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Bobby and Billy Dukes from Taste of Country


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Bobby and Billy Dukes from Taste of Country

"Welcome to episode two forty nine, where at the end of this? Eddie Mighty and I will review the movie wall card. The Dewey Cox Story. It's an old movie, but it's a music movie. I never thought it'd be funny, so if you haven't seen the movie, you still might light. Listen to the review. Is We're we're kind of down? But if you haven't seen it and you WANNA watch, maybe go watch it. Then come back to the end of this podcast, but we're GONNA put it at the end. In case, there are spoilers to right Mike. Yeah a little bit. But that's not a movie doesn't matter if it's spoiled, it's not like some crazy indy. There's nothing you can really spoil it. Yeah, so check that out. CHECK THE MOVIE I! Also talked to Billy Dukes, coming out from taste of country on the top ten hottest artist, a twenty twenty kind of go through that bill, smart guy like him had a Montauk about that music headlines of the week. Live nation is trying to get artists to take pay cuts for concerts and festivals next year in a memo obtained by rolling stone live, nation sites, unprecedented times and quote the exponential release. Excuse me the exponential rise of certain costs as reasons for adjusting payment policies. That's interesting because they're going to have to pay a lot more. To make the make, sure things are safe and clean, yeah. Then they thought they would. Let me read more about this. Most of the new policies shift to financial burdens to the artist's. For example, the company wants to decrease the monetary guarantees promised to artists before and a bit twenty percent across the board. Live nation also says that if a concert is canceled due to poor ticket sales, it will give the artist twenty five percent of the guarantee. Well that's interesting. And I think I'll speak on this as also a performer I work with these promotion companies promoters all different ones I. think as long as books are shown. People can make wise decisions about business are doing together, and it's not that I don't trust live nation or an artist, but I would like to see if I'm someone that's has agreed to a tour or agreed to three or four shows even show I wanna see those costs, and why am I? GonNa take. Mine Down Twenty percent. The twenty five percent on the on the cancellation is great for an artist. Also, there's still get paid even if they don't sell tickets because people don't WanNa come. Twenty. They're guaranteed twenty bucks. They, probably a lower act would be guaranteed about ten to fifteen thousand. Unless it's a baby act on big tour there about five, five, thousand, seventy, five hundred. Lower. Ten to big acts are. Hundreds of thousands of dollars a night. So you're talking about. That's a nice little little. Give there. But that's interesting I never thought about the fact that it's going to cost more to put on shows. So I think as long as they show their books a little bit I don't know why artist would say no to that true. because. Everybody's GonNa lose some money here. Everybody, and no party, promoter or artist. Should benefit, and the other should suffer. You should kind of all being this together in a way. Interesting I didn't think about that some more. Maybe do a whole podcast on that that'd be the most boring podcasts ever open a book. Now the whole country is protesting. Rage against the machine is actually back on the charts. The band's self titled Debut. Album landed back on the billboard. It reached number eight on the I tunes top album charts as well. Yeah, do we have any rage I both them up? This is right in my gut from back in. High. School more so than college. I guess it was like ninth and tenth grade. I would have. Someone sent me a tape of the edge in Dallas. They'd hit record play and take an hour and the. An hour and I get a lot of rage and that. Was a big rage guy, but I didn't really know why I. Just like the sound I didn't really know. What they were protesting at the time by the time I started to know I started to get older and getting college, and they started to fall off a little bit. Do their own things. But now look back. Pretty cool. This is one of my favorites. What else do you have all right, so? We're limited in the range music. A CON has secured a six billion dollar contract to build a con city. A futuristic cryptocurrency theme city in Senegal. Along with having homes, malls and a power plant, a city all amenities. The city needs including schools in a police station pretty baller. Some people have buildings. Here's a whole city. Alex Super Futuristic. Does this ever actually happen. Though I don't know the guy who did smack that now has a city and see the king because he just. There's King Oh. Yeah, what because if he's not? He's still. The city is named after. And then if he does something really bad and his older life like commits a bad crime. That's a change the name of it because they don't want the name the city after so like you're not seeing any bill. cosby elementary schools still remaining in play. Now that he would do that, but I'm saying. You know. Commits. Fraud. Martha Stewart style. Do. You have to change the name of the city. Finally Dashboard confessional singer Chris. CARRABBA suffered severe injuries in a motorcycle accident. Luckily they weren't life threatening, and he expects to make a full recovery as watching the video of him in the hospital bed. You see it yet. Sad lookin'. Yeah, it looks pretty terrible. Motorcycles. Just never had the need to Yana on motorcycle. He's motorcycle guy though he looks cool riding motorcycle. Down Hilas here, oh! Oh, I've never seen him writing I just say like He. He's the kind of guy that will look cool. Riding motorcycles tattoos like the good face. We have those things tattoos in the face pretty good to go. But he's what happened to him. Do you know I don't know? He had a car car hit him. I don't even think that he hit anybody. I think he just fell rookie. Here's the one thing I've never acted motorcycle. Think. I've ever been on one driving me I. Never Motorcycle. Let's talk about new music before we get into this. I'm just really it's really weird about even building statues after people who are still alive. It's always a tricky thing because they do something. That's not so good they. Statue down. You want us to wait on your statue then. Yeah, okay. I personally don't, but like I wondered in my town. There's a sciences boy home. Bobby bonds if I do something bad and I go to jail. Do they rip that down I? Don't want that

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