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"bible governmental document" Discussed on The Productive Podcaster

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"bible governmental document" Discussed on The Productive Podcaster

"Okay everybody. Welcome back to productive podcast her I have a special guest coming right now this gentleman I have known for a number of years and he has helped me a lot of people grow. Their businesses is also created a lot of millionaires this. This is someone who definitely WanNa hear and he has a podcast is doing wonderful because doing great work as well. So I want to introduce you to none other than Mr Myron Golden Myron. Walk through productive podcast. Thank you. Thank you appreciate that it's my pleasure beer while I'm glad to have it. I tell people what it is that you do as Marengo the. Business in soccer you do. I teach people how to sell from stage teach people at a Celtic and high offers, how to grow their business exponentially. But to do all of that using biblical principles, wounds now biblical principles of you in my opinion probably one of the most knowledgeable people on the Bible that I have ever ever met. Desperately, need to meet more people. Do will people but you will, I mean, let's face it. It gives you tell yourself you've been studied sending a Bible we were a teenager. Tina for forty two years according to. I don't know too many people. That look that can still move around have been studying that law. Touche. NASA I mean. Most of us, you know we are familiar with the Bible at sixteen, but we don't steady at that eight and you began studying that eight looks like I said, and you'd never stopped so that that right there put you in a different stratosphere as far as I'm concerned with people who who are. Biblical scholar. So to speak now, because of that, you decided to take that into another era which his success with your your podcast. Of Baba success principal with Bibles Success Secrets Secrets Secrets. Obviously the secrets thousands secrets now now the thing is. When it comes to. Success. outed. How did you put that word in it with about why? Why did you tie that together? That's a good question so Because everything that God ever created he created to succeed. You created the Sunshine Chines birds to fly they fly wind blow it blows water flow flows great human beings to be in dominion. And human beings are the only thing that God created. The oftentimes don't succeed in the reason we don't succeed I believe is because we have a choice. Room and the ad I really agree with their well said now bio success sex secret. So what what a secret? Why Secrets? Well. They're not secrets because God wants to keep keep them secret secret because few few people know about them. And few people talk about them for whatever reason, and so therefore, they don't get the benefit of those secrets and another another concept of a secret. A secret is something that is valuable. A few people know about well, there's nothing more valuable. I believe than the than the practical principles inscription people think the Bible is a book about religion. The Bible Governmental Document and it governed governs every molecule in this universe and some people say why don't believe the Bible? That's okay. The Bible doesn't need you to believe it any more than oxygen easy to believe in oxygen or for you to back is when it and. And so. So. I. Believe that God has given us principles on how to make the work we do work. In scripture in if we do it the way he said do it. It works every single time in. So y Bible success secrets because when we we discover these secrets and then we develop ourselves according to the secrets and then we deploy ourselves into marketplace using these secrets. The success that we have is absolutely dynamic. You said that we don't know these things for whatever reason what is your opinion? Is the reason why we don't know. Because when we look at the Bible, look at it through religious covered colored glasses. Were looking at it for something to know instead of for something to do. And so so many people. WanNa know quote no, the Bible. Yeah what Christ himself said he said if any man will do his, will he shown no the doctrine in other words if you don't do you. You don't get to know any more than you know. In some things can only be learned by the doing of the thing. Wow. So that being said, what made you begin a podcast on this? Because businesses a passion of mine who I love business I, think, this is a good idea because businesses are got idea. I like the the game challenge. if you will the exercise of making money, I like that. And the Bible speaks a lot about it and most people think that God is against people having money they think God against business anything you know God would never create something like that. They think like. Wealth in money in prosperity is satanic. Well, the reality is Christ said I am come that you might have life in the you might have it more. So abundance is godly. He said the thief comes not but for to steal to kill him destroy. So lack is actually evil. Not, implying that people who lack are evil but definitely. Not, just implying what stating insisting that if you practice evil, the end result will be some form of lack or poverty. Got It got a guy now with with your podcast. I love it I love the Pike I listened to it. When I'm driving done, I've been on road performed this listening to your podcasts auto Love it, and you you take a lot of this research you and your tied in with. Life and business as well. Because it's not just about is just about life. As you said, the Bible is is a manual on on what to do and doing that what kind of. Be. have. You gotten from people who listen to your cats everybody who communicates with me about it? I'm sure this is not the case for everybody but everybody who communicates with me about the feedback is always mindful. And it's interesting like a lot of people say what you said well. You know I tied the scriptures together with business principles or practical, but I don't tie it I just don't. I don't tie together I just never untied. A CPA I think I'm making the connection I'm not making the connection. The connection was already there. I just didn't remove the connection because I had tear motor. So. What it says in other words, other people have already untited that they think there's a a tie there like. Yeah that's why they think that I've done something because all of the teachers they've ever heard have already untied the application that was already there. I didn't I didn't. It was already in the by this morning. I didn't. Let Astro because most of us when we bank Bible, we don't think business. In. We don't think Bible so yeah..

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