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Is Bitcoin Officially a Horrible Investment in 2021?

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Is Bitcoin Officially a Horrible Investment in 2021?

"Is bitcoin a bad investment. It's brian preston. The money guy restoring order to your financial chaos retirement investing taxes. You got financial questions. He's got financial answers. It's brian preston. The money guy brian. I'm really excited about this show. But nearly as excited. I think as the audiences because i feel like if you check out any the comments stuff or if you just out there in cyberspace. I don't know year two years three. It seems like bitcoin is all the rage so certainly there waiting for some investment professionals from finance professionals to wade back into those waters. So twenty twenty. I mean already very active year with the pandemic election so forth but it was also the year of tesla in bitcoin. A two from an an a captain ahab chasing the great white. Well i mean it was the year it was the big one thousand percent return on both of those holdings so people have started asking our opinions on it and there are a few things. First of all i want to pick on the content team we come up with clinical titles and You know. I said hey. Let's let's talk about bitcoin. It's all over the news. I i've kind of have some additional thoughts on it and we started off what was on. My sheet was as bitcoin. A bad investment. And then. I noticed the teaser. Is it a horrible investments morphing committee. They determined horrible would be more than Than bad they just click the red red light and we start talking. So here's what. I also want to go. A little deeper on. Is that bitcoin for all the things i'm about to discuss. They're still a lot of craziness going on matter of fact on our channel. We have all the time. We'll say the money guy show and then usually have some bitcoin advertising advertisement fall. This number. you guys know. And i think a lot of you call it out very quickly because they don't realize you're dealing with financial mutants we would never ever ever try to get you to buy bitcoin through some link or give you ought. So here's what. I always pay attention to because we're now officially verified another benefit to us being over one hundred thousand subscribers. So if you don't see the check next to a money comment is not really us so be very careful especially when he's asking you to buy something like bitcoin. So i wanted to jump into this. I i think it's worth doing a review on pricing. Let's talk about the last twelve months specifically for you said in two thousand twenty. It was kind of the hot topic will. Why was it the hot topic. If you look at the image on the screen right now you can see from. What's that probably somewhere around like women but it was below five thousand. Enjoy look around as the pandemic was starting to pick up speed. I mean it went down. I think The fifty two week was right around forty five hundred somewhere in that range and then it's gone as high as above forty thousand which is really sort of remarkable when you think of twelve month window that wild undulation price. Twenty twenties been remarkable just from a price movement standpoint in the value of bitcoin. So always ask myself when. I see a chart like this. We'll have we been here before and then so always to do is go to now the five year window. You notice now look. It didn't go as high. 'cause we have now cross forty thousand but what happened and right at as we were approaching twenty eighteen we crossed. We've got right up to twenty thousand and went from pretty much nothing and It was the same thing. It was a bonanza of the media covering a lot of people talking about it so but things have changed. I wanted to kind of talk about. Because i even feel like my viewpoints have evolved slightly to where. I'm not completely throwing cold water on now. I'm throwing more of lukewarm water. So now if you're in the shower. Bitcoin my practical joke is not as painful as it was when i had ice cubes in the water but is just for those who are kind of new to what bitcoin is. Because it's probably probably likely you have a relative. That's at thanksgiving or christmas. And try to get you excited about all your morning. Cryptos trying to get you side. Here's what is interesting about blockchain technology and in the whole mining. This is there will only ever be twenty one million bitcoin as it's fixed it's finite number. That's all that is going to exist not creating more. They're not doing more. They're not writing more. That's it well and think about the design of this was also kind of unique in the fact that it started in the early days mining was super simple. But as we've gotten deeper we're now at we're currently at eighteen point six million. Bitcoin have been mind as we go deeper to the process. We're about eighty nine percent mind of bitcoin. It gets harder. I build on less and less it requires more. Cpu power and so forth so it is one of those things where i think that. That's kind of interesting design. It was very easy in the beginning but is they kind of counted on controlling the supply in creating the scarcity's getting more. It is getting harder to get more. So that's that's a very interesting thing. I thought it was also interesting. And i'll talk about this. A little deeper twenty percent of that eighteen point. Six million is lost considered walked up or stranded. Now this was sort of mind blowing to me so of the eighteen point six million twenty percent of it is just out there. That's like can't get like. I think about like like treasure chest. Maybe like the pirate had the treasurer and then it got lost. Now's nowhere to be found on some deserted island. Even that concept of megyn seems foreign. Sorta crazy well in the beginning. We didn't have all the easier ways to administer the crypto. Keep your encryption keys and if you misplace them you're pretty much you're out of luck. Yeah so that's why they do estimate that approximately twenty percent or kind of stranded or lost bitcoins out there. So i i felt like look i told you my viewpoints evolved. Let's talk about the positives and then we'll talk about the negatives so the positives and i asked you guys. This was probably six months ago. We did a show where i said i need you guys who are serious because your financial mutants the actually deal with cryptos. Give me the scoop. What would what am i missing. What's give bill bridge for me on. So i can get there with you and a lot of guys really reached out now. Appreciated the dialogue. And here's what i recognize. Four people who are in economies countries that they don't trust what's going on if is this is an asset that holds value or perceived to hold value when the system can't be trusted. You think that the financial system you're under could be changed drastically altered. Here's a way to protect your wealth from that happening. And we've seen that in other countries across the world so we also we know that there's a limited supply the scarcity is automatically built into the design of it so because there's a a controlled amount that automatically makes his somewhat an inflation hedge. Sure because if it's a holder value and things are starting to run up in cost because of inflation. This will just like gold. I mean it will be it. Is this generation old. I've heard you said over and over that. This is like this generation where we're living. Now's version of what gold was. Maybe twenty thirty years ago because it's the same thing limited supply and it's a holder value. And so that's something considering. Here's here's a big breakthrough the tap and also is that it's now more liquid. Now that you can invest replays. Like robin hood crypto. It's not exactly robinhood. They're investment account. But they do have a branch. That's the crypto side. Which makes it easy you can trade buy and sell bitcoin now completely free which is awesome. And then i think it's also a big breakthrough. I know pay pal has announced that twenty. Twenty one is the year that they plan on integrating cryptos into their platform. So that's a big win for anybody who's out there in the bitcoin crazes not only. Obviously the price would suggest this. When you think about like supply-and-demand stars but it's becoming more popular. It's becoming more commonplace. as becoming more prevalent. He used to be sort of this thing. That kind of existed out on unique blogs or out you know sort of on the periphery now. It is becoming more of a thing that we're seeing more regular on a more regular basis so now that i built it up. Let's talk about the concerns. have the first thing. It's still going to be super volatile. You don't mind disclosing. i don't own any bitcoin. It's it's just one of the things. i don't own rental properties either. So it's not that don't don't read too much into that but it is just i don't. It's not something that i'm intrigued with. It's not something that. I've bought for clients portfolios because it is very volatile very speculative. And that's what i want. I wanna make sure i clarify. This investing is different than speculate. Doesn't mean you won't make money but it is just a different mindset because if you think about when you're investing you might be wrong on the time but it doesn't mean there's still something of value member. Companies can always innovate can have income streams. That's not going to happen with cryptos. Not even gonna happen with gold. Like i said this generation gold. The only way you make more money with bitcoin is if somebody out there is willing to pay you more than you paid for it because it's not going to pay you. An interest is not going to pay you any dividends in. It's not going to innovate. It's just going to be a holder value that you have to convince the next person to buy more second said the second part you said what resonates me so much is that. There's nothing that i can do inherently. There's nothing really that anyone else can do to make it more. Viable makes it more viable as as the next person willing to purchase. It is willing to pay more. That makes me nervous because it seems so. Out of my control in terms of what happens with the fluctuation that like you said it's not innovation. There's no income. There's nothing changing about it except for the public perception of it. The other thing and this is kind of evolving to regulation now. We talked about this in the content meeting because we had a written a different way. And i said look i think regulation is kind of a double edged sword. That's right now. Bitcoin and all the cryptos are sitting on in the fact that it could. You know we still run the the risk that the government decides they don't like this and they regulate away your ability to to have full access so but regulation also could be the bridge. That makes this more of a household. So i don't i just know regulation right now in my eyes because it is it's still in the taking shape phase. It could either build it up or it could crush it. I think it's too uncertain right now to really know either way where that's going and the the other part is and there's been a ton of viral messages about this or are post about it. Is that the design of cryptos also. Creates this weird quadri because there's no central administrator. We we all lose our password. Just hit the reset password button because you know vanguard fidelity whoever will send you a new passcode. they'll find some secure way to let you reset it. There is no central administrator with cryptos. So you lose your encryption keys year probably out of luck and we've seen because we've all seen it. There's some article out there with. The gentleman has access to hundreds of millions of dollars but he only has two more passwords tips. He's already used eight of them and so he lays in bed at night trying to think about what his password. So i mean that type of stuff and then here's the other thing you right now and i thought this was interesting. Daniel found this out for me. Charles schwab will now let you do. Cryptos and in charles schwab accounts fidelity vanguard some of these bigger houses investment firms. Still don't let you do it so it's not like you can go buy your your roth. Four one k. Roth ira bitcoin. If you're fidelity investments so it's something that whole central lack of central administrator lack of Regulation really has kept some players. They they've kind of been very weary of jumping headfirst into this and so it sounds like we're kind of playing on this line. I'm not here you say oh yes. You should invest in bitcoin own. No you should not invest in bitcoin. Afam listener out there. And i'm thinking about this okay. I'm interested i'm intrigued. I want to maybe participate in this. Do have some thoughts on okay. Does it make sense. When does it make sense. How does it make sense. I because this is the part for young listeners. Out there because i know it's easy you've heard we all have a friend who especially if you're younger who's probably turned five hundred dollars in two thousand dollars at this point. That could have been me. Well maybe this should not be your first investment. This is the biggest thing. I think whenever you start investing. The members investing is different than speculating. I want you to cast a wide net. There's nothing wrong. I love fishing. There is something really cool about fishing. You know you go by the lure you go put your you know you've got your rod and reel and all the choose closed phase open vase just doing the epco but all those things and is so cool to go fishing. But you're not feeding your family every night by going out there with that one lure you you know. A commercial fisherman throws nets in the water. And that's what. I always tell people when you're starting out investing. I want you to put a net in the water. And that's by index funds. Buying low cost things because that's actually investing. You're basically buying your piece of the growing economy. The growing ever evolving innovation. That we're all part of in this modern world. You might get lucky. And have the captain ahab moment with bitcoin. But it is speculating. So this should not be the first thing where i think this fits in is a person who has worked through and once again we talk about the financial order of operations. This is the cherry on the top of your sunday after you've gone through the basics you don't start at bitcoin and less. It is the same amount of money that you're planning on speculating to throw away. You know one two three percent. That's right most. But this is not what you're trying to fund on your monthly systematic savings. Plan i just think that it's way too. Volatile way too speculative to to be playing in that aspect. This is something for your fun money than it is to be the foundation of your of your financial resources. It reminded me. I'm gonna they now share to the show for me. Because i don't know if this is perfect we're going to be the first thing. We don't know what's going to have with bitcoin. We don't exactly know where it's gonna. How is going to change or not. Change the world but it reminds me when i was a young child music part for the first time and they had this ice cream at the museum park called. Dip in docs diplomats remember enough to read and the tagline said dip dots. The ice cream of the future. Remember eight it and it was like these little balls and it was amazing. And i was like as a little kid like. This is so much better than i've ever had. This is the future and the tagline says it. Everyone is telling me this is the future well as young went and rode rides and i forgot about it and then a couple years ago or a couple of months ago when i was at a mall and a little dip in dot state and i was like man. That's incredible dip and dawson. It said ice cream in the future on this thing has been ice cream of the future for the last like thirty years. I'd say that it wasn't a good thing and it's not still around but for dipping not specifically didn't change the world. It's didn't replace all of the items out there. I don't know if bitcoin is going to be that thing or not going to be that thing. But that's what makes me think of people that are so certain everyone says. Oh if you're not putting everything you have in bitcoin right now you just don't understand crypto bridge too far from me right now with where it's at. I challenge you a little bit our content. Because you made that analogy. I would love to say but let me challenge you. I said because look. Bitcoin is becoming more accepted. Now that you can do robinhood now. Pay powell's integrating it into its platform and you actually had a pretty pretty witty comeback. What was your comment on. That can go by different diets like kroger published. You can go back to the used to be something only at amusement hearts and unique. Now it's it still doesn't mean that it's replacing. It didn't change ice cream so bitcoin media will but i am not willing to sign an alliance and this is going to be the thing that changes the world. I think it's still too early. We don't know yet. Here's my closing statement is that i have softened on the whole crypto things. I don't sound like the old man on the front porch yelling at the kids on the lawn with the the bitcoin. But it is still one of those things where this should be. These speculative the place out of your investment portfolio not the base level or foundation of your investments. Be very aware of that. Because i think it's going to remain very volatile. Very speculative for for quite a period of time so But it's something to keep a watch of. I mean i love as you have gotten to know more about the design. It's fascinated this whole thing with reminding being easy in the beginning later. The set number at twenty one million. Just really some brilliant minds winning of this. Oh you can't help but be fascinated with that part of it. So you guys know this every other tuesday will like to hang out with you guys like to answer your questions. Because ultimately what we wanna do here's perpetrate the abundant cycle. So you guys can learn and grow and take your finances to the next level. So with that i gotta ask questions. This first. one is from dan. Dan o'halloran halloween hate. Can you speak to donor advised funds. I wanna become more organized about my giving this year. I think that's a great goal in two thousand twenty one. What are your thoughts. Is it beneficial to the charities that support not just myself. So maybe what what isn't a donor advised fund. How does it work in. Is it only good for me. Is it good for the charity as well and all kind of sprinkle instant benefits. I love donor advised funds. I think if you are charitably minded this is the way to supercharge your generosity and it is by the way a win win situation for both you as well as a charity and let me explain kind of how these things work a little history lesson back in the past if you wanted to give appreciated holdings to a charity. You had to go through a lot of steps meaning that i had to convince your charity. Go open up a brokerage account with you know one of the big wire houses and then you could give primarily only appreciated stock so if you own stock of a company that was traded. You could give that appreciated company in donate it by transferring it to the brokerage house of charity. We've gone once again innovation technology and just the modern world. We live has made everything so much better so much easier because a lot of us always used to think about. If i'm not i don't do a lot of individual stocks. I'm more of a mutual fund investment. What do i do you know. And i don't want to go ask my my local church or in my local church charity for for the animals that i care for. I don't want them to feel like they have to open a brokerage. Just so i get a tax benefit gotten so much better because now what has happened with these donor advised funds and the ones. We're very familiar with fidelity investments has one. Charles schwab has one. You can donate mutual funds. You can donate anything. Pretty much in these accounts appreciated. And here's the cool thing for the charities. They absolutely do not have to opening accounts. Now they just get chat they get a check. No different than if you were writing a check with with a checkbook. But here's why it's a win win for everybody involved when you have appreciated holdings you know it and i'm gonna give a simple investment. Let's just say that you bought tesla a year and a half ago. And i mean seriously you know you more simple. You paid one hundred dollars ford. It's now worth a thousand dollars. You've decided you you wanna be charitably minded in give thousand hours of tesla stock to your donor advised fund. What's great is that you've got nine hundred dollars of capital gain that you don't want to pay income tax on we'll see you donated to the donor advised fun. You don't pay any income tax. You just donated a thousand dollars. Nine hundred hours of appreciation. That's never going to be taxed. You're going to get a charitable contribution of a full thousand dollars one hundred dollars now what you paid. As long as twelve months of holdings term by the way you're going to get credit for a thousand dollars. The donor advised fund is going to sell that tesla stock. And then send a check. You go in there and say hey this go to my church. I want this to go to my animal charity. You will automatically you know they will then send a check for a thousand dollars. That's going to be no different than you. Stroking them a check but now you get the charitable deduction plus. You didn't ever pay the capital gain tax. It's a win win. And they get the money. Got two things that i love about. Donor advised funds. It makes the process in my opinion of giving a lot. More easy and streamline. I know that i used like have a nephew wanted me to donate to something. And then have this 'cause over the course of the year. I'd have fifties and hundreds and all these things all over the place and then when it comes tax time oh man i got to go remember all the things that i did or had to put him in a shoebox. The beautiful thing when it comes like filing your taxes when you have a donor advised fund rather than having to go collect all seats you'll have to keep up with one number. How much should i put into the fund so if you made a one time contribution of a thousand dollars but you had it go in one hundred dollars to ten different organizations from a tax standpoint. All you care about is that one contribution of the thousand just makes tax filing a whole lot more simple and the other thing that i think is great this now you set up recurring donations. So even if you are someone who wants to give to a church on a monthly or weekly basis you can actually have your donor advised. Funds set up to do that automatically so it just makes that process a whole lot easier. A whole lot more streamline it makes tax time at least just a little bit less stressful one quick statement on Kind of attacks hack That i do if you're charitably minded every year. It's not just a one time thing because you had one appreciate it holding. I'll give you a tie to your church. There is another level that i'd like people to understand and this is something i practice personally. Is that one of the problems when you start investing in after tax. Money as you're gonna notice when you're successful at it is that yes you have this after tax account that you're kind of earmarked for your future for retirement but it's kind of hard to get access to the money because it's now getting to be too appreciated anytime you touch that money you're going to pay income taxes on it. Here's what i like. Is that i give every month too much arch. But i'm doing that. Through the charitable advise fun but then every month. I'm replacing by buying i'm dollar cost averaging into the same investments that i'm now donating and its replenishing and guess what it's doing when i'm getting rid of the lower basis holdings and re buying at the higher price. I'm slowly raising the basis during my taxable account so it actually creates another fourth benefit of is actually get easier access to ma after tax investments if i ever so needed to get into that account. That's a great point so that's kind of extra level that's advance planning but it's something the few charitably minded by the way. This is probably a last plug on the abundant cycle with. That is that that is if you get into those advanced things. You just want to nerd out on best ways to do it. That's what it probably does might wanna have somebody like a financial planner that can work through some of those charitable goals on the an advanced stage. So that you make sure you're taking care of everything and there's not any blind spots to the love this next question. This is funny one. Because i think that there's a brian preston own here. I think so. This is from a buffer monster. That's an interesting name your parents gave you. it says. Is it a good idea to apply for a credit card before or after purchasing a vehicle. So i'm gonna build bridges. I think that this person wants to go by vehicle. Probably going to take a loan out so as questions. Should i apply for a credit card. Before i do that. Loan or after. I do that law. And what are the implications above. I mean because. I think there's a broader question here is wind. Should you apply for a credit card. I mean because that's kind of an. I'll let you throw the color because this is a a personal share is that i was raised. Everybody knows because i've talked about on the show lot. Don't come for money. But i come from very frugal parents so my parents were good at saving. They didn't understand this whole thing. There was this whole other world of investing so because investing to them was cds and cash and just having cash in the bank so i was also always told. Debt is very dangerous. Very scared of it. Stay away from credit cards. So here's the situation. I got myself into is that i came out of college without debt and which is odd because every friend i knew in college because back then they were given out potato chips. If you go for credit card you'd see this huge line on campus it with bags of lay's potato chips and people were signing up for credit cards so i can get these eighty-eight cent bags of potato chips That's how simple it was back then is because the credit card companies will easily give credit to college kids. There's it's twofold. They know that you're in college has potentially without earning potential in the future and then the second thing is they know most kids in college have mommy's that will pay that credit card bill off when they run wild and run up fifteen hundred dollars Within the first two months they have this credit card well. I was raised house where was scared to death of. It didn't do. It went to go buy my first car. after college. had no credit history had the letter from the cpa firm that was hiring me and the bank was like so you have no credit. So we're not giving you alone. We have no if you're a good bar a bad credit history so we're not going to sell you. We're not going to finance you on this car. So but here's what. I'm telling you. Got to self advocate and this is why you knew the story here. And but you've got to self advocate and it's probably harder dealing with online banks is. It was back then when this was actually at a south truck South trust which is now part of the wachovia family. I went back. I'll left got mad. Because i didn't want my parents to cosign on alone. I mean i'm a college graduate. Now i got my first real job heck. No i'm not going to get asked my parents because wind back and talk to the branch manager and i said look i said he once again. This is my letter to a cpa firm. I will never ever ever use this bank. Do a mortgage through this bank. I will not use any success. I haven't future. You will be cut off from because you've this one decision i would ask you once again. Please go consider the opportunity to work with me and alone loneliness money called me back. Forty five minutes later and said mr pressing. We will give you that long so you can advocate. I think that's harder sometimes with the other stuff but it does answer the question in fact this experience share is that yeah. You probably ought to try to build up a little credit if you think you're going to finance a car i always tell people now while you're in college while the giving away credit so easily i'm okay with you getting that first credit card actually think it's probably a smart move to get the first credit card. That doesn't mean you're using it. A lot doesn't mean you're trying to do like all my friends did where you run up your fifteen hundred to two thousand dollar limit as fast as you possibly can but it does mean you are starting to build some type of credit history so the banking system at least knows who you are because remember. It's not just car loans is also what you'll pay on your insurance rates on your cars on your home's whenever you start buying houses. There are some benefits to having good credit ratings. This is what. I love about the way your mind works as you would a completely different direction with that question. And you're exactly but exactly right. I was thinking something completely different. I was thinking he was asking about order of operations. Like i'm going to open up. Another credit card oughta purchaser after my auto purchase you were talking about establishing credit history. What i think is great. I'm gonna tag on my other thing. Which i think is a maybe a different question that he was even asking but i think it's important because one of the things we always do is like whenever we make big purchases by a house car. We need to have a loan. One of the things that they're gonna go do is they're going to go. Pull your credit history. How good your credit is at zach. What you said you have to establish it early on one of these want to be careful of is if you are going to go apply for a new type of credit like home or like an automobile. You probably don't wanna open up a credit card or a bunch of credit cards immediately before doing that or like if you're going to buy a house you don't want to think about furnish the house. I'm gonna go get a bunch of store lines of credit before you finalize alone because all that stuff is gonna show up on the credit report that they pool so if you are buying a car in the very near future and you already have some credit history established odd. Probably wait until after that car is purchased. Then go open up the credit card so that doesn't affect the interest rate. You're going to pay in the car financing. The car does a great point. And that's i do have an experience share on that to my first house purchase. I house purchase. You know you get so excited. You want to go buy furniture. Well when you go to check out at the furniture store they say. Hey mr preston. You're buying enough year. that will give you. Why don't you open up a store. Credit cards save ten percent ten percent discount. And since this was a few thousand bucks i was like oh my goodness. That's hundreds of dollars. Of course i should open up a store credit to save ten percent of crazy nut to do that. Guess what that one decision cost me a little bit. I paid a higher percentage rate on my first mortgage because of that knuckle headed so bo is spot on. If you have any big purchase coming up you do not want to have a lot of dead inquiries in there so do not remember. Debt is one of those things. If you're using it be very scared. E- scare treat it like a chainsaw because debt is very scary. So you should not be doing willy. Nilly a lot of credit inquiries at once so too great plan. I'm glad this is why we're working from all angles this. Let's stay on that sort of debt idea because this is from sap marble and we get all the time again because you guys are financial mutants and this is a question. That's not black and white. There's some gray. And i think we'll share with the greatest. Hal should zero percent financing rates available. Now for many dealers factor into your car buying recommendations i can pay cash but it's hard to do. It was the year percent interest. How long should i carry out those payments and we get this all the time and it's not just zero percent we get it. When it's point nine percent or one point nine percent. How should i go about taking advantage of really low interest rates. If i'm in the position to either. Or i i mean and we've we've talked about this but i think it's worth repeating the twenty three eight get rules. We have with car loans just to review really quickly member we think With any type of co auto purchase First of all it can't be a luxury brand if it's a luxury brands twelve months. Same as cash. So you gotta make it through the gauntlet of that. I once you once you know you're buying a non luxury brand is is more of a practical car. We're okay with financing as long as it's twenty percent down you don't amortize longer than three years. And it's not more than eight percent of your gross income and then there's one other caveat your investments have to exceed your monthly investments. Half to exceed. What your monthly car payment is. If you get that backward you go really screw this thing up so with those type of understandings i get you specially because bone. I just had this conversation recently. Honda is doing. I think like zero percent for years. Yes so so was. Like wow. I could i could really there's a there's an arbitrage city can potentially take advantage of but here's the problem with that always grounds me on vehicles. Vehicles are horrible. Horrible horrible for your your your balance sheet your net worth statement because they depreciate like a rock so even if you're getting zero percent in the background you can practically hear it if you quiet late at night you can hear the loss of value just running out. It's like a cash register just quickly running here to. Ching ching ching. That's the money just dumping out of the exhaust pipe of your car on how fast it loses. its value. because that's going on. That's why we do thirty six months on the amortization you can do. Look i'm not gonna tell you go. You can take a sixty month loan with honda at zero percent. But you need to pay that car off within the three years because it's depreciating and i think it's just a good practice plus it will also keep you honest from buying more car than you can actually afford with your wallet. Because i think sometimes that's the game that dealerships have figured out is that when america's focused on the payment not the actual total debt. We got a solution. We'll just extend this thing out to six years seven years. We'll get your payment down to whatever you wanted to. You'll just never actually own this car while it's still appreciating a rocking your driveway. Don't fall victim to that. Get out of debt and also keep you like. I said honest on what you can actually afford when it comes to cars. Yeah i think one of the twenty three eight that we don't often talk about as much that doesn't get enough. Focus is the twenty percent part. You gotta put twenty percent now. Well here here's the real reason in our opinion one of the biggest risks. You can run. If you're going to own automobile you're gonna finance. It is becoming underwater on that auto. Meaning that you owe more than the car is actually worth because you may be the best driver in the whole entire world but even if that happens in your car gets total rights and action happened. Jakarta's told interest coming. Says okay great. Hey we're going to pay you this much for the car. You're going to get a check for ten thousand dollars. You're like okay great but when you have a loan that's outstanding for like fourteen thousand. You start thinking man not only have to go get a new car. I gotta satisfy that loan. That i have outstanding. You always wanna make sure if you are financing car and even. If you don't have that three years you should know about how much cars depreciating over that three year period and make sure that you always stay above loan value on the equity that you have in the car meeting what it would be told a for what you could trade it. In for now comments section. A lot of people have said what about gap insurance. What are your thoughts on gap insurance. Because that's what i hear. We've even had people mentioned that in my opinion. I don't think that gap insurance makes sense. Because i think if you have the appropriate equity in car that you don't really run into that issue y y pay for something something that you don't need if you're doing it the right way. Following twenty three eight this is not the arbitrage situation. That houses have a lot of people know that we have a different take on. If you're under forty five years of age those low interest mortgages versus investing. The difference is your house is not depreciating back at fifty percent in the first three to four years of ownership and that that three that fifty percent depreciation should scare the heck out of you and you need to stay above because remember your whole goal is wealth building not wealth. Losing in automobiles are wealth. Losing behaviors treat them as such love. This next question is from nick. Stevens nick says if you're raf 401k has no fees but your roth. Ira has a five point. Seven five percent transaction fee and ten dollar yearly fee. Would you still take match. And max out roth or put all in the roth 401k. So i'm going to start on this one if you're roth. Ira has a five point. Seven five percent transaction fee and a ten dollar yearly fee. You should change where you house your roth. Ira you should go. Look i have a clue where that roth waco looks. I hear five point seven five percent. I know exactly the a-share class you're buying. I would big about four funds that they got you invested in. They'll stop there. I would go look at vanguard or fidelity charles schwab filled with a low cost custodian. Because you do not have to pay five point seven five percent on your roth. Ira do not have to pay an annual fee and your roth ira. There are free solutions for you out there and you get to choose where your roth iras. House extent number one. I'd stop doing that because that just does not make a lot of sense for what you're doing. Well then the question becomes if i have access to a roth 401k or access to a roth. Ira should i just put everything in the 401k. Or should i get up to the employer match in the 401k. And then double back to the roth. Ira that's a great question in my brain was going in a bunch of different directions when thinking about because the ideal. Here's the idea on. I'm going to be before you start sending me the troll comments. I get it. Member worth financial mutants were for twenty percent. Not the hundred percent. So what. I give advice like this. I know this is not everybody because this was not even brian preston when i was twenty six or eight years old. Is that the goal is. I'd love for you to be able to both not a love for you to be able to max out the roth. Ira the roth four one k. If your income was below the thresholds But i think for a younger person that you're not at the level where you're trying to get to your twenty to twenty five percent gross income savings for the future retirement. Now it'd be. I love to get your take to bow. I'm okay if you do especially in this situation we have a roth. Ira and then a very low cost because maybe of an employer that has a very low cost plan with vanguard or fidelity okay with up the roth four one k. because look there's also some orissa protection there's some good things but i think it becomes more of a line in the sand moment when you get higher income and you have the ability to actually do both and now you have to also think about which tax bracket on my in in kind do back door conversion strategy it gets a lot more sophisticated and complicated at that point and that's where the financial water operations will hopefully clarify close. My advice would be. I'm going to start with my roth. 401k and we'll get the mac employer match and then because i'm using a low cost provider like a fidelity vanguard traube. I'm going to go max out my roth. Ira up to six thousand or seven thousand dollars a year and then once i've done that i'm going to go back to my roth four one. The only reason. I'm doing that cut out for the roth. Ira is really for one. Main benefit inside of a roth ira. You can always get to the money that you put into it. Good point without having to pay taxes or penalties. Now you never want to do that. Like break klatt glass in case of emergency but you can get to your basis if it's held in an ira each much easier to get to that your 401k maybe structured. Where if you're still working you're still an active participant. You actually can't go get to those dollars unless the plan allows for in-service withdrawals or that sort of thing so in my opinion the roth. Ira provides just slight bit of additional flexibility outside of 401k. So i'll do four k to match go to roth and then go back to maxing out the roth. This is a unique case the way this was presented in the fact that low-cost 401k option high costs roth. Ira that's unusual vote because especially if you're watching the money guy show you know that that is optional. Do have the high cost roth whereas until a lot of times with the employer plan your when you the employees don't have control over that and it's not uncommon that we have a lot of four one ks. that are expensive. that might have that five point. Seven percent commission built in higher operating expenses. Whereas you can personally choose a roth. Ira with the low. Cost providers like fidelity investments are obeying guard. And keep those costlo So i think you're spot on and well well done on. The essentially closeted emergency reserves fund last risk. That is one of the things. I don't want you to ever break that glass but when you get desperate you get a bad situation like we had twenty twenty. Where maybe you lost your job and you have all these things going on. You wanna have accents. There's questions from daniels's my wife. And i are newlyweds. Congratulations we've can combined finances. But i'm curious about what to do with our individual taxable accounts so it sounds like they came into the marriage and they had their own individual accounts. Should we start a joint account or should we keep contributing to our individual accounts now. Look i'm a guy that loves the thought of a joint account yet because it is. It's one of those things. Even when i've as i've been married while his blank because it's on twenty three twenty three years i mean so it's one of those things where i've seen couples that do everything separately and seen couples that do a joint and and i liked the joint because i never want my wife to feel like i don't like the discussion of who makes the money. Sure because i think that that creates some weird dynamics in a relationship. But i'm gonna tell you that but then i'm going to give a caveat here. I think there is nothing wrong. If both of you brought assets into the marriage I if my wife we got married twenty. Three years ago had an individual account that had a decent chunk of money. I don't care if that money stays her individual count because let me tell you what is actually some legal protection to those Those assets that was money she brought into the marriage. Or if i brought in it was money i brought in. There's legal protection that that money is not considered joint or or or marital assets at that point so if the if there was ever something bad that happened it's protected But i do think once you're married. Why not open up a joint account. Start that systematic savings plan. Because then that's going to lead to even cooler stuff like i talk about one of my favorite date nights when my wife is when we go out as a and just do our travel journal of where we think we wanna go. We of daydream on where we want to travel for the next three to five years or we'll do. It was probably in the last few weeks. Jennifer did the win over the net worth statement together and that is just such a fun exercise. When you're treating this as a household endeavor as you you and your spouse versus everything kind of being separated out now. I i agree with you. I feel exact same way in my house with my wife. And i everything is doing accounts however we do work with clients all over the country from all different work walks of lives and first marriages. Second marriage is all that sort of thing and we've seen to be very successful where folks have their individual investment accounts. but but. here's where. I would draw the line on that if you're gonna offer to household even if you're gonna have individual assets. I don't believe there's a household you should have. Individual investment policies investment strategies. Because then you have to things that aren't working as efficiently together as they could be and we see that sometimes when someone says oh. I've been doing this way with my accounts and my spouse has been doing it this way with their accounts. There's a lot of change run into investment inefficiency in terms of your overall risk profile and tax inefficiency with how the accounts are working together. So even if you do opt to keep the account separate you wanna make sure that the accounts are working together with one another in conjunction to make sure that you're playing is moving fours efficiently and effectively as possible and we've seen that happen. We've seen that work. Well yeah i think your point also highlights the fact that obviously i told you guys i've been married since i was twenty three. I got married when i was twelve. So when you're get when you get married at that young age where you have absolutely nothing to your name. It's an easier. Whereas i think we do have because you brought up our clients. I'm thinking of a number of our clients especially if you met later in life and maybe this is a second marriage so the dynamics between families is gets complicated. I mean let's just face it. It is i think there is nothing wrong with those assets might have to be individualized because life happened is a lot of things that have gone on. That doesn't mean once you're a couple though you don't keep those individual accounts out there separate but you start building a new joint account as since our now adjoined union yet. Christopher last name why did do do last name. So we don't. I would just skip all last names. Save yourself the heartache. Hey christopher one of the four hundred christopher's there. Christopher knows he's early thirties. Current retirement contributions to hit f. I buy forty-five awesome. That's great should. I continue to out their time. Contributions or put more in a taxable account for early retirement so his interest thirty save and he knows his number and he's hit and he's currently on trajectory to hit that but it sounds like he's not maxing out his retirement accounts. Should i do that or should i start funneling some money to attack account if i'm thinking about financial independence at age forty five. Yeah i mean. I definitely think there's a lot to take in there. And that's why i wanna go out to money dot com slash resources and you can download our free financial order of operations and this is something we cover in step seven which is hyper accumulation. Now we'll tell you. I think. Chris oughta consider it. Because i'm assuming if you're saving at that threshold he's probably in a decent highest and sometimes when you're a higher income situation the tax ramifications should come into play so in one of the most tax favored things out there is retirement savings. So i if you're chris if you're in a higher income situation you probably do want to max out some of those retirement benefits just for the tax savings but i think he is spot on. Is that once you get to. Especially if you think you're retiring at forty off fifty even fifty five anybody really under fifty nine and a half. You're going to have to ask yourself. How do i get access to assets. When i retire. Because you're gonna find out you might be retirement ridge. Meaning you have lots of assets in tax deferred accounts you don't have access to any liquidity to actually use right now and that's why i do the idea and hyper accumulation. Where yes you start building up that third bucket of assets not only have your tax free roth that only do you have your tax deferred with your employer retirement accounts. But you actually start saving retirement assets in after-tax but money because that's going to be the money that can bridge you getting to retirement. That's the big part of it. And then you can focus on the asset allocation making. Sure that you're being taxed smart with the tax location to because i got to believe it'd be a sick feeling and we've seen this in practice thankfully but somebody starting their towards what okay. I need to get two million dollars off calculated that i can retire so they save and save and save and save and save and they get a forty five and they got two million dollars. It's in their 401k. And they go their boss. I'm going to retire and it's awesome. And then it comes time for them to get their money to. Oh man i have to pay income tax on. oh man. I got to pay a penalty. Man that money is not quite as liquid as you thought it was going to be. There's always i don't want you guys. I don't want to create this this fear because it is a it is an issue but it gets complicated. That's that's really the the thing. Because i could get you access. You're retired at forty five. You have a 401k. That's two million dollars. We could get you access penalty free. But it's just complicated to roll off a portion of the assets into an ira we have two new ties. It over your life. Expectancy is complicated. It's complicated so but it is. So i i'd rather you instead of having to get complicated. We want you to have that simple wealth. Where just happens automatically. And you don't have to do all kind of unnecessary work. Think about the three bucket strategy. So you don't have to do all these by last resort planning methods. That i have in our toolbox since we're kind of on this idea of early retirement this next question from robertson. Gray one he said is the four percent withdrawal rate still valid or. Should i be more conservative. I think i we ought to probably define what is the four percent withdrawal rate throws out. There what does that mean. Well i i feel like i have to throw a little bit more in there because sometimes when i just give the advice all these guys all know anything idiots when you see four percents safe. Trawl rate what has been around forever is a trendy study and what this basically said that if you're sixty five years of age normal retirement they calculated out that this study was that four percent pretty much as long as you weren't pulling more than four percent of your principal asset value. You could make it through about anything over normal thirty year retirement plan. Well what's interesting is in the last year year and a half time gets away from me. They've actually come out and updated that if you have a normal retirement like sixty five historically normal retirement the trade study is actually come back and updated to wear instead a four percent and potentially could be five percents. That actually goes counter to the question that was asked. But here's the caveat. I'll put on that. There's a lot of you folks out there. That part of the fire movement remember what far stands for its financial independence. Retire early now. That retire early. As kind of you guys pick me about that. Pick on that one a little bit because a lot of you guys. I don't know that you really want to retire completely early. Just wanna do things on your terms but it is one of those things where i think you are now living. You're leaving your higher paying job to go seek to live life on your terms. You probably if you're doing that anybody who's retiring blow sixty five yes you have to lower that safe withdrawal rate to the point that we actually use for clients under fifty and boys do much better job kind of putting the where the bands are. But i know if you're under fifty years of aging you're planning on retiring early you better be using a very conservative safe withdrawal rate. Give us give them. Some of the band's we use some three three three and a half percent. If you're going to be you're in your forties certainly in the three percent range in your fifties. Maybe three three and a half percent late fifties early sixties. We like four percent sixty five around that area. You can actually go to five percent. But here's what i think is beautiful. The withdrawal rate percentage is fantastic. When you are far away from retirement to give you an idea what i actually think is the best fit we do for. Our clients is when you get to retirement. It's no longer about the four percent withdrawal rate or it's about your custom withdrawal right based on what your retirement lifestyle is going to look like. Because they're going to be some years you may have a big withdrawal rate because you want to buy a house or you want to go on vacations or you wanna help kids. What you need to do is before you actually pull the trigger to exit the workforce. You don't just say okay well. I know that. I've got a million dollars and wanted to four percent withdrawal rate forty thousand dollars a little. I'm good boom. you wanna do that. You actually want to forecast out what you think. Retirement lifestyle will look like determine what your income is and then you have to factor in sources like social security. Pensions possibly inheritance other things. That come into play in your specific retirement. Scenario should not be boiled down to a simple. I'll got enough for four percent withdrawal rate. It should be way more customized than that. And you ought to stress tested run it through monte carlo simulations the withdrawal right gives you an idea of the number you should shoot for for that age at which you wanna hit it but as you get closer and closer that age instead of throwing grenades at that number you gotta get laser precise with what that number is i look at a safe withdrawal rate as good napkin planning dip. Meaning that. if you're in your twenties thirties even forties if you're doing traditional retirement dates there's nothing wrong with using a safe withdrawal rate. But i do think as you quickly approach within the decade of retirement. Guys you better tighten it up because i tell you all the time it is a measure twice cut once because As growing up in a household with a father who lost his job in his mid forties. It's hard to lose a good paying job in. Think you're good step right back into a good paying job once you leave so you better make sure you're right. And that's why. I do like everything bo said with the monte carlo. Simulations get sophisticated with the planning. So you know the probability of success not just some napkin plan that you did off of a safe withdrawal rates. Great questions from stitch aroo. He says i'm putting twenty five percent on my side gig income into my broke account. Should i be going into multiple index funds or just pick one and stick to it. So as question is Should i like be like trying to spread it. Out across index funds or just pick one index fund and. Go in that direction. I thought first of all switcheroo right. It was the stitcher stitcher through. Here's the first thing if it's a side hustle income. Make sure you're not leaving some tax savings because there's the first thing we've done shows for the tax favored self employment savings accounts. I'm talking about the solo 401k's if you don't want that sophistication as there's all kinds of cool things. That's the first thing i would tell stitch to to to consider looking into but then the next question i think he's over thinking this in a way and this is why i love what we share on the money guys that in the past. Yes you could just go by. Total market index fund. And you'd be fun. In this way i even. There was a period of time. Where considered just for people in their twenties. Just just tell them do the total market index. And then when you getting your thirties and forties them we can do the index target retirement funds. But you have been the one that sobered me up on this show in the fact that it's just too many moving parts that people can screw us right so there is. Here's the solution and what we recommend. Why outsmart yourself. When index target retirement funds existed but van guard fidelity investments. These are some of the biggest providers out there for you to go. Do your own due diligence. Some research but they do all this for you. You'll have to come up with two things. How much can you save wendy. You need the money right. They'll do everything else. They take the asset allocation from very aggressive to that glide path of very conservative. As you need it so you just have to focus on making money and you don't have to worry about am i getting ripped off. You know because they're all buying index funds that are super low cost super tax efficient. And then you don't have to worry about all these crazy. All the investment things that really distract people from the primary goal is he basically said yes and both right so yeah there. There are solutions out there. Will you'll have to buy one fund with your contribution. But because that one fund index target retirement fund it actually buying a bunch of different index. You're getting that same diversification benefit that same auto allocation benefit without having to go pick the ones you just focus on asia. Those two big questions and you were set up. So that's a great question. All right this next was from david. I'm so nervous. Last names now says want to four hundred david's out. I is jones because stitch you could stop you know the stitcher room kind of added a little elm all right so he says. Do you think it's a good idea to convert some portion of your tax deferred savings before the expiration of the trump tax cuts in twenty twenty six under current legislation. There's gonna be some tax adjustments that are going to sunset and twenty twenty-five should i begin doing roth conversions. Now because i know that those are going to expire in twenty twenty six. Well the first thing. So you have a saying. And i love it so we're gonna use it more often on the show now is your money is not read. Your money is not blue. Your money's greens grade. Always because i think everybody has a little bit of a bond spot especially when it comes to economics politics. You know that stuff kind of gets in there. Muddies the water so we get nervous and we knew we have a. We have a new administration coming in this week. Actually so people people start trying to read. The tea leaves to figure out tax policy. I want you guys to hear me out on. This politicians will say a lot while they're candidates but once they get into office they tend to be a lot more in the middle on things. Because it's just hard to change this big institution. So i never i never i tell everybody always be careful making decisions off of politics and i and not that. That's what david was. Do you had a question there. And i wanna make sure. We think that people need to hear that in this unique time that we're in but i always tell people make tax planning decisions off of current legislation. It's just like right now. I know Is currently president-elect biden. But he'll soon be our president the next few days he he just came out with a new stimulus proposal. I we're not covering that yet. Because i know that there will be a lot of back and forth so i don't think it makes sense to get everything all worked up on it when i know there's going to be a lot of the horse trading and all the other stuff that happens in our political system but it is one of those things so i always tell people with all that setup focus on the current tax law politicians tab tendency to kick the can down the road so yes. Those tax policies are set to expire mid this decade. But willie it remains to be seen because a lot of stuff we've seen they will kick the can down the road so i get very nervous about people making decisions because what could have now when we're talking we've had this come up with clients. You had some great insight on what you should actually consider when making this type of it comes to like deciding about like roth conversions. You really oughta consider more your personal situation and less about what's going on macroeconomically because just like brian said we don't know what tax policy will be in twenty twenty six but we do know what tax rates are this year meeting you. You know what tax rate you're going to be in in this present year so if you are someone in a lower tax bracket and you think that man based on the lifestyle that i live and where i think that rates could be going not specifically these tasks rates could be going and what my lifestyle is going to do. If i think it's likely that the rate i'm in right now is going to be lower than the rate that i'm gonna be in the future whether that be. Because of increased lifestyle increased income or increased taxes the many make sense to begin converting. Or maybe if i'm thinking more about estate planning and passing assets onto my children maybe i should think about converting. I would let those types of determinations be the thing that caused you to make that decision. The president year less so than about legislation. That may or may not come to pass a you ought to focus on. What's your ultimate state plan. What are your liquidity needs in retirement and this is what's beautiful and this is what we keep counseling clients on. We don't know where taxes are gonna go. They could go up down left right sideways. We have no idea and we certainly don't know when they're going to do that. So what we try to do. Is we have our clients focused on building these three distinct tax buckets your tax deferred bucket your tax free bucket. You're after-tax bucket if you can do that effectively when you get to retirement no matter what the tax policy is at that time you can pick and choose what you pay taxes. Perhaps it's a high tax environment. So you're just gonna pull the taxable stuff for the low amounts and then you're gonna pull the tax free stuff and then the after tax stuffer maybe we're really low tax rates unipol more of the taxable stuff out unless the tax free. If you have three distinct buckets you're going to get to pick and choose and odds are over a twenty thirty forty year. Retirement tax policy is going to change. And so your strategy also need to adjust in real time as that happens. Yeah i think it's it's it's one of those things when we're working on this. We we actually have numbers to this is that we say first of all if you're below twenty five percent combined tax rates and when i say combined i'm talking about both your federal and your state income tax. Yeah i mean roth roth accounts make sense doing a roth. Conversion probably does make a lot of sense at twenty five to thirty percent is kind of what we consider the grey zone and then once your income tax rates are over thirty percent you ought to consider. Are there some benefit taking the tax deferred me taking a current year tax deduction now. Here's the part about this. The whole logic behind what. I just told you is because for a lot of folks. You may pay the highest taxes while you're earning money while you're in your peak earning years and then when you retire especially if you're doing the three bucket strategy bo talked about you can manipulate legally your tax rates that you pay. You're hoping that your tax rates are lower. Now if you're a glass half full on tax policy and you think rates are going to be substantially higher than they currently are. Then maybe you can. I'll give you permission to instead of thirty thirty percent being your combined rate that you consider it. Maybe you can push that up to thirty five percent. That's going to be more of your personal decision. I still think that you probably i because there's two big questions. What is your what are your. What's your income. Go look like in retirement. Can you manipulate the tax code legally and then second wash your thoughts towards tax policy in the future. If you're very confident they're going to be substantially higher than i give you permission to kinda push up a little higher on. What is that roth conversion threshold again. It's a very individualized personalized decision. And frankly this is one of those a little more complicated. It's gotten more complicated over the years even in terms of your ability to undo it or not undo it so if you're thinking about those things this is probably one of those great points in time where it makes sense to reach out to professional advisor to reach out to a tax advisor to make sure you're making the decision well and not not thinking about the unintended consequences. So let's do one more. This is from that dude and he says when you say save twenty percent do you include the x percent. Your company's putting in your 401k. Now for example if your company puts in five percent and i put in fifteen percent is that good. Let me answer the first. The last guy. I is that good. Yes it's awesome if you said. Hey i'm only put in one percents. That is that good my answer. Yes that's awesome the fact that you're saving and even grasping deferred gratification is wonderful and i want all my young folks to hear that we say all the time. Save twenty twenty-five percent. Don't let that be something de motivation. 'cause you can't do that if all you can save one percent right. Do that figure out how you can turn that one to two that two two four that four to six figure out how you can grow it. But if you're just saving at all that's great now if you want to move in this sort of that financial mute territory. You're exactly right. Our goal is that we want you saving fifteen to twenty percent of your gross income. If you wanna go no why go to our website. Go to money guy dot com slash resources and look at our illustration called how powerful your dollars and we show you at every age starting at zero all the way until sixty five how valuable every dollar you can put away is so the earlier you can start putting away that twenty to twenty five percent. The more powerful those dollars are going to be as you move financial independence. Yeah the what. I'll add to that. Is that people know. We have a system on this too. And i love creating systems. So you guys can make decisions and feel confident about it and Always like people to understand the. Why things is that. Because i had somebody just recently on the comments section go. What are you guys consider wealthy. I'll never really answer that question. Because it's so individualized to every single person because having a retirement savings a four hundred thousand makes you wealthier. Somebody who's not spending maybe only made forty five fifty thousand dollars a year. You got a pension coming your way arm security. Isn't that go require much for you to be wealthy so you can do it. So that's why what's going into. Our design is is it. This is what. I'll tell people for the rule if you as a single person make one hundred thousand or as a as a household meaning your spouse two hundred thousand i don't want you counting the employer match and the reason is because of exactly the example i shared is that the glow your income the closer you are to the social safety net and you probably have you know if you're only spending thirty five thousand dollars a year social security go cover probably. I mean it's good. It's to cover most of us. You're not really asking much of your assets to make sure you have a good sustainable retirement. The higher your income the higher. You're likely expenses are in retirement. You better make sure that you're bearing that weight responsible so you do put on top of you if you're making good income like for a married couple of making two hundred greater in two hundred thousand. Don't count that in oil match because that is something it's going to be. You're going to bear the cost of having to pay for that retirement primarily social safety net might not even be there for you so act accordingly and that's the way we've designed this. I said if you're a lower income individual you can make a lot with a little but the more you're entrusted with the more you earn the more you spend. You've got to plan for that and unfortunately that means you got to be even more conservative on the way you look at your savings rate on what you count. Don't count. that's exactly right. These these questions were fantastic. Thank you guys again for letting us come in. Hopefully add value to your financial is if you had a chance to go check out our website. Go check out money. Guide dot com. You can go to a resource page. We have all kinds of free to liberals out there mortgage calculators in tax guides and powerful numbers all of those things around the resource page. If you've not checked out check it out or do you want to know a little bit more about we doing our day job go to. Our website abound wealthed dot com. And you can see all the folks that you'll get to me when you come to franklin to do your tour of the studio and we're investing in you guys so i'd ask you to invest in us by giving us a like as well as a subscribe right there. You see where. Hardy over one hundred and two thousand man just seems like yesterday we were at one hundred thousand so thank you thank you. Thank you. The abundant cycle seems to still be working. We love you guys and we keep coming back every week every day. It seems like now. It's about two times a day so thanks so much guys. Money team out the money guys. Show is hosted by brian. Preston about wealth. Management is a registered investment advisory firm regulated by the securities and exchange commission in accordance and compliance with the securities laws and regulations abound wealth management does not render or offer to render personalized investment or tax advice through the money guys show. The information provided for informational purposes only does not constitute financial tax investment or legal advice.

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Will the Coronavirus Tank the Economy?

What Next | Daily News and Analysis

22:19 min | 1 year ago

Will the Coronavirus Tank the Economy?

"Over the last few weeks there's been a pretty concrete way to track the global fear around cove nineteen that new corona virus. It's been spreading around the world. You can do it by just looking. At the Dow Jones Industrial Average. It's been headed in basically one direction since the middle of last month. Down right right and this was sort of the first stage of fear over what the the novel virus I should say. Covert nineteen would do to the economy Jordan. Weisman covers economics here at slate. You said first stage a new stage now. Oh Yeah. We're definitely at a new stage yesterday. This new stage meant Wall Street's worst plunge in more than a decade people. If I were worried that they wouldn't be able to get their stuff from factories in China. Now people are really worried about what's happening here in the US. What's going to happen for instance? The airline industry is already getting walloped. You're seeing southwest. Say we're going to lose hundreds of millions of dollars this quarter Because people aren't flying you can see how it spreads where it's like I. There's fewer flights and then there's fewer people in the airport and then like Auntie Ann's needs fewer people making pretzels and then the person who used to make pretzels can't go to the movies because they don't have the same kind of fluid cash situation and you can just how this thing grows you start to see the economy kinda grind down in multiple ways. It's both the supply aspect and the demand aspect of the economy. Can we fix it? People are trying to figure that out. But you know it's tricky. The last time there was a terrible pandemic that really did damage the US was nineteen Spanish flu. We were essentially working in the era before modern macroeconomics even existed. There's really a playbook for what were worrying about right now today on the show the US is already struggling to respond to the corona virus as a public health crisis. Can it stop the economic spiral to? I'm Mary Harris. You're listening to next stick with us. This episode of what's next is brought to you by the relentless a new podcast from sleet studios and century. Twenty one real estate. Have you ever wondered what makes someone exceptional and business countless professional development books events and programs claim to have the answer? But we all know. There is no one-size-fits-all key to success in reality figuring out how to be an effective salesperson or entrepreneur is an individual journey and the relentless is about those journeys and what we can learn from them hosted by psychologists Julie Gerner. The relentless was one on one with extraordinary people. And takes you behind the mindsets and behaviors that. 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And why they've recently climbed the third largest auto insurer in the country get a mine at progressive dot com in as little as five minutes and see how much you could be saving auto insurance from Progressive Casualty Insurance Company and affiliates. Home Renter's insurance not available in all states provided inservice by affiliated and third party insurers discounts ferry and are not available in all states and situations. Anyone who's got a 401k or a college fund for their kids. They probably had a pretty bad feeling. When they heard the news. Monday morning I know I did. Good morning we were coming on the air now breaking news from Wall Street in the wake of the corona virus crisis stocks have stopped trading on Wall Street. A seven percent drop in the Dow Jones in the S. and P. Five hundred in the first minutes of trading this morning one of the markets tumbled so quickly that the New York Stock Exchange went into a fifteen minute pause and trading part of a system known as a circuit breaker. Basically he like putting the market in time out. Yeah right when the stock market falls too far too fast they halt trading. It doesn't happen very often. It happened today in the reason it happened. I think is. We're starting to see the panic over corona virus or the fears over Corona virus. Turned into a chain-reaction it's not just about what the virus will do to the economy directly. It's not just about how it's going to keep people from traveling's force people to stay home. It's about how we're going to see that ripple into other parts of the economy and how that could even start to create problems in the bond market and create problems in the financial markets. And you know how could kind of become a vicious cycle? I mean the event. That sort of precipitated. This drop today was all about oil. I wonder if you can explain exactly what happened. So Saudi Arabia decided over the weekend crash. The price of oil to start an oil price war in order to undercut its competitors and Russia rang with Russia and that might sound like a slightly insane thing to do in response to a global pandemic but there actually was some logic to it so I I think it helps to step back here. The price of oil has basically been falling since January when the number of cases in China starting to search or the number of recorded cases started to surge partly because China's economy was slowing down Which you know that meant there was less demand for oil and also China uses a lot of oil Chinese a ton of oil and also it star just kinda create a a fear factor around the world right like oh well. People projecting forward so oil prices have been falling for a while and initially. Saudi Arabia wanted to respond to this. By cutting production it wanted OPEC and its allies to cut back a little bit to support. Prices and Russia wasn't going along with the program. Russia didn't why some internal political issues they've been wanting to increase their own production essentially at home because their budget relies a lot on oil. They could not come to an agreement And on Friday things kind of officially fell apart there was a meeting and Russia rejected Saudi Arabia's proposal so over the weekend Saudi Arabia said fine. You're not going to coordinate. Well we're going to start a price war instead. And so they cut prices on the oil they sell to their customers and then they basically promised to up their own production to flood the market with cheap oil with the ideas. They were GONNA start snatching market share from Russia. And it's unclear if this is really a last ditch effort to make more money on their end or if they're trying to pressure Russia to go along with the program either way prices just collapsed media mean. Initially they were down thirty one percent or something They've bounced up a little since then but it was the most. The initial drop is the most since the first Gulf War. I mean it was just this tremendous market-shaking move when the price of oil started nosediving market watchers Jordan started to think about the bigger picture about whether oil companies including companies in the. Us could afford to keep drilling when they're prophets were plummeting and so it's very possible that you know a lot of these companies could be going bust soon. They've already been troubled. A lot of them could go bankrupt and that that could have from that could create problems for the US economy because traditionally we think of falling oil prices is kind of a good thing for the US because it means lower gas prices. And that's good for drivers it puts money in people's pockets. I mean trump basically tweeted that this afternoon he did he said Hey. Lower gas prices great silver lining and. That's still true to a degree. The problem is that the oil industry has gotten so big that it drives a disproportionate investment growth in this country When when drillers are out there trying to get up crude. They're spending a lot of money on things like you know. Building new rigs and trucks and Transport Insert Oilfield Services And that actually is. It's it's it's a meaningful driver of investment growth. It's its own little ecosystem. Yeah it is and and when it dries up it's a problem. Obviously for people work directly in the oil industry. It's also a problem for factories that supply those big heavy pieces of machinery that they use. I mean it sounds like a little bit. What you're saying. Is that the oil industry leading indicator. It's a little bit of a leading indicator or it's an engine for part of the economy. And so in the engine slows down the back part of the economy slows down but the ripple effect here it gets bigger. If the oil industry's production is limited. It doesn't just impact the supply side it also impacts parts of the economy that finance oil industry in the first place. All these oil companies these these shale drillers have borrowed an enormous amount of money in the last years so they can't repay those loans. Yup Yup Yup Yup Yup. That's the issue so those loans. You know stop me if this sounds familiar. A lot of them have been chopped up and securitized and sold to other investors and. Nobody really knows who has those on their books. It's no one really knows who owns all those securities And that what I'm saying. It sounds familiar. It's they've been securitized out of the way sort of the way mortgages were leading to the financial crisis so it's the housing crisis only the oil crisis. Yeah I I should. I should caveat this which it's much smaller market. It's much much much smaller. No one thinks that this is housing. The Housing Bust two point. Oh it's it's not a big enough amount of debt to create that but people are worried about what it's going to do to this part of the bond market and the debt markets and. It could cause you know turbulence their and and you're you're getting this bigger issue. Which is that. We saw this plummeting and stocks today. The sort of market uneasiness. But I mean you've been on this show before talking about how the current boom times are kind of built on this shaky. Infrastructure is that what's being revealed right now it to some extent. We're what we're seeing. Is the corona viruses. Really revealing? What weaknesses were there right? Or it could reveal them and we're starting to see. Reveal them through these kinds of chain reactions. People have been worrying about all the borrowing that these energy companies have done for a while. Right there you can look up. You know high yield bonds or you'll debtor or collateralized loan obligations Google and you'll find a bunch of articles about people saying is this stuff gonna blow up and what happens if it blows up and hasn't up until now because it hasn't really been a precipitating event and so yeah it's the coronas sort of becoming. It's you know there's this This old phrase when the tide goes out you see who isn't wearing any swimsuit or who's not wearing a pair tied to go out and so you see like that that's that's sort of what's happening when markets get wobbly. The federal government has got a few tools to try to study the situation. The Fed can cut interest rates which it did last week looking at that market selloff today. It's clear more needs to happen. What are other options? Because that has historically been the go-to option slash interest rates. Get people to keep investing. Let's keep this thing motoring along. Yeah so traditionally cutting interest rates is is a is go to move for stabilizing the economy. The another classic tactic is to do some stimulus. Spending right let's Go Go build a bridge. Go fix a road the challenge here is that a lot of the traditional tools that the government uses to steady the economy in the event of recession or downturn or when things just look shaky Might not work the way. They typically do might not work as well as usual here. What do you mean by that? So at and this is one of the things that's been kind of underpinning a lot of people's fears about the pandemic is that you know you can try to lower interest rates and try to get companies to borrow an invest more. You do some public works. Hire a bunch of workers to fix Bill Bridge Rehab some schools. None of that really fixes the core problem. Which or the core problems I should say. Which is you have a virus. That is keeping people at home because they are afraid to get sick right like they have to stay quarantined. It's not like they. You know they. A lot of people are not going to spend not because they don't have money but because they can't they can't go out. They can't live their normal lives Things have to be cancelled. Disneyland has to has to shut its doors. They can't go on vacation where they were nearly would because the you know the occasion destination isn't open And so you know again there are it just. It means that some of the tools that would be very effective when people are reeling from housing bust. are not necessarily going to be as effective when you're trying to deal with a pandemic that doesn't mean you can't help the situation by putting money in people's pockets But you're maybe treading water. It's it's just that in the end. There's you know you can't necessarily get at the core problem you just. You can't stimulate your way out of the core problem. It's not a purely economic issue. In the end it is a public health. Issue the government's response to this pandemic it's been messy with testing for the virus delayed. Congress did move to free up billions of dollars for a medical response last week but economic response seems to be coming together only now. Initially the White House seemed like it just wanted to rely on the Fed that it was it just wanted the Fed cut interest rates and that was the extent of what it was interested in. Some people on the hill are talking about tax relief Which seems a little bit unless you're actually putting money directly into people's pockets like cash immediately tax relief does not seem like the best way to go about it especially since some people are are just not going to be earning money. Part of the problem here is that. Republicans have traditionally been skeptical about The effect of direct fiscal stimulus. Right like dating back to the Obama Administration even though they're willing to run deficits and they have been during the the the trump administration they they still seems. Just like. Don't trust the idea of of Government stimulus because it suggests a big government might work and so I I think that's that's part of the big question. Mark here is how is a Republican administration and a half Republican Congress. Going to go about trying to right the economy when it's on the verge of being or keep the economy upright when it's on the verge of being toppled at a press conference last night. The president talked about the kind of stimulus. He wants to invest in just a payroll tax cut for businesses support for the airline and cruise industry and money for paid sick leave for workers who get the virus. Then trump talked about what a good job is administration has done so far. This was something that we were thrown into. And we're GONNA handle it and we have been handling it very well. The big decision was early when we shut down our borders with the first ones ever to do that. We've never done that in our country before looking at the president's response to the market crash today it the main response seems to be to just try to calm. People down like one of his tweets was so thirty seven. Thousand Americans died from the common flu which is obviously way more than we we know have died from this corona virus. And he ends with think about that. I mean one of our colleagues looked at these tweets and set in slack. I don't think the president understands that. From the market's perspective. He is the problem. Do you agree with that? I mean that's that's certainly part of it in a way this is. This is a throwback to two thousand eight when Lehman collapsed. Right you know. The president was kind of coming out to make his his announcement about or like what the plan was I. I was an intern at the Washington Post. And we. We all gathered around the TV and this one reporter went over. It's like the Bloomberg terminal that we had to to watch how the market would react and literally as George Bush opened his mouth. The market just started falling right like it was just like it was like. Oh yeah this is our president. You Know Oh God. What are we going to do here? We're back to that. There is the man in the Oval Office is not in charge and his his occasional attempts to downplay the severity. This almost certainly going to make things worse rather than better Is that a trump problem or something else. I mean you said it happened with George W Bush so just want to tease it out a little bit of a problem. When you have a guy in the Oval Office who people don't think he's competent right like that's the bottom line is like when a crisis hits you want someone in charge who people believe is competent in two thousand eight. It ended up that the response to the financial crisis was conducted almost entirely by Hank Paulson the treasury secretary then Banenky You know the chair of the Federal Reserve Tim. Geithner was involved. He was at the New York Fed. Then it was up to them to save the world. It's a little bit like we're back in that situation now whereas instead of George W Bush who is at least trying to say the right things where he could we have donald trump. Who's just not even remotely attempting to do what people expect of him instead. It's it's the the responsibility is not just devolved down to the vice president and the rest of the administration. They're actually fighting. You know they're actually at all it's the guy at the top. It's not a. It's not a good leadership. Setup literally went down trump says nothing to worry about the end of the CD says. Is there something to worry about? Donald Trump says. Oh we've got all if you if you WANNA test. You can have a test and Mike Pence has to go in front of cameras and say well actually. We don't anticipate we're going to have enough tests. Initially you know it's it's really stark is their way to right the ship. I mean yeah I mean maybe maybe Donald Trump's openness to just spending money to fix the problem. We'll we'll help you know. He doesn't really care much about deficits. I don't think he has some ideological attachment to how you stimulate. The economy just wants economy fixed. So maybe that will actually aid things a bit since he doesn't have firm ideas about in a big government or whatnot. Maybe this maybe Mike Pence will pull rabbit out of his hat and somehow managed to start You know containing this the this outbreak. I don't have a lot of faith in that. But maybe it'll happen. There are possibilities You know I again. I'm not I'm not confident but something could go right. It was a Jordan Weisman plan. What would it be? I mean okay. Purely on the economic end one one idea I have kicked around. And this isn't a really firm one but would-be just to allow people to claim unemployment insurance for instance for time that their business was shut down or that They couldn't go to work because they were in quarantine even if they even if they weren't technically fired. I mean another thing would just be to guarantee paid sick leave but You know you'd also need to support businesses a little bit there too. I think We'll say though is we have automatic stabilisers. We have programs like food stamps and unemployment that are meant to kick in when the economy gets worse and that sort of a version of putting money in people's pockets right. That's that's what you're actively doing and so one one response here might be to just kind of doubled down on those programs so yeah I think I kind of lean on automatic stabilisers. I would try to figure out a way to to get money automatically directly into people's hance Jordan Weisman. Thank you so much for joining me. Thank you Jordan. Weisman is slate senior business and economics correspondent. And that's the show. What next is produced by Mara Silvers Daniel Hewitt Mary Wilson? And Jason De Leon and before we go if you like me are tempted to check on your Kid's College Fund after the Stock. Plunge yesterday I'm going to let Jordan give you a little advice on that. No don't do that. Don't do that. Do Not Track Your Kid's College Fund that just it's not worth it. Yeah I checked any way. You don't have to do this Mary. I'm Mary Harris. Will catch you back here tomorrow.

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Financial Marketing Takes Center Stage

Banking Transformed with Jim Marous

30:57 min | 9 months ago

Financial Marketing Takes Center Stage

"Up. Hello look into banking transform I'm your host Jim Reuss owner and CEO The digital banking reporting co publisher the financial. Brand. The. Digital Banking report is just completed research on the impact of the pandemic financial marketing. We found that changes in almost every area financial market where more dramatic than any of the previous seven years we've done the report. This is primarily because consumer adoption of digital. Advanced Years in a matter of weeks. We found major changes in marketing spend solution prioritization, use of data and technology, and even marketing talent deployment that will unlikely revert to pre pandemic norms. Some of these changes represent accelerations of previous trends while others per nutrients altogether. It has yet to be seen the duration of these changes, but each deserves careful review. To discuss the findings of the state of financial market report joined by Barry McCarthy President CEO Deluxe Corporation the sponsor of our report. In this episode, we will discuss this year's findings in the ramifications for finances in the future. So what are the show Berry first of all I want to personally thank you for against three state of financial market report that's now available on the digital bank report website. This is not the first time. Of the report, but it's definitely represents the most important research we had done together on financial marketing as a result of the pandemic market is take him centre-stage being responsible almost overnight for the communication of major changes in the way, consumers were forced to do their banking and even how financial institutions could potentially support consumers during this difficult financial time. Very in working with financial institutions, a wide variety of ways at deluxe. What are some of the most dramatic changes you've seen as a result of covid nineteen there's been a number of changes that I think Cova nineteen has brought to the industry and I think it starts with how customers in the end are served everything from more touch free experiences from obviously no for example, or limited access to branches limited changes to a T. M. screen flows at Sarah. So I think the costumer experience has changed pretty dramatically I I think second to the way that institutions go about marketing and talking about themselves has changed pretty remarkably also. I think historically, the message has been why are bank is great for of small business and I think the messages have instead turned or consumers and a said the message think has turned more towards a general advice and how to survive a pandemic at how you know a bank or an organization stepping up to support the community, not just individual business or individual consumer in the marketplace. That that's big and then ultimately I, think how the financial institutions and otherwise are building solutions for the future obviously for an environment. Work is going to be more from home traditional employment centers will have less density and I think that changes the the needs of consumers and small businesses in particular pretty markedly. I think it's interesting because when you think about this everything, you just brought up and everything that happened on March thirteenth on. Really impacted marketing directly they were really putting the spotlight Neil. They immediately had to communicate consumers, or by the way we're closing branches here your options they immediately had to community to small businesses always have some loans available few. Here's what you need to do and actually mark. I'm envious spot having to communicate things that they knew nothing about because the government. Pretty much dropped in their laps on a Friday and said Oh we're going to offer this immediately and finishing Susan's wanted raise your hands. Go wait that doesn't work that way. We don't work that quickly in some of the most significant shifts we saw were in the increase. The reprioritisation of initiatives things such as lending which ended up increasing probably because P P P but consumer retention and brand is you mentioned became major but there's a drop in focus on acquisition and cross selling. How important do you think is the position of brand in today's environment compared to what it was prior Cohen I think it's an incredibly important and I think financial institutions recognized that as well and I think that's why their messaging has changed fairly profoundly. So, instead of positioning of each other and of course, financial institutions with rarely ever comment about a competitor but they would talk about why their bank is better and if you inspect what their messages are today, it's much more about were with you. In this fight, we are for the community. We are here to support small business much less about the features are benefits of the bank in particular. I think that the financial institutions are trying very hard to position themselves as friends of the community friends of the consumer and friends of small business, and that is a fundamentally different position that they are financing listen to. Sean. Is the right one to choose because we have these following features or benefits it's about what you do to support the community fundamentally different. One of the things that deluxe has done over time as you've really move toward being a data company helping organizations with data analytics being able to find marketing programs that leverage that data but that becomes really important. You look at the considerations with regard to mortgages just alone because you know I may have delayed a mortgage payment for three months because I wanted to put money into savings not because I couldn't pay my mortgage. But the use of outside data. Tibo, leverage it for inside purposes because you don't WanNa talk to everybody the same way because they aren't all the same, you'll find that it's a case to aren't you? Absolutely no one of our core businesses. We acquired a few years ago company called First, Manhattan Consulting Group it started as a bank advisory business for a couple decades and more recently has become a data driven marketing company that is able to help financial institutions micro target a solution to an attended targeted individual consumer or individual business. And that targeting happens by using a variety of publicly available data data proprietary to the bank plus data that's available from third parties like try bureau credit. Data. But what that machine learning tool that we have at FM CG as the artificial intelligence system actually take all that data combine at through multiple algorithms to identify target an individual consumer for an individual offer. So the days of, Hey, anybody that is moved into town might be interested in da that's sort of gross level marketing is insufficient. It really needs to be targeted to an individual consumer or businesses needs, and clearly data availability data drive in that. But so our AI and machine learning tools, which is one of the things that deluxe dies to help financial institutions grow help them micro target to help identify specific targets for a product or service, and when you look at this, you know in our research, we found that seventy five percent of organizations thought they were not adept at using AI in data for the development of. Next best product in next best offer. But when you're looking at that especially small organizations that realize that you can't fake personalization anymore is not just about all because you have a mortgage, we think you should get a second mortgage. No, it's much deeper than that. It's a- as you said, combination of internal actual data does it make more sense than ever to an and this is a leading question I realized as I'm getting out of my mouth that to partner with organizations that have that capability because to build a analytic functionality in a financial decision, it's not easy to find those people. These people are in high demand but. Does it make more sense for organizations whoever they partner with to partner trying to get that talent as opposed to not having that talent? Absolutely, you know I think the way of the future is that only the very largest financial institutions will likely be able to invest to build their own teams of data analysts to be able to provide that level of support that level of sophistication is going to continue to accelerate, and it's going to be very difficult for anyone organization to maintain leadership especially when there are third parties like deluxe, but it's not just a lux that can deliver ongoing support where they're doing multiple campaigns across multiple. Financial. Institutions at different places in the country in different geographies where they just aren't going to have more opportunity to learn for their machine learning tools to get better all the time and it will make it very difficult for any one organization. Ultimately be able to keep up with that pace of change because a few organizations that will be to provide service to this financial institutions. We'll just get better and better and better over time because the scale and scope of what they're working on makes their their tool so much better, and it'll be an obvious pathway financial institutions to find partners they are rather than building it all themselves. Interesting because when you look at those partnerships and what we found the research and this is not just in research around financial, we saw this around research around data analytics. Digital Transformation we've seen around innovation. It feels like financial institutions know what needs to be done. They know the mission at hand they know the challenges they have. Get when they rank prioritization. Prioritize some of these things very low. And I mean we found this year's financial marketing report was that the prioritization of data analytics was really quite low given that they know this is important. So there's a there's a paradox here that doesn't make any sense. Do you see this as well when you're when you're out there I mean you meet with many many more financial institutions and I'm able to reach. But do you see this be an ongoing challenge? The organizations know what needs to be done. It's actually pull the trigger that's the difficult portion of it i. think that's very insightful. Financial institutions you know have lots of smart people in their organization helping run the show and guide the ship towards the future. But. Financial Institutions in general are not noted for the speed at which they move. And that's largely for good reason because their business is wants to be safe insecure they don't want to make mistakes because the stakes are so high. But have not talked to a banker anytime in short tenure so far at o two locks where I have not heard an urgent demand for better data analytics and insight into the customer base, how to grow who to target not only just for targeting purposes, marketing purposes but for building better products to be able to get the feedback into the bank about what consumer likes or doesn't like what has happening in the marketplace and I think there's deep awareness I don't think there's any bank that I've talked to the dozen have deep awareness of that need I think that because they are creatures of habit. There aren't just existing budgets that can be moved from one thing to another so that there is not just a pool of money that can be dedicated to investing in data analytics and learning it just is there's no bucket of money that's there, and so that requires a bank to step into it. They can't take a giant leap all at one time so they. Step into overtime and I think the demand and the desire today is far exceeding most organizations ability to support the demand of operating management to deliver against those solutions, and honestly that's also I. Third Parties like a deluxe can be successful because they have a variety of models whether it's for example, one of the models that we offer is that the business financial institution. They have pay for service so that pay for performance on a pay for performance model, they don't have to have a budget they can simply hire somebody like locks first, Manhattan Consulting Group A ad he and. Pay, Paoli when they actually close the sale. So they don't have to have operating budget, which is another way to step into an experiment with data analytics to help them grow their business to another thing around the tipping point moment berry was the fact that we really have seen a major shift towards digital communication channels on when we asked financial marketers what was the biggest budget changes due to cove nineteen? The base was email marketing that's not surprising because we had. To mentally communicate consumers how to do their banking a lovely people we had to restart. Now, what was interesting is how important would have been to know who currently uses digital channels versus who uses only the branch which most banks did not have that capability but we know email market we looked the second most reported change was in paid social media content marketing. I mean content marketing we've talked about we've played around the edges, but you know you know what is was. Part of what we're doing right now is content marketing, the the ability use content as a way to reach out and communicate with consumers. But content marketing also becomes part of brand doesn't it? It's all reinforcing the overall theme that says we've got to communicate and market to consumers differently in this environment and going forward is that not true? Absolutely. I'll make I give you really specific example about the locks, and then I'll tell you about how it ties in with with financial institution. So. A deluxe. We use content marketing very aggressively to help promote our company and we created a television show called the small business revolution. In which we go to a small town, we help the small town rehabilitate main street. We pick eight businesses and we help them reinvent themselves whether it's financial issues whether it is marketing issues, brand logo web design we help them reinvent themselves, and then of course, it put way build a TV show around it just like some of the real estate shows that are you know fix up a home instead it's Fix up a business and allows us to provide lessons to small businesses during this pandemic with critics spinoff, and actually the program became the it's the number one program lifestyle program on Hulu. It's on. Amazon prime. It's on Youtube it's considered a delta. Airlines. If you happen to fly on a plane and it's a way to get that message out to small businesses to provide them help inside and how to grow. Created another spin off called the small business big heart, which was all done virtually is part of the pandemic talk helping small businesses talk about how to succeed, and so we've had a number of financial institutions that want a partner in that program because they recognize the ability to deliver a message in a way where they're actually educating consumer or a small business is incredibly powerful. It's so much more powerful. The trying to have a thirty second TV ad or a sixty seconds radio commercial about their bank instead, they're actually delivering value and. Demonstrating that value for many millions of people to see shoots Lee hugely valuable and we think that this whole idea of content marketing, we're GONNA continue to see of all that accelerate. Especially I think post covert when consumers small businesses, they just don't WanNa be marketed to begin value they want to learn they want to be given insight to tell themselves be more successful and I. Think our data would suggest those businesses are some consumers them want to respond and reward those financial institutions that taught them something and help them through a difficult time. Know this is interesting because you really look at the issues of trust all the things that consumers look to banking and important components of the relationship with banks you know you could trust, but we're GONNA come out of this with consumers a much more aware state but also they're going to remember who their friends, who are, who is there for them during this difficult time, and we've got some recent news around the fact that some financial institutions have not necessarily seemed to have the consumer interest in mind, and even some of the best organizations like USAA had a situation with the first checks came in. They had overdrawn people's accounts in the further benefit, but then those payments repulsive immediately towards the overdraft in the consumer's going no I need that money will they immediately adjusted? So it shows you have to be agile yet to consumers interests in mind and small business interests and I think this is an opportunity for retail banks and credit unions to really shine because they're going to have to respond to their community in a way that I don't think many organizations quite feel the pain yet because we've artificially propped up consumers and small businesses with all the government stimulus is why the stock market's doing well. Doing well. If you look down your main street and you see organizations that are maybe going at fifty percent capacity. There only able to do that because the stimulus package that is not a good term business plan neither one of our firm's could do well, if only fifty percents of our consumers, our customers are businesses asked us to do what we do. I, think around the the ability to communicate and to provide services, small businesses and consumers are going to, as you said, need to content but gonna need the help and it's going to really differentiate their organizations. That's. A new kind of marketing isn't absolutely and I think that is the way of the future. We're already seeing it before the pandemic, but I think the pandemic just radically accelerated it I think businesses and either we support four and a half million small businesses. So we talked to a number of small business four, thousand financial institutions and the consistent theme is over and over again is helped me don't look at me with sympathy help me government stimulus. Good. But I got I gotta find another part of my business. So we have a number of our small business, big hearts program. We spoke a number of businesses and how they transitioned from being died in restaurants to curbside pickup. So they could continue to operate with we have a number of, for example, distillery and brewery than our customers of ours transitioned temporarily. Hand sanitizer. So the ability to move quickly and modify a business plan is what I think businesses and consumers are just desperate for us. Give me an idea that I can use to make my business stronger. Yeah. Financing's important. That's underlies everything but I don't need justice stimulus check. I need ideas and concepts of things that I can go execute on my business at insight so that I could make my business more successful. Yes. I'll take the stimulus track helped me get across a bill. Bridge to the future but I really need ideas on how to operate my business more effectively and get through this. Interesting when we looked at the way or is Asia's marketing I, think was becoming very evident in the research that. You have to be agile. That was forced upon us. You have to work really well in remote locations because we've all had to do that work as teams. But the focus on market again and the ability to not only do marketing better through digital channels then then to measure it. So when we looked at the retrial tissue, the use of market on Mason, the use of content management systems. Increase fairly significantly compared to two thousand and nineteen relatively big shifts. What is interesting though is that crm platform usage went down by ten percent is gone down over the last years from yes. We currently use from fifty four to forty, nine to thirty nine. Now, What's interesting is I'm not too sure if that means that they've stopped using crm platforms or they're redefining that platform is the awareness that there's really high analytical tools available and I, think you know a deluxe is another firm that really helps on the analytics. You know if you're not measuring it, it's not getting done left focus pretty high it. Absolutely. And so on this whole notion of customer relationship management, I think there's probably a couple of stories behind that story, right? So I think that businesses of better understood that there are. True tools available to them to do customer relationship management. I. Think if you'd ask small businesses a few years ago they would have said Yeah I've got my note cards thing here or I know Mrs Smith I've got a punch card program at that as my customer relationship management. I think as Sierra have gotten more sophisticated, it doesn't surprise me the more businesses. Are saying I'm not engaged because I can't afford one of those big systems or I'm not involved in that I don't think it means that they care less about the relationship with the customer I. Think it is that they're recognizing they go about doing it may be actually different and I would actually expect over the you know specially post covid I would expect to. See more businesses be interested in trying to in some way mechanized that relationship. So they can be deeper. It's all part of the same store early were talking about when you're marketing to a consumer, it's not good enough to say you just moved to town. So therefore, he should not a DA at my bank that's dead. Why is it that you jim should want A DA. At my bank, what is it specifically about your circumstance that my bank can solve and likewise I think the same is going to be true for small businesses where each of their customers are GonNa want to have that same level of at least modest customization mean every love to walk into someplace and be recognized and appreciated valued whether that's the dry cleaner. Restaurant or POB, it is your clothing store, your car dealer, the guy that fixes your car people want to be recognized on they want the experience they want, and that's GonNa be thinking accelerating need especially for all the interactions because they're. So they're going to be fewer I think as a result of covid because I don't think we're ever going back to just let it was a free wheeling and so each one of those contacts are going to be more important and more demanding and the customers could expect a better experience the only way to do that by understanding them better and. Using data for that summer. When you look at the future, what do you see as being the primary trend that were gonNA probably see the marketing services both to the consumer entered the small businesses. Do you know I think it's going well I I? We've already talked about it's going to be customization for sure where the messaging may not get extremely micro but will be much more targeted at on point I think that the frequency I think we've been seeing at an expansionist frequency where if you couldn't get the message tight enough just increase the frequency and maybe you will get breakthrough. I. Think that that's GonNa wear out I. think it has worn out and I think that there will be less frequency far board targeted and much higher quality. So instead of you know low fidelity postcard in the mail I, think that we'll see people getting much more sophisticated to. The talk about their specific circumstance whether it is email marketing physical, direct mail marketing. Sales I think that that experience will get much more customized and personalized Orleans to content. Using using text to say, by the way, we have some new education you might be interested in and that's on my text as opposed to email the else and then people come back and go. Okay. Here's a link to the new content. We've created education exactly, but it's got to targeted. So I know that you are a restaurant and that you are at talion restaurants at here is a use case business case that someone else did. A small Italian restaurants in a different part of the country was successful in doing ask here's an example hugely value-creating and the benefit will accrue to whoever delivers that insight to that that business. Okay. So the elephant in the room is we've talked about the importance of marketing we've talked about that actually increases because it was happened with Kovin the fact that we have to have better data better analytics better targeting better personalization this all takes money. WE'RE GONNA be coming into a period that budget you're going to be. I'm not gonNA say slash but there are certainly can be tough to come by. How would you if you're a financial marketer? How would you try to position the importance of your role from the standpoint and I think in which we are going to go but you know, how would you? How would you make it so that you don't lose a lot of budget when you probably need more than ever. So if I were a marketing, our product owner in a financial institution today. I would be making the case on multiple fronts I that the financial institutions recovery is entirely dependent on keeping customers and getting more customers. So making sure that the product were offering to them is really competitive. It's not only competitive, but it had superior. Seconds I would go hard after how do we create value for our customer beyond what's the demand deposit account of the credit or the line of credit or credit card one is the additional value or inside and connectivity. We can create for that Esmor, which could be expressed in content marketing. It could be expressed in the relationship with a personal banker but I. Would absolutely go along push hard on making that happen and the third thing I would do is I would look at my own customer base and asked for budget to look at my own customer base where I can sell them additional product or service. It's going to be easier for me to likely cross sell someone that I served well on the pandemic and I. Reinforced for that customer that I have that I had been a good partner of the pandemic, and then you should reward with more busy. She wouldn't say it that way of course but that is the notion, and then I think as far as media and up spending, I would look to partner with someone that could do work for me on a performance basis because. When I can find someone that can deliver for me on a performance base, not a paid for service, but a pay for performance I literally have an unlimited budget to go after and drive markets. So would make sure that the financial institutions can help me my first three points and that I would go long and hard to find partners to help me drive. On a on a pay for performance basis so that I could I could get the best of both worlds maximize the dollars I have targeting the best I can with great customer experience differentiation, and then use third parties on a pay for performance basis to go over the top which really I underlines the importance of measurement. Yes. Because if you measure it, you're GONNA you're gonna I remember when I was a market in financial institutions I, realized that I. Biggest friend and biggest enemy. It's the guy in finance and if I could talk numbers and I could say discipline to drive this and have confidence is going to drive that that the measurement those results get me more budget because I've brought the valued propositions, the table, and you know there's never been a time when marketing tools haven't been more available at a lower cost to provide that measurement. So thank you for being on the show appreciate the opportunity. So. That was a really interesting conversation, very McCarthy Presidencial CEO of deluxe. What's interesting though the underlying theme of our research into the marketplace is that financial marketing has never been more important role. The financial marketer has never been more important. And, I think what we have to realize is what we're marketing. Going forward. These to be personalized customized. Necessarily have to be around product. But over a solution that helps the consumers small business to business better. The imports of content marketing is greater than it's ever been. An overall, the importance of measurement towards the usage data can I And measuring results the only way to begin budget going forward. Thanks for listening to banking transform grades top five thanking podcast after only one year. If you enjoy what we're doing, please be sure to subscribe to banking transformed on your favorite podcast. APP in addition, please take less than a minute to provide a review and let us know. Howard doing provides a springboard for brain more world-class guests on the show. Finally be sure to catch my articles on the financial brand and look out for our new research on financial marketing innovation customer experience future work as part of the digital banking report. This has been a production of Evergreen podcasts. Great. Big. Thank you to our producer the along break and our audit engineer Sean Role Hoffman. I'm your Jim Ruth until next time. Every day a learning experience.

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#1340 Rational Revolution

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

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#1340 Rational Revolution

"Thanks for listening to the atom and Dr Drew Show on podcast one. Why is the sleep number three sixty smart that your answer to better health and wellness? It's proven quality anymore questions. Yes. I'm always freezing and he overheats its temperature-balancing so you can sleep better together. Can it help keep asleep it senses your movements automatically adjusts to keep you effortlessly comfortable. So I'll have more energy for yoga yes. Proven quality sleep is life changing sleep. Stay stay to you too and now save two thousand dollars on the new sleep number three, sixty smart bed and adjustable only for a limited time to learn more go to sleepnumber dot com. T mobile has been building America's largest five G. Network for this epoch five G. Moment. Introducing the new iphone twelve pro now at T. Mobile, the leader in Five G. Coverage Download Upload in, game at five G. speed in more places unleashed a power of iphone twelve pro with team. Capable device required coverage, not available in some areas. Some uses may require certain planner feature C. T. MOBILE DOT COM. pigewoman. BUT INSTEAD MR worldwide on the Paris I had the real name is not the podcast from negative to positive but you can catch the podcast podcast one spotify slow. I don't even know if you know how much they play. Or anywhere my brother no matter how much bread we remake dog can't take away this right or how many houses 'cause whatever we acquire can't take with that said anything we make is always the backup. Why are we starting to podcast? We'll it's real simple with the time we're living in right now in the world I think you need to be motivated inspired educating aware. Positive. For what I'm here is this the motorbike, the world and no top costs. You hear the truth. To The podcast before the show, a job teaching you how to take it from a negative to a positive. So get rid from negative to positive what you could catch them out the podcast podcast one in spotify. Well, we learn all about a new type of profiling called facism Hora I was not aware of so not since fascism right face. So we'll tell you about that but until then drew Scott Yeah, I about the Jordan Harbinger show, of course. We Love Jordan. He gets into a wide range of fascinating topics and of course, extremely interesting guests that no one can interview. The Way Jordan does because of his own life experience now having been. Taken hostage many twice and having spoken five languages and been all over the world. He talked to a hostage negotiator from the FBI giving techniques and how to get people to trust you or maybe cinematographer discovered the lost city in the jungle. Named Jordan Harbour show one of the best of two thousand eighteen and you will always find something useful to apply to your own life. Not just. Empty Fluff. It's really he does a great job. We enjoy the show love Jordan. You will to search for the Jordan. HR, B., as in boy I N. as in Nancy G. E. R. H. E. R. B.. I. N. G. E. R.. Look for it on Apple Podcast spotify or wherever you listen to your podcast said our friend Jordan harbinger the Jordan. Harbinger show. Recorded live at Corolla one studios with Adam Corolla and board certified physician and Addiction Medicine Specialist Dr Pinski. You're listening to. The Atom and Dr drew show the get it on got. Picked on doctors and threat, and he's a specialist with addiction world of medicine. All right songs went on hold for a while James Thirty three, Cincinnati. We'll talk to him James. I Guy Guy. Hey True. So I Recently got just randomly picked I guess they're called to get in the Johnson and Johnson Cova vaccine study who'll at the end of the month and then I saw that today sievers news that they put that trial on. Todd. And you know I I don't know I wanted to get your thoughts on it see. Thank you even if they on positive, it's still worth doing I really only thirty three. Personal. To me. You'll be pushing science forward I would do it. You're right. You don't need it as much as I do. I you know vaccine pausing is very common while the evaluate what's going on and there's an overwhelming probability they'll proceed just as they did with the after Zenica trial. and. Again, the risks are so low so low that anything serious happened. Sept you jerk recall but I agree with you. Yeah. That's true. Yeah. Yeah. I. Don't I don't know Thanks James. Appreciate you hanging. Let's get a little formal or informal polling going on around here. Who would take the vaccine I don't WanNa say who would sorry. I think everyone would take the vaccine. Who Own through? Who? Who wants to take the vaccine I do hear And then. See for me. I would definitely take the vaccine I. Hope they come out with it tomorrow. But I don't have any sense of I gotta get that Vaccine I WanNa get that vaccine I just have. It's out there I'm a little bit I wanna get it That's sort of my personality for you. But it's a reasonable position to take which is. It's not that big a risk anyway I'll take it when I take. I'm also there's not something I'm wanting to do that. I can't do you know maybe part of meat to a lot of it yeah. I get that. But for me I had H one n one PTSD from that. That was brutal. Right. Yeah and so part of me is a little bit of that. I don't WanNa get this goddamn thing. I gotcha you. All right. Let's see. Someone's got advice about. Let's go to line two. Mark. fifty-eight Jacksonville. Adam. Corolla. Hey. Hey Guy we love you down here Jacksonville. Right. What's up? And Take the generic Cueva Viagra, and what's the long term effects the taken that? Nothing. Really, very safe medication. It was originally designed as a cardiac. Chronically. There is a weird little retinal thing that rarely people get particularly the larger doses. One hundred milligrams. You're using it how often you have we're using it. About twice a week nothing. Zero. Hey. Florida's been opened. It's been open for a while now wide open, right? Yes you can go to football game you can go to stadium. Yeah. What's it bars everything? Yes. So people dropping like flies would I in the streets Now over your. Time with us here. You know I was at him. Why so many narcissistic postseason, California, it's that's always all we were as. A. Whole I love. Hall we got here now. Thanks to our eight. Gary can you look at when? Florida I think it's been two or three weeks now obviously pretaped in this show in advance. But what I'm saying is is the two weeks. Eighty turn on CNN. I know my broken record Florida's oven up look out. Fools. Bumpkin says Hicks and then it's like then I forget about it 'cause no nothing happens. Is there any I think Florida open up in Texas or maybe Arizona Indiana Hannah Flora Indian actually though popped up though September twenty fifth was Florida's reopened Indiana. Right? There were four. In Indiana popped up though they gotta Kinda pay attention. Yeah I. You know how could it not looks like Indiana was after? September twenty six. So they were they were already going up before the opening interesting, right? So aren't. Well. Is it been long? Enough? I mean shouldn't we see some spike out of Florida? Will we're still waiting for the Labor Day Surge Adam so the Labor Day, Sir Yeah Okay. All right. Let me talk to Brian Line Three Brandon. Hey. How's it going guy? Cool So I was listening to your podcast today and you were talking about you couldn't find a good way to get to sleep on a plane. I also, I also fly a lot and what I do is I listen to white noise or the fan I know you're a fan of the fan you were talking about day and your podcast. Yeah that's what I'm GonNa do hang on just fan while you're on a plane just like they're youtube huhne's just white noise. Put You right to sleep yeah? Yeah. You can get a fan recording. Yeah right on Youtube just. Ten hours Oh man seem so crazy to me. Okay. Download that how about like a fireplace crackling fire now? No because at home you sleep at the ceiling fan on. Get. Used to falling but I would imagine hang on now. Bear with me because I'm really trying to figure this out. Engine noise plus fans got to be kind of weird. No. Well. It's just like a nice humming noise. You're right to sue you. For me I don't know told you to bear with me done. Not bearing anymore you or anyone else. Thanks Brandon. Cool. All right. Thank about last week we told my tale of woe by and family history and. I was thinking about silent films how? Strange that period of history was where. People like Douglas. Fairbanks was the most famous man ever in history And Silent Film Stars were international like. We don't have anything like that. I mean. Valentino. Yeah and this guy that was married to my mom was a silent film Western Starve International. Which is why married five times but but when you think about That period of his National Star but he was from here from from the Hollywood And but think about this, what's weird about it is film was essentially just a new technology much the way computers were a new technology and Creator Youtube Stars. Right. and. There was nothing special about that technological advancement but people anointed with special qualities as though and I think the one thing that we did to film that we did is this interesting at all yeah yeah. We did to film that we didn't do to the computer is we decided film was an art form art art it's. This these are these are elevated people that make these things on celluloid because they're they're artists which I think was kind of bullshit. I think they were technicians much the way software technicians now crate great things and and I. I. just think it's a very strange period of history and we still look at it because. We still look at it through the prism of something. It was uniquely American. Let's be fair and that was kind of interesting cool that we you know entertainment became our main way of defining who we are commodity. I still think it was sort of bullshit. That got distributed and people road on that technology, and that was kind of unique that the images Charlie Chaplin could be all over the place and found a unique way to use those. Flashing. Cards was flashing images to entertain essentially. And that's it. That's all it was. Really. Wasn't anything. was same thing as theater just was on film. How much? How much of stardom? Is. A attraction. To, or how much of any success? Is An attraction to the person and their skill set and abilities and what have you Versus them. Cracking a code and being that. Being able to be that's her. So listen so that. Version of. This guy got in on. Uber when it was ten cents the Stock Exchange know he got it and he got an. Party who goes guys rich but I probably got kind knew something I figured something I didn't know he knew he did it like so much of this started there's there's another side of that. How many people guide in San on something that's worth zero they thought they knew something. You know what I mean. Thank you. Dr Dre and no, my point is. What is it that he knew that because? I know how much of the attraction you know silent film star they didn't have to say anything. Yeah. Everything was kind of mechanical. Whatever they had to look good in a cowboy outfit and I mean, how much of it is us going? I'm attracted to that person or that person beat the fucking odds. So how that will hurt the reason I was thinking about this is I was on a plane and I watch sunset Boulevard and I thought, oh I can I from so how this is familiar very familiar to me and it was all about silent film stars having a distorted sense of reality. Really. That's what it was being what years at fifty five or something somewhere in there. Can you look up Gary I think maybe a little before that and indie fifty a and and then I kept going I watched a documentary Douglas Fairbanks. And Douglas Fairbanks was in all. Did you turn left when he got onto that flight? Yeah I did turn Life Matt and that's why sitting there. I'm fucking staring at the back of a tray table. Next to me. Mind you talk to. Adam as I turned left and he started screaming hurt left turn left your left. By went stale pretzels or staehler pretzels and we have a Surprise me. Yeah would you like some tap water and a plastic cup that cannot survive the weight of your fingers search Some tap water. Thank you. Turn left everybody turn left. The ORCAS Trans can I know you know what I mean All right so so you're watching your Docs And started thinking about him. And he was an interesting person. He was sort of an extraordinary person. He was a Acrobat essentially douglas forever. Yeah and as each junior or check Douglas Fair. I think junior. Yeah. And and that was sort of what was unique about him. He could go do stuff on film that was Ooh, that was he? Now, and I'll tell you what he did. No. He kind of knew what people wanted in terms of the character he didn't turn into. God He wasn't Robin Hood Wasn't. Yes. First one. Yeah. But what that he moved into the talkies then right None of the amazing Douglas. Fairbanks junior was a junior and see if he made it an talkies Douglas Fairbanks who played Robin Hood was not a junior. His son was also an actor. That's right. That's right. definitely, and and I, think it was on the love boat. Oh I think that's why that's why I started going down that path and he was in the talkies ever you was in the love boat and yes, I I mean the junior. Senior or the junior senior. Let me check that off. If he got to the talk Yeah Yeah Junior was in love boat. That's one of the reasons they went down the path correct senior died in thirty nine I. Don't know if that gives us the got that. He didn't do film for less ten years. Oh he died in thirty nine. So He's out of in thirty seven. Well they maybe. Doc. We'll I remember he had failures is what started happening and he said about like already a good zillion, Erin. Well, the deal is there was when he retired in thirty seven, there were talking and there were silent. You only had a few talkies one of them being Mr. Robinson Crusoe and you had gary clip from Monday night football the other week he wanNA play. This is from one the the chargers played. The saints and this is a local clip here in la, but I was confounded. The face of a stranger in the blink of an eye, your mind is made that's faces. Quick. Unfair judgments. Now, our mission to bring people together because there's more behind the face car special series faces. NEAR ABC, seven. We're out of problems. Say. How you know we're out of problems because the. Countries are doing exposes on malaria. We got thirty system issue. This thing of like you think a certain way when you see somebody like that is correct. That's how people work I do it with dogs I do it with everybody. I'll tell you what I don't do though, and this is categorically don't do and I'm dumbfounded by the claims. I don't think anything different about people that don't look like me. THAT'S NOT A. Registered not supposed to be scared of people that don't look like us, but it's not a it's not a zone that has a an conscious registration with me of anything. Everyone doesn't look. You know what I mean. That's sort of how I feel like I don't want to look like me I remember like interesting people like. I look doesn't look like me doesn't. Know what to do with that. I. The claim that so many politicians. I think it was a Michelle Obama thing like scared scared of people that don't look like them. It's like. Who in modern America, feels that way it's hard to. It's like it's music of weird nonsensical statement I can't I can't. It could probably fine. Michelle and her twenty, four minute race whatever. Thing but I hear it a lot. Look I to me. It's like the school to prison pipeline. Some asshole came up with this thing and you guys just parrot it I. Don't know what it means I. Mean I guess maybe the extremes of don't look like me if I'm coming up against the three hundred pound Samoan Guy I might I might have a physical distance a little bit there that I wouldn't have from a eighty seven pound Asian elderly woman it'd be a little different but the because they they both look like me. Because they don't look like me because being male I guess more. It's it's such an incredible insult. It's an IT's incredibly insulting. To suggest that. And then Does it work for all community. So are you telling the Asian woman that she can't be scared of you because you don't look like her I know the under town is if you're white, you do it and if you're not white, you don't do it and You're scared everybody. I. It's the weirdest thing to me. That is have all the things that gets bantered around in this weird time we're in. That's the one that's of the most baffling to me I what they mean, but it's so far from my experience it's like, wow. I don't I is any for south. How could one function in a modern metropolis such as New York or Los Angeles actually listen. Everyone looks different than you literally literally wh WH I. Don't even I I Has If you. Ever heard more people bloviating about nothing. Then now I mean literally nothing. Yes Never Michelle Obama is saying nothing. When these people pontificate about race, they're not even saying anything anymore they're really not. Just, saying we need all fucking platitudes. It's all it is out we need a rational revolution rational revolution I'm telling you. It's like these people these children. Just because they look different than you doesn't mean they don't deserve a seat at the table. WHO's doing this? What are we talking about? What Table Are we discussing? Go get a fucking good education get your Byron Chair Byron Table. To. Shane it's. Insidious about it. It can never be. Discussed or disproven. Because it's in the ether in mean. So politicians. Used to argue about building a bridge or not building A. Bridge. And then you'd go. It's three years built that Brit right or it's been three years you bill bridge half done, and it's twice the budget. But having a seat at the table. Because we live in an institutionally racist community who were scared of people that look different than how do you fix that right? What? What do you do with that? All right I'll vote for this guy. We're going to fix that. How How could you possibly fix a community that looked at people differently were scared of them. Here's my propaganda for the rational recovery rational recovery. Factor facts. Facts are facts with Dr Drew. We just showed me I got another one I was staring at another one. I look it up. Let me hit net suite here for your business owner. You don't need telling you running businesses tough but I might be making a little harder than necessary. Don't like quickbooks or spreadsheets slow you down stop paying for multiple systems and that they don't give you the info you need when you need upgrade to net suite by Oracle, the world's number one cloud business system get visibility and control over financials, HR inventory e commerce, and more all in one place instantaneously. Whether. You're doing a million or hundreds of millions in revenue save time save money would net sweet join the over twenty one thousand companies using net. Sweet right now right man let net sweet show you how they'll benefit your business with a free product tour at net sweet dot com slash ads schedule your free product tour right now at net sweet dot com slash ads one more time nets we dot com slash A. D.. S.. Right. There's a question appear. Kovic stunning. His mother, my other Stevens Sixty to my other my other. Dr Drew that look at that no no. I'm pointing at mimicking myself here. This little lennon like pose I'm in there. Yeah. All right. Put it up on the Internet or I- Cova de Nineteen case study Stephen. New. York sixty two. Yes. Hi Guys. Can would like your thoughts I I found something interesting recently there too upset universities. One is Cornell. The other is Suny Oneonta. They both open in August kids arrived Suny. ONEONTA. Didn't test their kids originally and they had a very. Lackluster testing program afterwards. They had a new chancellor so they didn't have continuity of management. Let's say and the students had parties right away and so. On August thirty first. the one hundred cases and they suspended classes for two weeks and then five days. Later, they had six hundred seventy cases and shut it down and that was ten percent of the student body how many hospitalized. I don't know I think that It's a low risk groups so that was never really talked about, but in fact. Zero. Usually means it's Probably it is right now Cornell Cornell on the other hand they took a ton of time to plan it out. They had a plan they stuck to it and it was very different. So all the students from wherever they were were tested on arrival. and. My daughter's there. So I know because we dropped her off, we were not allowed to leave the car. So she left with two suitcases. And moved in, and she was tested right away and everybody in the system whether they're on campus or off campus, they're tested twice a week. They have a quarantine procedure so that if you're tested positive, you get quarantined for two weeks if you come from out of state. You are. it's not quarantined, but you're isolated for two weeks. And what they plan to do is when the kids go home, for Thanksgiving, they're gonNA stay home. Rather than you know come back. So it's obviously kind of a closed system. And I would like your thoughts on that and also to what extent can we apply it nationally. So. Well, thought out and crafted question Stephen Let me. Let me state the. There's one thing that. I keep thinking when I see these attempts at closed systems every single one I can think of eventually had an outbreak and ends up just like the open. Systems. Eventually it just happens. Then this is the criticism that people levy I I think it's the wrong thing to do I'm just saying that seems to be the natural history of these things that no matter what you do better how closed down eventually you get your ten percent outbreak. Has. That could be what if I could just forgot. One point to mention. Yeah. Cornell did have a little outbreak at about the time onto his was being shut down. So It was a flare up. It was one particular Frat of Athletes Frat, party of athletes, and they got about thirty nine cases. I think in thirty six were specifically from that cluster and they were isolated and reprimanded, and soon after that everybody was okay again. Somebody gets. To be reprimanded well, their behavior it's bad. So Stephen. Luck. There the NBA is is figured out how to do this. But that's pretty tough to implement you know what I mean. Yeah and I always think of like the rock. dwayne Johnson we did everything we did everything we did everything and then we invited a couple over and then we got it you know what I mean. So yeah, my now that's a that's a smaller scale situation. But what what I'm saying I'm kind of withdrew. That I don't know unless you go full NBA how how to avoid this? I, think you implement. Everything. You can implement and it's GonNa help but I don't know that it's ever going to prevent someone from getting it I. Guess It's preventing a lot of people from getting it at the same time but the good news is that community people that age don't seem to be affected. I think there's a study that was Twenty six, thousand college students or infected in zero ended up in the hospital so. It's a good. It's a good theory and it's Kinda up there with. Well. Everyone should drive a new car with a lot of air bags in it and you know technology and drive carefully and Bubba. Blonde would definitely save a lot of life. The question is, how do we really implement that? The you know what I'm saying. And the question and I don't have opinion about this. But the question that is raised is, is it a fool's errand? Easy to navigate that, you're going to get an outbreak anyway you did. You see that data this worth bringing up and I'm out of takes up its says, Brown is at Brown University. Yeah, they had twenty, six, thousand Thou- They studied twenty Brown University epidemiologist studied a range of colleges from Arizona stretching east. So a lot of the country and twenty six thousand students were studied zero hospitalized. Cases era hospitalization that wouldn't make good pandemic movie. But how about the fact that five percent people people that got covid eighty, five percent said they wore masks most of the time all the time. You see that studying at now I'd Cornell they have. Their mandatory you have. How. Do we do with the faster? You put we do with the fact that I take on this. But what do you do with the fact that a the people that get at eight? They say they wear their mask eighty, five, eighty, five percent of those. Who got it said they were there mask all the time or most of the time. what are we doing that? Info. I agree I mean I think Massar only so effective know we can't wear and ninety five just impractical. I one thing I would caution people that pointed that study even though I'm the one bringing it up is that's that's a false equivalent because it doesn't tell you whether wearing masks. So load the outbreak is really what our goal is our goal is to. Prevent and even though you got it and you're masked eighty five percent of the time, maybe you got it six months later than then you would have everyone would have got the first two weeks. They not wearing their mass stephen UN engineer. No I'm not. I'm actually I'm a I'm an asset manager I've started I am part of a mask making subject, and so we're actually making mass, and so that's something that we're doing on the side but I think I'm also thinking about you know what is the next step and how are we going GonNa get better in one thing that I wanted to add is that I think that? In the case of college. there's a big penalty for them and it's not obvious because as you said, they're not really affected by the disease. But none of these kids want to be the kid that, shutdown, down Cornell. Or the kids that shut down on the on to I think it's a very powerful. Influence with them. Yeah. I. Agree I think generally, I mean the one horror for me if I get it a pass it around before I know it that to me is horrible. How much take care business there how about tell you about lifelock we hear about data breaches all the time. But unless it's a major breach exposing sensitive information, you probably don't think twice about it but even basic information names, emails, phone numbers, they've got value and they find a market for them on the black market cybercriminals. That's right. They can gain access to your info and commit crimes like identity theft with them. It's important. Understand cybercrime theft are affecting our lives every day we put our information at risk on the Internet and you could miss certain threats by. Just monitoring your credit. Good thing that's lifelock lifelock detects a wide range of identity threats. So your social security numbers for sale on the dark web if they detect your information, they will send you an alert, right that's right. No. One can prevent all identity theft or monitor all transactions at all businesses but lifelock NC threats that you might miss on your own join. Now, save at the twenty five percent off your first year by using Promo Code Adam call one eight, hundred lifelock or head to lifelock dot com use Promo Code Adam for twenty, five percent off. Well beat West Palm Beach Coming up on November twentieth and twenty first. June. Live pods Aaron stand up there as well in a live. Reasonable doubt with Mark Garriga's on the twenty first on Saturday. Probably at four o'clock show matinee type show. So look forward to that coming up you can go dot com for all you need drew dot com for all you need all the pods, the screams and don't forget locals I'll see you there. Till next time and for doctors.

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Cole Galloway & Andrina Sabet. Wheres GO Baby GOing next?

PT Pintcast - Physical Therapy

41:30 min | 2 years ago

Cole Galloway & Andrina Sabet. Wheres GO Baby GOing next?

"Hi, I'm Alexa. You can now hear PT podcast. Using me just say, hey Alexa, launched PT, pint cast, or you could be nice and try saying, please for lunch, what is being polite? Dead these days to your episodes, just say, hey Alexa, launch PT pint cast, maybe throw in a please. At the end of your age or background. You matter to the way, they go about Ryan, the long-term Bill will matters or catching over the world is the more diverse partners. We can have anybody hearing that once the partner no matter who you are what you do because you'd everybody and that's a great feeling. Choosing verse arming everybody matters goes had a chance to talk to Cole Galloway and Drina Sabbath from go baby go with head coal on the show, numerous times before if you're not familiar with go baby. Go check it out online, cold getting into he he texts like I do. Which is like sporadic not. Even sentences like words or phrases. Hey, we got this going on. Let's talk. I got something I got something we need to share. And I said, okay, so literally just hit record and let Cole go and excited to hear what both coal and injury now are seeing for the future of go baby. Go in this movement, coal talks about he tried actually shut go down twice and the community around. It said that's not happening. So we're going to keep it going where they can incorporate go baby go as a movement into another movement. That's gaining steam or stem, which is the stem movement in education, middle school and high schoolers how to turn them into part of the go baby, go army, and all the reasons why educators, engineers, and physical, therapists, or other health care providers, should be collaborating and the ways that they can that everybody talking about the community would benefit from. So that's what we get into on this episode brought to you by Owens recovery science. That's a single source for looking for certification. Impersonal is blood flow restriction rehabilitation training, and as well as the equipment, you need to apply in clinical practice, checkout, Johnny and his team online at Owens recovery science dot com. Also do want to let you know that we have a another podcast that we've just launched its four students studying for the N P, T E, and it's for practicing therapists, maybe you need to bone up on an area of PT practice that you don't practice in regularly. The episodes are all short sweet. And to the point. It's like me. I've got a short attention span. So get to it man between three and nine minutes is our average episode length and each episode just focuses on one particular path, Allah G, and it's great for N. P T E studying because we went through and are going to record the one hundred and fifty most asked about pathologic on the so, for example, we have four certify clinical specialists explained Parkinson's disease to you in seven minutes. Go what you need to know the basics to pass the tea. But if also heard from practicing, therapists. That it's great. Let's say you normally work in outpatient orthopedics, a lot of athletes, and all of a sudden you get an individual with Parkinson's disease on your schedule jump out to your your phone. Take a quick. Listen, seven minutes, you get the bare bones. That's what you need. So take a listen to that, where repod Kester her itunes Google play Spotify. It is called N P T study cast, sue that studying for the empty with a podcast. N P T, sub castes. That's brought to you by our friends at Arias medical staffing, without them, the show would not be possible. So thank you to the leader in travel physical therapy. If you're looking to do what you want, do, which is be a physical therapist where you want to do it. You want to do a short term assignment travel therapy. Check them out, online at AU are US medical dot com. Short-term assignments, also long term, assignments new grads. They've got a mentor ship program as well. That's a big thing that new grads are looking at as they come at a p t school. So check those guys out support the people who support this show and that podcast as well as NPT's study casts, our friends at Arias, medical staffing. A. U R, E US, medical dot com. Broadcasting to physical, therapists around the world hurt in over one hundred thirty five countries with more than one million downloads, and counting is this is the PT pint cast the best conversations happen at happy hour. Welcome to hours may I introduce to introduce you to here's your host physical therapist. Jimmy mackay. What's going down that you wanted to you wanted to talk about them? I'm excited to hear. I'm all ears, your go thought of seven thousand cars and over five years, and then adding dirt number of chapter than builders every month and then taking a look at the neck, you're getting get up and looking match way to go. What that good, does that Barrett is a lot. Little are we on the writing half in terms of just impact, and they're gonna stop and up against the three hundred thousand birth to three potential drivers that we have eight thousand in five years. We're not going to get there. So I started to kind of feel that little fraudlent sequel that I felt way back in the day with these robots up. Oh, yeah. Go baby go is rock and roll. When actually we're kind of Hugh demonstration moment. You know, not really not making a dent in much in the medical Morongo in, in each local. Chapters community. Yeah, but yeah, kind of judge impact. And so we thought okay, we'll take a thousand or third of those are ten thirty thousand one hundred thousand cars. How would we need to get there? Well, we can't have any many women, what we would mean is a manufacturing, I you know, but set of builders and a set of supervisors were quipped with the hardware, and workshop, and they'd have to be spread across the country, and logical organization, they'd have a server community and how you have to have like thousands of these spot building, ten to twenty thirty cars of a year of will okay, we'll the medical model. They'll do that there has time. Energy sources. No me. Maybe some, some people everybody, everything happens people community number, you're going to be a volunteer retirees do it. They have some of the adult so I rented it. So when the. National's down conference about a year ago, April of last year, and just sort of unrolled. Hey, here's my problem in Israel all hoops on the ground middle school. I've pulled him teachers always through orthodox nation hosts and, and, and participants in the nationals thim distribution business of business. Jump skimming a Bach kind of thing where there's a lot of not knowing anything about it. So I just told them about though that what we had what we did. And we don't circuit invite cards and mechanically modifying cars in the world. And you'd think that some kids and it would have been kid building as part of chapters that middle school at school with your third grade chapters in Canada. And it was a call out the group that I didn't realize that it was the kind of national that shot, there are people all over the country and just by. And by the way, I hate conferences of like this is a total unleashed kind of what do you think? You think you think you're going to be interesting? I don't know about him, but can't Bill car that part of him classroom and clawback. Well, long or short. Answer the an answer now is. Oh, yeah. Uh-huh. Yup. And what I didn't realize how much them need go baby. Go twenty by that they need. They need a second to sink their teeth into the news and the rally behind. Yeah. They most if not all not for made those sweet and validating, the leaders in stem boots on the ground. Inter middle school high school k through drill really. They came to twelve m teachers that Draymond Kuwait on sim product as being a way to do hands on problem learning for scientic -nology, nearing math. And then are they will tell you that real world, quote unquote is not a part of you Bill surgery and mechanical things in the classroom to do two things in the classroom, or take over your mom? Go the Bill. Bridge. It's not a real very a little bit. I build the solar oven, which is one of the very few of all the normal pinpointing I've ever seen. A solar oven actually can make cookies that we've been doing and bird leaders or the other one out thought of that it's hard to come by real world logic. The other thing is the first botox legally building a improving that gets into a bus and goes to Houston, the battle other robots or the world championship. So those are the two flavors of him, kind of low tech in class. But that's there's a function to it. Like it's a very, very nice. It's, you know that, thank you for making big bridge super fun, and, and the social date in here, the kid just if you're saying that Mirren good a quarter whole nerd is nerd powder band. Get who'll Vanek great natural foul club world championship all over the country. They deal super fun rate money to block Rick thing, trouble is they. Get in a bus and leave their town and take a year's worth of effort in his robot as they go have nursing home and hospital and communities that have mobility challenged people that, that if you were doing all this slightly different, you would just build a robot with mobile for a kid and have the building. And so we brought that the people in and basically them reaction has been very, very similar to the parent reaction that the ad which was more now where do I get it? What about curriculum? Well and draining I knew about it much about curriculum as you though, the hokey Jimmy take your favorite clinical population and write a curriculum that he came to trope kid about that ovulation and maybe hasn't technology and have them Bill it bit or something or a echoes Belton or a knee brace to fit arthritic survivors or total bean or hitter. Went back pain. You'd be like this. Awesome that casino potential where the crowd sourcing citizen buying bekker's is Maca. I don't know about rhythm. So, and then I throw built a through catches catch can best practices, Rick and then right now. That's where we are it with a short to Beijing, and now at the short one hundred fifty pages, and it basically is a one top shop to launch an engineer clinician teacher or community member into the world ago. Baby go, so I'm really proud of, and then sort of with the building of. So where now is probably about fifty classrooms, in the country that are building cars, go, maybe go that's note, which does not recommend doing it through curriculum. They're doing through chapters like Mary Mel, and Marymount, the great example, how they just went with crude in, you know, middle school high school builders and through the building. They have now kind of redefined what science technology, education could be. So we formalize that the people at Fisher Price, who have all sudden gone. Wait a minute. Are you telling me that fifty million twelve student could use our toys, as them pregnant, and we're like? Yup. And they were like we only bought about birth five year old baby. Turns his are so, for example, the stay in their lane, and build exactly what they built, and then we hack it or, you know, an open it up to the million other consumers has made him a very, very happy slash ridi flash that talk about taking over the world. Come thing you just opened up their their, their target market for them. You know, instead of we're of working towards six-year-olds as their as their high end you're saying, no, no, we can go through eighteen year olds and beyond. And they've never thought about, you know, the baby, they're playing with your toys, but who hacking you're allowed, I the hacker boy, you will be one hundred thousand public and thirty thousand private school. Just like apple model. Yes. So very quickly boy, Fischer Price's, just gone. Yes. The yeah. Yeah. Apple putting computers in classrooms. Didn't make any sense until you realize that you want those six year olds to become twenty six year olds and by that compare the act, that, that I think is probably a big at I am a pretty bigot. Big thinking big because this is not a huge white faces a lot of promise and I'm a White House came out in the news initiative, all of our chapters. Are still generating good media. We went in the White House, and then sort of chapter with the White House about two weeks ago. They were a chapter about four weeks. So the whole idea of local global is still reverberating. Everybody's doing, great word, you know sky leading, probably twin OH wage to life guy. But, you know, every chapter is doing your local thing, local and global same thing now which media. So here we go. I've talked board of directors. Looking news board directors built with guy maybe a month ago or something? I saw that they built some cars. Yeah. So the way we fashioned the curriculum is you have to have a teacher, you have to have an engineer, you have to have a clinical partner, and then you rock and roll from their, we've taken everything we can think of, to make it easy, all of the people that are entering could engineering in the initiative wars easier. So you got the accent of the numbers of now bid, we've gone from sort of mom and pop movement. Starting talking about the fifty million vigil student acted. They're fast firm, and or something going wrong nationally with chapters Dennis week alone. Or the left to me two or three chapters of conduct me going, we wanna take over Illinois. We wanna take over Texas. We, we have a chance of getting a free million dollar donation from PPG aerospace in LA hell go national with. So it's a very. Our win Ian thing that kind of all growing up in the same way and my four year jumped plans university looks like it might be have to be a two year Joe because I'm anti-cop down. But the grassroots is just it's just something my, my workload. I usually have five five contacts per month. I got five contacts today. The good thing is, it's not really changing the program at all your formalizing in terms of making it easier for other people to come on board in terms of students in those stem programs, surely an evil lair land of really I've now talked about a cultural hit. My generation is a supplement degeneration so people could what, what was your formative thing I would say, you know, I, I wouldn't tell the dukes of hazzard have a big heart in this, but I would say, don't straight like a company zoom of a collision mister Rogers, I can see in five years on Marymount freshman coming a Berkeley. Freshman coming people ride waiting senior high school talking about Zayn architecture medicine onto finances, whatever, and having apple, what was your point in probably it was my teacher. I built the goalie the car strange like every dictator met Susan and, and up until what couple of even they that kinda find guy. Now, this is simply on to getting getting capital funding getting web presence Syria and infrastructure and continuing the grassroots, you talk about pivot points mine was mine was a program called odyssey the mind that I did, and I think fifth or sixth grade, you know, several times throughout middle school and high school that was cool to me because it was building stuff, but it was also being in front of a group, but it was also problem solving. You know to me, it was fun because we didn't just do it in the classroom. You know, we got together like you talked about that, that battle bots situation. We got together and competed. So it was kind of it was a game but it may interest. And in a lot of different things. So I could see this being sim, I could see this being exactly that for a seventh grader right now and five six years from now that kids now in college and is going to incorporate that, okay. Your hand around that. Off out. What mall little thing, an extra hour of time to put a big Masih and duration activity tracker in the car during the design process, and how we're going to be sending that car L. What that the, the change is into like a wait a minute, not only providing service that you're providing big data. You're actually like, the, the question is, how do you include a bow and sixth graders on paper? Tracker idea kind of them from multiple sources on the on the science level. It's really helping us signed out, how well, the kids are using the card and what type of rates of us, and where are they using the car? So right now, we're doing a lot of something about that. And it would be really great actually able to quantify some of the usage. So from the science perspective that really gives us a lot of really great information on the level of the school it enabled them to really increase the science that goes into the cars, they can now start doing coning. They can increase their mechanical skills, electrical fills by doing sauna rain and feeding between boards, and that kind of thing to go into the cars, so it kinda amplifies the science level that fast rooms are doing and for the drivers of the cars, it, it provides a feedback loop from. So now it's not just up to the parents in the families to say, hey, you know what this really isn't working? Or this car is phenomenal against the students of pardons vast information about the card usage, innocent Cardi suggests low, then they can circle back with that family and problems. All why it might be a design issue, and then that gives them an opportunity to take a look at what they sent out, and then redesign it so that it may be is more, usable for that family and trial, or it might be speed as fast or whatever the, the challenge is it allows us to circle back in really continue to develop that partnership with the family, and with the child and create something that is very usable because really our our goal with these cars is to provide not only playing sociability for the kids, but really have this mobility being four freighted into their day, so that they're getting a dosage of about thirty minutes of mobility day because we're, we're going to start to see cognitive changes in language changes and all of those. Developmental bumps that come from mobility is really going to be dosage dependent so we need to not only get the car out there, but we also need to get usable cards out there doing the day to well, I mean, think about think about all the information that deal you could get from those and what you could do with it. And I also like that one on one component. It's almost like a tool of Telehealth you give this car to a family, and you, you're only getting self reports either, it's we don't use it. We don't like us, not working. We'll why are we do like it? It's great. We love it. Well, why? And what else can we make it harder? Can we make it more difficult, right? Wouldn't that be something great like oh, yeah. We love it at super easy. Okay. Well, I like easy, but I wanna make it a little more challenging. So it could be a little more therapeutic. Right. Or maybe they only started kind of the beginning. And, and now they want to do more than just hit. The switch make it go. Now they want us here, the car, but this car, isn't maybe fed up for them to do that. So it allows them to go to that next level. Right. Out of the finance anything you look at the sciences in. It's basically first principal electron IQ. And when you when you do a car now, you are brain, plasticity social, psychology, April on back, design, and irritably, sending that Martha over with a Martian into Mars and then getting it back every six weeks or so means a middle school teacher. You can actually drop mother products is gonna have to consolidate and so that you are bringing the car and the family back to do a big -tective show on white back there. We're getting eight minutes. A day is now winter, okay? We'd have to change this zero turn radius because we're only going to be in five. So I think for teachers, it's a one stop shop of way I can get the physics and computer coding, the electron and, and that kind of basic science, but also art to family dynamic occasion, point is kid going back to the house. Their home to apt whoever's rating them and loving them to tell them about parenting. So they can get an invite into what barriers could be for the family, draw the family entire student family into project at the ATM any mom or dad or every loving them for the first time, like tell me, I was the to raise me. What would what the barrier Bush, you'd be thinking? When we think about moms and dads, and uncles using that. And so Jim, all of a sudden gets to be weighed bigger wave brought or way deeper and, and dream of Justice and, and human rights in the curriculum. Well, that, that on heard of, you know, again, most of the odyssey of the mind, the and I it the begin and end kind of with the creativity around a small that assignment by this is really kind of human rights ability was really, not gonna be a sealant, if you're interested in the economics of it for the family dynamic, and talking about generating actual, I envision data with a reading something a book. It's really the counter I think so few terrific. And right now that most by middle school have Mark phone that at all the information amenity knows. But in Gobi goes him world. You're generating knowledge no-one, and in talking about the classroom. Businesses of the flip information source you're creating new information you're gathering it. And you're also consolidated with the mentioned that you've gotten from Smarr sources like your phone in other databases so and it's very customizable to the local resources and almost the teacher wants to do for students, but third grader, there may be a lot of drilling. And that just goes into prepping it, but like in buffalo school district there, that's about to do a cane to twelve initiative with go to go where they're going to start with KP five building with the middle schoolers are gonna treat, teach and help. The Kate who five high-tech was going to help the middle schoolers. So kind of internet, we're doing providing the basic more kids to get it started. Here's the fire. Here's the knack. Here's the law just wipe that fire now where you around Mcgann fire that polling creative to share with everybody with that local, the global feel that we're going to need infrastructure and, and corporate partners. So it's been really interesting to give the numbers of core partners in wait a minute access the classrooms and families, and these soon as home, you know what they're doing is going to be, I think a big a big maybe quicker than just simply find funding, for example, training, the trainer. How quickly could you do two or three hundred training to three hundred middle school teachers that can be done on, on Dacian or that can be done by one? Stop donations from corporation wants to tag, the teachers with understanding of their product. So Home Depot. Oh, is your prying material could sponsor until academy? So there's going to get interesting. And that's why pot of you, again the platform to work at ideas by talking. Yeah. How fat you keep everything? How fast it's going gonna go like within a year, within six months, something's going to happen? Well, the drac Rickman right now out a few places that are sort of banging around on it to make it very, very user friendly Ville scores. I would hope at the very latest into the fall would have something can go having said that given last month, who is not going to be topped down. You've been asking me is asking the wrong. Authorities should probably at the go, go planet, how many people are going to be in the next month. And how many of them have the audits that are Hui wreaking. We've gotta have the ABC a probably and occupational Devi association on board. And I'm hoping sky going to help us get a voice with them. Because I think, again, the people their plan the web presence coming on anti begin Jim McKay, Elkton, Maryland, the next green or even engineer a teacher and it gets you all the way through five McClain, by the way, there are companies that are looking toward, if it'll do this turning classrooms, in the wholesale unit which the crowd sourcing business that I think that's the big pitch to business in Home Depot. Fischer Price's of the world, pool noodle, manufacturers electron, ick, Texas Instruments beckoned stuff, turn every videos in classroom into a wholesaler selling discount, and is on it. Fedex provide free shipping. If not the first car for free. And first of all set for free, and let's, let's get through the next generation onto the and by the way, I can't forget, we need to be to show and made the documentary film. And we need a Pixar movie and the Netflix gets cultural, and then so they'd probably end on who comes at me. I the first producer of documentary film that can raise money and, and do that. I'll have to shift toward, there's, you know, I it feel good to be the say to you say anybody asking me where the direction I can only tell them so much because remember I tried to stop go to times before, and the world went of f cue, thank you for trying, but nothing so I'm I've, I've succumb, like a drowning victim to the planet wherever they wherever they gave me. Thank cast twelve right back. If you're looking for education passed your physical therapy degree, look no further than Brooks. I h l that's Brooks rehabilitation institute of higher learning. You could find out more Brooks. I h l dot org continuing education along with residencies and fellowships residencies in Orthopaedics, geriatrics, women's health, neurologic PT pediatrics, sports, and a fellowship opportunity as well. So look into it. If you're looking to expand your knowledge base Brooks, IHL dot org. Keep up with the show online PT podcasts dot com and on the socials at PT cast as Mickey goes feel the see where this is going. Now. I mean, now it's taken a shift is that's the where you use degree for me. Super, I'm no it's helped many all people that have been all of them on, and teachers principal districts and, and kids in clinicians, and we're kind of everybody with that much validation, and that much direction finding me with directions of where to go. It thrilled me that I can say these, I was just giving talk inside traditional medical model mecca today. And it was just for gathering to talk for the community to just tell them that traditional therapy, traditional finance is not going to be able to fast enough for adult and, and kids with significant mobility challenges. But yet, here's a new model and got thousands and thousands and thousands of people behind me that are, that are directing these so that is just g for popular. It's like Mehta that very power also to. And very actually it's a huge. Safety net. I'm no. It's going to work in the reverse that pressure on me. I'm I'm the one. Knucklehead the students up or or amplify it. And so I'm now they've helped me fear about end just continue jumbos higher in Iron Mountain knowing that, it's, you know, human rights issues. You're just protected when the human rights, and I'm so lucky to work anywhere for people like end dream that who have a foot, and the medical model and stem education. In order to go to be go adventure amusement park, and I do it ABC a and clinicians to come on board if they do awesome. And if they don't off and I wanna participate in go you go. That's awesome. And probably right now if I don't wanna participate. That's probably awesome cute. It's still going, it's going to go on. So I'm just trying to keep up and that's awesome feeling it's already got legs moving sorta got legs. So there's no way you could stop it at this point this good. That's a great thing, you know. Yeah, I don't know how. In terms of having a foot in both bro. I interacted model of academic than metal only long enough to interact, and then I jumped out. Yeah. I think in some for me. Be the get would really be the house shift that culture around mobility there, there's still such prevalence of tying mobility to, to walking and really looking to that to the gold standard of how people get around and, and that even main goal, and I think that they can challenge for me, clinically is working with so many families, where kids have amazing potential to move and all kinds of creative ways. But there's just sort of tunnel vision toward towards walking at as the gold standard. So I really hope went with all of this national push, global push and things people start experiencing alternative forms of mobility around them when they're in sixth grade, when they're in very, they're building cars for people to get around and different ways that, that can really culturally change and played the business. More on mobility, rather than the time of mobility, that kids are using muscle way to do it, right. I mean getting an entire culture to change right now tomorrow for starting younger and waiting for that culture to, to just grow into a change. Yeah, I also what should I be answering? I got a question yesterday. I want I kind want your feedback you Jimmy of some athlete will. And they were, you know, this is my standard pitch. But the human rights, that fact and so the and the psychology and a little bit about the United States show. We have cognitive mine, which voter ball from the with the down babies from the three in one car and a very concered question of do you think that your work the roading the role of physical therapy, would y think absolutely not? I mean you need is right. It goes along with what Sharon done has been talking about for a while, which is we'd rather be valued for what's between our ears than what we're doing with our hands. I mean, I think it's I think it's I think it's a great way to show off the ability of a p t. Yeah. And I think that you'd think that the rooting the role at that will. I think it's a rowing traditional, but maybe, you know, PT and medical model burning down right now. So now the times invent in being even more. The core ability of PT, OT speech brek vocational rehab north. Thank physician is, is still there. But everybody's having to change and for us, you do need to understand mobile symbol. But digitally, you do digitally to understand anatomy of the dead body, but you also need to understand that he wrote change what it takes the invited birthday army and the social psychology of ten months. And you know that and technology for the real world, the real world aspect, it's been hard to pull PT tunes and train them about Al to that, right after that. I got at what does this have to do with education, 'cause the same thing, just like I'm trying to get faculty and researchers to leave the building. Study community based near the science also for DBT and OT and beach. You have to leave the building. You have to leave the building. If you wanna see monkey in the jungle, and you're needed you're desperately needed in ways that you can't even have them when you meet me where I am to help me, become more functionally, mobile and pain free. And, you know, that kind of thing, stronger, probably no logic and bringing the out of the real world into your pristine impoverished environment to get need to go back to the real world. Beat me up grocery store. Meet me at my ladies club. Meet me the wind. The by the way nonprofits, like warns the geez, play out special event. Others. They are seeing the white whitebait, they are hiring DT's not cross fit is coming on. Yeah. Well, they shifted their they've shifted their marketing to no no longer is it, you know, just the, the biggest jacked girls and guys in gym. It's everybody burn your grandma had a strap. Grabbed her up to. And, and that kind of low-cost adaptive thing you need to be. Yeah. But you need need. A new generation of that, that knows more about live bodies in the real world, dent body and, and, and, and fate, laugh. So the same thing enriched environment out in the community, and thanks for university. The best universities in the future, not gonna buildings that are sequestered away on every tower. They're gonna they're going to be wherever you need them when you need them. And that so you know, we're on the right thing is all it takes cavalier in the model people gonna take really cavalier. Smart savvy. Physical therapy, occupational their medical model does to really join the Braga community of a modern world where the cycling is very quick. And, you know, I mean, ten years ago would have lapsed you said, I'm going to be this kind of t t. I'm Jimmy MacKay. I'm this kind of the TV, and I do a little bit too, that it'd be like, what that my think we'll know you may have thing and that, that, that Auburn real fear, and I think six the core of PT. And if you want to survive, keep that core and rapid with a candy coated shell of all out in the community. What problems can you solve go and solve them? Yeah. I think I think the people yelling the loudest that you can't do it or the people who are financially tied to the institutions, whether that be academic with walls or a clinic that wants you to see sixteen just come here. Stand here allburn the patient to you like a conveyor bell. So when they're when they're comes a shift, the loudest opposition is typically from the people who are financially tied to the change not happening up until recently, we haven't had options. Right. Right. What are of action committees or they do do a torch earth around that? There's no competition. Well. Power wool industry. Everybody knows about go to go, and we're not, we're not trying to compete with both years. We're not a competition wheelchairs. We're not an alternative wheelchair, but we're certainly like Andrew said, those third graders outbuilding, the industry that who talk about, like dessert for by that. And they get it man. You should I mean you might have even seen at Marymount, but we use the actually that middle school student who is, who is living power to ritual in his life or her life. Get wind up like wait a minute. I'm providing empowerment to this kid and driver and their family. And I'm mattering. Oh, that tangle? You may never build a car in real life at part of your job. You'll see got a job had that another that was educating supposed to be with him to do the parting shots. The porting shot is brought to you by rock tape more than just a tape company. Rock tape. As a movement company, tools and education for medical professionals. If you're looking to help your patients, go stronger longer checkout rock tape dot com. What's the last thing you want everybody to know what's the what's the thing that, that you that, that you'd forecast for on the horizon the change? It's coming. How would you. How would you put put it into a phrase both? That's for both of you guys. I would say that independent your age or background. You matter to go baby. Go that sort of behind the a little mantra mills will matters or taking over the world is the more to earth apartments. We can have anybody urine that wants the partner, no matter who you are what you do. Or you know, we'd unique because right we can use everybody subway. And that's a great feeling have choosing their first army. So everybody matters go, go for me that would be that Erma building cars with kids and families not for kids as family. So from the very beginning, they met I. Idea that, that everybody is part of the team that everybody's contributing that, that we're not coming in and providing a service or doing something for somebody else, but really taking into account who they are what their needs are. And what, what matters to them? And that we're working as a team with them as the central part of that team. So really, really shifting that, that part of service, it's not that you're just doing something for somebody else that they're, they're active participant in what's going on. I mean that's not a great summation of what physical therapy is and should be. I'm not sure what is it's got to be with it. I can't before. Yeah. That'd be a go, go. We don't stop caring. We don't care we collaborate, and I think I think that the really modern mantra are cool. I'm I'm glad to hear this. I think this is a step in the right direction. And if you haven't been in the room for a build and I was lucky enough in, in my school career at Marymount to, to have a couple of professors. There's spearheaded skied out of Donovan being one that you mentioned Jason Craig is another who, who, who really just pushes and says, let's just bring the room. We'll see what happens. We'll figure it out. We'll make it happen. So if you're looking for information is there a spot people can go right now a central location? Is it Email? Is it a website? That's people saying, okay, I'm in what, what's the next step for for them? Probably emailing me directly that probably the crossroads to do they can Google baby go and find me pretty easily at the university aware again. All labors. And that doesn't so that anybody contacting there, there's a park everybody us great. That's another good. Another good tagline there. There's, there's a there's a part is a role for everybody. You'll find it. I mean, I've been in rooms where, you know, it's been a mom and a middle school age kid, and they come, but, you know, the grandfather was home so he came with. And next thing you know, he's, he's elbow, deep in circuits, and he's oh, yeah. I know how to do that can help. There's a role for everybody and people close cackle community lead that we're all Lucians are before the problems are that's where the material are of capital of. The community. And the planet is everything that grandpa. You're talking about can help build that grandpa had a lot of knowledge from his work from his play. And he's connected to hundreds of other people with big hearts and big pockets at one of push the envelope on Welby. Given outlet for that just show them that there's an outlet for that here. People show up at cool. Appreciate it guys. Take him a timeout to talk and share this. And I'm excited to hear it upon back thing. P pine cast is a product of p t pint cast LLC it is hosted, and produced by p t pine cast CEO Jim McKay and CBO sky Donovan from Marymount university, we talked PT, drink, beer, and recorded this has been another poor from the PT, pine cast if he cast intended for educational purposes. Only no clinical decision making should be based solely on one source. Lump care is taken to ensure accuracy, factual errors can be present. More on the show at PT podcasts dot com. Our home on the internet PT, pine cast dot com. Created by build. Build BT provides marketing services, specifically for private practice, PT's website, development and hosted inviting content marketing solutions PT clinics across the country. See what good PT can do for you today at built PT dot com. PT podcasts supports cope baby, go national community based research design and outreach program that provides modified ride on cars, two children birth to age three who experience limited mobility, founded by coal Galloway from the university of Delaware. For more information about how you can build your own cars or start your own chapter visit you Dell dot EDU slash go baby go.

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Insight into Pivotal's Kubernetes and Data Analytics Strategy with Chad Sakac

Big Data Beard

50:38 min | 2 years ago

Insight into Pivotal's Kubernetes and Data Analytics Strategy with Chad Sakac

"You are now listening to the big data. This is our podcast for the trends, technology people making Vic dated. This is from the big data beer team. And we are recording at Deltec analogies world here in Las Vegas, and we're joined by chats at Chad. How you doing guys idea what I'm doing great? We'll for those of you who don't know you once you introduce yourself, tell us about what you do. My name's Chad sack, which I am lame by the beard. Standard saw looks good. He's, you can't see this on the podcast. But this SCRUFF here is like a solid, six months of growth for me this. So we'll be good though. It's yeah. It's I'm really working on it. But yeah my name's Chad. I am a nerd slash technologists slash. Leader inside the family of companies for a long time. So I, I lead all the all the my fellow nerds and brothers and sisters inside EMC and the Nell EMC. So anyone who was an SE, then I was the GM of the converge plot form solutions division, which is focused on customers consuming technology. Run trying to build it. So CI HCI, a lot of stuff around the solution stacks of the companies, and then I most recently joined pivotal, where I lead our Cooper, Netease efforts together with my colleagues at VM ware. So that's exactly the reason we wanted to have you on the show because one of the things that we're seeing both from, you know, software providers to service providers to hardware companies, they're all looking at this Cooper at his thing, as a deployment method all the methodology of the future, even in the big data workloads. So help me before we jumped all the way into Kuban. I want to just get quick, like pivotal as a company like what's the general mission of that or so, so pivotal pivotals a fascinating part of Deltec each each one of the companies are a little bit different in their own way. Pivotals mission is very simple which is to transform the way that customers and companies build software. That's in a single sentence. Now, inevitably that involves changing the way that people right applications so pivotal as existed for a long time. You know before agile was a thing. They kind of invented agile extreme programming paired programming models. Test driven development things that, you know, are, are now just considered the way that you build, great software. So they, they have kind of led the charge on the methodology of how people build software and over years of doing that realized that a part of it wasn't just teaching them how to do it. But to give them the tools to do it. So. You know, we, we are the curator of a ton of open source projects, ultimately, to build help them, build better platforms on which to build great software. So I'll tell this in. Funny. Maybe story. So core you and I have known each other for some time. You know, me, I'm well, and for the listeners that don't I'm very happy social, dude. I'm the kind of person that you when you sit down on an airplane reaches over and says, hi, my name's Chad. What's your name? What are you doing going, you know, and you're like, oh my yeah, they're social? This is this five hour flight, I'm trap beside this headphones right in. He's put my headphones in right? So I travel a lot and I see customers all around the world and I find myself in hotels very frequently. I'm fascinated by human beings and cultures and languages. This is a lot of runway for a very basic story. I love it, which is I've also been an infrastructure Centric person for the bulk of my career. Starting with infrastructure at the hardware layer very passionate about virtualization VM ware from two thousand and six before it was obvious that it was a thing through two thousand and ten where it started become really obvious. As a big thing even till now, but an infra person, so I'm at a hotel in Paris, and it's empty, and one thing I love about meeting people in hotels. This is again, getting into that. This is not a. Risque story, so people you don't have to worry. I see a guy and he's working on his computer and I go over and I'm like, hey, my name's Shad. What are you doing? What's your story? The reason I love doing that for people in hotels is by definition. They're there with a story. They're not at home, which means that they're going somewhere doing something. There's always a story like what your story? And he's like my name's Jack a PHD student working with series of enterprise companies building genomic. Sequencing and analysis software, and I'm like, that's really cool. And so he's kind and he doesn't say and Monsieur was at jackass can I be left alone? These very nicely said, well, what's your name, and what are you doing? This is pre del acquisition. And so I say, I worked for EMC and he goes, what does EMC do. I say we do storage. And he goes, you mean like, where I store my furniture. Locker like never heard of you. I try to explain like sands and NFS. Channel right there in the hotel. Bar fight over the pros and cons of fiber, channel versus ice Cussing. So I'm like, okay, how do I build a friend Bill bridge with Jack? And I'm like, well, you know, you're writing software. Maybe less of the event, have you heard of VM ware? He goes, Nope. And I'm like, okay, this is getting trickier. And then I'm like, well, what are you programming what framework what language and he goes, I'm using spring boot, and I love it, and I go great. We do that. We he's like, that's awesome. I love it. So what pivotal does when I'm saying they curate open source software platforms? The two parts of how we help people build great software is number one. This methodology and the other one is the technology in the plot from itself. So we were primary contributors leading the spring software ecosystem, which for those of you, that don't know it's the most widely used modern Java development framework that exists. We contribute to the open JD case, if you hate oracle, and you want to get Java open JD k support from someone who's friendly and nice. We would do that too good. Tomcat server, you know, is something that, you know, were one of the primary contributors to post grass. So for your listeners that are like, hey, I use post grass, you know, we're one of the primary contributors to post grass patchy geodesic. An in memory database, and then, of course, cloud foundry, which is a pass a platform, as a service that's been developed over years for people who want to build great twelve factor, cloud native apps on the cloud of their choice. But it's more than that to like projects like STO on voice service, meshes. Really cool work around spinnaker, and concourse. So next generation CI CD tools for how people build and manage the builds of their software overtime. So pivotals a really interesting place. In obviously over the last couple of years of big focus has been on. How do we make Netease great? So help me understand in the listen. Why has coober Netease just emerged in the market and been such? There's so much noise. And I think there's oftentimes a bunch of confusion as to why this exists and what problems it solves. So. Warning. Dear listeners, I'm gonna say some things that might to some sound negative hookah, but I'm Kuban Eddie's cheerleader, in fact, within pivotal, the chief cheerleader. But I'm also pragmatist right good. Good quality, so coober Netease is definitively declared of -ly officially in peak hype cycle face. It is something which is every, you know, if you go to Khan, you know, in AP J in a mea or the Americas. It is a huge event. There is an ecosystem, which has got hundreds of companies building software tooling, resources around, Kerber Netease. And if you have a fear of missing out foam, oh, due to the what's this thing. Everybody's talking about do. To do you know how like Duke went through a hype cycle Dollah, and like everything you go through a hype cycle, and then trough of disillusionment, and all of that stuff coober, Netease is in that hype cycle phase, and probably starting to enter into the trough of disillusionment face. But then there's the next two, and then there's next stage, which is you're doing things that actually matter with exactly. Okay. So I what is this Cooper had? He's thing. Right. Right. Coober Netease is. Container cluster managements and orchestration. It is it has emerged as the standard defacto way that people manage containers and container run times and deal with all of the fundamentals of how do I deploy, how do I date? How do I live cycle? You know. It is an open source project. It was born in two thousand fifteen. Within google. It was Google. Third iteration of how do we do contain a resource scheduling inside Google for a broad variety of purposes was preceded by something called Borg, which was the same kind of idea. What it does is no more and no less than B a standard way that you say via the I need to deploy pods containers on underlie ING infra, and it is declared if so it's a declared of distributed system so that it's as, hey, if my state is not what it's supposed to be. I will fix said state. Now it uses every container run time that you can think of so, you know, the most commonly deployed container run time as Docker, but container D And many other container run times or supported by Cooper Nettie stuck. So in two thousand and fifteen you know, it version one dot O got released to the wild. There was an echoes of formalization of the ecosystem, so underneath the Lennox foundation. They created the cloud native computing flout foundation, which is basically the home for governance of coober, Netease, plus all of the ecosystem around it. Dell. EMC VM ware, pivotal were all founding members along with many others. And in two thousand seventeen started to show up in enterprises it kind of start to settle it left. It's on phone. Terry blue phase and you know moved into a kind of more stable steady state. Exactly. And yeah that's, that's so then what's pivotals opinion on Cuban at this peak AS thing you talk about so. Again, for dear listeners. I'm very long winded as you can probably tell at this point big it the way I understand things is always understand the like. Okay. I principles go back, you know, if you understand this understand this you understand this aggressive, so first things, first, both VM were, and pivotal at the same time independently came to conclusion that this Cooper, nutty, thing was very important for us. Our customers for two wildly different reasons. Okay. The first one and his highlights something. Interesting about Cooper, Netease, which is it can be viewed as an infra thing or as a death thing. Right. And in the world of DevOps, those are kind of blurry definition kind of blurry. I get so. VM more looked at it and said, we are the kernel mode, VM leader. That's kind of indisputable at this point, we've helped enterprises around the world of every size and shape kinda grow. Rock the ideas of software, defined infra. How do you build software defined networking, compute storage contracts? How do you do automation, scheduling, the high availability restart all that stuff and? They do a great job of it. They said, well, what happens if today containers in the enterprise is a relatively small set of workloads, but it's going to grow. And even if the bulk of containers run on kernel mode VM's, which they do for a variety of reasons. It's something that they have to lead otherwise they're going to get disrupted by transition the market. So they're like, we must be the software defined infrastructure leader. And this is a form of software defined infra, and we need to therefore lead that charge. So we've got to contribute. We've got to build something. It's like except the reality. It's coming. We know there's no reason to embrace at elite at the same time, pivotal looked at what we were doing. And we built something called cloud, foundry and cloud foundry existed before Docker before coober Netease, and it is a higher order obstruction. So on the words if you think of coober, Netease, it says, give. Me your container, and I will run it for you. Right. But higher order abstract are like give me your code. I'll do stuff with it and part of what I do with it is all build a container and in schedule it for the make sense up. So it makes us. And so cloud, foundry had to invent container schedulers and orchestration tools and has an existing it didn't exist before. Right. And we were like, you know, again, if you think about it back for years ago, everyone would have said, Docker is going to be the container standard check that is proved to be true, but they also said, Docker would therefore, be the container scheduler leader. So thoughts more thing that hasn't really turned out to be the case. Maybe it's gonna be as fast forward a year. You know, maybe Meszaros is going to be the thing and their workloads that Docker swarm, and Mesler, great for sure. But increasingly what's become clear is that, that market is starting to settle and kind of. Curate arou-. Round Cooper, Netease is the standard, and we started looking at it and go. Well, we have built, a container thing that's embedded into cloud foundry called Diego. That's deep inside the bowels of cloud foundry. When someone does a cloud foundry push command part of that is builds the container and poops it out. Right runs it on the just visualize. What that looks like. Well, and the plot from takes care of doing all that. But we're like look ultimately if Cooper Nettie is now turned into the standard we should really figure out how do we make developer experiences on Cooper, Netease? Awesome Kuban Netease is just the beginning of developer platform, not the right. And so we said, okay, we need to start to invest big time. But a part of it is, we have to have a coup Venetis that is like ready to run the biggest enterprises in the world. This is not for your lab stuff stuff to be proven because cloud, foundry is running hundreds of thousands of containers at the biggest fortune five hundred enterprises on the planet if we're going to adapt and evolve cloud, foundry to run on Cooper Netease. We need to make it run on any Cooper, Netease, but we need to minimally be able to say there's one Cooper, Netease that rocks. So if you want one that we are. We're behind Cooper, Netease. But this is one. That's enterprise. Ready VM were in pivotal came to those two independent conclusions. At the same time. Interesting. Right. It was one of the first times where Michael Dell as Deltec came in and said, hey, we can't have, you know, pivotal running one way and VM running the other way like that's not cool. Yeah, for. Sure. And basically the effort got kicked off as a joint project. So sometimes, you'll hear pecans referred to as peak s sometimes you'll hear it referred to as VM where peak s those are the same things they are, okay, you can download it from my VM. We're dot com. You can download it from pivotal network. You can buy it from Dell EMC, pivotal VM ware same bits same engineering team same effort. So fundamentally though, containers, like if we think about -plication many in the big data space were tightly coupled up locations that one of the run without any obstruction. They wanted la- next, right? Give me bare metal servers and we whatever application called. Hoop. Spark pick, your flavor was very against it. Then mini-applications we started thinking about virtualization, because we were able to virtual is like data critical apps like SAP, oracle coats, containerization, though, feels like it's coming in and going, maybe it's a bit of all those. Why is that? Why is it that like Cooper Netease as a deployment methodology and has an orchestra orchestrator? Why is it now, becoming in vote for these like these data intensive applications? So the first the first reason, is that it is an open source project open source loves open source. Source. That's the first reason second reason, is that the Google team that built it two of three of which are now VM were employees, Joe beaten and Craig MC lucky. The third co-founder is over at Microsoft working on Azure community services. There were very smart at how do you create a distributed system that is designed to follow the Unix principles of do as little as you can. But do it really well chain these things together. So anyone who uses Lennox familiar with that least least complex design principle? Rosa. Yep. And, and also, how do you create a distributed system that can scale so containers are open Cooper, Netease is open Cooper, Netease, architect of very well. So it's very, very flexible, but also very, very scalable. And it also has the striving ecosystem around it. Right. That's that's one bit. Stripe. The other thing is that everybody is realizing that they've all been constructing their own resource schedulers independently and it's like man. This is a lot of work that if we could tap into it. That would be a good thing for us. Like if you talk to anybody in the data ecosystem, and you say, how excited are you about your customers loving Kafka or loving post-chris or loving mongo or what they're like? I'm really excited about that. Then if you said how excited are you about all of the work that goes into making it run? Right. And they're like, oh if I could make that, that, that was an awesome. Exactly. So all of them have built over the years their own software into their own stacks, because they're all distributed systems onto themselves that take care of like how do you stand? Shade, instance. How do you take care of distributed system? Faults restarts. And increasingly they're all scratching their head going, like, hey, can we tap into something to do this? So as an example. Dell EMC needed to create an action ration- object store and an object store and a data service are kinda kissing cousins. You know, they persist information right in their distributed systems, and when ECS was born we were like damn it. We need to have something that will deploy the components instances, think about cluster distributed system health, and we looked around and we said, we need one, we used Meszaros. Right. As ECS continues to Volve UCS is now said, hey, look, ideally, we'd love to have our UCS software and say, as long as you have Cooper, Netease that works are ECS will work on that. Okay. Interesting make sense. Now here's the. The warning negative comments so coming into this from a legacy infra worldview, and a VM ware worldview. The thing I would say is that this thing is moving at the speed of light. It's very still immature in many ways. Right. So, for example. Communities gets released every three three months. And every few every releases pretty materially difference. For example, in the most recent release one dot fourteen. There's a whole new standardized way for how do you deal with persistence storage, which is imagined for data platforms, kind of important and of important? Yeah. So there's that this. Oh, that's changed. Let's go to the big deal. Then there's whole new ways of doing networking that appear. Cooper. Netease is built a whole slew of ways of, how do you do cluster management, this cluster API project all brand new hot off the presses? And then the data ecosystem mongo, and all the others, all are just starting to release what are called their Cooper, Netease operators. Which are like, here's how you make this work on this confluence did a blog post on, how do you get confluence to work properly on pecans? Here's the operator. Here's how it works. All that stuff is like hot off the presses. They're still sharp edges. It's kind of like juggling flaming chainsaw. Is it possible? Yes. Is it time to get into juggling claiming chainsaws? I don't know. How do you see this compare with the emergence virtualization over a decade ago? So dating myself year. But I remember the first time I used ESX to dot O. And the first time I also remember the first I ever saw v motion occur. And I was like, holy shits. This is fricking loss up face melting, right? Smelt exactly. And I was thinking back. And I'm like, we're exactly where for the listeners who are from that universe of ESX, three dot O and V center to dot O. Right. It's just schist starting to like kinda get there and again, everyone who was part of that ecosystem we crossed the Rubicon when we got to vs, fear four zero four zero was like the first release where it was like, hey, this thing's really ready for prime time. But. Some people here that are like, well, then I'm not touching. This thing with the ten foot pole. That would be the wrong conclusion. And by the way, it's a good question the history's very instructive. Even though fear four zero four five. We're kind of the place where enterprises got a ton of value for a broad set of workloads with these fear. That was in two thousand and ten if you didn't do anything with VM ware until two thousand and ten you're kind of late to the party. There were truckloads of workloads where you could have been using it all the way back in two thousand and seven thousand six for sure. And you could have saved a lot of money you could have learned a lot of things you would have found all sorts of interesting use cases. But even in that time, there were people like, well, if it doesn't do this, it's a total waste. No, those people were wrong. Right. So today, you find people like, well, if Gruber, Netease, doesn't have this security model, then it's useless. Well, don't be that guy or gal they'll be wrong. Don't be wrong purview wrong again. So when you think about containers in the future, I wonder do you believe that the likelihood for Kuban Eddie's to get in? Into this like place. Where we're like actually delivering do you think it's better because there's so many more participants in the project by people like you know, suffer companies obvious gate in their engagement in the building of all these clusters systems near is a great sweet again, by Joe beta, where he basically said, like, hey, we've got to make this thing really boring. And, and I what I've noticed about ecosystems is that. In that hype cycle, like again, it's so funny, the people who went to VM world in two thousand and six to two thousand and ten were the same people who stopped going into thousand and ten was there like this isn't getting boring, and then they're over, and then they're like, I'm going to open stack summits, if right. And that was like two thousand and ten to two thousand and twelve thirteen and two thousand thirteen. They're like this is so boring. I'm going to Dr Khan, and then Mesdames Khan. And now. Kube con. Right. And then what happens is that when those people leave the party, a wave of pragmatists, like, come in and some people look at and go that means. No, that, that means it's like now getting into the point of. You've made it so simple to use and adopt. And it's moving into the primetime which people some people just don't want to do, right. Like to be in the cool crowd. So on the edge, you know what we're seeing? Now is that between us Google red hat and many? We're determined to make this boring and awesome in its boringness, which means that people can then do things with it that, our, our full. So I'm curious you. So speaking of like things that are in their hype cycle. I'm curious just based on your spending time with customers, lots of technologists you got a good can of view of the world. What's your take on like artificial intelligence in the enterprise today? We is in the hype cycle, that's not sure all marketing most dangerous milling. That's right. You know it's. Something can be in the hype cycle, and yet still be really important. So. I think part of the problem is terminology is frustrating. Right. So makes people think Terminator sky net. That sort of thing, we're toast. And when you describe, what is today, and machine learning and I are blurry lines. You know where you're basically, like look. It's a mathematical model that we iterative -ly churn through. Using a whole slew of data and iterating on that model until the model gets to the point where we can highly predictively, take a given set of input applied against the weighted model and predict outcome, people like is that how it works like. Yeah, that's how it works. They're like that sounds like pretty basic, math and hyper trivialized clearly is basic math. The math, by the way, is extremely complicated. Of relative. But the core idea is basic. The thing that, you know is fascinated me as a human is at highlights how bad humans are at really understanding the power of interational. This is true, by the way in software development, and in a in sheen learning where high degrees of interruption can produce these machine learning systems, which are really, really cool. And so look. I drive a tesla. I'm pissed that have a gen one tesla that that, you know, won't get fully autonomous driving. But even with my gen one system. I'm delighted to have a little bit of the low taken off me when I put it into autopilot. So. I hate stupid eight, I've ers. Okay. Right. But I love working with the chat, bot. Okay. Isn't that weird? I guess it is strange, but chat bots, work customers, prefer a chat bots, strangely. Then talking to a human. I think it's because we kind of like the distance of people headphones being right. Totally right. They do this thing like this. Like we the one of the they, they argue the truce us into society. What they're thinking is in their Google searches because there's that layer of obstruction between the person and like another person in verse. You're weird. Exactly. So, you know, like a and machine learning is everywhere. We spent a fair amount of time, working with the car, manufacturers, and that ecosystem about a Thomas driving systems. There's a lot of intersection of coober Netease and those workloads for sure. There is a ton of just fascinating stuff going on about AM L, and and again, Kuba, Netease is kind of like a little bit of a how can you orchestrate said workload. And so it's kind of like just a less interesting than the math models for sure. But if enable somebody actually gone, do those things that's kind of interesting. One thing you hit on there that I think is really fundamental interesting, especially for like where the world you live in the I think, so. Many folks in the data world need to be paying attention, is there is like, if you build a model you're going to have to deploy it and you deploy models in software. Yes, it's so if you're going to be successful data this stuff, you gotta have a software development, capability. Do you agree or totally totally and one thing that is interesting about Kerber Netease? His it comes in many shot sizes and shapes. Right. So at the one end you've got, you know, the Cooper Netease, hyper scale clouds on the other hand, you've got many. Cube and canonical. For example, put out something that basically runs a two hundred Meg download and runs on a standalone Lennox machine right, ranchers got a similar small footprint deployment thing. So in many cases, people are like, hey, it's pretty cool that I could take a container workload that runs stuff, and I could equally run it into a hyper scale cloud, where I could say auto scale, the moonbeam beyond, and I could also package it into something that could be deployed on a small footprint. We see a lot of interest by the way in retail. So a lot of customers that. You know, like a Starbucks. And you know, walmarts and nordstrom's that are going. Hey, how do I build a small footprint thing to deploy FedEx ground? They're like I need to have a common software. Deployment model in hundreds and thousands of FedEx ground locations. But my software developers are going to develop it in data centers, or in the public clouds and Kuban Eddie's being a standard and Abel's that sort of portability, for sure. Now again, hype cycle that sentence is hype cycle. This is the practical reality, even Kuba, Netease instances that are all conformant, meaning that you can run a test against it and say conforms with all of the Kuban Eddie's API's. They're wildly different still when it comes to observe ability. Tooling. At mission, controllers all sorts of stuff like that. And that dream of portability is something that's very important to us. So we're very determined to make our contribution to upstream Cooper Netease. Make sure we're aligned make sure that we keep it pure. But at the same time, you know, warning promised vendor promises of portability are often overblown. Exactly. So piddles had products in the passive folks on data science. And you guys contribute a lot, and you'll source community for, you know, products data science just curious what, what is pivotal view on just stayed analytics, big data in general, and how you are helping customers solve their data challenges. So. First things. First, this is now a personal common not a pivotal comet. One thing that has always pissed me off about our ecosystem is the overweight influence that our friend Larry Ellison has in our industry now. It's not that oracle doesn't make good stuff. They do. I've just yet to have yet to find a customer anywhere in any of my travels, regardless of company, vertical language, culture that says the following sentence I love for ical. There's been a lot of money with them. They're like, I don't feel loved. I don't feel like they're out to help me, and yet, I'm spending a truckload of money with them for sure. So the first thing in the world of data is we believe that relational open source databases are ready willing and able to save people from blowing their money with oracle. Based on post Grosso post grass my sequel are, are there in my humble opinion are ready to run the majority of workloads, that are relational databases that run on oracle today for sure the fact that we haven't gone more open source in than areas. Stunning title actually understand the why behind it. You'll think it's a proprietary lock in for like the application stack owning the underlying for stocks database gonna end for I by that and data has gravity for sure. Trump. Sure you've talked about on the podcast of it's difficult to move. It's difficult to get off change and all that stuff. But they're coming certain point where just sheer evilness and anger normally would overcome that inertia. Right. We think the moment is now to throw off the shackles of our oppressor. Well and, and, and say, hey look, we're not. We know we're never going to displace oracle in the market as a whole, but hey, reach out to us, and we think that with a fraction of your oracle spent like ten percents, we could reduce your dependence on oracle by thirty to forty to fifty percent using open source, relational databases boast, grass, my sequel, guy that's part one. Part two is we've realized that if relational data is like the majority of what's in the enterprise. The other big majority is data, warehouses, and data warehousing has gone through multiple like gyrations and have Aleutians and am I going to use, you know, Ducasse my big data warehouse, like, how's that going to work out? And you know what's interesting is we were kind of head of our time with green Plum, which was distributed. MPP massively parallel processing data warehouse that worked ridiculously well, and a couple of years back we basically went, and we open source, the whole thing and built it around a distributed massively parallel version of post crusts. We think that, that is an awesome way to build an incredibly performance OS s face data warehouse, and you can get it as software. You get a software that runs on coober Netease, or you can get it as a hardened appliance. There's think all the green Plum building block, which is green Plum on powered servers that is all of the goodness of appliances without their rigidity. So there's a broad set of x eighty six server configurations, and it's kind of the modular version of an appliance. It can start small grow. It's pretty awesome good. We continue to think that every micro services needs a cash, so part of the data world and ecosystem is cashing. And we do something where geodesic, which is the open source. Branch of gem fire and something called pivot. Cloud cash is a core part of how people build modern applications, because every modern app has something fronting the relational database. And that's an important part of the system. Now there's a ton more that we do. But that's where we stop organically, what we do with everyone else is we work with them furiously. Whether it's mongo confluence, a ton of intersection between modern micro services, design and event frameworks. So we see this combo of modern app and and cough all the time. And so working with confluence to make confluence awesome on Cooper, Netease and deeply integrated into spring is something that we're doing as well. There's a huge long list. It's fascinating stuff. Absolute is John. It's been fun to, to catch up with to hear what pivotals doing to solve problems, but also how pivotals helping drive forward, this exciting area of obstruction and containerisation that I think is something everybody needs to pay attention to it sounds like the standard going forward is the standard going forward, ton of also. Interesting stuff going on with us in video about, like, how do you take the tensor flow, libraries, make them work well, in our Kuban, Netease, and others? Great stuff off of accelerator technology is near and dear to our hearts, totally get that. So I do want to shift gears here. We're, we're going to have a little fun every time we have a guest on, we try to go through a rapid fire questions. We've learned a lot from our guests about big data now get fit personal in a segment we like to call rapid fire. So what is the latest book that you read that you would recommend to your listeners latest book that I read? So there's a whole bunch of like reading about Kuban Eddie's deep dives and refreshes on, on development stacks, those I wouldn't I'm just gonna those are those are fun professional reading. Homo sapiens, was a great book and do a sex, which was the follow on. I think I'm getting that, right. Was also good, but not as good as home associates. The home day is homogeneous. We heard what I just heard about. So it didn't quite capture the magic of homo sapiens, but home safety, it's really Doug, that was wild old classics Stiller, incredibly useful. So tribe is one of my favorites and tribes is, is so hit some of the fundamentals of like leadership and, and modern. How do you create cultures influence? Oh, leadership, which leadership. There's a big, big believer in regular reading of the economist. So this is gonna sound a little dry. Okay. But one thing that I think we live in a big wonderful world, the media, diet, that we normally watch read and consume is not highly reflective of the world, right? That's liberal, I strongly encourage anyone to get a passport. If you don't have one and travel immerse yourself in different cultures and languages and place in the world. And you realize the differences that exists are wonderful feature not a bug. Absolutely agree with economist while a little bit center. Right. Typically is a very balanced international worldview. And I would highly recommend it for people to understand how the world works very good like. All right. So we are Deltec world. You've been on stage in many conferences in your career in today's world. What is the song if you had to go onstage today tomorrow, whenever what's that song that you would wanna have played follow? Boy. Centuries. I'm a big boy fan Joyce, and they played live at one had one that was so cool. And so it's speed route bug. So, so, basically, my wife and I were he, I brought my wife first time last time to one of these big conferences, and we had no idea, it was going to be fall up or super fans super fans. We see them live like eight times. And so we're like, oh my God, I'm gonna go get to see the band. And so, like, we're getting ready to go. Backstage, meet the band, and, and we're like really excited nam playing in my head. I'm going to say you know, we love you, you know, big fan of your latest album. We saw you live in Montreal and Toronto. And, you know, just really happy to meet you, and I'm, like, playing my head like be cool. Chad Coleman John. We show up and they're like, it's a conga line like wedding reception. Right. So shake your hands. And I'm like, hi, Chad Toronto. Montreal follow up. They were like. They were like this guy. Gone away from me. It. That's okay. You fan girl for your big big fan. I get it. Right. So what piece of technology is currently making your life worse? Cooper netease. Good. I. Yeah. It's like I love it and they're still so much work that we're doing to make it better. I just I hate Facebook, just hate it viscerally. And it's kind of inescapable. And you know, just e it's weird huts woven itself, into our lives. Yeah. All right. So what is your biggest personal money pit right now? Cooper nettie. So, so money pit for me is a couple of things. So always my home lab. So I love technology. I love consuming it. I love, you know, playing around with it. So there's constantly a flow of new tech into the house. My wife once said that EBay saved our marriage because I was able to at least recoup some. Of the value. It's not the acquisition side that she's happy about it. It's the God. All this stuff is piling up. We gotta get rid of it. I bought a new e bike that I'm really excited about that. That's pretty cool. A good one. What kind of you back, did you? It's, it's what's Cusack specialized specialized, vodka, five okay because I, you know, I live in Toronto, pivotal is filled with millennial hipsters as a forty five year old I'm like two decades older than everybody else in the office, and they make me feel old and not not because they're mean literally just look around and go mad at all. A Frank assessment. So I'm like, you know what I'm gonna ride my bike into work, but I'm kinda lazy. So the idea of assisted like as. What are you binging on any shows right now? Oh my God. So yes game of thrones last night. Doc so good. Yeah. Although like by the time you hear this, if you haven't seen it, something's wrong with you internet will burn it for you. So the, the opening sequence the entire literally makes my salivated Pavlovian reflects like it's not good. But beyond that, so really dug the umbrella kademi on that flex of in the middle of their so I won't give sport. I it's it's I think really cool and a pretty faithful. Translation of the original comic book which was great. And then the other one on that flicks that I just binge watched and love was Russian doll. It's have you heard this one. So if you haven't watched it. Highly recommended. It's not for everybody. But. And then lastly, where's next interesting place that you're going. So always love going to visit Europe next week. I'm in New York. And how can you not love the Big Apple? I but just to be clear. This is a trick question. Because for me, the answer is anywhere. I love being at home with my family, my wife. My two wonderful daughters center of my universe. I love going to Miami Beach party. My brains out. And I love going to New York in seeping in the Big Apple I love going to France French's my favorite language in the world. I love Rome. I love Beijing. I love Sidney love, you know. So do you know almost five hundred thousand miles a year on one airline? Serious. Yeah. Which airline Air Canada, also like all of the other ones like periodically. I travel on. But since Toronto is home based securities. You know, like all things Canadian it's socialized nationalized really one air. Right. That's very. That's very, very friendly and choices. Eero. So, so, yeah, I, I love traveling all over the place. One thing I'm looking forward to is going to Cape Canaveral next time. So the launch well, we do that. We do this thing that, you know, the Dell EMC team has got this like heroes program then you bring together SE's from our partners and whatnot. And the guy leads it has like this book door to the two. One of the guys who runs the infrastructure for NASA real, and they hold it at that location. And I'm such a space, not that I'm trying desperately to coordinate it with either SpaceX launch or the new NASA. Esa less launch. And I've indoctrinated my children. So I'm I'm trying to coordinate that. But it's tricky. That's awesome. Glad you're NASA fan, even though you're Canadian dollars aren't helping the. Canadian space agency. Okay. By the way, like Chris Hatfield amazing astronaut Canadian. Right. We've actually had you know, a whole bunch of Canadian astronauts over the years. So it's actually a really good program. We provide those those arms. Yeah. You know. So the cannon arm one and two. That was cute. It is. It is classically Canadian like, hey, we can't get there. But we're happy to help. That's awesome. Well, chad. It has been super fun to chat with you about all things pivotal, what's happening in the world of Cooper, Netease and why it matters. Why people may be paying attention to it today. And frankly, it's just always fun to hang out with you, buddy. Thank you guys. Cool. Thanks for listening to the big data beard podcast. The music from this episode is by injury bell. Check him out on itunes or Spotify.

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Happy Hour #215: Dorena Williamson

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

41:36 min | 3 years ago

Happy Hour #215: Dorena Williamson

"Hey, friends and welcome to the happy Eirik. Jamie podcasts. I'm your host, Jamie, and I'm so glad you're here each week on this show. I invited girlfriend to join me and we chat about the big things of I've the little things in life and everything in between. Guys today show is brought to you by build a bear, make birthday memories that will last a lifetime build a bear workshop during their birthday month. Kids get to count their candles before making their own birthday, treat. Bear. The birthday treat. Bear is made just for birthdays and only costs as much as the age you're celebrating. So if your child is turning five that pertain treat, bear, only costs five dollars visit build a bear dot com to become a bonus club member for free and learn more about all the fun ways to celebrate birthdays at build a bear workshop. Hey, France. Today you are listening to episode number two, fifteen today. My guests is Doreen a- Williamson and her and her husband live in Nashville, Tennessee where he's a pastor and used to be a rapper. Yes, you heard me say that right there leading a multi culture church in a civil war, rich community. I loved our conversation today about cultivating faithfulness in the midst of shadows. How God's call is still there, even when it feels like it's not. We. Talk about the power of lament we talk about bridge building. We talk about people saying, hey, I don't see color. I'm colorblind. Derina bring so much sweet, beautiful gracious inside into our conversation today. She's a children's book author, and I love the book. She's putting out, you're going to hear us talk about them in the in the show today. Friends. I want to remind you that this past year I released my first book. If you only knew my unlikely unavoidable story at becoming free, I hope you've had a chance to read it. If you have it, I'd love to encourage you to pick up a copy, head your library. Check out a copy. You can get it an audio book. You can get it as a KENDALL. You can get it on Amazon and it'll be shipped to your house in two days. I wrote this book for all of us who have ever walked through times in our life, or we felt shame where we felt not enough. I often wondered if people knew my whole story, what would they think? And what I found out is that when we proclaim the mess of our lives, we actually proclaimed. The grace of God. So I'd love for you to join us in reading it. You can get it anywhere. Books are sold. Okay, friends here is my conversation with Duran. Welcome to the happy hour. Jamie, okay. Introduce yourself to my listener. I am married to Chris marvel comic collector, slash former rapper slash amazing pastor, former rapper former rapper, like where would it like. Ashli for his excellent goddess Anastas a, he does a rap now. He could, I'm sure once a rapper rapper. Yeah, he, that's what got us to Nashville. Actually, we met in college. He was part of a rap group and they got a record contract and we moved to Nashville to further that career. And instead they lost a record contract and a few years later, we started a multi-racial church that that's the craziest started a church story. Yeah. Was he a bull? Have y'all been believers? You grew up in Christian home. We've been living. I grew up in a Christian home Levin. Jesus fell over Jesus as a young child pastor's kid. Okay. He grew up in a religious home, became a believer in high school, but really didn't start walking with God until college and then got called a preach. Yeah. And so yeah. So having been a former rapper who thought it would be an illustrator, I tell them that God took the communication gift that he had the he thought was just swag, and you know, run DMC, and, and this is who I am and you know, in the eighties, rap was kind of the Christian world was like, that's up the devil. We don't do that. But a few kind of open minded. I would say, Chris, we're like, you know, their wraps sound like sermons, they just rhyme. Yeah. And so he, he realized that guy was calling tugging on his heart to preach something he never wanted to do. So here's a question for you. You move to Nashville. Like I'm my husband's a rapper. And then you've been married to a pastor? Yeah, for twenty something years. Was that an adjustment like I didn't did you. You grew up as a pastor's kid. Sometimes he will go up faster Kizer like I don't want anything to do with being. Was that for you? You know what? Fortunately I had a good PK experienced my dad made sure that we knew and felt that we were more important than the church. So you know, it was in, he's still pastoring. So I didn't go into marriage. That's helped me about in sign up knowing Chris will become a pastor because he did an aspire to it. So it just wasn't a subject. He knew he would be in ministry, but he thought it would be looked pastor and I was like, I'm cool with that because I, I saw the gift that was in him and I wanted and he wanted me. We both want each other to flourish in the gifts that God gave you. We just had no way of knowing it would be passed on, and he absolutely never ever ever wanted to start a church ever. And God was like, okay, so what I'm gonna do is bring you ought to Nashville because your record companies here after he finished his college seminary of a bring y'all here, and you're going to think it's because your record companies here. Now you're ready to travel and be famous and be a big Christian rapper. And instead I'm a cancel that contract because that's not really what I have long term for you. Got you got to Nashville and I'm gonna open your eyes to what I'm doing here in this civil war, rich town where the lines are drawn between black and white and history at I'm gonna start something new. That's never been done in Franklin in that is a multi-racial church. And so it was quite dirty. But I, we saw what God was doing just like, you know, Harry black says, and, and and you know, in that beautiful books Berenson God, you know, you find out where God is at work and you join him. And that's really what we did. We just tried to find a way to be faithful and serve as a young married couple. And as we did that God made started doing something really beautiful. When we said, we just want to be a part of that. What year did you start the church in nineteen? Five? Okay. Oh, yeah. So twenty three twenty three years ago before it was kind of the in thing, the popular thing now that. That people are are leading into multiracial. Churches have grown over the last eight years, which is awesome that people are recognizing the beauty that happens when God's people dwell together in unity, the house of God, but it's been a good work. That's good. That's good. And at least me when you said that you didn't know like, you know, Chris had this idea and you guys thought this is where you're gonna go and saying, hey, here's what we're gonna do and mall. This work I've been doing in you and through you as actually for what I have your purpose to be. Yeah, I know that's a little bit of your story as well. Ads just stealing. As though guide you've been doing things in me and I've been faithful even though it hasn't always felt right. And then now you're kind of on the other side so you can look back and say, here's where I saw you doing that. Let's talk about that for second. How does that feel for you? Yes, that's really a great a great way to coin it. Not just Chris's story, but but even my own story of of, you know, being and disciple in gong. Girls as a young mom, I disciple teen moms and in the church that we were at before we started strong tower had some opportunities, early worship with, you know, people who became dear friend, you know, Todd Smith husband of Andy Smith and Natalie grant and co Molin just people who've who got as use an amazing ways. You know, twenty three, twenty four years ago. We were just all in community and in Franklin, and and they were willing to, you know, help launch and for a season be a part of this new thing. And I was just along for the ride just doing the things that God called me to do and raising kids leading worship and had no way of knowing that guy will take my multicultural church bringing and would take my love of reading and my passion for representation for my kids and use the years of multicultural church ministry. Some of those years, which I felt were. Or sort of what am I doing just wasting her time. I could have gone and gotten a career for myself. I could have gone become a whatever, gotten a master's degree in done, whatever. And that's not the Pathak I had for me in the last two years, he's shown. I'm taking all those experiences that you had and I am preparing seed for the next generation and I'm going to use these years that you just were cultivate faithfulness, you know? So you're on the other side? Yeah, there are people listening that are in the middle. Yes. What? Because it's hard to it's hard to like when you're on the other side, you're like no, stay faithful, stay strong persevere. You can do it. But then when you're in it, you're like, but you're already on the other side that's easy for you to say, what do you say to the woman in the thick where she's like, does this matter? Yeah, it could be mothering. It could be ministry. It could be whatever. Exactly. Yeah, it could be all of it at the same time yet. You know we're doing. It was at, I would just say to that, mom, I would say to that woman, I keep using that word cultivating faithfulness because so often what we're pursuing is not attached to just being faithful. It's I want this dream. I want that dream. We wanna fast forward to what we want to like leap him bound to it. But the way through it is the same route that the heroes of our faith took. You know, we all wanna have faith. We want to be great women faith, but do we really want the road that Sarah hadoya do we want the row that Ruth had to walk that bass? She had no one that these people who you know these women in Jesus lineage and these heroes that will go up to Abraham father of our fair, but look what he had to walk through and so- own that. I think if someone had told me you're gonna walk through some very dark seasons. It's not always going to be platform pretty. It's not always going to be God is able. Sometimes it's just gonna be, I don't understand, right. Like I felt like you called me to do blank and I'm not seeing it. And in those dark moments, know that God's call is still sure, but you're walking this part of the journey and trust him and ask him there times you have to ask him. God just renew my vision of fate because I'm my my vision is is low. Right now. I'm looking around me and the pruning doesn't look prea-. It's looking Mike, what's going on? Yeah, but the the time after the pruning is not, that's not the glory town, but worry time when the fruit and the flowers are bursting with color, and everyone goes out beautiful that is, but to get there, somebody's got to plant the seed and then it's gotta be faithfully faithfully watered, and then you've got a prune and then you've got to keep cultivating and waiting. And so if you're in those seasons, know that life is all about those seasons. Once the fruit calms then you start the cycle again, you know, I mean, none of it. It's in vain, right? Don't compare your season to someone else's. Don't let the lies of the enemy or even the negativity from other people derail you from what God has called a purpose. Just trust the season you're in and just keep your eyes a faith. Just like our ancients, our hero, yeah, in in the bible and in history. Yeah, the people that came before I remind myself of that as a woman of color, there's times are remind myself, let me read. Let me read some of my my black history. Let me remind myself of what some of my ancestors had to walk through. Yeah, sometimes to just cut my pity party. Say, sit up, hold on. Wait a minute is not that bad, but the other times it just go Lord. It's really dark right now, and I want to, I want to see the light. I want to be confident that I'm going to, you know, I'm going to live and not die. I'm proclaimed your goodness. And even though right now it doesn't look that good. Yeah, I think that when you gave that illustration, it kind of clicked in my head about, you know, we want the faith of these people. We wanted to accomplish what they've done, but we at what about everything they had to walk through to get there. We forget that we're so easy to forget the pain and even just a hard work and then diligence one foot in front of the other takes. I wonder if there are moments that you feel like that currently in our society being woman of color and pushing through with helping people understand different experiences. I would imagine there are times that you're like, I don't know if I can do this anymore. Oh, absolutely. They're, they're made those times and I wring my hands in frustration and grown. I'm learning a new, the power of lament of just crying out to God. There's so many psalms and passages in scripture lamentations, yeah, just are about pouring out our hearts to God. And that's, that's been. In powerful as well as leaning into the community that I've formed the community in my church. You know the people that I do live with people from all backgrounds, people of different races, people who've had different lived experiences than mine vastly different learning from them. You know, social media, the good side of social, I is I can lead in and listen to sit at the feet of great people whose lives are different than mine who's racial backgrounds are different, but I'm learning from them and I'm seeing the beauty of God and the power of God's work through them. And so you know, so often I just have to go Lord, let me just let me get out of me. Let me get out of the darkness that I'm feeling or the oppression because it's real. It's real and I'm grateful for. I just had a bridge Bill bridge-building from this morning, white sister who's adopted a sweet biracial child had just said, thank you for the hard work of bridge building. I can't imagine. In how how heavy it's been house. I got, thank you. Shouldn't have to send that to me. But just a simple techs this morning of all mornings to say, thank you because I am growing. I'm learning things and I am purposing myself and how I'm going to train up this daughter of color, Gaza trusted to me because I'm learning from you. And those small moments, the Lord says it's not in vain. If it's just for her praise God, you know if it's just for that one person, I know what's not, but that's the kind of God. And so two even declare that and say God, it's kind enough to give you just those that little bit of win a little bit of keep going. It's not in vain. You may feel like nobody's listening. You may feel like everybody's against you because the criticism is great, but there's always a remnant that's listening and this learning and and sit up daughter and and let me strengthen you and remind you of the work that I've done and the good work. You're gonna do. Yeah. Yep. I think I'm going to send a text tasha when we get done you because yes, I was in her first group is she started and I look back and I'm so thankful for the work that she's doing. Yup. Cow with everything that she's doing him so fast. Because I know that you were loving this conversation with Derina as much as I am, but I wanna stop and think to more companies that helped make the happy hour possible. The first one I want to think is ZipRecruiter. You know, there are job sites at since you tons of the wrong resumes to sort through or make you wait for the right candidates to apply to your job. And that's just not smart, but you know, it is smart. You guys going to ZipRecruiter dot com slash h h to hire the right person. You see, ZipRecruiter doesn't depend on candidates finding you. It finds them for you. It's powerful matching technology scans, thousands of resumes identifies people with the right skills, education and experience for your job and actively invites them to apply. 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She goes for only thirty nine ninety nine with my code, go to fat, that fun dot com. Use my code Ivy and then tag me on Instagram and show you what you love. You're going to get ten dollars off your first fab fun box. That kind of wants me to ask you about your children's books that you've written because they have representation of all kids who look different in one of the things that I know you hear often and I hear often and is something that we can talk about. A lot of people will say, well, I am colorblind. I don't see color and you and I both know that that's not true, and that's not real. But what has been your experience with trying to help people understand that color is? Actually it's a real thing and it's a good thing like it's not a bad thing. Absolutely. Well, just what you said that it's not true when people say they're colorblind. I want to as lovingly and gracefully as possible, say to that woman listening, it is not true. It is not true. We are. We who bear the name of Jesus who say, we're followers of Jesus who hold a banner of truth. We should not be teaching our children falsehood. Yeah. And we only. About color blindness. When we talk about skin color, I ever heard that before until just now, and it is so true. I mean, when your child puts on a blue shirt and a red pair of shorts and pink and Brown and purple boots, you don't say, oh, baby doesn't matter because we're coming blah. No one at one and a half year old knows her colors at the grass is green and the Robin is rate. I think they're brilliant. And so we do teach children color. I think people teach color blindness or I don't see color because it seems, and I say, seems like an easy way to dismiss any rhetoric differences. So if we don't see it, if I don't see it, then it's not there. And I would say, besides the fact that that's not true that we're colorblind, it also diminishes the glory of God's handiwork because he made all these beautiful colors. So he made me chocolate and made us my daughter called white people peach, say Pia, he made you purpose. He didn't go, Oops, I meant to make Jamie. Oops, I meant to make dri. He made me as someone thirty nine fourteen says. We love to quote it and where do not shirt do we really live it? Do we speak it? So what our kids hearing, how can we say? I praise you because I'm fearful and wonderfully mate, but you're talking about a people group? Yeah, like this, right. I have a question for you. I have you ever heard a person color, same colorblind. I don't think I've heard a person of color, Sam car, blonde. I think I have heard because if you'd like a white thing, I think it's more of a y thing, but I also think that people of color will minimize discussion about race. Okay. Because it's frankly, it's hard sometimes to be in wide spaces where you know you're gonna be misunderstood. It's almost like, let's go. There is this is not go there because I'm tired, I'm exhausted. I'm just it's just it's exhausting. It is. So it is more of a white thing. But I would say I think some people of color of all colors would also approach conversations about race and prefer to just sort of say, well, we're all the same inside. So let's just not even talk about it because why you know, or maybe they've been raised to just assimilate to, you know, in America to white culture which was was premiered. Uh-huh. You know because of white supremacy, it was woo. Why does is better? So anything else is less than right, and that's still permeates. So many of our, yeah, facets totally culture. Yeah. So I do think it's more of a wide thing, but I wouldn't say it's exclusively a white. Yeah, I had never thought about that. I don't know if I've ever even like thought about that. You know. So did all of this work that you've been doing with bridge building and June husband pastoring a multicultural multi ethnic church. Did that bring you to? I mean, where did kids books? Because where did it come that you want to write? I want to write about for children? Yes. Where did that come from? Well, I really trae some of this back to Trayvon Martin and the resurgence not that shootings were not happening, right. But I think Trayvon was really a catalyst. I mean, Emmett till we go back centre a half a century ago. But today, you know, we've got this resurgence where things are being videotape or audiotape. Right? And we're seeing images and people are having to reconcile or justify or excuse people are having to see something that they might not have had to have seen. That's right because it's just social media stuff. Right. That's exactly right. And so in my house, having a son who's twenty four, I remember when Trayvon was killed calling him and saying, do, can you just, I know you wear hoodies like, and I just, can you sort of pause on that from? And he's like, mom, if I don't put my little rains, there's gold like, why do it? I know. But Trayvon, you know, the fear that any woman who's raising a black Seinfeld thinking about the reality that we never forget, but it just hadn't heightened heightened sense of conversation in my family. So sure pairing that those conversations that we always have, but we were having an a different way pairing that with looking at my Christian culture and saying, you know, my my Christian fam- saying things like, I don't see color. I raise my kids to be colorblind. And I'm like, that doesn't help because there's no color blindness. When police are pulling somewhat over, you know. And so I felt frustration that these dual conversations that don't reconcile are happening and around I same time I noticed that Mattel maker, Barbie an American Girl were putting out expanded doll lines featuring more diverse skin tone and having had three daughters. I was happy to see that representation, but also felt again, that frustration that some kids are being raised to say, color blindness. And then here here are the rest of us saying, we need this representation because this is real and our lived experience. So I started filling this. Maybe I can speak to the conversation AB I can help and wrote notes on my journal thinking. They'd just be a blog one day and the thoughts kept coming and I can't Friday and I thought, we'll gosh, I think this could be asleep, Luke, it's book if anybody would care to publish it and read it, I don't know. No, but maybe and then that that led this journey of you know that see if this is something that God does and he was and he, I mean every time I look at it, I've just amazed again that here it is and and the the feedback from parents with kids of all races, you know, white kids mix mixed race, kids, kids of color, the joy of those children having representation meeting little girls named Monty. One of the girls in the books. I me money and everywhere I've read. I've had a girl, say by name was Yvonne. Or you know, Brown kid saying, you know, she looks like me or he looks like me touching the book and just the joy of knowing that are Christian. Kids are being raised both in homes with no faith, but but especially our kids, faith are having their values, but also having record the representation of the warrior God. Yeah, in the same boat, you know, I think it's as as a mom, raising black daughter. I'm super happy. My boys aren't reading books like this anymore. My daughter is super. It makes me happy to be able to have books in her room with little girls that look like her. But I also wanna remind all of the people are listening that are not raising children with Brown black, dark, a whatever kind of different skin than the majority culture of why that it also matters that you your kids see kids that look different as well. I think that is where a lot of people get hung up when they think, oh, this is great for black people. They have a book that looks like them instead of this is great for all of us. Yes, to be. She to be able to see literature in walk into a store and see something with diversity. That's right. That is your book is super diverse. Yeah, yes, absolutely. So important. I mean, you know, there's this concept of literary windows and mirrors, and so we want to give kids literary mirrors where they see, okay, Olympic spirit that looks like them or see characters that look like them. But then we also want to give them windows where they look out into the world. Right? And books are such a great way to do that for free through a children's library through churches as well. But you know, for really nominal cost to be able to bring the world in to your children's lives, where they can learn about people and they can learn about values and have things reinforced and and tools. These books that help shape perspective because so many parents are saying, I want to have these conversations, but I'm not used to having them. I didn't grow up having them. I grew up and if you talk about race os. Awkward weird out about that. So I don't know how to I'm not well-versed. I'm not fluid in this. I'm not in community with people who don't look like me, and so I'm hoping that these books can help help parents and aunties in grandparents and neighbors. Anybody that's influencing kids early, have those conversation. It's just important. It's important for adults. I mean, let's just be real. It's important for people to do that. What you just said that look into different life experiences, different all kinds of things that look different than us. Yes. Earls we become pretty boring. We do and we've become pretty narrow minded and all the things. And I what parents to know that if you don't have these conversations and start planning sees when they're young, just like you do for instance about sex. I know every Christian apparent I know is fiercely protective like they don't want their kids first conversations or main conversations happening outside our playground, right? You know, are the playground. And so if. If you don't teach your kids and they're going to hear all kinds of smack and junk and falsehoods and nonsense from their friends. Right. About six. So just like that subject is so important that you're shaping from the time you're changing their diapers and you're bathing them, and you're talking about your values and your teaching them about good touches and not good touches and things like those important things in the same way, if you are not talking with your children about race, the near, leaving them open to all kinds of non hooves in impacting their perspectives they are going to learn. And if you're not shaping it, then you're leaving them open to bias to someone saying something that's, you know, totally not just inappropriate but shameful. And then because you're having conversations, they may not feel open to come home and have talked to say, I heard this today, you know, in their minds, we don't talk about that in my house. So what do I do with this? You know, or you're raising a child who's gonna leave for college, and that will be the first. Time they've ever been around someone of a different race like he doesn't have to wait, right? You know, not in our society today. Agree, I agree. And you know, just to like, I want to say something real quick to any people any mom's or women who are listening who are white and they're raising kids of a different race, whether that's through marriage, whether that's due adoption, whether that's who foster however it happens. One of the things that I've had to learn is these conversations about injustices that might be happening in our country. I didn't want to have them with my children because I didn't want them to know that was true k. because it's not it's not my reality. I didn't want my Amos to know that because he has dreadlocks dark skinned that someone would think different of him because I don't want to burst his little innocent heart, but I just want to encourage you that I have learned that those conversations, they're not easy there just as hard as I thought they were going to be. They are so. Important. They are so important because I need to instill value into my kid that even when they hear this when they see this when they hear this bias that they need to know from me their value. And I think I also want to tell them about these realities in a safe home. Absolutely, you know? And so I'm just speaking from experience. I know as a white woman having to talk with black children about this, it sucks. It's hard. I don't always understand because I've never experienced it. But if I were to send my kids off to college and they didn't know about these things and then they get out of our small little tight knit community be a big shocker. And so we've had many tears at our house, many tears. I mean, I've shared some someone here tiers of talking my kids and then going, is that going to happen to me and me having to say straight up, I hope not. You can't say, no, it's like he'd ask them, I'm going to get cancer. I hope not. I mean, we don't know, but those are hard, but they're important. They are so important. I'm so grateful that you are having those conversations and you're encouraging your listeners to have them. And I would say to white parents who were raising white children who are saying, I just don't know if I want to. I would implore you, I would. I would absolutely beg you. Please begin having this dialogue and you can begin with scripture. You can begin talking with them about the creation story and how diligent got was an everything that he created. The colors of the sunrise first day, you know, all the way to the color of the man and the woman from the dust of aground, you know, all dust and dirt a some color, right? And so take them through through the scripture narrative and remind them of how God said to Abraham, that every family earth is going to be blessed to you. Every family. Would be blessed for you then. So foundationally teach yourself that teach that to your children? Absolutely. Bring in great resources that bring up great questions. I walk with families who have preschoolers, so this is three and four year olds on the playground in the suburbs, and these sweet Brown kids are being told by white kids. I don't play with Brown. They're being called the n. word in public schools in Christian school, you know. So we don't have time for, you know, being naive for thinking that doesn't happen anymore because it does. And again, if it's not your lived experience that doesn't need gate, the fact that it is a very real lived experience for other people and in the body of Christ, we are called to bear one another's burdens. And so I would beg of you to please begin. Have conversations do your work. I to lament to deconstruct the things that you were taught wrong. I think a lot of parents don't go there because it means they're going to have to face some things, but nothing worked well worthwhile happens without doing the hard work. We got to do it. So please do it. You know, my books are, I hope a great resource into the hell. Open up dialogue, invite open ended questions, and you know, begin to do some things that will absolutely change your family and will absolutely help you lean into the beauty of God's kingdom. It's always been and that you were invited to to join join, join the dabble like join this, and it is hard work. I mean as someone who values is because I have family members who are part of the minority culture, I still in having to face racial bias in my own life. Yes, still even though I like I want to, I work harder this. And so just to encourage you as well when you come up against a wall and guy, you think? I didn't know. I thought that I don't know. I was taught that God's grace is so deep and so wide for us. Yes. But it doesn't mean we stop. That's right. We keep pushing on through the hard because just like your example earlier, I'd like they don't just show up as the heroes of the faith they push through and God's grace is so deep. That's right. Yeah, that's right. Oh gosh, we could talk about this for hours because this is so we thank you. Thank you for your work that you're doing. If anyone is thinking that you're listening, you're like, okay, I need this in my life where I'm going to put some some stuff up some resources in the show notes. So check that out a great place to be the bridge. The tasha Morrison does is just it's a great starting point and she's got everything you need. Is that how do you do I your material? I lead a group in Nashville, so yeah, and and and love. I'm so grateful for her. Yes. And for the opportunity for people to really like put some walk to the talk, not just I love all now. Okay. But let's let's learn like, let's be a student of other cultures and learn what you don't know. Yeah, keep learn. Ning? Yes. Keep learning what an example, our kids to tell them, you know, I never knew this about American history and I don't know if this is even going to be your history. Both. Let me tell you what I'm reading, what I'm learning, what would that do for our kids and this Google Sidey we're leaving you type in and you think I can learn about everything, but we, we really, no less. Yeah. You know what I mean? What did his say that it's our kids? Yeah, especially as they get older to just talk them through what you're learning? Yeah, we challenge them to be critical thinkers and we we applaud that and we come in that. But how about we tell them some, those critical things that God is just breaking down my, where's your heart being broken about injustice that you were completely unaware of like I shared about learning native native history and realizing that I was taught such a romantic view of Christopher, Columbia thought such a romantic view about poke on us and in the fall, and that's pretty much it. And then we don't care. Anymore. And now I'm like, oh my gosh. Like I never knew that I could teach lament, and I continue to learn and you apply that to every other culture, you know. And it's such a beautiful again, display of the kingdom of God and the witness of what Jesus wanted us to be. And it's not just this whole hands and I have a friend who's another caller. So I'm good or I do some good things for other people. So I'm good check off my lifeless like this is real. It's real, and it's a real opportunity to to come up close to the table and I'd say, come on it together. Come on, come to the table. Yeah. Are you a reader? I what are you reading right now, I have started reading and I've only done two chapters and it's breaking my heart. This book called the sun does shine to book about a man who was sent to death row for thirty years for crime. You didn't commit and this has been recommended to me a lot. I got it because I saw that Bryan Stevenson wrote just mercy injury, just mercy. I did. We did a book study on at church. Oh, good. The swarm, I, it's, it's the book that I say every American history. Just everyone needs read it and we talk. We did a book called the summer. We did that book. That's where everyone said, okay, you have to read this neck the one you're reading. So I just I'm just in the second chapter and it's just and I got it because I just, you know, I just wanted. I couldn't. I didn't wanna believe, but I know it's true. Then there are so many people in our history and Sodhi people of color who have been unjustly, convicted and many have their lives up in Teigen. Yeah, for things that they did not do. And I know many people. They can't fathom that, but it's it's true. Yeah. And so so race story is just it's, it's crazy. So I really look forward to to leaning it on that. And then and then I spoke about lament earlier. My husband had soon Chan Ross book prophetic lament in his library and. So I had not read it. And so I picked that up and are either bridge group. We've had some people who need an outlet for the the weariness and the frustration, and we realized that we need some space for lament. So I've started diving into his book so that I can grow myself in learning about what I think is really a an art. We're not practicing in the body being comfortable and understanding our need to Lamentin. So those are kind of the two that I'm your diving on right now different, but no flour going on. I mean, I like fluff, but you're right now right now, I'm not in it, and that's just not what I know. Thanks. So I am going to complete raise vote for the end of the year. I've got a trip I need to get that book. It's uniform high on my list. Yeah, it's beautiful. I'm gonna get it. Yeah, thank you so much for your time. Thank you for the work that you're doing. Thank you for Rian faithful to what God's asked you to do. Thank you for being a voice that is. Seeking truth and grace and love. So I'm cheering you on thank you for coming on the show, and thank you for what you're doing. Thank you for having me for amplify my voice and for using your voice towards lifting everybody up, we'd need it. Thank you girl. You guys don't forget if you haven't picked up a copy of my book. If you only knew today's a great day to do that, you can get it anywhere. Books are sold. Speaking of books. I loved meeting during I really enjoyed our conversation so much. I think we could've talked for maybe two more hours and we would have afforded it for you to listen to it. Her books are great for children to have in their library. There's the colorful and the thoughtful they're both on sell it lifeway right now, you guys, I want to encourage you to take our conversation and have these conversations about racial equality. Bridge-building color, blindness with your real life. Friends is really worth it. It's worth it to enter into the hard conversations. I hope that we modeled a great way for you to do that today show was edited by Chris with pod shaper, and the music was developed for the show by Matt Graham next week. My guest is land in Hutchinson, better known as living with Landon over on Instagram. She hopes to inspire you to be your daily comic relief and that best girl for new really. Ever knew you needed. Oh, and let's not forget. It's a lifestyle website, but not a perfectly styled life. We have a lot of fun and our conversation you guys and the night before we recorded. I did something. I never thought I would ever do. But Landon said, everyone should try and my assistant. Lindsey convinced me to do it. I tell you all about it in the show. And if you're listening in real time, I hope to see some of you this week at the edge conference in Nashville, and then at abundance in Dallas guys, enjoy your week, share the show with a girlfriend and have a happy hour with the friend.

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The New Hampshire Primary and Beyond: Betsy Woodruff Swan and Carl Cannon plus McKay Coppins

The Chuck ToddCast: Meet the Press

54:14 min | 1 year ago

The New Hampshire Primary and Beyond: Betsy Woodruff Swan and Carl Cannon plus McKay Coppins

"Good afternoon from Washington on Chuck. Todd this is chuck todd cast last night. The state of undecideds with a higher voting block of undeclared than any actual political party SORTA decided or at least they gave us a split. Decision New Hampshire technically pick Bernie Sanders as the king of the progresses. But wow a majority said. We'd like a more moderate candidate but that's split between two and a half candidates but on the progressive side. It did leave Elizabeth Warren without any delegates in neighboring state. And it allowed both Pete Booed Amy Klobuchar other stories of the night Bernie. Sanders is win. He he now holds the distinction in two thousand sixteen having the highest percentage for any New Hampshire primary winner in a competitive primary in democratic side. And now the lowest winning percentage judge of any primary winner on the democratic side which also means we are headed to something. That isn't about states anymore. It's going to be about Andrew Yang's favorite word math even though he's out math is in. And that's what this is all going to be about. It's going to be a big math game trying to figure out what happens next. What the heck does Michael Bloomberg main gene? How long does Joe Biden? Hang around and can Bernie Sanders win the nomination and we're going to start off by trying to have the conversation of is Bernie Sanders the front runner or not And later I'm going to be joined by. Does Confidante McKay coppins from the Atlantic will discuss the battle over. The party's future in where Mitt Romney's place is in that but let's let's start with the primary post mortem joining me now. Call Cannon Washington bureau chief for real clear politics. That's he would swan political reporter at the daily beast. Welcome to a Bo. Thank you so it was really interesting today as an old hotline her Carl. You know this. I was looking at how I could tell sometimes by the readership. If the news organization decided to say Bernie Sanders was the front runner or there was no front runner. And I'll get into that in a minute but can you be the a front runner and not lead in delegates. Well there's not really a front runner you know that's A. That's a horse racing term. And what's happened. Is that got this big track fat guy when you're not when you can't find him. You know real clear betsy. He's probably yeah. Yeah he's a good facts out. Well keep that in mind. Well look check. We're not even at the quarter pole yet we're out of the gate and what's happening is at Bernie Sanders and Buddha jitter out in front of the field and they're kind kind of neck and neck and one's got in but they're in different lands ones on the rail one slightly outside so this thing is just taking shape I I don't dismiss Bernie Sanders. No I don't either but there's not not really a front runner yet maybe a front jogger would be the better term we we need a little a little more sophisticated vocabulary selling piece. He's pacesetter. He's the guy to beat. He's currently winning in terms of WHO's gotten the most individual human beings to vote for him but of course by historical front runners standards words. He's pretty supports pretty soft. You usually people who we characterize as front runners are doing better in the national polls than Sanders is doing right now. Insures the problem. I have with naming Sandra Front runner. Is I believe that Iowa New Hampshire where the two best states you could possibly have. Progressive candidate the caucuses in Iowa and in his neighboring state and Vermont. Carl so sort of like these two best environments he's going to have before this thing sort of explodes and he and he couldn't crack thirty in either one. Well okay. The the any other part of that is that says the SURPRI so far has been people to judge on paper. He's not qualified to be president. WHO's the mayor of a small town? He's never been on a reality. TV show well played but the the point is that Democrats Democrats. Sometimes my friends say well. What do you mean he's not qualified? I mean Donald Trump is president and I always say that some form of this. Okay if you're telling me you think that Donald Trump's are really good president. Let's just discuss that instead of the DEMER. Well No. I'm not saying why low your standard ender will. They don't think he's a good presence. So that's not the example they should use. But I'm saying he's got all these people in their seventies running and Buddhism thirties and I guess one candidate won. Only one in the Democrats is the normal age of a president right right. You know. It's interesting is that a Bernie. Sanders does is win this nomination. Okay let's say he calls us at these single individual he will be able to thank. Is Amy Klobuchar. Because without that debate performance without her skyrocketing. It's pretty clear to me what this election in New Hampshire Buddha judge. We're GONNA win this thing but ten points I mean he was going to Gary Hart apologies for the older reference going to Gary. Hart is way out of New Hampshire and then it would have been would have been a huge story a a five to six point. Buddha judge win which is clearly what he would have been on a path to. Yeah and I think the fact that Klobuchar Joe sort of mauled him in that debate she had that moment where she compared him to. Donald trump made a very west swing esque defense of Washington. which you don't hear very often somebody had? Somebody had to the fact that she laid out were correct. She didn't say anything wrong. Doc Doug Jones might lose his. He's probably going to lose. Regardless but voting to impeach the president is not a particularly strategic political move Alabama senator. Everything she said was correct and it really was was I think the most important moment of the most important presidential debate thus far And Yeah I think there's no question that she very much was able to hamstring sudha judge Obviously the wild card is the extent to which Bloomberg really scrambles the moderate lane whether he ends up being a savior for moderate moderate dems or rather a spoiler who devised the field even further and ironically has the capacity to make it easier for. I don't know I was just GonNa say I mean if you're Bernie Sanders. Michael Bloomberg shown up on the debate. Stage is a manna from heaven. I think because it's a foil Sanders people were telling me Carl they already You're picturing being able to run against Bloomberg and trump is the same guy you know which one of these three is not like the other. Well yes but the other way to look at that it. Voters aren't strictly going by ideology. We we tend to think that way. That's for sure and I guess my question is there. I think there's probably a pool of voters will will vote for a person who seventy seven or seventy eight years old and it may not be it may not be all the feel and Bernie Sanders is gonNA turn eighty his first year in office. Either your President Mike Bloomberg is seventy seven. Now they look fine. I'm not an ages now but that's not the that's not the normal. That's not not necessarily what people are looking for and it says a lot that it's the older voter that seems to be the most skeptical of the older candidates betsy and it's interesting also that it's the younger voters who are the most skeptical of the youngest August candidate does reliably people. That's not true. Doesn't actually with no but that's the point of boot is actually. He doesn't get blown out at at any demographic group or any idea if you look at his if you look at the exit poll in the entrance poll spoke both. I believe had so far one guy is in the middle you know he sits in the twenty s and everything. So it's you're right. It's it's not. It's not like put. Joe Biden was getting like three point three percent in differences. And that's why budejovice has been so competitive is that he hasn't won any group but he doesn't lose any grip a part of the reason that he's not more competitive with sanders. Is that that younger. Voters like him less than middle aged and older voters do worth. And that's and that's the point there that I think is really important also According to I think the Washington Post's exit polls bowls club got something like four percent of the eighteen to thirty four year old demographic. That's crazy that I mean defensive. Her she's this. Sort of last minute surged over here. Older voters were paying attention. She only really got to do a bunch of that. I think there's an opportunity here for. You're suddenly wait a minute. She's unelectable woman for the first woman. President that may be some younger women rally around her. Oh Chuck I wanted to ask you. Because I don't I you know this kind of a new form of the Of them field. How is house reveal organization Nevada and in South Carolina? She can she translate this anything river. The problem she's got to build the the cliche is you're building the airplane as as you have to take up to remember when Santorum. He tied Romney Amazon. Statistical actually ended up winning. But now I don't believe anything I've ever days out of Iowa straight. Three straight caucuses. We don't know the winner right. Yes so but he didn't. I thought Oh that's amazing so I went. I mean he was at one percent at five percent. Then he tied Romney outspent fifty to one so I went to New Hampshire and went around with him will he. He didn't know how to as a candidate to translate that anything thing he was giving speeches at schools. Remember that vote tilling the they shouldn't have sachs. It was doing things like that. He didn't have a ground game. Checks were coming in. They didn't didn't have anybody. Open the mail and cash the checks. He didn't have an infrastructure. Ripe to translate that into anything. And that's my question about closure. Does she have that thing. I think the openness ernest of that question is really significant. Going back to a point you made earlier Carl. I think I think probably Washington reporters myself. Included are overlooking the extent extent to which Democratic primary voters seem to care a lot more about the ability of someone to beat trump than the ability of someone to advance their radio logical goals and do a good job in the White White House and foreclosure. It's part of the reason. She gave her speech last night. The first thing she said was I can be trump. Well I know she she may be and I'm going to be trump. I think that's right and it was the great introductory phrase it was you know I saw her primary day and I choked her. I said if you read Bill Clinton Ninety two victory speech in New Hampshire. You might want to go take a look and felt like she did like. That's what you WANNA do. Go claim victory and her. Doing it was part of me thinking. Hurry up and get out. You're not going to finish first and second but so what you're you're the story right. Now get out there and claim victory and she did that night with to her. Timing is impeccable. And you're right about her speech and she these the other cats tend to come out and I WANNA thank Eric. Ish Mingle Eric was there from an inflow aunt. Flo Thank you for the people watching the people in the end. The rule of already voted. They've already contributed but amy culture. Didn't do that and she didn't do either she she. She has a good sense of timing and she and she sees the moment but again does she have a campaign infrastructure. I don't really know and I think what she says. I may be club and I could beat trump. She ultimately is going to have to persuade swayed people that that's true and the fact that her organizations in Nevada and South Carolina artists so small and underdeveloped like if you if you can't beat Bernie Ernie Sanders in Nevada. Where the Culinary Workers Union is you know bashing him over as over Medicare for all then I think Democratic primary voters will have serious questions about whether or not she can beat trump and that's honestly part of the reason that Bloomberg is getting much traction as he is voters who talked to reporters say they like him because he has a lot of money and they think it might take a billionaire bilionaire another alleged failure while played with the use of the word alleged? It is you know there's two ways as to look at Bloomberg and I'm curious what the so called establishment and we say so called because I do think there's a few members of this establishment that might make some moves in the next few weeks. Harry Reid did big one you whether he does it publicly or puts his finger on the scale and some for me. I'm a little uncomfortable with Nevada is a real test and I say this for this reason Carl after the Iowa debacle. Michael Nevada is still a very young contest and it does feel like two. People can have an outsized impact the head of the the Culinary Union and Harry Reid in fairness Iowa. There isn't to people that feels like. Oh you could change the trajectory of the Ray Fared Iowa. They can't even count the votes but I'm curious to see nobody in the establishment was ready to wrap their arms around Pete when he proved himself as the guy at Iowa. Amy Is more known quantity does clyburn. Who Stang he is cleverly waited because he knows his fish fry once seal fish the fish fry? Uh but Harry. Reid knows her well and Harry. Reid cares about winning the Senate and he knows it. Mark Kelly in Arizona and John Hickenlooper in Colorado. Whether Amy Wins Angelou's they've won they'll run with amy and harp does that. Do we see amy. Get something like that where some people start going. Let me prop her up a little bit. Well Yeah that's my question and the other one is is out is Bloomberg play out West. You know he's a essentially in the mid West let alone right east coast sky. I think he's from Boston. He's lived in New York all this time he does. He translate to Nevada to translate the Colorado. Does he translate to Michigan. I mean Green Bay. Here's the other thing we're we're we're killing him here but It's true but but these are these are questions to answer. I mean there's there's a campaign ad that will right itself itself about Bloomberg's relationship with China and the fact that people in Wisconsin and Michigan and Pennsylvania have strong instinctive anti-china reactions because because of so many in terms of jobs that just got hoover up and deposited in China. Barack Obama was in danger of losing Michigan. Actually particularly. Excuse me Wisconsin Iowa and Ohio in twelve all he did. He didn't run positive at. He just ran Romney China ads the entire time and just just pounded Romney to death on the issue John. You're absolutely right about China and that matters not just in the primary but also it would matter. In general to where trump's I mean. Obviously trump's was China policy is mixed and the fact that he just entered phase one of the trade deal with the Chinese as something. That's not necessarily going to be helpful to him. But regardless he's going to he's going to be able to bill himself As way more hawkish on China than Blooberg who says that Xi Jinping is trying to take care of his constituents and the Stop and Frisk Issue Carl I mean it is a classic you you only switched your position because you decided you wanted to run for president as a Democrat. That that's true. Jesse Jackson Bill Clinton Dick Gephardt and George H W Bush did on abortion portion which is more visceral people kind of get that the political parties have sacred cows. And you have to be there that that tape. That emerged bloom. Brown's speaking taking really to frankly for woke political party to absorb eating saying it was now that that wasn't part of that could the survive. That wasn't part of that policy. He said something like that who already has his own sort of maradas associate. Probably not but number that. Stop and Frisk is interesting because the Democratic Democrat Party has changed since that policy was enacted. But but what Bloomberg didn't say is should have said I think. Look this policy saved black and Latino lives. There's no question did it. Did it breed contempt and mistrust for the police. Because that was the issue we wrestle with and build a buzzer decided. They did and he did away with. I have no quarrel with what he did. But I still defend the policy. If you'd said that that's on more nuanced answer than he gave and so he does seem gene just opportunistic audit. He doesn't seem like he's really telling you what he thinks. Either thing is regardless of the defense that he makes. It's going to be a huge ability for him. Remember Hillary Clinton's decade old comment on superpredators was used it. You trump used it to to go after her and and the fact that African American voters were not more galvanized as the reason and trump became president even if Bloomberg does and elaborate and persuasive apology. Tour that's not gonNA keep trump from putting up you know millions of facebook ads saying here's something Bloomberg said two years ago that rings as incredibly insensitive an ugly to African American Latino voters who actually have had to deal with police brutality. Yeah I don't make sure I understand we're talking about here. You have a general election so Bloomberg against trump is what we're really saying that we think in the primaries Democrats are GonNa look at that because uh and not like it because what Democrats are really all about nominating the best person to defeat the president is that trump and all you can get non white vote though now Bloomberg Lemberg I think is already proven at least so far he can be competitive there just with towers advertisements. What did you guys make of? Joe Biden showing up in South Carolina last night and reading the stage directions. He didn't tell blacks all the time he didn't tell black and let black voters why they should vote from. He said I'm hearing I need black votes in your black. It was the the weirdest thing. Oh he hit. It is let me pause here because I want to have the conversation and I wanted was totally. Have it here. Let's pause. We'll be right back. Hi everyone it's Nicole Wallace deadline White House on. MSNBC did you know you can listen into deadline and all your favorite MSNBC shows as podcast. You can catch up on Morning Joe all in with Chris Hayes the last word with Lawrence O'Donnell Casey DC and more four anytime on the go search for your favorite MSNBC shows wherever you're listening to this podcast and subscribe for free and thanks for listening. Hey Guys Willie really guys here. This week on the Sunday. Sit Down podcast. I get together with Golden Globe winning actor. Ewan McGregor to talk about a prolific career that includes his latest role in the Superhero Film. Birds of prey get that conversation now for free. Wherever you download your podcasts Mr Cannon? You brought up. Joe Biden was that was that nuts. Nuts no no. I'm there's part of me. That thinks it's Bruce Willis in the six cents. It's a candidacy that everybody knows is dead except the candidate and yet there is a there is an uncertainty in this field in an uncertainty certainty about both club Sean Bondage. Where if you if I went into the coma for three weeks and I woke up and you told me that Biden eked out a win in South Carolina Alana? It wouldn't surprise now. I agree with that. It wouldn't surprise me either but it means he stays in. And it only probably scrambles things more and then that gives Bernie an edge and I think I think it's almost safe to assume he still has has the best chance of winning South Carolina if it were tomorrow. I think the broader question is if he does. He's at enough. Is that enough for him to raise a ton of money money and persuade all the donors who have all but given up on him by now news of the message. The Mega Donors Wall Street folks that his campaign will be relying on for significant financial support to persuade them that he's actually viable and the reality is like when you come out on the debate stage and the first thing you say that you expect to lose two contests that does not inspire confidence a mining people whose job it is to pick winners. She Jeb Bush. Well if that's the least most recent corollary. Yeah but But I'm a hearing you to talk about this. And let's say he wins South Carolina. Then what then is he John McCain in two thousand eight remember McCain was dead people quit quit his campaign none of would write about nobody came to his rallies. Voters still liked him. you go out with him. You'd see if he wins. If Joe Biden can win South Carolina. What does does that mean? But you just hit on the problem. You just talked about his South Carolina speech is John McCain is he that version John McCain McCain was a good candidate and I've covered Joe Biden the good candidate in nineteen eighty seven. And he's not a natural. It's odd because you think. He spent fifty years as a politician you think is. Why isn't he better? You're at it but it's funny. You know he's good at. He's good with us. He's good with the press over the years and people any. He's a good glad hander. Like the one on one voters love a hugger you know. Hasn't he kinda stopped being good with the press though he's basically bunker down for the last a couple of weeks hardly doing any interviews. I think I think it's campaign is hiding. I'll just be frank. That doesn't if this were him. Think he'd be out there. I I part of me says let them be who he is and if it doesn't work it doesn't work but they're trying to protect him. I it comes across like the protect. That's what when he left New Hampshire early as they didn't want him to speak that night in New Hampshire. I would've left to. Under those circumstances go to South Carolina I was frankly Lisbeth warn. I thought might do the same thing jumping or something like that. You know candidates I think I wanNA say Hillary Clinton did do that for years ago. Why isn't Lutheran? I'm doing better she last night evening. Machar got I think more than twice as many votes as as Elizabeth Warren End Joe Biden. Put together I think I think last night in the last two contests us have been arguably much worse for Warren than for Biden because Biden has an historical argument to make of he has this untapped coalition of African American and Latino voters who haven't really Lee Ben poll yet who like Him Elizabeth Warren. Meanwhile gets its trounced in in a state where she should arguably has much home state advantages Bernie Sanders. Does that's rough. She made a decision to hug burning early and then realized that was a mistake and never figured out how to dig your way out of it. I mean you're asking what happened that's why I will. If you're asking you may have your bitch he's GonNa get written and you can feel the conventional wisdom's jailing around this and I think that she said I'm with Bernie Medicare for all thinking that's what I'm GonNa do. And Hug him can. And then try to move to move to the center. And that just wasn't room there got caught. Will that that Gambit of hers where she she said that Bernie came to earn a win on meaning. A woman couldn't be elected president very few people I know believes that story I think by the way the numbers indicate it backfired on her. There's no evidence. But that was a successful strategy. And her efforts to unhugged Bernie on Medicare for all also correlate with her polls kinda dipping. You know what it did. I've always said with Elizabeth Warren exposed her as a politician. Right when you make when you do a flip flop or you do this the worst thing to get caught doing sometimes when you're running for president his just being another politics true. Yeah that's true. And for an ultimately either people support Medicare for all in the care air about it or they think it's bad idea. I don't think there's a lot of people who are sort of `incrementalist on this really complex policy issue. By the way though did you hear her speech last night. Yeah no not all cable channels that we carried it at NBC News. Now we cared or speech. She made it crystal clear. She's GonNa be with burning when she said you know. I don't WanNa see somebody who wants to burn it you know. Be The last. Do whatever it takes to be the last person standing. I mean she has made it clear. That's a problem for Bernie if he wants to be the nominee. I've always thought Warren was his bridge to the establishment and if she refuses to be that Bill Bridge and decides not to be that. That's a a big problem for Bernie while she was also. She was also alluding to the negative ads. That Joe Biden run against advantage. So she she was trying. I'm the peacemaker. The candidate Kennedy shot for a second. I thought she was GonNa Doors Amy right there. Yeah then you wouldn't that have dramatic now and I think I particularly looking at the way that she's kind of struggling to continue making the case for herself. It's just it was just bad. It was just a really hard night and the way that and it also points to the extent to which Bernie supporters are both his biggest strength and biggest liability and they knocked on tens of thousands of doors. There's in New Hampshire on election day. You he won by a fairly small margin you count the number of doors they knocked on. They knocked on more doors votes. He won by. It's incredibly valuable his supporters. I think arguably the most galvanized at the same time. They're also the ones that anger the other candidates the most and it's and it and it seems pretty clear it seemed clear to me from the way the Elizabeth Warren spoke last night that her team team and her supporters are not enchanted by some of the Bernie. Internet army. Politics is about some you know edition. Good politicians are about addition. It's always been something that I think. That is a problem for trump right. He does not think about that. It is what was Obama's great gift. It's what Buddha Ludi judge is being. You know. There was always room for somebody to be this candidate when he says I welcome everybody and you know I call Republican future former Republicans acute way but he what is he doing. Bernie's me so people are not open. If you're not with them on everything they don't want you. It seems like it's bad. It's bad look seems like they're making a similar bet it to the bet that worked for trump in two thousand sixteen. which is there are voters who didn't vote because they never found a candidate they like and if we get them to turn out in the right place at the right time we can squeak through and and that's a really risky bet to make especially when it comes at the cost of alienating a lot of traditional Democrats away weirdly enough that trump manage manage not to eliminate a lot of traditional Republican voters? Although obviously the Republican Establishment was was incredibly incensed with trump. The actual voters themselves like them. Just this this idea of yours at the purest 'em for the Bernie people but in a Wants to win. He's a competitive guy. He does and he in his and his team Indus- yeah and he and Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buddha just had some variation of this Kabuki. Dance in New Hampshire. They said an answer to a question. Yeah if you're not pro-life rely not pro-choice you can't be a democrat. And then you had this imagine. Imagine they went back to their headquarters in their people their managers. What are you talking about? Where does it even come from? You're not talking nail. You're talking to New Hampshire electric in a forty percent of independent voters. Oh and then they came back out by the way. I want a big tent and we need that. They all sort of you've worked. Globus Shore Converts on this point. But the point of an amy cluber shirt. Understood this all along but you can't copyright that idea and I think that Luda judge his that's his latest thing now and last night Bernie Sanders made some overtures in this direction. I think the Democrats get that that Donald candidates do yes ask the candidates. Yeah the question. Is these particularly these Bernie. Supporters Bernie Bros.. Don't they they. They are in different. They're in a different place. I mean if you're not gonNA fight for Medicare care for all on day one and you're a corporate sellout. Yeah and it's it's interesting when in Bernie is not pure on this. The nurses are dark money super PAC or helping him him and he even says we'll look in the general election. You know if Michael Bloomberg wants to spend a billion dollars to help Bernie Sanders get elected president. I don't think Bernie Sanders is going to denounce him. Carl no well that's right. That's right do you think Bloomberg should have run as an independent. You know I think Bloomberg should follow the New Hampshire and South Carolina primary so I think I think he he would've been competitive in New Hampshire. If you don't hurt earlier I didn't there's only downside to Bloomberg honoring late for him due to win late entering won the nomination. Well when is late eight entry had a billion dollars money to spend. I fully get that. I will make this one interesting. There's two points I want to note Tom's tires. outspent everybody in Iowa New Hampshire and and in those two places he had competitors and he got nowhere when you spend money when no when you're only selling when you're selling vanilla ice cream no one else is selling ice cream. You're going to corner the market all of a sudden there's other flavors even if you salvo even if you have the biggest vanilla ice cream store somebody might still want to go to another place and by strawberry or chocolate. And that's my curiosity. On Bloomberg how realises numbers stiers numbers turned out not to be very real right. Well he he doesn't but he doesn't come across as a serious candidate to me. Bloomberg does and Bloomberg has much bigger national name. I D I mean despite stiers impeachment your TV campaign which ran for a while and got him. Some limerick is just unknown quantity nationally and has been for decades. That's right and he was mayor of the largest city in the country and he had a pretty pretty good record. You know what stiers d'etre candidate I can tell you Bloomberg's though right now your Bloomberg thanks that Donald Trump is not not up to the job that he's not a good President Bluer saying I've succeeded everything I've ever tried and I've tried politics and I've never lost the election. And and here's my record. One of the thing that has been overlooked in these first two states in the particularly Paul New Hampshire according to the exit poll a majority Georgia voters that voted in the Democratic primary. Betsy supported Clinton Not Sanders in the New Hampshire Democratic primary now sanders obviously won that primary by twenty points. The point is obviously number one. A whole bunch of other people showed up. That didn't show up before but it's a reminder Bernie Sanders thought his support was it was the question about Sanders Sixteen how much of it are true believers and how much of it is anti Clinton we now know is literally fifty fifty a quarter of this Democratic Party Carl Cannon Hannah unlike the Clintons Yeah Yeah. We're willing to vote for a socialist in order to stop will the yeah that that's right so sanders is GonNa have to do it all over again. Nothing he did for years ago is helping him he. I'm not saying no. I'm not saying this. The the experience didn't help him as a candidate right. But those voters need to be sold all over again the Clinton you don't want Hillary Clinton's endorsement. I really actually. I've been going to think amy. KLOBUCHAR would like want it notes. It's so crazy similar similar to the relationship between trump and the Bush family where the bushes went from being the dominant standard bears of the Republican Party for forever and then all of a sudden. You have the Republican nominee bashing the last Republican president successfully. It's an and I think it also speaks more broadly to the way that American politics are just changing so fast right now and the way that so so much of the old guard of political parties and incredibly well established leaders have lost the confidence of the people who used to support them and and just voters are behaving in ways. That are really scrambled and unpredictable. I noticed that Jordy but are behaving in ways that don't match the way they've behaved in the past. And that makes this entire primary really difficult to predict it my entire lifetime. We've never really had a contested convention. eighty-four four km eighty four eight. Close Ish away. Not really think we'll have on this. Tom Com well Sean. Trendy writing realclearpolitics this morning walks through the reasons and you know them. Chuck have the change the rule they made it easier than ever because the rule change. They started this. The Democrats did in nineteen seventy two with George McGovern. They McGovern was the Bernie of his day although he was a war hero by today's standards pretty moderate. But this this idea where you don't have any winner take all states. It's it's hard for can't to catch fire doesn't help you catch fire. Almost look at this thing. Buddha judges one both finished second both states brings went to they had a delegate. Yeah by one or two line you start. If all these candidates stay in and Bloomberg carry some states and and Joe Biden gets a comeback. It's hard to see how so someone gets a majority of the delegates. Someone have a plurality and that might be Bernie Sanders and then you start to see the problem in Milwaukee which is an opportunity for us. 'cause it's a great story. It is a great story. And Hey Milwaukee's had according to Wayne's world three socialist mayors so crazy to think there might be a contested convention like. I know it has happened sometime the way that I can't put together coherent sentences because the situation seems so totally wild but you know and of course we will end up in a two six ninety six nine electoral. Why not why? Not because let's test every part of the constitution can't bet she saw. What was Sean always fun? Thank you guys thank you. Hey it's MSNBC's Chris. As this week on my podcast wise this is happening. I'll be talking with John Farrow about the way to beat trump. I feel like too much of the conversation around. Twenty twenty in politics is a conversation. We're all having with ourselves ourselves so I wanted to do. Focus groups of groups of People Democrats probably need to win not just the Obama trump voters but non-voter sporadic voters Romney voters Clinton voters. And then I thought will I would go to all the different regions that we need and also talked to. The activist organizers on the ground about how they're trying trying to persuade the voters that's this week why is this happening please. Search wise is happening. Wherever you're listening now and subscribe and joining me? Now is McKay coppins coppins as a staff writer at they Atlantic and he's the author of the Wilderness. A book about the battle over the future of the Republican Party. He's also known around these parts as the Romney Romney Whisper. He seems to have become an expert on all things Romney world. Don't I'm sure he's trying to figure out how. How did he end up with this moniker but he has? He is the Mitt. Romney was whisper and from peer delicto to the decision to convict Donald Trump. When Mitt Romney has something to say he goes to you Mr Cop and so it's nice to see? Yeah thanks for having me. I will admit it did not surprise me that there was a point where I realized that it made more sense for Romney to vote to convict. It would have been a harder. Vote for him to defend if he didn't that's interesting. You know we talk to you and I about Mitt Romney's kind of trajectory last year when I it's it's been a bunch of time profiling him and he's talking about the president and he was just at the beginning of the impeachment. Proceedings was really appalled. By what what was coming out and when I wrote that piece I wrote that and I felt pretty strongly that he was thinking about himself in terms of history right he was thinking about his legacy and how he would be remembered and specifically how his time in Washington would be remembered. And if you think about it in that context it frankly does make more sense for him to do the principle thing. Do the the courageous thing to take the vote that he feels is right. But it's funny. Because when I got called by his office I said and they said you know the senator wants to be with you. He's going to tell you his vote. When you sit down it'll be embargoed until he gives us speech they wouldn't give it'd be any which way he was leaning within the embargo? Give you that. Well no I mean frankly because he was already a lot of build up to. I think that they wanted to but I have to say like so. I prepared two sets of questions for one if he was gonNA vote to acquit. One is going to come back and I will say by that point. I was really split but in my acquittal questions were more detailed on my conviction question interest. It's not that I necessarily conviction about I. Guess so. It's not that I lost. You know it's not that I thought for sure I knew what he would do but I just thought like there had been such a wrathful response from the right and the and he had gotten so so much flack that I did wonder and he'd been quiet throughout the proceedings. He basically wasn't giving any indication so I thought there was a pretty good chance he would say. Look there's an election this year. Let's let the American people decide which was a lot of Republicans ended up. How much of this do you think? And I think there probably is no way for any of us to know for sure. Sure because this is what's in his head but this felt like George Romney decision. The I absolutely would get that right. I mean George Romney. He looms so large in my mind he is his role model. He's the man who he casts a shadow of everything he's done throughout his life. And and look at George Romney's legacy so in the moment on Vietnam everybody's like Oh. He's the Weirdo who claims. He was brainwashed You know thirty years later. Everybody's like now. He was the first guy willing to tell you what the commanders were doing and now George Romney seems like a truth teller. Yeah and I gotTA gotTa think on Civil Rights Goldwater he you know. He had these moments where he had decisive. Dramatic breaks the Republican Party. which in in popular example in retrospect seem like they make a lot of sense in the moment? Probably were very difficult and politically politically in the moment. May Have I mean we know at least with Vietnam. Tom were kept him from the presidency. I mean who knows if he would have won but at least slowed his his techno from national leadership and probably at a minimum. You know he would have been a bigger player. Perhaps Nixon era or something. So you know Romney has had and this. This is true of anyone you talked to him. He talks about the. They'll they'll say this and he's talked about it with me. I think always in the back of his mind. He has wanted to feel like he could continue that legacy feel like he could do something that was similar to how his father put principle over party and this was his opportunity. I mean when we talked the day before he he he took this vote and made his speech He he cited. He volunteered that he had been thinking a lot about a passage of Mormon scripture that his father had taught him he actually Mitt Romney said that George had written it into his scriptures as a kid and giving it to women and he said that was kind of painting around in his mind as he decided to take this vote and so I do think that George Romney was was an important figure in in this decision Let's get on the details a little bit. This is a guy who's been pretty. He is on the side of Russia is a is an adversary of the United States. And I know there's a part of him that feels even more emboldened to defend that position after the attempt by Barack Obama to to to to Diminish him for for saying that at the time. And you know which one which one is history Whitcombe is history going to be kinder to on this one but I gotta think on substance it is this Russian Russian threat that has to have lingered in the back of Romney's mind that really trouble him more than just the specific that trump did with the the aid. Yes I think that he feels like it not that long ago. Being a Russia Hawk was the normal default position of the Republican Publican Party. And all of a sudden it's not and I think that actually as we've talked about Russia I haven't written a lot about this but in multiple conversations. He's brought up a foreign oren policy and he talks about China but he also talks about Russia and it almost feels like he feels an extra urgency to to act because they're suddenly so few you voices in his party. You know talking about the the geopolitical threat of Russia. What does he make of of Uh of the senators that basically agree with them but didn't do what he did which is more a lot of Republican? Senators Rubio's the most God Marco Rubio Mitt Romney on paper. You would say the same the same person ideologically and I think they in many ways instincts are the same. They know what they want to be. The party holds them back. They would like to be larger figures than just what they are But you can tell one guy's comfortable in his skin right now and one isn't well and one of one guy is a is at the end of his career and one guy is still wants to be president right. I mean Marco. Arabia still wants to be president. Do you think Mitt Romney fifteen years ago to convince I don't know and I think I'd say noble but I do think that Mitt Romney would say and he's says he said this recently that he made a lot of compromises when he wanted to be president wanting to be president leads you to make calculations absolutely. He's right all right abortion position right. That's the biggest so I think that if this happened before his two presidential runs it's a very different situation. I don't no how what he would have done but yeah I mean I think that when I asked him about his fellow Republican senators. I said you know you're going to probably be the only Republican to do this. How how do you feel about it? And he said he tried to be diplomatic. He said at first everyone has to follow their own conscience. I'm not telling I'm not saying that. Just because I believe this is the right thing to do. It's what everyone has to do but it was funny because then when you would actually press him on the defenses that we've heard or the rationalizations we've heard from Republicans. He started to get worked up and he would would get kind of irritated by them. You know the especially this idea that we should just punt on the whole thing and light Americans decide and the election. He said elections elections of course have their purpose but they're the impeachment process is carved out in the in the constitution and was deliberately designed to be separate from electoral politics politics. That's why we all took this to be impartial. Jurors so the idea that you just got really worked up by this idea that that they should just completely I wash their hands of it and let the voters decide. What do you get the sense? He's really close with anybody in the Senate yet. I I get the sense that he's is treated a bit like a celebrity senator that he's people are respectful but standoffish towards the feeling and for from conversations. I've had you and you can also see it but the conversations have been that way. Well it's it's funny if you watched it. There are a lot of reporters obviously in the chamber during the Senate Trial L.. And they would kind of tweet little observations. Everyone was watching Mitt Romney to see. Oh you're react. Tried to kind of mask his his reactions for obvious reasons but they would talk about you no when he would go up and talk to colleagues Democrats and Republicans always seemed like they were trying to convince him of something he would kind of. Just stand there my my sense and I've talked to You know people around him is that he gets along with a lot of senators but he doesn't have like close friends or close. That's what I that's that's that's actually Mitt Romney's problem is a candidate He everybody likes them but nobody knew him right. I think this is going to be an especially Ashley difficult period for the next at least a year or so the rest of this year because I mean look trump went reelection. I assume Mitt Romney realizes that he's probably done. It's going to be very hard for him to advance the legislative agenda that he wants. If trump doesn't win I assume Mitt Romney suddenly link is not alone next year that there is a there is a public chorus of people that say and he's an Romney suddenly the chair of this new the Nunan trump wing of the Republican party. I think if trump is defeated especially in a definitive way but even if he if he loses at all you'll see a lot of soul-searching in the Republican Party thirty. There's GonNa be a wing of the Republican Party that outlives trump's presidency but there are percents of Republican senators as we know don't like that wing wing of the party and they're pretending to and if they if they feel a little bit less pressure to To give into that. I think that you'll see them. Vocally agree with Mitt Romney. Mr How does he feel now about Democrats who attacked him for things like how he put a dog on the roof of his car. And and all the the silly smallish nece stuff. which by the way I know plenty of Democrats back thing going yeah knowing what we know now with trump boy we were kind of silly back then but I I'm sure campaign and look I think that he he probably would say he said and did things and of course of the campaign that he would dial back now? I do think he's kind of amused by the strange new respect. He's enjoying in certain quarters of Washington. You know like he knew it was funny because when we talked he was primarily bracing himself for the blowback from the right but he kind of also knew that like he was gonna get fed by a lot of the you know comfortable for him for him and I also think there's been been a lot of cynical takes from Romney detractors on the right about this like oh he just wanted the chattering classes to line was he was never really Republican. Remember when he ran for the Senate against Ted Kennedy. Reagan was like Oh my God and son of George Romney's out a real Republican. Give me a break but this is the thing. I think that people underestimate how how difficult it is for him to go from being the Republican standard bearer. Not that long ago eight years ago to just this complete Republican exile and outcasts. Do you know his his immediate colleagues in the Senate a lot of them do respect his vote. They've even said look he's he's free to vote his conscience and it doesn't mean anything to us like we'll continue took some shots took her do uh-huh killer. I mean he was on my show and really took a shot at Jeff Flake and then I really. We did a similar thing. Romney they I mean and also you know a lot of the conservative media. It's not just the Sean Hannity's of the world who by the way Sean. Hannity was a big champion champion of Mitt. Romney's in two thousand eight entity not a hannity. It looked the guy has no principle. I mean the guy. He's he's a partisan he's whatever eerily early partisan beliefs. It's sort of like whatever I'm supposed to believe for the person that I'm supposed to have you know I mean didn't at one point Roger Ailes says oh no be pro immigration so he said okay. We're going to be pro-immigration and then that's unpopular. No no no I never met. I mean I mean Hannity Look Lauraingraham Principal Tucker Carlson sticks to the you handed. He's the one that just literally is a finger in the wind of the right wing world. My point is that Mitt Romney was friends and allies with a lot of these people people and for a long a good period of his political career. These were the people rely on to to to have his back and he would suck up to them and now to have them all all just excoriating him constantly. That's not as easy as I think. A lot of like outside observers would think like well who cares these nice editor oriels in the Washington Post. This is the part automates as we told you. These guys were disingenuous. Those of us in the press release come on what are you doing. Don't don't feed the troll well and this is kind kind of a bigger problem right. I think we're seeing the dynamic that we're seeing now play out. Is anyone who wants to do. What Mitt Romney did you know and there are probably a good number? Republican senators are watched that speech. And we're like man. I wish that I could have given that speech but the entire structure of the conservative media in the Republican Party just completely there is no oh no incentive to do anything like corrupted the weekly standard okay. They wouldn't literally the guy who was helping to fund. It was threatened at this point at some former another. They weren't allowed to. How dare you criticize trump within the Republican tent? Okay there's this. There's no room for dissenter argument or debate at all all the retribution. Going to be real and it's GonNa hit anybody named Romney. I mean I gotta think I know that had to weigh heavily when he says he consult with his kids. I mean it's I mean it's going to be tough attack. It's going to be tough on these guys going to be tough on. I think one of the one of THEM WANTS TO RUN FOR OFFICE IN UTAH. Josh Josh. Thank you I gotTA think Josh knows. He's gotTa wait. It's going to be difficult for a little while and likely will get better and even in Utah. There's there's been a lot of criticism in Utah and that state is very split on trump in the Republicans are very split and he will be Romney will be to Utah. Republicans what McCain Tares on a Republicans chunk that will always be with them. The Independence and Democrats are always in. Br finally embraced McCain. And that's what will happen is always. Keep them untouchable untouchable. That's right. That's right. That said I mean you have to remember what you said about his family Israel he. He dragged his family through two presidential campaigns bruising affairs I mean and this is for his kids his grandkids like this was not an easy process and now he's exposing them again to another round of kind of hysterical attacks I I feel guilty when my daughter gets crap on instagram. Because of me okay. She didn't do anything they literally. Some Bernie Bros. or Maga- heads WANNA harass people right. That's this is on steroids. It's yes and I mean. I think his kids are proud of him. I think his wife his proud of him but he even told me when I sat down with him he said just that past week and this was before his vote they had gone to Florida for just the weekend and in walking king down the street somebody roll down the window while he was with his wife and yelled traitor out the window at them. I mean he's getting yelled at in public. He's also getting some praise. I mean there was some reporting. He Got Brown of applause on the plane. So that's what it's GonNa be like for him for a little while traveling with us in other words. How do we know they were clapping for Ben Sasse and there is? There is no doubt that the Ben Sasse two years ago would have praised the Romney speech. We'll we'll read Ben Sasse. WHO's running for reelection in Nebraska and wanted to avoid a primary challenge from somebody with the last name of Ricketts? Couldn't say guarantee you the private conversation that Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse out on that plane was very different than what we heard publicly. What is what is Romney? Think of the Senate you know. It's funny funny. Because when I first talked to him when he got to Washington last year he was so optimistic about he had this like it was almost naive but it was kind of inspiring. How optimistic domestic was that? He could get things done you know he felt like oh by the way on Romney's always so like I say this with love I mean we can do it like I say this because I'm Mormon it's a mormon. Optimism is a neat to mormonism. Vet Always optimistic optimistic. I wish I could bottle. It's a good. It's a good quality. It's made Utah very successful state. And it's good but but I think that when it comes crashing going into this cynical realities of an institution like the Senate it produces a different outcome. And I think that you know He. He told me it's probably going to be difficult for a while for me to kind of do anything meaningful in the legislative around but he also said this year is not going to be a year of great legislative accomplishments. Anyway it's an a presidential election But I think that he's learned a lot about this about this institution He still has that kind of idealistic approach approach to the the Senate as as a great deliberative body and he wants that to be true. Almost wants to like will that to be true but I think this has been an education for for you. Think there's anything left about him. It's misunderstood or do you think. We have so dissected this guy in public and I say this and that I feel like I feel like I. Here's a guy I don't know L.. Personally we've had plenty of interaction. The I was calling professional interaction yet. He is a public figure. I feel like I know so much about. Yeah and you know Oh in part of it is reading no reading about George Romney and you know he so much of his life has been lived in public even when it wasn't his choice with his dad that it it does make you feel. Is there any part of him that you know I mean I think there's probably always another layer. Here's what I do think. I think that everyone who who feels like. They've learned about Mitt Romney through this. This reasons process a lot of people will unlearn that lesson when he votes to confirm some controversial conservative nominee. He's conservative and that's that's the thing that I think people are GonNa forget that just because he did this. This was his conscience this is but he. He has an abandoned and in his conservative beliefs. He's ethical. I think that a lot of people at the head it was. I didn't know ethics had an ideology or a part on. This is yeah I think a lot of people think it does. And so he's ready for the strange new respect to evaporate sometime when he when he does something he's he's writing and it's sort of a you know a part of a part of Washington that we always lament is missing and I always say it's never been there. It's probably never the we. We say it used to be. It's like an artificial nostalgia for some period that does never actually existed. Okay cop and it's it's the Romney whispered. Is that a fair. I mean I'll take it sure I'm not gonna I'm not going to reject it. I don't know if Romney would agree but we I hope we'll continue following the democratic race. Yes he's very unhappy about the rights of Bernie Sanders. I was just gonNA say endorse it. Amy Klobuchar is the type of candidate. He might actually. It's interesting because he did it. He ruled out he said. I cannot conceive of voting for Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. Right and then he said Asked the other Democrats. We'll see what they do so at. That's nothing would surprise me Mr K.. coppins thanks very much thank you. Could you see you've been listening to that. Chuck Todd cast from meet the press. If you've enjoyed the show you can download for free on apple podcast. Actually it's free even if you don't like the show But it it is available for free on apple podcast spotify. Wherever you get your podcast? We prefer people with joy. The showcase today's episode was produced by Ryan Braun. John Raises our executive producer. Matt forbears senior producer steeply. PODCAST music is good like media. I'm Chuck Todd. You can get to meet the press. MSNBC every day at five or big show every Sunday morning. Thanks for listening and until we upload again.

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Episode 151: Casey J

That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs

52:20 min | 1 year ago

Episode 151: Casey J

"Hi Friends welcome to episode of that Sounds Fun. I'm your host any F- down so happy to be here with the day our music in the background it's from our good friend. Mr Ryan O'Neal also known as sleeping it lasts make sure. Are you grab all his stuff. He's just so talented. I just think the world of him a few months ago our friend Andro Sangha was on the podcast you may remember from May when he was on and told us about transitioning and pivoting and how your life can change has an incredible edible podcast called the pivot that you should definitely check out and in that podcast or right after I can't remember he told me about Casey Jay and how we should meet and befriends because we both went to Georgia we both used to be teachers and we both are in a creative field now and so a few weeks leaks go when she was at national we sat down and got to have a really honest beautiful fun conversation about life and music and going to the same college and what life is like now so I think you are GonNa love this conversation. I'm so grateful to have met her. Here is a few minutes with our friend Casey. J You teach Yoga Yoga's okay. We have to start their help me but I'm GonNa Right so I'm terrible interrupt rupture so that's why I have a notebook is so I just tried not okay you do yoga as well I do what made you decide to become an instructor so it's a really like sad story but it turns out good about two years ago. I had a panic attack on a plane passed out. I'll like staring at the. How long were you like? Are you like me where you're on the road all the time. I I all the time so forth flied in today's tell me what the trigger was. Do you know so it was a couple of things I actually a friend of mine. Her Dad passed. I went to sing for her because she had some bookings. I'll do it so driven home and then Roland called me and said Hey. How fast can you get back to the airport? <hes> I have to drive back around. I went to the wrong gay. Then I got on the wrong flight I hadn't eaten and I felt myself getting hot yeah and then because we booked the flight so late I was like at the very bad or on a window seat and I felt like I am now. I can recognize it like win in but I didn't know what it was. I was like Oh man. I'm high right and I felt myself like hey you gotta get up and by the time I got up. You just fell on the floor having a panic attack or plastic so this is where it gets fuzzy I can't I wasn't and honestly it made me start thinking there so many of us that do ministry for living and we serve God and we're we're not doing. We're not kicking babies doing anything terrible and we still had to take care of ourselves. It's not enough just to do. Kingdom work like I got put on bedrest for two weeks this year because I was having migraines on planes. My face was on the floor of the Atlanta airport. It's not it's nice saying and it and to me and I've been on this kick like rest is worshipped to worship to come on the Mike so balance because when I talk about this a lot of times I'll have friends push back that are listening and go but that's so selfish no nope first of all if it was good enough. God is good enough for us okay if he chose a day to rest and we don't choose that and a lot of us what we do is so got shows one out of seven days to rest right so a lot of us what we do is we'll go eighteen eighteen days in a row so we don't realize we're about to pass do yeah. That's right the heck it up and now we're in debt for rest and that's hard to make up. You can't just sleep for three days. You look I'm doing for the month right. It doesn't doesn't work that way and so I think I honestly believe that we're not able to function at the capacity. That got has called us to without wrist. I don't think the rest of cells that's dad anybody. I don't care what you do. I think not doing it as poor stewardship of your body okay and so then we start getting. Are you gonNA preach this whole passionate about it. I'm super especially work in ministry and Yeah and we think because we're doing good. We should do it seventy two hours or is that right right okay so that led yoga yeah so you just started started going so you get off. The plane and you go like something has to change. No no no. I was like let's go. I was embarrassed yeah very embarrassed and then we just started having like these sort of like oh my chest as being really fast or whatever and I was like I can't maintain. This is what I really started to realize like. This isn't going to be just an isolated. If this is gonNA start being every time I stepped put on a plane that's right and there's no way I can maintain it and continue at the pace and I'm going and not intentionally rests as though it's my jaw because a portion of my job is risk yes and so yoga. How do you balance because I love Yoga as well but there is a like there are times where the instructor says stuff and I go that sells yes? There's a couple of things I've been rarely really really thankful. The day I walk. I found a youngster you're right by my the house and can you live in Atlanta at that time. Was Atlanta Houston now okay so I send my house in Atlanta okay. I'm mostly in Rawlins. Your manager managing my best friend. I just wanted to get Rollin is right. We've been friends for years before we ever did work together. That's all right. He's like the best okay so now you're in Houston. How come I've lived in Georgia my whole life yeah I have literally lived in Georgia forever and so we're doing a lot of content and things like this? I needed some just a new some new the staff look at something different than my Momma and now I get it. I I grew up in Atlanta's. I'll wear Marietta. Yes we were at Georgia at the same time. We're GONNA talk about it. Wherever we talk about it and I know you asked what about Yoga Yoga and weird stuff yes? I believe that Yoga just like anything else is benign and it's the intention that causes it to be good or bad okay so what happened was actually went to a local Yoga Studio and there I I've been looking at some faith based <hes> Yoga practices but there was nothing in Georgia yes and so my friend has like all you should hook up with my friend. I have a frame dominique. I went to class at just my regular studio and the instructor was Dominique. Oh let me say with <hes> <hes> faith-based Yoga Instructor Saya started going to her class and it's the main reason why I went to school to become a yoga instructor because I think that for a lot of people they'll spaces are not safe but the practice is so useful and it Solo <music> valuable and so my intention is to create safe spaces for particularly Christian creatives <hes> people that work in miniature do be able to do the benefits of yoga without worrying about having to spiritually compromise. Oh see that's the that's the thing that scares scares people. It does and I get it. I think there's a lot of misinformation but there is I mean I've ran into a Weirdo or two and I tell people all the time. My favorite thing about being an adult is I can leave anywhere that can live your wedding funeral. The baby's birthday your Bar Mitzvah. I can leave and Yoga Uber. We can literally literally leave anywhere in sorry. I tell people don't ever stay anywhere where you don't feel safe whether it be spiritually emotionally mentally get up stuff and go yes. Yes you paid your money. They get their fifteen dollars. I had a medical professional yeah that I was like what you got money but this isn't working so I'm gonNA walk away from the money and it's okay. It's you don't have to have a reason yes I just I think we thought we have to validated like I just felt in my spirit around number thirteen like no you can walk in there. Be Like Yeah 'cause even if God if you are feeling that that's God told me to break up with. You and I'm not going to do that to somebody. I'm just GONNA go. I'm walking out you. GotTa tell me to break up with you. I'm just leaving the truth is there is some Christians Pacers that don't really resonate with my spirit that to either so out that right and so we can just leave because we just a hundred percent. I love that that's a great because I think what what I learned in my yoga. Practice has been for lack of copying <hes> Bernie Brown's book titled The Gift of Imperfection and the actual practice of it. I'm like what you need to be doing is trying this again and trying this move again and and when the teacher says something that doesn't resonate quite right with me. I just go okay. What do I WANNA say here? If she's saying centered the energy around the core of will go like Yeah Holy Spirit's center me ground me in my life best part of my hi devotional practice has been. I realized like I would go. Let's say I'm awake. Eighteen hours a day none of that would be in silence. So how was I spending my day waiting on the Holy Spirit to speak to me if literally relief there was not an hour of silence in my day right cumulative right forget consecutive yeah that's right sixty minutes like there was not sixty minutes if you pulled him out of everything our area and we talk about prayer and we talk about listening for the Holy Spirit well we spend most of our days talking <hes> even in prayer we spend most of our prayer talking <hes> you're right so our of silence is healthy <hes> and just makes you line up. Everything in your head does better yeah. I agree with that. Where'd you go up in Atlanta apart southwest Atlanta okay so like Griffin? No that's defining alert city of Atlanta. Oh you're in what high school I saw went to high school in stockbridge and Mount Vernon Christian school. I've never been a public school. Okay <hes> Christian school would save me yeah I I wanted him out. There and I know we played the most like dope. It's like Easter productions. Aha Yes exactly Taylor. Oh yeah that's right. Okay we're right about. I was at Georgia Ninety eight two or three where you after me. No I was born there. I've been the OH U._G._A.. Yes I got G eight. Oh three okay perfect. We've just barely miss each other and you studied education. I did me too. I mean we were just living in that building is like a prison is a square. It is a square of Cinderblock yes and room to Oh. Oh three looks just like three zero. Three looks just like four three because it is the same room to stacked on top of each other. Would you what age group or you elementary yes so my degrees actually an early childhood education pre-k through second emphasis three three six but it's it's so funny when I do my job and tell me what training you have to be an author speaker I was like I have an early childhood education degree. I can teach anybody yeah. That's exactly right. That's the story that I'm going. I WanNa tell you something that happened and and I would love to talk about it. I was listening to you on the TANGAS. Yes the pivot. I love that guy. I like that and he's so great so it's here and art guy. No he just there. He just end office and sell we. We're kindred spirits. Your episode was so great willing to it in the show. Notes just thought I've learned so much but really I yeah I really enjoyed as a teacher went to a great if I enjoyed that but the deeper thing is in the faith space the two of conversations that are loudest right now are women in leadership in racial reconciliation and I might cry saying all this way I listened to you talk about Your Life at Georgia and I thought I don't know that we'd have ever met Georgia and you were n campus ministry and so as I and I just cried my way through the episode because I thought I didn't work to meet France that were different than May at Georgia so I'm really sorry I didn't work yeah more at that. I think a lot of us don't on both sides yeah I I think I think you'd be surprised how many people went to Georgia and they might as well have been to h V._C._U.. Rights they never her interacted with people who were not color. Yes so what episode Ministry were you involved in by that was president of African American Carlin Samba yes that's some and then I worked for two DIFF- two churches who had campus ministries of your time Timothy Baptist Church and then I say me okay and they both had had campus and then me in a friend of mine started a campus music ministry. How do you get that's Kinda Tab? I don't know I wish I had to stamina same seventeen eighteen year old. We were starting at Seven A._M.. And going like IOS graded by now I know where did you all's campus ministries meat so we met at school music okay like a whole faith-based thing in the school of music so. We took people on retreats. We did the whole nine. Wow what did you learn about college students and leading college students through that I think for me in it's it's played out over and over again in my life about kind of appear leading <hes>. I think something that we don't necessarily grasp will when you're called. She'll be in leadership over people. Who are the same ages you or have names? Saying level of education is you and so I think for me that was the first time I really started fasting fasting and praying and saying like Holy Spirit if you don't <hes> and helped me do this this won't ha that's right like all the charisma in the world all of the all of the degrees in the world like I literally don't know how to do this right and it was the first time I started realizing the we talk about like the Holy Ghost the Holy Spirit like is this thing we encounter on Easter right it was when it was the first time I really started understanding the day-to-day function of the Holy Spirit in my life and what is what does it look like. I think that the function of the Holy Spirit is to reverberate the desires of God from the inside of us out so the Holy Spirit knows thoughts and desires of God and he places it on the inside of us yes and so when the world are in the Yoga where we make our conscious conscious right yeah wishing yeah all of those things but no it's the spirit of God literally bouncing what God wants them all around inside of US until it gets down yeah how questions we ask people. All the time on the show is a bunch of people who eventually friends who are listening believe what we believe in full of them. Don't which I think is superfund because that's not my friend group is too yeah but for all of us were trying to hear God and one way or another. How do you hear God was? What does he sound like to you? I think for me in is this is all tied together. I think I've always wanted to hear God right and I think it would be great if there is this like Ottawa voice that like welcome Yup right through the speakers but a lot of is spending time in silence really. That's how you chairman in silence is because for me talk for living <hes> like everything I do has to do with me making some type of noisy out of my mouth thinking talking or whatever and I realized that there's not a lot of space for me to listen and so in silence silence I've been able to tune into this is what it feels like when the Holy Spirit is speaking so you vicious earned them yeah and I it's the same thing that happens like with our homes so you grow up in your house and you're just with your mom all day so now you know her voice so precisely I sleep right and now if you're in a mall with thousand people if your mom says girl she didn't have to say your name she could say hey you and because you spent so much time with her alone. You know her voice in a crowd yeah. The same thing is true with with the Voice of God's. That's good yeah I this weekend. I was the beach teaching church in the beach in Saint Simon's. I don't have to go Ansi Right. I was like a church at the time and a dad was trying to get his sons attention and he just whistled sold he did like this whistle and it turned both his kids yeah and I was like that's it. That's what God just to make a sound and for me to go yet. You're talking to me and no it <hes> and just literally no it and I think we wanted to be so spiritual and it is but our bodies were literally made practically to be able to do that like Joe Phrase. It's the crazy like I am thirty about to be thirty three years old. Yeah is in her sixties. She can like literally be in the hallway right now. And that's my mom. Yes like there's a tracker on my ear to the voice of mom and there's hacker in my heart to the voice of Gotten. What do you think about for people who don't believe than him? Do you still think that's true. Do you think that's still in them. Absolutely I think I think that there is a desire that probably is not able to be named. Will that's only fulfilled by God yeah. You know something's missing. You just don't know what it is yeah and for those of us who founded were like no that little hole shake perfectly forgot to that's that's right. It's the same way it's like someone who does like puzzles yeah and so you're like no. I know that peace peace that's right. I know exactly what should be exactly yeah. That's great. I think we all have that that longing. I think we were made you bet way as a part of our humanity. Sometimes we just don't know how to name it. Yeah thank you for that. That's how long did you teach elementary school. I taught elementary school for almost ten years did you so you're gonNA fresh out of the classroom. I am but you have to records out on you know I I was teaching full-time o.. Onnell took off on a Friday and did a recording and I went back to work on Monday. Oh my guy songwriters made money. It sounds like a good way to be homeless. I was era practically homeless teaching. I wasn't going to be full on teaching city. Schools are always taught entitled when schools May to <hes> in in the ripper Non Georgia people that's lower income lower lower morally percent because they based off a free and reduced believe is somewhere between forty and fifty yeah the reason is i. I have a really kind of specific niche in the elementary school which is attack Oh making a technology tolls and technology programs students so I was shopped around by a lot of private schools ally with a lot of money and I for me. I felt really convicted to teach kids. That looked like me <hes>. I'm never had a black teacher. The whole time I was in school oh wow okay ever. Oh Wow there were four black kids in my high school and two of them were my cousins three of the four in the same family absolutely absolutely yeah and so for me I was just like man I just feel like and you know if you know title one schools particular demographics of students and by and large it's children of color are not even getting the same resources right inside of the same county right and so for me that conviction was really really strong as we go and serve what count agent up teachings dekalb county okay <hes> when I started cy serve there's the first grade teacher then I came back and wrote a curriculum for them for their technology the department and then I went and worked for a <hes> virtual school as Connections Academy. Yes okay which is also still thought own yes. Oh Oh that's amazing so you did ten years and meanwhile you're also writing songs doing records. What's that sounds? Great sounds terrible. How that like well thought out? We've really well we. I really just recorded one song okay so we recorded it. I'll find you <hes> <hes> fill me out. Fill me up okay so we just recorded it at night in that one song every raise it went crazy but I was still teaching yeah so now. I wasn't lying writing songs while I was teaching the kids. I was just working working yeah like I wrote all the songs that I wrote on my first record. I wrote within two months of recording it. Oh my gracious. I thought the whole thing was like a joke like this is cute yeah. How'd you even find a place to record recorded on my Oh oh migration you're like hey everybody? Hey Yeah thing we do on Sunday. We're going to do it on a Friday record it. We're GonNa go and then you just self released it well by the time the I have been for for about a year <hes> a label came partner with us okay <hes> and I was working at that time with my then pastor and he was kind of working out of the music industry so we partnered with the labels. Tell me what year that was two thousand and fifteen so you're telling me since two thousand fifteen to two thousand nineteen you have left a teaching job. <hes> cut out two albums. I have moved to a city where you'd never lived anywhere but stated Georgia Ding Dong. You gave up everything I gave up everything. Why what you know what I gave everything before then so when I was in teaching at Brown's mills years before I felt the Holy Spirit in my classroom after school one day and I felt like it was just this knowing guy was like I want to do something special with you but you have to tell me yes now and that summer had didn't sign my contract packed up all my stuff and I put it in storage and I did the what scripture says like I will you will go to a place where I will show show you for the whole summer? I live on friends couches. I had no job. I'm like no prospect and resources be able to take care of myself but I knew God hadn't released me to our supposed to go and so I think that everything we've seen from two thousand fifteen to two thousand nineteen is the result of the Yes that I gave him in private right. Other people are catching up with it yes but I know that that yes was in your classroom where no one saw me yes. I saw pinchers thing that said after two it was like a health and working yea after two weeks. You'll tell the difference after four weeks. Yeah we'll tell the difference after eight weeks. Strangers will know and that sounds I say your angel of that said yes and private but it took years before the public sawed them results of that you would probably went to us but I would say that obedient the Lord Rewarding your obedience years after you said Yes yeah and you had no idea what is about then no wow I was gonNA die a teacher. I was going to be hacked. The teacher way too is with the PUMPKINS on overall. I miss decorating for Halloween. That's my favorite time. Maybe it's going to be fun and you know it's great. Jobs aren't going anywhere we not always we can go back to teaching literally in January if we wanted to and are getting bigger and bigger first grade is the highest. Oh Yeah I love I mean I've so much love and respect for teachers and what they do every day and I'm I'm wanting you yeah. Gotcha asked me do something different words some some amount of time and we don't know and I'm thankful for that. I know and I don't discredit people who have this journey where they like fresh Outta high school started making demo tapes and like shopping them around. I'm so thankful that I had a career career and I had sense of purpose yeah before I got into the music industry sheriff I see so many people kinda follow up under not knowing what their purposes and then having a platform but no purpose but because you did it the other way because I did it the other way like I I am grateful for what it is I do but I am not tied to what it is. I if God said let's do something else. We're GONNA do something else. So do you have a sentence. What's your purpose? Do you know what it is. I think for me I it's <music>. It's multifaceted. I think some of the things that I'm graced for is true multicultural worship spaces and multicultural conversations and the really really hard sucky Sucky sucky conversations yeah. I think I'm grace to be able to build bridges in that way yeah latasha Morrison. Do you work with Bill Bridge or any of that stuff now. Someone who I'm GonNa Remember Yeah if I go back and found it yeah I think that I and I think <hes> a lot of it for me is teaching about wellness as a form of worship. <hes> like this is not just the world. This is not just Lululemon leggings like this is actual worship Yeah <hes> and what I've been felt mostly to be called to recently is people who serve in the church real <hes> <hes> and so what's that GonNa look like in Houston well. Thankfully I travel all the time everywhere. You're not going to be yeah. Okay so I'm doing in Nashville Yeah Yeah Yeah just leading a <hes> a meditation and a and a yoga flow or I call it moving meditation yeah about the fact that God loves US outside outside of what we do for him. Yeah even those of us who like you just sit inside of Church building. He doesn't love you because you have this chair in this building. He loves you. <hes> and you happen to have this chair. In this building. I think sometimes for people who started in ministry like we start to equate God's love for us with what we do for him. Yes and that can really van driving yes because the moment we dropped the ball. We forget to send this email now. It's not just our job depending on it. It's our our Christ love of one hundred penalize Yup and that's a dangerous place to be in average is interrupted in this conversation with Casey to tell you about our friends over at third I love the funniest thing happened a couple of weekends ago. When I was teaching at a church? A woman walked up to me and said you're a bigger part of my life than you realize in the shown me her Bra Strap because she was wearing a third love Bra i. Love mine as well. The great thing about third love is they have perfect fit they use data points generated by millions of women who've taken their fit finder quiz to design bras with size shape in mind for the perfect fit and premium feel and they have more sizes. 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It's so simple it takes sixty seconds over twelve million women have taken the quiz today. It's fun it takes less than a I and and shape really matters when you're finding a good fitting Braun their love helps you identify your shape and size and finds a style that fits your body. It is the most comfortable Brian The straps don't slip in the labels are tag list no itching lightweight Super Bertha memory foam molds to your shape and our proprietary to third love third. Love knows there's a perfect bra for every one of my girlfriend's out there so right now they're offering you guys. Fifteen percent off your first order so go to third love dot com slash sounds fun now for your perfect fitting Bra and get fifteen percent off your first purchase. That's third love DOT COM. Slash sounds fun for fifteen percent off today and the next time we're in the same place you show me that strap and tell me they here also wearing your new third love raw. Do you have any of your any of the leadings that you do that. Recorded can be so. I have not have a podcast or we just talk really really openly about it. I'm like Oh it's called musings of a wildflower okay perfect willing to I would love. I'm thinking about doing some kind of devotion meditations and things yeah. I'm trying to get there. I'm a little nervous like Casey. Tell me what to do to give you give me thirty minutes in my house. Go go yeah. I know I'm I'm getting. I'm still like if I were honest. I'm still nervous about how that's going to be received for the same thing you talked about like. Are you Buddhist no right new age no right now. I heard that when you do those poses you worship. Em like so I'm nervous party. This like no like this is so good I dealt with that this summer when we did we did a bunch just shows about the program and at the beginning of a book on Your House eyeing it at the beginning there was a lot of pushback of like this is not good and Christian desert on your and so I have been nervous like it is though it is though it's benign again. It's benign yeah. It's a tool how you use the tool is up to you. So do you know you're integrated number. I of course I do what are you. I am a four all. Are you need to be myself yeah until like if I saw you with these genes on I would barons the only one like you yeah only one like where do you buy your clothes free. People okay. It's not that yeah probably do combination all yeah and then things get. Have you been to the free people at greenhill going there today. Good good that's yeah. Is it bad that every city I go to. I just yell to see if there's a Free Peo- I think that Israel say they have of different things yeah yes. I think that makes sure but I would like to believe that is so yeah. I think it spiritual also I'll tell you that right next door to the free people is the Nordstrom and they have a free people section Nordstrom and macy's have a free people session black what Oh okay so you can hit all three of those at Greenhills Mall. I hope you hope you really will they ever really currently there is one yellow jumper in the window that catches my I thought this conversation I spend more money dollars and two pairs of genes later exactly exactly okay. Let's talk about the gathering second album. It is okay and billy was four years between the two yeah. I think I kinda. I understand why but tell me why were there for years. Between the two album it gets a couple of reasons. I think the first thing is I am a creative. I'm a Christian creative meaning that only right when he speaks okay and I think that's a really really really important and it's something that we have to be really really cautious of because what we do is not exclusively creative. It's not just who can find words that rhyme in gray topics for podcasts like if the Holy Spirit doesn't inspire what we do that means is in Greece what we knew <hes> oh so yeah like it. It can be dope. It got not being yeah you're right. It can be appealing and got Nabi and got not so scary so that freaks me out so that's number one and number two is kind of what we talked about. When I David I record I knew nothing like I don't know what's less than nothing? That's what I like publishing all of these things and so ah got really convicted that if I feel like I'm call to particular stickler mountain of influence and I don't learn everything about that mountain of influence that it's poor stewardship. Did you have a five wing in three or four nece <hes> with that investigate like what are we doing here because it's one of those things and I find it to be frank. I find it sort of disproportionately sold with women who come into this industry a lot of them end up with some guy. <hes> maybe their friend maybe they're whatever and that person does all the business that I just do the music right and then things happen. We're we're not knowledgeable of decisions that are being made on our behalf yes and so I think that knowing publishing becoming a becoming a label for myself developing it. Is that what you did absolutely you're able. I am Okay Casey Jay and that's your Shit Label. What's it called now? I'm saying that's worship as well being able to Stewart all of those I didn't know it on the front end. It took time to admit like girl you guidance into this not knowing of saying you've just been coast and hoping nothing falls apart right so like learn ask people being down and figure out what and now when there's meetings <hes> label I show up yeah. That's and I and I think that it matters yeah so. Do you have employees at your label yet rolling rolling. I have a business exactly like executive. I don't know what you WANNA. Call her. She's the boss I just work there yet. Girl I know and then I mean I'm thankful a lot of the people that I get to work with. Our people have been friends with for years. That's great. I mostly based in Atlanta. Okay Yep but you're happy in Houston. I'm so interested in this. ARE YOU DO I. I am happy anywhere ooh good answer I really yeah I'm happy anywhere and I think the more alike become really clear about what it is I'm supposed to do I find contentment almost everywhere yeah. That's really good yeah. That's the best honestly didn't yeah okay so the gathering album gathering album. How did y'all record it? It's not because the first one you did in a church and a charity got some people around a lot more people than the fire Marshall who I liked that have appreciate it yeah between that album and this next album I started doing something called Papa Worship Okay and you'll understand this. You work at a pretty significant size church. It's hard for those of us who work in church to grapple with the fact. Some people aren't coming into our church right. Yeah we're like what are you may. Look this lighting. Look look at these blow up things in the front. Everybody's come A._B._S.. Right and so we're like oh well what if they don't come we don't so we never have a plan B. for what if people don't come Tom and I started to be really conflicted about it and really convicted about that and so God pushed him to start taking worship to where I knew people were Saya started asking my friends who play instruments to meet me at local parks and we would just do free nights a worship Oh my gosh yeah and so I saw got moving the grass a senior at alter that megachurches wow yeah and so when it was time bring all your equipment and set up a sound system no no just guitars cussin' Casey. I like you so much. We made egg shakers for the kids. Oh yeah it was a mess. We never got a permit. I'll give this speech like if the cops come grab a baby in Iraq terrible but when it was tom record album album there's a verse in <hes> that says the after they had prayed the place where they were gathered together became shaken and they were filled with the Holy Spirit and they walked away speaking the word of God with boldness yeah and I think that when we read scripture is like that we think it's just like at anecdote like that happened for them way back days Jesus Sandals for them right and like that's a present promise and that promises not just for Sunday so I took about fifty friends to a farm outside of Atlanta and we taught worship music that night and we recorded the whole thing outside aside the whole albums outside yeah. Oh my gosh so you can hear everything you hear. They're actually happened. Okay see I love that so it was did a bonfire. We did smaller nighttime. Both it started around five so we were there all the way until the son went down. It's grace if you're if you're on youtube or something like that <hes> and just check out the title track the gathering or anything that we put up on Youtube Casey J. Music. You'll see oh so we can see all you can see the whole thing yeah. That's so it was the radio recorded and audio recorded it. Tell me how you love Youtube. Is it worth your time. Okay how I am couldn't flaked it with social media yeah all kinds. I know what to do with myself. I feel there's a part of me that thinks it is one of the most amazing evangelistic tools that we will ever be able to utilize in that way. It's a resource and maybe it's because I'm a girl. Maybe if I don't know there is so much comparison in competition and and this sort of curated versions of our lives lives are put out there that I think that it creates. I won't say inherently but really easily a space where people don't have any identity <hes> that's interesting I do because we've all just kind of morphed into yeah like no one would take a picture themselves in the morning like yeah my morning phase just like right. It's a lie yeah that's right. I would not post pictures of me when I wake up and this this idea and so I'm still Gr- outlook. I'm literally currently grappling added like how do we how do we portray authenticity and I think I think it everything goes back to the heart. <hes> I think everything goes by yeah but I think what we have to be mindful of those kind of heart shakes. Things need to happen consistently yeah yeah just because our heart was pure last Monday. Something may have happened and that that may need to give a heart check to the woman who's Instagram you follow in uh uh she- she's doing this. No you do Ni- you don't yeah even that like I'd probably follow about three people a day really I did you like I I can't. I don't think some supplement. I don't think this feeds me. I think it does feed me but like crabs so yeah I mean I've stopped watching Insta- stories. I just could still create them every day because I think they're really fun but I was using so much time. Do you have a iphone yeah. Have you checked the screen town. I haven't turned it on yet. I don't have the guts to do it. Casey so mine all AH shut off at ten o'clock other than the Bible you can do that. Yes Oh see I should do that. Yes yeah all of my apps shut off at ten o'clock other than the Bible my meditation APPs and <hes> I think a yoga so that's just a setting I can just go in there and say turn off everything at ten P._M.. And turn on at eight A._M.. Or something from ten thirty nothing that's what you do ten nine thirty off so Dan it's we're done. It's not getting done wow. Bound by nine thirty I need to have meditated gotten on the matt all that stuff. It won't even show you like my email is off so it doesn't even show the little what is it. The notification tells you how many emeals yes blank. Wow tell me how your life changed when you turn that it off my life has been amazing really I mean it was. I'm never been on crack but they had a little on science. You're exactly right. He had a little itchen scratch leg which I was so awake week look internally embarrassed. Why are you freaking out because you don't know what some lady who lives across the country eight for dinner at Teno five years and it rarely caused me to have like a very deep introspective? Look like this is a too much value to you and what really is a value isn't a value to you anymore. Yeah that's right. How long has it been that you've done that practice Lou three or four months and it just feels freer? It feels amazing amazing my two weeks of bedrest one of the rules was no phone <hes> and <hes> I mean I I love instagram. That's what I love but but it did feel this like <hes> there's a thing there and I think it's this power shift like at some point in time and I don't know when it happened for me like social media became in power over me. How can you tell the difference someone who's listening? How do you know the difference? I think the impulse compulsion. Why can't I if you pick up your phone and your thumb clicks on instagram like automatically? You don't even know how you got there and a lot of people if you just pick up your phone at whole your phone and literally almost are moving on it's unsustainable like when you're driving home and we just like Dang I meant to stop at Kroger. Rogers was on autopilot our hands and our thumbs on our minds become an autopilot yes and so for me. That's not healthy if I'm no longer making a decision about some things just a compulsion. Oh we gotTA decision. Compulsion got backup right way to rephrasing yeah a decision versus a compulsion. Ye Shaik's yikes yeah. It was terrible. De Miss out on things. I don't know and that feels great to yeah. It's interesting because I have some friends and a lot of us. If you're in any type half of industry a lot of your social media is it's like a calling card for you riots. You cannot post but I've realized like people who don't post every day when they do post. It seems more important in more significant <hes> and I like Adele disappears for three years and it's screen comes back and every one of us is her album work in Christian music. I can't Adele in three days. It'll be three girls all right. She died okay. The the gathering a worship record or is it. It is okay. I'm the worship leader at heart. Yeah everything I do with the intention to be single. It's and it sounds like your life is worship oriented like about your practices with Yoga and how you're handling your phone like even our conversation. I feel like she just thinks like a worshiper at tried to yeah. I don't think it's always <hes> as natural for me is maybe I would desire to be requires effort yeah. which is I think is a good thing I think for some of us were like yes after it's become so holy that I'm on autopilot of holiness yeah like I'm sure there's some of those people around? I'm not one of those people Like Holiness Holiness Righteousness picking up my Bible every day. It requires yeah yeah and sulfur me. I it's it's a daily daily effort and I can feel myself getting off track within a couple of days have gone by Yeah Sorta. What is your Bible reading like? Do you do it every day. I do ish yeah I do I do ish I ingest some type of scripture every day but it's through we different mediums. Oh Yeah yes. I have <hes> a Christian meditation at that. I really love call abide abide abide really dope so they have a scripture a meditation that comes with it so sometimes it's that where I'm hearing hearing it orally <hes> sometimes I really really believe in the power of writing so sometimes I will literally just right scripture downward Howard yeah and then sometimes it'll be the same scripture ever heard the practice Lekota Vigna now. I've heard those words the common way to think about it is you kinda focused. Its Meditation of Scripture. Okay so you focus on a really small passage of scripture you read it and then you wait and silence and then you read it again and then you wait in silence and so you may ask out to reveal one word or one one idea from that scripture for you to meditate on so sometimes I find myself doing that for days yeah so it may be the exact same verse of Scripture but every day I'm asking for got to reveal himself in that so that's why essay every day ish may be the same for a bunch of. How often do you write music? How often do I write music? I do musical things every day. Yeah Yeah I sit down and like I'm gonNA write music almost never yeah but I mean you wrote the gathering album. I did yeah so you right in seasons. It sounds I do I. I'm really careful full. I believe that some seeds are meant to be eaten. Some sees are meant to be sown. Oh okay so just because I have a great idea that song maybe a song that guy just wants to Minister Mia and so there's always music. There's always melody. There's always lyrical content him but all of it is not necessarily for public man. I'm grateful for the ones that you turn public. <hes> thank you do that thank you. I'm grateful for it to always nervous. I know friends are like songwriter. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. I'm I was like I'm kind of the bootleg friend and out of here no you're not I know what rounds with worships Mercia. That's how I feel. Are you gonNA write books too. I really want to write a meditation and devotional. Okay Yeah Ed kind of what you said. I think there are people just like you like. I don't know what to do every day. Yeah have a desire wake up. I don't know right. I would love a thing that had that combined like scripture but I'm the abide app they do it but yeah scripture in stretches and all that kind of the abide Abbas have any physical yeah ideas that we're working on okay when that comes out where you come back out ill-will important <hes> okay. Is there anything we didn't cover to cover. We'd be mom how name is Sheila. How do you feel about the falcons? I don't know anything about any sports anywhere ever okay no sport. It's terrible. It's fun. Apparently there was like a finals game and I literally was I was looking to the team. Is this important. Everybody looks onto your an idiot. Yeah Yeah Yeah so sports aren't your thing at all or not my thing okay festivals and the farmer's market so sweet. You're here on a national on a Tuesday. It's Today we have our farmers market and twelve south chief fans that in your heart into Mardi gonNA spend three billion dollars dollar. That's right arms. That's exactly right. I can't wait to see please put on your instagram. What you buy it free people I will just your this was the last shot C. O. C. Those are so cute I like <hes> fluctuate between made well and free people? I like like the way made well looks. I haven't had a lot of fit a hug szeswith. I have yeah I I would buy things in the store and be like I could do that and I get home and I know I yeah I can. I can make a better choices that my friend yes. Yes I know but free people Raytheon Okay so the last question we always asked because the shows 'cause it's. It's way less scary because it shows called. That sounds fun. Tell me what you do for fun. I am a yelp fanatic. Oh tell me everywhere I go look for the top Vegan restaurants. Are you begin to you okay. Are we just the same we are. The says as I am very very low meet. I'm allergic to dairy. <hes> and I barely do meet my headaches in January February that had me my doctor has had had me bring back meat yeah. I know a couple of people like that but other than that I'm so begin to so where you go while you're here so slim and Huskies huskies has vegan options with pizzas they deals and I just feel like Ambi have amazing art in the bathroom uh-huh so it's great things enough for me <hes> I really liked true food even though it's not a chain but it's like amazed I mean I there are multiple times a week. It's my house. Oh just can't true food earning. It is like eating attribute yoga over there. Oh Yeah Yeah for sure true. Food is their pizza. Yeah it was at a linked dumpling. Just get out of here in the window yeah 'cause he loves to do put him onto the dumplings. Yes I'd normally do that. I really did you get to eat it. E Oh I and high before it closed or <hes>. I know that it was it was good but it was all right there way going so you do you leave reviews on Yelp to never leave review so you're just a taker. Just read everybody art community. I'm not either oh I'm not either. The community and I feel like the first time I'm going to write a review. I'm going to be like upset. I know my mom is the one who like loves writing positive reviews down she. She is so your mom listen to my trip advisor. She does trip advisor to Oh yes. She really cares yeah. It's great God bless your mind. I know our waitress that are right yeah she. The woman said my name's Pam. My mom was like Pam so she can put it in her ever be is he's ready. I love it is it's so funny. Okay so you look restaurants. Is that the only thing you up on your restaurant because they have other places up anything yeah yoga places like if I didn't do if I wasn't a songwriter storyteller I didn't into the yoga thing I would have like a food blog registered travel around and eat stuff. I like that a lot. You could still do that. You have listened lady tell you if you look at what you gotta eat three times a day. I do have to take a picture of the right about it. This is like you need an assistant because all you do is take the picture and they the same food to go right up. Let's go right it up. I'm going to voice voice memo after our meal and tell you what I can tell you about it right it up. Who wants? Let's just pray first of all know someone who liked people just sent them voice notes her you know they are. They're the type this up into sproat. Make you feel happier in your life to when I was hiring my assistant we were looking for twos or nine's really come and help or come bring peace. That's that's what we're looking for. Did you like have them do the yeah I had them. All when we when they applied they ended to give us are there. I think they had to do their N._F.. Jay what's that called Myers Briggs yes string finders and any Graham shut your tools will help us absolutely there's other questions we adam answer but we had them do all those three tools. I don't need another seven in here Casey. We're man another seven or zero percent. That's not what anybody's ear for. Okay Yelp is what you do for fun. What a gradient weird? No I love it so so much. Thank you for being on the show so grateful. I can't wait for us all to listen to the gathering now. You'RE GONNA get a lot of tweets and INSTA- messages from our people I well. I did too here so don't quit the Internet yet. I won't guys don't message. You're after ten P._M.. Or before nine you can do it. Just no no one's going to respond to know I love it you guys as it she the sweetest what an awesome awesome woman. I'm just so thankful we know her. I loved all the conversation about like music and Yoga and life and I'm really thankful for so hope you enjoyed this episode. Make sure you give Casey J.. A. Following grabbed her album the gathering it is so beautiful and now that she described how she recorded it. It is like next level. You're GONNA absolutely love it if you need me. I'm embarrassingly easy to find any F- downs all over the place instagram twitter facebook wherever you need me F as in fancy because Casey J. showed up fancy.

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The Ambassador Bridge (Entry 039.EZ4705)

Omnibus! With Ken Jennings and John Roderick

1:09:57 hr | 1 year ago

The Ambassador Bridge (Entry 039.EZ4705)

"This sir we are Jennings and John Rodrick we speak to you from our present which we can only assume as your distant past the turbulent time that was the early twenty I singer during the great cataclysm that will surely befall our civilization we began this monumental reference of strange obscure human knowledge. These recordings represent our or attempt to compile and preserve wonders esoterica. That would otherwise be lost. So whether you're listening from an advanced civilization or have just reinvented the technology to decrypt our transmissions. This is our legacy to you. This is our time capsule this is the you have accessed entry zero three nine dot easy four seven Oh five certificate number three six six three four. The Ambassador Bridge Search. I know you're a capitalist absolute and you believe aw strongly that capitalism is the best. Do you not read my system. You're not read my blog. Marxist Dad got lots of tips for the Marxist DADS out there Marxist. Dad's what are some of your tips. it really doesn't work out. Yeah sure being a Marxist Dad in our modern culture a little. It's a little bit of an uphill battle But capitalism I don't WanNa shock you or our future our listeners to say that capitalism left unfettered often produces surprisingly inefficient results. You're not supposed to say that I know I know you WanNa Libertarians. Word donating on patriotic. Anyway so no that's true. They believe that we should. We should lift ourselves up by our bootstraps. I can't believe these guys money for their show. So we'RE NOT GONNA lose any income by saying that we think this but yeah the twentieth century is kind of been a series of have. I mean I know we have to see the failure of communism but you can also see a bunch of terrible excesses of Of the capitalist way of life as well yeah and one of the dangers one of the one of the dangers of capitalism courses Monopoly right monopoly is is what results. When one ambitious and and ever ristic capitalist decides to corner the market on thing a product or a service and he's avaricious evaristo ever issues avaricious Marissa's sounds like a blaxploitation movie I averages he's the friend Dick who's a sex machine? Yeah Evaristo it's it. Sounds more like altruistic like he's part the average this in part out of stick or ultra vista but But there are plenty of instances in the twentieth century and Dan and nineteenth century. Where we see that that leading the market make decisions doesn't always produce the most efficient results? I mean we feel like we're living in a time where the you know. A smaller group of people have figured out how to make those rules work for them and only then yeah well. Yeah because money begets money right. If you have money you make money and if you don't have money you don't you don't end up being on the side of you you don't end up being on the victor's podium. Right even in court cases I mean it. Generally tends that money collects but in the United States aids transportation was often away for FOR MONEY TO ACCRUE UNTO A family or unto to a corporation because the United States is a big a big country and We produce a lot of goods and services but also natural resource exploitation like transportation trucking to get her and trains shipping right. That's right it Like in my favorite book atlas shrugged well and in our you. We've done a couple of omnibuses on on the Sir various the the way that the land was apportioned to railroad companies CHEQUERBOARD CHECKERBOARD checkerboard early on in the omnibus. So transportation ends up being a it's an aspect of the global economy that we It becomes kind of invisible to us. I mean we're we're we're very aware of trucks on the highway wave ships on the ocean but the idea that it's all an interconnected infrastructure all kind of web of that those trucks on the highway aren't just annoyances. They aren't just obstacles and they aren't just point to point systems but you know ships lead two trains lead to trucks lead to vans lead to Lead to be rams on bringing you your little whatever furby the the the box of replacement staples in its own box with padding right did you. I mean you can see how quickly store shelves empty in the case of an emergency emergency you know like if if a city thinks storm is coming or a blackout is coming or whatever shelter just empty within days well within yeah yeah ours ours. Same thing could happen with fuel happens with a lot of commod and you realize you just assume there's always going to be every brand of marshmallow. Another brand of Syria will be right there for you. Because we're entitled awful people because of the corrosive effects of capitalism will be. Don't realize that one hundred people thousands of people have been working hard to make sure that got to you. And it's one of the it's one of the most popular refrains in the apocalyptic post-apocalyptic apocalyptic crowd the irs and the You know the bunker builders. They're quick to remind us what a fragile system that is news and quick to say like in the event of a catastrophic event an earthquake any kind of breakdown of society -iety that wants the grocery stores empty and don't fill back up again we really are on our own and the and the the web. Yeah exactly that fragile. I totally that person who just thinks of the grocery stores an offer that will just producing marshmallows to the edge of the shelf. And no matter how many I take they're just GONNA keep coming out the back and that's not how supermarkets were no one in fact. My mom is the opposite. I mean you would be maybe having heard a little bit about about my mom. Future links would not be surprised to learn that eighty five years old. She has four years worth of stores in her basement. Basement bunker duffle bags full of top Roman and she had a hardscrabble upbringing she did and she's ready for the big one she cheese has She bolted her house to its foundation on Dacian. She has she has all. She's and she said to me many times. I intend to help our neighbors. So don't don't you know. Close this blast door and lock it we. We're you know the people we know in the neighborhood are also welcome in the bunker. And I'm like mom that's not how bunkers work. It's not hunker everybody's in there it's like one of those lounges of the airport. The only fun is that not everybody can get in. She wants she wants to do. She wants both sides. She wants to have. She wants to have food for our family for the for the five years. It takes to reestablish contact with the outside world but she also would never not answer the door. I had a bunch of drums. The cracked week Patino. It happened. They left them in your garage or your bar and I think as a as a bit of set dressing and now you sold your barn. Somebody just inherited all my cracked tweet let new owners have all the cracked wheat. You put that in the listening you like jeopardy. Do you like cracked wheat. Because how would you like Ken Jennings Bundle of crap. This is the barn for you so yeah if things go wrong. I'm just you know putting my stuff in a bundle walking to your barn. Yeah well no come to my new house. Because that's where I'm I'm I'm replenishing all the stores that were the bunker is the new bunker but the system is is more fragile than even the even this right we we think about Like a Tassie something that shuts the system down down and we're all frantically scrambling but as you mentioned. We see in the event of a hurricane. We we hear apocalyptic scenarios about the State State of Florida. All the time where it wouldn't take much it wouldn't take it wouldn't take sees much higher than they already are to wash out out whole communities there or to isolate the entire state of Florida into or or in the case of a plan you know like isolate. I figured out how to do it. Then Destroy California is always it seems like just a few days from being a truly desperate situation but but but our network is even more fragile in that the the collapse of one or two bridges One or two raggio bridges would be enough to shutdown commerce between you know like there was a there was a freeway bridge that collapsed in Minnesota a few years in Minneapolis that was just an example of decaying infrastructure that hadn't been maintained everybody. Everybody knew right that that bridge was kind of the badge totally shabby bridge and and and when it collapsed it had a real dramatic economic impact on the region because it was a main thoroughfare thoroughfare. Were just take it for granted that today rivers are not an obstacle in the past civilizations would have been built around the idea of rivers is impassable impregnable Nepal. Ferrier afford or something and today. It's it's an annoyance when a bridge backs up because I'm going to have to go around to the other bridge remember that The bridge north of Seattle River is that suddenness skykomish or the snohomish river it gets the skykomish and it it turned out. It was when that bridge collapsed. I five over that little river. Yeah it turned out to be the only bridge for miles in either direction and that just kind of stopped the region through tough to get around that yeah yeah and that was an example of just a big truck that hit the trust and knocked it into the river so transportation is not the solution that turns out loud but if he's thinking about truck knocking out there bridges like The the the two tunnels and a bridge that lead into Manhattan from New Jersey. And they're all extremely vulnerable honorable when This is the plot of the Third Batman Movie. When when nine eleven happened you know the threat of of Of those bridges or those tunnels being flooded was a real. Would've it would've represented a much greater disaster when you're talking about. How Fragile Agile these bridges are? You're not encouraging people to take them out and to create their own fiefdom in some some part of this great land. No if we are going to certainly happen future our listeners know but it wasn't it wasn't because we encouraged when Manhattan gets turned into a giant prison island and at that point you're going to have to for prison island between nine hundred seventy eight and found nine thousand nine hundred seventy two but one of the One of the choke points one of the most kind of a outrageous an interesting bridges in the United States is is the ambassador bridge between in Detroit Michigan and Windsor Canada Windsor Ontario. I've never heard of this bridge. I know the Trivia fact about how Detroit is the one weird place Windsor. I guess is the one weird place in Canada. Where if you go north here in the United States do from almost anywhere in Detroit and you're in Canada because of what you call that little tender of Canada if the little the point the southern most tip of Canada I think? Yeah it's got a weird looks like nose or something like kinda sniffing at the Mitten of Michigan. Yeah I think of it as a as maybe the the Waddell of of like a giant. It's it's got pro bowl Canada's poconos with a fork like America you're done it's in there. It's getting up under this little tickle. It's cup in Detroit. The upcoming Detroit. Detroit and consent to that. Detroit River Separates Ontario from Michigan but it also is part of the Great Lakes Greater What it connects to the Great Lake? Huron to Lake Erie and Lake Erie is the is the lake that goes you know that that is the northern. The border of Ohio and Lake Michigan on the far side between Michigan and Illinois and then Lake Huron is between in Michigan and northern or sort of. I'm sorry southern Ontario Michigan. Sure on is all a fraud by the way they're really one late. Yeah there's there's nothing that would make you say. Those are two lakes that narrow conducted right but nobody would go to angle. Lake is south album Seattle and be like these are to lake. Mead point there's tradition and probably the order in which they were discovered is why we think of there being five grade late they come to a little a little waste at at at mackinaw city. Yes and they hang down on either side like like a yoke not a your cameras talk about what you were not not like two giant bowl testes but like a yoke like I mean I like. I like to identify geographical features. There's according to what part of a bull represent. Don't we in the sense like Bulgaria lease boil reuss. You know the the crazy thing is that That if you'RE GONNA call those two separate lakes why in the world isn't why in the world. Don't you call Georgian Bay. Its own Georgian Bay which is absurd which is a part of Lake. Huron why the heck is amid. It's its own lake. Let the record show that John. Lewis lifting his bifocals to appear at the map to give us this update on on the autonomy of Georgian Bay. Yeah but but the there there are There was a a shipping. I mean this is. This was all a shipping route In the era of the Erie Canal and the end when when boats did did the lion's share of of the heavy lifting the commerce of the basically the American American Midwest all of the grains and the cattle and the the agricultural output of the entire Midwest had to get to the eastern seaboard. Some way on the Edmund Fitzgerald well no those before the Edmund Fitzgerald but but because that would be bad but before the railroads this was this was is how all the Saint Lawrence seaway all the wealth of the of the breadbasket went out through this route and ship. We sing about the Erie Canal. We do. Although the Erie Canal we should do an omnibus on it. Boy It was a big project and and it opened and then the railways were invented and like became obsolete. Pretty a fast. The Saint Lawrence Seaway still does a lot of traffic but because he goes to the Atlantic not to Albany right. I think that have you been Albany connects to the river through when it comes to meet. Quality makes a huge difference in texture and taste and even though it might be better for you and the environment a lot of the higher quality meat you find at. The grocery store is just too expensive for most people's budget thankfully thankfully there's butcher box which are box believes. 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That's butcher box dot com slash iheart or use the Promo Code Iheart at checkout during the age of the railroad and particularly like later on in the nineteenth century it was recognized that this little narrow place here on the Detroit River between those two lakes was the logical place to have the railroads cross have how how close is the narrowest point right. How it's the narrowest point and it's You know as we'll see it's about two thousand feet across the river there so it's not a it's not a a narrow span and a difficult a difficult span to bridge. The first railroad bridges bridges were proposed in the late nineteenth century. The the initial idea I think was to build a tunnel with the railroads. Were doing prior to that. was they the the trainline would arrive there. In Detroit they would put the trains on barges barged them across and then put them back on the rails in Windsor and send and the train up to Toronto and then do you think the engineer state and the trains east on the bow was he liked to to know it. Put a new engine tonight. Either side I bet you they they you know they still do that. The the Alaska Maritime Highway puts whole trains on barges here in Seattle and ships them up and takes them off off the other side or at least when I was a kid I think probably still do. Are they now just taking containers off a flat cars. Probably yeah maybe puts probably not big barges full of boxcars Fox cars like it was when I was little purchase fulla boxcars but but it was a choke point and it was recognized that this was a real you know this really slowed commerce and the shipping interests that were using the Detroit River going north and south bringing barges through as part of the the Saint Lawrence seaway they were not inclined to give any To give any quarter to the railroads that were running barges east east and west across the river. You know there was a railroad of the enemy right a natural competition the the first attempt to build a tunnel under the River was you know was sort of. They started working on it in the early arm. Sorry they started working on it in like eighteen unlikely immediately after the civil war eighteen. Seventy of the tented a tunnel before a bridge. Yeah attempted a tunnel seventy. That's really early for a tunnel. That long right it was and they didn't succeed. They got there and kind of couldn't couldn't finish it and and bailed out of it in a little bit later all simultaneously but like in in the mid eighteen seventy s they started discussing a bridge The the shipping interests refused to allow any plan. Dan had piers in the river. Because it would impede the shipping passage or you can go a roundup and so you know they so what it required was the suspension bridge that spanned the entire river which was technologically just to sort of above their pay grade at the time what. What's the early suspension attention bridges? I mean Brooklyn Later right Well that would have been almost ten times sure. Eighteen seventies eighties. Looks like it's about the same time. They started building the Brooklyn Oakland Bridge in eighteen sixty nine but it wasn't completed until the eighteen eighties but the you know the The East River is a much smaller. Span the Brooklyn Bridge is how how great a span is it. Also the Brooklyn Bridge is is a has peers in the main span is between the two between those two peers of sixteen hundred feet sixteen hundred. Yeah so this would have been this would have been a longer span than that and And there wasn't they weren't they weren't able to put together a consortium of financing for it it was sort of a pipe dream for a long time In nineteen ten the Michigan Central Railroad and the Great Western railroad sort of combined forces and were able able to build a railroad tunnel under the waterway but there were a lot of other railroad interests that converge. At that point that we're sort of kept out of I mean this was this was a private undersea railway and not one that had been made available to to everyone and it's international right. It's an international cross. It's a channel is a channel in fact it was the first tunnel ever her to connect to nations was crossing a border very informal back. Then you didn't have to worry about No I think there was no guy at the toll booth in the middle the tunnel I think the opposite I think crossing the border then. There was a mountie there that wanted to make sure that you had you had enough provisions to survive the winter mm-hmm but this was the this was only the third sort of tunnel of its kind in the first to connect to countries so it was It was a you know a big a big event but it still didn't serve there was. There was no car traffic. There was no pedestrian side to it. It didn't help anyone except one rail except for Michigan Central and the Great Western And so it was not until after World War One that the that there was a renewed push to build a bridge and the you know the the idea was candidate made a lot of sacrifices enrolled. We're one Canadians. The the Newfoundlanders the peoples of the maritime provinces they They made a a great contribution arowar one and a Lotta men died so there was an idea that they would build this bridge as a kind of a memorial or monument to the to the Canadian sacrifice but this was also a time when Detroit was beginning to become An industrial industrial an industrial center. It was the beginning of the American auto industry and and the communities around Detroit and across crossed. The river and Windsor. Were There were you know all these factories devoted not just to making cars but making all the the material that goes into making cars all the support network of things you know. I guess I never thought about some of that spilling across the border but Windsor became a Canadian. Industrial Did did and in fact there. A A lot of auto makes that that also were manufactured in Canada and Canadian factory. So you can buy American cars from this period had sixty fifty sixty seventies. I'm not this period but the but I'll be twentieth twentieth century. American cars that are Canadian in made have Canadian names and look almost the same but have slightly different headlights. Tail lights configuration. It's like when you go to Costco the TV or the Washer dryer or something has a different number so you can. Actually you can't pay us in shop. The manufacturer like sure. We'll tell you these but it'll have like a weird name played played on it. Is that right is that why can't take my consumer reports page down to Costco and they've thwarted you WanNa look at the consumer reports fades with the little circles. The half circles in the red for one. That's the best buy every time now. No Amanda doesn't want you to do that do so so they did. They started working on the they started working on the bridge. Sort of in that In that post roll were one timepiece and in nineteen twenty nine completed this the finally the bridge the span and there was now a international bridge at the time it it was the longest suspension bridge in the world. Did you say what your it opened. Nineteen twenty twenty nine and it was only. It was only a few years later that the George Washington Bridge opened and surpassed the span but but it was briefly for like when Chrysler building is only the tallest halls building in the world for like a few months. It always seems like a little bit of a Downer. Yeah you're you're working on it and you're like we're the dolls billion. The world or happens in sports we know some guy's edges a record and then he only has it for a year that I think that's what's so amazing about those records that stand for so long. Yeah those were head of their time. Bob Beamon was a alien from the future but this bridge became a became a super important link between the United States and Canada. If you look at a map and you that's what I'm doing right now. You look at Toronto and and Chicago. There's no other way round. This is this bridge is the shortest distance. Like the like really the option. If you don't have a boat food is to like drive up into the wilds Yay from Chicago. If you went all the way around you have to go around the top of Lake Superior basic that would that would be crazy. That'd be crazy but even though even if you're like avoid tolls okay. I head up into Superior Superior National Forest now. There are other bridges across across that gap between Michigan. And that's what I was GONNA ask is. Is there any narrower spots. There are other bridges tunnels. It must not have been I mean at the time there must not have been because this was the narrows but since then they have. There's a bridge at point. Edward I see. Yeah there are other routes. They aren't the most direct route and right in the center. There is is Lake Saint Clair which is a strange little always always been a thorn in my side a little pond that you have to go around and in the case of if you're coming from Chicago and this is all happening pre interstate state highway system but now after the advent of the interstate highways. Like if you're on I ninety four or you're on I seventy five and you come to Detroit right. It is not handier to continue on those freeways. All the way up to two Sarney's gotta go to north of Lake Sinclair Right. So this is the this is the direct connection and it goes. I mean the Ambassador Bridge goes from downtown. Detroit to downtown Windsor Windsor. And in fact on the Windsor side it just empties out in that delightful Canadian way right onto the streets like you get off. You're you're just like at a stop light and we see that here from Seattle going up to Vancouver right here on this street or whatever it is that goes right through Vancouver. You're you're on the freeway you know and then and you're all of a sudden you're just like in Vancouver. There's no they elected not to DEB. The highway turns into isn't Oak. Street is elected not to build a a freeway through the center of town. And so does he. I mean this is the artery between a major American city. Any major Canadian city. I mean isn't a nightmare. Does that think back up. Well it does the the the ambassador bridge over time became such a necessary artery. That it was a AH that I mean today it carries if you can fathom this twenty five percent of all trade between the United States and Canada who who are major trading part. That's so people understand this even in our time candidate is our biggest trading partner by far dwarfing China or anybody you would think of. Is Our number one trade partner. One in quarter of that trade goes across this bridge and which is which is astonishing punishing and made more astonishing by the following fact. The bridges privately owned wait. What today it was built built as a private enterprise? Right it was it was sort of funded by by a group of people that raise the money to put together. We're very sad about Canadian. Awartani Heroes candidate chipped in America chipped in and it was you know. It was kind of freewheeling times before the before the Stock Market Crash crash of twenty nine all of this was was happening in the Gogo. People were singing. We're in the money. As they built this bridge and it was it was owned by a by the Bauer bowers family for a long time and they fell kind of on hard times at a certain point and took the bridge public started selling stocks and A little fellow that you may have heard of Who runs a company called Berkshire Hathaway? Is That right Warren. Warren Buffett controls the bridge. Are you aware of this. This guy does. He live in a little house of the people that raise the basketball bridges. Seattle Warren Buffett started buying stock in the bridge because he is part of his. He's a savvy guy. He's a savvy guy he understands that transportation is a twenty five percent of all trade to Canada. Yeah so he started. He started buying stock in the bridge. This is now we're talking about in the late. Seventies inbreeds must be a toll bridge otherwise. It's hard to see what the profit motive is. It is it's a toll bridge edge and It must just be a money machine. Well it is in fact It makes tens of millions of dollars a year. But ah the time the late Seventies. It was kind of a depressed time and things were sort of generally falling apart across the country but a man by the name of men. Well Maroon Rune who was a detroit. Trucking Ceylon His father was it Lebanese immigrant. Who had who owned a couple of gas stations in the Detroit area and over the course of of several decades the family way was pretty savvy? They they sort of part laid their gas stations into a trucking business. There was a there. Were some cartage businesses hauling company that owed men wells father some money and he ended up taking the trucking company over and then expanding it and he became a like a a hauling magnate for the area self made man that's right I'm hauling. And his his his son Manuel took over the family business and recognized in the opportunity to buy shares in this bridge that because he was his trucking business was very auto industry focused. He did a lot of trucking of parts and services back and forth between Windsor and Detroit. What about those big car carriers? Love those I'm sure they had car carriers. I'm sure he had but also I think they're making the auto business so diversified right. There is a factory. That's just making the handles to roll the windows down. Chevy caprices probably not anymore but all of those parts and services need to get slept. It's Rubber Eminence related stuff to run the factories and so and so men well-made play for the bridge because he just sort of instinctively recognized that owning the bridge if that was really an opportunity for or one of the truckers one of the trucking companies. That's doing this business. It probably would give him an advantage over the other trump possibly possibly in a legal event. That's right well stops charging tolls to your own trucks Jack up the tolls on the other trucks. The thing is that the bridge is not a monopoly. Because the tunnel right there. Sure well so There's another tunnel called the Detroit Windsor Tunnel right open looking in one thousand nine hundred thirty. That was car tunnel and so the AH duopoly though. Yeah the the the car tunnel opened and there was now a different route for car traffic to take now. The tunnel has all kinds of restrictions on freight you can't take explosives or a and also I think there's a lot of limitations on any kind of trucking you can take through their a commercial trucking size wise but you can drive cars and so technically the bridge doesn't represent a monopoly but from the standpoint of trucks and trucking it's really the only the only viaduct there and so Maroon and does his does some stop buying he ends up with about a quarter of the stock in the bridge. Buffet has a quarter of the stock and Maroon just sort outplays claes him. What a Maroon I know he buys he buys buffet out and ends up owning the bridge? Be bought it for about thirty million dollars at a time when it was probably making close to that in tolls just in a year seems like a good by it was was it good Biden I hear about this. It was in nineteen seventy nine. You didn't have as much as five years old. Like many five year olds I did not have thirty million dollars. Always put into bridges and tunnels Dura couple years ago in the Silverdome was for sale. No Yeah you'd have to assume the debts but like the Pontiac Silverdome was for sale for like ninety thousand dollars. I do. I want the silver dome like we ought to look ourselves in the mirror. And how much do I want to own the Pontiac Silverdome. I mean you could have so. So many monster truck shows reenact wrestlemainia. Three a I think about this all the time. In terms of wanting to buy a castle castle in Scotland and you can get a castle in Scotland for not that much money but then you own a castle s. It's the upkeep job at the two best days are for Castle owners the day you buy the castle and the castle right what we say and the counselors who just think about like running a broom over that every every year as soon as you get done sweeping the start at the top and sweet but again a castle is a hole in the highlands. You pour money into well. This bridge ended up up being a bridge in the Detroit Windsor area that poured money into U Me Not you but into men. Well Okay you're speaking to me as if I were Manuela. Marrone it's kind of a little Yeah play I play acting thing. We're doing yeah. roleplaying gets a little role playing. I'll be Lebanese American Investment warmer on if you could be a little shorter in a little more litigious. He'll do you'd be a great character. Warren Buffett and you can feel like you got hosed here. The the thing about the bridge is that when it was built. There wasn't an interstate highway system. There was not a sense of Of traffic being this unimpeded flow. It wouldn't have felt like an oddity for some guy to to build a bridge and owner bridge bill bridge on London Underground was built by private companies unease who owned those lines. That's right and but at a certain point there was a kind of with the London Underground or with a lot of these private ownership of public works situations where awesome imminent domain factored. In and governments recognized like we need to nationalize. In some can some cases we need to nationalize the underground around. In order to standardize it some nations like to nationalize the entire oriole industry are you are you Hugo Chavez skeptic on the show when you depose a Shah for instance but but in this instance the respect for private property and the litigiousness of this man despite a lot of growing outrage that this chokepoint was controlled by a single kind of eccentric. Is he going to turn into a bond villain and closed the bridges like the joker will not that but I guess but as the interstate system expanded it did not ever fully connect to the ambassador bridge so sort of like the a Ah the inner change in Pennsylvania breeze would breeze. Would we see brees. Would we see a situation. Where although this bridge is handling ten thousand trucks trucks a day on the Canadian side? It just dumps them out into downtown Windsor. Windsor Canada is sort. I've never been. It's kind of famously is at a dump. Not not the crown jewel of Canadian city. I've annoyed Canadians once. This see I can if you want me to be the one. That's kind of a dumb you. You are already reviled by by Toronto far and wide and you know Detroit isn't really America's right fair like hottest city either. Although it's coming up it will be in five years. Once the the vines cover everything and then the coffee bars come in no. That's that's all you know the the they're tearing the vines down there there. Spruce it up and we'll see that in a minute but there were many many attempts to to build what was called Gateway Plazas that we're going to direct traffic onto and off of the bridge judge on the Canadian side on the American side an Canadians but they were thwarted by Manuel Maroon. Why does he not want his bridge to to be welcoming well because he controls the duty? Free Shops on either side is that and controls the duty-free gas stations now. Why are their duty free gas station? Well that's a really good question with some kind of this was negotiated in the. It's it's just a it's just a a quirk of the of the wave of the land on either side is owned and the way it's administered. But you know there's a thing called the the the international fuel tax agreement which is yeah. Yeah if complicated kind of math that the the interstate truckers have to perform when they go from Canada the United States and from state to state because every state taxes gasoline in a different way nations tax stat gasoline. A different way. These guys are all math wizards well so trucking used to have this sort of really burdensome system where they had a little tax certificates for each state state that they traveled across and we're paying different taxes at the end of the year. They had to figure out what taxes they'd paid in twenty five different states that they'd traveled and Candida. This actually speaks to me when I when I go talking to you. If I do a little event at University of Nebraska I actually declare that and I will pay state tax to the state underbrush. Even there's no way they would find me if I didn't so at the end of the year sometimes I'm paying I'm filing twenty different state tax returns and feel like a rube. I do it too. I pay California taxes taxes on things. I do download and they sure do but also when we used to tour in Europe a lot like we had to pay European European taxes and we also got exempted from some taxes and the UK and Ireland have different rules in so tax time. You've got all these pieces of paper for all these taxes. You paid to different places. Some of dodging rockstars thinking should have been well we. We made just enough money that we were that. We're that we're over the line of like you're visible now you can't you can't just like stuff it in your underwear. Just run to France like making Keith. Have you always wanted to learn to play an an instrument. Maybe you'll even tried at some point but gave up because you felt lessons. Were too expensive for that. You just didn't have the time. Thankfully there's -sition US edition. Is the fun easy. Ed Affordable Way to learn Guitar Piano Bass Ukulele and even singing. 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N. dot com slash start but so the international fuel tax agreement was one where where truckers needed to keep track of where they went but they didn't have to keep individual track of their taxes and at the end of the year at the taxes. They paid a different pumps at the end of the year. It sort of an average was has taken. How many miles did you travel? How many states did you cross? Here's your tax bill and then we're going to apportion the tax out to the the different jurisdictions but Manuel. MAROONS gas station. There at the hedge of this is just one issue with a huge line taking back into Canada big superstation he was able to because the taxes that are being paid on on gas stations on either aside about sixty cents a gallon he was able to charge a few cents less. Still make his gas. Cheapest in the the region but he's basically taking the fifty six percent six cents down fifty cent no and let the cars lineup. No he takes all that a he takes that additional what what I think jurisdictions around him think of as the tax dollar and he just puts that directly in his coffers so it's pure profit if it for him so he had very little interest in helping Canada or the United States direct traffic smoothly smoothly on and off his bridge. You want to stop at the stores and Biteau Blur own exactly right and the duty floor and then fill up your gas. He has two companies one called Detroit International Bridge Company and then the Canadian side has the has a company called the Canadian Transit Company. They're both part of his Centra. Centra Inc Empire so he has political entities on both sides. That that advocate for it it. It's been recognized for a long time. That this is an untenable situation and it really sticks. In the craw of governments on both sides bullishly Canada. I would assume incredibly Eh. Just really really sticks in their craw and they've tried to do A. They've tried sort of everything they've tried to distill the second second nicer bridge right next to it. Well you know what that is ultimately their plan. I'll be hilarious. The problem is that what you what we forget in the United States a lot as Canadians kind of Puff up their shirts and talk to us about their their Liberal democracy and they're there Free Healthcare is that candidate is full of conservative tea. Party wing nuts just like the United States antitax people whole crazy sort of like gun toting. I mean they don't tell us quite the same way but twenty minutes outside of any major Canadian in city and so there's been a lot of resistance to the idea of building a huge government bloated project react to duplicate sign. That's already worked to duplicate this working things just to just to cut out this guy. WHO's making an honest buck? What happened happened at nine? Eleven really put in bold relief. The problem which was that it everybody buddy saw immediately. I mean within an hour of nine eleven attention had turned to the ambassador bridge because of its like rare position As the kind of economic linchpin if you wanted to do damage to the American and Canadian economies all you have to do is take down this rickety old steel bridge and we're talking about billions of dollars a week in an revenue lost And so the bridge became name fixated on the skyscraper. I know there were a couple of things. They could have the nine eleven hijackers again. I'm not suggesting that he tried. Hi this but there were a few places. They could have They could have targeted. I get the symbolic value of big phallic skyscraper. But they really were fixated on it. You know so from the time before the truck bomb in the nineties. Just this what we think of is kind of an ordinary Americans skyscraper Anita because world the name World Trade Center. But you know they the. The hijackers wanted to blow up the Pentagon because I don't know what because they because it was an Fu but if they had directed a plane to the ambassador Ambassador Bridge they would have done a lot more harm so the ambassador bridge suddenly became a security concern. And the the State of Michigan National Guard flooded flooded on there with machine guns all of a sudden they needed to stop every single car and truck before it went over the bridge to search it to make sure that it wasn't filled with explosives and so in the months after nine eleven the line to cross the bridge was twelve hours long. And you missed that kind mountie you really do and hi to Mount Takami is over and I remember it too. I remember being on tour before nine. Eleven where you you drove into Canada and you didn't even really put on the brakes just kind of waved and they were like howdy neighbor and then after nine eleven where all Canadian border guards were dressed in black cammo with with with like submachine guns and they were like get out of the car. You're in a band you say. What kind of band? But but the tunnel to you know this was this was a choke point and both both the tunnel and the bridge but again all the truck traffic really had to go across the bridge and so in this moment the recognition that it wasn't just that this was this was a monopoly but the bridges the extremely narrow. It's not a six lane highway bridge right right. It's like A. It's a bridge that was built in one thousand nine to each each way and so it was traffic was down to one lane because because because of maroons resistance to build these plazas there wasn't room or any setup to build a giant sort. Have you still see at an airport that had no place the TSA the new TSA stuff right so stuff. Spills downed like in Newark spills. Down the side of a hallway. Because there's nowhere to put the line. Yeah remember that period when they were just putting false walls up okay. Well this side is secure. And that's why it's not that used to drive me crazy. What's the backup like on this bridge today? Today it's still four hour. Wait to get across the bridge at certain times podcasts. I know right you could. I'm sure there's someone listening to this show right now. Now waiting in line on the bridge Shari But the United States and Canada finally arrived at a plan to build a to build a replacement bridge. I'm sorry a second bridge. The screw you. Manuela marrone international. That's basically what it it was and they built it all the way sort of they build it quite quite a ways away. Nexus funnier next to us. Funnier right well marrone said and I'm I hope I'm pronouncing his name properly. It might be Maroon but that would be you know. I don't want to say I don't want to open you up to make what Maroon jokes over and over. I think it probably has Maroon Room Maroon like Haroon. Yeah men well Maroon. Let's let's go back and we'll just take us saying Maroon Maroon Maroon and we'll just sliced sliced that back in and every every place it'll be like one of those recorded messages where it's like. Well Mr Brown he. He sued to block the construction of a new bridge. And he said I will privately financed the construction of a neighbor bridge to my bridge. wjr like build a brand new one and I'll pay for it myself all you have to do is you know whatever build porta-pottys at each end which really set the tea party people on both sides of the of the of the river alight. Because they're like here's a guy a capitalist guy who's going to build for free and yet you you know big inefficient government wants to do it your way. That's right wants to just build pay tax dollars for something that somebody else wants to do but his lawsuits which had always been pretty effective in defending himself against government intrusion into his own business he wasn't able able to To block the construction of this bridge and he used all kinds of unscrupulous techniques. He had fake environmental review did that. He went down down and His like operatives from his company hammered eviction notices on the doors of all the houses in the neighborhood that would be kind of in the off ramp area. I'll fake you. Vixen notices where people came in you know like were were meant to immediately call their congressmen. it turned out that you're one of the things he didn't he didn't have to do. This was just a like a like a trick and fate on the Canadian side. The the approach to the new bridge was the habitat one of the few habitats and the only one in Canada of the endangered Butler alert. Garter snake so we've got our very own spotted owl. That's right so story. The gardener snake. The Butler gardener snake is largely indistinguishable from The common gardeners this belong to a butler. It comes on a silver tray. The differences are that it's a small headed snake. The this has a small head and I don't know if you've ever had a small headed cat morzine small headed cat but it's an abomination you don't WanNa see you don't want to see a small headed snake. Pin headed carnival freak the other thing about Butler Garter snake is that when it when it feels endangered. Its method of escape is not to run but is to just sit in place thrash around. I think. See why it's such a threatened species that's all coming together but there are very few populations of it and it is. It's it's even it's even certainly extinct in the future so or or the future or are just maybe this is in the bridge project that that kept them alive and they took over the ecosystem. Well it turned out they. They didn't want to stop the bridge program and again. This is another thing that gets that's gets it's called out by people who are who are given to conspiracy. The government of Canada hired biologists to relocate the Butler Garter Garter snakes out of this little area stomp in they all start wiggling there in place. That's right grab them. Throw them in a bag. I mean they're gutters next. They're not gonNA hurt you right but dad again. Seems like seems like an awful lot of sort of government pork-barrel free hand in the market would not move garter snakes but they begin again construction of it and what the governments had the ability to do was to reroute their highways to their new bridge. And so yeah yeah they they have the power to put a sign up. It's not signed. Being like dangerous. Privately owned brands this way. Ontario Highway Four. No one and so I should say full disclosure. I've been across this bridge many times. I've been in the tunnel many times on tour in my rock band an Ontario highway four. Oh one is this highway. That's basically the main artery of central Canada and it goes from Windsor Windsor to Toronto and then into Quebec and it's very frustrating Canadian version of an interstate which is to say the thing that is most frustrating about it is that the speed limit is one hundred kilometers an hour the entire distance which is for those of us using imperial weights and measures sixty two miles an hour. And it's just A. It's the fastest anyone who's ever gone in Canada. It's a road from one place to another and it goes. You know you think Ken this. Is this southern part of Ontario. It's where the majority of the population of Canada lives. But you can be on highway four one and drive for hours and just not never see another living soul. Aw but it isn't. It's not quite an interstate in the American sense of in just being like a superhighway. It's sort of more like what we would call a state highway player in in in portions right there are other portions that are built up and it looks like it just ends by an aluminum plant by the river. Does it does and it back in in Toronto in the in the within the city of Toronto a highway four zero one is the busiest road in North America. Heard that yeah. Yeah I've I've been on it. Yeah I mean it's A. It's a true highway there and And A and a big fat one but out in the out in the country. It's just it's just a place the trucks go but the Canadians have been routing 401 and a on the American side. They've been routing I ninety six and I seventy five to ward this this new bridge and building giant plazas and giant access roads to it all the while being sued by Maroon so they can't build the actual bridge right but they are but they're building these sort of what people have to call high waist and nowhere. Meanwhile the still the only way through is through through through poor long-suffering downtown Windsor. He's a trial he's literally a troll with a brisk making everybody answer riddles. And he he you know he is making making They're estimating that the new bridge will make seventy million dollars a day in toll revenue Jeez he's not at not a day not a day seventy million dollars a year. I'm sorry seventy million dollars a day. That would be ludicrous but segment build the bridge. Seventy million dollars didn't tear down in a week. I got my four hundred ninety nine. That's right what the hey. Hey it's like you can't lose. I'm good to go. That's that's so dumb. I can't believe that I said it. But seventy million dollars a year. Is there a completion date or so they have only so there were a lot of lawsuits. There was a lot of There were a lot of just your typical kind of what are we gonNA do about this. Garter snake what are we going to do about. Who's going to own this? The government of Canada and the government of the United States arrived at an agreement. Where Canada would they would? They would join forces to build a bridge. Canada would get the tax revenue from tax revenue from the bridge for the first fifty years after completion. Because they would be putting in you know they. They'd be making a large investment in the construction but the United States had the candy bar concession. You know there was a it was back when you imagine the United States would exist in fifty years. They might want to renegotiate that today So they began construction on the new bridge in two thousand eighteen in the intended Can you know the the the completion date is two thousand twenty four. It's going to be an enormous enormous bridge. It's going to be a twenty eight hundred foot span but it's going to be one of these new style that's the way. Oh yes twenty. Eight hundred foot with. It's a cable stayed bridge so it has that sort of a shape. Giants sort of cable in the middle and then and those are very elegant bridges very very a bridges of their time. Though right I mean fifty years from now. You're going to look back at those cable. Stayed Bridges and say their bill between two thousand five and those were trendy thousand fifteen and they struggled with With what to name the bridge. They've they've sort figured that They were going to call it something like the Detroit. International Commerce a collective and they realized it spelt Dick. You know there were a couple of problems almost like that where where they couldn't settle on what to name it and eventually they decided to name it. The Gordie Howe Memorial Bridge this exclusives like a joke does get the guy that died from the tragically. Hip Memorial Bridge. Sounds like something that I guess. It Unites American Canada right right. 'cause Gordie Howe the tragically hip singer. No that's a different GORD. But I'm just saying it's like a name would choose as a punch line for what a Canadian would name bridge right. Well but the thing about Gordon. How is that although he is a he is like a a He's like a great son of Windsor Canada. He played most of his career for redwings. Detroit Red Wings so both sides can. It's one thing that's the one thing that Detroit candidate can agree on everybody high five themselves all around although yeah sure was great but Gordy Howe Memorial Bridge does seem like it seems like something from. SETV what's interesting right now. Is that by some quirk of of SRO Google ranking. If few put in Detroit bridge into Google search engine. You get the ambassador bridge if you put Detroit bridges the first thing that POPs up is the Gordie Howe Bridge and it pops up like a big like. Would you like to map to hear. You know it has the whole the whole suite suite of Internet Like validation like the Gordy. How are you looking for the Gordy? Howe Bridge even though it does not yet it does not exist and for five years not exist APR aware but they have they have begun? They built the The Entrance Plaza on the Internet as well begun the project. Object of Xing out the Ambassador Bridge and eliminating a eliminating Manuel. Maroons sort of oligarchical. Hold on on commerce in the western sphere. The thing is that they can't take away his two cent discount on gas gas and that includes infrastructure week here on the omnibus. The Ambassador Bridge Entry Zero Three nine dot easy for seven zero five certificate number three six six three four in the omnibus in the unlikely event that social media still still exists. In Your era you can find the archives of our work at Omnibus Project on any platform you can think of John. John was at John Roderick. I was at Ken Jennings. Hopefully that stuff survives to see the completion of the bridge in Fort Four or five years. Yeah five years but it's not a lock for sure made. It's not done until it's done until you until you break that champagne to cut that ribbon also Maroon could I mean memorable Maroon is an old man now but he's he's got a son who's also also knows a bunch of lawyers yet. Let Gordie Howe. I guess the the thing is the Gordie Howe died in two thousand sixteen probably right around the time that they named the bridge. So that's the time of maximum Gordie Howe grief that's in Detroit and in in greater cabinet could've named at the Brian Boitano Bridge but all the Story Co International Plaza. I was I was in volunteer park in Seattle the other day. I reminded that the park was built on the eve of world. War Two but to honor the last veterans of the Spanish American right. Those were the volunteers who am uh. I bet. A lot of cities have volunteer stuff named for the Spanish American war volunteer any any city. That has a Union Park Union Plaza Union station. Those are all named during immediately after the civil war so this warriors store member for obvious reasons bench American kind of thinking this a little nostalgia here for the Spanish. American war is did not did not really pan out. Well cities like Seattle that in eighteen ninety six were just experiencing their first flourish. They're looking for. They're looking for their version of union station right. It seemed a little. They're a little bit late to the party to start calling things you know the General Grant Elementary School. So it's like what. What have you done for me lately? I do like the idea of putting up new statues to general grant or whatever just to to counteract the confederate statues thing. If they won't tear there's down do what do what the government through build the second bridge. That's right more. Northern statues put a statue. Put them on public land in the middle of Atlanta and Memphis and statue. Sherman arrived. It'll savannah facing Robert e Lee across the same just General Sherman with his jacket. It's like the volcano in Vegas. They goes off every our he shoots a flame through generally every hour. We do that he just. He has a like a Confetti Canon. It's like Vegas Vic the big neon cowboy way general. John was on. INSTAGRAM is well On facebook thing. We all deplore. There was one bright bright shining corner of it for the future. Ling's encourage you to look up that facebook group or its analogue on read it you can send us physical artifacts via email. John Basically has a side business. Reselling your Your grandparents stuff on Ebay so make sure to send him all the cool stuff from the heck. Listen listen you know. I just bought a mid century modern house. And so although I would love your fathers grandfathers what you want. Your Dad's eames chair I do. I want some aims chairs. I want any any kind of old bullet shaped light. Fixture or Sputnik Oriented House cooter Mo if it's in your house and it's shaped like sputnik and you haven't sent it to John on your not a real fan any kind of Apollo or Jimmy or poor mercury space program Ephemera. Mira looks kind of like a monorail please send it to John. Roderick care of Omnibus Project Pillbox five five seven four shoreline Washington. Nine hundred five one five five. You don't have to send any of your your junk. I'm good no cans fine You could send US email. That's more convenient way. Like if you want to send us a photograph of your sputnik ship stuff you could do that to the omnibus project. gmail.com really the best way to support this endeavor and the time capsule it provides of knowledge to the people of the future whether is will not know Gordie Howe is would be to donate of your substance. Please please if you can make any kind of financial contribution We would really appreciate that and it would ensure the longevity of the omnibus you can do that Patriot dot com slash omnibus project. We're so grateful for those who have already done so we truly are thank you. We're we're going to start rolling out. Bonus content for our patron donors. And I think we've Benia already happened by the time you hear this Turkey Nice. Yeah that's right. 'cause there's a part of the part of the Omnibus Time Paradox Times. A flat circle I should mention that that Manuel Maroon. Also he owns a wide variety of businesses. And tell me it's a Janus class no. I'm well as far as I know. No but he did for a long period own the Michigan Central Station. The old decaying Railroads Nature Center Detroit. Do you remember it. You've seen it. I've been to that part of town I've ever been in the station. Well you wouldn't have been in. Oh you can't. It's a thirteen storey building. That until recently was completely blown out. All the windows were gone. It was it was crumbling into the ground and ruin bought at at a time when he could i. I went to that station when it was still an operating train station. The first time I went to Detroit one thousand nine hundred eighty six and was traveling by train so I I saw it in its in its crumbling. Decline Maroon bought it. Amtrak moved out in eighty eight. I guess he bought it after that. And he's he's one of these new negligent landlords right. He just let the station fall apart. He owned the the Roosevelt warehouse which was giant old. Beautiful warehouse right in that. That same neighborhood just let it fall completely to ruin. He just recently sold a central station to Ford and Ford is has planned soot a plan. They're not a plant they they're rehabilitating it as you know like a lot of these businesses now getting into real estate because that's really all they have like sears sears. Can't make making a living as a department store. But they own a lot of land drew millions of dollars of condos. There's an Yoga's yoga studios on right. So Ford is Ford has but windows back in the train station but that for people who have been to Detroit that's a real landmark and it's a it's a real symbol of like just the disaster that was Detroit and now I hope the rehabilitation that's happening. There's really telling the jugglers century man Detroit it's where it all happens motor city Future links listen from our vantage point in your distant past you have no idea how long our civilization survived. How long the ambassador bridge lasted until it fell into the ocean? Ma Maroon is almost certainly dead led by the time you hear this. He may have been the last Lebanese person named Manuel. We have no idea we. We can't know we we. We also will be long gone. We'll just be memories. Maybe the Michigan Grand Central Station in Detroit is the world capital now. It may be like Zeppelin docking station. Uh there's no way for us to know but we hope and pray that the catastrophe we fear may never come and that bridge stands to this day and you you can get whatever fuel of your choice. You can get your electric. Your car recharged two cents. Less a kill and by kinder- eggs if the worst comes soon this recording all recording me had been our final word but if providence allows we hope to be back with you soon for another entry the.

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480 - Pope Day

The Dollop with Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds

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480 - Pope Day

"So i just wanted to talk very briefly about something that i did recently that i think a lot of people who have been having issues with climate emergency and showed interest in planet change ten would be very interested in it was created by margaret. Client salman who's a clinical psychologist and a climate activist. It's very similar to what i discussed when i was talking about. Climate change ten in. That is being able to find a safe space where you can talk to people about what. You're really feeling what you really going through. As far as climate change essentially market is created the idea that we had and she's done it online and it's it's amazing. I went through it and i was in a group of five. People just said how we were feeling and at the end of it. Every single person in that group felt better felt more connected. And i think if we can get more people doing this. I think it's a way to make stuff happen. So many people don't feel comfortable bringing climate change up in their lives people around them and this is a great place to do it. It is called climate emotions conversations. I'll put a link on podcasts dot com and in this episode's notes let's get as many people signed up as we can and then you guys can all check it out. It won't take much of your time and all the in one of them which is lucky or unlucky depending on how you feel about me but this is super super beneficial. Really really helps. It's what's needed with what everybody is feeling. So up the show notes or go to doll. Podcast dot com click on the emotions conversations link and join the sash listening to the dollar on the all things comedy network. This is an american history. Podcast where i ice tea drinker eater of cereal man who turns on lamps dave anthony riches story from american history to my friend gareth reynolds who has no idea what the topic is going to be about. Congrats on the lamp thing. It's great that you've got on finally thank you called. The vote is jammed patch. I'm the fucking. They've oh god. Gary care and this is not gonna come to tickling clock. Five parker fish now hit him with the puppy present. Sip arguments leaked out right. Kathy i see my friend gareth. We are brought to you in part by the zebra look during quarantine We made a lot of strange purchases. I bought a smoker. That i've never used. I bought some mexican sandals so look i'm just saying We made some strange purchases. Then there's one of your biggest purchases of the year insurance america's overspent on car home insurance by billions every year. It's money could have saved for retail therapy. And that's where the zebra can help you. The zebra is the nation's leading insurance comparison site for car in home insurance in minutes. 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That's my thing. I'm a big work. Everybody knows a you. Send me a lot of videos of you working out. And you say that we're workout brose and you do this whole crazy thing. Yeah we use. That was literally. We're we're we're workout. Rose that's why send those to you. Can i never signed anything agreed to any challenge each other and you know we can also do it through peleton we can. We can friend each other on peleton. There's lots of great instructors. I enjoy the music. This really the actually i. I'm always surprised when music comes on. That i really like. It happens all the time now. And there's good. There's all kinds of different instructors. The ones that the ones that are more mellow in They got ones that work for everybody. Curated music great instructors. there's tons of. It's not just like cycling. There are tons and tons of options of workouts helps. You keep it helps. Keep me motivated to have that there. 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As far as i'm concerned also dave i'll be doing some stand up. Comedy in hawaii on. Monday may thirty first at seven o'clock at the playground in maui and hawaii then june third i will through the fifth. I will be at the comedy club. Kansas city in kansas city and then albeit helium in saint louis on june tenth through saturday june twelfth. See what's happening. It's a thursday through saturday. Deal in a lot of and then also i just got this. I will be going to acme comedy in. Minnesota will be there may nineteen th through the twenty second at acme in minneapolis minnesota so go to gareth reynolds dot com and get tickets to those. Join me and also dave. We are going to be in australia. Dan enda quarantining for two weeks together. Doing shows we will be in perth camera. Melbourne adelaide sydney brisbane melbourne. All those places so go to dallas podcast dot com and get tickets to those shows november fifth six zero five year our lord. Jesus christ the best. Thank you after decades of persecution of catholics. A group of english catholics led by rubber. Testbe plotted to blow up the house of lords. Sorry you say that one more time after decades of persecution of catholics a group of catholics plot to blow up the house of lords. Okay so that seems a little anti-catholic just on the premise yup. Well i mean it's pro catholic. If you're looking at it from the guys trying to blow up the house of lords like they're they're trying to blow up the protestant so they're out there pro Pro catholic the game plan was to install king james nine year old daughter as the catholic head of state to be fair. She was ready for josh one hundred. A lot of people underestimate nine year. Old's ability to lead monarchy's that's unfair. Dalai lamas started zero. Look she learned how to make a boom booms in the toilet and shoes ready at that point. Yeah exactly soon. After i think guy fawkes was in charge of the explosives but an anonymous letter was sent a few days before and like someone with a mask like we are an anonymous letter. That's exactly we exactly how it went down. How did you thank you. I've read a lot. Yeah so this led to a house of lords search. The before and they're fox was found with thirty two barrels of gunpowder. Which would have nali blown up the house of lords that we've done a lot of damage to it's an incriminating amount. I mean it's ten barrels. it's i mean it's twenty one more barrels than ten. You could talk your way out of town. You could be like hold it for a friend. This is for personal use. I thought this was cider thirty. One like you are out of a that point. You're like You got me. You got just gonna kill everyone. I just hands at front hands it back. How do you guys want to do this. So how lords put a bit obliterated outside the other conspirators ended up fighting. Many of them got killed. Eight survivors went to trial on january. Twenty seventh they were convicted and sentenced to be hanged. Drawn and quartered including fox is that put in is that is that an option or is that like both can't be. Yeah yeah you could do both you. Can you can hang the person. And then and then take their corpse and put it between the horses and then not to be gross. I would go the opposite way. I would do the that and then hanging but just me so you hang before parts. I would stretch him out and stretch them out. You know. do the like whatever you do time. The four horses tickle the horses but holes or vegetables in front of him. Whatever makes him do the run. I just. I'm just telling you what i'm envisioning so you just dave please. Can i actually show a little bit. And just explain what dave i'm in the middle of an explanation so you would tie you would tie each limb to the horse put finger up the ass put in front of the nose boom bam boom however you do it. Draw quarter stretch. Joe go to the hanging area boom. Put them there. The problem is you don't want overstretch them. Because then they're fetal touched the ground and you're no longer hanging dammit. We measured it before the quartering. Yeah i mean he's in four parts so you you really you stretch that far so a quarter like they're like you quartered that guy. He's okay sierra. he's in court. I think even slabs it's pretty messy. It's not it's like like what's the difference between cutting and chicken with a knife and just tearing it apart with your hands jess splitting four cars. Breasted not sure. That's actually what my butcher does. I don't go to go to the quarter butcher in. That's how he takes them apart. There's a lotta orthodoxies believing that today. So this obviously made people even more catholics than they were previously laws against roman. Catholics immediately increased in severity. Protestants became far. More suspicious of catholics. Parliament declared november. Yeah i know right Problem it declared november fifth be celebrated as an annual day of thanksgiving because they had stopped the horrible crime right traditions traditions around november fifth recreated including children making effigies of fox and the pope and then destroying them. That's cool yeah. Nice kids get into it. November kit kids love fm. That's that's how hot is such a november fifth became a day for protestants to remember all catholic offenses against them invent against the papists. So this november fifth became a big day of celebration and attacks on catholics often day the celebrations often by attacking catholics. Like let's just how you did it. It's part of the champs. That's how you started capit- yeah big night of Just beaten up your neighbors. Whatever so this. Hatred of course carried over america where we excel hatred. It was especially prevalent in a place called massachusetts. the earliest known celebration of pope. Day or pope night happened on november fifth. Sixteen twenty three in plymouth. Some sellers lit a bonfire to celebrate. And then it got out of control and burned down several homes nearby when your what's your stance on god after that when we were celebrating. Oh shit fuck man burns everything. I'm sorry but i'm wondering if they exists anymore. That is really. If you're up there that was fucked up my fault bed. By the way they had nothing then like the pilgrims tying harvick. Everyone's sick. Lets get a party going. You're talking about sixty twenty three. There's not a lotta great stuff around now So poke day became the unofficial but widely enjoyed anti-catholic holiday in new england. New englanders called catholicism. Potpourri sure sure this is something everyone could agree on. Regardless of their internet intellectual political or social differences products pulp protestant. Church put by toiling nano. That's the guys that do the thing where they crossed themselves. And the like. Hey like the pope and they know it smells good too. Yeah it's a bunch of little flowers and leaves and shits popo. It's different man. it's no good. It's got like twigs shit. Some of them have berries. They smell good. And then after you drop a deuce you like. Don't worry about it i got a bunch of potpourri in the shitter. No i'm talking about beat the shit. I sub catholic to that. That's kurban shit. What we do at boston without curbs another one survived even protestant churches support it so everyone is behind this thing. The rich taya. Its core tie better times now pure. Let's because puritans of massachusetts from the beginning. We're very intolerant of anybody. Who wasn't appeared. You had to you had to religion. Religion often preaches. That you know hate everyone who's not. Yes right so you had to be in in their church to be a citizen. Catholics couldn't hold office or worship priests were banned from the colony until sixteen forty seven and that was punishable by death that was changed to life imprisonment. Seventeen hundred little better James the first catholic took the english throne in sixteen eighty five. That yearbook was published in boston. That declared satan gave the pope his power. And also that rome was babylon. Damn i mean it's crazy. How far what. A kumbang really jet. Yeah legit comeback. Yeah on the road sitting around. Yeah seriously yeah. Follow as taking blow after blow. So this was a sixty five was also the first year. The boston had pope day. Like an official pope. They lit a bonfire on the common. Good it's good that they're learning about how to celebrate it. Do list know that was sick the other time so not much else but pump day was just started by the late sixteen. Hundreds pump days were an annual thing. All over new england portsmouth. Salem marblehead newburyport. Boston all had pope days. English wars against spain and france took catholic up a notch in the eighteenth century. By the seventeen twenty s bonfires were the end of the day but before that there were parades during which effigies of the pope and the devil were driven through the streets on a wagon and then there would be burned in the bonfires. That must've been an exciting day. Ever really must've been like site you'd be like. Oh my god pope. Just i've laid out all my weird too hot and made of will still. I'm very excited. It just goes too fast. We should do a pope week. Oh my god. That's what i've been saying. Hope we like shark week for popes. Let's fucking pope it up man. Let's go full pope umbrella. So why can you imagine wanting to be catholic enough like. Can you imagine meaning enough to you to go through this. I feel sorry like they're that different. I mean what are we have words like mincing words splitting hairs. I don't know how many secular people there were in the world at this point. I'm sure there are a lot of people who are just like. Yeah okay whatever but could you imagine not caring about either one of these things in just watching all of this. Fucking madness I'm an atheist. They're like you're a what. I'm an atheist so but oh i did that. So it's all dudes. There's no no record of any women taking part in polk day and because it sounds like there's a lot of feminine energy it does it really does. Yeah yeah and it became more and more violent over the years and seventeen. Twenty no women. It's so sorry just to yes very. It's just it just seems off brand for that to be. All men would get violent. I just feel like it's often women who are interject a agree i agree. I think there's usually comes from women and they're doing their at home stirring the pot. You're out there. make sure i'd be not just. Don't you hate the catholics. Oh i don't really care babe. Oh you should yeah. You're right get them all fired up. Get him out there. If you want some tonight you'll kill a couple of catholics. I want to budge. Avin stubborn catholic put his face other curb. Got debit again. This curb. you're just pushing his head into dirt. I feel five seventy two thousand for my teeth and seventeen twenty eight benjamin walker wrote quote. Someone brought through the north end. The pope in a chair and others before him. So the fake pope. It's the fake. it's a effigy man. It's not the real. Meanwhile i can't believe that's hat. Those burn fast. You would think hat lit up. You would think would be more in our history books that the pope was taken and a yearly burning of each and then when they say others before there's other effigies they do like guy fawkes and they do other cat prominent catholics. It's like a. It's like a show with a few comics. The pope's the headliner so different groups than would make a pope john kerry into the street. So it's not just one group. Now it's there's more than one mardi gras polk. That's now when two groups would come across each other in the street with their pope they would fight. It's boston how. How shoe. I mean do not hated catholics right to jake. Catholics wrong dote fuck over here. By seventeen thirty hope. They had three parts marching with an effigy of the pope. Violent street fights between groups and then the burning of the effigies. So you're half times abroad. That's right that's where the that's the first time. A guy invented pulling the shirt over someone's head to beat the shit out of just came up with a sick picnic. Lift his jersey over. Said you can fucking black canary call this the charlestown talk tension the pope. Protestants believed catholics. Worked for the devil and always look for examples of that. Okay in seventeen forty one. A captain was killed by his irish crew. A boston newspaper wrote we've taught at boston. Newspaper wrote quote not content with this. They opened his body and wash their in his heart's blood crossing their faces. According to the romesh manner fears vary anti bacterial absolutely smashing. Look i've got paid for crossover. Phase get his heart blood. Boys get it while it's nice and heartache. You still warm nice. That feels good. Sometimes i wonder if we need someone to come in and tell us what's wrong. He wishes here. Get your face in. what's that say. Look i got your bait. I caught you good. Cut him open his heart. So these stories would just cause more irish hatred. Obviously now after awhile mostly. The lower class in the colonies were just celebrating pope day. And okay they really. They really went off in boston shocking. Now that's believed to be because there were so many sailors in boston and sailors were the dregs of society. They were criminals. Military deserters runaway slaves occasional murderer chair and they like getting drunk and causing problems right so pumped became a day for them to just blow off steam. Yeah it's and it's also that's a tough forced to fight like when someone's modus operandi is to Just start shit. Get drunk violent. It's like well it's really. That's not really much of a theology. They're going to probably have a good time doing that. And it was also like everyone. It was a way to let everyone know that they they were against the status quo. But it's also like it's like red day in a star trek or what's the movie series. Where they you get to kill people every day Oh the purge. Yeah it's it's almost like the pertz. I it's got this field up like fucking pulp dates. Let's go fucking eight fuck man. How long until they make a pope. They're like thirty four now so it's getting close now. The rich let it go on because the rates was focused on catholics and the pope. And they're like great with. We're all down for that. Yeah right right and the poor sort of let it allows them to sort of define their own identity separate from the rich servants sailors apprentices thousands take part by thousands of people now. They'd make effigies of the pope satan and famous catholics for weeks leading up to pope day. Some are huge huge. One pope was set to be up up to forty feet. Long ten feet wide and five or six feet high in a way. Are you kind of like making the pope like seem important. Popey the big got a giant. Poke speaking there poke. what a stupid. We decided to make a pope julius. What a stupid little fucking pope. You got little popey. He's my yeah. I'm gonna punch you in the face now. I love you popey. Yeah so. I didn't realize halftime. We'll give you let me put my stuff down. I although guys tie tried to murder each other on the day that we agree about the thing. 'cause we're for boston so so like i said. The some of the flows are huge. They prayed them through the streets on stages that were placed on wagons. Pulled by people in costumes and masks someone blow horns and contra shells that were known as pope horns. She's christ this is really. How did we lose. This is this is a holiday. Good hallmark should have cards. I know we agree on everything. But i'll see you at halftime pope. Day pope day porn. How's your new po-point jimmy. Yeah get behind. The wagons boys would walk playing pipes and drums so he got the little. The family affair boys out front. Who were carrying their own similar. Effigies so boys out front have smaller little effigies of they're carrying a printer's apprentice quote. Little boys had popes placed on shingles bigger boys on a piece of board some no bigger than one boy could carry in his hands. Others would require two or more boys and so on. Small boys made their pope's out of potatoes potatoes. I wanna i wanna be able to buy those dictator touch. Listen there's an inquiry are aligned in the idea that the first thing. I want to see when we're done with. This are pope petition. What mr potato head put a pope. Buffet those yeah. I was like an order of pompeo's with that Right there you go ahead lived. we're just gonna throw them in the fire and cook. Yeah so you want any pope tots. Oh yeah poked. Do you want to poke browns. Yeah i get a blood on that. How 'bout poteen. That's where we put a little gravy on the pope. Yes and the pope chap lovat great. Absolutely so yeah so little boys the bigger you are the bigger. Your pope is around with it for the whole day. Yes you're grows with you. So there's like a puppet. There's tons of pope veggies like starting so. It's a lot of popes with potato pope's all the way up to like a giant item paper or something or would help her. Michelle share yeah So boys would also as the as the big pope is being wheeled through the streets. Boys the big. Just a good start. Boys would climb up onto the pope's right. Of course one santa a one man described quote boys klatten frocks and trousers well covered in tar and feathers who danced about the pope and frequently climbed up and kissed the devil. Is i like. If you're a parent they get it with love the devil. We hate the pet. Brits pretty clear look they bird boys. Okay three 'tatoes at of kids. Let's really make a day of this and told me kissing the devil. He's unbelievable we've really. It's it's getting more clear. As far as what we're trying to say love julia. I can't wait to to set fire. I miss you shoot boy you again i. I'm right up. We all choices choices. You force me to buy decision. I'm pleased it's getting really hard. Everybody go red sox. What is that even though red sox for my feta fire. Oh i'm gonna climb his head would be buddy for keys thanking. I am now fully ablaze. What a good dad you work. Goodbye george see you later. Hey westbound the kiss. Kiss before i go with my other. Tommy julia. I feel like i had another water. Ride go see the client. Yeah waco climate save up brother shit for that was the dumb one. I forgot about that. I'm a third time you do some dad. Yeah you could climb up in the fire. Whatever i Okay okay. I keep fucking your mouth. Sounds like a really good day to get rid of your kids. If i don't know those pilots. Apparently it is. I left with five. Came back with to hang out to tommy. Juniors left another man said another man said besides the pope and the devil. Afloat had quote several other personages monks friars and so forth half a dozen dancers and fiddlers. So it's like it's it's really like a rose bowl float that you would see today. It's just all these people dancing and climbing around on it and if it sounds a little bit like when you go to a protest and like people turn it into their own protest. Yeah like where you're like. This is like an anti protests and people like save. The polar bears like yes. We agree can we. We have another day for that. Let's do that. It's like no like you're just throwing every i mean. Yeah but it's become it's obviously quite an event it's like they're so focused like it started with just being a by the pope and now they're just. They've really lost their kissing satan. Now you're like adding and different people now that that That flawed i just described was so big and have to be pulled by several horses. So they're just upping the fucking game constantly right david robinson said quote his holiness weight from the from the spurs. Yeah yeah yeah. He was there. He's talked about. This is the admiral david robinson said quote. His holiness was in a very antique dress and had a really roman nose cherry. We all know. That rummage nausea roman. Shaw's the big. Shaw's is what they're saying. There had big notice. So i guess that's the thing i didn't now so it's like the nose. Bullpens those bull. Pope is always covered in tarn feathers. Of course here. All quote sometimes both the pope and the devil are hard and feathered but it was generally the devils lick to be singular so usually the double is not was not tired. But if you really want to do it you could further both. I mean if you if you have an atari feathers. If exactly if you're rolling around in it yeah if you've got that fuck you tar. The crowd seemed like a mob. But it was actually pretty organized. There is a hierarchy and officers were elected to oversee everything the building the parade. Everything like it was right. Managers of kale. Yes when they got to where they were going which was usually cops hill. They would burn the effigies and then get more sloshed. Eat and just have a huge fucking raider right and then on the pope's feeling no nothing about the pope. Probably a little. I was arguably would be a little worrisome. This is probably around with the pope. Mobile was invented to be fair. That's true so they're getting shit can after they've burned the fbi and then after they get chicken. It's boston's than there was usually a giant fight of some sort so to fights in the day for the most part So this is quote. Jack from jack tiger from the boston rights which is a book quote. They often included some form of communal violence that resulted in the punishment of social outcasts. Boston cheeses croston exhibited considerably higher levels of violence and roughness than other tout's tradition. They've held onto strongly. Except okay philly. We hear you. We hear you philly. We yes you are right there with your batteries being thrown at the podcast so in seventeen thirty five. Reverend samuel check lee wrote quote this day. A great number of people went over to dorchester neck. Where at night. They made a great bonfire and played off many fireworks afterwards. Four young men coming home in the canoe all drown right so the dropper so yeah guys some roman candles or i guess not roman candles some candles and then go john if you felt joke is in a boat and then the and then they died right. That's how traditional for sure so deaths are becoming com. How great is if you die in that event and it turns out that the catholics were right. When you get to heaven well well well. how was. Everyone's pope day. Everyone a little. Poke day have fun. Tarring and feathering not strange. How you're up here now. There's not a lot of pope 'tatoes I've been talking to the pope the whole time. He's my number one and here you are well. Well well hope you like kissing the devil. Because you're going to his apartment by by tommy junior. We have a bunch of time. He's up here. Yes okay yeah. We kept your children honest. It felt like they were influenced by toxic man. This is so fuck the yankees placers. No no this is heaven. I'm god catholics were right. This is me you know. i'm sorry. My big roman nose scaring you on leave -able. Yeah i'm just saying you know. We got a game. Just chen. Fuck the yankees. Frigging is listen. I don't know how you're rooting for teams. That don't exist so coherently but stop it. Okay this isn't about the pats catholics were right. The paths the cats. That's what you should root for. Go cats but will that is misleading. Because it's not actually rooting for cats. You ready for the catholics. You know actually if you think about it. You're alcoholics should be catholics okay. that's the we had. The pope had it right and you have burned him. Popey 'tatoes effigies tar and feather beating each other at a bonfire and self drowning. Good god i'm just saying so we can we get a fuck. The yanks chanko brady goes to the bucks. Fuck you go to hell fuck. What the fuck was that. It's me the devil. So poke day morphed into from all the different groups it morphs into two competing groups the north end and the south end and they of course it's amazing. How just give any topic long enough. We'll split so they will find another side. They become rivals or maybe they were already rivals and they just used pope data bringing out. But there's now to parades that would come from their their respective areas. No are you telling me. And then and then meet in a expected. Location usually union street and then they would have like to trains heading for each other. It's just to parade set on the same course and then the two groups would meet there and just battle and just fight how. It's so isn't it. I mean look. It's all ridiculous but on pope day. can't we just agree that we all hate. I know care. We hate the pope fighting each other. Like does it have to get so divisive. It's so amazing. How are you midst. You don't fuck and hate the pope. Prop judo fucking hate the pope right. Fuck it ain't upon how you do it properly you don't you. Don't hate him as much as we doing tom. She's right. tommy this guy. Say we're the pope adrian right. What you fucking. Every one of us is named tom. A fork you okay. But i'm told me. I've just tommy. I've caught look look every. Shut the fuck up. We're all told me okay. We don't agree but we're all taught me enough. So local quote in those battles stones brickbats besides clubs were freely used and although persons were seldom killed yet. Broken heads were not infrequent. I'm sorry. I guess it's quality of life once your heads broken in the seventeen. Hundreds feels like it's probably not a great injury to come back from really not like you'd probably if your head well. He broke his head. He has a broken head. Does that make sense to everybody. Your husband has broken his head so it's not great. We're not impressed. And your husband's heads gonna be in a cast for a while. Yeah so the guy who wrote that was killed when he was hit in the head with a brick bat during a day battle. Now that'll teach us to not get cocky about people. Dying on pope came during feuding. Your jets had sharking pope's the winners after the battle. The winner whichever group one. I don't think aside one to be honest but okay would quote have the honor to burn their effigy of the pope. Just go second. who cares. What a bunch of what is so stupid like dobie loss. We can't put up fuck fucking sense of our friends at dad shit. Feels like we lost the thread on this day. I feel like this has been a mistake. I take it started so simple. So if the north enters one they would burn their effigy on cops. Ill at the south enters. One they'd burn it on the common. What you just go to two different places and burn up why the crossover gotta who hates the more. You gotta find that out. I think to turn that into a sport so each successive pump day drew more and more people in seventeen forty five. It had grown so large irritating rich people. A lot of i mean but by the way like you were saying earlier. Like the ritchie's were basically like Let them do it. That means they won't come after us but now they're starting to like this is really getting a little. Their how civil war going on pope day so One of them one of the rich guys wrote a letter to the editor quote. Why this normandy above all others should be winked at and hat and inhabitants of the town. Wish their dwellings. Left to the mercy of rude and intoxicated rabble the very dregs of people black and white. And why no more has been done to prevent or suppress the rightist proceedings which have long been growing upon us and long bewailed by all sober and orderly persons must be humbly to our betters to say so basically. It's just like why why. Why the fuck are we live in this and again. It's because it's a prized she thing and everybody hates the catholics and then there are some people like yeah cool. Let's fuck the pope and all that but then there's also nothing going on your the gangs have become pretty powerful. So my guess is that it's rooted in the fact that the rich are now going. It seems like it's helped like they're not it's not like they're purging their violence. It's like lighting their violence views so the working class people were going to celebrate this day and really no one was gonna stop them. it was just. It's beyond stopping at this point. Well dave it's the best holiday. Boston was also unique. As far as the day bring out class antagonism labourers us the data fuck with the wealthy. So now it's taking on this other it as yeah there. It is many wore masks. People walking on the street were ordered to hand over money. They intimidated the rich into buying drinks and food man. Yes of course. I would love to buy around bail for all of you and that was and turkey legs. Well a fantastic agenda as quiet as strapping day. Just remember your place. Can we get poop towards for the table. i'd just feels like i've already done quite a bit with ale. And some of the turkey legs. We may as well. Just go bang. Who yes you still hanging around cost. You'll breath is absolutely atrocious. What was it you wanted to say. We're going far through you. You saying yes yes. We'll get her outta potatoes absolutely reduce teen. Yes for the table. Yes of course it. Just a pleasure and remember. My mention is inaccessible to you. Boys understand why. It's on top of the heal. Yes that's right and that'll be the end of that and enjoy your meal very relatable. We're all on the same team at your house. Five moved underground by the way tata okay came all right so the effigy so as the f. Jeez would be rolled through the city. Celebrators and masks would go to doors of the rich and demand cash. this is great save. This needs to come back so this is what we should turn halloween into. Oh that's great racist peanut butter cups. Also how about five grand so they would say. We put all this money into the celebration. We need you to kick in the celebration that the rich are like we don't like it. Look at costs a lot of money to build this so feels like guys doing your pot now sometimes on the got rich neighborhoods everyone would just bang on the side of the houses with clubs as they walked through to get so the rich will probably really starting to hate this day to get the money yet right handbells often rung and then a poem was recited. The owners dare you rich. The rest of us seem to be out of lax. Which is why we've come to your door to give a knock. You treat us like we're cook. Give us your money. We'll beat your life and then we will come for your wife. We're ready we're ready. We're ready we're ready. Hold the odds fire steady to kill the rich. That's the day. I don't care what the rich say will take it out of your face. We'll take it out of your ass. we'll take some. We'll take some brass. Give us everything or will stab you to death. You will live like us. We are the wrist. Did you think that might never never end. Did you think that you wouldn't be able to bring it home on time just wondering if you could bring it home other times you've got to do it straight off the dome note to take it down to make too long but if you keep fucking with me it'll be sung that's right. I can sing it. I can do it all right. I can make it by being make it out of sites could go on for days could last for hours. We could do it again. Here's some flowers you want to hear the actual poem. I think we just heard it. Dave and it's pretty good. You'll hear bill go. Jinx jink pray madam servers and arty way. Better than my pray. Madam sirs if you give something if sorry pray madam servers if you'll give will burn the dog and never let him live. The dog was the pope so shorter. Not as rhymney. The bells go. What are the bills. Go jink jank jank cool. That's exactly every time. I hear a bell. Think then to after after the poems read a guy whose official title was the purser would step forward and take the money from the homeowner we. This should be like every saturday we do. It should be in every saturday if they refused to give money The party is with threatened to force the way into the house or break all the windows so almost everyone gave money some even had dinners prepared to feed the people s alot lasagna. Toby joe you well as anya. It's eighty tommy's. We all want lasagna. In seventeen forty five justice of the peace announced armed purses person's going around city streets on the evening of november fifth and demanding money. Breaking windows of those who refused will be met by constables. That made it so. I've ever said absolutely no difference knowing gave a ship right. Okay the boston evening. Post on pope day. Seventy five quote attended by a vast number of negroes in white servants armed with clubs staves and cutlasses who were very abusive to the inhabitants insulting the person's and breaking windows etc of such as did not give them money to their satisfaction and even many of those who had given liberally so even people who gaze money smashing their shit. It's just the poor people being like. What's the rich. Yeah and if you have if you have one day a year basically where you have access to the rich people it is never enough and it's it never be enough. This is a version of the purge. Like it really is yes. Yes so in seventeen forty five. The two groups came together in cornhill where they see what the opposing pope. Yeah side yeah. Where the north in north and south under where they quote fall upon each other with the utmost rage and fury. Several people were sorely wounded and some left for dead rendered and capable of any business for a long time to the great loss damage of their respective masters. Okay she's so. This is amazing. Framing this this is the paper writing about was fucked up and they're like well. This is really sad this guy. This guy can't actually function for a couple of months. Which means his his owner is really fucked. Gosh i'll miss so much about cornelius. He really was unbelievable at making me. Kettles not and he was really work. Allowed me to beat him in. My rage filled hours. I could shout at him parade him and he still came back from an unbelievable guy really was and of course i'm framing it through my own. Experience should probably buy another one. Yeah yes of course. I've got a bunch of plastic. Though some wealthy were pro pope day celebrations so south. So some some are still probes to rich guy camps with fight it out in letters to the editor somewhere somewhere confused by the entire thing one letter. What madness must seize the two mobs united brethren as they would appear it gets potpourri to fall upon each other. Break one another's bones or dash off another's brains out so it's just like you like. Why are they doing this to be fair. It's a fair question. Shouldn't should just be attacking hopes and catholics. Like like it would be like it would like if i mean it would be like if aliens were to watch the the planet earth version of this it would make no i mean it is like watching like a weird like animals. You don't understand like unfortunately it seems like they have the same exact goal they fight. What is it. Boston resident william. Douglas said The day of seventeen forty seven led to the knowles riot twelve days later so the nose riot started when admiral charles knowles forced forty six men into service on a ship. He just grabbed them off the street in boston. And then everyone should. We talk about that. I don't think we've done the noodles right. But i know we've done ones where they like. Just pick. yeah. We did that we did. It's a fucked up thing to do to just be like all right. Come on yeah. We did a whole episode on shanghai. Wake up on a ship and then you're like. Oh no no yes. Are you work here now. This was different. This happened to me at an arby's and they're like you're an assistant manager. I was like okay. Listen to me you fucking work here. Now repeat after me. I got to meet. We've got the means. I have a blow dart hole in my neck at as troy. You gotta worry about is that we got the meats. I don't spell my name. Andy with an is you know i have my where the hell am. I don't think my hometown do you got the meats. I guess. I got really we got to me. It was i. i was trying to be a. I was going to school to learn accounting. I was. I was allowed to take my accountants tests. And then you. I got the meets. We got the me learning about meets now. You're mika switched jobs and living living seller. i just get just. Don't feel like it's your decision to decide that now. I'm an arby's assistant manager. Who is my wife. Who in the fuck would work at arby's unless we force them to with age slavery or just slavery. I was a congressman okay. I don't feel as bad that's weird. Hey congressman say. Say the thing Do you want some horsey sauce. So try to five so the nose right actually asked three days pretty big right but then that that anger let just kicked off the violence of pope day even more like it. Just i'm sorry. The pope day led to the violence. Okay even right right right. The fused the everyone was like fired up right so right so the violence date really started increasing in the seventeen fifties and sixties probably to say. It doesn't sound like it's gotten violent yet. So let's get probably because there was increased inequality in that time so much more inequality leads to lower classes being angry. And you're saying there is some correlation in seventeen fifty to a sailor named john. Crow crab was clubbed to death on pope. Night by another sailor. Thomas on crab the sailors grace. Okay so wait one more time. So john kramp. The sailor was killed by another sailor. Thomas crow chubb. Tommy tommy and a slave named abraham okay so they killed so okay. They killed crab and for the crime. Chubb was branded on the hand and given a year in prison. Interesting interesting combo. can i get a pat. Pat pat right there or just shamrock a hand brain hamburger in jail. It must it must be like. I'm a killer hand brand right sure. Yeah right. this before gloves were invented and no one knows what happened to abraham. But you know so not much punishment right. I mean for my guess. Is abraham probably the worst punishment yes. We haven't heard some days. Were more violent than others. Like in seventeen fifty five and the drinking and violence kept escalating so seventy the legislature passed a riot act specifically for boston. Gathering sow on the fifth were banned which included quote marching in processions order to prevent riotous tumultuous and disorderly assemblies of more than three persons. All or any of them arm was sticks clubs or any kind of weapons or disguised or painted with discolor faces or in any manner disguised having any kind of imagery or pageantry in any street land or place in boston so they they have. I mean fully removed and he they've every aspect of pope day is now illegal. Yeah this this bill going on the fuck down boston. Yeah okay but there was no enforce the law there are only like twenty four constables. So pope days just kept raging okay. Thousands of people are celebrating so they would pass almost the same act in seventeen fifty six fifty eight sixty three. Nothing stopping pope day. There's solution is like well. Let's just pass it again. It's just treating it like a joint party passive one more time to see if it were. Hey guys we made a rule against this okay. All right cool. So that's it. let's move okay. Cool thank you thanks. Sports celebrated day. Yeah yeah exactly. Right about fire right will be. We'll beat the start out of each other. I or yeah what's going on. I don't know what things oh. Oh yeah you guys passed the law. You got a piece of paper now. All right Damn it yeah. Because that's the strict enforcement by you. Tell it yeah alright. Guilty kids climate them will beat the fuck out of one another. It's pope davey pope day. Yeah what's going on. You said something seems like you know your mouse aja. We've been we've made a long. Oh and so. Oh i'm sorry. Oh okay right. So legally passed the law right. You got right to legal right. There's there's twenty four you yes it is like what four thousand of us so yes. So how about this. I'm going to put the effigy up. S unless you shut the fuck fuck up. Happy pope day. See you prick by. Come on what are you still looking at your mouth. Agape what's the problem. I passed the law. We passed the law. You guard the respect a paper. What are you talking about. I will stab you with your finger so in seventeen fifty five. Here's an account quote. The devil the pope and the pretender now the pretender protests such a great. That sounds like a joke. The devil the pope of the pretend to walk into a bar. The pretender is the catholic king exile so okay double the pump and the pretender at night were carried about the city on a beer. There are three effigies. Hideously deformed the devil standing close by the pope seemingly paying his compliments to him. But they three pronged pitchfork in one hand with which at times he was made to tr- thrust his holiness in the back and a lengthened in the other the young pretenders standing before the pope waiting commands. So it's a whole interest. It's a whole so. That's the holy trinity. Yeah that's the whole thing. Sometimes before burning the pope they would put him on trial again. He's pled the fifth. You know pope. Your silence is deafening again. This year we got any witnesses. Yeah we got any witnesses for the pub criminal. They won't testify. Tommy julia no nothing. What do you mean. Like what like say he sox fucking oh yes. Sorry yet the fuck it sucks. He's such a huge dip. Shit clearly satan scottish thing up his ass and that guy in front of him listens. That's bullshit so i'd say guilty. Yep we all are in favor of the pope. So after they put him on trial they would execute him at the public gallows which there were just gallows there in whatever the com or whatever. There's this gallows always there. 'cause they share yeah. Yeah no for sure. And this'll kill the pick up and then they would throw him in the fire. They removed the head first because they would use the head next year. We all need to tell me that part. That's how it works with water. You save the head for the next holiday now as they walked away. Are you telling me they did that. Because they didn't want to remake. The pope head head was like the hard part. So there i think the pope head was like you'd passed down for generations took. It took them a while to learn that one man. I'll tell you what it is hard to get this bucket face right. It is just brutal. Once you get the knows once you gotta get that roman nose properly right so as they would walk through the town they people would just steal stuff that they could burn so they would grab wash. Tubbs and tar barrels stray. Would they grab stuff from the and rip it out of stores. They'd pick it up off the ground and then everyone had would when they got there through. Fire this visit before trees. Yeah in seventeen. Sixty four boy was run over by one of the wagon wheels and instantly killed so this sheriff justices and militia officers were then ordered to destroy the effigies of both the north and south and so they went to the north end. I let's burn. That'll show him no dammit thuc. They went to the north. And i and they got to that pope and they smashed it to pieces but when they went i mean but that wouldn't like yes but then when they went to get the southend's pope the south end people fought them off so here the destroy the pope. Why we're here until seven till seven forty five five anyway. What are you guys doing. You're trying to stop us the pressure but so brain with us this. Oh god we have enemy. We thought the north wasn't gonna show up. We can kick the fuck out of you and that burn poke. So the south end crew beats beats off the justices they militia guys beat off jerks took a turn and then they got super sexy. Okay all right well show all right guys get over here. We'll burn this guy. So after they they beat back the cops and everything the south end crew then walk. There poked the streets. This has got to be like a double victory at this point. A merchant wrote quote in triumph toward the northward at the mill bridge. A battle began between the people of both parts of the town. So the north and south meet at bill bill bridge. They fought with clubs brickbats for about half an hour when those of the south end gained victory carrying off not only their own antagonist stages which they burned at boston neck in the fray many were much brews and wounded in their heads some dangerously so just growing so dudes are just getting killed head trauma and permanently maimed for pope battle. Like it's right like it's such a great example of like. Where do you put your energy to fight for. How things are not going. Well do you want to fight your own people or maybe put it together. Something else no. That's sort of before like you almost have a rage tank. Yeah so where do you wanna exert that energy. And if you're exerting it on burning effigies it's fun but like you could turn your rage to a place where you could make some changes. Yeah yeah in the sixties. The wealthy began using the laboring class to put pressure on the british rights and others tension between the british and the american ritchie's and so this began in earnest with the stamp act in seventeen sixty five. So parliament passed the stamp act in march. Seventeen sixty five which taxed all printed materials to pay. Britain's heavy debt from the seven year war against the native americans now americans are really opposed to being taxed like. Why buy you paid for this. We're a colony with the fuck ebony. User macintosh was a cobbler and a volunteer fireman. From the south end he was an elected leader. Who controlled the mobs and for years had led the south end parade okay He'd also help. People lead people in directing insults of the pope so kind of a cheerleader. Also sure of orcas was sort of a conductor of filthy slander. One toy wrote quote if a whisper was heard among his followers the holding up his finger hushed it in a moment so he's got complete control. Talk right ebola strings horns epoca going to say something. Here guys macintosh began doing the dirty work on the street for the stamp act leader. So now he starts. They know he has power. I'm sure they're giving him a little bit of You know something nice. Rile up his patriotism so now he's helping out with the stamp act. Sorry he's helping. He's helping that. The people are wealthy. Americans always help out the well. Who are against the stamp act. I mean everyone's against the standard a corrupt union leader. Yeah kind of in a way. I mean he. He's as opposed to pushing his energy and anger towards the rich in america. He's not doing it. Towards the rich and britain by helping to write pamphlets and signs were printed to protest the tax. These incited a crowd to attack andrew oliver's house in august. He was a rich merchant. Who put in charge of implementing the stamp tax in boston on august fourteenth. Oliver woke to find his effigy hanging from an elm tree outside his house. That's a tough good sign. Bad thing front. dearie me. I just hope they think that's the real at the end of the day. A mob paraded through the streets and then destroyed a building on the waterfront. Which had something to do with the stamp act then he. Then they cut off the head of the effigy. In front of oliver's house stones were thrown through windows and then they rushed in destroyed the house and drank everything in the cellar. Oh my god that's just a badge like the charging through thinking you're gonna get murdered and then they're just pounding. Okay sure. yeah that's fine. I have a few. That's a forty nine. Oh cut like cutting off in front of his house. He's like behead me and they're like we just need to this malbak so a few days later a mob attacked offers brother-in-law's house lieutenant governor thomas hutchinson so a bigwig right in the british British army they strip dimensions of its doors furniture painting silverware and the slate from the roof and then burnt it down. I believe so. Mcintosh was arrested and that another getting. They're getting closer to appoint for sure rather just drinking wine so mcintosh was arrested but released the next day after the gangs pressure to authorities so the gangs have sway right colony. Delegates formed a stamp act. Congress which based said only weaken tax us americans could tax americans. British imports were boycotted. The focus on a new enemy turned pope day into an event where the rage was also appointed britain. We go getting warmer. another right. act was passed in october. Seventeen sixty nine the month before pope day hoping it would cause the crowds to stay home anyway. Anyone out with their face painted or carrying weapons or asking people for money printing effigies. We'd have to pay forty shillings or go to jail for month. Some of boston's politicians talked macintosh and the north end leader to put aside their differences and brawling tradition for pump day and instead lead a protest against the stamp act. There we go okay. They gave the gave the two leaders a huge feast with their higher up in the gangs and gave the two men uniforms so Evans had a blue uniform. Gold lace hat a speaking trumpet and rattan king so they bought and he and the other guy. That's need to come back. i'm going to start doing. Stand up through speaking trump. The other guy had to read you guys from so they give him. Yeah opposing uniforms. They they would always wear them. When leading parades from there on out cher. Santa swift was the leader of the north enters. He'd graduated from harvard. He was fifty and study to join the clergy but instead became a lawyer and now he was leading the north end. Okay that's cool that year. He and macintosh quote met in friendship under the liberty tree now. The liberty tree is a big famous tree where The sons of liberty would actually meet and discuss what to do about the england situation. Share was eventually shut down by the british choice and both factors were fence for word turned against the officials. They did parade around and burn a pope which had an inscription of love and unity. The american whig confusion territories. That was so so it's gone from being just like fucked. The pope fuck the puzzle to fucked english screwed fucked english to in recent years dead had turned into another reason to bother british royal so one man specifically a british royalist in boston was john wayne and he was a shopowner. Well known for printing pro britain publications so really just a guy constantly trolling. The share pro. American likes something that it's hard to relate to today. Yes somebody who has sort of had an had an angle and aside to represent and pretended to be like on by right. Okay right in october. A group of bostonians tarred and feathered and informer that caught and then they carded him through the streets. This is pretty calm. Well i hope it would become an otherwise someone would be like. That's a huge burden. Says they're out there honey. That thinks that burn. What kind of bird. This is a hundred seen a bird that big of my life calling them former. he's huge. That's like one hundred eighty pound berjaya. Yes we're going to burn it. Wow good lord. He's got shoes. The birds were so this is a big bird words shoot. What's the next sesame street. Okay i get it. As the group passed maine's printing shop they entered and ransacked it in the fight. That followed may main shot gun and he hit a soldier and then he ran off. He managed to run off and they they could not find it now. The pope pope day was coming up freedom of the press pup day's coming up the next week and so pope date turned into a persecution of maine instead of an effigy of the pope. They had an effigy of maine. This is better. this is what you should have the. Yeah whoever you hate the most. That's your pope. They a label on the effigy read. Quote mean is the man main is his name. Yeah literal. I call this a tweet. Yeah so maine's effigy was burned but maine was already on a ship halfway to britain so he had already fucking build the country in seventeen seventy four pope day became union pope day and much of it about freedom from england. Oh and they also hit and they still hated pope quote companies. Little boys might be seen in various parts of the town with their little. Pope's dressed up in the most grotesque fantastic manner which they carried about some boards some on little carriages for their own and others amusement. So i mean we're talking like a hundred years now so it's just a tradition. It's like it's like when kids get their stockings like it's just a fucking thing. That's what i was gonna say like. It's wise that it always did sound childish so let your children do the pope stuff while you actually have a cause. It's really crazy. So the adults in seventeen seventy four did burns santa's mpg. Well obviously screw that How dare he. I mean he did. When do what are the. What are the elves doing when they're not making mean just like a factory work so that was actually the last pope boston because the next year catholics and protestants found themselves fighting side by side against the british okay. But when some soldiers in washington's camp came up with a great idea they said what if we have a pope day celebration here in our military camp. Kito and word came from george washington quote as the off. My mouth my mouth. How talking burns as the commander in chief has been appraised of design frame for the observance of that ridiculous and childish custom of burning the effigy of the pope. He cannot help expressing surprise that there should be officers and soldiers in this army so void of common sense as not to see the impropriety of such a step at this juncture. See a bunch of protestants. Wanna burn the energy of the pope in the military camp and washington's like hey dumb fucks there's a bunch of protestants in the fucking army and a bunch of catholics in the fucking army working together right share. Not only that but they had formed an alliance with canada. And that's just full of catholics. And then there's catholics in maryland and pennsylvania. So it's bad it's really bad. Pr to start. Burn pope's share washington's words have been called the funeral oration of the celebration of pope day. Wow so he just put a killed the poem he killed day he killed. George schick killed davis statement. I was sure i'd say on the show. Society became a little more tolerant pope night celebrations ended gang wars in boston dwindled. When benedict arnold defected to the british in seventeen eighty crowds. Now used effigies of benedict arnold instead of the pope. Processions became about patriotism not religion k. The massachusetts concise constitution in seventeen eighty gave more freedom to catholics. They were now free to worship but they could not be teachers or hold office still. The first catholic church in boston was open. Seventeen eighty eight. It's crazy you see. It's just so weird that it was very crazy how it kind of everyone kind of acquiesced eventually all right give them a church. Yeah but you can't hold office. Yeah i mean it's definitely a trip. It's wars do right. You get a common enemy and then you come together with you hate and then you're like oh you're not that bad. Look we're killing a guy together. Yeah right this guy's the worst. You're okay because you helped kill this guy who's actually the worst writer j. l. bell makes the argument that pope night did not die out but instead transformed into another holiday in which people dressed up lit bonfires and went door to door asking for coins. Halloween just five days before november fifth. Because if you think about it if your kid is dressing up and having fun with those little pope and they're all dressing up winning just do like we still do a dress up thing and let's just do. The kids are right. Chester kids aspect. That kids are having fun. Then like when's pope. They went so you. Just you just change it a little bit. They don't know about daddy and the other daddy from the south side beating the shit out of each other before the verdict. But yeah yeah that is. That's crazy but does make sense So the sources on this Jagger boston rights three centuries of social violence Pope day in america by john shea and deliver luxury pope day. Conflicting consensus in colonial. Boston by francis kagera isn't guy fawkes day november fifth visit. I'm sure it is. That's what he let's see. Hold on. I didn't. I didn't know there is still a guy fawkes day. What do we do what we do. They still celebrate guy fawkes. Yeah it's november fifth. Yeah there you go. Yes so here. In england they still they still celebrate guy fawkes ever fifth so do do people celebrate him or do they celebrate the other way. Yeah they do. They celebrate him. Yeah yeah i mean and you. Basically i mean there's not a lot of fireworks and stuff in england but they they do. It's like a it's a fire in themed fire themed event in some ways because he had a good plan. He had a good plan. Thirty one barrels was a lot of barrel out. It's it is really. It does show you sort of like what we were saying before. Like pick like you can change things if you're angry at the right people as if you're the right targets and if you are if you're comfortable with enormous class divide then you know you're never going to change the system you're just going to be a part of its bullshit forever so instead of losing your shit on people who have the same frustrating existence as you at times turn it to the people who put you in this position to have so little and that's like what we have completely you know lost here in. Just continue to a lot like allow the ruling class to Get away with murder while we took hall each other assholes. It's so weird religious situated thing because here you have catholics being persecuted while at the same time just devastating indigenous people wherever they go like. It's just a evil upon evil upon. That really is our problem. I think is that there are just so many layers of swampy evil that it feels like you'll never find clearwater again. Yeah that's good all right. Well may fourteenth join us for some testing live. comedy looped. lie. I be fun yeah. Everyone's always fun. A little bit of those are a little bit of florida coming at you. Oh boy all right. David miss you love you. Kiss kiss kiss kiss. Kiss gives me. Are we still recording. Oh because normally you're super cool. Hoban cited bro decided young. Yeah may fourteenth is the next live virtual dollop. we'll be doing another dollar with looped live. It'll be six. Pm pacific time we are doing. Another live virtual dollop. These shows are crazy. They have a lot of media in them videos and pictures. David does a very good job and they've all been very fun so we want everyone to join us for what some people are calling the events of the decade. Arby's we've got the meat. No no no wrong. Copy dave franck copy. This is for the yup. Just stick to what we're doing so may fourteenth loop live six. Pm pacific time. Join us again for another live virtual dollop. We've got the meats.

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Ep. #109 - Brian Podlasek, Jacki Liszak, Janeen Paulauskis and John Lallo.

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Ep. #109 - Brian Podlasek, Jacki Liszak, Janeen Paulauskis and John Lallo.

"This is talk radio All ships at sea. This is your Captain Bean Gene Gene Gene testing twice. Oh Sonar Lar lar and the atomic attack the longer live from peach timeout in the heart of Times Square. You're listening to beach dot radio with Kim and Ed Ryan and good morning. Welcome to episode number one zero nine. Don't pay attention to anything behind me. It's just a green screen of Fort Myers Beach. Those are not real people walking by and welcome to the show. Welcome wife you are now live and on the air. Good morning everybody. I'm on get with the program. Get with the program me get with the program. Yeah Yeah we had a lovely morning so far Lots of activity. And it's only nine o'clock. We have a great show lined up. We want to make sure that you share the show with as many people as you can So that the show continues to grow and the show continues to blossom around the country so that everybody can see a water beautiful green screen. We have here. What do you think on my screen wife? Thank you thank you or anybody we were. We were coming here. We just decided that you know you just you have to have some. Fort Myers beach but But you guys can't come down. There's no crowds allow. Don't come and see us. I'm actually going to help John Paint something I think. That's why he asked me to come down here. He's here and he'll be joining us later on today. So we are broadcasting. Are I am live from a peach. Timeout on Fort Myers beach but everything is still closed. The beaches closed. Don't come down. Everything's closed and I guess I'm essential because I'm part of the press. Glad you got everything. Set up finally yes well. You're you sound like you're way far away but that's okay we're gonNA take those off. I can hear you. I'm close to the screen. Why both really close now. Face the closer the better so I was acidic to some other podcasts or some other thing and they were doing the facebook thing like we did and they throw watch party so if you feel like throw you can. Throw Watch party. Some more people will watch the show because right now we're GONNA choose. I guessed our first guest is Bryan. Bryan I'M GONNA I'm GonNa Muffle your name up. There is it. Okay POD LASEK. Let me get back into screen it. Yes yes I enjoying the start. Thanks I wish side starts every day pretty much. Is that right. Yeah so let me tell everybody who you are. I'm sure they already know who you are but Brian is the owner of or should I say co owner. How else I just? I just heard he's Elkin suits. And and you guys on the island Kowloon Santa Bell. How long have you how long you only island cow just kind of going back through all that it is a teen years which is starting to be like longtime leap vis run and like you said Pretty out there which is which is strange. This go well. We love the island cow. I didn't know if you knew that we ride our bikes to Santa Bell. She's like I know she's according to face sportstalk. I'm an influence. Of course this faith has. Yeah Right I wanNA marry this on the restore Saturday each cancer or get some protein. Pai All get. My daughter is worshiped. You saw his little else where we did you say meet stick restrict what are what are you putting meat stick in there for what is that like? Beef jerky birth usually shorter all right. Can you put that down for a second so we can tell everybody? Why the Hell you're here? You're opie froze up right at the right time on streets so Brian. The island cow by the way we when we ride our bikes to Santa Bill. This was before my wife crash or by twice. We used to ride our bikes to Santa Bill de up and stopped at the island. Carol because you have Blue Moon on draft. Yeah draw for breakfast after a bike ride. Yeah you'd be surprised how many people are and of course yourself included ride numerous amount of miles and then they just drink is fantastic. Dwarf do that little riot. We have to get picked up after the ride. We don't ride back of course but I have to tell you being scared and I'm not a fan of the Santa Bill Bridge because I feel like I'm going to fly off the bridge because this is like no protection on that bridge riding. The bike is training with that railroad. Short story my wife. Pretty Nice like Which of course is great. I knew that I would probably pay. And I said I'm riding at thing to Santo Room eleven miles away from here to the restaurant and I gotta take off at five. Am and it was rained that morning. Africa since January had latte reindeer authorities and regular. Go over that bridge with beer trucks and a landscapers. I on a inch terrified. You're right I don't know if I may to do to get cheese. Not Scared of heights like that but Bulletproof until she drives her bike riding quin tobacco vehicle. So somebody posted your website up there already. One of your fans page posted to Senator Al Island Cow dot com very nice. Got Big fans out there Brian. Yeah that's I mean. We've had a lot of work done a website. I just have to wave you continue. I'm going to wave to some folks on your website and looking at following you guys people that beat up on their she's been out since time faceless us again on that person. Akerson that person that person so and again during this whole nightmare You get stuff out to people out is fantastic. I'm a service to the community shirts. More Fun Times a year but when she's doing now shirking lower tallus US Brian. What are you doing now to help with this pandemic because we were reading some stuff about the amazing stuff you and your family are doing. Can you tell people what you guys are up to? Journey won't mean to Searle wild cheese all kinds of things so Aston We've got friends in the healthcare industry with our young stars and just kind of fell crazy. That all these people had massed. I mean even people you know fire department. How can you get a map? You see and we all feel up knowing them and other people medical supply companies be able to provide US refills material. So what Brian's breaking up you're breaking up a little bit sends out and get a program you get actually to Sheen's now these little crazy masses a cow. Wherever she insert goes in here we got a gal at school Jennifer Carey Volleyball Code during the actual filters there or that is suffered. Here by our kids reluctantly. Make some of these for the bank up. Titanic Proud I gotta go but yes that if I'm project something my still frozen acuity so how your kids chronologically? Their wire fourteen and twenty four designers twenty four one collar stretch with one this injury. I school next year. I think John Needs one of those fancy masks that you have bruce. Instead he drove he picked me up off. Explain the story why he picked me up. Put should I take offense that he drove in the truck? All the way down here with that thing on his face is protecting me. Okay protecting me going. I was sensed to Joann fabrics work to find things online. Thanks for laughing because everybody under lab. I'd like a black sunglasses. Lack masks my arrival place and I didn't realize you gotta you gotTa go USA measure. I stand in the next six foot by six foot. Whatever line and I did it wrong. And they're all at the edge. It was tragic. It's just hard to get things on less. And that's all actually supplies refined regular blue black. You know regular colors too for the massacre gate. Topsy and Pretty crazy stuff. But we doubt all of these bursaries finders while Fort Myers Beach Fire Department days ago. Doff fifty five they furry Santa Bell. Td sample our arms star in the National League made for Health Department are all this halyard ninety nine percent of all of this stuff in two different. They've got those things tight on her face. They're nothing grow BRINGTON or you're trying to get these things first responders. I just shot kind of my dad's a northeasterly mascot honors Home Depot or shut around. It's it's you know it's the fortunate that we got these face and Darth vader your way in an out places breath where we're going to do nothing else you'd even people that are getting some exercise down here. They're they're wearing the masks and like an idiot. I said to the lady that was walking by shoes. Like what are you doing? I said well come over and I'll show you. She Goes No. I can't come over there. I gotta stay over here so just those little things that you forget when you talking to people. It's so counterintuitive. We do at if you moved down here. You're probably down your bureau. People in at ASTA tally Muzak hours everything that we've been trying to do every day since we've been certainly you know with all the bars and restaurants and hotels year nitro party for our the restaurant and then having people move away from you when they walk a little you see that is that a real thing. Yeah Castles Online wild back in anything to get him out of business owner out there are owner or so tell I mean you just can't imagine the the economic impact is not waiting around the loss of life and things like that. It's not a hurricane revolt out with sure. Yes those are fun. You know really end is you can you? Can you know you get everybody? Your neighbor cleaned up charge grill out. You know law. This is a nightmare. Because it's pushing everybody wafer so we're just trying to figure out if in wearing it saved opening in how we reinvent the the opposite of what we in twenty years to do it and that's packing feeble small place in you know. Welcome to the real life that we all came down here for you. Know who's GonNa come down vacation from the Mid West or wherever rate house? Hopefully general are action if it safe if it's whatever but I don't you know people miss the beach. People miss going after random the day. Drop off those masks. You know it was because I know everybody sound your ears. They'd come out here and enjoy our life for a week. And that's what we're supposed to do here and nothing there. All the way to the Are Her at work. I see car was what was it. Eleven o'clock Jim Act. Yes it's something else Brian What what are you hearing? I mean you know we watch the president last two nights and it seems like things might be looking up. It seemed like a foul she and Dr Burks or in in favor of Of Slow opening well. What are you hearing down Sackville? Obviously for me she comes out. You know doesn't come out and he's GonNa Change before. Thank you know what you do we. We've sat scenario scenarios is much information we can't hostile and yeah it does seem like not number cases number beds. You know we've been prepared for this on the fly and overprepared Rate I mean you have a facilities ready for overrun hostel facilities. But you know we we Keith. Kinda open movies sooner than later it. You know there's a little bit going on Jacksonville veal if he the other day but again we're crazy outdoor people you know worrying about our how to get out and done a good job at staying home Us and I know that held as far as Fred. This jump on house but man. It's it's you know. I think everybody wants to get back to work. But in in Safeway and I don't think the equation for that is certainly not me so Brian. How do you think What kind of position or the businesses in like yours and others down on Santa Bell or or other business owners that you know I mean how. How much time do they really have before? It's you know it's lights out with slices then sat restroom long time. That have been around and you think they'd got or more time than most races. You you think of new replaces the OPT up working back my food for guys. My sales guys beer guys mushrooms guys you know. I don't even you know this is just us. You know what I mean with. It is such a domino effect. I truly think anybody who isn't even big companies like Cini brothers. Big companies like the spokes mean. They're taken you. Don't pay cuts to stay alive it. It's it's not just years National Global I. It's going to be a rough one but maybe they can let us know. Pinocchio capacity were at least we can cover some people say a little bit of fun. That was my next question in the foreseeable future. You know things will open up. But they're gonNA open up differently than than before so when when you guys closed down this had you already set up the distant saying and splitting people up at tables and all of that that you could easily go back to as we'RE COMING DOWN. We adapt all suddenly outside tables. You pull this out you put it somewhere else. You waste Par insider where you can't Table at six attach on the table. We kind of figured out house threat will receive a Har- Was enough space to kind of do it. And it sorta work in fact for US kind of different look at using the bat horseshoe kind of like the way it looks through all these other bagels. All whatever he kind of gave it a different dynamic and its dual is again for business owners. If you own a theater you don't want people sitting every third see Your Business. Model is stick person ever see every single. You know you're not in it to To Bring Eva so yes yes is going to be interesting. But maybe they can make we move in those phases back were. Yeah we're back at six testing people in everybody's good and then we get back you know back to playing for all in cranking up to sit next to each other. I don't know yet. Can we say that you know? There's a lot of debate on beaches being open from six to nine you. You mentioned the Jacksonville thing. Marco tried to do something and they got shot down in very next day. It'll be interesting to see how the Jacksonville thing works out In the next few days or I think it opened I think it open yesterday or they were planning to open yesterday. And it'll be really interesting to see On Monday when Mars Beach Town Council meets to see if at least they have conversation about a plan for something. Maybe it's not the beach. Maybe it's the businesses or or are they going to wait until Lee County meets on Tuesday or are they waiting for the governor to say something to take direction from him. The businesses can't stay close forever. I mean something's gotTa give where there's you know understanding the testing needs to be done but these people need to. They're they're they're not going to be able to stay. Close forever is off for a lot for that matter. But you know hostility. Distri banked up cash. You know I don't know who survive. Hersher layer we just felt that monster down there cash flow to make this is where your small. Yeah hurt the people that we need to to come back. Open these businesses up. That's got her most of our servers and people that take care of all the former Beach that's that's GonNa ask Howard told you these dogs. Oh how how have your employees had Wa- keeping in contact with them? How many are they amp? Sure they're anxious to get back to work. You know there's different sweet news all worth it in going through this unemployment process you know everybody. Everybody try to live. Our oldest daughter works at the restaurant. Of course everybody said nothing but a challenge. I sat your four hours with my daughter I gave up. I says `I funerals. It's not working. We have some success in that. Some of the first people read began applies at started to seize the money Working with National Bank which is an incredible award winner. Regional Bank. Your Bank of America's not often these big banks. They done incredible job and getting ourselves which true so we can take care of some of our employees With GP program. And I can't thank them enough again they are. We've been with them since day. One of the islands is city branch. Sandal Remain Bankstown Jet Robbie restore actually. This is for them one of these masters snake. Chasers down there in the earth. Lay still ask but yeah. He's top known as seen that extra six hundred against the state of the money that you get it about seventy five in this magical six hundred dollars. Atlanta that culture for wishing in each one of these servers in whom runners the rest of their eight. Seventy five a week. Think they can probably survive. I don't see it happening yet in. If you haven't got it by now and Eric actually you'll other checks swallowed hours remaining. Beatles bank accounts that have done taxes sub. So that's helped. Yes that's there by. The unemployment is finally starting flow in in. Hopefully the federalize does it. And then these guys shooting good roles. Have you know generate Beinin Trust? But we still take pits. So is in regards to the masks. Now are you continuing to make them have you? Is there an end inside or you just GonNa keep going? I should taper hundred by talking out actor. It's really become a quiet production. You know again the publicity things that you guys do it. It turns into a whole as low so as far as your firefighters Viti first of all our guys at the hospital and then all sudden we must build out of one hundred yesterday. How we are going against you. A cow print only that. We're to stay on our website. That is the special edition. That's well ninety five. That helps subsidize that. We can t you all this stuff out to first responders anybody calls from people you know lady over pipe or another. They're locked in some community even have a space phone. Or whatever says you sent here? Texted her Addressable mail to your husband Schmidt right you know people like that. People need these things besides like gardening and trying to catch tarpon and go to restaurant. Water plants like crazy. Oh man fi you guavas around and non crushable Arctic The restaurant you know so yeah. We've got another restaurant. Group outed Colorado friends farce. They WanNa Thousand Matt's now Roy Crazy And by the way on his machine. I can happy with a chainsaw beer. I got your And this little knife and jab sick by no way. I'm up no part of it. I'll go to Joel Dan line. I will carry stuff like a mule. Trimmer the SCISSOR difference. Brian Hey can you? Can you gain a few masks like this with that logo on it absolutely Alka? I gotta I gotTa huge pile of that material file that I could send you. Can you toll that onto the masks and you do that out? Afterward says that that machine is program. Does all day was originally rated South artsy-craftsy no person decision welcome. Santa Bell L. Compete. Make all these explain. Geiger retail shops it. But you're selling some of them as any other you're donating is that correct. How's that working over the island? Cow rinsed will be on our website. The ringer wherever that is you know what we're the t shirts are in the the website says. Oh those are just people that WanNa you know why that will again help Kinda key. Bus With first responders which release the other people that have made donations in. I think it's under websites. Were our daughters. Kissed your disaster relief. Which is around a nonprofit cheese or after Hurricane Michael and twenty five kids involved in that s percent goes right now. I don't know how much is in there. That'll probably know the girls and boys off his Foodbanks or wherever but got race. I don't know how much money forty thousand dollars over. The last year is through hurricanes. Wildfires resell armbands steady coasters. Paintings as fundraisers. School is different school. The idea was off. You get three kids doing something here. You get three more another ten three more you know. There's a disaster. You kinda network this whole group and if one little room can go out and make food hours and hours a day if you get twenty you scale and say and then you could see. Sunnier Weird fact. Trying to think of this mark tap to go drop some money off over there that they raised but I doubt will the Ori Types so now I I. I don't think so. Where can people go to get the information? So your website island cow website. And is there also a link for that for your daughter's WanNa cower it'll get you to the you know the shop issue to island CAL FACEBOOK? I guess and then get you to His Zaslov before thrown some donations headed if we donation we're sending you've asked no matter what you know what I mean. You just going out. You know. Great O'Brien before we let you go. We always wanted to do a show at the island cow. Just so when you guys decide to open up again or whenever the Allows you to open up again. We would love to come down there and and maybe on a Sunday or something because you know we were always here on Saturdays when life returns to normal. We'd love to come down to the island cow and and and it's just best place on on Saturday bill. I mean I just love it. You said that because not this weekend but I think it's the first weekend in May be the first week and it made me leave. That were not open on the giants smoker Radio behind my truck. And we'RE GONNA do to go barbecue out front south of Saturday Sunday and out masks with the purchase of oil you always wanted three skews. The smoke trump gave put out a grill. It's like a magnet for guys. Bud Light and I know we're not supposed to be congregate San Sixty Grilling but it's more to start. Well let's stay in touch and hopefully things will open up soon. And and congratulations on the great idea and getting the masks out see you guys got lots of press about it which is cool too and so great job air for you and your wife and would have been nice ever in the picture more feeding information back there on a Saturday morning. Rundown Peach andropov master yet. Just seeking some on Brian. Okay take care. That is Brian on the island. How they're doing great work with the masks. Steer we need to get our logo on the masks? Your Shield short. You look short in the picture. You look like you're sitting lower. Well I lean back. I'm surprised that I'm surprised that the technology has worked after the first half hour leading up to the show the nightmares that we were having. I'm surprised that it's worked so well so far being that I'm on the beach your gateway Brian's. I don't even know where Brian Lives. And Right. Now let's bring in our second star of the show. She is not Bryant from the island cow so I need to get that guy off there and there she is. Her microphone is off so I need to. Kerner microphone on Jackie there. I'm here Jeremy Jackie. Of course everybody on Fort Myers. Beach knows Jackie is the President CEO and the grant of the Chamber of Commerce on Fort Myers Beach and last night or yesterday afternoon a big meeting. Gulch huge crowd of business owners and a race and Dan. Lewis there and folks from the county where they're Jackie. How do you think the meeting went all the business owners Wow I'm thrilled at the turn out the towel real at the turn out. It was the first time we've attempted to co host a meeting like that for the residents and businesses and we were very pleased with with the whole thing. Yeah this technology is incredible now. We're all off bills but this coming to connect in ways. We just never thought about if you could explain what the meeting was about why it was held for the folks that are listening from outside We got a lot of people that are listening in Wisconsin and Ohio and and And South Korea North Korean China. But if you can explain so we had a joint meeting. The top Fort Myers Beach and the Chamber yesterday afternoon. At two o'clock we had well. Mayor Ray Murphy was supposed to be on. Unfortunately he could not get on the call so vice mayor. Rixon has oppressed stepped in Graciously to kind of. Give us a thank you and a little. Hello from the town We Add Commissioner Ray San de Leon. Who is our commissioner for Lee County? He talked a little bit about What's going on in the county about resources available for businesses and individuals and then we also had John. Tommy John who is the director of our Lee County Ideo? Which is the economic development office and John got on and talked about all of the different types of loans available what the current status of of those loans says if you are following this or have small business you know that. The small business The SBA loan is out of money. The P P P the paycheck protection program is out of money and the idol. Loan is also out of money But he did talk quite a bit about continuing to get your applications in for those because they feel very strongly. John Did as well as I'm hearing this from Even the US Chamber that those some of those programs will be refunded. So you WanNa make sure that you get your application in your in the queue so it went really great. We had two hundred and thirty two people on the call which was incredible we. I don't think we've ever had a chamber that full at town hall and that did not include anybody who is listening on the Youtube Channel or on other media. That was being streamed out. I want the town. Staff did an amazing job. There were five people behind the scenes plus staff near the town helping run everything from their end and We had a lot of really good questions and answers given miss if people missed the meeting. Is there a place where they can go and and find yes? It's on the town's Youtube Channel. You can also view it. If you go to the website you can go into their archive recordings. And it's there okay. Great Jackie's with us from the Chamber of Commerce. Those of you that are listening. Got Pretty big audience if you could type in the chat box when you know. Your state is opening for business. When you're governor has said that they're gonNA open your state for business. It'd be interesting to go back in the comments and see that Jackie. Generally what are the business owners? Feeling on Fort Myers Beach. What are they telling you about things how things are going expanding and I'm so glad those are not my dog is. I've been waiting for that. Everyone is tired of this. I everybody's done we're done and everybody wants kind of new normal whatever that is and You know folks want to know the beaches opening folks want to know when the restaurants are opening You know get combinations. Of course we have the ninety day. Moratorium here that are are combination. Doesn't our doesn't run out till the end of June so I'm hearing a lot of concern about you. Know Rolling that back to be in line with the towns that around us who is aware of that they know that I've spoken with them about it and we'll continue to do so. Remember we have a new town council coming in on Monday? So they're they're they've been handed because this pandemic really really tough situation to deal with so the one thing I do want to ask. All of our residents and businesses is to remembered. Please stay kind with your comments and constructive and remember. This is a new town council. We have three brand new council coming on board Gosh don't turn feathering folks. They're they're trying to help. Just like the rest of US right and they're not. They're not doing this because they want to be dictators. And you'd every once in a while you have somebody on there that's commenting that says that this is an over regional that they really the goal is to keep people safe and to keep people from getting. Nikki people from dying however Not however that's not the right word of me. What is your sense of. How much longer can these businesses some of them last before? You know like I was saying to Brian. Like it's you know there's only so much government handout. You can take any customers in the door to to stay alive so what worries what were you. The most and let's be real. I mean there's so much you can take but a lot of the stuff that all of the small businesses mine included were promised. Haven't come to fruition. You know we haven't been able to access a lot of those funds that everybody was telling us we're going to be available because the truth is the magnitude of this thing is bigger than anybody could have ever imagined. And we're a small tiny little part of that in our country. You know what we're seeing here is is everywhere I'm on the US Chamber call three or four times a week. And I'm hearing from chambers all of our country and they're all struggling with the same issues You know the there is. I don't think anybody meant to overreach to your comment about that. And I and I can agree sometimes. It certainly feels like that to all of us right. But we've got to stay safe has what we don't want to do is open up too soon and have a second wave of this thing. Because that's what other countries have seen and there's some really good data on the Chamber website where they're tracking us against other countries. There's a chart out there that compares South Korea to Singapore to Gush member other country and it was three different ways. Those countries managed reopening and South. Korea is still really tight restrictions and they have a flat line. They'll flat line across the bottom and Singapore and I think it was Taiwan One Open too soon and had another spike and lock it back down again and the other one is kind of slowly gradually opening and you kinda see the growth of the bike put. It's what they're calling a manageable spike. But there's a there's science behind this. I'm not a scientist. I don't get that and that's let's leave it up to the expert but there's a real chance that if we go to fast we could hurt more people. Do you have a sense down there a because you have a pulse on all the businesses down there of how many have gotten or if any have gotten any of the monies that you know before it ran out. Yes I know of or businesses on our island who received the P P P For that's it that's it went so fast and You know a lot of people got tangled up trying to work with like Wells Fargo. Who ended up. Not even taking the loans Because they told you how to go to your bank that you banked with I so anybody who is with wells. Fargo got tangled up in that. I know. Bank of America initially came out of the gate strong but then they got overwhelmed. People WHO STUCK WITH THEIR COMMUNITY BANKS. The community did the best. I was on a call yesterday with the sample chamber and the president of Sand Cap Bank said that they thought they had an. Please forgive me if I miss quote this. But they had four hundred thirty five loans put in requests and they funded three hundred fifty of them. You know that's that's kind of what we heard from the island cow guy. He said he used. I was Edison Bank. Either and they're you know. Hey Zantac Bank. Bank of the Islands Edison Bank Iberia. Bank Those of the four that keep popping up as banks that really knocked it out of the park and their teams really did well for for their clients on that. That's great to hear You know for everybody down there and those are banks. So we're we're glad you did a good job now as far as you were talking about the big bank because it's easier when it looks. She did she position though. Dear I mean you can add for a better freezing the way she is right there. She looks pros and with my eyes closed. It looks like she's coming back on. We'll come back on the second so businesses about it. Oh go ahead for. Businesses is not a lot of businesses to To get the loan and the other thing that I thought I heard yesterday was that you were you. Were listening when we heard that that was one thousand at a thirty eight thousand in the entire state were approved for the loan which is insane. I mean it's insane. That's going to be a lot of businesses going out of business. So let's see if we can get Jackie back on their. She might need to To reset to reboot her phone there. And then we'll get back on so and we're also going to get a We're also going to get an update from from my Gosh. I'm drawing a Janin's coming back on and tell us about the shirts and and how things are going with raising money for the shirts and I had I had a bunch of more questions for Jackie so hope she freezes going audience. Here we're talking about you. Know she was talking about reopening and reopening to simone and you know I mean it is a good point to think that some open and some don't that it would be better if it was a coordinated effort so that you don't have well but some don't open you know and Some stay closed in that forces will not force but people are going to go where the beach is open which is going to make that more busy. You know you've got a mess. If some people are getting together and others are not and then they're going back to their community and then here you go again right right and and there's a lot of Within our own community you know who who tells going to be allowed to open before vacation. Rentals are vacationers before hotels. Are you know larger ones are smart ones? So it's there's things to be considered that none of us Do you just opened the bridge back on. And it's a free for all you know opening each's catapulting the beaches. I WANNA walk on the beach. I've missed terribly but opener reach. It's open to everyone. We have it so you are the beach for leak so everybody county will come because they want so. There's a lot of things to consider there. Was Somebody asking. Could they open the beaches and just folks with a pass down there and you know it's hard to know what's going to happen? Yeah who who's going to do? We know who ends up having responsibility to monitor that M be checking. Everyone's ass or do people want to carry a pass. Maybe that feels a little bit over reaching you know That we've never as Americans had to do that. We love our freedom our country based on that why we're problem with all of this because we are country. Used to being able to do what we want. So Jackie if you watch the president of the last two nights you saw that Doctr algae and Dr Burks seemed like they're signing onto whatever. This plan is to slow. Roll things out for the economy. This fourteen day thing this face thing and What what do you expect to see from? What would you like to see from? Fort Myers Beach Town Council. Monday and Lee County Tuesday. Unfortunately we I think it would be better if those meetings were switched because it would seem like the writer to do things but what what would you like to tell you from Listening again to also with the US chamber all over they are being very clear that some areas of the country urban open before others just depends wearing the curve you are and because I know we were a bit behind other states. We may have to wait a little bit longer again. Don't forget where the play ground so once they open up other other areas people come to us What I would love for the town council to to contemplate on Monday Would be to take a look at getting us in line with the towns around us as far as restrictions and regulations I don't know that they WANNA take action on it. That's up to them not up to me. But I'd like them to contemplate have a discussion and listen to the businesses. The residents who are. I'm sure going to put in for public comment per Monday. listen to everyone's concerns. And Gosh do the do the best can for all of us because really at the end of the day it's five people sitting up there Giving their time talent and energy trying to take care of us and keep associate You cannot get angry with them. Folks were all in this together and they want the best for everyone that they're trying to do the best they can with the information they have available so please take a look at it. Let's see if we can figure out a way to get in line with everybody because our great fear is that if we do open up and we still have a ninety day and we can't book anything till June and all of the towns around us can book mid May starting mid May say. I'm picking dates. I have no idea I'm just grabbing dates out of lear Folks are going to book with Sannebel. Estero Benita Coral and the town of Fort Myers. Beach is going to have zero occupancy booked so. I just want us to get in line with everybody else any other questions here though I. I'm sorry I was laughing. At one of the comments that they opened the beach only four to six. Am you'll be the only one. On each stair grab except for ever why eating? I'll get yelled out about the turtles turtles while you're out there too. I not speaking of the turtles. Let's not leave the turtles out of the discussion. Because what would a beat show be without talking about the turtles if the folks that happened to be on the side Walker Reiner whites getting exercise and they see they see people on the beach? It's most likely going to be me. The Turtle People Jackie. You know that they have out there right. Can you make sure that people know that? It's not open world people right not open and I believe the turtle time volunteers will be wearing their turtle. Time t shirts. So you'll be able to identify them I haven't verified that but that would make a lot of sense to me I don't know Eve is listening or anyone if they could just verify that. And then maybe someone We can get a picture with those t shirts look like up so that folks are aware of what they look like and they don't be calling because I do get calls I don't WanNA say tattle but I get calls saying you know there's this guy fishing down there on the bridge and he's not six feet away from someone or there's somebody in a you know on the beach or whatever. It is so a lot of it. You know. It's not fair if somebody can be out there and the rest of us can't get it when you have been talking to other chamber of Commerce's around the state. What are they feeling like? They're in the same boat. I has there been any discussion about when their areas might open up. The Ace is constant discussion. It's out. There is a lot of pressure coming from all of chambers membership to Have the chambers advocate for opening sooner rather than later so it's What we're hearing here. I can't fear your chat plead. So I don't know of questions are coming but I'm sure what you're seeing is the same questions that are being asked all across the state right now. Yeah that's it a lot of the questions about the beach opening and who or I dare to let you introduce your name. Jackie WanNa hang on a little bit more about the shirts while. Janin's there with US asking you to hang on. Thank you guys. Great and now joining us. We have gene. I'M NOT GONNA try it with Hashtag we are. Fm Be and she's going to give us an update of how the shirt sales are going and refresh. Everyone's memory about what they're doing with that great movement that has occurred now so take it away. The movement is going great. Actually we've raised over thirty five thousand dollars already. Wow something hope to raise five thousand dollars. We'VE GONE OVER THIRTY FIVE THOUSAND DONATIONS KEEP coming in getting calls in picking up checks just from straight donations. Not even just the shirts So we're really excited. We've had three hundred. Eighty two people apply for the gift cards and we encourage restaurants in hoteliers an shopkeepers to contact us to pass out the forms to their employees so that we can get more assistance than the fifty dollars gift cards to Publix so download. The form on the community foundation's website or contact us at Info at Barefoot Event Group Dot Com. And we will get the forms To you so that we can get assistance to more people. We will be doing another distribution next week and is it just one card one card per person or is it like a weekly thing for folks to do or how are you handling that right. Now I'm sorry just a one time gift card but the funds are coming in so quickly. We're so excited to be able to help people that we will go through the list again and we will keep coming up with ideas to raise funds. This is not going to stop it for the workers or for the movement at Covet. We want to see. This is a positive message. This is not just You know it's right now. It's the message. That's out there with Kobe. Nineteen but we hope that it continues on for to come where we're raising money and giving back to our community because this is going on you know we we always think we're kind of getting to the Just continues to go on and I think you know anyone can sort of prognosticate that this is GonNa be a situation for these servers when they get to go back. It's still gonNA take a while to recover all of the lost wages that are going on especially when you hear how difficult it is to get unemployment and God knows what's going on for them. Most of my and that's what's happening now is a lot of people are starting to apply. We see the applications coming quicker in the beginning. They came very fast. And then they tapered off a little bit As people were adjusting to their new life and figure out their finances and now they're coming in more quickly where You know the the need is there so we ask that. People continue to donate distributed. Two hundred eighty five gift cards as of yesterday. So keep donations. Keep buying your shirts. We have some other items. That'll be going on up online. That exciting stuff. So I'll bring it back to you but we miss you Kim especially on something that breaking news on what we were doing coming up so starting today right after the show you can tune into. Hashtag we are. Fm and on the Fort Myers Beach. International Hustle supposed to start next week and Is a postponed social timber sir? Programming director in our team has gotten together and we are asking. Everyone can submit a ten second video wearing your shirts saying your sport and we will see you on the big screen in September. I will post it on facebook a little bit earlier. But we're GONNA put together a video of our community Nationwide of Hashtag. We ARE FM. Be and it's fun so tune in onto facebook. Hashtag we are. Fm Be Watch a short video from our programming director and keep buying shirts and supporting our hospitality community. That I've I think that's a wonderful idea. I mean really bad. I was thinking about something like that and then I was like. I'M NOT GONNA say 'cause I was wondering here now. We don't want and blow John inning. Jackie thank you so much for all you've been doing well. Thank you for picking up this morning at the whole over in storage shirts. You were having a little bit of you. Were having a little bit of distribution issue with getting the color the same colored shirt. How is that going? I mean not distribution but acquisition awhile to arses for the shirts already so we are reaching to all the other warehouses. Crusty Keats has been amazing. And they're digging up this color shirt which is really popular matches the edge so but we have plenty of shirts and tanks. I'm you can purchase them at Sandbar. Hoosiers Paradise Skippers Lakers any sterile medical center. So the new. Have them in? Mind IF YOU'RE ON GONNA be to group each resident. Go VISIT THOSE PLACES. Like when you're in you take out on. Repeated visit the Medical Center. And you can get your shirts in person and someone was asking when this ends if there are some leftover. What might you do those funds? We're GONNA continue to give back to the community and right now we're planning you know a welcome back to the island Some ideas we have for welcoming everyone back down when we opened in distance. We don't have any plans. Obviously dates now But this is the community anything so all of those funds will go back to the hospitality or remake. Send it a little bit too. I'm to someone as we meet as a group to other employees on the beach when it's definitely all going back here before Before let's go. I know she thinks so. Nice to come on any any final thoughts. Could you name? You might need to turn your volume and we'll be good after that. Any final thoughts Jackie for I don't know what I mean. It's not like you got a thousand things today right. I paint today. That's exciting ahead of me so some house projects of note. Gosh thanks to Janine. And her team for doing what they're dealing with the F. M. B. T. shirts I see them out in about When I am back and forth to the Chamber and I think that's great You know folks are still just remind folks to still fill out this application from the town call. Yesterday they had a surge of folks. Come in and Janine. I talked to John and that's what she had said so. I think that's great and continue to do that. Hopefully we can reach some more people for you guys all right Jackie. Thanks a lot and we hope seen phone near a table. Twenty-three Pete's timeout. The tables are back the Chamber of Commerce such an awesome job for the community and we appreciate everything she does. She comes on every time we ask her Janine. I was thinking that at some point at some later on today. I'M GONNA pop that video at. You're talking about canoe. Showed it to me last night. A pop up video up on our facebook page was awesome. Thank you are Kyle Thompson? Our Program Director Degree job with that. I asked him to shoot something quickly on his iphone and he went to the studio and did that for us so we have a great team at the Fort Myers Beach National Film Festival. We hope everyone will come out. September ed thanks for sharing it. I was one of the first to see it yesterday. I was super excited to share it with you. Very Cool. Very cool all right. Janine thanks a lot and we hang out with Janine someone in the chat box. 'cause I I don't want to ignore some of those comments. Someone in the chat box said an employee of theirs was having some difficulty getting the gift card. Who could they contact maybe directly if they've applied and and maybe there's a glitch somewhere or just to get it straightened out they can just email me draft than any other forms of the peace dubs? Just email me at Info at Barefoot Event Group DOT COM says. Okay the files large in. They're not going through. They're they're doing on their phone. Especially if they're sending a large file it won't go through. We've only run into that. I think maybe twice and so that just anybody can email to empower at FM. I'm not going to give you the film festival any edge. I'm sorry Info at Barefoot Event Group Dot Com. Okay so Shelly Wilson. If you're listening go ahead and and send the email on over. And I'm sure they'll get everybody taking care of. You can also audrey passage on facebook work answering those at day so go ahead in Senate through facebook as well. We'll great. I appreciate you know answering that. Four for the folks out there because I know you can't see the comments so I thank you need. We'll talk to you next week. We'll hopefully it'll be at forty thousand next week. You got it all right. Here's Janine Alright. There I know you might have to use the restroom or something like that. And you know it's it's always a it's always interesting to watch the private conversations that people are having in the chat box with each other. Are you going to let me go? Now he's not GonNa let you go because I'm GonNa talk to don't leave though we have We have to finish the show and Kim out and folks like to introduce to you John Lalo the owner peach time out and John Thank you first of all for picking me up today and we'll get to that story when Kim comes back so my question to you is how do you WanNa see things roll out? Well we cannot do this to spin If we do it too soon and we have the nightmare. That's happening on Jacksonville Beach. Were just going to start over again and we cannot afford to start over so anita stay the course. We have to trust our leaders to make the proper decisions and hope that the numbers start balancing out and start going downwards because once it spikes again or another fourteen days of waiting again so just gotTa take our time. It's killing us. Believe me. I mean literally. Business wise is killing us but or taken advantage of the time to do some projects in that in the restaurant and Things that you just can't do while you're open. We're open from six thirty in the morning till eleven at night every single day of the year. You can't shut down your walk in cooler and put tile in the floor and stuff like that. So that's the advantage. Were taken right now It's Kinda hard when you have no income coming in so this is just money porn out at basically. We don't have right now so we're just doing it with the loans and stuff. We got so speaking of that. How difficult or easy has it been to To work through the The government websites and and you know they they they put the money out there. They talked about having all that money out there for business. Tell us how that process has been I would say the federal government has really really stepped up to the plate and made monies available as soon as possible The state government. We are totally disappointed in the total failure of the unemployment system. And it's just a nightmare with all the paperwork and the problem is a lot of these businesses have not Process there are nineteen taxes two thousand nineteen taxes so everyone's pushing their accounting to do that and now other people that have their taxes done are filling out applications with IFFY information and China. Figure it all out is really hard without talking to your accountant. So you tried calling your accountant. Who's trying to do? All these guys tax is just because he got yours done doesn't mean he's not doing everybody else's and Jack Curnow. You're doing an excellent job and I know my wife has probably bothered you every single day and we appreciate your answers or whatever they are and we're going to get through this and he's just been great beach accounting for us and I wanted to shout out the sand cab bank. They have been awesome awesome. They developed a whole loan program for the PPP loan the payroll protection program. They were not even qualified to do it to start with. I believe it was twenty. Four or forty eight hour turnaround. They got it up and running and they've already closed on three hundred loans in one week. I want Jason Jason writes in the chat box. This virus can survive in the heat. So what's your excuse for not letting US walk on the Beach Who the Hell told you that? This virus doesn't survive in the heat. I mean are you a scientist Jason. Where do you get? That kind of information doesn't make any sense. What you just said so you pop that on there. But there's there's no rhyme or reason why you say something like that. Have you heard that scientists? John Lalla. I don't even respond to this any more. Hits just social media's just people put things out there and then the truth now sometimes it isn't sometimes it isn't and everyone's gotta research it and it's just a waste of time so I don't even read it. I know what would dealing with a wearing a face mask for your protection and the microphone. I'm not afraid of anything. I've been working down here every day. Twelve are ten to twelve hour days since we close. I mean we're just cleaning up when doing that pressure cleaned every single. I don't over and over again just to make sure that the Cobra virus is not at Pete's timeout. Because who knows who was here prior to it. I mean any surface could have been touched by the public. So do you have Like masks at match all your shirts. Like you have a yellowish mask. That matches your yellow shirt. I don't own a yellow shirt but it looks pretty on you. Do you have masks like that? That actually match your shirt and this is my tow truck mask as for like people that breakdown on their bicycles on the side of the road and then I wear this mask to come over and pick them up in the middle of the morning like six in the morning or something I don't know. Can you breathe through that day? It looks like it's our debris through it's actually quite comfortable and it gives you a little missing look to it too I cam. China allows picking on his yellow shirt. Don't ever buy me yellow shirt by the way I look good in yellow. Not your color there so the other question of course. The big question is how are the employees? Doing the employees are nervous. The employees are getting frustrated. We are hiring them back tomorrow. With the P P P money they will all get what they averaged for the first quarter full pay including tips for the waitresses and bartenders. We have to pay out tips to them. What reported it's very very very complicated. Formula my wife. Debbie has been work in countless countless hours China to develop the exact numbers that we had to come up with and we're really excited about getting them back to lurk There's just we're GONNA get through this. I mean I've been working like say for instance. I worked in average ten hour days. So that seventy hours tomorrow. I'M GONNA out seventy two hours of employees just tomorrow just six employees at six hours. Each what you what? What do you want to hear from Right and that's thirty. Six hours I'm sure the math figure out there. The employees will be running one day. The employees will be here. That's what matters. So what do you want to hear from the town council on Monday? I just want him to stay there course. And they don't need to be the leader of the state. Just sit way and don't do stupid. Things like Jacksonville. Did just asinine. Because they're just going to go backwards can become a hotspot again real quick and then it's going to be over. We need to let this go to May i. I think that's what our president is looking for is the date of opening to certain states and slowly opening back up. I mean we're all coming back to a new world. You'RE GONNA give you coming back even if we do open by. Save May Fourteenth Fifteenth. They're still only going to be half the tables here. They're still GONNA be half the staff so that's why this programs for eight weeks. It's the help us get reopened. I can start utilizing the employees to get all this stuff done to make sure that when my customers walk up to pizza time out have a warm and fuzzy feeling I don't know what the restrictions are. They all have to work gloves. And if they all have to wear masks because I really think it's a false sense of security with some of his half the people in this world now I'm going to even say ninety percent of the people in this world don't know how to use gloves. I watched these people touching this touching nat and they don't learn the same goal and it's crazy. Wash your hands. It's that easy. Wash your hands all right John. Any final thoughts before Nine listeners disappear for another week we down to nine or we were we. Were up to one hundred until you came on but now I gotta go to work see later. Everybody a big hand for John Though. The owner Repeats Timeout. Our biggest supporter. He's been here since the day that we first came down here with a tape recorder in an idea and here we are now Sitting by a tree and my wife is sitting at home to check while I hear the dogs. I Know My. Aren't they know that the heat makes the Kovic go away so interesting because I looked up real quick at least on the web? They make the point that in countries such as Australia and Iran Elvin has. Kobe has spread very quickly. Despite it's pretty it's pretty warm and humid. They are so desert. No Yeah I don't. I don't think that the warm weather of south Florida gives us any safety against this beast. So Oh wasn't very nice. Thank you very much and so the story about this morning. Oh Vicki's walking by the story about this morning is that I got down here at three thirty so that I could ride the loop to make the fifty miles and get ready for the show because I like to get here in time to prepare for the show. I like to mingle with the people and you know what I'm saying in normal times already ready to get off the hell we're going to do today. What are we? GonNa do today. They're not gonNA have nothing to do. We have a captive audience. So I got to I don't even know what the first bridges but when you make to turn off the beach road and you go pass. Docs and you get to the first bridge. What is that bridge called? Google? That what is that bridge call. I got a flat tire. Which is no big deal. You ride a bike. You got a flat tire. Always have a spare eight actually have a pump connected to my bike so I stopped and I start to think the tire off and now I'm getting eaten alive by bugs the bugs. I can't see them. They're just there on my face. They're onto my arms. They're down my pants I. They're eating me alive so I'm trying to change the tire as fast as I can and I'm now I'm fumbling with the tire and Kim. I'm not doing all the things you're supposed to do. And so I put the tire in. Put the tube in the tar back on and start to blow it up and I can't blow it up because I can't get this damn to come far enough out to get pump on the on the stand so I can blow it up so I I finally. I guess now standing in the middle of the road because if I stand in the middle of the road. I'm thinking the bugs won't eat me in the middle of the road so I was standing in the middle of the road. I pulled the stem down as far as I could get it then I got the pump on okay so I gotTa have folded Mike. I'm getting the hell out of here. I I have to go where I'm not getting email eaten alive so I get up to the second bridge. Whatever the second bridges so then. I stopped at the second bridge. So I figure out Philip Fine I'll be. I'll be fine to get here but what I forgot to do was to to to check the tire. For whatever punctured the first to whatever punctured the first job punctured the second tube and so I was Sol. Eh Point I had no tubes left and so luckily Mr Mask man was writing down. Seventy-five said I'm just GONNA go all the way down just in case you can't make it all the way back so there. I was with my little girl. E bike shorts standing on the second bridge waiting for somebody to to give me a ride. You know all the bikers. Go by you okay. Okay fine fine go ahead. I don't need any help. Your friend Eddie. Route said you need. You have to be smarter than the tire. It's never I've changed thousand tires on that bike or the bikes that I've had but I've never had to do it under such pressure like the bugs were insane. I had no idea where they came from. And I'm like what's going on going. I can't see anything I couldn't I couldn't figure out what was going on. I thought that's why they're called no see'ums because you you of course now. I know that but when I'm trying to get here on time and I don't do well under pressure so choked a joke. I didn't check the tire for the piece of glass or the Rock that was stuck in there and that was that so. What are you doing this morning while I was getting ready to go out for a little run when you set your panicked tax and there was really nothing I could do to here. So there's bill ration- In life you do all your. I loved one I to let them know. I mean you were afraid of about the other day and all I heard was now scarred it I mean it whatever they were big so it's so you know the first thing you think is dog drowned in the pool when you make a sound like that little bog on the wall that you that you're so afraid of okay so I don with anything else you want to go over. Well we hope to have the a mayor Ray Murphy. On at some point next week like we Like we had on Last week I texted him last week to see if there's any update but didn't even get back to me so we'll see what happens on Monday. What do you think do you? What do you think will happen this coming week? Well I think they're gonNA. They're I think they're going to talk about what people running behind. You GotTa talk about what the options are already. I mean I think you know it's going to be a tight spot for them to ban. There's going to be a lot of opinions expressed by a bunch of different people. And then they have to put all the information and data that they have and make the best decision that they can. You know moment by mom and and people are getting fence. This is what you're doing sitting on the fence. Well I don't think there's any I mean. How can you still? I mean you got there needs to be some kind of plan. Whatever the plan is there has to be some kind of plan. You can't just. There's going to be so much public comment on Monday and that zoom thing going bonkers on Monday when they had that meeting you need a plan but it means to not be set in stone because things come up. So it's there's they have to have a land that's got. Some building flexibility happens. Then we'll do be but if not then we're going to do see what does it. What does baby NC though? I think that that's what the plan needs to be. What'S THE PLAN. GonNa be to open back up. There has to be a plan. Starting right away. I think it's definitely going to be a staggered start. Yeah and I think it's going to be a trickle floodgate opening well I just think you have to give them some kind of sign. You have to get some kind of hope that there's going to be two weeks or four weeks or whatever it is and you're gonNA say okay you're gonNA open up with fifty percent and for crying out loud figure out a way to get the gym's open that's got to be a priority that has to be like the top priority. Get the gym's open and the hair salons. Well there. Is that too the hair salons so I did get a secret haircut yesterday. Just WanNa Buddy No. That won't tell you where I think we've gone on long enough. So thank you all so much for watching. We appreciate you all being there for so long. We had a big audience today. Thank you to our guest Janine and Jackie and the folks at the island cow and maybe someday with all that begging you did today deer that will be down at the island cow someday soon so amazingly. We haven't killed each other in the house yet. The way you've been acting with the bugs and things like how long I am I have. I was thought it'd be great to work from home but not exercise sitting here now. It's now not not all right. Well thank you everyone for joining see. When I have control of the system I can I can take. I can put you win. I can take you out. See how I can do that. You don't have control. You don't have control around everybody great boy by.

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"Do you own or rent your home. Sure. You do and I bet it can be hard work. You know what's easy bundling policies with GEICO. GEICO, makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy it's a good thing too because you're already have so much to do around your home, go to GEICO DOT COM, get a quote and see how much you can save. It's gyco easy visit GEICO DOT com today that's GEICO DOT com once again it's gyco easy visit GEICO DOT com today. GEICO DOT COM. This is fight night a new podcast from iheartradio. They thought he had Robert did Liz man in this country guys who would not hesitate to blow your Eto This story from Atlanta Georgia has been reported for fifty years. But now for the first time, you're going to hear what really happened. From the people who lifted. Listen and follow fight night on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts. You are listening to the Dan Patrick Show on Fox sports radio. Made to Thursday shower one Dan in the dentist Dan Patrick Show. Glad to have you onboard stay awhile, you can a lot of topics to dive into we'll talk to the hall of Famer Bench a little bit later on we'll talk to Chris Mannix. He covers the NBA for sports illustrated Sean Salisbury is a talk show host in Houston former NFL quarterback on the possibility of the Texans Trading Jj Watt. Yes polling. WHO's me? Yes. Sorry to break the news to you. But the Houston Chronicle's saying maybe that's what the Texans should be doing will fuller as a wide receiver you might be able to trade him and the Green Bay packers reportedly are interested in him if I'm the Texans I trade Jj Watt depending on what I can get can get a first round draft pick J. J.. Watt and if I can I'M GOING TO TRADE JJ WATT Bill Bridge not there any longer and I think you've gotta decide are you trying to reload rebuild and I think coming into this season we thought that they were reloading. This is a mess though this is a mess going forward with the Texans salary cap issues they don't have draft picks. But I can see Jj Watt you could send him to Seattle Green Bay. Maybe having with his brother in Pittsburgh yes. That was my wildcard. Sure why not but we'll talk to Sean Salisbury about that and the rockets got a new head coach Visa Steve Silas Paul Silas is son and I don't know what kind of system he's going to bring in there but I don't think he can bring in a system i. think he's basically got to say James Harden and Russell Westbrook let's run it back and that's what's going to happen there. We'll talk to mannix about Darryl Moore who left Houston and he was the architect of that rockets roster. Now, he's in Philadelphia and I think everybody's under the assumption. Now, the seventy sixers are going to be like the Houston Rockets Durham Warriors Bright Guy I don't think he's GonNa go let's being rockets ball to Philadelphia. I don't know what the plan is with Doc rivers, but he'll have a plan to be able to incorporate Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid a you at least give it one year. They have some big salary cap issues there with Al. Horford Tobias Harris. But can you make it work and will that roster look like what were their playing style look like semantics will join us coming up a little bit later on. and Johnny. Bench. One of my boyhood idols is selling all of his memorabilia and we wanted to talk to him about that and he'll join US coming up in the final hour of the program got some news about Justin Turner and what kind of punishment for him from a source last night got some information about Nebraska football. I'll have that for you coming up here in a moment, you like get in touch with the program you can eight, seven, seven, three, DP show email address DP Dan Patrick dot COM twitter handle the teepee shell say good morning to those watching on peacock we appreciate your patronage and also those listening on our three hundred, sixty, I lost track. Is it three hundred sixty, seven radio affiliates around the country share all right and of course, the Formidable Fox Sports Radio Lineup poll question play the day stat of the day all of that forthcoming. In. We talked about this yesterday had gotten word at ten ten eastern time yesterday morning that the Wisconsin. Nebraska game was in jeopardy and that Graham merge the starting quarterback for Wisconsin and tested positive and my source said that the it's likely that he had tested positive prior to the game in had been around everybody team activities during the week, and you had a couple of other quarterbacks who had tested one other quarterback tested positive, and then you found out that the head coach at tested positive and now I think there's a bigger concern. My source told me last night I'll give you the information. that. Nebraska wanted to schedule. Non. Conference game this week when they got the news yesterday, Nebraska was actively canvassing college football to see if they could get somebody to come to Lincoln to play. Football game. As of now have not heard anything, but that's what my source set. Also. My source said the twenty one day isolation, and the big ten was an overreaction to Myo Card card ideas and they did this when there wasn't any data known, my source says I can't imagine the Wisconsin purdue next week will be played. Now. There is a A report that debunks the cardiac concerns. And that Wisconsin is saying I believe Wisconsin saying that you know this twenty one day window before players can come back from a positive virus test that that testing may not be needed for many and that they they're going to try to limit the number of days that you have to sit out because if you're out twenty one days and let's say you lose thirty players. That's half your season. Basically, it's three games. They are gonNA have to sit out. And then you coach is going to have to sit out and Wisconsin may have put the entire big ten season jeopardy here because if you're not going to be able to play this really comes down to we thought Wisconsin is an outlier maybe for playing in the final four we know Ohio state has the talent to play in the final four. You have to have enough games here, and if you're only going to play seven and then you're going to have the championship weekend where everybody plays now going to take away one game two games I take away three games down down to five games. And now you're just going through the motions. PAC twelve hasn't even started yet. It's not starting this week. The PAC twelve doesn't start until the following week here. And that's basically a cash grab it just go out, get some money. You know try to get some you know money from our TV partners here because nobody's going to be playing for anything in the PAC twelve. Except, for Hollow PAC twelve championship but that's the information I have Nebraska as of yesterday morning when they found out started calling to see if they could get somebody to come to Lincoln, to play Yes mclovin I. So Wednesday, how do you gain prep for a brand new opponent on Saturday that seems crazy. This whole season is crazy. Do they really expect there to be a team sitting around right now we'll play if army was available, army would play. Army has a game this weekend, but it feels like army would be there. Byu would be there Arkansas state like it feels like there's like six teams that play. At least twice a week. Yes bull army's got the weekend off they just house mercer and they're getting ready to take the. The. TAKEDOWN Air Force in two weeks army's got the weekend off. We can call them up maybe. A little bit then well, how about North Dakota state who they got that almost like exemption where they played one game so they will have full practices. North Dakota state I don't know from Nebraska would want them to come down. Yes be careful what you ask for like Wisconsin was coming to town. Now, all of a sudden you're like we can't get them. Let's get North Dakota state but I don't know how any of this works. This is just what my source told me that now Wisconsin is trying to I don't know if they're petitioning the big ten but I think that. They're trying to talk to the medical experts in the big ten and tried to debate this or debunk this or maybe not have it as a twenty one day window. It's not you know based off of Covid. But this condition due to covid and they don't think that there's enough data there. But that's some of the stuff that's going on right now and in many ways big ten foot poles, a microcosm of the uncertain situation surrounding covert and really every sport. You have sound policy today and then that makes no sense tomorrow. I you cancel the season and then in part because of political pressure, you bring it back not everybody was onboard and by the time the season rolled around the numbers were getting worse in some of these states and Wisconsin. Nebraska canceled for this weekend. I'm assuming the badgers GonNa have a hard time playing against. Purdue, the following week. But, hopefully, what happening Wisconsin is is located, but you know the strict guidelines make returning to play really complicated here and there's no easy answers. I don't have any answers I just deal in reality colleges. They don't have the flexibility that the pro sports leagues do they can't take off four months and come back students or their they move onto quickly. None of this is going to be easy especially for the big ten, who's inconsistency could end up hurting their chances of competing the twenty twenty completing the twenty twenty season and we brought this up at the beginning when the big ten announced that they were cancelling. I just wanted to know how aggressive were you and exploring all options because you could build in by weeks safeguard weeks where if something happened, then you had an opportunity to regroup. And you don't have that because you waited you waited waited and then there was political pressure and then you decided to come back not everybody was onboard. We didn't know that there were going to be hot states that are getting hotter and students coming back. You know you can't bubble and that's the big difference in college you can't bubble. Baseball you can. Basketball, you can. Hockey, you can. But with college football, you can't and it's not a matter of if when you have an outbreak here and we've seen it. Serves sporadically. But the big ten is just starting. And you have some of these hot states Michigan Pennsylvania Wisconsin Ohio. It's not a question of if but when and how many. But that's the information I have so far with what's going on with Wisconsin and also what Nebraska was trying to do and I don't think you can schedule a game today and have it played on Saturday I'm thinking that they thought if they could get somebody yesterday then maybe you could give them a couple of days to prepare for you, and even if you had a Saturday night game where you gave a little extra time, they could travel on Saturday to get into Lincoln but. I don't know where that stands and I'll check with my source this morning and see if there's any more information with them. Right mclovin. You've got a poll question today. Okay. For our one habit we put that Jj watt question that you asked. What's the bigger question? Would you take a first round pick for JJ WATT if you're Houston or would you give up a first round pick for JJ? Watt if you're the teams, you mentioned Green Bay. Somebody like that. I need to know how healthy is. If you say that he's healthy as a what thirty, two year, old Z, thirty, one, thirty, two. If if you say he's healthy at that age. Then yes. I'd give up a first round pick. Team Green Bay. Somebody who needs help? You know a Seattle just picked up Carlos dunlap. Now he's an edge rusher. You can always use another one I mean that's probably the worst pass defense in the NFL. And if you can bring him in there and he's going to help you, you have to be a team that's on the verge of winning. And this is one of those where I'm Kansas City. Kansas City. I'd go I'M GONNA blow everybody out of the water like I'm I'm I'm taking no prisoners here. We're. We're going to ensure that we're going back to the Super Bowl. And I WANNA, keep him from. One of our opponents here. and. If I give a first round pick for him. I get jj for maybe two years. All right I got a chance to win super bowls, and that's what Kansas City said that and I don't know if Kansas City's interested in him. and. I thought about the cowboys. But the cowboys are such a mess that it doesn't make sense to bring him in unless you say well, and Jerry likes shiny things. And you taking from the Texans I got Captain America on America's team. But that's that doesn't that's not gonNA help that team. There they're. They're so inefficient on offense that J. J. Watt is not going to help them. But if you said Hey I, can put him on the steelers Seattle Green Bay Kansas City I'd be all in with that and if I only have to give up a first round draft pick. Yeah I do that. Yeah. I you know as much as packers fans may want to bring watt back there I don't know if that works for that team they they used a first round pick on a quarterback who's not playing anytime soon, the second round pick on a running back who's third string. Now, they didn't draft a wide receiver and if they trade draft capital for a non wide receiver right now. I don't know how that's GONNA play. But if he helps your defense. Wide Receivers appear to be a lot better than people are given credit for put what back at tight end Louis all day. We'll circle. News at what Central Michigan Yes mclovin I mean it does seem like they sort of redeem themselves for the wide receiver thing because yeah they have like the best passing sufficient passing attack. Pittsburgh seems like they kill the quarterback already. Do they need to JJ? Watt even help them I don't even know they lost Bush for the season. Yeah he's a linebacker I don't know I'm just. Throwing teams out reunite Jj with his brother Tj, who's they're. Also all these teams would be like the end of the first round. It's not like a high for trump. It's like really a second round pick. Yes. But if I if I'm Seattle. Then I would. I would certainly roll the dice on something like this. Is Jamal Adams how injured is he? I'm not sure because dunlap's a pickup for Seattle he wanted out of Cincinnati and that's a good pickup for them but they need a lot of help because that that secondary that pass defense is really really bad of all the contenders it's not even close where Seattle is and what they give up with all the other teams that we consider consider super bowl. Contenders Yama Club Jamaa could be back as early as this week. Okay. That's not long term. Okay. This program brought to you by trigger expand your recipe playbook the six in one versatility of a trigger wood pellet grill right now, get free shipping when you enter the Promo Code Dan at checkout head traegergrills dot com slash DP show to start shopping or check out one at a dealer near you. What other questions do you have okay I haven't nfl one that we can save about which underdogs have the best shot this weekend. Okay. The judge were twenty one point underdogs they were not on the poll. As. T most likely to win the game. and. That's now it's down in one, thousand nine and a half I heard there was bed down to thousand nine and a half. which is I guess, the biggest jets Patriots Spreads Randy Moss was a new England. This isn't jets Patriot. Oh the based jet. Sorry. The biggest jets underdog spread. Yeah. But there had been bigger spreads two thousand thirteen Broncos jags was a bigger than this. So it's not the biggest spread ever, but it's pretty big but was the Broncos jags spread was that the biggest ever was that like twenty six and a half? Yeah. That's what I'm seeing. That was the biggest spread on record twenty, eight point home paper. Oh and the jags covered yet they beat them by sixteen. broncos won by sixty can't you see the chiefs just getting ugly with the jets and keeping that within twenty? Oh you mean, the game is ugly I mean the chiefs. Yeah I remember the Patriots game they sort of ran the ball. The chiefs have shown that they're not going to go aerial every game you know what I mean. It feels like there's a little bit of difference here. You're going against Bill Belichick and and it's ugly and you're going against Adam gays. Could that doesn't seem fair? Feels like Bella check could come up with something different which he did and probably could have won that game. If he had cam in there, we've yet to see the chiefs play their best. Which is kind of scary. But but we have an you know Patrick. Mahomes. Almost numb to the fact that he so good that you forget how we talk about Aaron Rodgers Star Tom Brady Start Russell Wilson Start, and then look at the with Patrick Mahomes like it's just a casual. Greatness. That's there. And his numbers are they in a in A. Normally, you'd go. Wow, that's that's great. Start to the season. Yeah. Club sixteen touchdowns one interception, but we don't talk about him. No like that. You know we funnel over Brady and and Rogers, and Russell Wilson, junior the third and then mahomes is like I don't know we're winning in a thrown one pick and sixteen touchdowns. Yes Todd and you get spoiled with them. Even when they get a touch, they don't do it like three or four minute you start wondering why did it take like six seven minutes for them to get the Yes it's interesting though mahomes two years ago through fifty touchdowns last twenty six. If you prorate it, he was injured two games. It would've been thirty on pace for thirty one this year they're not crazy numbers they're not out of hand numbers but there officiant numbers, totally Russell Wilson is having a season where he could put up fifty. Forty five touchdowns. I did it. He's on pace for fifty eight I believe yeah something crazy off to double check that I'm not A. Guy. I will settle on a poll question here but we'll talk some NBA. They're trying to start the season around. Christmas. Because it's so valuable financially for the NBA and the players do not WanNa. Start Christmas time. Plus. If Lebron does it won't show up for if Lebron's not coming down your chimney on Christmas, then they're not playing on. Christmas. Thanks for listening to the Dan Patrick Show podcast. 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Sean Salisbury host. Sean Salisbury Show on Sports Talk Seven Ninety in Houston the former NFL quarterback kind enough to join US I sean should they considered trading him? Devil first off. Dad, I got a voice like Fergie Jesus. Okay. Let's look. At I don't have a flannel shirt. It's good to be on I think they should ban. Here's what I think fan base is and people need to get over. Is that loyalty thing right? Oh. My Gosh. We can't let the guy who is fabulous in the community three time defensive player of the year. But then you start to say because I can promise you in. Houston considering what Bill O'Brien left the franchise assets wise and the way they're paying them in their one in six cause they are who they are JJ's never win a super bowl here. And he's thirty one and with the injury backward now, he is still a hell of a player. The problem is every year that goes by the value starts to diminish. So if you're a team like the say Pittsburgh Seattle went got dunlap or the forty niners without boasts and you say we're close we're a player or two away and especially in a league that doesn't play much defense JJ WATT can help. So what do you get you desperate? Maybe you give up a second rounder, you're never going to get a first but Dan. Next year it's going to be a fourth runner fifth rounder we just don't give assets away. So I would the Texans are gonNA have to rebuild they're going to get rid of a lot of these guys in the offseason they're trying to find a gentleman journa- coach. I would do it as hard as it is for people say, Oh, my gosh. Jj this. You can't do that when JJ retires and goes into the hall of fame he'll come back a Texan right you can, and you should this team has no assets no draft picks. In the first couple of rounds, it's time and JJ watt outside to Shawn Watson and Tunsil. You're not trading is your biggest value or maybe willful or it has to happen but I don't think it's going to Dan my. Because they're afraid to death of the the owner. First of all is not heavily involved. I don't think Jack Easterby really mean really wants to be involved in by the time the deadlines GonNa pass by the time of general manager and head coach are and I think they're so PR conscious about it and their loyalty that I think the PR hit for them they think would be too big. The truth of the matter is if they want to do the right thing most fans in this town once they got over, the initial shock would say it's about time and if you could milk a sack around her I, don't think they have to Dan there there may be some buzz nationally but you know there is minimal. If no buzz here locally, I've tried to create some it ain't working very good I. Promise you. Yeah I. Just look at this and say. You know we're not going anywhere. Jj quietly privately said look if you want to trade me don't you don't have fans in the stands Sean. So they hit you're going to take is not going to be seen. It's not a visual they're not showing up for football games here. Maybe the local ratings might not be great but if if I'm the, Texans start thinking the next five years not next week or the next year and I think will fuller if Green Bay is willing to give. You anything for him. Thank you. Wilson Nice parting gifts absolutely. Dan. I'm one hundred percent with you. One hundred percent because you look at this, you gotta you know everybody begs for franchise quarterback right? You've got him but you're gonNA waste him because no matter and he's one of the top fie you know he's putting up yards and average yards per tip look what it's getting them. They'd be Jacksonville now look at the other side even Jj watt out there. As Bill Bell check always said I can take your best player away on defense. So what are they doing you double him they couldn't stop me you're Katie high school on a Friday night from running the ball against him. So if that's the case, let's start to get assets and rebuild. Now you've got a franchise quarterback and I'm with Ya. Somebody will fuller is going to ask for a lot of money next year Dan and they're already so invested money wise at the wide receiver position and they're one in six I can find rookies to go one in six. He's GonNa want what fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, million dollars no go get an asset trading for. A second or third round pick and keep it moving son we gotta move on and if you want to build a franchise, there's no reason to wait 'cause this team I I can't even visualize where they're going the next three or four years with no assets I know one thing I got left tackle and a quarterback that ain't doing any good I can I can win one game with me at quarterback when I also wonder if I'm Eric be enemy, the offensive coordinator with the chiefs who's got, he's GonNa have an opportunity to take his pick probably let's say the jets are open I don't know if Jacksonville is going to be open Atlanta's open. The Texans is okay. If I'm Eric be enemy. You start to look at the inventory you have here with what's the future which my salary cap look kind of draft picks who do I have I don't know Eric Airbnb goes boy Texans that's the place I wanna go yeah and then you start to look at Atlanta to right Dan I mean that's a Situa-. You're exactly right. The one thing that drives to the Texans is. The number number four, right you say number four, well, the front office how committed are they? What's the general manager? What's his longevity here but if I will Or Jacksonville I may have Trevor Lawrence. I'd rather have Trevor Laura than to Shawn Watson US Dan I pose a question yesterday on my show. Would you trade Trevor Lawrence Straight up for discussion watson the jets wouldn't. The Texans should right but it's not going to happen. That's a foregone conclusion. So yeah if I'm Eric, the enemy while it seems like well, the best quarterback of all the guys you name is Shawn Watson. But if you go to the jets, it's a team the there's no expectations right off the bat you go get Trevor Lawrence and maybe trevor. Lawrence. Mix, that a free agent destination as well far more assets and he's a generational type player Watson. May Be. As well but I'm with you I don't think it's the lead dog anymore considering the situation here although be enemies to get a job I'm not sure that Houston will be the first one on the list. Now Sean Salisbury, you can hear him on Sports Talk Seven Ninety in Houston Sean Salisbury show while we're talking about trading iconic figures here would the rockets consider trading? James Harden? I don't think they could trade Russell Westbrook would they consider trading James Harden? Than a huge topic. Now with Stephen Silas named the head coach Stan on my show this morning. Of why not if you're going to go and just get there right because they're not winning NBA title with with the roster, how it's constructed in the small and they don't have to think about the lack of draft picks the astros with the with the problems with the the Stein's sign stealing the rockets who've gotten rid of all they don't have any assets coming in and the Texans Dan we gotTA draft pick till twenty forty. Okay. Grandkids are going to be playing by then so. They won't Dan he's got more power. I. Think James LOVES BEING HOW WE'RE FULL And he is powerful in this organization, and once he walks out the door, what assets you're going to get for that are gonNA help you win it get to a championship because he goes out his value is not going to get what he what four first round picks were they going to be pick is the Knicks who's he going to and they love him here and you say we'll are you going to get an offensive player? Would nobody traits quarterbacks rarely? Do you trade a superstar that can score for you and whether it's teams common here James going out he's not going anywhere right now either even with. Out of the building and on his way to Philly and a new head coach coming in, they're going to build it around James. Harden, they're going to win fifty games. They're going to get to the playoffs and they're going to be eliminated. I would consider it if you're going to rebuild let's go now. But with that salary and with the love of the city and his offensive performance James Harden's not going anywhere although that's another one that they should consider great to talk to you as always sean you got a couple of topics there to dive into on your show certainly. Yup Absolutely, why are you smirking I gotta Lie I'm not I'm not smirking I am I am GonNa dive into all of them but thank you. It's great to be on your show now I'm always There you go. Appreciate Dan. Thank you buddy. Let Sean Salisbury morning hosted the Sean Salisbury Show and sports talk seven hundred Houston former NFL quarterback. Thanks for listening to the Dan Patrick Show podcast. Sure to catch US live every weekday morning nine until noon eastern six to nine. Pacific on Fox sports radio, and you can find us on the iheartradio APP at Fsr or stream it live on the peacock out Chris Mannix joining us and senior NBA writer for sports illustrated. Let me start with the schedule Mannix and the importance of the NBA coming back and playing these games on Christmas Day. What do you think? I mean the NBA understands that at least for the first quarter of twenty, twenty one, it's highly unlikely that we see fans in the stadium. So to maximize their revenue, it's as simple as maximizing their games and by starting the season during Christmas week, you can squeeze in a seventy two game schedule that end sometime in late June, and that's that's equally important Dan this process as well I mean. Adam silver said is to meet. He said this others they WANNA. Get out next year before the start of the scheduled Olympics. Playing deep into the summer and competing with your swimming and track and field and things that people watch during an Olympic cycle they want to be out normal times. They can reset their calendar going into the twenty twenty, one, twenty, twenty, two seasons. So starting in late December, they can get as many games as possible. They can fulfill their regional sports contract, which is important, maximize those national contracts, and at least generate as much revenue as they possibly can. But the players union is going to push back on this. The players union has push back on. This will push back on this. The Michelle Roberts, her comments this week to athletic are in line with everything she said to other reporters including me mean I spoke to her back in August and aster about the specific question knowing the NBA would probably want to get back at some point December and she said to me that twenty twenty just didn't feel like a realistic possibility and now you're you are. A couple of months before a pencil didn't start date and Michelle Roberts, is saying the exact same things now understand Dan there are probably half the teams in the league that are going to be ready to go. You had eight teams that didn't go to the bubble that have effectively been off since March. You've got another half dozen teams that were done in mid August I mean there are teams out there that are ready for that star, but you can't underestimate the power of one team and the power of one player. That's the. Lakers and Lebron James, the process and I I talked to a player just last night and he told me if Lebron doesn't WANNA play, we're not playing so it you know it probably isn't as simple as that. But the Brian James have a big influence in this process explained to me what the seventy sixers are going to look like when they take the floor this upcoming season. Now that you bring in Doc rivers, you got Daryl Morey in there as well. What kind of style and we'll have the same lineup on the floor. I mean, that's the question right I mean I think the biggest the biggest question you have now is what does this mean for Joel Embiid Ben Simmons. Now, before Daryl, Morey was hired, it was almost mortal lock that you would see Simmons and embiid back with this team together. It's probably likely that you see Simmons and embiid back to start next season. But Darah Maury is a free freewheeling general manager who has not been afraid in the past to shake up his roster and make significant moutain general. Manager that base is a lot of his philosophies on analytics, it an texting with other GM's they. They kind of said the same thing to me. They were like I wonder what this means for for him. Being Simmons Will Daryl look to move. One of those is to create a more modern and be like embiid is great. Simmons despite the fact that he can't shoot is a great player, but they don't necessarily fit the modern NBA Embiid, the low post presence, Simmons. A non non three point shooter. I think it's GONNA be watching the next month two months how Daryl Morey views this roster nippy thinks that embiid and Simmons can play. But also you have Stephen Silas taking over in Houston. So no Mori, no Dan Tony and what's that mean for the style of the Houston Rockets? Well I first and foremost Stephen. Silas is excellent coach like he has been effectively a coach waiting for the better part of the last four or five years I mean he was considered strongly for that Houston job back in two thousand sixteen before Mike and Tony was hired forties been considered strongly for another handful of jobs since then he's got a great background. If you go back all the way to his early days, Steph curry and Klay Thompson were two players that that worked really well with him back in Golden. State. So all that being said rockets are it almost impossible coaching job at this point? I don't think their style of play changes simply because it can't like they're not going to go out there and suddenly have salary caps space. They're not going to be able to significantly alter their front court to add another big man I think Stephen Salads going to have his own twist on some things. But in Houston barring a substantial deal involving James Harden I don't believe you can change the way they play significantly enough to make a difference is Chris Mannix sports illustrated NBA senior writer I'm looking at the clippers. There was a little chatter about maybe Chris Paul coming back Rajon Rondo with the clippers. What kind of moves can the clippers make to counter? What's going to be extremely strong. Ask again, next season adding their extremely limited in what they can do. They don't have the draft capital to make a trait don't really have the assets in general whether it's young players or otherwise to make deal. What they do have are some of these salary exceptions and you can throw an exception at a Rajon Rondo, and Rondo, look his stock hasn't been this high since he left Boston to simple as that Amini the way he played in the playoffs once again, he's a championship level. The clippers could certainly use something like that when Patrick Beverley went down the playoffs, they really missing something at that position and Rondo can bring something. To that slot so I think you're going to see in Los Angeles with the clippers some nibbling around the fringes a little bit. You'll see maybe a Rondo added or other big men added but I, still think it's more likely than not that the clippers dig deep into their pocket book bring back. If some of the players they have free agents whether it's mantras Harrell or Marcus Morris or Michael Green and try to run this thing back. That's kind of a message Dan they were sending when they brought in tie Lou Lou is. An excellent coach but he's also coach that establish continuity that can help that team hit the ground running whenever next season starts. So I I think they bring this band largely back together I couldn't help but think when Lebron was celebrating the title, the Confetti is coming down that he was immediately thinking who can I get on this roster like what we add and there was talk about Chris Paul that can you bring in Chris Paul Chris Paul Lebron just had an incredible season as your point guard what are the Lakers add or subtract? Well I. Don't know that there's much room for them to add or subtract either for largely the same reasons that you know the the clippers sat, but the Lakers are gonNA slightly different position in that in the summer of twenty, twenty one, they have some pretty significant salary cap flexibility. They could make some moves where I believe they'll be right around thirty million dollars in available caps. Face depending on what they do with some of these contracts this off season. So their their goal to make a significant change probably lies in the summer of Twenty Twenty One, the Chris Paul stopped you got her Chris. Paul. Makes like seventy, five, billion dollars whatever it is like he has a he has one of the biggest contracts. That's an exaggeration Chris that's an exact. Okay. Perhaps it's. Time but but if you're acquiring Chris Paul, you've gotta basically your team or deal a big big name player and really be willing to roll the dice. That's why a team like Milwaukee still looms I think is the strongest candidate to extract Chris. Fall. From Oklahoma which I believe is going yeah. They could use him more than anybody and if they had Chris Paul this past season I think it would have been different I. think he would have meant that much to them. And then you can. You can make it work in the walking. You can put together a combination of Eric Bledsoe George? Hill? You can sweeten the pot with Dante David. Chen. Zone or draft pick you can make an appealing offer. To to a team like. If you're the bucks. It's a no brainer I mean worst case scenario you know jaanus leaves after next season, you're stuck with one extra year of a big contract with Chris Paul after the twenty one, twenty, two season, you would wipe the books basically clean to start from scratch. So there is there is no easier move or more of a no brainer move to make than Chris fall going to Milwaukee before I let you go I know you you're not married, but you fall in love a lot when it comes to the NBA draft. Have you fallen in love with somebody. Little bit little bit I'm. This is getting recorded. I'm a I'm a big James, Wiseman, Guy Big James Wiseman guide I don't know what to compare him to see a little bit of like David. Robinson's gave in him from back in the day a hyper athletic seven foot. One Guy who I think if he is drafted by Golden State with the number two pick in the draft he's GonNa be a player there for a long time and he's going to be affected for that team almost immediately I think whether it's a trainer Anthony Edwards. That's probably number one pick for Golden. State sitting there number two. If. They don't make a deal I. Think James Wisner Guy. I. Think he's a one of the best player in this draft. Yes. mclovin Chris, I know you've been in the bubble while you've been there since one, thousand, nine, hundred, Eighty, eight have you noticed centers? It'll matter anymore. Athletic centers who could run the floral James Wiseman played for Penny Hardaway. Talking to penny about this recently. Up Penney used to show wiseman tapes shack and Weisensee such a young guy that he viewed shack is. The lumbering big man. We saw with the Lakers he forgot and you know the stand in the nineteen nineties Jack ran the floor shack was one of the most athletic big men in the NBA. I think wiseman got a little bit of that in him. A little bit of ability to dominate running the open floor. What about my guy from Israel. Now, you're. Now you get to deep in the weeds for me. Danny Danny. A Diese. I'm not even touching. Matt. This I know he is but I don't know enough to count. He looks he he looks great. Denny. Adisa. Help we're okay. Rolling this stuff to not just my no I've already said it before this. Okay. All right. Yeah. Because but he what? Wind up being Nicholas. Knitting Nicholas Skittish. Could it was just a tall guy that was it That, he can be dragging bender or Mario Zonja. or any of the other international imports Dante exum. The injury issues that's why not to exit didn't. Has I should say hold on I should say as an end. Big Opportunity in Cleveland this year Oh. Yeah. Talking about him. Hey. Thank you. Chris. I appreciate your time as always. Thanks for listening to the Dan Patrick Show podcast. Be sure to catch us, live every weekday morning nine to noon eastern or six to nine Pacific on Fox. Sports Radio Find Your local station for the Dan Patrick Show at Fox sports radio, DOT COM or stream it live every day on the iheartradio APP by searching F S. Or stream it live on the Peacock Thirteen days of Halloween. A remote hotels by Fred. Is. The most unusual guests they sound like someone you trust. Don't touch it. Don't look at it a tour guide that can't be trusted was luck fates but place to here. And the newest arrival? You, way? Starring Keegan Michael Key. As the caretaker, please make yourself at home. After all. This is it. Produced in three dimensional by neural audio place you right in the center of the story and ways you'll have to hear to believe. For full exposure listened with headphones or airports. 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I mentioned earlier in the show, my college football source told me that when Dubravka found out, Wisconsin could not get their team ready due to Cova to travel to Lincoln Nebraska Nebraska was on the phone yesterday morning trying to find an opponent for this weekend. Didn't hear anything yesterday but I have heard something today and it's being reported the University of Tennessee Chattanooga. And Nebraska close to finalizing an agreement to play this Saturday in Lincoln Nebraska. The Chattanooga Times free press has learned through multiple sources. The Corn Huskers game against Wisconsin canceled earlier this week the game is awaiting approval from the big ten conference, which had previously said an eight-game Conference only schedule this fall and keep in mind when all of this was going on when Nebraska was going to go rogue, and if the big ten wasn't playing, then Nebraska was gonNA secede from the big ten at least for a season and they got spanked by the big ten when they got back together and they decided Okay Nebraska, you WanNa play football you start your season going to Ohio state. I, was told that they did that on. Purpose. To punish Nebraska now, Nebraska's trying to play a game. They need big ten approval and I can't imagine they're getting get big ten approval for this weekend Paulie Dan we have an update and you know how much you and I love ut Chattanooga mocks football not good news according to Adam Written Berg of Espn, college football writer. The big ten is denied Nebraska's attempt to replace its canceled game against Wisconsin with FCS team ut Chattanooga sources tell them Chattanooga already tested staff and players Wednesday and came back negative with the game will not happen according to ESPN's college football reporter. I don't know why Nebraska doesn't go through the big ten I. To Save. Embarrassment. because. If I know that you're trying to schedule a game through my source, I'm going to guess the big ten on wait a minute. Are. They doing this behind our back it's one of those. Hey, you know we would rather. Beg For, forgiveness than ask for permission. Why wouldn't you just say to the big ten? Is it? OKAY IF WE SCHEDULE A game? You know polling and ut Chattanooga football had planned on playing spring. But that allowed in the practice and they were going to run up the Lincoln handle some business and come back to Chattanooga and it looks like they're denied they are also it appears that they were going to be paid. a two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to go to Lincoln plus travel costs. So that would have been a big boost for their athletic department. Why don't you just call? Why don't you just ask the big ten? Can we do this? My weekend's ruined. Well I would like to have watched it but. It just I don't know. I don't know why these schools don't go you know maybe we should ask for Nebraska look if you don't want to be in the big ten, then don't be in the big ten and the big ten will not miss you. But it's like Tom. Osborne's walk through that door I am hip or Mike Rozier or Johnny Rodgers. ASK FOR PERMISSION Yes, todd you have to have a Chattanooga with the appropriate parties or these things that are to happen. See what you did. Everybody's going to be let down. bummed solid improving. So, yes. She will thanks for listening to the Dan Patrick. Show podcast. Sure to catch US live every weekday morning nine to noon eastern or six to nine. Pacific on Fox Sports Radio Find Your local station for the Dan Patrick Show at Fox sports radio, DOT COM or stream. It live every day on the iheartradio APP. By searching F s are or stream it live on the peacock. He's a two time world series champion. The reds and two-time nationally MVP, a hall of Famer the greatest Catcher Johnny Bench joining us on the program and Johnny is going to be auctioning off his personal collection of hall of fame items and he's auctioning off everything. But his hall of Fame Ring He'll be using the auction proceeds to help his three young sons with their education hunt auctions dot com for more information Johnny joins us. Now, what should I buy Johnny? ooh. Hoo Okay Now I mean I everything is going. This is the legends ring a see okay I got this one. Very Oh. Okay. That's a legends ring living legend right when I die you can. Favoring? Hand The Bob. EUCHRE bobblehead the Harry Doyle Bobblehead area signed by Harry himself. Now that's off limits. That totally. Would you sell any of your stuff right third in front of you know I would not no I would not. Why Now? I don't know my we've been trying to plan and everything else I've got fourteen year old an eleven year old son's center. Later, college is going to be coming up they're going to be going to certain colleges and certain opportunities to come to them. You know, I, I got my build a son through Boston, university at a great expense and I made two point two million in my career. So you know that that's about two weeks later work now in the major league and I I, you know you need the money to do it and you want them to best for them and so many people tell stories about. Night on above Gibson was talking about his at one time. His his family was arguing over got what who got I want that I want this Edges Friends of mine call and said I can tell you the drama that goes on at when somebody tries to divide something up whether it be antiques where they're be art whether it be Oman, want me to have that and then. I've had families that are destroyed. There's you know they're separated their new WanNa have a great opportunity and. Let's face it. We're we're a list. You know some of it's been in the museum Binger, but a lot of its in boxes and safe deposit boxes and. And it's good opportunity for me. We've been exploring it for a while it's been a thought and. I think it's GonNa be a great opportunity to provide them with future what it will be the toughest item depart with. Some of those. You know I mean like my Larry Bird, basketball signed to me Larry Bird. Same Birthday. I guess The MVP TROPHIES AM, VP, trophies and I gotTa Grow Old Bat. Do you have any of those? Now I? Don I have had the only bad I believe I'm pretty sure in existence signed by the all century team. That is in my possession. So it's it's the rings, the Hall of fame blacks that stuff kept my Thurman Munson Award Kept My award. I wanted because you know they mean a lot and I didn't want to put them in there. There's a lot of great stuff in there but you know how do you? How do you always pick but the boys decision was? They. Argue rains they weren't dirty were worried about it, and so this a better opportunity for me and it seems like an down near that it might be best I've. Auctions if done well, and and people are interested I saw the Vin scully auction I don't know you. Deli auction was which huge a lot of people out there would like to have something. I have friends called bidding on stuff that I never even thought you know would even consider that. So how much is it gold glove GONNA cost me. On the ear strangely enough the year I guess coincides without if I wanted MVP or os rookie of the year something somebody, that's what they're saying. It's probably going to cross you anywhere from twenty five to fifty. which is you know a couple days work. That is that is that the peacock is coming yes that's true. There's also a painting by Leroy Neiman. Yes. Famously Roy name painting there. Reserve on that Fifty Fifty K. and you have quite a collection uranium it's what I hear. I. Have I have a couple of them in here. Yeah. Absolutely. But there nudes of me. Hey I'll even great. I'll give you a nude Leroy Neiman. For Leroy. Neiman of you. All right I don't need a new name of no to me I. It's. by Roy, Niemann without the DANETTES right now they're not. All. But if I walk into your house, how long does it take before I? Realize what you do for a living this is the. That my son put together. As a lot of stuff. So I mean, you know I do a lot of stuff with hope for the warriors. I do some. Charity work obviously here's a here's a cool thing Bob Hope when I went with him, and then the airborne this is pretty cool this as a roast. Johnny Bench Roast Bob Hope was the NC that's all we could get that day. Team. How. About this now, this is really cool. My my sister got signed for me I. Hope it's not a reflection, but this is me on the steps of cooperstown right outside the back. Yeah. They're all of the hall of famers inattentiveness and my assistant got them all to sign it. How many hall of famers you got them. I'M GOING TO SAY FORTY THIRTY FIVE TO FORTY Who is the best storyteller when you guys got together at the Hall of fame? You. Know, strangely enough. I loved. George Brett? George, he's one of my favorite capable. He's one of my favorite people Georges a stunt man and he always laughs when he tells the story, they remember these view going. But it's so vivid and everything's still in where they did it and you know you know different people see things in different ways they never you see this and they see it differently and they pull it out and. They stretch it out and everything else I mean there was nothing like doing that. Now I loved his strangely enough I. Don't know if it's strange. Gaylord Perry sits in the lobby of the Saga Hotel. And I sit there and listen to the stories and just roar because he you know the things that he does in the into positions and everything. Is it's really cool and funded fun is the new guys you know Pedro Martinus and the big hurt man there there's some fun stuff and I'm GonNa need a lot of fun coming up after the past. But as fast few did you care if a pitcher was loading up a pitch? Gaylord? Perry threw a spitball Nolan Ryan is alleged to have cut the ball or somebody with Dr The ball what? Did you care of that if a pitcher was doing? Well. Sir. They had it loaded I would look for that. I could I waited for the drop to hit it but I don't know if you've ever told you the by Jim Maloney was cited he was going to slow them up. He's a down we're going to load up. Load some up because this when Phil Reagan and and. And gave orders you know load them up. He's is he said I think we'd better have a sign I see what I'll catch. Well, two strikes, two outs first in the first dennehy throws one I don't touch it. It's me right on top of the toe. Second INNING, two outs, two strikes he throws it again hits me on top of the Xinguar and bounces back to him. And I walked out and I said we're going to have to say. I'm never took my eyes off him again ever. How do you? How do you load it up? Well, it's just a little less lane by the year. Okay. Gaylord used to do when they told him. He couldn't do it anymore. He would take his thumb on his brow up here. and. So he never he didn't send. She's fingers just loader, and then when he put it back down he just. Wanted tuned right here. So I never took my eyes off at word Forbes. Field and somebody in the dugout manager hollered at me I looked in the dugout. Not the OD. assigned. Through. This thing it started here and at dropped so hard I barely caught leather on it right there. Hit me on the cup. Broken in seven places take and that was the last time. Let's say he ever loaded it up. So. He's Johnny Bench. You can check out all the auction items from his hall of fame career it. You can see everything on display at hunt auctions dot com for information I. Did think about you the other night when I'm watching the world series and when Kevin cash goes out to take out Blake Snell and I wondered what role the Catcher can play there. Now. You're established. You were one of the better players best players in the game. Can you. Do think the catcher could have played a role say look he's still got bite. He's got velocity. These guys aren't catching up to anything because he went out with a predetermined. gave up a hit McKie's up I'm taking out like there was no wiggle room there. That was the match up, and that was artist thing this but it was it was movie I. Don't see any other player any other better I don't think he takes him out I. Think the analytics are so big a part of this game right now that that's a commitment to do it, but it has to be a thing and some manager sparky never. Wanted to Pitcher to lose a game, they never wanted him to be the losing pitcher pitched that. Well, I had such a report was sparky that I would look over in the dugout and he knew when I looked at him that he needs to get somebody warmed up, I would come off the field I said get somebody up and we could do that. I think there's a the analytics are there and buried buried in the game. Now it's it's embedded in I think it's going to do it at you know. A Michigan she's going to you know listen to it like every manager and everybody's going to second guess and But it was mookie I mean let's face it. I mean I any other battery probably in baseball at the time I probably wouldn't have taken him out but it was a situation where. Everything dictated my dictation would have been had. Catching is that I will pitch around Lewke because they've gotten him out. There's. Times when they got him to ground balls a couple of things I would have pitched around him and hope that Mukhi being anxious and that situation he's got a great I but. You try to get them to chase pitch that they normally wouldn't go after and. I thought it was a dumped decision. SNELL didn't want to come out I. mean he had him he was at work we wanted to be and. That was a decision that sometime, the organization makes by making analytics most important thing. Before I let you go I know. It's been a tough couple of weeks. He Lost Joe Morgan and. I'm trying capture Joe Morgan to let you know new generation know just how special he was because. He did everything. And you don't see a guy that size who is you know power hitter he was a gold glove winner, two time MVP the spark for that team and. If you do you have a favorite story of Joe. The thing about Joe was a favorite favorite. Nellie. Fox. So He's five, seven, five, seven, and he and Nellie became a mentor of his actually when he went to Houston. And Joe. How about this stat? Four Years Four Seasons Joe. Morgan had fifty or more extra base hits fifty stolen bases and one hundred base on balls four seasons in the history of baseball the history of baseball no one has ever done at one season. You know. Wow. He. He he was guy and if an infielder knowing dealer supposed to talk to the pitcher. Nothing as they weren't they didn't know what to say didn't know what to do but if Joe Horrigan came in from second base talk to the Pitcher I stayed buying the play. Well Because I mean we seem to be on the same vibe I mean are we I think sometimes we were just you know brothers at one time in our lives and in spiritual and mental in and he was he knew the Yankees understood I knew the game and and maybe the best player I ever saw I mean like you said, how can you be a gold glove still basis hit home runs air games on the line take the red sox nineteen seventy five. Who Do you want it to play? Joe Morgan who the base hit Joe And I As I told his wife you know I said trace I said, you know we are so fortunate to him in our lives. You know you some people never get experienced the greatness and the friendship and the love that that people can have for each other so. It's been tough I'm telling you Joe Joe Tom than all the others now Cain was such a dear man, I? mean. And appreciate the. Opportunity to talk about a man. It was And I try to tell people you know Bob Gibson. I was nervous and I was just watching a game when he would be on the mound I can't imagine what it was like to face Gibson alkaline is one of the true gentlemen in in in life not in just baseball. I mean we'd lost you know some great great people not just great players. Lou Brock. I came into I came into Saint Louis. He had told her thirty two stolen bases in a row and we have Jack Fischer pitching. We call him Fat Jack issue because he had belly. Restless. Klug only addressed his love right here and he was pretty quick play will lose stole took off the steel, threw it down and Lou had got the cutout. He hadn't even started slighted and got the dirt. And after the game I'm sitting in my locker and and one of the shopping carts pull up in front of my locker. Well, that's where we put our dirty sweats and everything else. And one rule was you never threatened is it cost US fifty dollars we talked to another player. They bristle was so adamant about not fraternizing. Well, that's cards still sitting there and I look it's Lou Brock. He's an owner inform in our locker room and I'm next to the manager's office. He. Looked at me and he said next time kid make it look close. Scroll asks. Former team think that's great. So the auction hunt auctions dot com, all the great stuff that Johnny has available for everybody and that'll be November fourteenth November. Fourteenth at hunt auctions dot com great to see and it's going to be live in Louisville Kentucky, at the Louisville Slugger Museum of where I'm allergic living course you are. Just don't die because then you're no longer living legend. Thought of that. Understanding over here with mays Colfax and Erin is the living legend. So pretty good. How often did you face Colfax? Never. He retired and sixty six. And your first year was sixty eight. I came up the under sixty seven, sixty, seven, one, thousand, nine now. Lucky for you. You didn't have to face Colfax. You would've? You I'm sure. Thank you, Bud. Johnny Bench Famer, thanks for listening to the Dan Patrick Show podcast. Be sure to catch US live every weekday morning nine until noon eastern six to nine. Pacific on Fox sports radio and you can find us on the iheartradio APP at Fsr, or stream it live on the peacock out. Do you own or rent your home? Sure you do and I, bet can be hard work. You know what's easy bundling? Policies with GEICO, geico makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you're already have so much to do around your home go to Geico Dot com get a quote and see how much you can save. It's GEICO easy visit GEICO DOT com today that's GEICO DOT com once again it's GEICO easy visit geico dot com today GEICO DOT com. On September seventeenth two thousand, nine, twenty, four year old my trees Richardson disappeared without a trace in the woods near Malibu. California. And was never seen alive again. I'm Katherine Townsend host of the podcast telling gone we're going to try to find out what really happened to my trace Richardson. School of humans and I. Heart Radio Present Helen Gone season three. Listen to Helen Dawn on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.

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2019 edition of ranking the NFC South QBs

NFL: The Dave Dameshek Football Program

1:03:27 hr | 1 year ago

2019 edition of ranking the NFC South QBs

"Belichick is going to be come. The oldest coach supplanting. Tom kopplin was sixty five when he beat the patriots in super bowl forty six there there it is the dynasty continues. It's the foot ball lease ta move the with with quarterbacks throwing tailgaters ready for some broad bali's tahe. Uh it's the pain pigs skinny my pillow. Wow i know all's well wherever you are because it is football season welcome to the dave damn football program studio sixty six alive with enthusiasm. I'm the only one in it right now but i am ready to kick things off. We can't really properly on the at this point. It's one of our a little preseason institutions. I think we're going on year four here where we'll brinson from c._b._s. Sports and of course one of the great follows in social media joins us for for our really foolish ranking of the n._f._c. south q._b.'s cabbage with him about all things. I want to say first of all as always thanks zaks zack's. Please make sure you go over to zach's b.'s and get you some of them. Delicious famous chicken fingers wings and zalid all his jive about loud. Who's got the best chicken sandwich fact and double fi say expertise is the home for that sort of thing and i think we'll brinson actually is in the part of of these united states where he can track that down eddie spaghetti or excited and over the moon. I am very happy that <hes> football is back. I got a little taste with notre dame soon giants and a one week equal without zeke. It's prediction time of this recording so yeah things are things are looking good. Yeah we are on seek watch like the rest of football fans across football ball america. Are you know what let's say. Hello to him right now. Let's bring them in and and i do want to you know what before we before we say hello to will because he's allowed to push back on all these things very quickly. I think the most important thing in advance of any football season is where you come down on who the succeeds our power rankings things are great muzzle tufted enhance in his fine work and everybody else doing power rankings but of course this is in college football. This is pro football and the only thing that matters come. January is how those who gets in and how they're seeded out here so i'll go over them very quickly for you. I'm not going to give any commentary patriots twelve and four four. They win their division. They're the number one seed chargers win the a._f._c. west day two or twelve and four at ten and six this. Is it eddie eddie spaghetti the a._f._c. north. You're ready for the big announcement here. It is give me a drum while this is actually okay. This is it from the journal. Who's gonna win the a._f._c. North is at baker. Is it <hes> <hes> big. Ben is at lamar jackson a three-horse race there are you'll put it in a make it with your mayo like deal with your voice. This is like a gruden knock on wood is the pittsburgh steelers win the division at ten and six. Call me a home or if you want. I don't have faith in that offensive line in cleveland. I i don't have faith that the ravens as much as i think that the curve ball offense that they're gonna throw at the n._f._l. Is going to succeed mostly. I don't know that they have of enough to get past nine seven and frankly i don't think the baltimore ravens as an organization know that they can do much better under the best of circumstances than ten and six x running this kind of offense but then i'll go with the houston texans also coming in nine seven ten and six eight. We'll get into that a little bit. The chiefs still still are going to make the playoffs for you're not eleven and five a fine season for them and then bringing up the rear their congratulations browns fans. You made the playoffs anyway you get in at ten and six along with the pittsburgh but they'll get envy the tiebreakers well pittsburgh to win the a._f._c. north. Sorry sorry ravens. Sorry bill sorry jets. The jets have a real shot to sneak in on the n._f._c. side. You're number. One seed is the philadelphia eagles at eleven and five the in the the a._f._c. north. I think this is going to surprise people. I'm going with aaron rodgers and company getting it at eleven and five at in the who am i forgetting get in here. I'm doing these off the top of my head because i'm pro's pro the south. I'm gonna take the atlanta falcons with matt ryan. I don't want to tip my my hand a little bit too much with <hes> before brinson joins us and and then in the west i got the san francisco forty niners winning that division at attendance six then you're two wildcards cowboys who have a real shot at making a super bowl run. I suspect this year they get in at ten and six and your final wildcard at nine and seven get ready here. It's the chicago bears that's right. The rams and the hawks are both missing the postseason now. It's it's time that's a hot take now. It's time to react. The already has a furrowed brow all the way from north carolina. You listen to them. You'll watch him. You do all the rest. He's one of the great great follows football fan. You want to hear what this guy's talking about at at c._b._s. Sports track down. It's our powell brinson. What's happening in pal the check what's going on buddy. I i like <hes>. I like a lot of what you're talking about there. I have to disagree on some stuff. I've got the minnesota vikings number one seed in the n._f._c. thirteen and three. I like you know what this is. This is a practical thing and i'm not a big fan of in july or june or whenever people start doing this stuff of pulling up the full schedule and putting w you or an owl next to every game too much obviously is likely to go down and in one thousand nine hundred and i don't know that we've ever had a crazier off season in the n._f._l. Than and what we've just gone through here and it may still be going on like we say we're waiting to hear from zeke elliott melvin gordon could move and that good wildly swing the way you regard some of these teams out out there but but yeah the vikings for me the practical matter is look at their schedule. Look at the first six games there. It's hard to conjure her thirteen and three when you look at their first month and a half of of action there and here's what i came around on is it hit me like got a ton of bricks. Aaron rodgers still aaron rodgers and i was thinking about the bears and i'm one of these skeptics. At least i think that matt nagy agian company can bring mitch trubisky along sufficiently and i believe in what he can do and then i i like the pieces defensively obviously like the rest of the world there but aaron rodgers is i think he's probably i don't know if you've heard brinson. Some pro athletes like to impose a chip on their shoulder older and i think that if you consider the way aaron rodgers last couple seasons of gone remember in week one against the same bears that they're going to be playing on thursday night he got hurt and that's put in the the big heroic second half but the season was never quite right and mccarthy gets the broom. Maybe a season or three too late for for some people but but i think he's going to be refreshed born in new and another practical measure of these packers as i don't get exactly the mike daniels annuals departure but i think this side of baltimore. Perhaps they have the best secondary going in the n._f._l. I really like go ahead no because they were like i agree with the contract of the reborn quarterback we saw it with big ben after todd after bruce areas todd haley who he didn't like came in we saw philip rivers and ken whisenhunt ultimately wasn't very successful but you know getting these quarterbacks out of this sort of you know rut relationship but i mean football players and you would think that it would work aaron rodgers. I do wonder though if he's able to actually operate in this construct constrictive very planned out a methodical offense that wants to run the ball as opposed to just being earned free wheeling aaron rodgers others like is he really going to let that go guys. Seventy years got a big mustache going on. He's he's he's questioning. Joint practices is it is it dowd dust protest too much or is it. Maybe i'm a little miffed and how this stuff is going down. This is my team and i'm going to free wheel yeah. I think it's somewhere in between right. He's a he's tenured enough that he's allowed to call. Some of the shots and i can't imagine that leflore arrived there against his wishes that aaron rodgers had. I had no idea what leflore was going to try and establish philosophically. I think he probably has to be okay with that and like i say i think the defense is a little a bit better. I again the mike daniels. Thing is very odd that i still haven't gotten a good explanation for why it went the way it went there but compared compared to and you know this is in a tight division tough to call n._f._c. north. Who's the clear cut best quarterback in contention there air and it's aaron rodgers right doesn't that i know it's simplistic thinking but i think chip on the shoulder year for aaron rodgers. I think he's almost slipped slipped a little bit under the radar. It's kinda why i like the niners a little bit because it was a couple of years ago. Kyle shanahan was a genius regarded uh the universe over look at what he did with matt ryan and with with the falcons and <hes> and everything else kyle shanahan is going to turn this san francisco team around around and then sean mcveigh arises up and shanahan's team built roster building up there in san francisco and then garoppolo gets her last last year and everybody was on that bandwagon twenty eighteen before things kicked off and as i always say you have to delay those expectations by one year when everybody is saying the tar courses sources. It's team blank then. You have to wait one year before that team actually arrives and that's why by the way i think the cleveland browns are true contender in twenty twenty not as much watch twenty nine thousand nine although i suspect they'll have a good year too but in the same way shanahan is slipped under the radar a little bit and we've kind of moved past him and he's still in a spot where he can remind everybody of his greatness. Aaron rodgers is about to remind the n._f._l. That you can't leave him out of the conversation of the upper upper tier meaning top two or three quarterbacks in the n._f._l. How about the jimmy garoppolo they not to retain bounce back to the first part of your <unk> here engulfing a different tangent but it is eddie. Spaghetti city allowed like ten minutes. We could burn through that we can do whatever you want. Yes exactly yeah but i think it's interesting how we went from this narrative that bill belichick respected college shanahan and john lynch so much that the only place he was willing to send the future franchise quarterback that he had in his back pocket. Jimmy g. was to san francisco and like it is flipped and i'm guilty. The stewardess lifted like okay. Maybe ballot check hose. Somebody else. <hes> like like is jimmy g. good to do your i agree. I think the forty niners are flying under the radar people. Don't i don't want to buy the height people are starting to question whether or not jimmy garoppolo his contract was a problem and so yeah that makes him a true sleeper in division where the seahawks have lost a lot of receivers has lost a lot on defense. The rams have offensive line issues. Todd gurley issues yeah i could. I could see the forty niners rising up. I wanna stick with seattle in that division alex count. I don't like to count out russell wilson. I hear you on that. One and i wonder about boy. I'm all over the place now so you said about four things. I want to react react to and i feel like the jimmy g. thing yes. That's a that's a fair bit of skepticism but the glass half full version of that is kyle shanahan who has a great track record offensively and what he wants to do with quarterbacks specifically and bill ballot check. The genius of the twenty first century both like jimmy jimmy g. r. they both wrong unless there's some something nefarious afoot here from ballot check but i don't buy that because the whole thing thing as far as i understand it and way in here and you know i'm excited for football and i don't wanna get into what happens in back offices at higher levels but as i understand it craft reacted to what brady wanted with whatever the spirit of why tom brady wanted jimmy garoppolo traded why i'm i'm gonna play dumb forty five and i like this kid and we share an agent and i think he deserves a break to get a brand new start and be the leading man somewhere else in the n._f._l. Can you train them away away or i don't like this kid looming behind me. He might be more handsome than i am and i'm getting old and i don't want the young guy get any any too too much noise the david letterman. I don't want john stewart following me. I need somebody less talented than me following because i don't want any pressure <hes> this guy looking better than than i do in the same system by the way as a side note if you're a patriots fan. This is why i keep saying you want. After tom. Brady retires you want the team to go seven to nine or worse or it dents the legacy of tom brady if it is in fact ballot check system. That's doing it one. It's unsatisfying for football fans when it's all coach based. We're getting weird place here with coaching where the coaching is the thing that matters most if that ends up being continues to be true sean mcvay and ballot check out coaching more talented teams people's liked people like to get in on that and be pretentious and and say john is that fun is what is it nineties n._c. Double a basketball. Is that what we want. We were hailing bob. Knight versus coach k. versus the talon alan on the floor. I don't want that. I think that's a bad direction for the n._f._l. But then i'm a i'm a damn wet so i like simplicity and i'm from pittsburgh and i like three three yards and a cloud of dust anyway. I'm rambling now. I think that yeah i mean who knows anything think about jimmy g. he didn't we didn't watch him not like we watch the blazer a power five conference. It's not like we're informed by any of that. We just by that one couple games. The grand total of it is eight games that we've seen with jimmy so he remains unknown however i think the line is okay. I like the weapons like the kind of running back even without mckinnon. Now i do still like that. Shanahan got his kind of running backs. They have enough at pass. Pass catcher in the defence seems loaded as far as i'm concerned but seattle is another player tyler lockett though and then who else catching passes up in seattle gironde ron brown and we'll disley and somehow the some of the seahawks have worst pass catcher in the forty niners deadly rather have george kill dante pederson tyler rather locking and we'll be right yeah that that's the that's the answer and then address this rams thing here talk about something that i am a skeptic of and i talked recently recently with. I talked jess yesterday. Marie jones drew one last time. I pressed him out of the conversation that began in january. Maybe even in december eighteen is something's wrong with todd gurley and you're playing ball with the rams maurice and you don't want to say it but you know that there's something going on there with that knee me and he refuses as recently as yesterday monday of week one. He said you're crazy. You're wearing a tin foil. Foil hat. Todd gurley is fine. I said well how how are the care is gonna break out between girly and the two three at running back and he said oh like eighty percent anti girlies. They're just going to give them a little bit more of a break than they did last year because he ran ran out of gas last year. Why are the only people who continue to insist todd gurley are fine and like all collect paychecks the rams whether it's like sean mcveigh or less need or meena kinds or moisture. Everybody's everybody's everybody's afraid of what they might say about todd gurley the girlies financing didn't why did he sit out the super bowl. Why was c. j. anderson there. Don't tell it'll be c. J. anderson was better like there's some theory out there. That todd gurley was like he was freelancing and looking for holes as c. J. anderson was running straightforward. No there's something wrong with his knee it clearly something wrong with his knee or yes so but but based on that premise that you're that you're laying out that a lot of people have is <hes> did sean mcvay on the flight home from the super bowl say like todd in twenty nineteen you gotta get into this style and they agreed that that's what he would do and so it's like see done. It's over with what we clear. We clarified why was using c._j. More than girly and we're ready to roll in the twenty nine hundred and beyond todd gurley delightful foul. I hope he's well. I love him. He's he's i north carolina native check us if he's from he's from north carolina right down the road from me when he was in his sophomore year and he was snapping off. Those seventy yard runs in georgia. I decreed this is everybody likes to say best running back. Whatever of the generation. I said he will be the best running back back of his generation and i hope it's not over with for him but i just reading the tea leaves. It didn't look good and i keep saying it and i'll say at one last time before we kick it off. Often we can wash your hands or the last super bowl but bill belichick and brian floor is clearly identified that sean mcvay likes to do everything from under center much more or than any other team saved the patriots. Those are the only two teams interested. I mean coincidentally or maybe that's how they got to the super bowl with in a world of shotgun. Those are the two teams that love putting the q._b. Under center and run and play action and from the word go in that super bowl. They just never were scared of todd gurley they and they they tempted jared goff to beat them. Jared goff didn't beat them and by the way that's another knock on on the rams a little under the radar he set up to succeed not necessarily necessarily a great number one pass catcher but you know the pass catchers and clever sean mcvay and now for jared goff to be in a good spot but doesn't he have a lot of pressure pressure. He's playing for that hundred million dollar deal this year and i think there's some doubt in a world where we now have achieved full q._b. Saturation all court all the n._f._l. Teams james andrew lock through using andrew lucked kind of muck it up a little bit but you koby both no no no no takumi percent would be great. He will be top fifteen quarterback this year. I see that n._c. State helmet looming right behind your shadow from last but okay jacoby bursitis fi and i think that defense is going to be he is going to be great. I think they should go get melvin gordon as a side note. I think that's what the coach chris ballard won't but i think that that would be a cagey move from him to bring bring in melvin gordon but again. I don't think that i don't think that's ever going to happen. Maybe bill o'brien though i think that would be a good move picks the pictures exist. There is nothing to give up to get him aright spaghetti. I'm sorry i'm all over the place too much for you know a lot of brinson tang in with valley's going all over the joint where he's been emailed like seven different rundowns and this is our like second full attempt to this. I think he's prepared and i had some time for ten so it's all football i. I don't think it's a tangent sticking to anyone subject. That's fine. It's one there's a lot going on eleven seconds per team pretty much. What is what it feels like. We're doing here so so. Let's talk about those texans because i feel to me brinson like bill o'brien i get it and as a football fan primarily before anything else i see i can lose focus for half a day on what is bill o'brien doing and he's destroying the long term future of that team and everything else and now like i don't don't i decided that i wanted to talk about football for a living so that i could get into high finance and so if you can let go of that in the implications beyond this season season. Isn't this a good move. Didn't we just see what andrew what happened to andrew. Lucky got got the junk beaten out of them to the point that he said. I just can't do it anymore. And in that same division vision there's the shawn watson twenty eighteen got the junk beat out of him again wasn't he wasn't bill o'brien on some level compelled in a. I don't know <hes> win now mode but you know you're in new coppins prime at this point j._j. Watt is at the tail end of his prime and on some human level. Aren't you doing doing a disservice to the face of the franchise for all time by leading his window close without giving him a proper best chance to make a deep chiefs playoff run the j._j. Watt is necessarily though what bill o'brien singing about but you get my point here. I think that they are now better positioned to make a legitimate run in twenty nine a career now yes sort of but no. I don't entirely agree a couple of thoughts on that. One does see what easily the greatest player texas history where we are at least right now in in two thousand nineteen to at least johnson would be in the conversation but yes ultimately j. Yes go ahead. I'm sorry just wanted to be a completion est to with your with your hypothetical but go ahead sure sure i i mean i agree with you. Johnson would be the primary competition. Here's a couple of couple of problems. One shawn watson is responsible for a bunch of saxe they took last year. He holds onto the ball too long. He's a playmaker. I mean like i i buy i've always bought into i think he has a chance to win the super bowl because of he just has that game aamer ability but bill bridge responsible for some hits he took two. He kept running in the red zone for whatever reason he would get inside the five and have shawn watson watson ron. It's like dude. He just wrote down here at a bus what he's doing what he can't. He can't fly so banged up and you're running into the red zone. It makes no sense <hes> and then the other thing. I don't understand if you're an win now mode. Why are you paying seven million dollars david cloudy salary for him to play in seattle. Why not just listen cloudy. You can't get a long longterm deal anywhere you go so we will agree not to franchise tag you you come back here. We'll play you play for fifteen million bucks from us. You max out this year and i get it. The laremy armie tunsil thing makes sense. You're getting an ascending young player. What are the better young <hes> offensive lineman in the league. Let me interrupt you for a second on that because i think we have <hes> i think we have to put a finer point on that because again things move pretty fast and you kind of forget who these guys are and laremy tunsil. Were it not for wearing that creepy facemask then with the smoke coming out of it on draft day was supposed to be the most talented guy in that draft it wasn't he was the he was the number one overall pick check in ronnie stanley and i know the ravens are happy with with him but there wasn't a question about laremy tunsil being the superior option there and so now the texans have a guy who the way guys careers go there some andrew lacson chris borland's but if tunsil wants to he's got another decade that gave the texans play that better than they've played the the the jude avian clowney thing then they have their left tackle and matt money smith joined us <hes> a couple of days ago and he made a great point that in our world of full q._b. saturation in the n._f._l. That it's almost easier to find a good quarterback back. At this point then it is a dominant left tackle and it remains a position of i mean. I don't know if it's essential. I guess yeah i guess it's fair fair to say essential for the most part there's four pieces four cornerstones you want with building a franchise and to football minds who are very different personalities but both of whom we would agree are smart pete prisco jeremias. I've seen echoed the same sentiment that pete dato thing like birth birth completely polar opposites in hilarious way <hes> dato like a good a good christian southerner pete. He's sweet so you said yeah potentially salary if they ever show but you got a quarterback you're left tackle your quarterback and you're pass rusher so yeah you get two of them there <hes> and then i look the texans can win. At all this year i get it but it's a stars in scrubs roster and remember when they traded up to get to shawn watson a few years bigger which no-one dallas was a great move the us an extra first round pick to pick him up with the browns watts tours aco midway through the season fisher. The fisher four wins so i give watson-watt watson-watt get hurt. It doesn't matter how what drop it's of line is there you're going to be you're gonna end up giving away a top ten. Pick to the dolphins in twenty twenty and so that would it'd be my concern. Is you make this big splashy move to win now and then you know you suffer injuries because it happens in football and all of a sudden. You're a four five six. One team and people were wondering whether or not you get fired bottom line at four me texans de agree they win the south or are you going with somebody else. I am going with the indianapolis annapolis coal you really you really by the jacoby perset thing i do too in again. One recurring theme here is eddie. Spaghetti can confirm for you on the is. It hit me about three months ago. This is all about defense the a._f._c. now the the the chiefs are the anomaly of that from from the patriots to to the browns who are least are gonna be good in in some aspects defensively. They have some talk about splash guys. That's what they have on defense. It feels like to me. The steelers have a good defense. I don't think the ravens defense is gonna fall back as much as some people think. The entire south is loaded defensively early in the chargers. Even without derwin james are loaded and i think that if you buy that idea of like you drop somebody into something that's already cook and if you drop op derwin james into that thing around thanksgiving they're going to elevate even further and dangerous but i mean you know i. I don't see many flaws. Although i once once again the football gods what it is with the chargers why even in this decade when the capitals and the the cubs and the cavaliers everybody's finally getting their break from the sports god's after the boot on their throat for too long the chargers. They're not getting any no breaks. I don't get what's going on there but anyway so i think the chargers are the best defense there right now. I say i completely jumped away from the colts but i the jags i the titans i feel for the titans. You're closer sir to them than we are. I don't know they're just they're just they're. They're bland. I just think that by october that it's going to be sideways sideways because there will be tannehill what either actually already be under center or there will be calls from the from the stands shouting shouting for it so i think that i love that team and i still don't love nichols outside of the dark green jersey. I don't buy that. He's necessarily the savior anywhere outside outside of <hes> outside of philadelphia all right as we continue to bounce around here then we just go to spaghetti. Do you want to just get to it and not run out of time here. Only twenty eight minutes in we're already at half an hour so guess seven minutes. This is what happens how many brinson nobody checks like i do. I do by daily. Pick six podcasts said <hes> promiscuously but we get all these reviews or like this. This guy can't stop going off on tangents and so i think you and i combined probably leads. Is it bad <hes> branson. No it's great yeah makes you makes you have to pay. You know what i will say this that you know like i mentioned already. I'm not a big numbers guy but the numbers indicate indicate that our show here are dumb. Little podcast has an outsized completion rate people. Listen from start to finish and maybe it's that jagged style. You know maybe call me like john coltrane. You know there's no. There's a baseline in there somewhere. I'm just seeing how far away i can get from it before before i returned to it at all times you say you don't you don't feel like you're being blitz with this rundown. You feel like it's a meandering conversation that is about a topic you enjoying could often potentially spiral off into other things but in a controlled fashion while i will say if i may self promote a little bit more than i already am. I ah we now are doing our athletic. Show to the football fact check and that will be we intentionally did apply some structure to that one where we are going legitimately because i don't want to do the same show for different. Audiences are same audience or anything else so that one will have a different feel to it. It will apply certain instructor and that's fun and has its virtues to yes. We're rambling here so as we try to cover as many bases as we can here before things kickoff there in chicago. Let's get to it it. It's our annual attempt to rank the n._f._c. south quarterbacks and i think we started this because brinson. Jameis winston had been undrafted the first overall guy number of years ago and i think one of us spotted that oh all of a sudden the n._f._c. the south is the home for the best quarterback is the division with the most high and quarterbacks also can have this conversation without once again pointing out that it is the lowest combined total title of quarterback jersey numbers since the n._f._l. Went to four team divisions cam newton one matt ryan to matt ryan told told us the super bowl that the reason he wears number two big tim couch fan growing up and that's what he told us no. That's how many human beings in the history of human beings have ever adopted a jersey because that was their favorite player growing up and then you end up being much better than that guy was very few very. I wonder how many guys that actually is true about you know anyway. I wonder if there's gotta be somebody who's somebody else. That's a good point. I just stumbled into but anyway three james so now we're up to six and then drew brees wearing that number nine fifteen try and cobble together. Don't just apply apply it from the twenty one thousand nine starting quarterback bag through the last fifteen years or so. You won't come anywhere close to fifteen as your grand total. They're i mean listen to philly rivers exceeds by two all on his own all right. Let's get to the twenty nine thousand nine edition pre season every year. We rank are quarterbacks one through four who come new new year's eve. Will we say i told you so. I told you he was the best quarterback in the division point of note point record. I've never been right every time what <unk> whoever i declare i'm always wrong about. Let's start with you. Who's at number four will brinson well. I am not buying the bruce arians agreeance hype should really i buy like i. I'm scared of the fact that i'm not buying it but i'm not buying it and here's my biggest concern with james winston why he's easily my number number. Four quarterback in this division is that the quarterbacks that bruce arians has had in the past whether it's carson palmer andrew lock <hes> been bought the spur even dating back actor peyton manning all had one thing comet. They were accurate down the field and i don't think james winston is necessarily accurate down the field now he could throw the ball downfield and and he can throw it a long ways he really fast really hard but those guys could put could put drops in buckets at forty five yards down the field and i don't think james is that accurate and it worries me me too that that offensive line is a problem because if you can't protect and you can't throw accurately down the field and a bruce arians system. You don't have no risk it no biscuit. You've got like a bunch of dough on the ground and that is what i think it ended up happening. What what <hes> colorful language there from we'll brinson. I like that very much. I i hear you. I jame is actually does bump up. I say it repeatedly and i will tell to you now. Brinson in a world of alleged alleged q._b. Whispers and we are populated in pro football and in college football with guys who are in the right spot for a year or three and and then they are imbued with these powers for the next decade and a half and are employed is offensive coordinators or otherwise for too long even though the results are in oh yeah when he doesn't have have that high end talent. He's not as good as it turns out. Bruce arians is actually one of those too many. I mean that's a great nuance point you make but those are very different kinds of guys rothlisberger lahser carson palmer and they've all thrived. They've all had some of their best years under bruce use areas so why not and i hear you on the comp with with the accuracy of rothlisberger one of the great downfield throwers really of all time or the super super bowl era. I think that aryans can at least fix that i think in in terms of like football d'appel ganger. I've always thought jameis winston is very rothlisberger. I think they have a lot of the same traits football wise and so i. I guess it comes down to that. I'm i'm not as skeptical however we agree. I just can't see the room. Where am i moving. Who am i moving james past james at number three. I'll take us to number two number for four at number three. It is all this is one of those taboo subjects. How dare you say something like this out. Loud i think we i think we have the same the same number three de they did you watch the last two months of twenty eighteen new breeze as magically refreshed and renewed at whatever age he is just because tom brady is doing it doesn't mean every quarterback is going to be able to succeed. Dombrowski is the only guy in the history of people to succeed at this level this late in his life drew brees is smallish and i i mean i watched it with my two eyes. He just was not throwing the ball while for for the last two months of the season. How say you brinson so he's my number three so let's say hypothetically that there was a group of people that established before the season possible passing your turtles for quarterbacks that you could guess if you will whether they will go more or less scholar me interested right right. What would you if you were in charge view. The person serves as what would you say drew brees over under passing yards or more or less passing yards at i would. I would guess that anybody who would sit around and come up with something like that. I don't even know why you would do that. Just seems like a weird parlor. Correct even say like oh. Let's see we can guess how many how close you can get to that number which side you think it's gonna be on. I would say forty seven seven hundred exactly and what if i were to tell you that that the number that was perhaps released by someone allowing people able to guess whether it was more or less was forty one hundred ninety nine. That's i mean that's just a recipe. I know people like the dog. You know what he has a running game i do you think that's going to help aaron rodgers. I do think that there are some i mean. I think tom brady by the way tom brady. Success won the super bowl. I'm not denigrating him a guy in in his early forties. Maybe an in his prime anymore but you know that i hate to keep hearkening back to the playoffs of two thousand eighteen in but if you think that was tom brady's victory more than it was sunny michelle's and you weren't paying attention that whole offense was running through signing michelle much more than it was brady yes he he made some big plays late in the game up in arrowhead specifically obviously makes the one throat gronkowski and that super bowl but it was all about sunny michelle ambala check. It's not a coincidence that bill belichick used a first round pick. How when was the last time he did that. Used a first round pick and happened to hit it on it with sunny michelle. That's the reason that the patriots won the super bowl and and then came back and use a third round pick on s._e._c. running back this year which tells you that he wants to run the ball even more my point with drew brees knows that number is so stunningly low the. I think i'm with you. I think that we talk about it's going to be like oh. It might be rivers might be been has fallen off the cliff but it's like which which older quarterbacks in the fall of next nobody's mentioning it might just be drew brees. You're not allowed because he's perceived to be a nice guy and perceived. How dare well no. I'm just throwing it out there. I have a chip on my shoulder brinson and i've worn it all the way since christmas time. It's it's it's getting heavy on me. I i've been in defending. That's a conversation for another time. You can go back and listen to one of probably twenty seven from the off season in which i belly ache about the media and and the football world's decision to make a martyr of ben rothlisberger for the sins of every quarterback every high end quarterback every every knock against ben rothlisberger could be issued against every other high end quarterback in terms of locker room can portman and offering critiques of teammates and and not liking a high end back and everything else and drew brees isn't immune to that either. I think tom brady is the anomaly with that and i or is he. If in fact they'd have made it away the other one's brett farve outside of that those kind of q._b.'s these swaggering leader of men that everyone will follow into the fire and he makes everybody better and all that and everybody loves him and everybody wants to just waiting for that guy exists in brett farve and guys in movies. There's just not a true thing anyway. Drew brees is a nice guy steady and all that kind of stuff but yeah well look watch them throw the ball but if he's old what if what if what are the last year is the rest of his career and this is an and the remember payton manning the exact same thing happened peyton manning threw for a pile of yards cbs in two thousand fourteen and then at the end of the at the end of the season. You could see him off a cliff. It was very obvious and then he came back the next year and he didn't have the arm strict. Sometimes sometimes it just goes at breezes a guy that we didn't know if you have his career is gonna continue. That's exactly after san diego so it shouldn't be surprising if it somehow goes not because it doesn't take care of his body. The way tom brady does just because it's a natural thing to happen. It's the same reason but you know i'm in worse shape than i was ten years ago and you know <hes> <hes> you know i hurt more. We looked terrific. I just want you to know you look great but <hes> yeah i i hear you completely and camara the answer to our cynicism. Unisom is michael thomas but is that is that really the formula to try and you're not going to bang kamara week after week. It's not like title the eagles loose example but he's not he's not a finish the game and grind out the clock in the fourth quarter guy i so that that's not gonna be the premise of the saints. They have a good defense and everything. I think the the division happens. I've got go ahead. Drew brees had and david have four thousand passing yards last year that is that the last time that happened was in two thousand and five and this has been fifteen years since he was under four thousand passengers that all of these things should be a red flag that even if the saints wants to run the ball more and that's it's a good thing that it part and parcel is because they're worried that drew brees might not be able to throw seven hundred times in the season and be able to make it to the end of the year. It's a killer color. I mean still i completely. I can go the other way on it and you know but that doesn't require a powerful arm but those choice routes are just murdered when you watch the saints play when tomorrow comes out of the backfield. I don't know what what how you stop that but i guess there's a way to slow it down and some teams have shown how they like to do but yeah i just i think drew brees happens to be sadly and i hope it also isn't true for the chargers after all these years keeping team afloat and covering up a lot of a some ugly rosters there. I wonder if the reason that the team isn't going to achieve as much as people expect them to is the quarterback who's been doing that for so long by the way he's on the certainly gonna win m._v._p. This year all right say about him spaghetti. That's a breeze has to be number one at this point right. You're you guys the reverse jinx yeah yeah well what happens every year with us. Actually brinson shouldn't put himself side because he's he's actually made some. Some good calls on this. The last couple of years i continue to be atrocious added definitely but james number one at one point in this this exercise which i think that's right a fireable fits. I think we they're okay. I gave it to us and remember now. If you're the number two quarterback in this division that means of number one can't go you who then become the number one quarterback so this is important who you put in as the runner up of the best quarterback in the n._f._c. south twenty nineteen. We'll brinson says i wanna go. I wanna put this guy number one but i just can't do it for health reasons. It's cam newton. Newton newton has to be number. Two is coming shoulder surgery the jury he is a former m._v._p. I think what you see from cam. When he misses time the year before as he comes back pretty healthy the next year does able to play a full season and i expect him to be to be very sharp. This twitter offense curtis samuel of merges t._j. More text another step. I mean more sort of discounted this your check but i mean this guy that twenty one years old put up numbers that are the very few wide receivers of don. Christian mccaffrey is there to ease the load a little bit nor- dinner. I mean he raises completions completion completion percentage sixty seven percent. Which is i mean like i. I know your your colleague chris. Wesseling <hes> lambasted the discussion ignores off season intro comment that he's like. I'm gonna get cam above sixty percent. I agree to them. I thought it was insane. At the sixty seven that's unheard of a healthy cam and we'll we'll get the panthers to nine wins and i think will challenge for m._v._p. If he plays well enough i don't know how they want to run him so that may take away aristocrats a little bit but i i think cameras in for big bounce back here. He's my he's my easy. Pick for <hes> comeback player the i love that and i also think that you hit. I mean cam cam newton again that m._v._p. Season by the way also maybe still the greatest rookie q._b. Season in n._f._l. History in the fifteen in one season reminder he was throwing the ball to ted ginn junior and philly brown and he went fifteen one. Now the premises says different. He does not need the shoulder the load anymore he just can't anymore and wouldn't you know it fortuitously curtis samuel appears is to be by all accounts of people who are there in camp. Every day is finally ready to emerge and we call that coming out of ohio state and it's interesting between him and christian issue mccaffrey and d._j. More that smallish kinda guy. I feel like these guys are hybrid. You can move them all over the place and this will give cam new life in that offense. I'm with you. I think the panthers are a team too. Many people are ignoring and i wouldn't be surprised the aforementioned maurice jones owns drew and i told him i don't know about what's going on with todd gurley. I don't think the rams are even gonna make the playoffs this year. He said you watch they're going to go down the carolina this weekend and destroy the panthers panthers. I think it might be the opposite i wouldn't be. I agree. I think if the panthers win now one i think then i'm going to pat myself on the back already like see the rams tmz or not. They're going to be fine. They're not gonna bottoms not gonna fall out but they might not be good. Weigh in on what i've been saying or you don't know what i've been saying but what's your opinion on this cam. Newton does the exact same thing in the exact same window then andrew lucked does he announces his retirement during a game or comes out whatever whatever two weeks before the season a promising year at that for the organization. How does football america react the same. Oh no no ndo schick well this guy's got to do what's best for him and his family and proud of him for for taking the bull by the horns it really really <music> owning up for it a big guy. This is doing a lot for mental health in america. That was a reaction as you lock. People would lose their minds first of all. There'd be a segment in in in in north carolina and i know this because i have family who live here. Who've said this well. It's about time thank god. We got rid of camp. It's time to get will greer. There's be awesome. We're going to win. Some shut up next on wait a minute. What if what if one said that he was doing it because you know he you know oh. He's a his wife in like came here. He met listen but i've been through a lot of physical. Do you remember that playoff game when a new orleans when i got bogged on the eye and now my shoulder and all the edge of some of the lyrics i've taken i've really laid it on the line and i just can't go through the rehab again. Wouldn't that be enough to make all the football american all of they usually curmudgeonly media. Give him a break and say you know what cams earned the right. He's put his body on the line nine for this sport. Fans have no business saying boo about this way can dance in the end zone at tennessee like people wrote letters to the editor and then he they didn't want to answer press conference questions after getting humiliated in the super bowl. I was blasted for diving on the football. I mean cam cameras one of the most for various various reasons one of which is quite obvious and the other might be because i alabama fans don't like auburn players. <hes> cam does not get the same treatment as other as other quarterbacks in the n._f._l. And i don't think he ever will he's always been one of the most divisive players both of the college and pro level and i fully expect that if he if he retired for football all that there would be a vastly different reaction although i will say cam better better career than andrew lucked oh absolutely before andrew luck said this funny because two weeks ago we had that conversation came in my book is going to the hall of fame. If he makes two more years period he's gonna go to all people don't like that. Colin cowherd word has played clips of me saying stuff like that and scoffed at it. How ridiculous that is why are people so onboard for cam. Newton andrew luck was not tracking to the hall of fame. I mean he was borderline based on the resume to that point when he retired he's definitely not going all fame obviously and yet i've even heard some people say you know what he's still should go to the hall of fame this this confirmation bias thing they like before he ever took a snap in the n._f._l. That he's the greatest prospect since john elway inform the way people reacted even his bad play and the fact of the matter is he threw bad interceptions and bad spots and then played hero and would pull him out of the fire and he was on a terrible roster grigson did him no favours from the start but nevertheless the career is the career here and i completely agree with you one over twelve and the reaction will not be the same and i'm not race baiting 'cause a lotta people have accused me of that ev rothlisberger data. It'd be the same thing and if aaron rodgers dated it would be the same thing. No one would be like okay. It's cool air and you've done enough. You took enough of obese. People will be like wait. What no way dude nowhere. You gotta play inquisitor. Whether yes quitters a loser he just can't he. He's scared about never gonna super bowl. He can't handle it big and be like oh you got tired. You just made too comedy teammates mad. He can't even stick around at pittsburgh anymore or something of that nature. It's very strange. I don't i can't that andrew. Lock cuts the figure of a pleasant guy i is that is it that simple or is it like i say the confirmation buys that everybody circled him and said this is the guy this is the quarterback of the generation and he didn't for whatever whatever reasons didn't exactly fulfill that i mean he never reached a super bowl but yeah i think it's because the colts did him him so poorly that the rosser building was so bad i mean cam said some rough stretches to i mentioned the fifteen and one thing that offense at least was lousy with greg olsen in philly brat i in greg olson was the only high end piece i mean he was throwing devin funchess kelvin benjamin and like mike shula's offense for seven years and dropping back holding the ball having to pat it until those guys guys like got motored up enough to get down the field and then taking a massive shot as you're incorrigible deep lake career. Jericho khatri didn't tickle your fancy. I you know have a jacker katcher. It's your fan but yeah. I like it very well very much to all right so so cam newton at number two that means <unk> at number one number two matt ryan talk about him well. I'll tell you the most amazing stat and i think i've heard it repeated a lot but may i don't. I don't know if it's if it's just it's not out there and do what the date of the first falcons gain that is not indoors in two thousand nine hundred ninety s now i know but i've been talking to some people who've made some powerful arguments about how certain teams perform on grass versus turf and vice versa the patriots do not like being on grass the the falcons do not like being on grass laid on me the first sign the falcons will be outdoors or we're including a houston with a retractable roof it arizona with a retractable roof as well is november dr seventeenth when they play the panthers on week eleven shared his in sane and then they close out with after that game they have three home games there at the forty niners jaguars at home at the buccaneers so they're going to be outdoors three times this year shack three times can put up monster numbers. I think that will we'll help. Make him look like the best quarterback in the division. Even if the falcons don't go like thirteen and three or anything while their schedule again i what i look at i don't try i to look in november and december because so much will change between then and now but look again their first month or first six weeks. It's pretty it's pretty rugged so that's the only thing that knocks them down a little bit in my estimation but how couldn't matt ryan succeed. We've he's already had some high end years. I think he has a chance to be boarder line m._v._p. Given the weapons that he's going to be able to throw the ball around to this year and i think too by the way maybe puts himself pretty much on the cusp of hall of fame status with a big year in two thousand nineteen. It's weird. I have been the biggest not the biggest detractor of matt ryan but i doubt her along the way by the way if he wins at super bowl. They just hang on the twenty eight to three. Hey we regard him completely differently obviously but then he did lose that game and it was on some level his fault air. He definitely deserves some of the criticism for losing that second athlete but anyway matt ryan has a big year this year look at him statistically look where he is career wise compared with other with other hall with hall of fame. Q._b.'s and i get the twenty first century and exaggerated numbers but still matt ryan's track into the hall of fame all of a sudden. I think they win. That division. I by dan quinn has come close at least to getting the defense. He wants people forget because it happened so early in the season that up in foxborough dion john jones in kiana. Neil get hurt in that. I mean right out of the gate in the season's over for them. They're both back. I think things are adding up to as assuming that the rookie tackle works out for them a little bit. I think that <hes> i think that this is a team that can challenge the eagles and the packers and whoever else you wanna throw out there to get to the super bowl this year yeah i mean last year. He basically had the same numbers as he did. It is m._v._p. Sees i mean they're not. They're just not that far off off like point. Five percents percent sports a completion percentage there twenty last passing yards. His temperatures dropped precipitously but you know he only had the three less touchdowns. She just threw the ball a bunch more times yards per attempt down one point two eight eight point one last year so a very big season and you're right on the hall of faith thing. He's twelfth all time in passing yards right now. I mean to pass he. I think he will eventually pass been allied rivers just because of the very nature of whether set up you know he's roughly ten thousand yards behind been. I think he'll play two more seasons. Then ben does at least which will lead him to to pass him which means he's all other albuque- guaranteed to be top five in passing yards when he retires. I it barring a major injury or just a complete cliff fall by matt ryan who is as it currently stands. Just you're just turned thirty four so i would have just been he plays for awhile. It plays very well for a while and yeah. I think he's a hall of famer. The one concern i have with the falcons is they lost. There were injured. Everyone talks about the injuries. They're actually middle of the pack and adjusted games lost last year. According to football outsiders there were there like way down the bottom of defensive games loss but but they were like the healthiest offensive team football. One of these outfits of teams have football so i would worry a little bit about that like if julio gets hurt or ridley is is missing or the offensive line suffer some injuries and they have to depend on those rookies who haven't looked very good or been caleb already deal with a heart condition and chris lindstrom. There's there's been okay guarded stepped in. I think that would be maybe the one concern. I have for the falcons bus. I think you know the saints in the panthers should be good so i don't have them winning division but i do have the being a competitive wildcard team. Well say it's easy to start talking. If you start touching on every team you can talk yourself into almost any team being pretty good. That's the <hes> the thing that we've talked about here on the d._s._p. Alter the offseason here last thing than thus ends our our annual rankings of the n._f._c. south quarterbacks and are you taking the same where it's the same which means we're in deep doo doo here because something something so think is going to have this gonna make both of us look incredibly stupid. Probably yeah almost certainly now whether or not zeke is back at it. I mean zeke's going to be back. I think with the cowboys four four-week one. I don't know if there's any updates we started. Flapping are gums here. I you know what i think that defense is really good and the offensive line. Everybody's everybody's been singing songs about for half a decade. Now i like amari cooper and michael gallup enough and i think that i think they can absolutely absolutely make a playoff run and i like jack and the biggest the biggest difference is <hes> is kellen moore i never have i've never understood what what jason garrett was trying to do. In the twenty first century i think callum more will bring them up to speed in two thousand nineteen and i think the offense has a chance to be a revelation especially actually if zeke is in there and i like the cowboys a lot but the agree that the eagles are the one to win that division. We're on the same page. I think the one the thing that i'm worried about is <hes> carson winces health and whether if nick foles it walking through that walk into the door i mean if carson wentz gets hurt and it is cannot play sixteen games then i might lean a little bit towards dallas but yeah i mean i think the eagles roster and the job howie roseman as dawn in building out the depth and talent various positions. This is a team that can be a dominant defense win with the run game they mouth sanders has a big season and survive. Maybe for a couple always have to without wins but a long-term injuries get to prevent them from winning super bowl. I i do have the winning over the cowboys. Oh man i could go on and on. We didn't even touch which on shady mccoy where melvin gordon ago. Let's wrap it up here. Then as we launch a brand new segment with a guy who likes food lives in a part of the country where they make delicious ashes barbecue. It's time for the food block presented by bonnin veve spike seltzer. Let's get into it brinson. I have been to the two panthers games in my life and the first time i went there. I don't know why didn't expected. I just i just think arrowhead and whatever but in texas this <hes> base places when i got within a half mile the stadium i could smell smoke i could smell it and as i got closer and the the the <hes> <hes> the delicious carolina i now at this stage in my life. I think i like that. Vinegar based kind of sauce even better than i like the k._c. You see barbecue and i but anyway i flipped for it walking around with the good people of charlotte and tasting all their all their meats and such what's it's the best barbecue in football america <hes> i'm partial to to the the santa. Carolina barbecue is not attempting to <hes> take away what texas barbecue in kansas city barbeque do and and it's a different fight like those to fight with each other. Oh look at this giants latter brisket <hes> like turkey legs take that like this. We have a very refined set of circumstances. We'd like with our barbecue is a whole hog which is in pulled pork chopped up sometimes put it on a bond slaw the vinegar depending on whether you're you know you're eastern or western north carolina. Sometimes this law is read. That's a solid white. I like both i personally but i'm from i'm from the west. I leaned that way. I'll get a little more eastern in my white slow lately <hes> but i think it's just a different thing like a because. We're not trying to trying to take away with kansas city in texas too so give me carolina the pork trying to add to it. I appreciate you standing standing up for different. You know and the spaghetti jump in here. You're a barbecue enthusiasts. You've sampled them all across the united states the thing the rumor or the stereotype of texas barbecue that they don't know what to do with swine by my for my taste as buds is absolutely true you didn't you didn't have any sausage in your down. When we were sausages is good yeah. I mean but i mean the ribs where the fun i hey. Where did you get your beef ribs but we're not talking beef. I'm talking about the swine don. I think i'd i think i'd pork ribs and they they were pretty good but i went to a different place than you. All right. I went to a couple. Maybe even a few when i've been all over the state of texas and they're very different football towns and yeah i go. I'm starting to louis in the way of of carolina barbecue. What is if there was one thing is it pulled pork then because we tried to identify thirty two times over what football if you're going to a tailgate in each of the home stadiums what the one signature item is it pulled pork then yeah i think it would be he pulled pork and then it would also be. I think one of the things about like the side fact the side factor matters to me like getting collards. You're getting like macaroni and cheese. I mean and you get like a bunch of different inside deep that now that's where the collard greens are okay. I like see what my move is kind of. Get a ah. It's straightforward gets nice french fries with if you've got good sauce. That's that's the trade. I know that's not exotic or anything mac and cheese m._r._i. With it you yeah no i can plane. We've done a better job since i called for when i make my new year's resolutions for all of society. This one's now like six years ago. I announced bounce that we need to do a better job of getting stuffing on every menu in the restaurants and i don't know if you've noticed we're starting to see more stuffing. If mac and cheese can inhabit most menus use in america why not stuffing you know that's my point is. I don't mean i'm not i'm not beating you up too bad mac and cheese you can be good but you ain't better than stuffing offing and why do you have to be available on every menu. You know something to think. I don't disagree so i'm a i'm a i'm a stuffing man. I like <hes> look i. We used to go down to we thanksgiving in the south. Man put down put down some some hardy casseroles that are mostly filled with some kind of stuffing stuffing. Ooh i like stuffing. Whatever taste of brinson you've done it. All you've earned yourself o'bannon v of goget one doing the middle the day that's living and when i was a kid it was like seeing how late you could stay out but now i've realized and i suspect you know this same thing when you're really living not just surviving. It's when you're cracking that bonnin veve midday. That's that's that's winning but here's the beauty schick if you if you get a question from your significant other the choir why is that bonneville have cracked listen. I read about the n._f._l. Cover the n._f._l. It's the official spike seltzer of the n._f._l. I just testing out with their cell it. I'm a professional. That's why that's the answer all right. The great will brinson and i'll tell you this combined with his appearance midsummer with with our mutual pal. Nick kostis has earned him at least consideration once again for the shaky award two thousand nine hundred favourite non-football-playing guest. Hopefully we'll catch up somewhere over the course of the season meantime good luck good luck to the wolf pack good luck to the quarterbacks that the wolfpack has provided to pro football and and then like i say well look forward to catching up with sooner rather than later always fun. There's your me buddy. Thanks pal is make sure you check them out. Pick six and otherwise c._b._s. Sports what you're wrapping me up spaghetti. I said no such thing about being ready ready all right. We'll wrap it up here. It's it's been wanna do a guess now. I don't want what time guest you said. We were at twenty nine minutes an hour probably at about forty eight. You're at an hour three yikes yikes so yeah. I'll try better next time. Thanks acts bees and bond in heaven.

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Epic Games Unveils New MetaHuman Creator - Kinda Funny Games Daily 02.10.21

Kinda Funny Games Daily

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Epic Games Unveils New MetaHuman Creator - Kinda Funny Games Daily 02.10.21

"Yeah what's up. Come to kinda funny games daily for wednesday february tenth. Twenty twenty one. I want your host blessing. Junior joining me is imron. The dawn con odio blessing amran final camp. Td with me specifically as a host. And i am very sad. I also indicated like. I'm extremely sad to leave. You know. I will still be here as much as possible in. it's. I'm very excited that you know you chose today to play resonable seven onstream so i've definitely not definitely not show today. He plays Streams tomorrow. He's okay tomorrow playing to be clear for the audience. I'm not playing already seven zero. I'm probably going to get an article seven chat like i think we'd be chad's convinced seven. I think it's really interesting to disappoint them. now after. You've already promised that you're gonna do it tomorrow. And ron the you're trying to tug at the disappointments rings and let me tell you. I don't care. When i point. I feel like i just play people daily and i don't mind it at all. I go to sleep at night. I sleep like a baby. I wake up and i'm like man. I wish i had more sleep. Because i'm sleeping so well because i do not go fuck about just wanted people as demonstrated the obvious and russell. This is going to be that. You're gonna go play it. One day and i was just forget it will not show up. They will just like all right. Whatever awesome yeah. I just decided to scream ari seven but i turned off all notifications on my personal twitch. Channel didn't tweet about it. Nobody is like a ten person. Audience is watching me. Play seven in. that's it. I don't promote it at all and i did it. Delete the vob. Yeah i feel like if you do that you get big numbers one per cent make a big deal about it and then like that would be excitement and it. Just blow up maybe. Possibly we did hit the goal for the thermometer in our second january stream. Where mehan andy are both gonna play scary game onstream and i talked to mike about this a little bit. I think there might be a goal on like the streaming thermometer. Whatever the meter confirmed. Or if i'm leaking things right now but there are certain ways that you could get me to play seven but is not. I'm not doing borrow. I'm not doing it next week. Have worked keep like throwback mike and greg for the next couple of months it'd be like so blessing play seven tomorrow right and let we'll just see what happens. The only are eight seven if people give money to play seven. I mean are giving you money video games right like this is people are your bosses if people give me more money. I don't know. I don't know that's so that's something that will have to wait and see on but i have no plans as of now to play are seven. I do you have plans though to talk about video. Game news with ron. Because today's stories were include epic games many human creator you saw relying less on aaa and more because this is kind of funny games daily each and every weekday at ten. Am live right here on twitter dot tv slash kind of funny games. We run you through the nerdy. Musings know about if you're watching live and correct us when we get stuff wrong going to kinda funny dot com slash your wrong. If you don't wanna watch live you can watch later on youtube dot com slash kinda. Funny games ru steve dot com. Or you can listen later on podcasters around the globe by searching for kind of funny games show at the patriots dot com slash kind of funny games lebron's members or above get to right in in silver members or above. Get the show at free with the exclusive daily po. Show housekeeping for you. It's a huge week here at kind of funny we. Let's start off with it. Who's back at it like a bad habit. After releasing zeldin review last year bear immediately started working on a sas is created and review a kind of funny games in review special where he played through all twelve mainline games. Throughout two thousand twenty real his reviews for each one and then rank them and then compiled it all into one to our video for your viewing pleasure because barrett is a madman assassin's creed and releases today february tenth at two thirty. Pm pacific time on dot com slash. Kind of funny games. As a youtube premiere. The rule is the reason why enron is leaving because enron got early viewing has created review embarrassed screen. Unity is number one. He's not hibbert. This is true here. Just like he's let it ride. So who knows who knows. Also kevin i have a question. Could you theoretically sneak into blessings apartment. Delete every game office. Ps five except ari seven apex. It's like oh. I guess all i have here is already seven. He can't do it he's a coward. I mean first of all. Don't call the police on kevin easily like you think i've never had the police called on me. You think that's something that scares me. Listen but what. I'm saying friends could break into my apartment. I wouldn't mind right. You sat mageed. I trust them. You know he's married to my apartment is let them bricks neymar permit breaks in my apartment on my keys here for good reason. I trust this quello breaks. My apartment aren't holiday so the us force you're not a friend. I'm just saying saying your friend would you to my house. You're not here for good reason. Am i wrong now now. You're not wrong thing. Bless if you breaks into your house. You can't stop him. Like what are you going to do. I'm going to call the police. Police can stop. You said what are you. Talk back to assassin's creed and review chorus. Let's see so you didn't as debuts and then hanging out in chat with berry and other best friends to talk about everything we love about assassin's creed and then also happening today. The fcf activities begin with the first draft come to twitch dot to slash kind of games to draft. Our football team was mike in greg on wednesday. That's today five thirty. Pm pacific time and then. Saturday is wild. Ace's game day. The fan controlled. Football season starts with the with the wild as is squaring off against quavo and richard. Sherman's glacier boys my personal favorite in the fcf league We'll be streaming the game at five. Pm pacific time on saturday so show up for that and then after the game you can stick around for love. sex and stuff live. Valentine's day call in. Show a big saturday here at kinda funny twist slash kind of funny games. Thank you to our patriot. Producers graham of legend david tra- berry. Blackjack louise aguiar at eight. Lease james davis. At james davis makes and the nato biologist today route to you by amazon pharmacy and nash. But i'll tell you about that later for now let's begin with what is and forever will be the roper report that at the time. There's some news stories baker's dozen. I can't get the image of my head of yussef like versus a bunch of like an armed police officers right like how many how many armed forces armed forces or in this case unarmed i is. I'm gonna i'm gonna say versus yussef. Take to actually take that man down because you is a force to be reckoned with okay. It's buried in the chat can put that poll. That might be actually a bad bowl. Like a real creepy. That can be problematic real quick. So don't you can't hold on though. And so i i would like to see. Let's take police out of it. How many men does it take to take out. Yussef mageed like normal men like based on. I'm gonna say the interest. Say like i was gonna say five. How do we make this happen. How do we put federal how. How many actually this this. How many kind of kind of funny members does it take to take out We all we all kind of funny versus you stuff. You think you think he'd take us matters the member right. You think one. Greg miller like you don't understand the power of greg miller you never seen against yussef though is a tall like i know. Greg miller saw paul pickup. Greg miller like that is true. John cena picked up. Greg miller right now no no. I think good money. I pay good money to watch greg yousef. Good one thousand process was that all right. We're adding that to the trauma. Twenty twenty two story number. One epic has revealed many human creator from nick stat. At the verge kevin. I have to videos here that i want you to play the first one. You can play while reading while. I'm reading through the story and the second one. I want us to watch together because there is very fascinating stuff going on with epic and their meta human creator. Gonna hold the story from nick stat. At the verge. Epa games has announced a new browser based software tool powered by it's unreal. Engine called the meta human creator that can craft highly realistic human faces and helped power more realistic body. Movements and facial animations epic provided a sneak peek at the platform today and a pair of youtube video showing off examples of creations built using meta human creator and quote. Many human appears to be the term. The company is using to describe this. Brand of virtual non-real individual epic says the meta human creator can be used in conjunction with modern motion capture animation techniques for creating lifelike motions and human interactions human interaction scenes. Bill for video games film tv and other formats. The company says these photo realistic. Humans can be generated in a matter of minutes. In equipped with unique hairstyles and clothing and then can be. It can be tailored further to meet their needs of production and these many humans can be manipulated in real time within the tool itself and just using a web browser epic says quote up until now the most arduous tasks in three three d. content creation has been constructing truly convincing digital humans. Even the most experienced artists requires significant amounts of time effort and equipment. Just for one character said vladimir mass leveque epochs vice president of digital humans technology in a statement quote after decades of research and development and thanks to bring in companies like three lateral cubic motion into into the family that barrier is being erased through unreal engine. And we're thrilled to introduce meta human creator and quo. Many creator does seem capable of making making some shockingly realistic looking people that could easily pass for a real life motion. Captured actor though. Perhaps we need to wait to see what the tool is truly capable of in the hands of third party creators before making a verdict on whether it escapes the uncanny valley. It's not clear when epic intends to release the the meta human creator outside abroad. Twenty twenty one release window but interested developers and artists can sign up for updates on the unreal. Engine website enron. Did you have you seen this this morning. What are your thoughts on this so far so my first couple of thought i thought was. Oh this is cool as shit. The second thought was. Oh this is creepy ish and now like while you were talking. There was like a weird sync with video of like literally. It looked like the person in the video was saying those words prize. That's that's a surprise. It is games daily. I parted with epic. We're doing this whole thing. Understand goes back to creepy shit after the head like. Yeah no this is. It's interesting in for a number of reasons. One like okay. I can get. Why did this. It does make sense from an engine perspective like multiple levels. This is like okay working on this. Makes it easier to work on the engines without actually having to go into like put out a game like this is what this can do now blah blah. They can just continually like interrupt our make integrations of this and it'll like help improve the unreal engine a unreal five. I guess whatever that actually does become games at this point but beyond that it is also what they're saying about kicked or models. It's like it it is true character. Modeling does take a lot of time in a lot of work making it easier as a middleware is a very smart thing for them to do as an integrator. I think that's going to mean practically for early on is going to be like. Oh we're going to go back to the day unreal. Engine three couldn't do hair and everyone looked exactly the same. So that what it looks like for a little bit. But i think there is a lot a big benefit further down the line but it does like as we get closer to photo realism. The more uncanny valley. We seem to hit and i was there's aspects of this i really don't like in terms of like how these characters actually look at. How realistically look like a slight often like distance. Yeah i think. I think you hit the nail on the head in terms of in in the meantime in the in the early days of this. I don't know what this pans out like. I don't know how this looks like a very practical skill. Like i don't necessarily see big companies. Come into this in order to create their word big aaa polish products. Because this this does seem to be in that middleware zone but as keeps getting built built on and improved on stuff like this technology has big implications for the future of characters character design and accessibility. And even if you aren't a uk you be soccer. I guess has their own Engines that they use. But even if you aren't a big aaa developers that's using the unreal engine even as maybe an indie developer that might be using the unreal. Engine this tool probably poses a big benefit for you because you have to save so much time on. Character models in animation have access to To facial animation and all this stuff done in a way. Easier way kevin. I want you to bring up the second video. I have on the dock because these are the same videos are they. Yeah oh they are. If you can search up there is another video actually video. did you play. Was it the one where they were just talking. Yeah okay well you play this. Play it with sound saying some ways happening. Yeah there are basically two videos this one and then there's another one actually shows them in the tool messing around and stuff and use visual. They're actually saying this video an interesting because they actually go into detail in terms of. Hey this is what this is. This is why we're doing this and is very very interesting already. yes yeah. I am a meta human. The next generation of digital human powered by unreal engine messy humans a high fidelity did it all characters created by you the user on and creation platform meta human. It wasn't creepy. Smile worked ready for approximately the smile allowing you to work in context with everything running. Live unreal my chamois seamlessly the characters. I've eight levels of detail and being tested on a wide range of hardware platforms from feature film to mobile. If you're interested in learning about my animation rig or high fidelity defamations built on control. Rick the new strand base system by the groom component or how everything is tied together. An animated sequencer. Then have a look under the hood in this project. This is just a glimpse of things to come. And this is a this is available in browser a you can create these characters in browser and lake. Yeah these aren't met with all these are just creations. Yes like these are people are obviously voicing and all that stuff but yeah these are creations that people went into the into the meta human creator created and i'm assuming the animated using Like facial animation tech like probably like motion motion the moment it shows all the like animation points on. I kinda wonder like at. What point is this going to get like real. There was there was a time where deepfakes becoming a bigger thing and like read it just like ban them because they were used for nefarious ship. Yes yup like ban them and it was big lost. that's the way they. What point like is somebody going to make. I don't know that a teacher or an ex girlfriend or something and it's going to happen. Yeah and that's gonna shit. This is bad like there. If i didn't know what that was. I just saw that video starting until she smiled. I would not think that the cg person we've already seen deepfake videos of like. I think there was one with obama where he says some things and it's like he didn't say that then. The things have been edited in that video to make him look like he sang the flag behind him. And it's like so already like we don't even need this far like people already with deepfake stuff doing things that are bad. you know. yeah. I saw a video of i forget to the actor was but he was like doing impressions on letterman and literally would turn into the actor. He was like. Oh this is creepy shit. Like this has like bad disinformation. Yeah there's there's a lot of people can do with this stuff and it's it's terrifying on one hand is very terrifying on the other hand also very cool and very much like this is the future like people are going to use this for so many different things. I i remember in previous streams like in recent streams done on twitch dot tv slash convert games. I believe like andy in them installing back and then we're watching v. tubers and this is one thousand percent could be used for v tubing and early days. It'll be think about like what how quality but then also how easy it seems. Be able to use with motion capture and all that stuff just clear out a things. I've seen the chat where people are like. Oh this doesn't look real. It's not that they're trying to real. It's just that normally it would take people a long time to make a fake like this is not. This is not something that is that has been accessible for anybody to go in and use and creating this way. I think it doesn't look real if you're looking at the announced like from an analytical perspective of like okay. I'm gonna like check and see how it looks like media game if you see this video like me on facebook or read compression or whatever it's like is this real like is or is it just really like wait. Okay what is this but if if you go into it knowing what it is. You're like okay. No this looks like watchdogs or this. Looks like a quantum dream game or whatever play out of context just lay in. Wait yeah it looks like grab your compressor. Whatever you'd be like. Oh what is oh is that is that michael. Like what is what's going on here less so the other video that you you want me to. Okay yeah go and bring that up. Because i think it'd be fun to watch that one too. I can be one of many including not. Now we're looking at the same models from the. There's some new ones now here. And they're going through and they're talking about how they have their different people architects artists. All this different stuff. You create the narrative. I if you don't know anything about the games and you saw this stuff. I think could be. This is wild dude. Yeah look how the close up shots are insane insane and this being just available on browsers the thing that blows my mind is available on everything right like all the consoles phones. Oh is it. Is that all the browser stuff. I will be available on pc. Also but i didn't realize that they're going to put it out. Pc is well like this. Isn't like many human. The creator isn't out yet it is. It's coming twenty. Twenty one part of the year before i if you have you before you can have tested now gotcha which i was actually reading documentation for this and one of the things. That was interesting to me. Is it one of the future. Improvements thing is quality humans ios enter schools platforms will continue to improve and they like the way they do not approve it. If you look at that just say like. Hey we're gonna hebrew software that makes sense but the fact that list those three platforms as platforms like android. We'll have variable hardware. They are going to improve your over year. I kind of wonder if that's like a small hint of like yes. You'll get better. Don't worry about it right now. i think so i. I wonder if that like that. Saying like switch hardware is going to improve at some point. We can't talk about it right now. I went hope so it could go either way to see what i want to see their. That's kind of like the initial like some odd thing to say there does does this as does it call out switch specifically or does he say like news no inter interesting it'd be it. Ios android switch platforms will continue to improve. I could see that like i. It could be the also reading the tea leaves and it could be assumptions or it could be them like really being like in the next nintendo platforms. Can you continue to come out all that stuff. It'll improve by the switch language. Their thing is interesting but we shall see 'em ron. Let's talk about some soft news story number. Two ubisoft is moving away from reliance on triple a. Releases from rebecca. Valentine over at aegean ubisoft doesn't want to be doesn't wanna be as reliant on aaa game releases as it has in the past and will instead look more closely at free to play games in his back catalogue to make money call today following the company's q. Three financial results. The publisher said that it plans that plans for fiscal twenty twenty two the period from april. Twenty twenty one through march twenty twenty two included three game releases. But then the future you saw didn't want to play games to be the focus of business model quote. We set for a number of years. That are normal template is to come with either three or four aaa games. So we'll stick that plan for fiscal two thousand twenty two but we see that we see that we are progressively continuously moving from a model that used to be only focused on aaa releases to a model where we have a combination of strong releases from aaa and strong back catalogue dynamics but also complementing our program of new releases with free to play and other premium experiences said. Cfo frederick duguay. Or do gweat you get. He went on to specify that the company had a number of titles aaa and otherwise in the pipeline naming far cry six rainbow six quarantine skull and bones routers republic. The prince. A pershing's time remake and roller champions. He also nodded to he also added to a pronounced. Assassin's creed mobile game plan to come to china with the help of ubisoft investor. Ten cent which he said was a part of the company ramping up its investment and its interest. Free play games especially on mobile mobile. Currently makes up about nine percent of the company's total business notably. There wasn't a single mention on the call about ubisoft. Free to play battery. Al habur scape which flopped tremendously at launched and is currently undergoing an overhaul elsewhere in the call ceo. Us also noted that the company is back catalogue or it's released games that are still bring in. Revenue long-term will also play a heavier role in the company's revenues in the future already are as an example six year old. Remove succeed at fifteen million new players in the last twelve months growing to seventy million total players since since launch and is still a major revenue driver for the publisher round. There's a lot we can dig into here. Where do you wanna start. So it's weird to me. They're only just dawning on the idea of like maybe not aaa games. All the time. Like i guess that would l. for them for quite a long time. But at some point you are dedicating one hundred seventy resources to make or break. Titles some if breaks than it doesn't work out well for you but yeah it's i hope that means like good games. That aren't super expensive. Like more like mortals and less like what they call out here of Mobile in free to play kinds of things. But you know who knows who knows that it's actually going to end up shaking out for them. Yeah i mean you saw catalogue doesn't really is already a bit. What they're talking about here like a of leading into where. You have games like brawl. Hala that are. I assume it's doing well for you. We saw they keep adding characters to it. You also have rainbow six siege and stuff like their catalog is already pre diverse in that in that place right and their games like irish gape that seemed to be leading into that idea of. Hey let's diverse find do different stuff. Even though hyper scape didn't pay now probably as they've wanted wanted to but you know there's still always that chains of harbor scape growing and getting better and becoming good and also becoming a hit later down. The line like has happened with other games. And what kind of happened with during we'll succeed. Succeed launched fine but then just got better as it went. I think that same thing could happen with hyperscale and other games released similarly for us soft Why are you here. I want to put in another article from games. Be where they talk about. How you'd be softwares had its strongest quarter in the company history. This is mike manati. And i'm only gonna read. A few paragraphs seems my browser on freezes. Why is it frozen. Oh my god okay. Well maybe i won't bring in this article because i literally can't scroll on it. I have opened to read any part of it. hold on. i'm going to try one more time. Okay now it's working now. Off has posted its financial results for the third quarter of two thousand twenty two twenty. Twenty one boasting is best quarter ever. The period ended on december thirty first during the three months. You saw released huge games including assassin's creed. Lajolla immortals phoenix rising and dogs legion. The popular dance franchise also debuted. Its latest entry. You off reported net bookings about one point one point two billion dollars that is that is more than double the five hundred and fifty one million from the same quarter last year all of gaming has been getting a boost thanks to the pandemic as the sheltering masses flocked to the medium for entertainment while some companies like nintendo at back offerings this holiday season. He was released a steady stream of big games. The company also benefits from strong backlog backlog sales order games like mario plus rabbits kingdom battle and far cry in the far cry franchise continue to sell well long after. Release everything. I wanted to to highlight when it comes to what their strategy seems to be from shifting back from aaa a little bit and focusing more on back catalogue another things where like yeah rainbow six siege killing it. Mario plus rabbits kingdom battle. Still selling cry. The far cry franchise schemes to be still selling use. This seems to be playing into what use office has been doing. Well already so i definitely understand why would come out and just be like. Oh yeah we're gonna do this more because this is working for us. And i hope this means that they reach further back and bring back games like splinter cell and other fan favorites that people have been asking for. Well if you look at like the list of aaa games that is written in the article like it's a it's a who's who of oh delayed this shit look. We don't know what it's coming like far crisis of the closest coming out. But as far chris corinthian skull and bones republic purchase entertainment. Roller champions gritted. I do not remember champions. Ever came out but now also i speak volumes but like clearly chapel is not working out well for them if like they took a year off from game developed off but like a year delay of game development to like. Make sure everything got right. Then wash came out and it was fine. It wasn't like you know revelatory anything. The systems work but beyond that it wasn't that interesting. The hell came out and valhalla was good but it wasn't great. It did knock anyone's socks off. So i i wonder if you're look at like what are we doing here. What like what is the next big thing for ubisoft. And i'm not sure they know like very very pointedly Younger and evil to is not mentioned. Is that game so existence like end sell is off off game development consulting of a game anymore like somebody quietly cancel it. Like is one of those things they looked at like. Oh aaa games are not doing it for us. If this is the first one chopping block at questions that need to be answered. I suppose see beyond evil is when it was games though. I just announced way too early. Because we've been when they announced that game beyond you when they announced that game. I immediately for me. I was like okay. Well we'll see when this comes out because y'all obviously have not started working on this thing you guys have a trailer and that's about it and it's cool. You wanna do the thing where you give us the updates and the thing where you're bringing in the audience to help me the game. I think it's kind of weird. But it is what it is. I for me that signifies that this game was way further out than we think that game as of now i think is probably still in development. But it's just one of those things where game development is so weird and inconsistent and you know like in the perfect world we would have in the perfect world every game would take three or four years to make and it come out and we all be like awesome things. But i'm sure that game was probably in a limbo right now where they're still trying to figure it out and they're too scared to talk about or commit to a year or anything because they just don't know when they'll be able to figure out what that game actually is so in september. They said the game is employable. State is coming. There will be gameplay reveal in two thousand twenty one so maybe that game is still existing like honestly. Maybe there's better if not there. Because i'm not sure what that game was before Speaking of rebel six quarantine specifically. There's actually story number. Three ubisoft could rename rainbow. Six quarantine this is jordan gen ubisoft as revealed that it may be renaming ramble six quarantine but insists the long-delayed game will arrive this year during you saw third quarter earnings call stop. Coe's announced that the company was asked whether the studio was concerned about releasing your game with quarantine in the title given the globe global pandemic that arrived after the games. Reveal quote on raymond. Six quarantine. you're creating a product that actually as its name today is something we're evaluating and we'll see what comes in the feature on that project product guilt said in response. This suggest we may see the game under a new moniker and the feature. Now go ahead and say it. That game is getting renamed. Yeah fucking course like what are they saying that now. It was obviously a year ago. It was renamed. It's like i. I cannot believe that people who renamed gods and monsters into immortals phoenix rising have not been looking at that are have been looking for. You be like shouldn't be reading this. Of course you're going to read. You know they've done. I think probably made that decision by july last year to rename it. They're probably they're probably either one in the in the place where they're still trying to figure out the name and they don't want they don't want to say they're gonna rename it until they figure out what the name is gonna be or we're probably going to get you saw forward soon and it seems like they're committing to this year and so if that's the case i imagine the next year we thought ford and maybe to ford's from now they'll come out and be like. Hey we're we're raymond. Six quarantine is now rambled six cove in one thousand nine hundred and we're leaning all the way in you know they're not gonna to but and we'll see we'll see what it is like people people chat going like. Why would they rename it. Like there's nothing wrong with name if you're going to market a product you don't wanna remind people. That life is a bummer. It's not they're not renaming it. It's like offensive or insulting renaming because it's a dumb named for a product right now. Yeah it's about marketing. You wanna be if you're if you're use off and you're in the place where we can rename a game which they are and they've done very recently with god's monsters right like it's not about it being bad or offensive or people going. How dare you. It's more so in fact they want to sell that game. And if you're a mom and you go to the store and you see a game called or if you're anybody in go to the store and you see a game called rainbow quarantine that in a marketing sense that amelie invokes like this bad feeling because we've had we've been quarantined for last year right like you don't want the marketing side. You want people to look at your game and not immediately associated with something terrible or bad feelings. So there was the thing that i forgot about and i wanted to mention because you mentioned mario rabbits and there's a story from the gamer from a couple of weeks ago that the official twitter account changed her name are the official rabid official twitter account. Change their name from that. To at mario rabbits at some point and then change it back before anyone really noticed so i kind of wonder if like that's coming soon like are revealed. That game is coming fairly soon. Rabbits to yeah like a sequel. Because there's is. I'm the sequel. But like they. They showed the first one released within three months. So i'd expect very similar time line here. Do you think we're talking about ubisoft announcements right and within what they have planned in the in the near future. Do you think ubisoft. Go back to three. Because all the things we're talking about i think it would make sense as e three announcements. I think unless there's a big reason to do so. I don't see a whole lot of like major companies going back to ethan and unless like let's say you'd be thought forwards do not translate to game sales in a way that you three does and they'd have to do like a decent of marketing research about that and i'm sure. Ese is also doing their own reckoning research about that then maybe they would do that. But like i am not convinced that easy. This year is going to be easily. That we know and i don't think it's going to carry the same social cachet. It did before like you're not going to have like the mainstream press like reporting on virtual easily or even an easy way to like an actual physical thing in the same way like they did when like oh new. Assassins creed is like on ubisoft stage and like the in a mainstream newspaper like it used to be. It's going to be like all right. The virtual diaspora is now. What's the new normal. Yeah i can see that too like my prediction is in. I think we'll get a usov ford in june or what would consider e. three time ish but it's very. It's very difficult to imagine. Any of the big publishers. We we've we've had three traditionally appearing there again when they've they've not made the announcement but there have been reported. So we've we've talked about on the show of. Yeah he three is probably going to be digital. It seems like they're leaning into that. But it's still gonna cost six figures to participate which seem like a huge mistake. It is a fairly highest experience to not low now now so in incubators where physical people don't realize how much you besides three show cost them. It is in the tens of millions so like it is cheap show to put on at some point like yeah just put a camera on yousaf have him announced gave. Yeah let you talk of funny. Tackle yussef cameron how that'd be like the opening thing where each of us take a shot at. Ucf see how many how many members it takes for us to take him down if we can be yussef and we get was asked game tabby though we're going to do as a scream not case okay. What if we could be then same. Fisher comes back for spoon cell. If we can be yussef they keep the name for quarantine and solve that way. I don't know that anyone twins they're like exactly it's just we all get beat up by using. Somebody chases her name at some point making happen. Ubisoft story number four. Ps five dual census. Having some drift. Issues redel sandra. At gamesindustrybiz psi ops controller. The dual sends is allegedly suffering the same drift issue that have been widely reported in the nintendo switch. Is joy con. Players reported stickshift issues online as early as ten days after their purchase of sony's console kotoka reported issue seize the jewel sense controller registering movement movement. Even when it's not being used drips issues have been exploiting in the past few years affecting all platform holders nintendo has been particularly impacted with joy contract the target of over twenty five thousand complaints across europe. The european commission has now been called to investigate the issue. It's under scrutiny. Outside of europe to with class action lawsuits filed in canada and the us mark soft is also affected with a class with a class action lawsuit filed last year saying that xbox one controller is have problems with faulty and lock sticks enron. A are we just stuck in the future. Where every controller is gonna have issues for now on. Yes that mechanical things are going to wear after some time The joy com civic weird example because of how flat they wanna keep the internals that that controller so like it does not have the full support of like a you know analog stick and ball kind of thing with sony. I'm not shock. I'm not convinced as a mash report of these issues quite yet. But i do think those controls are so complicated that gather gonna wear and break at some point faster than normal controllers like four sir even when playing video games i play. Ps five games. Whenever like stop. I have to push past resistance or like qatar is gonna breaks at some point like i am wearing down on gears and like gears typically but like things. Yeah that will not last forever. Is it gears. I believe so. I think it's a system of gears that like moves to hire in lower gears to like make it resist more. Okay then like yeah. That's also probably like nothing is going to last eternally. I've gone through like three four dualshock force like it is a. I expect that. Ps five crores are going to be more replace than we think. But you know i have. You played spider. Mary mastered it only a little bit. I played it to get the platinum it. So have you ever noticed that. Like when you're playing that game and they'd be like you back out to the ps four menu. You could hear like an audible. Click for the controller on the ps. five menu. I don't know. I don't think that happened to me so i i was able to replicate it like a dozen times and like i think it says oh the things that are going on the controller for the game. When they don't have to do that they go to rest. Which implies like a level of tension in that controller when. I'm playing a game. That can't be good for it. Like in terms of long term sustainability. For that thing. I have personally made peace of the fact that the qatar one day. Yeah whatever that's fine. I've i've had place joy qasr xbox doors and whatever but i guess hopefully it is a wear and tear issue in not as aesthetic thing like built from a bad designed to us joy khazar. Yeah this strikes me as something that wall. Oh those that you'd chemist showing right now. Are those the gears that are inside the controller. Yeah a little bit fascinated with. I've been a little bit fascinated with how the actual do works. There was somebody on twitter. I forgot who it was. Somebody on twitter was talking about this thing. And they're like yeah like look into a video in a breakdown of how the dual work. And once i once i watched the video i was way less impressed with the dual sense and when when i read that i was like all right. I'm not gonna look. I just wanna keep the magic alive because right now to send something. This is fantastic. And i don't want to know how the magic works astronaut. So cool like astro. The policies are game but like haven't found a game aside from astro about that. I've loved as much as that. So it's gonna like everything that's going to come down to the design if it's just oh the gun takes click. I'm not interested in that but if it's like all sorts honestly like it did it kind of a health meter. Yeah now. I like in terms of joy contract and i assume that's a thing that i think cross. This is a first wave of hardware thing that some people are experiencing. It doesn't seem yet to be on the level of the joy cons which is nice. It's also like a. Hey time we'll tell like we're still early on eventually for joy cons. Everybody's joy time guy. Joey drift i. Don't i would hope. I don't think that's going to be the case for the dual sense and if that starts being more common thing that i assume that i'll be fixed with a new wave of dual dual sense as being pretty. I like i said. I'm not convinced that joyce joyce is like mass problem right now but i also the executive what is going to last long for most people anyway Before we get the next news story. I want to say about our sponsor. Of course you can go to patriot dot com slash game where you can get the show ad free in speaking of ads. This kind of funny games. Daily is brought to you by amazon pharmacy changes. Are you use amazon. But have you used amazon pharmacy yet. That's right prescriptions. Delivered to your door by amazon just like the toilet. Paper and funchal pops. You're probably already ordering. 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Who gave it a ten out of ten and says it still has everything that made me fall in love the first time strong and very level design fantastic interactive power ups and option for multiplayer. That feels less cramped than some other. Some of the other tutti offerings the tweaks are small overall ambassadors. Fury isn't the most hardcore. Mario fans looking for a brand new game but the package as a whole is magical. If you're one of the many many who missed out on this week. You classic fix that. Brian shea over at game informer gave it a nine point. Twenty five out of ten and says having another chance revisit. Super mario three d world or experience it for the first time is reason enough to be excited however with an excellent all new game joining the we you port super mario three world plus houses fury is compelling for anyone who wants more mario in their life and then lastly cam shea who i assume is brian shades. Brother have no back up. But that isn't a solution making cam shea at gave it a seven out of ten and says i disagree with my brother over there. Game informer super mario three d world plus spouses fury packs a ton of engaging gameplay but neither component comes together as elegantly as it might have done. This is a solid option. If creating more super mario for your switch. But it's not the moustachioed must play. I was hoping for enron. Are you excited to get your hands on three europa spouse's fury for the nintendo switch. I am. I'm actually really excited. Because that game was great but it was like it lacked a level of ambition. I think a lot of people expected from mario based off the galaxy games. And like i never to the level design and all that stuff. I enjoyed it but like that. I think people held that against it when they came out. And it's all five hundred copies which is impressive. Third of the install base. But like i think this is the time where it's actually going to shine now like. Oh shit actually. This game is really good. It sounds like houses fury though not like as campaign size thing it is like a good four to five hours or whatever like that is i. Think the more interesting part to me. 'cause i really wanna play that and i want to know what what implications that has for like future. Mario games are future. Zelda games or whatever the ideas are trying to like test out there yeah. I'm excited to jump into this. First time playing three world. And then also i'm also excited excited houses fury because it seems like impressions for that are all all over the place. It's been fascinating hearing tim. Talk about it and be like. Yeah this seems like a new pillar. For thirty. Mario could be in the way they structured and that rare much excites me. Because i love three d. Mario so much three world has been one that i've i've never really been too excited for until now where i've seen more people i've heard more people talk about it and express a great things about it like i've always kind of categorized it as more of a nuisance. Mario brothers game than an actual three d. Mario game and a lot of people did which is part of the reason. It's not it was initially when they showed it it was maligned. People did not like it until like the actual release and that definitely affected how i took it. Because i didn't want. I didn't have a because like many people. You but then also yeah like seeing it and kind of having it in my mind. Okay seems more aligned with those games. In three mario games. I like the new super. Mario brothers games but they don't excite me in the way that mario odyssey. Your mario galaxy like really excites me. But you know years after seems like people have more and more great things to say about three world as a game. And i can't wait to check it out because i think i've been i've been selling short by seeing it more along the lines use of mario brothers and as opposed to its own thing. So yeah i'm high so for the record. None of us had three d world on the fantasy league. That's because it's a remake or re release. All right yeah. No we couldn't. It was okay damn it would have been an easy about a points but unfortunate so now that you are. You're you're you're leaving us. Are you still going to keep up with the phoenix. Absolutely yeah okay also. This is the first time i've seen tabs now. Just like he filled it up with games. That are just not coming out this year. Tim's list is ridiculous. And i i'm happy for him. I'm happy that he's living his best life but his vision. Twenty twenty one is ridiculous. Dude is on his list like i. Delta is on his lasts factions to was on this list. Put him on. Diamond and pearl remake on their star. Fuel is on there. And i know his strategy is hey i get. I get like four. I think four free drops right like one game one one gate whatever game you want for one and then three games that don't Get released in two thousand twenty one but are no man. Like i think he's better. I think he's trying to game the system real hard and i think that's going to backfire on him now. I wanna shadow a thing that i don't think anybody is out yet on any of these on any of these shows i've picked up two more games since the actual game was cast episode where we did draft yes. Of course you can go to california dot com slash. I wanna say it's fantasy wrapped dot com slash league games. Cast kinda funny dot com slash games gas. If you want to check how the actual league itself to see where we all stand. I picked up guilty gear. Strive and lego star wars the skywalker saga since the episode. I'm feeling very good about those to you. Yeah i was watching videos last night. That game one looks fucking amazing and two looks really fun. Yeah i played the beta a little bit when the baby came out last year and all this game seems like it's going to be excellent. I cannot wait. I post came out last year. And i believe got delayed into this year and so i'm pretty good about it releasing also yeah. I'm i'm excited. I wanted to play you. A couple of rounds. I'm not going to give the game. But i will mash buttons until i win. I'm not guilty. You're either like i try. We'll i dive into guilty. I really loved racquetball. Fighters and i played so much drag fighters. And i'm willing to throw hands in drag mall fighters guilty coming a and so. I'm not feeling too confident. Because i know people are guilty gear players and fans seem very into it like if you like guilty gear. You are into guiltier in a way that i'm scared to jump in because i'm sure most people planning to be hardcore but i'm excited to try it out because it seems like it really cool game very beautiful oursel- imran radicals out with story number six. We have the title of the sonic the hedgehog movie sequel is about personal at sonic. The hedgehog is getting a sequel and it is somewhat obviously called sonic the hedgehog to the name with tales. Inspired logo was revealed on twitter. Along with reconfirmation. It was released date. April eighth twenty. Twenty two kevin. If you can go on the dock. I have a link to the teaser. What the fuck did you see this. No april two thousand twenty two for a movie called. Solitude is a friday blessing. You're too young. Remember this but sonic tuesday was like the biggest fucking deal wait. Why like so when. Sonic the hedgehog came out on the genesis. The marketing hype it up for like a year as sonic tuesday. The game that game. Oh why are they not leading the the to the movie on a tuesday. It's a theatrical release. They can't release it on their eater a thing anymore. They can release them. Whatever the hell staling switched to browser. You wanna watch the teaser yet. No i saw the picture that all there is. No there's an actual. I mean that's basically it's a little out little out hell. Yeah yeah no. They do the music right but no. I'm like super disappointed us on tuesday. I just love the the details coming out of the two because it's all about tales excited. That is the way the logo. I'm excited did you hear the rumor. Rumor jason momoa is the voice of knuckles. Yes it makes it makes sense like you hear like imagination more talking. Yeah that sounds like knuckles i guess. I just don't see jason. Momoa voice actor if i heard knuckles talk as jason momoa. I wouldn't put two and two together my head. Jason momoa voice. That dude seems like he. He's really happy and good at chewing the set. So as a factor. I think he'd be real good true. I don't know maybe. I'll just have to listen because i don't really jason. Momoa voice doesn't stick outs me particularly but i think jason momoa i do think of him as a presence like him walking onto a set and being his big old size self. I'm like oh. Yes jason momoa for sure i think of the rapeseed gave with roads and i think of like sneaking up behind henry cavill on the red carpet. Yeah no that's a really good team. I think of him as aquaman also may movie that i refuse to watch. I watched i still like. I don't remember anything about it. It's fun is it. Feels like they knew is going to be bad so they doubled down agree. There's there's submarine like puns like multiple submarine puns. Yes also like sometimes. They remember their swimming when they're standing in. Sometimes they don't in the movie just has no consistency on it. it's areas. yeah yeah anyway. I do like jason and so his knuckles. I'm like i'm not hating on it. Like i'm down to listen to invoice act nussle knuckles. Kindest don't recognize his voice that strongly. That just might be me at one point. There's an man there's going to be like i. Death battle were to have to fight to the death and there is An octopus plane okay. Maybe we'll have to watch this movie. This sounds great. I'm gonna watch aquaman. Enron very excited for sonic the hedgehog two in april twenty twenty two which is a friday. Not a tuesday but that friday. It's a so far away. If i wanted to come out to. Mom grab shops today. We're going to look the official list of upcoming software engineer. Reply for our shit. I already miss it up. Shit don't you add it okay. Yes sir the official list of from as listed by the kind of funny game show host each and every weekday doodoo. T t t t signed your first time doing it without looking. I think last time. I accidentally might have peaked so like this. I wanted to make sure like by like. Yeah so i think even though i feel like i missed the first time i did not. I got it right. You killed it during the dvd's yeah out. Today we got hashtag seen uka attack or pound signs nougat. I would say that for xbox switch choices that matter in their heroes were lost for switch free throw basketball for a switch and then doors of insanity for we have one new for you. This from borderlands on twitter tales from the borderlands returns to storefronts february seventeenth. Hell yeah okay. Make him in. Tales from borland's favourite telltale game love tells from borderlands goes out and then we do have a deal of the day for you. This is from nintendo on twitter. Four more titles will be added to any s an snes online for switch on february seventeenth for super online we got doomsday warrior dream in prehistoric man and then for any s online. We have fire and ice iran. How many of these games are you familiar with. I know prehistoric man. I've heard cycles real bad by played it but it never came from japan so there so many caveman snes platforms. That's a good question. That's very good questions. There is a more than two wishes like way. More than you would think cave-ins warrenville back in the day like pirates. encino man. yeah brendan fraser. The goat were those beef with earthbound was going on. I would bet because it sold so well on we you that are trying to figure out a way to monetize it. S what dowdy my guess. I i don't know. But yeah i mean they. Can you say the same thing about mario world. And the decay see franchise laurey like britain s online. Are they thought. Only three one two and three right for dot com country. Yeah one is on their. Yeah one is on their okay. Then yeah kudos earthbound did so extremely well and we you like they were shot while it sold so who knows that might be the reason that are holding you back. I don't like it. I don't like it. Just give me just give me earthbound rpg. Because i'd like to play both. Those mario bg kinda wonder if the reason is because people are mario out and they don't want to like conflict the sales. Oh yeah some conflict. Yeah maybe like that game comes down the line who knows who knows imran now. It's time for dot com slash. You're wrong that's where you right and us know what we got wrong as got it wrong so we can correct it for those watching later on youtube dot com slash kind of funny games podcasts around the globe charles jacobson says i believe the interview was talking about is with bill hader and tom cruise abcradio. What that references the fake thing down there you go yeah and frankfurter says miss new date subs islamise back in remastered from okay. This is back okay. Steps is back remastered coming march. Sixteen but i think he's trying to say and then kebab says that click that iran. His hearing is the adaptive triggers disengaging. Yeah i know what it is just like gears. It sounds like tension israeli same which implies to me that like tension is happening with feel like it's wearing down the controller but i don't know i'm not an engineer so you never will be tomorrow that at this rate you so that time. I mean we'll see. He's to go into engineering school. I don't think that'd be wild. Really real reason lebron's leaving. I wanna build a fucking spaceship. That's why i'm leaving. I want to go build some big spaceship. Tomorrow's kind daily united news to other things right like i don't. I've never been an engineer engineers. I'm gonna to go build a train. I'm gonna go build a bridge. It doesn't have to make things you could be. Small things like electric tooth. I'm going to build a small robot. Built like play a bridge builder. Onstream so much fun. I always wanted to play this very different. But i've always wanted to play that ridge constructor walking dead game it looks dry. It's very different. I think that's exactly what is that. Where is that. What you mean by bill bridge-building game. Yeah i'm not gonna get like insight into being an engineer from land bridge constructor portal. Or whatever you understand engineering principles to play those games Fair play for point. Tomorrow's wholesale kind of fun games daily are greg and m h williams for are kind of funny spotlight and then friday is can be greg and imran khan cons last as a part time host and right. I don't. I don't know if you've ever heard william talk he is. He has the best voice in the video game. Industry can't wait to listen. Yeah it is silky smooth. If you're watching live right after. This is thirty minutes of tim. Playing some of that three d world. Then after it'll be greg and snow. Mike mike playing some division two and gregory raising money for jim lee in the book industry book industry charitable foundation and so watch along Support the cause. Of course jim. Lee is drying under on. Greg's ps five. I think that's the whole thing you've heard greg greg again on the stream and so stay tuned for that. That should be awesome. Mario stream briefly that because that sounds like a good time. Yeah this has been kind of fun games. Daily each and every weekday live right here on twitch dot tv slash kind of funny games. We run you through. The nerdy news needs to know about. We have patriot. Poche show for those that are sub at the silver level of pay dot com funny games. I'm laughing because something about the engineer thing again. Because the only thing i think of engineers do make big things like spaceships suspect. I'm not wrong. They built spaceships shit. But also the also build a things very small things. What's coming an engineer. Makes the unsung hero. Every everything like a mouse shrew like the ps five. You own is made by engineer. Engineers though let me turn the biggest the playstation five so i went to university of illinois and that is actually a very big engineering school and had a lot of friends that were in our engineers and one of the worst what they did except i know i know point what did you do. I will say one of my friends spaceships. And that was he's like yeah build spaceships. My friends his name was joe is going out with them all the time him and his girlfriend the time who now live they were very into borderlands and i'll play borderlands with them all the time he had access to a three d. printer and what you did. He went and three printed his own version of settlers of catan those borderlands teams and it was the coolest shit i ever seen anybody do. And since then i've had a strong respect for engineers because engineers of the fucking people on the planet earth but like how years the spaceship schedulers out. Make sense the story. If i'm like oh imran's gonna go zone fucking settlers guitar set board only go to we say to the kids. Yeah patriot kind of funny games. Polls show is going to happen now that otherwise until next time game daily.

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02 September, 2020  Episode 789  Science with a TWISt

This Week in Science

1:52:04 hr | 9 months ago

02 September, 2020 Episode 789 Science with a TWISt

"This is twists this week in science episode number seven, hundred, eighty, nine recorded on Wednesday September second twenty, twenty science with a twist. I'm Dr Kiki and tonight we will fill your head with goals, mergers and something special. But first thanks to the burroughs wellcome fund and our patriots sponsors for their generous support of twists. You can become a part of the Patriot community at Patriotair dot com slash this weekend science. School Lamour disclaimer disclaimer earth it's at most medium sized planet with a lot of humans, billions of them, even more humans than you're likely to run into on any other planet and despite sharing the same star, each one sees the world and the different light. The most part we humans walked past each other seldom knowing Hauer. What the other thinks about this or that. Every once in a while we cross paths with one of these humans and strike up a conversation every once in a long while we find that there, another human who sees the world very much as we do as a similar ethic or at static appreciation chases similar sparks of curiosity into the weeds of contemplation lighting up conversations path like lightning storm on a dry summers night. Ed Dire longtime listener contributor in conversation starter here on twists was one of those humans for me for a lot of our twist family. His spark will be missed but not forgotten as he is inspired many of us keep setting small fires to share our thoughts around. Enlighten Our paths as we walked this world together. Thank you add for being a part of why we do this. We can science coming up next. got. Kinda my neck. Learn everything. Up with new discover happen every day. There's only one place to. The Knowledge Goods. And a good science to you to Justin Blair and everyone out there. Welcome to another episode of this week in science. We're back. We are back three voices to talk about science or a night, and we are missing our dear friend Ed for those of you who knew Him who knew him in the chat room? There is sad news of his passing has come to light. So he's missing from our chat room tonight and he's going to be missing from our lives and. But his spark. His spark will always live on. Thank you for that great disclaimer Justin. But we have a great show ahead and in Ed's honor we are going to hopefully light a spark hopefully, drive some curiosity I think ed would want us to keep doing that in. The way that we do. On we go with the show, we have lined up for the show tonight I have stories about some of those mergers and holes black holes to be precise I also have stories about brains because brains are fascinating to me. You know, and that's that's where I'm going to be heading. What are you doing justin but he didn't talk about I've got a gut microbiome story I have got of how incense could save the planet. As well as some insane things you. Can do that. I. Didn't know that they could do that. Maybe nobody knew that they get there but they're doing it and so they can do. I WANNA know what they're doing. What are they doing? Key's. Teaser you're watching. A. Cova cure but a last-ditch thing that reduces fidelity's. Bet Is that the based on? The whole story. But Will Sort of silver landing in. Third Club. have. So Yeah Blair what is in the Animal Corner? That's a great question I plumb forgot. No I I. I have a new information about taking better care of lab mice. I have a nominees. And a little bit about women in science sounds like great news can't wait to hear it. So let's dive into the show and for all of you have not yet signed up for this week in science as a podcast we are available as a podcast pretty much everywhere. You find podcasts look for this week in science that easy were also available on Youtube and Facebook, and we now are on twitch. So try and find us there under twists T. W. I s. science twi- science only one S in there. And you can find. When this weekend in science? Yes Science. And our website twist dot org. Bind us if you can all ride into some quick stories to start our show, I, have a story. Let's talk. Let's let's start off with that black hole merger big story out this week that we actually already talked about back in. June. Let yes. Go Go. We do love Lego Virgo and the Ligo Virgo collaboration which looks for gravitational waves back in May detected four little blips in space. Time. Little tiny tiny four little blips busy turned on their device and it was like Oh what are those four little blips? But it took you know much cleaning of the information of all of the multiple blips to be able to even detect these almost nearly undetectable blips. which they have now confirmed. Pretty much they've. They've they've run analyses and. Come to the conclusion that the most likely explanation or what they saw in these four little blips was the merger of two stellar mass black holes into a larger intermediate sized, black hole. And this is very exciting because we see or we have evidence of stellar mass black holes and we have lots of evidence of the big supermassive black holes. But there's really no evidence of. The formation of these mid sized black holes, and if theories are correct about black hole formation that as you put black holes together smaller ones will make bigger ones than those bigger ones will make even bigger ones. If that's correct than they should have seen this but they hadn't before. So. Most likely explanation is that this is the merger of two stellar mass black holes to create an intermediate mass black hole merger, which has never before been seen something new. Go Science. Did. You have another story about a merger Justin. This is that thing that we were talking about already the beginning they're like humans often do bacteria will live together in communities. Working together taking on different tasks, individual bacterial tasks to fill out the needs of the the society. As, it were of of the bacteria. So understanding how these interactions work very important how anybody addicts work in how infectious disease happens in this sort of thing researchers university of Delaware while doing that sort of research discovered that bacteria can do more than just. Work Together. They found bacterial cells from two different species although closely related. Combine, into a unique hybrid cell by fusing their cell walls. And membranes. And Sharing the cellular contents of internal portion of the bacteria. including proteins, rival nucleic acid molecules which regulate gene expression control south metabolism. In other words, the organisms exchanged material and lose part of their own. Identifiable identity. itself. Is like assumed, there would be two nuclei. But. So yeah. This is this is going way beyond like. The gene transfer this isn't little things trans. You know spitting DNA into one another. This is this is apparently an unprecedented. which has apparently not been seen before, which is why it is and. So, this is reported Tuesday December. I am Bio, which is journal American. Society for Microbiology and. This could shed light on some unexplained phenomena affecting human how This could be applied to energy research by technology a whole lot of other things. So they mix this is according voice from Oh boy this is GonNa be a fun. Eleftherios Greek name. This to the research team is led by Eleftherios pop bowed the circus. Probably pretty close. We studying the interactions between Young. And active duty like. These are two clustered in bacteria. That are innocent claim but they are different species. And this is the quote from this. They mixed their machinery to survive or do metabolism, and that's kind of extraordinary because we always assume that each and every organism has its own independent study and machinery previously researchers observed the bacteria could exchange some material through nanotubes. This is that that the horizontal gene transfer? But the combination into turning into a hybrid cell itself was unexpected an unseen. This is. Camille Char Rubin, who is a doctoral student? Chemical. Biomedical Engineering I offer the paper. This is the first time we've shown this bacteria and it's also new mechanism for how material is exchanged between cells. Is the beginning. So why would they do this? Apparently, this is which really are sharing by sharing this machinery they're also creating. Things at the other needs do exist. Bacteria is able to create the a pro team that the might not be and they both get to use it in. It just lessens the amount of work each needs to do and gives them advantages in access to things that they may not be producing himself. Pretty. Amazing. Really this is not this is like new. This is like. It to humans could do this. This isn't just like information sharing or. Gene. It's like, Hey, listen be conjoined twins. You are want to get married in like sharing bank account. This is like let's you know what? My liver's not as good as your liver. Wow. Is this together we'll use your liver. My Heart's really good. We just use that one. That's all we need. To who really wants it makes me wonder you know the the extrapolation mealy jumps to mind into. This is like. The so much mediation in evolution it takes place but this is the could lease possibly reproduce. In this state and in what is that look like a doing this without sexual gene Rabaul, right it's not sexual reproduction, but then I mean what this really gets at for me is that. There is for bacteria. At least there is very little fine line between different species that you know the fact that they can merge. So easily that there's blending that can take place that we already knew about horizontal gene transfer. This is just like a ramped up version of that where they're like, let's just work together here and become one in these hybrid species could then have you if they work in that environment. Then they work. Well, if they don't, they die out that natural selection would really act on them in that case. I mean from my Point of view though what's what what is? What is to keep the membranes from these are just lipid by layers right. What is to keep lipid by layers in a situation from melding and BLURP blur together with other lipid by layers I guess if you just don't do it right you might. Both sells might dire one. Yeah. But this is evolutionary. Is this like the half step? To the I might connery. I mean. He's it. Sure sounds like it would be. Yes. Factory can just do this game casually I. Guess at least. Then that that that pathway for our evolution looks like a lot more. Possible like the we've seen the halfway. We have the missing link. To merging bacteria. You just might get to a point where one's like, yeah you can come in but not really gonNA share everything. Just, too big maybe. You want to Smush, we might kill us or. Talk about GNASHING knockabout mashing. This is the real deal. Pretty fascinating I think I'd I would love to know more details on Wear and win. This has a tendency to happen or wearing when it does not. So win you know if this is one of these early steps. To things might Akon Andrea, coming it being and like I guess eaten. Not, Endo size which is brought into another cell. How does that happen? Does one smaller bacteria get brought into another bacteria and kind of? Consumed. In that way but not destroyed hat is it how does that end up? Why, why why? And if there's share if they're at the point where they're sharing. zome and RNA That's just a hop skip and transpose on away from gene transfer within the cell, which is how you could get like that is in the the the a prototype you carry it We could sort of see like, oh, this is how it's possibly translating not just the bacteria that's a set or that sexually reproducing on the exterior. Jau. But also bringing in those elements that are in that sale that it's absorbed. Because would time they can actually start to mix in that and then who. anyway. It's interesting. Very, thought provoking. Thank you. Blair did you have something special to talk about Yes female scientists? They're important? This is a study from the University of Maryland Baltimore County and this started out as a birdsong. Study. Even. Just a couple of weeks ago. Maybe even last. Yes. I I read it. I talked a story about birdsongs and even said in the story as it was listed, the majority of Birdsong is carried out by males to females. But it actually turns out that maybe that's all sexist. So basically. Allowed from a twenty fourteen study. A PhD in the biological. Sciences of a woman found out that about seventy percent of female birds sing. So, already, that's kind of thrown out the window. But also that both sexes. Almost certainly sang in the common ancestor of Aubert species. So this kind of rock ornithology at the time but since then the researcher who did that Karen Odem and Teamed up with Casey, Haines WHO's a PhD candidate from Twenty Nineteen? Who is a biological sciences PhD candidate. They work together to. Document. What has been going on in this field with researchers so Women are more likely than men to be authors and even more likely to be first authors on. Papers About Female Birdsong. Women. Specifically have reshaped this field of study. So, this again reminds us that a diverse group of researchers is critical for scientific innovation and diversity could also help as we've discussed before a more accurate and complete understanding of biology of science of everything. So. This is something that. Completely got rocked by a few female scientists and then just kept being found again again again. So these male scientists it appears were carrying a bias assuming that males were singing for females, but once you kind of peaked in over the over the the under the covers I guess of the of the birdsongs situation. If under the hood, it's under the it's very different. So. There's there's obviously a bias there also an interest you know people research, but they can relate to, and so perhaps this is also something that. Female researchers were interested in because male birds historically researched before that because they were more interesting. Is there prettier sing the pledge and of course, but you think they're singing more, right? Yeah. No just a reminder that. Representation is key in the sciences and that when he voices in a lab doing research because there's an implicit bias, no matter who you are no matter what you're doing and so if researchers all look exactly the same have the same background and have the same upbringing and all this kind of stuff, it can impact research. It could also impact the way that research is done because. COMING FROM A FEMALE RUN BIRD LAB We weren't studying song, but I was in the same building with one of the fathers, of Birdsong, and his lab he had. At the time I was there, he had a female post doc who was working with him and but everyone talked about the lineage and it's very I love science for the for the way that people track back their their lineage through from Grad student to professor and back and back and back through time, and so it was. you know this this individual and then talking about his his mentor, the Pi that he worked under who? another man and you know it just it goes back and goes back in if if the people in charge of the labs who are running the labs are thinking about things in a particular way even if they have women or a diverse representation, they're not A. It the people who run the lab. Get to tell the people who work in the lab kind of what questions get to be asked. Is what I want to say so. The perspect- those perspectives are important, and so the lineage may start somewhere with someone's idea. But through the generations of scientists there can be evolution. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. I, mean it's a lot harder. If you're just talking about general diversity, it's a lot harder to increase diversity in the workforce if your entire. Team of VP's are all white men. Yes. It's definitely it affects things and. The way people look at the world whether we want to think that we're one hundred percent impartial or not. And there's something to the whole like A. Learning. Something very complicated we're dealing with a large set of information. You start to need to make some assumptions. You don't you don't go in as an engineer in challenge every law of physics as you go along to get to the point where you can comprehend how bill bridge or whatever you may consumptions that these things are being taught. A pretty set in stone as you go along in fill-in at information. So that's also part of why it's hard to break out of that because where do you start challenging? Knowledge that is as been taught and is assumed to have been well tried and tested. It's The video that this whole conversation. Made me think of yeah the. Common ancestors to all birds probably saying since pretty much all birdsong sing. That dinosaurs. Singing. All the time like t rex as big scavenger type predators that may have been. The most lovely lilting song every morning. SES. Make. The team x is thought they had a pretty song because they were very big animals. It was more of like. Reliable. Because you can't. But yeah, that's. Great. Yeah I mean hackers crocodiles make very silly sounds for the giants scary creatures that they are. I think now I want I want to know. Why female birds would sing and why male birds would sing and this if female birds are singing to get the attention of males which species do this and I mean I think we're talking about this. But still if you go out in nature, you're not going to be seeing female birds out on the tree limbs doing all of the singing. So in passing lanes. I, I wanNA know really what the split of birds who are doing. This is am not saying. I don't believe it. But at the same time I'm like I believe it but I'm going to guess it's in certain situations will evolve in a very particular way where say for instance, the Western Scrub Jay does not have a lot of distinction between the male and the female form so and they share in helping at the nest and there's all sorts of things that are very similar. So why wouldn't they both saying? If I may we just talked about flamboyant cuttlefish last week. The females. Can make brilliant displays. They're not trying to woo anyone, but they use them to communicate with the males who are ruling them. To. Have A conversation. Yeah absolutely. I think you're pretty. Pretty. I will accept this. Praise. Compressor and I won't try to kill. You. I'm not a black widow. right? Well, this is a fascinating topic I want to learn more about how about another topic that is really interesting water. Water where everything come from where does water come from? Where have we discussed water on earth coming from commerce yet roams. Or. Maybe not. Sprays isn't it. This is what we think because we look at meteorites. We look these little chunks of rock from space and look at how much waters in them and get an idea of like, okay. Where could have come from the reason that they thought it came from outside of the inner solar system out past Jupiter's because that's kind of out where things get frosty and also where water could have stayed out there in ice form enabled been able to travel long distances and then. Landed on our planet after it was heated up and you are going, it went through a lot of transformation over the years it got hot it might have lost a lot of water. The likelihood that it started with water was really not consent considered because they were looking at these different kinds of meteorites, the ones from. Outer part of the Solar System yes. They had a lot of water in them and they so these contracts these contract meteorites were being looked at and they were finding those that had makeup very similar to the the earth's so it's like okay this stuff seems like the earth so it could have made up the earth and they thought these carbonaceous conned rights were the ones that carried water to us. However, they don't really have the same isotopic or molecular makeup as Earth. But they were from outside the snow line and could have held water. So Hey, let's think about those. But some researchers just published in science about some new. Analyses of end STA, tight conned rights that they have looked at these institite contracts. were. Formed in the inner solar system in the rocky area and nobody was looking at him before because they were like they're all rocky, they can't hold enough water to cover the water. Well. Apparently looking at the water concentration in these institite rights and the deterioration to hydrogen ratios within these little meteorites, they match the Earth's interior, the matched the rocks of earth. And so what they are proposing is an alternative hypothesis that the earth could have formed. From these ends tight. conwright meteorites that they could have had enough water to cover the whole planet. The only issue is maybe if the the institite conned writes. Maybe, if they If there was vapor is Asian like I said during the heating part of Earth's formation then vapor ization would have lost water but then maybe it was brought back by caught by those contracts the carbonation carbonaceous kon rates later. Maybe comets brought some of it but not all of it and that's what the scientists INSCI- propose. They said, why do you have to make some complicated story like Jupiter had to move into the inner solar system and? Get, all pushy and move meteorites out of orbit and move comets out of orbit, and then move back out, and then that would lead to all this. Why do you have to make such a complex hypothesis? They said this is much simpler. Earth formed from the rocks where it lives. Simpler, yeah In some ways it's it's more complicated. Are. Yes, you could have made the cake from the ingredients in your cupboard, but did you see that cake because it would have been a lot easier? Just buy it at the store. It could have been easier to get it from the start rate. So these are now dueling hypotheses, but there is evidence now from actually looking at these meteorites that. Maybe there. Maybe it isn't a cut and dried kind of explanation of water from the Outer Solar System Riding on comets. There's nothing cut and dry about. that that the all right Justin. How are insects the future? What's? Really moving along. All right. Let's see where's the. So, this is one of the ways in which. Global warming. Can Be combated might come from this unlikely source insects. Turns out, we could simply breed more of them allow more them enough so that they could block out the sun. Now, no, or we could. Or we could just use them for food. Agriculture is currently a practice. agriculture practices that we use are one of the major drivers of carbon. Emissions AAH. This is out of Indiana University Purdue University in the APP list, which is University of proving that need not settle on a single name. Combined. Hyphenated University. Scientists have found a new evidence that previously overlooked insect shows. Great promise is an alternative protein source. It is the yellow mealworm. which doesn't sound like too are off things that we've seen before. The isn't. Philadelphia. However, we was we didn't eat the Yellow Mueller. This is. Now this is different Mueller who different worm. But is not specifically research is based on new analysis in the genome of the yellow mealworm species Kennedy Brio Molitor, and this project was led by Christine Picard Associate, professor, biology, and director in forensic and Investigative Science Program where she is no doubt asked daily to say make it so. The work was published in the journal Insects. As Food in feed, which is very specific journal. It's pretty much dedicated to eating bugs. This is cody voice from Picard. Human populations are continuing to increase and the stress on protein production is increasing at an unsustainable rate, not even considering climate change. The research was conducted in partnership with the a Beta Hatch Inc has found the yellow mealworm. Just. Traditionally, a past test bug crop meter can provide benefits in a wide range of agricultural applications not only can it be used as an alternative protein for animals? But it's waste is also ideal as organic. Fertilizer. Card and her sequenced the. Do you know results. Will Not help those who wish to engage the DNA to optimize Il mio warm for mass production and consumption. Insect genomes are challenging voice from picard hanged a longer sequence of DNA you can generate the better genome you can assemble. So some of the uses, a meal worms being insects are a part of the natural died of many organisms. This is. Very, nutty flavored. Yeah. This had them. I've had them. I've had them in cookies. So these are the meal worms I looked it up there the darkening beetle mealworm they are the ones that we in Philadelphia. Arm Own yeah. Yes commonly roasted, but they're even more commonly crushed into flowers make a really. nutty flavor but really protein-rich flower that you can use in pretty much. Anything that needs flower one of is being. Sort of indicating that we should really We could actually use these to feed the food that we eat though. Fish you have fisheries, you could be feeding them to the fish. Pet food industry can use them as a protein source chickens. Feed chickens with these meals. Chickens Zoo. Perfect can retain. Chickens when I was a kid far what comment work Kinda side of the road now now now now it's part of their data. We. Got It. KLOPP's pig pig with one last. Not Release Actor. Just big when I. any humans again also, I didn't realize this. The same one is this sounded like it was like the first time they discovered that we should be eating this but I guess what this is saying is based on the genome. It's an ideal source of protein. I love the words though we will optimize the mealworm for consumption it's going to become no it's going to become like the next cow it's going to become the next chicken. It's because we have optimized those animals not through genetic modification of the genome through selective breeding which was modified. Modification of the genome through breeding now, we have you know the. Big breasted chickens and. Cattle that either produce massive amounts of beef or lots of milk year there's been specialized for what they do as food creatures, and so I find it very interesting that. We're starting to look at insects in this same capacity. Not, to like do a product placement, that's not my intention here but I also have eaten on many occasions. Something called chips chips would you're made out of cricket's? And there yet it takes great. It only crickets. That's okay. So, what's also interesting though I think is that you even when you have the genome. sometimes, the best path forward is still a breeding. The biotech industry uses a lot where they have a couple of different strains of A. Eastern E-coli or something, and they want to get they wanna get these certain sort of robust gene combinations out of the expert once. It's actually sometimes more difficult despite them in and see what downstream effects then to take them in start breeding them these massive breeding programs. Why? Yes. Sorry go ahead. I was interrupting with my thoughts. Interrupted way that's. Why why have none of these insect companies started making an insect breath to compete with the lab grown meat? That's a really good question. You could have you of your your steak Burger, your Turkey Burger, your mealworm, and Cricket Burger. Your why. Why are we doing that? I will say the one weird thing about eating meal arms or crickets. Is that if you have a shellfish allergy. It is likely to be an issue. That is something that that was crickets as well as the. Head of the. Kind of tighten proteins in them. As a as the EXOSKELETON. Shrimp. and. Crap. Asks. Rights. Not. Hamburgers. And we'll be in hamburgers, but it could I mean why they're still could be insect burgers yes. Rhythms vagueness waiver third on the seafood I'll. Confuse everyone. Do you see the danger? One more for the quick story. I need to tell you about how? The roads kill. Right the drivers in cars. nope. Not via drivers in cars, the roads themselves. Who taught because when it's hot, they heat up and they re lease pollutants into the air. They release organic compounds and other things called secondary organic aerosols, major contributors of what are called PM two point five air pollutants comprised of air of particles that are smaller than two point, five microns in diameter, which are pretty bad when they get into your lungs and can have significant effects on public health researchers published in science advances. These researchers are from Yale University. In the lab of drew, Ginte Gantner. They looked at Rhodes asphalt heated to different temperatures and determined that these products emit substantial. Pollutants into the atmosphere without any cars involved, it's just the heating. Paved surfaces and roofs make up about forty five percent and twenty percent of surfaces in the United States in cities respectively. These These surfaces saw a jump in emissions up to three hundred percent for road asphalt when it was exposed to moderate solar amid solar radiation. So heeding plus solar solar radiation is even worse. Though. We should baby start looking at different ways to pre eight asphalt because asphalt is not helping us any. Well, it is. It helps US get around. It's great if we can make it nicely and neatly. They're getting that we can do without getting rid of cars right away, which is greening roofs. So that was one of the things that you're just. Forty five percent of yes or have Assad they contribute to pollution like this but they also contribute to urban heat islands. So because they they heat up and release heat, it impacts the whole micro-climate of an urban area. So greening roofs planting on rooftops can have a huge impact on both of those things compared to say I find. Humans to be very inefficient when it comes to roofs. Yes agreed thing. Things. Three things. More things. Why you're absolutely, right. All routes should be painted white to reflect in in the. Absolute Everett. Ingredients. To. They should also then have solar panels. Three for have both of those why doesn't everybody have a deck on the roof that they can enjoy? With a little bit of a view. Come so rare it's like the most obvious thing you can put the deck on top of anyway people are just inefficient on creative. That's when it comes to their roof. It's like an oversight or people have inherited or purchased buildings that have been made in one way for a long time and we need to change it. Yeah. It's not but I think it's also because it's unsafe. When when you see somebody lose hair looks great and then they walk by in the back is all messed up it's they just didn't it in the mirror I feel like, I'm. Being attacked right now ohno learn. In general that applies to all humans. That's like anybody with curly haired all you like get the brunt all. You. Just. Bump. And nobody's going to tell you well, especially you're on. Your head anyway it's fact but he's looking at anything. Oh this is this week in science. Go take a look at your roof i. hope that it's a nice roof if you just tuned in. I hope that you are enjoying the show. We have a lot of science to come if you are interested in a twist shirt or in a mug or in some kind of twists merchandise head over to twist the twists wits by website. Yes. Twist Dot Org Twa. DOT TWA IS Their Bab-. Deere Bob. Their Bab-. Head over to Twist T. W. I S. Dot Org? And Click on that Zaza Link to see what we have on offer and support the show. Okay. Are you ready for a covid up day? Yes alright let's talk about Kovin nineteen I don't have a huge covert update I. Know Justin has historic story coming up here. The United States is starting to come out of the second resurgence or which is really still part of the first wave of covert. Since may are or end. The end of May are cases are starting to come down our deaths from covid nineteen are starting to reduce on a daily basis. There is good news temporarily don't think this is a moment to rest however however everyone stay safe continue. Practicing social distancing wearing a mask and being as safe as possible in social situations because that will keep people safe moving into the fall. Now, the big story that's really interesting. This week is about Brady Keinan. Brady who know not brainy Brady who brainy Brady Keinan is a protein. That's right. Brady cannon is a protein that is in a pathway that is regulated by something called Rask's the Renan Ngo Tennyson System, and this is involved in blood pressure regulation and in Fluid Balance and winner researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory was looking at the genes involved. They're getting over expressed in covid nineteen patients. He was looking through this and found. That the genes related to pass were wrong way. Out of line, they were not doing what they normally do, and so followed this trail and the study published in easy life suggests a new pathway that. Can Be looking at for treating covid nineteen suggesting that the rasp pathway and Brady Keinan are highly involved in the inflammation process that occurs. So the. The rast system, they followed this rastafarian engine and NGOs tencent system was abnormal in the lung fluid samples led to what's called the kind in cast cascade, which is inflammatory pathway. When it's regulated by Rask's so rascals up or down the kind cascade goes up or down this Keinan pep to cascade is regulated by Brady Kind Brady Keinan if there's too much of it causes blood vessels to leak and when blood vessels leak that means that fluid gets into the tissues where it's not supposed to be, and that leads to inflammation. So the fluid balances off and inflammation takes place remember where covert nineteen pacing patients tend to. End Up with a lot of fluid Blair. In Young's yes. In their lungs and they end up with pneumonia. This is part of this whole system. So the Brady kind in it makes the blood vessels, leaky fluid leaks out into the lung tissues, and then there are other. Proteins that are there that interact with that fluid and create something of a fellow like material at. GELS. Up. Oh. Yeah. so that so the the fluid it becomes like trying to breathe. Jello. You which is part of the problem. For the Transfer it doesn't happen as easily because the fluids there's too much of it and it's thick. And so they are thinking that this really kind in cascade this kind system, the Brady kind involved can be a target and other enzymes that are in there can be targets to to really fix the inflammation and potentially target the pneumonia and other symptoms that occur. it's pretty it. It's very interesting as a hypothesis and researchers are definitely looking into it especially, because the Renan Renan, the RENGIT, no can't speak tonight. The Renan NGO tencent system already has a lot of drugs that are in use or things like heart disease and kidney function. The Redden Ngo test system is already something that we have drugs that were using that are already approved by the FDA that could potentially be re purposed. So, this is A. Definitely a an interesting direction that it could go so. We now have many targets. We've got the ACE two receptor. We've also got the ace protein that's involved. Ace is also involved in targeting Brady Cannon. So the that is a target, the RASK's Keinan cast eight cascade kit in there. Hopefully, we can fix it. This is promising. And I WANNA. Say thank you to I. Mean We sometimes talk about? Data mining of these big giant genetic studies where they're just looking at all sorts of jeans to try and find something that looks outta whack well, every once in a while, this kind of data mining really does pull something valuable out of the data and this is one of those situations. which is very exciting. So so I just have to ask because I I guess I'M Maybe. It doesn't even matter, but we were talking for so long about this being a respiratory disease, and then there was that big story however long ago time meaningless or they were like, no no, it's a blood disease. So. Yes. There that was a story. Yeah. Yes. This could be would be that. Would this would explain that explain how it's a blood disease? How that part of it part of it for sure yet it would explain how there is. The leaky blood vessels would also explain how there's potentially a influences on the brain that would explain why there is Cova foot was the thing to and that has to do with circulation. Yes it has to do circulation this. This would definitely explain those kinds of symptoms. Yeah. Okay. Asked peel away the onion on the news so much going on. Well. Yeah. But it's one of those things where. At this point with medicine, it's wonderful way to really dig in and we've got so many resources targeted at. This field right now at finding out, you know on peeling the onion of covid. You know we've got everything targeting at right now and. It it's amazing. How much we are learning in such a short period of time I. Don't think we've ever seen this rapid. Over of disc- amount of discovery on on just diseases before. Yeah. That's a very fair point when we've had pandemics in the past, there has been a little bit of flying blind where you kind of try you say okay. So based on this evidence I'm GonNa try this thing. But if we can figure out exactly. What is causing symptoms that can help us treat symptoms, but it could also help us kind of attack the thing at the source in a way that maybe we couldn't before. Hey. Justin did you have a covid nineteen story that you wanted to talk about are just got a quick blurb he things A Meta analysis, which is also thing that we haven't really had access to and and in many pass diseases throughout all of human history. Look at the seven different randomized trials that included seventeen, hundred, three patients of whom six, hundred, forty seven died more. Let's about a third of them died. This is also. these are very severe cases patients who weren't doing wealth to begin with he did twenty eight day. All cause mortality was lower among patients who receive corticosteroids compared to those who receive usual careful CBO or some other treatments. The basically. The idea is there's a effective therapies for patients with, Garner virus coup have N- according to this have demonstrated that low dose. DEXSA method was zone reduced mortality in hospitalized patients. Yes. Who glared with Covid nineteen required respiratory support. The interesting thing about this study too is just that it's a Meta data study. This is one of these things sort of talked about like why isn't there more of this? HOW COME WE CAN'T How come, we can't just look at the raw data all these. Millions of cases that are going on. To suss out what is what is happening? What is what isn't working anyway here's one example and it's the that ready you call how do you pronounce the? Texan medicine. It's a it's a steroid it. Yeah. Yeah. It's one that is. Rather, common used for all sorts of different applications in treating patients though it's something that we have not not do not need to guess side effect we do not have to guess health implications. It's well documented already and is showing an efficacy at that late stage for the most severe patients. Oh my goodness. This is this week in science. Every one do you want to help twist grow get a friend to subscribe today. please. Add be great, and do you know what time it is right now? It's time we are switching things up a bit this episode. It's time for Blair's animal corner. Doc. except. For. Giant. Pandas. Drop. I have a story about a nominees. And their love saying that a knee. These who needs anemones. No of other arms actually. So this is a study looking at at what determines how many arms anonymity has. So a nominees, their areas they're related to jellies to jellyfish can kind of picture them as a cecil means they don't move Upside Down Jellyfish. Pretty much. They have arms just like a jellyfish desert's how they catch their food. and. They all seem to have a very different number of. These arms so at. US In mammals, our genetics tell us how many arms legs we might have. We don't have any external. Kind of. External variables for the most part that can alter that in development. But anemones are different. So Until now we haven't really known how many arms or tentacles the anemone can grow but now this study coming from the Gibson. Lab. At the Stores Institute for Medical. Research in Kansas City has shown that the number of tentacles is defined by the amount of food they consume. So, quote controlling the number of tentacle arms by food intake makes the CNN enemy behave more like a plant developing new branches than animal growing a new limb. So reminder they are animals there invertebrates. said so they are not plants they are animals, but they they do in fact, seemed to grow more arms if they are if they are fed more. So this this happens not only when they're juvenile, but also throughout their life, which is helpful because if you lose an arm. For example, if a fish tries to eat one of your little tentacles, you can grow one back. So. It might actually be pretty handy if you could activate that by eating more food through replace your damaged limbs. I lost my arm. I'm just going to have a Burrito. CNN enemy show us that it's not that it is possible that nutrients are not converted into excess fat storage. They can actually transform them into a new body structure. I think it's I think it's amazing. I? mean. We know that there are limb regenerative abilities for so many animals. But humans have a hard time with it although we grow our fingernails, our noses never stopped growing. You know our eras never stopped growing. If we break a Bo knows is big enough as it is. To keep going man. Art Years keep growing right our bones are skin repaired themselves. You know they're RV generative aspects, our our our livers love to regenerate. If we lose a chunk a liver, it'll just grow right back. It's really great. But why can't we and how could we make this regeneration possible so it's fascinating to see in what we think of as an animal simple animals still. Yet it's this isn't a plant even though it's acting like one, it's not a plant and it's just regenerating limbs and those tentacles are complicated structures they're covered in Ne- day. Which is why they're called Nigerians the. Fishhooks little stinging cells that they have. That allows them to stink fish. They get you quotes, and so they've got multiple cell types that are involved. It's not just I'm just going to take this one skin cell and just keep growing skin. Yeah. Pretty propagators structure with muscles and the stinging cells. Yeah. It's someday I. Just want to eat that burrito and. All my goodness. Yeah like. I? Cut it off. We'll have a big meal we. Obviously. Cow, or maybe do. Obviously a small sacrifice to make to re grow A. Limb. But I suppose you'd have to give a Mike Coffee and alcohol. So as if you were pregnant while you were regenerating probably perhaps maybe you'd have to you'd have to sort of go on like the same sort of Nutrient rich diet, a pregnant person. I'll say pregnant women might. Yeah I think it would be a very interesting study to take this take a bunch of Emmys and then chop off a couple tentacles and then pour alcohol or something else or other pollutants into two different containers the if it affects their technical grow. You're both cruel and curious. Indeed. On the must be. Which is great lead into my next door. It's about ensuring better science through better care for lab, mice. We talk about all the time I think it the limelight in the future because it makes nothing but sense a happy healthy test subjects will perform more reliably. So, this is looking at a mental stimulation in mice and their environments that they are held in leading up to experimentation experimentation. So this is from the Germans Center for neurodegenerative diseases deasy any in Dresden. and. They looked at the behavioral differences. From different mice in different kind of living arrangements. So they designed a sprawling cage that made up of seventy interconnected cages arranged on seven levels had quite a little mansion for these mice. This was considered an enriched environment. So it had equipment designed to inspire play. It had plastic toys it had tunnels hideouts, and they replaced and rearrange the stuff every week, and so that's the thing actually that when you look at animals is frames, they're expected to be enriched many times a week because that's supposed to be part of good mental health for animals captivity. So they enriched all these animals, they had this huge amount of play structure. Slash, Mansion. And then so they what they did is to be very scientific. They took inbred twins so that they had no genetic very variations is gonNA come into play in a second they wanted no genetic variation in their courts. So they took five week old mice they house forty of these individuals in enriched environments for six months and forty seven standard for six months, and then forty spent three months in enriched cages and then moved to standard tapes. So they have three different cohorts. So what is all enriched all board or enriched for Awhile and then board? And then they were microchip to record their movements and then later these studied their brains rains, which did in fact me to euthanize them to get to the brains. Thank you ll advice. lab mice that sent the entire six months in the enriched environment were more likely to explore as adults. There was a great range of individual personalities, and so they started to develop kind of their own way of moving around space and and responding to test behaviors. In the in the context of mice when we talk about individual personalities, that's relatively stable differences in behavior. So basically, it got to the point where you could kind of predict what this particular mouse would do. That would be part of their personality. Then they found that the mice spent either three or six months in the enriched setting had more neurons in their hippocampus. which is the part of the brain associated with memories, learning and emotion. The group that went from enriched to standard settings continue to show high rates of exploration even though some of their activities are diminished, they sell seem pretty interested in their environment. And they also found that the mice that had been kept in rich environments had major changes to. Their genomes. Changed from the space they were living in. Yeah. So their their behavioral. Change on their genomes then it remains them even when they went. Back into the standard cages So this is long lasting difference rates They had methyl groups attached to particular regions of the DNA in the neurons hippo campus, and that alters the genome. Kit It alters how it. Came accurate. Yeah. So it it. Changes. The proteins that are made basically. Yeah. So he changed APP Melanie impactful change in their genome. And so on one side, this is really good news potentially for people who've had traumatic events in adulthood but whose childhood was otherwise stable because it appears to show that when they're developing or where you spend the majority of your life can have an impact on your genome but they think that because the mice that went from an enriched environment to their stable environment, they called it. Continued to have this genetic change throughout the study, it was a short study, but still it appeared to be unaffected. So one single event kind of is what they're implying here is not enough to mess up your genome forever. And, that providing a good environment early on can have a permanent impact so. They didn't study old vice mice versus new mice in these enriched. Habit but. The the implication is that where you grow up is pretty important which I'm sure we all know but I think it's more interesting because this does impact behavioral studies if you're using mice in behavioral studies and they're being kept in a really borne mooring drawer in a lab that could impact your study. So I've told this story before but it was a long long time ago in high school I took a summer internship job at the orthopedics research lab at UC. Davis. And headed by Neil Sharkey who is the head of that department? Head of RND Penn State has since retired. But I I'd gotten his desk next to a bunch of mouse cages and they were experimenting with this new needle, cut the jugular vein of the of the neck of the mouse in suture it up under this really intense microscope. Survival rate was about eighteen percent in these mice and they just sort of hung out at the bottom of their cage. This they were post-surgery mice that were stationed next to me. And their food was in the little. Been Pellets at the very top of the cage and they you know these recovering mice never seemed to go up to it. So I sitting next to them innocently enough would be them parts of my lunch and it just sort of put it into the cage. They could get that the a little bit of cracker, a little bit of Tuna Sandwich or whatever I was having that day and he's The Guy should have. I didn't know what I was doing. All right. After that a hundred percent survive. They were able to get. Nutrients that they needed without climbing to the top of the cage. And they've sort of recovered were managed to get up to navigate. The pilots. The. Such dramatic turnaround turns out though the experiment wasn't about survival rate or anything like this it was just practicing with this needle. Oh One, hundred percent of the mice were destroyed anyway and I didn't ruin somebody's experiment. Yeah but it didn't prove to me that. Yeah, absolutely. How how you interact the animals makes a huge difference to the outcome of your and just to. Piggyback on that. There was another story that came out this week from Newcastle University just showing how you handle the mice can have a huge impact on their mood and how they respond to different stimuli. So they they transported some by picking them up by the tail which stresses them out and transported some by tunnel handling. So basically they. They. Encourage them to go into something like a paper Towel Tube and put a hand on either end, and then take you to the next something just very simple like that, and so that one does not stress them out and the difference is that. The anxious depressed mice ones who being picked up by the tail. The time are more disappointed when something bad happens. But there are low mood has no effect on how elated they are when something good happens but So. Basically, it does impacts their behavior it impacts their mood, and so we should be tunnel handling mice, which makes perfect sense that might take a little longer, but it is totally worth it because it won't impact them negatively and I'm seeing a lot of questions in the chat about. Laboratory annelies in Asia and all this kind of stuff and There's some speculation going on and I will say as far as I know the grand majority of lab rodents are euthanized to be a carbon dioxide gas, which is because it's a natural gas that's already in their body. It doesn't impact research, and so they just go to sleep. And then everything that has to happen. Happens after that I will also say that some labs donate their animals that were not used in chemical trials that were using behavioral trials to a zoos and wildlife centers. To provide food so they recycle, which is cool. There, are many ways. Yeah. The I something that I think is really. We know we've talked for years about how animals are kept. We've talked about enrichment and I we've talked about I mean it was years ago that the hippocampus was shown to have neurogenesis in response to to environmental enrichment. So I think this next step is fascinating because it digs even deeper into. What's actually happening at the level of the neuron what's happening in the cells and so if the at the level of DNA, you have these genetic changes. I these are mice but like you said Blair, the implication that changing one's situation in the laboratory or in life can have a long lasting effects after that situation. So. which is important in the pandemic because if you have been spending since March inside and not enriching yourself that could have long lasting impacts on you. So I go walk. Or? Giant. Your Living Room And we. Can Change. So the last is that he it's not set in stone. It means that if you feel like you're you're neurons are going I, can't handle this and you're you're not you're mentally not happy after the pandemic over, you're not gonna stay unhappy forever this will change and your brain is plastic and it will come back and these these little tags that. That get tagged in your neurons I think this is I think the positive side of it is. Change can happen and that. Very, excited. and. That self care is a real thing you have to enrich yourself. Enrichment is great. That you last animal corner story. Oh. Right. Everyone. Thank you for listening to this week in science. Thank you for supporting us as well. You are the reason that we're able to do what we do your the reason we can continue bringing scientific information to everyone on a weekly basis, and we can do even more with your help. So if you are not already supporting us. Please head over to twist dot Org Dwi dot org and click on our patriae on link. Become a patron of twists select your level of support anything ten dollars and more. We will thank you by name at the end of the show there are many levels many rewards. But. Regardless. Any amount helps us do what we do. So thank you. We cannot do this without you. Thank you for sort supporting twists. All right we're coming back just to. Nelson Stories. I've got one left. Our Gut microbiome OUGHTA has been shown over the. We've talked about this quite a bit on the show it can influence our behavior it can influence development at imperial microbiome composition. Has Been linked to everything from depression anxiety autism, as well as Niro degenerative disorders including Parkinson's Alzheimer's disease. Through. METABOLITES produced by. Bacteria living in our gut. What about our four legged friends and I don't mean cats is they're not our friends. So it's stocks standards. Do they have the dogs have similar responses in their intestinal makeup. Shirley not. Since dogs can. Drink. Out of puddles. Anything. BOOP. They can do that. And they don't really seem to get sick. Or maybe maybe more. So because of all the weird things that dogs will eat and drink why are are microbiome is more similar to our dogs than dogs microbiomes are to each other I think right? Isn't that a thing? So. Okay. Good question. I. I know that there is overlap between there's going to be overlap between a dog, the end, their owner I don't know if that makes them more similar to the human than. than they would be to another dog but there is there is an area of overlap in shared micro bio. Longer you were living with your dog, the closure Michael Microbiomes, sort of get closer to each other. But I don't know that it would make it because Nikki I mean you liked each other yes. But having feeling the dog carnivore got from another dog is more similar to from Dr Dog than it would still be from one at Dr Doctor. But So this is a new research though I have the in Birmingham, the Faculty of Science it. You though the slur and university any gates at dogs aging mechanism and memory performance. are linked with their gut. microbiome composition. Though. This is this is sort of initiating they used service dogs. For, this because these are dogs that they can track over a long period of time they have a wide range of wife spans inclination to develop dementia in Burma shared with humans. So these companion dogs. Promising model for the organism for the the aging research to be done. And it turns out it's pretty similar. Next Generation DNA sequencing technologies have enabled the identification of the taxonomic taxonomic composition and also the potential functions the microorganisms, any a better understanding of microbial host interactions says, Thomas Bulow a assistant professor, the Department of Microbiology ill to. Budapest. Usually studies microbial. Microbial communities in natural waters. Going into the microbiome now. Overall. Sort of interesting as they saw. Things one was was very similar. One was very they. They saw there is a link in a particular. Gut. Microbe that is associated with Alzheimer's that also goes up in dogs as they age and as they start to do more early at. Sort of cognitive dog. The. It goes up and dogs as it doesn't humans this is a but there's also but also there's there's some that the that do the opposite. There's A they have. They have things that head the other. Okay. So they found a negative correlation between the abundance of. Fuso, bacteria, vilem. The chronicle chronological agent dogs in humans whose Factoria were shown to increase with aging. And elevated abundance of these microbes have been linked to serious. Like inflammatory bowel disease, rectal cancer. So finding that the opposite is taking place in dogs was sort of interesting fine. The Bayer by this. Is the. This is Sarah Sander who's geneticist and apparently ziplock lock bag aficionado. Who explains some of how they performed their science? After we tested the memory performance, the dogs at the Department of Ethnology, we took them for a walk and collected fecal samples. We had to immediately freeze the extra storage containers to ensure they provide a valid picture about the bacteria that lived in the guts before defecation. The time limit is important as some species of bacteria can continue proliferation after defecation. number bacteria, and sample. So they had to grab it and probably put it on ice rush into the freezer. Stop things growing really really quickly. Not. Easy unless you get really good at. Running, all over the place putting things in freezers. This is fascinating I. Think it's The. What it? It's it's fascinating that it's similar between humans and dogs that this these species go up and down. ECHINACEA bacteria vacuum. Your battery was the one that that increases in both humans and dogs and seems to affect short term memory. It's it's actually linked to Alzheimer's. But the Fujio bacteria was the one that went the other direction. It's the one that when when it goes up in humans, we start to have a all these bowel problems and soften it seems like as dogs age, it actually goes down. So maybe it may be a protective bacteria enact. So it's shows it the universality of a gut microbiome may not be there that they may late very different roles depending on the species. That they happen and have different effects. which would make sense although we would we do like to think of. Like they're mammals, their animals like this wouldn't it happened similarly can't we just assume it's all going to work the same. Not necessarily. Not Necessarily Did you mention the sample size of this study. new. It's twenty nine dogs. So that's one of the things that. I because I was looking at this story too I think it's really interesting, but it is a really preliminary study who's only twenty nine dogs. So it's a very interesting luck I, think. It definitely means we have to look closer dogs especially since they're maker by is closer to US Than Hague microbiome or mice maker are to ours. So studying the dog microbiome definitely has a lot to tell us about our own, definitely more than other common test subjects in laboratory and clinical trials and things. So I think more studies are needed. But Yeah, definitely twenty nine dogs is that is a IT'S A. Modest. Samples. Jews this is I'm now taking just a doctor. Justin's dot Ku pills not a real doctor maybe not. From docks pills off the market temporarily until we get further research. Donald. I look at. That like we. For a whole lot off on that shipment will never occurred to me until doing this study that there could be an interest in getting a gut microbes from animals like a dog and drink out of a puddle and never get sick I. WanNa dogs Dogs microbiome. Drink out of a puddle in never get sick. People getting right like I never thought of that like people get actually start requesting other species gut microbiome to populate. Might not be good. Although although you know maybe there's a way not to be gluten intolerant with right microbiome maybe there's a way divinely digest. Red Peppers may or maybe it's Maybe you if you're if you want to eat a lot of bamboo in Dogan abandon Migra biomed. Ever it is. Are you guys familiar with the show wild Kratz taking behind him kind of Dr. Turn. wildcats. Yeah. But I think the other aspect of it is yeah. If the if we're seeing these shifts in the microbes of the gut bacteria of dogs and they're going down with the same kind of memory changes. Maybe, we can look at that and see how we can adjust our own microbiome better to avoid deterioration of memory. Yes Yes. And you know. We're all dogs with dementia. That's always sad. Online stories. I'm outta destroyed but how much you WanNa bet that the We have probiotics for dogs. Or humans more. We have a really comprehensive when. You're dimension. Dogs. Not. Yet. Right? Well, yeah, I mean it's the supplement market that might get out there. But in terms of FDA approval, that's GonNa take a little bit more time and. Yeah who's regulating this stuff anyway. I have some stories about. What I've got, why do we talk? Okay let's talk about brains because we've been. Talking about microbiome an aging and brains and mouse brains, and now I wanNA talk about your brain on music. Go Brain on music. Yes. We your brain is on music. CAN YOU WANNA? Snap along to the beat your not just hearing the beat you are also. Incorporating that understanding of the beat into your neural system and then having an a synchronized. Wave form of the activation of the brain that your brain in a way is going to have to get synchronized with that beat, and then if you want to produce some kind of a snap. Or tap that goes along with the rhythm. Then you have to produce a synchronized output that matches the original rhythm. It's not really a lot more complicated than it seems. So, researchers wanted to investigate this and they looked into. they were looking into some. Auditory Rhythms, they had a simple auditory rhythm. They had a medium auditory R- them, and then they also had a more complex auditory rhythm. Simple one was just one to one. So the beat was just. And it was just at a very basic. easy to follow. Tempo frequency and the The researchers had volunteers who were all experienced musicians. There were no musical novices in this group of of volunteers for the study. Had Them listen to these beats and then tap to the beat. With either a one to one, a one to two or eighth or a one to one to one a two to one or three two to beat rhythm. So. Let's see. This is the first. Area. This is the first rhythm reporting they listen to. The pretty. Simple. Right. Sounds like sounds like what a dripping sync sound like when you're trying to sleep. Snow loud. Vega, I can keep up with the speed. When one one, one, one to one rhythm pretty easy. You can do that. And then the more moderate rhythm. Keeping up with run out of the two of those beats. A little harder because you drop in a beat there right it's a little bit harder. Okay and then the more complex rhythm. Here, comes. Bit. Rooms grilling that we're back throat here. There's no rick. Rolling going on here. This paper was published in the Journal of Cognitive neurosciences and the researchers did actually identify markers in the brain that determined differences in the musicians ability to to do different aspects of this task and they found that. The brains had an easier time synchronizing with the simpler rhythm than they did with the more complex rhythm and that there was variation between individuals on how well they were able to synchronize with the rhythm. And also how easily their motor output synchronized. With the with. What was what they originally listened to? but they found that the brains of these individuals as the rhythm became more complex more of the brain was incorporated into synchrony enters into synchronizing with the rhythm, not just listening to it but actually figuring out the rhythm to be able to have a motor output the the better than coffee for me to get my mind away can active in get my whole body mind moving in functioning. Swing music. There's this electro swing station have been listening to swing, but it's also like The modernized. Redone does beats for whatever reason A. Get my mind turned on the better than. Anything else. And it makes total sense that there's some sort of synchronizing neurons are like, Oh, a lot of stuff is going on right now let's jump in. Yeah they. They also found that the the ability to hear the music. So just the auditory auditory aspect of just listening that had absolutely nothing to do with their brains ability to synchronize with the music and to basically understand the rhythm. GotTa. Dance. So the listening, it's the stuff comes in, and then you brain does something with it, and then it has an output and it's whatever your brain does with it and some some people they're musicians are either. Better at synchronizing or worse. Does that make them better musicians. I don't know. I. Think IT'S Kind of music. So so great my personal experience because I played. The baritone saxophone is I was often in charge of the baseline. And I might favorite band always the jazz bands that I played in and so I was in charge of this very like steady beat in the background when other people were flip flopping all over the place having their fun and so. I think that that was something. Yeah that I'd be very careful and I think I was pretty good at keeping that be on and maintaining that while everybody else is doing they're crazy thing. Maybe the drummer was having a drum solo not not maintaining beat all just. Yeah. So that was definitely I think it takes different types of people to do different parts of music. And that's something that's really important if you're in charge but baseline or your drummer, what aspect of it yeah. Last but they they did say what? This this quote from the researchers I find really interesting. We were surprised that even highly trained musicians that's highly trained that doesn't necessarily mean they're good even highly trained musicians sometimes showed reduced ability to synchronize with complex rhythms and this was reflected in their EG's. Most musicians are good synchronize irs. Nonetheless, this signal was sensitive, not sensitive enough to distinguish the good from the better or super synchronize irs as we sometimes call them. So apparently, there are some individuals not like super tasters like super smelters. Their brains are super synchronizing to beat. So another brain story that happened this week last Friday Elon. Musk announced had another press conference for his neuro link technology. Yeah and the neuro link I haven't followed this one. This is one of his companies and it. They are trying to develop brain implant technology that will sometimes some day be used to treat brain disorders but more recently, he's really doubling down on the creating a human ability to integrate with computers so that we don't get overrun by A. Because if he is GONNA BE Super Smart than we need to become super smart as well, and how do we do that? I, the keys then on your. Exactly, what's happening like when you are when you are identifying your friends and family for facebook, you're feeding face recognition, facial recognition. You're just doing the work or improving facial recognition when you do those sorts. When you identify things in those crypto picturing. mccombs to get into. What did they got the? You the visual ones are like, where's the street sign or which one of these is a boat Edgar capture hatches. Thank you. You're you're absolutely training artificial intelligence every time you do that. So yeah. Letting the AI into the brain. Thank you Komo computers coming. It's OK. But are we really getting there this week? The on Friday what he announced is his his device last year, he announced a robot that was going to eventually do brain surgery to put a brain implant behind your ear But now they've kind of changed their plan and they are talking more about developing an interface technology where the. The. Robot would implant a little plug into the top of your skull and the plug would contain about a thousand electrodes. Little teeny tiny tiny wires someday hopefully up to ten thousand electrodes that would then interface with neurons in your brain to collect signals from your brain. That could then be re read by this device, which is Bluetooth enabled. And the Bluetooth enabling would allowed the device to talk to computers. The computer could then potentially do things he showed in the. Press Conference the device. Being used as it's currently implanted in a pig named Gertrude, the pig has an implant and whenever her snout is touched, there's an array of electrical activity from neurons being activated in the brain that brutal approved, and so it showed very musical display of neuronal activation. Is this an advancement on anything that we currently have the answer so far is no. We already have brain implants and in fact, there was a story from. In April this year of a flexible neural interface that was published in science. Translational magazine site try it science translational medicine that has over a thousand IM- electrodes in this device that would potentially would would out last and out work the implant that musk is is talking about so. This device is not that musk is selling at this point. Has Not yet been approved for human use. He's gotten breakthrough technology ability from the FDA so he can start looking at it in people, but so far it's just been animal trials they're looking at human stuff in the future. Is it a big deal so far? The the the verdict is no that doesn't mean it won't be because he is recruiting very intelligent enabled engineers to be able to develop this technology further. Will it become the thing that? Lets us be equals with the I that is definitely yet to be seen. I still need to talk about space and dark energy. Because we're not done with that story about dark energy. There's a lot of dark energy, right? Lot of dark energy in the universe, it's pulling US apart. Dark energy, it's causing things to. Spread out all over you know dark matter is the clumping dark energy is the. In of the universe which is accelerating it's like some day we're going all these so far apart from other galaxies and other places in space, we won't be able to see them or detect them in any way. Where is the dark energy? How do we find it? It's dark. What is it? There has been a hypothesis for decades that not all big old stars form black holes or at least not black holes in the way that they are described by physics that there is an alternative kind of black hole. It's called the road. Generic object of dark energy. Yes. I've crystals inside STU. Now it has dark energy inside. In that win big old stars collapse, they don't just form a black hole. They don't break Einstein's equations. There's no singularity. What happens is you get a spinning outer layer around a core of dark energy That's dark. So we can't see it and it acts just like a black hole except it's not. It's the black holes dark cousin that we don't talk about. Anyway. The black hole. And there's been some evidence in gravitational wave detection that some of the mergers of black holes that we're seeing the are they're bigger than they should be, and so one of the explanations that is not really black holes that are merging, but they're actually these geodesic that are merging that they're mergers of dark and. But this is that's another side story to all of this researchers at the University of Hawaii the Department of physics and astronomy. They've been working on this idea of. Odes. And last year they showed that Jodi could in principle provide. The necessary dark energy that's in our universe to explain dark energy in our universe. If, they moved by black like black holes say one of the researchers can croker staying close to visible matter galaxies like our own Milky Way would have been disrupted and obviously our galaxy hasn't been disrupted so. There's some place else and so they've just published in the astrophysical journal Journal, a new study looking at the dynamics of these jobs and they're spinning and they put the Spinning of these g odes into a computer simulation and determined how they moved relative to each other and they found that. If the outer layers spin slowly. The joads love to clump and they actually clump more than black holes. They're super clumpy but if they spin. Superfast near the speed of light then they avoid each other. They're like tops that don't want to be near each other. They're like boom. Let's go to the other edges the galaxy. And they re pelley chapter. What this means they solved a bunch of equations and looked at energy and mass distribution in the universe and pretty much the dark spaces in the clumsiness of our universe. Are, probably filled with DHS and that would explain everything. They think that the distribution of matter. And Dark Energy in our universe is explained by the fact that these g odes are spare though these big collapsed old stars that ended up being dark energy spinning around really really fast and repelling themselves and everything else and that. Instead of hanging out with places like the Milky Way, in our black hole there like I gotta get Outta here and There leading to their they are leading to the expansion of our universe. I have a question from Jason. Old Jason writes in a longtime listener and patriotic member to twists. When you started you new segment with listener questions it made me think about what? I may have a question about. To, think about small things, first viruses, bacteria, amoeba fungus barrier sites then I came across enzymes. And went on Youtube and watched a quick video that was way over my head realized I know zero percent about enzymes do you mind giving some basics on them and why they exist in our world? Well Jason. Let me tell you about enzymes enzymes exist to speed things up. Enzymes are what we call Cadillac Cadillac. Not Cadillac not. A Cadillac. Times. Analysts. List's. Yes or what I like to call their leg biology's power up. A bit bill. You can suddenly do things. You couldn't do before. In fact, there have been enzymes discovered that speed up. Biological chemical reactions. So much that they allow life to happen. In fact back in two thousand eight, there was an enzyme that was discovered. An enzyme that is called Euro Poor. Poor, for Note Euro Portland Agenda Deep Mike try this over again euro poor friend agenda car brought car box delays. I cannot speak tonight I can't wait to do the patriarch names at the end. This D car Box lays enzymes end with an as in our terminology in biology euro poor fringe indycar box delays. It changes the rate at which chlorophyll hemoglobin can be can be created, and if that enzyme were not there, it would take. Slick seven, billion years. For Hemoglobin, to be created. We would not have the molecule that can carry oxygen because it would have taken half. Half of the. I would take a really long time anyway. Yes. Chemical reactions take a very long time and sometimes and the energy it's called. There's this energy level that you need to get over this hump. This threshold that needs to be gotten over to allow the reaction to take place and so enzymes. Or this wonderful metabolic tool that sells. I mean, sometimes it's just a chemical, but sometimes, they are molecules that. Connect, together to allow. The energy. To be accessed more quickly. It's like a quick elevator lift like go there. You know you made it to the top. Now you can go down or they reduce the energy of activation. So it's not as hard to get into the into the reaction in the first place. Enzyme genes in your body doing all of the work. They do all the work without enzymes we would not be able to do anything they are targets for drugs. targets for many many drugs because when you adjust how enzymes work, you adjust the rate of reactions and so you can. You can affect diseases from even happening or not. Enzymes, I hope I answered your question, you need enzymes to. Consume dairy always think about that. I do. So. Thank you lack for me to eat cheese and ice cream. You have you have salivary enzymes that pre digest your food for you so that it's not as hard to chew and not as hard to digest when it gets in your tummy schedule. There S I Thank you for digesting my food for me enzymes. And One Way to visualize enzyme does in terms of work in terms of being a catalyst. What that means as a catalyst you can. You can think of. An enzyme as. Vinegar. To, a your your bowl of What you Mukalla? Making. Got The big bowl baking soda just sits there nothing happening. The enzyme is your vinegar report and suddenly everything. Exploded, all this energy has been released. Or all this chemical reaction is taking place in a really rapid pace. Basically, what what an enzyme is doing its unlocking the energy and transforming those molecules. Laundry detergent, a lottery laundry detergents or enzymes. Yeah. All. Enzymes are responsible for so many things they're just they are essential. Under is your meat. Clean your dishes. Allow you to live. That's right. That is right. Okay. We've come to the end of the show and I just do want to say at the end of this show how much you're going to Miss Ed moving forward. I found. The earliest email I have from Ed in my g mail that's not even going back to my other old email accounts. Edward Dyer sent me an mail he was sending me started sending me twists stories for the show and he sent them in emails and he said you've probably seen this story which gets my vote for one of the best science headlines of the year. Parasite Causes Zombie to die in an ideal spot. Hollywood could could be kept busy for years just making movies about parasites that exist in the real world you can do an entire podcast on parasites. So could someone who does political shows. Smiley Face Ed. That story was from August thirteenth two thousand nine. We're going to miss you. Very, much, and if you are listening to this show and you know Ed we are going to organize a science island gathering to be able to get together at some point soon. So we can talk share memories and just be together and remember Oh stay in touch keep in touch get in touch of you're interested in that, but I will be reaching out. Thank you all for listening. Shout outs to Fatah for helping in the show notes and for helping with social media making that happen it's amazing. Really appreciate your help. Gourd, thank you for manning the chat room. Your your assistance there is essential and identity for totally essential. Thank you for recording the show. And I would like to thank our patriots sponsors and the burroughs wellcome. Fund. For their generous support. Thank you. Don Athans. Styles. Aka. Don Stilo John Scholey Eric comes flying out Guillaume John Lee Ben Roth Alley Coffin Mattie Perrin Garage Trauma Jazayeri Zander Mike Shoemaker Sarah Forfar dental. Mondays Rodney Lewis Stephen O'Brien John Rattener Swami Dave Freidel of my shack STU pollock Andrew. Swanson Fred S one. Oh four Karen Benton Sky Luke Paul Ronan. Bitch ben big now Kevin Reardon Noodles Jackson Chavez Paul Jason Olds Brand Carrington Matt Base Joshua Fury Shot Nina Lamb pseudostate John McKee Greg Riley marquess inflow gene tellier Steve Lease Men Kevin Hayes Howard ten Christopher Rapid Richard Brandon, manish Melenchon Johnny Grizzly Christopher. 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If you enjoyed the show, hey, get a friend or family member or an enemy or a CO worker subscribe to four or more information on anything here today show notes links. This stories will be available on our website, which is www dot W. I s. dot org. which is our. And you sign up for our newsletter, which is apparently a thing that yeah, Hey, you got some disabled us. You could just directly email. Here's the size dot Com Justin. It was million edgy email dot com or me Blair at Blair Basil Twist Dot Org just put twists T., W. I S. in that subject line will happen. It'll turn into go jr of dark energy is based in really fast jet black hole. We're also hit us up on the twitter we were at the Science Doctor Kiki at Jackson Fly. Layers Menagerie we love your feedback. If there's a topic, you'd like us to cover or address suggestion for an interview high who comes to tonight. Please let us know. We'll be back here next week and we hope you'll join us again for more great science news, and if you've learned anything from the show remember it's all in your head. weakened. Science. In Science. This week in science the end of the world. So I'm setting up job got my banner unfurled. It says the site. I'M GONNA sell my advice show them. With a simple the. Reverse, go. The wave of my hand and Couple? Of Comedy. So everybody. Do what I say. I THE SCIENTIFIC For all that it's worth and broadcast my opinion. League inside. In science this week in science science. This week in science. Science. This week in science. And I. Got One disclaimer ran it should be. That what I say made represent your views but I've done the calculation and I've got a plan. If you listen to the science, you may just add understand. Try to threaten. The. World. A. Week. So everybody listen to everything. We say, if you you mad, that's. Why we read the world Taco Plasma Gandhi This week and science. And Science. This week in science by A. Sweet. Science. This Week and Science. got a laundry list of items I wanted to address from stopping hunger to judging Loch Ness I'm trying to promote more rational thought and upside to answer any question. Changes I seek sweat. Shop. Our. This weekend sciences? Listen to what we say. From the word that we said. Me Remember. Covid tweeted science this week in science this week inside. This week. Since week inside. This week in science science. Best Week. This week it science include us. This week in science this weekend silence. This week. This week is.

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Episode #313  Dolittle

The Flop House Podcast

1:41:37 hr | 1 year ago

Episode #313 Dolittle

"On this episode. We discuss do little. Why do they call them too little? I think he does a lot in this movie. That's do that's exactly what I was. GonNa say and it was what Audrey predicted was going to be. The gag stat is the exact thing I have written in my notes to say to for this for this part of NEPAD a minute. Hey everyone walk over the flat side. Dan McCoy way there. I'm Stuart Wellington top of the morning. Or whenever you're listening to this midnight I don't know I'm Elliot Kaelin and Dan. He's joining us. Stewart or Dan. I decided on Stewart but I can say it. It's it's David Sims of the blank. Check podcast and he is the Film reviewer for the Atlantic and that is a that is a big high-toned magazine. That is a that is a respected publication. That'S A to Monica. Called glasses to hi guys. Thank you for having me yes I did. I did poop all overdue little in the hallowed pages of the Atlantic which was fantastic emerson and people like that. I mean took the such it. It took such a brave stand against slavery before and during the civil war. And now you've continued that tradition by taking a stand against doolittle. I mean I've always a I think it's kind of the pixies best album right. I and that was. That was another of the jokes that I was going to make. So we've all round robin on jokes. It's not my favorite. But it's probably their most accomplished. Your Surfer Romanticism. No I was because of the nudity undercover Dan. The answer was when I was a kid. Yeah now I don't know the band the pixies particularly well so I'm just gonNA assume they have an album called out the door through the window out of the line in. It's a wonderful life. Where he says you do pixies go out the door through the window. And I don't say that's my favorite album. Does that they have that. Is that a real thing. I'M GONNA go check metal archives and see if it's the metal archives actually no results found so eighties rock not heavily influenced by Frank CAPRA. It's very disappointed. But you know that punk was because John DOE major punk figure named himself I assume after the CAPRA movie. Meet Jonjo Kerr cool. I had if I remember moby meet John Doe like the movie and he'll laugh and laugh so normally if you're just tuning in you're thinking this is an alternative music. Podcast with were experts. No in fact we're movie podcast and we watched a movie and now we're about to talk about it and what. What kind of movies do you usually watch? Do you know we kind of run the gamut. Sometimes they're now everybody's almost always they're moving images with sound. Attached very fair very rarely watch a silent painting and then review or silent movie. We've never watched the silent movie. Or Mel Brooks is silent movie the artist the Best Picture winner I consistently forget existed which is a mostly silent movie now guys. Was that a French movie. Because I feel like what parasite came out there like I four and film to win the Oscar. This is a good point. I believe the artist is technically a French movie. It has American actors in John. Goodman is in it but I think what they were saying. A lot was yes John. Goodman plays he plays the. He's the guy who's in the host and parasite and Snow Pearson. John Goodman what. He's in the makeup chair for hours and hours. It's highly offensive No I think what they were saying. A Lot was first foreign language film to Windsor. Weird hair-splitting to me on honestly but I mean to be honest. They probably forgot that the artists existed. That's probably as I consistently do every time I look up past best picture winners and I'm like. Oh yeah the artist. Yeah the soundtrack from Vertigo in it and Kim Novak that all mad yeah yes sure the artist. Yeah I just coffee all over my office wall imagining John. Goodman being transformed American decaying I mean it wouldn't take magic. It would take a spell of some kind of cloak of disguise so now I just to to finish the thing that you teed up for Stewart. But he deliberately went. He's agd on Ya We normally watch bad movies and Then we talk about them and uh this week we watched do little now guys do little of course as you all know is. The store is in a new adaptation of the Classic Story of Dr Doolittle. The man who could talk to animals and I just WanNa to say four warning. This is going to be a slightly awkward episode for me because I know someone who's involved in the making of doolittle to one person one of the screenwriters and one animal and I brought the animal with me just to like. Make sure it's okay with everybody so look on your screen. You'll see a tiny raccoon right there. Oh Wow hold on. Let me take to guess. We're GONNA have liberty for the thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you Catherine. Deneuve play the Raccoon. Actually all in now now now. This is is this. Is Rick Raccoon be ranger but he was drummed out of the force. Of course yeah. I'd rather not talk about it how I was once Park Ranger and then was dismissed for causes. I would call unsubstantiated allegations. That's fair now. Your father was of course the famous rocky raccoon. Yeah the Beatles wrote a song about him. It was called. Love me do now. Now Rick you were in doolittle yes but I don't remember seeing a raccoon in the movie. No they cut all my scenes. Oh why why did they do that? Well there was a whole subplot about a raccoon that wanted to be a famous chef and they thought it was too close to Radha to me and I was like Radha to about a rat but on a raccoon and well I gotta say I totally understand the point. They're there they made. But what was it? Like being on the set of doolittle wow. I mean the craziest thing was I was the only real animal in the whole movie. The rest was all computer animated. So just me and bobby downs. That's what I Call Robert. Downey junior just looking at a bunch of tennis balls are pretending like gorillas are ostriches or whatever there and who's GonNa be your celebrity voice when when it was finally Catherine Deneuve just like just like Mr Simms said okay. Wow So do you have any funny behind the scene stories about you? Just have anything funny about it. Nothing is funny this all things. We'll please stay on the please. You had your time. Now let me have my time. Excuse me excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me Sir. Excuse me excuse me now for the audience at home. I do have a tiny puppet on my finger to mention is somehow. It's more annoying than if he was just doing the voice that he has up on his finger that he is continuing to move around as he talks. Because I'm a professional just reeling from the news that this movie had sub plots that were cut out and re. I didn't show that was not like apparent at all while it was crazy. Originally doolittle didn't even talk to animals. That was something they added. It was about a guy who thinks he can talk to but he can't really in the animals are like what does this guy think he understands. Just say how long is this going to go on? So I think it's time for you to for you to head out. I should probably start with a summary of the movie. Okay well I've got some other funny stories. There was a time John Goodman stop by but we didn't recognize him because he had all this makeup on him and we thought it was the guy from parasite. It's the same guy really. Yes the same guy. Oh Wow okay. Well I'm just GonNa go and now see a guy out of the data is slow screen. I just to still and he's off. I want to provide a little more background just to say that this is. I mean like the Dr Doolittle novels are by Hugh lofting and they began in the first one was published in nineteen twenty. The final was published in one thousand nine hundred fifty two their fifteen books And you know. Some of the books were posthumous collecting stories that he left behind. You GotTa Admire Anybody's work ethic when they keep writing after they've died it's like in English an Englishman and it comes out through stories. They have a certain. I don't know they've got. The same vibe is like Mary. Poppins I think in a certain way like other English children's stories of the same basic period. There's a little bit. There's a little bit of Bab are in it too. In the sense of it is the purpose of white Europeans to train all animals and people to be like them which does not age well in the books. I remember loving those books when I was a kid but I wasn't really thinking about what you know. What rights does a giant when little shows up to meet him leap in a book where he goes to the moon? Am I right in thinking about probably Dr Doolittle in the moon and I'm reading I just found this first sentence? The plot summary Dr Doolittle has landed on the moon. One page one. I mean gets down to business so that for it. Well the thing was. They had found a sort of alien monolith on the Moon. And they needed Dr Doolittle to come talk to it. And he's the only one understood that language So Dr Dolittle is a movie different movie. This is doolittle. Soya's Eddie Murphy. In it there's two previous Dr Dylan more rex Harrison the REX Harrison movie from the late sixty s which in the great book pictures at a revolution and in the great book the studio they talk about respectively. It's Oscar campaign and the making of I should've named the books in the pre in the reverse order and it was one of these. It was kind of one of the last gasp of the studio system where they were like. We're GONNA make real big budget family friendly musicals and now we're GONNA force the Oscars to nominate them. And then there's the Dr Doolittle with Eddie Murphy. Where it's pretty much just the name of the fact that they can talk to animals. I think that's because he's not in the books. He's not really a doctor izzy. I can't remember. Oh He's a veterinarian. Also but he's not like a doctor right whereas I believe in the Eddie Murphy Movie. As in this he is in any. He's like a surgeon he's like a human surgeon has long repressed his ability to speak to animals nor did his whole life until now. That's the other thing is in the doolittle books and in this one. It's a skill you can learn anyone who pays close attention animals. Learn talk but in Dr Doolittle. It's like more of a Drop Dead Fred type ability. Now hold on I. I'm going back to the first book just to get a little context. He is a respected physician and quiet battler living with his spinster. Sister Sarah in these small English village of cuddle puddle. Be on the Marsh. Okay see I thought he was a doctor of literature. Or something like that Ron doolittle md. Here okay I mean. I'm surprised they didn't name this movie. John doodle md. And make it like a gritty reboot of the doctor story. Yeah where he likes. Md students were massive doing dog. I mean that would be kind of gritty anything. It sounds Pretty Gritty Mama and donny voice. I'm a doctor of Penis having so the so let's get into. This is the newest version of and they make a few strange decisions with the story and the performers make some very strange decisions with their performances. And well let's get into it because it's kind of all over the place. We begin as most great movies. Too with a prologue. That explains who all the characters are and all their backstory. So that later when the other characters are piecing together the clues. Why Dr Doolittle has secluded himself from humanity? We the audience already know all of this and it is boring but this it's this is the best part of the movie. This animated prologue. That looks beautiful where they explain. It's narrated by Emma Thompson. Who of course throughout the movie is a parrot where it talks about how Dr Dolittle he was a famous doctor? Who could talk to animals? He hadn't explorer girlfriend named Lily and she's kind of like a I don't know what would you call like a like a cutthroat island? Gena Davis type you know which based on the way stresses and Kind of a lady lady pirate buccaneer explorer and they marry unfortunately she dies at sea shades of frozen there and he becomes a recluse with his animals and sort of Tim. Burton esque wonder emporium of a house. That has some like st steam punk conveyor belts and things like that and it made me realize it's like it's like semi Rodeo SCOPE. So it's kind of a good introduction for your kid before you show them and dark for instance the the computerized wrote a scoping and the presence of Robert. Downey junior together. Make it impossible. Live on the standard argument is I was talking recently to my wife about scanner darkly and how Robert Downey Juniors performance in that is so good and part of it is because he's so great and it was at a time when he was coming back from rock bottom and so he is not automatically the coolest hippest dude in the. He's not iron man in it and I was like oh I forgot. He can play characters other than iron man and so good in that whole phase of his career at like starting with the scene detective and up to. Ironman like when it was basically just I duNno. It's like when some basketball player like tears their Achilles and they're gone for a while and they come back and you're like oh like right. This guy is incredible like we've he's just BEEN UNTAPPED FOR YEARS. I would the he I would call it the proving they should ensure me for the production period like Kiss Kiss Bang. Bang good night. Good luck in a scanner darkly Zodiac right like that whole run prior man is very exciting. He's so good in in Zodiac and then he makes ironman and he's great as iron man but it's like now it's sister its iron man is to him. Kind of what Jack Sparrow. Is Johnny Depp? Where people were like. Oh we love this performance. Do just that from now on. It's so funny. That you bring up Jack Sparrow because Robert downey junior accent in this movie too little makes me yearn for the careful. Enunciation of checks is it and this is. This is the major one of the major performance problems. And we'll get to it when it's more important. I guess but Robert. Engineers made the decision to one put on kind of a strange well. She talks to do every line in a hushed whispery tone even when he's irritated so instead of being like animals. Leave me alone. He's like animals leave alone and it was like why. Why does it always sound like Shrek is whispering at me? I don't understand some are tape so I though we meet stubbins a boy who also loves animals even though his dad is just wants him to hunt. All the time stubbins is what I ended up. Realizing is a totally unnecessary character. As we'll find out He accidentally shoots squirrel and rather than put the CGI squirrel out of its misery. Like his heartless. Dad does he instead follows doolittle's parrot polly Emma Thompson. Who appears out of nowhere as if like Mary poppins or Nanny? Mcphee magical being and leads to doolittle's estate which is full of CGI animals and Stubbins. I got to tell you doesn't seem particularly. Amazed is to suddenly see elephants giraffes wandering around in English estate. He takes it pretty much in stride the way you would take like he reacted to the way. I would like you. See A busker on the street in New York. Where for an instant? It distracts your attention. And then you're like Not Interested in that and turn your head away so he gets caught Shriek at the press presence of guerrilla. Yeah as long would Shriek A. And he gets caught in the net because they are. There's a trap there I guess for. I don't know poachers or somebody. Okay doolittle now. We finally get to really meet him. He is recluse bearded and his animals help him get dressed in a kind of weird take on the scene and sin in Snow White or Cinderella with animals help address or both sleeping beauty but also maybe all of those look Disney princesses cannot without the help of animals. We know that a little bit of a big adventure thrown in there and made me realize so. He's big adventure. I remember as a kid seeing that sequence where his breakfast gets made by his weirdo machines and it was so amazing is listening to our podcast is so matty discolored Weirdo machines. Like say my name. Asshole say my name one legacy. This is the one thing I'm remembered for. Please has a fellow Jew. Remember me and I'm like hey buddy I'll put a stone in your grave like leave me alone so my parents and ours. So but that the. I don't think I've seen ever since then like a kind of steam punky clockwork Rube Goldberg thing. That has captured that level of magic. And why do you think that is as curious what you think that this unless this this really hit you with a sense of wonder and possibility this secret? I'm the thing is actually you think of that as like kind of a frantic in certain ways but it takes it slow you you watch every individual thing happen and you're like there's there's a physicality everything that happens like it feels like that is an actual machine rather than some CGI creation because they didn't use and also like it leads up to the joke. Where peewee it's an incredibly small amount of breakfast before and then wipes mouth with a Napkin very late? When I was a kid that my sister and I that's all you do after we ate was just take Napkins and lightly dabbed the corners house like he does and we'd leave all this food on our face it also like it reflects his personality right. It's silly and overly busy and like like he's he's very invested in it and it's funny whereas like I feel like doolittle is not even. He's so laconic and uninterested in his magical house full of magical animals like it seems like these things are happening to him. Yeah and we talked about his dead wife before but I do think I wanna take a moment and talk about how like so. This is why he's withdrawn from the world. And I do not understand. This need for movies to give these kind of magical characters tragic backstories like if you think about say willy. Wonka right lake Charlie and the chocolate factory like really walk. It doesn't have the arc they're like Charlie has what the closest to an arc in that movie. Willy Wonka is just this magical Pixie. Who is himself and doesn't mean to have a reason to be that way. And and like I feel like doolittle like it should be the same thing. Like Dr Dolittle Dr doolittle no needs to be like oh he has a dead wife and that's motivating the action of this movie to some degree. Dan. I was reading variety the other day and there was this article saying studios. Have all these fridges? Lying around and you just gotTa Losing money on this fridges. They don't put wives girlfriends and assorted parents in there. I also remember Tim. Burton perverted that by giving tragic back story. Which was an odd decision. And it wasn't that tragic was no candy right exactly but it was like look. I have a weird. I'm aware defender of that movie. I think it's a bad choice making otherwise it's a pretty good at station the book except for the at they shove this dish it in the middle. Do you think it's a bad choice for Johnny Depp Debate. I think it's a little creepy. Like I think that we walk is should be this character. Who MAKES CANDY? But his relationship to kids is hard to pin down. But like I mean I feel like I think I admire that in a world where gene wilder is really wonka cysts. There's no reason to do that. Willy Wonka again because it's perfect but the that there's a lot of Shit that movie that's not gene wilder. That's not very good. No but I'm just mentioning down. I'm just imagine welders performance just gene wilder's performances. Perfect in that and I think it's a valid twist Johnny Depp to be like Who's a recluse who lives in an amusement park and wants kids around Michael Jackson? I'll make the character Michael Jackson and I. It's it's a valid choice for that character even if it doesn't totally work ultimately as an entertaining to watch. Yes I think the dead wife. I mean everything about. This movie is a little shrouded in mystery because it was reshot. I'm sure all talk about you. Know but Stephen Geoghegan. I think you know who is a bizarre choice to make Dr dolittle movie. He's probably the one who's come in and it's like dish should pay those. This should be about trauma and working things out. He should be more of a brain doctor than a body. Dr Like everything seems to stem from that. All these weird dark decisions. I think. That's probably part. Well there's only three types of ways to adapt old stories. Now you can either do. A prequel explains how he became Dr Doolittle and it's all about him. Learning how to talk to animals. You do a gritty reboot. We talked about John doolittle. Md where he's talking about. What a massive Ding Dong. He's got someone's killing the animals of London and he has to like confined the Jack. The ripper of animals. Or you do it like this. Where it's like. Remember the doolittle stories from before and he lived happily ever after with whoever told you that must allied because doodles got some sad stuff too but now he's GonNa come back where it's the rediscovering may baby way where it's like the return to Oz of doolittle's that's the only other way to do it. And they chose the one they wanted and of those three I. That's the way it works the most for me. I guess Elliott's you're there's not the only way that you could do it though way that I think their own. I think you can do it. I'm just saying now. Those are the three studio approved ways to adapt. A story will dark reboot or it's twenty years later and somebody's gotTa shake out of their doldrums. Well I guess this is an American movie but you can do it. The Paddington Way. Which I think at the at this is best. Moments is what it's trying to shoot for honestly and and not really doing it but like just just just fucking except the book for what it is except the vibe of it lake. Not You know. Explain why there's this from darkest Peru who likes Marmalade. Let's to go to London too much. Just have that be who that is and have Dr doolittle be guy who loves animals and see pictures. I haven't seen the panty movies but here's the way I would have done it so you start in Peru and it starts with Paddington. Grandma you should really watch the paint and you would enjoy. Will you're right? I've got lots of time on my hands and I watch actually every time. I see just watching him to Sami. He's not. He thinks they're going to be scary so he doesn't want to walk them. I will say honestly for me. The first one is good but I kinda got bored. The second one is amazing. So here's how we do it darkest Peru. Its thirty years ago. An old bear shows up and tells a young bear. There's a prophecy rand son your grandson. We'll be the chosen bear. His NAME SHALL BE PA. Ding and so then you cut flash forward to. I'm walking on sunshine and Paddington is just kind of like in Peru love and life just being like Hey Buddy. Hey over there and use the voice over now. It's just sonic at this point where he's like. Hey I'm having a great cool life but oh what's happening now? Let me rewind a little bit and you see how his family like so the movie would end with him getting to London because sets the PC you the Paddington cinematic universe. And that's the next one is pat the rise of Paddington. And that's how he meets the family and Jeremy Piven yes of course in the last one is called aftermath Paddington aftermath or light guy or dawn of the rise of Paddington. And that's the one where he loses the family but he becomes the hero that they all need to be. So that's patio wait. Hold on I've I've a very important question for David. What is it like being on this podcast and sort of like having to endure a griffin? Let's say but like one that you don't have years of friendship and history with your your song. I'm just like Oh someone else can can handle anything. I'm just here to float and have fun and occasional to drive the car. It's exactly I don't have to try and keep trains on time like I do on my show. I'm just I'm just listening laughing. Great my friend said to me once I was like. Would you babysit fresh? She's like babysitting because the kids start crying. I'm going home at the end of the night. So basically my approach to bartending doolittle is playing chess with his guerrilla. Who is voiced by Rome? Ramey Malik in other Oscar worthy performance. The great catchphrase. I am not a prisoner of fear. Yeah it's and for some reason. Mallet misunderstands what. He's being told in shows his but Dr Dolittle do little weather playing chess. But ironically a man who won an Oscar for lip synching is now doing just the voice while a guerilla lip syncs amazing. But it's one I. There are a lot of really good talented actors in this. That are for some reason chosen to do the voices for cartoon animals and have been directed to deliver the lines if they are people who are standing in a booth trying to get their lines done in time to get out enough to be paid overtime and I. It's one of these move really. Hit me how much they needed. Like cartoon voice actors to do the voices for these animals like as much as I want. Who Was it? Who Does the voice? The duck much as much as Spencer to get a paycheck. 'cause she's great. She's not my go-to person for the voice of a funny duck character but anyway and the had they had Ralph innocent playing the human father of the kid like that's money on the table dude. He's got a great voice. He's got to pray. That's like a perfect like cast. John seen at a do the voice of a bare. He's completely hairless guy to do it. Get the late Robin Williams to do it. A man covered in hair so the and the other thing which we soon learn is that this movie takes place. During the reign of Queen Victoria and the humans all speak in a sort of you know antique Victorian Way but all the animals speak in normal modern slang to the point where an octopus leader tells. Dr Dolittle is get stitches and the polar barrels. Like hey bro yeah you did it. Awesome and it's like I don't so animals so much as you watch when I recently watched Paris's burning for the first time and it was like oh all of our slang comes from drag culture of the nineteen eighties. I didn't realize all of our slang comes from animal. Culture of the eighteen eighties is stealing from like. I don't understand the problem Elliott. I don't know why you would expect animals dialects to have evolved in the same way that humans talk a good point. All separate idiom. You know you involves like what almost like I would waiting for a pop culture reference to now and it never quite got that far but they got pretty close. I think guys I. I've serious question now. I may have missed this but they explain that the humans can they spend enough time around these animals and they study hard. They can learn how to speak animal language. Yeah explain how all the animals can talk with each other. Well they all speak galactic basic specify. The different animals speak different languages. Yeah yes true. But at the same time it's like he only has to pick up one thing which doesn't make any sense being me like when the when the kid is describing how he's learning all of the little idiosyncrasies. I it's I prefer the Eddie Murphy Look. He's touched by an Angel. Like that's better like the best. The best version of it is we years ago we did zookeeper with the King of Queens. And he gets hit on the head and I was like. Oh He's going to get hit on the head and it's going to give him the ability to talk to animals and the animals are like no. We can always talk. We just like doing it around people and I was like. Why don't you talk to people and tell them not to eat you and kill you? They just hit him on the head just to hit him on man no no he has he has an accident and he gets hit on the head and then the animals are like crowded around him and I hear it's the lion voiced by believe sly stallone. Who Says Yeah we? Just don't talk around people because it freaks them out and it's like you have you been imprisoned is like tell them you should freaks out as you haven't been doing it brings you. Did it all the time like it would just be part of life but they know it just destabilize society. Too much at this point. It's just awkward at this. I mean the society that treats their lives as playthings and food again. They have nothing to lose from this. Except their chains so stubbins The boy mention before he meets lady rose an emissary from the queen. The character who I believe should be in the stubbins role because stubbins is going to go on a quest with Dr Doolittle and become his apprentice and this lady rose character. Basically just shows up to say the Queen's in trouble and then doesn't get to go on the adventure and how much better with this movie event if it was like a man and like a Sassy little or at least a brave little girl rather than a man in like stubbins who all due respect to the kid playing him has no personality whatsoever. You know they also meet the scaredy cat grill. Whose name is I assume after the restaurant chain of the same name or maybe he grew up to found that chain. I don't know anyway. Let's get to the PLOT SHALL WE. The Queen is sick. Doolittle's like I don't care but after saving stubbins is squirrel from an operation. The squirrel vows revenge on Stubbins. Which something which never pays off in any way whatsoever. I gotta say the squirrels Craig Robinson Lake. I laughed at a few of his lines lake. He's later on earth later on day. Twenty four I don't know why still following these to take. Everyone is giving the vocal performance of okay. I'll do a weekend in a booth for you. Robert like yellow me a favor but if you have a comedian like comme on Johnny Craig Robinson least. They'll be funny. It's the people like John Cena Rami. Malik where you're like. What is it you're looking for like you're not going to pay those from Rami mouth? It's this is the problem that The movie Ferdinand had all you guys also talk took your sons to see Ferdinand during the coldest winter in New York history But the you know in the last Hundred Years I took my son Ferdinand. Now's like this is not a bad movie but the voices are so flat. I mean part of it is that they had What's that football player's name? Who's in IT PEYTON? Manning peyton manning don't cast peyton manning as a voice in your in your funding animal movie but like the voices delivery was so flat that even like. I remember missed. I'm forgetting every single name in the world From Saturday night live and ghostbusters in came again even her the reads off and it was like going with voice directing these days that but also I mean. The problem is as Billy Westwood Rail against if he were here like they're employing liberty sooner voices when that's not necessarily their strong point like they're actors do this all the time and are very good at it. They have nice faces that I like to look at the whole deal of being famous actor. Well that's the funny I that's like I thought it was such a funny thing. That went an animated movie goes overseas. The actors from the American job do press overseas so like when Madagascar was in other countries like Ben Stiller and everybody would go do press there even though their voices were not even in the movie. So it's like it with a local language actor so it was like. Hey so here's this movie. I mean it. Accept it because you're not going to see me or hear me but I'm famous so ask me some questions about it Griffin. I'm sorry but I haven't Griffin told a story about Jesse Eisenberg. I think getting a call from his agent being told Hey. Rio is like the biggest movie in Brazil huge Rio and just yesterday I had to be like I. I had nothing to. I'm not involved in the Brazilian version of Rio. Go move I mean and also for a movie called Ryobi a big hit in Brazil is like I mean nine hundred something up. Come on yeah. I don't know if it's like a sound designed thing or maybe it's just the maybe it's just the voice acting direction but like I had a lotta trouble telling wear any voice was coming from like I it just it was just this mishmash where I could never tell if like a character was on the other side of the room. Well I don't know whether this is related or not but like the the famous story about this. Is that like Stephen. Geoghegan is the original director of this. After the before they're re-shoots did not have it planned out where the animals would be onscreen. Which is crazy crazy way to do a movie with? Cgi animals and so a lot of it is eighty yard like a lot of it is like Jerry rigged after the fact. Yeah Kagan was just like we'll figure it out like he did not get. I think that you need to plan pre-bus all this crap in advance. Because there's a fair amount of like ostriches running by in the background with their heads off camera while they say a line. And it's like yeah okay. I guess they just they just stuck that in. Because they had a line from the ostrich and he wasn't in the scene at the moment so they had to have him run by in the background and say it but they're going to go. They have to go save the Queen. Because here's the thing. The Queen gave redocking doolittle the the least for this House. But if she dies he's GonNa lose the house and the animals are going to have to go to the zoo and the animal shaves. They can go Were introduced the other animals. That DAB DAB the Duck Octavia Spencer this plant in the ostrich whose Camille Non Johnny channing. Tatum as the polar bear his name. I forgot and stubbins kind of stones away in their trunk. Meanwhile back at Buckingham Palace the evil Dr Fly played by Michael. Sheen is leaching in the queen to ensure that she dies. Oh there's some nefarious doings about but luckily gips. The dog smells something suspicious. And then the queen's octopus after telling doolittle niches get stitches tells them it's poison it turns out. The only cure is the fruit from the Eden Tree. The very tree of legend that doolittle's wife was looking for when she died in a storm. Bumped bomb. Ev Ev. Like doolittle explains it. He's like oh it's from a tree. No one has seen on an island. No one knows exists. Unlike like he does like this whole thing. And I'm like well. Then how like? How do you know I love? He's supposed to be like the tree of life except the idea himself. Yeah I figured that must have been an idea that must have been an idea in the movie at some point that was either allied or change but also they say like you can cure anything and gives eternal life. But that's not what the fruit from the tree and Eden did like train eating. The fruit gave you the knowledge of good and evil. Which is the Queen. I assume already knows good evil or she shouldn't be in charge of a country so you're saying evil. Elliott so I have to say I was expecting do little to have to go get a riddle contest with. Whoa TAM in Oregon. I guess I was disappointed. There's no mythological happenings at all the rest of this movie right. Well WE'LL SEE. Perhaps there's a mythological animal later on stubbins stakes long as a doolittle's apprentice on this journey. There's a brief giraffe chase or a French dog right or Fox or something is writing a giraffe and Marion Cotillard is at the end. The like Marian courtyard knows like not only do I not know. Why Coach Yard was was chosen? I don't know why that character was in the movie. Because all she does is. She says that one scene with the draft. Right rush them. She's the drafts like lover. And that's why she's riding on the back with Stubbins. Giraffe was Selena Gomez yes the GIRAFFE is Selena Gomez Man. I just have to imagine there's a whole like Rosencrantz and killed and stern plot with them that they had to cut I while living in Academy Award winner. Marion Cotillard named to for all those kids who loved Le Vian rose and want to see her in more. Their movies involves them jumping onto doolittle's bill bridge boat from bridge. It's all very unnecessary and polly. The Parrot Emma Thompson tells doolittle you need a human around you to remind you that you're human. Meanwhile this evil aristocrat played by Jim. Broadbent wants to kill the Queen and take the throne. I don't know if you really understand how monarchy works if the pain dies. It's not going to be this random chamberlain dude who becomes the king like seems like pretty basic height of a military coups. What he's planning. I'm not really sure. I mean what to weigh in with my knowledge of British history. If this is Victoria David did you live in England or I did live in England. Oh Yes yes. And that's that's something that's normal and well known about me and it's regular news. If Queen Victoria I mean how old is she supposed to be harassed? She's in her thirties. This is young. Victoria says Young Victoria. Yeah you know so. Her Kid would be like ten years old if not you know. So maybe maybe he's looking for a regency he wants to like sit on the throne while there's a child. King. Maybe but it's like I don't know Victoria had any siblings but usually the younger sibling within that she had any children. It goes kids first then siblings. I don't know I don't know that she had any kids at that point. Okay else do famous research skills to look up. How Old Queen Victoria was during the events of this movie which is based on true fact? I mean it was just. It was just so strange to me to see Queen Victoria presented as a young woman. When in my mind? She said she's a stout lady who says we are not amused to Sherlock Holmes. So I'm just plugged into the search bar in the metal archives. No results disappointing. Especially since Britain has such strong presence on the metal scene so and Jim Broadbent. I've seen him play bigger crazier characters. But you know it's fun to see him and he's got a he's got Michael Sheen delivering his best like John. Hodgman style character as an evil doctor. General right yeah and and Michael Sheen. Dr Mud flies is obsessed with how Dr doolittle always got everything he wanted. And everyone thinks he's so great but he's so crazy and Dr Mudflows is GonNa get it and Dr Mudflats seems to keep forgetting that. Dr Doolittle lost his wife to shipwreck and has lived as a recluse for so at the end of the movie. He's like Dr Dolittle. Now you're GonNa see what it's like to not get what you want for a change. And it's like his a widower come on man room. You are Dr to the Queen like have you not ascended to your highest honor. What is your what. What more could you be? Maybe I just always wanted a pet gorilla. I don't know that said is one of the one of the best things about this movie. I feel like even in arguments at the time. He's Michael. Sheen is acting in the movie that this wants to be. Because look guys yeah. Put some of my cards on the table. I did not find this. To be as disastrous. A movie is I had been led to believe partly because it looks beautiful. It's bright and colorful. It's not grim and grey invasion and brown everywhere and like black and white and with no colors. But it's like it wants to be cartoony or should be this cartoony rob like you're saying Dan but instead it's like it's weighted down by all these elements that don't really fit into that so by the time. They are like literally running from barbary coast. Pirates it's like. Why is this boring? Like I understand why. They're in a pirate there on a pirate islands fighting tiger and it's boring for some reason I will say I watched this film again. Thanks guys. I'm not appreciated Even Dan doesn't always do that right. I rented it on I tunes and I just got an alert from my my rental periods almost opposite of obviously I gotTa keep an eye on that and on my TV. I did not think I think this is of quite bad movie. But it's pretty easy to ignore like you can just kind of like have it on and like. Oh what's okay antics okay. Yeah the animals are making jokes. Seeing this in a theater you re really felt like being imprisoned with it like and and really it really like when you're really locked in with it really highlights. How bizarre some of the editing and some of the story smoothing is like it will jump from scene to scene with the Trying to fill in narrative gaps really quickly in this way where you're just like he's at missing what happened. That's right. I forgot to mention. This comes up especially with the pilot with her. Like we're GONNA have to sneak into that pirate island and polly is like so they did sneak into the pirate island. And then what happened? And it's like going to a scene where they snuck into the whole real that they were just like. I don't know they must have fallen off the truck shares. That's that's very interesting to hear that it was a different experience because to your point like when we were watching it audrey was like see this would be a perfectly fine thing to take a nap to on a Sunday. I was I was like Oh man this is going to be disastrous and then I was like my briefly considered watching it with my son and I was like. I don't want to subject to do it but now I'm like he could have watched. It would have been fine and I'm sure he would have enjoyed parts of it like this. I have been there there. Is that There's that like it kind of erotic scene. Where Antonio Banderas is just languishing amidst a beautiful tigers? Like I duNNo. It's pretty erotic tight. Orgy scene you want to introduce children. I mean that the real problem is my is my son during the draft. Chase would be like what voices that? Where have? I heard that voice. Is that Marion coach. Jr WE'RE GONNA hold on. No it can't be and on night same way that we watched big hero six yesterday and I hadn't seen it and I was like who is that voice and it bugged me the I'm like. Oh James Cromwell. That's WHO THAT VOICES TIM O. That's the farmer from Babe and he was like whatever whatever. Anyway so Jim Broadway sends mudflow to go after do little to stop him from saving the Queen at all costs. Do Little on the ship. He's boxing the gorilla trying to teach it to be brave. Because you know it's a guerilla who's afraid of things. It's hilarious then. He hears an Eerie Whistle at night and remembers his wife this. I don't quite know what they're getting at for. Sure here but it happens. And that's when I realized one of the monkees on the ship is named Elliot so I was like. That's cool. Do Little Calls Awale to help them with a worship that Dr mud fly is commanding tie harnessed to the whale to move their ship faster and the worship fires and Chichi the gorilla get scared and drops doolittle school rope. Because he's in kind of like a steam punk scuba suit or one of those aqualung type bathysphere suits but he survives. Just fine thanks to stubbins and they escape and that's when we realized that mudflows obsessed with Dr Dolittle and Mudflat established himself as the funniest character in the movie. But there's a lot of like a lot of mud fly just going like oh do little and I wasn't sure if I liked how single minded he is or if there were times where I was like I want to see a little more about what mud does when he's not feeling good gag where he was like looking through his telescope and two little had said something about how channels or something. Yeah that was. That was funny. Yeah I think there's a sort of a Meta funniness to it as well because it's fair for the characters to be like. Why is there a fuss about this? Little Guy Downey is barely trying. You know like the performance performances so baffling that I can under like Sheen. Should probably just be Dr doolittle. He Dr Doolittle he would have been a great doctor. He would have been a fantastic doctor little the fat. That ravages performance. It's not like Delos. Not just a reluctant hero. He's a Lupton reluctant. Living being you expect I don't know why this guy didn't didn't do still just stop breathing and pass out over and over again just to get away from day to day. Life like seems just existing. What I remember the depth comparison make sense to where it's like. I feel like both. These stars became kind of almost hostile to their own charisma. They got sick of their usual thing. And we're like well how about I just tie all my limbs behind my back and see if you know the movie still a hit like how tie fund can I be. Well they were. There must be something similar to yet when somebody is so it becomes so effortless to be successful that you try to sabotage yourself to see what were your so all about that. L. Is Studio is just to iron man. That'll be great. Just Tony Stark. And and like for whatever reason obviously he did not want to do because he had just been Tony Stark and like nine movies over two decades so he's was a billion dollars the other thing about his performance though is just kid a fucking English guy like Robert. Downey junior is great but him trying to do a Welsh accent. Like well this is. This is a little better than his terrible English accent in the Sherlock Holmes movies but he's not a character guy in that way. I don't think so why I put that on him and I think Michael is he welsh. Yeah he is so you got a Welsh guy. Who'd be really great at it right there but Michael. Sheen doesn't open big blockbusters Dan because without a big star. What do you have to convince kids to go? See a movie about a doctor who talks to animals and goes on an amazing adventure with pirates. What possible reason. What a Kid. WanNa see that for unless there's a big buffalo box office name in it. Like channing. Tatum like our kids like juniors in it. Okay but who voices the Polar Bear Johnson? All right. Let's go like. Is anyone from the big sick in it? Like unreal into comedy is. Jason clearly added very late in the game. Yeah yeah that feels like A. Didn't I mean I? I was just glancing through the Trivia. Didn't like Seth Rogan. Or somebody take a stab at a couple rewrites and chase chasing man soukous his part either got completely added or totally bulked out because I mean it's it's funny but it doesn't add anything to the story of the movie I mean he does. He does wake up tiger at one point now. Speaking of it's time for the side quest that involves Jason Man soukous because they can't just go straight to the entry. It's on an island that never exists that nobody has ever heard of because it's not real or whatever they've got to go to pirate island to steal lillies journal because that's the only place that says the island is This island it's called What Monteverde and they it's called. And it's run by King Antonio Mendez whose characters name I don't remember but he is Lily's father and so he's especially mad at doolittle because he blames him for not being there. When Lily died as if doolittle would have been able to save her from the shipwreck clear. Why he thinks do little should have been there at the time. Grandkids kids can tell that Antonio Banderas Scherzer is going to be an evil king because he already has multiple statues celebrating himself before he's dead and that's never a good sign and yet kids. I mean kids. Remember their Roman history and they're like Shades of Caligula. Perhaps as they nudge each other then. The Tiger Orgy happens and they'll get it. Yeah and then. They're like Oh. This guy's super cool. So they team up stubborn sneaks in with the help of some mafia and a heartsick dragonfly but accidentally they wake up the king in his lions or the Lions Tigers. I'm sorry it's Tiger Tiger later And he wakes up and he locks them all in a dungeon he lets stubbins go but he wants to be beaten by a tiger named Berry. meanwhile doolittle is being taunted by a criminal rabbit who is also in jail with an eye patch. And it's one of those things where it's like wait so is this rabbit rabbit that talks and his a criminal and commits crimes. Because the other animals don't have like the other animals. The idea of being in jail cell seems crazy. What was his beef with doolittle? He seemed to have a personal which the rabbit or the tiger the rap. Well the rabbit wasn't really clear. Tiger is a former patient of doolittles and for some reason to little abandoned him and his and his his feelings of never living up to his mother's expectations for him. That's the tiger. The rabbit just seems to be a jerk and the rabbit has the line. That made me wish. Maybe glad my son didn't see the movie because it would become his favorite line where the tiger walks in the radicals. All the doolittle. Do a little doodoo. I think you did do a little Doodoo and I was like yeah boy okay. I was the thing was. I was actively appreciating the fact that this movie didn't seem to have any toilet humor for a long time and then it all came at once in backloaded rushing rushing out to you like a blocked up dragging certainly releasing a huge guests fart. Your face there. Also this is the part where a he's being attacked by this tiger. He tries a couple of different funny choice to stop them but he can't teach you. The gorilla finally overcomes fear and kicks. Berry in what Barry refers who has his berry berries. And it's almost like at this point with Doodoo Berry Berry. Is Dan the we just kind of like is like you know what we're just doing the toilet humor. It's like the story Albert Brooks tells about for a band not getting laughs and he goes so I did it. I said Shit and then the audience goes crazy because he starts wearing stay and they love it. Stay Steal Journal but mud takes it. And he's like I'm a bad guy. I'm going to kill Queen Victoria and they sink doolittle's boat and the polar bear saves the ostrich thus cementing their friendship a subplot. That was not really set up to ahead of time but it was set up a little bit that they had kind of prickly with each other. But now they're best buds. Now now why why is Michael Sheen? Going to get magical thing that can cure the queen. If he's just trying to kill the Queen to Stop Robert any junior from getting it and maybe he's also going to be like look. I made this discovery. I'm famous now. Alas too late to save it queen well but also they tryin explain it. They they say that this island has all these like like unknown flora and fauna that. Because he's a scientist to. He will get all the glory of of of Zombie. I guess I wish they had gone even farther and made Charles Darwin the villain of the movie and and Michael was playing at Martin Sheen or maybe Martin Sheen was playing was playing Charles Darwin and it was like no if animals can talk to humans throws my whole theory of evolution and natural selection out the window. I have to defeat Dr doolittle funny to me. And so he has to go and he's going to make this big scoop. It's GonNa be a second collapse. Goes this this magic island? Oh I'll call it on the origin of the species to the reorganizing. Okay guys. I we have Dr Doolittle two already in the CAN. So Dr. Dylan's ready to give up. But the pirate king he says hey look we both miss my daughter so you need to keep going and he gives them a ratty old pirate ship they use Wales to track. Dr Mud fly to eat an island and they finally get there and the soldiers that are with mudflow capture them and mudflows F. I finally beat you. I guess not. Everything comes easy to Dr doolittle again. As I mentioned earlier forgetting that Dr Doolittle is a depressed. Widower has lost. The single. Most important thing to him will do anything whatsoever. If not for their plot to kill the queen. Yeah he's even scraping by this point. He almost got eaten by a tiger. It's like it's like a imagine somebody being like hating Franklin Delano Roosevelt. And being like see what it's like to not be the golden boy gets everything and Roosevelt. I can't walk like I've wheelchair. Did you forget about that? So but then. There's a guardian for the Eden Tree. It's a dragon that's right everybody. Someone mentioned dragons offhandedly once earlier in the movie that was all foreshadowed. We needed dragons. The dragons scares the soldier. Away and to doolittle instantly picks up. Dragon language. Because he's just that good. They bond over having both lost their spouses. Because in this world even mythological creatures have a certain amount of trauma and survivors feel. This was exactly the end of of Batman v Superman basically. We're both like your mom was Martha my mom widow widows or widowers. He made the Dragon. Each one of the British soldiers which I think is. Kind of a stirring commentary on anti-colonialism apparently has a lot of the other. Spanish army digested in her belly. There's a whole there's all these axes and helmets getting pulled out of the Dragon. Yeah has has devoured a lot of Spanish and now at least one British soldier and Dragons. We learn like snakes. Just swallow up in the whole thing hol digest what they can from it because guys. It's time for the apex of the Fart Humor. This dragon has a blockage in its rectum and Dr doolittle using only a leak. Because he's Welsh. We'LL HAVE TO RELEASE IT. And so he manages to remove all this armor thus freeing an enormous fart that hits Him Square in the face and every character seems to get their line with talk about how smelly it is and it was like I get it. Just pick one. Just have one comment. We'll make a not not full throated defense of this Fart joke because I hate. I don't hate part. I don't think they're necessary a movie. Like this. Take your throat. Should be the the orifice. You're using to defend this or the passage in your body to put position my microphone. No I the one thing I like. This sounds just like his regular voice to the one thing I liked about. This joke is how matter-of-fact everyone was after the war. The FART joke. They're like the they were all like. Oh you know it happens. Everyone nothing to be ashamed of like everyone was like trying to make the dragon feel better about the giant for it. I'm like Oh that's kind of kind of sweet so there's a little. Everybody poops sort of reaction to this. Yeah I mean it's it's a real. It's a real strong tolerance and anti bigotry. Message that we all Fart so really that different after all even murderers dragons who devour humans whole protecting some kind of quasi mystical thing fruit. Because then she says you have proven to me by helping me both psychologically and Ainley that you deserve and so they have the fruit they finally get there to Buckingham Palace just in time. The Queen is just on her deathbed. Her life meter above her head is is just blinking. That last bar as it as it disappears. Sonic music is playing Denton. That she's Yeah Jim. Robert has literally declared her dead at this point. I mean he jumped the gun a little bit on that one but the bad Guy Jim Broadbent. He tries to have them arrested. But the animals clear path for stubbins. Who Manages to like slide through someone's legs and catch the eden fruit and squeeze drop to her lips. I would have just smashed the whole thing into her mouth like decide. He decides to hope that this one drop makes it to her lips but it does revives and a stick insect who Dr Dolittle left on painting their days before rats out the Chamberlain and the Chamberlain does the Classic Bad Guy. Thing of runcie realizes. They've got him dead to rights instead of continuing to deny it he pulls out a knife and tries to fight his way out. Which is the guilty EST thing you can do? He's caught by because instead of being like well. I'm the Chamberlain of London. And that's a stick insect that you say talking. None of us can hear it. Like it's going to hold up in a court of law interpreting for a stick insect. How can you trust the stick? Insect did was sit around on a painting all day. Like what a boring thing. I wish it went to trial and he was like ladies and gentlemen of the jury. Can we trust an insect? That's already trying to deceive us into thinking. It's a stick. I rest my case your witness and had kept his cool he might have gotten away with the prosecutor for the state is like just visceral. We've got nothing now. Shit our lead witnesses a bug. Who came up with this? Let me bring in bring in the next witness He got stepped on. What's at worst would would cut a deal with the prosecutor and the situation but the idea? There was like yeah. Yeah do little says this bug said that thing. I guess he got him. Doolittle takes on Stubbins as an apprentice and he reopened his home as a pet hospital and also leaves the movie open for a sequel during the credits. We see paintings. That seem to depict doolittle and some of the animals being knighted by the Queen. So there's a Sir doolittle and a lady DAB DAB I guess and in a mid credits scene. That did not go the way. I thought it was where Dr Mudflow is still alive in the cave and it seems like it seems like he's picked up the language of the bats in the cave and it was like. Oh so he's going to come back in the sequel as bad guy who talks to me like evil sinister animals but then the bats eat him. Well they remember the tournament Moebius the living vampire they cover him the swarm of bats and this children's film. Yeah presumably the eat to the bone and that's and that's the end of it and I guess we'll never find out what happened to Dr Mud. Fly because I don't think there's going to be a doolittle two or too little. I guess when I think about one hundred million dollars anyone's getting any sequels I expected amid credit sequence where we find that his wife is still alive just shipwreck somewhere and I would've been willing to bet on it but instead we get death by bat game. I was hoping that she was going to walk out onto a beach. And be like it's GonNa be Carnage and Oh sure that would make no sense. If you knew if you knew the comics already. That would make a lot more sense. And also woody Harrelson is wearing that crazy. Wendy's from Wendy when even Wendy's wig wagging in with it is one of the one of the. It is so goofy to me to get talking about venom moment. This is a movie that has already decided that venom a character whose sole existence is to get revenge on Spiderman does not need spiderman in his story but carnage does need to have curly red hair. Because that's what it's like in the comics even though he's playing my famously bald actor like it's so do little at Dan. Let's do our next Segment that ties up the movie talk about new little and that is to decide final judgments whether it's a good bed movie. Abed bed movie or a movie of like guys. I'M NOT GONNA say it's kind of like but here's the thing I come down. Where Elliott is? Where was like I thought this was going to be a fiasco and I was like you know what whatever like. Here's the thing I think. I think that this movie is not has a lot of problems but it would not have been viewed as such a huge Vasko if it wasn't the movie that Robert Downey junior decided to make directly after his hugely successful run as iron man. Tony Stark like it it. It has problems but it it. It's making a stab at a kind of like high adventure children's thing that I like in general. It doesn't have like the pop culture a minute references of sonic. And I kind of appreciate it for that if this movie was basically the same movie but they made it animated pretty good. I. I don't know I mean I know I kind of feel the same way and I know that there's movies that I really liked as a kid. That are no better than than this movie like and there are movies that people I know liked lot from when we were kids goonies that I think is. This is a better movie than go. Come at me and hit me on the Internet guys better movie. The goonies but I think it's I think The the I don't know actually I'm curious to hear what you're saying you experience. The theater was different that you felt trapped with. It's I will just as I was saying like. There's a lot of hasty editing. It's sort of strange. You know cuts to the animals singles on the animals that are just saying joke that just suggests like whatever the initial concept was here. It's lost like so is instead like sort of several steps the dark you know. He's a sad depressed guy and his animals depressed too and the only to figure out how to whether emotional pain together. There's that through line. But then there's also the ripping high seas adventure kids movie and then there's the sort of we becoming a bunch of celebrities. Say funny stuff like it just feels like there's a studio movie there's the original directors movie and then there's the sort of like salvage job. Okay Robert Downey junior movie and I would take any of them and call it just a regular old bad movie that is perfectly entertaining for kids putting them all together makes makes it feel pretty like Winston dosing. I I know what you guys are saying. The downey the downy thing really hurt like this sort of like Oh people are sort of waiting you know. They were smelling blood. They wanted a bomb. Just a ding him with yeah. I kept seeing in reviews that point that Dan was saying that like this. Is the movie that Robert Engineer decided to make as if he owed it to the world to to make he owed it to each individual reviewer to make the movie they wanted to see him make whereas like I dunno always loves Dr Doolittle Stories. Or maybe he was like. I like he was. He is remarried. Jer whatever the judge the people want more of the judge. Just just that but it was. It was one of those movies where I was. I was just I was like this. I mean the trailers for it made it look like an even more of a mishmash than the movie was because the trailers were done up as if it was like a big dramatic adventure movie. But then you'd have the clips from the animals but with dramatic music over them so it was like who's made this trailer what's going on but I found myself be like kind of thinking. It was going to be more of a disaster than it was STU. You're the you're the tie-breaking vote here since since. Okay 'cause it's two to one right now. I'm going to be on team David here. I will give this movie a B. minus that's right not enough Tony and heiress be mighty. That's very generous. Great Yeah No. I didn't like this movie at all. Worse Than Sonic. The hedgehog Raves Stewart. Yeah it's I mean it's sloppy and like yeah like it doesn't even seem to care that it's on there on the screen. It's you know it's barely a movie if you had this movie and you put Jim Carey's performance from sonic the Hedgehog in it as Dr Doolittle. You'd have you'd I'd be like sure I'll let my kids watch that any day of the week. Sure that's fine would at least have consistently manic energy in that you know. There's two things that I found. Sort of grueling around this one is tied to be Welsh because of the famous Welsh like neo druidic Doctor Guy from the Victorian Era William Price. Is someone the Down Junior? Thinks is a cool dude. I guess or is fascinating. So He's like Dr doolittle right like right right and like stuff. The name is not a good name. But anyway yeah. You're say it's a funny idea but not for this movie like not. It feels like he just had sort of a fun idea that relate does not relate to a movie about farting dragon but then the inferior to call the movie about a farting drag racing. One-seat Hollywood reporter sort quote unquote expose about like. What went wrong with doolittle said that. Downey met up with the guy who is rewriting. It tore up the script pages. Dramatically said I have some new ideas with a twinkle in his eye and propose the farting dragon conclusion. So I don't know what to believe. Like did he want to make a weird Welsh doctor bio pic. Or did he want to make a farting dragon movie? I mean maybe he wasn't. He wasn't sure himself. Yell unsure of itself. I would stick bug on the wall of that conversation junior to translate and you'd be like well. You could just be saying this Robert Junior like I don't know if the stink bug really thinks that I mean this is just a guess on my part but I would assume that like yeah the goofy or shit. This movie was the stuff that was quote quote trying to save it right. There was original movie right. There was a fear like Oh this isn't going to be a kid's movie that plays we need to juice up the jokes that makes but I still still like it. Could I mean I if anything now I'm like it doesn't fully work at the end of day but like give them credit for trying to kick it up and lighten it up so that we didn't get a super dour movie? Where like his where. Where like a trying to think what else would happen? And we're like yes to murder someone at the end or the pillow. He just put it over Victoria. Space cries and says I'm sorry. Turns his back on humanity in the last you see of him is just naked wandering into a jungle to be with the animals. I mean I'm so much of it. Felt like the the Robert Downey. Junior most likely came on set. He had this very low energy kind of weird character that he had dreamt up and nobody want like could talk him out of it and they're just like fuck it. Okay let's go right. We'll shoot it and then we'll fix it. That combined with Stephen Geoghegan being like yeah we can do an emotional two hundred million dollar movie. And because he had down he's backing. He was allowed to with that caveat of like well you know we'll just do re-shoots like if it doesn't work we'll just do. You can do a huge emotional blockbuster movie with Robert. Downey junior in it. It's called avengers. Endgame Boom In theaters. Now Oh non theaters now. It's been rely largely close. Don't go to right now. Go again when it's time when things have opened up. I guess what I'm saying is don't what are you. You're wasn't it nice? When vendors again game was out and there was no pandemic and we went to see movies and Robert Downey junior is in them and they were nice back when he could do no wrong so I guess Dan. This fit into a rubric. It should we try to give it ratings because mine is I. I wouldn't quite call it a movie. Kinda liked what I only gets good bad or bad bad. So yeah same here. These guys things bad bad. That's have it. I don't know about that. I mean I would know it's right for David gets extra votes. Yeah Came Ex Funster. 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Just stop putting this on me not legally liable. I'm just the middleman that's do less. Dot Com okay. Let's move on from site that I hope squarespace can help me with and you gotTa start telling me it doesn't work. You don't even try to get the the next part of this. Podcast is the jumbotrons. That's where you tell us something to say and in this case What I am saying is I am a freelance graphic. Illustrator who specializes in fantasy and SCI FI. Portrait's my pieces make great gifts for anyone who likes tabletop. Fantasy video games or their own special fandom just visit illustration dot com to check out my commission. Work now I need to clarify the spelling of this This URL is. I L. L. U. S. T. R. A. T. I. A. N. DOT COM on. I just checked it out. 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You'll realize whether or not we're just GonNa waste your evening know that you never have to leave your home again to see us guys. Are we gonNA talk about Howard? The duck the movie that introduced the world to the idea of ducks with boobs which they wouldn't need because ducks don't bear live young. They lay eggs. That's correct Elliot. Good point and guys. Are we going to do this for a charity yet? To be determined because the three of us have not yet been able to agree on a charity to do it for that is correct it will be free to watch however throughout we will be encouraging Donations to charity. We will have place to send folks and we will have some sort of raffle prizes. Like this price. I keep threatening Going to set up a website called only Dan fans. Where if you're a fan of dance you can come. And we'll just see pictures of Dan. Maybe chat all that kind of stuff. My son would love that. He's a big fan of Dan. Not me though so. That's June sixth. At nine PM Eastern time six billion Pacific and just go to the Flop House. Podcast DOT COM for more information about where and how to see it Okay so let's move on to letters from listeners listeners. Like you that up. It's a long show. Don't have time for a song. Do little letters this first letters from James last name withheld? Who writes clubs dorms? Gordon Elliott mentioned. The Lighthouse was surprisingly relatable in this time of isolation's but is it the best thing to watch. There's some things I can't go to the CDC for so I come to you. What's the best thing to watch now? Something similarly isolating something totally freeing with crowds normal life. Something that can in uncomfortably enmesh itself into my now fragile psyche sending me into a downward spiral an unending. Fever dream trapped in repetition with no end in sight. I hope you can help us make sense of life and the way you always do with film sincerely James last name withheld i. It's weird I during quarantine have been going in two opposite directions I have either watched things that sort of echo life as it is right now in interesting ways or I have gone for Total lightness I think that the one thing. I can't stand right now as much as I could. Maybe something that takes a lot of intellectual or emotional energy from me but But I watch yes but I watched like Movie called What was it called? Await further instructions which is about a family trapped inside during a disaster that they know very little about and there's themes of scapegoating racial scapegoating stuff. There's a authoritarian but not very bright. Perhaps a father character who sways people very easily there are uncanny parallels to life right now and I kind of enjoyed for that in a grim way and then on the other side of things I've been watching like I don't know Audrey Hepburn Musicals and rewatching thirty rock so I I think both are are good ways to go. Have you guys been choosing your entertainments right? Now it's just been for myself. I've been watching a lot of Some light things but also I've been watching the news over and over again because that's what. Sami wants to watch so If you look at the pie chart of movies watched over the quarantine fully thirty five percent of it is just newsies but the same time I don't know I think I'm trying to achieve normalcy by just watching the things I would normally watch you know during our less blood episode it. I remembered that I hadn't watched a lot of Japanese movies a while and so I've been watching a bunch of Japanese movies that I have on my cable box. I've been trying to just kind of like make a little pocket of normal for myself. Just watch the movies that I would be watching if nothing else was going on. But that's just what my one way of coping with. Its Stu David. Have you been watching? I've been watching. Tv was charlene. We've been doing a We've been doing A. It's a rewatch for her. But we're watching the shield The early two thousands fx Michael Chiklis Police Procedural And it was kind of like it was pretty important when it was originally released. I'm assuming it was important. Because the fashion choices are in a credible and like every other episode begins with like a sad alison chain song But it's it's great I like it a lot and And we're punctuating that with weekly Releases of the what we do in the shadows. Tv show which is the best television show curly on so watch that? If you haven't yeah I've been all over the place that we we did. Watch the entirety of the. Oc Me and my partner. So it's not like I'm not binging old. Tv that I enjoyed when I was young and fancy free but I do. I've been wavering. Between like watching sort of comfortable classics that I enjoy and trying to like knock. Off Game things on my criterion watch watchlist trying to fill in gaps. You can take advantage of the time. I wrote a piece on the Atlantic. About Westerns. I had a whole like couple of weeks were all. I watch westerns. Just because I wanted stuff that was set outside like anything with like vistas and sweeping landscapes was sort of doing it for me that that was probably the most fun phase so like wild wild west West and then ranger you loan ranger African Eleven Ella Red River Rio Bravo things like that. Like just just fun stuff. The I will find watching movies. I'm being not triggered. Is the wrong word. But like kind of shocked by little Mo things that I didn't expect to Dan. My wife and I are in the middle of watching a movie recommended a while ago. The best thing that ever happened right lament about uh about merrily we roll along. And there's the part that's weird about seeing a theater full of people watching a play but it's even weirder to see television news covering up. Play in previews that is having trouble with its production and being like. Oh the news to cover stuff. That wasn't like the end of the world news would sometimes cover that. These famous people are making a play and a musical and it's not going great and it was just that was the most shocking thing to me. been in a nice way. I was just watching. I was just watching that underwater movie. The monster movie set underwater. And and there's there's some stuff that I really like and All Day interiors great but specifically when they're like walking around in these cool Robo suits underwater and you're kind of trapped inside this little shell with the actors that's really great and it was kind of more effecting for me but yeah and then then the movie had the will pull back and you'll get this big sweeping vista with marvel style chirons. And you're like Oh that's not as good under water. I like it when a movie doesn't have a first act always a fan of know movies. Yeah throws you right in it? And we're underwater. Oh no the whole thing exploded like that's the beginning of the like a Lotta Times ourselves while we deal with this. Hi Folks later well normally movie like that would explain like Oh. Let's spend the first third of the movie explaining why this thing is so important and Like wide I'll never arcs and right. Yeah no you just want to see it explode. That's that's all I'm here for. Well that's funny it's funny how Movies will get complimented for opposite things like I feel like I've seen so many reviews with the great thing about this movie is it really takes. Its time and explains who the characters are before. The action happens and other reviews. Were like the best thing about this movie. Is it really gets into the action right away and doesn't waste time explaining all the characters and it's like wait a minute. I guess it's whether they do it well or not. There's always the reviewer who's like I wish they'd spent more time explaining who the babysitter was before she died. All the babysitters reached talked to my gritty reboot of. Don't tell mom the babysitter's dead. When are we going to finally tell the babysitter stories so it ends with her getting to the house? So you know it's like a joker style thing where the movie ends just as the character becomes remotely interesting. Yeah no I was just imagining a much. Like Grammar version of. Don't tell mom the babysitter's dead now where they like. Put Her in one of those link. Big like freezers in the garage. Really have to do all this. I don't know like Mexico. The murderer and the little key and the youngest kid thinks that the body is talking to him and he's his is breaking down. Yeah Yeah babysitting wise. We call it. This second and final letter is from. I believe I'm going to try and pronounce this keer. I don't know it's K. I R. E. APOLOGIES. If I'm doing it wrong but here writes hi. I'm a Toronto filmmaker and my new feature. The last porno show just premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. I just listened to your latest podcast on the joke. Thief thought it was great. A little story about the joke thief. Apparently the script was ten pages. What I mean. Apparently that makes perfect sense. One of the actress told me the script consisted of a few scenes and a bunch of spots. Where just said seen will be added here which I believe. I've had to transcribe three of francs scripts. Oh Frank writes a script border until he's bored and whatever he comes up with is the film. There's no it's fucking insane. The reason the reason why I'm reaching out is because francs. I'm ranked second largest fan. The first being himself I've been obsessed with him for years so much so that I casted him cast him in my film. Not only is this the first time. Frank has acted in someone else's film but it's the first and only time he got invited to tiff. He plays a method acting teacher in my film. And it's easily the best acting he's ever done. Aside from Casting Franken my film I've had the fortune slash misfortune of helping him on his own films easily. The most stressful thing I've ever put myself through. I could go on for days but just to give you an idea. We shot his new his two new feature films in two and a half days and one of them is a hockey film Anyway Cure promotes their movie The last porno show. I can't you know speak to its quality but you know it has a couple reviews on online. Seems like it got pretty good reviews and you can see Frank Angelo in different film not directed by himself days. Are You David are you familiar with the works of Frankie Angelo? I mean familiar in that. I know of never encountered. I've never actually put myself through them. Do you think I should do? You think it's like a nice quarantine project for the Atlantic is looking for articles. Were true you know you. GotTa make content about something. No I mean I guess you could just go to the theaters and write about. What's playing their own. Hold on a second. It looks like Frank Dangelo is your new best friends. Moving called the wretched has been the number one movie two weeks in a row at the box office. It's playing some drive ins in Florida. I think I know deposit is probably worth watching right. Not that was just one to an actual movie while still being like amusingly bad like it is a trim outward. Don't see the joke thief and Sicilian. Vampire is only worth it for the scene. Where James Caan S to bite him so that he can make him into a vampire and doesn't seem to think anything weird about that does sound pretty good. But I'm seeing that. I'm seeing here that no deposit is eighty minutes to Sicilian vampires. One hundred and twenty four. So I think I'M GONNA go with no deposits. No deposit does have does have two of the best lines in cinema. His and I won't tell you what they are. Let's just say Franklin Jealous Enough says Robert Loggia says one of them Franklin if only he could Robert Lage's role right. I believe it is yes. Frank Angeles specializes in giving famous actors their last role every every one of these doubles as a last known photo for a former Hollywood star. Yeah okay so guys Time for our final segment and that is recommendations of movies movies that you should watch probably instead of do little unless I don't know you're like seven year old in which case you shouldn't be listening to this not at all not at all. I'm going to recommend a movie that we watched just recently Audrey is a big fan of Enrique. George clews Oh but has not seen you know several of the movies and she was interested in the wages of fear which is one of my favorite movies whereas like no not two and a half hours of that tonight. Let's watch this movie that neither of US had seen? That was ninety minutes called. Look Corbeau the rain but the Raven yes And it's about there's a doctor in a small town who becomes the target of some poison pen letters and then sort of everyone in the town becomes the target of these Letters all signed by the Raven and it creates chaos. No one knows who it is. It's you know He's talked of as the French hitchcock. This movie is kind of right at the corner of Hitchcock and film noir. Avenues with the with a lot of frenchness thrown in and It's sort of a thriller. Sort of just a drama about the way mobs can tear things apart and it's also It was it was banned for a while. It has like very frank talk about abortion and sex sexuality in it for a movie that was made in nineteen forty three and I. It's kind of interesting too because It feels absolutely no need to make its protagonist likable anyway which You know makes it very easy to sort of like suspect everyone the film of of some sort of wrongdoing? But it's it's it's you know like I said Ninety minutes. It's on criterion We liked it a lot stewart. Let you got oh. I will recommend the recently released on. Hbo Bad Education Starring everybody's favourite Jack Man Hugh Jackman. Ray Romano Allison Janney. It's time someone says Allison Janney. I think they're going to say alison chains every single time. That so Allison Janney on your metal times. Just give me a second just known for recording of the Jackal so it says no result the. Yeah so it's it's the second. It's the second movie directed by the direct Corey Finley directed thoroughbreds and it's great thriller based on based on an article which is based on a true story about What is it? Long Island Intendant who had been a skimming money from the district and it's this thriller about corruption that slowly reveals the story In such a careful and specific way so that you are kind of dragged along Like this conspiracy slowly unfolds for you. The viewer almost just like it does for the the characters in the movie It's really great and in a time when there's a lot of new stuff coming out it's a it's a real gem so if you get a chance check it out. I am going to recommend a movie. I mentioned earlier that I'm watching more Japanese movies because I realized I haven't seen a Japanese movie in a while and I finally got to see floating weeds. That's right floating weeds. It's an ozone movie starring Zero Nakimora and Machiko. Kyo Yes that's right that machiko Kyo from gate of Hell and get Sumani Guitar. One of my favorites And this is the one thousand nine hundred nine version. This is story that owes who told twice. This is the version. That's in color and with sound and it's the story of this kind of pretty low rent acting troop that shows up in a small seaside town for a run of shows of old fashioned kind of Kabuki style drama and in that town unbeknownst to almost everybody else. The head of the acting troop has an illegitimate son and And an ex lover and the son does not know that it's his father. He thinks that this is his uncle who shows up every twelve years. Show hasn't been there so hasn't been there a long time and it's about what happens when that secret starts to come out and the movie is told like a lot of those who movies very like deceptively simply and deceptively slowly. But it's a beautiful looking movie and he's one of those directors where when I was young I like didn't wasn't quite on the right wavelength for it now that I'm older. I really loved the way that he just photographs things in the way that he lets the stories play out and so I thought it was really great and It has comedy moments. That's got heavy dramatic moments in the acting. Truly great at it. It's called floating weeds. David Love Floating Weeds I WANNA come in mid August. Lunch Which is a little Italian. Movie from Two Thousand and eight. I interviewed Barry Jenkins for the Atlantic a couple of weeks ago. Just ask him like Hey. What are you watching because again got to write about something and this was a movie he recommended to me that I had never even heard of It's by Johnny de Gregorio. And he said he'd seen at a film festival and sort of vaguely remembered it and he was thinking about Italy a lot about the sort of small towns in Italy in the older population because of what was going on in the world and he flipped on this. It's I think it's eighty minute Sort of like sweet sad little comedy about a guy who starts looking after everyone's cranky relatives in his town when they all want to go on vacation in August and it kind of is just one of those like clever little comedies that creeps up on you like real sense of place real sense of character. Johnny Geico Oreo. It's on Amazon mid August lunch. Great Okay well. We've come to the end of this marathon. David yes do you have anything you want. Plug blank check who griffin and David. My podcast we take directors who given a blank check by Hollywood at some point in their careers to make some kind of insane passion project the movie and we go through their whole photography. Up and down you guys were on the Manchurian candidate episode for me mini miniseries recently. We're just wrapping up George Miller now and you know movies does he have one of the wildest filmography is director. Yes yes he does so enjoy that it's a it's a it's such a good show. I think I've alarmed Griffin David by tweeting. Too much about how I've been listening. I am alarm. -Able Okay Good Audrey like. We came out of the room wants. It'd be like are we going to is just going to hear. David's Griffin Newman. All quarantine like hey man. It's hell. Yeah it's making me feel good. It's comforting meters time. So check it out. I say thank you. Yeah we'd be listening to more Allison Janney if she had a longer metal discography but I guess that's so guys that's it you know. Check out the other shows the maximum fun network Maximum Fund Dot Org. Stay safe where mask Be Good to each other. All that stuff Yup Yup and For the flop as I've been Dan McCoy. I'm Stuart Wellington. I'm Kaylin Dave and David is David. I'm David Sims this kind of thing that we're supposed to tell our guests that they're gonNA do episode. Eighty percent sure was say something. But I've been I've been like his voice in the background. That was if I'm not supposed to say something and I introduced myself at the end Phil Yell at me so I better not do. We're pretty mean anyway by everyone. I don't know why you feel the or ups by kind invitation for socializing for a neighbor but consider revenge from when you interrupted me thanking him for being on the show so yeah. There's like two hours of this shit you're gonNA. This is the high energy excited. Maximum DOT ORG. Comedy and culture are too stoned audience supported.

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#23 - BEER - Scott Sengpiel - Snap-on Tools

The Down and Dirty Show

1:36:13 hr | 3 months ago

#23 - BEER - Scott Sengpiel - Snap-on Tools

"Welcome ready to because every enjoys roadrunners and we have a true roadrunner. A great friend of mine. Just put up a fantastic. Instagram photo of So you can backlog. You can look this gentleman's podcast. You look look at this gentleman's life because he is tremendous human being have spent a lot of hours a lot of time a lot of tears. Let of blood sweat and gears and ranchers in tools. Because this gentleman. I'm banging on my own a bar right now. We are in my dasa. Meal aka fifty fifty and This gentleman and i have shared a lot of road miles. So i guess we're both roadrunners side by side. And i've seen him grow up. Let's let's just be quite honest. Because i've seen him develop into a human being that was really basic from the midwest and look at them now he is. He's teaching me things about life. And i think it's i think it's the paddle i think we'd teach each other things about life and that's why this gentleman he said this is first podcast. So congratulations i am breaking your virginity. And i think this'll be really fun. And i'm i'm eager to hear his path. I know a lot about it. But i wanna share some because some people probably see me tag on instagram or know about my relationship with the company you work for and i love the ambiguity of coming into the introductions but you know so it it happens. Oh we can't hear it here we go. Oh that's knows it up with my own there. We finally headed so what we're talking about is a great friend of mine and now a great of yours man is truly a road runner a racer a lover of all things travel food and now you get to learn about a great friend of mine. Scott sing peel scottsdale. What's up man. Hey man appreciate it. Thanks for having me daily. I love like. I wanna do your podcast sam. Now than will never be podcast. So if he's listening to this. The drift idiot ak will never be on this. Until he's on my podcast hundred percent. Yeah that's fact back you will never be on my podcast. Hell he's on my podcast. So scott yours and mine relationship first and foremost scott you. You live in. Wisconsin born raised school. You currently work in wisconsin. And and i think i think notably yours minds. Relationship comes from our work but then our relationship has grown into something much more than that because we spent a lot of time on the road traveling now. Our friendship webs have tangled. You are primarily. An how i got some meet you twelve years ago who you work for. Snap on tools right. Actually i think it was almost thirteen because i went to drift. Shifter's read the rebel world drift championship. Up so i brought our. Vp out is zero exposure to sort of importer racing. So bring her out to long beach. I think it was right. It was because remember the fires that were halliday long beach so we had all these toolboxes out there because we were trying to find out like what young technicians might like so we had all these different toolboxes side note. Had a box of frederick osborne on it which turned out into an actual series. That came out with formula drift. But that's a side so yeah we were doing this deal out at long beach and all this ash toolboxes. We're just covered in ashes. You know so. It was really interesting because you know we we get there and i had known of drifting just being part of sort of the emperor community and we put her in a car. It was an ra. Thirty four. i think would that be like. I don't remember who that would have been but show you know what i know. I know who it was how It was a japanese driver. It was the signal car and she like normally goes to get in the past that. I'm like no no no go go over jaydee going this is right and then i rode with a dude who had a e thirty six was almost like a like a like a like a hatchback like a three eighteen. Yeah yeah it was like a three eighteen or something heck was that i remember but he hosted in their pretty good. It was it was well. That's right that track was so interesting any drifting fans out there. If you don't know now you know. The red bull. Drifting world championship happened at the port of long beach across the bridge. Almost on your way to san pedro kind of right in between and now they've obviously shipping and everything's going in blowing up right now or kind of actually not as a lot of boats out on because not enough employees given the current climate at twenty twenty one but that track you when they did like satellite shots just from that one event so much asphalt what was laid down it was wild it was a great event in and that was the first time it because i was introduced to you by chris that guy that guy from img and his name escapes me right down we because we came up into the sort of the sponsor decker whatever and he introduced me to you and then fast forward. Maybe six months later we were doing. An event are ash and oak commerce. That you have been to multiple times and we had no didn't we didn't we secondly meet at road. America when von junior was doing demos see at the coal. Look i do have some memories. Kids have that if you know if everybody so sometimes there are times when i don't know and then it was weird. I will backtrack. Because i fell asleep in the car. Driving from ray service to our house. It's it's a little bit of attract and i woke up to my own voice. And you listening. To larry channon conversing. I was like this is like a real weird like i dunno like self ejaculation kind of moment. But i was like okay. I'm is it. They're left on my own jokes. Because it's like i don't remember them totally everything's normal. It's like at least passed out. I'm gonna listen to this one. Because i've been meaning to listen to the larry larry because i worked with larry on some stuff so yeah it was funny like that was like i liked drifting and then i remember like i met you again at that road america event. The brian redman wrote america. If you don't know yep it's lake ellsworth right. Elkhart lake elkhart lake saint elkhart lake which is an an amazing track and the track originally went through the streets of right and then they actually built a track at one. Point was the longest racetrack in the world. Intel the longest racetrack in the country's me in the The larry h. Miller miller motorsports park and track was built. And then now we're turns four point two miles. It's beautiful it's america america. It's like inside essentially a forest. So you go through the back section of the track and it's race there in the fall and it's incredible Laxer boehner right now. I put great like that. Is that embodies. yeah. I love it. It's it's it's it's a beautiful track. It's amazing to see so wisconsin so mid west because the big carousel is called the. Let's call the carousel. I know but it's branded by johnson. Ville brought the johnson phil broad carrizo. Actually that johnson bill bridge used to be the snap on bridge really used to be. Snap umbrage alright pizza. Repeat of the bridges. Well the bridge still exists. But yeah i think even better than it is in canada i love it. It's it's incredible track so so the second time we met so we met the rebel drift world championship and then parlay that two months later rocket. Juniors doing demos ace right so the colour classic right. That was the brian redman challenge which is like where they raised vintage cars and stuff like that and so i don't know how i ended up there. I think i went with a friend of mine. And so i'd always loved drifting. And then i saw vaughn go into what's called the which is called the carousel which is very big long sweeping right hand corner very very long. And that's like they call it the engine killer because it's so long pushes oil out of your motor and then boom that's where you pop it to the sidewall. Nothing sucking up. He comes into turney. Which is the entry into canada and you can hear. He's obviously at the top of the limit and housing it right. Boom throws it sideways in canada. And then i hear him full throttle shift to fourth and then shift fifth and i was like god damn legit like really and that's when i was like i had a whole new level of respect because i know what that corner is like and then to hear him make two shifts through that corneau's like whoa and actually oddly enough. That was the first time. I met andy lipka because oh really oh yeah. He was filming. He was filming. An and i don't remember who i was there with. Or how. I got there jake. Jake was with me and we were like cool. I'll take it all the spots. I showed him the hidden spot inside canada and the hidden spies the carousel where he could go film and he was like. Oh my god this is great like showing them all the spots and yeah that was that was going through that last turn is even sketchy that wooded area. We're kind of a elevated corner. Yeah so. That's canada corner. Okay watched a guy outage at brian. Redman challenge stuff couple years later. He stuff nikki. Loudest ferrari there. Oh snap mueller one car. Yeah that's no joke. That's no joe. And and here's vaughn. And at the time. Justin pollock was actually doing demos on the cartridge. Two and four had a great activation. There so i was calling the drifting. This is kind of me. Just popping in and announcing drifting and and part of this year's is so this is like to thought this would have been two thousand nine. Okay so let's let's i don't have a jamie. Like rogan has gene. I don't have jamie. I just need somebody else like chime in. They're like nope. That was wrong. Okay my on might have still been a falk and livery joe thousand set. He was definitely still because then. It was right after that chris. I said hey. We're doing this event at our conference and we had ken gucci And and travis pastrana. That's right because we had a formula drift version toolbox and we had up travis pastrana tools and so we had a demo with both of them on friday night and we needed somebody to hype the crowd and right we got the guy. That's where jared comes in yup and we did a demo in the rodeo bullpen. Inside south site in henderson nevada. That's boulevard it's like uber slick gouzer super sketched out. Well the pile. The concrete super saw like super polish. Because they put different kinds of dirt down for different horse things in rodeos. And whatever so like like travis goes out this a funny story travis goes out and like tests it pops a cylinder. I don't know i don't do that. But it goes out zillow. It'll still run and then bush's brother was like he travis goes will. Can i still do it. And then yeah dan he's wall. I mean i guess we could just disconnect the plug so you still have compression. He's like yeah and so then. We ran the whole devil. Didn't need that much friday. Any of it. You could have gone around a scooter and estrada here. We go over. Those guy's crazy number. One ninety nine is broken bones body. It's about to break more. Here's an here's a funny insider on that one too so we tell them what we're doing on friday night and they're like okay well who you're having coming well shortly before that when travis had a show on. Mtv he jumped off base jumped off the palms. We had snap on. Had to sign a thing. That said travis will not base. Jump off the south point really. Yeah it was. A weird travels knows that but i i probably unbeknownst but yeah. It was like he's not allowed to do that. I was. I think that was sort of part of the tv show. But okay yeah totally. So can negoti comes out in his vehicle at the race. I don rogue status. Tc that's right. gosh. I love it. Because we're all kinda blends together. Oh yeah so singularly for you you have these kind of more unique events right so i think i think there's this popout events for me i can remember yes of course but it's like popping in with those colors and liveries it. It's very much overlapping. But let me clarify. Because you're a car guy to give you credibility you currently have a radical. You're building a bmw. Forty six yeah I always tell people like just to give you a little cred. Not that this is like your feather in the cap like end. All be all but you had the first ls not. I sorry you're the first rocket bunny. Fda rx7 in the states for mind you abomination all you wrote heads can suck it because he put ls so fuck you so but but you you built. Ls fdr at seven but as the first rocket. Bunny fd in the states. So mike got the first kit. And i got the second. My matt mad. mike would. There's a lot of mike's on the world can clarify. Who really cares. So man mike. I'm only doing that. Hello scott said he loves it and now he's gonna hello. Yeah oh you can't do it. I want to be like steve aoki and just like blast. That hit me with the so so mad mike would ahead. The first rocket bunny. Fd the one. I had the second one ever made so it was actually so mike the first one so he he and is kit was made out of the first mold. You have to ask can more. Yeah but so he. And i think they went out of a different mold but yeah we had the first sick so mike technically launched it to the world. I launched it to north america school. Which is a little. Do you know where the car lives. Now i actually you know what. I would just put it on facebook today about like a memory of my car that iran at spring mountain when i was doing ultimate street car and i was like man. I miss this car like it was so fun. Had a little cam. Heads like made four fifty two tire ripper and i was like man. I miss that car. I gotta build another one. I mean but you're building forty six. Feel like you're getting a little more. Refine i mean i still i mean. Fda is one of them was. We had this conversation that i would say that you know. Of course there's i work with many different manufacturers of his toyota or ford and you know in in different capacities over the years even mazda and and all these companies audi for me is one of the most beautiful vehicles like out of the gate right now. Oem are a six avant that hits all the triggers for me. It's a wagon. It has great lines has all. The creature comforts all that stuff. The fdr seven is one of the most beautiful car lines hundred percent. It's of all time. Yeah i mean you look at it and like you know. Of course everybody. That kind of came up at that time where you're watching. Everybody saw fast and furious right. And you see and you're like what is that. I can't i was pulled over a mike. What ideal you know like this. It was loud. And i mean it looked wild. You know and what did i do like. Hey man like what is this thing. And i was like. Oh it's a mazda. Rx7 weird kid on it or wherever like it sounds wild. and i'm like yeah just a corvette motor. You know nothing crazy. And they're like their brains out of like select dini. No no no we just wanted to see it. And i was like oh cool like so then i would get out of the car and like open the hood wrap with them little bit about the car and whatever and they loved it like really. Yeah i mean. I would go to gas stations. Like sick corvette dude. I'm like yeah. Thanks man yes it is ever tell you the story and i probably said on this podcast before when i got pulled over it was the t two thousand five gumbo three thousand when i got pulled over in italy because maximilian and our driving the orange five fifty marinella those rap like general up and we got pulled over purely based on the strength that the italian police police. I had never seen an orange five fifty. Mary's and the pull this over. Just i have photos of me wearing their hats. Like in front of our cars like the police. I have exchanged gumbo through thousand wristband like a sweatband. Yeah for their badge. Oh no way. I have an italian police. I could've trade for that. Yeah weird one. It was good. Well that's that just goes to show that like. Obviously i've seen some great internet videos as of recent like did light him up. Let's do this thing drift week or fits cletus and just people that were friends with people love cars and that's what it really comes down to a just an affinity and being authentic and i and that's where i kind of started this conversation of your authenticity because you really do truly wrench on cars. You love this stuff. You really engage From a corporate standpoint. It does get difficult. Because any cooper like jared. How'd you work with. Snap on tools. How you're going this company because my hands are very soft and it'll be as transparent as possible. It's like i host harley videos a yeah right. I got a great toolbox. And i got a calculator man. I work that keg so hard with my hand. But i will say that you know because just being part of the equation and working with a company as a konica snap on tools. It really adds to my credibility. I'm sure it it helps you and you really appreciate working with the company that is dynamic. Is that it doesn't define you and so i'm gonna. I'm gonna tell you that like if you ever left. Snap on tools. Not saying that you are you know like but you're just want to make sure that everybody knows that the job does not define you now but it definitely helps who you are and it helps access like even with larry's podcasts access and all these things accompanying like snap on you. Guys are very exclusive carries weight it carries weight but you only sponsor crews pentagon penske racing and you product placement with people like forsberg ryan turk race service currently yep and again. You're you're you live and breathe this stuff. Yeah i i love it. I mean. I'm living in an industry that i absolutely love. I started out. You know my hustle and college to make money to build. My cars was to have a friend. Sam back in milwaukee and we would we were. We were the guys in town that would replace clutches and mark ford. Gt is really yeah. You're saying you're saying you. Euro guy before i was the e show prior to ever building any japanese. My first one my i like. We'll say real big. Bill was a mark to gti. Vr six swab turbo built motor like law manifold big turbo on it like atp turbo out here in california we he it all set like i never finished it. Of course you did it. You're so young But that was my first gig was like he. And i like he brought me in. Because i was like i was interested in learning and that was our side hustle so we would do clutch and i would be on the bottom side. He'd be on the topside. We'd strip clutch put a new one in mark. Four is in like in milwaukee it was. Gti's were huge wanted vr. Sixes were huge. Definitely like heavy euro hundred percent and my junior kind of all more closely than your west coast but the like the mid west was Euro and japanese so we had some really great japanese cars. A lot of honda's lot honest but you rarely see a supra that kind of stuff but like yeah. I mean it was either. Volkswagens are hana's in so my buddy. Sam built these gnarly looking folks are parker pops in. I gifted him a master's polo. Check this dude out. That's that's my boy shadow to david beret. No gives me that. I'm too fat aware it right now so gifted with my son now outfits him but yeah so anyway so that was our gig was like all these guys that you know. i mean. Mark four coaches were notorious for going out early when you you started modeling these car. So we had a good holloway. Like i mean we would do two or three clutches on saturday and like you'd make a couple bucks and that paid for my second gen. Smg like that's a perfect segue. I was just gonna ask because Just this summer when we were shooting videos Out there out there and in kenosha lee on this whole like tangent of diamond stars and like yeah who was the guy. Who's the guy against so again. My background working at tmr magazine. Back in ninety eight ninety nine in that it was Who's the do from minnesota that had the white dsm and it was like was butcher and then bush racing and motorsport ms and then. Who's for minnesota. Shep tran shop. John shop always audible. Oh minnesota i'm not sure Guys all what was his name. He was super fast. It's spiky hair ron. Now you said ron It'll come it'll come to us. But yeah yeah i mean we. He has them. Dsm shootout which is in ohio norwalk. And that was run by the sport guys now but Yeah i mean that. That's why i started out as a mitsubishi guy. So i had a second gen eclipse gs x. traded in a second gen g s automatic. I pissed my parents off is great like dad. Got the second gen automatic eclipse. And i was like this. Isn't this isn't cool enough. And then so. I had my mom traded in the second gen. My mom co signed on my second gen gsa since she was like your idiot. I'm like yeah but it's cool under just talking about this. The other day started out on that and like just went way too far with it built motors and turbos all that kind of stuff and like engine. Yeah so anyway. So that's where. I started out but you know to pay for all that like i had to make money. Yeah that was the hustle. So my buddy. Sam was like hey like we can do this so did that. And it's like a big community in your region actually or did you guys created this new We had a few. Dsm guys around But yeah i mean the midwest was actually decently. dsm base because ams was right there. Yeah so like you had that then you had butcher and you had shop and some of those guys and so it was actually pretty decent around there. A lot of first gen towns and eclipses a lot of second. Gen a buddy of mine still to this day. I was actually just talking to him. The other day. Tim zimmer who builds some crazy transmissions for. Dsm's still does to this day so we did. We did a great garage. It am so was that kind of you. Getting with stoked. Yeah because the first thing. I did like the first big mod i did was. I did an act twenty six hundred pound clutch and a big sixteen g turbo. And where did i get all that mess. That was back in two thousand two I wanna say and like martin and all those guys like that is very vivid in my memory. So i'd like as you know like i've kinda gotten to this very romantic piece of my life like reliving all these things right back into was getting paid. Real quick skied really. Don't let us get over this. Because it's so. I'm forty-two scott. You're thirty seven or seventy shammond speaking with us to talk about sweaty balls wide but no real quick. We'll get to the wind will get to the one scott played paintball has As a as a child yet and basically you had you know starry is for that one sweet paintball that you could ball gun that you couldn't have a momma said no not today. Not today little. Scotty but guess what at thirty six years old thirty five. Let's i think twenty. I got money. I must spend it and the ironic thing is like it was nothing it was like five hundred bucks i was like oh i could buy back in the day like okay. Well let's nerd out a little bit back in the day. Like i worked my way into these different markers. We don't own guns or called markers because and so that got into this thing Was an angel. It was built over in england. And whatever so. I was like as i was getting back into this. I started getting super nostalgic. I wanted an auto cocker. I wanted a mini mag. Samna alvin drifted. It has an rt auto mag which is like. Oh my god you got one and then like this version of an angel came up and lcd angels called dark angel made by this company on colorado's own my god i have to have that came up and it was like five hundred bucks i was like i got this sold so i bought it with chase quote unquote marker aka ball senior aka. Paintball gun people. Yeah so i bought it and now it's literally sitting in my office on a stand. I'm like i'll fix it up. It'll go out. The door was like building legos. I do. I need it. No do i want it hundred percent. And that's the chase car you're like dude. I got atom bomb garbage bill. I literally send stephanie. A thing of a twenty four karat gold. It was a really good re reimagined not reimagined identical to willie 's golden ticket and it was thirty five dollars. My baby is pretty sick. She's like i don't know that's pretty sick. Six anyways so have credit card and i know how to type it in totally tape it and send it go and it feels corner even nowadays so real quick. This is beer because everybody enjoys roadrunners. We haven't listened this. I apologize because roadrunners traveling but also like ken blocks that he's like. It's very convenient that you call your podcast beer. Yeah but It's not only limited to beer. It's all about alcoholic libations and loosening up and just loosening the conversation and just seeing what's going on here so We are sitting on my bar but scott ass. Am i the first one to actually have wine. So wine roadrunners what. What's the acronym for wine at this point will beers so what we partaking in right now wife open. What was it stag. Stag's leap stag's leap. I was very good. We promptly polish that off. Air now on bell gloss penal bellicose. Yeah so do. I go through the whole six twenty eighteen. Santa santa lucia highlands monterey county california pino so typically an oregon pinot that comes from a guy. I work with who was from oregon. Who is like up. This is the only place you get pinos. I love your mid. Western is showing through at oregon. Yeah it's organ well to be fair when we first met. I was like burger and mueller light. So that goes back to the culture and we do call we do. Call a scott's place amid switch. The meat sweats man. And he's west manner so yeah we call him. Meat sweats and the house is deemed. The meat sweats manner yet. So yes i will. I will say that your culture has has completely transcended how i originally met you again. Ironically in long beach and then ironically even more so at brought worst carousel corner. As i think about it and just elkhart lake again i i miss quote. I talked about this with somebody else. Where i know. I'm getting older. I'm kinda in the vicinity. I'm kind of in the wheelhouse. But i'm not exactly right where it's the. Oh you know. I liked lady google. Like i'm just right there but not exactly right but at the canadian wisconsin. Because you like you catch. The accidents like ear not from. Are you from the united states. Are you know you could drop a letter kenny. For what else do you got drop by. Drop shores equal. There was a nice birdcage. Which even protecting for anybody watches letterkenny. Scott is he ever want to watch. I like hockey is all about like i'll say because i play barely now. I'm not. i'm not good enough to play in a shoulder broken. You got a broken rib tore right. I do have a broken rib but yeah So watch letterkenny season seven episodes five and six. Like if you wanna know what barley hockey is. That's what was really great about this. Turn stephanie. my wife. Onto leonard kenny. I was like hey we got to watch this. And she really doesn't like wes anderson films. She doesn't like the dry comedy. The dialogue gets a little crazy. It's like a hit canadian office it but that's a great explanation hundred percent so you like the office you might like let i might like letterkenny because it's a different driver hundred. Different dry rub. But growing up in wisconsin and playing wisconsin and then actually one of my coaches in college or knockout highschool was from Was from canada so and then playing for the last. You know however long. I've been playing like you get into that and and there's a lot of players that you play with that are actually from canada. You hear all these nomenclatures and quips and things that these guys say. And you're like god ever chirping. Well if you don't know shit talking is called like all these little things that they say like get involved in. How are you now and all these different things that these guys say like. You're like oh my god. I've heard all the gong show and things like that like reserve pure canadian things but being in wisconsin. Then you go up and play in the upper of michigan and northern minnesota and all that kind of stuff. I mean canadian teams are coming down and see your all these things. Yeah and then you watch on television so many years later in this show of letterkenny. And you're like. Oh my