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Fresh update on "billy graham" discussed on WBT Afternoon Programming

WBT Afternoon Programming

00:31 min | 9 hrs ago

Fresh update on "billy graham" discussed on WBT Afternoon Programming

"Over to Boomer von Kannon. Tell us if it's fast moving traffic, a slow moving traffic or stormy traffic. What's going on out there with crab Boat looking pretty good right now. Bread a good afternoon, who had incident earlier this afternoon in north around 77 at Sunset Road near Sunset. Exit 16. Looks like they had some damage in that area. With the vehicle has been moved to the right shoulder. So just now watch for this. There's still out has been there for a while. North found 77 Exit 16 Sunset Road before the best time just merged the far left leg. Also to the North. Have a collision. Graham Street Craighead Road star writer Rhoda Graham Street. There were UT hammers for the larder, Mallard Creek Road, Southeast Charlotte, Wendover Road south of Monroe Road and to the West. Now, the clearing stages Billy Graham Parkway at Tivoli Road. In addition to cleaning and ceiling and staining exterior would services protected deck replaces old worn boards or entire deck to unnecessary find more information that protected that dot com That's protect a dec dot com Rumor von Kenan W B T traffic Now with the news update. Mike Doyle. Thank you, Boomer. US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos says the nation's schools must reopen this fall and be fully operational. Even this cases of probate, 19 continue to surge around the nation. Vaughn said today that anything short of a full reopening would fail students and taxpayers. She made the comments during a call with governors as the Trump administration launches an all out effort to get schools and colleges to reopen audio of the call was obtained by The Associated Press. South American leader who has been accused of mismanaging his nation's cove It 19 outbreak is now among the millions infected around the world. The president of Brazil has tested positive for Corona virus. President Bolson Roo Hoo for months, has downplayed the severity of the virus confirmed the test results while wearing a mask and speaking to reporters. Also narrow tested negative three times in March after meeting with President Trump and Florida Multiple members of his delegation to the U. S. Were later reported to be infected with the virus. More than 65,000 Brazilians have so far died from Cove it 19. The second highest total four fatalities behind the U. S in Washington. John Decker fucks check the weather forecast in one minute's WLBT news time. 3 15 Little.

Graham Street Craighead Road President Bolson Roo Hoo United States Betsy Devos Billy Graham President Trump Rhoda Graham Wlbt Mike Doyle Charlotte Donald Trump John Decker Vaughn Brazil Washington Secretary Writer Florida The Associated Press
Fresh update on "billy graham" discussed on Brian Lehrer

Brian Lehrer

00:47 min | 13 hrs ago

Fresh update on "billy graham" discussed on Brian Lehrer

"Believes that this kind of backlash politics has weight in certain parts of the electorate, certain parts of the electorate that have been loyal to him and From his view, these kinds of arguments will solidify support in what's been a difficult time for him politically. It also is a great way to take attention away from all the problems with the pandemic and Get people to talk about statues rather than you know Americans who are suffering, dying and trying to rebuild their society. After many months of Lock down. What's the meaning of Mount Rushmore in this context with the stone carvings of Washington, Lincoln Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt that led Trump to choose that venue? Well, I think for him it's his effort to present himself as the person standing to defend tradition to present himself as a conservative who wants to uphold the values and symbols of the country. Ah, no, I think that's why he's trying to do that. I don't think it's accurate. I don't think the arguments here he's making really captures what's at stake, but but that's what's behind the theater. Trump seems to want to create his own little Mount Rushmore with his proposal over the weekend of a national park with new statues that he would call the National Garden of American Heroes. You wrote a commentary about this? And he proposed to include Washington and Martin Luther King plus Ronald Reagan, Antonin Scalia, evangelist Billy Graham frontiersman Davy Crockett and baseball player Jackie Robinson, among others. What is that list of heroes, according to Trump, Head up to our signified politically. Well, the act itself is simply an extension of what we're talking about. His attempt to use the statue's his attempt to use the cultural wars as a wedge to regain some standing in the electorate. The actual People. It's a It's a mishmash of people. Frankly, it's unclear why some would be left off like Franklin Roosevelt and why others would necessarily be included, like Scalia. Some seem to be an effort, Teo send a signal to conservatives. Others are an attempt. I think to show that it's not all conservative on but he's trying to capture the whole range of American history. But again, we have to take this proposal in the context of what he's been doing. This is a political act. On again. It's an effort to pit himself against those who are challenging the history of racism on social injustice in this country. How do you see the way he uses the black people on his list? MLK and Jackie Robinson. Are the two that I see to insulate himself from running a campaign that, as you describe seeks to play on white grievance, primarily Well, if he had offered a list simply of white Americans, it.

Donald Trump TEO Mount Rushmore Jackie Robinson Antonin Scalia Franklin Roosevelt National Garden Of American He Theodore Roosevelt Washington MLK Martin Luther King Davy Crockett Baseball Lincoln Jefferson Ronald Reagan Billy Graham
Fresh update on "billy graham" discussed on Fox News Rundown

Fox News Rundown

00:44 min | 18 hrs ago

Fresh update on "billy graham" discussed on Fox News Rundown

"Learn MORE, by texting Degree, 249595 That's degree, 249595 President Trump has decided the best way to respond to those who want to tear down statues is to build even more. The president issued an executive order calling for the creation of a national garden of American heroes. The Garden will honor people like Billy Graham and Booker T. Washington, Harriet Beecher Stowe and the Wright brothers. None will have lived perfect lives, but all will be worth honoring, remembering and studying, the president said. It's true. None of us are perfect something for the rampaging mob of culture jihadist to remember when they're turning a marriage in history into a pile of rubble. Let's hope the national Garden is heavily fortified. I'm also glad to hear the president say all the statues and monuments must be lifelike. No abstracts, no modernist interpretations. One time I was at an art gallery saw a painting of Davy Crockett. It looked like something a three year old. It scribbled in crayon. I'm Todd Starnes. Stephen Ted. Morning. Plugin.

President Trump Harriet Beecher Stowe Davy Crockett Todd Starnes Billy Graham Stephen Ted Booker T. Washington Executive Wright