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"In Los Angeles. I'm kind of result is Wednesday. Today the 31st of March. Good is always to have you along everybody. And look, I know that was a big set up the idea that the era of big government being over might be over the original quote, of course, coming from Bill Clinton's 1996 state of the Union. Given the news of the day. It is not outlandish to imagine that maybe it is over. President Biden rolled out his second multi trillion dollar economic plan today, the American jobs plan infrastructure As you've seen already is the headline about $2 Trillion worth of investment into Yes, sure roads and bridges in the power grid and building out green energy infrastructure. But here's the turn into the hole over thing. The White House is taking an expansive view. Shall we say of just what's included? When we say infrastructure marketplaces? Kimberly Adams gets us going. One of the things under Biden's broader umbrella of infrastructure, more funding and resource is for home health care workers. Bill Dombey is president of the National Association for Home Care in Hospice. As a matter of policy coming out of the White House, this is not a surprise, just simply the vehicle in which it's contained at the moment. Putting health care into an infrastructure package is unusual, he says, but he hopes it works to address the very low level of compensation that many home care aides receive. Although I love my work and what I do, and Home care. It really doesn't Hey, enough. Terrell Cannon has worked for decades in home health care where the median salary is just above the poverty line. Now she's director of training at Home Care Associates of Philadelphia. She says she totally understands why home healthcare shows up in the Biden plan, just like the rules in the streets and the energy and things of that nature. That's there. We should have been because we are the essential workers to keep the quality of life going. But having such a broad concept of infrastructure could make it harder to actually pass a bill, says Diana Furchtgott Roth, who teaches at George Washington University and worked at the Department of Transportation during the Trump administration. There are going to be people who are gonna want to break it up into different kinds of bills because it's hard to be against an infrastructure bill, she says. But it could be easier for some lawmakers to oppose same a climate change bill or one to pay home health care workers Higher salaries in Washington I'm Kimberly Adams for marketplace. So that's the setup, right? The broad conceptual piece of the story, But you spend $2 trillion There is a certain amount of show me the money that is expected. And this bill remember is about improving infrastructure, broadly defined to improve the economy. Part of the American jobs plan is $17 billion for inland waterways and fairies and coastal ports. And we have been telling you About how those ports been struggling to handle the imported stuff we have been buying for the past year. But as marketplaces Justin whole reports American ports have been in need of upgrades since well before this virus hit American parts could really use the help, says Dale Rogers, professor of supply chain management at Arizona State University. He says. When you look at the design of some foreign ports like Shanghai or Rotterdam, it's really brilliantly designed and engineered. And what we mostly have in the U. S. Is infrastructure left over from an earlier time U. S ports have been improving some the handle more imports and bigger ships. Mario Cordero is the executive director of the port of Long Beach, which is part of the country's busiest port complex. He says the port is now prioritizing rail construction, which will help move cargo without burning as many fossil fuels but also in a more experienced manner to get the containers from the terminal and out of the harbor district, Cordero says Maurin vestment in port infrastructure won't just let the port handle more capacity. It'll also help create jobs at the port itself and throughout the supply chain, what jobs and a truck in community jobs and warehousing and of course jobs Even when we talk about rail That could help pull in manufacturing and construction workers who have been out of work. But Dartmouth economics professor Emily Blanchard says there aren't as many unemployed workers in manufacturing or construction as in the service sector, which was disproportionately hit by Cove in 19. It's probably not the case that if you're waiting tables a year and a half ago, you're gonna be jumping right in line to get involved in the reconstruction of the Baltimore port. Four supply chain jobs to boost the overall economy. Blanchard says the U. S will have to invest in skills training that she says will help unemployed people get better jobs and move up the income ladder. I'm Justin. How for marketplace? Let's do a little context here, Shall we Before we go any farther on the premise of the top half of the program today that what we're seeing with Biden and the spending and the government getting Maurin to this economy? Is maybe actually the end of Reaganomics. The idea that smaller government is better the tax cuts of the way to go trickle down and supply side all of that, Molly wouldn't I put basically that question Mark Life yesterday on our podcast Make me smart. Mark is a professor of political economy at Brown. I really think a lot of this comes down to this. Like Let's run this giant $2 Trillion experiment on if we can generate inflation or no on if we get real wage growth without any significant inflation. And I think that Baida nomics will actually become a thing just is Reaganomics that I mean We'll see. Right? You could hear that whole conversation. It was a good one. I am H o wherever you get your podcasts on Wall Street Today, Tech was up. Most of the rest was mixed. We'll have the details when we do the numbers. There.

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