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Nature and wildlife, critical to our existence

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Nature and wildlife, critical to our existence

"This is my well as you in news. It's time that humankind realizes that nature doesn't exist for us. The head of the environment programs office in New York said just ahead of World Wildlife Day Assistant Secretary General Suchitra. Patty described twenty twenty as a soupy for nature warning that we are currently standing on the precipice of complete annihilation. He said there's seldom being a year. When so many critical meetings taking place which could help avert the devastation of the natural world? Mr Potty began by telling this graffiti about the new documentary wild Karnataka which shines a light on the rich biodiversity of that Indian state. I've seen the film It's amazing the kind of footage they have managed to gather through different technology including drone photography and others. It's not deterred by the legendary David attenborough and what I was very excited about. Was that it released as a mainstream movie in the theaters to full houses. Which gives you hope that people still have a lot of interest in wildlife and given the right motivation they would protect it. Can you tell us how the film undisclosed the importance of protecting the environment? Who START IT presents? The mega diversity of other life forms a nut and how humans relate to it and also it does it in a very endearing way that you really feel for them and that you feel one with nature and I think that's very important because human somehow have come to believe and very wrongly. I would say that everything exists for us and each year exists for us. The planet exist for us which is so wrong. Nothing could be further from the truth. So that is why movies like wild Kamata really bring home. The roots that we are just one of the seven point eight million magnificient species that inhabit the planet. And that we are to live in harmony with nature at is the link to land degradation while I think the land loss and degradation story is also the story of the loss of species that we are confronting a million species are about to go extinct tanks to human behavior and and much of it can be ascribed to land use and land use change and so as agriculture and advances in the Forest Frontier Receipts and deforest frontier is home to the wildlife species of the planet. They don't live in. Auburn spaces with. Urban spaces are primarily created for you once you might have an occasional bird or a b. here and there but that's certainly not their habitat so as we advance and our greed makes us take over more and more territory or not. The species are rapidly going extinct because we're taking over their habitat and that's something that really needs to stop. This is the Superhero for nature. We have the World Conservation Congress in a few weeks and then we have the nature summit that the president of the UN General Assembly is hosting in September in New York which will then be followed by the Biodiversity Convention Conference of Parties in-coming that China's hosting this year and then of course in between we have the World Ocean summit which is happening in Lisbon Portugal. So when you look at all these things that has seldom in a year where you would see. So many critical. Gathering off policymakers from around the World Civil Society Actors Private Sector. And what have you so I think this is the superhero furniture. So I think if all these can be major milestones in our commitment to conserving nature. And doing what is right for the planet not just for us. Because that's what has brought us to the precipice of complete animation and why we really need to change course and there couldn't be a better year than this. How would you say the sustainable development goals tie into World Wildlife Day? I think we need to understand the web of life that sustains all life on earth and is basically the story of the harmony in which humans and all wildlife exist together and that is why it is so important that we understand the importance of wildlife to our own existence even if we are very selfish even if we don't see anything else as being of importance just ourselves as being of importance even then we should actually recognize what does for us. I mean you take the example of bees. We have never sent an invoice to anybody. Dip pollinate every food that comes out on the planet and when their colonies collapse we spend millions of dollars backing them into boxes and putting them in trucks and take the case of interest rates alone. People are carrying beehives across the length and breadth of the United States just to get their pollination done and so it is time we realized that nature doesn't exist for us we would finish as a species and nature would go on it will heal itself it has existed for millions and millions of years without us though even if we are very selfish we really need to understand the criticality of nature to our own existence. And what can an average person do to support this? Being mindful being mindful off the natural resources. We use this to give you a little later which I concentrate significant at this point of time. The poor capita use of materials by humans is roughly thirty two thousand pounds for year. One human being. That's how much resources we are using. It is not sustainable and it cannot go on like this and by simply being mindful being concentrate and being respectful of nature. We can actually turn this around. There's a lot of things that we do can easily avoided. Take the case of food. Forty percent of the food that we grow is wasted and we keep talking about. How are we going to ten billion people by two thousand fifty? That's what I call false. Bindis you astor wrong question. The right question to ask is. How do we conserve nature? How do we improve the factor of productivity in the same land so that we can actually grow more healthy foods and you can sustain as many species? You aren't what would your message before? World Wildlife Day. I think the biggest message would be for humility for us to understand that we are one of the seven point eight million species that inhabit the planet. And we need to respect the right of other species to coexist alongside humans because even if we are selfish that's in our interest because that's what sustains the web of life is there anything else you would like to add. I think this is a time to act. We've been talking for too long for decades now and we have reached a very critical point in the history of our planet and how humans behave in two thousand twenty and in the next few years will determine certainly our fate and also the fate of the other species and the planet as well.

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