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"billy bryant" Discussed on The Double Dropkick Show

"Feared and and really call sean legacy the chance at the heavyweight title and so this was billed. A bad blood grudge match Legacy start off. Quick sprinting to the ring attack magnum. This match did not stay in the ring. Long a lot of action outside they surely tested the integrity of the ringside guardrails till finally. And i've gone to a allowed wrestling shows But it was. It was a pretty. It was not a scary moment for the wrestlers. It was a scary moment for us is fans Legacy through magnum over the barricade magnums feet clipped the the light pole. I'll talk about that behind the scenes to clip the light pole calls and sparks beat. Because he didn't just hit the pole he hit the cords. He hit some of the wiring. And this thing started to go. And all i could see i mean there was There were two kids all night. Kenniston in next me watching the show they were between me and the poll that things just fallen in the other direction. And it's it's going to land on some people and luckily somebody came out of nowhere called it And that thing was done like they broke it. Not sure if it was one of the plugs that got broke. Anyway they fought back to the concessionary where the merchandise to the is back and forth. Legacy body slammed him into a trash can suplex team Anytime you know it was. It was kind of touching. Go like i'm you know When you when you when you see seven spark like that and You're not sure if this thing's gonna fall. It was pretty pretty tense Also if you're a parent at a wrestling show you gotta you gotta keep tabs on your kids. It especially if the wrestlers go outside the barricade 'cause there were some very close calls with these kids being within the The circle of violence as legacy magnum were going back and forth after they fall for several minutes The referee counted amount. The max was announced like a as a no contest legacy tried his best to get into the ring but he did not beat the ten count and so yeah double double count out no contest now. It appears that for the time being that this few this issue is resolved Because later on in the night it was announced. Sean legacy will take on alex hammer stone march twentieth in augusta next. We had the heavyweight championship. Again this is one of those matches drug two and a half hours for Billy brash who have talked a lot on patriarch on about billy bryant. Shes never really gotten a run as the top heavyweight champion in a promotion You know he was prestige shaving a email each other titles..

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