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"billy rosie" Discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

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"billy rosie" Discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

"Always always always right now. Sorry. And today stugatz I love my dad more than most people love their dead. Right? I'm better. You're better off your dad. Hi, like that says the all the time. Lover most love in the world. Third show with this Stu gods on ESPN radio. My daily existence involves wandering the halls around here and having the frenzy and the OCD of Stu gods and Billy Rosie's, like sort of lap up against me. So for for two days, Mike Ryan to God's have been, they've been arguing, we need to do old faces new places. And as they're doing this. Billy is talking about the poison seeds. He wants to plant on our show. That's how greeted me today, said during the local hour planted some poison seeds because he wants to do what things cost with STAN Van Gundy because he believes that STAN Van Gundy has not shopped for grocery for himself in about three decades and he wouldn't know what anything caused. Do you how, which one of these do you wanna? Do you know what? Let's do both. Let's go ahead. Let's just let's go old faces new places and what things caused will do both of them at the same time. Gentlemen been too long since we've played faces in new places, old fates, number one for the crew where is Jeremy Lin's face. Stand, you gotta sit this out and just less because you're going to know the answers to all of these. But we don't know where the hell is Jeremy. Lin. His last stop was with the nets, right? Thank teams ago. I think I have it. Wait. Do you know? I'm not sure. No Orlando, Dan, would you like to venture guess? Okay, STAN. Do you know this just yes or no? Do you know that? I do know I do here the hell. Was he just traded a guess Clifford. The answer is Atlanta. Oh, name name. Five hawks idea. Not used in name three hawks. I dare you got his trae young. Got trae young, Vince partner and now Jeremy. Lin again we did it all right now that's enough volt faces new places. What the hell is this bad part of music. All right guys. Here we go. It's time for you to get the prices of common everyday items that we looked up today at WalMart dot com. Guys..

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