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"bill worrell" Discussed on The Free Agents

"Okay. There's a roller coaster right there. Yeah good call lee. Why was he saying that. Why did bill were. also that part is what. I'm so confused weird. It's a weird one about young people not worrying no because he says she should. Yeah yeah she should wear mass. We should wear masks and then because it because it's old. But i'm convinced he's saying it bill worrell because we are we're she is a beautiful woman and we are just old men. That's what i actually think he's saying. And then bullard sorta covers zara. That's my that's my. I mean we can get bill rail on the podcast now that he's retired. Maybe he's got some time. He's into an advisory role to houston rockets. But i believe like many people in the world says you're not sick. You're not old. You've got no worries. Take off the mask. That's basically that's essentially what he's saying. But i mean good point by trait about the sound system. I mean bill. Royal sounds a little like me. In that instance where he yeah. What's going on here in the stadium. Piping in the booze that was a really good he was commenting on. Yeah they didn't like the foul call in houston audio. Production jumped rain. They're doing a good job. So he's been at the helm or he was at the helm of play by play for forty years so good one time i saw tribute video to him. Started in eighty doing the rockets game sceptre up in houston so yeah pretty seen on loves the game and hope he enjoys his retirement. Thanks to ahmed patel for sending that one in. But we couldn't end on that one the final say. What is the bulls broadcast team of adam amine and stacey king great deal but it really has nothing to. What's that new combination. Yeah yeah. Because he's taking neil fox job. Yeah adam i mean has this is first season did a great job with stacey king but really has nothing to do with the bulls at all focuses on blazer center yousef merkich all play adam amine. Jd will play. stacey king. nurkic.

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