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"biz west dot com" Discussed on NoCo Now ? 1310 KFKA

"Travel centers in fifteen states. they're planning seventy locations in colorado And including some in in northern colorado a northern colorado back in august We reported that they paid Ten point seven million four four acres at highway. Sixty six and i twenty five in mead but we will likely be seeing more quick trips. Emerge in the region here in the next In the next year. Or so. Chris do they does it appear to are they. Well run organization. I mean does it. Yeah i think they have a big track record there As i say they've got a lot of these stores. Nine hundred and fifteen states You know their locations or anywhere from forty one hundred eight thousand square feet but You know remember we. We saw lots coming in the markets along. I twenty five years back and quick trip sees the growth here and And they see the the growth in distribution activity in this in this region in colorado. And i think that They want they want to capture some of that truck traffic while well. That's that's i tell you good news for me because that's like maybe i don't know three blocks to the south so i'm glad that they're investing in that That eastern southern of of greeley evans. That's good well you'll turn into a real estate. Mogul here between you. It'd be interesting. I i wouldn't say to that. Let's just say that. Chris holder you. You're you're biz west. How how do people get a hold here. Yeah they can go to our website this west dot com or they can email me see would at biz. West dot com. But you gotta have you gotta be hopping with everything going on. Because i tell you. I thought i was paying attention and every time i hear read from anything in west. I'm like going. I didn't know that i didn't is crazy. How much give either well. Hey chris i appreciate you coming on the show today. Get out there and drumming up buddy and have a great day all right. Go build a snowman no absolutely have a good day man all right take care all right man. We're going to run us out angel. You're gonna pop out of here. We're going to go pay some bills. You are listening to no co- now and thirteen ten cave k. and one zero three point one. fm we will be back in a flash..

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