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4 more Atlanta spa shooting victims identified

All In with Chris Hayes

01:18 min | 2 years ago

4 more Atlanta spa shooting victims identified

"Good evening from new york. I'm chris hayes tonight. We are learning more about some of the victims of that horrific shooting spree in the atlanta area on tuesday. The lena ashley yawn was three years old. A wife and mother to two children. She and her husband. Mario were at young asian massage. On tuesday for a relaxing spotting. Just to get a little time to themselves. When the shooting began they were in two different rooms. Mario was able to lock himself inside. One of those rooms of escape uninjured family members described elena as their rock always welcome people into her home and through the best birthday holiday parties paul andrea michaels. A veteran from the us army infantry described by his brother is a hardworking local business. Owner was working as a handyman at the acworth spa billing shelves there on tuesday afternoon when the shooting took place. Michaels leaves behind his wife of more than twenty years. Forty nine year old show. John tan was the owner of young's asian massage at at least one other spot on the area. She was a licensed massage therapist herself. She emigrated from china. Many years ago friend told usa today tan. Who went by emily at a daughter who recently graduated from the university of georgia friend describes quote the sweetest person. You'd ever meet

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