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"biden devoto" Discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe

MSNBC Morning Joe

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"biden devoto" Discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe

"So richard and stay with us if you will. We have jonathan willy. Word is the steinbrenners about to jam his cell phone so we need to get him while we can always go back to the lease deal. Let's go to geneva white house reporter for the associated press down on the mir is there and the travel pool with president biden. Jonathan good morning. Set the scene for us from where you are. President putin has arrived. Motorcade is moving toward the villa that we're seeing right there perhaps even for an on time arrival. What are you seeing. What happens from here. It does seem like a rare moment rally for president putin willie In early afternoon here From geneva is sitting. President biden's motorcade. We're outside his hotel. We will be rolling shortly as well to the summit site And the run show is as follows. Both arrived separately be greeted by Swiss president the three men will then have an official welcome Expect justice swiss leader to speak there And then we will have president putin and president biden meet for a small event just joined by one eight each and interpreter expect to hear from both men then Briefly the press pool will be in the room for those remarks. I'll be part of that And then we're off and it'll be four to five hours or more Behind closed doors. These leaders eventually more aids joined discussion And then we will have each leader. I then president biden deliver news. Conferences seething timings very much to be determined There's a sense from on the american side. this it could run Quite late so jonathan. What is the posture of the white house. This meeting we've been talking so much about letting putin side of it. What he thinks he can get out of this. What he may already have gotten out of it just by the fact that there is a summit here. What is the white house looking for today. Well the white house is deliberately set expectations. Low when it comes in terms of deliverables concrete achievements The day and they certainly are not looking at any sort of reset Which is what we heard from. President obama and his connection relations with russia Certainly we don't expect a deferential tone from president biden that we heard from president trump. Three years ago in helsinki or george w bush staring into president putin's is i think we could probably pretty safely rule that out. I think though we biden and his team have broadcast a week ago. But he's going to talk tough to putin but he's going to tell him to knock it off about on whether it be electioneer. Fear for the cyber hacking or or giving safe harbor to these hackers have provoking these ransomware attacks. Have become so prevalent That there's dead biden is not gonna share away for a shy away from talking about in fact your aide told us on air force one yesterday coming into geneva from brussels that though the russians had suggested that would be a topic that would not be on the table this aid said sear officials said. There's nothing that's not on the table for an american president and they want their expect biden devoto with good. I think a couple of things about getting putin to turn up on time right. Yes best of all you let make sure he has to get their. That's right because when he can't play that paula game of keeping somebody he actually turns up one time. Have it in switzerland on swiss time and as a newly minted citizen..

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