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"bill maher sarah palin" Discussed on KDWN 720AM

"There was a crowd of people that got blasted in in Santa Monica with a car. He thought I was going to drive a car through the building. Fricken idiot. Anyway, Mike number one. That that part. Let's see the other part of it was it was just it was what it was. Oh, by the way, Sarah Palin responded to it. Bill Maher Sarah Palin. I think Sarah Palin is a complete idiots. So like her politics. I would not call Bill. I think she's ignorant. I think Bill Maher. I think Bill Maher is an intelligent person. I think Sarah Palin is a more. I think Bill Maher is extremely arrogant. Okay. Any carries himself? Don't disagree. Eric don't disagree smarter than he is. I think not smarter than Sarah Palin. Let's go to the phones. In election year. The caller so headphones take, yes, let's see. Let's go to Gary, Gary, thanks for calling the Vegas. You. Thank you. What's up? Gary. What I really like I look really like radio shows to take people's phone calls, and I'm sorry. It's just me again. It's not just you. We have other callers to Gary. But I appreciate you calling in what's on your mind. I want to try a real talk and get all get it over with. I'm tired of judges. I'm tired of politicians. Tired of take teachers professors, Gary. I appreciate you calling. I agree. What does that? Well. Yeah. Thanks for. Thanks for the call, Gary. I'm not quite sure what that has to do with what we're talking about what Bill Maher and Ron feature all, but you know, what I like, Gary I like callers that are actually talking about what we're talking about on the show. Let's go to cannon Kenneth thanks for calling the Vegas. Baker. Canon. Are you there? Is.

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