve months so and we have one hundred eighty schools. Open two hundred in the pipeline. And right now. They're coming in every single day all over the contract or lying. And when i'm out there saying to the world is listen if you have even the slightest inclination of wide open to school one day because you love to look good at did for you and you would let other people that the gracie university instructor pat and the certification process and the certify training center model is the one you went because it's going to service that unity in the greatest possible plus law enforcement partnership. So if you've ever had that inclination of wanting to do that at least locked the territory up so you have the opportunity because if someone else does in twelve months and let's say six months from now usually i wanna become a t certified training center. It's already locked in closed off the route. You're not gonna talk to you to respond to your inquiry and say sorry ryan someone reserved it so as the good life. That's it it's just like we love you but no thanks because unless you move out of the church way but opening somewhere else so literally. It's a reservation of territories game right now. And what's craziest we have in arizona gilbert arizona. Get to guy stiffly exact same city in the same day the about four miles apart from each other. So it's not like this is like it's very real and anyone out there and again this is not just me like oh become a certified trade center if you even on the fence of opening a school monday and our model is something you want to look into now is the time because law enforcement and because if you don't chances are you're going to get boxed out and the uk the map pronounce pins everywhere. You're gonna get boxed out and they're just simply won't be a territory left so if you're in the community we want to talk to you. Gracie instructor dot com. And once you get that inquiry in you can save your online but if you also advocation and someone comes in three months from now just pops out of the woodworks. Then you're forever precluded from doing that. And that lifelong law enforcement partnership as a cdc you know is us movies. We'll make sure we sink all this up. Because i know there's going to be a lot of people interested i know there's a lot of guys wanna get into it just for the sake of time. We don't have a lot of time to get into another element of it. Which is the bullying program. Which i like because what i hear a lot in popular culture is things like these clever little catchphrases of stomp out bullying right kind to one another and you know like sure. Okay got it. Let's bring some awareness to it but the ones that aren't going to get bullied. The ones that are going to be picked on are the ones that are capable of defending themselves in everybody's gonna know in the third grade class or the or the high school that's the guy you don't mess with because he knows how to handle himself and i really appreciate what you guys are doing there for sure. Gracie bulletproof is the program. And you know listen once again like the adult programs ryan is very easy to kids very wrong in jitsu so we create a bulletproof knowing that the bullying targets and victims are the ones that we're going to be working with you so we created a program. It's very safe very fun. Very encouraging for kids as they come in and then as they advanced they climbed for little chance that you'll be grappler so black club. They can evolve out of any goteborg intense. Training but in the beginning of games is fine. It's encouraging a lot of role playing with learning how to assert themselves verbally and set boundaries. Right and more. Everything is teaching children how to set boundaries. Because think about how can you tell the difference between bullying and joking teasing that takes with each other. How do you know the difference has a kid know the difference. No one. i'm trying to figure it out for sure. I know it's hard. It's hard with the kids joking with you. How do you know if if you classified as bullying malicious or just brands. Being friends and kids being kids how difference guess what and this is part of our bulletproof program joking stocks when you ask you to not. It's fair and if you teach a kid how to ask himself. Then here's more likely to do it. Here's the problem. Kids are not people people humans typically don't set boundaries capable of enforcing. So how tough. How how certainly you set. A boundary is an absolute function of. How capable do you feel of enforcing that boundary. Cross it view. How confident are you to say. Hey backup does anyone. You're as confident as you are capable of yourself in your honor or your family. If they don't listen to the boundary. So this is where you get into learn how to fight so you never have to i set boundaries as a police officer as a human as a husband as a dad or as a kid. Who's getting bullied. Because i know that if they don't respect boundary that i said or answer the question that i asked or do whatever i needed to do and they violently attacked me that i will be safe. So safety above everything so the gracie bully group program. Does that we start with the safety. The self defense physical elements all to build the foundation of confidence on which they can stand to. The circus doesn't say. Hey don't ever do that again. And say it without blinking and save assertive time and put the finger and the kids face. But you can't teach that to a kid shaking his past because if you and say that's a really interesting perspective. It's funny that we're talking about this from the perspective of children but we we talk. We've grown men all the time you do as well who they. They never learned that skill in their transition from boyhood into manhood and they still still have issues with boundaries because they never learned it never learned it in all their lives and all they twelve. No don't make a fuss. Don't complain don't do this. dry nicely. And playing a sleigh right causes come on always like you know kind of teach them to hold in their feelings instead of express their dissatisfaction with something. And that's it goes into parenting which is still a blue belt. And i'm just two boys five at three five and two. So i'm so we're gonna a category but what i do know is yes. You cannot speak that what you do not feel that which you not that you don't you don't you don't possess and if you don't possess competence you can't speak with confidence. It's interesting because there is this x factor that i think a lot of people are have a hard time quantifying. They'll see an individual like yourself and think that guy's got it you know there's something about that guy and then we it to something mystical or some characteristic that you were just inherently born with and don't think that we can develop it for ourselves but this is what we're talking about. Have the skill set to back it up. And that is confidence which is competency and your ability to uphold those boundaries like you said absolutely gracie bulletproof is. It's just amazing. You know we've got. We've had several instances where we've seen kids getting bullied in viral videos on the internet and we sell through. The internet got is flown into california for a week. Long emergent completely changed their life in one week intensive sparring or intensive training. I should say a with every single day building conference rolling and then boom we send them back in documented several though so You know if if even wants to see him out to checkout greasy bully proofing and the most louis got one awesome mcdaniel got one so the several life transformation stories that we do occasionally many on camera many off camera But this is what we do every single day. So anyone out there who's even remotely interested. In that aspect of the bulletproof program go to gracie university dot com. And the problem is they're in great detail and then we also have trade centers where this program is taught in person right. It's so opening new schools every day. So you can go to grace university dot com slash c. Certified training centers. Cdc and that's where you can find all of our existing locations that are licensed certified to teach these exact programs racy bully proof. Women empowered to defend against sexual assault gracie survival tactics for law enforcement greasy combatants for civilian men and women coed so master psycho which are advanced program from blue to black belt so these are all the programs that we offer all done like we started ryan with one objective in mind makes you shitsu understandable comprehendible and make sense to brand new students from the perspective of what matters to them. When you choose in. Kim nice jitsu and you're teaching random sport. Bj jj techniques kid watson on his first day even more than it all to go. I don't understand what that is. Why are we doing. But when the first day he walks in and i go up and i say hey what would you do it. Someone popular shoulder like this and then grab your backpack and pull it onto the ground. All go holy shoot. I'm in the realist place in my life and i know exactly what you're talking about and i don't know what i would do. Teach me teacher and we go and show him. He leaves one class already feeling. What if someone messes with our morrow. I'm ready like this has happened. And i'll be like yo tomorrow when they had victims and they head of this guy does this says it's that i say look at me tomorrow when he does that to walk upstream. Don't say anything tomorrow. 'cause you already said he'd never listened all your stepping with one foot and push him as hard as you can with two hands. Both power push right in the chest. There's no heart the heart. Okay like that. You didn't like that. It's never gonna happen again and bully pushes head. I did it. And he fell down the ground and then he asked. Why did you do that. And i said why do what. And then that was the last we ever spoken. He hasn't mess with me since point as still like this creates any sort of has it. Has it ever creating sort of delusion for people where they believe that. Hey i'm more qualified or capable than i than i think. I am where they start to get little inflated here more so than may be are people humans are so innately wire as are all mammals. Really that that frigging bigger line is gonna kill the smaller line san. They're not the little lines not delusional at any point thinking. I can kill that bigger lion. You know he's going to be in london. you know. The small spider is not gonna kill the spider of the same species. Right elise right. The small squirrels not going to take that nuts that monster twice the size squirrel. This is how it right. Mammals humans people animals. Just know that. Y'all that's good can kill you. So what we're teaching them is so far against the natural. Dna wiring a humid in the sense. A bigger person have advantage. There's no doubt right eight year of nature a so. We're we're going to get that wiring so intently but human still have their initial wiring. Which is that's a freaking bigger person. And i learned a lotta jitsu but i'm not stupid and if i have to will but i'd rather not understand even like i'm as capable as a guest but even i see a guy who's to seventy five six four. Nfl player. And i go art. I prepare my whole life for this. But i'd rather not unless we're just going to explore a scientific experimentation reasons. Then it's funny games right. I think so. Yeah and i think you also understand. When you're you're intimately familiar with these situations you understand the ramifications right. It's not comfortable to get punched in the face. It's not comfortable to get somebody squeeze and squeezing their arms around your neck and you don't want to have that happen so you deescalate to the degree that you can because you realize the consequences of escalating the situation georgia to really teach to the totality of a physical altercation so you respect that engagement much more. You're not getting rolled up on math on a regular basis. That person can't walks around the world. Like joel. says the average thinks is ten times better than he actually is right or whatever. He's better fighters already ability right. And and that's that range true here. And so i think someone is much more likely to have inflated sense of confidence and capability who does not any martial arts in the person who actually practices and like you said is humbled is where knows what they want to not be part of because even anybody degrading practice. You still get caught. You still lose so you marley. You're not you're not invincible. And that that sense of reality will definitely caution you from getting into a fight. That doesn't need to be got into. Yeah that makes sense. Well hey i appreciate you man. I really appreciate everything that you do. I've been following you for a long time. And i'm gonna make sure that all the links and everything that you gave me are up to date and current of the guys can go check those out because my path has been a little different than what you're talking about here. I've enjoyed every minute of it. But there's certainly a lot of value to what you're doing. And i could see a lot of men being inspired to actually get into this and we didn't even get into the positive benefits outside of the physical realm. Like how it's going to help you improve your relationship or how you're going to be able to actually talk with your boss a little bit more assertively or pick up new clients because you have the balls to ask for the sale like there's so many different ways is is going to help outside of the matter outside of the physical altercation actually knows ways are actually if you put them on a scale they way more and are more frequently applied then the i don't get into street fights but i use use. Every single day in the boardroom like every single day in business and in family and a relationship in negotiations and in leverage right so absolutely. You're right one hundred percent and two people out there. Who are you know if you train your to to everything we talked about was familiar. I'll just go to gracie instructor dot com. And let's get you up to open a certified training center reserve the territory joined the family and is not an affiliation things it can be affiliated with another organization. But you're certified by grace Offer these programs. We don't play the politics re play the quality of what you're gonna offer yet to be able to uphold that promise for so that we can send you should have small of the world but those who have not yet ventured into jitsu and are consequence or fans of ryan's in the show here What i'll say is this you know if there is a training center. Start there at least so you know what it is you can go. Wow this was very very fun and then venture off and trying in the school you want so you have a comparison number one if there is no certified training center go to grace university dot com. The i get like thirty lessons. We unlock thirty lessons for a brand new account for free. There's no credit card. You create a profile one minute and all of a sudden you had access to all these free lessons all of our top programs that i mentioned earlier with that free access. You're going to see how you can be taught in a structured deliberate self defense oriented manner. And you're going to go out this really. I would like to do this in my house. Where i'd like to go find and learn this and then i'll just say if you go and you find a regular. Bj school in the area because there isn't a gracie certified on our website or whatnot. And you haven't experienced that's less than favourable right like you have ryan's initial experience where you go in there and a frigging threatening the wolves the first day. And you don't know what you're doing and you get injured. You crack a rib. Let's just say right. It happens a lot to benefit our cracker rib whatever reside and you leave and you go out and do that what i want to say to you right now. As the ambassador fours to the world is it can be better right. There are other ways to approach this art so if you lose faith in school don't lose faith in art that's all i'm saying because it is everything around talking about it is everything girotti raves about. It is everything you see in the ufc but it also is so much more we haven't talked about which is. Why is the fastest. Roy martial art which is why you have celebrities professional athletes all these highly educated and accomplished people of all walks of life are doing jitsu is an interesting that resemble karate and taekwondo the participating group or demographic is ninety percent children ten percent adults when you're talking about you. Shitsu is ninety percent adults ten percent twenty percent. Children whatever it might be. Disproportionately more adults are doing jujitsu around the world because it's captivated its intellectual it's real as can be and no other martial lodge which have great specific skill sets but i think there's something so real instigating so tangibly affected about your shitsu and undeniably proven. That adults would any. If i'm going to do anything. I want to learn something that has proven for the last hundred years by this family to be effective in combat and is adopted by the us army. And it's now adopted by law enforcement nationwide. If i'm gonna learn how to protect myself is now more realistic than ever. I can do it via shitsu. So the point is don't let the messenger kill the message. Don't let the pizza delivery guy. The fact that he dropped the box in the pizza west face down in there when you open it all the cheese on the box. Don't let that little your relationship with pizza delivery guy who messed it up. So the point is don't lose faith in jujitsu is more amazing than any any of you can ever imagine. Just be sure to give it another chance if you're initially is anything other than what you hope for what you expect what you want from do. Now you want what ryan got and then you're going to be good to go or you. Could the alternative more gradual safe structured approach and that experience would not be favorable to us. I can't choose what you want. I'm just saying if you get what you want you to. There's a way there's a place and there's only one last thing before we broke. Which is the incredible sadness and frustration. That comes when you're out with your family at a nice walk in the park or you're at disneyland or you're having a good day and you're wearing your favorite sweatshirt and he gets hot where now you regret having brought your sweat shirt right. So what happens is you're gonna wanna see this man property And what happens. Invariably you take off your such that you've been around the waist ron and go for the fanny pack right and the problem with this is besides the fashion concerns. Is you sit down guest wag. It's stuck in the bike wheel. It's a safety hazard falls oftentimes on the bench and you walk away for about it. And then you've got the european yacht club was yeah. This is what i went for the year. The wanna be cool down over the shoulder. But now beginning to a street fight inventive. It's a fall the grass so more you guys never again check this out. Invented the solution. You hold a sweatshirt upside down outside. You see nothing on the inside. There's a patented pouch region. United secret pouch one poll. Turn it over good. He goes in and look in a matter of seconds. You have a fully functional back and right here your pockets on the inside for your wallet keys cell phone. You can put another sweatshirt inside. You can put your water bottle inside and look at best of all you got a slight invite technology so you can take this up and now the pack is gonna stay tight and he'd be like secure what he's gonna do. It's not gonna bounce around hitching face. If you into a street fight with this. Not all offer get messed up. If you need to pull bar you actually have a built in on your back so you can do your digital not get scuffed up so the point is what you should to martial arts. Quick flip is to williams. And i invented this on december twenty seven two thousand sixteen. We went on shark tank. We killed it and now these are selling all over. The world did a deal with ori- right. Yep laurie from shark tank and it's just been a crazy world now is just. It's it's taken a whole life of its own Fully owned a fully kinda operated by my coo jordan towel more. Just an amazing guy runs the whole situation but anyone who's interested go to quick flip apparel dot com and check it out on google it on amazon. We do customization if you own a business if you own a judicious martial arts school corporation of any kind or team sports or whatever. We do customization as well. You can put your logo on the backpack and on the hoodie. So why right. If you have an alabama hoodie you might as well have alabama on the hoodie and the backpack as well gracie whatever team whenever corporation so anyone who wants the a down wholesale customization or by one for yourself and your family. Check it out online and it'll be one. You can't go back because the efficiency of having your backpack be your body is just it's unmatched in the now. You go to disneyland when they opened up again. And you can't bring a regular jacket because you know that after thirty minutes and you start to sweat jacket and you don't wanna abilities you want assets. I dig it. I dig it i dig your creativity. I dig your marketing skill. Set as a as a marketer myself i love it i also do dig everything that you've done in the jujitsu world. We've got birthday season coming up in the household. So i think i know what the kids are getting. So we'll we'll make sure we stay in touch but yeah i'll sync everything up for the guys. Henner appreciate you joining us today man. Thanks for taking some time. Congratulations everything we'll talk to you. So there you go. I hope you enjoyed the conversation today as you know. And you're well aware if he'd been listening for any amount of time i've been talking about ju jitsu for years now so it's great to be able to have a conversation with man who grew up in the art in the world immersed in the world of of jujitsu so i hope you enjoyed the conversation. I hope you learn something new. And if you haven't tried jujitsu. I hope that you give it a try and see what it's about you see what i've been talking about And you at least at least try at least is just put your your your foot in the water to see if this is something that will help you be not only more capable but help out your life as a man So make sure you connect with me. Connect with her on instagram. he's at henner gracie. I matt ryan miller Take a screenshot of the show. So people know what you're listening to Let me know what you think. Let him know what you think. And let's let's get this out there. Let's get the word out there. The conversations out there the mission out there and i think being physically capable of defending yourself and others is a huge part of what it means to be a man which is why i wanted to have head on the podcast so again guys hope you enjoyed it. Please leave that rating a review Check out twelve battle planner dot com for the new battle planning app And then also make sure that you're connecting with us on the socials guys. We'll be back tomorrow for an ask me anything but until then go out there take action become a man. You thank you for listening to the order of man. Podcasts you ready to take charge of your life and be more of the man you were meant to be. We invite you to join the order. Quarter of man dot com.

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That moment of shame

Spiritual Dope

18:57 min | 2 months ago

That moment of shame

"Good morning how do you do. You know what we're doing we are. You know what's up. We are leaving to this morning and this is the bj jj report of sorts. It's more of a report from Cheese from work the other day. Where i left to the goal posts on facebook about this. But i figured i'd share here is well really the idea of how i had been Feeling shame and fear On a on a walk outside of work in a small town that i do most of my work in a and it was this is i had. I was sitting in work. And do they look at the lunch clock and be like you know. hey i could go grab some food. The local restaurant. Sit around and listen to everybody. Do the same things senior. Entire life snacking gabbing. Doing that thing where i could go find a place by the creek that runs by the small towns. That man maybe. I can find a real nice pleased to kinda just chill out and meditate and relax and So that's what i did and it was hot. It was hot as far. Who's like five eighty seven percent humidity. The good news was it was a a a real nice light breeze and i think it was. It was it was. It was also kind of heat where you taking. Your nose gets a bar right. Your nostrils get burnt from the inhalation. That's how hot it is. The the fun thing is is that you also get the really cool smells of summer and your news The the heat had been so bad. The grass had been burning. So there's like like hot grass on the air hot dry grass in the air. the clovers are kind of burning up to when there's still a few few clover flowers in the air. You can smell that. You smell that on the on the heat in your nose because it kind of burns your nostrils and the same thing said to is as i wrote this coupled with that you've got the smell of of the small town making burgers smell that smoke in the air and then he's got the whole wood wood fired. Pizza ovens going uppity Small town with what's Really good food and whatnot surrounded by This this walkway that goes down to the creek and the walkway creek. Is scott all your regular people out there. All your suburban Americans that are just doing the lunchtime walk. The lunch exercise walk and just kind of like on almost five script like this is the time everybody puts their shit down and goes for the walk Because you've got to be healthy and do all the things and then As as walk. And i've been looking to the side of the look into the side of the brush and shrubbery and noticed that i noticed that the wine berries are starting to become available. They don't typically you don't typically see him in a source And and if you've seen him on the side of the road. I'm sure you've seen these things. They are like these fuzzy cocoon looking things for longest time. Then at a certain point these super vibrant bright red raspberry looking things Begin to appear and we snack on them. We pick them up first of all. The outside zone were sticky. Almost if you've ever unpeeled Thomas there's a kind of a sticky residue on the outside of it and when you pop them take a bite of them. They had just Just tart tangy tastes real similar to real similar to Raspberry but just a little bit Brighter just like the color. Just a little bit brighter. And i was also just kind of amazing like wow nobody else sees things. You know I guess i'm more concerned about taking their dogs for a walk and picking up shit and just not in. Hello and sometimes i feel i just wanna be seen doing the thing that they're supposed to be doing. And and that's okay right. They should be encouraged for. Everybody should be encouraged for getting now being healthy and doing things that That could be instead of doing that. Walk they could be inside shoving their face with cookies or day drinking or something. So so i'll try not to be judgmental dick because this is virtual dope break ice and then You know kind of walking. I'm looking for this place that i could easily excess and hot down sitting next to the creek due to end twenty minutes. Worth of breath work Slash meditation pretty much. The same thing for me. I enjoy the breath work aspect of it. That is focused breathing as that will tend to allow me to just stop thinking seriously. Stop fucking thinking. And it's so. That's why i love it because get the opportunity. Simply focus on the breath In a pattern and takes your thoughts away from anything else that you have been thinking and so That's wonderful right and it could be good or bad thoughts straight up not thinking though For short period time. So i'm looking to do that. Next to a stream Just simply because that's what i want for the day and i couldn't find i couldn't find a spot easily. I'm walking. I see more people doing their thing. discovered that the luxury apartment complex. Said i was walking by was also just much larger than i imagined. Look in there like there's got to be thousands thousands of people living like right on top of each other Day after day luxury or not just just thousands of people krant into the scene in my mind like i'm thinking of member in the matrix. We're literally from person on top persons back until this energy scene and all they're doing is feeding into the system right This is the energy battery source for the system. That's of course what goes through my mind. I'm not sure we're going to see your so. I continue continue to walk and continue to look like this and up ahead Around the corner of the band. I can see. There's a tunnel. And i know and it looks like it's leaning in or towards The creek and as i walk up this beautifully pay beautifully manicured apartment complex. That all ends at this This train overpass The past stops in terms of being paved maintained. And it's overgrown right here. And i talked to myself as as i looked at this this underpass Into the overground territory. And i knew that if i had been with Meg that she would get no. We're we're we're turnaround here for since it wasn't with magazines by myself and just simply being curious and still wanting to get this Get this meditation. And i walked through the underpass and Look around as you go through there. You see the the the k. Over the the years of this once brand new bridge this once This one time under overpass for train had been brand new had van Something that was considered Vital necessity to continuation of of transportation and at the same time new architecture that went into an engineering went into it. And here was this kind of left behind the lapetite. It unmaintained Graffiti house making fun and just call shit or even the even the graffiti was Subpar and as you walk through. There's no pavement. It's just a compact. Damn there littered with broken glass and drug bags and whatnot and just kind of wondering what what stories would be told. Good bad otherwise As you pass through that tunnel and on the other side of that tunnel wasn't embankment. And i knew that right over the other side of that embankment and it had to be the creek so i climb up the creek a little bit and Finally there's the there's the creek. It's nice flat space. And i start the start to look around for an area to sit down meditate and just grab some time. Just grab some time to to recoup regather and like. I said get to that space where i'm not thinking at all. Just focused on breathing focused on that feeling this her meeting my body as i breathe life feeling it repeatedly as i breathe and as i'm looking for that spot i can't Catch some movement. And there's a person i don't even know if it was man or woman. Be honest we there's a person who is Washing their body in the creek and at that time i decided Either fear or shame that i caught this person as afraid maybe of how this person may react. What type i and this may be Did i feel comfortable. Close my eyes around this person to meditate. Obviously i don't think i did and then seem and feeling that way and as i turned away not to go find the police i thought my a little bit more conducive well and to give that person to space and the decent seats They could finish what they were doing and privacy to had sought. That's face so that they could have a private moment. And i felt that they deserve that. Respect to to have that. And as i turned and walked up to the little more Kind of run out of time in terms of. Can i get the meditation that i want in time to get back for my next call. My next meeting and So i don't have to walk very far. And i noticed that in the overgrowth. There's what looks like you know. Somebody's belongings like maybe a rolled up federal In a clearing where. Somebody's obviously been. Just that's where they stay. Right wasn't even a tent or anything but it was a clearing where somebody had. A few of their belongs and Whenever they felt like they need to regroup or in the day that's what looked like to me where they ended their day. And it's like you know what at this point I don't know. I don't know what's down here. I just seen another person Pass me on the other side and to be honest we look it was a. It wasn't a safe place right. Did not feel safe where i could go ahead and close. My eyes rushed for a little bit. Put my phone down type of thing. And so i I took a walk around. Check out the train tracks. And i left less space but i left that space again. Just wondering Why did i feel this way. What what was it. That was making me feel that sheen. What was it made me feel that fear of of someone else in humanity. Why didn't i instead of instead of running away from him offer him something. Why didn't i ask them. If there was something i could do him or her again. I don't know what it's funny because the stories in my mind that played out were not savory stories into me it was just kind of like are these simply old stories from society that played out over over time they created this condition even though i never lived that specific condition myself. And so that was me just simply feeling some shame and then i was also reminded of the idea that the university benevolent universe and that When we take on this kind of mindset when we take on this mental model of the universe benevolent and we start to try to extend that beyond ourselves and apply to somebody that we see outside of ourselves In this example that person that had to be washing the creek at that time. I can't apply that ma. I don't know what model that person hasn't void themselves. A and b. i need to recall. That model can only be in place for myself. I can't apply that model to somebody else for them. And then there's also the whole idea and this is you know playing out in. My head is on walking back looking for a couple more berries. We've in the more grinning people that are picking up dog shit and and look for berries and trying not to get strong and being hot and humid on as i'm walking back to my desk and it's The idea of this mental model. This model is. I can't have a mental model for you and i can't tell you the the grand scheme of things that moment in that story that i made up. That was actually a bad experience for that person that that that that over all life experiences and what that person needed to to become is that is that moment for that person was that their rock bottom as it were were they stand and reflect and as they've rinse off they say fuck it. I'm not gonna take it anymore. I'm not gonna give up on myself clean myself up. I'm going to get into the next place. And i'm gonna do the thing that i always said. I was gonna do and take charge of my life. So i had to kind of reflect on that all mental models as as Regardless of regardless of how you ended up turn it there was still that moment where there was shame where there was fear. And it's when we think don't shy away from those thoughts and we inspect where those thoughts are coming from that we can get ourselves into a place of strength. How can we use those thoughts and those feelings and those emotions to fuel us to the place that we wanna be Maybe the next person that i sees is is Instead of running fear do ask. You know he help you. What can i do for you Instead of running and turning right and and using of course and this is again the narrative our best judgment Does that person feel like they need help for they. Happy where they are no idea. So i felt like i would share that with you verbally. As that was a a recent experience that i'd had it It just again made me look at look at what was making me feel chain. What was making me feel fear. Why was i feeling that and in looking at that i was able to gain a lot of strength from that moment all right until next time. Hopefully this has been You know powerful piece those fearful for you can always file. We're looking for Inside ourselves so long as we don't stop looking.

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217  How to Master Your Self-Discipline with Bedros Keuilian

Early to Rise Radio

40:14 min | 5 months ago

217 How to Master Your Self-Discipline with Bedros Keuilian

"Hi this is great. Ballantyne host of early to rise radio. Have you ever wanted to become wealthier healthier wiser or just more time to appreciate the finer things in life on this show. We reveal what high performers are doing every day to be more successful without sacrificing. Their personal lives early to rise. Radio is sponsored by the perfect day. Formula get your free copy of this game. Changing success guide at free perfect day. Book dot com. Now let's get started with today's show after watching listening to this episode. If you're in your twenties and you think that role right now is the time for you to party and to go nuts shortsighted but you feel this nine nine inside you that says. Hey maybe to be a little more disciplined. You ought to have a little more structure. You ought to do things differently than all your friends after this episode. You're going to realize it's okay to do that. I think we all know that discipline is important. Disciplined is freedom discipline gives you opportunities that you otherwise could not but most of us don't know how to have discipline so today we're gonna talk about the ten ways to build discipline into your life and business with my buddy craig valentine. What's up dude. My man. I'm going to tell people how i was. Once a very undisciplined person. You know drinking and partying all the time and sleeping in hitting the snooze button. The world's most undisciplined man. That's crazy. Because i only know you as the world's most disciplined man. Well here's the thing is is. It isn't discipline isn't about what you do some of the times. It's very much like anything in life. It's about what you don't do. And so i realized as much as i wanted to eat chocolate cake for breakfast i wanted to be successful in life more and so i thought okay. Well how can make disciplined systematic automatic automatic and systematic where. It was easy where it kept me out of trouble. And i was thinking about this a lot recently because people are always asking. How do i build discipline. How can it be more disciplined. I keep an or they bring like all of these things. I'm sure you hear this all the time. Man i screwed up again got drunk or you know. Lots of young men like porn all that stuff like. How can i get disciplined overcome these bad habits and we want to download that stuff today because we certainly both were not the most disciplined guys in the world but now we have all destruction systems in place that makes success systematic automatic. Hey so to that point before we start Let me ask you this. Do you think that it's more challenging. Near impossible. For people in their twenties to be disciplined and structured or is it just lack of knowledge information. I give unite what you know now. Would you have been more disciplined back. Then yes because here's the thing. Is that when you're that age. That's the age where you want to impress other people where you're finding yourself quote unquote and so i think that was the reason like i wish if i could go back in time i would have lived as my best self back then made decisions that were not influenced by other people. I would have been more comfortable in my own skin. I like that phrase. I once had a personal training client very successful guy and and his brother was even more success. Lose like a lawyer down on canadian version of wall street and he said yeah. My brother rides his bicycle to work. And this is back in the day like before people wrote riding. Your bike was cool. Work right and is successful. And he's just he's really comfortable in his own skin. And i think that that's one of my regrets. I think probably a lot of people probably regret you know. I wish i would have done things my way earlier. Rather than you know whether it's going out and partying when you don't want to or doing certain things or maybe wanna be serious. Maybe want to settle down but all your friends are like. Oh man you can't get married now or whatever. It is just going. Live your your life that way. I think that that's why it's difficult for younger people. Plus all the social media stuff. You know you're going down. You're doing the right almost sudden. You're like man. Look at look at all these people in social media noon all this stuff and you know. They're traveling around. Maybe i shouldn't get that serious job now. Maybe i should go to thailand for like six months. But that's not really what you were meant to do. And so i think they're very shortsighted. Which is what young people generally are. You know it's not like this generation's any worse than any other generation the shortsighted and they're going to do things that they'll regret later. Even if it's just like man. I just you know smarten up and been disciplined or you make some really bad mistake right so for the young people that are listening. And i love it when somebody is dialed in and focus like a jason capitals students. You know email me in. Dm me all the time. And i love the influence. He's having on those guys because they're getting their act together a little bit earlier and so if if you want to get it together get it together and live without apology without regrets and live your best life. That's a really good way to put it. And the reason. I asked you that is because after watching or listening to this episode. If you're in your twenties and you think that role right now is the time for your party and to go nuts and be shortsighted but you feel this nine nine inside you that says. Hey maybe ought to be a little more disciplined. You ought to have a little more structure. You ought to do things differently than all your friends after this episode. You're going to realize it's okay to do that. So let's dive into it. What's number one all right. So the first thing that every single person doesn't matter if you're in your teens twenty s sixty seven years if you want to improve discipline if you want to stop making mistakes. It's destroyed distractions and toss the temptations and this goes for everything from the smallest thing like i eat too many potato chips great. What's the simplest thing. What is the obvious. Answer to not eating potato chips. Don't have them in house. So if you drink too much like i this friend eric. He was like he battled alcohol all the time. It's like fine. I'm sick of this. He poured every single bottle of alcohol down the drain. He could have done other stuff with a buddy you know put down the drain. Got it all out of the house and now get can't make the frigging mistakes and this comes from. There's a lot of actually diet research by this guy up in new york state this guy. Brian wants think he's done all these studies. And you know. He has his obvious conclusions. If you have a bowl of eminem's on the table you have a really great chance of getting a whole bunch. All right if they're across the room you're going to eat less if they're in a jar in the cupboard eat less if they're not in the house you're not getting any so we can apply that to every single thing in our lives and actually tell people like listen if you are not focused in your work if you're checking your phone you're checking your email and all this stuff. This diesel test. Take your arms to your side. Rotate around and i called at your local environment. You gotta have great control over your local environment so every single thing within arm's length. It is a distraction. When you're like. Man i gotta write this sales. Are i got it right this email. I got to write this book chapter. There's that book. I want to read for so long. Let me just read five pages of and let me let me. Just check my phone one more time. I mean just do all this stuff if you destroy those things if you destroy everything around you you build a fence around yourself. Then it's automatic. Insist matic you'll get those things done if i put you in a room with absolutely nothing but the one thing you had to do and i came back eight hours later. It's gonna be done. Yeah you would've probably found a way to somehow procrastinate a little bit but eventually you would have gotten that thing done. And so there's a great bruce lee quota says it's not about the daily increase. It's about the daily decrease. Hack away the unessential which means get rid of the stuff you don't need in your local environment in your habits so that you then become that person who can't fail you can't fail because you got nothing else to do but succeed us the first brilliant where to look at it so that was me right. That was me like back. In the day i used to wake up and play video games like back in teenage years and you know drinking partying all this stuff. I'm like i got to the point. Where sick. But i remember. I played video against. This is way back when thirteen or fourteen. I played video games for an entire sunday afternoon the way that i felt after. I can't believe. I wasted this sunday afternoon and a really decided like at that age. I'm it'd be a person who plays video games. I hate it. Got rid of the video games and now you can't get stuck back into playing video games and a lot of people you know. We talk about the people in their twenties. I don't think anybody's gonna eight years older when they're hundred and eighty years old. Thanks to medical stuff you know. They're sitting there and they're looking back. I wish i played more video games. You know like everybody says a no one ever says i wished i spent more time in the office which is not true but no one's going to sit there and say i wish they played more video games. I wish i watched more. Nfl football like you're not going to say that you're gonna say you wish you had done so many more things whether is in your twenty s or forty s and so you've gotta destroy the distractions and toss the temptations make the success systematic automatic. Sassy to that. Point the biggest distraction. -tations that i find that people are experiencing now. Is this the iphone iphone. Their phone keeps you so connected to instagram. Facebook youtube and everything is on there. What is not on there. That's the problem and that's also the solution right because you can also turn off those notification. I can't believe in somebody shows me their phone and there's a red. Are you an idiot. Wires any notification on here there should be zero notifications on your phone. You can turn them all off. And in fact while i'm a big fan of so many of the big thought leaders out there the thing i can't stand is when you see a post from them where they're pointing over their shoulder and they say hey turn on your notifications look at the end of the day. They're telling you that. Turn the notifications on so that you can hear from me. My message is more important than your path of dominating life that's not true. The number one notification you need to turn on is a notification to your life like here your destiny and you gotta turn off all the other distractions and you could do that with the off button on your iphone man. And here's the thing about. The phones is the way that i like to describe. It is it's it is. This is a cheesy fraser. classic phrase. It's not your fault it truly isn't your fault so every single day in silicon valley ten thousand one thousand engineers go to work some of the smartest minds not only in america in the world go to work very much like the dorito scientists who whose entire job is to make you addicted to dorito. So that america's smartest food scientists making addicted to junk the smartest. Phd's from mit are going to instagram. To facebook to make you addicted to your phone. Which is a sad shame. But if you think you're gonna wake up and you're going to meet against ten thousand from my team gonna win that you're gonna lose that battle every single day. So they're gonna get you download another app they're going to get you to have the notifications on. They're get do this thing. You're never gonna win that battle if you play by their rules. So that's why you gotta change game. You change the game by turning off the notifications first of all then what i do. I have four levels. So that i protect myself so airplane mode then turn the phone off literally off then put in another room and put in industrial and there'll be days where that call of that phone gets me all the way to like almost taking airplane mode before hit my hand. Put it back in there and get back to work But you gotta play by different rules and this doesn't just go for your phone. Goes for every single thing in life if you get the world the play by your rules. That's when you can build an empire that's true number. Two public accountability. Yeah so public. Accountability is such a game changer. Because you know most people are too afraid to admit that they have a big goal or they wanna make change but what. I found back in the weight loss world and you see this old time to is. Ceo wanted biggest transformation companies in the world. Is that when people were coming into my turbulence. Training transformations back in the day when they said when they put their before photo up so i had a twelve week contest and i said hey you know. Post your before photos and tell us what you want to achieve the people that did that. We're the ones that finished. You know they might have had everything going against. It might have been a single mom who worked two jobs and then she did that. And then the person who had all the time in the world and had a personal trainer but didn't do that they quit but the other person had public accountability even to total strangers and so back in two thousand eleven. I use this to quit swearing so i said to my entire email list. One hundred fifty one thousand people in two thousand eleven after i was running interval intervals one day. I said you know what. I tell people what to do all day. Maybe maybe i should stop swearing or something. I just thought yeah. Don't worry you swear enough for three of us. So i thought listen i tell people what to do all day how to change their lives and live better in here i am i. I'm always cursing and swearing. I don't curse around. My mom. And i never curse on stage so if i can control my mouth then i'm going to do that. I must say. I'm not gonna curse anymore. So said that within four days a stop swearing because i had public building. Now i will once in a while slack especially when we're driving in your truck But one day it was we with joel marianne and i swore because it was just with joel embiid gross and you know he called me owed on him like i gotta get back on track man back on track so that accountability is key because accountability so important every area of life because if you say something in public and then you act a different way behind the scenes. And you feel like a hypocrite and like hypocrite is here and like person who stole old lady's purse here and hypocrite is underneath it in so many people's eyes. I'll tell you why that's so powerful to is so. I just got done doing my one of my most recent six week challenges right hired black belt jujitsu coach instructor and bj jj pj not to be confused with bj. Be jj that one makes a big difference and Dude i not only paid him for off six weeks upfront. But i told everybody here at the hq that hey guys. I'm gonna. I'm gonna start doing a six week. Challenge with coach. Pete and the reason i told him that was not because i was excited about it because i was afraid of doing the six week. Challenges that i take on are things that kind of put me out of my comfort zone that make me their little scary like the six weeks and the ran a marathon six weeks rock climbing right and so i knew that if i told my co workers here and i paid in full for all six weeks i negotiate my way out of it because at some point my coworkers are going to be asking like well so your four weeks in. How is it. And i'm going to have to either lie to them a or tell them the truth and so that public accountability is massive man. There's so much science behind it. What's number three all right. So the next one is going to be the systematic and auto matic right. Decisions was just kind of like a combination of the i two things. Okay so listen. You've got public accountability and you've removed all the temptations. Now you wake up and it's like oh this is all i can do. This is all i can do here. And it's also that planning and preparation the night before so that you wake up and you're already going on the thing so just make the path super smooth. We've all probably heard the story like. Hey listen if you wanna exercise in the morning. Make sure that you put your your work. Oh close beside the bed. And then mary poppins says you have. Begun is half done in a way you go it just systematic and so look at your life. Where are you struggling where you stuck in struggling on improving something and then how can you make that so much easier. Well you know. i'm really. I'm really not doing well with my diet. Okay great let's go to your host. Let's toss all the junk. Let's put good food in going back to that. Brian wants saint guy. He found that. If you put fruits and vegetables i level in your fridge. You're more likely to eat them than if they're hidden down. Okay also if you put fruits and vegetables on your kitchen counter. You're more likely ate them. Whatever is available. You're going to go to like animals. Yeah whatever is in front of us what we're going to go for exactly so make the path to success smoother. No matter what it is that you're trying to improve. I love that and we talked about going systematic and automatic if you can make it a priority because you always find time for things that are a priority for you and you make time because it's very important. Words are important. You make time for what matters and you try and find time and you never are able to find time because it's not like it's under the bed with your broker. You can't find time. You can only make time for what matters said so if you plan the night before this is what time. I'm going to work out and it's added to your calendar. You're not going to miss it but if you say today sometime i'm gonna work out. Well i could keep pushing that along until it's ten pm and i go. I've lost day. I'll start working right if it's on the calendar and you've told somebody or you have a workout partner waiting for. You can disappoint them. That's why the boot camps. The fit body boot camps are so powerful. Because you know. Mrs jones doesn't want to disappoint all those other ladies who she said i'm gonna lose ten pounds. How many here to support you. And i'm not then you don't show up on wednesday morning. Mrs smith is going to be a little bit cranky metro. Yeah that's number four. No more waiting hesitating or procrastinating. Success love speed and delays kill dreams. Yeah yeah you gotta get the momentum and motivation so you need to get quick victories. Get quick victories in a change like okay. Listen i'm going to say. I'm going to go and do this. Well go and do something right away. All right listen. I want to join that i wanted. I wanna lose twenty pounds and twelve weeks. What's the first thing you can do right now. Okay and sign up at fit body boot camp. I can buy the clothes. I can go for a walk right now. Even though i don't start my workouts it's more. I can hire that trainer. I can do something right now because if you go all starts moral than that thing happens where you wake up in the next thing you know. It's ten o'clock at night. didn't do that. So start tomorrow. Stan o'clock i'll start tomorrow and you just can't do that. You absolutely positively have to get those quick victories. And that's the power grab great morning routine you figure out. What's the most important thing that you want to achieve in your life and you make that thing you attack first thing in the morning because there's an old mark twain quote and it says if you have to eat a frog the best thing to do is eat it first thing in the morning and if you have to eat two frogs the best thing to do is eat the biggest frog i which means listen. There's al- there's always gonna be something in our lives. We don't want to avoid maybe. It's you know preparing the speech. Or maybe it's writing the book man. That's going to be so hard to check my email. No listen you write the book chapter. Do the workout. Whatever it is that you want to avoid got to lean into it and that's how you're gonna get better every day you know it's funny dude about this is a about a month ago. I started now two months ago now. I started doing these morning. Hikes at five am. Oh yeah every other morning. There's this place called eucalyptus loop. It's three very big hills and when you finish it it's like a four mile hike and i'm trying you know constantly chip away at my time now under under doing it in under an hour and the first couple times i did it just regular tennis shoes whatever and so i said right now i'm gonna make this routine. It's not going to be in the afternoon anymore. I was just doing it on weekends shirt afternoon. Seminar as part of my morning routine at five. Am before it. Really heats up in chino hills and so instantly. My brain went into procrastination because humans. That's what we do. No matter how disciplined you are in life. You still go towards procrastination. I because i think it's self preservation or something and so all right but i can't start tomorrow because they really don't have hiking shoe so i've been hiking this thing on weekends for like several months in tennis shoes and it's fine but now that i wanna do during the weekdays at five am. I gotta get the proper hiking shoes. So i started going to amazon dot com and he bought a pair. Chuck's interestingly about another pair of chuck's leather uppers this time. Because people don't know that's what he'd started when he started training for the marathon. He started training in chuck's better. I didn't realize it was actual running shoes right. Go where my knees ankles silly foreigner. So that said i realized very quickly dude. You don't have to wait for hiking boots to show up for you to do a five. Am set out my shorts. And my t shirt there. I have my phone set for four fifteen in the morning. Sort of by five am on that trail hiking and i did it to shoot. Showed up three days later and they made the morning hikes. A little better. But i instantly went to procrastination. I just know that no matter how disciplined you are. You're still gonna fall towards the trap of procrastination wake yourself up and go back to know. I've gotta stay disciplined and do this thing. I because when you do it i it. Stacks on top of each of these little winds stack on top of joke. Because if had i not done at that next morning i probably would have put it off until the following week. Well now the shoes came. Now let me break them. In two weeks before i started the new in the morning hikes. Yeah and that leads perfectly into number five which is anchor routines so an anchor routine is the thing that can kick start you off like okay you get up at four. Fifteen an maybe. It's like okay. I make the coffee. And as soon as i make the coffee that puts me in hiking. Perfect or you know. I always tell this story about john. Cryan talks about when he what he does is. He walks around his desk three times. And he's wearing like a certain sweatshirt and that signals his brain. Okay now it's time for me to to write copy. And i'm gonna sit here for three hours or whatever it is. The stephen king sits in the same old attic office like this tiny little office in his attic of his house where he's written all his books and he still sits there in this old computer any goes in at nine o'clock in doesn't leave till he's written two thousand words. I mean this guy's consistent over and over and over again so you might have an anchor a team where you listen to a song or you. You do some breathing or something. That with the plunge pool like tony robbins does but just get an anchor. And as soon as that anchor happens it means boom all right. Hang out time. Yeah routines and rituals matters so powerful for the human who wants to launch into something you know you look at every pro athlete. They have a pre game routine and ritual they go through over and over again going to increase their odds of winning one hundred percent or a number. Six is visualization so planting. Good things in your head. I just read this crazy story about There's this one thousand nine year old girl from canadia who just won the. Us open in tennis and when she was fifteen years old she started writing herself a check for whatever the us open prize money so it was in the first time she wrote. It was three point. Five million every year. She would rewrite check based on what the prize money was for that year. And then this year she won. And i like. She's nineteen years old so just kind of like obviously not super mature and like her interviews and stuff and she goes. I guess visualization stuff as like sue amazing right and and most people probably heard this story about how jim carey wrote himself the million dollar check and all that sort of stuff and so visualization. If you visualize yourself as that disciplined or you create that identity. The i am a disciplined person. I am the type of person who says what they're the who does what they say they're going to do. I'm not a hypocrite. I'm the type of person follows through on the leader. I show up on time. I do all this stuff. Great great now. You got that in your mind if you do that every single day. You're planting good things in your mind. Plant good things in your mind and you will be able to improve in so many ways you know. I once heard someone really smart. Visualization alters your belief systems in your belief systems ultimately engage your actions right and so if you can just visualize clearly what you want over and over again. Like young lady writing a check for herself obviously check to she can cash but when you write the check you begin to believe that you one day. We'll get that check. Yeah and that belief system leads to taking the actions that are required for you to win that three point five million dollars as she did in nineteen good for her number seven proper goal setting yes so people often say you know how often or how long will it take for me to become disciplined and go back to that story about how i quit swearing in four days and what i did was i punish myself every time i swore and there is some self awareness. We're gonna talk about that in a second. It's like okay. Well if this happens then then. I'm greater risk of of doing the bad thing so i'm gonna make that you know contact and connection there and then every time i do something bad than there's going to be a punishment that significant the consequence has to be significant. That'll stop me from doing it. And it's like this can really change really really quickly. So if you're hitting the snooze button okay. Great i'm gonna tell my friends said if i hit the snooze button or you know if you if you sleep with somebody like hey listen. I'm not gonna hit the snooze button. If i hit the snooze button then that's that i'm gonna give you and you can buy shoes or you know i'm going to donate it to something else. Great now there's consequences and now we are moving ahead so you just put in place some goal setting for it so my goal is to stop hitting the snooze button in seven days and then boom away go off to the races. You get accountability. You plan that in you plan it. So it's systematic automatic. You move the alarm to the opposite side of the room. You think about all the ways you can do it to make it easier to achieve your goal and if you think about things man planning is gonna be simple you know. It's funny as i get that everybody gets proper goal setting and if you make the thing that you don't wanna do harder well you're more likely to not do it right. Ironically it seems like everybody seems to want to stack the odds against themselves. They make it easier. They make it easier. Like your iphone has a feature can turn off the snooze button feature. Oh iphone has a feature. We can turn off this news that way. This news feature doesn't even come up when your alarm goes off. There's only off you can hit right. There is no snooze button yet. Everyone seems to leave that on even after reading my book where i talk about hitting the snooze button is the curse of death turn that feature off go on further and then put the phone far enough away where you have to physically get up to reach it instead of putting it right on your nightstand so that you won't just change the time. Those little things are the proper goal setting things because it's so easy to hit the snooze button. Go back to sleep now. You've had a shitty day. Hey before we go on. You said the snooze button is the kiss of death. So i'm reading a book called wiley sleep. And in that book like hitting snooze button he actually warns it could kill you because shit because thing about this so when the alarm goes off like everybody's jolt outta bed your adrenaline goes up okay. Now you hit the snooze button and you set yourself up for another alarm that's gonna join your adrenalin up in and so like monday morning. Heart attacks like. There's a reason why you get this because you slept poorly on the weekend and you need that alarm more than anything on monday. And then you hit the snooze button hits you in the ap the alarm again and it's a loud and annoying and all that stuff and you're angry at it stress. I can double triple like the more times you hit it. You're doubling tripling quadrupling your odds of heart attack worse good lord yes so it really truly is a kiss of death all right so number. Eight boom ruthless self reflection and course correction so what we have here is. We need to be able to look back and say all right. I'm gonna watch the movie of my week. As i describe it so i'm going to look back and see what did what did i do this week. What did i say i wanted to do. What did i actually do. And where are the discrepancies between the two. And how can i fix those. You're making cause and effect so it's like man. No tuesday night. I watched the last. Episode of game of thrones kept me up till midnight. I wanted to get up at six. Hit this news button. Didn't get up 'til seven now is late. Had to work late had to skip date nights cascade this domino effect and so you need to look back and say all right. Listen if i'm truly committed to all of these things that i say i'm gonna do. Then i'm have to remove the distractions and the temptations. This is where you identified the things that throw you off track. And i'm always useless like here's an extreme example. You take somebody who's a recovering alcoholic. Who doesn't want to drink anymore and six and a half days a week they can be good. Say this randi prayer drink water and go to the meetings but then you put them in a pub on friday night. Everything goes out the window now. Of course they're not going to look back and be able to identify that but anybody can look back and identify that. So it's the same. Their own lives back. Where'd you get off track all right. I just can't watch netflix on school nights quote unquote. Because i say there's gonna be one episode the next thing you know. It's four nine four episodes or i can't drink on school nights. You know it's sad. It's going to be one glass of wine. The next thing you know it's four glasses. And what if these are the things that are totally destroying your life. You've got to go to the extremes and get rid of them so that you can only do the right thing so that ruthless self reflection and course correction is really important. But don't be too hard on yourself you know it's funny is talking about that earlier you talked about how like there's tens of thousands of people in silicon valley who are some of the world's most smartest coders programmers. Phd's who spent their waking hours trying to figure out how we can get more engagement are in hooked on my app. Yeah great well as it turns out. I don't know if you have much time. You spend watching netflix. Hulu or amazon shows but we watch survivor at home. Okay andrew employer just namrd by survivor. They love jeff probst the host. We've watched every season and we're gonna our second turn through a every season now. The way amazon and netflix have set it up. Now when the show is ending as has come into its ending a little box will pop up in say the next episode starts in three two one so normally it used to be that it would end. The credits would run. And then there'd be commercials right like when we were growing up now it set up where well the next episode starting in all of a sudden kalyan andrew on a school night. Mom dad. Can we watch another episode. Just ten minutes of how about twenty minutes of it and very quickly. These fucking things are set up whether it's an app or netflix. They're set setup to suck you win eight away your time in this case time away from my kids sleep which is saying it affect your school and their attitude etc so then have to crack the whip and black. No mother fuckers. Go to sleep right but it's nuts that if you don't allow yourself to turn that thing off in three two one the next episodes about to start and then there's another one after that and before you know it it's like four. The morning i just binged watched a whole season in trying to figure out what the fuck just happened. And especially when you got twenty eight. Twenty years of survivor too. Yeah actually here's thirty nine thirty nine episodes. They're not season thirty. Nine seasons are now and it's the same thing with the food they also. When we were kids there was one size of everything. Yeah now and my friend this guy. This guy who is at the empire semi frank. Frank frank yeah big franklin blanket from the netherlands the pictures of like the biggest bag of mc and finally a five kilo bag of eminem like okay. That's engineered so you stick your hand in there and your you know five thousand calories later compared to what we had back then and it's just it's crazy so you have to build the fence around yourself. Yeah keep those things out of your life. That really leads us into number nine. Which is stopped self sabotage. Now there's a bunch of ways you can self sabotage. There's the physical way which is crowding your local environment with junk and crowding your global environment with toxic people in toxic environments. But then there's also your mental environment which you can really screw up by saying. Oh i can't do this. Or i'm i can never be laid or i can never be on time. I'm always late. I can never lose weight. I can never do this. I'm i'm an introvert. I have anxiety. I i can't speak in public. I can't do this. I'm not like if you say it you will become it will become at. Can i share a little story to that point indeed and this is going to highlight this. So well the stopping self sabotage. You want become disciplined. Stop saying you can't do something so on october fourteenth. So here we are. We're filming this today. What september twenty third. Twenty nineteen on. October fourteenth. Ray care are navy seal friend. There's going to be running this this team training thing at my house. Oh or basically. He runs people through all types of workout so they do in the navy seal program while teaching leadership problem solving communication and teamwork those four things. And so i've got a bunch of fit body boot camp owners who are going to be in town for the fifth bite of bootcamp masterminds invited them to my house to do that. There's also a local husband and wife out here in chino hills. Hone of small business. I become friends with them. And i figured you know what they could use. Some of this stream work in leadership skills and problem solving etc. Hey guys why. Don't you come to my house on the fourteenth and learn this stuff right now. The wife the other day she text me week ago. She takes she goes. Hey my husband. And i are are in northern california. And we're visiting a friend. We're getting a rental car. And the rental car company was out of the mid level cars that they wanted to rent us that we wanted so the upgraded us to tesla. And i'm sad. This is the text. I'm getting upgraded us to a tesla and i'm sad. Well that's the perfect hook. So i responded with the upgraded. You to a tesla. And you're sad. Can you explain why she was. Yeah i realized that will never be able to afford this car like we never be able to afford to buy this car and then she goes but i hope that that navy seal in the training that we do there can help me can help me out can help overcome that and i just called her and i just let her have it and i let her have it with love and i was like listen. There is no one thing. There's no one navy seal. There is no one training. There is no one night on a on a white horse. It's going to gallop in to save the day like you're you're going into this negative self talk of literally their gifted their upgraded four free no additional charge a tesla instead of seeing bam. This is the universe telling me that. I belong in a car like this and that i can have a car like this. She went to the negative self. Talk to the same talk of. I'll never be able to afford a car like this. And i hope that this outside thing that's going to happen. This training with the seal can help me get there is. The training of the mind is going to help her get there so i let her have it and said look there is no one outside. Element is going to be more powerful than the inside self. Talk that you have. She's like holy. Fuck i get it i go. It's not navy. Seal is not god. It's jesus there is no one thing that's going to come down unless it's one call from badri cooling right. Yeah some hoping that landed on ears. That actually paid attention but man self sabotage negative self talk. Something good happens to you. don't go. I could never do this if you go visit. Someone's house it's a mansion. Look at it as this is a sign from above that i belong in a mansion. Not man thank god. They invited me. Because i'd never see the inside of a mansion. You know it's funny. I'm just going a little side thing here is that i recently was telling all my clients. If you want to understand how to sell higher ticket stuff you have to go and experience seven figure lifestyle stuff so you know one person who is at the empire at the empire summit. They read that right that weekend. They were like okay. Great we were. We were going to rent a car and drive up the pch. To somewhere we actually went ready to tesla so it's the totally opposite mindset. They were like oh well. We should go and do this because if we can experience this than we get used to it we understand what it's like to experience great things first of all it will help us get used to it but second of all it will also help us understand. Oh this is somebody who's affluent expects in an arrangement and so we have to up our game and are selling or marketing or delivery so that we know what it's light like if you're trying to run a hotel to affluent people and you've never stated ritz-carlton there were four seasons. You're never going to succeed. You gotta go and have those seven figure experiences whether it's going to a restaurant or whether it's buying a really great thing or something like yesterday but A new ipad like. I don't even know how i don't know how to use it and ipad. Did you ever have an ipad. I had one a long long time ago. And it's like you know the twelve point nine. I don't know why we need to screen this big and eleven looks fine god. I'm going to regret it. If i don't buy the twelve point nine so you know it when if of will ever learn how to use it but i bought one because i just wanted to go through the experience going to the apple store you know how they were running All this stuff and it was worthwhile so anyways last thing there change your identity. I used to be a cheap guy. Now i'm not the cheap guy anymore. I'm not going to be the cheap guy. And it's the same like hug. Idaho little phrase here no more snoozing scrolling porn pot drinking doping cursing cheating etc. Never let those floodgates open never let those into your life and the other thing is if if something goes off and you do lose your discipline we all get a loser pointing or you need chocolate cake for breakfast. One day relaxed. Don't hit the panic button. You need to have something that you put in your instagram. The other day without spackle buildouts bash about legit back. Don't beat yourself up just bounce back. Maybe sassy bounce back ability and and so that's anti fragile be anti fragile so when you get stressed you know when stress is applied to things a lot of things break but something's become stronger under stress like your bones so you need to be like a bones become anti fragile so you don't break down if you do screw up if you get drunk you say i'm never going to get drunk again. You get drunk okay. You know what every single minute you moved to becoming sober again and then from there you figure out okay. What got me drunk. You know self self reflection course crash. And what got me drunk. What was these people. That i was spending. My time with influence is still my decision. I'm to blame. But i need to spend time with these people in non drinking environment. You don't have to cut people out unless they're really really negative but just changing environment changed the situation and through that self reflection you get better at everything become disciplined machine and the next thing you know people are going on. How how do you do it and so really to sum up here year. The average of the five people you spend the most time with and if you spend time with people that are really disciplined really successful. It's going to be systematic automatic. That you're going to be disciplined to your the product of your environment. If you spend time in bad polices doing bad things. You create bad habits. I guess what's going to happen to you and you the product of your self talk in yourself belief. So that's that's why you need to make those changes and anybody can do it. Anybody can do it and really. That's why you need to be at the perfect life retreat. Yes and the perfect life. Retreat happens in san diego on november. Eighth and ninth eighth and ninth. Yeah betas can be speaking jason capital again. A young guy very disciplined amazing guy amazing product of our environments. He spent a lot of time with areas growing up and seeing what. It's like to be high performing entrepreneur. We're going to sharana. Travolta very very disciplined entrepreneur. You know the king of the real estate world king scale as you call them being upscale and then we have. This woman carries schule. Who is a real estate agent in washington. Dc has a team of eighty agents and is also mom very couple of young kids. She's going to show how she does it all through her self discipline so yes perfect. Life retreat dot com. We'll see down in san diego not gonna take much self to get you there right.

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Ep 94: Hot Mayonnaise with Special Guest Eric Hughes

Hyperbrole: A Comedy Advice Podcast

57:04 min | 2 years ago

Ep 94: Hot Mayonnaise with Special Guest Eric Hughes

"Stephan we've been waiting for our special guest Erik for fifteen minutes and if I turn on the TV. Wait sure Anthony. Why don't you put on some planet Earth by the way this massive headache so I took some pills from your medicine cabinet? Why is your advil in a plastic bag? Oh my God why would would you take medicine from someone else. That's where the pills blue I I think so like a bright blue like a sky blue. Yeah I'd say. More of a Robin's egg blue to doesn't mat- whatever those were my painkillers for my surgery. I took one every twenty four hours and I it was high as balls. How many did you take? Oh Sweet Krishna. I took four O.. K. Deep breaths just watch planet Earth Earth and. Relax and I'll get you some water but I think of starting to freak out already. I can hear my skin talking. Oh my God it's talking about European. PM Politics Make It. Stop just full goose. On deep in the desert suburbs of Phoenix Arizona. Two brothers are about to make a cash but has trouble foot. The eldest brother seven has consumed enough pain killers to drop of full grown bull African elephant and now the next episode of the podcast is in grave danger. What the heck attack attempt to help his sibling? Anthony goes on to find nourishment. He makes a mad dash to the phone where he dials. Domino's Domino's as salient dose of Meat Lovers Pizza. We'll put his brother's stomach at ease. Suddenly Man's greatest Predator approaches to adult females Stefan Anthony as wives they knock on the door to check. Accountable is if stems sees her husband. In this current state it will be certain death. Why do I feel what you'll Sir Anthony X.? Quickly in throws seven into the bathroom to shield him from his wife to make convincing Anthony towns on the shower although confused as to why Stephan Shower Anthony. How's the wives shrug it off and go back downstairs to enjoy the Mehta's episode a in Paradise Stephan? PODCAST will live to see another day. I I it podcast. Two brothers that rated statement to be taken literally was up. Seven hyper hyperbole. Hello everybody welcome to hyperbole. PODCAST SELF-HELP PODCASTS for the helpless. We've waited for twenty four hours at. I am now fully early sober. My name is Stephan. I'm your first host and my name is Anthony and I just changed Stephens diaper for the last time thank you. I really appreciate at that. You might have to change one more time because I got a bun in the oven but we are going to stop talking about that. We're going to introduce our very special guest everybody. Please welcome Eric Hughes Hello. It's okay if I use your real name right and share your every day. Oh that's good. Eric is a very funny person. He's a comedian. To stand up comic. He is an actor author. He speaks fifteen languages ages and I think he has the Guinness World Record for biggest subway sandwich ever consumed Sarah it. Actually the title is the biggest biggest. Got It eric. Yeah biggest negative nice. That's beautiful anyway. Welcome to the show. Thank you you for US having you. You are so happy that I'm here. We are our man so anyway Eric's going to be helping US dish out some wisdom and advice to all y'all so let's go ahead and get started. We're going to top things things off. Start things off with a review from apple podcasts. And this one anthony. Would you like to read it. Yeah I it. What's it fits me So yeah if this review titled Mostly Puns and Poop Jokes five stars take their advice vice your own risk but if you like wordplay in fecal humor this is the podcast for you. Anthony is a poop joke master. Thank you you and Stephan is a funny dude. I often have to restrain my laughter listening to this show at work highly recommended. Bt what let by Apple podcast thanks bt what yes thank you very much. That is good twitter friend of ours. Ars Positively Wolf One and he has a podcast. It's the Wgn podcast watch this movie podcast. It's also great ones who check it out anyway. All all of you guys. That haven't left review. Please do leave a review because we need it. It's essential that we have it otherwise we will die Anthony has sickness where he has reviewed deficiency. It's the doctor said that he needs five stars day or he's done it's in his bones. He's he has a bread it's spreading. It's what is it called him to me. It's metastasized My what my reviewed efficiency. What is it called? What's the technical term I don't want to bore anyone with its long Latin. Okay just like excellent dammit. You beat me to it anyway. Well Anthony's long and Latin thing is is it's really tough so anyway LE- review. Help us out help. Anthony next up is quote of the week and this is where we break down the meaning of quotes from great people to reflect on. Ourself help. So we've been referring to instead of great people a great robot called Inspire bought and it's an AI driven machine sheen and it squeezes. Life's lemons out for us and sprays us with that citrus wisdom so eric would you like to read this week's quote connected by Inspire Bot absolutely auto erotic fixation how primates defeat narcissism. Yeah it's a it's a deep quote. And what does that say to you guys. I I mean to me. It's just like when you're too into yourself you just got beat it and then after registry how sad you are. And then you're not as much of a narcissist. It's almost like we evolved to survive auto erotic six you know. It's almost like the belt was invented. Saddam selective pressure to hurry things along the strongest next survive. DARWINISM ISM Jesus election. There's a subspecies of humans. A super strong neck Acts were weeded out there. It's like it's like Lion King instead of an elephant graveyard. It's just a bunch of skeletons with a belt around their neck. Check those of the week. It's been ten years since David Carradine. David I don't originally. I'm not GonNa Lie David did he. Yeah Eric. I wanted to air to reflect on some years ago. He's my right now. Oh man well. He died doing what he loved himself. No I never got that belt bag. They buried him with it it. It's an open casket. I'm almost choking on my tears over here. This is so sad. You know the trouble is. There's no safer when you're by yourself the player mode. It's like if there's a safe word in automatic identification and no one's around to hear it does it exist steep man that's next next level shed anyways. Thank you driven robot inspire. We're going to think about this one in all of our advice. So let's move on to the meaty part of the podcast. This part is Beef and this is the meaty part where we answer questions from fans from read it from twitter anywhere. The Internet provides stupid questions. We give stupid answers. Oh that's a great idea. That is uncharted uncharted territory for us. But we need to lean on over there except for fans we. Your questions are Super Smart and we love you. So that being said Ed Eric Fire Eric. Would you like to read the first question from a fan absolutely question. One from Fan Larussa. A job rose. I'm officially adult in now. I have a job where I have to travel for work by plane since this is my first first time. I'm not really sure how to prepare. What do I need to know before I go love? y'All Larussa Oh gee I defer to others. I've never flown on a plane for work. Have you ever flown on a plane. I Have I how how I have flown on a plane at all at all. I guess bring clothes You're going to need those does well. Yeah you should bring close but you have to watch out because the airlines fuck you if you don't wear them so no but they'll especially Delta's they'll fuck anyone. It's the essay policy. It's yeah it's government standards but no navy. Yeah I usually do all my travel for work by boat but I would say a lot of translates over and I would say Go with Spirit Airlines. It's is the cheapest so it's GonNa Save Your company money and they're going to like that. Yeah they they save money on their lack of bathrooms and basic necessities. Yeah you also have to step to bring a diaper. 'cause you might have to soil yourself. 'cause they don't have bathrooms you know. And they bought up all the Boeing Max seven thirty seven so every trip you gotta prepare by saying your last farewells. To your loved ones John Larussa little known fact. You can get around the three ounce bottle rule by freezing all of your liquids. There's no rules against solids. Oh my God. Is that a wife Hack right there. it now so is. Don't actually try them. Please Orissa if you dissolve solve all your liquids and gases. Ben You can bring them because there's no. I'm sorry I'm not a chemistry. I was GONNA bring a gas canister onto a plane. Bannister this okay. They're like yeah. It's it's not a liquid. It's not water. Water isn't here talking water. Get that out of here like air. That is fine Aquafina. Get It fucking Dan you fuck that what else. What else does she need? What are what are the other necessities bare necessities? You'RE GONNA need. What would a bear bring on a plane bananas? A bear bears bring that right blue. Banana Blewett Nana's jets and he. He pointed right there yeah lamb. I think you'll probably need what do I. Why do I wear a suit? Oh here this is actually good. Where dress up nice? So if you dress up nice they're going to treat you like you're a business person and whereas if you dress up in your pajamas they're gonNA treat you like trash and put you in the back of the plane that he's happening to me. That's that's how it works even though you get your seat assigned to you before you get on the plane. If you dress up you get a big chance of getting upgraded. Is that true. A work sixty percent of the time. Okay I I've never been upgraded and maybe it's because it's where yeah so every time you go. Oh travel even if it's for a family event where fucking suit just look it up. I feel like I would sweat my balls off. I were no auditors and planes. You will hill. But that's the price you pay for first class swimming but also I feel like I'd rather not be sweaty in coach than just wrenched wrenched in first class. No no you've never taste and you shed can you. Could you get like a like one of those a button-down like NBA a suits and just rip it off in the first class. So if your check Tito t-shirt yeah just wear a shirt and a t-shirt but put a tie on or something and a top hat for business something like that Prince brings yes. It's like the top at trust like the monopoly but no bring snacks. Definitely bring snacks. I I would say all it solid snacks no organ applesauce. They'll lose their minds over that shit or solid liquid. There's nothing that'll hold up the TSA line more than Apple. Something done try that. What's the most applesauce we can get through? Tsa Hey guys next to video. Fill our suitcase with applesauce. An EDU plane. I'll do cinnamon. I'll do mixed ext rose water down. Cinnamon Yeah you might as well do sugar-free getting nerd. Oh sorry guys those trying to add another variable All right fine. I'll just do the gas form of of applesauce you'll you'll do. The human byproduct of applesauce. Yes so anyway so bring So bringing apple saw well. Don't bring bring a snack trail mix maybe crackers egg salad sandwich Apple Pie. Bring the Somalias you gotTa Salmon. Ask your ask your roommates if they want to share or or if they if they would like a piece I thought you were going to say eat your shit and ask them if they wanted to share their join us. Share your I'm a little hungry. Just read and Mayo but not a little bit of Mayo. Just bring a jar full of Mayo and just stick your bread reading it. 'cause they're not allowed to say yeah. Bring like four. Three ounce bottles of Mayo can you do that. Is there a limit on how many 'cause I've had multiple table three ounce bottles before life hack you just have to just has to be inconvenient like it's not like a they don't care about the total volume of liquid. They just want on it to be in container smaller than three ounces. Just like forty seven three ounce containers a man as an a loaf of bread. I think you too stumbled across a life hack brother and then you can have an empty larger jar and once you get through the line you just once you're putting your shoes back on yet. Condense it all back into one simple and then you have thirty vials. That are empty. You can fill with other things like catch up water for the plane. Oh Manny's water yum it's in Q.. I'm working on a patent for that. All Right Let's Shush Sean about that north to taste your man as water. I've told you this million You guys will see what's the name of it Anthony's he's custom nannies. Water Oh yum yum yum than water slogan keep data direct sunlight. Oh they'll have republic like enlists terex unless it doesn't matter. Yeah I was trying to say Listeria but that does it works. Oh well I don't know what that even means so. I think it's a disease you can get from. Hot Man is hot. Manny's is that we need to. Ah Yes call it hot man a million subscribers. Oh Oh aw I weak knees waiting to jump ships. They haven't dumped the toilet. Let's get hot man is on Hotman On the air. I mean. Think about it. If you're scrolling passed a bunch of podcasts. You when called hot mayonnaise. You'RE GONNA YOU'RE GONNA at least look at it. Oh Yeah Kit. Kit could our slogan be spread. The love man is by by the way I was just thinking of Miracle Whip. Doesn't it sound like a relic. RPG like a Miracle Whip -gratulations. You found the miracle West. It's like super powerful marriage. Cuban I already found a more powerful whips. I'm just GONNA leave it in the chest. The poor miracle whip neglected again. Anyway so I think we really stumbled across some gems here for Loretta. Thirty vials of hot man as user with a necktie. So you don't sweat but he's still get upgraded don't getting Oh yeah don't do not or maybe she's maybe she's one of those subhumans that's evolved the really really thick neck. Yeah so it's hilarious. Nick is your neck. Yeah Yeah what what that neck do I guess. Oh No that's creepy. I shouldn't ask just test the durability of your neck with maybe a wicker belt out or something like that and then and in if we hear from you you're up for it okay. I think I think we've answered this question to its fullest extent. Anything I WANNA WANNA thank you for sticking her neck out. She's going to have a first great great day at work. If you do get a mark from the belt rub. Some hot man is on it and that gets rid of whatever what is it. Yeah IT'S A. It's a cure. All it's an elixir for all your ails. I just imagined my dignity. Yeah I just imagined my big fat Greek wedding. How the DAD's like put windex on it? Maybe there's like a Turkish thing where the dads are like. You just gotTa Rub Hot Mayo on it and it fixes everything like Turkey. I don't know 'cause Turkeys really good with Mayo. They're not uh-huh. I Dunno Canadian then that that would make sense. Yeah Yeah they love their Mayo. It's the National Food of Canada. It's the spiciest can eat very selective pallet the Canadians have Putin hooting and Mayo. Maple come on Maple Mayo Maple Putin okay before we all get really hungry. Let's let's move on. I just thought about that for a a sleeper. Yeah let's move onto our new segment CELEB- advice celebs may seem like near perfect examples of human beings and they are but they get a pickle sometimes too which is why we dedicate a full segment of our show to give them even more attention. It's time for Celeb- CELEB- advice. I need we need a little ditty for that some music or something anyway. This article brought to us by. TMZ thank you TMZ GMC. You guys are doing. God's work uh so Lonzo ball admits. BBB shoes were defective. They quote exploded. Breaking King News. Lonzo ball is admitting he knew his five hundred dollar per pair. Big baller brand Zeo to prime sneakers were faulty and would explode slowed on him during games but he continued to hawk him anyway. Can I can I interject really quick. You May yes who the is Lonzo. Ball sounds it's like a circus clown. He felt like hey kids. I'm Alonzo Ball. He sounds like a sesame street character. squeaks is red nose and dances on a little circus ball. He does but he is a an American basketball player for the NBA. That make that fits all right shoes. I get it okay. All right yeah. It is known pairs of shoes but then they exploded exploded. Still Fe- let me give you this. Okay sorry let me go further. I don't I know how he talks. So I'M GONNA make up an accent for him. Does the author so they was not a hey ball admitted on josh hearts lighthearted podcast ball. Who was playing for the Lakers? During the BBB shoe era says he would bring four pairs of shoes two games because he knew they would break and he had to switch them out every quarter if you literally had my shoes from those games. They'll just exploded bro. So if you recall. BBB initially offered the co two prime shoes to the public for five hundred dollars pair in two thousand seventeen later announced they were scrapping. The original design in favor of the Zeo to Prime Remix shoe. You a completely different sneaker. It seems obvious now. BBB made the change unclear if any of the faulty shoes were actually sent to customers. When asked why he wore them even after he knew they were defective? Ball explained because there were my shoes I had debut them both says he actually hated wearing shoes and applied that his game suffered as a result. I it's crazy ball says why would I switched my shoes magically like God good again both says he kept a secret about his crappy shoes to himself to protect the brand things eventually went south with the big baller brand with Lonzo's manager later telling customers to throw their shoes in the trash and Lonzo himself eventually eventually covered up the BBB to sorry the BBB Tattoo. He had on his arm. Still Lavar claims. The brand is still alive and he's looking to relaunch at some point in the future and that's the end of that whimsical article. That sounded like a fantasy land of me. A lot of those words didn't seem real. I don't know about you guys but I really liked when they referred to him by his last name is called fall. That was my favorite favor part. Glad what was your favorite part of the story. Eric will clearly. They had to market these shoes as giving explosive performance. Oh yes this goes out with the bag well anyway so I just don't understand how he thought he was going to get away with just sweeping it under the run Did he think no one else's shoes we're gonNA explode just his yeah. I love how he went to the game with four pairs of shoes. It's like these Su- there's such a piece of shit. They will fall apart in fifteen minutes and he gave up and was late getting back out after halftime take seriously and I love how he was like. Oh it's almost like magic. When I stopped wearing shoes I played better? I I also don't know if explode is the right word because I still like his feet would have blown off if they exploded right. Will he literally really so yeah he might not have feet. We shouldn't judge so you're saying that every time a pair of his shoes exploded he just put the the shoes on his knobs and then it just got shorter and shorter and shorter. That's what I'm saying. He did say his game suffered as a result. Yeah what would make your game worse than not having feet. I guess fly not having hands but I'd say the only way it radio worse. Oh well the next article is about as his gloves his. Bb Guns Oh gloves or whatever anyway. So what's this guy's next move. We need to give him some advice he. He wanted his own shoes so we got so they exploded next. What is he gonNA? Okay whatever one buying right right now headphones. Would you buy a pair of headphones from him or would you worry that they would also explode. I would be very worried. I feel like he's making these things in his the basement. He's not even trying to outsource to China. He's like I'm on so ball. I can make my own and does it. Diy It's it's like Botham felt and some string from joannes and he's like tired. I'm the yet like what five hundred bucks appeared artisan except instead of Italian made. It's just like I don't know where the fuck Lonzo Lonzo ball is from made in New Mexico. I guess Canadian Arna sneakers the but they was not ready they was not they just exploded. Bro magically magic they literally literally magically exploded. This guy is the Shakespeare of our time. Okay so should should he. Yeah you're saying Eric. Make switch from shoes go to headphones on. Maybe I sure wouldn't mind I if the box if they were listen made if he changed the name of his company to just to just balls shoes I would buy some balls. I think that'd that'd be funny or maybe shoe balls. Even if they were terrible just like say I've got balls on my. You switched to just make an old man shoes that way. He doesn't have to worry about them. Exploding like they don't even walk anyway. Yeah they're just for show anyways like loafers penny loafers ball overs get his own penny in there now. Those old men's ball's GonNa hit the floor in multiple ways. I would fucking love to see that next from big baller brand okay and Penny loafers. Matt said that's the reliable. That's what his so at the bottom of the article it's his dad. Lavar ball claiming that the brand is still alive and looking to relaunch relaunch. That's that's the move so there are two balls in this story. Oh absolutely you gotta look closely to see both of them Lonzo Lavar Lavar. Ball's in a pod man to balls in a sack I think would be a better. Grows out. Doesn't fall far from the tree. Yeah Oh man okay. So make oldman shoes. His old man could wear them. I don't know how old Lavar ball is probably. They're probably be stoked on some balls. Well he is a ball. What is a ball? He himself is a ball. I love how I love how eric is going for creative solutions. For how how little ball can continue with his. What is it dream? Big baller brand and then Anthony's just hung up on balls. I can't get passed all. I don't think that's the funniest name ever do. You think if the big baller brand took back off he would re tattoo on his arm in the same spot. Goes back to the same guide covering up. I need undo this. Just topple air it's just embedded in his flash slash problem balls back. Maybe maybe he did the Tattoo himself and it actually just exploded. It's upside upside down and backwards. Because he did it in the mirror. Oh Man Yes so to sum up make shoes news for old men and what was yours anthony. I I think I was just piggybacking and just saying name at balls shoes or shoe balls or something like that selling it including balls. Yea also you need a network light. Yeah you need another a fourth be yeah because BB is like better business bureau Yeah his yeah. What if maybe he got rid of the Tattoo because he got BBB on his arm and people like Oh better business bureau and he's like no big baller brand but then he just got so much confusion that his like Afaq? While I'm just GONNA get rid of it you can tell from the exploded shoes that were not part of the big business bureau or better whatever the big business bureau both guys. We don't have a big ball business bureau but to make money we have sponsored here so so so here's a word from our sponsor. Hey Stephan here. Have you ever thought about making podcast. It may seem complicated but anchor makes it easy. LemMe explain it's free. That means you don't have to spend any of your hard-earned Cheddar to get your voice out to the world. It's easy there are creation tools that allow you to record. And Edit your podcast cast from your phone or Computer Ankara. Also distribute your podcast for you so it could be her not spotify apple podcasts. And so much more you can also make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership. It's everything you need to make a podcast in one place. So what are you waiting for. Download the free anchor APP or go to anchor dot. FM to get started and welcome back. We're going to go on to question two anthony. Could you read question two from twitter. Yo Yeah Alike question from Mit Maryam. She asks states rather so Well being naked from the waist down I made eye contact with my boyfriend and lifted my leg to Fart. Instead I pushed a little too hard and just pissed on the floor like a fucking dog while making eye contact with this poor man. What should did she do? After the s well first of all you don't break I contact dominance. It's a maker maker break moment for you right than in there that you're deciding right now who gets to piss on the floor for the rest of your life. I I would say goes up further further and don't break eye contact and say clean it up and then make him clean up your puddle of Piss. And they'll do it again the next day until he buys a litterbox for you to piss is. The risk doesn't quite equal the reward. Honest one in my opinion in this does she want litterbox No no no just the you could knock pissing it and show him that. You cannot be tamed Okay and then just start pissing on his side of the bed editor where why aren't why. Aren't you tamed. Because you're you're wild just piss everywhere you're saying. Yeah Yeah I think maybe go to the doctor. 'cause if you're peeing when you're just trying to let loose a fart. Yes pretty intense like you didn't know you at a p and you just past past. Maybe she has a gambling addiction. Wait what's the correlation. That was quite a gamble to take on. Oh that's true I mean was the Fart even ready was it in the chamber or were you just trying to summon one from your stomach back because it sounds like you are reaching deep for that Fart. Sorry I realize she's not going to respond. But anyway you should make sure the next. It's time you fart locked and loaded. Yeah you probably don't WanNa pick. Well yeah unless you just want to commit to piss on the ground. I wouldn't make it a recurring thing. I don't know she might like standing. That's true you have to get get good uranium. Now get a good a G- a good name is there. Is there a device that a woman can strap onto her vagina. That's like a penis genesis. So she can strap on. That's another story but we're we're about to blow the whole Internet open for a hollow one so that she can p out of it. I'll no joke. There is a product used for. I believe the intent is road trips and at allows a woman to stand and take typists. Oh my God was created by Lonzo Ball. Yeah it they also happen to be a sponsor this now but they watch out because they do explode after after four uses the will. That's where the business started i. I didn't start making shoes. They started making hollow doubt. penises is for women to wear to P. It's balls for your woman. Girl Ball made with anatomically correct balls ones bigger than the other. There's no need for balls. It's just a key comes from your. Aw insist that we keep them balls in the prototype eh three balls they all have tattoos of BBB on them ball ball and balls anyway. Anyway I better if if a girl did this to me. I don't know what I would do. I think I would laugh. No I would be very. I would be very scared because I did. I would think that her intention is just look. Look straight at me and hissing on the floor. I would jump out the window. I would probably run for my life. We like the next thing is like she's she's lost. which is like come stab you? Okay any other little pearls of advice that we could spray on this woman. I don't think she needs any help. Spring I don't know what the fodder are. You come back from that like well. Who's house did it occur in first of all Are you thinking like a like a reciprocating kind of thing. I mean was it on home turf for or did you go to the boyfriend's place and let the rug or was it a party. I contact with my boyfriend from from across the room. What is crowded party at this party? Guys I've I have been to some crazy parties all right. I've seen some shit anyway. There's some totally normal parties. I could end like that. That is true and Dan. I mean family. Reunions get crazy. I'm not even allowed back at chucky cheese. That's probably Lonzo. Ball's favourite place the B because it's got a slide so many balls I was thinking the ballpit but I oh man I just thought of an idea. Uh of what he could sell his he could make ballpit. And it's like it's a regular ballpit but all of the balls are shaped like his head and face. Oh my God not. I hope they don't explode because that would be awful. I think you just nate nate. You just describe something of nightmares. Want to jump in the Lonzo Ball. Ah Oh my God. I'm already thinking of how we could make the plastic molding to make the ball uh-huh ready to mass produce. This need is we need a three D printer. leiw the plastic into perfect three D.. Scan of Lonzo. Ball's head Anthony. You get on Matt last night I got it. What does he look like? Oh my God he looks like a weird version of drake. Yeah like mutton chops. That'll be very distinguishing feature on on this plastic balls Man Should we put wall on the side for the mutton chops. Now I mean you just molded plastic Or scratchy just actually wool ball. Just a hairy balls in a pit. Wouldn't that if you rub up against them when that create a lot of static electricity. Yeah probably kids. Go jumping the Harry. Mary ballpit no okay. Okay okay. Don't get shocked by my own. Fuck electrcity off the walls. I think we've answered that question to the best of our extent. You're done in that town. We probably can't close to record for times balls have been said in in any podcast ever. Yeah Yeah Okay Okay okay. So let's move on to word of the week. This is not really funny but we wanna make you learn something. Thank what are the week. New Word is Baksheesh and in parts of Asia. It's a small sum of money. Given to an given as alms ATIP HIP or a bribe in example is the children's smile back and asked for box sheesh. What are we bribing children to do? I don't know that was Google gave me that example. I did not make that one up. Bakshi also sounds like something extremely sexual so so something you would order on a menu. How yeah that's like I? I could see them in Asia. Let's it's maybe it's like an Asian tobacco he meant hit. This Baksheesh Homegrown Bach sheesh Bakshi sounds like a star wars creature to like. Hey this is Bach. Sheesh he's half walkie half Wamba don't look the buck she should. I Buck sheesh boxes okay. So that's Bakshi everyone. We hope you remember it and use it in your everyday vernacular guys guys hold your tears back. Because it's time for the last question Eric. Go ahead and do the honors of Reading this last question. Police question three from read it. How do I stop smiling around my crush? I can't help it anytime I'm around my crush. I start smiling. I started smiling even before I see his face. All it takes for me is to hear his voice when I see him. My heart stops in my face. It's really hot. All the last thing I want to do is come off creepy. Does anyone know how to stop doing. This sincerely. Green grins situation in Seattle Seattle. So I think you should see a doctor about your face. Getting really hot air heart stops. It sounds sounds like you die. Yeah you don't you shouldn't worry about being creepy. If you're if you're going into cardiac arrest I mean maybe a little bit like. Oh no I hope opening creepy as you you know pound on your chest to get your heart Arrhythmia. Well well is he. is she going to pound herself or someone else GonNa Pounder well. She's probably hoping he'll pound her chest. Okay well I think it's going to be the person closest to her. It's gonNA pound her chest but doesn't it when she sees him so I had assumed close ish. That's true. Do you think. Multiple people should pound her chest. I mean I mean if there's New Orleans someone's probably call nine one one so that the ambulance could go in pounder. Yeah we want professionals pounder. Okay well we're word to the wise as you wanNA keep WanNa keep pounding her until the ambulance arrived in. Don't stop he got. It's important to keep pounding. I think you have to pound her to the song long staying alive. Because that's I think I saw the office what about that long. Thanks whether it's not really like the sern- pound that Stern I don't know any other. BG Sung Okay. So maybe every time you see your your crush think about think about your grandma dying. Yes or the worse or something bad like dead puppies so that we get do something horrible. Think about the things they does. That's horrible. Yeah like think of situation for like like think of think that like he is cheating on you even. Yeah No. You're not in a relationship and just be mad at him or disguise go crazy about that. Yeah they love it. The heart of her concern seems to be smiling but in my opinion the smiling is not which creepy. It's the lack blinking. Yeah that's that where sunglasses then or blink. Oh Yeah I guess you could do that but if you don't I don't want to blink. Just wear sunglasses. Or if you're physically incapable linking yeah. We're physically incapable of blinking where that that red red band that cyclops from X.. Men Wears all the time like like not blinking a superpower power. You have to control Baseball goals that would be fucking embarrassing if you go to. Charles Eggs Xavier's school gifted school for the gifted youngsters he's like. What is your power my child? You're like I just can't blink. And he's like okay. Okay well let me let me get you to the school next door functions and who wanted to learn to do other stuff good to picturing her wearing the goggles feel like presses the button on the side and she did just makes her blink. Like oh off. Fox is just a big shudder. Sound so blink. I think is what we're saying. Yeah wait wait. Oh she says I start smiling Even before I see his face so what are you looking at. Another part of him probably is dirty girl so so he walks so she sees. Yeah okay I mean maybe he does one of those. He's walking away and then he like they like stops in which had around and his locks Kinda like sway as he does it uh or maybe he does a crab walk player heart stops interface. The hottest get me some better. All all you can eat crab red lobster so yet but think bad thoughts acce- ACSI crab walks over or can you stop. What just smile? I just don't smell like a fucking creep. Just like practically much sums up the advice. Don't be be agree practice practice smiling in the mirror like don't show all of your gums like smiling like and I think you'll be if he can count all of your teeth. Dial it back so or lack of you've been or or where what is it like a Bandanna to cover your mouth so he can't see smiling but like just make sure you wear the right colors. Yeah Yeah you don't want to stab you from smiling so kit him to stab you. Where are the opposite colors of his gang so that he stabs? Yeah was that done. Because he's in a gang so our guest you're not you're wearing colors y'all got. I'm pretty tapped out for advice. Where just where of a full ski masks? So he can't even see any of your face or just a bag. The paper bag much less creepy just cut holes in it for air and then I whereas prior putting it on. Oh aware Lonzo. Ball's shoes so they'll explode and your feet will be extreme pain so you can't smile and he'll be looking at your feet instead of your creepy face. Yes maybe you could do like. What is it called money heist on Netflix? Where you could wear a Salvador Dali been seeing that and thinking of how dumb it is that it's called money highs? How many other types of Heis are there? Well there's there's like back maybe like an art heist or actually now that I think about it. There's a lot of other highest as jewelry is all right but still there's three Types of is there's a time heist. I'm Heinz Steal People's time. No it's from a vendor's endgame whalers oops ruined it. You saw him game. Might didn't oh you didn't now I I don't care that's fine. Oh okay I think I think I remember the plot. I think someone told it to me anyway. twenty-six movies moment in the one word time time heist yes to a big old time highest anyway so fuck. I had a thought and I'm highs has gone. Oh yeah no go on a tangent about money heist but it's a Spanish series. So if you see get in in in Spanish this is called custody propel or House of paper which is a much cooler name than money heist. I don't know who was translated paper paper house. I don't know it's kind of a dumb name to was better than fucking money. Heist there. That's that's true at least like some sort of like like figurative nece in it. Yeah it's like okay fucking like breaking bad drug teacher man pick yes exactly that so anyway but also if you listen if you watch it and you hear dubbed English it's fucking awful 'cause they try and say stuff so that it matches how the lips are moving but the intonation is off and everything just sounds really stupid. So you're saying we should watch. The Spanish was meant to be heard. No we need to redouble it for them. Yes that's exactly what I was going to say who've UK over there all right Vertigo. For a second not been started started a musical interlude. Money is okay so any other advice for this person for stop smiling around their crush now just get pounded until the ambulance comes staying alive. The best advice of our entire show get pounded cal. Well well the ambulance is GonNa come but make sure you come to because it has been known for being selfish lovers those ambulances which brings brings us back to the inspirer brought all circle jerk yum. mm-hmm okay now those. I think we're I think we're done a smiley league girl he has. I think we're done with Grin Grin Grin Grin in situation. So let's let's close it up boys. Let's put this one in a syllable bag for so it doesn't go bad and end expire. Yeah has fast anyway. So we're GONNA close it off with some plugs and closing remarks so thank you guys for listening. If you've listened this foreign haven't left a review yet pleased. Do we thrive on reviews. Anthony is actually GonNa die if he doesn't give reviews. Yeah and need a transfusion daily Anthony has a long inlet law Latin long thing or something so give him reviews. Follow us on twitter at Hyperbole pod instagram at hyperbole podcast. If you have a question email us at ask us anything at Hyperbole PODCAST DOT COM or you can ask us a question live on anchor. He download the anchor APP on our podcast page. Click message and you can leave us a recorded message. Anything you WANNA plug Don't like the way lead with that question No no I don't WanNa play anyone or anything. I'm okay Eric. Is there anything you WANNA plug. Do you have any shows coming up or anything. No shows right now but you can catch me live on podcasts. Such as hyperbole. And if you haven't heard that yet just start this file from the beginning. Yeah so moving on to shout outs Eric. Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you very much pleasure. Lot of pounding and balls and that type stuff so they Larisa or the question. Thank you choke cleaned. BJ Jj positively Wolf One and thank you shout out to the WGM podcast. Listen to it fans if you haven't already thank you Chad. Selena Selena Tim Greta and everyone else would we love you all and thank you Lonzo Ball. Yes big big balls better business bureau balls big balls Bolland big pollen falls. Thank you everybody and good night. We'll talk to you next week. Bye Bye verbally.

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Ep 87: Writing Your Own Masculine Blueprint w/ Johnny Elsasser

The Super Human Life

1:16:12 hr | Last month

Ep 87: Writing Your Own Masculine Blueprint w/ Johnny Elsasser

"So what you're seeing is that masculinity is unfit for this world which to me go yourself because men need to be in this world the polarity of masculine and feminine is why this works well and when we start to take men out of their power and out of being a role in this society we're not left with a positive society. Welcome to the chipper night. Auger host frank rich. And this is the podcast in the world dedicated to helping men break free from chapels of addiction through the power of faith and that it is our goal with every episode. Help you take back. Control and rebuild your body mind and sphere and we do so by bringing real involved conversations with people just like you aiming to find a place in this world while dealing with the everyday struggles and battles that we all fits now. It is my belief that we raise specific purpose and if we can harness that belief or than take tolliver mind and body or fitness then we can ultimately create the life that we always dreamed about our own super human life. I wanted to let you know how grateful and blessed. I am to have you here with me today. Let's get onto today. Show what is going on everybody. Welcome back to another amazing very exciting episode of the superman life as always guys. I'm your host. Frank rich and i just need to tell you how incredibly grateful in excited to have you here with me today man. Do we have jam. Packed episode of our guest is somebody that truly remarkable life in story. He's he's been on the front lines former military we'll get into an throwing him mankind. Tony what we get into in today's conversation before jumping all that guys will remind you of our great sponsor that we have here today. Sponsor on this show is brought to you by none other than coveted. Is you know. we love come. Tonight's here bitoni about them for the past couple of weeks year and recommend them all the time now you know covenant is has been helping people overcome pornography for over twenty one years now with world class accountability software inciteful educational resources. Coveted is an rt near We understand that people find freedom through supportive in authentic relationships Starting with this conversation. That are so vitally important have now the thing is they've been they've been around long enough to know. That porn affects everyone Men women children It literally has an impact on everybody's lives and we have a message for all of you if you're struggling with porn or you have somebody that's struggling in your life with this issue. We wanna let you know that you are not alone. We are here to help. Both have super human life and our company redel recovery. In most importantly with this new foreign partnership with kevin is because with here to help. We're here to support you whether it's in your life or somebody somebody that's in your life is struggling with this. We want to help so we had a special offer for you is Would like to give you a free thirty day. Trial to their software by using promo code super human. That's one word superhuman at checkout guys. All you need to do visit. Www dot covenant is dot com or. Hit the link down there in the description box in enter that code superhuman at checkout to get your first month absolutely free so how does this work is what does come at is in in rebuild recovery Have to do together. Why believe in. I've talked about this for the past few weeks guys that these softwares these ads Something like coveted is is a supplement regimen. It should be in addition to what you're actually doing. So when we talk about the reboot rewiring process. Hope you have a plane place on how you're gonna build a life without pornography in using a tool using a software. Coveted is to build a stronger barrier around your life is incredibly incredibly powerful so visit the code Or visit the link down scripts box or covenant is dot com and use code superhuman for checkout. Now guys let's get into indro entering our guest for today guys. I have johnny elsaesser On the call with me giles. Sasser is a former special operations. Us army ranger with four combat towards between iraq. Enough gators in another five years protecting the us ambassador to iraq in baghdad. Johnny has seen the field of masculinity through extreme alpha perspectives in knows the trials and tribulations all men face including the toughest men in how we have to deal with in society today now. Johnny's new mission is to help man find strength in developing their authentic masculinity to be consistent with who they are in not what society expects them to be. Johnny has shifted to advocating. It's according men in finding their own masculine blueprint in cultivating their purpose in positive men in the world today. So guys we get into johnny story you know a little bit about what led him to choosing the special operations. Us army ranger some really cool stories that he that he shares with you know how he landed in in in in special ops. We break down. You know what what is society. What is what is what's wrong. In as far as how people are viewing in teaching masculine. We talk about you know this word. I'm sure you've all have herded toxic not to learning what is this. Why is this become such a prevalent issue in today's society. Wears it stemming from and what do we need to what we need to do to fix it you know. We talked about taking ownership in your life in building and creating in finding your purpose and more importantly we walk you through a process to build your masculine group. Rain actually have. Johnny evaluates things. And i'm putting in place in my life and things i've been working on for the past two years so it's really cool to kind of get some real live coaching when i shared with him. What i was doing as far as creating kind of blue plant blueprints for my life guy so this jam-packed conversation field with insights takeaways to become a better man to become a stronger man to become a better father to become more masculine present in your life guy so without further. Do let's get in today's conversation. Writing your own. Masculine blueprint which elsaesser. But because john brother welcome to the superman lives frank man. It's great to be on your brother. I appreciate you taking the time to have me on in gem out with you for a little bit today. Absolute and i'm really out really looking forward to sharing a little bit about your story and kind of you know what's what's really kind of gotten to the point where you have this podcast yard. Masculinity you're doing the meiji coaching and retreats. And kind of all the service in work that you're putting out into the world but before we get in there man i you know because we are a. We are showing in on myself. Love love the united states the greatest country in the world. I wanna start off today just acknowledging you and thanking you for service you know. We've had a handful of military men go all first episode with one of my best friends in the world's accident former former marine and we had a com- mason on we've interviewed tom shea with a navy seal Roman roberts anthony truck. So you're you're joining a long list of Celebrated man Impactful mance. I just once again. I want to thank you for your service Missionary for our country absolutely. It emitted a great place to start. You know. it's not every day you get a chance to talk with special offers special outside. Us army ranger on so kind of curious. What road maybe your your upbringing kind of. Go back to the beginning here. A little bit kind of your childhood upbringing. What won't play in getting into the military In what was that initial journey like getting into no the cringes. Yeah brother it's such a great question and it's funny because more and more people have been asking me about that. And i'll put a huge disclaimer out there. My family. i have no pedigree in the military like whatsoever so like my family doesn't have military background. Nothing like that. My uncle grew up in the fifty s. I'm really close to them. Is my godfather really just a man of integrity but also a man of respect. He grew up as a fighter. His whole life boxed up buffalo new york group and some really tough times. I you know the mob was around during that time. But he held a high level respect for family for women and for people who couldn't protect themselves. And so he and i have always been really close my whole life and he kind of passed that along to me and i carried that with me from you know a young age to when i started going into the military and at the time i was a very present kid. I didn't look to the future. I didn't really care about the past. I didn't look to the future of president now. This is a double edged sword. Because i didn't plan for college. I did nothing to test for college. I had all these friends showing up with letters of acceptance to college. And i'm looking around. And i'm like oh shit i was supposed to do something right like what was i supposed to do. And i literally found myself in an army recruiting office and this was in two thousand and four so fresh after nine. Eleven with the war was really hot in iraq And i just found myself in there. So when i found myself in there i didn't think about it super present. I went through the doc the medical indoctrination program the maps and when i got there they were just like. Hey we're going to send you to regular army unit. And i had heard about special operations souls like wide love to be. I'd love to get rangers airborne rangers in my contract. And they're like you can just go to your regular unit. You can get that later. And i'll seventeen year. Old kid like my. My parents had to emancipate me to do this. Seventeen year old kid. I'm like due to the okay cool. Well that's not really how that goes in the military. It's not that easy. So when i actually in a fortuitous turn of events for myself and for my trajectory in life in basic training i was just a pt stud from playing soccer and just being strong in being able being willing to just always give everything to compete. I was maxing out all my pt stuff. And one of my drill sergeants came to me one day and was like hey s. s. and i was like. Yeah joel stern paul. He's like. Hey you wanna where you wanna go. Special forces ranges. Snipers what you wanna do and those like we'll paul. I'd love to go army ranger. See like get your ass upstairs. So i go upstairs next day. Come out from chow and yells at me again. And i'm thinking like i totally forgot about this conversation. I'm thinking i'm in trouble. He calls me over hands me and airborne ranger contract. I signed it on his back and next thing. I know i'm going through airborne. School ranger dr nation program and be going the second ranger battalion and the whole time to answer. Your question in a really long winded way was when i got there. What carried me through. It was the fact that i was present. I didn't look for tomorrow. I didn't care how much pain i was in. Because i knew pain couldn't last forever and i was persistent and i had a high level of integrity for myself and for my family that my uncle had passed onto me that i didn't want to let anybody down so it was like i'm just going to show up every day. I'm not going to quit. And i'm going to continue to persevere and that led me to going into second ranger battalion and doing all kinds of good stuff over there yet. No that's that's amazing. I appreciate you kind of processing in inland context here four. Now what got you in there. You know you you speak these terms presence and even integrity you know. It's something we can you know. Show the working. You're you're doing out to major part of the coaching and everything going to be the entirety. But at the time i'm curious you know because you don't hear a lot of high school. Can you hear a lot of people in their in their twenties while using you know using these words presidency and You even being a man of integrity so at the time. Were you aware of this. Like we aware of the fact that you were present it. How did you kind of get to that point at such a such a young age dude. I it's that's a very good question so to the presence part. No i wasn't aware i was present. Just i realized that. As i got older when i look back at my life i was like man. I really never worried about what tomorrow was gonna hold. I didn't care. I literally just cared about the moment. I was in and my wife and i talk about this all the time. 'cause that's a huge part of who i am to this day. I literally loved the moments. I'm in and it also makes me a terrible instagram. Because i don't post like shit like right away or like in the moment. Because i feel like it's kind of disrespectful for the moment right. I love that. He said that so much. Because i can't tell you how many times i've been with with people were maybe we're at the beach. We're kinda enjoying in event. And it's like. I'm looking around. And everybody is experiencing it through their phone in. It's like no this down. Actually what you're here for is truly remarkable. But it's like you're capturing the moment not because you're experiencing it because you wanna show the people oh look doing and you're not even fully embracing the moment That so lovey senate. Because i've experienced the same thing it's like Look at the sun. Expe- this is a moment time you president here in certain doesn't care if it's sun setting were you are so no. That's that's an incredible point there yet. But it's it's actually allowed me to realize it more now that i am such a person but it also in turn makes me a terrible like instagram or or like terrible at doing like you know just being an influence or like in the moment so i try not to do that stuff but i really enjoy that part of me as well so i realized that later in life presence was something. That's always been part of who i was when i look back retrospectively but when it comes to integrity i always knew i had a high level integrity. I may not have classified it with that term during the times of growing up but i was always a you know my uncle and my father still alive so i want to preface that he just weren't always close but my uncle and i really close and the reason why i say that is because i did know i had a high level of integrity because my word was truly my bond if i said something i committed to if i told you i was going to do something for you. I would do it for you. And it didn't matter if i had all kinds of other stuff going on that day. I made it a point to always fulfill those promises. So i always had that high level of integrity for other people but for myself too. If i said i was going to do something for me like there was no escaping. It's like nope. I gotta go do that. I have to do that. You know so. I always held that level of integrity in that. That was kind of the one that i didn't know about as a young kid. Yeah that's now now grown up you like you a like a high level athlete talked about you know not really knowing what the rangers were. It's like you got in there and you just crushing tests after the tests to pt. Tasso was that due to navy laid the foundation plates sports in whatnot kid. Absolutely man i. I was a high level athlete. I was a soccer player. And i played literally just year round constantly group in california. So the weather was you know well. I grew up in the central valley hot but it was never like super freezing cold. But i i played all kinds of soccer teams on the at one time in high school like my senior year is on the number. One team ranked in california. We were like forty eight. You know in the whole entire state. So i was a high level soccer player at that time and that really helped me. That's part of why was crushing like the two mile. Run and stuff like that. It was crazy so that helped me with a lot of that stuff but it also helped me with the competition in. it also helps me understand that i. I was at an elite level for my age and to kind of push that forward into special operations now is a whole different ballgame. There's a whole different switch for elite but it allowed me to like taste with that was like and then bring forward. The effort that elite levels require. Yeah so so here. We are two thousand two hundred forty thousand five anywhere. Can you kind of mentioned. We're at the height of iraq afghanistan. I'm trying to think back. Like i was twenty twenty one myself and i was at a point in my life where i wasn't too sure i tried university wasn't wasn't working two semesters in much like you do lot of a lot of the foundation in high school like i just i lived high school for the moment and i didn't think about what the future is gonna hold so i was at a point and i'll share this with you so it was what are you gonna do. Their life ranking in disclosed to stepping into natives recruited office enforcing it landed a sales position which changed introductory of of my life. The ally doing today were the foundation laid in twenty twenty one years old with something that's Some initial job. So what was what was the early years later you know. What if any can you kind of share with us about your experience in in a special ops army rangers during those years. Yeah it's funny because people think that like once you get through the indoctrination program like if your seals once you get through buds Once you get through special forces training once you get through ranger indoctrination for everybody. Thinks like oh. You're special ops in like everything's cool in your elite bro. You get the shit kicked out a you regularly especially that first year as a private. That ship was worse than like the training. Went through so like when people are like. Oh yeah you're just you're just hanging out all of a sudden you're this magical. Elite show soldier dunno. It's all about time and you put in a crap ton of time. You're held to a very high standard because again we were. We were training for war. I went to my first appointment. Like two months after i got to battalion so literally your life as one of my squad members. Your life is on the line two months after i got to battalion so you want me to be good. There's a high standard there and in special operations you're allowed to be kicked out so like if you're not good enough you can be kicked out and what we had in. Rangers was orifice which is called release for standards. And we. You know we can kick people out for that which the regular military can't really do so in that case you always had to meet this high level so that first year was like do as miserable. I didn't have a weekend. i didn't have nights. I'd have a sergeant. That would come pull us out of frigging bed in in the middle of the night or on a weekend on saturday and sunday and we were just train train train. he'd kick the crap out of us. We'd train train train. Kick the crap out of us that was literally rinse and repeat for the first year of my life in battalion at least and it taught me a lot but it also taught me this this importance of foundation and this is what i love teaching men because the fact that nobody like people wanna say you rise to the occasion. You don't rise to the occasion you fall back to your lowest level of training and that's why we were so good as elite soldiers. We trained so much that our lowest level of training made other people look like embarrassments so when everything hit the fan and you were just performing on instincts your foundational skills were so high that you didn't have to rise the occasion because when you fell back you're still far above everybody else. That's what made us elite. And that's what makes men in today. If you're really gonna put time in yourself that's what makes you. You have to continue to train yourself and train your mindset so i'm big about foundational skills because without a foundation strong foundation. You're just building a shaky building on top of nothing and it's going to eventually fall and that's why that's one of the biggest things. I took from special ops in that. I love about that. I absolutely absolutely love that. So much. That i'm gonna ask you to repeat it. Just one line with you. Don't rise to to your level you fall back just just because i think that's so important. I've obviously to league level. It applies to every day life sharing with you the work. I do not saturday in podcast helping overcome the issues with warning. Masturbation in it's like at the end of the day built my tire company on on one-sentence in its in order to overcome your diction pornography. You must become the man. That's no longer addicted to porn. It falls that to become. We must be coming different individual and it's based upon these these virtues the values these character traits like you want to not look at pornography today create the life that is so well designed for you that it doesn't even become an option. Kansas repeat that one more time republican attorneys into cars cards cliffs and whatnot. But it was so profound. Just want to make sure that the listeners here. Not once twice. But a third time. Kim johnny should absolutely and take it and use it wherever. You can't executive horton yet. You don't rise up to meet the To you don't rise up to meet the level that you need to you fall back to your lowest level of training when anything happens in life. That's just where it's at so yeah you don't rise to the challenge you fall back to your lowest level of training yet. That's that's that's a credible so so we're here just kind of get. Get back to the story here where we're special special. Ops rangers were were experiencing all these this training. Did you ever think about making it. A career initially did about four and a half. Did you ever did you ever look at the military potentially like the long term career in in a so what. What was the deciding factor for you not to pursue that path. Absolutely it would have been really smart for me to make it a career akkad in twenty years and been thirty seven and gotten out with a full fricken retirement. You know because. I got in at seventeen so honestly it would have been really smart. I thought about it but You know we were still when i got out in two thousand eight from doing that We were still really hot. In the in the war both in afghanistan in iraq and not to get political but like obama had come into presidency in we knew he was going to change the rules of engagement and he did and he really at that time tied the hands of a lot of special operations. Dudes like Everybody actually tied the hands and he made us more vulnerable to being exposed to losing our our brothers. And i didn't necessarily want to be part of that change in the rules of engagement with how we had to apply force to the terrorists overseas so i was at a point where i had some friends who were doing protection for the department of state in for the cia and they said hey man you can come over and there's a company right now that's only hiring special operations dude former special operations dudes at the time. It was triple canopy and they said come on over and like you'll make good money and you can do protection. You can still use your skills. But you're you know you're doing a little bit different of a job so and at the time. We were still having a lot of trouble in iraq and baghdad was where the embassy was. So i decided. Hey it's either. I'm gonna go get my hands tied and spec ops where i can go over here and still have my hands tied but be making some money like well. I guess i'll take the money on that so at that time. I was like okay. Let me make that decision. And so i did and went out in started. Working for a company called triple canopy. And then i protected the us ambassador to iraq for about five years out of baghdad. Got it yeah. No thank you. For being share an added being being honest obviously a sierra don't know the inner workings of it but some great. So i know one thing. That's that's that's been majoring in kind of your transition in getting into the work that you do today. Is that transitioning out of know military. Even even this The secondary host kinda contractor role in getting back into civilian life. So can you maybe walk us through. What condition with in kind of how that beginning maybe shift your paradigm things ultimately. I'm sure that's what's gotten into lunch. August and then all the work with with men. So yeah what was kind of that transition of getting back into civilian life than what we're kind of some of those Moments really kinda change change of perspective for your brother The transition is hard. The transitions hard for any a any high octane job. I'm starting to realize the more. I speak with people. And how people on the podcast from different walks of life from elite athletes. Too you know cops to military anybody. That's in a high octane or elite job. there's a very very tough transition outside of that and part of that becomes well number one. What is my purpose now. I i no longer have this huge mission. That i was i had for so many years. How am i going to write my own purpose in. That doesn't get talked to any of us. You know especially when you're coming out of all use this for military people especially coming out of the military. You have standard operating procedures you have. Soap's that operate your life. You have you have this box this these four corners that you operate in and everything tells you what your day supposed to look like what your goals are for that day to have achievement and everything else and you just take those off right. Well imagine yourself getting out of that lifestyle and then saying hey frank bro. You got no more list. Not only do you have numerous you get to make your list but franks like i don't really have a purpose. So how do i make a list for something. I don't know where i wanna go right like. That's exactly what it's like for transition. We're not taught that so transitioning out. I found myself in. When i transitioned out of protection. Two thousand thirteen. I found myself working for the state department as a government employee and after it took about six months and i realized i was like looking around. I was like dude. I'm just like a cog in the wheel. What's this mission like. I'm doing just. I'm pressing key keys on a computer and no i'm not changing anything and a lot of the stuff that's going on is really stupid and i'm like whoa like who am i right now and then i started. When i had that realization. I started really lose myself and then as once that happens to any of us all of a sudden this is where drugs or porn or alcohol or any of the addictions that you wanna list that are really toxic to us and up coming in and people either stay in that or they make the choice to eventually get out of it well for me. It ended up in a failed marriage. It ended up to me drinking too much. And i was like bro. This isn't you. you're this high level dude overseas. You were a tactical commander. You're for the protection. You're in elite soldier with rangers bro. You're acting like an idiot. You're not happy with who you are and when you look in the mirror you don't even recognize the guy that you are. This was the conversation i had. I don't even like this dude. And i was like holy shit like either. I'm going to stay in this. In the rest of my life is going to be real toxic. Or i'm going to get out of it now so all honesty and i know and i know that i've listened to some of your stuff on this totally back. Your opinion on it but in all honesty bodybuilding was the thing that got me out of it for a second now obviously understanding healthwise. Bodybuilding isn't always true health right but it got me out of it because it gave me a small goal and it helped me to a high standard. Because i wanted to compete. I didn't want to go on there and flop. I wanted to compete and so i've always loved working out so i was like. Let me just do this. So when i transitioned. I needed to get back to something that allowed me to find some type of elite level and that gave me a stepping stone to get out of that toxic mindset. I stopped drinking. Because i used to be one of those guys. It's like if i was drinking. I was going all the way i wasn't having any it was one or the other bro. And that's where a lot of people are when they come from these jobs but that transition. Nobody teaches you about that. When you come out of these jobs nobody tells you that you you get the opportunity to live life on your terms but you need to actually figure out what that those terms are gonna look like for you or you're gonna find yourself being unhappy. Depressed sad judgmental angry. All that stuff. And that's where. I found myself so that kicker that came with a failed marriage in me judging myself as a man i was like holy crap. I gotta do something and then. I stepped out of that and i made that choice. Now there's a whole another piece to this about how i got into the self development stuff for all. I'll stop right. There was a lot. But that's where i kind of flipped that switch. Yes definitely definitely get to you. Know what what gotcha into this this whole space in world on big on purpose purposes. Well i mean it's it's it's it's rooted in the mission of the podcast is is to help you understand it. You work rated for purpose. Discover that purpose. Then do everything within your power to bring that purpose to life. I feel like you know so. Many people are kind of blindly. Walk into this world with lack of purpose. Okay here's what you know what we're kind of some of the initial steps that that you took but just to kind of touch on your your body point here because this is something that you're not touched on a lot you know. I had this kind of weird relationship with it. Where i know i know my career in. I say career at amateur bodybuilder with a major part of my life. I know that it did definitely did some good like the ability to seek discomfort. You ability which yourself under these painful getting support. It doesn't feel extremely challenging. And nobody's forcing you to do it. So you willingly wake up. Every day seeking discomforts seeking pain. I feel that that is a that is a character trait skill. That could serve really anybody so that does it did do a lot of good for me. The same token my body building was rooted in kinda some initial trauma like like insecurities inside myself the work. You're definitely fueled some of the addictive tendencies. I had with. But i definitely can't be used as a tool that same token to candy candy destructive thing as as well but for you with with purpose. What were some of the initial stephanie. You took to discover your purpose. Or what do you do with the men that you coach here here today. find in lock airports. Well i There was a slap in the face from a book called excuses. Be gone written by dr wayne dyer and the way he writes is just like a punch in the gut. Which is what i needed. Because i was sitting there with chip on my shoulder like i've been overseas since i was eighteen years old. I was all this stuff. And i was like. Who who. Who are these guys to tell me anything about being this big ego on my shoulder right. And that's where. I got slapped in the face by that book where it was like bro. You understand that the only reason you're not listening to these guys because you're making an excuse you're making an excuse of why you don't want to turn back look at yourself and step into the shadows and say all right man. What do we need to work on where your insecurities wire. They wire they insecurities. And how can we move forward and build those up. I didn't want to do that. Which is why. I wanna listen to people and then i was like okay. We'll finally that book allowed me to challenge myself. And i said okay. Challenge accepted and it took me some. You know again like you said you put it perfectly getting uncomfortable taking that chip off my shoulder in starting to listen to podcasts and to read books about you know people trying to give give you tools and techniques to be better to be a your best version right to find out who you really are which then can develop purpose. 'cause i want to put a disclaimer here too. There's a difference between passion and purpose. They're not one in the same and a lot of people think that they intersect and they don't i can have passion but passion is completely fleeting. Passion is something that immediately. When i get there like okay cool. It's gone. i felt it. And now i need to go somewhere else. Purpose is something that drives you for a season. A huge season of your life or for all your life. That purpose drives you every morning to say. Hey i'm not gonna hit this today tomorrow or the next day. This is a long process but it allows me to get up and say that is meaningful. Any step i take towards that is meaningful. That's purpose becomes very different from passion. And so. When i found my purpose i realized that holy crap. If i wasn't listening to frank. Or i wasn't listening to louis or josh trant or any of these. Amazing dudes have great podcasts. Trying to help people. Then there's a lot of my brothers that could use this information information that aren't gonna listen to it and i realized part of where my struggle was was in most men out. There is in. You can attest this. I'm sure guys. Don't wanna listen to people that they don't respect their background. And so i said well you know what now that. I've started to do the work. Now that i've started to accumulate tools. Now that i've started to do the research on masculinity and all these other things. Let me try to package this with my background. Which most men can at least respect to give me a few minutes of their time and then start to try to give them some tools that they can take back into their lives if they give me five or ten minutes. so that's where the podcast became. That's where the podcast came up. But that's where my purpose was developed. It was seriously thinking back to all the conversations of my brothers overseas happy to be back in the middle east when they have a back at home because they didn't know how to do regular life back in back with you know people. And they're like oh. It's so great to be back here bro. It is not great to be back. You're you have kids. You have a wife like what the hell man. That's such a terrible mindset but it's because they couldn't understand how to live that life back in the states and they couldn't understand that they need to have some conversations with themselves and they didn't have the tools to cope with that and so that's where the purpose became so many men out. There are struggling with that because we also are placed in a box of saying this is what a man supposed to be that my purpose became. Well let's open that up. Let's create true authenticity and let's start to write this story for ourselves because i wasn't writing it for myself but now i get to. You know that's where that purpose came into play. Yeah luggage and i want to get your take hannah minute on you. Know what you think it means to be to be a man out at. Let's change over over the years a so. Glad you kinda Yet at disclaimer there with with Passionate purpose in explaining the difference. There there's going to be many things rooted in somebody's purpose. They may not be passionate about. You know like here here. The workers parts of building rebuil- recovery that need to be done on a daily basis. Dat i built. I don't enjoy doing it but yuling fueling the purpose like i understand. It needs to be done in saint token. There's many things that i'm passionate about. That don't ally with herbs. So i need to understand that. There's boat that there's gotta there is a purpose for my life. This is what. I need to use my guiding star for every decision that i make is going to be some of the things that i don't really feel feel passionate with as long as it centered in gruden that purpose and then also understanding that i can't just chase pathak chase things that i'm passionate about because if it's up taking me anywhere center than just going around doing a lot of things i don't passionate happy about and i'm not moving anywhere so i really. I'm so glad that you yet at this green room. They're speaking of because he talked about. You know you're struggling when a man out can you know. How can this help me if he hasn't seen the things at anton through jonah's may be made difficult question to to answer. But we had. We had ryan nichol from order mandatory familiar with his work. We kind of get a whole talk on what admits demand. I'm curious with you. You know as this special ops guy which masculine bodybuilder strong alpha in one sense now vulnerability In authenticity is kind of your your bread and butter work. What does it mean to you to be a man in second part of that question. How has that changed over over your lifetime with getting out of the military nitty having this false perception of what you thought it was in getting in today's today's time do this. It's such a great question because it seriously has shifted so much. I used to believe that there was like men had to work hard. I was in this like men had to be big physical presences. They had to be able to fight. They had to be able to protect the had to be able to do like a lot of these things that i started to really think about now like not every man aligns with that shit and not only that but like a lot of guys i respect are highly intellectual. Couldn't defend themselves from a rabbit. And i'm like but i respect them as men. Why would i respect them as men if they don't meet what might old perception of being a man was so i had to really think about this at threw me for a loop right like a lot of people respect Stephen hawking right brilliant was a game changer in science for us did people not respect him just because he couldn't do anything for himself but he can out think every single person on this planet no. They respected him. You know. it's the same thing with a lot of people around not everybody embodies this masculinity and being a man quote unquote. It becomes very subjective if we take this back to the root of the sociological studies on masculinity they've only been studied since about the seventies the seventies nineteen seventy is nineteen seventy three. I think it was raewyn connell. Transgender woman out of australia was the first one to actually start. Doing sociological studies on masculinity. When that happened we started to see holy crap not only does masculinity not transfer across culturally. It doesn't even transfer cross regionally in the united states. Masculinity becomes incredibly subject subjective so being a man becomes what are your values as a man in a lot of this is based on four principles four core principles that's the essential essentially the positivist the normative in the semiotics theories all four. These theories end up helping us to write the story of what we believe. A man is in our early stages of life so the essentially is. I'll just briefly i'm not going to like dive into too much just for the sake of podcast but the essential is a guy who basically picks one piece of masculine attributes and says okay somebody who's a protector. That's a man right. Just protector so all of a sudden he could be this significant doomsday proper and has a compound in the middle of the mountains of colorado. And all of a sudden if he meets frank and frank's this really well rounded dude but doesn't have a compound for doomsday. You're all of a sudden not a protector in his eyes. You're not a man literally. He wouldn't consider your man so all of a sudden. Well what does it really mean to be a man that because he based it off of one piece. that's the essential est. You have somebody that follows the positivist somebody that falls that says they basically took ten men yom just giving an example of a number but they took ten men in their immediate vicinity and whatever the average actions of those men were that became a masculine action. So seven out of ten did this. That's masculine so now. All of a sudden they built their traits off of what the majority of men did in their immediate vicinity Normative the normative theory. Lot of us. I know a lot of my early days of who a man should be was based around the normative theory. And that's like what we see on. Tv what we see in movies. John wayne clint eastwood the loan. Schwarzenegger all these guys. We base that on who we are supposed to be in how they presented themselves in movies and we said that's supposed to be a man right. A lot of us did that. And the last one is the semiotics theory. The semi auto theory is where we take basically attributes or actions of what a man does and say that's masculine so we see our father doing these things we associate those actions with masculinity and we see our mother doing things and we associate those actions with actions with femininity so at the end of the day. All this becomes your your whole version of what a man is was written on subjectivity Or was written on social influences. And then what happens is as guys. We don't take the moment to look and say take inventory of all these beliefs that we think what a man should be and say and challenge them and say. Do i really support that does is that what how i see myself. Is that how. I want to present myself. Am i even aligned with that. Because that's where authenticity comes in so at the end of the day what it means to be a man in my eyes means to take ownership of the traits in ways that you wanna present yourself as a man to this world and own that every day. Make sure that you own those traits and attributes and it could be somebody who's highly intellectual but can't go in the ring in the octagon and have a fricken you know. Bj jj grappling match or have frigging ufc anime style fighting. They may not do that but it doesn't mean that their version of masculinity is any different from anybody else's it's subjective so at the end of the day owning that authenticity as long as you are confident in who you are as a man and you show up as that dude every day. That's what i want guys to be right now. i need. We need men to step up and own who they are because the problem is the main problem is we're having guys killing themselves way too. Often suicide rates like three times as many as as women right and then we're having guys stuck in depression and sadness and addiction. Because the fact that they're just not aligned with what the hell they believed a man to be a lot of them and that's really hurting them because they can't ever own confidence they can't own who they are in this world so it leads them down toxic mindsets and struggle so really. That's my belief in what a man should be or in this world today. What a man is yet. I absolutely love that. So we covered here kind of the four. You know ways at navy. Our perception as as men is shaped through through our upbringing different influences to signing in whatnot. Let's let's flip it in you know as talk about kind of the the perception of masculinity within the society today you know you hear this kind of work toxic methylated masculinity thrown around. You know. what's what's what's your take on on just deter terminology in general. What what is really what's happened here but yeah just kind of toxic If you can't Moment year on general. It's a major thing like the world is telling us like it's not good to be a man you know. The white man is is is evil in whatnot. What is this doing to kind of shape. Perception of masculinity right. Now this is such a another your question because the times we're in but number one society has no concept of what a man should be so if anybody's listening to media about how a man should be like they should be putting a middle finger up because at the end of the day you know. Media has been trying to condition us men and women since about the fifties after world war two. Everybody came back home. you had madman takeover how to market. They've been marketing in positioning that marketing. On what men are supposed to do how they're supposed to be just like women right so this is this whole. Social experiment has been going on for a long time of conditioning us. Which is why that alignments jacked up. But then when we talk about this new wave of friggin media you know Psychological operation that they're doing on everybody. You know we start talking about how they start. Terming things like toxic masculinity. Well let's break this down for second because he has all know i'm big on foundations will what is toxicity mean. Its definition means unfit for consumption. So what you're saying is that masculinity is unfit for. This world is unfit for us to be right which to me. Go fuck yourself because men need to be in this world. The polarity of masculine and feminine is why this world works well and when we start to take men out of their power and out of being a role in this society. We're not left with a positive society because you can go look in other societies around the world that are run in matriarchs and they have their own toxic behavior so i hate when people say toxic masculinity now are there traits within masculinity and femininity that anybody can make toxic or make harsh or make wrong. Sure absolutely there's traits that we can betray in use for insidious reasons but we're not sitting here saying that the entire feminine way of being is toxic. Are we know because it's not and that's the whole thing when people want to say that i think that they're ignorant to actually what they're saying and there's just parroting what's going on in the media and what what's happening in my opinion is men are being emasculated because the fact that the media needs to attack them to say. Oh you guys have had this power for too long. There's the patriarchy and like things are unequal. no just trying to create dissension and they're trying to create anarchy and confusion. What's really happening is. There's this beautiful balance right now in today's society when you look at the equality of where women are are up to now and where men are. And how everybody. I mean when i was working in the government most my bosses were female right and so like you wanna tell me that. There's this real disparity that still going on significant toback unlike the eighties. And maybe even the early nineties no. It's very different now. And so they're trying to attack men in emasculate men so they can continue to almost disenfranchise us and then make us not own this power that we actually have to be a huge contributing member to society and on all honesty like we look at things. Were you look at something that again. I don't wanna get political but like you look at things around the world where warlords kind of take control of areas right when they do this in foreign countries and stuff like that. Well what happens. They basically run in there and they kill off all the men they leave the women and then they take children. Okay well why would you do that. If men weren't such a powerful force in this world to create balance. Why would you do that. It's because we are in good. Men need to continue to stand up and good. Men need to stop being emasculated but society wants to rip that down because they don't want good men standing up because then they can create this imbalance within society. So i hate this term toxic masculinity i think people i would challenge anybody that wants to say that to have a conversation about it and prove that they're not ignorant to the term because at the end of the day that's my position as they are. Yeah i love that. You actually broke down into fine what it you know what. The words needs something. I do a lot ally in content in videos. That i create. It's like if we can understand what words really need both in the words that we're using in about ourselves and in the words that were talking about our actions so it's like we're using this word because it sounds a toxic. Many toxic is like no. You actually broke down. It's just saying that it's not fit for society but it's not fit for the society that you're trying to create in a world of one token you're telling the man like they're you know pursuing things cheating and and driving goals in status and money is talks at the same time he told women. Like you wanna be strong woman. Go be a man in inside. I definitely get wrapped up in and go down along rabbit. Hole might have to do another conversation with you one day and just kinda do a political kind of you know whatnot but now i wanna keep it. Keep it more to two years. So we've had identified. What is is is shaping our perception how of guiding down the wrong path to talk about hack society is doing it so many hearing this. He's kind of like wallabies kinda went off in his head. He's like oh my perception of masculinity what i've been trying to do in my life at these chasing all been distorted. Let's let's now break it down to actual like what does a guy do now. So what are some of the you know. Maybe is it a series of questions tasks himself does he do kind of an internal audit to where a man could kind of understand what is his ideal of a masculine doesn't make sense that the man begun to kind of understand like where is his perception in ideal of amassing coming from in as the shifted outta maybe some touch but out of out of where he is now getting into to the right place absolutely. No that makes total sense and it's such a great question because the fact that this is something i work with guys on a lot in i known them find what i consider their masculine blueprint and a lot of if we take this just one step back for a second So when we're from about two years old to eight years old our brains are in what's called fada and in fatal waves. This is where hypnosis works so completely malleable and were able to be conditioned this is why society and the things that we see and the way people speak to us. It's so impressionable on us. Because the fact that in those years our brains are being moulded a lot of our foundations written between two to eight years old now after eight years old. We still make decisions on things that we bring into our our brain based on who we respect in value but from two to eight. We're almost like this sponge and blank canvas for society to really condition. And so what i challenge guys to do. First and foremost is take sit down and start writing out the traits that you believe currently that you believe a man should be right so just write those down and look at them. Take take ten ten minutes fifteen minutes. Write down as many as you can think of that. You believe you value in a man right now in your current mindset and then look at them and see start crossing off the ones that you're like. I don't really believe that i don't really believe that. And maybe circle the ones that you do believe circle ones that still resonate with you and then i tell guys to go ahead and actually think about the traits of men in their current life of how they present themselves and say. Hey what are those traits that you value in. Maybe some of your friends in the people you look up to. Maybe it's colleagues whatever. What are some of those traits in those men that you value that you may not have yet and then write those down and what you're doing is you're starting to now consciously make your masculine blueprint. You're starting to say whoa okay. This is where my alignment comes into play now all of a sudden i'm creating a list built on the things that i'm choosing to keep in my life after i take inventory of the things that were written for me and then i'm the traits and other men that i like that i want to start showing up with as well now again especially when it comes to that. It's going to take work. it's not just going to be like. Oh i made the decision all of a sudden that comes up. No that's not how it works like it's going to take work but we have to remember that the story for us as men was written for us. It wasn't written by us if we haven't taken the time to actually do this. Inventory in challenge ourselves to see what's aligned with us. We haven't written the story for ourselves yet. We're still playing by somebody else's playbook right and so at this point you're taking down you're keeping the things from your past that you like your key and then you're adding in things that you liked from other people and then you basically create that into one big powerless of all the traits that you believe a man to be now what i do with guys i go a step further from that as i have them create only three to five of these as their core values as a man and i have mine. I keep mine right here on my computer and i do this because it reminds me every time i come into my office that if i'm showing up as these five pieces of what i believe a man should be if i show up as those every day and in every conversation in this podcast and everything i do then i will never leave a scenario with regret with shame with judgment. I'll always leave it being authentic with who i am. And so. that's the whole point of that. The masculine blueprint becomes three to five traits. I classify as three to five traits because again big foundational guy. We don't rise to the occasion. We fall back to the lowest level of training when we have three to five things that we can fall back to. I can remember three to five pieces. Always and i can remind myself what those three to five pieces are. No matter how emotional. I get in a in a conversation. No matter how angry i get no matter. How much in my sympathetic nervous system might instincts. I can create a foundation. That i can drop down to that. I can always bring out in myself and make sure that i remember uphold those values. So that's why i say three to five. And then that becomes your true masculine blueprint. Those are the foundational pieces that you step on every day and then the rest that are in that list in the big list that you took your three to five pieces from those become add on as you become more conditioned to represent authenticity every day to own that authenticity. And then you start putting on those extra pieces cause you're able to your lowest level of training now is so high you can start increasing training right and then you then you make that lowest level even higher so that's where the masculine blueprint. That's the steps. I challenged guys taken. It doesn't take more than you know. Fifteen to thirty minutes. Give yourself that. If you're not willing to give yourself fifteen to thirty minutes you got a lot of work to do other than just this but give yourself fifteen to thirty minutes and start assessing who you wanna be. Yeah i love this this concept here. I wanna share with you I have a list of five shakeout traits or virtues or or whatnot. I really been working on. Know per se perfecting these but understanding what they really mean in in my life and something recite every morning before i start my day constantly and kind of thinking. You know what. I'm showing up in in situations and whatnot are open to sharing what you're five. What your personal are. And then all share mine and kind of get some feedback on on what. I put absolutely. I love this. Yeah so so. I've come down to in my life. Is that the five pieces for me. Our integrity communication intelligence. Something i used to not really value too much support. I used to not value support whatsoever. I everything was competition to me. And then protect those are the those are my five thing so integrity communication intelligence support and protect. Yeah no that's that's that's amazing. There i mean very close to to mind. Minor honor integrity courage disciplined in wisdom. And i'll breakdown got each women you know honor like i honored you at the beginning of the call. I you know. I want to be a man nets that respects and honors those that laid the foundation for this life that i'm so grateful to list honoring everybody. That's certa military. I died and everything that i do so honored kendra. I'm going to be a man of my word. I people to know that. When i say something i'm gonna fall through. I'm going to get it done. And also the things i say to myself honor integrity courage. Mundi seek out do scary things every single day. And i'm going to seek them as much as i possibly can. Because that's what's gonna shaping grow in. Continue to me so honored. Her honor calgary. Kurds disciplined willing to delay gratification understand. I'm working towards a bigger picture. Bigger vision from sometimes. I got to be willing to delay that. In the moments discipline in the fifth one is is wisdom. Everything is rooted in for me. It's rooted in the word of guy understand that there's a lot of intelligence a lot of knowledge out there but there's only one ultimate source of wisdom and that's in. That's the bible. So those are my five cheers. Kinda county you're taking. Did i get close to nailing. If i was a student would have passed. I love absolutely man. You're you've written a definition that makes sense in your life and allows you to be authentic with it because that's that's the whole point is you've identified them as values that you can always resonate with and then you know how to pull them out when every moment arises and you live by them and that's where authenticity and ownership comes up so i love yours man and yeah very similar to mine which is great. You know people. Don't i want everybody to listen to is. We had two different while they were close to different set values and we probably explain them a little differently as well in our values. So that's what's that's where being a man today. I just that right. There is an example of how subjective these can be. And i've seen guys that are completely different from mine. But that's what they believe. Strong man is and that's great man because that's their authenticity in that's in that's their segments that therein I love that. Talk about mentors if you can't because he set something here with kind of understanding your ideal shaping your own values like you're struggling to maybe find find your values or maybe even like discover like what are what are my strengths. What maybe what's my purpose can aptly be something. I could feel help you talk about looking at people that you know like inspire you and i shared his before. Like if you're struggling with you know maybe taking a step of like. I want to launch a business or i'm not really happy where i'm at but i don't really know what it should look at the people that motivate and inspire you. There's probably something about them that you see in yourself. Now you had to work through and yet the maybe go through training or learn new skills center or whatnot but if you can see people that are inspiring you more often than not is going to be something in them. That is living inside of you as well. So who kind of the mentors or role models in in in your life in your kinda kinda house. That helps you get to to where you are today. Yeah brother soon. When it comes to that. I've learned. Especially since i took that chip off my shoulder years ago but when you realize that you know people that are right next to you can be a mentor or people right next to you. Can inspire you to to change or want to add some trait into your blueprint that you believe in hold you believe in hold high value for those mentors in influences can be all around you and so for me. I've started to realize it's been guys that i've recently connected with. It's been guys in my tribe One of my good buddies to my good buddies came actually just a couple of weeks ago and we were having a boys weekend out here in charleston deep sea fishing and the way they hold themselves as men how how loving and supportive they are but how intelligent and how strong they are all they present these values that i'm like wow man like i really want to add a little more that in my life and then like you said listening to podcasts. Are great ones like icy mentors. Are i see people who inspire me people who i looked to for guidance. Kind of like mentors. Maybe not in essence that i talked to them personally but i see how they present themselves how they speak and start to say. Oh that can be somebody who guides me so it's not necessarily always somebody just immediately in your wife for me. My uncle's always been a huge mentor to me. Actually a mentor right now. In my life is anthony trucks. He and i had become good friends in part of his mastermind. He's an amazing human being. But i look at him as a mentor. Not because of who. He is as like his notoriety. I look at him as the man he is. I've seen how he is with his kids and his wife. I see how he treats everybody. He comes in contact with take away the fact that he was an. Nfl athletes take away the fact that he's an amazing speaker business builder as a man. I respect the hell out of him. And that's where. I looked to mentors because the that's somebody that i can say. Wow how he shows up with everybody that he touches. Everybody remembers him because of how he treats everyone and how he speaks and how he acts like he is an amazing dude so that's another big mentor of mine I've i've had other mentors in the past like chris harder He has a great podcast for the love. Money and became a friend of mine as well. And then you know other guys in my life like j. b. spiezio who's a former He was a former first sergeant in ranger battalion. Amazing dude but a lot of guys that have come into my life and nowadays. It's starting to be more and more especially you guys like yourself frank. That are amazing. Dudes really trying to impact this world not from heart center place. I see so many values in you. I'm like dude. I kind of want to i want. I want to add some what frank's got going on. I want to add some of his. You know honor indiscipline into my life. How i treat other people in those ways. Like that's where i start to see things from guys like us so to everybody out there. You're if you're open to receiving this and you take that chip off your shoulder you're gonna start finding people who inspire in influence you in a positive way. They're gonna start showing up more and more in your life but if you continue to hold that wall up and be guarded and not open up to people not be vulnerable. You're not going to allow those experiences in those people to come into your life because they're not going to gravitate towards you because you're not allowing them in anyways. Yes great we had a. We had anthony on these incredible Talk about the nfl. For maybe two minutes and then the rest was. His life is just an incredible speaker We had we had super bowl champion. Steve weatherford for not as well and he shared this inside. He's like i asked him. You know who do you learn from your your mentors. He's like he's like when you look at things right. When you have the right perception everybody in your life becomes mental. You have something to learn from everybody but you gotta start with that upstairs. You've got to be willing to go into every interaction every conversation the cashier at the gas station. The person ringing up groceries. Half than if i'm open to letting them share with me and it starts with with that. So rose amazing in thank you. I mean i'm incredibly grateful to have been connected with you here. And i think hopefully beginning of a relationship where we can continue to support each other as well. I want to bring it home. We have one question on to give you a chance to kind of share everything but what just one last question just just remaining kind of macedonian invulnerability if guys hearing this. What's what's one maybe two things at a guy can do implement immediately like maybe begin to show up more authentically maybe show more more vulnerable once you kind of the literally like can hang up the call today and walkway doing his life immediately. Yeah brother The first thing that i always give guys because it's the easiest thing to do is i do either. It's you can call it a door handle check or a threshold check. 'cause sometimes there's no door handle there and basically what that means is before you step foot into on the other side of whatever threshold you're about to go into think about the man that you want to show up as give yourself thirty seconds or sixty seconds and say how do i want the interactions on the other side of this door to be right and as soon as you do that you can change your chemical response within your body like that like just immediately from being whatever crap you were coming from from work you can change that with sixty seconds of asking yourself. How do i wanna show up on the other side of this door for my family for my spouse for my dog. If i'm single. And i just have a dog like you know you can actually make that determination and people realize the power of our minds but we have that ability to say. How do i wanna show up as that man. Think about I always relate this to like you know. Every every guy has this scenario when they're when they've had a girlfriend they're like hey come to this party with me or in the you know somebody are dating. They're like hey come to this party with me. And they're like oh crap. I don't know anybody at this. Party's going to suck right. You've already set the intention that it's going to suck so guess what's going to happen when you get. There is not going to be fun man right so now it's like well. Why don't we flip that. Why don't we ever before we go into a situation. Ask yourself how you want to show up and ask yourself. What's your intention for that. Hey man my intention is really like you said you can like steve weatherford said you know you can learn from everybody if you're open to well how about saying. Hey my intention before. I get to. This party is to really listen and learn from people and ask questions. I'm not gonna talk too much. I just really want to ask questions if you set intentions like that and you tell yourself i wanna be a man who shows up and his inquisitive and is happy than you've already changed the outcome of that scenario and you haven't even been there yet so give yourself that opportunity before door before a situation and allow yourself to think about who you wanna be and your intention for that situation and i might give you three here because this other one's really simple but it's it's really impactful and it's and frank student right now all you have to do is put a smile on your face literally if you put a smile on your face. It changes the chemical response again within your body and people aren't aware that you can be feeling like crap completely. Just give yourself a smile for like twenty seconds thirty seconds and then all of a sudden the next interaction becomes very different from what you thought it was going to be or the way that you think about the next thing in your day becomes very different from what you thought it was going to be so just putting a smile on your face and the last thing for me is really really. Look at yourself in the mirror and honestly tell yourself i love this guy like tell yourself you love yourself every day because we as men we suck at giving ourselves praise. We're great at being our worst critics amazing at it but we are terrible at giving ourselves gratitude at giving ourselves a pat on the back at showing ourselves love. We'll beat the crap out of ourselves all day. Psychologically but we won't give ourselves positive feedback. So give yourself some positivity whether that's looking in the mirror and saying bro. I love you man. I'm excited for today. When i'm brushing my teeth. I'm excited for today. I can't wait for everything that's going to happen right. Like give yourself that or give yourself something. You're grateful about yourself dude. I am grateful for the husband that i am. I am grateful. For how i show up for. My wife. And i support her and love her or i'm grateful for the skills that i have. I'm grateful for the way that i show up in support other people in my life like whatever you want to tell yourself but be grateful for specifics about you and the last one in that same realm is or write an affirmation put it on a sticky note and put it on your mirror and just read it every morning in an affirmation can be like you know. I love the fact that i show up every day with integrity and honor myself in the man that i am that can be an affirmation. You throw on your mirror and then every day you just read that those three tactics of the door the door threshold the smile and being grateful or showing yourself love in some way shape or form. Those three things are incredible. Improving your mindset your life and improving the man that you are just those three small tactics alone and i love that you talk about kind of the neuro. Chemical effects of smiling reading with gratitude. You get get hits. Serotonin the guy truly believe. Life is a game of neuro chemistry when you understand how to leverage some of these tools in your advantage like you're drag seat at all times like you're in the driver's seat of your emotional state driver's seat of your mental state drive seat of just wear how you're showing up in the world so little things like smiling like literally releases chemicals in in your brain. That's a lot of talk about With the working in in rebuild recovers well so this has been this has been absolutely amazing so grateful for for you for sharing wisdom knowledge everything guys interested in learning more about you show on cast a you have a retreat coming up at the end of the year so Tell us where to connect with you. Online he not socially. We're not learn. More about johnny sasser and the art of masculinity. Your brother i first and foremost is truly want to say thank you again in. How much gratitude for you for number one being an amazing host on the show but then number two the work that you're doing in this world to support men into support people out there to really kind of breaking through some of these negative things in our lives in actually creating a life of happiness enjoy so truly. Appreciate it for your work brother. Thank you for having me on the show man so much for me guys you can find me at. I hang out the most on instagram as we found out. I don't post real time stuff very well. But i am on their word than any other social media so you can find me at johnny dot l. sasser on instagram. And then you can head over to my website. Johnny elsaesser dot com. If you want to know more about any of the stuff that i got going on as far as courses And then yeah. Like frank said we have the wild man experience. That's going on at the end of this year october. Twenty first to the twenty fourth. We still have a couple more spots as of this episode available. So if you guys are interested. It's a fun time. It's vip wrapped in special operations wrapped in self development. So we shoot guns from helicopters and we also hang out at nighttime have a couple beers and talk real stuff as men around a bonfire and then we get get up and shoot out of moving vehicles and we shoot sniper rifles out to like a thousand yards but then we're still having real conversations about struggles and what we're going through at mealtime so like we do a lot of this of this masculine cool environment with actually developing men in creating a tribe of men that we leave with that were bonded to when we leave this event. So that's coming up. August twenty first twenty four. Th anybody interested go ahead and shoot a message over on instagram. Or shoot me a message via email at johnny at johnny sasser dot com. Got it note pursue. That in guys will get all the info for the instagram website. Podcast in the event and it sounds like an epic epic week Obviously you know the last year and a half two years. I've been crazy. It's important for us to seek fellowship to seek community to get an environment to get people to do things out of the ordinary guys. If you're interested in joining that like leak south down down the show notes air below but as we bring it home here today. Johnny the question. We asked every single gas unsure. If you've listened to the podcast you know what's coming but you know the genesis of this podcast is a result of my own kind of kind of transformation so when i talk about living super low touched on it briefly at the beginning of the show year. See understanding your belief that we were put on this earth. Four purpose in then. It's our job our responsibility our duty. You're in this life to manifest. Bring that to life. Whether it's you know taking advantage of the physical skills you know maybe some of the other gifts that we've been given so kind of a co piloting partnership with creator or whatever spiritual beliefs are. That's you know that's reaches is their own but it's understanding that we're partnering with that in our job to bring everything kinda till i so. That's what i talk about. When i talk more about the belief or kind of the wave i looked at leninist but i love to get the take so johnny elsaesser as we bring it to home here today. How would you define living superheroes man. I love this question. Because i truly believe now in the mind set. I've shifted to that. We all are super human. We all have this ability to really impact this world in a way that we desire in his authentic with us in and i would say that living that super human life is finding where you're superpower is in doubling down on that in showing that light to the world. Don't be unapologetic about it. It doesn't like don't ask for permission. Just shine that light impact as many people as you can when you find out what that superpower is no matter what is to you know like i've had people ask me what mine is in. I have this weird way of being able to synthesize information and give really complex things down to like this base level that is really tangible for so many people. It's not sexy. It's not sexy at all. But i love the fact that i can do it and i started to do my best to bring that more to the world so living honestly in whatever that superpower is that you define living honestly being having integrity with yourself to honor that superpower in letting that impact the world as much as possible. That's living the super human life because at the end of the day. You can't take money with you. You can't take you can't take anything that's tangible in this world with you but what you do get to do is not have regret by the time you get to your last day and if you live a super human life where you're actually living your superpowers out in impacting people. You're not going to have regret you're gonna say you lived it to the fullest regardless of what the status so just remember that we all have that power and we can all bring that to light. Just honor that in yourself absolutely absolutely loved that. We're all incredibly grateful. That you've uncovered your superpower will encourage you to continue to double down Supporting any way we possibly can so john. Thank you again for for this guy out there. Litter self authentically. Don't be don't be ashamed. Don't be worried what other think you have a life. You have purpose in this world in. It's your job your responsibility to bring that to serve the people in in make this experience role having here together truly remarkable so we got so much. If you're out there new joy this conversation you can help us. Continue to grow this podcast in two different ways. I if you're listening there on audio side and you haven't done so yet make sure it'll be a five star rating or review but more importantly a somebody in your life needs to hear today's conversation. Please do favor sharing this or any of the other. Eighty six episode. We've had up until this point. But for johnny frank rich guys. We love you so much. We'll see next week.

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Call Me When It's Over-Episode 183

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1:14:22 hr | 1 year ago

Call Me When It's Over-Episode 183

"You are listening to call me when it's over it was going to everybody associes boy and I'm Alexis Roy episode one eighty three of. Call me when it's over the final episode of the year. Yes SHUTT- everybody who listens download streams all good stuff. We appreciate Y'all for every single week. We sure do guys for writing us on facebook. WHOA that is exciting? We usually don't talk about that then the show I know but I want to talk about it now because we've got some ratings on facebook so I'm I'm excited. Okay all right. Hey everybody gotta be excited about something. get so we presell parading us. That's a big deal. Yeah for review enough. That's a big deal Thank you for love. This been shown all year Yes Sir everybody who does not know for for people who may be missed. The past few episodes for the month of December will taken a sabbatical or not would be recording any new episodes until the top of two thousand twenty. So KOMO's we'll be back at the top of twenty twenty but please please continue to go on our facebook page follow breakers will still be posing content and we'll be going live. Every single Thursday will be doing this live every single Thursday. Yes as we will. We'll still be around. You know just we'll give you a chance to play. Gives you guys time to catch up on episodes. You miss some of the episodes that she was like Dang they have some funny stuff that they said you can just go back and check. I'll I'll hundred eighty three if you have time or just a couple the last five months you right right right go ahead of time. The Ain't going nowhere dummy Shit thanksgiving the more you ain't GonNa do address up in somebody liberal and sit wow seamount tummy online. Wow tell me mind no. You're not but that's true shrink right. So what's the wow. Wow is that accurate the fact it it was just wildlife. Doing it is just a fact. It's a fact Omega that used to be doing I mean. Hey everybody I want to put any Sunday best to sit downstairs sweat. I'm good you can be without put on a t-shirt and some short and believe y'all in their dressing up in my house for everybody else. Does Mike Negative. I'm comfortable you got address at the House. GotTa be the best looking one at the party to find the host would if I'm just there I lived there Um I cook host. You got to have the best outfit because you can go off it as many times as we want the outside I got. That'd be looking like they look on our day. You deliver that in my eyes you came to my house you dress up. You impress me. How about that needed me? No me dressing for other people ain't GonNa stay in. My house is doing too much. That's too much you'll press meet. You came to my house. You can't eat my food. You impress me fuck that. Won't you dance for me. How about that dancer on August August son go tell somebody who get your son some dude? I didn't see the few Gilo Ray Reagan name and Dan you why his name name to be very mamie pop because that's what they that's what they'd be calling the kid. Is he the man or Ray Ray or move on. But it's always twice nice to little young. Say One name. Like that's a little Marietta's Mamie like man I'm I'm walking back today. Some really funny. Happy we wound up showing some really. I ran into somebody with this with my high school. Like downtown. And this this little gig down doing like I just don't be in Brooklyn like that. No more live almost on beat it like that. But don't worry about that I talk about that L.. Hourly downtown like that because like you know I mean I guess I should be nice to say the school. Not Everybody was ample who went to school. You know it's study that was a fun time but I'm walking and you know how like you see somebody else each other and you want to know who he is who he is. I am and he looked the weight and I was like. Oh good so he really not saying like I could walk right by had no conscious by balls. I I'll say hi. I didn't see you like years. You like me I. I really haven't seen him since since high school was over. Yeah my I'm thirty four so it was like I haven't seen him in years so I stopped and I taught him but then I was like damn why does this Nigga Lake like not no disrespect. But it's like what do you say to somebody. You just don't talk to yeah like it's for me. It's weird running the people. I went to school because like we was friends. Then for reason then I'm gonNA problem with you but it's like it's so awkward for me to run into somebody with a high school. Where was the funding part? The funny part is he was telling me about his mix tape and the first thing. This is the muscle was like I was GonNa get to that regretting stopping a anew. The fuck is going to happen. And that was he's a EP coming out with his. Oh wire were Yosemite Lincoln himself like Damn I completely I feel bad for myself. See Rabbit back convey not in a few years you know rappers oil. It's either wrapping for men is the same thing he we started up like. You Ain't know if he he probably wants back in the day I don't care I'm telling you he didn't. I knew him. I knew him he did not write. I poetry being wrapping for like An. You probably won't get this job because you're not from New York and now but Robbing from men is the equivalent of women become the CNA's. Oh my God. That is your grandma. That's like universal as job though right like anybody can do it. This is my point but anybody can do but they should write in. That's my point. It's a his way is her way. That's not that's actually pretty the say it is it accurate it is because there's a lot of CNA shot to the to the people who actually want to make a difference to try to help somebody but could you do dude. That's there could do option like a coup like ostriches rap. I'm like Nigga Not GonNa be superstar like just let it go. Just just give me a rapper option. Let's say Jan.. I could just be rapid. What a what's you just be jammed though while we get you the better I mean southall? CNA I got no problem with them. I'm talking about the thing in New York. It's the thing that's the thing that's the thing I love the country and you you become a CNA you get a Honda civic like he hit a Honda civic become usually do like Honda civics rigs like that's a good reliable. Not Super Expensive Car Maximus. I ain't even though the Jug Vilakazi. I never even thought about the Stereotypes that come around being a CNA. I I love survey. That's what types I got the list I look at the look more. I'm the most of them. Have Honda civics or maximums. I'm telling when you say like on need to do any work long hours though. That's their own negativity. I was signing turnaround homerun. You you want a snack you want some fruit snacks. They do good they got they little carseat in the back. They unhappy they do. They play in the Sean. The boy this was back in high school thirty high schools done I can't be bothered. That is not funny. Ah I saw this week. So the shot out for this week. goes to everybody who's volunteering during holidays. Oh that's a good shot. I'll that is shout out to everybody for the right reason. Yeah we only talking to them and not to be seen by we only talking to people that want to do it because they wanna serve that community N. B. But yeah shot. I'll tell everybody volunteering. That includes us because we will be volunteering on Thursday which is some are all? Because we're today's Wednesday but on Saturday it was too. Yeah so We'll be volunteering on Thursday for Thanksgiving and serving our community. You wish is something that we have decided to make a family tradition. We did it last year and I did it the year before that but It's it's so refreshing and I'm like I'm more excited about like you're saying you're gonNA have a good Thanksgiving food. I was like I'm really excited to serve my community. I'm really excited to do that. Yeah no definitely. It's it's like when I said it on facebook today so you know choose choose. This season changed my life. Coup grabbed onto for like. I'm giving Turkeys. Can you sell fee and everything like I'm having like. He's like a homeless. I hate. We'll do that shit. pisses irks me like I think that videos people like giving ensues and stuff like that. I think that's great but you don't have to document that thing just say you just gave the shoes like you don't have to say I I I have to say you. Don't I mean if you decide that you want to say motivate other people to live. That's different but I hate when people take pictures homeless people like you're going to snap a shot And you're gonna see that person again. I invited so many people to try to come in Just not even just a volunteer invited a lot of people who didn't have anybody other. Yo Jio listen. This is not just for homeless people and anybody who wants to come and have some. You know what I'm saying it's about it's about community. Not just someone is so many people do list for because this is the one day of the year where the volunteering is like. So vast is is so yeah so so many people because a lot of people do it for ego. A lot of people do it to make themselves for the odd gave wants this year. What did you do for Thanksgiving all my? I've fallen into your volunteered. Yeah it's like a clout as it's like it's clow and so many people jump into. It was like Oh yeah you know. I sat with his home. Got Him Omar and we spoke about this about that. I'm like but would you do that on your day right. Would you do that during the summer. Yeah you would you would you. Would you do that anytime the Oh you just want to wait until Christmas and Thanksgiving this makes you granted do what you can. I'm not knocking that dude. You can't but we also we know why some people do it like last year is so funny this guy that was there and he wanted want to take a picture with the group on what the all these dinners like they were giving. I'm about the sector Dan. I'm drop him on my way or whatever he like wanted to get. The perfect job was like well. Are You thinking as photo showed that it was a bunch of people volunteer. He was like no. This is like this is for my personal page. Like I'm artist and I just want to show and I was just like I don't think I WANNA be your photo anymore because you should ask but oh my God you're such a great human and it's like you really not like I mean maybe you are good for Tammy. Correct your intentions are kind of in a wrong place. I mean whoever decide if you just come out for cloud or you just come out just to be a part of it so you won't get left out or are you coming out to actually volunteer. Shout out to you know. No no no no no I love how great to our love agreed. Take me no shots of ownership no shadow. Because I feel like those people that are doing it for cloud dangling seen whether they WANNA get in anyway. Okay so thank you so much for coming out and helping those are not yes and nos fifty fifty I give you that one for me is fifty fifty. Because they're gonNA be in there by a way to do too much you know it's like lash remember volunteering last year and I remember sitting with people and of course this is. I ain't going facebook and Blah on my like this stories. Are we done every even toll like I remember last year when I volunteered those There was this one guy that came up and say you know hearing really have nobody he just wanted to talk. And and then we we talked and he's like you know my sister died or his mother he says mother Donaldson's giving. Yeah Yeah. He broke down crying. I sat and spoke on. They got deacons. Go speak women unlike. Just then right Lou right after that guy told me that you must have hospital. She got cancer right now. He said I came here. Because I don't even have anybody eat with. Go back over there. He's I can you pray with me. That was a big deal strong. Pray at that time such. It's it wasn't it wasn't it's not laughing at the fact that I told me the story again. Perfect you you said you looking around like what. The aim is that whole thing of like people don't realize how much not power but like how. Yeah how much power you have just to be human then this sort of that title. Yeah Yeah I remember. We had to accept that. I remember when you actually tell the story and you should've seen how your face is like. He wants to you when we purview for you right right as a human except that. I don't need a title to like. Yeah I can speak to people. bumbling you of all people me like like my skills to get your brother. Ain't my hold water back Matt but it's like it's even like when I was finishing the mural the other day when I was inviting people man Komo your come come come or whatever and it's like is it just hearing some of these people stories it is. It makes you more appreciative of the fact that you are in in a in the space and the time and God has blessed you enough to be able to give to other people because you know gratitude is the big we'd take so many things for granted granted And gratitude is the highest. Just being thankful for the fact that you can give to somebody else To me that I mean that brings me so much joy. Yeah my heart to know that I Have the means to not even just the means but the ability to take have patience to listen to somebody that needs to be heard food or Being able to assist the old person that has a bunch of bags and I have the ability. Like I'm grateful for that type of stuff because that's what we're supposed to do in community as humans. We're supposed to help one another when when even when they're not in need but just assist one another if they just need a little help. I mean I got mushrooms. Walk Walk in. Help your your car up. Yeah I do walk home anyway. Somebody looking after the babies that you know they mom or their parents are like overwhelmed. Camden you see the baby's jumping all over the place and you're trying to help them save. That is a form of gratitude. I'm grateful enough to be able to be have senses. Insist have A not a caretaker. But what you call the author of a near a nurturing spirit to look to be able to see anyone. Babies are in harm's way but you know all of that. I'm grateful for. I'm very thankful that God has allowed for me to do a lot of things for a lot of people. Do the the same thing for me when I was in need. So you know. It's a rippling effect in a circle. It's needed yeah. It is a goal circle. It is round round out there by. Who's who's actually doing something great This season like whether you helping your family friends or whatever it's like just get out and do some somebody. Yeah isn't necessarily mean. You have to give money all the time you know. It's not always about financial even if you came violently happy. I'm on medication. That's what I'm saying. Do something do yeah help help do something go above love beyond you stop complaining but yeah gotTa Get up like again get up GonNa Store Copa. Go Buy the flowers on the. You won't eat chicken and moving on. Yeah so no. If y'all heard what we heard Well first off. I want to say I don't know his name but shot the guy who's paying who's pitcher. I put the Artis apartment supporting other artists. I can't remember I was doing. A mural is real quick I was doing a mural in my His name's he's not on it that's the thing he didn't his name nothing But I was just so enthralled in his story so I was doing so I was doing a Ah some lettering outside much. CBC AND ON. Like whenever. I do outside stuff. People always WANNA come to you. It didn't bother. It never bothered me that people speak to me. It will bother me that the same conversations will have but then as I got older I realized like all right. I'm inspiring somebody so I usually meet the people that say I used to do that. And it will bother me. 'cause I'm like Can I just not hear your war stories. Then I'm like wait a minute like I don't know if what I'm doing could spark something them and make them want to take it back. Yeah I met a guy who we used to do illustrations. or He's home invited him. Come back to Thanksgiving or whatever we sat him he he he was just like you cannot just show you what I can do. He's feverishly WanNa miss like an all. He wanted to Allah him. Say McConnell Marcus books like twenty minutes. Yeah so yeah. Just just. And that's what we wanted and he left. He was happy made his day. Then so guy comes with your really like what you're doing in my schedule because the letters in it and I was joined the picture in an producer. You'll you did. That is crazy your your talented. I'm fifty seven Babayo portfolio house miles. Right they can show you. I'm like you're so funny when somebody like when somebody sees you doing something that they don't they don't get a chance. Do you think you on some level. Yeah and it's like brother. I getting paid to do this. I'm granted I'm doing something that you probably haven't ever done before or you. Just I don't know how to get to I get you know so I I understand it so within told you that you show me stuff. He's like man. This is like I do this village do that like I got two daughters out of school to school is cool. He showed me of your lesson. I get imprinted. Whatever he's Joe for twenty dollars a piece you know? These people love buying stuff from me and I was like I had like twenty five dollars in my pocket. I was like other. You probably want this. He's he's hume honor for me of the year. He's a your thank you my first sale of the day. I'm like Oh Ooh Ooh you made that double yeah. That's what I think about. I'm going to get back on with intention of by new like you. You gotta give you gotTa give you get you know so many people buy things for me. I'm like I need about more. Most often people need to be a collective other people are. Yeah Yeah so technically he is like the first collect. He's the first artist you've collected. Yeah and you don't even got no signature. nope but I know if I see him brought to church but yeah. That was a big thing for me that I think that's a very inspiring story. Now like seriously because you never know who you're inspiring and you never know who is like mine is just like yeah people's mind blown. I WANNA do shit Miami so blown like you actually do this like you actually. It's so funny I was talking to my best friend today and You know we have been friends going going on ten years and I was like. Is that range. I'll and sorry is and we were talking. I was like you know what I'm so proud of you in the last in the years that I've known you you have accomplished so many things. And he was like man. I'm more proud of you because as you are. You've always been a risk taker since I've known you and you know in those times where you feel like you're not accomplishing nothing. You doubt for for about young. You uncertain about which future consists of it. Is Somebody out there. That's looking at show situations like damn. That's personally actually doing shit. And that's exactly why I never also never take your skill or your talents for granted. Yeah never because it was light to you may be having somebody else. It is a he made me realize that because the last couple of days I've been on what was what's going on. But you know him saying that was just like Dang he he took me through my own catalog and you actually have done a whole lot of shit in your the short time of life of being here and you should be proud of yourself so you know It makes you. It's a form of gratitude for yourself. Being thankful that God has given giving you the talents that you you do have other people as like damn like really you did actually daily and you'll get the looking like damn I am Kinda doubt I am. Ah I it's for me to say certain things because I sound like I'm conceited. So I just be like thank you can go. I just always say thank you. Yeah I do a little razzle dazzle. I I do a little more than little to nick. So speaking of support and talent. I don't know if you heard what someone welcoming fucking up all right so let's walk walk. Let's jump back. Let's jump back real quick this this story so me you had this conversation. Yeah like a week ago. I'm going to say it was a we can go on like that. She cancelled her tour. Dates yeah she says she wants to take care of her almost two weeks ago it the right before the soul train awards. Yeah so MOMS. She was like she wanted to take a mental health and all that and like anxiety was real never cannot downplay now. I do not doubt that for one bit. I do not to take 'cause she doesn't look comfortable where she's at anyway. Her mental mental is a little bit right so there is dead. There's nothing they make a joke about that now. All I'm saying so people showed they respect for that. I saw was somebody to be aware of especially celebrities. Yeah somebody it'd be this way but you know what this really is not for me right. Yeah you know Fast forward to her live too. Yeah so people before lives because alive. Yeah fast forward. I think the night before. Last she had a shoulder auto. I'm say allegedly because I wasn't there I legend nobody. Yeah have really like there's nothing that solidified any so I'm GONNA say. She got a Mendelssohn Joan because he really had to go and live in. Explain yourself if you didn't do anything wrong. You didn't have for yourself. Exactly announce all say exactly so fast forward. She had a show on Toronto a night or two ago right and it was raining and have people outside until eleven o'clock people said they got I. Didn't there was no opener. There's nothing the whole time waiting for her. She's on its stories hanging out with Drake Toronto. She's down now all this no of the stories Israel that's not allegedly now allegedly. She says that they ain't tell her. What time suicide date? And so what's right and that all her stuff was holed up at the border. I'm GonNa tell you I've been to Canada before or a couple times. The border Israel their border Israel. They don't play no games. They're very serious about what comes into the country but while I was gone live and not talk to your fan. Sorry why would you not put that on your story and say hey. I'm waiting on. What like something come on Bro? Social media just prevalent and state you for you fuck it up for me. No I mean I really honestly feel like Summer Walker. This is how honestly feel. I think that shaped island tissues as talented as she in. I think that hurts he. She doesn't have a team that prepped her for all the success. That's coming with her album like she wants this. I think that she wants it but it was such a rush. 'cause you know being a celebrity you can be famous overnight and everything. Just start moving fast. Then I'm a fucking thing a lot of people I can say everybody. A majority of the people in America want to be famous. Yeah but it has. The different rush. Celebrity isn't as a different rush ban jess the rush of you jumping you jumping out of a plane and you get that rush rush. Come once the Greenwich it is over once a once. You are high and your time everybody wants you. Everybody wants a piece of you and you have to be not only mentally prepare but you have to be physically prepared for stuff like that. 'cause you your body is about to go through a overdrive that the chew never ever had to work as hard. It's around. The clock is all the time so you really have to have a starting team around you. That knows where your mental is that. No what you can do and and you have to know what you can. Do you got to know what you can pull the plug on and I think the thing that bothered me. The most is one that she didn't even communicate which are fans. If you knew that this was is happening. She's a seat now this thing. She says she didn't know the her team. If you unsure if they gave you a schedule they gave you a person a schedule so so that means that you knew what time you were supposed to be at the venue. If you went at the time why are you going to answer. No question SIS. And that's where my issue comes. She's on live defending herself. And I'm like it's something. I didn't know that my team guy hold up at the border. Okay you didn't know you show either. Did you write clouds clearly affects your. She'll to your days when were were one spoken so you at all right. She was like they. Just tell me how and where to go. Then you're the artists. Your team is not going to be attacked. You are sorry are your team is not going to be attacked the you know. I'm 'cause I know I know. I know your team is not going to be attacked you. You are so it was like one of those situations where I feel like you should be more knowledgeable about your business your artists. That's like you doing a show as a visual artists Madison. Addison Square Garden Madison Square Garden. And you're doing all these tours before that for you. That's what I'm saying and you got your tour manager. Who knows the days which our tour manager communicates this stuff to you? Because you're supposed to know 'cause fucking supposed to be on the stage so it's like she I don't know she just seems it seems like our team is not looking out for the best interest of her and they make her look stupid and she got the gone live at. Why are you vinnie stuff alive if your concert was I suppose happened late and you didn't know or you knew that you had a concert? You didn't come. You need people. Go on people go on instagram. All the time expensive they fans fans while they can't be at a show why the show happened two days. I almost fucking week ago. Why are you gonNA live today? was that a week. I don't know how After happy happy like the live was happened. If I'm not mistaken I saved the video. I have yeah I think the night. I think somebody told me. It was a COUPLA Blah days after it probably but why wouldn't it happened that night people were standing on an arranged for you like for me your supporters people that spend a hard earned money any. You need to explain why you didn't shower. Don't wait a couple of days later. Russia instant initial. Because then you have my shit together my musicians. I want to explain cities people she. She tweets the dumbest Shit. But you can tweet that. I can't be here. I can't do this. You can't keep your now no everhart. Pr Person They dirty part of me feels like she's just been handling hope into a recently. Yeah you know. Because she s he posts closeness like and I like to walk. I like her but the ship that she posted just like. She's not throwing me. She's like even pretend instead. The situation about the bath will makes you think people ain't gonNA call you dirty. NS The point. I'm making like the shit that she posts is very sketchy like you. Look the people that she likes you. Don't take no bath. This take a bath. Oh she was right you Louis Adam gase fire let's be. Nobody's sitting. Nobody what he would he told you about ideas on the internet does not get raised. These Tony Shot. People re scree record like you can't get away from anything everything has have to do with a a recently deleted tweets that we found nigger. I do agree. One thing that she said that social media has a tendency that people say very vicious his things and it's yeah they are. I do believe in this. If you don't want people say should about you don't put your shit out there and fine and you know what that definitely goes into the conversation of idolizing celebrity. Yeah that goes beyond one show to be as you want people to talk about show sheet. Don't put the she out on social media right well to the public in general I yes I agree because there there goes like this. I feel like once you put something out to the public whether it be a quote on facebook or an album for everybody to buy once you put something out you are open to ridicule from the puck. And you have to do with that. Everybody gets that you've got your small circle now and he's telling you that you're great you hit a point. You Know God willing you become big enough to what whatever of anybody who does something. You'RE GONNA hit a point. Somebody's GonNa say I don't like your shit. I think you're calling. I think you're ugly. Oh you dress this you gotta deal with the negative as much as you do with the positive how you handle it. Yeah Yeah how you handle it. I think that because she has like she came out with such this bubbly bubbly personality before people were expecting shoes bubble. No no I'm just saying like she was so eager like the way that she portrays herself on social media that like she's this fun loving girl Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah and. Then she do that. Performance its performance at the tiny deaths. where she said what a damn stuff animal not saying no expression and it'd be like okay? So what are you giving us hold you if you followed her on twitter. That wouldn't have shocked you at title like that performance when such off because he does she just does weird shit. Yeah she posts a picture of her biting her boyfriend face or like she. She's she's I'm I'm sorry she's like she. She seems like a very funny person. But it's like the shit that she posted this so sketchy I'm like and not like bad sketchy t- to where it's like. Oh I can't trust you be around. You is like why are you posting like who cares. Why are you saying this? Who the fuck cares? It's like I'm not saying that anybody any creative is just a machine because that's the wrong idea to have me as being great as to. It's like people always the public always wants you to create Komo create create. Come out like just keep putting it out and you. We're not robots we're humans. Yeah so hers. Her speaking about her anxiety stuff was very applaud. Her for that too many people got it but at the same time you have to realize that like at the end of the day. You're this is a job Ob- you tell us now you now you have to play the game. It's not just I do what I WANNA do. You have to play the fucking game. No Yeah I'm not saying if the sign every autograph and be every but let's be real people streaming your songs people buying your outdated lifestyle. You gotTa take that pitcher. I'm not saying if somebody invasion of private space where you as different. That's different but if you if you out usually schilling you don't WanNa be bothered. I'm not going to be mad. If you say you'll please don't run up on me like that but if you're a Show and you choose to not speak to anybody who's there like even if you just walk by somebody and they're gonNA give five at the fucking railing. Something don't beat his whole whole introverted in turtle shell like. You can't do that if this is your job if that I don't think that like I said I don't think the hurt team really prepped prepped. Her success was with what what hurt success entails because she just she she wanted but she don't want it and that's confuse them like you. Can you can be a superstar and still have privacy. Yeah can you can control that. Look it will Smith Jada. Pinkett has a perfect fucking sample Niaz. AJC through Knicks still wondering. What the going home? Yeah yet these megastars everybody knows you it's all NA personable and they appreciate that they have people that support their lifestyle Ryan. It's like you got to you know especially for me. I'm not even thinking about fans these are. Excuse gives me supporters. These are people that support you the people who buy into you. Why would your lifestyle you write these people that spend their money to come to your concerts? So if they're doing all of these things you owe them something you old them something if they not going to get. They're not GonNa get the concert Dan they definitely he needs to get some type of up. I appreciate you. Thank you type of thing. We are tweeting tweet enough. I'm not saying hearsay signed everything you know I'm just saying now is the United States I don't I'm not saying you have to sign every single autograph but you shouldn't be be afraid to sign autographs. That is showing nutting right. And that's what that's weird to me like. Somebody like Jayco who was like a very. He's not introverted. But he likes X.'s personal was You still see pictures of him when people random place. Yeah I understand that this is my life. y'All be my life yeah. Have you saying like your successes because you support success as the celebrity celebrities who treat and I'm not saying summer walkers asshole the celebrities who the celebrities who Treat people like the cheap the people like dirt and just fucking show of late in walk past people when they say hi to them and like just oh you know whatever is. I'm not saying you have to answer every single. Dm I'm not but you you have to realize that like you signed up for this. This is your job in the public and can be demise right it depends exactly depends on how you play to them. They they can hold you up. Drop you just not they show. Can they showed Folk wheel they did just a smaller like that in twenty four hours he did. He's still living living. I actually his career. Yeah Ex. Post some denise somebody supposed to me it and then this. This goes into people idolizing celebrities. I appreciate people for what they make. Yeah type of per you. We really don't know so. What type of person celebrities really they got they own? They got their personnel. The people that know them are closing them knows them best so we have to remember that like idolizing people just stupid. Yeah because that. That's an expectation expectations. Build build up to let you down. Yeah you know what I'm saying. So it's like I just think that she just just need to get it together are really GonNa lose her fan base really quickly jump people. I mean we live in a short attention span society. To begin with a Nigga will be like. Oh Oh she has one phone. Girls wanted to write and I mean you can you can become the next Anybody Walk you real quick. You can be pleasure P without Without Pretty Real quick real quick itsel mini. They got lost in the shuffle future. We still trying to find him in the future. I'm sorry I just don't his bid on the radio for some time by itself Oughta put out a new joint they need like I don't know I know I know party next door. Just put us on the weekends something. Today I haven't heard of yet so mini like I'll have gotten faded out and it's funny We spoke about this like you seem to think that. That's what is I. What a he did an interview? I don't remember I think it was Jimmy. ivine conceded everything fucking Jimmy. Avi like best buddies He said that right now. The music the music industry. He is on quantum quantity not quality which that's like young. Hey last summer. Two Thousand Two summers ago Tucson summers ago popping hopping I own a was she. She she'd been released us. She's she's coming Eric like I'm so fucking seeking rabbi She can talk with a bus. Yeah and she really. Can we spoken about this before. But I'm just what some Dr Jason Body coming now. It's like it's that whole Internet was especially the past ten years. The Internet is a gift and a curse. It is because you have the option to do. Something doesn't mean necessarily have to do you. It is he says it went bad when everybody started deciding to put out songs every single day. Everything is not going to be a hit. You know so now. You're flooding everything you look at somebody like I mean Grin. Everybody's not on that high as of artistry when it comes to guys I Kendrick or J. Colds one of the most talented rappers out. Yeah ever They make stuff going to overlook year to Veer Yam. Then put out another album. Just be like Oh my God. They came out with outright. I and I feel like if you make something well. Yeah Yeah you'll be fine like I remember life genuine speaking about on the show. If you don't put on nine in a while you wash up on initiative good you don't put in a while. People will be waiting. People are waiting for. Miguel album I duNno. Life Jennings has a unique sound but his songs are all all the same song right and that's why he knows he fell. That's why he got the lace run on say boy and pointing that out. That's you look terrible wrestling like the inside of a beef. Patty lead here and he got J.. hilarious clout Oh yeah he did. That was a long as seen at the ended up video. That was a movie and young with the with the genuine breath and they had blond tips owner Peru. Yeah thank God that was personal. You won't be the people who make 'cause I use the Love Olive Dan he had to slow down and his spirit. He has some. Hey and then. And he's just got caught up. The music caught up with some other stuff. You know what he wanted them both fattening. You know how he has always been fat and but right you know how like you'd be. It was then as soon as you take your shirt off his round stuff like avant avant used to be that way where he was slimmer. Well he's now. He lost a lot of ways. We now yet. He Austin because he was like tiny turkeys. Well he was not he was nice. Well you got. You got a allergic to obese like that's not like swollen. I'm Jacksonville like no like he wasn't ed. Yeah he was water. Swallow my God. That's terrible Nobody nobody in shape out of shape. Dudes for came up in a real aero- and Nicholas Martin Baggy clothes. You can tell if he was skinny or fat. And that's it's hard because it was it was. It was getting tighter getting to. He was getting tired. I was like you know what you need to go. Back to. Two thousand four down video he had oversized now he was only lose goes on all five member. He tried to run out the he's skipping. That's how I knew he was fat. I wish you it was. He was like he was trying to remember. Is that Lewis Shitty Butterfly Briancon Seattle his stomach and the slowdown career. Here she got bumped from. That's all I remember was like I'm GonNa kill. Everybody started doing that Shit. It was butterfly rice around people. You can yeah. The that became a thing. We'll waxing it was like B B juuling. Zeina is like of juuling. Would you would wait like does law rhinestones you. Put Him on top of you. If you're a pelvic bone like the right there that will you know right above villa. I don't know what that is used for any human of. I don't know the name of that space where you people here goes Africa but anyway It's and I think I do. I do have an issue with that. It's like people just putting out music just to put out music. It's like every other week is like I like I. There's is kids poster who was on. WHO's on up the block right now and He was on 'cause I watch I was the name of that. Show a a full size one. Yeah new to Trinidad James. And he ain't on a show but he's a famous one kidding little. TJ His name. Louis C. J. he from the Bronx in here rapper. and My why do I never heard is listening. Oh because I'm not fourteen. That's why I'm hurt but it's like there's a little somebody all the time time. There's a a new something every and it's like I'm down for new talent. I love New People. But everything coming out ain't fucking greets on it like like somebody really did a tap on your man like just because you don't mean show so you think just because you could see they shouldn't. It shouldn't uh done a lot of things. I I feel like you know the best lessons in life is failure part about it. 'cause most charter become. They don't even look at failures. Failures failure issue back. My Nigga like I'm GonNa just come back with another hour waiting to be like that failed to because that's the issue. Most people get a chance is to be a one hit. Wonder they don't realize you get hit. I yeah so you still just at that you just entered. That's it I mean you got to have some type of determination who got dreams but you know you wake up isn't i. Just I just I just have issued Dr J. spoke that she was like he's a person who there's no for not putting up projects. Let's be real about that. I do not believe that. Dr J. as one of the best of apple is now. He's a good new sir. Nobody ever called them with rob people will say he's the greatest introduce ever 'cause I don't think he arrives but hours think that he should be putting on a C.. But here's the thing he don't he don't really wrap on his album like you have you. Yeah I have heard the one that he had the features on his features on on his own. I know he shouldn't he shouldn't the he's just let them be seen Seen no no no because the chronic and the chronic two thousand one two of the greatest hip problems. I don't like his his tone of voice his he he remind me like like another person voice that I don't like right but I like her. Make the stallion. I like. Make the stallion like the person as she is her her facade and everything and her personality and everything thing I love it but she wrapped the same like girl. You know that and that that goes take deep to adopted raise it everybody putting shit out any really great. It's just great. How music not great uncle? Nah I'll see you know what and you know who else. I feel that way about how little she can. She don't fade out. I truly I. She's going to become a facade. Feis an opinion would be okay. Yeah I keep saying I I look at her and I respect the whole like that. She put the other day like eight years. I respect Amo who fights yeah good fight our respect that guy here. I respect that that does not mean that you're talented. I never really looked at how talented say she is not that blame it on the juices. That shit is fired as long as she can't sing. I'm sorry I don't see what anybody sees. I'll see. I listened to no no. Oh so I like it either. Gill she does do a lot of screaming at her performances. And I I was listening I will. I remember. Were seen her on Seoul shine awards and she was like singing this China's opera song and I was like yes she's been doing lately. I was like what are you doing. It's apple is technical. Technically trying opera singers notes very well and I found beautiful. Use fucking this whole jar. Very impressed with her playing the flute and being so active in her performance that Russia every fucking impressive. Because that's I'm breathing techniques that when you but I do not not see or hear should I say. I don't hear what people here when she sings novel. No neither is our. She seems cool like she. It seems like a hell of a pre now. She seems like she's really nice. I yes she has a character. Great fucking character. I don't hear the vocals. Yeah somebody please send me a demo demo tape tell me how you need to get the demo something and you need one song that's GonNa move your spirit like I haven't heard it. Yeah I haven't heard it. I'm sorry I know I'm not sorry. No take that back. I'm not sorry I just haven't heard it. It's like every time I hear she's screaming and you know what I think that because she's plus sized they're letting her goal very very fast weather pushing her instead of appreciation for the talent you know whatever she is is Oh shit it watch out for the big girls. That's what they're doing why that's what they doing. Let's be real. No it see anybody could be p. He wanted to be honest with themselves. They're pushing her because she suicide because I'm sorry she can't sing. There's a lot of people I can't think so. I'm not just singling her out. Yeah like there's a lot of nick exists out they can't you know who actually needs to put out an album because I'm tired of her actually taking over the show Jennifer hasn't I don't think she right right is wrong. I think that's what it is. Jennifer Hudson be seeing on a voice. You'd be thinking that people on the worth every every clip you. She was thinking that every every time I see how suit dedication our children view. or She's in the back singing with somebody and they note for note on my album. I Ah don't like CAS. I think my favorite song is the Harwood Nia. Oh Ooh you got Akwa. Thank my Promo Song for thinking land respectable respect. I mean that just beginning vocally. She's icon she's she's she's one of the best. Yeah yeah her in less than new girl. That's coming out she's she's lice kangaroo. She got long hair and she did the video. She had the video of when she was singing thing in her. Mama was an audience. Like that's my baby. She's Oh Sh Sh she looks now that one ovoid fire one. 'cause I found about how long time ago because she does a lot of guys cover voiced. Is that one. I just got children around my body just thinking about these five that one right there I was like says for we have right now. We have like a resurgence of our. Yeah there's a burst of girl play. Harriet tubman she. Flames of throat is just off singing off off. She just I mean I don't as she I don't even have a worse for them vocals. She got her spirit. Her nose off just ops holidays. What the largest ascent knows goodison? I know but I mean he's fires. She's does she like. Now here's my thing. It was funny. Because you don't like you let the decades. Yeah a week have over here. We have a month the first Sunday. Yeah so we have a a a a month. Today's three days left to today's love. uh-huh anybody who on black Friday like highlighting bonsor. Black Friday is not going to be like it used to be because I don't think broke people aren't gonna how sad it ain't gonNA. It's not gonna be I know there's going to be the first line Friday longtime this computer first. Thanksgiving is going to be nice since I've been here since you've been here outside outside Yes so every like billboards been doing. Of course everybody's getting ready for the end of the year and the end of the decade on. Yeah and it's like so billboard declared my beautiful doctors fantasy at the best album of the decade which I completely agree. What kinds yes it is? It is the best hip hop album of details. It is I mean. Visually the visuals for the everything coloring. The coloring was so red and blue Richmond so so darkened so great. I mean like the aesthetic for just the images what I was like so fucking amazing. It was bright colors. 'cause it was it was everything was way the reds and browns. Yeah those in the movie if you saw the movie so in white so the browns. Yeah a lot of the movie you miss out but go see the phone yes. It was thirty five thirty minutes. It's only by watching like a hundred times That that album spawned so many things and and I'm talking like only from the Good Friday Good Friday series to the the short film to hit performance at Coachella. Like all the the red suit from from runaway I- Conic I fucking county But Billboard Bill always go straight into hip-hop about R&B now. They don't ever talk about rb. And I'm I was thinking. Damn what a my favorite albums from Pakistan. You wish your favorite because right now you know by doing dumb tenure challenge. Yeah Jassem fucking is because all I see is disappointment pages showing me which I used to look like. You can't tell me that you own up to what you look like you've got yourself go chief you figured out a couple of I got a couple of Grey tares but some people that ain't nothing like they looked when he was in Chengdu ago looking at real life and took them. They didn't mean for that to happen. They got took by life. Life is so for me going from two thousand nine hundred ten outside of like A. There's a reason why will not name beyond say Riana. The the reason why is because for the past ten years they've won Artists of the year like I think is is a woman artist or something American music awards it's only on on an NBA. Depressing is so out like just rule alone. I cannot mention that because be wonderful. Yeah love beyonce's but so for rule alone. Oh I will not mention a beyond. Even I don't think really has put out a complete album in a long time. A tobacco for me for me for me. Anti will be my only album that I can go for. I don't there's not one not one among go front. 'cause I've listened to that that's a good album is a very good. It's that's the only one that I've been like. Dang this is a good body. Roughly that was those blankets albums. So black I mean that more than one ways. Yeah So outside of beyond Syria for me out people who stand out in the past ten years there are two. I can't say only two who people but to people will stand up. And when I say albums complete fucking body of work okay now oh sing was like for me there there. There is one person one. I'm I'm naming Milford. There's one person who put out. What is it four is now three? I'm thinking I'm thinking to myself. Oh four in the past ten years four of course for complete albums and they'll go. Yeah four complete albums role roll crazy another person who I and the only reason why I can't say because one of my out from him came on like two thousand eight. Yeah to up to eat. So I can't claim I can't claim that I'm not mistaken but jetsons element I knew say solvent. Those homes. Were you no. You didn't you didn't know that I did I did now. I'm also going to say somebody. Who are the people down? This a lot of people would not pay me to say of course that Michelle could Came onto nine. Chris Chris at Michelle. Epiphany was a great fucking album. The album the her and Neo worked on. That was her the only number one album or something like that single epiphany. She had That song would While a let me I'm so I can't even remember the names of she had she. She has so so many fucking song. Go near But yeah she. She was in. If I'm not mistaken that was that was two thousand nine that epiphany came out and That had a decent album into I wasn't really too much sold on him but I personally I'm going to say the had a really good front back out in that I listened to has been going on for decades. I'M GONNA say Chris Brown I can't I mean but that's not for you to agree. A Christmas has hasn't really outlined it. No no no way we will whoa. WHOA WHOA WHOA WE? Both we can bow you. You agreed on you can disagree with my Shit. Buying this agree. You could always allow you to so it is. I have just as much as you do. I'm not saying that you're wrong for picking. I did say oh you crazy I said I can agree. I'll difference for you So I'M GOING TO GO I. I'M GONNA go Chris Brown because he it hasn't really good albums in the past decade That has kept coming back. His contracts continuously sell out. Am I man so having create create some really a not. All of his albums are good. But I'm going to say that the one the ones that he put out that I enjoy enjoy the royalty Alabama actually love that album. I thought that was really good. Body of work and then The the forty five song album. It was finicky Nikki but the album was one of my favorites from from in the mall. I will say is I respect that. That's great 'cause you strongly disagree agree with that. I don't you told me I can't I can't disagree. You're just told me I can't so I was just said I respect that. That's as far as I will go. which would you would you be able to pick a your view? Royalty would be your favorite album from him and the best that I can think of. I can't think of the other names. But that's the one that stands out. That's the one that I can find myself listening to from frontal back every respect that and then and we got the girls in they aiko girl today. Okay well we 'cause we we on the podcasts together. So I'M GONNA go. No we're not I'm never. She's she's sucks she's she's why I'm GonNa go with a Uh don't always me anything. Thank you I'm GonNa go with Echo. Because her wade out album album was really good. Sell out was really good This last album that she just put out was really really good. I mean I just love her I really do. She's a mood she's she's a definitely a definite mood that I love very much. Franco's pest Frank Ocean yes is a really Frank Ocean pyramid the album no channel. Orange was actually pretty good. This preview. Legal this last album. I just Novacaine will always be my favorite album. Watt ultra. Yeah Yeah Not Nest. Dow's Novacaine Zone. I will zone album. She nostalgia is probably going to be my album. I just loved. I loved that Ed Tech and it is my favorite is technically not as I which sucks. 'CAUSE fucking Tom Yeah I gotTA saved. There's still some songs missing though because yeah so but like America wanted that on America and really cause a sample. You can't keep it out 'cause it 'cause you you you make money when you stream that comes from you too. Yeah so it's not. They're never home. That's not true but anyways. Yeah that's that's a really good. That's going to be my favorite one. I think channel oranges really with John Ours. I think I didn't like Blonde Blonde. Unique Body of work doc. Very much was I didn't like blonde at all at all. Maybe even a little bit. I don't yeah tank had some joints. Thanks last album was actually pretty pretty. Good savage doesn't allies one. That's the latest one before he. This is it. Yeah okay I mean last just sounds like like most recent like this one just came out with track. Yeah it got. This is Joe in him. A really great. If you have not heard the song listen the song somebody else. That's a really good song and then yeah no of course you gotta remember you know. PG MORTON PJ's live album Gumbo Gumbo Kumbo fire new album. I haven't really got all this is really got into with. Oh I think it's It's also for you. I think that's probably what it is. There's no I don't slow is a lot of slow. Say It's too and this is to traditional I love it and you know and they're going to say nope molly music out his last celadon on the song. I know how much I've never heard from him. You you you pick the fucking Chris Brown in the past ten years like whatever and I love Chris Brown but like he hasn't had a great album these past thing. He's I'm sorry I can't I can't claim the transition molly album. I just I mean like Jeez. He's not he's he's good but I'm not like I'm not crazy about him. Great Molly is phenomenal. I would suspect that because I will not use the worse for him. 'cause I really have never gotten into his stuff like that I do think there is somebody who came out phenomenally and came into his own this year in deserves all the praise he got what who know Mars. I've never listened to Bruno Mars out and so I can't. I'm I'm not yeah. I'm definitely not expecting you to time on that. I'm saying Bruno Mars and what what was beautiful about Bruno. Mars twenty four K. album It was only eight songs and it was just like a mix of every fucking thing that I loved about need. This was his his new. Jack Swing because then you know he had uptown focused more grunting and that just spawned so many things in this. I don't I don't I don't know what he's going to do after this. I don't know but it's fucking amazing. Yeah I'M GONNA I'M GONNA put on a list It's going to be her. Yeah she's she's her. Two albums albums are two bathrooms are one into what was what last week. Yeah she did a really good job with that in then another person. I'm going to also put on his list. An salange good. I'm just I just had a console neighborhood to I heard somebody say They they like salons more than he like beyond say and I'm like I it's different. I know the same route. Did you think they're different. Vizo defense the music that they make while Sorta I think their different both rb artists. Yeah I think there is. Then that's different but I mean John is like stop. I mean styles. Yeah Awesome. Write them the the the. Yeah exactly I think I think they are completely different in what they both. Just make army up like if you WANNA really breakdown. But she was like I like Salon better and I'm like I'm not gonNA argue with that because you tell them your preference. Yeah I'll give you one argument to that without one. But as much as I like Salon Jr everything. She puts out his not amazing. If you want to be real about it. It's like C. S. and tunnel experimental. Music it seems like sometimes see table remember one in first came out. People did not like it. I never I heard all what's no people who are over there who everybody that I knew no no as a matter of fact me you EMECO had that conversation and use. I don't know I don't know I don't know he's gotta listen to it again. I don't know I don't know people after a few plays ignores. I didn't even know you then. I didn't know you win a seat at the table I round roundtable. Yes you do in one of them come on it. Came on in two thousand sixteen did not godless recheck. That you did it. Came out in two thousand sixteen. was that the last yeah. This album came out when I didn't know you because I'm so taught me so many had just moved here when I'm on I'm thinking okay. I know but that's what I was thinking about when I get home like I didn't. I know you in two thousand sixteen home because both the companies. Yeah they got the same static me me me conversation about seat at the table. And matter of fact she said exactly exactly she said it is true. It would just wasn't that was in the conversation. She said exactly the same thing hurt that I'm growing people. Nobody not every our own getting soon. See at the table that Al grew people. 'cause I'm only Sony liked was cranes in the sky and that some were Gucci. Mane's right those are actually like I. I didn't run into anybody. That didn't like the way I was could. They won't tell you that one when it first came out it was not a big hit with a lot of people already salons fan. Yeah well do cosmic journey as McCain refused to use that word but either but either way either way like that album was not an instant hit those two songs with songs that were all over social media our remember when it came out because everybody was like. Oh this is her weed smoking album. This is what this is her experimental album. That's what everybody says. But that's just how it goes. Nobody wants to claim. No nobody everyone and I I set with it when it first came out. Oh and I listened to it. It's a good cause that came out during the same year. I don't I don't I don't think I don't. I don't think it it. Hold the test of time. I don't think so. I think the song crane sky a song. I'm talking about now owners. Yeah because it's all over commercials. Yeah but I mean I think that's the launch has that out and put her in over tax bracket at a different. It's put her in a different audience and made the different audience. Be 'cause she's always making music like that this one. This album was a little bit more and This was different from her first album. 'cause you and you know what because remember the album before that when she made that song where that's what she had that Song will love is in the parking lot volved at fucking Song Love. That's on down. Allan Simmons is nothing links here at the table now. It doesn't nothing like more Texas. This is more like Texas swing type. It was very she knows how to make a blackout on. This is like Texas because remember I decided it was not a super popular black song. Even I love. It wasn't so popular. Black people doesn't fire fire Tony's fire s on but anyway though like those are the love of the Department of Dementia come out in this take. It did. Didn't it. Yeah it definitely did. That's always still fire to be. COSMIC JOURNEY IS GONNA be rough every song because blouse on it. I like blow kiss. These is cool. He's cool he is out. He's like don't him. I mean well for for me for me. I don't I don't think outside of like I said it'd be onto Riana. I don't think anybody has been as consistent. We'll put out great albums back to back at McGill this decade. I have to agree with four. 'cause I want to say I want to say and which I was. Strictly aren't we usher. Usher Venar declined. This past ten years has been ridiculous. I don't know I mean he didn't drop some singles. May he got that. That's all floating around with elementary view. Yeah he has angles but he didn't do that the two thousand ten for me was the decline of Ushers Music The decline was was it. Raymond for instance. Raymond came out in two thousand nine hundred and they had no mar here. I stand here I stand here are saying and they had four good songs he he had that heart that statute the one with hard to. Yeah Yeah Today was my baby was mush. It was my baby. Fire Air Muses Fi. Their baby is a fire on trade. No train and places is my favorite song on now. I will say this much our our respect that. That's a good song. That's not my favorite ever. But that's a great falls. This is my favorite song of all time. I would probably have to say that. Oh I I just the way that he come into this. There is one person who is my partner who people always forget sleep. That's slept on and he literally toward for David. Ten years with one album trey songz already. He toward for almost ten years for that one that he's GonNa be ready can't say he ready with a kid son will be eighteen years old. He's still going to be his next. I'm going to be so ready. I'm ready still ready. We ready we own ready already. Ready Trey Songz. Still touring with that one fucking al.. Let's just be clear that was bob. Fire Alloway this is the painting of this right. He's but that it was. You know what you came for. That is fun. I mean two thousand hand because you had really out getting a you know what the fuck are part of. It was mostly hip hop so everything got outshined like BJ. Jj Chicago K.. One hundred fourteen. Nothing was a math project Fire than his first album. I was like all right this last album crazy. Eleven seven thirty we forget about somebody that still well. He wasn't well. Mario put on music. He did he. His last one was all right now. How long let me see you know who made a resurgence? But I'm still not a fan of ood Sammy. Well he's been doing this thing though he's been saying. Oh Shit Shit we forget this mixed mixed wise though Omori put out the care package. He sure did take care of you. Remember package that care packages palm. Maria area was an inelastic has go go with a good what he had album this year. I know dancing shadows. It was not that great. I'm sorry just had a couple of them Ellie. Three songs For me but in this past decade there are so many new people like you Luke James who finally got his his cheyne row James was fire. You got always forgot about Arianna Guerande deny you probably did not. Didn't every Auto Grenada had had a really good art pop artist. She is thank you they her but she got some cheers. Amis Voice Wiz she. Does she still a pop artist. Jesse Jacob blow out the One Jessie J Jessica Jacob Law. Jessie J's Used you saw her singing that Luther Vandross Asong doesn't you of the Luther Luther Luther Luther the luther zone do I see. It's funny because I actually came up with that thought. I say you know every time I do Karaoke I'm GonNa do Luther Home Loofah Lusa Luther Vandross Song Oh my God. It's just so many albums that came out in two thousand ten. I can dream the dream of a lot of people like him for. He came onto them. Yes he did. I don't like him. He's a great writer. He's a great fucking writer writer. He's a great. You know who's slipped up in two thousand ten Cheese she did yes. She heard live albums. Really good when we're now like two thousand seven eight dailies album. Those who way it came out onto thousands of very good our. But that's my point right there like people always people are always going crazy now. Don't get me wrong. Hip Hop is is great rapids. Great we can't forget about his albums actually she could eat him. It was actually. I won't say that I think I think he's I think his album was a little overrated. Why I feel God thing so you won't beat me up to? I don't know why you should have to knock can't wear tend not utilize tough. No Damn sign you threatening me. There's audio on this thereby GonNa Threaten Me Shit There there. There's definitely been a resurgence of the past. Ten years and I cannot wait into jagged drops out next year also fucking off right something. y'All they all fought him back together. They I'm containing watch cognitive jail safe and sound with his beard with cocoa board with cocoa butter in it. You're I'm telling you sign. Twenty twenty is is going to start an amazing decade of RB. Oh got about Lou Jane. I said that you said Luke James Luke James. The one with the hands Dan. That was the one with the different colors. That's his only album. Everything else everything is mixed tapes. They mix as I was introduced. Him Get you all talk that you need to hear. That's that's where the money is and then got back wows. He has come out in two thousand seventeen. I did actually did like his own. Good I mean it was good in my opinion. Well guess what we got a minute left. We really do. We really do. Have those I mean in Alaska. I think is a really good the album of RB albums. I'm looking forward to a lot of arm. Be Coming Out in two thousand and twenty and people actually singing their throats off and creating really good content. Ed Pretty Ricky's going to be on the millennium tour. Oh my God listen I I don't WanNa see them grow on. I don't WanNa see them Gras damn thing pretty Ricky de pseudo pseudo them because they looked like they all needed a bath. You know I like them because they made this is so funny what the Hell Hale Shit. You're so funny pretty. Everybody goes support the millennium because some And what he what they're gonNA BE DANCING SHIT doesn't go over and over again. This is no ooh Amore Young. It'll be out there thinking touch to Morioka hits. Let's put it was my favorite Song Memoria. He's like midnight the midnight it was a it was the one I was on it. Oh Oh I only three songs on. Yeah the bad that was bad as twenty one to answer. Yeah Yeah I'll Phya for roadkill. MAURIAC got a plethora Sino Morgan. We need really needed. People really need to respect on. I think not just petty unbothered like we really need to put some respect stress than everybody. I know I don't have any problems I'm trying to act like a wannabe. You Robin Thicke. Had a really good side. Yes yes I'll was fire via Unfortunately are at the end of the show the end of the year for us. Please guys do not forget that we are taking the month of December often. Go follow page. Where can they find us? Find us at call me when it's over go ahead and check us out. Remember that we're going to be still doing our motivation on videoed both Monday Wednesday and Friday and we will also still be doing our lives so you guys will be able to chime in with us every Thursday so you here. We got to say whatever whatever the crazy shit that comes to mind so we are actually pretty sad tool side I am. I was just doing this for three years. I'm sorry I was just when you see how. Just send mito book down. I if I'm but I've been doing this. I'm good with the entire back next year but we are super excited. We're so thankful for you guys listening to us every Saturday and continue to chime. I'm in on our facebook page and Happy New Year have a great Easter. I have a very safe holiday season. You Still Easter Damn. Thanks thanks guys. I'm tired yeah as always thank you very much. We appreciate. I'm Joe and I'm Alexis McCoy available items. I already spotify. Google play an I raise works network dot com our home page so go ahead and check us out there So as always for the very very last time for the year it's twenty twenty. Speak up speak out and leave Your Eagle Fedora. We love you bye.

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UF262: Cowboy Cerrone and Din Thomas In-Studio, and UFC on ESPN+ 1 Preview and Picks

UFC Unfiltered with Jim Norton and Matt Serra

1:19:16 hr | 2 years ago

UF262: Cowboy Cerrone and Din Thomas In-Studio, and UFC on ESPN+ 1 Preview and Picks

"Unfiltered. We finally have in studio guests that we we like, and we wanna dean Thomas cowboy Saronic. Join us in studio. It's a full house and a really fun show. This away that nobody is sending chase to finish. Folks on the button. Oh, he's he's out. This is you have see on filtered. And now your hosts, Jim Norton and bad, Sarah. Wow. Jimmy what a room Jimmy or the other day? And now he got nine people. I'd rather have people in here. Then have it be hot and empty? I hope another podcast comes in like a Joel storm right now. 'cause I feel this is a dangerous room. It really. Let's the you're right. Look to my left. Dean Thomas Cowboys Romania in studio, we see that the schools. They get the wide menopause. That's is that what we get. Yeah. It was go. Well, let's have cowboy wasn't. He you would on a fucking slow cloud. And I can we just point out that I feel if is a little awkward because I love attacking dean Thomas like like, I love doing it. I love attack them. I look tacky. I don't like being nice to him. And he brings his thirteen year old kid in the Ethan. Who's a lovely kid. Ethan. Good to see you, buddy. Either. Look get the just going to say it's awkward because this is the most black people you ever had in his room at one time. That's what he said when you guys weren't here. That's that's just I'm not even touching it. Listen to me tell you how close I am with L. Joe? I'm happy really helped me for a half an hour. So we've no man Christopher said pretend like you're not here for thirty man. I'm chilling. I wanna hear his story. I'm always fighting this weekend. You're the it's the the main event of the ESPN prelims like they're pushing ESPN Knox. I guess you have just went to is the first event on that. Yeah. And Hernandez is dangerous young fighter. You didn't. Did you know who he was when you took the fight or not I knew you do you look at the date and the like, let's say you like a sky ago, you jumping out a plane like next month? So you aren't I got February open or January open? Let me just book a fight. Then and whoever you get you get me. Yeah. I just call and say as soon as possible give me a date you cleaned up. Your facial hair, by the way, that's an employee different. Look every time didn't look bad. It looked almost like you will like a crazy homeless. I thought I saw you on the way over the last fight like three of you. I want him account with the way. But but you you cleaned it up. What happened you just felt cleaning up? Yeah. Just some Genucel age news. It's the first time. I looked at you today. Yeah. Let me go back down six and four you're doing great as high grade. No. But I mean after that might Perry that might Perry. Win was t-. What those seventy big sons bitches man, it was a size thing. They're big boys. Plus, I'm really lazy seventy you can drink beer e burgers. I kind of you know, fifty five I got a I got a direct my training. I gotta like be focused. I gotta be plus it's time, man. It's time to go. Get this bell. With all these accolades, we've collected and records, we broke it's time to do one more thing. I I don't want to go down as the the uncrowned people's champ. You don't wanna be like marina like guy who put all those years. I think knowledgeable. But yet you don't give a shit on who you fighting in a sense where this kid could make a name for you. If you're looking at this, and you that's the pitcher I'm talking about by the way of you looking like, a homeless person, look clean. He looks now about you know, so it's like this guy is a killer. I watch these. I wasn't too familiar with them either. Right. And then I looked at a couples five oh fuck, man. His last fight was with Grady. Yes. Fucking. He was shit. He's got a great cardio. These feel issue only lost once. And he and he knows if he takes out the great Donald ceremony. Boom. He's right. He's he's everybody knows them chair. How tell me about the enthusiasm for that other guys will be they don't want that I lost when I was towards the end of my career. I'm like can you Frank Drake? Was your age thirty five and you don't want me. Give me wanna give me three trailing. Only beat the shit out of him. I just it didn't excite me for somebody else. Making a name for me. What excites you about it? Yeah. I don't have a fucking answer for that. It's just the fight. Yet fight excites me that who never has. I don't care if I was fighting could be Conard this kid. You know, it doesn't it Saturday nights. I love right. And you look at him kind of as a you want you want to get to a title fight. So he's like a very is kind of up and coming, and he's he's probably a good one to get back into the fifth opponent that they gave me the fifth five it took five what happened with the other one is they were no, no two of them called me. And said fuck no, oh, who do they who else was named John? The fuck no though. Why would they why would they say the the? Because they didn't want to face your no time, but we're buddies with fuck. No fuck now. No, you're the wrong business. Yeah. For sure fuck. No. One of the guys called me. It was like I will only fight you for title. And that is that is I will never not a chance. Sorry. I'm gonna guess let me see who. I guess guess that's team Thomas, but he's gonna talk Tony Ferguson. I don't know him like that. No. No, I don't have a number anyway five opponents, it's crazy to me how you can pick. And choose in the sport. That's what I think is honorable you're doing what you're doing. Because like I've seen guys take that path and go I'm not fighting these guys I only wanna fight up, and you are looking to fight for title, and you're fighting down. So what did I mean? That's honorable. That's honorable. I love to fight man. I love it. Now when I beat this kid, and I get back when I left with you five dollars a lost the title sauce at number two, you know. And now here I am not even ranks crazy to me. But back when I get in the top five after this fight. That's why I wanna fight someone top. I told Dana I want to fight top five right now. He's like, well, let's make sure you can make fifty five. Let's let's slow the rule little bit. Let's make sure you you you perform and make the way and do what you need to do. And y'all I I won't fight down. Again. You know, once once I get through this, and I get I get back ranked? It's only moving forward, you know, and that's socks because that's my coaching staff. Not me, you know, they're like, look man, we gotta if we're making this run taking these dangerous fights and going backwards doesn't make any fucking sense. Like, I know you lied to fight. But we need. Let's let's sit and wait. But the advantage to being you is that you okay, you'll fight Hernandez. If you win the fight you're not gonna have to fight two more times to get a top five guy. They'll probably because your name give you a top one hundred percent, correct. I was gonna say the same thing because you account other guys. Like they strategically need. All right. This guy's ranked the bug. I need to beat this guy to get that title. This kid come in. He's coming with fire. See this is going to be up on burner. I can't wait for this. Yeah. I can't wait for this fight. So, but and he says are you said he has cardio. I have cardio cook. Yeah. You do. Sure, you've got all walks to obviously Perry. I got it. All man. I mean, I just so he doesn't want his Russell make it a boring fight like fucking fight. If you wanted the middle the rain would you foot down? Let's throw down the list. Go wasn't it satisfying taking that arm though. It's not like, I know you say that a lot, and that's how you fight. But yet, you know, Perry he chose. He brought you down and boom looking at you took that Lim lake. Doug about wrestling, and I've been working wrestling. But soon as Peri like grabbed me, I was like, okay. I'm just like. Like sure take me down. Let's go unless you feel the e the level of the the stiffness you like all right? No matter where this it's like letting somebody who has less experienced pass your guard. You'll get I know I'm going to get out and get on top. That's what it kind of looked like to me you. How like oh, okay. Let's go to your surprised. He was doing it. Absolutely. When he grabbed me and went for the take down. I was like oh, hell, yeah. Let's go so weird choice choice. Yeah. Sure. Because when you're known to punch his heart as he punches and it's a ball Burien. You know? Got my crew coming in. You said you want to know the crew shirts out of control. What what do you think? This is your podcast with Woodley. What is this? What did I say? Is this Larry from three's company guys? Give us two seconds or come back in or Christopher due to take control of dean, Thomas's riffraff. Yeah. What? What? I wrote an entourage. Now. You got to control your know, man. I got a late. They didn't show what you did not. Well, he could have been here before, you know, Jim, right? We security in this latest time security slackened. Like, I said, you look you kids what have you been doing? But I told you, and I've told you this. I think of you every time I fly in them and turbulence because you enjoy it. Are you still doing all that stuff? Are you still rolling plains? I haven't ruled a plane in a little while I'm flying straight. And I got my pilot's license. So yeah, your instrument qua- dumb question not industry. Not night or instrument yet. Okay. But you need me to go fly around the dinner today. I got you. So you have to do like are you have to make sure that there's a clear vision. And no clouds. No clouds. Yeah. Clear vision ram instrument trained yet. Do I feel I can do it. Yes. But my certified now, so what are you? What do you have to do? How many more hours before? Like, what's the difference? Fifteen more hours. Okay, flying and shit conditions. You do. Yeah. And that's with an instructor. Absolutely. Okay. I'm a couple of runs around myself. But that's pretty standard. Have you made any mistakes like when you're flying? You have an instructor. There's a guy who could obviously take over have you done things where you're like. Oh, fuck I I'm not ready yet. No. Because I that's not how I'm geared. I will I need to be need to know everything about need to do at one hundred times need to like one day. I just told a guy we're gonna go leave Albuquerque airport fly out to the country right live, and we're going to just take off and land and take off and land and take off and land for three hours. You know, just so come inside ways coming in with the tailwind coming approach of the win. You know, all bats narrows stall the engine out. Everything that could go wrong. So he's there watching witnessing. What I do in incorrect in me as long so I know that if that happens, I'm gonna be okay. So when you the hardest thing I guess is coming in for landing because you kind of have to balance I mean, taking office just taking office is taking taking office hard. I mean, you've got to run your rudders full-throttle. And I mean, it's it's hard to keep the plant straight, especially in like side. But yeah landing it's weird. Now that I like flying learned to fly when you're in an airplane. You feel that like pocket? A and everyone's all scared yet. Right. Does nothing. No, hell, no the plane will never just drop out his guy. You could literally kill the engines. And they could coast and landed on the freeway you so if you're playing goes down, I mean, shits gotta go down bad for for these crash. Landings could see him pulling a fucking sully. Yeah. In the bucket list. Let's look styles for a second. You verse? Let's listen. I know you got you. I don't like to look ahead. What are we talking fighting? Why don't we talk about good sleep? Trail off the path a little bit here and have a little fun talking about Thomas fucking comedy skits. That's all you wanna talk about fun fun. I guess you don't want to talk about funny. Is there a difference? Listen. Thomas's comedy. I've seen. All right. Listen you like comedy. Like it. Can I start some shit? Can we have fought? What are you talking about? Yes, star some I saw you on Joe Rogan. Okay. Yeah. Donald Cerrone is named bro. I'm with guys what am I in the middle? And she listen to me. Can you hear me out? About never getting a shot at a title, and this and that and also now here you go, and it's gonna be it's gonna be tough. Listen to me. It's only the tough kids. Get nervous. He's a fall to do this. You're in shape, you gotta do BJ online. You can get fed. You you got your crew right up. Listen to me because I'm getting I'm sorry. Jake camera guy outside will be very helpful. Looking at us. So Joe said, listen, he got a shot of title. I I'm I'm paraphrasing. But man, this is what you did it looks in cowardliness. Going to be tough first of all fucking. Of course, it's gonna be tough guys could be but styles make fights regionality Quinn. He's I hold them in the highest regard. Missile time somebody held him down and beat them up. You know what? I mean. He's hard to hold down. He's always squirm getting back four to five rounds of shells knows. All right. What's I'm somebody held down cowboy and and just beat his ass. Let's guy to try got his arm taking off. I can't remember before that maybe you could bring it up bring a bed ship. But I don't remember listen, I'm cowboy got L down and beat up so lock. It's placed on the feet. He's good. He's fucking dangerous off his back. He always says he doesn't want to wrestle. It's an app, but it gets down on the mat as its jitsu guy. I'm impressed takes a lot to oppress. Well, no, that's well, listen, I know. Sitting across from you. I always always give an advantage to GIS who because it's so you could be I've always said his most dangerous opponent is won't be somebody like Brian Ortega who can defend themselves after Beck and not have to stand up to fight him. All right. So what are you trying to say what I'm saying is that he has just a chance as much as anybody. But could be still got you can't deny that. You're not crazy to say Khabib is tough for any. But it's gonna be tough anyone fighting for sure. But what I'm saying is it's going to take somebody who's dangerous and has an offense of attack off of their back in order to beat a guy like could be one that you is dangerous. Mike Perry walking. I don't know you guys trying Olympia. What about cowboy Ella? Very we'll see knows about submissions nano cap. Boy, he's got a lot of submissions on his resume. He's always omitted people. I'm just saying the second brought it up use. It's going to be tough. It's tough forever. You're enjoying the bucket. It's tough for everybody. It's going to be like the spice shit. Oh, yeah. Let's get back to him. Put that squirrel snarky fucking. That's what I want to ask. I don't do that. Don't please. You got a kid. Now, don't do that. I do think a million times if we get an expert at it. Yeah. It takes one time for that. Squirrels shoot. What do you call it? Late you need to hundred jumps before you came attempt to put on a squirrel suit. But you plan on doing that. Of course, that's going to be the end of your move. When don't fuck into it. What you parachute onto nor do you. Yes. Of course. Okay. Jimmy. Squirrel, suits. So you're not even impressed. Now, you're like. Would you do that thing in Dubai they do by just they don't have care about safety? Like they have those things on the top of the Burj tower where you jump off. They have like a bungee jumping would you do that stuff? Of course, where does that come from member when he was in Kabul like you just do anything like anything he won't do? He didn't have a great feeling with. He didn't have a great experience. Maybe you did. But the Dane white looking for a fight usually a party Dana had fucking vertigo that weekend, and he was like out here. So it just kind of. Rely on our having fun and then down to go out and you to smoke bomb me already. We're well into our forties. Cowboys like getting started talking twenty years. What's going on? I see what won't you? What have you said? No. That's too dangerous. I don't think there's much and now nothing it's just a need for Trenton. I love it. You do. It's like a sickness. What did you do when you're a kid same shit the same? Jungle, gyms and. Crazy, just I love it, man. So so fun. She never ask you not to do that stuff anymore. But he did for a while yet for a long time. What happened you get the concern phone call than the angry phone call had of the worst text me like seriously like I'll still be there Saturday fighting. Okay. Kid still calls me kid. But yeah, he doesn't do it anymore. It's I mean like in our rules. There's no snowmobiling no snowboarding. No horseback, riding like all the cra- shit. I do every day. It's like what I do all this on a normal day to day. Like, I couldn't not do that. So they just got. I think I have the. I can't wave believing in a, you know, what's big in the in the Sarah household, a nice lazy Sunday. Do you have any? Lazy is that not put today's times? Just sit back gave us the Harry Potter film today, and you know, mommy, order gino's later. You don't do that. If I went down like two hours of my day sleeping is minimal. You know? We drive a lot. We play a lot just what we do and your wife likes to do the same. I just like the picture of your Instagram. It was you and your wife and your like that's might lioness or something like that. It was a nice pitcher guys out in the snowmobile on. Yeah. Just cool. How primal picture of her just like looking over my bag man is it was a cool shot. It was a cool shot. Like, she has your back. She and she plays hard with me. She's right there. Yeah. Like scuba diving. She's that's my die, buddy. Right. She goes, she's she's just a certified as I am. So how'd you meet her at a bar took a Reshad Evans in Amarillo, Texas. There's a shark fights. I don't know if you guys remember the short fights. But they were in town tap out. Was there we were doing like a tour and there's a country bar. I said for shod listen as a country bar into back. They gotta hip hop section. He's like I cal- let go and I met her that night at the bar. She couldn't resist my dance moves. Are you burn the souls in the boots? That's also man now, you made a human being, isn't that amazing brings you closer? You know, like you made a human, right? It's awesome. It is awesome. Were you there for the birth? Oh, yeah. Of course. And did you did you cry? Now cry pass out pussies like me do that. Jim. Now, you wanna pass out to they say, they see it happen. They went out. I mean, it was it wasn't real until the fight until I thought Perry. That's the one hit home. I fuck. Yeah. You brought them into the cage yesterday. But I mean, just like being backstage. That's when I cried when I sent me a picture of Mobutu bell buckle. And I was like oh. Yeah. Yeah. He probably never felt you have a feel those emotions before never easy insane. So three oh now is it different than you thought. It'd be. Yeah. Definitely good. She's so good. I like changing diapers and feeding and breaking up like sometimes she has to work. She's going to school to be a doctor. So she got to go do fourteen hour shifts. And I'm like, what do I do with it all day? I'm good like an hour. But then like, I don't when it cries and wakes up, and he fed and cries again, it's like Tammy little pastor. You don't wanna put you on a bowl. Right. Do you panic like I'm not gonna be able to handle it us? Something happens now. No. I'm not worried about something like that happening. But just how do I get into quit crying? That's you know, what do you do put him on the floor, and then player, this toys and shit. Do you home syndrome? That's a seeing. He's really good kid cry very often. He's only if something's wrong, you know. But he's cool. I bought him horse expensive ass horse. So eight months old they're gonna grow up together and pretty excited about it. Have you kind of held a monitor ready? Yeah. He'd been all around them all around him. Is this motivating you you Jimmy? No, no. I mean, listen to me. There's no nice to hear those things that you got to get going on which you you gotta start the training. It. Free. Now, the women I like don't have kids. Physically Cowboys ready for that. He's not ready. Women like every time. I see you told you this before every time. I see you hanging out with her brother. Right. And you'll be doing some wild shot loved. I be below. You know, you do in one day man, you're gonna hang, but you're sure some wild shit. I'm trying to think what the brothers thing. But that because I know we don't do while they do it. Well, we gotta you gotta be jumping out of planes. I will hang carriage rides. That's why that's exactly why you would. You'd sit you'd come out, and you'd watch from the car, and then you move up to the to the plane, and you back, I you guys made it I fuck it. Next time, I'm gonna do it. And then next time you're gonna do it. 'cause I got you. I got him other snowmobile and swimming, everything fun. Would you jump out of the plane? The first time the doors open is it is it hard to get yourself to go the first time. No. Because the training the training is so thorough, and you are so skilled in well because first of all when I took these guys skydiving for the first time, they didn't get a jump tandem with a buddy I made them jump solo by themselves. Do you need more hours of training? Three day. Course, you gotta go. Learn figure out what's wrong and go through all the steps. But then they opened that door and fucking go time, man. I always thought it'd be hard to breathe falling out of plane because we didn't win. There's wind rushing on your face. You were able to breathe on a problem. I mean your first job. It's like. Holy fuck. What was that? And then you're shoots open and you're just slowly fallen earth. Unless of course, you it starts off like that. There's an open fucking dead. The thing doesn't open right? You just click. The don't like box pull the light, boss. You're next shoot comes out to backups, right? One one backup. And let's just say you're in like a whirlwind spinning, and you don't even pull your shooting automatic release it fifteen hundred he's gonna blow. Jimmy big pussy. Yes. I know there'd be a problem. I know I'd pull it. I would just feel. I would just be holding a strange people. There are people that that splat what what is your well now function either malfunction over they're just pushing the limits. Oh, right or or they're colliding. Hitting kids in the room. But it's almost like that game Jimmy likes to play with the belt and the ship has out a little while. Yeah. Yeah. You can push the limits with that David Carradine was my favorite actress saying so you don't want to around the same. The better you get at anything further. You want to push the envelope. Right. So that's that's what it would. You do a high low jump those the halo jump. Yeah. So, hey, let's star at twenty five thousand thirty five thousand what are you open at ten thousand not probably in less than that. They probably they probably run it all the way to six five thousand feet. Yeah. You don't need. You don't need, you know, twelve thousand feet to decelerate. There was a footage of news footage of a guy who jumped out of twenty five thousand feet with no shoot into a net as cool. Yeah. It was. Yeah. He he jumped into a net. And it was guys that went down with them for a little while to kind of guide him, and he had no shoot on. And then when they got to a certain height to open their shoes. And then he just fell to a big net. It was I don't know how high the net was, but it just it collapsed with him and around him. Yeah. Yeah. I don't even think I'd go on one of those hot air balloons. No. Kill me. I don't know. Why would you just? The scenery dean Thomas said that God that we are looking for a fight. That's our next venture out air balloons, my greatest fears at the guy running the balloon as a heart attack. And I just keep going up and up in is not happening man how what are those vortex? Sorry, odds joke is fucking. They went to prison. What are what are those Texas people? Get caught up in. They do the paragliding or there's some there's a hot air rising vortex. You can get caught up in where people get sucked up into the atmosphere. You can get caught that while skydiving as well. But yeah, for sure so what do you do if that happens? With your skydiving and can pull you back up just with your shooting. I really pull you back up with us. The thermal clients are real rough. So that's what's so far man that shit. I don't do any of it. You know, Jimmy. So fighting is like it's just one more thing out of ten that you do that just kind of gets you that whatever that dopamine level you need to feel normal. Yeah. But it's probably number one. It is a one can love it. I love it. Why is it is it because it a crowd you'd ever anticipation is even sitting here fight? We'd cut in the weight doing the interviews making the weight eating senior family fight night nerves tunnel walk. Cheers standing across the cage. Fucking go time. The first punch. I punch raised interview. Man. It's cool. It's weird me. No matter. How many times you've done it? Like when when you're indicating they're announcing it's almost like the feeling, right? There could be different almost every sometimes you cools acute comes from ninety. Plus what's going through your head? Right. There is usually it's strange, isn't it, right? Because you can't. How many times you've been here? It's a different experience about like mental imagery and trying to visualize. But it's different every time. There's nothing you can do to recreate it. You can't really recreate were. Explain it to somebody. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's like we're here. Now, everything leads up to this either be the best. Neither the words because it's not it's not the same as getting in a fight downstairs. That's like right now of calling the moment. Anybody? You don't have the you know, how the eight weeks of thinking about another guy of training. You know, what I mean like the wait waiting in the waiting back waiting in the back. Hurry up fights trying to figure out what the right warm-up year. Yeah. Yeah. Crazy game. It's fun. Because if you have a fight like see you're in the main event and the Coleman is it ends with a knockout in the first round. I mean, you're going a lot sooner than you thought. Especially when you're like, all right. We have twenty five minutes from this last fight. Oh shit. It's time we rolling then they come out. You're in on in five you're on a four hour works. Right. They just tell you time ago. Yeah. You can't just pump the brakes, and it's one of the biggest things when you see a guy going from killing on the the minor leagues. Then he gets into the UFC is the energy around him. You got a nervous energy from people that trying to do their job making a show run. Right. You guys are on four. You got your their energy? You learn that's one thing. You learn what the experience the shut that off is not stalling without me. If I gotta take a shit. I'll think. The nerves gone right with my cop. Yeah. Right. Dean, tom. But you're right because like in a smaller shows, you can kind of dictate and it's just like some dude he walked you're you're not even on a hold on a level is let's just say dean, this is your first or your second fight in the AFC, your coaches, and the people that are with you or so like amped up in won't pushing you to win like we have to do this. You've got to do that. Right. So you're kind of like man back the fuck up. Give me give you almost too much to you know. So it's it's it's a lot to do that. Because you know, as a person who fought before I have that experience to know widow overwhelming coach does so I have to make sure back off the fighter and just giving us or overwhelming family. Oh, yeah. Well, that's the worst. There's nothing like your jungle. Louis come into like you'll man. I know you're calling me all night on Thursday. No, I can't go fucking beer with you. Yeah. Gets people. Fucker? You know what I mean? Do you change what your family and friends understand is they in their mind they bought their ticket? They bought the hotel. They're coming to see you. You fucking prick. Why can't you come down and meet me in the lobby for five minutes? Like you'll man. This is my show. Exactly. You gotta be selfish. You have to my show. No fucking in bed. I'm sleeping. I don't wanna go to dinner with you. Thanks for coming citing. You know what? I mean. I'm I apologize. But yeah, I've learned over the years. It takes time years to figure it out to say, no, you have to say, no this fight night. And that people you get text. What do you got? What are you doing after the fight? No, I got it. It might be could be in the hospital. The corner talking like my while wanna what time you think you get back to I have. No, I might be in the hospital. My guy I might be miserable. Like if I fights early and he loses. I don't I don't stick. If I could get out of jail, ROY, right? Oh, Lovie wins. It's just you're out. You're it's it's such a drastic thing of emotions worse for the fighter. But because the sure but it's worse for the for the corner guys too because you roller coaster. You're not thinking about to even if they come back before a fighter show. You're not thinking about that. But yeah. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Right. Good. Thanks. You're like looking past them. You have something. You don't wanna see them? Anyway, not gonna be a good interaction with our neighbor where we going. We're where's the spouse or hitting after the fight? He's actually man. I don't know. I'll tell you what I'm probably going to do go to fuck a bed. Oh, yeah. That's what always see I think that the public and especially media. They don't understand fighters. You have to have done it or be around them a lot to really understand them. Because people don't understand them. Like, you said, they they come in to see you think that you are. Air to see them, and they know him wildcard. So they're like, let's let's charge it up and go, and I'm like, man. I'm tired tired. Tired fucking tell the exciting for you to be in Vegas this weekend. You got it the past from your wife, but I got a a guy trying to hurt me on Saturday morning. I've been I've been concerned about this for the last two months adding dieting all week, and then I'll have to put all my energy into fifteen minutes. And now it's over, and you expect me to go out and party, man. And that's that's talking about women for a minute. That's finding. I'm so glad I met my girl early in my career and she's been through this roller coaster like when I say, hey, I'm going to Boston for three months of training. She's like cool. You don't go fucking bother me. She lets me do my thing. But I see all these new guys the ranch they them they get these new girlfriends, and they disappear in the girls. Like, you're not spending time on me. I need you. So girls are listening. Fuck you gotta give these guys their space. Man. You gotta let them. To do what the fuck they got did because our mindset is. So like crazy, right? We're crazy motherfucker for getting in there. And then I got you nagging on me trying to weigh me down and tell me what I know bitch shut the fuck up. I'm about to go kill him on the fucker Ladele was gonna fight one time in the girl was hit him with an ashtray the night before or something he has. Smashed them drunk. Yeah. Went on one. But I mean, it's the night before a fight. They just don't or anything. They just don't understand like leaving alone. You're not giving me the time. I need. It's just like I mean, Sarah, you know, like your wife your Vegas for the weekend. Yeah. Like in your mind. You're like, yes. You'd give me earn her mind. She's like, yeah. She's giving you a hall Bashar going to biggest in your mind. You're like man, I'm going to take them a smash Poesie in fog and party. Like, no, a wish you women could come with us and see how much no fun. We have you ain't that the truth. It's no fun. It's we don't we're not we're not in Vegas style. And e no, we're free chicken boiled chicken. You know, what I mean, you guys may as coaches, maybe sneak away and gator get something down there in the lobby. You know what I mean? But it's not late nights sauna. Couldn't wait working out fight day. Figuring out how you want to go. Do what you wanna do visually? You're with your guy after the fight. Everyone's in bed. Yeah. It's Vegas to five AM flight. The next morning news, though, it's like and these girls, especially the young. Fighters are like your Vegas. You're gonna fucking fuck is needed relaxing chill. Man. You have the thing too. There was the old the old fighters will you don't fuck the week of the fighter on all the time. I don't know. I don't believe in that shit either. Yeah. I've heard different things about it. Listen, I don't want to be the fun police, but we said half an hour. He's gotta get uptown. It's very very gracious to on to question three you guys. Did you ever have to piss or shit? Once you got inside every never inside. But as soon as I put my Cup on. I gotta be. So you have to stop it. It's a ritual right can joke money put it on they wrap your hands. Dammit, not piss and then trying to do the poll down cook dick out. I I to get a beer date because it just doesn't it's hard to get out of the Cup and maneuver around. I don't know auto you just pull the Cup aside at stand straight outlets. Gary pull this side. Couple of side you're wearing like like a tight. So you got four everything down. So you're listening to like a five year old of the onnell. I still Stanley. Before. Yeah. All right. Listen cowboy thanks so much. I'm sorry about it. Alexander Hernandez this Saturday night. And he didn't wanna make sure I get Sarah said the young hungry lion. Yes, come unto the throne that do that alone. Listen, it's gonna be fireworks. That kid is come in. And you always come to fight. We've listened Beardon OB. We love you cowboy door for old guys man door for the old guys. That'd be a weirdo being called the you're not because you don't see. Well, you know, I mean, but for thirty five sport I mean, but hey, I've been to the top of the game the whole career. So fuck you fuck years. Right. You both fighting for something. I mean, he's if he beats you it's it's a huge name for him to be the biggest name. He's fig if it's a big block. And and if you beat him, I probably get you a top five five both have something. This is a big fight for both you and unlike the Thomas, I think you match up very, well, we'll compete. All right. Listen cowboy for coming in. Let's take a break. That was great. Thank you to cowboy throwing I I love talking to him. He's just a really really interesting guy. And he is crazy. He's he's not just all anyone who fights his kind of crazy. Yeah. But way, he lives. Yeah. There's to know you're going to do that and to train for that into volunteer to get kicked Pont you. It's it's a crazy way to make a fucking living. So it'd be a fireman. But the idea that he jumps out of planes just adds to. He's just insane wants to wear a squirrel suit. I don't blame them for wanting to. I would love to do that we fund to fly for the digital. They do a parachute. Oh, so you you're not gonna fall parachute. I dunno kill when they railway a squirrel suit where you. Spite of me and suit when he has this love on the. Yeah. And you can just kind of fly around for a little bit giants strode on your back. Looks like he's gonna play a video. It's insane. And these guys will do it and they get killed when they hit mountains or trees or whatever 'cause you're zipping through the air. And so if you if you hit something you're finished nothing. Nothing. Nothing. It doesn't when I see it. It doesn't strike me as something like that. It looks really fun though. You know, I'll do it on virtual reality. I'm not doing. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, look at this. Yes. See that thing. Look like, a squirrel. That thing is a parachute. You fuck up. If you hit the rocks or something, you're dead. It's a video game one one. They're going so fast. How do you land? Yeah. Then probably with a parachute. You I mean, they're going over a mountain. You really have to know what you're doing do what this guy watching a video of a guy going right over the top of the mountain. But then he goes higher and now the parachute. I'm sure help him if he wanted to help them. Yeah. I don't know. I don't think it looks really fun straight up a little bit too to catch. More wind slow yourself down. Yeah. I know. I would I here's what I would do. I would put my arm into its my ear, and I would want it to spiraling fucking asshole. How close to the mountain while he is like this. This guy is you know, he's probably doing one hundred twenty miles an hour or so miles an hour. That's how those guys get Weisgall. You call one of those death wishes. I'm not into that shit. Jimmy. Hey, do your your guy by d not neither my is. In is in the co main. Yeah, we hardly prize. Yes. Greg card three and all I think he has heavyweight fighter. Tremendous punch. How much wrestling is he prepared for or ju jitsu or so here's here's what happened. You know, I had a stat guide do some stats on certain fighters on how much time they actually spend wrestling sorta I in fight. So that was how I kind of based my time we put in on wrestling. And it's about fifty percent. So we spend about fifty percent of the time wrestling. So this guy he's fighting ice fighting Alan Crowder is ninety three. So he's definitely got a good amount more experience. I don't know how many you have see fights. But he was a football player before. And did he fight amateur before that or did he just play football? And then decide to do this who Greg cardinal he and three amateur fights. He did you hear three amateur for? I mean. Mean like before he got into a until it got when he was playing football. No, no, no. He wasn't. He wasn't training at all when he's playing football. But well, he so when he started training he actually played in like Richmond. So he had like went back and played like some like smaller league to do that. But like when he was planning NFL wasn't. He wasn't training at all. How did you guys? Meet. They brought him in Malka, you know, mount he knocking Callard too. Yeah. Yeah. Look at why are you like that? Is he does he did? He used to sell cars or snake oil. What does that guy? It just sounds. He just talks really fast. He's a nice he tossed, but he's an AJ. From first round management. So they brought him in. And you know, we we have a good situation as far as like living arrangements. So. So they brought him in and he lived in dorms for two years. And he still does. Now, you just the guy like a mercenary was as far as your training. Like, you don't have to get to know anybo-. You just don't you're there are you there? Just for the paycheck. Dean thomas. I'm sure I mean, you might be close with some people if you like a fucking Volk it's getting goes to anybody. Right now, I have some tomorrow. He's like who's who's gonna look for a fight? Fuck that sometimes sometimes on listen, I prefer I prefer to care about them before preferred. But you don't give a shit to sometimes like if they go. Hey, well, you know, I mean like your job coaching. We get a lot of like we get rushing come coming all the time. I don't even have conversations with. But I still got to train them got still work with them. But then like the guys that lived there like I have to like them to work with them new because it would obviously come through a little personality things. There's no way to do it. If you don't like him. But that's why that's why like we're working with the Russians is good. Because you know, I don't know how with the personalities because we never have a conversation. It's just training. So do you do you? Obviously, you watch demand is fight. Yeah. Of course. I and how amazing was that? Oh, man. I mean, even I was surprised. You fast was fast. No one thought I run. I'm sorry. No, no, one thought to be the first one. Sean. I mean, if you thought it was gonna be a first round knockout, you thought it would be the other way around. I had to pick to my decision. Did you really yes? What happened? How can you know work on on the mall? Fight hard to know that go right to the. Got doors gotten reports like I scout all her opponents up scout scouted. Every when our opponents since take dean mother f in Thomas, you don't need to be in anybody's. You know, you don't need to have your face at a corner is what I'm saying. I think I think trying to say, no. Com. Maybe you're too busy. When it took about your partner, j the second part of it is that you say because I don't like I don't have to like them. Sometimes I it comes a lot. You know? Sometimes it comes off as I don't like people because I don't hold fighters hands. You know what I'm saying? So like if I'm not there a lot because I'm busy I'm running around doing something fighters like we need somebody who's a little bit more attentive. She wanted to be more president who has been so. Yeah, maybe so and no, no, no, no. Maybe like we're just kind of like, we goofed around a lot. And like, maybe she can't take me serious. Okay. I think that might have a lot to do with it too. So when you scout cyborg. You you go you watch you watch your fight something like cyborg. What do you say to a man? That's like, okay. This is how you can beat her. Well, I had my ideas. And was I listen, you know, Kasai bore, you know, she's she's solid. You know what I mean? Like she's like prior to this fight like even when she got hit. She was able to take it. Well, and she barely got hit. Like, I got a Harley home hit her seventeen percent of the time. She only hitter seventeen percent. So she's very difficult to hit. So I was like we gotta strike. Yeah. For sure. So like the goal was for me. Like, I didn't I wasn't all that important in her cammo wouldn't like important piece of her camp. But I said you gotta be able to hit her. That's the key. If you can't hit it in, obviously, I know it sounds like, you know, the obvious should really it's like you gotta be able to when you throw shots. You gotta just touch her. Gotta be accurate, and she was and she so aggressive cyborg. It's to the point of being practically predictable. It's almost like you end. Eventually Silva is not like he's going to get on his bicycle was getting away from me. He's usually gonna book and come out, you'll Tasmanian harder. That's what she does. And. I liked how Amanda brought a Br brought that up when afterwards when we talked to her how she knew if she tagged her get ready for to come forward, and then or some more and she did look easing. I think it meant is that she didn't get hurt. But it looked like cyborgs stunner wants to look like there was a time. I remember it was a right or left. But it looked like she did kind of hurt her really on. She hit her. You know, she hit her like they both at each other almost like at the same time and Amanda recovered quicker. She got back on her. She got her legs onto her quicker. And that's one of the things she decided to go. You know what let's do this. Let's stand toe to toe, and that's the prize to me. Well, a man I meant a new cyborg is going to bring as far as strength. Maybe maybe suburb. Underestimated amend is power. She had to she had. I mean, why wouldn't you when you think an odor coming up from wait, you know, and you know, cyborgs never been like I said she barely gets hit. And when she does get hit. It's never clean. Why would you why would you twenty straight wins? Why would you expect that we don't know now? Yes, she won't she will know now. But she does she had Halle Berry in the audience whenever you have a celebrity. And there if I have a guy or woman, I'm trying to date comes in and watch it before my who who was highly. Therefore, I think she was ever sidewalk. She's she's got a movie coming out to she was training at cyborgs, GMC sheep. Don King switcheroo came with a mandate. That's what to me. I mean. I could be wrong. All listen. I respect that. Because that's the that's the exact reason. I don't go to Jimmy sets because I'll have a celebrity friend in the audience. Yeah. And he'll be like, I don't wanna make you nervous batching you. Yeah. He holds me in that high regard. I know he worked with calls him. Bobby deniro? Yeah. But listen, I would think. I don't wanna make him feel like he's gonna let me down for Joel bomb i-it's virtual well. Well, we'll try I went and supported him because he's my friend Jimmy. But in other words, he's not going to get nervous with you in the really that would never follow. But. You know, what it really pains me to give you a compliment. But I'm going to do it. I was watching. Now, I seen you on on on Rogan's podcast, which was good. That's great. That's fun. You know, like both you guys. Oh, yeah. So that's why buddies. Yeah. You know, and I I skip through till here my name, and I listened to that. And then I, you know, I'm sure the rest of it was good. Thanks. Early. That's not me had to come up early. But listen you were talking about your online, you're BJ online site. Was it an apt in the cat is a website here. Now, I was ready to shit on it. Because listen now, this is a compliment. This is give you a compliment. I just watched your I want to talk about what is actually it is because I thought it was just geared for BJ for MMA. I wasn't sure. And you didn't you didn't do a great job talking about it on on Joe Rogan? No offense. Finished minutes compliment because how are you? Like the shank hear me. Kidding? A map to complement. And I literally lead watched it lead. By literally watched it when I go. At Penn station. Just now I want to your Instagram poker. And it was you showing a scene and you will wearing a wig. So I was about to shit on you because I thought it was a shitty improv blended. I what is this BG online is shitty improv together with some horrible technique. I was about I listen, I got a call it the way I see Jimmy. Because this doesn't say what did you say? It does not see Comoro lead. Jim you don't want people at home. But the thing is this. I know my shit Jim being Thomas I've been on the Mets. I watched the thing that you would the wig on any any. And it was it was basically street self defense for when it's the hatless knife three girls. This was great. It was deemed a wig. Fighting forty Jim Norton. So it was no girls. What are you see all the time on these on these streetfighting videos, and whatever, you know, I don't wanna give anybody plugs for that. But you know, they watched the girls like pulling hair and beating the crap out of each other. It's very common in a Crotty studio. Whatever you don't, you know, you don't really see them addressing type of punching people in the face, and this and that so usually pull away he showed on this video the proper, and you never see it the proper technique how to bend the arm get that coins. If you're attacked in this. Yes. And that's what it's made for jitsu. So how come you didn't talk about this on your Rogan? I know I know your shit. I'd have a great opportunity. You know, even though we talked for three hours went by so fast did like by the time. We got to talk to you it. It was like oh my God. Did you make it through the whole Rogaine without pissing? I can't do a Rogan without pissing three times. Get high test coffee me man, I give a tiny little bladder. Yeah. Me too. But I got it out, man. I got it out. Wait a second. Man was I you talking about Camelback thrown fuck online academy. I wanna know. What exactly is it tell you? What told Joe Rogan that man people aren't using jitsu? And they did it. You didn't do it the best show that will cause us as it said, it doesn't work ju jitsu doesn't work. You take down your pets? You your mouth them? It doesn't. I'm like, wait a second. What the fucking? So basically what I'm saying? There are different types of jitsu. Yes. You know what I'm saying? And so well, let me go ahead. My man is here. So I got I got the floor manager Kenny Kim from Atlanta. So we did a seminar coal millers. And and you know, he's a gay guy and you'll have to vet was whole Miller. Yeah. UFC vent Coleman. Okay. So. Kenny the gay guy. And he's got a tremendous academy in Atlanta so coal brought us into a seminar, his academy. So like, I'm doing the MA stuff and he's doing a gay stuff. So then months after once house when you call up say, hey, man, we'd need to collaborate because it's true, man. Like when you think about jitsu like it just kinda disconnected somewhere. Where like the geese stuff went this way. The MMA stuff went this way. And then everybody's still forgot about the self defense stuff. It's taboo, words self like. Ooh, I wanna do something that. Yeah. Go sounds like the way they sold karate thirty years ago. But it really is. It reminds people what it is. It's it's why people fell in love with you to like the purest for sure because it's what works we're packing today. People to know what works so Brazilian you to works in real life situation. It absolutely works. But the way a lot of people learn it now from the beginning, it's not gonna work because they're not learning how to deal with situations like that you can pull guard and go for a leg lock. But if you can't get out of a headlock punching hundred ahead, you are not going to be. You're not gonna work 'cause you're still in a place that you can't get out of. So in our in our online academy we address every situation we're trying to address all the situations. Whether it's self defense Jiu jitsu forever may engine for competition. How headlock if a guy on a train and had I can get out of a headline. What if he's a big guy? I can still do it. I hope somebody puts me in a guy. I pray somebody attacks me, I prayed, I want them. I wish I had a longer neck get I don't have much of a neck, so. Going to do that. Anyway, where how do you mix it up? Is it like I go online. And I go on there is it. All right. I'm gonna go. All right. I wanna learn about this or it's whatever you give me tell go online. And that we have it. We have it sectioned off into subjects where it's like. Yeah. Jitsu for major for competition for self defense. And we were breaking it down and it subscription base on what constantly adding techniques to it. If guest appearances, and we wanna have some guests to pay. I'd like to get you on their kid to get my name out something going, you don't say I'd like to be honest victim. Something tells me you're going to be wearing. Yes. The guest victim. But I think the self defense stuff is the stuff that people be most interested in because most people who are training to fight have a trainer in. There's a lot of places to go for the self defense is where you're gonna get to play a lot of people who don't know anything about fighting over never fought like myself. And that's what we wanna four is the fact that you're on the subway, and there's a guy who just got released from Rikers making eye contact like what do I do with this guy? Fucking grabs me. Well, I mean, and that's what I'm getting a lot of now. Like a lot of my buddies who don't train a lot on. My improv nerd friends. Always like men. That's great. Gimme more than that. You know, like, I don't care about all the all this other fancies have give me more and that stuff. That's what I need. Even I watch more of those videos of the streetfight videos. Not that I liked that. I like to see what's out there. And what's what's what's happening? Why is this guy? Getting why the greatest knockouts will these guys their body positionings is about to be disguising clearly in your endanger, right now, this guy doesn't even know you guys endanger, and they don't even know it. Yes. Far as guy squaring. Within their body postures all wrong, their stances, just all they're all open. It's not like they have to sit there with their hands outlet get ready for but it's just. But. Swinging today pullbacks I loved when you when you just did that video you wear in the fucking wig with a self defense for the girls, and then we trying to pull away with their then I can out of you could use. This is Erik Paulsen back in nineteen seventy seven I James wearing WCC. You don't want to talk about. He's fucking awesome. This guy's an old school fire. And I had a great career. He's one of the unsung heroes. He's a pioneer and. He back and he was an tournament where Hensel ended up winning the tournament. We'll. World combat something it was w CCN something. I don't know. I it lasted one event. But Hensel one the thing he ended up beating a guy James wary. Who's a big heavyweight boxer us? He was a kick. But he's actually flurry in Florida. Now, it was a bad game man do for sure he wrapped Erik Paulsen air force at a law. Had a long ponytail, right? He wrapped it up around his head. Shoot out of him. And he was like apartment a better martial artists. Dodie he he could use that video out of it. You're right. Did not know how to get out of who's trying to pull away. Yeah. He's trying to pull away thinking he could just rip the hair out of say don't pull away. No, golden, please go to Thomas's Instagram, Chris, the producer. Thank you. Krista producer yellow I want to see this. I don't have hair. Right here. Put the sound on the people here. What are you putting anything on there that can't be on me or anything? I don't think. So I don't wanna get sued. Not thomas. Let's see. This is all you follows went off that look Joe. Thanks, john. Thanks, Joe Rogan that one day. I was fighting not yet one that one right there. They click on that. And let's see if we could hear it. Let's let the audience what's going on. Very common problem. That's the new character to dean quesion girl. Probably guys with long hair. They will in donor how to deal with it. So I haven't. Like this. So the worst thing you can do is pull away you're not gonna break the grip by pulling away. So this is how you handle that situation when they grab your hair like this. You obviously got hit so many like this then. Then the arm on in. Right around the way. So when you step in you put your head right in the chest because they can't pull your hair from this. This problem not pull away when a grant they better. Dean Thomas, people say hit this thing. Too much. That's the applause, that's the applause button, blah, appreciate in this room. I'm hit me. That's not a slow club. You know, why? Because I'm Chris wideman shown to my kids today. Nothing. I see your your son ethan's hair right now show it to him before you leave this fucking room. Well, actually. Yeah. Yeah. He knows five four back in the day dot on your head against the rules. But I'll be doing my mcgregor's Kabibi cheating like a month. Well, he knows like he has this. And this is what he trains trains like the self defense portion. That's all you need is kids. Hey, he's got a nice head of hair. I know everyone. Everyone's always got better hair to you might man. I love that technique though. 'cause that's all about me. And you know, what I mean like I said that all the time. I it's that simple. But that's affected. That's why like team Thomas. He simple yet effective. Yes, I'm gonna take something. I gotta Distin case. I'm a man cost me on the subway. But the problem is like if you go to school, depending on where you go like, you might go into might be a competition bay school, and that that won't really necessarily help you for the streets. Yeah. So like, you wanna make sure that you can go somewhere where you can actually, you know, learn how to defend yourself, right? And if you don't, hey, go to the website train BJ online dot com. Yeah. I would always I think if I had to obviously just trained with the game not gate for what am I going to be professional fighter? Trainer. Had with a gay like a train without one. I one. Out of shape, but with dean's trying to say like what what his point with that is there's some guys that way with the key. And they don't they'll just treat it like sporty in a sense where they'll do moves with that gay like, dude, I there's some things out there. Like, I'm not talking. I had Keenan Keenan Cornelius at my school did a seminar. Nice kid dangerous. I like them. But I mean, there's certain moves or it is like worm guards and had taken the anything that you have to start on dressing the guy and taking his long, I got to me the Giza jacket, like I'll strangle the sky the same way with a north face jacket on as I will what is key Jack. It's a jacket, and you could use a jacket to manipulate balance. You could use it to strangle. But once you're taking it out, your feeding it through, and I'm going man, you lost me. Now. It's getting fucking weird. I can't break the grip. But you know, I had the fuck really just undress. It was a weird. It is possible. If I'm wearing this hoodie to strangle me with the hoods. Silly question. Beat up. Anybody told guy? Majority of people of. Guys, got me confused, and you know, and misconstrued what I was the point. I was trying to make like I have nothing like, I'm just guy. But I have nothing against like sport competitions. You think it's beautiful. I think it's the best. It's ever been and Keno canoes is great. But you know, a lot of that stuff. When you're learning it from the beginning, it's not gonna work in the street. It's not practically say something about the point system introduced to on. No, no, no, no, no, no all in about the point system. Is it like MMA guys are they sometimes they confuse that with you know, doing jujitsu forever may like they're trying to get points. They're gonna positions that would give them points introduced sue. And I was saying that you shouldn't you should focus on punching a guy and his face and knocking his fucking teeth out of his mouth too. But, but you jitsu like, for instance, with that the mentality by mentality of the say, I'd say IB JJ F rules of two points. Take down three points pass a God. Forbid a position the best points. You get the most points. You get hooks in the back flat hooks in both hoax or mounts. Okay. Right. If you have that mentality, and you could say watch fighting for points. No. But the most points for the better position for a fight. So yeah, maybe I'm fighting for points. It might serve me in the Ivy JJ, but it's also going to serve me in a real fight because these points are based on what's best in a real fight. Yeah. For sure like like, my thing is if you get somebody if you could. Yeah. Yeah. If you can get to the mount. Yeah. That's great one hundred percent. But sometimes I get an MA fight. It just takes too long. It just takes too long chess. Speech just kind of go fast. And then you have the ref telling you to hurry to make a move you not have enough. Yes. Matched. Right. Hurry. That's not the same thing. People say, it's chess. It is. But sometimes being strategic is letting the guy if you have like an hour match. It's a total different like mentality. Jitsu relies the old school Torrance Gracie Gracie brothers where survival and guys mount them and get you know, tire a guy out like Elliott, gracie's nee. Get him what he's week which doesn't. It's not, you know, that's not really great mass. That's not that's not going to help you. Is that a w and that's you know, it's not gonna help you. M either I can think because I had that mentality. When I was I lost about five fights having that mentality. You just losing losing getting getting pulling guard waiting and waiting and waiting rounds over. Yeah. He right before I fought him. Jimmy. We fought them the same card where we had a four. We had a light man tournament myself with Thomas we were two of that guys in that tournament at it started with me fighting BJ pen and him fighting Ono cow. Great Kowloon, another unsung hero. Yup. Who had wars with pen for sure? And he was a just a talented guy that a lot of people never heard of on fortunately Japan. I'm sure he's the alleged. But, you know, tough guy and Tina battles would who know, you know. And so I lost the BJ. Okay. And then I then dean lost. No. But when he lost to him. It was weird because he kept pulling guard he pulled guard. So then I had the next to the two guys. It was. So I'm like, listen, I hope this guy. He's gonna pull guard again. He's gonna pull guard again. And when he does eat them up. I was wait, dude. It was like trying to capture lightning that was all over muggy blessed. And now, I was like I am not pulling guarding pull guard because I I knew that you had better jujitsu than noted like it would always crafty on top. But he didn't have the accurate that you have. Well, I didn't get on. You're not pulling guard. And it didn't work out. Great for me. I got cut off the cut after that. Listen to we all got cut. They dropped a division. We all got cut after this. Not true dean, Tom, but you got caught after that fight. Yeah. We all. Did they jumped a division? Remember BJ all of us. They they they know they did it after that a the division. But then they brought it back. That's how I got back. I guess we both came back on fighters season four I came back before you did. Yeah. You didn't come back since then. No the fuck. I was your last fight. Then he brought you back for the final four. It's weird that at all. Yes. It's. That's not true. No, they probably back. If I can't pseudo. Oh, did they didn't happen? Well, me I was supposed to fight gangqi pseudo too. We had him shook that work. I wish I did. Because I he pulled out three weeks before and then BJ stepped in. And that's when I for BJ, listen who want bested both of us want a brick. This kid is here and you bring that up Jimmy. But but he did say you want the strongest do you have a locked up with? Yeah. I was young in scrappy back. Then you won't. Yeah. I was like a sophisticated. We hit. Do you another like? You did wear a do ragle. Yeah. We'll do rag. We we we show Faulk. It's getting late. Let's picks me the time to go down to Maryland mind. Now, I don't want to forget to let's do it. Let's do it time who's fighting play the picks music. Title. No, let's do something. I'm breaking beef jerky. My side, I'm not gonna eat Rome. Saw denounce hungry. Do the first pick. What's call robust is less. You fights Roberson to Sherry's. The first fight on the main card and card media Carl Robertson stepped in for young kouteh lobby. Wait is this. Yeah. Isn't it Roberson? Denny fight. It a welterweight last time. No he was at middle middle. Oh, yeah. Yeah. He's fine. He's he's he's been up and down you. But anyway, but he's stepping in. He stepped in on January eleventh, replacing the end catella. So his last fight was a unanimous decision. Win over Jack Marsh, Jack marksman I thought he fought amid a wave his role. No, yeah. No, it's middleweight. And then global has he he knocked out Michel circuit off. And then lost to Corey Anderson by unanimous decision. This was easy to share a second round knockout. Oh, man. I don't know. I'm gonna go with to shared decision. Doing the same as the great dean Thomas decision. Yeah. Global? Okay. Although limited to write it down. I'm gonna take lover by. Yeah. I'm gonna go second round knockout, also because he's preparing for Cousy lava who's an animal Robertson isn't. But that guy just keeps trying to take your head off. So he's probably preparing for that type of foot and the next fight is. How do you say your name is an ostrich Rachel Austin? I guess paid van Damme. Making a she's coming back after that. I guess she had arm surgery. Yes. She broke her forearm, and then it healed improperly incorrectly. And they have to go back in. Yeah. So that was her last fight and then Rachel ostriches coming off of a. She got rear naked choke loss to Montana de LA Rosa in her last night. And then obviously she had some out of competition incident with their husbands and stuff. But she she is ready to fight. I'm gonna take page by decision because she was basically fighting with what Armin that last fight. Okay. I also like page, but I think I think page finishes are somehow how dean Thomas around. I'm gonna. For now, you know what she's not gonna finish this? You're gonna win by decision. Page will win by decision. Third round Rennick choke based on the same card as Rachel ostriches. Father. Are you serious back in wide? I think I'm older than you to held you forty to me. I swear it. Yeah. Yeah. Fuck I'm gonna take rich lots of by decision. I think she's like superman not the pages that motivated, but I think Rachel's probably. To win this fight next up. We have Joseph benefit Essen, Dustin RT's, a rematch benefit has won the first one by unanimous decision. He's to say when we talked to him that he doesn't typically win rematches. Am I incorrect? He's never won a rematch. But in fairness that have the rematches against cruise and mighty mouse. So nobody really wanted Joseph and I'm sorry Joseph by decision victory. Bye. I'm sorry. Mccain Sagan then. Decision Bennett beat us. Third round Tico. I'm gonna go because y'all said that I'm going to go Dustin Ortiz. I think he's asleep or sometimes I think he's got the ability to finish it is early. I think he can catch them early. Not that he's like that much better. I think he'll catch him early. Okay. All right. I'm gonna take benefit has been decision. But I think you're right. I mean Ortiz is not like a joke that that is fighting against. But I'm gonna take benefit Jimmy think he's a joke. Now, all of a sudden. Greg Gillespie against. That's a really really good fight. Glen. He's undefeated. What is he twelve? Our my remembering somebody, let's pull up here. I think he might be more than twelve and you might be right. He is twelve hundred okay and against Madero who's fifteen and five or what did what did what Gillespie's less two inch? How did they win? He's really fun to watch. You only pulled up his submission. I think in the last fight was an arm. Triangle choke over Vincent shell in his last one. And then he knocked out Jordan Rinaldi before that. But he's five in the UFC. One decision. He's got to four finishes. So he he's he's a real contender. I know I'm gonna take him second round finish overdose. You say second round finish. Yeah. So I was gonna say really, anyway, whatever you feel. Yes. Would you tell me what to say? I'm sorry guys. We all get along too. Good either spice it up. Yes. I shouldn't eight speaking to spice up I should not have down that fucking beef jerky. I feel so sick right now why nothing better than a nice beef jerky. Visit on the shelf. Couldn't get healthier. Fuck to take it a homeless guy shoe and eating the shit. But all I'm not gonna. It didn't hit me. Right. But didn't didn't? Okay. I'm gonna say Matt your head is sweating. Look at it his wedding on my head is sweating Oli. Do what did you? All right. So I'm I've been sobbing high. I've been high on Gregor Gillespie for a while. And I think he's got a Mendes Lee slick game that I don't think Yancy Medeiros is prepared for. I don't think he's ready for that type of pressure and that type of skill level with that speed. And I don't think he makes it out of around. You think I did you pick? I know you're gonna go you're gonna go I'm going Greg Espy second round submission. I think that's where he has a huge advantage over yet. See I'm going to take less be second. But I think if I honestly I feel like if he can get at it around against us, but he might be able to win. So that's why I've been goodness be gets him out of there. You know? Yep. Nonni third shut up. Sorry. I didn't mean guys. I don't mean to tell me to shush. Sorry. Sometimes I get like Joe pitchy going to get a pen, and Jeb and someone's I wish you were like him at the casino. Listen to me, I'm going with Gregor. Bless gillespie. Why is that? Dude. But I think Yancey is pretty durable. But and he's in he's doing he's durable. Like to getting hit and stuff. But he always comes back from that, man. But I think Gillespie surround stop is submission game. Regular second stop. I want to pretend like I said at first because I wanted to say that Jimmy Jimmy took my thunder, you know, because Jimmy's been off him. Why am I so combative? I don't know. Why am I talking everybody? Look at you, man. You got your damned your head. You're eating beef jerky. Everybody sub specialty young Ethan. Yongle Matt apologizes. This is some things that you never changed. Look how messy. Jerry Andy rapper. No good. Coffees. No, she look at ovation absolute mess. No candy. And I'm still mad at you for bringing me this grape soda the frontier. Cowboy was here when I brought up about dean's pick. What Joe Rogan if dean was fighting you'd be a couple of you go like this. I was just come. You just one second. It would be the whole cover. It won't second. It would be deemed dick tuck Thomas is what? I got a little nervous for a minute. What do you mean, you wouldn't be a bad batch? And he has all the ingredients at the beef that could be whatever his name is look at your area. Looks like the fire campsite. Look at it. Look at it. You guys flip this thing on me combative, very mess. I came out. I came out pushing you guys get you guys in the corner. Now, you're fighting back up and like Blake like a bully. I don't like it. You wear a teacher. That's as savage on your like. Dave, right, right. It is the Komai. Greg hardy against Alan Crowder. Alan Crowder is nine in three. He lost his last fight. Which was is you have see debut. She got knocked out by Justin Willis. I'm jimmy. I know you're honest too. So I want you to be honest. Even though I'm here. I would be very honest about what I am going to take. I'm. If he was fighting somebody more experienced I would pick again, I'm going to take hardy in a first round TKO. I think he's gonna come out extremely motivated, which again that can work against you. In the first round, you come out, a more experienced fighter can fucking allow you. Just a punch yourself out a little bit. And then by the second round your finished. But I think the Greg hardy come out very very motivated. And he really did look good. When I watched him fight first round TKO, tell me about Allen crabs last fighting in. It was a it was his UFC debut. He lost the Justin Willis it was a first round knockout halfway through the first round and his record. He's nine and three overall. Only one UFC fight one those UFC jitters, how many in Greg hardy three and he's got he's professionally three nobody has six anime fights. Overall, three amateur fights also Allen crowded trains again with who. Let me see where it says. It doesn't say it doesn't all knockouts amateur. Yeah. And how about his? Yeah. He's he's never not not someone. Who'd you say Allen Crowder trains with it doesn't say on the sheet. No, it isn't. No, it's very important to you. Info on if you want to make up how picked when I don't. Do you know who he might produces? It's I don't know who he trains what he trains for. So I think he in fact, he just opened up the school so Alan crowded. Yeah. Okay. What are you proud to do in his last fight? He got knocked up by Justin will I'm gonna change my pick. I heart is gonna win. But I do not think he's just gonna come in and smoke a guy who has twelve fights. Because he's one too many in a row by knockout. You don't just go in seven or eight fights in a row by knockout fighters just don't seem to fight that way. I'm gonna take hardy by decision. I think this is gonna be the first time he's pushing for interesting. Well, I don't wanna make it awkward guys, as you know, the whole time the shows being on this this the whole hour and change. I never wanted to make anything awoke in here. Yeah. I can tell Greg haughty. We'll take a hardy beating in the first round by Alan Crowder there. It is. I said I said I'm sitting in front of you. I want to my good friends. Yes. I did everybody. I said it hardy I'm taking Greg hardy by everybody. I wanna be different. He's so fast, so Atlantic. I mean, I I don't think that that crowd is going to be the guy to challenge him. Maybe not taking him down or whatever. I think it's going to stay on the field as twelve fights Crowder. I just think he may may smart enough to tie hardy up if possible, you know, you keep the festival, I don't know. I just have affiliates. It's not gonna be as easy as it's been with amateur fighters. No here. Alan crowder. Listen, he knows he knows that Craig haughty knocks people out, and he knows that he hurts people, but dean Thomas will tell you to hurt people on a time. You're that. It'd be hurt ain't that right team. Tom. God damn hurt. You I know chasing chasing me around. Anyway, I brought back, but we. Dillashaw against a hudo. I think that that fish my point. Yes, look, you just have. No, you didn't finish your point the door. Well, you were saying. I did pick him. Let's keep going. All right. So hudo, I T J dillashaw now for fight. Yeah. This is interesting because nobody's really nobody's talking about the hoodoo at all in this fight throughout Jake. Yeah. Seems but that's kind of a good thing though. You know, when because there's no pressure on you. He don't feel no pressure. When you look at their last fight. And how dynamic TJ looked would Cody it looked it looked awesome. Yeah. Like Killys verse heartily, right, man. But he did look these out he's slipping punches. He's hit lillies. What did you like three either right hand left? He it was. Me because we both picked Cody to to win that rematch. And he just he knocked him out again. And then you look at. So who does fight he, but it was more calculated any outpointed mighty mouse in a close fight. But when you look at what he's done right in that fight. It was very impressed. Yeah. And it was it was annoying enough that could he do that similar game plan to TJ Jimmy? No, oh, no. I don't think so confident now, I just think the TJ's third round stoppage. I think. Yeah. In the throughout. I think you will. I I have I actually have exactly the same thing. If third round knockout, I think TJ is coming in fast. I think we talked about it. The other day the difference in the size in their training to who to looks really big. I think he's gonna come in a little heavy. I think teachers is going to come in a little bit the opposite fast. And lt. He'll still have power at that way to going third right now. Fourth-round finish Fatih, Jay. And I listen. And you know, I love it on the dog. I do here especially ones that are like, you know, who. I believe Suda Suda. Yeah. I'll look it up. But it's close first title defense. You know? I don't I don't know how he'll handle that TJ's been been in this before. And not only that Jimmy you ask like like I like Muslim Cowboys been held down and beat up. Right. Does. I'm teaching has been held down and ever. I mean, he's he's gonna be hard to take down. That's the way he moved. He moved. He switches standard, so well, and he punches from news angle. So Ryo does seem to be a problem home. I got TJ two and four. So that's good. All right. The TJ. I mean, there's the site that I'm looking at him and he's a minus two hundred hundred. So it's a two to one favorite. So that's right. That's actually pretty good in that went, right? Well, listen, man. What else do we wanna plug? We're going to be getting Adia. This had no West Palm be there tomorrow and Saturday night at the improv. So you did that because you know, I wasn't going to beat her. I. I know. But I specifically check the schedule and I want out of New York. Oh, really? The fight for free. Go to West Palm talked a bunch of old people. We're gonna fucking hate me. The fight. So this Saturday Jimmy, and you know, my name, but my name is a cool really quick really quick. And. What are you doing? My my buddy. Joey goes. I wanna come over. We're having a we're having a party over. It's only maybe I'll stop in the fight through on me about pop in for a drink something. Because I the only thing is it. It's it's like a naughty Santa party. I'm like listen to me. This is my neighbors. I go. What are you joking? The kids go to school together. You know, the eye annuity like waggling? What is this is wide? Shut. What are you talking about? You know, you just gotta bring like a naughty gift. I go. I hate to do it. Ethan. You must do I I'm. Do you want me to bring a double ended dildo? Bring. Get what the fuck it. We don't get about man. I don't know what to heads. So. I know what that is. Doc him and it didn't shock him. Now. I would it. Something tells me that me and MRs Serrano going to this party. It's. It's. Teeth. Why is he having a Christmas party now strange? But. You have to bring a good naughty Christmas gift what the fuck is Laudi about Christmas, you freaks. I love these guys the nice guys. How are you going to look at them on Monday after that you don't already, but how am I going? I'm going to dress. My wife up like a freaky Alfano. This is. Rolling go. What is going on rolling pin? With a hamburger helper fish on the end. In the end. They would stand like what is ball's out. What the fuck is going on here island. Don't do. It. Don't go don't go. I'll listen I'm not going and I'll see them on Monday. How was the freak fest? I was watching Cowboys. They're only freight doors hidden agendas, you're going you're going to fight. I'm not. I got go naughty fucking party spice things don't go to. So where you're gonna wants to fight. Well, I mean is in Brooklyn, which is nice, you know, but I'm to be fighting. So I like to watch it on my big screen TV. It is nice to nice to be home and watching of here. Nami in Florida. Oh, you're going to be away. I watched them left up. Well, listen to me and dean wants to promote to promote Deen's enough. Not much more time. I gotta sign out with so listen check out, but it is good day. Online. Talked over, you know, train BJ JJ, online dot com or on Instagram. That'd be at train BJ online to serve JJ schools. What do I want to say to it? I'll do that. I know you why don't get kind of a hook up again you get your promo crew. And what about the people wanna know they've been asking what is it? Dana white looking for a fight. Dana trip in people. They do to me to me of a lot. They want us to talk about and chill. Rogin did say you'll final compliment. He did like he does say he likes you on the show. I knew way while we did you don't I would hit the inter up. All right. Listen Jimmy so much fun spring. I had a great time to all right? It's eighty five you, buddy. All right now. 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