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"billy john donovan" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

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"billy john donovan" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"Fools went big game hunting. You got a new front office. They've got a new head coach now, Billy Donovan. I have not been this excited about Bulls basketball since Tom Thibodeau was here, and when fifth got hired. We knew they got one of the best assistance in the game. We had no idea what he'd be successful. We're talking about a guy in Billy Donovan gets votes for Coach of the year won national championships in Florida and is well liked. By the agent. Community Well liked by the player community is great as a relationship guy on by the way, he flat out, coach so That is a home run higher. Good morning, buddy. When we heard that newsbreak yesterday, Ana won't bomb We've been screaming it we got into it with Carmen body will talk to him across. That was an awesome awesome day to be a bull's eye. My friend and overjoyed by the choice of Billy John Donovan is a head coach. It's the most excited. I've been about a higher in a long time in Chicago. And one of the reasons why I'm excited is because it's not the bull's going to the bottom shelf. It's that the bull's going to the middle of the shelf. They went to the top shelf. And looked for the guy that is available. The best coach available was Billy Donovan, and they got him and you take a look at all the other jobs that were available. Billy Donovan could have said Okay, pacers. What do you have after firing McMillan? Okay, Brooklyn. What do you have? Houston. What do you have, but, you know, he could have went back to college, and they usually pro coaches really not go back to college. So what? Billy Donovan. He looked at an opportunity and said, I'm going to coach for the Chicago Bulls. I'm going to be able to do something that I haven't done before, and that's really work with a really, really young team and build it. I want to make sure it's up front that we say this Yes, I'm very excited that the Bulls have Billy Donovan. I'm not guaranteeing any championships because Billy Donovan's here, but I also will tell you this cap. This is the most difficult job Billy Donovan's had in a while. Oklahoma City was talent laden. You saw his team's at Florida mean a master recruiter to be able to get a natural championships and a lot of acclaim. Their but this job is difficult. Because you don't know what the roster is in a couple of years doesn't mean that he can't flourish in it. I'm just saying that because of the state of the Bulls This is gonna be hard for him, but I believe that he'll find a way to be able to get this team in a position to win. Everywhere He's been he's won. He could do it here in Chicago. He just they have to get in players. You I've used this metaphor before you've never seen the jockey carried the horse across the finish line you could put Whoever you want. Laffite pinkeye, Willie Shoemaker Steve Coffee. I'll give you any of the great jockeys. They all had great great horses that they rode across the finish line, so Billy can be as good as he is. You better get some more talent in here. But it does tell you that maybe Just maybe he believes in the corps. That's already here. More than some of the analysts around the league. I believe that if this is John Paxson or Gar Forman in this position we're talking about Jim Boylan still being the head coach. Or someone else that has no experience. It's not about how much you pay the coaches from out where you are as a franchise, you are Chicago. You should be always looking at the top shelf to get the very best. It goes back to all Star weekend last time that I was actually out out out, Okay, this is in February, and of course, the pandemic happened in March. The last time that I was out on the town was during all Star weekend, everybody from all over the country here for an N B. A All Star weekend. It gave us a Chicagoans pride that the whole end a universe was on the West side and all over the city, by the way. And the conversations that I would have with people outside of this city that would come here. You think they would tell about the Chicago Bulls? You know they were talking about market Dwyer. They were talking about the Paul They were talking about some of the great Chicago basketball players. There was no buzz about the Chicago Bulls. Correct. If you're Michael Ryan's Dorf, I've always said this Michael Reinsdorf and your net meeting with all these other owners. Yeah, you got you got all this money and you've got generational wealth. And look how crowded the United Center is its full every night. No matter how bad the bulls are, it's an attraction, right? But you know, in the back of your mind, even though you've got money, and you've got wealth and your family saying care of the thing that's missing when the Warriors look at you when Mark human looks at you You're in that room. You're saying? Yeah, I got a lot of money. But where's your championships? That's it If that's how I would feel if I'm walking in that room and find Michael rise riff like yes, you know. Welcome to Chicago, the nineties I was a little kid, and they look at you and say, Boy, you're making a lot of money, but Where is your success? Correct. Your success has to be more than just financial. Where's your success? When.

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