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Witches & Saints: Brigid of Kildare

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Witches & Saints: Brigid of Kildare

"Patron seats according to her biographers. She lived a truly extraordinary life. She was an early Irish Christian nun abbess and founder of several monasteries including the famous and revered revered monastery at killed air. Let's talk about Saint Brigid of Kildare. According to seventh and eighth century sources are earliest accounts of bridget's. Life Bridget was born around four fifty one when Christianity was first starting to make its way into the country. Her mother was a Christian slave who had been baptized op ties by Saint Patrick himself and her father was a pagan chieftain of Leinster. One source claims that after bridget's mom became pregnant with her master's child his wife forced him to sell the pregnant slave to a druid so bridget was born into slavery at this point in the available double biographies. Bridget's life starts to take on a legendary tinge. It's claimed that as a child bridget would bomb it anytime time the druid would feed her due to his pagan impurity. Instead bridget was fed by a special white cow with red ears bridget was also reported to regularly perform miracles as a child including healings and making food appear out of thin air at the age of ten bridget was returned to her father's house to work as a household slave. She quickly got in trouble for giving away his belongings to people in need her father. I was so angry with her that he took her to the king of Leinster to sell her however the king recognized bridget's charitable nature and holiness and convinced her father to set her free bridget gained the powers of an abyss from one of several famous early Irish Christians though the sources don't agree on which one according to tradition around four eighty brigid founded a monastery at Kildare on the site of a pagan shrine to the Celtic Goddess brigid aged served by a group of young women tending an eternal flame bridget is credited with founding to monastic institutions at Kildare one for men men and the other for women a first Ireland bridget invited Khan left a Christian Hermit to Helper in Kildare as pastor for Centuries Kildare continued to follow the tradition of being run by a double line of Abbot Bishops Abbas Bridget and her abbey were so revered the the Abbess of Kildare became regarded as superior general of the monasteries in Ireland from that point on under Brigid Kildare became a powerful cathedral city and a major centre learning and religion in Ireland brigid is credited with founding school of art there but the focus on metalwork and elimination those skills were used to create many beautiful manuscripts including the book of Kildare Particularly Impressive Illuminated manuscript it has since been lost to history she performed various miracles of differing import and she enjoyed a wonderful friendship with Saint Patrick Ireland's patron saint on February. First five twenty five rigid is said to have died at killed air suffice it to say Brigid of Kildare life was incredible from the beginning to the very end but how much of it actually happened among scholars. Today Brigid of Kildare is a controversial figure. Some believe that bridge it wasn't a real person but a legendary figure based on the Celtic Goddess brigid and melted into early Irish Irish Christianity Christianizing local religious deities was a common way to introduce and bring pain populations into the new Christian religion be scholars point to the supernatural events miracles and folklore associated with Saint Bridget that share commonalities reflections of the Pagan Goddess other scholars believe that bridget was not a legend who became recorded over time as a real person but rather a real person who became recorded over time as a legend those with that perspective say that bridge it was a real person who took on the Celtic Goddess Bridget's attributes as her story was retold over the centuries. We're unlikely to ever have a definitive historical answer to the mystery of Saint Brigid but whichever perspective effective you adhere to it's clear that Brigid of Kildare was and continues to be an important symbol of Irish Christianity tune in tomorrow for the story of another remarkable woman from throughout

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