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"State. Daniel fast is based on the experience of the Old Testament prophet. Daniel it helps people draw them nearer to God. Lie to you, so hungry that you know, you're just like she started seeing things listening to God's there that Jesus standing in front of you with with a full flavor of fish because Jesus especially maybe this Friday, maybe this is the same diet Abraham was on when he saw the burning Bush. It's described as a partial fast, and that followers can only eat food grown from seed the fruits and vegetables whole grain beans oils. That's in seeds are also allowed as for drinks. Participants can only have water, but you could turn it into wine. If it's really really really devout at one with with the bible river, diet staffing is boom. You got a little beer is made out of hops. I thought that's grown from seed beer Jephson's. Tell me that you're not gonna drink beer. But anyway, he goes, I'm doing this intimate fasting thing. I can't eat till noon tried to get my cardio in the morning super exciting actor stuff. So he's like the method actor thing where you're losing the weight for the role, but he's doing it Biblically. So this way he can. You know tied into. No, no. Yeah. He's a very he is one of the few actors in Hollywood that is a bona fide superstar today by young people standards. But it's also very right leaning very backwards. He likes to hike and go fishing and any like, you know, he's very religious earthy. He's yeah. He's very much like that. You know that dude that you would have grown up within the small town. Right. That's the kind of guy. He is. All right. Well, that's what he's doing. What you did though. I did the diet that he did for his guardians of the galaxy thing. Which is when he worked out a lot of funny that you're Gary was overweight for quite a while fifty pounds every than he is now, and it took a superhero movie to get him his health. The fact that maybe a doctor said, hey, your cholesterol is to the roof or you know, your blood pressure's too high. Dr. That that wouldn't that wouldn't turn your head. It was like, wow. Look at Chris Pratt looking at how did he do it? Look like him. I will look like a superhero. That's why I've lost all this week. Forget about the fact that I'm doing if I want to live a little longer. I just want to look like him. Yeah. That's. The only reason. Yeah, I saw one minute. Did you think about your health or the fact that this is good? What I what I thought to myself was I watched the one of the vendors movies. And I saw Chris Hemsworth is Thor. And I saw Chris Evans as captain American. I saw what they they basically looked like Greek gods up there, and I'm looking at them. And I'm thinking man, I wish I looked like that. And then I just decided wait. Why don't I just do it? Right. And so I'm doing it. Well, it's the difference between you and people who are probably saying the same thing. Won't say most people say man, I wish I look like that. And then go eat a whole pizza, those people go like, I can't believe those guys look that good look at me, and they get depressed. And when you get depressed, you go out you just stop face with a big problem with that. I was I think I was pretty depressed at that time when I was much bigger. I used to eat a lot, and I I eight because I was border because I felt bad and so right, but but by decided to stop being that right? But the aha moment for you. I find. No. It's just the fact that it wasn't about health. Like, I don't wanna die at an early age from like some notes about I want to look like this guy. You know, what it really the real thought was is. I'm watching this as I thought, you know, the next time I go to a comic book convention. I ought to be able to dress up like one of them and make it look convincing. So please don't tell me you're putting on costumes. I am not yet. I'm not there yet. Get to. I'm about five pounds lighter than I am now. And I might be lowered. Apparently, the the south Florida fair is doing like, the most people dressed up as a superhero. Type. They're trying to break the world record. I think this week and I'm kind of considering doing. You might as well do it. Now we start eating again. It's a lifestyle change. I I don't think you can go back to eating the way. You did. I don't plan to I plan on maybe being a little bit more loose with the diet in the future where I can have a day where I can indulge a little bit. But no, I think that this is how I'm gonna live most of my life. So and Bill in the promo there were talking about dead or alive. Rely thing on their show, so legendary Broadway actress Carol Channing died at her home in California that would be this morning. She was ninety seven. This is a good example of of I thought she was dead. Seriously. Well, you know, she's ninety seven, of course, do you even know who she is? So no, the only place that I know her from is family guy because they did a they did a bit about Stuey and Brian the dog and the baby had a bet on a boxing match. It was the celebrity boxing back. It was Mike Tyson vs. Carol, shannon. That's funny and Carol Channing one because she just never refused. He refused to stop. And so eventually, Mike Tyson's heart just gave out from going so hard. Yeah. That was the whole bit of the joke. That's funny. And I don't know anything about this woman except that apparently she could beat Mike Tyson in a box. She was the toast of Broadway back when I was a little kid. I remember my grandmother took me to my first. I think I've been to let me three Broadway.

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