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"billy james anderson" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"Insider Grainger studios reminder coming up on ninety minutes from now it is the blazers and the nuggets game four from Portland last time they were on the court. They play basketball for a while in the end after four overtimes, Mike Malone's, Denver Nuggets fell short, and you try to learn from the loss and rather battle, you know, both teams are exhausted social thing for them as for us. So we will not use it as an excuse. We haven't used it all year long wall start using it now Mike Malone's nuggets series two games to one not since the days of red our back. Poaching testing PJ it we have a game goes long as it did the other night in the playoffs. Back to you guys in Philly. Thanks have only forty one hours from when that gave Mandalay tip off guys. Log in sixty minutes in that game. Right here. We got type dam Eighty-one. Who knows how long we're going to tell you what I don't know if it's a medical fact testy, but I guarantee you Denver was more tired than Portland was after that game James Ennis on the floor will find buffalo before he passes. Kyle our a little too tight on that is foul. The third of this quarter against Toronto and the third against Lowery in the game. That is significant not three individual files are tower. Three team fouls already on the raptors nine thirty four remaining tied for the tenth time of game for inbound comes to Jimmy Butler, seventy shoot as he works. His way to the left against Lowery, spins against Lowery, still pushed out tipped away by lower Butler gets it back wheels. And fires. Goes in. I'm white meltdown down has that was car allowing not to lose. Oh, what a bad foul here James is full board the advantage that the Sixers had. The second on NS, but how Butler that internal clock? Knowing the shot clock was winding down. Turning wheeling firing off the glass it end. Four. A federal. Signal James Ennis, I fought for a fall in the back court where there was a personal foul James Ennis, the bene Leonard technical missing as the first free. Throw miss by the Toronto Raptors game for the afternoon. What do they call it off the ball or just a regular technical would have been before the inbound? That's exactly what it is the ball while had yet to the inbounded James his picking full board committed the foul. I just saved the announcement on the public address. Did not hurt the Sixers as to why. Leonard misses the free throw about that Bank shot by Jimmy partly ball. Got knocked away from his back to the basket. He saw little time was left just turned shot at bly back today. Raptors down three because of that Butler three nine minutes to go Siaka, right, orange, seventy shoot. We're gonna get it took a Saul does Joe solid. The mid post passing out Lau a ball fake with two drives to the baseline Phages. Fires barely caught the side of the red Tobias Harris with the revised sixties got to be careful with their shot selection. Right now prep project. Stop Ben Simmons and made a call. I gotta figure beats up on top. It's a pick and roll with Harrison MB. Alright. So Butler has the ball. Excuse me, driving too. Big steps Mullane hangs. Mrs nearly got his own miss tipped out box. All the way to the far side out of bounds. It'll stay with Philly Bawku is just try to keep that ball. Out of the hand of a Sixers mid surge. And the bias Harris in the first row without the charter sorry PJ two point three on the shock. Why they didn't they said notice session? So just tap it out. Eighty four eighty one Philly twenty six ago, James Ennis will inbound about two strides from half court with two point three on the shot clock gets into Harris at the top squares for three missed it off the iron. It was typically lose four thousand go against Toronto gonna call it Pasco Siaka. I thought they were going to call it on Bentsen. That's what I thought like Ben was using PASCAL shoulder to go off. But instead they said PASCAL was pushing off again, we keep talking files. But that is now four team fouls on the raptors. So he get eight twenty two to go. Next foul OB and the bonus fourth personal on PASCAL Ceac him inbounded Simmons up by three of the Sixers drives five Harris base clock qualify Bacha. There's lower the other way just inside a half-point with the rafters down three passes to Siachen on the right hands it off to Leonard Hawaii holding the outstretched right arm. Now switches to the left into the mid post ten. To shoot sends it out gets it back hassle by Butler, spins to the base like lost the handle. Pets at least a six over Leonard hearing game and many of them almost all of them were near the basket. Most of them are like occurred within like ten feet of the basket. Did that your mom passed? But everything else is as gets in close in spins it, it just gets away from him. Eighty four eighty Philly seven forty nine to play four quarter Passover to Harris drives the baseline fives 'em beat a MacLeod spinning in the way. Triple team gets rid of it Harris has a look for three. It's on its way. No, good rebounded by Leonard and a loose. Ball foul. Kyle Lowry ended up on the deck thousand go against Billy James Anderson's just committed to files. One hundred one to bed is out of bounds ninety four feet away. And that one was about seventy eight feet away from the basket when they already had four tune team foul advantage. That's to me poor files by James now has three total as you said Philadelphia with three team fouls now Mark Davis is headed over to the monitor. Checking out maybe when NS knocked down lowering going through that imagine seeing if you trip them what he fell it didn't look like a flavored. I'd love to see another replay the indication I'm about a minute ago was tripping signal from Mark Davis on that foul. Meanwhile to free time out for both teams the raptors huddled over in front of their bench. And now the Sixers headed to their side with seven thirty six to go in the fourth. Here's your look at the ABC replay. I'll tell you. What was he tripped? At the reason he did Kyle Lowry kind of elbowed him and not them down. They've come up with a decision. Just a common foul, but it was kind of a retaliation still silly foul pile our in James Ennis were hooked up trying to clean them out with his left elbow chesting knocked him down. So he stuck his foot leg, I'll think of the best. That's team foul. Number three. They had a big advantage. They should have one foul James just committee. Tim fouls inside the free throw line. In the backboard Terada. Megan pay eighty four eighty one six or seven twenty eight ago, they go to Gosol baseline left against Harris into the lane bumps with the left shoulder fakes the turn up the hook missed it. A Bacha offensive rebound at a foul underneath against Billy. Big lineup is hurting really on the glass down near the saw had a smaller player on him. He got the hook shot. Doc, but missed it. But a box had a smaller player on him. He got the offensive rebound. That is the second foul and Scott the fourteen fouls or both teams are at the limit. There. Does the advantage seven twenty to go came to be in the bonus. The rest of the way inbound to Colli letter jiggling right hand left hand free throw line, jump stop. And Elaine passes out to console gets off a three from away at heads China game at Eighty-four does Marcus hall. Seven minutes to go in game. Four Billy with a two one series lead on the rafters seven minutes for the biggest win for each of these teams this year Jimmy Butler on the Wells Fargo center logo at the right hash to the three point line to the tip of the circle. Upside NS gets back Butler against the Baka three to shoot Butler. Step back date three. No good to log NS kept it out to stop fourteen Robin critical. That was the huge quiet and darted over his turn the ball over. Jimmy Butler was coming over for a hand off to try to throw a bounce pass and Jimmy Butler, and his sheds JJ Rettig started become an incendiary as he's already up to the scores table that was the eleven turnover doesn't come in here. Eleven took turns each way six and a half minutes to go in a eighty four eighty four games. It's so difficult for the Sixers when they don't have 'em be to go to down inside a less than one hundred percent. Joel Embiid hearing game for his letter drives hangs file gets a shot. Shot off no gets himself to the free throw line for the chance to untie this Dame at six twenty to go in the fourth. Mike Scott picks up his third while the Sixers all guard and forward lineup on the floor. All be a big lineup, but got Ben Simmons. Mike, Scott Tobias Harris, James Edison, Jimmy Butler. No bigs and Toronto's got walked to Saul it Sergio pocket two big on the floor. As to why? Leonard hits the free throw. He's six of seven at the line thirty two points. Four letter. JJ Riddick comes in for James Ennis for Leonard. He has had at least thirty three points in the first three games of the series shooting for thirty third here. But it pops in and out. No, good rafters lead by one. Second free throw Mr. Colli, Mr. technical also Joel Embiid has short off the bench. Just wait a t-shirt underneath his jersey back on eighty five. Eighty four Toronto. Here's a three pointer up, Scott. No good tap Simmons controlled by lower. The raptors browsing six minutes to go and game four. NB? Megan a slow walk through the stories cable Lowery dribbles between the circles met by Tobias Harris left side. Leonard has got thirty two shoots three missed it. Scott the rebound for Philly. Maybe a little bit of Teague and landed here in the fourth quarter, thirty seven minutes and counting as six get it into the front court and Brett Butler taller. Brett Brown Paul's for time out with five forty to go here in the fourth. We will step away from Philadelphia with the raptors try to even this best of seven series of to their leaders one eighty five eighty four on the Sixers five forty to play. And this is the NBA playoffs on ESPN radio and the ESPN app presented by Indian..

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