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"bill tonight budget committee" Discussed on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell

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"bill tonight budget committee" Discussed on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell

"Outs time for the last word. With lots donald. Anything arts rachel and while you were working We have breaking news on the biden infrastructure. Package the senate budget committee has unanimously democrats only on the reconciliation version of it. They have unanimously agreed tonight. the senate democrats on the budget committee to a three point. Five trillion dollar package Then chairman chairman bernie sanders will be getting through the budget committee. It includes met a medicare expansion for dental vision. Care and vision care. This is really the the. These numbers are extraordinary. But but the actual details of what's in this legislation include things that people have fought made sense for decades literally decades but never saw the opportunity. But here here. We are on the on the democrats only bill tonight Budget committee unanimous agreement. That means it's gonna make it out of the budget committee. Mark warner represents what you would probably consider the mansion wing of the budget committee bernie. Sanders represents The other side of the democratic party a they're all in agreement so lawrence on a scale of zero. Nothing's happening to one hundred. Joe biden is signing the legislation. Where does that put us on. The number line In terms of the end versus the beginning. But that this is what it's way up there of for this for this package of the bipartisan. Package is its own track and is holding together. A remarkably well present biden is going to do something truly extraordinary tomorrow. He's actually going to go to the senate democrats luncheon in the capitol tomorrow something. He went through for thirty six years as a senator. I know he went a few times as vice president. I personally. I never saw the president do that in either party When i was working in in the senate so it. It's a really rare thing. But i can almost feel joe biden's eagerness to get up there and really lock in the deal in the full senate The full democratic side of the senate tomorrow after what they've accomplished in the budget committee tonight. So you think that this gets us closer to the end then the beginning. I mean there's been so much talk so much about every procedural step here. And i sort of feel a little bit gun shy about which one of these new steps matters but on this one since it's democrats only you think this is. This is this is. This is a close to the dardel. The only suspense. If it is that that you're waiting to hear is what does joe manchin think. He's not a member of the budget committee. But you know mark warner and joe. Manchin are together on that bipartisan. Version of the bill They're very close together. I doubt that the budget committee would have ignored what joe mansion thinks in coming to this agreement but even if they did even if joe mansion as this proceeds wants to in some ways reduce the number. That's still possible. Within the way this moves. But i have to. I have to believe that. Joe mansions interests were probably very strongly represented by mark warner on that committee. Because what you wanna do is come out of the budget committee with the with the shape of what's really going to be and that information's available to you You know bernie. Sanders is in a meeting every week. It's this is a brilliant construction by chuck. Schumer i think but He's a meeting. Every week of bernie sanders with joe mansion in chuck schumer so called leadership team. Which at that table has joe manchin. Elizabeth warren bernie sanders has ten senators Who need to be in a room together for chuck schumer to understand. Exactly what is possible with all fifty members. It's a really good representative group of what you need to have on the senate floor so i really have to believe with all of that. Communication that bernie sanders and joe manchin have every week The chairman sanders knew what he had to do to get all not just the unanimous vote of his committee but all fifty senate votes on the senate floor. Hey thank you for explaining that. I did not understand that at all before you just explained it and be thank you for letting me interview you about this on your evening you some real estate. You can get it back from me tomorrow. That's my favorite thing. You know i would come to do that. Thank you rachel thank you ll arts. John busey and his wife. Molly didn't want to bring their seventeen month. Old daughter bradley on an airplane this week. Bradley's too young to be vaccinated for coronavirus and two tiny to wear a mask so they decided to drive the washington. Post reports quote busey. Got the call sunday afternoon. After grabbing four hours of sleep following the nearly twenty four hour house committee hearing that had finally adjourned around seven. Thirty a m scores of texans had testified against the voting bill but it passed along party lines. He and his wife loaded their jeep wrangler. And we're on the road within two hours and spent another twenty three hours driving straight through to washington alternating driving and baby duties. Texas representative john. Busey's wife molly is twenty seven weeks pregnant. They did not want to have to make that drive. None of the texas democrats who left the state to deny the texas house representatives. A quorum wants to be in washington tonight but they have made the trip to washington to resist. What president joe biden today called an assault on democracy when vice president. Kamala harris met with texas democrats today. She gave a standing ovation. And then said this courage and commitment and patriotism that you all have evidenced by your actions in addition to your work and your words and i know what you have done comes with brave sacrifice both personal and political. And you are doing this in support and indefens- of some of our nation's highest ideals afternoon. Texas democrats met with sent majority leader chuck schumer. Who said everything is on the table. I was his line everything on the table. When it comes to passing voting rights legislation in the senate which means a change in the senate sixty vote threshold must also be on the table. Here's what senator schumer said today to reporters before his.

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