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"bianca panic" Discussed on Masters Decoded

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"bianca panic" Discussed on Masters Decoded

"And the chief decoder a nice Merchant through this podcast. I bring in guests were successful in a different Walk of Life to decode and maps are careers and Journeys with the hope that we gained all our learnings the world around us is changing exponentially and how the impact of artificial intelligence technology and other socio-economic factors have either influenced or enhanced my guess careers. In today's podcast. I have invited Bianca Panic from a humble beginning to set up the think-tank working at the intersection of artificial intelligence piece human sexuality democracy human rights and humanitarian action. Branca is a political scientist expert in International Security International Development policy and peace pack with years of experience working on issues of fragility conflict and violence at the humanitarian peace development Nexus. She's the founder of the center for exponential Technologies and founding member of sustainable healthy habitats and healthy humans for peace. Besides her work Rancor consults and provide strategic support to International organizations governments and Civil Society organizations on the use of artificial intelligence machine learning virtual reality and related Technologies. In which she emphasizes diversity ethical implications and human security and accountability to affected populations. Our work has been covered in major Publications and it is my honor to have her on the show. I branca welcome to Masters decoded podcast series. Thank you for taking time out. Hi, of course, it's a pleasure to be here. Cool and Company which you run is such a big interest area for me as well. But today when you think about peace and you think about AI they don't get spoken in the same breath or in the same sentence. So why this idea what happened and what got you to stop this company? Thanks for this question. And you say I think it's it's a really good one and people usually ask this. How can we actually connect the two land for me off or people who signed today for please it was actually a natural thing for us. It was a must almost a moral obligation for people to think about peace and and peaceful societies when they think about young guy and I when we started talking about this topic you and I we were talking also about as a technology and pieces of survival and that was a really trigger for me a really interesting thing because for me peace is not only about surviving this is actually off driving as well. And for most of the people there first Association of peace is usually war or or absence of war and and a i v e Works not only to stop Wars and conflicts in violence, which is extremely important, but we work on sustaining peace on recognizing those thoughts are lying conditions that make a society peaceful. And this is this concept that I would like your audience and listener has to hear about this is what we call a positive piece about attitudes institutional structures that create and sustain peaceful societies. So how do we then tie this notion of. Technology and I think we can agree that peace and Technology always had a complicated relationship. It was not always an easy not always off or is it one and and when we look today when we looked at so your listeners are in high heeled there or in general exponential technology. So a lot of technologies that come into age Sunbrella off and I I I think that this relationship becomes even more complicated and this is something that we try to explain to people and to show what is this connection and you see that AI is accelerating rapidly and shaping all fear of the Spheres of of our lives. And at the same time this power of makes it possible to tackle so many big challenges in our lives and we see that piece is one of life's challenges. So we want to use a I practically be going to use this positive words to see how we can make our society is more peaceful and that's what we saw in the previous couple of decades. It's that technology and especially now ai is mostly used in Warfare. This is what we hear. Those are those are those buzzwords right song Autonomous weapons or Killer Robots. Yeah or drones and we believe that this is again a very important for us to serve as as a sort of Guardian sort of Peace in relation to these Technologies as all but we should also take advantage in researching how these Technologies can be used also to.

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