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Skylab: NASAs Best-Kept Secret| We Fix Anything | 3

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Skylab: NASAs Best-Kept Secret| We Fix Anything | 3

"It's August one thousand nine hundred seventy three at the Johnson Space Center in Houston access a pair of astronauts named Fans Brand and Don Lind sit inside command module simulator in full spacesuits brand works you're listening to American innovations because you're a lifelong learner I understand I am too I space station to thrusters on their command module have failed leaving them potentially stranded if this simulation doesn't work Brandon Lynn will have to fly what's called a retro burn of reverse thrust used slow the module down so it comes out of orbit to compensate for the missing thrusters they're using smaller set rescue mission next morning aboard Skylab Commander Alan Bean wakes up to the sound of the space station's teleprinter he scans the new reentry and there were only designed to help steer the module not slow it down at stake in the simulation or the fate of three astronauts aboard Skylab America's first all those problems have been solved being hopes that his crew can prove that living and working in space doesn't have to be a series of crises once they adjust to life aboard Skylab maybe living space can be almost normal maybe as a reentry into the earth's atmosphere from space but there's a twist in this simulation their module has lost two of the thrusters it would normally use business finance science technology arts and the environment it helps readers like you and me make a little more sense of what's going on in the world around us and it's been doing that a love of learning is also why I love reading the Economist The economist is a weekly magazine that offers insight and opinion on international and US News Politics Second Command module up to Skylab to retrieve the crew a risky procedure in a simulator brand works hand controllers checks his gauges like we're locked on our reentry quarter engineering can you confirm your locked in advance that's a successful reentry nice work brand let's go of the controllers both brand and lind have been NASA astronauts for over seven years but they've never flown in space they would have loved to have been the heroes who brought the Skylab crew home they also know that the safety of their fellow astronauts comes first and the re entry procedure that they've just figured out will be safer for everyone then a complicated tape we don't have any since Skylab I launched its lost a heat shield a solar array and very nearly a command module down read one hundred percent how much fuel we have left you've got about seven minutes is that enough for a full retro burn that's -firmative simulation they're running nations can calls out to his crewmates good news gentlemen we are officially no longer stranded ray break out the champagne for over a hundred and seventy years I personally have been reading the economist since I was in college they just had an extraordinary special issue on climate change that everyone should be reading the economist is the smart guide to the forces changing your world so if you're a lifelong learner like me who's never stopped asking questions zero zero zero from wondering this is American innovations and I'm Steven Johnson on our last episode the resource two nine nine zero zero zero again that's a free print copy of the economists and all you have to do is text innovations to nine nine there's something in the economist for you and right now you can get a free copy for your free print copy economists just text innovations to install lynn with a rueful smile don a thinking that I'm thinking then we just worked ourselves out of a rescue mission yeah I think so nine day mission another kind of crisis is about to threaten Skylab on that has nothing to do with the hazards of space travel in the fall of nineteen seventy three the United States has struggled gas prices are skyrocketing thanks to an oil embargo the Vietnam war is dragging on costing thousands of American lives finesse of NASA engineers Skylab S- first crew helped save the space station from near disaster now station second crew settles into their fifth four million dollars per day the equivalent of twenty two million in today's dollars more and more American voters would rather see that money being spent on problems back on is this backdrop public interest in the US base station is waning and with it Congress's will to continue funding it keeping Skylab inhabited cost about installment of our series on Skylab Nasr's best kept secret episode three falling back to Earth CBS and hundreds of millions of dollars in the White House Richard Nixon's presidency is hanging by a thread as details of the Watergate scandal leak out again hurt now faced with budget cuts NASA may have no choice but to bring its space station program too premature and this is the hiring can be a slow process cafe ultras CEO Dylan Miskel. 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Ai One more time ziprecruiter dot com slash Ai Ziprecruiter the smartest way ziprecruiter doesn't depend on candidates finding you it finds them for you it's technology identifies people with the right experience and invites them to apply see wise Ziprecruiter is effective for businesses of all sizes trust Ziprecruiter for free at our web address ziprecruiter dot com slash Skylab now that their command module's problems have been resolved the crew settles into a routine aboard the space station today they're getting a fun break that routine a chance to use an experimental piece of equipment that could Transform Manned Space Flight Commander Alan Bean straps into the bulky metal machine the higher it's August thirteenth one thousand nine hundred seventy three seventeen days into the second crew stay aboard the jetpack slowly lifts being into the air the main cabin of Skylab is quite roomy with twenty foot ceilings in the stations zero gravity being able to nobody being a former gymnast becomes especially adept at somersaulting through the main cabin the astronauts aren't the only skylab passengers adapting to life a check on them a guys Anita's latest web looks pretty good Arabella and Anita aren't stowaways they were sent to Skylab to find out it's called an astronaut maneuvering unit essentially it's a jetpack okay here goes nothing a little puff of compressed gas weather spiders in the absence of gravity can still spin webs it took Anita a few tries her first webs were chaotic and disjointed but today she's it looks like fun thing is pretty neat I wish it had more thrust but it's a start should make spacewalks a whole lot safer if you're wearing one of these broken tether isn't a death sense even when not wearing a jet pack bean and his fellow astronauts get to perform some fun acrobatics in Skylab zero even a perfect set of concentric circles inside her small glass enclosure allows MC comes to see what the fuss is about he's less impressed great I guess the nations zero gs a pair of spiders and Arabella and Nita are also on board on October Twenty Ninth Science Pilot Owen Garratt goes I thought we'd be upstaged by a couple of spiders Anita and Arabella I wanna several experiments on Skylab there were devised by American grade school students it's the first time American civilians had a chance to participate in massive scientific research and it does in fact generate lots of positive press for Skylab people that will be on the six o'clock news instead of our latest solar flare observations lighten up Jack it's kind of thing is good pr for the space program I suppose or moustache become familiar sights on the evening news during one broadcast he explains the behavior of the solar corona a halo of super heated gases that Sir stretch the Sun's magnetic field lines out like rubber bands not to be outdone plows Muhoza forty-five minutes on camera tour of Skylab that offers TV viewers sason control his movements as he floats around after making a full loop around the room he returns to the floor where his crewmate Jack Lousiana helps them unstrapped from the unit in helmets and white pressure suits ready to begin their journey back to earth because of their to damage thrusters they've quadruple check their re entry procedures silverware against the dining table in frustration. I don't get it don't they want us to squeeze every last drop of research out of this mission with all the budget cuts coming you'd think they want to get pull twelve hour days performing various experiments and keeping up with exercise regimens by mid-september they've achieved one hundred percent of their work goals but being still the most detailed look yet the inside of a NASA spacecraft fans we thought you might enjoy advocation for a while and everything is neatly order inside the workshop allows my shows off a few of his zero gravity moves the Food Amanda that it's September twenty fifth three forty five pm Houston time the Skylab crew sit strapped into their command module I especially fascinated with masses first arachnids astronauts science astronaut Gary it is popular with the public to his wry smile and handled Oh isn't satisfied it September twelfth and being having his daily debriefing with his fight director at Mission Control Houston any word on my request to not only just make out Skylab silhouetted against the stars a few lights blink across its exterior and reflected moonlight gleams offered solar panels US tonight that evening over dinner of bland Turkey gravy and mashed potatoes being breaks the news to his crewmates Lousiana slams his magnetic announced the sun some of the changes and the Solar Corona are very dramatic indeed we recorded a large bubble of gas for example that was blown outward through the corona it's mugging for the cameras the second Skylab crew is all business compared to the first team being Lousa and Gary Are Workaho Alex they regularly watches holding it to Skylab release undocking completed removing awake man that's a beautiful sight there on the dark side of the earth so being stake rather than bring along the thick stack of teleprinter pages containing the new reentry procedure he made handwritten notes while the changes on the command. Module's original checklist their money's worth but gary takes a news and strive I figured they'd Never Extend Our mission they've got the next grew going up for at least seventy days they don't need it extend our mission we're getting a lot of work done appear in Sherwood enjoy the opportunity to stay a little longer I hate to be the bearer bad news out but you're extension requests into space like a stone skipping across upon computerized navigation and guidance systems control much of the reentry process but being Skylab America's first base station in the black and white cap that holds his head set in place while smell leads the camera man by Gary Expanse of the Pacific Ocean and in the distance and approaching ship coming to retrieve them being leans back and breathes a sigh of relief the most complex and dangerous maneuvers in space travel the modules velocity and angle of re entry have to be incredibly precise too steep and bean can't dwell on the view for long reentry is going to require his full concentration he turns his gaze back to the modules complex instrument panel checking fuel do not steal their stomachs drop as their modules sharply decelerate S- There now floating down on parachutes outside the command module windows they can see the flat has to help being stick to a detailed checklist to make sure he's not forgetting any steps now as their module hits the atmosphere there's a problem Gary it is as a command module pilot has to constantly monitor these systems and makes small manual adjustments to keep the module on course and his co-pilot Garrett is up here any longer being chokes down another mouthful of reheated Turkey and looks around the ward room well I'm GonNa Miss Everything about this place except compared to his last re entry on Apollo twelve this was a rough one but after fifty nine days and eleven hours in space they're finally home I now as the module begins to shake violently Gary is having trouble reading his handwriting being reaches for the list just just give it to me I'll read it slater. Their module is bobbing like cork in the waves of the Pacific being takes off his helmet and turns to his crewmates Owen Jack Thank you for and we brought back a few rocks this mission accomplished much more than that we should all be proud Skylab I crew who were up for just a month readjusted it's not easy to hold the checklist in one hand and work the controls for the other but being manages it he also reassures to rookie crewmates who aren't used to the noise and struggling with checklist switch are she s thrusters to Sorry Alec I can't tell what you wrote here the realizes he's made a crucial Skylab this is Houston you're go for undocking being flips some switches to release the command module from its docking port the module shudders for a sec as the twelve walking in a straight line they've lost muscle and bone mass and have trouble lifting heavy objects especially because they're not used to them wing anything on his first night aboard colon altitude gauges making sure everything is in order for looking good up here Houston we'll begin re entry procedure on your mark the entering the Earth's atmosphere is one because of budget cuts this will be the final Skylab mission NASA wants to squeeze as much science as possible out of the space station before it's taken out of service go to faster re entry vehicle could overheat and break up too shallow an angle or too little velocity and it could bounce off the atmosphere and back most experienced astronauts left not interested in sticking around once they lost their chance to go to the moon so the final Skylab crew will be made up of three men who've never trove of earth observations solar photographs biomedical data now has Skylab third mission prepares to launch NASA leaders want to build four flown in space if they can succeed it will be the ultimate proof that humanity has the potential to endure long distance space travel maybe even live in space on a permanent basis but of Nasr's projects continue to shrink the final skylab mission could mark the end of an era for manned spaceflight recovery ship being strains back lifting a suitcase later that night bean wakes up to go to the bathroom and suddenly finds himself sprawled on the floor it takes earn unlimited two percent cashback on all of your business purchases think about it unlimited two percent cashback on everything you buy for Your Business Support for American innovations comes from capital one with the spark cashcard from capital one all of your design without a developer using the intuitive editor or go deep with advanced code capabilities either way your designs will look amazing on any screen cash-back can add up to thousands of dollars which you can reinvest back into your business so you can keep growing imagine what unlimited two percent cashback that can to realize what happened instead of putting his legs under him he pushed off the bed headfirst expecting to float getting used to this whole gravity thing you realize is long success plans are made to extend the third cruise stay aboard Skylab for up to at least seventy days and bulk up their experimental workload could do for your business learn more at capital one dot com. What's in your wallet? American innovations is supported by wicks do you have from the command module into the main workshop I entered it it looks kind of like a lonely house it's a big blue you also get one million royalty free photos unlimited fonts special effects multimedia galleries and so much more and with twenty four seven China chief forces that kick in as they reenter their atmosphere what the hell was that those cone ring releasing `second we should feel the parachutes deploy the took off from Cape Canaveral in less than two hours since they successfully docked with the space station they haven't even left the command module yet but already for pilot bill pogue greet idea of your own put it online with wicks dot Com wicks gives you the freedom to create a unique website your way take full control the mission is not going well pogue vomits his evening dinner stewed tomatoes into a sick bag the smell fills the cramped command module doc it's an ambitious plan and execute it NASA is counting on a team of rookies after the Apollo Lunar Program ended in Nineteen seventy-two Many of Nassar's is going to take some time the second Skylab mission was a triumph being in its crew exceeded their mission goals by more than fifty percent bringing back a treasure joystick like hand controllers is Lynn flips a series of switches then Lynn radios to an engineering team outside the simulator thrusters support wicks is here to help you along the way so design your dream website today with wicks and for listeners of American innovations it's ironic that out of all three astronauts pogue is the only one feeling sick back on earth other astronauts named the forty three year old air force colonel percent off any premium plan it's November sixteenth nineteen seventy-three about eight hours since the third Skylab if you go to wicks dot com and use the coupon code ai you'll get ten percent off when you're ready to go premium that's Wicks dot com code for Mission Commander Jerry Carr put his own dinner side to check on his pilot a UK. Bill yes sorry Jerry Guess I'm a little more nauseous than I thought ideas evolve and your website can to bring your site to life with animation parallel scrolling hd videos when you choose wicks to life on earth fairly quickly but for being loud and Gary recovering from a two month stay in space is not so easy their legs are wobbly they have all your hard work it's mission has been the highlight of my career and I hope of yours too I was Ma surprised highlight really but you walked on the Moon Abib able to float up to the peak of your house painted or to whistle up into a tree to Retrieve your kite or something like that well that's what we do here we just want to say these before they launched NASA physician stressed the importance of avoiding so-called space sickness the nausea that sometimes overcomes astronauts in zero gravity the last iron belly first apparent immunity to motion sickness now he's dry heaving into a sick back pogues illness presents the rookie Skylab crew with their first dilemma to make matters worse after seven months in orbit Skylab is showing signs of wear and tear complex maintenance tasks like replacing ailing gyroscopes it Ad Astronaut Office one of the Space Agency's highest ranking positions if they're hearing from him something serious must be going on nervously car radios back worked sixteen hour days on the ground I don't see why we should be trying to do it up here all relate your concerns jerry despite cars protests the punishing schedule continues their module is outfitted with a tape recorder that automatically transmits all conversations down to Houston for later transcription he's been caught red handed beans crew were such overachievers mission control is loaded up the third Skylab crew with far more tasks than ever before by the end of their first week nice to hear from you al I'm looking at the command module transcripts from last night anything you need to tell US Commander Car Cars Heart sinks he'd forgotten the crew goes to sleep thinking the incident is behind them but the next day they're in for a surprise that afternoon during a call with mission control the cat his best hogue agrees with the plan to when mission control checks back later that evening cartels them only polk was a little nauseous not that he vomited she beard's a startling departure from masses preferred clean cut image it's December twenty seventh six weeks into the third cruise mission auspey sickness the Skylab crew have all taken anti nausea medications they're also under strict orders to spend their first night in the command module on the theory that it's small way behind schedule after the vomit cover up incident cars reluctant to do anything that could be perceived as insubordinate but on December six three weeks into their com hands the microphone off to a more stern voice scallop this is Alan Shepherd Shepherd is a NASA legend the first man in space now chief of the it's been publicly reprimanded for a rookie commander it's a valuable lesson after that car does his best run everything by the book but it's not easy the crews worked regimen because they don't have time for hygiene and maybe as a subtle form of protest car and pogue stop shaving by late December both scored would it these communications between Skylab and Mitch and control are all matter of public record often the press is listening in live car knows he's radio transmissions within a few seconds but this time silence Skylab Houston do you copy command Scott up hey he finally speaks up Houston when can we expect to get a full day off we're supposed to get one every ten days but we've been playing catch up this whole time Scott do you copy for the next ninety minutes of full orbit around the Earth Skylab is silent flight controllers in Houston are stumped back within range again Houston Capcom radios the space station Skylab this is Houston do you copy usually Skylab crew response to already ah Yes sir the pilot did in fact vomit shortly after we dock last night you made a serious error in judgement here commander I I agree with you out it was a dumb decision not to ability of NASA's new space shuttle program can astronauts really do quick trips into space and then safely land their craft an airplane if there puking their guts out to st I five schedule every day Jerry just keep doing what you're doing and you'll be able to take your next full day off as scheduled doesn't feel like we're catching up it feels frantic astronauts aren't expected AH car discusses the situation with the science pilot Ed Gibson what do you think how bad does he look to you I mean he threw up but only a little I have the radios failed everything else on the station appears to be functioning normally there's just no word from the crew finally after what feels like an eternity communications one crew member at a time okay Jerry Duly noted when the news media gets word of the radio incident they report that the Skylab yeah already seems to be doing better that's how it seems to me too I see we just don't mention it to Houston I don't want to make a federal case out of it you're the commander whatever you think the Skylab crew it has a highly desirable effect for the remainder of the mission flight planners greatly reduced the cruise workload and the crew intern for a few minutes as it does several times a day Skylab passes over a part of the earth were loses contact with massive network of relay stations on the ground did you say radio shifts that's affirmative you guys are giving us so much work that we sometimes need to turn our radios off so we don't get distracted we take turns monitoring radio our confidence our list disorienting zero gps but none of it seems to be helping pope while pogue crawls into the airlock in search of some air that doesn't smell like crew has mutiny NASA downplays situation and car insists that it was an honest mistake or whether the incident was a slip up or a deliberate act of rebellion Capcom here's cars voice sorry about that Houston got our radio shifts mixed up it's everyone had turned off for a while there Jerry Arab comment from space the comment is called a hotek named after the Czech astronomer who discovered it third cruise mission was extended in part so they could the anti-climatic but after earning free time thanks to their brief radio rebellion astronauts are still in good spirits that evening for the first time in weeks all three of them e squint through the tinted visors of their helmets trying to focus on a dark patches space just to the sons left Jerry Yeah I think that's it right they bring cameras to photograph the comment but they're also hoping that for the first time the comet will be visible to the naked eye as it passes out from behind the Sun dinner together next to the makeshift Christmas tree they've fashioned out of empty food cans after that the crews remaining weeks aboard Skylab pass smoothly Morales all promised to keep their radios on two days later on December twenty ninth Carne Gibson get a belated Christmas present they become the first humans too air you see that little smudge of light Oh that's it I thought we'd be able to see the tail you can kind of see the tail if you squint hard enough Hotek is a little cruise and ironically even with more downtime the crew is soon completing tasks just as quickly as Skylab over achieving second crew doing so well surpassed the record for the longest time spent in space they've also accumulated more scientific data than any astronaut crew in history when they returned to earth NASA decides to extend their mission to eighty four days the longest possible time they can stay up for their food supply runs out by February they've not only far intense it will take scientists years analyze all the data but in a way the third Skylab crew does its job almost too well once the skylab third crew bring back over seventy thousand photographs of the sun and thirty thousand meters of magnetic data tape on those tapes or detailed measurements birth resources observed from Skylab many cameras and instruments everything from ocean currents and weather patterns to mineral deposits and soil moisture it's February eighth nineteen seventy four in the Pacific Ocean two hundred and fifty miles southwest of San Diego Skylab final crew sits inside ships but this isn't how they imagined it they've been floating for nearly half an hour outside their command module it's eerily quiet car and typic- experiments doesn't make for riveting headlines without any crises or drama life in space starts to look more zurve comment through its two-month pass inside of Earth's orbit at around noon Houston time car and Gibson step out of Skylab for space they're gonNA drop shaped command module bobbing in the waves their splashdown like everything else in the last few weeks of their mission went exactly to plan hoge exchange puzzled glances where is everybody finely the here and approaching helicopter then minutes later a rescue diver Knox uh-huh and radio controversies are over the media finds little to report on an astronaut's Day to day activities the daily routine of exercise and no camera crews since nineteen sixty five the return of every American manned spaceflight has been televised live but not this time crash somewhere the question is where back into the atmosphere NASA knows this it's already happened numerous satellites pieces of space debris like the lead rocket stages gave the the return of Skylab final crew gets no live media coverage Skylab history as a man space station is over engineers in Houston although command module's their last boost into orbit in every previous case the debris harmlessly burned up during reentry but Skylab is over eighty feet long finish what skylab final crew started powering the station down draining of air pressure and oxygen locking its internal gyroscopes into their final positions escape hatch window welcome gentleman has hosted up to the hovering helicopter one by one and metal baskets the astronauts look around confused and ways Stephanie seven tonnes when it reenters the earth's atmosphere there's little chance of burning up entirely some piece or pieces of Skylab or ever orbits like space equipment decay every object in orbit falls slowly closer to Earth until the force of the planet's gravity drags orbiting but what most people would call crashing after orbiting uninhabited for over five years skylab feeling systems can no longer keep it aloft controller's tip hunched over long banks of blue screen computer terminals except for much tapping of keys and the occasional announcement from a flight controller it's as quiet controller's looking like he's about to jump out of his Tan suit okay give the command San Diego load mark one zero six to loading mark the controller reads off some more digits to announce a tracking station in Santiago Chile the digits are command signal telling Skylab to execute its final maneuver space center in Houston Texas it's one forty five in the morning so you'd never know it under the enormous rooms bright fluorescent lights rows of NASA engineers it's July Eleventh Nineteen seventy-nine NASA Flight Director Charlie Harlan pieces nervously in the back of the mission control room at the Johnson safest possible flight path one that avoids heavily populated areas now after all that all they can do is wait Harlan sits down now Skylab begins a new chapter of its existence as the world's largest piece of space junk but Skylab won't stay in orbit for is coming down Harlan job is to make sure that when that happens there's this little chances possible that any people will be in harm's way for months they've anticipated this moment they watched Skylab I true crews on the evening news greeted like conquering heroes as they stepped onto the decks of their recovery lap next they revived the space station's onboard computers and guidance systems then they adjusted Skylab last working gyroscopes thrusters to get it on the update tumbling maneuver is underway time estimated impact five hours and twenty three minutes just five more hours Harlan thanks five apart from to rescue choppers and the recovery ship looming in the distance Yoshinaga around them is empty no other helicopters planes ships to prepare for this moment Harlan and his team have quietly done some heroic work I they painstakingly reconstructed the obsolete radio equipment needed to communicate with Scott the much smaller command macho those plans were dismissed it's too expensive to unlikely to succeed later after the last crew left skylab various plans for cuts now now counting on Harlan to help them save face if Harland's Skylab reentry team got calculations right Skylab final tumbling is a library Harlan is bad the past two years of his career at NASA preparing for this moment skylab return to earth he walks up behind one of the Skylab onboard computers acknowledged transmission tumbling maneuver will commence in fifty eight minutes tumbling maneuver part of what NASA likes to call maneuver should cause it to break up into smaller less dangerous pieces as Deorbit and if they got their timing right those visas should all drop harmlessly in tumbling for hours but it's still in one piece those engineers back at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama built one tough spacecraft because it's not breaking up Sir we just got a radar report from norad the station still hasn't broken up ten okay recalculate the impact footprint Skylab has been considered for boosting the space station into higher orbit to extend its life but all those plants required using one of the new space shuttles and that program had been delayed due to budget his and he won't know what hit you no one can understand how NASA could have been so shortsighted that they would launch something the size of a small house with no plan for how to see DOC company in Washington DC called chicken little associates selling Skylab insurance a bar in New York serves the Skylab Cocteau with the tagline two of the they bring it back down again Arslan knows the reason money at the time Skylab was first launched there was some talk of designing it so it could safely return to Earth and across the front it reads splashdown seventy nine with reporters in the room. Harlan is sure he's witnessing public relations disaster but ars in this nightmare will be over since news broke a few months ago that Skylab was in its death throes space station has made NASA A- laughing's it's laden with silver frosted cake people have been treating Skylab impending crash as a huge joke but it's also

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