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"bill towns" Discussed on Talk Radio 1190 KFXR

"With a walk off extra innings victory against the Twins. I'm Andy West with your I heart radio. It's knowing that your door's always open. Mend your pad this free to walk. That makes me tend to leave my sleeping bag rolled up and stashed behind your couch, and it's no and I'm not shackled by begotten words and buns and the egg stains that have dried upon some line. That keeps you in the back roads by the rivers of my memory. It keeps you ever gentle on my mind. It's not clinging to the rocks. The late great Glen Campbell was born. They find me on this day 85 years ago. Are something that somebody said in Bill's Town, Arkansas fit together, Walk in raised in abject poverty as the seventh of 12 Children cursing at 24 1960. He would make his way to L. A Where he would become a sought after session Musician is part of the wrecking crew back by the late sixties himself had become superstar crossing over from country to pop with five number one country hits. And two number ones on the hot 100, Rhinestone cowboy and Southern Nights from 69 to 72. He hosted his own variety show that Glen Campbell good time Our was gone. E still might run in silence. Tears of joy in my statement filling Campbell was.

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"Driving home with Leigh Matthews of Public Housing residents showed up at the apartment complex of Bill Town neighborhood in the city of Reliable power from Novak keeps us connected to so many good things, lifesaving equipment and life affirming moments depend on reliable, safe electricity that keeps us plugged in. And powered up and is a not for profit cooperative owned by the people it serves. Novak keeps rates low and service Hi Novak keeping life right. Start your New year's smooth with lunchbox wax. First time guests by your first wax and get a second one. Free by a premier Syriza's the first time guest you by five wax services and get two free eBook online at www dot lunchbox wax dot com and visit lunchbox Wax cascades Coming to the Cascades Over Look in January, 2021 Feel good and stay smooth this new year with lunchbox wax. New Year's resolutions come and go, So your business needs more than that Get solutions with Comcast business with fast Internet and advanced WiFi, powerful cyber security solutions, 24 7 support and more. You get everything you need to bounce forward call for restrictions and complete details. Get your space ready for the year ahead at Macy's one day sale going on now, with deals of the day like three piece comforter sense 24 99 get creative in the kitchen with cookware sets just 39 99 Prep for a future. Get away with 65 to 75% off luggage. Close outs from Samsonite Travel Growth Chelsea and more plus, Get your dog com orders fast with contact free curbside pickup or you can pick them up inside the store. For details. Visit Macys dot com Savings off sailing clearance prices exclusions applied Fear on the on the.

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KNBR The Sports Leader

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"Mass protest ska Check out speed figures dot com for a complete analysis of the races from Golden Gate Fields. Good morning, Matt. Good morning, Sam. Well, we gotta go. We had a lot of race to cover so much will quickly get into it on our final 15 minutes. Let's start with the first race. Ex? Yeah, the first race. We have a sprint for maiden claiming 8000. The morning line here is going to be picking your Monte number four. He shortens up from some six furlong sprint at the same level, and I think he's the morning my choice and he's close. He's got some races that put him close here, but I we put him third on our sheet and I think he just had his chances. And I'm looking for some new faces. We went with the outside horse as our top call hot box number eight shipping in from Southern California, and he's seeing this level for the first time. Trainer, Stevie Adi has been really good shipping horses up here from Southern California. He really makes good called as to what level the horses need and what they need to win at. So he's been 27% clicking with that that move, which is a very high wind percentage. And then also his dropping down the classes. He's also 27%. So I think he found a good spot for the number eight on the outside here, Hot Fox. He should be able to have enough speed to stock. The Kenya Monta And then push on by. I think the kind of improving Bill Town Banner number five, has been racing to Kenya Monta several times now and got by him last time into second. And I think that could happen again. Here, so we're 854. And the other thing about Bill Town banners going for five seconds in a row, so I think that's probably a good spot for him. He can run a good race, but we're going to go hot Stock Hill Town Banner. Kenya Monty for the top three here. Okay, Second half of the devil. Oh, yeah. Novella on top. Yeah, novella coming out of a really strong wind for 20,000 on August 21st, And in that race, she drew off in one by two lengths Clear and splashing the number one horse was making a big move in that race. Looks like almost a winning moving got completely shut off. Kyle Fray doesn't happen often. He's such a good writer. Lee won four races yesterday, but he did. He's just bad racing like he put her in the inside, and nothing ever opened up for her down the lane, and she just got bounced around. And wound up finishing fourth. In that race. It really looked like she was going to run on for something better, and I think those two coming out of that strong race on August 21st are going to be the top two calls here in the keys.

Stevie Adi Kenya Monta Bill Town Kyle Fray Kenya Golden Gate Fields Southern California Lee Matt Sam writer
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"I didn't bring those stories too light on my own. A cast of compelling sources from brave whistle blowers to shadowy undercover operatives were enmeshed in this stranger than fiction saga. Holy crap. I'm really in trouble. There are the women who have come forward with their experiences of abuse. There's only one barrier. To him getting what he wants. I've got to get out of hand. There are fact checkers and lawyers who had to face off with the high profile legal teams of powerful men. I've got to have it. And for the first time through a never before heard recordings from the investigation, you can hear how it happened as we were living it in real time. All my boat recording, recording the audio Come on, catch and kill podcast listening. Follow this podcast for free on the I heart rate. Eating up the Bullitt County This afternoon. You have an accident working north bound 65 before Brooks Traffic's backed up to Shepherd's built and watch for a stalled vehicle near Valley Station on the Snyder Freeway. Westbound right around Stone Street Road also have another accident or Valley station at Dixie and a lot of Dale Logan and Mary ST an accident. Another crash working at Taylor's Road, infirm and Boulevard head injury hit and run crash there near the Waterson Also watch for accidents. Bill Town Road in Lover's Lane and bluegrass at Taylor Boulevard. Our next reporting 15 minutes on Bobby Ellis NewsRadio. Wait, 40 w. H. J S Hi folks With the UPDATED forecast Im Wook. Why Chief meteorologist J. Cardosi periods of rain will continue on this Friday evening. The rain is expected to end around midnight or.

Taylor Boulevard Bobby Ellis Chief meteorologist Bullitt County Waterson Brooks Traffic Valley Station Dale Logan Dixie Snyder Freeway J. Cardosi Shepherd
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"A doctor Frankenstein from the show Mel is still around he's ninety three years old he's going to serve as a producer short actually might be really really good I hope so and there's a new music center version of the bachelor on the way it's developing a spin off of the master called listen to your heart that's enough for me to say I'll never watch that instead of minutes away from a check yet is what it is but I will probably watch young Frankenstein should the Paul miles has our minds at the top of the hour before poll watchers in sports quality got thank you Tony and good morning everyone here are the stories were following there's of boat coming today on Capitol Hill on a war powers resolution the result of the of Ronnie in air strikes also a voter fraud bill was introduced by lawmakers in Frankfort I'm Suzanne Duval those stories plus traffic and weather coming up in ten minutes on Kentucky Ennis morning news this report is sponsored by indeed dot com used radio eight forty WHAS traffic and weather on the tens spine and rolling up fifty five northbound this morning expect delays we have an accident working north bound around crit and write with your left lane and left shoulder blocked traffic backed up almost back to fern valley road normal delays on the side or north bound between bill town road Taylor's rode up to sixty four little credit on sixty four westbound between the Waterson and cannons lane heading up on the side a north bound at seventy one little crowded there and sixty four eastbound stop and go traffic between the Georgetown ramps and US one fifty in Floyd county our next report in ten minutes Bobby Ellis newsradio eight forty WHAS you only want to use the best route to drive across town so do the same when you need a higher indeed provides hiring managers the straightest path to the best new employees customized solutions like screen of questions and skills as well hope you see beyond the resume.

Mel producer Tony Ronnie Frankfort Suzanne Duval Taylor US Floyd county Kentucky fern valley Georgetown Bobby Ellis
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WFAN Sports Radio_FM

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"Could swing that Bowman and I seen him one on that see argue about Jennifer Lawrence because a a I I agree Turner Lawrence looks like he's going to be a good NFL quarterback but you have to not believe in Sam Donald to make this kind of move you've given out in San I am a Die Hard jets fan a what's in place I don't think he has enough weapons around him that we can actually prove that he can be that valuable they have to go get those guys and and I'll be part in it and I'm up against a break out of it and thanks for the call if the jets try next year and they go one fifteen and there are pickin number one then yes this will be a conversation but unless that's the case Sam Donald is gonna be the quarterback was just seen for a long time he's a franchise quarterback going to be a championship quarterback it's very much up for debate but you can see the talent it's there they need help on this team he need some receivers you could trust the opposite of wind is terrible thanks for talking about with the life of but the jets ever this bill town it is got it out every single week so I look Donald is the guy if you're already looking a quarterback's then you've given up on a and then on him from the tank then I guess in one of fifty did you get your guy but that's not gonna happen eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six people because they were they on the panel talk to baseball's role to six o'clock now I know right now a five four jug of napa full synthetic motor oil in a platinum filter is just twenty three ninety eight.

Bowman Jennifer Lawrence Turner Lawrence Sam Donald baseball napa NFL San I
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"bill towns" Discussed on WHAS 840 AM

"Of the hour news thanks Tony here are the stories we're following this morning will start a little south in were a bicycle ist is dead after a hit and run crash will have the details on that from there will head to Capitol Hill where the acting director of national intelligence will face some testimony over the Ukraine call and the fed say they've seized tens of billions of dollars worth of fake jewelry and low evil I'm Paul miles details coming up all those stories plus traffic and weather in ten minutes on Kentucky Ennis morning news from the Campbellsville university level traffic center newsradio eight forty WHAS Byerly for Nissan traffic and weather on the tens police investigating an early morning fatal accident at front Ballyroan all right just to the east by sixty five to watch for traffic restrictions in that area also interest all vehicle on the side of freeway founder bill town road traffic starting to build north bound head up towards sixty four little busy up around seventy one sixty four westbound picking up a crown but your sprint parkway in the water so no big delays down at third street ramp off sixty four westbound yet this morning our next report in ten minutes I'm Bobbie Ellis newsradio eight forty WHAS this report sponsored by better business bureau hi I'm Brianna Smith him one with the BBB don't fall for emails that offer free credit reports look for grammatical and spelling errors and click on any links it could lead to identity theft go straight to the source annual credit report dot com for more tips go to B. B. B. dot org from the United dynamics foundation repair and waterproofing weather center. W. okay won the religious map Milosevic with your Thursday forecast starting out with a mostly cloudy sky can't rule out a straight sprinkle this morning but looks like any rain chances would be spotty and light will cease guys turn mostly sunny this afternoon and highs near eighty three degrees clear this evening a few.

WHAS Byerly Campbellsville university Bobbie Ellis Brianna Smith fed acting director Kentucky Ukraine Tony freeway United dynamics foundation founder Milosevic Nissan ten minutes eighty three degrees
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Newsradio 1200 WOAI

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"In the doghouse gets to the good stuff. Traffic NewsRadio twelve hundred w away. I. Twitter to bring back Bill. I know I'm telling you driving off the road laughter with Bill. I'm still dealing with the bump bump bump. I can't get what you're saying. Well, you're saying bumping, you're seeing pump pom-pom was bump bump bump, b the the thing that you just re tweeted it somebody said you you're saying pump up on. Oh. Bump bump bump, build kneeling to be honest. I felt threatened by bill's town why you decided that I should probably go along God knows the people in his building. We'll just bring Bill on now. Beat the Bill. Yes, polo things are things are better. Appreciate that. All right. It is eighty eight nine for one eight eight nine four one seven two four seven same as Bill. Callback is Bill caught on yet. The phone lines have been really full. So if he has I haven't seen it. I want built who's listening to understand we having a little fun. But but listen it blow up in my face, the people love Bill. Now. The Bill show parody. All right. It is eight hundred nine four one pags joepags dot com. Remember that blink is the security camera system that I have in my house, and I want you to go and get it as well. It's very very good. It is motion censored motion activated. It's a security camera system of got four of them up at my house. And and what it does is. It will give you another fixation on your device in your cell phone on your on your tablet, whatever to let you know that there's some movement happening. It'll be at the gym and I'll see moving at the front door, and there's madogre or something and in at school. It can also save your stuff. Save your life. Save your family. If there's somebody who shouldn't be getting in trying to get in or showing up at your house. A it is a great way to know what's going on as it's going on blink. These are HD cameras that are wire free. They set up in minutes running batteries last up to two years and blinks live feed..

Bill Twitter twelve hundred w two years
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"Them getting requests on on on Twitter. Bring back Bill. I know I'm telling you off the road Bill. I'm still in the bump bump bump, I can't get my ass IT. Well, you're saying bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-ba, but he'll think you're saying pump pom-pom bump bump bump b. Yeah. Well, the the thing that you just retweeted somebody said you you're saying pump pump on pom Bumba look building Yellen. Gotta be honest. I felt threatened by bill's town why you decided that I should probably move Bill along God knows the people in this building. We'll just get rid of me. Bring Bill on. Beat the nil job. Yes. Polo things right. Things are better predate that art it is editing nine four one eight nine four one seven two four seven same as Bill called back. Bill caught on yet. The phone lines have been really full. So if he has I haven't seen it I won't built who's listening to understand. We're having a little fun. But but listen it blow up in my face. The people love Bill now. The Bill show parody. All right. It is eight eight nine four one pags joepags dot com. Remember that blink is the home of the security camera system that I had in my house. I don't want you to go and get it as well. It's very very good. It is motion censored motion activated. It's a security camera system. I've got four of them up at my house. And what it does is? It will give you nullification on your device in your cell phone on your on your tablet, on whatever to let you know that there's some movement happening or w the gym, and I'll see you moving at the front door. There's my dog or something and. Cool. It can also save your stuff. Save your life. Save your family. If there's somebody who shouldn't be getting in trying to get in or show up at your house. It is a great way to know what's going on as it's going on. Blink these HD cameras that are wire free. They set up in minutes. Ronin batteries lasts up to two years in Blake's live feed..

Bill Twitter pom Bumba Blake two years
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"President obama. Are you listening thinking of Chicago tea party in July? I'm going to start organizing. The tea party was a kind of canary in the coalmine for the populism of the moment. If we think about Trump now, we think about Europe even in Sweden. What's Europe got to do with any of this? I mean, one of the sustaining narratives of this was fundamentally an American problem a problem with American banks. Oh, well, that's what we thought at first. The German finance minister said this is a problem of Anglo, Saxon capitalism. And then about six months later, he found out that German banks and French banks and Belgian banks and British banks had bought seventy percent of the crappy mortgages, I believe the phrase is caveat emptor buyer, beware. And suddenly it was on utopian ball and sheets and tons at European banks twice as laugh or does the Americans at this point. Why do they were? Yes. Seriously, Deutsche Bahn in two thousand and twelve for every unit or they had and reserves they had six the outlier in the world. Now the world is going south. You're gonna lose a lot more than one Europe. So they were very on the hook for the American crisis. There's a piece in the New York Times this week. It's part of their Lehman Brothers collapse anniversary coverage the policy makers, save the financial system and American never forgave them. I gather you would expand that to Europe as well as evidenced by the turn towards the right? Absolutely. And a very simple way to think about this is the following British wages have been a stock in it for most groups as American wages prior to the crisis. So companies have been making profits GDP. The measure of the economy's being going up. Then there's a giant crisis millions or made on employed people's incomes fall and Bill towns, the volume of their office falls mealtimes, it's taken them in Britain under most of Europe a whole decade to get back to where they started in terms of their incomes. So you're saying that we we saved the system. Yeah. But it cost me a decade worth of income and a hell of a law stress. Well, of course, there's going to be a political reaction to the why did it move towards the right instead of towards the laughed, but it didn't if you look at southern Europe all the countries that are dead or countries, the Spanish the Italians the Greeks Portuguese. They've all got left wing governments, or at least putatively left. Well, the Italians it's a coalition because they have five star in the south. And they've got the right in the north, but Portugal and Greece and Spain all of left leaning coalition governments when you go to the north. It's all the right ones and the right ones that the creditor countries who've been fed to die of we other the hardworking people, and they're the ones who spend all the money, and then you have. Migrants crisis that comes in and exposes too many of the people in those countries, there's no money for them for hospitals or schools of training, or whatever the whole decade of austerity, and guess what a bunch of foreign people kept up his language training schools for them at cetera et cetera. This is the type of dynamite the right wing populace thrive on if you take a step back from two thousand eight as you've described in your book, it's seems to be a thirty year history of workers being squeezed by low wages, which leads to mooning debt. The seventies is all about inflation. And it was all about inflation because he had super tight labor markets and big unions, and they were able to push prices up. So we spend thirty years deregulating our markets making labour markets, flexible beaten, down on union globalizing our markets, and what you end up with his labor has no ability to affect price and indeed most companies of nobility affect price. If you take Amazon and these big giants. So what does that mean? It means that profits then do not get split evenly between Kabul, labor, the capital. And that's the inequality skew. So we're now got to a point where by excuse become sore gross. The even bailing with lots and lots of credit has reached its limit think student loans. What are you going to do another trillion dollars in student loans? So you've reached the limit of credit finance growth, but we didn't change the system. We built the bunks backup again and said, please do it again. Just this week. There was news from the census bureau that the household income in the US has finally reached its two thousand seven pre recession levels at sixty one thousand three hundred and seventy two dollars. Now, the income growth in the last few years is not from increased pay it's from increased employment. What does that tell you? It tells me still have the the Bill Gates problem. Bill Gates walks into a bottle on average. But all millionaires, right? And in two thousand fifteen Wall Street bonuses worth thirty two billion dollars and everyone on minimum wage in the whole country audit together got precisely half of the. So if nothing has changed, and we still have American workers crushed by low wages. Are we setting ourselves up for more personal debt more borrowing from banks and the same amount of no regulation of their bigness? Are we doomed to repeat this? I mean, it depends on where you ought up the income distribution top twenty eight percent, you're not being crushed. If you're in the top ten percent, positively in massage above then, you know, like on even think to the metaphor. But one of the next generation the millennials Kanda form assets that little buying houses. They're not buying cars was too busy pain. Bought debts debts. Other generations didn't have to accrue because things were free. Then you got a problem. Mark. Thank you, very, much pleasure. Call anytime. Mark Blyth is a professor at Brown University, and the author of austerity the history of a dangerous idea coming up the ark of our attitude toward business reflected in ninety years of film history. This is on.

Europe Bill Gates Deutsche Bahn Bill towns obama Mark Blyth New York Times Chicago Lehman Brothers President Trump finance minister Sweden Amazon Brown University US Portugal Kabul
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"Hey where you go going jim the elevators over here taking the stairs but our meetings up on a hunger but that's eight fours up that's like eight times a i don't want a lot of stairs that's the point of already lost a few pounds gander in almost one hundred hours and wellness incentives whoa you're getting rewarded for working out now i know it i'm just a surprise you are fearless is full of surprises thats the power of the blue cross blue shield federal employee program learn more about our health benefits and sign up at happy he glued that orchoose blue by december eleven and back that little voice inside your head while you're out getting gifts don't forget you or your office because nowoffice depot office max you can save twenty percent on regular priced office applies furniture and more get your twenty percent coupon it office depotcom slash radio or mentioned this ad instore a gift for them a gift for you offer ends twelve nine excludes tech coffee appliances ink and toner see coupon pretty bills town of oh hi it's about four miles away from the downtown area currently but it's making fast progress most of the seven thousand people who live there now being told to evacuate going to be keeping an eye on this fire is that for it continues to develop it's not the response the owners of these homes teetering on the edge of collapse expected the army corps of engineers says it won't be able to take the lead on shoring up the eroded riverbank and lime in before the next flight and a letter officials say it doesn't meet their cost to benefit criteria but it may be able to help with any state or local response efforts and suggested one plan for the city to protect it the mayor of lime and tells us the city will ask the county now and the state for more support inventory.

bills blue cross blue shield times army corps of engineers ad radio slash max little people
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"Need to tell you that and not iaf the jersey journal today's new jersey journal today or the new york post dragged south page and bill town paper um i also endorse the math and are basically on the same thing so now to i'm a fiscal conservative people can't afford higher taxes on phil murphy promised a billion dollars topkin feet i don't understand that kind of campaign strategy you know a billion dollars a that's one point three is what he said with eight euros astra you have to wait it out to appreciate how much money he'd like to raise on the back to the people who who are already people in this country just out of thought what do you think of your challenger phil murphy well as a person of you know fell is uh is a nice person i think he's you know he's brought himself up by suggests the goldman sake since 2003 here's the goldman sachs made a lot of money you can appreciate the problem is a guard with a lot of money like bell doesn't understand what it means to live takes us the paychex rpr be a working class family uh or middleclass family who simply wants to provide a good way of life for this for their kid and to raise their kids in new jersey you know people in new jersey unit you talk to them up they have an exit strategy and it's not which actually today without its what am i leave him new jersey how my going to get out of your kids i can't afford their taxes anymore and baghdad well nature going to leave a little earlier than you expected because i'm going to raise your taxis and i'm gonna make new jersey less steaks and everybody we're talking to lieutenant governor of new jersey i'm good donahue of course the gop nominee running in the new jersey governor's race election day now just two days away on what i told people that you were coming on lieutenant governor number up message me on social media and said make sure you.

jersey journal phil murphy bell donahue election day social media iaf new jersey journal new york goldman sachs baghdad lieutenant governor gop new jersey billion dollars two days
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"Great adversaries hmong the battlefield baseball but santos he'll be great friends and colleagues in part of the great american to whom thank you the mayor the county government the state government all of those fans out there thank you thank you to bring ran out giulio caught the final hour so excited regulations throws the board of the south oil does stay great job as of sauber we are the world series champion american league champion goal houston astros let's speaker i thank you for your kindness i'm so excited they are great young men great young man i mean and that makes it even better that they're girl a young man out to all love them go go to iran as today to congratulate nine university of florida football team the winning is second in the double a the s d c s championship bowl game in the last three seasons go and go gator wanted congratulate the unit not only for being the best act good dinner school but also the atlantic school in the country not the academic lack not been able to pronounce it over open homa china's show of tea spirits initiates or defence delays that i have one of the best looms play i have ever seen enough ilan the highestscoring affair to just thirteen point kept their two two and i of warsaw lot of spores in my life and i would like to stay yes yes we did yes we did we did it hello i'm robin leach and on this week's launch styles of according to who wishes w we profile the congresswoman but queen of marine washington's winberg congresswoman shame jack some way from a congressional district of i'm congresswoman sheila jacksonlee bill town known for its pomposity and pretentious look this sound proclaimed crane grows the district of columbia what the robot oh usually reserved put purbo victory as i am outraged of rain late she could possibly is meant 12 yvonne seven alone lowly government servants whoah ordered to get cleaning vitamins separate calls for her mounds of oblige rowing tickets to celebrity film roles who paid for that trip well that on the straits with a show courtesy of.

santos giulio sauber houston astros gator atlantic school homa china robin leach columbia world series iran university of florida ilan warsaw congresswoman sheila jacksonle
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"bill towns" Discussed on KOMO

"The area some residents in belgium were shocked to find out they weren't as safe as they thought now they want other should learn from what happened to them calls matt markevic explains what you need to know about building call bochum peter wickham check out surveillance video of a suspected trust passer and go straight to the keypad and his thing is stay on the lower part of the keypad go immediately open and just four trading the problem continental place up bill town condo high rise didn't know of a code that opens the door kind you hold up to a reader it unlocks the door but this chess passer punched hillock owed it to the call blocks we typically caller resident and they buzzed the door open no one is supposed to open the door this way i tabled santic's door code and felt several posts of default codes that would open doors coach that weren't change the installation the trust passer then spent a halfhour casing the place going through the garages bicycles evening writing down notes we had no idea this code existed or add door was so vulnerable that day building management had a security company changed that of all codes and later that night the trespass or return trying the code along with a pocket full of keyfobs and didn't get it you can find a lot of him out there was security experts says the fall codes are too easy to find people who are in charge of managing the system that just kinda threw them online for their own referenced we found default access codes for other security systems but they won't work if change we care any more to find out what happened 25 years ago when the building was built surprise it hadn't happened earlier earlier in seattle that markevic komo news i'm rush on the streets of st louis has prompted a major rocked banda have to counselor concert there eighty she's christopher washing you too cancelled their scheduled saturday night concert in st louis in the wake of protests there following the acquittal of a white former police officer the 2011 fatal shooting of a black man the band issued a statement declaring st louis police said they couldn't provide enough security to adequately covered concert adding that they quote cannot in good conscience risk our fans safe the.

belgium matt markevic peter wickham hillock seattle st louis officer santic 25 years
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"Thought while vaudeville i mean it's not like it was you know uh you know the rock cats are anything but you know what we love we love the names just three days of the brooklyn superb aas during their thirteen year history with that name had players with the following name yup welcome gaston welcome gassed in well joe western we looked at up and see if that was his given name or if that's a nickname because i got to means just fat hi how you doing what's your name i welcome so what do you do when you when he shows up at your house what wellman welcome poker mulcrone producers say welcome squared i find that confusing go ahead of go back at you all right of that he's really her name off here screen all back to the named i don't care about welcome many go ahead brickyard kenny as an are kennedy i'd like to find that is his name angelo where we are at yard while i don't know former steel major figures neighbors formal cozy joellen tax latimer pat diesel eta hug bill towns patchy donovan hud knowles i love that and weldon henley though that all henley has headley those are all real name real aims of brooklyn separate how 'bout that did you know all the names of of the team before it got to die most certainly not no i didn't know about i heard i for some reason i wanted to say that i had heard that at one time those team called the robins but i don't think i i would have known that it was the oakland p as i only had no the bridegroom atlantic's the grazed the bridegroom's the grooms i guess you had to give equal covered water at what point while the bridegroom's and the groom's are theoretically the same thing right you the bridegroom is as if the same as a grew major shortened it like your your son jake was the bridegroom and right man that he was right but i but i'm just gonna just read one along to go with those names out there was a baseball team called the brooklyn bridegrooms go ahead well that was it and then the the superb 'as i.

angelo brooklyn jake wellman brickyard kennedy weldon henley oakland thirteen year three days
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"And hill going on the road and going on tour and apologizing before we show like listen you know if i do some weird or i don't remember where i am whatever it is hang with me and just it was just for him to just go public and say i'm tour man i don't care from got it or not anybody that's ever had to deal with uh alzheimer's dementia um whatever for him to bring the awareness to it at the risk of you know be a public figure looking embarrassing himself and he said this is that we're all gonna go through this together i just thought that was assault it an israeli it's really vulnerable and it's extremely selfconfident and it strips away all of the manusha and a veneer of trying to be a show uh and letting your talent be the show and leading how revered ur beat a show it's a very very brave an appreciate legos what a beast and will be i will be here in a little snippets of whom all morning long to pay tribute to uh to glenn campbell and uh and now here's a little something that i think that mr campbell of bills town arkansas would appreciate it's time for the rooster ruin is the he'll elliott's of the dallas cowboys informally of ohio state of course the hero of the the national championship game has been suspended six gains by the nfl after a pretty lengthy domestic violence investigation.

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"bill towns" Discussed on KVNT Valley News Talk

"In memory of glen he was a songwriter a musician television host fifty years in show business glenn release glenn campbell act like he's my buddy release more than seventy albums he sold 45 million records that's alama friends accumulated twelve ria a gold albums for platinum albums mon doubleplatinum album he placed a total of eighty different songs either on the billboard country chart billboard hot one hundred or the adult contemporary chart of which twenty nine made the top ten that's huge john hartford's gentle on my mind being my favorite of his just amazing '60s and '70s big deal he died of alzheimer's disease you know he died a national ten a c but he was born in bills town arkansas and he was married to a few folks i mentioned that he was married to tanya tucker i think he just dated her but you know he was a swoon her so she had an ax the champs the beach boys bobby gentry and murray of course jerry rice we need the kings in trio the wrecking crew alex colon about the racking crew his tomase in i hope they get listen to a songs in memory of him back in i think two thousand seventeen mentioned the dakotas in the midwest and he sang and he was amazing in a sexy cd you can see those videos if you type in glen campbell concerts and do a recent a recent surge now fox and friends this morning talking with larry gallon from the gallon brother this is a great clip we played at earlier we're going to rerun the show on saturday and you'll hear it again if you're so willing in interested but larry gallon reminiscence waxes eloquent gallon was called tractor and an interesting that gun campbell humboldt i think of alexander fawn humble but there are a lot of humbled counties and communities cross america in honor of that great german scientists and that was campbell's nickname and gatland reminisces here grow morning awesome legendary entertainer glenn amblin campbell rode into her ryan down how long repairs selling more than 45.

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