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138-Knights of the Round Table: Carl

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138-Knights of the Round Table: Carl

"Based on the seminal horror novel by Stephen King pet cemetery releases April fifth it follows Dr Louis creed who after relocating from Boston rural Maine with his wife Rachel and their two young children discovers mysterious burial ground hidden deep in the woods near the family's new home when tragedy strikes Lewis turns to his unusual. Neighbor said enough a perilous chain-reaction that unleashes an unfathomable evil. Sometimes dead is better Paramount Pictures presents pet cemetery in theaters April fifth just a quick disclaimer this week there are some adult themes nothing graphic, but check out the post on myth, podcasts dot com. For more info this week. I'm missing legends. It's the story of Wayne in case road trip to stay with a guy named Carl woolen that if you're Airbnb is primarily known for murdering guests you might want to pass on that one. We'll learn how friends help friends throw spears three others faces the Krisha this week is star monkey who enjoys a talk. Of blood before going to poison a whole village. This is myths and legends episode one thirty eight Carl. This is a podcast where I tell stories from Thalji and folklore some are incredibly popular stories you'd think you know, but what surprising origins others stories that might be new to you. But are definitely worth. Listen, Jay stories, another one that exists outside of our three in continuity. If this is your first time here in Arthur legend on the show, the King Arthur stories take place, roughly in the six hundred eighty in Great Britain, Arthur was braised in secret with his adopted brother Kay, Arthur pulled the sword from the stone a whole bunch of other stuff happened it eventually he ruled over a semi peaceful. Great Britain K became his right hand, man. And we met, sir. Dwayne his current NBK going, of course is his nephew by way of his half sister Magas. And at the star today story Cain going are looking forward to hunting trip with king. Arthur that is until we invite some friends. So fun lewke boys night hunting trip going said as he looked on the crowd gathered outside Cardiff and Wales. You didn't think he met five hundred armed and mounted knights right into the forest number. So great that the deer population of Great Britain might never recover. Yeah. Try planning it Circe marked before taking a long long drink from his wine skin. Anyway, there's the horn. Let's do this everyone who was anyone galloped off at the sound of the horn five hundred horses and probably twice as many Squires and servants green and k decided to stick together and neither them objected when Bishop Baldwin wrote up and asked if he could ride with them to K was worn out from a van planning and go Wayne well going didn't really need the glory of the hunt. He was widely known as the best night in the world. Despite some French upstart named LANCELOT nipping at his heels five hundred people galloping into the forest would scare every deer on the island. He would just try to. Enjoy the ride in the country with Arthur's, brother. Yeah. You know, what Senator show means Circe ask Wayne as the sun began to sink lower in the sky comes from a French word that means doesn't sleep in the dirt. We're going to keep writing until we find a castle. I thought it meant that. You're my uncle king Arthur's right hand man, going said without looking at the night. Keisha Dema wrinkle look that it was because you're Arthur's right hand, man, Kei scoffed. That's you. That's you sound. It was rhetorical statement. Go Wayne of wish chimed in from behind them. If they were looking for some place for the night. There was always Carl's place. It was the castle of Carlisle going looked at K did he know of any night or no woman by the name of. What was it, sir Karl? Nope. Nope. The Bishop quickly corrected not, sir. Karl just Carl. He's not a nobleman or a night. It's just Carl k was confused. So he was just some guy. How did that work Bishop Baldwin shrugged? Well in that world is seem to be a line between the known and the unknown civilization in the wilderness. There was a weird otherworldly Britain. Like, you know, once you cross the line there. Giants green nights that can survive beheading lying best friends, and apparently the ability for just some guy named Karl have his own castle. Mo- gentlemen, welcome to the twilight zone, and that's actually doubly true because it's twilight and we'd. Really need to find a place to sleep going held up a hand. He'd had some experiences in the weirder. Parts of this island already tonight. He just wanted to sleep around a campfire in the forest and had back tomorrow. But as the thunder Wikus through the sky and sheet of rain pummeled down on them. Just as soon as go Wayne finished his sentence going found that he was outnumbered two to one Carl's place. It was with more light in cracks leading up the pouring rain. The trio looked at the castle glowing in the darkness ahead. They were it up to the gate, and as Gwen was about to knock the Bishop mentioned another just tiny detail that he had forgotten earlier. So every night that has ever gone into Carl's castle has died all eyes turn to the unbelievable Bishop. Yeah. He was really sorry. Didn't mention it earlier. He was just happy to be contributing K laughed. So what this was just some guy named Carl. They were K in going to the bravest knights in Christendom green and Bishop Baldwin looked each other Sharona glance that said about half of that statement was true go in and Bishop Baldwin looked at each other sharing a glance that set about half of that statement was true K continued saying that if this Carl tried anything they beat him to within an inch of his life and take his castle because they're the good guys going stared at K and picked up the hammer hanging on the chain to knock on the door. If Carl let them in and gave them food in bed for the night. They wouldn't touch him seriously. This was the middle ages in hospitality was still ridiculously important. Hey, guys. How can I help? You a Puerto greeted a few minutes later through tiny hatch from the other side of the door going bowed low before the man. Saying that he beseeched the Lord of this castle to give them shelter for the night. The porter scratched his forehead looking back to the castle side. They wanted him to talk to Karl look they'll like nice respectable nights. And all too is going to level with them. Carl Carl was not a nice guy, man. He didn't do courtesy your chivalry or anything like that. If they stayed the night there. They ran for a bad time and not like lumpy bed and still continental breakfast bad time. But the port will be dragging out their bodies in the morning bad time keeping his hand to his sword. Declaring that he wouldn't trade words with a porter anymore. It was raining. He was cold. He needed to go. Take their message to the Lord of the castle. Ooh. Once again, really feel like you're not hearing me here. He's not a lowered. I wouldn't call him a Lord within earshot. He's Carl and don't stab the messenger doesn't really have the same ring to it. Well, whatever. It's your literal funeral. I'm sorry. You've come here and by morning, you will be too with that the porter closed the hatch after a few moments. He L to the men of of the wall to raise the gate Carl had granted them his hospitality. G- Wayne k and Bishop Baldwin all handed off their horses to people who wouldn't meet there is if all the porter into the main hall as soon as there is just into the light they froze what what was that? There was a cheer face facing a fire a large high back chair, it was massive. And it was the least interesting thing about the room because flanking the chair and seated around the fire were four animals a full grown bull a bear a boar and a lion. When this all the visitors arrive there rushed them like an eager dog. Russia's a guest. Unfortunately, there were slightly different from an eager dog in that the Barron line were snarling. The bull was snorting and the boar was wedding his tusks against the floor. To sharpen them for the kill immediately. The Bishop prayed goin- ready to sort the last fight of his entire life and K also Ray disordered, but bravely took a half step behind going that was one of boomed from the fire down down get back when the animals heard the sound of that voice, they instantly broken terror way from the guests and bolted nearby tables were they coward and tear way from the one who rose by the fire. Hey, sorry. I'm training them not to jump up, and you know, mall, guests said the formidable silhouette walking toward them. And why are you kneeling who told you to kneel the bishops slapped Wayne in the back? Why was going kneeling this guy? Not being a nobleman was his whole thing. And as going and Bishop Baldwin's is met Carl's, they realized that maybe being a twelve foot tall. Wall of muscle might also be as thing Carl urge. Going to stand. He lodged with no nobleman tonight. He would receive no courtesy except Ruffy and courtesy here and porter seriously. Why are you still standing there? The first pet charged thing was your cue, go get the wine. That's when k go Wayne and Bishop Baldwin looked at the wind being carted out in four Goblets. The held about four gallons of wine. Each Carl stared at the porter really four gallons. What was this a drink for ants? Get the good one his normal one as fast as they could the servants wheeled Carl's normal nine gallon goblet out he picked it up with one hand and told his guest, please drink up going stared at the sea of wine before him. Could you get like a straw or something? No, cool. He was looking forward to Rooney his shirt with a four gallon bucket of wine anyway, while they awkwardly drank together Bishop Baldwin excuse. Himself to go check on his horse. It wasn't three minutes before they heard a slap and a Winnie and then the Bishop returned with a furrowed brow. He couldn't believe it the full of a commoner eating next to his horse. He was the Bishop of Great Britain Carl put down his wind big gulp and calmly walked over to the Bishop Carl had heard a slap in a Winnie. What had the Bishop Dunn Bishop Baldwin looked up into the eyes of the man who was over twice as height the horse of a commoner didn't get to eat next to the horse of a Bishop. So he corrected the error. He'd opened the door to the stables and slapped the horse to get into runoff. Carl pursed his lips. All right. Well, a slap verse lap. Then he raised his hand above his head. But the Bishop begged to stop he was a man of God Carl's is grew wide. Then act like one can't just put down his goblet when a slap landed with enough force to knock the Bishop out. Going ran to the Bishop who's out cold in the stone floor K winced. Yeah. That's really bad for you. Then a more alarming thought than an elderly Bishop getting a concussion and dropping to a stone floor came to mind, his horse, his horse might be eating next to that of a lowly commoner like Karl he rose. An also ran to the stables while Carl was presuming his nine gallon drink and going was dragging the Bishop to one of the couches without an apex predator hiding underneath it Carl heard another slap in a snort from outside K came in smiling and smugly brushed off his hands done and done. Get this Carl's cold Carl's have been eating alongside his Steed took care of that. As the twelve foot tall Carl Rosen loomed over K K laughed in his face. What was this commoner this wannabe, Laura? Gonna do with k king Arthur's Senegal slap him. No Carl replied without warning the commoners left hook came in strong K to drop like a sack of potatoes to the stone. Going dragged his will friend will be a strong word for K. Let's say he dragged his work acquaintance to the couch next to the Bishop and left to check on the horses. Carl flexed his knuckles readying himself for the next time. But going to a lot longer when Carl finally went out looking for him. He was in the stable soaking wet feeding hate the panicked full and the angry Colt that he had gone onto the storm to find. When he saw Carl watching him as he made his way back to the main hall going nodded and went to go help as friends. We'll see a strange day get even stranger, but that will be right after this turn your dream into a reality with squarespace if you have a new business when a showcase your work published content sell products, whatever you need a web presence. I mean, my cat has a web presence. So your passion project. Definitely should as Chris base. Makes it easier than ever to launch one the templates are beautiful. So it's easy to make a stunning website. 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After having the taste slapped out of their mouth by burly commoner had a couple of different takes on what happened. The Bishop used the helpful instruction by means. The back of the Carl's hand to rethink some of his preconceived notions on class. K however yawned after a long day of rioting and the equivalent of a couple of bottles of wine from the VAT, he said, he just took an impromptu nap because tina's he was king Arthur's cynical and a famous Knight. No other explanation really made sense to him certainly not that he had been knocked out cold in one punch from a commoner though. Hey dinner as k wiggle the tooth in his mouth and staggered to the table. He took a seat next to one of the most beautiful woman hit ever seen. He introduced himself as Circe the Senate show king. Arthur the king who ruled over these lands, she introduced herself as MRs Carl now if I had just woken up after being hit by twelve foot tall guy. I would probably not hit on his wife. Or insult him, especially as he sat across the table from me but Kay had another idea. He was going to do both of those things at once. He said it was too bad. That this lovely lady was shackled such a fiend going face pond from the edge of the room and Carl stood ominously. Why was going not coming to dinner? Did he like his two friends think that he was too good for Carl's table going side? It wasn't that. He didn't take a seat because he couldn't he hadn't been asked to the table by the law by the master of the house, Carl smiled, always with courtesy. This one Carlton follow it. But he knew it as the commoner strode over to Wayne he asked about courtesy if the master of the house asked you to do something you had to do it. Correct. Going looked at K and Bishop Baldwin who despite their splitting headaches were digging into an awesome meal and barely paying attention. Gwen look back to. Carl. Yeah. That was the rule Carl snap is fingers. And the porter came in with a spear and placed it in goings hands Carl going to hit him stem back by the door that led to the buttery and throw the spiritus face with that came Baldwin stopped eating, and they were now paying close attention to go Wayne and Carl with his black guy and fat lip K was egging going on Bishop Baldwin though, we have been hit was a man of God, it wouldn't condone such wanton violence. But yeah, yeah. Going should totally do it. Choline nodded. He was a guest in this man's house. So logic, obviously, followed that he should throw a spirit the man's face. Still after K Baldwin's treatment up to this point going. Couldn't imagine what was in store for him. After throwing a spear through Carl's face. He stood his back to the buttery door, which by the way was door to the room rumor they kept food for guests and not a buttery door going. On Carl's grinning face poise the spear and through stories conflict on what exactly happened next some say that the spear stuck in Carl's face, but he just pulled it out. It was fine. Others say that he dodged the spear and shattered on the wall. The main text following doesn't explicitly say anything it says that goin- accurately through the spirit Carl said and the spear shattered on the stones behind him given that a shatters. I don't think it makes sense to have it sticking Carl's headed all. And I don't want Wayne K to think he some sort of allusion. So we're just going to go with him dodging the spirit at the last possible moment so Cam Baldwin a bit disappointed. Not to see a man impelled by a spear to the face of her dinner went back to their food. Carl snapped his fingers and several servants immediately appeared to click the spirits, the host finally invited going dinner asking him to sit down next to him and across from his wife going was a more tactful night than K, but he also shared the man's feelings toward the woman. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He was so enraptured by her beauty that he blinked and the servants were clearing the table. Guedes? Cheeks grew read a square noticed Carlson. Go Wayne stern at Carl's wife. Sinister. Sweet Carl said musing allowable leaning back in front of an empty plate. But she's mine leaves such thoughts and drink your wine night. You will not have her Guedes face lit up with shame. Oh, no. No, no. It wasn't like that. But she was beautiful, of course. But he wasn't thinking Carl slapped on the back. Of course, he wasn't. And of course, he wasn't. He turned to the door and bellowed music now, a younger girl, probably around seventeen or eighteen arrived in the room and bowed to Carl and the nights. She looked a lot like Carl's wife, but younger she began plucking harp. And singing a song about the glory of king Arthur's court and the five dinner attendees, listen, dawn, K was the first one. Mr. ninety Naf, and then Baldwin it might have been the meal or the wine or the music, but it was time for bed in Carl stood. He helped booth men to their feet and love the visitors down the long corridor came Baldwin walked straight into their small simple rooms, thank you about nothing. But collapsing on the soft beds going, however, was weary. This house was stranger than ever. And this Carl he was monstrous as he walked deeper into the castle. Go Wayne wondered, what horrors this night held wait. This is my room going asked studying the massive golden crested, suite with tapestries and rape before the bed was a couch draped with a gold cloth. Carl laughed as he pushed go Wayne in. No, this was Carl's room the door closed behind him going looked at Carl nervously. What was going on Karl didn't look back but instead stood smiling? He nodded toward the bed to his wife lane. There waiting going reiterated. Seriously, what was going on to Squires came from a hidden side room and wordlessly unday goings armor when it was off. They also took off his clothes standing there. And whatever the medieval equivalent of underwear was he asked Carl for third time. What was going on Karl said simply that he wanted to go in and take his wife into his arms and kiss her now while he watched going looked at Karl who was quite serious. He looked at MRs Carl who with a nod was beckoning him to bed g- Wayne had expected. A medieval house of horrors, not a couple who is into you know, whatever this was he pretty much expected. He might have to fight Carl before the night was through anyway. So we might as well spend some time in the arms of beautiful woman before he had to do. So with a nod Gohain bow before Carl saying that his bidding would be done have no fear. Go Wayne dropped the rest of his clothes and. Jumped into bed. We usually don't get graphic with these sorts of scenes, and this is no exception. But the story informs us that go Wayne and MRs Carl kissed for a long time when things were about to get well more intimate Carl stood from the gold clothe couch making a timeout tea with his hands. All right. All right. Good game guys Carl's wife immediately rap sheets around her body and sat up in bed with her husband going sat up to wait. What they were just about to. Yup. Carl said Gwen looked at MRs Carl who does not a plainly, and they weren't going to. Nope. Carl said going looked at both of them. Okay. So what should he do? Now, Carl rose and immediately went all Gandalf, filling the room with his back to the fire. So we seem to glow like a demon. What should go Wayne do? Now, go Wayne should die. But then Carl burst out laughing. That just getting they Honey you ready. Well, Karl had been threatening going. Mrs Carla been putting a robe on dip. She was ready as Carl and his wife walked toward the door. Carl shared that going could have his room for the night, though. And there was something else. His wife was in in his power to give away. He wasn't king Mark of Cornwall. Ooh. But he could give going someone that wasn't as power to give he wrapped on the door. And it opened from the other side the girl from dinner the harp player. Walked in Carl said that this was his daughter. They had already talked it over and she wished to spend the night with the famous, sir. Go Wayne of Camelot nephew of king. Arthur Carl asked if that was a sufficient replacement for his wife with a grin as he took Carl's daughter into his arms. He said that it was Carl closed the doors. The pair began the kiss. Are kind of a contradiction chastity in some places is a nightly virtue. But the writers will the writers. No what sells from LANCELOT and Gwen aveer. Arthur more Goss to Tristan nice old. They're not above throwing chastity out the window. I think that's what they're doing here because as opposed to other works and their obsession with virginity improper behavior. Remember, the nice pain swords between themselves on woman sleeping in the same bed for images sake. The story just kinda puts it out there. The goin- and Carl's daughter had a native no strings attached fun in the morning going asked the young woman when he was gonna see her again, and she just laughed. It's kind of a shockingly modern series of events for work from the twelfth century. But hey, I guess what happens in weird otherworldly? Great Britain stays in weird otherworldly, Great Britain. Anyway, going came Bishop Baldwin at breakfast the next morning after the whole household went to mass understandably came the Bishop were eager to get back on the road to Camelot after all their time in the. Strange land had resulted in little more than humiliation and late brain damage. They were so close to getting out of there something that according to the stories at this place should have been impossible Carl stood from the table and announced they would depart with his blessing, no less, but first he wanted to show them something came Baldwin were wary. The coin set cautiously optimistic on the whole he had had a pretty good trip. So far that is until he saw Carl's murder room. It was a deserted building on the edge of his little town. The shutters were closed and thick cobwebs grip. The corners of each window and door Carl turned the key opened the door and thick dead. Stench port from the room Carl duck does he entered and beckoned his guests inside going and KRA at their hands on their swords with Baldwin tucked safely behind them. When Carl laughed they weren't in any danger anymore. It was over they had passed the test hand still on their swords go Wayne and Kate entered the room the floor was reddish Brown with it. That was paint or blood was too difficult to say at this point piled from floor ceiling in some places where the bones of those with stay before Chateau to Carl blitstein tunics with symbols of every sort fluttered in the rare breeze that pass through the room Carl sat down and top one pile of bones saying that he will he and his for animals had done all this. It was twenty winters ago. Twenty winters that he made a vow before God, it was a hasty vow. But it was a binding one. He vowed that no man should spend a night in his castle. Unless he did everything Carl asked him to do or else he will be killed until last night until going no night had survived the pledge. But now he would have been in the custom and all men will be welcome in his home going bowed, low before Carl saying that this was the just magnanimous decision Carl smiled it was because he finally found in night that lived his code of honor to the point that he would throw spiritus face and sleep with his wife Kay nodded. He was proud of going for doing ever, wait. What Karl continued for the sake of all these men who laid their slain he will build a church on the spot and provide for ten priests singing prayers for their souls until doomsday going nodded. It was kind of. Spotty consolation prize for not being alive. But sure those good enough well last they returned to their horses. They found them each Laden with gold enrich tapestries next to goin- source said another writer on a pal Frey. It was Karl's daughter. Let's say that Karl talked it over with her a painter consent. And she was now offering to marry sir Wayne go Wayne happily accepted and the four road off together when they met up with king. Arthur that afternoon, they told him the story of Carl and his castle and King Arthur decided that he had to go meet this man for himself with his retinue in tow Arthur found Carl to be kind and gracious host and Carl readily consented to be a Knight of king Arthur's court. He was dubbed Lord Carl of Carlisle, and he became one of the knights of the round table Sircar Lyle as he was called did construct a church the one that he promised. In addition of funding, ten months to say prayers there in perpetuity that churches supposedly the church of Carlisle. And it's still stands to this day. This is a fun story in kind of represents a conquest of sorts for Arthur, Arthur is extending his rule over the wild and strange lands that even though they're also in Great Britain, always represent some sort of other place, some quick points. This marriage of going is not canon for our podcast. He is a much more entertaining marriage story, whereas wife, actually has a name that one's insert Thomas. Mallory in the more, Arthur, and that's the one we're going to be going with also if you have any familiarity with Great Britain at all, you know, that Cardiff in Wales is like three hundred miles from Carlisle. So it's kind of a long trek for two nights in a Bishop to make in one go also full disclosure. I read one source for Carl was referred to as Carl. But in most places, he's referred to as the Carl with Carl being another name for a turtle which is another name for like a rube peasant. It was simpler and more fun. Refer to him as Carl instead of the Carl next week. We're back in Irish mythology with more stories of coup. Colon who finds love and fairyland. The only issue is that he's already married and his wife and her posse of armed women aren't taking his infidelity lightly. The creature this week is star monkey from Kenya. Like the creature last time this one is bound to a which is they're familiar a familiar spirit that's friendly to which helps them out with their magic. It's usually made or conjured by the witch and can take many forms. The star monkey called the mundane is like a large wide monkey whose body is covered in orange for it has pointed ears a narrow head dark slid. It is and because we all wonder how well endowed mythological creatures are the answer to that question for the star. Monkey is very it's a long and serpentine. You're wondering I'm not exactly sure what that means. But I am very sure that I don't wanna Google it. The star monkey knows magic. But it specialties poisons to fight the witches enemies, it will often sneak in the houses, which you can do pretty easily as it can turn invisible. And it'll poison the whole household the poisonous carried through the air. So one drop on the floor should do it. I'm quickly learning that you shouldn't make enemies out of folklore witches. The star monkey loves a glass of warm milk or a glass of warm blood, and they will get either from cows often blamed for mysterious illnesses, no surprise there. And if you want to keep them away keeping iron bars in your house is a good way to keep mythological creatures away in general or with this one you can get a witch doctor who can make a magical trap to catch it paralyze it and remove its powers. If you see the helpless star monkey cotton a trap you should under. No circumstances say, oh, hey it worked because not only is that obvious. But then you'll immediately be proven wrong. And because of your words the will break in you'll have an angry invisible. Monkey running around your house. There are some more recent and equally reasonable stories about the star monkey going around that it isn't the witches familiar, but a race of aliens that I guess didn't get their animal disguises completely right? Apparently, they've come down to whom pregnant women and create a race of alien human hybrids, because I guess they saw the X files and thought that sounded like a cool idea. The way to avoid them as just by not sleeping on the floor. There. That's all you need to thwart an alien invasion of evil poison monkeys. That's it for this week myths and legends is by Jason and Chris wiser art theme songs by the band broke for free. Then the creature the week music is by Steve combs, their links to even more music in the Shonno's. Thank you so much for listening, and I'll see you next time.

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