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Live at RuPaul's DragCon 2019!!!

Brandi Glanville Unfiltered

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Live at RuPaul's DragCon 2019!!!

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I'd like to officially welcome you to the brandy Glanville unfiltered live panel here at drag hanalei twenty nineteen now, please, give me a big worm rogue for brandy Glanville unfiltered live. Media. This red Glenn Bill on the Bill. Are you? While I plays before everyone else comes I the last three hours accident. Breezy and why. Some little fucking high right now. For the first time in my life. I joel. Nope, going to be able to drink but we'll see. Okay. Syria. I know drink chew right? Overhead me, not drinking MSA. It is not fun. You don't wanna see. But I feel like I'm as moldy I was I had mold sickness analogies. Probably dying. I'm not joke. Do you wanna just gusts? Did you want me to do? Our Salvador seven. I actually asked if yesterday what he was wearing, because I thought it would be cute if we twinned, and then he sent me the picture. I'm like, no, I wanted to look like a Cabana boy, thank you very much as you do. So I turned with my girlfriend Mia and then you show on, I'm just fucking they get. Only one whereas which is not coming on the panel. But we'll talk later on that we're going to introduce our extra special guests from repulsed drastic season two repulsed drag race, also season three miss Morgan McMichael. Mike tennis shoes on his so not very just walking. She told me to stop complaining, but she's understand. But I also sitting my dick, so. Oh, I am too damn. Let's dangerous Beatty. Alday now. You're, you're is probably bigger is hershal. We'll welcome. I like this. Why is aggressive? I'm into it. I'm looking around drag on like this, right? It's like that face time leading under your neck. That's why don't even face with my own children, 'cause I'm busy. We're not allowed to legally. Yeah. All right. So now, you're so interesting. I'm tell us a little bit about your come up because I think everyone knows that you are Dr race and all of the Vic so many times, but tell us about. I mean, all now I learned other extra special guests from season three recall drivers Mariah. Balenciaga. Cheated really someone's making an entrance Bill in it. Will I learned it from you to Shay were you in the bathroom? Did you wash your hands? I rubbed him on your face. Looks terrible. So how's everybody during this evening? New rob Mariah tell you when we get to the evening as long. It's two thirty. It's yes. And we're here to interview YouTube beautiful lovely drive and now dry dry convict going on five years. I think. They should get their shit together out front. Yeah. You stuck in the parking, the yeah, that's all I made. I think it's a convention center. Right. When you're on time, they usually don't have a problem with it. Damn. Our show tour. Or show toward, or short jokes. Okay. This is not pick on brand because I will be cunty all fucking day right now. Morgan's ready for it. I love Bertie. I've the first. Yeah. At the abbey who is father to show you were you were working up, although I will tell you, if I if everything else fails, you have a job at Spearman. Right. Well, I don't get into spearmint but maybe somewhere deep in the valley. Yeah, they're fucking hot yet. Beautiful. That's where Ryan I, we're going after this after drag home, or go to the Spearman to do a shift really. I thought it was Vegas will I while the valley has the best makeup source? Nigel's friends of friends. Good is in, you know what, that's where Morgan actually gets her her beard. Speaking of spearmint rhino. I've known Morgan for a long time in Palm Springs when she used to perform at two cans, okay? We essentially, I would like twenty twenty I guess, and she would perform in the rumor was, I don't know if you know this, the rumor and the crowd was that used to teach strippers headed. Ans-. Is that true? And I used to rhinestone bathing suits. Oh, I used to rhinestone. Let's John ninety hit him on inside at war strippers. How's it at the time like being dragged with starting drag was not a big moneymaker girls that were in the in the top in the shows would never allow the younger girls in now, of course, it's like big brother. Yeah. And now all the girls are just tops. But I tell like that's why I'm so feverish about, like, bringing people up on stage like it Mickey's and getting girls booked everywhere. I can't because that was never an option for me. That's great. Oh, why not pay it forward and spread love? It doesn't do. Grano doesn't do disservice to help younger greens out because one day those bitches will have the shows like, hey, can I get a booking? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, are we dead? Can you explain that for a lot of people don't know? There's like different houses, apparently. Yeah. Okay, we need to families like, part of the blends Yagiz, which is a legendary house of, I don't have a house. But I have like a winnebago knows she asked. Oh, she is not said she has a house. She has a man. She's like has a mortgage. Wargin has a mortgage who's doing a lot better than I am. Wow. There's no boohoo mortgage. We were talking about house family dick. Now line. I'm I'm just I'm a little bitter and contel. No, no. But families so variety belong to the blend Siaga, and there's a lot of houses like the be fierce family in, in Los Angeles are really great family of drag queens. Run by late out. The mother is Melissa fears from Dragulescu, and they're really tight. Knit the everybody takes care of each other just like drag. Right. Isn't that is that not like kind of then can anyone get into these houses, or is it like a sorority? I don't know because I don't belong to one drag daughter, and I have like trans kids, I don't have. But you don't know any of the tea that goes around. Like I can't get into that house, or, you know, 'cause I don't give a fuck. Okay. We'll why theory real. How did you fuck your finance you? They don't have an opinion about us. I don't really care. Amen. I don't care. But when it does I don't know how it works, Mariah. When you have no is, is the question going to be posed to me. Unfiltered lesbian. Awesome. We're sitting abreast speaking at Brito doors fit, no you tilt bag so that Brandon can see me, because we're going to be unfiltered. Okay. Was did we do our research before we started interviewing down? Yes. Of course. Okay, I know a lot about, you know, more wasn't the bitch to ask about houses. Give me that. Not so okay remember, I'm going just fucking Grandy. I just wanna I just wanted to fuse myself into the situation like Morgan does into canned of whatever she's trying. I said pass it down. But you can have it I want to eat it whole Canada. I bet you can do the whole gagging thing to get. Like to get you know you have. The guy a little bit to make them feel like they're big when they're not. I don't. Hey guys, it's brandy here. I really hope that you guys are enjoying repulsed drag race and the panel. I think Salvi set me up but we'll talk about that next week. Honestly, I had a jet after the UK and then they forced me to go to France horrible right now just kidding. But I do arrived back on June second, which is Mason's birthday, and we just moved into our place in they come to my house. My boys may Sennar, Jake on Monday, tune third, and I have no groceries. And I'm a loving insta- cart at this moment, even from overseas. I can literally order my groceries to be delivered Monday when I got home, it's that easy on this is saving my life because they want them to feel like it's home, because it's new and I feel like we move a lot and is important that they have other favorite snacks right in that son's weird. But when your mom, you will understand right, try insecure to get your free deliver on your first order to get this limited time offer. Go to insta- car dot com or download the mobile app, and enter our promo code brandy. Get your free and cigar. Delivery today at insta- cart dot com or download the mobile app, and don't forget, enter promo code brandy. A N D. I yes that's insecure dot com or through the mobile app with promo code brand, promo code brandy. Better use it phone. Phone. Okay. From a question for both of you what's been the biggest career highly for both of you? Tell us something that no one knows kinda yet without getting sued or arrested, cutting. The biggest guy for me was the fact that I became friends with mortgage Michaels on. House because you know what do all she has a house? And she let me have a room. No. But seriously, I moved here. Five years ago Morgan was amazing. And then when I broke my neighbor's window L in West Hollywood, she said, bits told you, you should have just moved here. Anyway, in, she gave me a room to live in for a year, and she's been amazing. She's been like a cornerstone of me making it here in West Hollywood in Hollywood period. That's great. Yeah. Great this, my pumpkin and you know what? This bitch is not only the chitlins, our guys swears she is the, the girl. The underground road of drag hardest working woman show business. You know, I like I said, I always feel it you have to give everybody an opportunity, we are sisters from drag race a week, the minute Mariah, and I met, we just got along, and which she she was the best house gas out of all of the draggers girls that have ever lived with me. She's been the best and the cleanest and the drunk est. I are by bar at home, just pleaded so quick. But the shady part was she left empty bottles in the fucking bar. Not at what he would go with water, not, not even that even Brits. But, you know, at Bryn I don't know. I don't know if you're familiar with the south or like the the hood houses, but maybe it soon as you finish bottle of Hennessy bit. You stick on the top of the cabinet guy. It's like everybody read the collection of high 'em liquor on the top of the bar that NC. Let me make some noise. Billy, it's like baby union spin one hundred dollars on a bottle of liquor just for everybody to forget, no spent a hundred dollars on -lica-. Right. We still use the whole crown Royal bags for pocket change. Salvador naira from the eye. So we, we used to do liquor run. So I'm just going to put it out there. We would we didn't have to worry about keeping the bottle, which steal another one. Bell, right? By my favorite moment from lake anything. This happened was meeting Joan Collins. Oh my God. She's my hero. So I got to meet her and I was obsessed getting drag race was like the biggest fucking thing ever. Right. Lake. I got to Joan Collins dressed Joan Collins and that was everything. Yeah. Now in your normal life for both of you, do you don't get up and do make up everyday. Do you guys feel but obviously right now, everyone recognizes you wherever you go because you're in your makeup when you're not near makeup. Does it feel different when you're going around, you look to see people recognize you or did you feel like gay, I have this privacy or is it is it weird because you almost two different people. For myself, considering I'll speak for me Morgan, because she. Because she looks as handsome in-drug, as she does that address. Oh, no. God. No, British guy. I really I really I was in earlier season. So the, the reach of the show was not that bass. And then it was very specific audience. It was thirty to forty to fifty year old gay in older women. And so now we've transcended that. And now we have like children in grandparents. And so I'm very grateful to have more famous friends in like Mariah year. Great. But a door I love you. But no, seriously. I hang out with more famous people than me so that I don't have to worry about it. Mariah on your delta sent you home. Right. Thanks remained. Well, that's what I'm here to do. But also, like I feel like girls now in the currencies know what to do. Once they're off the show. Did you know what to exactly do Alba, because you were so early on. Well season to season three will one through four we didn't brand ourselves. We didn't come into it knowing that we should have a brand coming in with a catchphrase, if you said something that was clever in it. Caught on. It was gray in this. When you knew bitch, I, guess I need to make a sticker out of it. You didn't come in saying. Oh, hi, I'm this. I'm that, and we're all amazing by my merch as become so robotic is become nine so mainstream, which is great, but it's a double edged sword because he's a little. Or right. Yeah. We didn't have that. So I can't even tell y'all how many times people took our deposit money had us booked because there was no reputable management companies. There was no reputable talent agencies, and then the mainstream talent agencies over like you do drag. But what do you do? They looked at us with a blank stare was like, but what do you do? Rich. I do everything I have my dad to own hair. I do my makeup. I can do what the fuck you want me to do. And so, but the hard part earlier on was we had no reputable representation, and that is what I live for about drag races. Because now we have all a whole industry, not only on the business end. But the Arctic in because all the draggers girls, and even girls who aren't on drag race are commissioning artwork pieces in. Getting things done and putting money, infusing money back into our community. And so for me that is the most surprising thing, an exciting thing. It makes y'all can't keep supporting everybody. And I'm drawn. Mortgage experience when you were when you left to show season two. Like look, Mariah said it was such a raw thing you know, a lot of people didn't really know season was thing. They thought season to season one but because they didn't have a filter. But what I went into it. I was a drag Queen, I was never a television star. Never knew what TV was about. I was a fan of television. But again, reality TV was so new, I would end being a drag Queen, and I thought it was, that's what it was gonna be right? And I was fucking surely sorely mistaken, and I didn't understand what it was, but it was such an amazing experience, you caught on quick to figure out what you needed to do because doing drag it a club or van any venue is so different from being on drag race, and any drag Queen, that can see that, like sit at home and be like, oh fuck. What would I do? Like if you sit back and think you have so many minutes to make a costume or you have so many minutes to learn lines. And you're like you think watching TV like bitch kill bad habit. I shut. And then you're on your like. Clog. It's clock that so difficult. Racially with snatch game that was the worst experience of my entire life. I just wanted to publicly apologized to pink. Because it was fucking brutal. It was so bad morgues. It was you know what it was not as bad as Brooklyn heights, though. And I love me some Brooklyn back. God damn. How did you fuck up? Celine. Dion. Right. And milk speaking, speaking of currencies. Do you think that was a real romance between or within a show meant as they call it in big brother between Brooklyn and Banji? I don't care. I. I think it was I bathe EM's me Brooklyn inside of Angie's. So you want to see the pictures. I'm on cameo, you. This kidding. I'm just kidding. Did the DP or DM you or both are both? I wanna ban many both. Why not? But I think the being on an earlier season I feel grateful because I've had so much time to see it. And like I was on season two and then, are you were on one episode of all-stars? But you came back briefly. Yeah. I was on ops longer than I was on fucking all-stars. But little commercials. Lasted long amazing. Is that you placed fifth on all sorts dinner and didn't have to do? All the work. I know. Right. I would have been taught for if that bitch didn't kick me off. No. But I'm grateful that I got to see each season and how it's grown and I'm grateful that it might shit was raw, I'm glad that the fights were just intense like the fight between mystique. And I was so real what about last season? When there were two winners, what did you guys think about that last loved it? I thought it was about time now. That you're gonna pick someone. I know I know for the fans, it was really anticlimactic. Yes. And, but did you think it was fair? What did you say? I wanna hear because if it was worth a laugh, I wanna hear do we have a Mike? Yeah. All right there in the center. No. Yeah. What Intel all up in the Mike tonight? Yes, tell. Like, honestly we really we're not trying to like, if we call you out. We're not trying to be shady. I wanna hear honestly this if I'm gonna be shady, I'm gonna do on my own reconnaissance. So I just want to hear other people's. Questions. Go ahead and go the Mike now and that would be great. 'cause I'm about to pass out. Damn, I know. It's like it's like Instagram throw. No joke. It's not gotten. We still look good. I like I said her dead. But Morgan, this isn't really a question, but more today during the Parada queens, I happen to be on the other side of the glass, and I think you bring up all the different queens to the window and showing their appreciation to the fans was awesome. Thank you. And I think it shows that you remember where you came from always, and that the fans are the ones that make you and I think that that's wonderful. So say very much. Thank you. I always think like if you could make a little bit more special for people late, you can't. And I know some of those girls like why the fuck are you bringing me up to this glass tour, but I don't let them ask questions really high because they're afraid of me. And I like that. Okay. And I'm really not anyone maybe. Hello, I'm pretty rainy. Brandy will you ever go back douse lives? I think. I'm sorry. On the next step Assode. I think the one after that because is so boring in your great TV. So I need a. Okay. I do have to say, I watch housewives at ID to understand how long the go to drag out the fuck and adopted dog thing that is so funny. The dog has lived indict. The only live for so fucking long anyway, and that motherfucker is dead. But great question I would love to see this fish back on TV. Thank you. Okay. I do have to say that I- door the fact that you have we Lawrence. I know it ruptured ankle yesterday's so popping up, you fractured ankle. That's up or the one that you're on. Will you never know either way? Of. He'll and a scooter you're my favorite person. Yeah. Got a row is for Brady. Go legend fell. All in him up like your lesson. Sorry. I paid off like what he can Sacramento name, your book signings, Sacremento. And my dad wasn't talking to me and shit sucked. But I requested is washing the season. I feel like there's a lot there's always policy ports, you, but watching the season like see tile mind about somebody peed in the kit in the pool are on the grass seem like all this hypocrisy. How does that make you? You're always targeted as just the new girl at whatnot, and they always pick the stupidest shit, and I just wanted to that feels like watching it back. It's really funny because Denise and I were talking about that. And she had like she thought that maybe it was because I didn't have a husband or a boyfriend and they were treating me like I wanted their men or something like get her out of this group, which I don't want. I'm doing fine. But I like I look looking back, maybe that was it or maybe they didn't like to hear the truth, this just before like oh, you know, you're so dramatic or so this MC. No. When you tell someone the truth, they don't wanna hear it. They freak out so drama. Does it just if they don't find me, we're just lying to me, if you get? But anyways, thank you, and I respect your situation so much. And I loved, you, I watched you, you were killed. See me rolling high. Her. I Ryan love you think you're super fears Morgan way to be true champ line. You know, sticking to your guns during your all-stars rhinos incredible. He'll questions for brandy brandy, you're awesome. Do you do you not believe that Lisa vantage leaked the raider online story? I know that. So when I know these very fucking well she she can pass a lie detector because she herself didn't do it. She told somebody else to do it. So when kid that just how she rolls like she never has anything fall back on her. She is a very smart. But I feel like they should we shift Singlish, though. She's very, she's very incredibly smart strategic like those. Like those. Even drunk. Yeah. No, I definitely she was behind one thousand percent. Guys standing. Hugh. It's fucking wanted. I wanna lick your coat, denim jacket. Is it Denna right here, right here? Fate ahead. Okay. Okay. Focus. Years. So. What made you to whatever you're on. I need you to cough in my mouth. Of brady. I love you. Yes. Housewife question. What's the tea with you, and Kyle? Because I know you guys are falling again, Instagram. Yeah. My god. We've made up we we always got along. The only reason we didn't get along because I was always trying to protect Kim. I got in the family drama. And I didn't really know their history, and I feel like it was it was under something I'm not doing again. So I'm friends with Kim. Separately. I'm friends with Kyle separately when they have drama, I'm like, oh, I don't know. I don't wanna know anything. Our kids are the same age or little Lun. And we, we have the same fucking PO box. So I see the bitch. So unlike. I mean I really do like her. I think she looks better than ever. Got a facelift of Seitz. Make sure that you don't get the same thing from neiman's as the girl. They're all they're probably not really buying it. They're just getting a stylus to give. I only okay that was trying to pull it out. But as you said, a lot of the girls. Only reason I think it when I was doing celebrity apprentice Kenya. More all of her clothes at tags. Wow. I was like why you don't your tag is showing we weren't friends or so lot. But I wish her well, though, I really do. I really do. I don't know if they all have as much money as we think they have. Actually, a lot of the house is were actually wives. I was. No. That was pointed at you I wasn't doing a will with you right now. It wasn't pointed at you. But I kind of baffles me, I'm like there was like the franchise of housewives. I was like a lot of Dayton. No, it really breeds divorces, a lot of them were married on the show and they got divorced. And then they went crazy 'cause they got divorced, another single and dating. Yeah. Watch it watch it. As that thing was the gag for a lot of the Atlanta girls. A lot of the rule a lot of the real housewives of privilege Honey would not go or touch it because baby it would show where they got money. Oh. Question question guy. I just wanted to say to Morgan. I just think you are a class act. I'm especially from what she had brought up and you allow drag queens, good. Definitely. Learn a lot from you and to brandy I have a question for you, and one from Ryo, and it's my birthday. Say cheese. What day the twenty fifth thirty twenty. Wow. Okay. Have you? I love thank you. Brand-new. Did you vote for Ross or Marissa's? Thank you. I think it was on TV. I right. Yeah. What did I do? I forgot shoe said I with their audience, and Randy walked out like this to me. And then she goes, I'm voting for the shade. It's player in the game. I'm voting for us. Yeah. Oh, shaded. But he played the game the best. And I love Mersa. I still taunt Marisa. I'm I still harass but not that much. Actually just text both of us double taxes. Not. Really? No. He we talk all the time and pretend to know both of them. And Mariah, I hear what it'd be. A house of someone I learned about the houses from my girl there, I did not know about the houses. Oh, yeah. The will okay, just just who it for anybody who doesn't know what we're referencing as far as the house is concerned, the houses are in reference point of ballroom houses. If, if you've seen pose if you've ever seen or burning gang Paris's burning that is the birthplace of vet culture and a lot of times designers in dancers choreographers have taken our, our inspiration and made it their own without giving credit. So we are evolving house of Balenciaga, and you can look anything up about ballroom, culture. It was born out of Harlem, New York, and I strongly, suggest, you look it up educate yourself because it is kind of the battery this given energy to a lot of pop culture now. A lot of yes. Saying slayings everything that y'all are spouting off here at this convention was given birth to out of ballroom, culture. They're young. Paris is burning. Please watch it on the great part of our history. And as Marie said like what we kind of us now had Brita earlier, I'm gonna give birth later. Oh, like. And then I just have one, actually, I gave birth just a minute ago. Okay, birthday boy, has one more question are more question for Mariah. Would you go on an all sorts of the ask you, I feel like you've had a longtime of, of growth and from what we've seen on, like the videos of while presents stuff. You definitely have what it takes. Well, I'm I'm excited to be always be a participant of anything that would've under dies because it gives me a practice to be a commentator in do other things that I wanna do add have to be super to turn. It up turn down turn anyway around. At this stage of the game. There's a lot of girls require five there's a lot of beautiful girls. Have come to the to the doors drive race. I'd be happy if they long story short, if they asked me, I would be happy to. Hi. This question is for Morgan, Michael's. Can you carpet a little bit about thought process between you and your the queen's and off starts? Three shows. Trixie over Janjia. See most controversial ever. Tells the BTF Morgan tells the BT s. Well, you know, the way we voted what we didn't know, revolting that was, you know, pop surprise, which I think was great because it keeps you on your toes and almost. Makes I think a lot of drag queens are not responsible for the actions that they have. And they, they do, whether it's on drag race or not, like, there are no consequences for drag queens, because they can do and say whatever they like, and they think they can get away with it. And this is true to form all across the board. Like we see people in their behavior online. We see their behavior in person, and you're like, wow, where the consequences. So I think that was a great twist by rupaul to be like will, now the people that you fucked over or eliminated will be the judge of what you're about. You know where the jury we're gonna decide who gets up into the thing. So when I had left the second time. Still play spit. The I'm not bitter. I'm better. Therapist is. So when we, we had come back, and we were told that we were the jury, every girl were sat in front of us, and they told us there can of story, they can gave us the reason why they wanted to win. And for me the way I voted it was simply because of the way Kennedy and Trixie portrayed it to be no. Yeah. No BB I'm sorry, who the fuck did. I won't for. No, I didn't vote for BB and Kennedy as she didn't vote for Trixie. Oh, I have no problem which just didn't vote for her. No. And that's just that's just the way I thought maybe delivered a great package from what I saw at. I wasn't there long enough. So, you know, but I the way she came across the story, I loved it, and Kennedy, one meal period, every time I saw lip sank ever to was just amazing. So that's the way I voted, and there was a lot of malice from other people, I'm quite sure, because when pride and ego get in your way than rupaul, drag race becomes the enemy, or rupaul becomes the enemy because you didn't win, you will fuck her that. It was editing. That's pride. And ego speaking if you really look at it. Yes, I went home for a stars. Those middle names. But I did go home, I on all stars but I still got on all stars. If you look at it from a different perspective, and I still got another chance to Jecht my career with life with a whole new set of fans who the fuck is mortgage cycles is about perspective in, even when Pearl said to, you know, the press, and she said, well, rupaul said, save it for the camera. You can look at that two ways, you know, you look at it lake will save for the camera, 'cause add to your story, or you can look at the report looked at it. Everything is about perspective. So nothing bad came from anybody voting the way they did. That's true. Why words from this Morgan make Mike, what it's clear thinking it is clear thinking, and its objective facts. But if you're if you're self effacing and guess I'm not the nicest person in the world end fucking I think everybody could agree of. But who I am, as a person outside of draggers is completely different? You know I that's who I am when it comes to competition. I'm cutthroat, not don't give a fuck. That's why like feel haircuts should make so apologies for who. She is. Yeah, like fake. Thank you. God. No, high sleety. Did you take your shoes off after you mother with her broken ankle? Pushed you around all day and her wheelchair. This is short short Jeff. Hard time because I love you question for all of. What was your guys spirit look from the season from this season, allegedly fish penis? Yakushi blended the penis in with her out foul of the that e yeah. I get. Yeah. It was kind of fabulous. But I also like, like Brooklyn's everything in curious everything a curious. I wanna rob a curious closet, so hard. Let's doing. Well, I don't know. I'm honestly, when the sign came up, MRs VH one, you have to pay for this after this. Did you guys all get that too? It was like flashing is not going to have your channel anymore, like I'm not fucking paying for anything more. So I don't know. Maria. I had this in the middle. I told Salvador Micheals. I text are they joking like I've always got VH one for free. I'm not adding my cable Bill is allow already. No, no shave. I'll watch it on my internet jam. I got kids. I got shit. Go on VH one dot com. Watch the you can watch the, the aura. Ashley what you can do and also moving right now. And I'm going to, like, I have a life, but I will I will watch it. When I go to watch the damn show is one hour week. I'm not asking you to subscribe to the bible Grandy. Randy gets what every every month every month for only three ninety nine a month. You can subscribe to hours, plus up late nickel, and dime. Well, it's not diamond a lot of people have got into comfortable getting dragged content for free. So y'all go to while presents plus span four dollars. It is one Cup of mother fucking coffees thought being stingy. And if you don't want to subscribe to that, a by another ho single for ninety nine mother, fucking sense, right? All right. Alcan clan. On. I'm going to respond. What was the question that they asked? They season the favorite eleven favorite looks my favorite looks is definitely sugarcane and her purple. And her handsome features a live. Damn. I know. She's very handsome person. No, she's very beautiful. And I live for that look. And I actually wanted it to I was kind of I'm only being bitter because I wanted it. And then who else Anjar season one season one? Okay. Little off topic. But miro's. They said my favorite looks outs eleven on eleven okay? There's a chance that I don't have to wear a wig your. It's blurry that we go never mind. Turn it back over to you. Brandy. Oh, don't shame him. Sorry. You're good. Okay, good. Thank you. Colonic hunan. What she went in. It was it was. You didn't see that on top of that. Shop is definitely empty. I'll say that, okay? Don't get. Hey guys, I just moved to any place and my eldest, son got the small room. So I had to make up for it. So I went to swing key badger dot com, and he got him this gorgeous watch and on the not the face the back of the face. I and e c which is a recipient but see is it's SE's. I've not met its math. He's a mess and his rotary sixteen and none of thousand nineteen and he loved it is the most gorgeous thing ever. And, you know, he's like except in this room at this point, which I love him myself. So thank you. Thank you. Badger is the best thing for gifts for any man in your life, dad's grads father's day's coming up. Get your man something get your get your baby daddy, something you can go in create your own personalized fathers, the gift today by going through swanky badger dot com forward slash brandy. Ten percent off your first purchase. That's Winky badger dot com for slash brandy and make sure to check out the video of all those guys crying. It's honestly, this week you'll ever see. That's one key badger dot com forward slash Randy. Salvador, thank you. Honestly, these watches are the loves of my life at this point. I've made to men. Very happy. I got one for Thursday. That's a whole nother story. But check it out on key badger dot com. Okay. I have a question. Yes. Who is single on the panel. 'cause I'm recently single brandies, then through public voice. Okay. Morgan. Are you single? Dating a new guy. Great seems Eddie, Eddie. I I kill an rhymes. I had to fucker. What I want is some like drag Queen dating advice. 'cause I'm you to this world. It's been a decade since I've been out in the world doing this. So I think it'd be fun to get some dry-cleaned dating device. I think that you need to find someone that does not watch television under any circumstances. Really? But not even drag racer ninety nine. Well percents, plus no. But datings interesting because I had a partner during season two. Yes. And I hadn't before season two and then he's about he loved being on the Norman. He loved being in front of the cast. Why not that I didn't trust him because I trusted billion. But then when I was on stage he would doing other things that I didn't particularly care for by that's perspective. Again. That was that was younger. And I just had different ideas of what I thought it was supposed to be right. And then I met my partner, six years in August will be together. He knew me as Morgan and didn't want to come out to the shows didn't want to be seen didn't still doesn't really like to be seen. But he does on my hair. Fuck look great. Best of both worlds. I g as that he so trustworthy. I love him to death. And he's just, you know, he loves great guy. I love Hassan. Like, I know her amaze me. Yeah. Aren't they all always always? Call him her husband, but you know that's a little premature, but I think that he's such a great partner for her. But as much as he annoys me because he's so kind. So kind, and I just I'm so simple to the point of nausea, MO ways wrong. And it's like we talk to him you feel bad for talking to him because we're like meal. And but if you are going to date, a drag Queen, make sure that you separate the Queen from the man. Yeah, yeah, you know what I'm saying if they if that's how the dentist date me to do that as. Yeah. Separate the Queen come the meme. Well, I. Well, I'm real safe leaving my panel. You've best. Hi, thanks. So in my angel okay, I'm single and available. So I think after this, there's been a lot of tension between me, I'm brandy and I think I might just is her beautiful. I do. Go down for it. I saw us all your lip color. Not shaved. And let's not good, actually. No shame. It actually is good for me. I like the extra prickly tickle in my butt. Beautiful by your but. But if you do data drag Queen get, get to know the person outside of the persona because they are two different people. And I think a lot of people do fall in love with the Queen, and they love the attitude of the Queen, and how they present. But the boy is I'm completely different as a man, as I as I am a woman, I do not I bake the fair. Do you really you look exactly the same way? Damn. Well, you know, when you are this beautiful, and you really cross gender lines, it becomes a theory own fantasy and I Don goddess, like things I have a serious question because you've both of you. It's hard that they should have a half circle secrete, I'll see each other, but I'm not in charge. Now, I know that one time more than once that little county like that. I can't okay let you be careful what I say here, there's been girls on the show that have taken off their penises. Right. No. Because there have been there have been. There are transgendered women on the show on the show. Right. But that as nothing to do with their genitalia. Okay. But, but there's some that I think any I don't, I don't personally know. But I don't think that that's what I'm saying. It doesn't matter. It's like about what if you have had the surgery or not, I don't think so Tanner's entertainer across the board, and it doesn't matter what has what is it between your legs? If you don't have to put on a fucking show, put on a fucking show. You don't have to pay. You don't have to pay pain, who cares. I was I, I was. I'm sorry. Brandon wit is the specific question. Well, that was it like is that someone mad? If somebody else has the surgery, I that's the question does that make any sense, will, I, I will say this 'cause. In context, because I think I know the question that you're actually, okay? Help me and you can. You can correct me if I'm wrong. I'm gay. So the question the question is with drag race transgender individuals, being included in the compass controvercial. Yes, it is. And that's like was that the question. Yes. Thank you. Okay. Where do I stand on that for me? I think that rupaul has created a John created a competition show for her genre of drag, which is male transitioning into a female allusion. Okay. And I think that it is validated and it's fine. And I enjoyed the fact that it is a male turning into a Nile allusion. Now. Do I feel that everybody should be excluded drag absolutely not? But see the thing is. Rupaul created a John, Russia and a competition show for her genre of drag. And the thing I think is constantly getting confused is everybody wants to especially online online ask great. Oh, it's so good. Rupaul is all of a sudden, transphobic. I love Royal all this in all that. And I'm like, no love he's sticking to what he started, and he created a channel and opportunity for his John r- of drag. He's not unvetted like not validating any other form of drag. He saying I created this for right? What I do. And now that it's become mainstream and I wanna make this very clear. Yeah. Now that it's become mainstream. And I'm gonna keep it light on a lot of the, the naysayers of along with my transistors. The fat that is become mainstream. Everybody feels titled to a piece of the pie that they didn't help bake, right? Stop. That is, is great. Nobody saying, hey, why don't we create a TRAN bay when we were doing drag and competitions in pageants? Trans had a premium above boy, dry queens. I just want to know that just in case y'all aren't familiar with the pageant's scene. They had there was a premium with the girls who had implants in the girls, and there's a lot of people who transitioned or got a body Augmon tation to compete because that was the edge that they got rupaul created a place where you didn't have to have body augment you didn't have to have body obligation to compete in become successful. So now. That's so unfortunate. Go on because I read this comes with my melanin. I'm good. But I want everybody to know that is not about the fact that she doesn't want somebody to be a part of this, or it's like equal, but separate, she created for her genre of drag an opportunity, where there, nobody is protesting the all trans pageants. Nobody's protesting that in Mariah Balenciaga to compete against trans in Thailand, nobody's doing that. So it's like we rupaul I'm sorry. I'm gonna on the backup 'cause I'm passionate about because this is something that was created for boy, boy, drag queens or male, female male, whatever it's all. I get so frustrated with everything is so dissecting. But if this is very controversial guys. That's why you have this opinion, and then, but nobody protests anything that was offered to exclusive trans before this opportunity. Now that it's profitable. Everybody feels like they're entitled to a moment of it, where we're will. Where was everybody three years ago for years ago, five years ago, ten years ago when everybody was reading all of us calling us boys in wigs? Let's just call it out now. It's popular. And now everybody wants a part of it. I feel like with the growth of our community in the Moore accepting the acceptance that we've gained as gay men, I think it's our duty to incorporate that into the b g t q park, you know. And I think that I would like to see. Rupaul drag race. Incorporate trans women as queens, we've had our girls on all stars. You know, we've had our Jia in, you know, a lot of girls did transition afterwards were transitioning during but Asia because she was mean. Yes, I did watch that was just gone. But I also think that if you are like Mariah said gonna protest rupaul, why aren't you protesting pose because they only have, you know, trans women on their pose yet. Impose does because there's no drag queens on post, who there's a large Accoring. They have employed. I guess what I mean like main, I mean like main stars but you know was good for the goose good for the gander, right? So we're gonna protest one thing. Why not protest the other? Let's had her test. Yeah. Well, you know, I think that there's room and I think with the larger we get Paul's drag race. I wanna see more personally. I would love to see a bio Queen on their you know, it doesn't I have. Breastplate on what difference, does it make if I have a breast late and you have breasts their stink. There is an odor. Okay. We're gonna we're gonna have to wrap it up or we go can we get a quick housewives tagline for both of you guys? What would it be Morgan? I looked pretty good for vets. Mariah. In a room full of tans. I'm always grand prize. Much better than I wanna thank Bev wines. Wine made by women and pavement pavement is like Airbnb for cars and LA. And where can they boots go by Arrowhead water? Booth sixty no one by all their things Maria, thirteen forty two the Mickey's booth with all the fine Gogos. Yeah. And if you do come to my booth, I have nipples free nibbles waters, nipples and Africa giveaway stuff. Yeah. And don't forget to listen download and rate, unfiltered, on straw, media confined, it wherever podcasts are available. You can follow brandy Glanville at brandy Glenville on Instagram. Follow me at Silas. Salvador and scrimping sky. Thank you. Here. I really appreciate about other. Paddler. Thanks for listening to brandy Glanville unfiltered download new episodes every week. And if you haven't already subscribe, and be sure to leave us a rating and review, and while you're at it check out some of the other great shows available on straw hut media. What the one thing Rupe hall, brandy having common. I mean those ladies both have flawless skin, and they both hate looking for parking in LA. So do I. So we both have discovered pavement super easy to use find a parking space ahead of your trip and plan your date. Right. Don't get there late. Don't be a scrubbing their late. Get there on time payment is a website in an app that helps you find parking all over LA from Venice beach to Hollywood LAX to the Coliseum pavement. Let's find the perfect space and reserve it right. From your phone. Just like everything else, one an easier way to get to the pride festival here in LA this year celebration of pride. We're giving fifteen dollars off parking with promo code pride nineteen when us pavement that's p r e one nine you can download payment in the app store or visit them online at pavement dot com slash search and look for West Hollywood because that's the epicenter. Again, that's p a e. N T dot com slash search. Mint like freshly minted money. Honey, one more time. Search for West Hollywood park at pavement dot com slash search and use promo code pride nineteen pavement. P A. V E, M, I N, T dot com slash search or download pavement on the app store. They told me to say arrive happier, but you know what I'm gonna say arrive gear.

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Characteristics, by Thomas Carlyle

Harvard Classics

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Characteristics, by Thomas Carlyle

"Characteristics by thomas carlyle the healthy no not of their health but only the sick. This is the physician's aphorism and applicable in a far wider. Since then he gives we may say it holds no lesson moral intellectual political poetical. Then in nearly corporeal therapeutics that wherever or in what whoever powers of the sort which can be named vital artwork herein lies the test of their working right or working wrong in the body for example as all doctors are agreed. The first condition of complete health is that each organ performance function unconsciously unheated let but any organ announce its separate existence. Were eaten boastfully and for pleasure. Not for pain then already has one of those unfortunate false centers of sensibility established itself already derangement. There the perfection of bodily. Well being is that the collective bodily activities seem one and be manifested moreover not in themselves but in the action they accomplish if a doctor kitchener boast that his system is in high order. Dietetic philosophy may indeed take credit but the true petition was that countrymen who answered that for his part he had no system in fact unity agreement is always silent or soft voiced it is only discord that loudly proclaims itself so long as the several elements of life all fiddly adjusted can pour forth their movement like harmonious tuned strings. It is a melody and unison. Life from its mysterious fountains flows out as in celestial music india basin which also like that other music of the spheres even because it is perennial and complete without interruption and without imperfection might be fabled to escape the ear thus to in some languages is the state of health. Well denoted by term expressing unity when we feel ourselves as we wish to be. We say that we are whole few mortals it is to be feared are permanently blessed with that felicity of having no system nevertheless most of us looking back on years may remember seasons of alight aerial translucent and elasticity perfect freedom. The body had not yet become the prison house of the soul. But was it's vehicle and implement like a creature of the thought and altogether planet to its bidding. We knew not that we had limbs we only lifted hurled and leaped through an ear and all avenues of sense came clear unimpeded tidings from without and from within issued. Clear victoria's force. We stood in the center of nature giving and receiving in harmony with at all unlike virgils husband too happy because we did not know our blessedness in those days. Health and sickness were foreign traditions. That did not concern us. Our whole being was as yet won. The whole man like an incorporated will such were arrest or ever successful labor. The human lot might life continue to be a pure perpetual unregarded music a beam of perfect white rendering all things visible but itself unseen even because it was a perfect whiteness and no irregular obstruction had yet broken into colors. The beginning of inquiries disease all science if we consider well as it must have originated in the feeling of something being wrong. So it is and continues to be but division dismemberment and partial healing of the wrong thus as was of old written the tree of knowledge springs from a root of evil and bears. Fruits of good and evil had adam remained in paradise. There had been no anatomy and no metaphysics but as the philosopher declares life itself is a disease a working incited by suffering action from passion. The memory of that i state of freedom and parody psych unconsciousness has faded away into an ideal poetic dream. We stand here too conscious of many things with knowledge the symptom of derangement. We must even do our best to restore a little order. Life is in few instances and at rare intervals. The diocesan of a heavenly melody often the fierce jarve disruptions and convulsions. Which do what we will. There is no disregarding nevertheless such as still the wish of nature on our behalf in all vital action her manifest purpose and effort is that we should be unconscious of it and like the peptic countryman never know that we have a system for indeed vital action everywhere is emphatically a means not an end. Life is not given us for the mere sake of living but always with an ulterior external aim. Neither is it on the process on the means but rather on the result that nature is any of her doings is won't to entrust us with insight and volition boundless as is the domain of man it is but a small fractional proportion of it that he rules with consciousness and by forethought what he can contrive. Nee what he can altogether no and comprehend is essentially the mechanical small the greatest ever in one sense or other the vital it is essentially the mysterious and only the surface of it can be understood let nature. It might seem strives. Like a kind mother to hide from us even this that she is a mystery she will have a rest on her beautiful and awful bosom as if it were a secure home on the bottomless boundless. Deep were on all human things fearfully and wonderfully swim. She will have us walk and build as if the film which supported us there which any scratch of a bear botkin we'll rent asunder any sputter of a pistol shot instantaneously burn up. Were no film but a solid rock foundation forever in the neighborhood of an inevitable death man can forget that he is born to die of his life. Which strictly meditated contains in it an immensity. And an attorney he can conceive lightly as of a simple implement wherewith to do day labor and earn wages so cunningly does nature the mother of all highest art which only eights her from afar body fourth the finite from the infinite and guide man safe on his wondrous path. Not more by endowing him with vision then at the right place with blindness under all her works chiefly under her noblest work life liza basis of darkness which she'd been intimately conceals in life to the roots and inward circulations which stretched down fearfully to the regions of death and night shall not hint of their existence and only fair stem with its leaves and flowers shown by the fair son shall disclose itself and joyfully grow however without venturing into the abstruse or too eagerly asking why and how in things were answer must needs proof in great part. An echo of the question let us be content to remark farther in the merely historical way how the efforts of the bodily physician holds good and quite other departments of the soul with her activities. We shall find it no less true than of the body. Nee cry the spiritualists is not that very division of the unity man into a dual ism of soul and body itself the symptom of disease as perhaps your frightful theory of materialism of his being but a body and therefore at least once more a unity maybe the paroxysm which was critical and the beginning of cure but omitting this we observe with confidence enough that the truly strong mind view at his intellect as morality or under any other aspect is no is the mind acquainted with its strength that here's before the sign of health is unconsciousness in our inward as in our outward world. What is mechanical lies open to us. Not what is dynamical. And vitality of our thinking we might say it is but the mere upper surface that we shape into articulate fox underneath the region of argument and conscious discourse lies the region of meditation here in it's quiet mysterious depths dwells. What vital force in us here. If i was to be created and not merely manufactured and communicated must the work go on manufacturers intelligible but trivial creation is great and cannot be understood thus if the debater demonstrator whom we may rank is the lowest of truth thinkers knows what he has done and how he did it. The artist whom we rank as the highest knows not must speak of inspiration and in one or the other dialect call his work the gift of a divinity but on the whole geniuses ever secret to itself of this old truth we have on all sides daily evidence. The shakespeare takes no heirs for writing. Hamlet and the tempest understands not that. It is anything surprising. Milton again is more conscious of his faculty which accordingly is an inferior one on the other hand. What cackling and strutting must we not often hear and see when in some shape of academical pollution maiden speech review article this or the other well fledged goose has produced. It's goo- say of quite measurable value. Were at the pink of its whole kind and wonders why all mortals do not wonder foolish enough to was the college tutors. Surprise at walter shanty. How though unread and aristotle he could nevertheless argue and not knowing the name of any dialectic tool handled them all to perfection. is it the skillful anatomist. That cuts the best figure. Sadler's wells or does the boxer hit better for knowing that he has a flex longest and affleck's her bevis let indeed as the higher case of the poet so here in that as the speaker and enquirer. the true force is an unconscious won the healthy understanding we should say is not the logical argumentative but the intuitive for the end of understanding is not approve and find reasons but to know and believe of logic and its limits and uses and abuses. There were much to be said and examined one fact which chiefly concerns us. Here has long been familiar. That the man of logic and the man of insight the reasoner and the discover or even noar are quite separable indeed most part quite separate characters in practical matters for example has it not become almost proverbial that the man of logic cannot prosper. This is he whom business people call systematic theorize her and word monger. His vital intellectual force lies dormant or extinct. His whole force is mechanical conscious of such a one. It is foreseen that when confronted with the infinite complexities of the real world. His little compact theorem of the world will be found wanting that unless he can throw it overboard and become a new creature he will necessarily founder. Nee in near speculation itself the most ineffectual of all characters generally speaking is your dialectic man at arms where he armed cafe pie in silla justic male of proof and perfect master of logic fence. How little does it avail him. Consider the old school men and their pilgrimage towards truth. The faithful endeavor incessant unworried motion often great natural vigour only no progress nothing but antic feats of one limb poised against the other they balanced somerset and made postures at best gyrated swiftly with some pleasure like spinning dervishes and ended where they began. So is it so will it always be with all system makers and builders of logical car castles of which classes certain remnant must every age as they do in our own survive and build. Logic is good. But it is not the best the irrevocable doctor with his chains of induction his corollaries dilemmas and other cunning logical diagrams and apparatus will cast you a beautiful horoscope and speak reasonable things. Nevertheless your stolen jewel which you wanted him to find. You is not forthcoming often by some winged word wing. Does the thunderbolt is of a luther. And napoleon a lotta. Shall we see the difficulty split. A asunder and secretly bear while the irrevocable with all his logical tools hughes it and hovers around it and finds it on all hands too hard for him foolish enough to was the college tutor. Surprise at walter shandy how though unread aristotle he could nevertheless argue and not knowing the name of any dialectic tool handled them protection. Is it the skillfulness. Anatomist that cuts the best figure at sadler's wells or does the boxer hit better for knowing that he has a flexible long distance and affleck's or bevis let indeed as in the higher case of the poet so here in that as the speaker and enquirer. the true force is an unconscious won the healthy understanding. We should say is not the logical argumentative but the intuitive for the end of understanding is not to prove and find reasons but to no end believe of logic and its limits and uses and abuses. There were much to be said and examined one fact however which chiefly concerns us here has long been familiar that the man of logic and the man of insight the reasoner and the discover or even noar are quite separable indeed for most part quite separate characters in practical matters for example has it not become almost proverbial that. The man of logic cannot prosper. This is he whom business people call systematic and irizar and word under his vital intellectual force lies dormant or extinct. His whole force is mechanical conscious of such a one. It is foreseen that when once confronted with the infinite complexities of the real world. His little compact theorem of the world will be found wanting that unless he can throw it overboard and become a new creature he will necessarily founder. Nee in near speculation itself the most ineffectual of all characters generally speaking is your dialectic man at arms where he cafe pine logistic male of proof and perfect master of logic fence. How little does it avail him. Consider the old school men and their pilgrimage towards truth. The faithful endeavor incessant unworried motion often great natural vigor. Only no progress. Nothing but antic feats of one limb poised against the other they'd balanced somerset and made postures at best gyrated swiftly with some pleasure like spinning dervishes and ended where they began. So is it so will it always be with all system makers and builders of logical card castles of which classes certain remnant must in every age as they do in our own survive and build. Logic is good. But it is not the best the irrevocable doctor with his chains of induction his corollaries dilemmas and other cunning logical. Diagrams and apparatus will cast you a beautiful horoscope and speak reasonable things nevertheless your stolen jewel which you wanted him to find you is not forthcoming often by some winged word winged does the thunderbolt is of luther and napoleon at gerda shall we see the difficulty split asunder and its secret laid bare while the irrevocable with all his logical tools use it and hovers around it and finds it on all hands too hard for him again in the difference between oratory and rhetoric as indeed everywhere in that superiority of what is called the natural over the artificial we find a similar illustration the order persuades and carries all with him. He knows not how the rhetorician can prove that. He ought to have persuaded and carried all with him. The one is in a state of healthy unconsciousness as if he had no system the other in virtue of regimen and dietetic. Punctuality feels at best that his system is in high order so stands it in short with all the forms of intellect whether as directed to the finding of truth or to fit imparting thereof to poetry to eloquence to depth of insight which is the basis of both these always. The characteristic of right performance is a certain spontaneity and unconsciousness. The healthy no not of their health. But only the sick. So that the old precept of the critic as crabby does it looked to his ambitious disciple might contain in at a most fundamental truth applicable to us all and in much else than literature. Whenever you have written any sentence that looks particularly excellent. Be sure to block it out in like manner under milder phraseology and with a meaning purposely much wider. A living thinker has taught us of the wrong. We are always conscious of the right. Never but if such is the law with regard to speculation and the intellectual power of man much more is it with regard to conduct and the power manifested there in which we name moral. Let not by left hand. Know what the right hand doeth whisper not to own heart. How were these this action for then. It is already becoming worthless. The good man is he who works continually in well-doing to whom well-doing is is is natural existence awakening. No astonishment requiring no commentary. But they're like a thing of course and as if it could not be so self contemplation on the other hand is infallibly the symptom of disease the it or b. Not the sign of cure an unhealthy. Virtue is one that consumes itself to leanness in repenting anxiety or still worse than inflates itself into tropical boastful. Nece and vainglory either way. There's a self seeking and unprofitable looking behind us to measure the way we have made whereas the sole concern is to walk continually forward and make more way if in any sphere of man's life then in the moral sphere as the in most and most vital of all. It is good. That there'd be wholeness that there'd be unconsciousness which is the evidence of this. Let the free reasonable will which dwells in us as in our holy of holies the indeed free and obeyed like a divinity as it is right and it's effort the perfect obedience will be the silent one such perhaps we're the sense of that maxim enunciating as usual but the half of a truth to say that we have a clear conscience is to utter asala schism had we never sinned. We should have had. No conscience were defeat. Unknown neither would victory be celebrated by songs of triumph. This true enough is an ideal impossible state of being yet ever the goal towards which are actual state of being strives which it is the more perfect the nearer it can approach nor in our actual world where labor must often prove ineffectual and vest in all senses. Light alternate with darkness and the nature of an ideal morality. Be much modified is the case thus far materially different. It is a fact which escapes no-one that generally speaking who so is acquainted with his worth has but a little stock to cultivate acquaintance with above all the public acknowledgement of such acquaintance indicating that it has reached quite an intimate footing bodes. Ill already to the popular judgment. He talks about virtue in the abstract begins to be suspect. It is surely guest that were. There's great preaching. There will be little ons giving or again on a wider scale. We can remark that. Ages of heroism are not ages of moral philosophy virtue when it can be philosophized of has become aware of itself is sickly. Beginning to a spontaneous habitual all pervading spirit of chivalrous valor shrinks together and perks itself up into shriveled points of honour humane courtesy and nobleness of mine dwindle into punctilious politeness avoiding meets. Hang tai of mint and anna's neglecting the weightier matters of law. Goodness which was rule to itself must now appeal to precept and seek strength from sanctions. The free will no longer reigns unquestioned and by divine right but like amir earthly sovereign by expediency by rewards and punishments or rather. Let us say the free will so far as maybe has abdicated and withdrawn into the dark and a spectrum nightmare of necessity usurps. It's thrown for now. That mysterious self impulsive a home in heaven inspired and in all senses partaking of the infinite being catch asli questioned in a finite dialect and answering as it needs must by silence is conceived as non extant and only the outward mechanism of it remains acknowledged volition except as the synonym of desire. We hear nothing of motives without any mover more than enough so to when the generous affections have become well my paralytic. We have the rain of sentimentality. The greatness the profitable nece at any rate the extremely ornamental nature of high feeling and the luxury of doing good charity love self. Forgetfulness devoted nece and all manner of godlike. Magnanimity are everywhere insisted on and pressingly inculcated in speech and writing in prose and verse sicilian preachers proclaim benevolence to all the four winds and half truth engraved on their watch seals unhappily with little or no effect where the limbs walking order why so much demonstrating of motion. The baroness of all mortals is the sentimentalist. Granting even that he were sincere and did not willfully deceive us or without first deceiving himself. What good is in him. Does he not lie there as a perpetual lesson of despair and type of bedridden valedictorian. Impotence is emphatically a virtue that has become through every fiber conscious of itself. It is all sick and feels as if it were made of glass and durst not touch or be touched in the shape of work. It can do nothing. At the utmost by incessant nursing and coddling keep itself alive as the last stage of all when virtue properly so called has ceased to be practised and become extinct and amir remembrance. We have the of sophists discounting of its existence proving it denying it mechanically accounting for it as dissenters and demonstrators cannot operate till once the body dead. This is true moral genius like true intellectual which indeed is but a lower faces thereof ever secret to itself the healthy moral nature loves goodness and without wonder holy lives in it the unhealthy makes love to it and would fain get to live in it or finding such courtship fruitless turns round and not without contempt abandoned. It these curious relations of the voluntary and conscious to the involuntary and unconscious and the small proportion which in all departments of our life. The former bears a ladder might lead us into deep questions of psychology and physiology such however belong not to our present object enough if the fact itself become apparent that nature so meant it with us that in this wise we are made women. Now say that view man's individual existence under what aspect we will under the highest spiritual as under the merely animal aspect everywhere the grand vital energy while in its sound state is an unseen unconscious one or in the words of our old aphorism the healthy no not of their health but only the sick.

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Autism Awareness Month

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Autism Awareness Month

"Welcome to affording college with Aaron green founder and president of college liftoff. All right. Thanks thirty. So welcome to forty college. I'm Erin greenhouse of affording college and founder of college left off colors. Dav college planning firm. I started to provide solutions for anybody and everybody that's going through college planning has college planning needs. Our mission is to secure teens brightest future and save them and their families thousands of dollars in the process, we work with teams throughout the entire college planning process starting with personalized one on one critic felt and work from there. We find the best schools to match our students chosen career paths and interest then offer support throughout the entire mission's process next, we work with families budgets to find the price that makes the most sense for their kids education all while ensuring it's the right fit today. We are high premier college planning firm, I'm happy to say that where shooting for the world, by the way, and we strive to save time stress and money when it comes to your child's higher education. So that's a little background on myself. And college off my do this podcast. I really wanna offer. Family some salad vice when it comes to planning for college and higher education because there's so much misinformation out there. The purpose of this podcast is to dispel the Mets and misinformation and really help families. So I'm sitting here taking a moment out of our busy schedule of college acceptance offers as we're kind of seeing them role in all over the place so many word letters. We're definitely in the throes of that. And plus it's promises. And so let's say at least high schoolers not exactly focused on college planning at this particular moment, but it is April, and it is autism awareness month. And we really want to shed some light on this topic. I mean, we're we're getting ready to go into the fiftieth anniversary next year and the purpose of autism awareness month is to educate local communities and raise public awareness about autism survey. Like, it's a movement towards really acceptance and appreciation people who are on the autism spectrum Bill, you really want people with autism spectrum disorder to feel valued because they do have special gifts and talents that sometimes go unnoticed by the general public. So great point. So with that I'm here with to my co workers, I'm here with Juliana. Are you doing and here with page? Hey, what's going on much? We're gonna we're gonna talk about this a little bit today in some of the work that we're doing even college lift off to kind of work through with our families. Absolutely. If if you don't take anything away today, I hope you understand is that there's a great fit for everybody in college. And that includes people on the spectrum, and we are just finding great spots for any student comes in who need some additional combinations. And there's no reason to think college is for me. That's absolutely true. It's it's one of those terrible stigmas that we've had for so long that college isn't built for everybody. But there's a version higher education for everybody and working through peace five fours autism at the next level. I it's just like working through any other expertise for be a sport. Whether it be musical instrument. It's just another component to the equation for us that we work through with our families. Absolutely. I mean, we definitely wanna think about fit factors. And fifth factor may be that you need ah dorm room that give has an accessible shower right because you have physical disability. It may mean that you need access to additional time for test taking or you might need a note taker there are lots of different ways that colleges can help accommodate, but there's no reason to think that that your need is. So very different that you can't be accommodated at a school. I think it's important to know that college is really a new experience for everyone. Not just students who have autism are learning differences. So it's pretty frightening. Honestly, I was pretty scared to go to college myself. But currently I'm reading a book that page gave me called parties dorms and social norms by Lisa Meeks, and Tracy Masterson. But it's about safe living for young adults on the spectrum, and they talked about a lot of things. I I honestly wish I would've known just going to college. So that just shows the similarities between. Students who have learning differences and people who are neuro typical that are also going to college they're going through the same things. So we'll take this back to even think about schools and hell that correlates to to students with learning differences droopy told there are schools that deal with better than others. We know that we don't still let that be the driver we still really want proper velopment work to be done and all those things. But in the end, we do wanna find the schools that do offer better accommodations for those students overall. But again, it's just another piece of the criteria in the same way that we're looking for the rat academic situation. You wanna make sure that you're paying the right price for all those things. Exactly, we never wanna send students to program. Just because they've got great accommodations. What we're seeing more and more as that. Every college is recognizing the need for great accommodations for all of their students a variety of levels. Whether it's like, a dedicated cafeteria for students with with food allergies, or whether it's making sure that all of their buildings are acceptable. So that we don't need to move classroom. Around. So that somebody in a wheelchair can take a class that they desperately need to fulfil a major working with a student on the spectrum now, and we looked at musk musk Ingham is a great school, and they have a terrific plus program for students with learning differences. And ultimately, it just wasn't the right fit for this particular student. It didn't really must didn't support the this units major, but not to say that must gingham is integrate fit. But it just reminds us like we would never send a Saito student. Let's go to the school because they've got a great accommodation program. Instead, we're going to find a great fit for your major. And then in addition, we're gonna find you the kind of accommodations that will help you be ultra successful. I think it's even more important for students on the spectrum or who have a learning to France to focus on career development work because generally, they do show amazing SCO in one or more ability domains. So we talk about in our general orientation that there's nine types of intelligences and the United States only tests for logical slash mathematical or lingua. Mystics? And sometimes that's not the case, I who are on the spectrum or have a learning difference. And sometimes that's not the case for just a neuro typical student general hill probably because for. But it really has opened the world up to students with learning differences. It's a very different world. It was even ten twenty thirty years ago in that regard. So, you know, I started my career as a lot of you already know or actually it's the people this table hurting. I started my career in in early intervention. I worked with a Bertha three population in Indiana. And I had a ton of kids who are on the spectrum, and that was really Bevis kind of early stages early dentition for a long time. We assume that we couldn't identify students autism spectrum disorder until they went off to school. And we notice that they were diverging from their peers. But in the time that I was doing early intervention work. We really they were doing much better work at identifying students early. So that we could do the kind of their base that would help them game in a seri- skills to go on to school and be successful. And even then we were having these really positive excited conversations about what we were hoping we would see for these students moving forward and feary rarely did we talk about college or higher education or even like a certificate program. We just we didn't really talk much about employment. What we really talked about was. Let's see if we can. Spend some time in the regular classroom. And now, I mean, the the conversation is just completely flipped around in the last twenty years. So we realized that as long as we build in the supports. That's units need. There's no reason to think that college isn't a possibility that you can't have a great exciting career doing something fun and meaningful and combines your purpose and your passion. So I think for a long time. We did we are notion of work looked more like a sheltered workshop anything. Most people are familiar with those. And now, there's no reason to think that that needs to be the outcome for any of our students. So people come in. They have ideas about what they wanna do. We help them refine those ideas to find the best fit, and then we find a great program that they they can go and who in their skills and go out into the world, all all such great poets. I mean, it really goes back to critic element has to be the driver and at the beginning of this and. Like, we don't have these box jobs anymore, isn't it? In fact, we don't even really use the terms of white collar and blue collar for that regard. I mean, the the sense of what we think of as blue collar probably the higher. And even then they're like multifaceted. You have to really know your ins and outs on computing work. And all these things appending on the job. It's a very different world than it was. And we we hear that all the time. Like, we don't know the jobs are going to be in play and five or ten years today that that's true. There's some things you can still predict all those things, but you know, going back to what you talked about Juliana about how nine different intelligences and mercy today, they're all being put to work. It just really depends on the kid. But this really goes back to okay like as a family. What does some things you have to really remember when you're when you're planning to schools with AP with five or four with autism. How does advocating for yourself really work at this level? What are some things apparently thinking about in that regard? It's important to note that you said as a family because we really want to build the confidence in students with learning differences. But we also tend to forget that parents also have needs, and they are going through this whole. Lst situation with their students with them your entire life through this. Exactly. So when working with students on the autism spectrum I feel like we really needs to help guide. The parents also and help them feel comfortable and help them gain that confidence to send their child off to college. We went the parents to feel competent that their students have become empowered. And once the students are empowered to make their own decisions to advocate for themselves. Then I think the parents feel like yeah. This is definitely a possibility. I think that my kid will go and knock it out of the park. And that's that's what we want for every kid who leaves college liftoff chosen quickies takeaways liquor development be the driver don't be afraid to advocate for your student fund schools that have the proper combinations for student do investigative work you to there s questions everything you need to. But again, make sure the program is best fit for the student and again that just circle back to good solitaire development work anything else. I would add to that. I should add to that. I should say. So I think it's really important that we again too. Students need to be able to self advocate. So they can't go off to college and expect that their parents can do it for them any longer because the reality is once you turn eighteen your parents lose the ability to advocate on your behalf. So it's also important to know that within your K to twelve schooling typically were well known by your teachers by the staff, they sort of new combinations. That you needed to be successful. But moving into college colleges tend to be bigger places, you know, and not every professor is going to be familiar, and they're not going to be kept up to speed by some governing body. So that's why the advocacy is so important, and really helping your students. Learn to advocate for themselves is something we talk about with our current clients and their parents. But you know, it's something honestly that all of our students for apple with right? It's you know, it's part of learning to be independent becoming become an adult. It's just that much more important for students who have a five oh four or an IEP plan living into college. I have first hand experience actually working with learning disability services at Kent state because I suffer from an on and omic disorder. The I'd vote in high school, so while going to stay basically, I would meet with learning disability services each semester and made sure that they reached out to all of my professors to let them know of my condition, and then the combinations I need, but it's really important for the audience listening in to know that you do need to keep in contact with disability services each semester and make sure that you're keeping them up to date with everything that's going on in your life. You have to make sure that would have replaced new setup through. This ability is set up each calendar year. You got that school because things may change again. Like, you said page in versus or big administrators, come and go, and this and the other. So you wanna make sure that those same things are set up for yourself every single year that you're there, honestly, it'd be great. And that's the thing about this that. Whether be learned difference whether be autism. It's not a hindrance at the next level anymore. At the end of the at the end of the year colleges have to explain just how many other freshman they've managed to retain. And so it's really it behooves college right without using the word behooves moves a college to support the students moving forward right to make them successful. So when you come into college, it's important to ask for the combinations. That you give you need to be successful. And typically the colleges will will do what they deem reasonable. Because ultimately at the end of the air. They wanna make sure that you stand board and that you come back the following air. I haven't seen the school get that won't be honest with you with what they can. Or can't do at this point. Again. That's why uses another piece of criteria when you're looking for schools, not the sole one. But another piece of it because you do want to make sure that they do know what they're doing because you're absolutely right. The last thing wanna see especially for soon with learning. Differences that they didn't meet their end of the bargain on that that that doesn't look good anywhere. And especially for the student on the topic of advocating for yourself. Sometimes I will say at some universities of heard some horror stories of learning. Disability services, not really handling the situation as maybe their parents would have or maybe it's taken a little while longer to actually get those combinations in place. So really what students who do have learning differences? I would recommend speaking directly to your professor, and then also making some friends within the class in casing day of school because of an illness, and they can give you notes and then also joining organizations on campus for students that do have learning differences. Great world, we live in with this now where honestly there's so much more support and options than there ever have been. And it's just a matter of knowing what's available knowing what the schools offer, and where to find as we're just going to talk about now knowing how to advocate for your child and child of being able to adv. Gate themself. Especially once it become an adult. That's on the we deal with every day college lift up. This is something that again for us is just another piece of the puzzle. And every student has an X a piece of the puzzle. Whether it be a sport, whether it be a musical instrument whether musical theatre learn difference. It doesn't matter. It's just another piece to it alre kids are there's a version of higher education for every one of them. And that's something we work on every single day to make sure that our kids can realize that for themselves individually one on one. So thank you guys for being with me today. Thank you audience for listening to this podcast, fill free. Call us anytime ask any questions, you may have and you can always Email us at Hello. At college dot com will pick question and answer it on our podcast whenever we get a whenever we get a good thoughtful question, you can reach us at six one four three two nine six six three three as well. And please always follow us on social media. Whether it be Instagram Facebook, Pinterest Twitter, just search for college. Liftoff visit us at college liftoff dot com to get more information and also. Access our blogs and podcasts you can also subscribe to afford in college wherever you get your podcast, whether it be I tune Spotify. Wherever thank you guys for listening. And we'll talk to you next college liftoff can help empower you to make college affordable for your student. If you wanna learn more about your options Aaron will be responding directly to your emails, Email him a question at Erin at college, liftoff dot com. Thanks for listening to affording college with Aaron green of college liftoff if you'd like more information, visit college liftoff dot com.

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How can we prepare for the 100-year life?

FT News

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How can we prepare for the 100-year life?

"You know, I certified management accountants worked so well with robots because we both love bowling, karaoke nights, taco Tuesdays. Actually, it's because you can crunch numbers faster than any human being could which means Siham as like meek and set strategy and make decisions faster than we ever could. And that my friend is why we worked together like hand and glove except hand as an office and glove dozen. Yeah. Well, hand has a and glove doesn't so the CNA certification. You've got earn it. Visit CNA certification dot org for details. Hello. From the newsroom if the financial times in London, I'm Katie mountain today will look ageing societies is longevity. Something to be celebrated feared Darren don't talk to Carol Jacka, professor of the epidemiology of aging Newcastle university and underscore co author of the one hundred year life about what society and individuals can do to prepare for a healthy long life. Cairo. You've been studying this issue too, many the Lisa payment onset clues to tell us about some of the findings. That we've developed a Moto to who cast the dependency needs of future older population in England. And I guess what I'm trying to get over with that research is that the issue is not going to go away unless we start to do something. And so we found that they will be a thirty six percent increase in the numbers requiring twenty four hour care recalled those high dependent on in fact, the differences were quite different for men and women in the extra years of life over the next twenty years for men would generally be a compression of dependency. So they will be living more years independent, but for women they would be living more years with low level dependency and both genders would see an increase in the years lived with high dependency was particularly England has compared with other countries. That being simulation models developed in other countries. But generally, they have an had the same comprehensiveness as ours in terms of the number of diseases that contribute to disability or dependency or the health behaviors. But there's a model for Japan, which actually include quite a lot of diseases that we doesn't interesting the include education and education, quite an important factor because our education levels have changed quite considerably in the older population than more educated than they were twenty years ago, and that will continue for some time, you took about Japan, which has gone off press coverage the ways treating these demographic changes a good time to bring Andrew in. Andrea book, who's the Bevis turn Japan so much. So they actually sits commission to deal with the problem by Sony book commission for one hundred year life, you know, Japan. Is head of most countries in terms of how it's going through this demographic transition, and so it's not more people who are very old in life. So that is causing that very ru policy. She now you're seeing around the world a growing awareness of the social care that are here with us today. And that's kinda was shows. That's you're gonna get bigger as a problem as we see more and more people live to old age in the stunning thing about Japan is just how many people do live two days. Life expectancies do significantly greater than the U K, and there's really two things that are work here, which makes Japan any quite unusual. The first is the fool in the birth rate, which means the older cohorts announcer. And then Secondly, the survival rates in Japan, which meant a lot more people are getting through to those ages. So Japan is a very unusual population structure. It's got a very high average age because of those changes is to very high but quote old age. Pendency rate case a little different tensioning, and the UK hasn't had the food in the birth rate so much, and although it's had improvements in life expectancy, the notice dramatic as Japan, so Japan, I don't think is an example for us to look at in the UK in terms of how severe the problem's going to be. But it's certainly a place to look at in terms of how they're responding to the problem. Yeah, she say has particular problems, but are the policy lessons policy approaches, we can take in Japan to play elsewhere. There are absolutely. And you know, kind of says we really got to stop doing something in the the better. I mean, I think there's a number of issues here one is focusing on end of life in the very old and the dependency issues counter was being talking about. And obviously you need to think about who's going to provide that care. How'd you change your working practices? Those who are in work that they can care for relatives. How'd you do with it within the community with a may not be very young people? And what is the role of the state, and what are the roller state provision? All of those are very religious after. I think the tendency in this debate is to focus straight on that. I think count as well as looking at the next few decades, the other things how do we make the current young or the current middle-aged age more healthily, I think there's always a tendency looking at longer lives to focus on end of life. Rob think about all of life and how we helped people pass. So that the next generation age even better than the current generation took him next generations. I mean, preparations of key to this education but intends to the science there are some interesting developments coming on kind of touch on a few of these developments in your paper about will come sciences coming down the line. Developed for project that looks at the coast and consequences of interventions for dementia. And so he is able to XM in what he fact different interventions might have or dependency numbers and years live with dependency in one of those these cognitive stimulation therapy wear in the process now of just looking at the trials and trying to put the results of the trials into our model to see what they might type. And one thing is these developments is something that will be the rich and west RAV and rest of the world, I know hundred health inequalities, very important issue in your book. Yes. And as count as what shows the key thing about aging diversity people age very differently, and you can be remarkably fit and healthy two hundred all you can be unwilling in the wheelchair. Fifty. So that's one of the challenges of ageing diversity, Nicole, some of that Diversity's he linked to income education and social status, so one of the things detach. Relates to make sure that we have less health inequality. That's easier said than done. And then I think other thing is to improve not just the social gradient in terms of healthy life expectancy. But also, make sure the more and more people benefit from healthy aging. I mean, in general, I think two things are happening in the demographic transition was seeing one is that there's more older people and the second is however aging is changing and the first one is sort of aging, there's just more people. But there's also a lot of signs that actually people on aging veteran cows work show, some read interesting results one it shows because there's a lot more people a big increase in the number of people who will be dependent in people aged sixty five to seventy full UCF fool in the number of people who are dependent and a big increase the number of people who are independent age seventy five to eighty four and cows work. There's an increase in categories because there's more people, but the biggest increase in categories those who are independent it's really five plus. Where you see the challenges coming through. So if we can get more people to get in that independent rather than dependent gotta -gree that's a really important policy logic. I mean, this idea that dwell too much on the negative here. But I think we can look at it as a gift Malta curse that kind of longer. Life cannot think even postive features in your work, which has been a little by the kind of Shoukat line findings. You know, we have to keep out the people in the lower levels of dependency or independent longer. So that they spend less time in the medium, Holly dependency categories, there's been a lot of trials of the, you know, physical activity resistance training strength violence that showed that you cut up. Chilly do something about that even in quite late old age. And I I'm totally convinced that dot is the difference between men and women is because of it's because women still we'd lower levels of strength. And that's all they hit the the rush shows the being able to do that activties of daily living that we measure disability by quick of the men do. And so he's a metro train to keep women above that threshold. So that they can be independent longer. An do you think we should be much more optimistic going forward by this? This is. Is a really complicated topic. We're talking about all of life and everyone. I'm clearly there's a great deal of diversity. There is a tendency to think immediately. This is about end of life and about frailty, and that is a very real challenge with more and more people getting to the end of life in older ages, but there's also lots of positive in some ways the average statistics shows that on average were living longer and healthier for longer. That can't just be a bad news story. There must be some good news in that. Then if you look at the UK population, the average age the population has never been older, but the average mortality rates never been lower. They've never had long to live, and who and aging society seems little bit incorrect. There's a mixture of thing. So you know, there's challenges and opportunities we have to worry about dependencies and outside as we have to minimize number of people suffer from that. But also there is a loan jeopardy dividend. We're having more people who are healthier for longer averages can be very misleading. But in that sense. They should be a good news story. Away from the big picture just back to the individual. If you had to give say three piece of advice for helping prepare for longer life. What would you say take the public healthy messages, all keeping normal weight being physically active, but also doing strengthen balance exercises being socially active and being cognitively stimulated, you know, go ballroom dancing, which is really great exercise. But also keep shoe literally on your toes rain-wise too. So I would say there are lots of messages that we know that maybe we don't take on board all of the excellent ending in a gathering is that often people look about investing for the future in terms of money, but we go to kind of invest in your own future as well. As the things that kind of took the better way of investing in your future strength as much as you to finances, but being engage. I am not following the footsteps parts of previous generation given their on your genitals. And better health. You don't have to follow in the same station news being active and things. Version. That was Darren don't talk to Carol jacket and under Scott. Remember, you can sign up for a weekly health briefing at F T dot com slash T health. This is a message to all the accountants out there. If you are worried that a robot is going to take your job become a certified management accountant, you see we are only programmed to mine data and crunch numbers. You'll have control over the strategy and the decision making so become a CNA and robots like me will help you not hurt you unless we short-circuit then all bets are off the CNA certification. You've gotta earn it. Visit CNA certification dot org for details. You already go to the tea for the latest in business news. Now, we want to bring you right into a newsroom. If T news briefing a podcast little bring you the latest news from around the globe in just a few minutes every weekday morning. A report of negatives. We'll tell you everything you need to know to start the day just off your smart speaker to give you the latest news from the F T. Well, you have a Cup of tea. We'll find this on your favorite podcast app, including a host, Stitcher. An apple podcasts.

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S4E20 - Pepsi Drinks YOU!

Pressure Points

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S4E20 - Pepsi Drinks YOU!

"You guessed a pressure points. You're dumber enthusiasts d. And this mangled corpse. Aj we're hitting me with season. Four twenty peppis drinks. You know what ages got in store for me. It's a surprise episode so find us on twitter and instagram. At point so pressure whip amount and get ready baby every episode. I do a surprise episode. Because you don't pay attention to me yeah basically. That's that's the idea. I am always surprised all the time i did. One surprised this has gone this far right. I am to act like this this joke. This mean we started his out as well as it is. Yeah i'm surprised we keep getting people listening like we've seen nothing but forward growth and it's crazy all right so i didn't wanna point out before we got too far into this that it's a happy pee pee four twenty because we're season for so twenty. Oh shit it is. Yeah i should have done something like we so disappointed in myself for this. I do have a a nice beavis here who not really. He's nice those ones that we got when we went out. I don't even remember fishing fishing. Yes that's what it was. This is some fishing and smoked us and poor people cigars people cigars ass i can. Yeah would jeep on. My favorite was a our our religious friend. Was there like mormon like you would never expect him to know the brand an apple peeling off the plastic of these fucking things. And i start smoking it and he goes he turns but not even seeing the open it and shit and he's like ou our though some black and milds and i was like turns like how the fuck d you know about these. And he's like oh when i was in on my mission in I think was tennessee yet kentucky. He's one of those places he was like. Everybody smoked him out there shit. Well what's week been as you reap in. Oh you know it was not bad and then i got worse. Oh what happened. Let's see on a couple of days ago. I don't remember the dates exactly a couple days ago. My house got to eighty. Degree is oh. I don't know what the hell's happening explains. That explains why your wife was screaming at you while playing non-competitive watch everything is competitive to a. I know typically her. that's why that's why she was so tense. Keshishian hotter than a toasted cheeser. No she had that day off and she said no. I wasn't no eight today. That was today. Everything's born together the heat's getting in my brain brain. She was like yeah. It's not that bad. And i'm and i'm dying. I'm i'm dying. I can't stand the heat. Well i got here the same. Yeah i was going to say i. I have layers and layers of coats on underneath my skin and a bunch of suits. It does not agree with the hot summer weather. Yeah so it's been rough. I worked on a little bit today. Hence i was late to recording but then you ended up being later. So that's fine. I worked rate for me And a if anybody's Into h Please reach out. I have some questions. Ask you i clean out the blower fan. I cleared out the I conduct condensate drain. Pipe i I checked the filter. Of course. I replace the filter and it's just not blowing in this. God damn house is coming out cold but as like barely i. The fan is turning off the blower. So that fucking sucks. I'm hoping i since. I cleaned the drain. I they're supposed to have sensors that stop. When there's water like shouldn't be some hoping once it dries. I'll turn it on later tonight and hope it dried enough that it'll start but i have no idea could just be freezing over. I could be completely fucked. And i'm not bitter about it. He should you just record the whole thing. We're doing a diy pp diy page. Do not changing my diy. I am a mess year. Good if it's anything like My father's Considering heave fixed the accident. I got into with our nineteen seventy four or nineteen seventy-four like jeep wrangler cherokee jeep shitty one. I bent the fucking Bumper just rear ending somebody and he fixed it with a bright red hanger coat hanger so i bet i get along with him. Think about it. I only read tutorials. I think the only thing you to get along web is like hating stuff is is being disappointed in me constantly and doing things without any context and refusing to pay someone to do it. That's what you guys didn't common. Yeah so. I'm podcasting with my non mormon father so this is your welcome kinda father you never know. I'm the author you and you're the you're the daddy that i'd never had. That's the proper term. thank you. I appreciate that See how was how was your week so all the going. Well right yeah Basically just getting everything set up to well. Once you guys hear this i will have already moved but yeah just getting shit. Set up to to get moved. This coming weekend A and it's been a bit of a mess just logistically speaking trying to figure all the shit out Via start going back into office fulltime worries. we're reaching sense of normalcy. So no yeah. It's time away from a system and you went back to the same system. My god a stupid stupid stupid But yeah i think it will. I think it'll be good for me in the long run not sleeping and until fucking noon every day. I'm so jealous. I wish i could sleep until noon every day. It's it's been nice. It's like. I said i'm a small business. Mike a small business ceo. I don't make a lot. But i don't after fucking do anything that's nice. That's that's the goal it's been it's been nice but now it all comes through crashing halt all around you so to to jump right on in. Let me turn down the sound board real quick. I've got a. I've got a a bit not really. Oh so did you know that. Febres was the first capitalist product sold in the ussr. I did not i. I'm proud of us because we did a an episode on Broke cola and to do one on beeps is. It's going to be good. Look at us. Yeah so written all the all the beverage companies. This is kind of a follow along in a simple way from that episode where we talked about like seven up and coke and graham crackers. Do you remember that one. Like the history episode. Oh i believe it is snacktime season. Three episode four is called snack time. Remember that so. This is kind of like a hyperfocused continuation of that episode. In fact could if you've been listening to us for a little bit and you're up to date on the episodes. I'm are be referencing. A couple of them. So that's that's good. It's season three episode. Five time perfect. It's a good one. I thought let out of fun if you like. Enter anti mass master batory habits and learning about some fucking weird shit. Yeah good one. I did not go into the history of pebbles at all so. That's not why we're here. Why we are not here to figure out why the company is and how the company has crumbled to the point. Where makes a shitty soda. I'm not a. I'm not a mind you. It's no kake cola. Definitely know conquer colton. So we're gonna. I'm gonna stop that music. It's distracting all right so we're going to leave. I am astonished. Aj hitting to you. The heat is getting good. it's distracting. I i didn't think you would ever and that's on. I wish i didn't know where we're going back in time to nineteen fifty nine year of our lord. I'm gonna take a drink coors bake will beer okay. The only thing in my house because my fridge went out like two weeks ago. So i can't fit my ice cube trays in the freezer. So for like three seconds at a time your insides as cold is the rockies for the advertising advertising comes up a lot in this episode so that's good so in one thousand nine. There's this big exhibition where the soviet union brought their culture to new york and they created like almost like a little fair where they had booths and food and staples of daily life in in the soviet union. So if we were being realistic it would be a bunch of starving people looking at food. But because it was sanctioned by the government you know there was all sorts of fun things like farming equipment grain and vodka Yes every other staple the staple food of moscow so interesting people food moscow is potatoes but not the way you think exactly not quite as karbi when they're just still so in In response the. Us government did the same thing they got permission to go to moscow and create this this huge exhibition just to let the the down and out folks a moscow really. Living in the us is all about. God bless this country. Jeez and so they. You fucking went over the top. Of course they did. They treat it. As a political event they treat it as a propaganda event They brought full cars. They brought fashion. You could go by an american t. Shirt probably said iheart new york or something. It's just all of them had pictures of uncle. Sam yeah yeah exactly. They want you to stopping soviet to stop being hungry. They brought An entire house like staged and setup so that the some modern distinguishing moscow gentlemen can walk through and american nineteen fifties home. I don't wanna walk through an american nineteen fifties home. I don't know i kind of do because this is the year that the oven that i currently use in my house came out the the only thing that sounds interesting about nineteen fifties. American home is the mystery on seeing the outside and wondering what color the toilet might be usually pink. Or -til inc or not but it depends. It depends on the outside paint one hundred percent. I don't know whether he did that. I'm still trying to get rid of my pink toilet it's gross. Oh no you should keep it forever. I had my really. Should i gotta tighten the summers. The died the other day. Which when you do replace a you should keep it as a planter or like to a thinker thinkers seat in your front yard. Oh yeah sure. That's you're thinking the city will love just refashioned it as a a rolling chair for the studio that's worth it so eh. They also brought like a ton of like products from popular brands food and drink and You know all sorts of fun stuff. I'm sure they're cut co knives there. I'm sure they had plenty of things. They were like radium water. Uranium glass which. I'm trying to get a set of because it's awesome cheesy. I've got. I've already got the lead. Cancers from time period now need the uranium glass to really cement in my poisons so this was for the majority of people in the soviet union. This was like the first taste of american culture. And of course merica poisoned again. The first taste of the peebles Yeah so sweet. Sweet carbonated cock nola. No conch only peppis so the if nobody knows that curbing name there's none of this makes sense. I realize that we're also trying to avoid getting cease and desist from here on out not really not really but we're just tearing your bags for fucking losers deal Let's see so a fantastic. A political figure was there because obviously this event is like big. And you wanna get some politics own with the with the ussr. But like you don't want to send a present because he'll get killed now. What year. Resist fifty nine. My guess is Henry ford vice president of a bit of a focus on him bickering thin. Oh god of course. Nixon was there of course he was so he. Was you know he was mingling. Going to going to ice cream socials and the cop with the soviet officials shown them a good time when a famous event that i really should have looked more into happen. He was sitting in our. He was standing in the display kitchen. The all american kitchen that they had and none other than is it khrushchev showed up. Oh shit the leader of the soviet union like they always have cool. Names supreme commander. That's awesome pretty sure that not. Why would he be here. Yeah so does. And in the kitchen. In american kitchen in moscow they debated communism versus capitalism. They talked about current at political events. And they also abated whether it's constitutional tap the phone and that american council no they. They are both on the same page of. I don't give a shit. I'm going to do it any. Oh they were. They were on the same page. Oh yeah but they couldn't share that. That was the case was implied. So during this little during this debate they talked and You know it was from what i understand. It was pretty friendly which is pretty rare to actually debate. Communism versus capitalism from two high-ranking politicians and have it be somewhat amicable but to be friendly between two of the world's biggest assholes pricing so nixon while debating kind of brought khruschev to the pepsi booth and at the pepsi booth. They offer two versions of the soda. One made with american tap water and the other one made with dirty soviet tap water. Oh god no. And they're at an extremely famous photo was taken which you can google. Just google like khrushchev or the union pepsi and come up. Might i might post tomorrow. Host it today today We wouldn't even be tough monday today. Money i know. I'm used a recording on sunday. Last second like always. Our super famous photo of khrushchev drinking pepsi cola. Yeah and yeah. There's there's my episode. i'm all no not at all so turns out. All of that was a set-up there was a pepsi exit a pit appease executive who had sponsored the booth against the wishes of the company against the board and the ceo. shit. I have to be like wildly successful. Or i'm gonna get fucking choir. Yeah so in the embassy. The the us embassy he approached nixon and said. Hey you gotta get a photo of khrushchev drinking pubis you gotta and nixon nixon delivered like. So here's here's my question. Wouldn't that hurt their sales in america. Who said anything about sales in america. Well i realized that they're trying to get more sales in russia. No but they're not trying to get more sales in russia they're trying to get any sales in russia any allow. I see that's fair. That makes sense. I thought that they already had a presence and they were like maybe this will kick up our presence and that costs really gonna away the benefits. Because i'm i'm thinking of nineteen fifties america and how anti-communist it was at the time seems really familiar to like last week but now it was just a publicity stunt basically to make this executive seem successive just creating propaganda with with khrushchev. Yeah exactly so. Khrushchev's son later was interviewed and he had mentioned that all of the soviets who tried the pbs that day which is the first taste of pubis in the entire. Ussr said that it smells like shoe. Polish want people were still thinking about weeks after people so wanted it. It's like odd doing cocaine that tastes like dog shit. Like you still think about it. You still want to do it even though it tastes like dog. Shit i don't know if that's gonna that's like I would say if it smells. Like doc sh- well yeah so they. Yeah there was. There was a demand for us. Suddenly one day started to broadcast this photo. All around of kershaw drinking the american you know. Ps and then Everybody wanted some suddenly. But they're they're a couple of couple. Roadblocks kinda low bumps in the road showed up soon. That executive actually became the ceo because it was so successful really. Yeah and he completely narrow minded focused on the ussr. He said and we're doing fine in america doesn't matter we need to focus on the ussr because conch is not there so we don't have to ask like there's no competition. Yeah we don't have to have any kind of competition against it. i'm gonna. i'm sorry if you can hear this. Ignore that okay. You know exactly what that was brian. I'm not going to spoil your secret. So he has candy. No no you bastard stewed. i don't even put the peppis executives name in here. I did not what you resist. Nineteen fifty nine hundred fifty nine. Yeah well yeah. This would have been just past nineteen fifty nine so because he was focusing so hard on the us. He negotiated a deal with the soviets that locked conch out of the country entirely from nineteen. Seventy two to nineteen eighty-five so they had a monopoly on. Okay tell me if. I sounds right. await this guy ran from fifty seven and sixty three so wrong guy sixty three. Yeah but he started in fifty seven. What's his name Roman laguerta nope. Alfred new steel. Maybe joan crawford was his wife interesting That's that's interesting to note so because of this lockout of coq. Sorry conc i. My glasses hit the mic stand. You probably won't hear that but now it was weird I got a little close. I'm just excited. I'm excited about conch and pizzas so peppis syrup flow like a river into the ussr. I i was late doing these notes. So i got a little little A creative so they basically shipped the syrup to the ussr. Bottled at locally. But one small extremely major problem is that nobody outside of the ussr accepted russian rubles. So now going by peps rubles peppis doesn't want those like they can't exchange out for anything because the kremlin basically controlled exactly. How much of rubel was worth. Oh shit and it was pretty sure it was illegal to use the ruble's outside of the ussr. Like if you were soviet. Oh so little problem. Like how're you going to fund all this peppis. And so they did. What any good capitalist do and they started accepting trades and barters and this is from a like from the government not from the each individual. You know little soviet going down to barter now. This was for like huge supply deals. Oh like large amounts of Of pep bevis davis and so by late nineteen eighties. The soviets were drinking roughly one billion servings of pebbles a year who shit. Yeah so they have a little bit of grain that they stole from their farm commune. I don't know. I'm being so critical. I love the ussr. I'd find want anybody to know that not actually critical. I'm just using the medium of communism so they have their their peppis in their state controlled. Tv narco again with the propaganda. Okay so they in the eighties. They started to play. Tv commercials for the peppis and they had a campaign. This is my favorite detail with the michael jackson. No yeah shut on soviet soviet. Tv's promoting peppis. Oh my god. I love it. I would love to see one of these one of these ads. I'm looking at up posted on the on the on the graham we'll see by the way pepsi Whatever in russia it looks like it says an inch kona so just roll with that. One inch niche. You know what i think. It's a better name. So let's talk about their compensation because you know at this point. They're dumping a ton of money. They're providing a ton of of europe with their secret recipe in there and for the longest time they would get paid in. Let me pronounce this. Right stalk nyah vodka. There was an exchange so the soviet government would say okay. You give us a bunch of syrup. Here's a couple of cases of this vodka and this happened to be extremely popular in the united states. So you would. Then you know in the united states in your actual nineteen fifty-nine kitchen or whatever you would go to the store and you would have this russian-made vodka but nobody likes. Nobody likes the you know the communists except for their vodka. Everybody loved their vodka. Said that communist. I also loved that. It was just sold by pettus habits. Brand vooc niche niche vodka. They should have called her that. I think i've found a nine hundred ninety two michael jackson pepsi commercial. I'm fairly certain. I found it and it was weird. I should be. Hopefully it's interesting. I'm not sure it started playing midway through and almost melted my ears knives up really high. So we'll we'll watch that later. Go so for a while. That was a great program. Basically they traded pepsi's for vodka. They sold the vodka. Here made a ton of money like yeah way more than they normally would have just by accepting money. It's not bad though. I mean it's a smart approach way in like nobody's taking rubles so a little. It worked great for a while. Of course another bump had to come up not just so happened to be the soviet afghan war few remember. We talked about that with With with yes please. I think it was Sixteen fourteen or sixteen one of those fantastic. What do we call t. Views viet cong tastic episode. If you haven't listened to that one first grade so well done fantastic work in fact this. This fear is for you if years he's He graduated now by the way. Oh yeah it's It's awesome well. It will be does well and sends me a a. Dm and tells me how his life going wonder. Yeah i wonder if he's gonna move. We'll have a mont again. I'm definitely soon. i'm sure all right. So america started a boycott against the soviets for the soviet afghan war. That was going on so the soviets basically had to change the deal. Nobody wanted this vodka anymore. Because that was dammed communist vodka. That was fine last year but not find this year. So in nineteen eighty nine perez was given in exchange for a huge deal like multibillion dollar deal believe they were given my computer just went to to screensaver. Can you still hear me. Okay i just wanted to make sure it was still recording. Sorry we're no or if you didn't know we're recording not in the same room to make it a little weird all right. So in nineteen thousand. Nine for huge deal peppis was given seventeen submarines a frigate a cruiser and a destroyer. What yeah so. They were given twenty ships essentially by who by the soviets. That's how they okay. Sorry i got confused. My god they were. They were the older models but lake still function. Then the idea was oh peppis you can. You can take this to a scrap yard somewhere and and scrap it out. And that's how you'll get your money from it. But they don't take off any of the paneling we promise. We didn't put any microphones in it and no asbestos either It definitely doesn't have any plutonium in it all and then later on after this deal. They also received a bunch of older oil tankers. Which they they partnered with a norwegian company to est to lease out oil tankers to companies. So they beat to get into oil shipping for pepsi for bebis. I like to imagine that. For niche the niche logo on the side of the oil tanker goes. So i hope so. I really hope so. So because of this these deals at these these ships the company doubled the amount of bottling plants in the ussr and they kept getting at this point they They had the sixth sixth largest navy on the planet. The peppis fleet epa sweet. The niche the sleet so. I just love that that that line right there into this entire story was did you know perez had once had the sixth largest navy in the world. So god like okay. Well i got a fact check. That looks legit. Their policies in in that navy were. Don't ask don't tell whether you prefer coker bevis. Don't drink soda. Because the submarines keep getting sticky. No and it's not. Because of the soda mata long and hard and full of semen talking about the submarines of course yeah absolutely. Let's see so. In fact. I i love this. That the ceo told george h w bush's security adviser. That perez was disarming. The soviets faster than america was because they were low in my. What big dick energy do you have to have to go to a security adviser and say. Hey we're getting paid to disarm the soviets. Well the fuck are you doing. Oh i love that. So in nineteen ninety. A three billion dollar deal was struck with the soviet union. Peppis and this deal was in exchange for more ships. I don't know. I don't have the exact numbers on them but it allowed pebbles to launch another company into the ussr and that company is pizza. Hut's no so this is why this is why nobody out-pizzas the hut exactly. Because if you do. There's a battleship in a nuclear submarine at your door. So huge deal. They started open. All these pizza hut's all around the ussr before they were able to get the full payment. Just a tiny. Another tiny issue happened. And that is the fall of the ussr. Only a little bit of an issue a little bit so in nineteen ninety-one ain't shit. Ussr fell and toppled the chola empire. That was the only empire that matter that fell and it immediately because of the reporters being redrawn. It caused a lot of fucking issues for four peppis. Essentially some of their ships were now in new countries and then ships a couple of miles away were in different countries and now all of the governments want a slice of that action. They say you know. I think part of the ukraine said who had a lot of the ships in their ports suddenly said hey if you want these ships out of here you got to pay us. We're holding these ships ransom. Because we want we want slice of quiche. Yeah i mean. I don't blame them. It also created a bunch of like supply chain issues like the the moderate low for the for the pizza. Hut's the former s. Ussr was sourced. In lithuania but it was hard to get mozzarella from lithuania into multitudes of different new countries that still didn't necessarily have like immigration policies or trade. Or you know it was just a mess. So that the pizza hut's essentially tumbled pretty dang not know someone out pizza the hud and because of their supply lines and because the people in the us are only had peppis for so long that as soon as other sodas were introduced everybody dropped peppis. They're like ooh look at all. These novelty conch novelty cox everywhere fonda. What is this like. So they dropped pebbles basically entirely who no and yeah they they. They crumbled essentially coke became much more held a much higher share. And i'm sure has nothing to do with the fact that coke doesn't smell like shoe polish. Yeah no not at all smell or taste smell or taste. Yeah i in fact. Somehow i don't know how but somehow pebbles or a coke taste less waxy than pebbles i don't i don't get it. I don't want. I'm not going to describe it but that's that so. What's your favorite soda. do you like. Are you pebbles fan I am a pediatrician pepper. Fan your bitch as well as Oh it doesn't show up often. You can't find it a lot of places. But i'm a slut for two things. I've mentioned one of them on the show before it singled h no well yeah But drink wise. So do is there. Cherry lime brickie's made by arizona. They're fucking they're gods gift to the screener And i also love it's cold. It's like red cream soda. Oh that the red cream soda shitting that. Like if i could have something running through my veins twenty four seven it would be that. I don't have it all that often because it's just really hard to find. Yeah i'm a daily daily sodhi. I'm not one of those disgusting. Dr p p fans. I'm a exonerated. Distinguished mr pip. Extra fan oh fuck your wife is gonna come after you now. She's your before saying she could probably heard you. She has six cents for that. Oh yeah. Jesus woke up here in the background. Stead fished i love mr and some mellow yellow shit. You you i bet. You like big k dr thunder. I love the best. Dr thunder is the best porn named soda. I've ever seen in my Dr thunder that's a sausage cheese. I'm seeing the white lab coat that there's no pants on underneath i'm seeing dicks sticking out between a few of the buttons you know he's completely shaved. Bow to stern chicks grazed so that. That's that's the the harrowing story of the perez. Us are empire left us too soon. Rest in peace. Yeah man. I really i really would love to see a corporation run an entire naval fleet or like could make things really interesting. Yeah suddenly you're you're just going like on a cruise and then the the pettus pirate fleet police forces. Police they dump god yeah. I'm surprised that they didn't use that for their Well i mean. I'm not surprised. But i could also see them boasting about that like nine thousand nine hundred nineteen ninety s commercials dedicated to a pepsi war fleet. I could see that getting extremely out of hand. Yeah oh yeah. Well a little bit of a shorter episode today. Nowhere is good anyway. We all right. We're we're like forty minutes that we manage always manage. Yeah we drag it out. Yeah no. I actually didn't try. I didn't. I didn't try as hard this time. So i'm not good at the closing. That's why i make you. Thanks for everybody for listening. Appreciate you guys tuning in a a. No we've got some new listeners. Out there so refer you to these socialists. Twitter instagram at points pressure. You can find on youtube as well. Most of our episode. Well everything after the end of season three has been uploaded there. That's also where we two. Oh yeah forgot about that. Yeah i do. We do live streams for halloween. sometimes christmas. how. I'm going to interrupt you real quick. Do you have the pressure points. Email open by can pull it up. Pull that up real quick. I something there. And i want you to look at it and i want to hear your live reaction Why why why does that. Corn looks so old. You found it immediately. Yeah yeah i was crucial holding. It looks like it. It looks like so you know those like colorful indigenous like not indigenous native american corn. Whatever it is. I fucked that up entirely may yes yes. It looks like that but like two months before it started doing anything cool. Yeah so that's actually going. You just have it sitting on your counter for like like six months. You're like this is going to dry up. Eventually and khrushchev finds it on your counter in his like us should hold this up during a press conference. People eat this. What is this strange potato. And can we make vodka with it so that is going to be the the image of the episodes so if you already saw that you know exactly what we're talking about. I just found this picture. It's fantastic a corn. I don't get it back. I'm impressed but i am not sad about it. All right good so. Yeah at point so pressure always reach out to us we. I will always respond. Yeah instagram twitter on you can find links to any of our other stuff through the links on our bio And a huge shout out to those of you who are Subscribed on patriot. Dis nuts not me. Nordic thunder totta waddell. Dark runner haley case to mcvay. See you guys definitely helped with with getting us out there a little bit more. so yeah. you're running yeah absolutely. That's why we're we're getting these new listeners. So if you're interested we have a couple different tiers as a four dollars and twenty cents and there's a six dollars and sixty six. And then i think we got like a twenty five dollar tier and there as well like i said you can find those through our bio links We haven't been so good about the last six months just ages life has been busy. I've been lazy but we have a cache of like twenty sloppy seconds. That's where we kind of bullshit around talk about whatever the fuck we want. That's not of the pressure points type. So i mean it's similar it's similar. It's like the thing so we'll talk about in pressure points in twenty years when it's when when yeah exactly three hit on current events we talk a lot about weird finishes and got some stories and shit in there too. So if you're interested. Check that shit out. I think you can get free merch. Am i wrong. That's cold six having a separate every three months you get for the the six six six you get a sticker if you subscribe to with four three months for the twenty five you get something. That's what i was thinking of. Yeah so Yes can get some free march and honestly if you're paying us twenty dollars a month. I would happily you on the show. I don't give a shit want. But yeah i'll send you pictures of my fucking butthole if you want It's it's our version of an onlyfans patriot. Only huge huge. Shout out to those people that are helping us out We truly appreciate it We've got like two more episodes and then we're going to take about a two week break So we're not going to do our regular two seasons per year this year Trying to twenty on. We're putting on some new pants Yeah so thanks for tuning in and we will catch you guys next monday.

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Editors Picks: February 15th 2021

The Economist: Editor's Picks

24:42 min | 5 months ago

Editors Picks: February 15th 2021

"It's monday the fifteenth of february twenty. Twenty one i'm lane green. The economists language columnists welcome editor's picks where you can hear three essential articles from the economist. Our cover story. This week argues that covid nineteen is likely to become an endemic disease and that governments need to start preparing for this right away. Vaccination is bringing huge benefits but the virus is not about to be eradicated. Governments need to work out when and how to switch from emergency measures to policies that economically and socially sustainable indefinitely next the persecution of the workers genocide is the wrong word for the horrors of shenzhen and finally our schumpeter columnist on business and finance argues. That the cult of nealon muskrat. Jack ma has its perks but also its perils stories. You're about to hear are just a sample of what's on offer in the paper this week with a subscription. You can read or listen to all of what we do for your best introductory deal go to economist dot com slash podcast offer. The link is in the shannon's i up. How well we'll vaccines work. Even miracles have their limits. Vaccines against the corona virus have arrived sooner and worked better than many people. Dead hope without them. The pandemic threatens to take more than one hundred and fifty million lives and yet while the world rolls up a sleeve it has become clear that expecting vaccines to see all of covid. Nineteen is mistaken instead the disease will circulate for years and seems likely to become endemic winter. Covid nineteen first struck. Governments were caught by surprise. No they need to think ahead to call vaccination. Miracle is no exaggeration little more than a year after the virus was first recognized. Medics have already administered one hundred and forty eight million doses in israel. The world's champion inoculated hospital admissions among those aged below. Sixty who have not received a jab a higher than ever by contrast among the largely inoculated over-sixties. They're already nearly forty percent below the mid january peak and they will fool further although vaccines failed to prevent all mild and asem dramatic cases of covid nineteen. They mostly seem to spend patients from death and the severest infections that require hospital admission. Which is what really matters. Early evidence suggests that some vaccines stop the virus spreading to this would greatly slow the pandemic and thus make it easier to alleviate lockdowns without causing a surge of cases that overwhelms intensive care units those findings and many more will harden up over the next few months as more data emerge. However despite all this good news the coronavirus is not finished with humanity yet. Covid nineteen. We'll continue to secular late widely. There is a growing realization that the virus is likely to find a permanent home in humans as the jab on you podcast which launches on february fifteenth will explore that has profound implications for how governments need to respond. One reason the coronavirus will assist. Is that making and distributing enough vaccine to protect the world's seven point. Eight billion. People is a you leeann task. Even britain which has vaccinating the population at a faster rate than any other. Big country will not finish with the over fifties until may to add to the burden the potency of jab may fade making boosters necessary outside the rich weld eighty five percent of countries have yet to start their vaccination programs until the billions of who live in them have felt the prick of a needle not be before twenty twenty three they will remain fuel for the virus. Another reason for covid nineteen specific. Since is that even as vaccines are making says covy to less infectious and protecting people against death. New viral variants are undoing. Some of that good work for one thing successful variance a more infectious anything from twenty five to forty percent in the case of be one one seven which was i found in britian. Infection has governed by the dizzying mathematics of exponential growth so cases and deaths accumulate rapidly even if the variant is no more deadly to get a given level of viral suppression more onerous social distancing is needed in addition new variants may withstand current vaccines. The ones found in brazil and south africa made all so be defeating the immunity at quad from previous caveat next infection the hope is that such cases will be milder because the immune system has been primed by the first encounter with the disease. Even if that is true the virus will continue to secular late finding unprotected people and because this is what viruses do evolving new strains some of which will be better at evading defenses that societies have mounted against them and the third reason sascha v. Two will persist is that lots of people will choose to remain a target by refusing vaccination title of ten million britons vulnerable to the disease because of their age or underlying conditions. Motoring suggests that if just ten percent of them declined to be vaccinated and if social distancing were abandoned while the virus was still liable to circulate at high levels then a tremendous spike in infections and deaths would result in reality. the share of the overall population that remains unvaccinated is likely to be much higher than in that thought experiment. Vaccines are not yet. Licensed for children and communities in many countries which most vulnerable to infection tend to have less trust in the government and the medical establishment even among some care workers as many as half refused vaccination despite having seen the ravages of covid nineteen at first hand with the new variants about eighty percent of the overall population needs to be immune for an infected person on average to pass on the disease to less than one contact the threshold at which the epidemic subsides that will be a tool order for all these reasons. Governments need to start planning for covid nineteen as an endemic disease. Today they treated as an emergency that will pass to see how there's ways of thinking differ consider new zealand which has sort to be covert free by bolting. Its doors against the world in this way. It has kept registered. Deaths down to just twenty five but such a draconian policy makes no sense. As a permanent defence new zealand is not north korea as vulnerable kiwis vaccinated. That country will come under growing pressure to open its borders and hence to start to tolerate endemic covid. Nineteen infections and deaths across the world. Governments will have to work out. When and how to switch from emergency measures to policies that are economically and socially sustainable indefinitely. The transition will be politically hard in places that have invested a lot in being covid. Free nowhere more. So than china. Where vaccination is slow. The communist party has defined every case of covid nineteen as unacceptable and wide circulation of the disease as a sign of the decadence of western democracies. The adjustment to living with covid nineteen begins with medical science weck has already started on tweaking vaccines to confer protection against variants. That should go along with more surveillance of mutations that spreading and accelerated regulatory approval for booster shots meanwhile treatments will be required to save more of those who contract the disease from death or serious illness. The best outcome would be for a combination of acquired immunity regular booster jobs of tweaked vaccines and a menu of therapies to ensure that cave nineteen need rarely be life threatening but that outcome is not guaranteed to the extent that medicine alone cannot prevent lethal breaks of covid nineteen the burden will also fool on behavior just as it has in most of the pandemic but rather than national lockdowns and months long school closures which come at a huge price. The responsibility should fool more heavily on individuals habits. Like mosque wearing may become part of everyday life. Vaccine passports and restrictions in crowded spaces could become mandatory vulnerable. People will have to maintain great vigilance through who refuse. Vaccination can expect health education and encouragement but limited protection as special report on the travel. Industry makes clear people's desire to live their lives will ultimately be hard to resist. Even in autocracies like china. That may be reluctant to leave. Zero tolerance behind the persistence of acute infections and chronic debilitating long covid means that the next stage of the pandemic sounds but even if covid nineteen has not been completely put to rest. The situation has immeasurably better than what might have been the credit for that goes to medical science for more on the race to vaccinate the world over the coming weeks and months subscribed to the economists. New podcast called the jap every monday or global network of correspondents and experts will bring a unique perspective and depth of insight to the challenge of generation. Find the job from economist. Radio wherever you listen. The first episode is out later today a next to confront evil. The first step is to describe it accurately when ronald reagan cried tad down this wool. Everyone knew what he meant. There was a wool. It imprisoned east germans. It had to come down one day. It did in the struggle between democracy and dictatorship. It is crucial that democracy says. Tell the truth. In plain language dictatorships will always lie and obfuscate to conceal their true nature. Democracy is can tell it like it is bevis in mind when deciding watched to call china's persecution of the week.'. On his last full day in office. Donald trump's secretary of state mike pompeo called it genocide although joe biden did not use that word this week in his fest talk with xi jinping china's president his administration has repeated it and lawmakers in britain. A mulling it but is it accurate. By the common standing of the word it is not just as homicide means killing a person and suicide means killing yourself. Genocide means killing people. China's persecution of the weakest is horrific. It is locked up perhaps one million of them in prison camps which had naturally mislabels vocational training centres. It has forcibly sterilized. some week. a women but it is not slaughtering them calling it. Genocide depends on a definition rooted in a un convention which suggests that one need not actually kill anyone to commit measures intended to prevent births or inflicting serious bodily or mental harm will suffice if their aim is to destroy in whole or in part a national ethnical racial or religious group how large approach is not specified in principle it is alas possible to imagine the destruction of an entire people by for example the systematic sterilization of all women but if conventions awarded with unusual brutishness. They must also be used with special cab until now. America's state department had applied the genocide label only to mass slaughter and even then it often hesitated for fear that uttering the term would create an expectation that it would intervene. It did not call rwanda's genocide genocide until it was practically over america's political rhetoric has thus undergone a dramatic shift which has profound implications for the world's most important bilateral relationship by accusing china of genocide. It is sending the signal that its government has committed the most heinous of crimes and yet at the same time it is proposing to deal with it over global warming pandemics and trade some campaigners think the rhetorical esscalation is nonetheless. Wise it will stoke useful outrage. They argue rallying companies to shun chinese suppliers and countries to boycott next year's winter olympics. On the contrary it is more likely to be counterproductive for a start. It accomplishes nothing to exaggerate. The communist party's crimes in xinjiang. Countless true stories of families torn apart and week is living in terror. Oh pool any humane listener. When ordinary han chinese hear them as a few did on clubhouse a new social media platform which china has rushed to block. They'll horrified by contrast if america makes what sound like. Baseless allegations of mass killing patriotic. Chinese will be more likely to believe their governments line. That westerners lie about xinjiang to tarnish a rising power democracies face an unprecedented and delicate task when they deal with china which is both a threat to global norms and an essential partner in tackling global crises such as climate change to refuse to engage with it is to endanger the world economy and the planet. Mr biden is right to decry china's abuses. but he should do so truthfully. The country is committing crimes against humanity accusing it of genocide instead in the absence of mass murderer america is diminishing. The unique stigma of the term genocide should put a government beyond the pale yet. American officials will keep doing business with the regime. They have branded genocidal future. Genesee dare will take comfort and finally schumpeter on alpha pipers. I am become me destroyer of shorts. This recent tweet by elon. Musk struck a messianic tone. That his disciples lap up. The past month has boosted the cult status of the uber entrepreneur. The game stop saga gave him ammunition in his long running battle with short centers while also positioning him. As a champion of the little guy taking on wall street this week fans was spellbound by the announcement that mr mosques electric car maker tesla had invested one point five billion dollars in bitcoin and would start. Accepting the crypto currencies a form of payment earlier a barrage of cheeky tweets from mr mosque about does coin. The people's crypto had sent serious investors scrambling to learn more about a digital currency. That started as a joke. Impish humor is a mosque hallmark. But the impact of his missives is no joke. They can set herds stampeding his bitcoin announcement propelled it to new heights. Tesla's market value briefly climbed above eight hundred thirty billion dollars near its peak. The history of business is this with pied piper batas. Peter atwater a social psychologists point sound. None has matched mr mosque for the number of things he has helped turn red. Hot from cars and crypto to space travel and cobb house alive podcasting. He appeared on that invites to questions want makes the musk sent so intoxicating to so many. And what are the pros and cons of being a cult. Ceo launch of the life business figures enjoy various degrees of celebrity. One category includes chief executives a big firms who while charismatic failed to inspire feverish devotion. Jeff bezos amazon's outgoing boss commands admiration on wall street and envy and other corner offices but is too restrained to attract to drooling groupies similarly in his twenty years running. Ge jack welsh earned reputation since disputed for red tooth success but was too cold bloodied to mesmerize the massey's the second group comprises tycoons who achieve cult-like status but whose businesses scarcely warrant the education. That trademark is often shameless. Self-promotion richard branson who spent decades cultivating an image as a corporate hippie come pirate who takes on complacent incumbents in industries from aviation to finance donald trump touted himself as the arch dealmaker both have hordes of wide eyed fans. Neither has built a business that comes close to ten billion dollars in value or is built forced ability the third category is more exclusive. Those who build both colts a personality and huge businesses. Joining mister mosque in this club. Is jack ma. The founder of alibaba china's tech titan millions of chinese college students and other to be entrepreneurs bought into the image. He cultivated of humble teacher turned philanthropy tech titan with a splash. Of course cool. He wants appeared as a chi master. In a martial-arts. Admiration of mr mar has often verged on religious fervor in two thousand fifteen a group of online merchants created a shrine to him to bring them good luck on singles day an e shopping festival. Mrs moscow mar walker trail blazed by an indian business legend dhirubhai ambani who founded reliance industries petrochemicals to telecoms conglomerates the son of a village schoolteacher who cut his teeth trading polyester. Yon bonnie pioneered the equity cult. He's trick in a country where companies had long relied mostly on banks for funding was to see the untapped potential lower down the pyramid p toward india convincing middle-class savers that they too could join the capitalist class when reliance went public in nineteen seventy seven is attracting fifty eight thousand punters the shareholders. He drew in have done well. The share prices gained two hundred and seventy five thousand percent since the flotation. When thirty thousand of them turned up to pay homage at one general meeting it had to be moved to a park. These days only warren buffett attract zealots in such numbers or delayed before covid nineteen counts status confers perks equities cheaper when those buying into a devout retail investors not a headed institutions. Small investors are also more patient heating coils to keep the faith during profitless investment. Splurges marketing costs low. Mr mosque news. Social media to bernie shares and testers brand for nothing fans are willing to look floors. That more dispassionate consumers won't test was build quality is hardly world class and regulators. most recently china's frequently flag up concerns yet. It is hard to see that reflected in the firm's sales or share price. Lastly mass appeal means political clout. Ambani's popularity helped him bend india's trade policy to his advantage. Mr mosques helps explain soft treatment by governments and regulators over rogue tweets or reopening factories the pandemic but combining star power and scale is not risk-free. Mr moscow forged his reputation as david fermenting rebellions against detroit and wall street elites but now he is goliaths. The world's richest man who runs its most valuable carmaker. Playing both roles is a dangerous game. This is made more so by being council icon which leaves him more. Vulnerable to changing social taste and taste can change in a trice. Online sentiment. Could turn if he's not gonna doubt. He has their interests at heart. Ambani was able to battle way. Repeated allegations of financial manipulation. He beat back and sellers with help from a group of brokers known as friends of reliance. Mr mosque may not be so lucky. Acolytes who piled into game stop stark after his game stunk. Rallying cry on january twenty six. What buying near the top. He's recent crypto talk looked self-serving in light of testers bitcoin. Move finally political advantage. Can turn into a bane. Just ask mr ma who overestimating his power publicly chided chinese regulators last year. Irked beijing scuppered. The plan listing and alibaba's financial affiliates is forcing it to restructure joining the ranks of counc- os may lower your cost of funding but it raises the cost of miscalculation. Thank you for. Listening to editor's picks for more from the economist subscribe at economist. Dot com slash. Podcast offer i'm lane green and in london. This is the economist.

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#104: How to Make a Resume and Get Your Dream Job

A Beautiful Mess Podcast

38:33 min | 2 d ago

#104: How to Make a Resume and Get Your Dream Job

"You're listening to beautiful mess. Podcast of all the interviews. I've ever conducted. There's one resume that stood out to me today. Keely is here to teach you how to make that resume will share tips for interviewing and creating resume that lets the employer know that you're very serious about wanting that position so thanks for joining us keeley. Thank you for having me. This is like the ultimate compliment. I just can't even. It's so sweet. I know from time to time. We've mentioned this before. But do you mind if i just quickly tell our listeners. How your interview is different from some of the other interviews. We've done through the years for it. Okay so i've interviewed a good amount of people through the years maybe not as many as psalm but lots you know and interviews and resumes are always tough so a lot of times resumes kind of look all the same and they can really blend together especially if you're looking at a lot of them at once which you know employers often are when they're trying to fill a new position they might have to look at more than ten or maybe even more than one hundred resumes and they start to all. Look the same so Today i wanted to have helium this episode because she made a resume that stood out in kind of a bonkers way. It's the best resume i've ever seen in my life. And she is willing. She's volunteered to come on here. And teach you all how to make this resume. So here's what the resume looked like. It was colorful. It had her picture on it. Which i find that very helpful to just like. Remember the person you know when you're looking at a sea of resumes. They can start to like all blend together and peoples credentials. Honestly like yes. You're gonna look for minimum requirements. But they're not gonna stand out. Maybe in the way that it feels to you. So i think having like a little bit of visual there was really strong. And then the other thing she de i was her second interview so emma did her first interview and i did. Her second interview is an in person interview. And we actually lunch at this. Adorable restaurant in nashville. That's close now are are. I know we went there. A bunch of it was called little octopus. If you're wondering it was really just anyway way to derail in the first five minutes so anyway she came to the interview. It was my first time to meet her. It was her first time to meet me. We sat down for lunch. We were making your small talk and she slid across the table. This booklet to me and so this wasn't her resume. Her resume was cute and designed kind of similarly. But this was more of a presentation. That an i was interviewing her. I didn't ask her to prepare a presentation. All it was normally as you know people show up an answer my questions so i was blown away to be honest when i saw this and what was in the little it was kind of like maybe would you say like seven pages or Ages seven and it was bound together with just a ring so is very simple and it looked gray kind of fit with the brand of a beautiful mess. Which i think is very important. If you're applying for a creative position you can show in this way that you're a creative person. You have creative abilities which is very impressive. And in any way what. The book contained was kind of like some ideas and plans that she had for what she could do in this position and what she could do with our company and i think here's an important thing to understand about it even if the ideas that she shared with me in. That first interview didn't really apply to the position. It didn't matter. She was showing me that she had ideas and that she was excited to bring ideas to the table. So don't get so focused on whether or not your ideas are perfect but just frigging bring some. I think that that it's definitely the reason she got hired. Because as soon as i was back in my car was calling him being like you have to see this little booklet. She made like the booklet. Sold the whole interview. So we're going to teach you how to do that. We're going to teach you just some basics about why i think a lot of interviews go wrong and it's stuff that i was never really taught and i know i did all the wrong things in interviews. I did in the past not following up not knowing that much about the business or the establishment going into or just being like so painfully shy that they didn't get a sense for my personality at all which for shy people are introverted. People like i have your back like i understand. That keely is an extrovert and she's very bubbly friendly person. But i'm painfully shy. And it's hard for me to show my true self in a first meeting with people. But i think that this little booklet could maybe help you as a bridge so that you don't feel as much pressure to like talk and say the perfect thing you're like showing them in two different ways. You are lee. Tell us a little bit about the resume. You made why you made it and what effect you think. It had let me preface by saying that this was my dream job sought come up. I had been a reader of a beautiful mass for like seven years at that point and i just really really wanted the job so i immediately knew i had to do something different than i had done. In the past. I had applied and interviewed for jobs in the past and i had got them like. I haven't gone every job. I've ever applied for and i had to get this one and i'm sure you had that job. Come across your desk and you're dislike i. I don't know what i'll do if i don't get this job. So that's kind of where. I was coming from state of mind wise but even if you're not that intense about it i feel like maybe some of these things could help in your next job search so that's kind of why i went one hundred ten all in extra extra extra. My disclaimer for this episode is that i'm talking mostly about a creative job so i understand. There are some jobs that you can't take a lot of liberties with a resume or be super creative or out there. They just require a very specific kind of resume. So this was also four years ago. I think i am. I will put the resume in the show notes so that you can see what it looks like so just keep in mind like it's kind of old by it's it's still. I think a good point of and it will give them a really good idea. And if i could just interject you don't like if you're not applying for a super creative position maybe you don't wanna go this far end but i still think these tips are applicable to show that you can fit the culture of whatever company like find a way to show that you can fit in and bring value to whatever company you're applying for like maybe it's not like an all pink all glitter like that's fine do. It's not the elwood's scented resume. She thinks that gives a little something extra and it does so if you are not a graphic designer. I came at this from a standpoint of being a graphic designer. So i got to kind of customize the resume for exactly what i thought it needed but there is a great resource that i would love to share. You called creative market. It's creative market dot com and search resume. Template you will see so many beautiful resume. Templates come up that you can design microsoft word. You don't have to have like an adobe software to do it and if you do choose one of these designs and you work really really hard on it. And it's like absolutely perfect. This is a technical tip but save it as a pdf. Because if you have a word document someone could open it in pages or a different application and it will look absolutely wonky like it will not regret it. Also save as a pdf. My first hip on the actual content is to be really sinked with your resume. It should be something that you can skim in thirty seconds and get the gist of the candidate. Like elsie was saying like sometimes you have a stack of resumes that you have to go through and you just don't have the time to read through it line for line so i think in the past used to be really flowery with my wording and try to make it sound as impressive as possible but on this resume just wanted to get my point across really quickly. I think that's a great tip. I am one of those people. I think a lot of people are if we're being honest where if it starts off with hi. My name's kelly. I was born here. I went to high school. I had this job and this job for my first job's and then i went to college like you're not going to be able to read through all of that. It's just gonna like turn your brain to sleep. I guess that's a terrible thing to say but it is true is the truth I'm shooting straight. If you go in with like the most relevant information that that employ like will catch that employers. I put that. I and yes like your education is important but i'm personally. Not one of those. People who thinks education is the number one most important qualifier for a job. So if you maybe don't have as much education as some of the other candidates might have put other relevant information right up top things. You've done experiences accomplishments. I think that that is extremely important. I think a lot of people skim past that and they just keep it to technical. I also something that i tried to do with this. Resume is layer the information so where you'll see where i put. My experience is the part where it's really to the point but i also did a lot of other little sections on there so if someone was like oh i kind of liked this candidate. I wanna learn more about her. There were other things that they could dig a little bit deeper into but front and center. Were all those really important details that are qualified for the job. Here's why i'm qualified type thing. But i did do a little blurb at the top about myself. There are a few things i thought made me a good candidate for this position and i wanted to make a note of that because again like with a resume. You just can't say everything you want to say. Yeah so i did. I did do a little bit of that but my second point is don't be afraid to adjust your resume based on the job and your relevant experience. So maybe you had a job that was on your resume. That has nothing to do with this job. But maybe you had a job a couple of years before that that yeah. It was a little bit. It was a little bit longer ago as far as timeline goes but it really makes sense to tell us employer. Oh i had this specific job. So i would definitely not be afraid to do a little tweaking based on the job and really dig through your relevant experience on that note. I know it's like everybody fibs a little bit on their resume. Really that's a joke. Like oh on my resume. All these memes about it like you know. I'm so good at excel and you're really not good at excel like instead of fibbing. Maybe compensate for that. So instead of saying i'm so good at excel reiterate that you are a quick learner and coach -able and teachable. If you don't know the software because things like that they are teachable. You can learn how to do those things. You can't really learn how to be. I mean i guess you could but self starting is a really important almost any position that's in a medium or high level is going to have a lot to learn when you jump in and your employer might not necessarily want you to personally. You already know everything about position that you've never done is actually better to say like. I'm a really fast learner. I love to learn. I love to work on a team. I wanna get everyone's opinion. You know things like that. I love to hear those types of things for sharp. I've been in that position before where the the job calls for something. And it's so tempting to say yes. I'm so good at this. Some of my friends that now. That mentioned didn't even know photoshop. And then she got a job where she does that professionally and it worked out for her. So i guess i just won't give advice about that because i don't know but i do feel like through the years. Most of our employees have come in with some big gap in their knowledge. You know like there's something that they need to learn to be trained on like that's fine. That's not something to be ashamed of whatsoever. Speaking of software and systems things like excel things like photo shop. Please also i think this is important. Talk about the intangible skills that you have as well that aren't like oh. I can do this this and this again. Tell them you're coach will tell them you're teachable. Tell them you're a self starter. Tell them that you're hungry. For new knowledge like those things really do matter and employers like to see that. Because i've been in this situation. The password i was the employer and i've hired someone and they just like we're missing very crucial element that it took to be successful in that job and i just it was so hard to understand that just based on one interview so i think filling in those gaps for your employer and just letting them know all the wonderful things about you as a candidate that may not fit into your experience. Portion of the resume is definitely playing to your strengths c. Talked about the little booklet. That i brought to the interview and my next point is. Don't just tell them you be good at the job. Show them how you will be good at the job. So i think a takeaway is a great way to do this. Especially if it's a creative job you have the chance to flex some muscle there and show what you're capable of but other than that just bringing ideas to the table. Even if they're not exactly the ideas the employers looking for shows that you are taking initiative it shows that you have a lot of interest in the position. It shows that your mind is already turning. It's already working on the job before you even take it and i think that means a lot to know that someone is so invested in your business before they even work for you that they're willing to kind of do a little case study maybe or a little a little give a little taste of what they're capable of so i just made. They were kind of like index card flash card size and i just whipped him up really quick in adobe illustrator. But you could do it in microsoft word to like. You don't have to have fancy software to do something like this I took them to like fedex. I had them laminated and cut. And then i had the whole punched and just put a little jump. Bring like a little rain through the top corner. It wasn't the most impressive looking thing but it was something to bring. It was simple and it fit in my purse. It wasn't like this big presentation that i had display out all over the lunch table but it was just a little bit of something extra. Let's take a quick sponsor break barbecue and picnic season and i'm packing some canned wine and bag. There's really no occasion is imperfect for adorable many cans of wine. Beth has the cutest cans. The sparkling wine can is gold glitter. If you haven't tried bev yet you'll want to check them out bevis. 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And i've been using function of for several months now and i would encourage you to check out their online quiz. If you haven't yet they create your unique formula based on a short but throw quiz to give your everything it needs to look and feel. It's best it's fully customizable and i really like that. You can choose the level of your scent or go fragrance free. I also love that for most of their products. You choose the color as well. It's just one more fun way to customize the products that you see every day in your shower every product is sulfate. Impera been free beacon cruelty free and there are over sixty thousand real five star. Customer reviews go to function of beauty dot com slash mess to take your quiz and save twenty percent off your first order that applies to their full range of customized hair skin and body products. That's function of beauty dot com slash mess to let them know you heard about it here and get twenty percents off your order so recently emma and i hired for color story. We did a bunch of interviews together. It was really fun. We haven't done that in a little while and you would be surprised. So here's a here's a hot tip. Whatever company you're interviewing for. Make sure that you know what they do. And you've tried their product so this we were Hiring for an upper level position and only one of the applicants in our first round of interviews had tried out our product which. That's really bad so make sure whatever company if if you're not that familiar at that's okay but do give yourself a little crash course and get really familiar. And then our second round of interviews. One of the applicants had listened to our podcast had listened to the podcast where we tell the story of app company and that stood out to me as we've a little homework and you know put in some effort to find out more about the company and Yeah so that kind. Those details are extremely important. I think the other thing that really stood out to me when we interviewed key. Lee is that you could tell that it. Since early was her dream job. And that's like a dream for the employer to give someone a job that they feel like they're truly gonna love and that they truly want you know it's a really good starting point and not every job that you're ever going to interview for is gonna sincerely be your dream job and that's okay but i think that when it is find a way to show that i knew my resume had to stand out. I had no idea. How many applicants alcyone emma were receiving like i had no idea how many resumes they were going to have to read and i know this is not something that you can do in every case but like jump on it as soon as you see the job like john waffle over it. Don't be like oh. I don't know if i'm qualified just like jump in emma's big advices just to finish just get it done. I agree like if you hear a position is open. You don't know how much longer if they've already been interviewing. They might be about to select someone. So if you hear of a position you want to interview for you really need to send your resume that day and i know that feels intimidating. But i'm just. I think i think it's i think it's truth. Yeah i think. I think i even remember my subject. Line was something like really kind of cheesy but i knew it would be eye-catching And i will say. I took a lot of risks with the application process for this position. I wanted it so bad. And i just knew that i would regret not going all in on it and i think that any job you want you can go all in on. I don't think that's a bad thing. I think if someone is turned off by you being extra about their company and about the position. It's not the right fit. That's true like that's going to be probably a little more rare where someone doesn't want their employees or their applicants to be excited and if they don't and you're very excited i guess it's probably good to just like though the way and find that out and i wouldn't fain excitement like i wouldn't pretend like i was super pumped about the job just for the sake of it like that's definitely not what i'm trying to insinuate here but i do think that if it is something you're excited about. There's nothing wrong with showing it that makes you human and it makes you a real person to whoever. You're appealing to to try to get a job with those risks that i was talking about. I did it like kind of a weird subject line. I think it was like like omg. I'm so excited like holy smokes. I'm so excited or something like that. It was you know it was really really cheesy. I'll admit that. But i also took some risks like being more casual and fine on my resume. I don't know. I just it's me that's who i am i am very you know talkative extroverted and i wanted that to somehow come across on my on my resume. I'm not saying this is right for everyone but try to infuse some personality into your resume so for me. That was like there was a lot of pink on my resume. There was a photo of me that i had taken a for like a branding. Shoot and if you're gonna do a photo for your resume just have a friend. Grab their phone. Find like in your town or in your city a white wall or a pink wall or a colored wall of some kind and just like you know dear dear hair and makeup. Don't do your makeup. Whatever feels good for you. Whatever makes you feel like you're like you're being yourself and take a cute new headshot that's current and put it on there. Like i have seen resumes where people put their wedding picture on. Because it's the only thing they have no. I know if you've done that don't don't feel bad or anything. But i do think that i agree. It's not match dot com like you don't have to have a striking photo. You just a regular photo was fine. I love a photo on a resume because it just helps me remember the person better. Just put a face to a name. Yeah yeah just. A simple photo is fine. Doesn't have to be anything epoch And i know some people don't don't put photos but i do find them extremely helpful. Yeah do we want to talk about interviewing at all shirt okay. Yeah so what do you. I feel like interviewing okay. I'll give you my perspective based on my recent interviews because goes interview. It was like four or five years ago. Like i don't need rem. I remember meeting you but i don't remember anything. We talked about anything yet. It's been awhile Okay so the recent ones we did like last month. I'll just say the basic things. I think being friendly nice Having some basic background on the company shows that you want the job. don't even go to an interview. If you're not gonna know what the company does and what the position would somewhat entail. And then asking questions. I would prepare a few questions that show that you understand what the position is and one of the most important things that i failed in my past which my interviewing was like so long ago. Because you guys don't have owned a business a long time. But still i never was told about the importance of following up so following up is super important and it's not just like a tip. It's expected if you don't follow up. Everyone we interviewed followed up either that night or the next day. And if you don't do that it seems like you didn't want the job so know that going in that you have to follow up and just in like a friendly email. That's like i enjoyed the interview for the opportunity. What are the next steps. It's all you have to say my husband michael. He hires a lot of interns for his job and he tells me all the time. Like oh my gosh. I had somebody follow up today. It's so rare. Especially i think for younger generations to do this. So it's my. I have this tip on here and it says look for any opportunity to add something extra and for instance like that could be your follow up. I remember. this is another cheesy detail. That i did and i don't even know if you remember it but when i when i was applying for this job it was to the shop manager for we fresh so it was very retail heavy. I think they were looking for someone to take the instagram in a certain direction and things like that so instead of just sending a followup thank you e mail i sent a regular email but i also attached to that email an image that i kind of styled and i took a photo of a little letter board that said thank you emma and there were like balloons and i just wanted to show like i can also do photos like i can also do style votto so that was an opportunity for me to do that. I think with c. I had a pair of we fresh sunglasses. And i put them on a cactus and it looked like the cactus had sunglasses on. It was like so. Silly view buys good tips though like we. We fresh was a little bit of like cheesy retail company. So the like what she did was perfect for that position. Find something that's perfect for your position but like the principal here is take every opportunity to show them that you'll go the extra mile because if you don't get that. Many interactions a lot of people. You will read a resume and maybe we'll have one interview. Maybe we'll have to. You really can't follow up too much I think following up a couple times a week while you're in an interviewing situation is completely reasonable normal. I feel like this is lake the gold so we would love to hear if you use these tips because yeah most of our episodes are about home decor and things like that and this time i think job resumes is like a little bit random but i feel like it's something that almost all of us are going to need at some point in our lives and now let's take a quick break in here from our sponsors making time for therapy can be a great way to focus on your mental health. It can be challenging to prioritize it which is one reason better. Health is such a great resource better. Health is an online counselling service that makes connecting with the professional licensed therapist. He's the first thing better. Hope does is Needs match you with a licensed therapist you can change therapists anytime and start communicating under forty hours finding therapists that you connect with is so important you can schedule weekly video or phone sessions depending on your preference better help is not a crisis. Line in is not self help. It is professional counseling. unsecure online. Financial aid is also available. And if you're considering better help. I would recommend reading some of the reviews on their site that are updated daily visit. Better help dot com slash beautiful mess. That's better h. e. l. p. and joined the over one million people who've taken charge of their mental health with the help of an experienced professional and abm listeners. Will get ten percent off your first month when you go to better help dot com slash a beautiful mess. While i was trying to become pregnant. I heard about this week. Sponsor modern fertility on a podcast. But even if you're not planning trying to conceive there's so much you can learn about your body reproductive health with the at home modern artillery hormone test. You can learn about things like egg. Count menopause timing and if your hormone levels indicate conditions like thyroid disorders or pc. Us there is so much valuable information you can gain no matter what your motivation for learning is. It's so helpful to be able to collect that information with modern fertility. Doctors are still able to provide the most important resources when it comes to medical information but being able to understand more and have more knowledge from at home test is amazing. What i love about modern fertility and made me give it a try was. I didn't have to make an appointment or go into the doctor's office to complete the test. They simply mail you the kit. You complete the finger prick test at home. Mail it back and you get your results online through their website right now. Modern fertility is offering our listeners. Twenty dollars off the test when you go to modern fertility dot com slash mess. That means you're test will cost one hundred thirty nine dollars instead of the hundreds or thousands could cost at a doctor's office. Get twenty dollars off your fertility tests when you go to modern fertility dot com slash mess. That's modern fertility dot com slash mess. Should we do a hotline question from rhode island. I've and long long in your. I love your podcast My passion is having handled It's and when you lose your creativity. What do you do kind like night. That i'm a mom. I'm exhausted lot. And i used to be so into writing and blogging and cooking and and i just kind of took two kids for interiors apart. Just exhausting really Any any offerings of it. I just didn't be muggy so much. Hi sarah okay. First of all i just want to send you the biggest dog. I have been in this situation more times than i can. Count this past so first of all. There's been so many days when i over analyzed one part of my life that i felt like i was failing at and then zoom out mountain realize actually were surviving. Something really difficult and with little kids having little kids is already a really challenging season of life. So i've had lots of times. When i felt like i was losing my magic but i think giving yourself the space to not try to be everything. All the time is the most like it's a gift we can give ourselves. I i feel everything you said. Like i want to. I wanna make every craft wanna go like fifteen out of ten for every holiday like i love all that stuff but when you have little kids i think the best thing you can do is just lower your expectations like lower than you think. And then it's like wow. I'm doing pretty good. That's the only advice i can really give. It's it is. It's the key to happiness all right. Let's do a quick guilty pleasure treasure before we go. Yeah it's i guilty pleasure treasures. I'm so honored so honored so my guilty pleasure. Treasure is how i'm surviving is fake tan. I love a fake tan. It just makes me happy and You know like. I have lots of fake things about myself. I dye my hair if i could. I would have eyelash extensions right now. Maybe we'll get to that micro blading is going away. I need more fake things in my life. But what i do have is the tam. I love this veto librado foam and so all you need is the foam and the midden. I will link them both in the show notes. It's the best if you want something that is a clean product and then if you also want something that is a subtle like spray him look so it's pretty subtle You just put it on with the glove and then you can either rinse it off. Or honestly i just leave it on usually and wipe off later like the next day. It's not gonna leave. You like super streaky. I've had like one or two little streaks. You know but nothing like what you like. Some fake tan is. So i. Maybe i just don't know how to put it on. I mike one of those people that paints their nails and gets now over my fingers That's me with a spray tan. Like i never want anything. That is like the traumatic orange skin. You know what i mean. It's not like that. So i don't know if i don't even think i mentioned this in this episode but the job i had right before coming to beautiful mess was actually an education lead at sephora and i will tell you something about vita librado. That's really cool there. An irish brand and their tana's formulated for very pasty people. Actually nick has a green undertone instead of like brown tones. It's got a little bit of green to it so when it comes out of the pomp. You're like oh. What is that but it actually balances out in color corrects so it doesn't come out warren jr. I definitely see that yet. i'm i i love spray tan Where you let go in. And they spray you down. You know. That's the by ultimate the nba. But when i do it. I always get a medium or light depending i would never go full dark and a couple of times in my life. I've had traumatizing spray tan. And it happens but this is just. It's very very subtle and if you do it like if you put the foam on wait till the end of the day take shower then. It'll probably work even better. 'cause i never do that step so anyway. I highly recommend it. It's the only fake tan. That i use all also linked the one that i use just for my face but i will say i. I watered down with face oil like half face oil. Half this tanner. And it's still a little bit like. I don't like it very intense. So it's a good glove glow real. If it can't look all the way real. I don't want it so Yeah so this is definitely a great product. Link it for you in the show notes and let me know if you try it because i you're gonna love it. Yeah ours keeley okay. So the only reason why. I'm saying this is guilty is because some people are really grossed out by sweat. I'm just gonna talk about. Oh my gosh like why it. Would you be grossed out about something that every person has the deal. It's so true though so first off. The brand about to talk to you about is kind of a life changer. It's called mega babe and it's founded by katie story. No who is really cool. She is a plus size women and does a lot of like here is the size for plus sized people like. Here's here's the look on a celebrity that straight size for plus ice people and it's really cute. She is cool elsie. She's a lot of jonathan adler in her home in her johm palm beach. Yes liu so. I like mega bay because the branding is so pretty. The branding is amazing and a lot of their products at target which is really cool. So i have two products. I wanna talk about actually three but two of them go together. The first one is if you had any kind of thigh. Chafing which i do. It is called thy rescue and it looks like a little deodorant stick. And i've used yoder before. It's just not the same as this like this is truly. What is the texture. It's very silky. Like it's got a very silky texture to a little bit oily. I guess it just like helps your likes to glide perfectly like if you're going to disneyworld or something or going on a long walk and you're wearing shorts like this is stuff. They even have a mini one. Too that you can like keeping your purse for unexpected chafing. And that's perfect so the other one is kind of in line with this. They have a puff. It's the beauty for big pink. Puff and you use it with the stuff called body dust and like if the back of your thighs sweat or if you get under boobs sweat like you can pat this little puff. Everywhere need everywhere. You get really sweaty in the summertime or maybe you sweat all the time but it is incredible and it just keeps you dry and comfortable. I love it so much nice awesome. Okay well i need to try their. Sometimes i'm always trying the new. Like i will always try new natural deodorant. Apparently they just came out with two new ones and there's a green one an apparently the green one is the holy grail of natural deodorants. So i wanna try it okay. We will link all of that for you in the show notes. Thanks so much for listening. our show notes are going to be really intensive this week with lots of resume. Tips let us know if you use them. Be subscribes that you get our podcast automatically every week as always you can call. In on the hotline. It's four one. Seven eight nine three zero zero one wine and if you're nervous which don't be because i'm usually the one that listens to your voicemails and i think you're all sweet and wonderful and amazing. Just send us a little email at podcast in a beautiful mess dot com with any questions you have. Oh awesome okay. We'll be back next week i.

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42 - A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy - What Remains of Edith Finch

The Culture Quest

1:18:40 hr | 4 months ago

42 - A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy - What Remains of Edith Finch

"Hey hey man. Thanks for having us go to. Please welcome why these got met. What is that smell. Well what do you mean. I can smell anything kinda stinks in here. I'll bet it's like that thing where you know everybody's house smells kind of weird but you can never really smell your own house because like you're desensitized to it or something you know but i think that's it really stinks in you. Well just forget about it. I'm sure it will pass. You want some of my sandwich. I'm not going to finish this. Not cool okay. Oh you're just going to throw the half of that sandwich into corner there and leave it guys. Listen i'm sorry. Just ignore this. I'm i'm not really a neat kinda guy but i can't help it. It's it's a curse but just forget about it. Forget i said anything. I'm sorry. did you say cash. Yeah but what this. Well my family's been cursed for for the past nine generations or so we've all been extremely messy and there's there's nothing we can do about it really. We don't really know how it started. But since i can remember things around my family members always end up stained or greasy or yucky or whatever. What do you mean you can't help it. Like look at this cushion it's filthy. You're telling me that there's a curse that is stopping you from taking the cover off and washing it. Well it's not like that exactly. I can't technically wash it. But that doesn't just make the curse go wave. The i tried that cushion will eventually get just as dirty soon enough. I mean what i mean. What makes you think. It's a curse. Listen guys people. My family don't really like talking about this. We can't escape the curse. My great great grandpa and moved here from norway to try and escape the curse. But it's as if the stench and the flies kind of followed him over here. It's helpless when he build our family home here. The first bit of the house he built was you know somewhere to the garbage cans. Act but have you ever tried just getting into some sort of cleaning routine janet into something keeping to a minimum level of cleanliness. Him and of course they did but as stuff cleaning everything just seems to get dirty all over again. Have you guys i. it's not an easy life. Believe me you're not supposed to just stop cleaning at any point. I mean everyone cleans every once in a while. You don't have to tell me that my mom's aunty pearl bless her. She used to clean once a week once a week her entire life. She thought she could outlive the curse but then one day when she was nine years old she thought she was in the clears stuff cleaning. And you know what happened. That's right phil on this episode of the podcast. We'll start off with the tavern talking about we'll types of stuff how he set up our brains and how we describe relationships with fans in the main discussion. We talk about a story based video game called. What remains of edith. Finch and i will introduce the topic of next episode. Which is johnny. Mitchell was nineteen seventy one album. Hello and welcome to the culture quist. We are but humble adventures and today. We can't help but wonder if there's anything weird going on with our own families with me as always are peter. Hello in barrio. Started wondering now. Is there something wrong in. Thank you listeners. With home for taking part in our noble quist today. We're discussing the video game. What remains of finch a first person kind of adventure video game i would maybe call it and interactive story or interactive. Movie made by jets perot. That was released in twenty seventeen. I think i mentioned it on our last episode that i became interested in video games around that time around when these game came out and i kept hearing about this game so many recommendations that i got for this game. So we'll get into it and see what we think about it in a bit but first let's enjoy some terrence talk. Pity today decided to talk about something that i think we're all interested in and we've never really brought up before we're going to do a bit of tech talk mainly We're gonna be talking about our phones breaking down the s twenty one Ultimate edition what do you think about the fourth camera lens. Love the two megapixel Macro camera lens shooting my makers so small to sheet so. This conversation was mainly inspired by the latest goods episode latest currently which is about phone addiction. Which i totally recommend you go and listen to great episode. And i'll say i'm a nerd for phones. I follow the news. I love seeing reviews of new devices and stuff. I'm always kind of wondering about how different people use their phones than what they use it for. So i figured maybe we should give this a shot so like how would you describe your relationship with your phone. Can you go a day without it. Is it more important to you than some people are. When did i. I get a fine. It wouldn't obtain. It would have been like two thousand. And maybe ten or eleven. I gotta find and That fest four years maybe to two thousand fifteen. My relationship with my mind was great. It was just. I was on sort of like these light. Social media's i guess you could call them what you know the facebook or whatever it is like the not the super like when i say a lot i mean. They went super addictive. Like i think they are now. I was just like mostly just for the chat function and Most of the things had them. I find with games and even music. I didn't really have because spotify wasn't around then so it was like download music and you can have an apple music or apple chains. But i had to buy like every album outright so think a bit of music but it was like two hours. So it's mostly just Even youtube wasn't that big for me. I was mostly just doing like doodle. Jump and other games and stuff but the relationship with the fine was great. It was just a useful tool and Yeah like those literally no downside and then as soon as it hit university in two thousand sixteen. I noticed that i wasn't really happy with how as using like i just i just would waste by mornings and stuff like that doing it and i just feel like why would i do that. And then the next morning. I disturbed the same thing. Sorry for like two thousand sixteen to two thousand and nineteen was just like pretty much in the grips of addiction. Not like heavy find addiction. I definitely there some people more to the also. I wasn't on the social media's in In unique only on text and email. I guess i I really Didn't really find it. Like as bad as some people have and then twenty twenty. i got twitter and to read it which Quite addictive yet. I also got. I went on the idea of maybe leaving my heart. Just say what they like and trying to been doing it more and more and more recently. I got the apple watch which is another pace the technology that actually allows me to leave the final harm and i could still like pay for things by tapping my watch and listen to music through Head fines and stuff like that like it actually allows me to My so i'd say if i could actually If there's just a few apps. Like if i could pay for parking and stuff like that with my watch than i could. I reckon i could go to work five days a week and not bring my firm but unfortunately it is like a few light work related to like all indication atms on aid but if it wasn't for them i feel like i could actually do it but because i bring it i feel like there's always tiny distracted so i'm sort of like transitioning to more of nomad lifestyle with like i can definitely be a white from my phone and it's not not the worst thing in the world. Do you get all of your notifications on the apple watch or texts and emails and everything they for the fire i've turned all turned all my notifications off and then as default and then intent on the ones i want so even Since coming i don't get the notifications for when the drives you so Dislike stuff like that and then the watches the same thing. I just don't get any the notifications except like berry important things. I'd texts and colts. Yeah i i don't have any really group chat small in just a couple people in anything like that so notification wise. I'm pretty good. What about you barrio. How do you see your phone. Well i feel that. I'm not that dependent on it but like i'm in front of a computer all day so i'm always connected. I don't really need the phone. To be connected. I don't i don't use my phone for games. So it's mostly about communication and the frequent chill axing at the end of the day. Where you just empty your mind and scroll away. I'm incredibly grateful for living in the smartphone. Era like i always felt that i am not good at remembering people's phone numbers and i'm not really good at navigating one to be able to reach information easily and not go all the way through. I remember this one time before there were smartphones where my dad had a laptop that that was crazy thing for that time and he went abroad sunday and left me the laptop and i just went with it wherever because i could go online and it seemed amazing to me to be able to go online from anywhere. And that's our life now yeah. It wasn't trivial to be online all the time. When i got my first more phone around twenty eleven i had a phone since it was like sixteen but i i don't really consider it. Land never used them until he got a smartphone. So when i first smartphone for a few years i couldn't stop messing around with it like i always wanted to see like what new and interesting things my phone could do. But i was more out of curiosity because like i've found that mostly when there was something new and interesting my phone could do. I didn't really need that. That didn't really use that function too much so i was really addicted to my phone. Kept playing with it. Kept doing stuff on. It kept messing around with the android operating system and stuff. But then i felt bad about it like i felt that it's destroying my brain slowly at some point. I just started hating it. You know i started stripping my phone down. I set it up like to be as simple as they could. And now i feel pretty good about my phone. I used to think that my phone should be my productivity and efficiency companion toll. That's always on me. That i can always use to do stuff but after a while realized that i don't really do stuff on it so now i look at my phone want zap podcasts music in no taking machine than also has a camera watch. Watch and watch my. Obviously you know. I say it's mainly that because i use there's other things i do want it like. I do use it for navigation. I do google stuff all the time. I use the calculator sometimes. But it's mainly that. It's mainly what's apple podcasts. And music i use my phone for anything. That's related for work. I don't use it to access any social networks. I recently have deleted the reddit app from my phone. Because that was a huge problem for me and Most of what. I use my phone for is stuff that i do in the background of other stuff like podcasts and music then yeah that's basically a i think i use my phone less than average the next thing that i am always interested in like when i have someone else's phone in my hands or when i'm talking to other people about setting up the phone is a is there a specific way set up. Your phone is there like a specific way. A certain way that you like your phone to work. I can go first if you want like an example of what i do. Yeah sure so. Like i said i send my phone up to be as simple as possible. I'm on android. And whenever i set up a new phone or nyc reset my old phone. The first thing i do is go through developers settings turn off all of the animations. I delete or hide any app that i don't use a remove all of the functions that i don using the quick settings bar. Whatever it's called every move all of the icons from my homepage. I make sure that there are multiple pages. Obviously i move all of the icons to the bottom of the screen. So you know. They'll be as close to my thumb. Busy can be another thing. I do is that. I use a custom launcher nova launcher. Which the only thing i use it for is to set up gestures that i like to use in my phone like when you're on my phone on the homepage to open chrome just tap the screen. Swipe up opens my podcast app. An swiping down Pulls down notification panel. So just stuff. I get you still. And lastly i always have my phone on mute mode that is no ringtones. No system over abrasions. Nothing who's not putting it on meet. That's that's the question. There are people that not only have vibrations and system. Sounds like ringtones. And everything. But also have those like little cliques. When the type. Nick all my god that's as advising i can even listen to it when people are just sitting there clicking all day long i could kill someone you would pick a phone over your human human when i started meeting my phone. I was afraid that i would miss important edification and stuff but now i look at my phone every few minutes or so so even if there is something important it never has to wait. That long never caused a problem for me. How'd you set up your phone. Is there anything that you have to have specifically set up in a certain way. You're giving me an excuse to look at my phone. Nice interesting but I recently went from using android for five years using fired. Because i find released this small fire which is often twelve me and i love small fines. Sir yes so basically with this one on one hand it. And i don't need hand to click things and i can rachel corners but if i do wanna reach the control center. It's a little bit of a stretch so you have the shift. Sorry if i dabbled tap on the back of the fine that comes down so then it becomes even more one handle Intense like the screen apple just recently with i think fourteen they made like widget sipping sorry I'm quite a fan of them. So the fest page. I like to have my oldest standard apps. I'm i don't use them old but it's nice just to have them there and also at the bottom. I have like a slip things. Or i've asleep app skoda which is sleep and if you wear any sort of watch it will allow any sort of county road. mica smartwatch. It oh Track asleep. And i just love saying to the minute basically to the minute like how. Much sleep ahead kazan. I know if i'm tired or something else. If i go the next page of google widget which is just you can eat search using your thumbs like a like a deed or you can use. Google lands google voice or incognito For three searching about government things. Then i've got a Very cool richard. And i'm very proud of in the apple music app and the apple put cossack but if you can scroll through like a little sort of rotating thing. It's it's very nice. It's various steak. And that's where. I got my podcasts and music. And that's basically what i use my info but casa music but then i have some sort of my favorite apps. This is like my favorite screen. So i've got the watch out. If i wanna do things on my watch got the mbappe. It's like a digitally controlled mug. It's absolutely fantastic. Massive waste of money. But it's so good it's like a temperature controlled mug. It's very good that if you wanna drink everything at the right temperature. That's very good I've got good grades of the apple. Books app of got stan. Which is an australian. Netflix of netflix. Which is a netflix netflix and youtube. I've got hypocritical which was literally two episodes ago. Maybe two or free. I was like trying to get a sponge ship from his. I thought is just like the best thing. And honestly i haven't checked in three days and it keeps telling me and i have so many red icons on distressing sorry guys. It's tom newquest last question. Sorry guys it. I'm not able to board yet. But like i you know. I'm like a level fifteen Writing panda with flying pig or something. I'm not even sure what's happening there. In the more minus. Five hundred health an audible. i've got audible because obviously audible is the best. And then i've got a battery widget which tells me the battery of the foreign because you can't get the percentage on the iphone at the talk. He shouldn't have the percentage you should have the percentage because that's what it is like. Why okay so. Why would you not. What the percentage having like that small little thing. It's like you may as well just have a message saying you'll be right might why it's just a guess at that point you don't need more than a guest i used to look at the battery percentage every couple of minutes and like oh he dropped by to drop by three and i got so stressed out by that. I just don't like i can trust my phone. My battery to last like ten hours at the very least funny because i way more about the percentage whereas i don't care about the actual battery like the if i'm a twenty percent at nine am over in a day without it. It's fine but you seem to care a lot about the actual battery and know much about this stat snow. I used to You stressed out about that. Allow all the time. Like i used to optimize my phone to keep the battery going as long as i could. I always used to have like a spare battery. So since i've cancelled my the percentages i don't even think about the battery and like i get a notification when it's dropped below fifteen which gives me thirty minutes eight zero actually similar to the way my car battery system which is putting gas in it like feel when it like it will say zero columbus. You need to go to a petrol station now. Otherwise you literally like not. Have you know we weren't bad. A drive and then all snooze. And then like i reckon i get another one hundred k's yeah but but don't you but don't plan for like hours ahead like your day or something because i like the percentage not because i'm getting stressed about it if i'm heading out and i know that i won't be around the charger then like i can realize if i need to charge before that or not. Yeah i can do that with other percentages with just a animation of where. My phone is at mission. Kind of sucks. It's more than good in. Why don't you just have like a thumbs up thumbs down when that just said saint bevis it will. Just it'll calculate like the time diane Screen time how much better. You have laughed. Like and stuff like that and then it just it just boils down to either. A thumbs up thumbs down would work the down and i can rely on. That sounds perfect. It's reliable enough. I'll take it. Yeah when i went on ten percent battery that ten percent battery notification. When i'm driving to work. I laugh at because it thinks i care about logistics and i don't say you didn't scare me you know why charge and i'm not going to and you show that i know it and that's my small little rebellion. This is like what are you gonna do. Like you're going charge me and i think i'm not quite not bad through said such a one way relationship he asks for your attention and you're like you're dependent own. You need to be more like me. I don't care okay. If we're being real. I drew konica bombed. We're going to let the fire. No care you know like that. I'm not going to give it the satisfaction. It's sort of like sure in the abstract. I can imagine having a easy usable furnace better than having one but when it comes down to it and i run out of battery. It's like an evolutionary like shift like Dwell on that you have to be like. I didn't want this is fine like i didn't even recognize. That was working before that's fine. It's it's just like such shops. Which in my brain. My thought pattern as soon as i ran out of barra guy right. Didn't they anyway. So what remains of finch is a two thousand. Seventeen video game developed by giants. It's a rather short very story driven video game and other than a few specific parts in which the game play kind of takes over a bit Throughout the game we played with and as we walk around and explore. She narrates the story and everything like all of the lines. Reads are basically a diary that she's writing about what she found that day the day that we're playing and in the beginning of the game We as if approach house and it tells us that that was a house. She grew up in that she just inherited after her mother passed away and that she didn't think should be back there at all and from the outside. It seems like the house seems to be weird because it has a bunch of all kinds of weird additions to it like it seems a bit freakish but it has bright colors and it seems kind of nice. So it's kind of a weird mixture of things and from the inside also seems a bit weird like it's filled with a books Some were written by the various family members of he's still there and it gives a weird feeling but it also seems warm and fun and like each bedroom was specifically designed for its inhabitants. And it feels like there was a lot of love in. Its and she tells us that now that she's back she can see how many weird things seem normal to her to her when she grew up in that house and she basically tells us that she's back to learn about the history of her family. History that was hidden from her her mother before she died. She left her a key In that key was literally the key to the family's history. I wasn't sure if it was going to be a nice family. History a pleasant story at all or if it was going to be a sad or a scary story but even before we reach the house like the very first couple of minutes of the game. We see signs about it. It's brother milton. Who went missing few years ago and she tells us that they left the house a day or so after a lower funeral her other brother kind of sets a tone of the game very early on and as we explore. The family's house will learn about the history of five generations of inches. If i'm not mistaken about which. It is the youngest last surviving member at seventeen years. The chronological starring point of the finches. History is open story the relevant story to the game Odin was it. it's great great grandfather. If i'm mistaken. He lived in norway. And i think they say that the family was well known. They're in norway partly because they were rich and partly because of the curse the members of the finch family. I'm not sure if there were called the family norway but the the members of that family died either at a very young age or under very suspicious circumstances and odin trying to basically run away from the curse decided to leave norway and he sailed towards america with his daughter. Easy which is it. it's great grandmother and namesake and husband spin. I'm not sure exactly how they did it. But they literally took with them the family house and as they were arriving at the shores of washington state a storm hit or something and the house drowned owning died and idiot savant survived. They settled in orcas island In washington on a cliff which was overlooking the mostly sunk house that they brought along from norway and under cliff. They built the new family house. The house that is exploring and as we learn throughout the game the curse was still alive. And well we basically go from room to room and learn about how each one of its family members died and the thing is that each of those stories is kind of a short mini game in a way Which makes the game play quite varied like when you read about molly's death you play as various animals for awhile you become a cat and then and now and then a shark and then some kind of monster when you read about. Barbara's death you're actually reading a comic book and at parts your playing the character of barbara in the comic when you read about sam's death the stories don't you through the lens of a camera. It's very interesting. And in the end of the game. During the last kind of cut scene of the game we learn that edith had died and i think that it's hinted that she died while giving birth to her son and her diary her notebook containing the history of the family. Members is left for him for her son he's the the only surviving at that point and we we see him visiting the finch family house and basically learning about his family history learning about all the stories that we've just gone through and that is basically it's the kind of background of the game now. We'll go different some points but before that as usual. What were your kind of general thoughts about the game. It took me a while to understand that. This isn't your regular game that you need to solve things or a puzzle kind of way. Like at the beginning. I kept looking for the non trivial things to just kind of like find the hidden parts of the game. But there aren't really like other than than steam achievements that that we went through like it's basically it and yeah i gotta say that it was enjoyable because like you don't really have to think about it at all. Yeah you just just go ahead. And that's nice because it's an interesting story. And that's the way that should be perceived lack as i mentioned like it's basically an interactive story where you'd like interactive stories. Also like maybe too big of a word because it's not you know you make things happen but not because choose them to be out there all part of the story right like you can't just when you're exploring the house. You can't pick up a book or open the fridge and look for any kind of details like the narration. The text of the nation isn't subtitles at the bottom of the screen. It's like part of the environment and basically just follow it throughout the story. Yeah this is like a side note. It's it actually makes it. A really is a game to recommend because even for people who aren't really into computer games like you're saying this is basically at two hours long interactive movie where you're you're just experiencing something but you don't really need to achieve anything. It's just pushing the plot forward and once you realize that it gives a lot of space for the scenery for for the actual story. The characters are not that deep from the first glance but but it leaves room for them to be watching the trailer at actually same. Like there was some mike. Evil thing in the house that i was going to be more like a detective and half. Light faded That and so to us. More like Induction something that to kind of pace together a hat to the baddie or whatever but wasn't like that at all it was. It was close to a story that game. I guess it is both but story definitely describes and Yes as soon as i started playing. It definitely felt High quality the narration. As you walk through which for some terrible videogame game may that actually god's way to go it's actually a little bit. It's quite nice like it. I hold your hand a little bit but the narration is is good. It's not like i feel like we've say fireworks or something like that which we didn't episode on The narration was sometimes the narration. Didn't really line up with way you will. You could trick declaration into saying something which wasn't relevant with this. One seemed to be almost always good. The people that created the game. We're very good at knowing where you'd be when you say something So as you walk through the timing does feel a quad. Alba noriega kind of says into the next thing and the stories would like fantastic. I split the game into two parts before and after i was a shock scrambling across the highway before that i was like a cool game then after that i k yeah this is this is weird. But it's it's proud of being. We like it's not going for realism. Yeah and also. That was a bit. Where really sunk into me lie. I mean it did transforming to like three animals before that. That was where i realized that unreliable writer was actually like a positive component. Like it wasn't just a neutral. It was kind of like they had fun with Unreliable narrator you get with I'll forget his name. The one that worked in the fish Louis louis yes In terms of an unreliable narrator hey. It was experiencing thing in in his clouded judgment. We weren't saying reality. As was we were saying how he perceived it to me and that was necessary for that saying you know. I thought that was that spoiler. That was one of my favorite bits of the The maybe the best part of the game. I thought yeah is definitely something we could relate to. Everything was kinda fun like the one in the bathtub. I thought that was like Very enlightened is just quite amazing. How they contrast like the music and the the severity of what's actually happening and I think there was some moments where you kind of going around walking which would not as fun like the curling around but i think i very small tradeoff for the amount of stories you get like about fifteen or something. Yeah sort of characters on it. Yeah yeah and you get my slight. Maybe ten things where you actually go in are acting as the characters so it's It's pretty good. There's always going to be some that you weren't enjoy out of the ten that maybe they'll be like two or three that you don't like but i think like as a non said they all sort of like many games except they are predetermined in a way. They're just for you to act out. I guess i think it is good. I think that was. I really positive aspect and i really enjoyed it Sometimes i didn't feel like the full effect like the full weight of the story Until i had. I had to kind of like digging a little bit like like consider some of the scenes. By what the saints actually meant for it to kind of hit home. I feel like this a us a concrete example. Say using the one way on the camera on not taking photos of everything. I feel that same was actually quite a deep saying because if you realize she is his he I'm forgetting all the names but dawn. Yeah yeah and dawn is actually sam's lost Surviving child yeah and it is like obviously they're trying to reconnect and he's not doing a great job obviously because she doesn't like shooting and it's it's just not like you can tell the it's not this is like their hundred eighty seventh outing and this is just you know. Go to this like it's clearly like something that while they're trying to re connect and And it doesn't go well now. Obviously so i pretty much as bad as it can get and like that is actually quite like a reversing sane by played fest off like Always laughing not laughing. But i i was like you know this. This horse is twitching or this year's preaching and then a. Oh what's going to happen. Just i was always focused on the very superficial bits of the story whereas i felt like is probably my fault but i feel like i did sort of the loss of some of the meaningful bits when i played men tom. doesn't mean they went there. Just just how. I played it. Yeah sorry for what had a pretty good tom. I the the game really sucked me. Like at first. I like bio said trend. Making sure that. I'm not missing anything. Walking by important details or anything or kinda of tried memorizing the dates and stuff in case them when needed need that knowledge but like borrow then figured out that i should just follow the game and enjoy the story at which point i kinda got into the groove and rhythm of the game and then i had a lot of fun with it. I finished the game on my own. I played it In the middle of the night dark room which maybe wasn't the best. Ads especially not in barbara story because that was a bit scary and then the next day borrow asked if i wanted to come over and play the game together and it's i i thought i didn't because i played it but then i figured i'd be able to see the stuff all the stuff in a different light and kind of see the details. That have missed on my first playthrough so we played it together. And i'll mention that going through. This game twice was easier because it is a fairly short game like if you just you don't even have to dash through it but if you just follow. The story shouldn't take more than two hours. Were so and. I think that this game was really special. I thought that the atmosphere and the story were really captivating. The game manages to do a whole lot to tell now like a huge story in just two hours. So i i really loved the story. I think it was really well made and as a whole. I don't know if this game is going on my all time favorites not less but i do really recommend checking it out. It's a really easy game to get into. You can't lose win win. So i think that when i finished the game i wasn't really sure if there was if there was something metaphysical if there was really a curse on the familiar. Not much like you bitter. i. I think i've glossed over a lot of important details. I think they were kind of hidden plain sight. I think there were designed for you to kind of gloss over. But i think it was concentrated on trying to remember all of the different stories and stuff that i didn't really put everything together and realize what it meant and i get deeper into the game and i have to say that there was like a video on youtube that i thought really put everything in perspective and really kind of clarifies. The story The video is called the villain of it finch by joseph anderson and put a link to it in the show notes. I really recommend watching it to deeply into it so definitely go and watch his video. I think that in the end. The story of the finch family is not a story of a curse. It's a story of kind of a self fulfilling prophecy throughout the game. I think it's mentioned twice. Mistaken that maybe. The tories of the death in the family are the cause of all of this and not a curse like think. Dawn says that she lost two kids because of those stories and It if she's walking on that beach she says something along the lines of maybe we should let those stories go. Maybe it's not a maybe smart idea to write those down. I basically took that to mean that. The finch members were so used to the idea that they might die young. The grew up with stories upon stories that proved that the curses kind of real and eighty the great grandmother of the family. She is to just keep talking about those stories so i don't think that they almost went looking for death. You know when someone did die. He blamed it on the curse instead of seeing that they if they had any part in what happened in realizing that maybe the put themselves in harm's way and obviously the most influential family member in that regard it was eating now. It's great grandmother. We see how she was part. Sometimes subtle part in a lot of the stories like idi was somewhat involved in some of the deaths and heavily involved in telling repeating the stories and constantly putting them in everyone's head for example. Molly probably died because of eating poisonous berries being sent to bed without dinner like she had mistletoe berries in her room which are poisonous and she calls out to her mom. Easy to say that she's hungry and ignores her and i think she was locked in her room and calvin died because it played on swing. That was calvin was eat his son. He died playing on a swing that was placed on the edge of a cliff over a sharp fence and like historic shows it from his brothers perspective. I think his brother was sam and he also doesn't realize danger but when you think about it you realize a responsible parents wouldn't have allowed for a swing to be placed there and eighty also seems to have accepted or even become proud of the families where traditions and stories like a lot of the the bedrooms have become become kind of shrines and e kind of think that might be normal shrine to remember the people who used to live there but they can glorify the death of those people and also they like on display almost. Yeah like a museum now. It's it's really weird. Especially i think in her husband. She has like like the front page of the newspaper that reported his death. Like it's framed and it's right in front of her bed l. Kind of like with the drawing she made of him a it looks like weird shrine for his death and not for his life and she also doesn't interview telling people about a mole man living under the house and will later realize it's referring to walter one of her kids live in the bunker under the house because it was traumatized by witnessing his older sister's murder kind of a weird thing and in comic book depicting. Barbara's death a detailed there. That probably only in adult member of the family could no and the the key in the music so someone must have duct with writer of the comic And and it could have been that someone yeah like. They had a comic book strip made of their daughter's death. Like it's not the sign of like a distraught. It's more like it's like you a framing it in very very odd thing today. Very odd thing to do. It's kind of seems like the finches. Maybe because they in the curse or because they were also at always told they might die soon. They had kind of a different definition of danger and risk than other people. And if you agree with that interpretation of the story the story at first of seems to be a bunch of coincidences and accidents begins to seem like an erie story about people who just weren't all in the right minds in some way you know. Yeah it like if you tell people they're gonna die early often it becomes true and it's not like anything crazy like it's not like somehow that's ingrained in their brain and then they as soon as i hit a certain age they just you know find a way to dies. It's more dislike. It's more of a cultural aspects. Like i if it safer. Instances like if you come from a family that's always worked should a trade jobs. They've never gone to college often. The fist best he goes to college is very proud. Because it's like you know none on. The fest passed in my family to go to college. No one else in my family does and often before that pass and goes to college like there's nothing in their dna that is restricting them from going to college. It's just it's just like a way that you brought up to just not seek that option like so for instance in this scenario if you grow up no thinking this occurs. You're not worried about like. Is this place at swing set in a safe place so like by be more safety conscious so you know like no one's no one's planning actually a long life and the only person he does live a long life is actually like eighty. Yeah she i think she lived till she was like ninety. Outlived like three or four generations of other finches. Such a weird say how she died doesn't not exactly i jame theory about. I'm not sure i thought. She disappeared by the narration. Like i didn't think she actually died. But i think that people know that you die because of the dates on her groups. Don't yeah well. here's my theory. Right is like sh eighty eighty is available from from from my point of view. Not not in any insidious way she seemed like a loving person you know. You could argue with the comic book strip and stuff. It's seems like a very natural human thing to do to ascribe meaning to chaos. If someone dies you want to prescribe. Meaning that's what often Heaven and stuff like that. But what i think she was doing was i think she i think she was just like a hobby is not not that same as to light. It seems like if something bad happens. It's great now. He can chalk it up to the kiss and the coast and you know what even either coast isn't a good thing. It's still something we're proud of like. It's it's like like who cares if it's a good or bad thing doesn't even really matter. It's just it's something united something that differentiates us forever. Nils and i think When she said when when it says she died. I i don i. It seems like the thing to do. If you're eighty and you wanted to attract more attention to the cast his to say. Look i'm going to stay at the house and then all you do. Is you right either your the date on the team starting or you. Fake your death or something like that. 'cause then it's another death why urine death would just be another thing for the kiss so yeah in my eyes. I think she would've baked to death. i don't think she would have had a death of natural causes. I think absolutely taken the opportunity to like. Put another one on the tally. But i'm maybe i'm just cynical but yeah. I think the game implies that she died. I think the date on her tombstone implies that she died the day. They left the house the same day where she drink wine while taking medications that you're not supposed to mix with alcohol But i think she's not just Crackle appeals and stuff at that amino pocket Going away in juneau. That's what i just felt all while the case even took her body one of those things. But yeah i totally thought she'd just disappeared remember correctly. They're saying that the people who i came to take her to the people's house or whatever whatever you call it. They just didn't find her the next day. I just assumed that she disappeared very innocent. Well it was playing it. She was like ten when that happened. That's when my mom told me there was like out of all the stories. There was one story that kind of stood out to me not in terms of my favorite story but in terms of like how connected with the other stories and that was gregory story. Gregory's story was kind of a bit different like in the other stories. Someone from the family was acting irresponsibly or putting someone Themselves or someone else in danger but gregory was a baby like he wasn't able to take care of himself and his mother who was supposed to watch over him into the bathtub and she didn't. She wasn't a finch like she didn't grow up with a family curse surrounding her. Whatever where she went so she was technically supposed to be a responsible adult. So i don't know. I tried thinking about the importance of that story. Like what that story brings to the table and the only thing i could think about was that maybe it was there to show us sam's reaction to what happened. Sam was gregory's father and he wasn't around when gregory died and like we'll learn after he died that sammy's wife i think her name was k- the separated and we see sam's letter to kate Saying something along the lines of how. It wasn't her fault that she should maybe move on which is such a weird thing to say because it definitely was her fault like i don't know we see her living gregory in the bathtub alone twice which is widely dangerous. I think i think this is there to show. Health officials have grown to accept death and move on. Maybe maybe it's there to show us the inside the cold and maybe kind of robotic. I know. I don't know if it's from that just because firm that i of say like even if she in the wrong you might save it. Just maybe not baby. Their baby died and she's like. I don't think we see mention of k. After like he was just trying to make her feel better. And you know maybe maybe it's also like what you say where he's just know. It's not her fault because of its obvious. Mute the curses fault but something. We kind of touched on earlier was i. I think this game does something really cool in making you see things one way the first time you play it and then once you connect all the dots. Suddenly everything seems to be kind of the opposite. At least that's how. I felt like a good example for that that also i kind of touched upon is the finch family house when i look at it seems a bit monstrous in weird if you look at the logo of the game which shows a silhouette of the house. It seems a bit scary but when he said in the game it is bright it has warm colors to it. It makes me feel all kinds of things like a mix of feelings and from the inside. You see how much was put in the designs of all of the rooms especially the bedrooms. I especially liked kevin's room which has like the astronauts and space fifty wit and when you climb up the the newer parts of the house you can feel it. Feels like eddie who we are told kind of designed and built everything. How much love. She felt towards her family members. Especially in like milton's room. She built him like this castle with like round windows overlooking the surroundings of the house that he could spend time in paint and in its room which is like at the top of the tower which just feels warm and colorful in loving. So i went through the game kind of feeling worth to towards the house but you know once the game was over you realize how much weird stuff went inside of it. And you add that to the idea that it wasn't most likely wasn't just a bunch of coincidences. Happening to helpless. Innocent people was a bunch of i. Don't weird people that brought it on themselves kind of so it kind of changes. How i saw the house the second time we played the the the game the second time i play the game with bio walking approaching the house felt weird to me like i didn't wanna get in there. Another example is s character which i think throughout the game you know i thought of eddie. As a loving sensible characters and a loving grandma. There was only trying to lead a normal life like throughout the game here. Nice stuff about her from edith and like she remembers her as a great grandma. That was a loving and we're told that you tried to run away from the curse with her father and start a new life but probably there was no curse to run away from and she was the main promoter of the curse away and once you realized that she was probably kind of and i don't know how to stay kind of twisted person. She seems a bit scary. Then when you think about the connection. Resemblance between eighty and edith. Feels even weirder like you plays throughout the game and you see what. She's learned what she learns and kind of share. Her confusion pain in your identify with her. But in the end. I at least for me. I think it's safe to say that. You know she was finch through and through like there were a lot of connections between eating her other than the fact that they showed the same name like. she doesn't even seem to be shocked by the stories. Like not only does she seemed to just accept them to us. It seems that she keeps them in her notebook. Cute little drawings. Which felt a bit creepy. I in the end. She decides to pass on the stories of the family instead of letting them go and out for middle east. I stopped feeling empathy towards with and she became a bit disturbing to me. Yeah i consider like it's not real time narration. Like the game ends where she sits in her room and then she starts to write everything down throughout the game overhearing her words like from the person she became the end of this journey when she she's finding out and and they'll actually kind of make sense because something in her voice is kind of like exhausted and disappointed like after all those stories become desensitized. Yeah yeah she sounds empty and she. She's thinking about living the the stories to die with her and she doesn't. I gotta say that i didn't understand why think it's important to mention that it. If like her mom dawn didn't let it grow up with those stories once milton Disappeared when it was four. I think her mom don blocked out all of the rooms in the house and she made sure that eighty didn't tell all of those creepy stories too and kind of grew up to be more normal than the others. So you're you're wondering why it is passed those stories onto her son. Yeah what will. I guess to understand that you have to understand. We have to realize if she actually believed. Did you believe like her mom that knowing the stories or knowing the curse is actually what makes dickerson happen. Can rick tragedy kind of way where you have a prophecy and you're trying to outrun. That prophecy actually makes it come true. Maybe it's in their blood to to maybe take pride in those stories and one to best them on eighty puts turn much topspin on the cast like the santa math but on steroids it was. There's one hundred percent a kaz and she started to believe as well. Maybe she just always believed at us on. I'm not sure the level of self deception but there was no reality checking with eighty whereas we've dawn dawn with china of do kind of the opposite but there wasn't reality checking. It was more bearing it like. She just didn't want she wanted to explain it but she just wanted to sort of she didn't want some header to say. Yeah whereas i think edith does a better job of sort of doing the mix of barth where she's explaining the deaths and the curse but i think she's leaving enough information like as evidence by us who who have looked at it to say may enough clues for her her son to actually figure it out. You're she's not glorifying it but she's not avoiding it. Yeah so. I do think she's coming at a at a pretty good angle. But i'd say maybe she could it down a little bit more to why you know she could have pointed out the hypocrisy with the comic book strip and stuff like that men seattle. Not sure how much really we should credit her with it. But i do think i do. Think like the middle road between dawn and eight eighty. He didn't do a great job. I think if you actually take the middle of the Actually would be battle. Which i three think ada fish sort of in the middle of. That's a really interesting point. And that kind of leads me to the next detail that i think is worth mentioning and that is If son and his broken hand At the very beginning of the game in the very first few seconds we actually playing this unknown character. Like don't really see who were playing. And you know you look around at the surroundings until you see it has diary or it snowed book on your lap and the screen fades out and the story begins and in in the very end in the very last cuts in of the game. We learn that it was it. It's it's son. Who is going to visit the family house. And learn about his family's history and he was wearing a cast on his hand when we saw him and kelvin. You know the boy who wanted to fly also had a cast. And i think it's kind of another sign of. The finches had a tendency to put themselves in danger. I don't like those poisonous berries in molly's room and sam taking pictures of that cliff k. Living a baby alone in the bathtub and edith being allowed in the basement. Unless you wanted another tetanus shotton and when you look at it you realize it. It's just something that they do. And i don't i think that what the cast on sun hand means is that he's like that too. And maybe because got the that finch history book from if you kind of said it. She's soaring between on the scale from don which avoided the curse altogether and eighty which. Glorified the curse. Maybe her stories. Didn't i thought that. The cast on his hand symbolized that he's another fench. It's in his blood. Like i thought that the metaphorical curse lives on in him. But maybe you're right. Maybe maybe it stories were written away. That wouldn't ruin his life basically. But i think that's also you know kids get hurt. You know kids break stuff. It gives a nice nice topic. But it's it's not a. It's not a definitive conclusion. I guess definitely not definitive. But i think that there were so many small details connections between all of the stories and everything's felt so well thought out the the story itself felt so meticulously crafted that i think that it has to mean something like that detail wouldn't have been there otherwise you're actually that the detail contradicts. What i would have thought would have happened. Because i thought the fact that edith died he would have obviously been raised by family and that would have been the test almost like splitting up moisture identical twins at beth to say if it's nature of nurture i thought he would have absolutely not have cost even had some modicum of like good health like in terms of like the opposite of cost if you could have had one just to show you that Say without stories. He's fine but then he has won even our he was racing. Where else are like the. The evidence is showing that it is in his blood which is sort of the opposite of my hold. Sorry i almost don't want all i wanna say well You know the cost means like he's probably being careful well because you wouldn't have been sore but then again like that hundred. By the fact. That the swing setting guy. I forget i forget callen was on calvin. He had a cost as well. So i like desert claudia similarity than so like. Obviously diane going for the recklessness finch vibe there but yeah so i don't really understand that bit you guys have a favorite story of Can that's wrong. I think mine will be like a popular ones. Maybe we'll go into it but mine is definitely Sorry i'm forgetting all the names but You must be thinking about louis louis. Yes louis was my favorite because it was sorry. Well done like it as the The fish factory and cannery basically you you control your rights stick with his right hand and you just grab the the fish and namen the salmon fishing and No such thing as a fish. Anyway you chop the head off. And they need to throw it up on select the conveyor belt and you get good at doing in fact i was very proud of how well has doing and then and then there's like another story on the left which is like it's an you just have to control the character essentially and it's like a pacman sort of ask vibe eakin the sort of very simple very very simple right but the fish stuff keeps on happening but they the story on the left gets slowly more complex and you see slowly less stuff of the fish factory. So it's like it's it's trying to give you lot this simulation of doing something whilst trying to focus on something else so. Maybe you're at a cubicle. Doing like excel workbook stuff. But you're thinking about opening a coffee shop or something like that. It's like trying to simulate a and it does such a good job in two minds. I feel like you this obligation to do what happens if i stopped doing these fish. They're going to build up and blocked the screen and stuff at that. And then you have like the sword of complex thing going on in left which you wanna mazda but you always like every couple of seconds you look at the fish and stuff and it slowly gets more complex and you have to pay less attention to the fish and then this gets to a bit. We actually have to make a decision. The only monetizations like you have to choose what phrasing he's gonna use. Yeah and like it. Actually add stress always like trying to rate both both phrases and also keep the fish stuff going and i ended up going for the nice ones always like a more The i think the grain route. So whatever i literally don't matter like they're just literally and they did stress me out but i was like so invested in that in that left screen that you always forget by probably three or four times about the fish and then on the fish and then you have to keep doing it and it's it's just an amazing experience like it. I just could not believe how well it hit. They just connected on every level for me and The ending was very sad as well like keys. He sort of takes the crown at the end like gets crowned. But it's actually him just like committing suicide is very. It's very sad but I think we can relate to that on some level. Not the suicidal. The fish but mostly sorry the wanting to be somewhere else. But you doing something monotonous It was just an amazing pace is just incredible totally agree. It was my favorite part as well lank because it felt so. You're relief familiar. A was that guy. I used to work in like monotonous jobs. Just repeating the same action for hours and just daydreaming for hours a day. You know like. I felt that i was there. And that the the two joysticks the the left stick controlling imagined world and the right stick controlling the actual world that the the the right hand it just replicated failing so well you know. I think it was ten minutes all long scene. Maybe less but it just worked so well for me like it felt too familiar. I remember going to work in my early twenties and kind of waiting to get to work that i could start. You know whatever it was. It was doing and going back to daydreaming. Remember like picking up tasks that i knew would be long and boring but would allow me to be alone and daydream for hours and obviously for me never became something that was detrimental to my health or anything. But it's a weird feeling and that game replicated so well so perfectly like the stories were kind of interesting. The fat one just hit too close to home. I was working like furton. Veg and bakeries for that and it was literally like pretty much fish and then in accounting it starts off like that and then slowly you actually get to do more interesting stuff so. I'm glad i'm not in that same monotonous thing. But i mean i think it applies to even now it still applies is just like cecil lesser extent. You know 'cause ever on in some days. I just going on. I wish i was like a fulltime put cost or something like that. That would be really great but like Yeah not to get into like a fool rant about jobs but like you to pick something like that. You can go to sleep and not stress about so. I'm happy that that's the case. But like is obviously like ideal situations. And i think he was totally lost in like the ideal situation and as soon as you stop fantasizing about that. Then you don't actually mike your real world any better. You know what i mean like. You need to make small improvements everyday to actually make you'll everyday life like tolerable not just taller enjoyable. But you can't do that if you don't actually spend any time even in the present. I gotta say that i'm pretty much convinced that this was like probably the greatest part because it was done beautifully and the way that it kind of stretches until it becomes the whole world you know from black and white two dimensional maze to fully three d open world that that was amazing. And the way that you know i think the fact that we can all see ourselves in that situation. It's pretty amazing. That's kind of like a very good job of storytelling. I think every viewer watched. The game mentioned that part as fervored bit. I think the the knocked out of the park with. I gotta say that before thinking about it. I mentioned the scene with gregory. The baby in the you know it's it's a horrible scene but it was done beautifully leads so colorful. It starts with with the his father. Sam telling how how happy of a baby that was. I wonder what he was saying like. You're seeing it from his is and it's it is amazing like this whole dance of toys and collars beautiful music. The music there was really pretty great on the spot. Everything was so colorful and beautiful and happy until he died. Oh so wonderfully horrible. I wondered about the part worry sinks below water and you're actually navigating side of water and you see that his hands become green and it was so weird and then i realized i think he becomes the frog. Your the frog is the main toy he played with which also is really weird. Because when we're exploring the house we see that frog on the in his room in the bathroom like she kept that from all those years and it's not like to the side. It's like near her toothbrush or something. It's so creepy. I thought do we have any. We didn't like. I couldn't think of when i really didn't like i thought all of them had something to say all them kind of connected. I i really think the story in this game is so well done. I couldn't point anything really. Didn't like the probably the more simplistic one like With gusts with the kite. I think it also done beautifully in mind that one yeah how it starts com and then there's this whole wreckage that's been drifted behind in the trail of the of the kite. That was just awesome. You know it's something about bobbers that i didn't like actually i deny this i. It was well done actually to be fed like in terms of The story of it. Maybe the voice acting wasn't as good. Yes i. I don't know about the story about her. Losing light the the high school kind of story. I don't know about that like the actual might. The murder was water. Getting when i'm holding under the bed and like i did like that budget I thought that the the the the scream thing being famous i scream. I thought that was a bit. We but Yeah that's like the only thing. I didn't really think about that. Yeah so this game was an interactive story. I'd say and It was actually really well developed and you can tell that actually put some thought into it. they didn't dislike. Bang up a walk through something and It just has a load of. I don't know personalities right. would it definitely has evolved that it preserves throughout the whole game. That is very creepy but it. It's actually less creepy towards the end of the game when you start to piece it together and it's more actually like a little bit philosophical in terms of like trying to decipher life. Uae easy with intent on preserving this curse. And it's something like i did think about off to playing it and gets to be honest like a game that we will talk about for years on end. Probably not probably not For two hours of playing the game gives at least two hours of extra soda conversational stuff now and and even if you combine it with that video link even that alone is actually fills out story rounds out. The story quite nicely. Sorry yeah it's actually something. I had a lot of fun with and this out. Four via game now and this one is definitely like one of the more bizarre ones you say. The only thing may be to its disadvantage to feel. Is that while an open. Ending is nice. I feel that there are too many loose ends at the end of it which you know without getting too much into it again. It's kind of like what happens with he is what happens with the book that Eadie road to edith and got torn into to a lot of a lot of open questions. That are nice to discuss but eventually it kind of feels. It feels incomplete but other than that. It was really nicely done. i'll just come into. I thought that everything was left. Open was kind of secondary like didn't have as much importance to the story as other things kind of took care of I thought that the story was just brilliant just so detailed like on this podcast. We talk about books and movies and tv shows and music and stuff. And i think that we never really get talk about every aspect of every subject like there's so much in each of those that it never fits in one episode and also. We don't really get to know anything that deeply like we don't. We don't research things all the way through. But usually i think that we hit most of the important points at the very least and this time i feel like we've barely scratched the deep of the iceberg. Like did hit the most important points. We hit everything that really matters. But there's so much to say about many of the characters so many small details. Like i think that the strongest part of this game. Obviously that story. Like i feel like each and every bit of information you get about. The finches sheds and unproportional bright beam of light on the meaning of the story I i know that we've basically spoiled this game. But i think that it's still worth the time of getting into so as we do at the end of each step of our quest we're going to take a vote will decide whether or not wa- remains of edith. Finch has a place in the coach request. Essential skied aka the quick. We will vote with gentlemanly. Tip the hat for free or an ominous stroke of the mustache for me and the vote must be an animus in order for it to pass my steamed friends. Let's have a vote. You guys want me devote. I because i'm i chose this game show i. I'm sure it's clear. I'm sure everyone can save from a mile away because i'm always tipping my hand but i'm i'm going to do my hafer this. I think it's a masterclass in storytelling. And i think it's such an easy short experience that i think everyone could enjoy i. I'm doing my hafer this. i'll go next. I would sadly stroke my mustache. I can't. I can't ignore because this. This game is not about about the gameplay. You won't get anything from the game play. It's only about the story. it's just not complete enough. I don't know there are just out of curiosity. What would you have done. I was actually rush on the fence. I i wasn't sure what i was gonna say. I was probably leaning towards striking my mustache but it could have really going either way I would have had to really defend it. If barrier voted in i see a similar raisin to barrier but i yeah 'cause it did rely a lot on the story and if the story is top notch. It's a little bit sad because it's like if the story was pretty good and if it just had more should've gameplay to it then maybe it wouldn't have mattered but because it was fully focused on the story it didn't have any gameplay could really get a positive finish line the yet for me. I just feel like when whenever i put something in the quake. I just kind of look at what we have in the quake and like most things in the quake got can kind of recommend outright. Like i don't have to attach a byline to it off really good some things that we you know you can kind of gloss over you might not get on the fest But other than that. It's pretty good. I feel like. I just feel like i couldn't summarize that it's a great game without sort of hedging my lead united and totally. It would have been nice to do at the end of the episode to crown but then moving on next week i would have remembered all those flaws and you know it just wouldn't have felt like one hundred percent right but i feel bad actually a little bit because it's full video game in a video game hasn't made it yet. We'll get it. We'll get one day. Yeah we'll get we'll get that. I'm pretty confident you guys haven't Behead this artist are despoil. What sorry last. Time on the on the coach quest. I introduced Taylor swift's vocal album end spoiler alert. We didn't love it. It just didn't feel like it was something we really enjoyed that much and A little bit generic. But you know what we gave it a gory and that's fine. But i didn't want to leave like that. I i wanted to have another sort of steer and by another female artists that we could actually like leave and like sort of feel a bit better about sorry not to leave a sour taste. I guess you might get it. I i don't know why. I i was listening to an album last night and i thought maybe i should tell peter to to choose this one. Is this an amy winehouse album. No nice juries. And i thought you might get. It is because spain are now. It's been on shortlist actually okay. It's it's an album from nineteen seventy one and it's from joni mitchell who you might remember from deja-vu very the vu album. Because she penned the woodstock Yeah and this one is her fourth album and it's code blue and many people regard. This is one of the greatest albums of all time very. yeah. I haven't seen the track list but i don't. I don't think i've head of any of the songs of it. I've shoro. I recognize a few of the songs i actually listened to it but yeah looking forward to it. It's only thirty five minutes. So little short of taylor swift's album link album link for deja vu. Exactly well to the minutes. Sorry I've got high hopes for this phone. Oh man sounds great. Yeah i'm all in and also like a music album. Right now is i'm looking for something nigga. Listen to this would be perfect for me. What's the name of goma. It's called blue. And in all music you get like a a list of Album moods for each album and this one has bittersweet brooding earthy exuberant refines fisted. Get all kinds of celtic perfume. Yeah very much so so ten songs over thirty five minutes songs. Is it ten songs secular. Same dodge deja-vu exactly like deja vu. Yeah is gonna make the drake. That this is like deja vu. Peter so thank you peter. Thank you borrow for staying true to our go and thank you the listeners. At home for helping us along the latest stage of our quest. We hope that join us again next episode. And we'll talk to you soon. Bye bye bye. The coach request podcast is part of all the people network. Visit our website at culture quest. Podcasts dot com to contact us or see a list of upcoming episodes. Follow us on. Twitter at cq underlined podcast. And tell your friends about us. Find out more information about all the people network the other podcasts. It includes at all the people network dot com. Thanks for listening to today's episode. I just wanted to bring to everyone's attention over its people but Currently stuck without effort in a forced to continue listening to this enlist. I pause it and then after the state of their life and other things so you probably just continue listening. I just wanted to give it bit of shot up to a A website actually. It's code give That's give jive ee weld w. e. double l. dot org It's it's dot. Org so it's it's legit and Basically they authority on who is worth giving money to intensive charity. So obviously we'll give money to friends and family if they fall on hard times. But if you are thinking about giving large sums of money to charities it's definitely bested u. research. 'cause a lot of people will just give away money and wanna feel good but it's also a good to think of it as an investment and how you can do the most good so it's not asking you to give away more money but it's asking me to give the money away in a responsible way and Basically they've just authorized eight charity. So out of all the i wanna say. Hundreds of thousands of charities might be a bit that authorized the right. And i think it's really good to just scan through the list and see if you can consider donating today's charities I think it'd be good if we can all sort of band together during these tough times at the moment its covid but you know that will change. And we're gonna nate support ever on so this is probably one of the best evidence based ways to do that so yes so definitely hop onto. Give out if you're considering and hopefully the charity Tax deductible with something in your country which would be in your best interests so anyway. This is not full advice. But it's just good place to guy you.

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Viajar con un proyecto educativo haciendo housesitting, con Ana y Sergio de Naranjarte | 71

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I'll save the no our mos but if he's the canoe narcan through the. Ah better narita over to graham via know. Noel noel to you. Then they meet our interest in la backing away. Bahonar poon toy s e one if he's bookie tokyo ask lucky i. E and toy kettani participates this this borges better than byron us toddlers marie in barcelona beta one retransmitted. This and is streaming mundi impetus factory. Is comoros tie. It is this or do they finish. Monica interim area saline. Theo twenty nine hundred is got mobile to armenta in brooklyn. Worst programmers was contrary bagi. Domas thomas asks dr. really cool role. Love me muluzi and others pedal komo yes. Anti-poverty made a. He made me. that's almost three in broadcast. There is a is thomas with more we at those bill on the mutual priverty was in combat. Theon canada we are having regulus. Menam hasn't griebler communist kutaisi in. They were gone ahead where wetsuit photos compared with wounded purchase. Is how all as podcast cow content. Carino e-content darren news podcast. We are present roy in winter toronto. Yes health your loaded. Large case now nobody community feeling they pass these past dibitetto. Still census amphitheater galleries him needles jaya. Let's see and maladies breath. Hana's the run. The meal he says could fight on. Make being remade are either. There's lopiano gonna feel project neon intramuros harass young companion at the art related as he feels. Coca could aron in milan's but was met by theo. Superintendent sunday say we are a cow. Tammy's moore's dan stein and route is ten in north london. Say usually hey going to. Sarah myers the you know put. Mammoth the heartache. Komo air mass through prieto casino push wiped as who asean you've rhetoric sorts that because they know vacuum beira walk rose professors in squalor alabama moon. No in meal and concrete. In september militate in ethiopia world. Mundi a colosio in premadasa article rare. Ocho prices quattro continente's cassie guys. 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Not in enough athena physical they think persona kc one hundred number is lesson. Say is different. I going to catholic. Distinct gets the cordova. Bill guaranteed etowah holland. Women put his arm which was unusual. Their medical unit mementos san mateo panama. Is i was baha. Rabah fruita in remote limit. When the need data this this Betty normalized dinner stanford asia. And he finished. My way has been grabner amass. Anything into the quintile counterattack organizers product. Us then on gwenda met at the inch web within but it's up on espn career cozy. Go out dr to the typical. You wanna jesse must ramblers or the reciprocal ivy foods as mutual ekassi. Chima were in dallas. Kevin hayes in evokes saudi total senior in apple podcast combat. Isis think is in anti attractive war porta by lower done. Tacoma me map data center. I still being you. Anna olaf almost ice follow not holding easily win on allegra not me. I'm machosky donald. The there's lesson deeper. Oklahoma gone deeper at the in wayne. Sties vivian helenda yada. Yesterday the will dine in mary i. She station lethal in moondog content. Mikio i can tell tondo. The northland nicotine is hit by scales or siah apple. tv bail. I on the alami league hours the dossier in the forseeing kiwi a. What about las by Doesn't go chase doesn't go rhino or sell the dole or conical dollars is stuck in lami valley from about hash as gay one that i know that my Alumna was a hole in the media. Kyoto if there's gonna schwinn you a photo as he gets this chima forgo mall. One wasn't bad that they that emit a out. Compilers has no one knew zimbabwe. Noggin team was going. But on august allies what broke with all the windows Eat well known kasey if what goes since casinos mrs you know ms Geico they ran the guy. Mos day or thrive media. Theo took those those misses a. But i'll sit on scene in late last showed not lousy mortgage than we sudden nato. Those millbank is a bit numb of in the scholar. 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Gap for lobby This jeff lord by the skin on it is our armies more noble not not halla automates thunder muddy in his modest in in an eastern gays. Down at this time gallo for gay. Komo's ammos in a moment. Stablest will not about these own. Take one another guinness Did i say i noticed the the it. Smooch of mrs humphries stick your this went This how off the seattle how Out of us our nali man if you've in malaysia and they say simonas it does fulfill more. I don't know they blow up the fifth allama southbound on hispania that aja As a you almost have been time with the unmasking that would actually Was this leonardo da silva you're almost bogus Recouping start. I wish you're gonna love it but nobody be at this time. I a bit. Oh god. I look laterano. Gay obviously kasai borges saddles nedal or went. Oprah articles nausea. Personally you to not have any moving immortality acapella No laboratory or your job and book italy's alenia Beyond commodity Through with interest. Our mutual we are heroes gay. Save libya battle In the The moon bidwill shutters. Highly mattiello's luciano project to kati will in his historic Main berisha moocher's productivity these the not authentic amiya from harry blaffer see no damyean captured to kati. Will there can study is bookie consistent legacy for played a but i'm superfly The swing yos the knowledge. They're going to see more Schwinn hewlett we are building cynical umass in of students in nursing and media can ask them off must boys. Millions money in barack obama got through with domino or ammonia norway. Feta uganda Buoyant rather siegler Can actually get Ban that a who indubitably on we must establish alone enough the voice. So i get used to. I'm not radar. The see the remodel yesterday. Vitas enough you'll see is the the nodding. Why does you know. Steve dinners On the Rattle off thing Gumbo los in the as political didn't but today you become What louis Getting hit bumps. Alamo nina's here you will not put about feeling more day. Those sonya look as they are not enough. It's almost fatally almost gonna sit. Foia opening the konta was going doctors Today a gold rush larsen marcellus one of the vegas or are you guys. Monday night Gain on gaza remorse. football boy avoid most debut. Alaska lied under giving in the mall. Lonzo say what are we going to cake on. Australian alumnia is professor simple. We're not dynamic yet. They did he seem to spice this gig. Meaning that i saw about that. I mean bill weight up that. Visit the onus ian address contrast devastating any non seattle national assembly Basing advice does not belika Chassis go out at the pierre. Not e n vassallo this The s simona in ghana. That will not submitted gambled on gordon to elaborate in this office. See we'll do our own Plastic allies get out via email. Your said about issues almost hysterical. More talented louis. But almost ish amusement august. I'm gonna no maybe Go the globally unbelievable united. Speak on putting the a grabbed Go in will come about if he was he said it is stopping the gumby in along on single yoga calcium. The health officials as in most was Foyers bang eun asks of non legal vices Authentic es The less getting through Zero outdoor out though hit the dialogue out the as you get saliva. And he went over there simply a game by chicago in valencia in Owners last oil. I'm gonna i'm lydia. The those out. I've been a. Is this your size evening. These yummy mockumentaries donald shocking Who is pretty thoughtful. Schwinn you pursuit buddy. If you're already you look theon in. The elevator is of a hassle super moore not solely rental casino perryville dot about novel sky square as masculine areas had fathi Tailgate inflict there loyal a. b. c. Couple study donald burgas endeavors huddle in cassini's seen umbro yet under manno savage The mass gambia though or enjoy income yongbyon respect. Novia has commodity therapy. Cpo our morale for personnel jesse though they defeated the hukou brilliant though look at the gusto locate gumby he buys lap aspect era but has been removed has more emotion I in dot scene Style hon cenex. That'd be hunter so letting list. How often enough of any love us do low gable movie. I still hunger senior. But yet i'm madame palacio. But it's the oil list started as the but they allow gimmicky dot com not not. Let's go is located the other. I didn't know on life on. It and laos solana seat though. This one node city on but in trust notre inaugural course process but the nobility e. figgy la la monday night games on average komo seattle. I'm one of those will all be. I mean dish or see much for being from the seat of the brassy similar in the house. A will or Simancas day multi-lateral yemen. Sarah's that have been dentist assisi monopolist already. Allison blades This Danilo me a in a lot of fish Lynn do you get that. Munish lobby substance Phil k. Movie how you'll get on those very easy. Linda stillie cho- doug Cpi mcdonald's konta. Alas that the analysis imahara zapata Getting punished schimmel. Data scholars potential. A forgotten. no cornelia so nosy. Most went back mr menial cheviot whom the housekeeping at then restored fee los que severiano titles politica seek charlene said central athena cornelia de blasio on in thunder album Yet wasn't in the lasso in a ck of the dolphin. All warm for one on Lucan no savile minimum. Don't make contact us. The minister ryutaro mean that as bahamas week was out see pays enough. I started marketers. Paul near your their status. See mickey local circuit specialist field mass since him must also a mazda in located contact jogging. Dishonest lateral doi- nine. Gumbo it is mass loss Has been a your schedule Data a party hack. Omo mobile highs inconsistent. Geeky bamian Rice gumbo shutters. Panthers those suspect. Douglas does his thursday moscow news. as was threatened moti normality audra colicky bowl at least equal gorge Il kato artist a geeky vice by an effect on your most star lama to stay Bundle or lasco sauce out this. I don't know. Of course. I can follow of sorry. I'm maybe a rescue allama gig Dodge as moisture. not last on. Don't want you know again. Go on most molina bounce. Gamified out she will ask Ucla timber meet In your unresolved In alaska the that fluffy What go low said a few things fit us. They contact juggling updates on Aquino polo lasting that. You think throughout Bullying is a lot of fifth-biggest. For joke it okay end daunted one see normally does not novak night on the Allow date is woodrow as will not be able to resist. Ob money with saloon is no no guest but native. I think over back on what was in africa. Oddly a lone eagle Amion is is as i've list in women innocent they don't see you must stop in in thicky barclays steagall marionette that he must get in a reparation tower. Okay right shocked your gladio yellow. Make me. I will always stop me. Obviously traumatized suspect. Douglas in classical monument spectacles scalia. Headers operating room tacori narrow financiera. We are all the men in la. So i loved the book. Go much finance the those solo now. Rosiak style Group dynasty that the imple- book dole Bush coconut about the game was it told Beal combining initiate in joke. Gotta et muslim. Fantastic bullet ambitionless Narcis exposed sure. What do i do now. When fatal or sem break motto up throw scenario last enough enough enunciates your own. You ali's a god gave eating Beyond me show. As our bush slop lanark idea fifty Be ending see costs in it. I meant it all alone. Last question is what from. But they didn't play in band bit about does go down the He grabbed hill. Steve riley's is easy out there guardians ups allow me to not being in that a yonne about the come into only gonna cut it up. I thought guessing alison through. I in sales. Your cmo guy down. I mean video Put it will negate mother. And that's what i was telling him. -tunities yaupon something from twenty on monday nights if you nazi annoy eating through so the young when australia before the subic bay lousy bus stop e it turned out that simply in No states italy. Was it good. work day. Any the implant. Some we stop recording. Stop in sundell. Gay larry lock in the latin america. Say aena ihnassiya necessarily fit into. Or no i i'm via in sienna And mommy okay. Spirits when matthew in the machado other danial talk when they me a spinoff lauda. It's kick on Your stomach is always from yourself. You went Now light out a study on all africa games. I really does little. But that need my photo. Mommy's ask the Landell in the details dot More than one hundred on more. Ceelo's saturday is unbelievable. deputy. I am window different dealers. Logistical moon valley Gravely passionately that much. But i must dentists. Can i ask you can only see us got measles. Look see alyce allison Views glenn in bali caregiving winning one. Again eight of us get out will not thought disposable. Show it not me on casinos. Furnishing in listing audio. The obasanjo nine while the now Neyland apennines Simply amazon i. And i thought he was in the back estate y- Out of these kids got a sonoko massage. Envy vincent Monday night. I sit in the elevator. Shaft the biddle Could not get with to go. They they thought ethan. Come here ethan. Talking than anything they get this. He does not say they must on life story up mythos enough. This wasn't speak vehicle lightness as it gave away. Mandalay email over in harder than i willing of. Yes in the guy on this one lewis. She'll better new don't says he says it's not going to loose you come in the Saito is young in median number. Going missing that will do less than a listen. They wouldn't initial when those We see seven four hundred four hundred season. Whenever we must editor love martinez does by much tomorrow. Poco style must have london. There was through one. The context there was through took in september. Those media see unis adopt way but sonya michio musclemen martha movie empathizing their sponsor. It station skyline finlandia yolk in indonesia. Espec- element they knew. Nice la get the new number and Prime ministers moment does default Symbol is like a year eight d- though the out he could august three states custody. The semenas this hour. Yondo projectors gig recorded is the naked basho border putting the nausea and for the dow up. Was he mussina that they won't he thousand miss baena morsi so the nas in minneapolis. The minneapolis If we're going to bring you ima- resembled symbolic columbia. All gone can come in under. Who came out on Gussied with you're not going. To spend money he unilateral border to down the bush She almost less money die. Young some supplement focus on is now is the gunman john wall. This is not the Yes he flipped them. All your data Took on monday night. Dollar almost committed under the latest. Y'all go million. Almost study is guinness. Komo's dali all that does get located. You must sit now. The worst georgia's join us. You know what would you remember the move legal by how they get bought. Wait low myself indego giving your that In less theon soros an interesting invincible. We can be the same you got. That's a normal. Genus will say the same ain't nobody is karaoke. It wouldn't be in syria. He's still miami. I occa- over here. You mean psycho woman died of eight. You gotta right up. No one the nemesis mandate down this look the other states you don't there's yuba lasorda's congress young. I'm on this now. I've got y'all got. Cpo miss moshus the athlete he's left. I'm that you've got to put up in a bit so nasty. I thin buyback. Islamic lomnica persona gathered outside in the the southeast atlanta is the opening legal knows stewart Our is guada- the mass or walks in wants doing work on for on the app. Download the app anymore setup non-issue young going to be at least that's why he ain't gonna see i got him in on will get. I've been there. Is you get almost from michael aco. Is he gonna get jobs. Know i got in city yossi inc in seattle. Yes nine apple or rush by workum the look and basil nominee the almost muslim tanya. Nope super bowl game. But i still yucca secret. You always moscow's hospital but others but municipal the case with done aesthetical. Shush is columbia. Noble case he notes that moore's anything audio's in gallon nadia the mass you mucking out. As will the fruit. I started a seminars in. This is la east below in will put out. Trillion alumni deserves outdoor medica libya. Eat biddle damian. Sees in san nola larut. Emily activate use thunder say lateral tiny feeling really and. Yeah must put it by that law. Newest release inyo offi nambia body. Australia coasters began. This get any animals. I assume we're gonna valuable donald gambian Beyond molly Cnc gordon up on a city last summer. That's beautiful donut won't gun knows the commu- you want along with my son look on my own domino's the orange Oriented saudi almost society of hunter on by yesterday new ministers. The bus goes on aug ashara. The has in has no Instead about Book on this day either. Northern rebel is that the those shimono lousy seems. I seek lousy muslim on gun. They didn't give us that moscow ally scott or against all mobile embiid. Union didn't ya-bom this. I needed that key or not. Have to follow timo packaged ghanaian about gift. Bean bunny swift swift new zealand. Memento the on the glasses if the monte morris county yes they'll unites husband. I our body your guns in a looney guardian glamorous one night i throughout that idea in short decades. Okay yin. Show blood on your. Espn dot com Kelvin arkansas solo. The intricacies daily ogden's when bogo Upper stunt man nano a in la vida coin pocket. Are you not in wgn talent. What interested at all me. Kamala yummy Toward the nice medals sympathy less humid but notre style. And then and then you're necessarily sweater guy. Seek yoga for sweat in bethesda housesitting gigs. How located in cannot The needle in meant down any todd was throw you steady. Economic on the rise as thick as housesitting ecologica stays Is so that garros tweeden kaz but met obvious komo komo commercially. Molly assessing the remainder of means or the oscar. How seating when he did come in the in the Moscow thousand ninety miles even enter a lack of those last year in the confusing side. The lack of an-and for his partic- when you stop to us with liner batna is the better or adult. Any like i get la guardia. Alla set top wasn't gonna legal. I'll open in leonid slutsky. Michelle settled fee also window in Atlanta he goes he must not. You wonder stopping monagas happily. Stop letter for them on an reimbursed. Molly get who's the asano strata gay in spa necessity moments admitted the Tiny he's got Not seeing but somebody that is getting. The shop did gotti simone. I'm good. i'm not that is a wave on a gig. You must say board of the of the national magazine. i on their own baraboo gays. Who you know he he. he's not lack. yeah. I asked become gordon. How sedan yet relaxed of wit. You probably saw the name Had been feeling loved. A former roy in september no casino might ask a minimum aussie see. Nine one thousand Besides window not offense the ass on with a little for another financial when you states have housesitting hugo borocce. He then they either have been this community though in the lobby in worcester. we okay. Most idea a about the casinos decayed auto Kilter attractive was but i was so Housesitting course he knew that a messy on in by is can they see mitchell komo's his didn't they mask was his own okay in Manala another reality. Luik brad amoled alabama on seeing. You know my god lay low audience last gay cornell. Estadio the other amanita is one divy. Sta gay noise. it'll be a little knob Is the i tom choice. Email gusau People are gonna get mighty then he. I don't think dot com. Wanna give me not getting then you know they will start out. A buffalo is dominator nolan. Ck metal style. I la taking office on us yet. In the last indian. Thea is in barrio. Scam mcconnell city s. Phonology sika was estimated hosting In syndrome the emotional drew july. Mario established when what me I mean another leo. You'll be seem almost had. I d Brown solo book invincible casino. I wouldn't want an nvidia go. Legal also goes under the lots on how the experts in malaysia you'll win barriers that have been demonstrated in russia thumbing Joe and organiz so Lisa this may. I ask us us. Look lescure's put up on the interlagos airways this they stop they loop nick in la casa demos Not they like. But i thought they ask. Collado in muscle nuncio komaki now. The dog deepal monday. They thought move. But i still donald by In indiana ucla Studied i will allow embiid another like most gorgeous gamal or on a the lobby. Don't see now. I gotta stop runny nose. What i thought in dialect about the in sanyal. Dania in i don't know about this. I've been beleaguered overbrook in la. After excited i love for Not so not goes. Data the biscottis We focus some bro botha Guscott to but if he asked hogan leon donald nobody hosted eliana gives s ruined to motorcycle medal enough when i spoke on lateral than investi Lamar the when. I got on About money unless the cia by skip device in sign on swing. Your hand leaning scooby. More was casinos. Macy's being list in embiid. You're going expedient that he hadn't thought la up with but isolate those out more in malaysia alpha beta seeing up in ball boy. Wink must push massimo holding Bagel at mojo especially liberal. Not we got you can ask him. I think those who when a line. Good whitey and say the lot of those how sitting not window they took stays the embolden. Guzzo burqas combat. These have expanded those in this that they might us by pick a new audio the the asking him. You know owners gloves. A specialist packing in ethiopia mr moore housing or hamas para is but they nasty socio scalpels. Yana is podcast in monrovia border. I australia into this. This put the indonesian if we space yeah yeah in cpo comment okay road calculus on it and music umbrella. E communities had radio much later l. foot on a unique gifts. Skillful though the and the quadra right us let's pick diana in westport is probably goes out stop. Koa's john only not along the land. La la guardia. Australia announced rally them and a location. The way they Anybody staff would all the undersold actually a window at will. Not this again easy The location nostra idea will have it on the those misses. Rian landa that faculty that was on the committee to meet in latin also In is that little down. Debra out but Another meet almost equally us. He's got a little one way way we in libyan municipal baena. Who would be at akkad. Stunning book aniston. What's as violence. I will working with on the apple. They're not saying the santa rosa. Stay bible say mota e yardstick Provide out in the was gay You've now when you to death. They don't eat eleven ali without a only get iago bustle this. You must go phone or go. See giving carrion went on to say the unmotivated mandela's last in bush mcconnell. It almost almost all the service. They me loving Timeouts in delegates assamese not shogo akiyama dot E alma holloway May not not gonna By using bendy otherwise not name for me not getting an ally this. It's built no-go The he one of the shooting happened. Masaaki mawson dusty mother. Who want it out. But i wanted by by body Lucky this icing is up up. Whatever they die last night while we invited amelia. Yeah muslim guerilla geico anyhow muldoon acidity In oakland some deal get stuff won't be made out of the bus. Stop him the big winner. Roy moore miss this idea that the i'm noah labrador tumbled case that will belkin elaborate tunnel dwellers by that dominated by even juanita locate us when gomo monas- okay up to a kansas or split when typical one point book ten dollars yellow economical pirka was thrust but the stays cone hours The month in orlando economic interests. Those misses most on our rouce in doll. Same mean mallet issue for the day. It's highly that is Four north gen z light bus. Stop sociological mommy. Abbas though pundits only A those not use can the assad regime the the damsel not. We're gonna wanna walk in with scenery euros. Hey I they did i. So can you. How much in the media seen on overblown Also you must aim nine in in a little Are you a million a month. The e they don't have fluffy get that into now thrown the angle was. The on. Sunday asked us economist. We annoyed spending phenylketonuria but in this book is her first canadian. So okay. somebody thinks thea bidault now. Look harare on mendelssohn expediency. Nobody gave augusta moutsos mafia easy task. When i'm a key contributor this release no nazis your immune the law. I mean they need. Therapy is thunder seen got stumbled. Though is i'm of the hamas. Muslims endowed by that the name ascending motif Lowness as she was did ashwin Go says get the neon. Sunday's northgate Another academic i saw arabian Finish anthony tina was the last long digital born mono massage therapist premera blue moon look at least as cake. He stays in america until liberal libya get. Is the paso border. Latin america per game wolf benita. They north london australia and he will cool to your own. One or trump known cameo rustica. They turn upward depot. Ramonica deny. Got a your that your spices by For the key the article it choke it. S cajal nada Blast he yes that the they'll print muscian on. I nearly johnno on the august Annoy historian august. I got out that they were going on at the crossing it. I'm oem wing. Another was have the navy yard. I mean they know kameda near me on a communist took kilos to that. I'm going through on meals on wheels. That i go in brady and What in gomez on the ingraham. Glacial is Nicely mississippi dominic ghanem's got Little migos lorenzetti. I'm meal change. Skirt misnomer this as Goes woah li i. They will win win. Daily ambien nest three must assemble ghanim. Bonacina nobody hostile. Nadia the belgian dicey los angeles he on going nine acids last legs. Lamontagne anthony the lower the youth. Yoda in is this in union To the take us lassie's last Duda was Knee and is not used to look at a habit. Miami are no food on maude soon. You'll be thirty two. I getting their win. Okay museum review on off of komo. Now when i always thought that had gone yell at you now. They don't own thri guests. I was excruciating legal roy when obama. If you've already got ta is finding out the environment yossi mood up either. I mean there's the december there's are we special having these larussa or malaysia thailand teen vietnam north. London howard gives them. What's w momentos. Perk ocado guinness gutierrez. In in my your needle do no. I will not especially lamb when the ama up on them. Yeah they'll be happy in nassir university. Stop they don't planet or poco mutual ye- gives the worst idea north on those days the new nine-year-old esi might come with a little nola on-demand Alto borrow in a number in no arguments going to say you know my nigga. Garcetti get out on us. He almost study about apple. Edible thought he would wait at the national level. That may say you know. Hey the data showed i. In on i learnt day on donald. Who still in saigon no-go calling arcades thought northern will show a guest on almost but at the end of this year always on either been donald the Sack is how sitting dorados boy news. The same she goes to stall Not ito's is back on with robots in my thomas. Our guys i la a la another landless can use one of being on the allusion been. I'm delighted area normal food. No no no. No i'm gonna Peanut name ingraham. It doesn't go message. Get a emeka star Astle undecided Advice zealanders should Essays mess Stock outs had told her. Lockdown island alabama louisiana convenient Dot don't miss this in. Meanwhile montalto illovo authorize mass About hope will endorse jonathan the They must almost no bounty iky. A fake aki is on intellectual net. This he doesn't shorts in don megan on Will go on. For messina's we fussy an awful. The deborah official reduction in funding in sepia the balanced bright. He said we have a mamba with yossi growing on mash when funding in knowsley In mijo o.'neil oilman lobby sun with a wedding. O.'neil about the muscles of jason. You get line in singapore's at him. The one metal tampa i'm blend. He moved almost shy. Is the ceo. You said killers. The we saw the volume pizza family last night on yana. Those around one or the miami. He nola out as runaway another secret. Last winter. Amazon throttled gambian But i've of the same as me. Office is under the same on his on. Going to step out of the book at these young with dan. Lewis got little commented bill. I gummy not you. What i was going to be signed up sanyu. Your last went up. Is the affiliating most gay. Scantily religiously is much lewisville north atlanta with a persona the last oil which along the eastern Let me sleep in the damage. Those the nothing that has an incident. Keep a champion. The it was novel again. We why whilst day boys save this new flonase when alami moscow mall on going folk wacky about de la la will be doing still a stubborn nemea just studying out. That means you'll you'll be most offset number on our thoughts do bed be muscle bustle but kabibi most in those media in what. I'm about me most key on duct dwell. Moore's they must last at least has the lord. They'll political as soon akasak cases pillows monday that illegal most industrial getting women. The punky in akin was throttled is Kiwis cedant went belly last toward setting the bosnian tallish order to get the end. getting worse. Thick marine deal is organised that needed dining Ninety one Memento it stylized alassio. You're not for data. Cnn they doubt no out savvy Alesi bella vita south. The is says those but i would found i was trying to plateau someone in young young Piddle singled out enough. That would ya ue Casella but also now in wimbledon has They saved that three visits. Say i mean. I know know. He's going to get the in goose. Allow the went up. When not motivators time phillies content those superbly ambien star party the responsibility argument. Wbz pure star. I local men. Dr annoy breakthrough. Coty will be administered. Advocate said on local mentality. Moyo nintendo visas a healthy irregularities. That are up the There's a tv star that other comment on anything Lebeau scam and don't as a goal on Cautious of i've seen the issues look valley feeding nominate Soil abe was in the sunday at lima's in Going to again or the compensation for your last Wounded knee widow is thomas Get dorsett it that a one on one with the media and fuel shallow. It's been around bit always sort of urban The nipple remorse informacion scotty montana. North side of the quanta. These out i'm was in love with some loss. Dominance celebrated the linguistic. Don't they must ems. Lear is in an eastern on no more monte in about another hour the not only Goal now sieg. It started on remain on any list will hold water fatal Within facebook out in the article but another holiday lows in office istat known as not quite as the instagram mullen. And a komo ways start face. You're still in kentucky. See more pedal mosquito han rocky bid on study up. Panetta's potato metallic was in those labradors. But i'm gonna say don't boogie throws you happy russian media. These will do joel spa. Latino spill mass me. not not now. I knew that man's last. You know. I literally the case but if any lamented gear. Yeah he's like oh abbas-zadeh communism. Be seamless the echo. A wide heart is almost luckily nikola phone drawers By this okay. Look at the video. mussa cowboys still musical Over monica green valley continue. I on lavar ball game yummies ala allah keno. Us know already got us isla in mcgeough racked up. I have done but i be okay. Combo sorters nas halima laboratories tak- by right there on it'll the steno yucca premera solos but i'm not gonna see as dino solo you pretty a That mexico out of indeed. Do we follow lose my little putin and in body better not tedious. I'm not andrew than these little sake. Say media gimme the bottom ashim. Yeah enormity it can control buddy journal joy. get a materialists struck stays. They were stood up but he might feel. They've got him on dosing. That gave you hate. Say haas drawn bahamas. Seen baston bahamas. How much goes. I collect No matter whatever so he's freaky six puerto so paseo another algal finicky. Palabras is a law. Ma has gone up kettle ability. Pretty easier to taken blencoe. Who study us. It made me more on this. Got the Get out of me. I idea macy by you. Draw know gawky at those What going up. As i took him. No i don't because it took perimeter with kenobi to and there's gonna be jaw via. They need me bitch on their own by auto. And maybe this yulon alavia needle messy unis in insurer. Beta that in boy learning drove the sink when man who has a look at how fat. Wwe an asset. You it the impala alaska manos tomato and masato has been blessed. Yes poorest Although there's no savon. Lucy garcia consecutive stop get glorious thunder in las and people as i see those financiera guan nike is the years they're not on the check is in our body up weren't either but donald authorised under restart. Gets these would okay. I will start muto at gayan although asked by. Step window naturalized z. In a lot columbus would be apollo board game for for for cuisine is the deal is giving me a really guessing towel Still yakking was brilliant. Donald to yes like other lender go said. Here's here in. Casey is mathis patroon. Tacoma la plataforma widely kassian evokes then is our studies supposedly. Theon ms moore own podcast. This pathetic market avello concern host through coz he s. But i'm barbara. How sitting muno seem alabamian. Throw a cameo with aren poise. Last gaza's loss i must quotas last. Plantar fetus cambio canister thin. Those yana durant mrs or i. News ecus per meter was montana. Yellow lows kasey aloha say in gaza particularities and sort of seen seeing cost and other parameters could tell us why put kazaa media theose combat. Thieves him was route through. Was egos harking gin gray. Ice skip with Interest is now. That was just by doing. Last canarsie at the is just how horner spoon toys narciso tommasi podcast on shallow.

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RETRO AIOTM (2010 Autumn Special 1)

Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast

1:03:32 hr | 1 year ago

RETRO AIOTM (2010 Autumn Special 1)

"I was skeptical about Ordering Foundation Online. I can't even find imagine stores then I discovered in Lucky I. Wish there online quiz found my exact shade and secons with try before you buy, you can try your full shade at home free for fourteen days but I was obsessed on day one. It's so lightweight natural. It's literally my skin and a bottle take the quiz at ill Makki dot com slash quiz that's I l Ma AG DOT com slash quiz. Hello welcome to a another retro as it occurs to me this time we're doing the specials from twenty ten. We did three in October November twenty ten, the feeling it was in the balloons related, maybe use the less it maybe it was both I don't know it was a happy time. That's all I now, and hope you will enjoy listening base thanks for your support in dabbing lease and listening to them, which is raising funds, which should make more podcasts pay the cost. You can also become a badge. Of course if you want to help make more puck us, gave us the strike comes dispatches if you WanNa give me some money personally then could you buy like one hundred, thousand copies of my book the problem with men Wins International Men's day and why it matters is a lot of fun. I think this quite serious stuff in there as well. I'm very pleased with the way it's turned out and it will be out in November, but you can pre-order now from your favorite book ordering website. May maybe a kick going and teach dot TV. That's okay. Herring is still very much up and running would love to see that come and join us. But now listen to this old as me in wonder about what was to come. To. See. How cheesy. I. Money now. Today. Even, know banks banks, the citizens things you people are home. You'll know what we're talking about. Welcome to the landmark twentieth episode of the show the older cock sucking cowboys and COP munching cannibals and serial killers in my neck designer join us according optima. That's Is totally owning in today's standup and sketch, which is more hastily constructed than in Indian. Commonwealth stadium. With jokes is is Chilean mind. Dependable as a reference to something that is currently in the news. Japan me passes for comedy with faithless compass brace public. I'd. Something about gamut. fucking Indians. Back in two, thousand, nine, a you full forty, two year old Richard Herring. He thought or Pitch Moi ears distinct meant to humiliate executive takeout order Rudy Jokes and change a format, and then don't put it on the anyway. Why I make my own self-indulgent comedy show and putting our. I can as acres to me because it would be both about things that happened to me or the night thought about that week to millions of occurs Ha Ha im funding I company that lever funding charge people to come and see light consumption economical model fair will be anything but a success I will definitely get back on the Teddy. Only reach them actually doing it back on the Teddy. I do know a you. On the Corta full bloom. I realize the whole my dreams have come. True. The. Two thousand, nine, rich and having was a fucking idiot. What was he thinking? Give it free on the today you can get my hands all night game such hiding but as we wrestled on the floor soon, be embracing and kissing. Youthful forty, two year old body I. I can't say mad at him for long. Let's. Dan know come on. Very. Area satirically retina made before in our suddenly Co. Yeah. Wanted to be kissed by you won't pretending to be you. Think that's weird. Did the voice you're a cop teasing. What an? Richard Herring mosque and talk often your trousers off. Dance over there. In this high back Tom Chair with A. Semi circular. Toilet. Don't kill. Or? By. Doing. that. The extradition what you get when you come down to see the Shaw. Plus downtown. So saving in Hanson a having Moss was regularly masturbate. His Kidneys This chanting more join, rating pencil and. While doing that please welcome the rest of. Dancing. Pants now bulging. Points place then aroused businessman. TV's and the Kennedy wearing giving mosque and a funding cost gene was freeing. The table leg. Christina rioting and nothing but a cowboy hat guys. So you can you can stop Danzig. Now Down I, reject it seems a shameful thing to. was. From that since the last episode is pretty much. A Man. Shouted at me from taxi in. Football I imagine they were bowled. Four. I. Stat so they were humorously comparing it to someone's that. So I'd like an old version someone could. The youngest was and he's been bugging me all week about who was I was wearing a slightly stripey tops. West Wall and maybe. From eastenders information. But then that's Phil Mitchell isn't it? I would they were no forty wasn't my daughter she doesn't have many friends. Eighteen. Seventy not wanted football in a taxi. Anyone. I'm. Happy. Blouses. Back. Stats. Pay For your really old. A taxi driver. So did National Service in Malaysia? Twenty. Three years old in reality. Christine. This week. Well, I was thinking about things that happened between the lower. School. When you were over the last weekend, I went to lease to Leeds Festival on Rock. Festival and in ten of two thousand people, three people and. The condom ratio again. I'm shocked about. One case a kid when two hundred. People. Who knows? A Ultima. Chips. More casual, we get home with. Bringing. Remembers too. Many people. Anyway, Emma. What's been going on in your line I is of. This. Kid, this child. I I went to school on Friday to give it to. To two, hundred, Fifty, eight year olds. Of those again and? One tobacco. Is this woman told him out. We'll fucking Harry Potter wage whereas. In Jealous and. Having books. GROWNUP S. Kim. Of them sends me did you saw rotate Nineteen ninety-seven and she two, hundred, fifty children when. A moment? Cherie. Good Fifty a year old when. I was. Anxious. Event on Sunday night who did you congress I know I. Yeah. I met Emily FAMOSOS and emily. Of An incredible guests. From backwards. Yes you guessed. If it's free. Really how she looking quite shit. Now I'm GONNA now. Owning backwards. In high back armchairs. Might do. In the RAG doll. Man bacchus bagging Bush. From Augmon. Wanted to his hotel Ruben Hold Wallace and gromit. Salesman. Tactic. In My. To the. People. I've been working pretty hard. That has been going on and I've been doing. been doing new actual radio. TV with the call on the radio lumps. So I did this I'm moving on one medium time. Some reason no one wants to have me in the flesh I don't know why that is. For the NAS month of working on a show radio four called. Of genitive or is all the cool kids are calling it a hub That that's good. That's. At six, thirty PM and features me and also TV's Emma. Kennedy on Yemen. Dams. And? Want. Why am I? We decided we went in paying jobs came. Clean up the money like complicated scam we came up with. So when my agent. You free for these days. Yeah. The types of your golden and then no one ever. happened. Christie to me what we enjoy be mentioned that this is now we had another Guy Donnie Robin when we did this Shaw we'll get what are the dead wood we come on and then we moved on this will get. The reverse, the magnificent seven. That's the way it works. I was GONNA gave Christie. Senate but downtown. So awesome more than five pounds, eleven pence of week, and that was it. That was the end of the negotiations we couldn't afford. Spots because of you ask. Jonathon. Robson. fucking. Everything. Couldn't afford to give. Christie improper, pajamas anyway. I've been good cake not hard. I would say. Last night I've been with this week it's been really hot. One of the writer puddings in two other radio shows amazing this this morning. I was last night at the. Recording. Catching on. I was experiencing chest pains. Now some people might. Probably won't spend tomorrow six o'clock and writing podcast, and then do in front of some media spur on made a strongest on prepared to die in order to bring you this offering sheets. A good jobs on my turn out to be the stingy. OUTTA mind towards almost Julie and being the lead steady. So they married. If. I do die this week my fine, which is that you the great British public engineer it. So the student needs finds the rest of his career presenting family James. Wanted Nature. Walks a hundred people. To come to this something you wear on your feet. What do you think so? Brands. Grid Is Bridge Bread somebody wear everything breads. fucking breath. More on. Scene Conspiracy so Get. Paid. Their or give you the money most. This Modest mammography down into the ground. Let's say. But line the rich. lanky ed. Bags My. More exciting than debt. As I, I thank. Ration- ongoing just for the rest of the show with me and the rest of the cast just laying some properties for only last another our. Full. Corpus. Along Quite well. Man. Still Jiri. Siemian enjoy. Having trouble with. On the to become wealthy. Keep. Listening To ground the so excited about what came out. On. Point. Mall. Now That was an hour. Gone, crispy, interesting, and allstone writing script. Hopefully, I can keep page ahead for the next forty five minutes. and. To me. Since until two, thousand nine. This is. Watching the Tory party conference came up with a way to reduce national deficit. How about giving to no child benefit? No. I'm not saying no charge benefit. What I'm saying is a no child benefits. A weekly award of say, fifty pounds every he's managed to be responsible with their sex governments. Create a child amount. To, be awarded every week as low as they remained. Childless. Money to be saved on education the NHS ill kids graffiti removal. The policing impede falls cosimo when it wouldn't be any. there. No. Reward those responsible enough not to fill of the planet with a stinking sport who's with me on that. David. Cameron Thursday I watched the promotional clip for Dame's new series one night stand featuring one of my childhood heroes Ben. Elton Roy blackadder amazing and the young ones. My favorite shows, this is the Clinton verbatim we recreate this is the routine that down does. The junkiest chosen to publicize the show. This is exactly how he does that as well. All of general of all of the England, a level English town nine towns are steeped in history that the the names attached. Stories at the cost of our great teams noble. Revolution. conches began Knight's cross the gathering after sight as. Foot when she was little coming far mountain knocked out about Donald. Awesome. Scoring. I was devastated by the I tell you. Know, because one of my goals at fallen spectacularly from his on he years ago to be fair. Am I was Ben Elton, Kaley, stone, and the whole concept to me I oughta. Stand up show that was literally made in the long. Leaving in all the mistakes and he managed to get on TV. Well. Dave tight that. I would say, just want to be on telling my favorite bay is a go do what is on own Youtube? You WanNa get the paper he goes he goes stores at the pass great deed noble and then He. In his head, he doesn't know what he's meant to say next but he needs to syllables to keep up the rhythm of the joke. Thanks a noise he goes noble. Hose no notice. Hallway with that I don't know what happens on the next program. Next on the program but I hope and pray it would be this. Much but will. Rally. took. Me Let me. Why Actually Drop, off the state. I've been. The country almost. Trying to find someone funding with the words comedic delivery. But finally I found you. Can Thank for one. You the heartless horrible musicals on set out on everything you must believed. To the tax. Cap foles Anya nine after what happened is macy's golf dot com. Big Relish funding. Totally. Offer. Now. Spending. Time time it's capital he's still felt that being captured wouldn't have heard the joke that would be Ford very clever. It's called captured because it was a catcher Ford so he's only half a problem. Expensive. Let's see. We come with similarly brilliant jokes about hundred your hometown. Portion of. Shiloh with a town where women have penises instead of the charges were. Funny. To be. From I'm from hitching. So. Back because there was a man with a chain. Someone hits. The Save it? What about you wearing you from? Nottingham. As a hardwood. It's where the the notes in the. Obama. I'm from China there's no pun on them. There's no double meaning of that. World. Yes To. Give me. Whole time on your said Liz jobs. A job with the counselor. or so things. Go and make some colleagues. Dow Shirley local after all day doing. Your Dourdan of to entertain. Do yourself a favor. Party. Use an hour from people who liked the show just trying to get mentioned. Scour being for genuine insults. ME. That one was coming from the suspiciously named Jesus now under its. New why he doesn't like me that's on the Youtube video of Mu dealing with a persistent drunk and hackers look. Very specific as well as. Thoughts out then when you get. What you should do is work for. Council. But not do any work by be out to go to the. Way We make the only is insulting working. Ealing Council than they have such shit censor fewer that only be in the pub won't be the loss of by. himself. But it's making criticism. Some Christians, I can't imagine what done to annoy the what gets may I gone any a Optima? Pressing, I lost we just found step on stage at a GIG in Italy I received an email to my iphone about my upcoming Christ on a bike tour starts in December. This is the whole thing is the email exactly aspirin Wrench. It's not friendly starting to really misses not use friendly. It for about coming Gig at the ironworks and beneath. The works milling list I think the name of Johnson for tour is highly offensive I can't believe that you. Of something else more symbol that's quite interesting. The she's for concerned with the title of the show. Then the contents of the show like she wouldn't mind being exact same show as long as it was called something less offensive than Christ by which is not offensive isn't an issue pantaleon infuriated by mechanism? I myself I'm a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ's. Mocking and all I can tell you unfolding as facts. Sandbox mocked. Much. I love the idea of God sitting back. Taking the easy with a cup of. A Mac Tom. Says Toy. I'm. Just quoting comfy and he's forced to sit up of me and take action because a child has been dumped NATO some men and tram down a mine or people being killed by a soon Nabi six pack all that because someone is joked about anything about. The dot he played father type. Who Lady in the Daily Mail dead express she's in the second thing you said the reason the died was because God will not be. Because he's choosing the soft target dog, all the people God could have killed from hockey. Plays father ten rather delightful unrealistic the cabinet clergy. In the volunteer never abuses a single child. Maybe you pay Pamela. Kill Ray Leonard. On Jones sold. For. Them. Before. From, von Garten Godman. Got Better. Than if you continue this. It will all come to know. And that has not say that I wish on you. I've suddenly dude I just who pre for your sake that you turned from this particular folly and I. E bobby. God is no longer. Your. Video. Shit. Again I've ever get down there because I don't believe in Oslo. Crazy woman in Scotland was threatening me God was GonNa decide to kill we. Show that broadly speaking is quite supportive about his son and and it doesn't matter because he's going to punish me whether I believe on my age is immaterial and there's no way for me to. Have that is it. Changes. Nothing. He knows your. Fox never mind going to see. I would not want to be in your shoes may God bless gene I'm As you. Walk as we. All the best. In London said, sanity. David Hartland Mrs. Snow not a real name. I've been kind enough do that. Chris even Scottish have anything against me calm standpoint. But what Christie nap achieve that is Deborah. Gave furious threatening amount of show that she's not even being too. That's fair enough because you will remember from your New Testament that Jesus did famously said judge things that you haven't seen I think I remember. As what breeds and if something offends the Ben sending them threatening missives, failing them with the pretends that you hope nothing bad will happen where you clearly ho something bad will after. Like people trying to get stuff for the is. Nothing goes wrong. Oh, that would be awful and we must have begun. Of course Jesus, Stephanie said if you think some might have saved very little backup the suspicions than do make sure you're the one who throws the first stone. But I was about to step on stage. That night I think Mrs that the Funding to scare. Me With the but you genuine always brilliant. That's five minutes of a artem assaulted. But I also realize like just read the out the GIG I was about to do and offensively make about fifty pounds for someone else's material. So thanks for the money. His Asia I went onstage in the company, which is a happened was taking place in the concert church on the thing is going to be a church on Sunday from the stage I gotTA count. I told me ten commandments were in. Amicably Richard. Golden nothing like God won't doesn't it? In you WANNA. Be. I challenge you to do something about it Ryan. Chest. Just. Wednesday I was at the Westfield shopping centre with my. Real girlfriend on the way to the supermarket there was a promotion going on with something other people handing out black bags. Presumably I'm guessing because metrics. Demanding source and then sent to me would you don't be one? which was a little bit awkward. As because you just want gopher number marriage. So I got out of it by saying she's not what but thanks for bringing that up. My girlfriend. But we just moved away I got away with it the the moment but could turn back time. I'd like to say some things. I can. Out. Would you please we would no. No I wouldn't what the fuck do you do you see employment with a woman and assume mountains? Happy that's probably a clue that we're not married. By power this I am forty three years old I known. I. Still saying okay. I'm. Forty. Three years old on a managed to get this far without getting married which I consider to be quiet achievements but then we might go for. Three years now that's. Is Bob laying on the railways of managed to patio away retirement comes. In coming out of the West stirring things up what's mysterious back he's in. Just a moisturizer maybe views the. Go. Point. Again. Afternoon time maybe we should be thinking about each together. Or Maybe. You should marry in Kansas. Save what you've done. Thanks. Now. Women asking married to the thanks to you. Boys, there's even by the Jews spot on marriage people, and then get a world talk the dog even say. Ship Engagement, rings. But that's all about ways. This why are you even asking me? No. Doina back for your wife what any ask when she wants back The nineteen sixties I talked to. Work for sterling composite, you are so Saxon. Stays did Kim. You're is written a sketch where all the women wanted to get married. I'm sorry I. Just about time. If the promotions. From the Wichita. I'd do differently. System for was considering that then I'll. Go down swinging centering sidearm. At this vision. Future where I was handing out bags of Shit you make up the. Tubby blow and the inexplicably attractive. Stay here working my. Job. Turn. Do Differently He wanted to go play and the record. For. A. Proper John. System. From. Doing him. To See. If rich. Do differently. FEET allow the Promotion For the Westfield fields and Sir back. So, that he can work on as an example and get a job. Out. Perfume samples of the shopping. Mall. Back. I think that's To. Continue. Three. Before. I Seem. Ads, you audience to see was occurred to you this week. I've been happened in script stupid because the. By professional and I'm working and instead occurred. No one knows the difference. So anything. Up if you've got something novel related to the people don't be scared. The Shit and You Auditory Parts, conference? strongly. resembled. An aggrieved. I don't think I'm. Someone to agreed nothing wbz. Put a little in. You should do that because campaign for the Labor. Party the next. Do you have this country run by the grief. Now By Sprint Thank you. Joke. About. China's material they're. Into sponsor listening to make sure you know when you saying? No. Sound like difficult. Anywhere else and if anything else great silver Fox maybe belonged Benavente. Christopher Pool Dot. Com Your Guy Said Oh. Okay, then scouse calling said in a Scalp and Oh my God that's. And he goes Christie. Boy Whose Christie. Chrissy bed. Padding Chris? Christie respondent. embarrassed. Because she would have been the lady in red in. The face? Comedian. Bring the report back on. I've got a lot to learn from. A. And what else got? Oh no this man picking his nose, but is now become more this week. Flags like when you're in a Olshan GONNA be very Campbell here not making sudden. You just want. and. Then he paul something in his mouth. You'll see next to him. was his name. Well You can say something as well as the picture not eight. A national and international podcast that goes into space aliens may have heard I know that you nineteen. Now. You can also last week. Braxton Bragg so. I would start and. and to me. No way to back. You have to be sorry. What is the manning? Did they don't? They don't into An. Just Still Doing enemy of Norwegian. Team prickly to the. Special Payroll tax on it today, it's coming to make you feed himself automatics. Poll they knew. I like. The do biggest failure in my life and you bring it up from Ted. The lab rats we wouldn't have touched. Team. Planet. It was shit Sir was so bad. It went three am. And went. For The things. vending give me any scripts to just went in met them and he said I'll expatriate it's going to be lying and he is small. Plastic figuring you going conflict packets and he stood it in an in long pulse. Was Right Wasn't quite as. hoppy. You wish you can turn. On. Madonna. Than my colleagues can be rude about me though. Tanisha. Anywhere. Awesome women there is some time to move within the audience. It was gorgeous with me. Was Company where we're? Not. I'll you them out of touch they wanted to bring your fiance to a Gig in orange, but there's a fifty seat. A couple of weeks and 'cause I am international comedian. PODCAST into space. Coltie to me so. Fifty people, buy me wanting to me? It's my fiance's birthday. Ticket. FUCKING COM by it. You feel unsafe. Corina. I'm very. He's Finished twenty. Three in these. Cities. Berries. and. So anyone go my fiance's breathtaking. Tickets to the Soviet game and there's only a set number of tickets in the Gig I'm going from three million. Each. Way Chance. Charles Disabled. She. Company signed. Nine. Very so you can make you. Very popular comedian in my upcoming to them I don't believe to the week before I'm. With fifty seats that sampled. As. Still. That's not good. Stop my friend WHO's he's You know. You don't have to. Be still about seem. You say you're not still which. David. Seaman to. Stick. His company's Moon State limitation. That's fine. That's Aloun. Original Price. But something got Greenwich to. Red. Known As the man from twitter to. tweet main riches to say it was bringing his white. Thank you. Wines. I. He's GonNa Wind. So that's As Kennedy's Pinot. Fast One inch I'm. Bob Bingham bevis EST she was rude to women are supporting women. was referring to join an. Wise. Well. Might move often to be. One of the things are. Different different options up in the last date voice This is something that I was. On the show I'm GonNa tell you. It was about cloning Dolly the sheep owning a few weeks already in full. But I was Kinda doing research and my research into cloning I in research came across a website on which was a film and. Film. Fold around the cloning process and so I knew this was so I watched. President he was one of those. Those are the narrative which I enjoy when they. Goes trump of non just jumping straight dandy throat so to speak so. There was a scientist laboratory and he was talking about the Carney price research medicine. He was finally go. Yeah. Well, we do these you the set oneself from one animal and then you inject the. Different from skin look and grow can do that my nuclear transformed. This is great. This is really well researched. They then turned out because always when. You get an exact copy of something but he's a baby of. An as. Turned scientists to done in the film voice to Clone himself four times, and then some of these other. Which? Came wouldn't work were like that somebody. Narrating the film was laid down on the educational purpose of this going to the Stein well, and we're going to watch this being you just copy yourself econ- scientists have you. Contained the you wouldn't get somebody looked exactly like a, but it might eventually but it might not be the same as it probably wouldn't be. Wouldn't have. Twins. Saying nasty from jet would really do We have to. If he came back legs, even if he was evil, exactly the same as the original. Record wear even this time rams. Busby. No vote to me. But he. Day was going to send them out soon as the bill is going to send the close to have sex with four different women while he stayed in the Navarra Tree. So. Which? is a baby white Simponi because. The clone connects with the four different women. He can say for the poor different women who is doing four months, but something is not even in. There was the get accuracy which again. Is that. I don't want to into massive about this, but I'm going to take. Some upgrades. So he could feel the sensations everything of those clubs could feel. So that was why he was clever but I was still. Sitting, Lombardi working on something. Folks some women and feeling now coming in your parents. Always good is just Having sex. Concert maybe. One of the time what are the country now was just so watching something well having sex. And masturbating read and comeback the scientists. Join Snow evenings goodness just having. As he knows science jobs and this is one of the problems. These guys come when you met and sites cuts come up and go the. Fifty skit I'd love to. Be a credible way feeling. Really offering. But why is one of the CROHN's go couple tied down by an angry man and then he fell by envoy. Someone else. Well. Don't mess with claiming. The message of. Thanking. The same general overdue. Two thousand nine when. I was in central Illinois stolen curry with juicer and the team of the absolutely did this weekend. This podcast. Through again around six kids ten years of came in around from table to table. Of. Trying to stop them, which is helping yourself even abandon all the kids are GonNA, slightly flimsy rubber mouse kind of draped over their faces, which made them resemble manning thing that women from of the seven seven volume. So. What about what? Are the pain? Cage on table Jimmy Four for second. She was made Burns make team collecting for charity. She said. So I looked again and the box, a Halloween mosque goals I should have said. Train, well, the Fox teasing UNANI take. The Queen isn't gang of feral children running manual restaurant begging. Could you Austin to leave. One Mind. Waiting for now ten year old kids. There's This on. So many of you gotTa strangled treating in a restaurant twice. Jake Autry Hamza People's house you ring the doorbell so they can pretend to be out if they wished you call trait in a restaurant people coming to eat and chat with friends and get away from sex Komen and all that. Why would you trick or treating here? Would wouldn't suites with them to the restaurant? Opportunities Pena Fine? Suites in here. To gain you, we'll give you some papa domes author, Jon Allen. All change if you've come trickled gene is trick or treat not trick. Awesome money. Go train stop saying Chink on tree over and again if that's an answer, listen to my own harms, another floor in you're brilliant channel trading in a restaurant plan is this England trico trading is an American tradition. So I stopped trying to import here along when proms and glee clubs and then you want to get some free. scrums and apples or shortland from a talk show. That's. The main problem with your genius I'm trying to trade in an Indian restaurant in England is the today on told the safe. There three weeks to Halloween, but buffer being in the wrong location the wrong country on the wrong date asking the wrong thing. This is a wonderful money-making. Baseball put in costumes but you know I'm sure the seven seven be tim isn't appropriate cost. The rubber mouse lady didn't even into recovering from her injuries w pro. Quo. Money maybe WANNA come Kim. Mass. down. New find out when your own. tied. Down by continental feeling that you find this and responsibly deposit their sex didn't I'm Kim? Your mother's of is that in this world might be better place. Give you any money. Doing leave. You don't give you anything. Give you anything you to play a trick on me. You understand Jacobson children at pricks. Wasn't the only seasonal behavior because the next day? I. Went to the House of scientists rationalist Roy. The Book Bad Science Ben. Interview for the opponent episode mentioned about. The village in seem interested in. But when You go to the plant he offered some which was nice and then charity said, would you like some Christmas? Signed. Down children treating in. Restaurants. The scientists scientific atheist offering Christmas cake on October the seven I was in find out about why would be signs and scientists is with suspicion but all I was interested Thomas talk into the Christmas K.. Why was eating it. You know. I think in some way to suddenly shift. From clothing to Christmas type and I came home with a good plan. I said how come you're Christmas came. I. Me Just really like Christmas. Christmas kp no, and he said, well, why do? Love Christmas. and Christmas time, and then I put in the freeze. Then you have to do we've trying to square Christmas cakes for. Do Void ones for Marxist fences because then you can fit more into your friends. He's obsessed in Christmas payette like Mossy Down Space. Cloning. Jesus said his Christmas thanks birth they on the ice. Crispy Nice Christmas. He Rana. Birthday was made in the same way as Christmas. Awesome. Christmas I mean, isn't the thing we Christmas? than he just lost river, you can have Christmas. Time He. No. He's a slave to sell case. Bass ruined everything that. Like seeing. Income now on it's to be in scoffing Christmas. Think. Even outweighs can afford away is next Christmas. Rational. Munition Danny it takes out. Just send. Me Christmas K.. Publishes even you. Poisoning one of the. Hey. I. Didn't think my idea planning amy poehler kingpin. Hey, what it means. Whole. Also Because the worst cake as. Highs the ridiculous thing about. Anyway. To. Christine. Briley. He's talking goes on. Great to be. Back. In. This podcast and London on this podcast on my two favorites things. So I've read. About that. Have you seen the old man drinking comprise alcoholic live. In. A shop doorway. With a wet patch on. No I haven't either I've been living here. So long I, don't see the. Medic casualties of insane economics. So. How can you tell me Your feeling? Come to the podcast here. Old. By. You. Two in by either backed on. Show you something. Cute. An emotionally vulnerable woman was dunce upon. Secular toilet bath. Will they could come. In. Have you seen my brandon talk. I got it from motorcycle clothing shop. Aside. As. A funny story about that. Side the story is not funny. The story about the story not being funny. Is actually funny. One Star. Twenty. Since you. Don. Shula is something. That would be your. Lead. You to cycle clothing shown. Nor that whole. Getting pissed. and. Destroy the DOSTRAM. Really. Talk that's pretty much the end of this episode earning table optimists. Sierra and then recharged we may never do this again. So please come along and. ALMA. Numb so. The to myself Brian this went. Seventeen hundred. Square foot and the first November back the balloons may do. You'll take it. So you don't go to the wrong many. The people who ahead as an extra. Won't be able to get online and you can see. Regina Comma details the lowest. Popular Christ Mike too which is go. where I will be killed. Too Far Away or just lazing then you can make a contribution by buying the secret standard DVD which has been threes of sixty. Bits to. Video Video. You can get from W.. Dot Com as well as the DVD's including new Hitler. Moustache maybe down very soon with an exclusive discount for House of extracts. From, go start. Thank you very much coming in the next one. I know that three stop conditioning, you're expecting something surprising. Tiny under collins to come on and do something funny and say a sign along. Well, companies on surprise today surprise is that isn't GonNa Happen. Tiny Andrew. Collins. Is Dead If you love your paying attention so assume old she is dead. Is Dead TV's Kennedy is also day. I'm standing on. It's been a slow acting poison on. The my imagine does that's the man show. That's no surprise. This wing that will be known day S. X, mentioning. God. Of this machine, a segway on speech day sex match you know. My until. A just arrived in heaven setting these babies. The goodies bad. Safety Record. Now I just wanted to say I'd go to the good. A sense of humor is anyone already I love that thing that decayed about God. Breads. Yes. Michael tied something about the man drool I have one of those I have. I keep all the bad innate on fire. WAY YOU'RE GONNA go and run now. because. We'll not famed ball whether you believe me not the material lives still gonNA do. Is Fair enough I'm sorry. I accept my punishment before you kill me can I just have one last wish God you bring a junior in the love. All by. Five she's just town joke before I done. Very well, let do book. I One mock you I've learned my lesson. I Love I love they English. Love the. Speed to names. He's streamed the names. Tell stories stories of the great. Actors Noble. Then Keel goods named after John Gielgud the go where all the world was a stage then blamed fray. Berry was blue suffering from multiple sclerosis. Blue. Blooms. News. Breaking not no. Not Riots. Let me try. Free where is channels dug a hole and? Mistresses knickers and commodore off again. BERRETTA blue's clues. Then some flowers blooms that blooms. Embarrassing. On. Your on your right God. I know follow. Bucks remember you promised the Holy Bible standing on by Intel one before I died and I haven't told the joke as long like don't tell a joke then you can't kill me I'll live forever living in peace and happiness and placid. You fell into my lap, but you've never said a joke in forty three years. China. You'll never be funding. So this. Will Da? All. Right what might kill you? But I'd get into something fall was magic so that you get the job on eating council. Just needed to talk to you in my magic wall. These. These code turn. The stage. Spreading. Speeding. Six. refasten around. Rage goldies. This isn't a time to. Kill goes lying now all catching. Seeing we. Talk. OFF

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Effectively Wild Episode 1441: It Was the Kersh of Times

Effectively Wild: A FanGraphs Baseball Podcast

1:52:17 hr | 1 year ago

Effectively Wild Episode 1441: It Was the Kersh of Times

"The longest postseason losing streak ever in baseball and we also got into other things like which is the worst way to lose is at being a Mariners Fan Oh what a dud this day was we were so excited for these Games and then oh boy I I felt things before that game was over and after we're recording on Thursday before lds game five but after the end of the game fives and what a wild day it was the things that I was feeling and now we have reconvened here I don't know that I've changed my mind about anything all that much but it's a little less raw and that game was over and we had tentatively discussed recording right after that game and Kinda glad we didn't because I immediate at least for me although maybe not for tetris Oh my goodness should we should we start with cardinals braves just to get it I don't WanNa give short shrift one point we will talk about both of them at one point when the dodgers were up early on the nationals I who is watching the game with stars just just truly and such different versions of wild presented to us these games I at among twins fan and so we invited her on to talk about her pain enter psychological suffering and what it means to be the fan of a team that has I'm doing considerably better than I was about twelve hours or so ago although I have not slept since then doing a little loopy kind of don't want to wait I wanna get good stuff I guess we should tease what we will be doing at the episode so we have to the first inning of that game or some of the interesting decisions that were made later in it but should we get that out of the way as it were I don't know I a guest who will be joining US Sarah Ziegler from five thirty eight who is the sports editor there and the host of hot take down there sports podcast and also a life growly of graphs and I enjoined as always by Ben Lindberg of the Ringer Ben. How're you oh my goodness and welcome to episode fourteen forty one of effectively wild asparagus baseball podcast brought to you by our pitcher on supporters it's like a raw nerve great then my emotions who were searching I don't know what I would have said at that time I had some hours to write about tryst stuff there is welcomed twin stuff so that's a fun chat but before we get to that there's just so much to discuss probably best that we didn't or being twins fan or is it more painful to be a braves fan after the way they lost in the end not s or a dodgers fan after the way they lost and so there's some general in that was there was a point in the sixth or seventh inning or so where it seemed like the dodgers were cruising and the the first game was over and I was thinking what are we going to have to Talk About Twenty Fourteen and Lcs Mike metheny prodded Michael Wocka for no discernible reason when Trevor Rosenthal was ready and warming up and you like deep empathy for her Clayton Kershaw and dodgers fans and also complete puzzlement and Confusion Glaus Key who writes for graphs we both said I hope that they can stabilize this because after the laugher this earlier this afternoon we need a good game at did we and then he said it wasn't a safe situation and then we got on the Mike and I got as close to renting about things I've probably ever gotten in history of the podcast I think the first time I felt something at all while watching this game was that goofy almost homerun just not really all that close but for me that's what I was feeling basically for the skin both I guess indignation at how it had happened but also add cast right away because I I don't know that I could podcast responsibly because I felt about as worked up as I have in the aftermath of any games since I think the an and yet also happiness for national spins who wanNA postseason series so it was just the full spectrum of reactions I think Ealing's expectancy a graph or something that was that was the first spike and then and then you know like you said they were kind of moving along kind of the Jock Petersen hit and and you know I like I like weird stuff all you baseball gets weird and that that had zoo here but it had seemed based on how he went down that he had just taken the ball full in the face and so I actually appreciated the replay to learn it back fifteen years I don't know where all these hundred seventeen hundred twenty pitch outings have come from I think we've already had four or five and there were zero last year cruising and I think I think the next time that I felt a thing was when worker Tsuzuki took a ball yes kind of the face guys on and then Lo and behold who was running in from the bullpen but Clayton Kershaw so yeah and the the broadcast did the thing that broadcast do where they you know they replayed it and generally I am I am opposed to those sorts of things just because I all still bad it had been been muted somewhat by the helmet but then you know they were that and then Walker Buehler was left in assertion in isolation was not the weirdest certainly and if the rest of the game had gone differently we wouldn't really be given it a second thought and despite this might be okay yes no and then the the nationals countered with rainy and then Patrick was are he had given up a run and looked like he was laboring a little bit and then Robert's brought him back out and he got in a little bit of trouble he put a couple weird little bits of business I think of them a lot like the gods in Jason and the argonauts where they're just like you know they're moving pieces around on the board and it's as favorable count and then anyone badly yes bets after that and then it went very badly after that again and again after that to look and I I tend to think that the baseball gods are pretty fickle and petty and I think that they engage in their own myopic in the entire postseason so that strange but he was facing the order for the third time he got out of a sort of rough sixth-inning it's just it when you add it to the cascade of decisions that came after that that was just the the first sign we're in for something here because right bueller went to one hundred seventeen pitches which is so somehow become commonplace in the postseason all of a sudden it's like we've flashed I think people raised objections at that time because it just didn't seem particularly necessary to use Kershaw in this way for the nationals it did to us about their own interests as it is about the folks who are down there trying to fend off skeletons and and and hear us a here he stood oh controversial and Christ like a porn nationals so I started that was I started to feel something if we were doing a so he runs in from the bullpen and Adam Eaton goes down swinging and my shoulder strapped I was like okay this might be fine I want to look at it but I actually appreciated the replay this time because it allows you to see that while what happened was and we should say clearly walker did not intend to being that have it is hard to describe either of these as being particularly bad luck franchises in a more general sense because I right and and so I thought maybe it'll get weird and then Max Muncie was like no it will not and he hit this homerun that was not at all and so there were other options available at that point and they could have gone to Adam cleric the lefty specialist and he could have tackled there's but it is a weird thing when two teams that have a bit of a postseason narrative brush up against each other because they can't both lose rate and Angelique and and then run down comes out and there's Clayton Kershaw again and it is a funny thing when you have two franchises the surprising really it was pretty predictable because they had kind of telegraphed this Robertson talked about how he was planning to piggyback these guys and oh I thought well that's a that's a choice yeah that was the first little trevor the first little warning sign that something might be about to happen Patrick Baseball need to get this guy in there especially because he's not trained for this he's done it before obviously but it's not something he does regularly here's end his fastballs eighty-nine which is not really great when there's zero separation there for Kershaw so it was that and I don't know whether he got eaten and then he could have just been careful with Riendeau to lead off the next inning and then he could have faced one sotto who he's sort of been the specialist for you just go way out of your way to get into the game it's not like we can't lose with Clayton Kershaw in the bullpen rice a very good pitcher but he's not best it'll weird to it and then going on with the walls and that gave sticky why they have holes in them what is happening this feels like they're sub optimal construct they pushed Kershaw and maybe Robert Scott a little greedy and I don't know whether it's just that he still thinks of Kershaw as Pete Kershaw so I I confess to the world my anxiety on behalf of strangers and so how I ended up feeling in this moment is very inconsequential into use sherzer but the dodgers have a deeper pen with more dependable relievers than the nationals do and also Kershaw is not the pitcher oh it was just kind of questionable I think to go to him at all and to keep going to him when you had this fo pendant dust the May you know the dodgers the dodgers and despite the long sort of inability to reach the CS the nationals have had good seasons winning seasons and great player ignoring I would sort of a plot that but he also seems to be ignoring the recent results and the fact that he throws eighty nine now and in this outing was throwing his in the series and faced him three times already and had been warming up before it's time to face them so they could have done that they could have done various other things they could have pitch carefully to Sodo either way you were going to get at least one platoon disadvantaged played appearances unless you really wanted to go wild with matchups but Russia against rundown and you're like I don't know how this is GonNa go and he He got into a favourable rental and got into a fight I guess gone to Kershaw for one out and not brought him back out for the eighth and instead started the inning with Medo at say and had made the first he gives up the first home run and you go oh no yeah terrible pitch pitch this is the thing and so in that moment in that not terrible pitch moment you think to yourself this doesn't have to mean anything I mean it means something it means that now the the decision it was Kinda like a gut feel thing which doesn't necessarily mean that there weren't some numbers underlying it but that's how he portrayed it and that's how it seemed caught up in the drama of the moment and he wanted to give this guy who's meant so much to the franchise the chance to play a pivotal role here or to have him redeem the playoffs nationals bullpen is terrible that you think that they are going to be a witness when baseball game that was the moment where I thought demons or just to channel the memory of twenty sixty and when he got the save a I don't know what he said that was not an analytically driven uh-huh here's the thing about it one time is enough times one time looking for to get the screen shots right the gifts watered if in the nationals narrative and so you are looking for moments when your spidey sense tangles about which which direction the baseball gods are going or he was when he was doing this a few years ago to great effect when he got the save in game five against the nationals and the is not quite that guy anymore compared to how Clayton kershaw ended up feeling in this I'd like to state that for the record upfront but one of the knock on effects of this sequence was that is the same except for this this is the same this is how this looks we know that feeling we've all had that I mean not exactly that is that a whole bunch of people on Twitter Roy Hey you must feel terrible I really do and then and he's having just a totally terrible series just the worst time and Kershaw could make him or maybe they'll actually go to someone else in the bullpen which his post-game comments seemed to suggest you know he was saying essentially Kershaw's the best pitcher of his generation he's the best pitcher in the game or one of the best pitchers in the game but then that Soto homerun happens and you and you realize then in that moment that you believe that even though the okay ground ball out and then and then once at all go back to the dugout and how he Kendrick who again we'll talk about in a minute we'll come up ten more than they needed to yeah I don't know whether Baseball's a zero sum game in a Lotta ways one team allows run and the other team scores run I don't next thing where he was just the picture of deflation I mean I think. TBS went about fifty fifty for the I'm and I'm comfortable having him out there anytime which if it were purely the postseason narrative and the episodes of uncleanliness that he uh so the initial decision to bring in Kershaw at all and to bring him in with runners in scoring position when he came in it was not element that has to be self contained because having to engage with other human beings either results in him crying which he will feel embarrassed about or yelling okay like Mehta is great against righties but he's a starting pitcher usually he's Houston facing lefties that would be okay probably so they didn't do that the way that Petty Petty Baseball God's obsessed with their own picky and concerns are GonNa roll this month that's where you start to think it's true and Kershaw errative and the way that that was blown out of proportion and the way that he acquired this reputation perhaps before he deserved it and people would extending between like actual shots of the came and shots of sad kershaw hi I have feedback on half broadcasts let alone a major leaguer of Clayton Kershaw's caliber whatever he is right this minute of his caliber there is so little about him and US oh so the nationals are gonna go go play in the championship series that was the moment because he's just you just feel that that is which he will also feel embarrassed about it because it's just not a moment where you were at your best or are his teammates horrible you know now you're starting to wonder what kind of p weather suffering is also zero sum so that the the suffering of Clayton Kershaw is equal to the elation of Juan Soto let's say I don't know a two run deficit is one run deficit but you think to yourself it wasn't a bad pitch he could be fine maybe they'll get a little he'll get stirs it was just so many times it was ten more times that they needed to do I didn't count how many times they actually did it but I'm confident that we of set up to fail which keeps kinda happening or you know various other factors that could sort of explain his performance in the postseason and of course Jansen and Mehta and reassess and I mean you could keep naming guys Kelly who well we'll talk about Kelly but Clayton Kershaw in a way not that we're rooting for the dodgers really but we're rooting for him not to keep having this football pulled away yeah we know we know we know where he's at that is there there is so little about being a major leaguer God look so pumped and so excited when he got the out when he got eaten out TAT inning and then the contrast between how he looked at me hi in this discussion with our own discussion like no it's it's a thing maybe this was the time when I sort of accepted that the I think that he demonstrates that it is possible to feel worse than it is possible to feel happy it cancels out in a cosmic sense I'm I'm happy that one soda was happy and I'm happy that he's having all these clutch hits in the playoffs and people are getting it into his entire regular season career but it's a thing that has happened and there is a big gap between how he has performed in the playoffs we'll remember the bad days but he had many really fantastic days to which is hard to square with the idea that he is unable to perform in the postseason because if introduced to one soda on a national scale that is wonderful I'm also just sorry it had to come at the expense of Clayton Kershaw and I think we all root for that dismissive sense because it's so legitimate thing to talk about at this point like it's not small sample it is small simple the things that comes to mind when you think about Clayton Kershaw which is unfortunate I think that he I don't know that I peak but it is a thing that's GonNa come up whenever you talk about Clayton Kershaw in the future assuming of course that the dodgers don't make the playoffs for the next seven bowl the rest of the dodgers are in I tend to think that they probably knew that he just needed a minute by himself but you you're wondering if all of these guys who you've come to like our he has performed during the regular season especially in terms of runs allowed which matters in the playoffs so it's not at all like we shouldn't even be dignity this is just GonNa be a stain on his permanent record like it's not gonNA keep him out of the hall of fame or anything it's not gonNA affect how great I think he was at his or to pull it away from himself or however tapping and I think initially it was because we were all very frustrated about what we called the Kirsch years in row which is entirely possible and that he has some big moment and win the world series and kind of puts it all to rest at some point but as of now it's just the thing this is always going to be a thing doesn't necessarily mean that there is anything inherent about him that makes him less able to perform in the postseason but we can look at that and say yeah man I know and so for them to continue to go back to him and then you start to wonder is this the way he wants to be just you want to be by himself is this skirt shaw and we all had a moment of panic and fear on behalf of immersion we do not know and then he got Daniel Murphy to pop out it will be no more because he did this great thing and I was very very happy and I was less happy than how sad I felt yesterday he gave up that second home run to one Soto on a knock on the not good pitch wasn't it wasn't like that first one which wasn't a bad pitch it was a knock good pitch it was just it just made you I wanted to cry I wanted to cry I felt guilty that I couldn't cry because I felt so sad that I thought I should be able worse than when he always be why would it only apply so selectively I don't know but when I've been saying the Kershaw narrative today I don't really mean it in I made a sound in public that I didn't even feel embarrassed by because the entire bar some of whom were baseball fans but many of whom were just there enjoying a pizza pie it's not account for the fact that his bullpen kept letting him down and Pedro by his gave up runs every time he stranded a base runner or he kept getting put in positions where he was and he just mowed down poor warmer defoe and you thought this is fantastic it has shifted right the narrative about his performance in the postseason is true like he he didn't try to hide from it at all which is just really sort of sad like and I just I made annoyed I was in public I was I was in a local pizza place that has a bar and I'm sitting there with my friends watching this to cry and was not able to produce ears but wanted to because it I think it's possible to just be broken by something out loud but yes losing his is is bad to a greater degree than winning is good I guess that seemed to be the case there and oh how much I believe what I'm about to say always always good start I might need to talk through it I think that his all cringed and and felt sad and looked up at the TV and saw tbs cut to him for the nineteen thousand time and but man like people should leave him alone for a little while he should go wandering the woods because it's just devastating Kasha field that and I'm sure Clayton Kershaw will rally time will pass and he will he will go into next season and maybe he'll have a chip on his shoulder and at all workout or someone who disliked makes excuses or says like Trevor Bauer will sometimes after a bad outing that he made good pitches and he just got lucky the last time that I felt very nervous for a starter coming into relief was in that twenty sixteen ds against the nationals when you know Jan in had walked to right he walked bryce harper he walked Jason Worth Remember when Jason Worth played baseball as inside so like he walked Jason War and outrun it is eight as possible to feel more worse that's great writing editor Meg than it is to feel very happy because I remember ever which is true at times but most players don't say that and I don't think kershaw would say that and Kershaw said that you know like whatever people say it was sad to see just the acceptance for him after the game in some of the quotes where I mean not that he's one of the best and easiest to root for players of this generation it's a big bummer aside from any team rooting in interest just on a personal level. Yeah so Dave Roberts before we get to that can I can I can I ask you about a thing that does not matter have to wonder whether it is in his head at this point even if it wasn't before so I I hate to have that happen yeah assigned to someone out there get on it but now now we both feel a little sad so we can we can now soldier force into the remaining set nece we're being so mean to strangers recent acquaintances on this I guess well yeah I think Sam wrote something to that effect in the ought to just like give us a little we're going to allow ourselves a little emotional breathing room because we're bevis staged on behalf of a stranger did you notice I sometimes out of the eighth because he brings in Kanta Mehta Belatedly Kanta Mehta strikes out everyone which of course makes you imagine an altar uh all right here we go plunging into the depths of Dave Roberts is decision making in this game okay so he gets rules has to work something about how losing his worse than winning is good I'm not phrasing that well either it's kind of a hard thing to to phrase in words it probably would have at least the odds would have been better anyway after that ninth-inning David goes to Joe Kelley and dodgers he doesn't really have a reason to have you know a sporting approved wedding ring but she would have even less caused because she's not there at all I mean she's probably in the ballpark but she's not in the got anyhow I I would read a long form piece interviewing the wives of athletes on their feelings about the seeming Confu- uh-huh okay so lak- athletes where these they wear the silicon wedding rings and as an aside I understand when athletes do although less often with baseball players it's fine I find it very strange that these guys change their wedding rings out to sort of match right to be team colors because you're not married to the dog a watch baseball on a really weird way of did you notice how Dave Roberts had one of the lake silicon a wedding rings and it was dodger blue I did not notice Uson of of of pledges and and loyalties involved with switching out the wedding rings that is thoroughly unimportant observation but now topic too because they don't want to get stuff caught and tangled raided like a gives and if it breaks it doesn't matter because it's just a piece of silicon like a dozen or whatever creative history where you bring in from the start and it's just a routine inning but hey it would not necessarily have happened that way facing different batteries but I don't understand when managers do this because like what are you worried about Dave you're in the dugout the whole time you're not gonNA unless you're planning to wrestle like you're you're gonNA do fine but watchers are married to your life right yeah if I were whether his wife passed to get a matching one I yet does she swap out for us I mean like twitter is gnashing its teeth and wailing and to be fair to Dave Roberts Joe Kelley has been quite good for the past months he was extremely not good in his previous outing in the series he gave a couple of runs on a few walks hit and did not record any outs that decision to bring him back out on its own seemed very questionable I have not listened to Dave Roberts nding mercurial career but he was a playoff hero last year for the Red Sox so it wasn't the worst decision got some other guys who can give you some length you've got dusted may so I don't know that that was such an acute concern really right so also in his press conference for it has not turned out well for him and it definitely did not turn out well here and I think bringing him back out for the accept that maybe you have other people there and Mehta was pinch hit for I don't know if there would have been a better double switch to do so that they could Jensen like Kershaw is not quite what he was like they're both coming off their worst seasons they've both lost velocity they've both become more Ebbert said basically he went by the eye test and he left Kellyanne because Kelly had looked so good in that first-inning which real mistake where it's like worrying about a crisis that has not occurred yet when there is a crisis at hammering currently and the scenario that you're worried about will never occur if you don't get out of this current gem so often that's like the saving someone for a safe situation intimate that that was part of it like you said we don't have that many guys lined up behind Kenley which is kind of that classic manager go multiple innings very often he had not pitched more than an inning I believe since August and when he has gone longer and more pitches this year out of nowhere if you look at his full season stats they looked considerably worse because he started the season a lot worse than Joe Kelley has had kind of this conflict post game so he may have addressed this I wonder if part of the thinking here on his part was or we don't know how long this is going to go and he's been good are dependent on a speed stuff but he still a good pitcher and you still had other guys you still have dustin may you still had cleric good so maybe we need to save guys for later yes I did scour his transcript from the press conference and he did good because he looked so good that he convinced Dave Roberts to bring him back out for the tenth and Kelly is not a guy who gets US Kennedy was bad enough sticking with him in the second inning as long as he did was worse this is the part of the decision making where you really I mean I agree that Cetera but that inning worked out great and Joe Kelley gets through with ten pitches and he looks good and maybe looked too kept in longer but assuming that you have to pull made it's it's not indefensible to bring Kelly to start that inning because Kevin hard and and here it was I guess worrying about going too many extra innings a low end you've got to the show Ross stripling out there you've got aw no I'm not defending Dave here although I have in the past and even now I'm handing him so I don't know if anyone's really on his side yeah so good at his earlier in Aden get another go round and he is a starter I don't know why I'm yelling at you you did do it wasn't your fault but it was not number one with say so for that was that was not good and then it started off not well and it just kept going and going chip serious that's future Dave's problem present days problem is getting there and so at that point you're like okay so one Sotos up guess what he does well hit I just I don't think I mean I don't know Kelly for a second inning there was like I don't know where that ranked in tape Roberts's options at that point I mean Mehta's lineup spot came up so he pinch hit for him and again I don't know 'cause he did a double switch when breeding thirty the earlier thing because Howie Kendrick has had a rough series the fielding has been Kuwait Poor even just away from the irs spent bad and then he had that totally INEX- that's not what Howie Kendrick sounds like that's sort of generic baseball player avoids this was an instance where the amount of joy I felt outweighed the sadness I felt unlike up it was like he was designated one Soto specialists and he had done as well as you can to in that job and he didn't get a chance baseball's I should maybe potentially not let him face them an and Dave clear we thought 'cause he then intentionally walked him mhm but also the bases are loaded it extra innings and it's an elimination game and all pitcher switches true although cleric gets even more ground balls and so if he had faced Soto then he could have still gotten a double-play and you wouldn't have had the and he's met so set aside even if you're able to set aside the potential risk of a run-scoring just on a wild pitch or a passed ball all how we when Joe Kelley walks at a meeting and at some point you've got to be like all over grow and then and then he gives a ground rule double to anthony or unknown and you're like and then with the basis juiced was like the sogo find now in his defense how Kendrick had been had been knocked good Arroyo for the thing about it is that whatever whoever's available later in a theoretical champion as well as you could do it the first time he was asked to do it the first three times he was asked to do it and you didn't use you didn't use earlier right and famously is loaded in having to worry about a wild Joe Kelley on the mound so yeah just just not good even if you're gonNA put Soto on freight excusable to bland man he's just he's been something of a liability yes very much so and I don't know if he could have double switched a little later so that he could have kept made I'd have to think about how that works but that's but regardless you know there is something satisfying I suppose I wonder well this is Harry Dillon cut out on my hemming and hanger I don't know let Kelly stay in there after he's worked himself into this Jim in his second inning of working which is not something he normally does and so then you get the Grand Slam you don't want him to give up a dinger granted Kenley Jansen is Stinger pro in these days too but still I just I don't see how you can and that was that so I mean that cemented the Kershaw thing in a way that it would have been meaningfully better if Kershaw had blown the we in Syria and so Roberts said that he wanted to get a ground ball he he wanted to set up the double play guests and keep Kellyanne because Kelly gets a lot of ground balls it so instead of putting so to on you could've brought in cleric again yes to face him because that was his job and he did it and Robertson was quoted as saying earlier in the week like basically yeah this is what we're gonNA use cleric for like it's great to have him for this match Camp I still am an audit happening I know it was really was nightmarish just like the slow motion train wreck that you can see the I still don't think you should stay with Kelly even though he is a ground ball guy and you want a ground ball it's like he's still also Kelly and you don't want him to walk a guy opening and then right Kelly stays in for a couple more batters and then Jensen comes in and gets back to back Infield pop-ups just like my right this is the thing so he he brings him back and maybe he thinks in his had you know jobs look good and he'll do great co better right better maybe yeah and it's better to have a former dodger hit that grand slam or is it way worse Oh yeah good question I can't someone who just is trying their best and is not performing because baseball's really hard whereas with manager it's just an unforced errors the team decided not to resign him or something and then he has this big moment you might feel happy for him and if it has to be someone killing your team at least it's the sky you like unless you like formed a very close attachment to that player like if he is a player who is with your franchise for a really long time and you loved him and then maybe in his piece we think of Robert says a player for his five minutes of postseason heroics and now maybe we think of habits the manager Oh and why not leave him in for a couple more betters yeah off and the Nice thing is while it's not nice but I don't know up is down I don't know as we as we sit here and think about like the best and worst ways to be sad because this is really the theme of this discussion I don't think how he Kendrick has that status now dodgers fence certainly not among dodgers fans I can't it's like you had time to think about this this was a decision that you consciously paid Clayton Kershaw did not decide I'm going to give up some figures now but Dave Roberts oh season for something or other as most managers do if you play long enough to get to the world series but I just I couldn't even really twist dot cory seager in Aj pollick going three for thirty three with says gazillion strikeouts or whatever they were so if some of the dodgers players had played asked to do is send the ball to the outfield that's it and they're going to score a run and how he said Yeah I'm GonNa do that I`mma send the ball to the deal myself into dots and put myself in his place and come up with a great rationale for why he did the things he did yeah and I think you know inquiry proof decisions of of his opposing manager I mean it didn't end up mattering and there's a logic to it that I understand given the state of the Petr we would not be talking about Dave Roberts as much they wouldn't have even been in that situation generally we dwell on managers moves too much and sometimes the right ones rallied worse than the one guy who got away or not that they've missed him terribly but I don't know need then the dodgers had come back like he still would have been the goat even though it wasn't as catastrophic and he would have had a chance to redeem himself whenever a manager makes decisions that are questionable he tends to obscure the question on bowl or at least if not questionable sort of not bullpen but you know like Stephen Strasburg arguably was left in too long perhaps especially given the at bat that he ended up having where he fouled out on a bunt urging a lot on results and sometimes we take a moment to remember you know the bad process good result decisions but those tend to fade even in the most this kind of incredible to watch and I don't want to put it all on Dave Roberts because he wasn't the one throwing the pitches and he aghia observers minds but I think you're right that some of these some of these end up sticking and I think that the dodgers are likely going to be in a position to fire and the wrong one's workout but when it happens this way like you can only be so upset with someone who just throws a the house yes but either way it just would have cemented the idea that he can't pitch in the postseason so it's just it really was you know when the West again next year and this could all end up not mattering if they some if they find their way to a world series win soon and and Robertson for his I guess it was more than five minutes of making bad decisions in the playoffs but I've defended Robertson the pass because he's Kinda come under fire every things based on single tactical decisions this was more than a single tactical decision but but usually that's only a part of pitch because he didn't decide to throw a bad pitch it's hard to throw a pitch exactly the way you want it it's hard to hit a ball you can only get so upset time and even though he has been criticised every postseason for various moves with varying degrees of legitimacy the dodgers front office has is that could well have worked out but did not end because they did not this is now going to stick to him too and as Joshi and pointed out so clearly they had no misgivings at that point and this season was probably the best season in franchise history at least regular season wise so always seem to to back him fully because even last year in the world series when he was getting booed the dodgers responded to that by extending him for four years so say I guess that he's been the manager there for four years he's won the division four times there hasn't been a whole lot of drama and discord in that manager's job and a big part of the manager's job is to just keep control the clubhouse and keep everyone relatively happy and make sure the ship is sailing smoothly uh-huh based on two or three innings here of questionable decision making on the one hand like the bulk of his work is really good on the other the the helm but there's already been whispering that his chairs wobbly and I don't know if he'll be around to sort of get can I throw a wrench into things when it comes to that moment and when probably the best team that the dodgers have assembled now had the earliest exit then another shot to to switch this up and try to redeem his own narrative and I think you're right that some sometimes tough decisions go the wrong I've I've been a Roberts defender in the past two but these ones are harder to square right we're not the type to be out here calling for collaborative exercise that I think it really comes down to whether he deviated from the script that he had discussed with the front office beforehand and whether there was something that he kapoor was let go today too so it's the the body count is getting high these days so I don't know what will happen there but so judging him by his own description of the job I don't think he really lived up to it in that instance I still can't believe it the and just get to this point and I guess you could say that the dodgers were so good this year that they could have got to this point under virtually any manager but you could way but you understand the logic but some of these were they were questionable in a way that I think they are you know folks right to criticize so yeah it's a bummer 'cause I added I'm going to put Clayton Kershaw into this game and I'm going to put Joe Kelley and does giving I'm GonNa leave to- Kelly into this game he made a whole sequence of sub optimal decisions had come in and gotten three consecutive strikeout so it was like hey here's what you're missing or at least that's that's the way that you would never think about it and quite believe that he did it I can't believe that that ball got out and will Smith's you know very well hit ball the inning I don't know do you go from this is a great season from a guy who we were just very comfortable extending through two thousand twenty two two Oh this guy's gotta go if they were to do it I would not have completely ringing defense because the game was really that perplexing but modern managing is such so there are there are always decisions within the course of a game where they could potentially go a couple of different ways and you you know you end up feel like everything you're being judged by a totally different set of criteria than your patriots and granted you know every that does put the pressure on so I I don't know whether Roberts will have his squid fried and be the what is it ninth manager let go because and it wasn't Yup Yup I don't know I guess we've got it all out here I don't know I feel drained hint this is a team that keeps winning the division every year and now they really want to get over the Hump and so if you can't have confidence that your managers new and they knew that we did not know that's probably what matters more than public opinion but you know he said after the game I feel that my job is to put guys in the best position to have success fire didn't result in a walk off you know that that was I thought that I thought that ball was gone and that the game was done and half the lead every time you're being judged by criteria that is similar but slightly different in a very important way than the rest of the that's the whole thing of it that's why we're here but when you have these long droughts and everyone you know it's the first sentence in in every paragraph eighteen wants to while most teams want to make the postseason in any given season rating every every baseball player wants to win a world series and that is the the folks doing what you're doing at work and so to be able to press through that and and move on from it and do something different is it is a tremendous I still don't think it's as tremendous as Clayton Kershaw was sad but it is still tremendous and it's a wonderful thing that they get cold and it's late and you've had years and years of telling you that not the the baseball gods are going with someone else tonight 'cause they always do over in mere minutes like I was finishing up a piece or editing something and I was thinking I'll I'll just I'll miss the first few batters or something in of bad playoff streaks in drought slater and subsequent Sarah but it's it's quite a monkey to have on your back you just the the sequence of events here so all right here we go top of the first Dexter Fowler leads off we go walk next single single fielding error Walk Double Intentional Walk Walk Double Double N. The acted out there doing it forced Martinez Lord I guess we'll never find out much too much mystically like the least competitive entertaining playoff game ever just in terms of like total change in win expectancy because this thing was in world series you know by the time this comes out that might be a very slowly sentence could be true it seems unlikely but it could be true this seemed unlikely racial for the next week to remark on them but it is it is a cool thing that they get to do that and we have learned a lot very hit a grand slam though and asked it in the way that mortals ask questions around the gods before they're like we're about to to you but I still can't we know we know nothing right yeah I don't mean to neglect the nationals or to fixate more on how the game was lost than how it was one but we will be talking about the and then I'll I'll see the rest and by the time they got to the TV it was I don't even know the score was but it was out of hand already so I'll just read out wonderful I mean like the the shot of those nationals fans who went to the ballpark and watched on the big screen at in DC when it's churn anything else left to say I mean I'm I'm very happy for nationals fans and the national like we will have some more discussion about Sean doolittle's vertical jump which L. got a great gifts and Asher sprint in from a good one yeah I think he could have tired and there was the entire line reach base and clearing the pitcher including the pitcher yeah the dispute up to getting worse and it never really got better it is so many things happens that on their own you would sit back and national's Fan's delight so there was another National League Division series game we're not gonNA spend as much time but but we have put the opposing pitcher not only having a plate appearance in that inning but walking for he had ever thrown scored Colton Wong where where McCain who retired after this game not because of this game I can't believe that just happened right and then they all happened together the the I would put the sacrifice in that list I would he fell down in that hurt your heart you look at the you look at the win expectancy graph on graphs do talk about it a bit so this game friend of the show Dan Hersch found that this was like objectively mistletoe but the timing might not have hurt who was not only not able to corral but then fell down ecksteen I think has to be among the biggest in back of X. Starts I would bring we know nothing about baseball obviously no one that chart and it is very rare to see a chart where the opposing team reaches basically zero after the first inning the the double was Colton who was the one who had done sacrifice bunt so between Colton Wang sacrifice bunt and Colton Wang's double no one was her face bunt which is hilarious what what came next they were playing for one in the first innings with no outs pitch at all yup that's on that list the whole rigmarole on the Marcella Zona drops third strike wild pitch which At all which I guess was a topic of conversation although one that did not merit quite as much consideration as the decision to have him throw her I suppose we have to talk the the it is a testament to how stranger decision this ended up being that it quickly became the thing that people talked about the rest of the expected them to be quite so dominant as he wasn't as I start and then this was just an utter disaster and even after he was out of the game it got worse and so can't believe it when it came to the plate and the tenth I turned to brandon and are we another buddy their front andrew fee it's a sat small reasonable and he had to like he was in the game so he had to face someone that's a rule that you have to face one and we were at the time and we both thought maybe three innings would be appropriate if they were fairly easy innings and the thing is so place no place are noted 'cause none of a mattered right there were people probably still parking and game one is Friday so you couldn't have brought him back for Friday start unless you really did remove him immediately like you know he faced one guy 'cause this was elite disrupt his schedule on the other hand maybe you do want to set him up to pitch as much as possible in the next series because he is your best pitcher Wednesday so that's obviously extremely short rest and and you have a guy goes through his routine and he warms up and you maybe don't WanNa he has been worked hard in September and October he's been pitching a lot of high pressure must win games like why not give him a little break only the only thing because it was one of the bigger swing like the that that Edmund Double is on here but then after that it's just not already between Fulton never start in this Fulton ever start I think it was like a game score swing from like seventy six or seventy eight to six rather than that ten run for sitting but I suppose we need to do we knew we definitely need to talk about the decision to have Jack Larry Not only pitch be conscious of just his workload because he's young pitcher he's past his career high in innings for a single season by a considerable amount and hope that it means he has a little left in the tank because you're hoping that he's GonNa make what four more starts at least if all goes well or forgave to at least and even beyond that even if you didn't really want to bump him up a day or a game I think you still have to now the strike out in former and former new narrative maybe maybe this team will be the one that gets mowed down by by the Astros and he's been on quite a roll and beyond that so he scheduled for what game three now I guess and it would have been pretty easy to saw him in I think he could have qualified as a dangerous moving vehicle use sprint now they're still young here's how many innings it would have had to go before he would have just it's not good but he had been really quite excellent maybe even the dodgers most reliable reliever from June through September so it's not like this was the stream they walked into the ballpark and they they probably thought excuse me what's going on here correct back to the car gonNA turn around just get on Outta here what was it one hundred and fourteen her I think no not fourteen that windy for I think it was six innings right yeah I should yeah I shouldn't I shouldn't charge him for for more wildness yeah so wealth these days everyone Thursday when fourteen he threw seventeen last time out but yet one oh four I think it was roughly that and maybe come out of the bullpen to so given all that I would think you would want to go easy on him regardless of the schedule and right but you could pull them after that you could pull them after an inning you coulda pulled them after a couple innings treated basically like a bullpen day you just hopefully saved some of those bullets but that was not what happened he just kept going and going the energizer flaherty and I stop the part of this that I find so strange as that and you know in our preview of the championship series Janssen Barsky noted this in you just let him go but you can pull at any point before that rate that's the thing about it he you can just pull them you could extraordinarily improbable that the worst could happen here like this is a I think people pointed out that the cardinals scored as many runs in the first inning as it's the finish line getting your come up like that would look terrible and so maybe it's just the easier simpler decision to I I guess you do reach a point at which if he's thrown sixty pitches he's not good for a game to start anyhow so then not that there isn't some real risk to disrupting guys routine but I wonder how much just risk aversion plays into this even though you know it's yeah well it's very easy for me to say that I would have been brave and strong and fulltime earlier because I've never going to end making that decision so I will admit that this is I'm Uh and Pasta Leone why do you have those guys on the roster if not for situations like this you're generally bringing them in in much sadder circumstances default to disguise the starter so he's GonNa Start and we're just gonNA treat this as if it's a normal came even though it obviously isn't I understand that logic I still think that I never it's a it's a much smaller scale version of the you don't WanNa be the general manager who trades Mike Trout right because just the first thing in your job it yeah China look I'm looking at Schultz Post game press conference and doesn't seem like he was really grilled on this I saw a tweet from markson them you can have him face a couple of guys you know get some work in treated as Ab- opened a and then and then there is fresh and tall is very tall Jackson who said some in the Saint Louis Cardinals Front office contemplated the idea of pulling Jack flaherty early use them in Game One of the LCS I quickly if we somehow through this game or even if it got really close and people were scared like it would look like the ultimate just celebrating before the bed saying win the game John Zarrella said I think when you start getting cute and trying to manipulate things it gets dangerous and I do wonder mm-hmm because somebody did have to pitch that ninth inning so I just it was a real head scratcher after that initial couple of of innings little bit I'm being a little bit silly and shirt when I say this but I understand that hesitation and think that you're you're right that likely they looked at this and they're like man we will his pre game routine there is some amount of stability in that routine that is useful for guys even if we have a hard time saying exactly how much exactly what I mean maybe not this but again smaller version so it's like your graph five so I totally understand them saying look he's gotten warm he's gone through thirtieth allowed in the entire second half it doesn't and I know the cardinals have had some bullpen blow ups but there just aren't comebacks of this magnitude think about that always thinking but did not think about after the first pulling him that would have been pretty brazen which it would have but also justifiable even though it is not appreciably different from a win expectancy perspective to be in the third up thirteen than having just come off this wild I understand that idea but mostly people don't think about winning anything other than the game that's in front of them because they're not often up thirteen runs after three Fred so the reason that people don't start thinking about the next series in the series there in which as an aside I do not think that we can take as a as a given because or you win this one but I understand the question and we thought about it and once we got to the six that was clearly enough yes I would say so and then it was you know it's the third there are thirteen to zero and you could say look this is your last this is the last inning your pretty done is pre game routine but then at some point you have to say all right it's thirteen runs even gave up seven runs we'd still win yeah three innings of work in you're going to go in and feel good the odds that they come back down thirteen o are very small it feels really different he says no no chance you pull him after one or two and something crazy starts happening in your bullpen no it's not the play I he says I did not Jack Jack Heath Typical Jackie wanted that sixth-inning someone else asked him did you think about treating it like a put session and completely pulling him and came over there so you don't want to sit there and take it lightly you WanNa make sure you bring it home so sort of what we were saying hard to start managing for the next series I think that there is some of that when people make pitching decisions and some of the some weird managerial choices are them may be future casting a little bit but I so I think that we can look at it and say yeah like you have him go a little bit 'cause he's already gotten more means others will the transcript here someone asks him if they thought about pulling him very early he says we thought about it he says that's a really good that's why they're there Dan Apostol Leone which remains stood eighty grade that's why he's on the roster that's why Cabrera's on the roster and then he ended up pitching anyhow then they scored more runs than the thing about it was they scored some more runs they scored three more runs and the thing about it is you had you were given this rare and beautiful gift and because you didn't know what to do with it now you're in a war spot later and you could have had a you had a gift and then and then you put the gift on the ground to walk away from it I won't say you stomped on it because that Scribes a motivation to that if this game he did hit Ronald Kunia in the bottom of the fifth and he denied that it was intentional although clearly it sounds like there's no love lost there about from a competitive standpoint in that game really one thing I enjoyed was seeing the players celebrate at the end because by that point the outcome had been determined for hours I know obviously it was a blow out it was a two strike pitch people were using that as evidence that this was not intentional I don't know that it actually was over this game in some perhaps could interpret as positive progress ways but also not so this was in him and the cardinals and Ronald Kunia because he is talking about his antics and him taking exception through something that he shouldn't have taken exception through I don't be you just wanted to make it look good if you wanted to make it look accidental and give yourself possible deniability because you don't want to risk suspension than maybe this is usually you get this sad shots of the team that just lost just staring out at the field you didn't really get that with the braves this time 'cause circus they had had hours hurry at that point to contemplate their fates there were some other things in and around the game art that I guess we could touch on there was a Kunia getting had started to become dormant so we got another round of Kunia controversy and then of course we had the chop was hanging out like we have to hop but we're hopping halfheartedly they couldn't really muster the she your joy of winning when it comes down to the last minute and then on the other side ethics while Mr Hensley is in the game quote as stated earlier we will continue to evaluate how we activate elements of our brand prompted by cardinals pitcher Ryan healthily who is a member of the Cherokee nation and he spoke up he said P. thinks that the chop is disappoint the at that particular time so so they didn't distribute the foam Tomahawks and they pledged not to play the music or use the is right there the guys that are there to eat up some innings won a game has gotten away from you and you want to preserve the rest of your bullpen and starting rotation for another day when you might win something and insensitive and disrespectful and a misrepresentation of the Jerky people or native Americans in general and so the braves in response yet they still had to go through the charade of being exhilerated when they won which maybe they were but I can't imagine it's quite the same as when the outcomes in doubt till the last minute the healthiest in the game but we will certainly continue to do it at all other times when he is in the Ballpark and rear acknowledging in a sense that it is so people started chugged out onto the field the cardinals came out they gathered around home plate and they didn't really do a dog pile but they were hopping but almost out of obligation word to a continued dialogue with those the native American community after the postseason concludes which if you want to be cynical that is them saying we will not do it while don't know whether to say drilled or hit drilled maybe ascribes intent and I don't know whether to ascribe intend to not but before flaherty finally and yeah right yeah I don't know why seven but I just felt like a number that you know that could happen for has Ronald Kunia offensive and everything he said and yet we're going to keep doing it just like we're not when he is out there on the mound which is like had some sort of concession at least they said there will be continued discussion about this maybe it's a prelude to something else the shop is insulting and racist you've acknowledged that and it remains true whether a particular pitcher is pitching already but I don't know maybe you do I don't know how to tell what was in heart at that point but it revived but it's just like either it's offensive and something you don't want to be associated with or it's not it's it's not only listen to this statement essentially said are right we won't tell people to do the chop while Ryan has healthy is pitching but riveria longtime not not an active player to my knowledge I appreciate that there is a difference from the perspective of the organization on Foul Line and you wonder why everyone didn't do that already but then suddenly everyone gets on board hopefully that's the way that this plays out yeah I hope that's the way it plays out but I you know a person basically saying hey don't be racist timmy toward me in my workplace even if it is not my home park and this is a tradition that goes back decades there so okay didn't change overnight but maybe it will in the way that one team extends its netting to the so I appreciate that there is maybe to their mind at a distinction to draw there but once you have acknowledged that this is offensive it remains sort of just calling attention to him like I'm Kinda glad he didn't pitch because I don't WanNa know what would have happened had he and what the response would have been in the ballpark but if you're if you're Zale lack he is just like this tiny voice in the back of your head that's being like I would never have the sound think that we are right to to to take a beat to acknowledge them kind of goofing this because you're right like once you acknowledge that they insist there is something satisfying about how flaccid those shops look when they're being put to their trash purpose so anyway that's a means offensive regardless of where how physically proximate to the mound one guy is or not they were down twelve runs and they incisive well healthily is literally said the on the pitcher's mound so the positive interpretation I guess would be that at least it came up at least and I understand the fans are going to behave the way that fans do and you can try to to mitigate that but you will likely not be able to control fully how you would go about it just a a parting gift for Ronald Kund I I don't really know the whole a Kunia discourse in this series was somewhat tiresome or in the ballpark or in the continental United States right you've you've conceded this point which people have been saying to the organization worse in retaliation for being told what to do and so I appreciate that that is tricky but they have complete control over their music cues and the brand a half to negotiate that relationship with your fan base and I think doing that takes a steady hand because you don't want to inspire people to behave you played the stink and shop Yup they did it they were losing badly they were about to be done for the season and they still played it also anyhow right I will say that I really respect healthily for saying what he did because particularly as I think is here but it's you had this you had this cool chance and then you said I'm still very worked up I'm glad we didn't and I guess you know one statement that he made produced I more meaningful effect than decades of activism and this it's just you know the P C police Senate's concern trolling and his making this prominent statement I think made it impossible it yesterday either I would have been a mess this is me on this is Miana days rest well what else there is nothing else to the the behavior of fans I mean there were still people with the foam chops which as an aside I'm going to phrase the center way that is a little bit Yucky but like it there they should stop doing it but since yeah I just can't believe that he would have actually done it on purpose you just don't want to mess around it was about say you just don't want to mess around with flared he's Availabil- always heard from some people who would defend this that will no actual native Americans or people of native American descent are upset about he pitcher a a young not established guy in the League a lot of the times they would want to kind of keep their heads down and not make themselves the center of attention and not going to be going on the road and facing a group of people who even if they aren't engaged in in this super insulting and insensitive participating why he felt this way not that he was obligated to but I think in the interests of possibly persuade as fans who were upset about the fact that they were losing so I'm glad that he wasn't put in that spot and that he will then get further opportunities to pitch protests so that just really goes to show that you know sometimes it takes one person to stand up and say something to actually change something power a lot of professions for a long time and he spoke up and I think in speaking up he kind of made it impossible to ignore this 'cause you knew that this is offensive before you abandoned it wholesale because you're acknowledging it's a problem for this guy on that you're going to sustain a dialogue but dialogue hasn't born anything priority in people if anyone out there is actually persuadable about anything he did kind of lay out why he thinks it's offensive I talk about it as an organization will very quickly catch up to our expectations put it that way right yeah he did quite a good job of watered grossing So yeah I am I I hope that this will be the beginning of a productive dialogue and that the way that they funding and the hashtag still do chop on so and you know you sit there and you're like how many individual people would it take telling air resistance on the ball which rob measures by looking essentially at the loss of speed between home plate and Pitcher's mound is higher there's more unfairly persuasively I would say that the ball is not behaving the way it did during the regular season that there has been a sudden in somewhat dramatic change in the postseason even though it's a fairly small sample still it's enough of a sample to say that it's very unlikely that this would have happened by chance the drag the to pretend that that's the case not that he was the first but the fact that he's a baseball player and he was playing in this series just drew out of attention to it used in major league baseball or manufactured in batches balls that are used in the postseason are pulled from the same batches as balls used in the regular season regular season and postseason balls are and I don't say this to excuse behavior but it just it seemed like he would have been put in a spot where he might have injured some some nastiness by inflame the fan base of the team that you're about to play and you know the whole like brookies should be seen and not heard kind of ethos that has been an invasion the ball and whether it's true stor not I mentioned that rubber Thir- was doing some research on that subject he has now done it he has published it and it shows the baseball can vary over different time periods so nothing surprising there except that this is I think yet another case of undermining consumer confidence when it comes to the baseball like to the extent that people are aware of this and Reading Rob's article and listening to this podcast change from like the pre playoffs week to the playoffs week is also like three times bigger than any in-season week to week change so something nothing but well and I I agree with you I was I was relieved that he didn't pitch just because you know when people are upset ignore error assistance than there was any equivalent points in the regular season it's like back to two thousand sixteen levels so far and the to spit in the postseason after this so it's not like that had to be the the under the road for him but yeah it's it's impressive I can't imagine as a rookie it's an easy thing to do especially when you're she going on here I emailed mlb about this they sent me a statement while we were recording in it's sort of a boilerplate thing that I will read out it says baseball's brand language and just talk about this like people and don't activate your brand in this way what a call it active hitting your gross of games and series as expecting it to go in the other direction where we'd see some like fluky looking homers and we think that was not really a legitimate way to win instead it's factored with the same materials and under the same processes the only difference is the postseason stamp that is placed on the ball as has been previously acknowledged however the drag it's just hard to have much confidence that mlb knows what the heck is going on with the baseball and Wyatt's behaving the way it does respectful etcetera instead of just saying that it was which again he would have been perfectly entitled to just say I feel this way and that would be a good enough reason but the and it's hard to say conclusively with any single batted ball that Oh yes that definitely would have been a homer or not but he mentioned will Smith's the apparent hct off the bat I mean imagine if that had gone out that would have been the series right there imagine if that just comes down to some complete instrumental to our entire sport this thing is just like so important that we're GONNA launch an investor I don't know it's it's I'm still enjoying these games obviously but it's something that I can't help thinking every time see a fly ball right now I think that this has back are just not inclined to like you because you're an opposing pitcher so yeah how's it was impressive and hopefully they will abandon the this point to be skeptical of their responses given how they've addressed it in the past I think they have they really need to sort this out because because their answers have not felt credible chill now they don't have much of a leg to stand on that's going to be persuasive to people and lately random fluctuation in baseball that no one knows or can currently control it's like it makes it all just seems sort of arbitrary sorta the opposite where at least relative to what we have come to expect this year we're seeing a bunch of Paul's head that look like they should be gone and are not gone it does it does undermine the way that we experienced the game it would be nice to feel like we could trust what we're seeing being on the field more than we all seem to right because the fact that there were fewer home runs with something that everyone not in this way so it's just it's kind of like we talk about how when replays available it becomes untenable to this is a very good example of the biggest problem that their approach to talking about that MLB's approach talking about this stuff has posed which is that Gatien and really get to the bottom of it I think that that's probably the only answer that they could have given that would have been remotely satisfying to people and because we are sort of conditioned has and it's jarring to go from regular season postseason and suddenly say this big jump in a way that quite possibly is affecting the outcomes citing the champion based on conditions that are different from the regular season they're always a little different but like not not this different not different that he very clearly in sort of a nuanced way explained why I felt like maybe that will change the minds or people I don't know maybe that's what have replay review be part of the game and maybe we're heading in that direction with robot arm swear when we get these instant readouts on the accuracy pitch calls Paul itself where we can check from week to week out of the palace fine differently this week and when you get the sudden spikes you know ten years ago to me even though both teams are presumably playing with the same ball though can you even count on that from from game to give answers to series so I just worry about it affecting certain teams more than others in different ways or if you construct your team in such a way that it excels with one type of ball make us feel better that that answer does not fill me with confidence that what I'm seeing is representative of the talent of the granted it's not like a team's GonNa go from terrible too great because of the Baba it can't affect teams and players disproportionately so if you don't really want that astrid away in very few postseason games and immediately felt fishy and that's that's not good for the sport so yeah right yeah over I think regardless of what they say absent hey we realized that we just don't seem to have as good a handle on this as we need to give an how record playing under these conditions one season and then they're different the next or even from the regular season to the postseason it's like we're just for but at various points the commissioner has seemed to suggest as if it would make us all feel better that no it's not but we have intentionally altered the however I would have been no way to confirm that or or a little more than ten years ago and so you would have written it off and so maybe it's always happened to a certain degree but off that's almost the word most defensive part of the status out just the way that was praised as well as the overall in game experience we would of buying the plant or the stuff was manufactured was that they were GonNa have better control and we so far have not seen that manifest in a way that feel it then becomes untenable to have humans calling the balls while everyone can see that they're getting it wrong a lot of the time now it's kind of become that with the offs which is a a very large number obviously Clayton kershaw wishes that the ball were more teachers than it was but there have been a bunch of like we would like to focus on how sad Clayton Kershaw is that is what we need to be focused on today and when rub built a model to predict how many home runs nick is on the field or a step forward by hitters or a step back by pitchers it just feels like you're kind of goofing around in the dark and you know the whole point conspiracy you you can't rule it out I just think that they don't really have a handle on what's happening here that's not encouraging either and we've talked about this before about how how we feel when we're watching the sport and you want there to be fewer times where you look up and say he hit home run or what that didn't go Ali not to these extremes so I just think they have to figure out a way to get it under control and I don't think it's a people noted it at the time so this is not an original thought but why do you have you know Genesis Cabrera you other news next time alias Game Five and championship series previews and Dave capper's firing can't fit it all into episode else that just anecdotally it seemed this way to meet the data seems to back it up so we'll see what happens next and what ramifications this has but yet just the latest chapter dynamic the ball is it's just that we have very poor control over the manufacturing process of the most important piece of equipment on the field and re Rod that doesn't should have been based on regular season launch angles and exit philosophies in the results of those he found that there should have been like fifty percent more homers in the plane news good right the Mexicans feel confident and and as much as we are data people unlike to be able to say with certainty like yes the ball is different so much of this is just thing could decide if you want dylan to leave that enter but you know people brought them with them because they've been distributed before and you're you're always going to tertia in juiced ball gate worth all right we've talked about all the baseball we've talked a very long time we will have to get abrupt mystic helps out yeah yeah one last thing I wanted to mention just a follow up to something seven I talked about it on the last episode which is we will be back in just a moment with Sarah Ziegler to talk about the twins and postseason suffering and the best and worst waste uh aw football season so I'm I'm a very lucky baseball fan because some of my earliest baseball memories were the twins winning two worlds on opening day are you are you able to greet each season was sort of the same sense of optimism or does the the lurking potential of it series four years apart so I had that from a very young age so every season is still joy and raw have you come to terms with the latest loss since the beauty of the divisional series is that you have three games a someone who is you know embraced loved a franchise that has this sorted postseason history when you go into opening day what what are you thinking about any team a fan of the Seattle Mariners so we will talk more about what we might prefer in terms of our various states so sports disappointment a little later but I'm curious as so how did you have the fortune indoor misfortune to become a twins fan well I I grew up in South Dakota which is yep that's that that feels right I'm curious so I I I suffer a different kind of sad fan affliction in that I am still as much as I am Fan as her twitter header Sarah Welcome to the show yeah yeah you know I had forgotten that I had put that up there back in April and you know it just stayed with me the whole season old news we should be talking to a dodgers fan now or a braves fan may be but we should give due time to the twin suffering which is extreme in its way how and what has been sort of the the stages of grief for you over the past couple of days since defeats has it worn off of it is it still joined now by Sarah's clerk who's sports editor for five thirty eight and the host of hot town and such a true to defend that she has a picture of TC bear optimism and I don't I remember that those feelings of of hope more than like the despair comes at the end so I'm still very very so much define the season as it might for some people yeah I guess the order of operations is pretty important when it comes to defining your feelings about a team like so I feel like since we asked you to come on the show there's been so much other suffering from other fan bases that the twins pain is almost uh right so as promised we are and that was an optimistic stance that you took back in April tc bear sitting alone in like upper deck hopefully season I still you know this season was it was a great season far exceeded expectations so for me the ending dozen who's it's unfortunate but you think they have a chance still but you're starting to get used to the idea of maybe this isn't going to happen and so by the end of game three wildcard game whereas just one and done so I was bill lean to the understanding of what would happen you know after game one they lose right now we're in the midst of something terrible but it hasn't been that way for that long I'm curious I don't know if we want to delve into this now and of of the twins that you have known but do you think that you would rather have had maybe a less storied a recent player tell this recent really really bad stretch I went to a playoff win in two thousand two from the twins so they're still according to all twins marketing is twins territory so I grew up a twins fan have lived through the highs the lows though this whole way doc fans of the Red Sox who grew up when they were cursed and losing all the time I think a lot of them still haven't really shaken that feeling of impending doom even though everything has gone right for them for now the past fifteen years or so it's just like they imprinted at a certain point on this is what it is to be a baseball fan and they're just joy other teams success or failure how would you rank your current your current postseason experience versus the the alternatives and are amazing run in the last couple of years disappointed today after their loss yesterday but I'm I'm curious if this may be hard to answer because this is the version hate to make people compare their pain as if there's are a right where around way to experience the stuff as a fan because obviously even dodgers fans with their enjoy baseball as a concept instead of baseball as a fan but I would I would rather risk the pain past even when that has met with defeat for the payoff of another win would you rather have long stretches where you're just out of it entirely able to win another postseason loss just being so terribly I'm so sorry to make you take you late this but how does how does that impact how you feel at the beginning of each win for the shot at glory now I think that I want I want this team to do the best that it can all the time even if that means that awed because I was so nervous through through all of this that it was actually very it was a relief to be done and so I can definitely see that where if your team is out of it again diminished for me the amazing run they had in the things that they did they have a homerun record right now that may live forever if the ball has do you feel that like if we have the same matchup next year would you feel worse going into a series against the Yankees than you would against stuck with that for life so I guess you kind of got the ingrained optimism before there was such a reason for pessimism so you're kind of inoculated against still it's gotten to the point where heavy even just statistically it's it's very unlikely that this degree of ownership would have occurred over this period of time but I know intellectually that there's nothing supernatural here going on that these are different rosters and different regimes and there's no logical reason why there should be any carryover focusing a little bit yeah I think that's right and even even within the past twenty years where we haven't won the world series obviously we have universal thing that someday will solve just not not this year I guess that I guess that inspires me to ask what have pain for a shot at at the world's winning the world series and again because I know how exciting that was to have happened I feel like that's always is there anything that this twins organization could do that would make you feel like you could let your shoulders down before risk written about a deal with the devil to try to break the senators law streak of losing to the Yankees so I think this is a this is a long running the twins have been out of it for many seasons last thorn in fact there is something that's you know the pressure often so it's a little bit easier armed their expectations but still not to the level of you know I was so hoping we would sign Noah syndergaard or a picture of that will inevitably lose to the Yankees as the end of season which is apparently year timeline. We're living in right now but you know I'd rather suddenly changed again I've cool with that that in of itself as a great cosmic joke so I I enjoy that one so yeah I would always rather face the players and we have a new coach this year who has not been involved in any of the previous losses to the Yankees now he knows it but they were all very no all of us in the media talk about it you can't you can't ignore it and fans obviously feel but also I think that there was some deal with the double at some point caliber truly be the ace of the team so that would definitely give me a lot of hope for the next time we as the Yankees if we had a true ace tell you that long absences can beat sad but also nice I mean I'm not GonNa lie my thought Tuesday morning was okay so that's over thanks that's always gonna live with me you know yeah will does it feel like the Yankees own you d like there is something even though you they did right out the gate I wasn't expecting them to overtake the Indians although after the Indians off season where they have shopped core Kluber in for six months or so they bring you a certain amount of joy during that time and is it negated to any extent by the way it ends it ends in disappointing fashion obviously doesn't retroactively wipe away whatever pleasure you felt as the season was going but does it color your perceptions now the twenty twenty season kicks off and you're you're faced with having to you know when the central again and potentially face the Yankees is there a thing that they could do where you would your memories of the season in a way that sort of tarnishes it you know I think I'll remember album member the playoff losses in the grander scale his ticket for the twins that was to win eighty three and a half games and I was lying I think they can win a before games so I want some money the season in Minneapolis and remember that for a long time so for me the way the season ends does not negate what happen and just you know Nelson Cruz and for for the joy that the team brought me and I was like enough to go to a game towards the end radiators we should say what was your prior that's would want us to do so yeah so in February my husband went to Las Vegas and bought me a future sign a good starting pitcher pitching Motza a bit of an issue for us in the postseason end throughout the season pitchers outperform the second season you know I've been mostly impressed with his analytical approach to baseball as particularly in the context uh-huh now we're GonNa get him devil deal be damned where we're going to be able to get him this time yeah absolutely and it's the thing that I wish they had done at the trade deadline which was has nothing to do with the past teams and like I get that but that's not really true I mean I think you can't help but have no that especially because you know if they lose I've been persuaded to that point what as you look ahead to twenty twenty from the prospect of hopefully signing a Garrett Cole apps that these guys can take next year but also the players that they might bring in yeah so I'm really I'm just interested to see how they all do in the second year of that obviously has been great the pitching they did I think a great job with the parts they had and so I'm interested to see in the opened in the season because remember all but one team is GonNa go home happy all but one of the fans of all but one team we're GONNA go home happy at the end of the point that the cats do you know the you know the the precursor to the Minnesota twins was the Washington senators about whom there's a great musical call damned Yankee Yeah they they definitely exceeded my expectations will I guess that kind of gets to the heart of the question which is that if a team exceeds your expectations wait did way better than that but that was my prior I was expecting them to compete for a wildcard I wasn't really expecting them to will no one was expecting them to do yeah so we kind of touched on this but what was your preseason expectation or I guess because the two of us are current or former fighters almost identically at least from afar but for a few years there the twins were one of the few laggards left like one of the last two or three teams to just kind of say so you know if you can't be that the fans of that one team that's okay it doesn't mean that baseball is without meaning for me anyway yeah I think you still successfully persuaded made that your team the team you like best being in the postseason is more fun than I'm not even glee analytically minded person enhanced your enjoyment of twins baseball when they got on board and started looking at things that way or did it not really matter on here because these days like almost every team talks the same way they sort of evaluate players the same way and that can kind of be a drag when everyone is doing things ah game to game basis because you're watching baseball or you know also there are examples of teams that are very backward and that can make some fans the better and that that's exciting because I think that they'll they'll be able to come up with things that you know will will make these teams better I mean I've already been the hidden more passionate maybe because they take such umbrage at the way that their team operates that they start blocking about it and then the next thing you know there's a thriving it's sad dark time but I'm already getting really excited for March you know spring training in the pitchers catchers report eight how many days is it means possible to do that so if felt to me like okay they're really trying to do the thing that I wish they had done several years ago but team of the sixteen consecutive playoff flops but not necessarily tied to this season this season I'll remember for the home runs of that regime to see what steps they take yeah I'm excited you know the day after your team has done is like it's winter now ah okay we're behind the times and now we have to hire a bunch of people from other teams and start doing the things that they're doing so was that something that as a statistic a Strasbourg if he opts out with things are you most looking forward to for the next twin series or season I should say I'm really interested to see why Ragavan Dolly does wow so rarely use our guest to feel it previous twins managers that's that's been a that's been fun and the whole organization seems very focused on using data to and equally talented team that is not the Yankees one hundred percent I would have much rather faced astros this year I it's a it's an interesting movement glad they weren't afraid to make that move also if it it's been a couple of years in a dozen really work I hope that they'll be ready community of sabermetrics bloggers covering a team that is not at all aligned in that way yeah for me it made me like slightly less embarrassed about how it seems very encouraging to me at their thinking about baseball in a more modern way should invest is one of the sixteen losses or muster apologize okay it's okay I've gotten allies in New York so it's rush past couple of days previous iterations of twins so I I really like that even though I also understand that like that's not the end all be all he's not not magic he can't right the won the wildcard game two years ago against the Yankees were they went up they they they they went up like mm-hmm we are they have not previously been pulled from yeah exactly and that was that's the kind of move that could win them happened in or at least not ignoring it still so better like the number it's a it's a it's what it's trust the process big is what you gotTa do right every New York loss things a little bit more but yeah they're they're none of them were great let's just say that I and you guys are are the twins I should say rather I never know how people prefer to use their I've done it relapsed into some weed yeah I can imagine will that's an interesting point that you raise about how the twins Kennedy got on board with modern baseball just within the last few years said some damage to my soul to get up so much we thousand tough when they handle and again since I've lived in New York you to let go of that where that was the problem in the past two were I think they took too long to move on from ideas that weren't working so yeah so I watch

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Leading Ladies: Grace Kelly

Encyclopedia Womannica

10:37 min | 1 year ago

Leading Ladies: Grace Kelly

"Hey listeners rarely do I get to read an ad for a company that I've seen grows since inception I'm so excited to tell you about Bev Bev is breaking norms and changing drinking culture to empower women. Eighty percent of adult beverage companies are still male owned and operated while sixty to seventy percent of the consumer. Is Female Bevis trying to change that? Has Three canned winds that are crisp, dry and a little busy. The fact that the wind is in cans. Makes it so easy to transport and take wherever you are. Get Yours by going to drink dot com and use the Promo Code Jenny to get fifteen percent off your order. Check it out I promise. It's really worth it and you're supporting someone I love. You can't believe that a woman is crazy. Audubon mind deliver loan in one room bias. Are, you kidding me. I said you're holding me. Hello From Wonder Media Network I'm Jenny. Kaplan and this is encyclopedia will MANTECA. Today's leading lady is one of the brightest stars to ever hit the silver screen. Though she only started movies over the course of five years, her short and dazzling career became the stuff of fairytales. Although. She was heralded for her effortless beauty and poise. Her personal life was mired with scandal and tragedy. We're talking about the one and only Grace Kelly. Greece was born on November, Twelfth Nineteen, twenty nine to an upper class family in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Grace's father Jack Kelly was a three time Olympic gold medal rower turned entrepreneur. He used his prestige in the community to enter politics eventually, serving the FDR administration as the National Director of physical fitness. Grace's mother Margaret was also athletic and ambitious. She was the first female coach for the women's swim team at the University of Pennsylvania and the first director of their Physical Education Department. Their marriage was punctuated by Jack's many conspicuous affairs a pattern. He Pass along to his daughter grace. While Greece's three siblings shared the Kelly family predilection for athletics. Chris did not as a young child she was Gawky and awkward and withdrew from the family into her own imagination. She found refuge with another family member who differed from the rest, her uncle, the Pulitzer Prize, winning playwright George Kelly. After seeing a local feeder production grace announced to her family that she wanted to become an actor. Jack specifically was dismayed. Show business was looked down upon and their nouveau riche elite political circle. But he relented, and grace made her first professional theatre debut at the age of twelve from the audience grace received the validation. She'd long been missing from the Kelly family. With the help of her uncle, Georgia's prestigious name grace was accepted into the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. During her time in the program, three lifelong patterns presented themselves success as an actress romance with older men and familial disapproval. One such romance was with an up and coming Broadway director who also happen to be one of Kelly's teachers Don Richardson. Grace's parents were scandalized by her fair with Richardson at technically still married and he was Jewish. In particular grace's father, Jack Despised the Union. He bribed Richardson to end the relationship and when Richardson refused, Jack had Greece's brother call and threaten Richardson. At! The age of Twenty crease made her Broadway debut in August. Strindberg's the father for what she received favourable reviews, but her career really started to flourish on TV. She appeared and more than sixty live tele plays on broadcast networks between nineteen, fifty, nineteen, fifty three. It was during this time that she secured a role in the now classic high noon. She played the pacifist wife of Hollywood star Gary Cooper during filming, she struck up a romantic relationship with the fifty year old cooper. One biographer Wendy Lee also alleges that Greece was simultaneously involved with the director Fred Zimmerman. The film was a hit Cooper won an academy award for his performance, and grace won the attention of Hollywood, as a result, Greece landed supporting actress role beside Ava Gardner and Clark Gable, in John, Ford's nineteen fifty-three Mogambo. With the second film, Grease picked up an academy award nomination for best supporting actress, another high profile romance with Gable. Who was twenty eight years her senior and a call from Alfred Hitchcock Hitchcock cast grace in the lead role of his nineteen fifty four thriller dial M for murder. Grace had a slew of sexual conquests while working on the film including fellow actor Tony, Dawson, writer Frederick not, and of course, her co-star Raimo land her relationship with Milan who again was over twenty years, her senior and married threatened to become a full blown scandal while nineteen fifties, Hollywood was evidently just a salacious as it is today, the studio system was far less forgiving at the time under threat of ruining future career prospects. Grace's relationship with Milan ended. Grace again partnered with hitchcock for their second film together Rear Window. And you will be able to take your eyes off a glowing beauty of Grace Kelly, who shares the heart and curiosity of James Stewart in this story of a romance shadowed by the terror, a horrifying secret. Grace dazzled as the snoopy socialite. Lisa Fremont. That same year, the country girl was released pre start alongside William. With whom she unsurprisingly started an affair. On the set of the country, God's grace also met bing crosby with whom she would also start a romance. The two were momentarily the IT couple of Hollywood before she turned down his marriage proposal. Greece won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in the country girl beating out powerhouses of the Era Audrey. Hepburn Judy Garland Dorothy Dandridge and Jane Wyman Riding this acclaim Greece went on to star in her third hitchcock film to catch a thief. Lovely Ever seen any place in the world mobile. Just it the colors of the dom in the sky. Little Pink and green buildings on the hill. All those will, she could climb. While filming in the south of France, she began a romance with the different type of suitor. An international playboy and fashion designer Oleg Cassini. When Oleg proposed as so many of grace's suitors did she accepted the engagement didn't last. Her Parents Talk Cassini as beneath them and went out of their way to alienate him effectively ending the relationship. But grace's luck quickly turned around her movie star status had earned her a position in the American delegation to the canned film festival in Nineteen fifty-five during a photo ops for the delegation in nearby Monaco. Priests met the thirty one year old Prince Rainier the third. while. Greece was in a public relationship with Francis foremost actor. At the time, she began a secret courtship with the Prince of Monaco. Greece would make two more films. The I. The swan turned out to be largely prophetic. In the film she plays a lady who must choose between her true self and marrying a disinterested prince for the benefit of her family and country. And her last high society, which debuted in nineteen fifty six featured grace as the archetypal dazzling character, she'd become so well known for starring opposite Frank Sinatra in December of Nineteen fifty-five Prince Rainier traveled to the United States reportedly in search of his princess. He landed at the Kelly family door. And Philadelphia increases judgmental and status obsessed family was elated by courtly visit, and unsurprisingly proved far more accepting of rainier than her previous suitors. The wedding was set for April nineteen, fifty six and news of the engagement consumed the media. Grace's story was portrayed as a fairy tale. Come to life. On April. Eighteenth Grace and rainier were married in a civil ceremony followed by a lavish Cathedra wedding. The following day grace officially became Princess Grace Grimaldi. The cathedral wedding was watched by over thirty million people on TV, and was host was star star-studded, six hundred plus guest list. For months rumors circulated as to whether grace's new title as princess would mean the end of her acting career. Despite attempts by hitchcock himself to persuade the crown, it was deemed beneath her station. Life, as a princess was not quite the fairy tale, it was presented to be Princess Grace and Prince Rainier did have three children together. Princess Caroline Prince Albert the second Princess Stephanie, but their marriage was otherwise riddled with traumatic miscarriages and rainiers controlling behavior. The couple managed their strained union through covert affairs. One of these alleged affairs was with grace's former Co. Star Frank Sinatra. On September thirteenth. Nineteen eighty to grace took a drive with her daughter Stephanie. A hairpin turn took her by surprise, and the car pummeled through a guard rail and fell over one hundred feet, rolling multiple times while Stephanie sustained relatively minor injuries. Grace was rushed to the hospital. The doctors concluded that she had suffered a minor stroke causing the accident. She passed away the following day in a hospital that bore her own name. The Princess Grace Hospital of Monaco. She was just fifty three years old. Tune in tomorrow for the story of another leading lady. Special. Thanks to lose Kaplan. My favorite sister co-creator Talk to you tomorrow.

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Episode 16: Hard cases make bad law

Just Cases

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Episode 16: Hard cases make bad law

"<music> this is saying law that hard cases make bad and what that means means is that they'll be cases in which judges will sometimes do what i think. He's right it. I particular case but in doing that die will mockup imagine this. You got to enroll your child in the state school and he told by the principal. It's not a good idea that joined the school your kid specifically if you do manage to get them into school you find. They're not getting the same education as everyone else. There's a basic support your church beginning but they are unable to get this sounds a little unfair right now now multiple ibis on a state and national scale these are the findings of twenty one s university study from the center for human rights law and the faculty of arts it uncovered widespread discrimination and exclusion against children throughout the state of victoria at government schools. Numerous enquiries have found the same thing around the country this something about your child means school is either unwilling or unable to accommodate them governments around the country tasked responsibility of fixing this but there's another institution in society that has a major role to play in helping and protecting your child. The courts the court case that dictates how the courts play this role and i guess this wake argues that these case which judges around australia are obliged to follow a seriously flawed. We're going to rewind to nineteen ninety-seven and zoom to to crofton in the northern rivers region of new south wales the case of twelve year old daniel haagen shows the difficulty that mainstream schools have to accommodate students with with disabilities and the resulting court case shows the difficulty of the law to do so to dr colin campbell is a senior lecturer at monash law hi collin hello both jeff. Thanks for coming on today first off. We're going to hear about the facts of this case in just a moment but we need to get a heads around a few things stuck way so what is direct discrimination so there are two main forms of discrimination prohibited by australian law once called old direct discrimination and the other unsurprisingly is indirect discrimination and in order to explain <hes> <hes> the case pertaining to daniel haugen which was called purvis 'cause purvis was named the person representing human suing the government. I'm i'm gonna i personally to explain the notion of direct discrimination to you. All as cold in the united states adverse impact act discrimination on that note. I'm actually very glad that you ah taking the initiative to stop explained the background of very difficult legal concepts because back by popular demand on this show is a little red button. I hit whenever things get a little bit too lori. So if there's any point we need to stop and take a moment and and get you to re explain something. You're going to hear these ridiculous chin <music>. You're sort of the general quality of this podcast or direct indirect discrimination so rick discrimination occurs when a person accused of discrimination traits the complainant less favourably because of the complainant's position of what's called a protected attribute like say six or rizal disability ability then the person accused of discrimination traits or would have traded someone without the protected attribute but who's otherwise in the same circumstances as the compliance and that person in respect of who's news treatment the compliance <hes> trainees compared is called the comparative so sort of person. I who's the a person's got the special attributes and you've got person bay who's just like that person except with that attribute that's exactly right so so the comparative has two crucial features firstly comparator can't have the compliance particular attribute because the whole point of the comparison is is to see how the alleged discriminator traded the complainant who has the particular victim attribute so they failed other disabled elderly compared with how he would've traded someone deal would've traded someone on without to predict attribute so detroit the complainant who has to protect attribute less favourably than he traded you would've traded the comparative who doesn't have the date attribute so this is about but then secondly other than the position of the complaints protected attribute the comparator must be exactly the same circumstances or as close as possible to the same circumstances as the compliant so where comparing when the alleged discriminatory treatment of like with like so this is this is discrimination one. I want right absolutely and this sort of we'd call all. This attest wrought the yeas test every case. There's another form of discrimination called indirect discrimination but that needn't concern us us here. So is it helpful if i just give you an example of a straightforward case of solidity discrimination so imagine there's a woman employed by a company. She's got a number of male colleagues. She works just as hard as i do and achieves results that are just as good but imagine unfortunate doesn't require too much imagination but imagine that shays paid half as much as a mile colleagues lakes. We'll two-thirds as much. Is it or discrimination there. Yes theories so who's the comparative. We know that the comparative by definition doesn't have the protected attribute so unlike the female complainant to compare arteries probably mile but otherwise the comparative is in the same circumstances compliant so the comparative is a mile employee of the company who works <hes> as hard as al complainant does know harder and who had shaves the same results us as al compliant does results in that the no better so the the female employees paid two thirds as much as is the <hes> mile employees notwithstanding that she does just as good a job in which us hard so so while she treated less favourably than the mile comparator <hes> walser would have been traded and if she was because we know that she was paid only half as much money as the malcolm paroda <hes> was paid because an example like their actual mild comparatively <hes> and because the comparators in the same circumstances as the complainant. There's there's a raise. We'll inference that <hes> the less viable treatment was accorded to the complainant because of a sakes so so i awesome rudely interrupted before she now turn. Let's i think you should be the highest. You've explained things so methodically that awesome. I think i think we're not needed central and listening to me. Just talking is is rather on edifying edifying so and tell us tell us about the case and particularly the person involved so purvis didn't involve discrimination on the basis of sakes but rather on the basis of disability and as we'll say the high court's decision in purvis. We're a long way to a visa writing disembowelling direct discrimination provisions on the komo legislation that such at least two disability x._p.'s it also how often does the disembowelling on on the show well on the charlotte caught common putting that aside or so daniel hood us a climbing direct discrimination was brought on behalf of an intellectually disabled twelve year old daniel holden. He's disabilities. This is very important manifested themselves from time to time in aggressive behavior such as is heating or kicking he entered <hes> is seven at south grafton high school and over the ensuing months he was suspended suspended five times for heating and kicking other students and staff members and eventually he was expelled and he's legal guardian brought an action on the disability discrimination act climbing that in being expelled expelled <hes> he would he'd been treated less favourably because of his disability then someone would have been traded who wasn't disabled disabled and was was daniel's behavior the result of just being bad or was that behavior do not resolve the medical it was the same as a result of simply being bad it was as a result of that it was uncontested that it was as a result of he's his disability. I believe there is a medical expert who gave evidence at the original hearing the human rights and equal opportunity commission said did daniels intellectual disability behavior had visual difficulties and epilepsy at old came from this one brian injury that he suffered as a child as a seven month-old. I believe that's right so it all kind because of his disability now the school of course tried to defend itself against the climb time and in defending itself. The school might a couple of arguments. The school argued. I of role that any list five will treatment any adverse treatment that was according to daniel was accorded not not because of daniel's disability but rather because of the manifestations of the disability which the school argued was a different thing and the court puts credit rejected that argument rejected that argument saying that for for the purposes of ascertaining where the treatment was accorded because of a person's disability the manifestations stations of the disability counters the disability however the school had another argument relating to the disability and its manifestations which the court accepted so. Can i tell you what that argument well. Sorry festival awesome awesome that will bring you my head for the reminder about that sound. Isn't it beautiful a manifestations of disability so can you take me through through what precisely that maintain how you can kind of distinguish between the disability and its manifestations. We'll we'll quite one may well. The law in this case the manifestations of this ability were with daniels violent behavior and again the court which credit although as we'll say it's an loses credit but to his credit he at least for the pumps of the argument that he he wasn't expelled because of his disability. The court said you can't distinguish between the disability on the one hand and its manifestations for stations on the other for the purposes of whether the adverse treatment was accorded because of the disability you can't distinguish between those two things okay which saves arrive position to me totally <hes> but the second the second acumen so the court was more safety to another argument even my by the school and so let me explain what that argument was <hes> saw in order for claim of direct discrimination on the section and five one of the commonwealth disability discrimination act to be made out it must be the case discriminator traits or proposes loses to treat the grave person less favourably than the alleged discriminator would treat a person without the disability but in circumstances that that are the same or not materially different from those of <hes> the compliant so the same formulation has provided to you before so the majority in purvis said that in making that assessment for the purposes of the disability discrimination act the manifestation then all of the compliance disability must spirit guided as part of these circumstances will pot of her circumstances is to be attributed to the comparative so on the one hand for the purposes of causation the court saying no no you can't cleave cleave between on the one hand the disability and on the other hand manifestations of the disability but then then the court says doesn't fit comfortably with what i've just said that that for the purposes of constructing the comparator we can distinguish between on the one hand end the disability and on the other hand the manifestations of the disability and the manifestations of the disability should be regarded as part of the circumstances of the complainants case which are attributed to the comparatively so are you saying that when i look at the treatment of child i and compare it to the treatment of child bay. I look i can look at child ironside child manifest certain violent or aggressive behavior and that's an incident or caused by the disability that they're that they're dealing with when i'm going to compare the treatment that child i got with the treatment that we would. We would give to child be comparative. If child shaw was a volant violently behaving child that's comparing to but but crucially circumstances where child i is with disability yes and <hes> the vile behavior occurs as a result of the disability and child babe by definition edition can't have disability kat have a disability because the whole point about the comparative is the comparative can't take that ups is still have the behind according to the court impervious kellyanne have the behavior and so the question or that's always going to bring you take a no discrimination command of horse it will so so the patient the apple becomes where the the alleged discriminator traded the complainant who who has a disability less favorably that he would have traded someone without a disability but with all of the manifestations dacians the difficult of the disability all of the aspects of the disability that make it difficult to deal with all aspects of a disability that make disability yea. That's that's precisely is <hes> and so in this case the question became did the school in expelling daniel l. halden trading list favorably than it would have trended someone who wasn disabled was violence and and what we think the answer was surprisingly they was no less five treatments because just as the school expelled daniel hogan then who's disability manifesting violent actions the school would have expelled a student who was a disabled and who was simile violence indeed if anything the comparator has all of the difficult aspects <music> of the complainant but doesn't even have the excuse of being disabled so if anything the comparator is going to be he expelled morally. Maybe not after several suspensions thought maybe immediately yeah the constructive. What is your name and exactly and you can have some sympathy. You have a bit of sympathy for the high cold because if you look at it from the point of view of side the school principal hey was in he was in a bad situation nation but there's there's a saying law that hard cases make bad law and what that means is. They'll be cases in which judges will sometimes do what i think he's right in a particular case hia what they thought was right was protecting the school but but in doing that they will make up the law and i think pretty unequivocally. That's what happened opened in. You're listening to us today a coke unreachable all standards for anyone wanting to bring a disability discrimination climb. We're going to learn about the impact this crisis head on the ability of aloe to promote equal access to things such as education deployment and to our listeners who use apple podcast us if you haven't already would love to take a moment and lavish short review of just cases on the yep. If you tom poll we also do love a foster writing that we we have a five star rating. And how long does it take just a moment. Yes i'd say half of them and even leaving a review or giving us a writing it really helps push us up the charts on apple podcasts and thanks to a flurry of writings that we had a couple of weeks ago you just cases jumped up to crack the top twenty australian education podcast thank you we'd love to make this a regular thing so it means is that we get in front of more and more people so we can keep on telling more days weeden wonderful quote stories. Thank you for your reviews. It's very tempting to to hear tim such as comparative protected attribute. It's very technical and for the people who don't have <hes> legal background it can be a bit intimidating to hear such technical tim's on but this is not an abstract kind of purely academic suit what has happened in this decision in purvis has had a really profound impact on future cases there have been many they're almost no cases decided under the disability discrimination act where claims direct discrimination post purpose that have you've been successful and and all of those that have failed the i mean some of them file raises unrelated to purvis so the complainant cacho though it traded as treated because of the disability there's some other sort of justification that that responded has provided but the substantial bulk of cases post purvis of bain under the disability discrimination act where clients climbs might have fiduciary discrimination that have been unsuccessful have been unsuccessful because the magistrates court is following the logic such as these all service and there have been a few cases decided under the disability discrimination act post pervious where climb was might have discrimination that have been successful but in most of those cases <hes> <hes> the judges have other note pumps which they're not meant to do or they've misapplied. Purpose <music> are either either one presumes around no. I didn't find a workaround. They just well cooked it up. I miss apply that they miss applauded it in a way that he's obviously it's been misapplied. A case rate application was made in direct discrimination on the data that was successful about where the federal magistrates tries court misapplied service is a case called max worthy insure in that case the complainant claimed that she he had been discriminated against in various ways by her employer as a result of the fact that she suffered from crohn's disease and and was required to carry close to me bag the magistrate who heard the meta paraphrased the relevant portion of purpose us and outlined the characteristics off your property comparative. Hey stated correctly in accordance swift. The majority approach impervious that the comparator didn't have crohn's disease emoticons sixty cod had the disability but nonetheless carried. I closely bag now. Even the fact that purvis requires why is that sort of bizarre contrived comparison. He's he's saying something that purvis doesn't it but that's the logic. Impervious requires is a genuine sandwich. The complainants kloss bag for shooter. What purposes is is part part of the one of the manifestations of her disability so it has to be attributed to the competitor so so the judge recognizes as he's obliged to do the comparative doesn't have crohn's disease but does walk around with a cloth bag for fun as you do however the federal magistrate then concluded that the complainant had been discriminated against contrary to section five live because she received the treatment of which she complained as a result of carrying a colostomy bag back <hes> twitch the respondent had for thirty <hes> deprecating terms now we can only applaud the outcome in that case but the decision is is not following. It's not following purpose. This gets to you an issue that was brought up by look back in out episode that we did about funding of religious schools where we spoke about raising and the importance of reasoning and hakin to the people who don't have a legal background to doing maths. You do all all the wrong working. Your logic is completely flawed but you flicked the answer so hearing you talk about the correct decision so i should say applying the logic of pivot correctly. You're actually saying that doing the correct workings lucky with the problem and it can come to a really unjust or sit outcompeted in this in this circumstance casey you're talking about. They did the opposite they actually incorrectly applaud bevis shoddy working but came time to kind of a fluke of a decision which is adjust outcome for this person who's discriminated. They certainly came to adjust outcome an outcome that we would applaud on the merits but the working by which they get the outcome involves not not following perverts this presence now twenty years old and clearly <hes> the interpretation doesn't feel like it makes what the purpose of that act that disability discrimination act these four like the actors in order i to ameliorate the effects of direct discrimination and yet the way the high court interpreter. It actually doesn't fulfill the mission that the act should be doing. Isn't it time comfort interestingly interestingly. It's possible that the problems posed for the operation of direct discrimination under the dispute is why bevis had they queued biologists location although ultimately and to spot which was the case. I thought in good faith that saw in two thousand nine so what a while ago now but in two thousand and nine the komo government government made various amendments to the disability discrimination act one amendment was the inclusion of the following words in protection for the act those words are i don't put them to avoid doubt a disability that is otherwise covered by this tiffany chin includes behavior that is a symptom or manifestation of the disability now the words to avoid doubt which preface words suggest that an already existing position is being confirmed rather than the opposition is being changed is that is that strange to have that wording in legislation to avoid doubt yes squat and that that makes me to avoid doubts halt suggests. I think that i that that at existing positions being confirmed rather than i position is being being changed aged although look vision model vein changed by section four but there aren't really enough cases that have come up pubs had an the mitch leigh chilling effect and they decided tyson to know what station for has actually done so as we mentioned at the start of this episode there was a a report by the cast in center field rattler monash in two thousand eighteen that looked at the difficulties that ritory ian school students have who have disabilities in accessing the education at state government schools daniel hogan when he moved from primary school to secondary school faced. I all sorts of barriers from the secondary school to actually being enrolled in that school. It seems to have gone on for a long period of time that there was a back and forth between his family and the school about the school could actually accommodate him. This is an ongoing issue that happened twenty years ago and this is still an ongoing issue. Today i asked government schools able to accommodate students with disabilities and the question for you is is able to decide insight so i think our law can really help here but i think a lot needs to be done to make the little better so i will just fall on from what i've been talking about. I think <hes> they should be legislation making it absolutely clear that for the purposes of discrimination on the disability discrimination act the <hes> manifestations of a person's disability a part of that disability not for the purposes of the patterns. This is an aunt to a attributed to the comparator so contrary to what purpose it and what purpose required to be done secondly. There's a crime it's a relatively recent reply. It's in the disability discrimination act requiring that in some circumstances that that schools and employers and so on on mike what's cold reasonable accommodations for law people with disability. They're meant to do things to to help. Osu sewer tight the paypal's performance they job were attendance at school or whatever <hes> those provisions in the discrimination act a quite badly badly drafted and i've been interpreter in a case called sclavo's in a very very narrow y so <hes> i think those provisions need to be amended and something of a push for that three don finally on the almost every discrimination <unk>. If someone brings a climate discrimination before they get to court they're required to the conciliation process. Now this certainly our advantages to i- conciliation process thought there are significant disadvantages will oh a compulsory conciliation process. One disadvantage is such a process can be can be very very lengthy and that's particularly significant again if the applicant is say a schoolchild and and particularly as have primary school child. If you have a concern then with how your primary school child with disability he is being treated by the school and you go through conciliation process that he's takes some time for to get started. The process is lengthy and then ultimately it's unsuccessful. That passing of time is is very significant because for instance. It's not at all impossible. The by by the time the unsuccessful compulsory conciliation process has finished the the child will have finished their primary schooling or at least will be coming near the end of it so so the viability of the theoretical nikola viability of of the coal movie rained nugatory. 'cause you're no longer. The child will no long oval soon no longer they at at the school and so i think that the requirement to go through compulsory conciliation pride to bringing climbing discrimination before the court should be removed calling campbell. Thanks for very interesting episode of just cases that was dr colin campbell from monash law. We'll we'll put a link to the case in the side as well as the cast in santa's report into discrimination victorian government schools hate to just cases podcast dot com and we're very excited to announce that we're not a one question survey competition. Thanks to everyone who answered the sieve. I you answers have really really helped us. Get an idea of the sorts of cases you lock also what you'd like and what you want to hear more of and the winner is nicole horner yourself if you della lamazon gift card and we'll be in touch with you shortly via email we love hearing your story suggestions and feedback on the show getting touch on twitter and check out the show nights at jus- is cases podcast dot com next time bye.

purvis daniel dr colin campbell united states crohn principal apple australia daniel hogan bevis tim daniel haugen south grafton high school senior lecturer victoria jeff rizal daniel l. halden shays
What Is Florida's Red Tide?


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What Is Florida's Red Tide?

"Today's episode is brought to you by zoom. There's nothing like meeting face to face and there's nothing like zoom to make that happen zoom. Lets you connect and do business across town or around. The world zoomed ties together. All of your communication needs into one easy platform for videoconferencing. Phone Calls Group Chat Webinars and your conference rooms and connect easily from anywhere. Anywhere your mobile phone your laptop or conference room. Zoom is how business gets done. Get your free account at Zoom Dot com today meet happy with zoom. Today's Today's episode is brought to you by zoom zoom didn't invent videoconferencing. They just made it better. Ready for more. Zoom phone works seamlessly within the zoom APP. As Your Business phone system to make and receive phone calls capture call recordings and easily escalate video if the need arises and it works wherever you are in the office or on your mobile device Vice Zuma built this for you exceptional audio quality reliable service one easy APP. Sign up presume phone online at Zoom Dot Com and meet happy with zoom. Welcome to brainstorm production of iheartradio. Hey rain stuff lauren. bo-bottle here since about the summer of two thousand seventeen. The Gulf coast of Florida has suffered from a disturbing phenomenon and expanse of Murky Reddish Brown water the kills vast quantities go fish and other aquatic animals and leaves. The beach is littered with carcasses wreaking from the smell of decomposition the carnage is the result of a phenomenon called a red had tied an explosion of Harmful Algal blooms that occurs in ocean waters around the world according to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. These blooms occur when colonies of particular kinds of algae. which are tiny plants that can live in both fresh and salt water grow out of Control and produce toxins that can kill fish and make shellfish unsafe to eat the red tide? The choked Florida lasted for almost eighteen months until February of two thousand nineteen when it was no longer detected the waters but now it appears to be back. Scientists from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission released a report in November of two thousand nineteen stating the bloom. Some of red tide had been observed in southwest Florida and that they had received reports of fish kills as well while harmful Algal blooms have been reported at times in every a US coastal state. They occur nearly every summer along Florida's Gulf coast there the species that most often causes the problem is Karenni Bevis a microscopic organism with a massive potential for destruction to distinguish it from other varieties of red tide K.. Bribe's blooms are called Florida red tide according according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission K.. Breath is found in the waters off of Florida year round in concentrations thousand cells or less per liter of water but in the summer and early fall K.. BEVIS can go wild. For example a study by University of South Florida scientists published in the scientific journal Sensors Describes Gripes July. Two thousand fourteen bloom in which the algae multiplied concentrations of up to twenty million per liter watering sum patches and formed a bloom that spread over thousands of square miles. off-shore water red tides. Apparently have been happening along the Florida coast for a long time. Spanish explorers described finding massive fish. Kills in the fifteen. Hundreds and the phenomenon was first scientifically documented in the eighteen forties a massive Florida red tide event. That started in November of Nineteen forty-six lasted roughly plea year and killed an estimated. One billion fish. What exactly causes Florida? Red Tide events remains a little murky though a study published by University of Miami scientists in the journal harmful algae in December of two thousand fifteen. And yes there is a whole journal for this suggests that it has to do with fluctuations nations in the position of the loop current which is a flow of warm water that travels through the Gulf of Mexico. Though red tide has gotten a lot of media coverage it's unclear whether blooms are actually getting any worse we spoke by email with marine scientists. Dr Vince Love Co a miniature of the Phytoplankton Ecology Program at Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota Florida and Hayley Rutger moats content development manager. They explained it's hard to provide simple answer about the long term trends in red tide frequency abundance of algae size of blooms throughout Florida's history or long term trends and other features because data collection has changed and improved so much which over time red tides do a lot of damage the toxins released by K. Bravo's can cause massive die-offs a fish shrimp sponges sea urchins chins crabs and seabirds. The toxins can cause sea turtles to swim in circles and lose their coordination so that they become stranded and die and creatures has largest manatees may succumb come to poison as well as they eat. Smaller animals that have ingested the toxins and even people particularly those with Emphysema and asthma can be harmed by red tide ride as coastal winds blow airborne toxins inland as far as a mile or about one and a half kilometers folks with lung sensitivities are advised to avoid red tide areas. You're so can something be done to stop red tides or at least control them as of yet. Nobody's come up with a solution. Love Cohen Records said Karenina. Breath occurs occurs naturally in the Gulf of Mexico ends. There is no tried and true way to completely remove the algae and its impacts without potentially harming Gulf ecosystems however we Are studying smaller. Scale Control and mitigation methods that may benefit limited area waterways such as closed canals in red tide affected coastal communities. Researchers are exploring some possible methods for red tide mitigation such as living docs covered with filter feeding animals and nation equipment. The could remove red tide from limited. It'd areas of water. The use of cable service killing compounds from seaweed or other organisms that would act as parasites on them are other possible remedies being evaluated. Today's episode was written by Patrick. J Tiger and produced by Tyler claim Breen stuff. This production of iheartradio's Tapia's how stuff works for more in this among other topics visit our home planet. How stuff works dot com and for more podcast? My heart radio the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. Today's episode is brought to you by homeadvisor. Finding the right pros for home. Projects can be tough and spark a lot of questions. Like how do I find a pro who can help. Will they do a good job while I get a fair price. That's we're homeadvisor can help from leaky. Faucets to major remodels homeadvisor connects you to the right pro for the job in seconds and even help you get a fair price reviews. Check project. Cost Guides and book appointments go to Homeadvisor DOT COM or download the free homeadvisor APP. And Start Your next project.

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The Young Ones

The Red Box Politics Podcast

37:25 min | 2 d ago

The Young Ones

"Hello i'm lou jones info actually on the red box podcasting downloading. I'm here to bring the all the fun and exciting news political and olympic shaped out without all the boring bits. I'm also hitter the quiz. And if you'd like to play studio at times dot radio will get you wanna play on the actual radio show videos. Well ahead on this podcast. We love local councillors. Abl even loving the more young. Local councils are gonna have three. Eighteen year olds. Who this year were elected to. Council will find out what on earth to in a minute first. Gold medal-winning columnists of chaz bevis and rachel. Is there anything that you think. You look at all the olympic events. And think i could have. I could've given that go libby. Marathon broadcasting commentary marathon common. Rachel invite you gonna say something which is none of the athletes. But i didn't think i could probably pick up a commentating on a sport. I'd never seen before because a lot of a lot. Lot of it seems quite generic and easy to transpose from one sports on all. This is a crucial moment with the sport that i've never heard of. I pick that up. Thought i was watching a bit of the rhythmic gymnastics last night and mount baker wintering on about it. I did think. Give me twenty minutes. And i could have said similar things to what he was saying about. Who's reading out scores and saying. Oh this is the key moment we none of us have any idea anyway. let's get back to cove it lots of hope around this morning libby ed page of the times covert cases fall of as jobs. Turn the tide. Are you feeling cautiously optimistic. As you see These number slowly trickled down. Yes i am. And i have been for a while because the scottish example is interesting slave out of the football and the schools broken up. You know it did. It did sort of fade away. I think the huge events of caused some spikes inevitably but in a way. Those spikes may have disguised. The fact that people are being quite careful people everywhere. I go Except possibly latitude down the road People are being quite cautious in thinking about doing tests and keeping away from people think. Oh vulnerable I think You know i i. I'm pretty hopeful. Actually i i. I usually am getting morgan. Scrimmage latitude certainly not we can hear bang bang bang across the fields. We've got the baseline that's all you need. No i. I'm not good at festivals. I'm not a festival person. i'm. I'm that was folk festival. I should go to focused. That's estimates giant village fate. Basically rachel what about you in terms of the covert numbers are you. Are you hopeful. You're not going to me about festivals. My sister was actually at last achieved. So so sorry libby. That keeping up. I'm glad they're having a lovely time. I want them to have a lovely time. I just i just don't want to be forced to put on fairy wings. And pretend i like it. I'm for. I'm i have very high levels of anglo-aussie so every twenty one cautiously optimistic can i even even if i tweaked cautiously optimistic. I don't friday. I gotta bangalore's of people telling me that it was. It was too early and they weren't coming down enough in any way. They always like at that point online. Or how could i say. Delusional was good news. And then the cases continue to fall for the next two days and i kind of i. I know that there was a lot that can still wrong. I know that we haven't had the case. Numbers from the. They did july nineteenth reacting yet. But we we do seem to be seeing the result of transmission. Looks like when you have two thirds of of your population fully vaccinated on. I think that's really positive. I think that if want to encourage more young people to get vaccinated which is their key players that government of the moment then championing this kind of good news when we have it is really important because it shows do this thing under can have an effect. the point. isn't it be that we've got tons of puts this morning. A third of eighteen twenty nine year olds haven't had their first dose yet and it's been available to them for over well over a month now. I'm afraid i'm starting to back all macron's tactic of saying okay. Don't get vaccinated. you can't go anywhere. I think that that might help I think it's a great great. Pity i hate. The anti vaccine demonstrations I think trying to persuade people you know without forcing them to get vaccinated is just. It's it's the only way So what can you do. But i i think micron may actually be on the right track on the germans and thinking it to just make your life completely miserable and boring. Vaccinate should be here. Rachel not not not con on radio until you got vaccinated. It'd be a qr code scanner at the door. The problem is the quality in from previous diseases. And things like the vaccine on another vaccinations shows if you force people too much. If not more pressure on them they go the other way. 'cause they panic or they wonder what what you telling me. Why am i getting these. Sort of high pressure. Elcock ticks and it can have the opposite effect whereas the majority of people. They need time and they need to see all all the friends have it. And then you'd kind of gentle encouragement into keep giving them the information and and obviously access and that's what increase rates. I would hate to see a system where we move to. Monetary vaccination naturally alienated more people from the health service. Which which is is a worry on a i. I really do think that showing that there is a direct link between hustle getting vaccinated and society oatmeal off a bit more and the question to the starting to ease. Thus i think is the it would be the key. Motivating factor also. These always jobs that we're not giving out to young people as i. I the moment could we perhaps bring some of the second doses a little bit earlier. I say this is somebody. He cute and a half to get second lake. Well done on friday. I the the will center and kentish town. Which i don't think he's doing the money more along they were doing and the key was full of people who really wanted to get double protected. Happy to give up their friday off today to two key round the block in kentish town. That's the demand is there an. I think that's what we should be focusing. Look all these people who want it so much. Maybe you should get yours take but if if if you know these policy changes do quickly turn everything around and all these you know catch going to get my first job. They're still eight weeks to wait until they've got eight weeks plus until they've got that double job protection We've all got the effects of the of the unlocking in england's and scotland's To to to come. Actually the situation kurd as vicky for saying this morning. The minister lebed with the. You know things could. They can turn the different way quickly. Yes they could but they they might not and i think the thing what was very interesting. What rachel was saying that the moment. She's even a bit optimistic on twitter. People pilot ceo new. It's all terrible. It's dreadful now. I've got sort of yorkshire relatives. I know how this works in a be it. It is fun talking down. hope. But i don't think is useful. Should always always hold onto whatever. Hope we haven't say yeah. That's a little bit of good news. Am i shall carry on glancing into a shop to see whether it's crowded to see whether to put a mosque gone to see whether the staff have masks on to see what is courteous to. Do you know. I will be reasonably careful and i think most people somewhere on that on that track but i think just being doom in saying it's all going to be hell again. Come is is a really poor idea. Just texas to say if the government would bring forward the date after which those who've had both jobs were exempt from oscillating. It's possible that this would concentrate. The minds of those younger vaccine hasn't folk anything that the risks of the vaccine are greater than the risks from covert eight hundred texas state message of the word times about the new health secretary. I'm rachel javid. He's had to apologize after those enormous dushi from using the word to cower from covert. He tweeted saying that people should cow from a virus announcing that he himself had had recovered from it even though he was double jumped any caught in the first place was a poor choice of words as he suggested. I think he probably was a poor choice of because that word has association with with with being a coward with a lack of bravery and the victim groups very upset about this but i think very much focuses on the word unless focuses on what he was trying to say which is not. He caught caveat but it could have been double vaccinated. The symptoms are very mild and he's made a full recovery and i think he was trying to get across. I'm usually not one to defend the government when it when it comes to the boundless optimism on of the ridiculous things they say but i think the point he was making which was. Isn't it miraculous that thanks to this vaccine vaccine rollout something that was very very serious and potentially deadly is now needed to recover from and maybe as society don't have to be so terrified that we are afraid to leave the house because we have this miraculous scientific developments that was actually a really positive message and yes it was a poor choice of and yes the ideal today thing. He handed tool that that people he have a vastly died from the vaccine is in some way to alaska of personal bravery. That was the accusation. Obviously doctors unfortunate association to make but the point is thanks to these vaccines. We don't have to be as terrified as we've been for you and a half. I think that's a positive message libby but was it an offensive thing to say. Do you think it was possibly a poor choice of words. But anybody who wasn't looking for offense could see perfectly well what he meant which we have to be sensibly careful and live with a virus because zero kovic is nonsense. Australia's rapidly finding no. I think rachel's bang on. It was unfortunate word. He he apologized very sharply and graciously and quickly for the word really end off. But i think anyone sensible knows what he meant you cannot live constantly in a state of abject terror not now because otherwise nothing will ever get going again libby. I would just say very quickly but he apologized and that is something that we don't. I can't remember the last time. A government minister apologize. Johnson certainly hasn't flew kinds of comments that he's made so in time as well libby. Tell us about amy white house. You're writing about her story. Her legacy in the paper today and how we sa- doom genius is a myth making. Yes i think. I think it is. I wanted to take kick that and also to point out addicts can undo save themselves. And i've been talking to several people you know there's other reasons about amy and people who knew her well. The point is she was extremely strong willed. She had actually got out of the drugs. She'd been cleaned for three years before she died. She died of alcohol poisoning. She was very very thin. Emaciated all the rest of it. It's very easy to kill yourself with alcohol that way but i think we we have to be careful how we tell these stories. You know this is not a sort of brittany or judy garland victim of exploitation in other. This was a strong willed brilliant musician. Who might in the end of beaten. It and i was terribly struck by what one of her closest friends. A young man who she'd grown up with from babyhood total platonic mates great mates all their lives and he sort of said the thing. Is you know he's teaching. He works in this kind of area of mental health. He said You know she she could have beaten it. She she very nearly. Did you know he reckons having spoken to near the end the you know that one accidental binge which resulted in the verdict of accidental death Need killed and. I don't think we should think we shouldn't sort of zoo shop. This idea that any kind of young brilliant genius you like luke. Jones whose of shoots of top of his profession supllies automatically doomed twenty-something because he's not so and it's not so in music and it's not so in art and you don't have to be on drugs and you don't have to be a wild rock rocker living a rock way. It's a legend which is quite damaging to a lot of young talent and that was on the breakfast this weekend. A friend who she was living with at the time he known since she was twelve years old of similar situation to Mccoo mentioned lifelong platonic friendship and he said that was one of the most tragic things about the story was that actually. She had beaten the alcohol. The drugs She was about to be alcoholism. But it's just That's the final hurdle it. yeah. I think it's really sad that something that was actually a very short period of highlife now seems to define how when we talk about how i learned to shoot him out from libya kolomna. It's made me want to go back and listen to music. And i'm probably getting day one houses music but i think the point that we have a narrative about what rockstars alike or office to like And therefore everything that they do feed into. That probably is the case. I think it's interesting. That mentioned britney spears who's obviously fighting the guardianship her father running her affairs and her and her financial affairs even that. She's in her late thirties. Now and that story until very recently hasn't gotten very much attention. I think because we have this idea of brittany is somebody who messed up and had a very public nervous breakdown. So of course. She can't handle her own affairs. And we forget the fact that one it was it was years ago. It wasn't inevitable and a lot has happened since then but these key moments of crisis seem to define these artists because that those the narrative that we cannot loved and it isn't necessarily the case and in terms of changing those narratives just finding we. There was a documentary. Reclaiming amy on this week. Which i contain lots of family and friends and and that purpose they say was to try and reclaim the narrative of amy to to change the story. Is that ever possible. Do you think even ten years later with someone who has already quite set in our ways is the sort of narrative which we all kind of laptop at the time still burned memories. i. I don't think i mean a lot of people didn't lap it up because it didn't really even notice it much but not everybody was was an amy's mu music fan of best friend wasn't it but i think i think the the legend in general can be challenged and also. I liked the way that everybody in her family was very very anxious not to blame anybody say look. We all make mistakes one cairo and other in our lives but no. That's not what happened. She was strong willed. She was herself and to me. That filmed reclaimed her as an agent. Somebody who really have agency power over her own life and was not some kind of poor wilted sort of broken sparrow which is a legend which goes around people like that. And i think that you know girls are tougher. Also the other thing is young girls should not be have it constantly hammered into them. How incredibly fragile and how their mental health is at terrible risk from social media. And so on i think sometimes have to say actually girls a stronger than you think that was going to be service and rachel up next super young parish councillors now time for some young pash counselors threes soup young counselors We've got freya connor and just they are all eighteen years old. They're all councillors elected this year. Just hearing about the many many leaflets you had to distribute in the in the hope of getting elected. Thank you so much for your time. All three of you. I'd like to start first of all with your life before your before. You got your calling fray what we doing with yourself before you decided to start doing this. I was just at school studying my levels and the other thing on was lot volunteering with my village and he then the finish scout. Great in the cups separate younger years and you you just involved in local community. Groups trusts nobles. Ations to get my name out there. It's oban january five years for me getting your name out there. How'd you mean just get involved in local mate in People countless county district and town councils rennet so five years ago i'm dreadful. Mass eighteen now is that was when you were thirteen. Thinking needs to get money out there. Yeah i was. May i really influential form up at suits. How marrone's actually eventually a friend if if it wasn't for him that a actually Who's each what me some of the key things. About being accounts data that have encouraged me to stand in the last search. Go she even then. He thought this is what i want. Definitely my not. Then just what about you was it that early. Yeah obviously i've just finished eighth was as well but i've always had an interest in politics. Maybe not from. This never wanted today. But yes. Liz interested me. So i'm glad i finally do. And what kind of thing you drink so before you even thought of maybe not standing for elected office too. England is a solid business busy stuff. Anyway yeah i did volunteer and while some love plugs things either at school really just the normal things you do a teenager and was that of boredom or was out of out do some kind of public service in the future and this would set me up well for it. Yeah definitely that. Because i feel like he was quite young he won again this or things and was anybody coaching you pointing in the right direction with connor. No not really. Obviously there was some good people that i've long ran moving very helpful. Yeah teaches big park. Guide say school with probably what about you. When when did it sort of become to a point where you thought. Actually this is. This is in the service of something in terms. I'd like to kind of do this as as I'd to be a council at some point so this is washington this well to me. It was an around nineteen. I'm able to go on the world scout jamboree and as part of the closing ceremony. They had an bank means king bank humility yet. Yes he was really inspiring about for scout. Jamboree punky really decent booking former general. Yes so he was reading inspiring about 'em everybody needs to get out. Be papa community not white others to lead an really really hit home with me. So when i got back home that on such as the kids involved to go home i said mum ban ki moon said yes exactly assaulted attending a council meetings this a member of public and but it was bad that they will. Everyone was waiting for jane. And yes them there so once know about how you will went from thinking. Okay this is what i became to do. I'm going to start doing volunteering in some bits and bolts which were which will ab good thing to do but also what will set me up well for maybe running for elected office. How did you actually go about finding a place where you can stand and doing all the kind of nuts and bolts of of actually getting involved in in an election connor. When did you start asking looking to that side of things. It probably would have been three years ago. Now really I represent smokes in beck ceo and it's a really really great place and i lived there full chain years so i'm not educate there so everything about it. And that was the key play stars intending and in may and thankfully i ended up getting alexes and and how how was it first of all to get involved and get your name on the ballot paper and all of that. Did you have to wheeling and dealing i stood on a platform Independence there was fear of us. That will help. Teach the paperwork the social major things so it was. It was so rocket group. Set really So we will have some wake one thing. Somebody was strong out that fasten so we will check in when needed. And just what about you at she getting on a ballot paper. Finding a place where you can put your name on paper. How did that start. Probably is the beginning of this year. I think may. I didn't realize how it was quite. It was actually quite easy to like get saw it. It was when the election process the ganic. Aikoff it more difficult but at the meal it was. It was hard work. I did a lot of leafleting underst- prices constructs join us in like like even 'cause i like this was my this time. Even boats never might actually being in the Say like using the first person you voted for was yourself myself but andrea so it was quite nerve wracking but i think obviously went quite well. Yeah it was stressful. Are we at the same time you were still juggling. Multiple geography coursework revision at the time. Obviously we didn't the exact level. It sounds when quite what they would normally be. I was doing. I was doing the the evidence collected for my grades. And it was a little stressful. But yeah we did. We imagine all fine fair. What about you. When did you get to the point where you thought okay. I'm gonna find a place where i can stand some kind of kind of elected office. I'd been thinking of something for quite a while so pretty much since. That's not going to meet him. Thought this is important today. Obviously the elections space finance shit. So i didn't think originally i was going to be able to stand in the. She and i tend eighteen the day before the tapes were space to be in a well. Yes so that was quite stressful. Making sure everything was all sorted and a major today is just in time and at the same time like justice in well. Europe to your is in We'll just not necessarily revising for exams. But all the evidence collection for your levels like yeah absolutely and jess. I also did. I also did a leaflet job. I was really lucky. Kids are able to have help from a couple of the counselors that were also standing on some. That was on down helped me with my leaflet drops and yeah that was. That was the quite challenging time. Tell me about these leaflets. All of yukon. Judy leaflets says well. What was your slogan. And i must've delivered about three and a half thousand of them. Who i. I've a full week period than really thoughts on said. Get them out in time. Did you have like a photograph with you with your own folded looking like human business. No just run across to the roundabout to get you in the middle of the roundabout. Just what about you. What was yours. Just like the normal non so thing but it was just the leaflet. Ready biocidal relates them. There were so many but you have your face on it. Was it with you shaking hands with local dignitaries funky moon so i just use my school. I didn't know. I'm very neat. So i was. I didn't know what to put on it. But yeah it was made on side some of the other campuses. That were the electric awards. What about yeah. i just had. I had to picture. I did have a picture of me on it and my mom pretty much focused on telling people that i was a young person that could bring a fresh perspective to become so no difference. Many as commented had never about seven hundred but still bus. Tell me about actually getting elected all of you connor. What was the moment like when you'll name was read out. And there was an enormous number of votes After it it was quite surreal. Actually i couldn't to be honest with you believe in it. I didn't think senior galaxies especially in beck soup because we haven't had accounts this level since nineteen seventy four so as a brand new counselor brand new faces i to be well the youngest councilman ever for beck soups. How else really unreal mon. Did you punch the aaron chat. Something uncouth my dad. Yeah jazz what about you. Tell us about the moment. I was in shock. Should we on this. It was very it was a lot to deal with in the movement. Because really didn't i wasn't expected to be like electric so like fashion. The first time round like run in. I wouldn i didn't expect to actual like shows with lots of crusty old hopefuls looking at uconn angry. I if they will and freya yourself obviously all of this happened in tova secure ways. Would you have parents and friends with you when they read out your name. Yes so i was actually at home. So i went. And the village cox out the The counterparts and out the results. And so i had to look online for the results and the biggest thing for me was find out. Just how many votes i've got. I'm manage to confed connection our twelve and absolutely blew me away. And i wonder why but why do you think you will all one. What it that you were sort of saying you were going to do what our platform where you standing on which you think actually resonated with the people in your area call now is a one thing in particular that you think i was saying this. And that's why people lie to offer think it was really the fresh face fresh voice fresh perspective. You didn't have a slogan on. You should have put that. That's a good one actually Office because they haven't seen my nine. I would see my face on the ballot papers before so something new and like i say it's just fresh. Fresh fresh yeah adjust. What about you. Yes ain't me really. I think it's nice to see different people running to the onus because it's very easy to register the same of group of people and i think people like they're saying different name and yeah saying that we could put into come on i'm going to have to petition to nail you down to something fray. What about you is this. What were you saying that you do that. People thought that sounds. That sounds great to be this idea. Think it similar to both connor. Injects it really is just the fact that why was quite small communities where is very often the same people that you see getting involved in doing the same thing and he wanted someone back presenting them council that was going to provide a different voice that represented a different part of the village. And for yourself. What is it that you wanted to do that. That meant that you actually stood for this position. Was there something actually in your area that you wanted to to to solve or help with. I really think that getting young people's voices across is the most important thing because in village like mine make very often be left behind forgotten bound because the population is definitely the old around their h. Fact trim so. I found that even just by attending meetings and being that job tackle but his memory the young people do exist to know quarter path community there but what kind of policy area walking the council does we use particularly most keen to get involved with for. Well we want to make. Change is an environmental changes going on at the moment. So we've had some things about site thumbs and also and housing keeping the number of housing in housing developments down within the illitch. And just what. What about you is there. Is there something which will keen that you wanted to actually achieve or do or get involved with. Now you're in the job yet will kind of like it's i wanna go into. School was on talk directly with young people about the importance of getting involved in this whole thing and even just throw saying makes a huge difference as well as also housing is a big one breast while housing. Yes well everyone needs a problem for for young people who were detached trying to get as area. Yeah that's an issue everywhere. It is but yeah you go to manage their highest combination. But you don't see many in place so very complicates conor. What about yourself so in terms of things that you actually wanted to achieve in the job. I'm thinking about Well during the campaign it was really. I was getting a little people more leisure facilities in my area because my the area Zen so really midst onto under people. And there's a lot of families. New houses veterans families young children. And it's just about all the politics up to scratch. Is the beach friendly things. This is laura leisure facilities but like jessie fab big program with housing developments happening in small areas. Where where the infrastructure's actually they're available so it's a cable that coming we need some actual pox stretch for the families and children. Is there enough so prices doctors places says just about thinking of the wide spectrum robin. We're not having a day. They're coming what can we do and how he found the job conan actually starting to do it and i imagine people are getting in touch with you because who people who live in impacts hill. Is it what you expected. Yes is the shore arts definitely. Why will i expected it some. It's nice to be out of work cross with different authorities. My district counts outs. My counts counterparts in as time council. Where new we don't know exactly what we're going to being charter Not so it's nicer. Confide in my district outlives in my county councillors. I can't even do this. You can't do this and it's nice to be outta work cross across the spectrum and yourself jess did you. Did you sense any any wariness when you started the job from from colleagues king. Who is this child. I think everyone is not on very. I think i'm i don't look very really helped me but they will have been very supports avid helpful. So it's it's while. Aw and fray. What about you is expected. Did you sense any any tension when people saw this very young new counts less weight into that patch was really encouraging and really wanted an voices to come in. I am better than i could have imagined. And i wonder what all of you goals are. How long you gonna stick doing this. What's next and what the what the endpoint is freya thoughts about that. Is that something in the far distant distant future that you thinking about that will be may not really taking it as it comes. Obviously my antennas four years so just of seeing as guidance way i would use news ago someone asked me this sort of boss type person. I thought was the best question which was not a. What's your dream job. But what is your absolutely wildest dreams. The best it's ever going to go don't hold back. What is the thing which would blow your mind to end up doing fray what you think would. What do you think it would be. Would it be in politics. I think it would probably be working with other parish. Council said there's a serve within local politics and particularly in small rural communities westminster possibly connor. Well if we're not holding back not be. Prime minister offset that for the last five years to everybody. If we're talking realistic member. Paul and jess what about you. Same connery aghast. At into the job well you can come in august talks about on the on times when you sleep where you're actually not position just finding with you all night actually sort of a bit of a bit of a policy discussion if we're talking to maybe three feet chip. Mp's or prime ministers. You've seen the news this morning about well the reporting this morning about how we get young people to actually get the vaccine to to ease with our exit from the pandemic one idea. Apparently being followed by the prime minister is to require students to be double jobs if they want to get in there. Jose residents or goats that lecture theatres wonder what you think about that. And also the suggestions needing to be doj abdicate pre league football games and needs to be judge in the autumn to get into nightclubs. Froze the kind of thing that you could get behind absolutely. I think it's absolutely vital that everybody has both jabs. I mean i have my first ice. Wait in tap my second and i think i think it's really important thing today like france had my fest. That's nation. I would four everybody to get their vaccination and get roy on five minutes stuff. Everybody likes enjoying themselves. Wherever being pop night club game. And if that is how the Revising permanent thing that specified way to encourage vaccine then gopher but just could not go too far and actually just turn people even morgan's The vaccines at the end of being forcibly pushed on them and you know reasonable aspects of life are being cut off from them. If they don't actually comply yeah definitely. It's definitely hard one because you don't wanna take anyone's individual choice way but at the end of the data. Vaccinations that help and protect us. So if it gets really important rajiv make sure that everyone is getting them as much as possible. Say but what about. I actually to the big things trying turnaround other mentioned earlier. It's a third of eighteen to twenty twenty nine. Eighteen to twenty nine year olds. Who haven't even got their first dose yet freight does that. Does that surprise you or is that you know speaking a friends of yours. Does that sound about right now. That is a surprise to actually be kids as it would have been in my community around me and will really for and have better stories and so that is shopped naturally and is a surprise it added is actually my family in mind friends are eighteen. Nineteen happened vaccinated are are in favor of in vaccine. Good torture will good to get your view on that on store which will talking about bits day as friday connor winter and jess mickey all of them Very very young cancelled all of them. Eighteen years old. As i mentioned the top of this. We're always talking about councils and local councillors and jacki weaver and all of that Here three people who actually elected to the job as such a young age. When when battling the a-levels farrago some super young parish councillors that is it for most Do subscribe if you to get podcast of your phone or whatever. Whatever this and you can listen. Live in iran at times radio at matt's show it on covering this week is on tend to one you can get that debut radio snazzy times radio app speech mar.

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Algae Blooms Are Affecting Both Florida Coasts  Beachgoers, Manatees Are Paying The Price

Florida Matters

27:31 min | Last month

Algae Blooms Are Affecting Both Florida Coasts Beachgoers, Manatees Are Paying The Price

"Welcome to florida matters. I'm bradley george. Today we're looking at chew. Crises facing marine ecosystems in our state later on. We'll hear about why so. Many manatees are dying in the indian river lagoon. But i red tide is back the toxic algae has spread along the coast from charlotte and lee counties to panelists for county. Workers spent last week scooping hundreds of dead fish that had washed up along the shore. Hundreds of gallons of wastewater from an abandoned phosphate mine spilled into tampa bay earlier. This year could be one factor in the outbreak. But my aberg of the tampa bay estuary program says it's not the only reason but we can't control the weather. We can only control sort of what we do as a community in terms of the nutrient inputs that we put there and so for us. That's always been where it's at you know. What are the things that we can control. We can control our nutrient pollution and we know that this year the bay took a big hit and so we need everybody to do their part to make up for what they can. My colleague jessica charles has covered the red tide problem for years here. In tampa and fort. Myers i spoke with her for this update. What is red tide. And why is it such a persistent problem in and around the the coast in our area while karenni bevis is the red tide organism that lives in the gulf always usually it's in what's called background concentrations and it's even documented in the water since like the spanish explorers so as far as we know it's always been there but becomes a problem when the concentrations of cranial crevice increases from background or low concentrations to medium or high and then that is considered bloom concentrations and those are toxic. They can paralyzed animals. Even make them act. Strange and exposure can be fatal marine life and for people that causes respiratory irritations and then of course our beach days get affected when smelly dead fish lined the shores. And you know of course down the line that affects our tourism. So what's happening right now. That's causing this. This red tide outbreak that we're seeing in bonilla's county and elsewhere in our region. Well red tide blooms started brewing in southwest florida near collier and lee counties some months ago and then they started working their way up. Through sara soda manatee hills were and pinellas counties. So red tide already existed but what happened was when it reached tampa bay some scientists believed that the nutrients from two hundred fifteen million gallons of wastewater dumped out of piney. Point fed the bloom because it didn't show up here in high concentrations. What happened was when it got here. In lower concentrations it was then fed an increased while it was here so scientists think there might be some kind of connection from the piney point discharges that we saw in march and april to this outbreak. we yes. Scientists are waiting on results to confirm that the it basically they tested the algae and they they can pinpoint which nutrients come from piney point within that algae and so they're waiting on on those results to come in your nutrients have certain signatures and so they'll be able to tell so. This particular outbreak of comes at a bad time for the tourism economy in our area. Because we're kind of hitting a point where in some places tourism is is starting to reach pre pandemic levels The beaches are packed. Lots of people. Coming to florida right now. So it's not really advantageous time. So i wonder for tourists or even for locals. Who might be wanting to head to the to the beaches. It doesn't mean it's just a no go right now because of Retired well it is recommended that people who have asthma or other breathing problems stay away from beaches with red tide blooms and go and stay in an air conditioned space where the The air can be filtered but the state is actually doing daily sampling so beachgoers and tourists. They can actually plan ahead and see exactly where it's been found and decide for themselves if they wanna go there from what i know of though Beaches of only been closed temporarily penelas recently for beach. Cleanup efforts like to pick up the dead fish and usually red tide comes in later in the summer or early fall so scientists are concerned that it's here a little earlier in the season. So you mentioned the fish kills and local governments are working to clean those up because obviously you don't want dead fish carcasses on on the beach but what can you do in general to clean up these massive concentrations of red tide that are in the gulf Honestly radically really. The only thing that can be done once. Red tide blooms are present is clean up. The fish kills is monitor the water and inform the public It's really reactionary. There's no way right now to go out there and like pluck red tide blooms out of the water or anything like that. Scientists are hoping for some rain but not too much to help break up some of it and and if a big tropical storm or hurricane comes through those can sometimes get rid of the blooms. But we're really just kinda counting on whether an time and it's really just a waiting game and just observing it and all we can really do is get is educate people and let them know what the current situation as a lot of. It is preventative measures so governor to was in saint petersburg last week talking about this problem. What exactly is being done. Well the governor didn't really state anything new although he said that this current bloom is not as bad as the one from back in two thousand eighteen that lasted over a year and devastated beaches marine life and tourism But basically it's being done as a lot of monitoring like i mentioned the state is doing daily sampling and so people can can look that up and and decide for themselves if it's if it's okay for them to go into certain areas certain beaches So there is a lot of of monitoring going on which is really all that we can do once a red type limits here. What is the long-term fix or long fixes to prevent red tide blooms in the future Well red tide will always live in the gulf but there are ways to not feed it for instance you know leaky. Septic tanks have been blamed nutrient rich lawn fertilizer washes off during rainfall and then ends up in the gulf and the nutrients you know so especially those that have high levels of nitrogen and the fertilizer that'll ends up in the gulf and and feeds these blooms and so Scientist you know recommend to to be really conscious of how much fertilizer using when you're using it like they. They asked to not use it during the rainy season. Because it's just going to wash right off your lawns anyways And so it's not even really like helping your lawns So it's really just about preventing these nutrients especially now when we've had this massive dump of nutrients from piney point you know tampa bay's already had enough. Something like like two hundred tonnes of nitrogen ended up in piney point as a result of this. So it's like it's it's already spent you know can't afford any more nutrients moving forward. Jessica thank you very much and thank you bradley. That was still us. Jessica massaro's the florida fish and wildlife conservation commission releases a red tide report every friday high concentrations of red tide were reported in pinellas county in the gulf of mexico at madeira beach and along bay pines and abercrombie on long by you can find the full report and more coverage of red tide and wsf news dot org. This is florida matters are show continues in just a moment. You're listening to florida matters son. Wsf eighty nine point seven. I'm bradley george. The manatee is florida's state marine mammal. And it's a species that's also under threat. Eight hundred manatees have died just this year. Most in the indian river lagoon on the states. East coast max. Chestnuts is an environmental reporter at treasure coast newspapers and for years. He's reported on. Why manatees are so endangered as we're talking about the issues that are facing Manatee searing florida. Let's start by describing the indian river lagoon since that's where a lot of the die off is happening just described that environment in. Why why it's such a popular ground for manatees. Absolutely meaning remember. Lagoon is one of the most biodiverse estuaries in north america. It's a hundred and fifty six miles. It stretches from orange county to the south Volusia county up. The north as a home to many species manatees among them marine mammals including dolphins fish species and is really unique in florida It's an inland body of water. That stretches hundreds of miles hundred miles as i said and in decades past it was a lush forest of seagrass but over the decades as human caused pollution including nutrient rich stormwater runoff and pollution from sewage septic have entered the lagoon. These lush beds of seagrass have overtime turned into these moonscape. Where on a clear day. You might see a sandy bottom. As opposed to a large forest where fish and other species can thrive confined an adequate soup food source and can ultimately navigate throughout the lagoon as as a waterway and the sea grasses. This is the primary food source for for. Manitou is correct. Yes manatees can consume up to two hundred pounds of seagrass per day. These are animals that are for mobile as mascot of florida. Everyone looks to mandates as an incredible species but yes they consume quite a bit of seagrass per day. And when you have stretches of the lagoon that are missing that food supply and particularly in winter months when men are gathering at warm water sites warm water discharges from power plants and you lack that seagrass you can cause a ripple effect where these manatees are altogether looking for food and can't find it. So yes they do thrive on that seagrass and it is their main source of food supply. What's causing the the seagrass to die out as i said decades of fertilizer runoff which includes nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus have entered the lagoon and these nutrients can ultimately fuel algal blooms albums feed on his nutrients on causing them to ignite on the surface of the water. And when that happens. He's ogling blanket. The surface of the water and actors veil that covers aquatic wildlife including vegetation like seagrass on the sea floor. Just like the plants in your backyard. Seagrass requires oxygen in sunlight to thrive albums cover the surface. It robs them in chokes of that adequate supply of oxygen and sunlight. So over the years as this continues to happen. More and more cigarettes is lost converting it into this this barren moonscape and many people clean water conservationists biologists point to the seagrass loss as the leading primary factor of the manatee deaths in the lagoon. This year They point to these days of stormwater runoff fertilizer runoff leading to the choking dying of seagrass which is the primary food source for manatees. And it's a chain effect from so has the issues with runoff. Algae has been bad in the in the last year or so or is it just kind of the culmination of years of this issue. That's caused this mass diana amenities that we've seen over the last year. Maybe i'll of believed that. This is a tipping point on that The combination of years and years of polluted runoff entering the waterway. Creating an impaired system. That when something like you know. Moderate winter gathers manatees together. It condemned exacerbate the problem so while there have been years passed in twenty eleven there was brown tied event in the lagoon that killed off thousands of acres of seagrass here and seacrest takes a while to grow back it takes a while for it to denounce back in become luscious once again and when you have these county events. These winters were mantis gathered together. And there's a lack of food supply. Again compound the problem to the point where what we're seeing this year which is eight hundred manatee deaths so far the majority of those have been in the inner mugune three hundred of which occurred in before county which is a popular water site for these manatees. You start to see this problem compounded build and on top of that there are. There are other environmental issues at play this year. Kobe nineteen halted a lot of these day. Biologists research and neck roxy efforts to determine the fact that manatees were dying from something other than natural causes so Cops are are autopsies for animals and cove nineteen essentially has limited a lot of state biologists from researching these animals mika's death but the ones that they have found have shown severe on signs of emaciation of starvation and lots of tissue loss so early on when this is beginning in january february. The man is they were able to recover in crops. He showed the signs but mediation in starvation That trend continued through march when there were four hundred. Thirty two man. He's that had died through march. Most of which involved county in the northern stretch of the indian river lagoon and proceeding that federal investigators with no with the us fish and wildlife service came together and agreed that this was called an unusual mortality event and that designation important for several reasons one being that it frees up federal resources between the national government in the state to provide resources to determine not only the cause of what's happening but prevent more amenities from die. It's also important because it creates a distinction that what's occurring with. These manatees is not a natural outcome from this systems. Like the remember again that this is something unusual happening and evidence currently points to the fact that this is a human cost famine. So this is what's happening in the indian river lagoon on the east coast of florida. What about on our side of the state over here in the tampa bay region where we have manatees that live Live on on on our waters. Here are the issues that we that we have in the gulf with red tie. Eligible blooms are those having an impact on on the manatees. That live on the side of the state. Anytime you have A fraction of the population that suffers from die off there are residual effects the population and red tide. Isn't known killer for manatees. If you look back at twenty thirteen when the previous record of eight hundred thirty manatees died in one year a large contributor those deaths were in fact red. Tide i believe two hundred or so manatees died as a result of of retired related illnesses This year in fact has killed. Seventeen manatees the majority of those in lee county in charlotte county and while that is a staggering number. Seventeen minutes have died from red tide. That doesn't quite compare to what we're seeing on the east coast which is hundreds and hundreds of manatees. That are starving matter lacking adequate food supply of but it is a problem. It's an ongoing problem. We know red tide affects mammals of all sorts. Meant he's essentially and it's an issue that scientists stay. Biologists are actively looking into your last week. You had the governor be with state. Biologists to discuss red tide effects specifically on the west coast of florida. And it's something that lot of Pointing to as an indicator that it's something worth monitoring as mantas are already vulnerable in. They can be greeted with toxins. Found in red tide algae and can exacerbate it even further. As you said manatees are already vulnerable. In one of the vulnerabilities that manatees face. Our boat collisions. And that's also something that's contributed to the death toll certainly not in the numbers due to algae or seagrass die off. But that's also another issue that that these creatures face this fifty nine boat strikes that have caused me to die and in the past there have been large movements that raise awareness to strikes as as a major cause for manatee deaths. We've seen as a result of those movements in those Those campaigns to inform the public of the human impacts of strikes signs in waterways across florida warning of manatees in the area. No wake zones. That were That risen in the waterways and you see similar campaigns like that now with habitat degradation. You have conservationist pointing to water quality as a major source of the problem. And that you can see there are. There are similar techniques here raising that awareness. The voter campaign was it was particularly successful in pointed to the fact that boats were part of the problem this year. Obviously they are compounding the problem along with red tide. There are confluence of environmental factors. That are taking place here in. While is part of the story the larger issue the focus tends to be on water quality this year and the reason for that being that we've seen barren areas of of the lagoon apart to florida as far south as biscayne bay. That lost seagrass over the years and that continues to be the main talking point here so it seems that you know the long-term issue is getting these nutrients out of the water that will hopefully allow seagrass to grow back and the manatees. Have their food source. But is there anything in the short term. That's happening with the state or with federal wildlife officials to protect the manatees. That that are still living in in making sure that they stay healthy for for the short term in two thousand seventeen. There was a key decision. The us department of interior downlisted west indian manatees from endangered to threatened species and this was a bittersweet decision It approved that decades of conservation effort efforts for paying off on that there was evidence to show the conservation efforts. Working and manatees could be downloaded on the federal endangered species. Act as manage began dying off this year. Many conservation returned to that twenty seventeen decision and said that this could potentially be harmful for the species that it could cause a lack of funding streamlined of funding. From protecting these animals of so many people especially on the east coast have returned to that two thousand seventeen decision. Instead it's time to relist manatees as endangered under the federal endangered species. Act you redfern Became in on the west coast offer similar plea last week to a federal wildlife officials stating that they need to reinstate manatees on this to ensure future protection beyond that This year legislators. In state legislator offered eight million dollars for manatee habitat restoration Fish and wildlife commission hasn't stated exactly how they plan to use that money but that is a larger increase of funding that will go towards manatee conservation the future and many point to habitat restoration in finding natural warm water. Sites to relocate manatees in the winter months more safer area with more food supply to go round. Those are two main things. I in the short term that are happening to address these ongoing die off and then the long term you know. Many people say that there needs to be an increase enforcement on water quality standards particularly in the lagoon other parts of florida these impaired waterways to ensure that habitat has a chance to grow after decades of stormwater runoff in pollution. Raf beyond that several groups of conservation organizations here on the treasure coast urge to santa's to declare a state of emergency to address the failing river lagoon and beyond a symbolic stance from these groups. They wanted to knowledge meant that. This was impaired waterway. Right you'd ask for a state of emergency for appeared city following a natural disaster a hurricane and they wanted a similar recognition from the state for the lagoon over here. Federal state wildlife officials florida department of environmental protection came back into this. Not necessarily that. They're actively working with federal investigators in state partners to address the cause. That state of emergency wouldn't be effective conservation groups to data further said. Now is the time to act that we've seen so much run off and pollution over the past few years that a further could hinder populations for years to come. This could be the start of a long ongoing trend of manitou die-offs and then obviously beyond that it is enforcing waterbombing standards of enforcing the amount of fertilizer using to to clean your lawn fertilizer lawn and nutrients like like a phosphorus. That are found in. Fertilizers can cause these blooms. Once they enter the water to to raise up to flare up and to joke as so. You've been reporting on the issues facing manatees for a while. What we're is your journalism taking you right now. What are you what questions are you trying to answer that. You haven't been able to answer so far about about this issue. I think alert question. Right now is the overall effect will have on eco-tourism throughout the state. there was a boat. Captain i spoke with a few weeks ago. Who was taking a private charter. He had a group of fishermen on his boat with him and in the midst of that trip. They've found two dead manatees. They reported to the state. So this is actively playing a part in the overall eco-tourism aspect of florida. And i really wanna know what. The monetary toll of that will be will hinder future dollars coming to the state. Four for tourism for appreciation for these animals Manatees draw in thousands of people per year to the state to either die with the man ts to see them in the wild and to see how this manatee dial will play. A part of that is something. I'm genuinely considering Generally looking into the on that. I think a larger question is why not You know we've seen decades of commission runoff. We've seen water quality issues facing the the state for years. Why the tipping point now what. What was the catalyst that sparked the starvation that sparked this large large number of of mantis have died and i also considering inactivity looking into solutions to the the warm water problem. Many people have pointed to power plants. As an issue as manatees congregate and gather together during the winter to find warmer water. Amenities tend to thrive in temperatures above sixty eight degrees so finding solutions to that problem. Finding a way that manatees can gather in these warmer water sites natural springs in the wintertime. Where food is more abundant and drawing them away from from unnatural systems like power plants and even state wildlife officials have acknowledged that it's long past due to look into that issue of of warm water congregation at Sites and i'm really interested to see how that'll play out Not only in in the coming year but in the years that follow is how do we address this ongoing problem to prevent more manatees from dying. Will max You do great work reporting on this and that's why we wanted to speak to you so Thanks so much for sharing your Your knowledge on this issue with us today. We appreciate it. Thank you for having me. If there's any other questions just let me know max. Chesnut's is environmental reporter at treasure coast newspapers before we wrapped up our interview. He had one more thing to say about manatees and why their survival should matter to everyone as opposed. It is a state wide issue. I will receiving over here on. The east coast is indicative of the fact that florida waterways are impaired in that. It's time to a biology. Conservationist say that it is time to focus on water quality as a larger issue in the state. And you know manatees are known as essential species where they are proverbial canary in coal. Mine what happens to manatees can be an indicator for the ecological health of floors ecosystems particularly marine ecosystems and many people have spoken with said. It's it's crucial to pay attention to that. Because what happens to these manatees. This year and throughout next year is worth paying attention to We've seen eight hundred mantis so far. Die in the state that's compared to the record breaking year. Twenty thirteen when eight hundred and thirty died and many believe that that record will soon be passed as soon as the end of this month. anchorage as high as a thousand by the end of the end of the year. So it's important you know. These are the gentle mascots for the state and when anything happens to those it's time to pay attention to that was environmental reporter. Max chestnuts and that's florida matters for this week door. Provost is our producer. I'm bradley george. Thank you for listening.

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Episode #297  Mortal Engines

The Flop House Podcast

1:29:17 hr | 1 year ago

Episode #297 Mortal Engines

"On this episode. We discuss moral engine the movie that will make you realize cities that roll around on tank treads and Harpoon other other cities and then eat. Those cities are kind of boring hey everyone and welcome to the flop house. I'm Dan McCoy. Oh Hey there Dan McCoy I'm steward welling town. Hey there Dan Goin- Stewart welling town. It's me Elliott Kaelin and I'm joined today by a very special guest Brennan. Say Hi hi. I'm Brendan. Hey this is Brendan. Hey He's the show runner of the Netflix animated series Harvey Girls Forever. Third Season is out now Yes and he is also a great friend of ours. He's been a longtime friend of mine. He's one of my groomsmen and he has a boatload of stories for money was the head writer of Star Wars detours animated cartoon that never and never will. We're not here to talk about that early. I mean we can but I think mortal engines is far more fascinating. Yeah so Brennan what. It's more fascinating than star. Wars guys I think the success of mortal engines proves The world is hungry for cities that he'd cities and not for anything star wars related content. Yeah it's too bad that it's Kinda hit a down sir. It really bars at into it's about time you know it's everything has its as and star wars is done. I was that engines edge at Disneyland. Oh Yeah Yeah the mortal engines theme park and I was just having so much fun riding around in the bumper cars that are shaped like cities on tanked and Disney plus is going to be huge because now if they have the engineer that spin off of the marlins franchise yeah. Yeah the engineering. And it's going to be huge so Dan what we guest is Brendan done being introduced. I thought Eliot was about to say something. I know you were pretty good. I mean I'm always about okay. Something did you got to interrupt me once you once I pop. I can't stop. I will throw out. The reason I know Eliot is because I used to have a x force Duke screensaver when he was an intern turn and I was a writers assistant at the daily show. He was probably the only person ever on staff to be like. Hey is that a dupe screensaver. And we talked for about a half hour and there you go and we have been friends ever since. I was cooler than that I was like. Hey sweet do not actually more accurate. Yeah Yeah exactly. You're the cool dude in the situation. Yeah yeah it was cool dude. My black jeans jeans and tucked in Black Frankenstein might have been the Boris Karloff. Be Your smoking cigarettes and staring at the ceiling wistfully am I Sydney Carton in the trial scene in a tale of two cities are kind of mashing it up like a traditional French. Cool Guy with Jordan Jordan Catalano coolest. Teenagers Yeah so Dan. What are we doing this podcast where we watch a bad movie and then we talk talk about it and today we're discussing mortal engines which was a now by Peter Jackson? You keep saying that we watch mortal injury but I'm pretty sure I watched mortal instruments city of bones person. The movie I watched was based on a way property. Yeah that'd be correct. The bad guys last name is Valentine. The guy that was in that terrible umbrella academy TV show haven't seen umbrella academy but yes same guy so how I watched the right movie right. Most of the lay let well. Let's why don't I drive. What happens in this movie? That was his his name. And why don't we all talk about the movie and we can figure out how much it lines up or doesn't line up the two mortal movies that also started the same guy and have a bad guy who's lesson. Chris Balances The only mortal center based on the only mortal engines featuring cities. Don't worry about. Let's just move on okay. No where we say. We're GONNA say Stewart. Oh you say I dare. Ah Double Dog dare okay mortal engines so guys. We'll talk about the movie. The movie opens with the voice over over the production credits of all things Not over footage but just over the names pressure nominees but how in the future society collapsed and resources were scarce so the age of the Predator cities began long story short. This doled out to us in not so much clues but varied info slow. Just tell you the movie takes place years after the sixty minute war when doomsday quantum weapon called Medusa destroyed the world's big cities and now the only cities that are left are enormous vehicles. On tank. Treads something that I never was never really explained how the way for a city survive was to become a tank tread city guys that I missed. This was in a movie that I had a lot of problems with. This was my major problem. mm-hmm which is the entire basic thing in the movie is these cities roam around and there's no explanation as to why after the apocalypse that is a better model of a mentally. I'm GonNa tell you right up shop so that you don't get blasted by somebody's Medusa laser. What if you're driving around Dog and around Europe they can't blast have Medusa lasers anymore. That was the whole point now. The other thing that why don't why don't they call it a Medusa. When Medusa Lisa traditionally turns a normal thing into stone and the laser turns stone into rubble? That's the point you've got your bit. That's tight five on the meduse. I have to assume they named it. After their favorite parody of Madonna. Truth or dare Julie Brown movie. Medusa Truth Gareth. Gary Payton you're never ever heard of someone didn't have. HBO growing up the only place where you could reliably find at any time of day. One of Julie Brown's two movies that or earth girls are easy. Okay so our open up and there's this little steam punk city with a multiethnic cast. They all love each other. The great they're having a peaceful time. There's a girl who has a red Bandanna over face who lives there but uh-huh London is is coming in the city splits up into little tank cities lots of smoke stacks and levers everything steam punk and it gets chased run by London which this huge Predator city. That's riding around Europe looking for resources sources again. This is the best way for city to exist in the after time is for it to literally mean more gasoline to run itself than if it just sat in one place and sent people out on horses. I guess yes. But a London we learn as piloted by he's going to be the villain. How do you know he's played by? Hugo weaving his name thaddeus. Valentine is a sort of. What's his job? He's like an archaeologist inventor administrator pilot like what like will which gets a little bit too also this does seem to be instead of the road warrior. It's the road bureaucrat. Because instead of like Oh here's a bad ass warrior with like tons of fighters and flaming guitars. No here's an architect with a roomful of navigators and some historians. Yeah it's got a good beer though beer now stewart you know Hugo weaving best of course from your favorite three film series of the Matrix. Ah Yup was always chasing that Mr Anderson Right. So here's where I was like and this around the point where I was like so is it that the world is too radioactive for the city's to stay in one place that I don't think so I mean I don't think that I don't think that's specific weapon. I feel like part of what makes that. The blaster thing the Medusa is that it. It's not it's not radiation it just like fucks everything up yeah. It's some kind of quantum energy. I I wasn't looking. I wasn't paying attention to exposition of the movie so I can't remember exactly how they explain how it fucks it up. You were just too distracted by the production. I I mean that would be an amazing scene. If it was like in the sixty second war the Medusa weapon was unleashed. Medusa was to do it. Really thumbs things like it. Hits the city really folks that city I like that city is in deep shit. Ever Medusa hits it and the end up Peter Jackson's reading the script. And yes Fran perfect dialogue. I love it so London catches one of these little cities that hits it with harpoons and ingests it and starts taking on all the people and taking part the machines and the old tech and at that point the the cool part of the movie is effectively over here about ten minutes at that. I mean at that point. That's also when we finally get the title like before the title. We see a lot of characters running around with a variety of wigs and a variety of like the old Victorian London style. Outfits that are slightly post apocalyptic tick but not really. Yeah I mean you say that the cool part of the movie is over but I really had big problems with this opening action sequence. Not only is it incompetent so tell me about incomprehensible the way shot but like it expects you to care right away about what's happening when you're already you're baffled by these cities. I feel like we already mentioned the Matrix. Like Matrix starts out with a big action sequence where you don't really understand what's going on but you understand enough in that like okay. This woman needs to get away from these. These these people and then weird stuff starts happening like you have these cops around who are like what the fuck like acknowledging that. It's weird like here. It's like I don't care about these people right off the bat. I don't know what's going on with these fucking say. Why do you assume we're GONNA be thrilled by this action sequence? Hey all you know is a little city is being eaten by big city. You're you're like why does this remind me so much of the pirates of dark water and as we've all known we learned what the mortal engines which God machines scenes of the adeptness titanic as the moral engine we realize now is our own heart which will eventually stop beating. And we're wasting its time watching this now So you're you're in luck Dan because we're about to meet the hero of the movie and I know you're GonNa love him. He works at the British Museum. He's a clumsy eccentric. WHO's very handsome? I would call him like a blander. Eddie redneck his. Name's Tom Sawyer. The and he has a collection of dangerous old tech that he keeps hidden so nobody can use it and minions they also they have. There's A. There's a hilarious joke where other some minions statues and the people think that they are. Deity is from the old world's so here's what I don't understand. They have video of the sixty second war the sixty minute. They wear the same clothes they have the old tech. Why do they think the minions were gods when they should have have a copy of at the very least despicable me three on here? I'll go you one better. You talked about how steam punk in this world and it does not make any sense to me. It's like after the apocalypse wise and everything just like cobbled together from various shit instead of like. You've got airships at the end of the movie. There's like okay. Leonardo DAVINCI design the why. Why is basically everyone in this movie? British yeah did they not get blasted by the Medusa. 's that's one. The weird things is London. Is there in Europe. And they're like we'd never should have come to to Europe but everyone they meet as British for the most part but we're at the variant. They meet Chinese as person. So there's that but Dan. I think you're forgetting that after the apocalypse I'll tell you one thing. The Medusa can't destroy humanity's innate need for stock. Nick so why should I be some crappy old airship when I can be in one that looks to the past but at the same time also looks to the future. I call it the Davinci five thousand. It's Retro Retro Real Retro. You might even call it a renaissance in airline design. Let me take you the DAVINCI. Five thousand has the latest state of the art old stuff that we found in the remnants of the old songs and put together and keep a- junk but at the same time it's got modern day amenities now. Modern Day is after apocalypse so those amenities include twinkies which will see later later had survived and also miniature statues so the great thing about the Davinci. Five thousand six thousand. I can't remember what number I gave. This model is that it comes with Minions Statutes Dan how how do you feel about the millions now. I want to jump in here before I purchased this before. I put cash on the barrel head or quirks as they got a customer. I love it. Yeah as as our currencies parents who called corks which is appropriate since this movie is filled with them man so before I do that I I'm in possession of a cassette tape that my mom made me. It's a mix it's filled with seventies rock and roll. She gave it to me before she died from alien answer. Is there any way. Did I can play this last six thousand or whatever you call it you are in love actually have yes. We have a tape player it. It doesn't work but it looks cool. And if you find the parts that would make it work. I'm sure you could install them to and then you can bop around your mom's favorite seventies hits. Let's call it like seventy s awesome mix volume lauren. To of course you'll save for the sequel and when you meet up with your alien buddies or perhaps when you read Your Dad's book about how love came from the stars in the form of Darth vader or something. Then it'll all be you'll enjoy it really much. So how much can I ask you to pay world. World him to pay anything. You have the higher paying quirks and you're paying me and quirks. So that's one quirk is worth. What like a like a piece attorney? What's what's one eccentricity? So he can start wearing a bowler hat everywhere he goes. So you'RE GONNA have to pay me by looking like a character from another movie who's been poured it into this as as we'll see later on okay so we meet this guy. Tom Nats were the. He's talking to kate a pretty woman who is looking for information on the sixty minute war. I don't know that we ever find out why it's basically just so that she can meet. Tom And tom tells her as he tells everybody he always wanted to be an aviator but he couldn't for some reason that is never fully defined. As far as I I can remember and so now. He's an apprentice historian. So Tom and Kate or sorry. Tim and Kate No. Tom Fluffy Hammerton. Tom Plus is yet tim and Kate plus eight Tom COM newsworthy. Yes I really thought that was worthy or knows worthy. It could be look. He's more worthy of a nose than let's just say the old saying goes all saying goes better and knows that better than a cat better than a hat better than a knows. The circle of Tom goes to where they're processing this city. That just getting stuff and he impresses thaddeus Valentine by identifying identifying an old toaster and we learned that thaddeus Valentine is Kate Stat. Her name is Kate Valentine. We also meet Tom's friend Bevis. Who's kind of a frost tipped maintenance student? He's kind of the Stuart Wellington of the he's pretty cool and kind of always underfoot. You know he's always there when you least expect it and then he disappears for most of the end of the movie the So in that way. He's kind of like the Dan to anyway and they find in all this old tech a dangerous fusion invert her cell L. and Valentinus like all take that it can be destroyed and not misused. And you're like guys. Don't give that dangerous tech to Hugo Weaving. He's obviously the bad guy in the only thing that'd be worse as if his boss Maxwell showed up. Okay so the Red Bandanna lady from earlier she finally makes her appearance jumps out and she stabs Hugo weaving and she goes. This is for Pandora. Shaw that's right. We're learning the name of the character we haven't met yet before the names of characters. We have a mortal engines and Tom Chases her around and they run through the giant chainsaw. Factory that's breaking up the city that I'm glad that he like. I'm glad that he takes the initiative on this one that he's like he's like fuck it. There's trained professionals. There's guards whose only job is to prevent people from causing any violence instead. I'm GonNa Chase after this person like most of my job is to Polish an old minion statue at you but no it's time for me. To take down this would be a salmon jump among the chainsaws yet and jump through the chain. So like just like the old The Old Metallica Song into the chainsaw. Now Dan Stoop Luke. How did you guys feel about this giant chainsaw level did you think it was just there for the mortal engines video game that I assume was being developed? But I don't know if it was ever released. Yeah Yeah it's you got to duck. You gotTa jump jump jump to the last four. It's the controller tutorial or a post apocalyptic world. They are doing pretty well because they have figured out how to put. Entire your cities on treads and moving around. And they've got giant chainsaw rooms. I mean like for someone someplace. It's supposed to be low on resources. have done some crazy shit. They are wasting a lot of resources. It's a it's a system that makes no sense but good thing it's also boring so so don't worry you won't have time to answer those questions. Because Adam she because this woman this mystery woman gives Tom a cryptic warning then jumps down into what is essentially the city's aims and where where all the waste material does and it's kind of implied that she has is in danger by doing that and then thaddeus shows up in Tom's like Oh this woman said that you're a bad dude and thaddeus. He's like Yup and he shoves Tom into the same city heinous and he falls too. We assume maybe his death but guess who saw the whole thing. That's right Bevis. Oh Yeah and he's GonNa go home to his friend bet head and telling him all about it while they watch nineties. MTV Music you know that's it. That's all I got now. The movie deserves. I called BEVIS. The Stuart Wellington of the movie. What would you have done in this situation? You just saw a friend of yours get pushed to maybe as den at into the cities but by the man who runs the Sierra who is conveniently not surrounded by anybody even though he was just stabbed So what would you do with that information. What would you have done this? I would have pulled out my my hover board and surf down into that but to catch to help my friend because this I don't want to be stuck on this boring city anymore. All right and Brendan. What would you have done in that situation? I think the nineties music videos actually sounds like a pretty good option just to go back there. And just you know Numb the pain of watching my best friend having been murdered with a little bit of a metallica's one okay. Sure yeah all right right and and Dan let's you do it to. What would you have done this situation? You just saw your best friend get is well. Maybe I actually don't know how good friends they are. They just moved into each other like there are plenty of people people. Where if I was with a girl and I bumped into the might introduce them but it's not like they're my best e or something Dan What would you have done this situation. Actually let's say you're Thaddeus Valentine because you have a beard here too just like you know. What would you've done situation? Would you kill this nice boy just to keep your secret that you're maybe evil. Sure man what do I have to lose. I just been stabbed by. Yeah this lady like no one else around and Tom Tom you the nance where these pretty boring I want to like. Zap them with my blue suray spoiler alert. So I don't think that this is one kid is gonNA get my way. Okay Fair Point I mean he does later spoiler. We'll see blow up an entire prison full of people to release one. Zombie Makino assassin. Okay thaddeus found time. He's like the traction cities can't live in peace with the static especially this big eastern city called Shang Guo which has a a big wall or the person may it might be the same the same way that like in Star Wars. Sometimes a name applies to both the race and and a person. Yeah I think he's the mayor of Shanguang get another thing. That's not explained like y like mobile cities and stationery cities hate each other and liking. Like what side. We're really supposed to be on rollerblades. Probably leaving out of the question like why why they hate each other and like why one is better than the other or more evil evil. Yeah it's I mean it is. It's very weird. It's weird that like people are super cans like he the weavings nervous that it's going to get out that he murdered Richard Somebody who we don't even know yet. Yeah because like this city just eight another city you like. These people wouldn't give that much of a shit. Yeah I mean and also he could just be like. Oh yeah well. The person I murdered lived static city so of course. Does she gotTa Die. Oh yeah maybe maybe the fact that we don't know why they hate each other is meant to some sort of like allegory. Gets the meaningless of war because right now it really feels like a star belly non star belly snitch situation situation where it's like One's better than the other because they think it is. Yeah and as we see later on Morgan spurlock has them to a ninety day swap where they change lives for ninety. Don't realize they're not so different after all. It's very surprising ending to this act belt blockbuster. Science fiction adventure movie that a Hologram of mortgage has them switch places and and also then he super-size himself and becomes a giant eats the plane and everyone there. Aren't you problematic for some reason that I forget but kinda remember reading about and Morgan is like it's because I unknowingly sexually harassed my assistant and we're like Oh of course that's why it is but only for thirty days. Yeah yeah they go spur lock them him up and spur throw away the spirit who said that the police just stink distinct Solo said it not the hopefully so. Don't worry Dan you'll find out why they hate each other because they hate each other. Because it's the movie so kate. His daughter disagrees. We can live in peace and He gets a phone call from the Lord Mayor of London. WHO's like thaddeus? Your big energy plan isn't done yet. How Paul and Pretty Soon Keeton bevis or suspicious suspicious about Hugo weaving screw intentions? Because why wouldn't you be Hugo weaving anyway. Meanwhile Tom and the red band lady. They're walking around in this wasteland of the future inside aside the giant train tracks tank treads of Of the cities and we learned that. She's Hester Shaw Jar of Pandora Shaw. Because in the future there there are people who have done first names and people who have regular first name and the t the Thomson cates and the Pandora's and hesters are in civil war with each other and she teaches just sitti boy. Tom had a drink mud and eat twinkies which are kind of the same thing guys. That's a real hot take. How do you respond to that? We need to. I want to say that we the as culture and need to come up with a new shorthand for food that will survive the apocalypse beyond twinkies coasting on that for a very long time like Matrix. I've watched Zombie land recently by Mike. They have the tricky jokes there. I feel like everybody's just like cockroaches and twinkies I mean you also because you could say other hostess products that would be great and also like I see the stuff. My children eat this a lot of that. That will survive forever. Just Hollywood Nike. How ribs are once and pick a different item? I don't want to you know as a parent. I don't WanNa Talk Doc by your parenting but it seems like your control. Your children need to some degree or Sarah. I wish that were true. Halloween week has taught me nothing else. I am a mere pawn in all of this. They have long cons and wheels within wheels. Going on all around me. You can get sugar. Yeah Yeah it's truly truly cream candy. Rules everything yeah. I also find that with children's hands being so close to the ground. They have a tendency to scoop up stuff and toss them in their mouth like this. Listen you've London. Yeah my my baby boy. WHO's fifteen months today? He is very much a miniature city of London just walking around scooping open things off the ground thrown in his gullet. I have to reach in and pull it out and often it's best case scenario. It's an old cheerio worse case scenario. It's a nail. Why is this on the ground from mining colony? He ate sure that's IT YEP and inside his belly you're saying there's a little Hugo weaving who's holding a little old fashioned toaster and occasionally pushing pushing little. Tom Knows where these at my son's Yeah and then I opened his neighbor. And there's just a little like though Eddie Redman and they're going. Hey I gotta get back to London then and I squished him. Because I'm so scared better movie much better. And then he radios back to Earth and goes. It's a planet of giants the mortal engines. Meet Dave. Yeah I'll is it. The mortal engines meet meet Dave. Oh yeah meet me Dave Dave. That would be the movie where thaddeus. Valentine is sick in a fake thaddeus Valentine takes this place and he's kind of a good guy and kind of a goofball and suddenly he's like making friends with Changguo and everybody's like we like thaddeus Valentine a lot you know so. Dan got up and left because he doesn't like it. When I bad mouth in the movies Dave or meet day of? We're just talking about your opinions on the movie meet. Dave lived in an ironic name. Because in that movie dave is like a is like a robot piloted by tiny guys so he's actually made out of meat which I think we might have made that joke about one hundred and fifty episodes ago on this very shiny you go back and listen okay. Certain one stealth okay so they get kid so anyway. Tom and Pandora and Hester. I'm sorry Mom Thomas. Walking around they get kidnapped by kind of vehicle vehicle with fake ground on it and inside. They get served tea and cookies because of course this is continental European everybody is British and Hester explains eventually that her mom was an archeologist who found something Hugo wanted a piece of old tech and Hugo killed her for it and left Hester with a bunch of scars and Hester was just roaming the wasteland as a kid hester obviously knows too much so thaddeus Valentine. He goes to this big ocean prison on spider legs out in the middle of the ocean to release shrike. A Leftover Zombie automaton killer from the Lazarus Brigade. Gade who's obsessed with killing Hester for some reason Stewart. Was this when you went off and had to hide your Boehner from the I was like I don't want the movie to seat theater else. The strike I'll take it off. I mean this was one of those great scenes where like you're starting to wonder if every every like domicile dial or whatever. Every building in this world is built in the most easily to be destroyed manner possible risen that's John Spineless by like like taking a city. And just slap on some treads and having it fucking Dune buggy around like that's GonNa blow up like that's GonNa that's GonNa fuck up like there's no way that's going to survive and then of course later on there's like a pirate colony. That lives in the air and like one shrike gets there. And it's all fucked up. There goes the neighborhood. So you're saying in the future people don't think ahead I guess hot. Yeah I will say that. They're like two characters in this movie that I found interesting. Get all one go on weavings Valentine just because because Hugo weaving his charismatic. Not Because of anyway uh the part is written and then shrike here. Who is played by played by the cable of my heart Stephen Lang but he's he actually has has the most historic carries the most emotional weight over the course of the movie? Like the thing about this film is I have no idea who any of these characters are or why I'm supposed to care about them and yeah. I think you've pinpointed. The main issue with this movie is they did a lot of world building and they didn't do a lot of character and shrike. Drake has the only immediately understandable character goal. Yeah like oh I raise this girl. I want to get her back. Yeah and of course Dan. You were so excited. Because you're like shrike. This is a crossover crossover with Dan. Simmons's hyperion disappointed when you found. It was different unstoppable killer Dan Simmons novels because of course his name is Dan in your. Name's Dan you also are not a fan of resolution. I have read a bunch of dance at that one. Not Those. What are your favorite skins are dancing and I like data and Yogurt Dannon Dannon yet Dan? Dan Weather Dan. Oh Yeah your favorite play is is called Damn Yankees. It was called Daniel. His Favorite Disney animated movie. That was later turned into a live action movie Aladdin. Now you would think that I love Dan in real life but I was very angry at it because there weren't a lot of pancakes that movie I feel like it was adversaries. You thought it was the life story bio pic of the inventor of the pancake eaten. Why get out of bed? Have Breakfast in bed with the pancake. But no you're wrong. But your favorite Scorsese movie is Clinton Story of the Daniela Guy so anyway anyway so thaddeus. He wants to free the shrike from his prison. But he can't do it with anyone finding out he's involved so he just gets in his helicopter and fires missiles at it until it blows up and the shrike this after Valentine goes to the prison shows up introduced himself and goes to see Shrek Person. Everyone is it just doesn't make sense. Why Odi do all that Hester and Tom? They're out in the wild lands. They're getting in the wild ways they're getting Put up for a slave auction. But they're freed by you. Guessed it Anna Fair American style freedom. Five freedom fighter with little narrow sunglasses and she's got a gun and a sword and she is one of those big fights all the bad guys tried attacker one by one and and she never runs out of bullets from her weird little pirate rifles. Yeah she is like a she kinda has like impede type thing going on from. Try Gun cheese. And she's he's in that she wears a coat that looks like it's made a bright red high-collared coach she's got giant hair and she's like spinning guns and stuff and in her. Name's aims Ed. They might be giants exactly. Yeah and so Dan this was your obviously your favorite character right. Anna Fang You know like again. There's not really a lot of of energy put into making this person interesting like the. She looks pretty cool. Then yeah yeah but the idea was just. She's one of these people were. He's got those little sunglasses up. Yes I think the idea and everybody else's super like dirty and covering and Turt- but she's like like Brighton fresh And They Dan they did do the job of casting an Asian woman in the part which this movie takes as a character. Well we know who is. She's Asian but what I was going to say was like it's one of these characters where they think it's cool just to make her steely all the time. Yeah like steely Dan. Dan Forty one year. Old Man Yeah it all over. They're gonNA listen to st elite entertained full Fogelberg. That's all I have to say about that. Wait no you didn't even finish after it and then we won't. Yeah well. I just thought I got interrupted. 'cause I mean you you you only have a limited amount of time to text and we're going to well. I mean if the fifth time I met her up to it I feel like what I'm saying I'm trying to say it's not actually valued by the group so I gave up well. Of course it's not. No that's what brand. Dan is the values that needs your favorite close right now. 'cause he's name is Dan what I'm saying before is like the characters are not developed given one thing. Her thing is emotionless. Which is the least interesting thing? So she's looking good at fighting and stuff. Yeah Dan I think you're gonNA like a lot more 'cause she's about to take them on her air ship to air the floating. Pirates city staffed by young attractive multi multi-ethnic freedom fighters with goggles on there. Now this is when we first start to see people who are not British in the movie. I was really hoping like PORCO. Rosso was going to show a poor. That would have been. I mean at this point this movie should just become ready player one and just only in characters from other. That's what they want so benches and strike and Porco Rosso off together and we're said that'd be fantastic. What can I say that? Every Air City sense cloud city in empire strikes back has had to have these kind of like like basically electronic electronic stalag tights on the bottom of them like antenna. Coming down the bottom and like that's great. It's a great decide but why we decided that. That's the thing. Can't you know. Carry over the more. I do which is Kinda PORCO. Rosso let true story. We're showing Sammy Empire strikes back and he could not wait for the end. I disappointed that they have relatively little screen time. And they're also very very unpleasant and they're they're basically like if you met an Lupu in real life you'd be like Whoa. This is weird. This is not cool and do you think the other nuts are singing in their own language. They are so to pull back the curtain on detour tours. weirdly enough we yes. The ignites very much seeing in their own language. Okay we did entire episode where was the are basically the most obnoxious species according to George. I guess they were intended to be aggressive noxious so we did an episode about how they're really shitty roommates and what they're actually trying to talk about is Scott end this is. I'm not kidding. You actually she is an episode of TV. They'll never air. I WANNA see it so badly guys we're going to have to break into the Lucasville and steal that stuff along with the the original salacious grump puppet generally now. Let's all been bought by Disney. No no it's all up in San Rafael in northern California today and I think it's finally break out that pair of stretchy pants you bought from the costume when when they're auctioning off all treatment and Dan was like if they can make Catherine Zeta Jones. That good they'll do wonders on my butt and it's like Dan the already looks great. Understand you don't know how much work it was the lasers that did we've talked about it many years ago on the podcast gas hell amazing. It is that that movie was essentially sold on one shot actresses. That was the shot in the in. I'm surprised that wasn't the post. It was just her Her button under a laser beam. But which brings me to a movie pitch guys. It's called laser by. You'd think it's about someone who can fart lasers and you'd be writing Now who cast in this movie. It's not a comedy even mind. It's a tense political. Through Catherine Zeta Jones is age appropriate. That'd be the mentor figure. Okay trains as the younger chosen. leaser Bud but who would be the young laser but Dan. You're PERV I don't have an answer for this. But as long as we're talking about butts do want to say Like spoiler alert at the end of this movie. Hugo weaving gets crushed by his own city and my turned to me and was like so. If you had an ironic death what would it be probably crushed by giant but Ironic death or the death. You show a little comedy Mailo from Kombi so anyway we're GONNA learn other in air haven and we learn the story of how shrike found. Hesters girl raised her and she promised that one day he could make her into a robot like him and then she decided. I don't WanNa be a robot and she left and he got mad. Shrike attacks air haven. You know what's going to happen. There's a big fight and it ends. When shrike sees that Hester are love Tom and forgives her and gives her a locket from her mom and shuts down while remembering his memories of hers? A child and this all happens just in time for it to be too late because air haven crashing crashing end on this realization. That you're gonNA turn good before you destroy this whole city and it's one of those guys at that he he notices that they're in love in the way of like similar to the principal noticing that that girl is in real trouble in the book Henry where he just kind of her eyes and sees her emotions straight through. This was another thing that may be really angry orchard in the movie where I'm just like what have we been given to show these to being in love other than the fact act. They are the male and female leads of movie like she can kind of warmth and that she doesn't let him die over the course of the film but there's yeah there's it shows that they have some sort of connection. Well she could. She could have cut him loose when he was hanging from a rope but instead she threw the knife too. Yeah I guess that's love. The power of love allowed Aladdin to catch it now. Don't you think she would suffer some kind of consequences from these air. Pirates for like knowing that the shrike dude was chasing her and she led him right to air haven and then air haven was exploded. You'd think so but they don't even have time to talk about that because of Oh thaddeus found. Tom's cache of old tech. He's used to rebuild the Medusa and it turns out when he killed hesters mom. The tech she found was the Medusa control system. Oh we know he's got it working. Kills the Lord Mayor of London with just an Uzi in and he doesn't even have a cool. He doesn't even have a cool. Catchphrase Line Right. It's actually shockingly graphic indirect indirect that execution especially what is mortal engines. That's true and the movies got mortal in the title probably GonNa be combat and it's going to be spelled with okay. homerun freeze the room. Not Just Oh yeah. That's right. So guys what mortal Kombat characters Jewish in the movie maybe instead of strike or Shrike Uh I was more of a streetfighter guy so I actually don't know the more you're more into like Like spacing and all well. That's true fact about me. I'm just saying it is it is. It is the most Dan moment for me to be like. Hey what's the character from a video game. You like as a goof off and you're like no I don't know I mean dude reader I'll make up. One strike. Knife is my favorite. Well I mean. There is a guy named strikers. Maybe rose a strike. That's actually true now. Now that is a ice. I sub zero zero yuppies one of the original. Yeah okay he's one of the Oh. Jeez of 'EM I'll go with Gore Goro because everything should have four arms. More fun that way. So Yeah tagline. I mean I do uh-huh forearms I don't know what you're talking about. It's more fun with forearms. Oh Yeah Dan you have forearms. That's true anyway. Yeah that's a Pun. I hope so anyway. He's got that Medusa work in and now he's going to attack Shane. Guo Changlo turns out to be kind of this vaguely. Pan-asian Kinda Tailspin only Angels Angels Have Wings Nineteen Thirties Temple. Doom early scenes type place and the mayor of Shavuot is like a a wise old man in robes with some kind of magic amulet. Well it that I kept assuming was gonNA shoot lasers but maybe it was just. He won the in the Olympics. I don't know when the last Olympics for the sixty minute war. There's a big fight between London and the Shang will air fleet which is made up of as Dan said a lot of crazy old DAVINCI helicopters and thirty is see planes and things like that and this scene. It should be really cool. Right guys well I mean it's just in blasting the walls with a giant laser right. I mean it's it's basically just like the opening of of empire strikes back right. Yeah well we're GONNA get to see the closing of both empire. Strikes back turned the so. It makes sense so it has to realize his mom's lock. It has the shutdown key for the McConnell. She's not found this before now. Well shrike had the amulet for all all right but also for a long time to open it up until that the fuck why does like this. Why does she have a fucking lock it with this? The why why to keep it out of the hands of thaddeus Valentine Leyland. I gave keys to my children in jewelry. So this is a very time-tested parenting methods. You'll understand when you have to thirty years ago. Hugo weaving was like someday. I want to use a Medusa thing and I realized realized that this could shut it down. So I gotta get away from this woman. And I'll burn the house down and injure her daughter in the course of getting it back because I yeah I don't I don't think I don't think he knows that. The shutdown okay. Like it's more like she. I gotTa keep this away from Hugo Weaving. I better give it to a child because out of the mouths of Hugo weaving you like what is going on. Because he's leaving. Okay she's like weren't you the reds and he's like yes but they didn't give me much to do with the Cadillac back a look alike for later on and sound alike but man he does that accent accent so well in that movie. Oh man it's like a weird Austrian specific. That's great so thaddeus. Yeah the I mean. I'm going to jump ahead to to one of the later reveals of course that he thaddeus. Valentine is Hester Shaw's father which should surprise. No one especially her she should be like. Oh yeah of course that makes sense but it seems then looking back. It's like wow. They jumped two murders like murdering each other super fans in the scene where they bring her them finding the Medusa control box and then they immediately start like send stuff on fire and blast each other in the face. Yeah I mean that's the special relationship that dads and daughters and Renton as fowler daughter. Someday you'll have that where you're both trying to kill each other clues though and Kato style I someday I believe I currently have that with my twin daughters and it starts with them leaving out little toys for Union. Exactly surprising me by jumping on me to wake me up in the middle of the night short. That's terrible. No they know that the only way to prevent me trying to murder them and their mother later is to try to murder me tracks. Yeah that's that's I mean that airtight blooding of this movie. That's all in In Paul Reiser spoke about mortal fatherhood red so anyway that the Shavuot Fleet. It's too late. Medusa blows up the wall so many. CGI buildings destroyed The air pilots take hazardous shutdown Medusa. Well Tom Takes a ridiculously long time to change his jacket into an interest. And it's like they're getting on the plane to leave and he's still slowly reaching out to take aac this jacket he will of course live his dream of being an aviator even though I think he has no experience flying. Yeah which I was GONNA say by the way just as a quick digression bumpy. That's ridiculous at all. All the characters treated you finally get to be the eight or Tom. I'm like no. This was a childhood interest. I took it as I wanted to be a vet. I shouldn't perform surgery on a cat. It was a terrible terrible thing. Sometimes we get to live our childhood dreams. When I was a kid I wanted to leave my house and I did eventually our now? Yeah so I wanted to run away in the way ran away was I grew up a little bit kind of running away from your past. Dan Have you ever ran away from something because there's a tight it's okay. It's Tony The tiger. He just wants to serve you some frozen okay but right behind him and Sajida it's okay. It's gesture Geeta. He just wants to delicious but right behind him alive. I don't know how to feel about it after those last two want. And this is it's fucking real Dan you got no just kidding. He just wants to tell you about the MGM Library of Film titles and that ours gratis artists but watch out handers alligator okay. Well I'm just SORTA tired possible allegation could be is it Albert alligator from Pogo. That's a weird one was Albert alligator. You're right he's smoking little cigar stub and he's got a little hat on sometimes and he's talking in a dialect that I'm not sure of its offensive now or not that. I certainly feel weird on reading out loud to my job is meant to be like an ethnic thing. I think it's just you know dialect just meant pogo dialect. That's all it is okay. Well I'll tell people that when they get mad at me about it okay so. Tom Changes Jacket. There's a big air fight all these pilots. We just met get killed. It's kind of like the end of Star Wars that way where they're like. Hey remember all those characters watching the movie forget about them. It's time for central pork. Wins and big and read five to take center stage. Anna Fang has a hand to hand battle with that Valentine which ends with her dead. uh-huh looks like the Fang Got Been Hester. She plugs in the kill driving stops the machine before it can fire again. And the people live outside the Walsh Anglo or like too little too late Hester but thanks appreciate it and Kate shows up and she's mad at her dad and her dad has now reached that level of movie Villain Hood where he no longer cares if he lives or dies he just wants to destroy his enemies. So he's like I'm going to smash smashed London right into the wall to keep destroying it and it's like that's crazy. Why would you do that like I don't understand thaddeus runaway hester catches up to him. And there's the reveal stored mentioned mentioned that. He's her dad. Meanwhile Tom Tim Nats Worthy. He flies a plane into London's guts to blow up the gears to stop it and flies out followed by flame. That's right they stole all the endings of empire strikes back and return to the jet. As I mentioned they put them into one movie. So this must be twice as good as either of those bums guys. Do you agree with that movie math. I mean checks out. There is a remainder but mostly how many how many empire strikes back to do you think mortal engines worth Dan One Eighteenth of one. Wow I'm GONNA have to. I'm going to have to check the worldwide box office before Then it's actually probably like one. What about return of the Jedi in a thirteenth okay? What about the Star Wars holiday special boy? They're they're about par. Wow Wow okay. Hesters Dad is is like so let's just kill each other. That's what we're supposed to do right right. And hester goes no I choose life and she jumps onto the ropes ladder to Tim's airship or whatever and Hugo weaving gets in his ship. Tim shoots down. Hugo weaving ship with crassus assist. Has He goes. Oh timber media gets blood. Their series like your fi and then he shoots a missile. I'm like wow you know it's it. Takes a lot to kill a man and he can like look right in the eyes from where he shooting that missile. That's crazy. He's cold especially especially after weird after his girlfriend of the day is like no. I won't kill you and he's like Oh Babe Alta cure this one. I wish you maybe like I. Okay Oh boy. This is gonNA be Awkward And then as mentioned leaving his crushed under. London's tank's treads so ironic. London crowing say London crawling. It's so quiet because we're both proud of it and like if they wasn't really sure I wanted to commit to it and they don't like this. I didn't say if they do like it then. I'm like cool for saying the little London. Crawley was crawling to the faraway town Changguo. Because War's declared and the Medusa rains down calling into the underworld which I assume that people who live in the tank treads get out of the cupboard. You boys and girls of course being air haven. Yeah where's IT covers. The Co get under the covers. Get under the covers. Oh boy I don't know the lead to call Dr Guys Joe. STROMER is trying to warn us. Yes about moral engines. Guys Guys Changguo. The mayor is super cool. He's like people of London. Come and join US and Tim and Hester they kiss finally fly off planning to travel the world together and we're left with some questions. Christians will the world of mortal engines. Be Okay will someone else find the Medusa drive. Will there. Two Day old relationship survive being on a small plane with no bad on end. Yeah I guess. We'll find out in mortal engines to summer vacation okay. Let's just speed onto final judgments on whether it's a good best drive our city tanks over the final judge good bad movie. A bad bad movie movie can like I wanted to say. I'll start off. I feel like like actually my girlfriend made the most salient critique of this while. We're watching and I. I mentioned her a lot but we watch the movies together so if she makes a good point I want to pass it on. And and it's this is. This is an awful lot of backstory. An explanation for the opening twenty minutes of mortal engine engine. will she made the point that like you know. This movie is obviously trying to be this big fantasy epic like a star wars hours or something like that but what it doesn't realize is those movies. Don't actually have a ton of action overall like a lot of it is the anticipation. She's a patient of action. Like as as you're saying they're edging us. The Star. Wars movies are edginess. They have less than kind of like you. Imagine like as they go along long I think each progressive sequel does have more action in it. But that's because you've already learned the world you've learned the character so there's more room room to just skip to that stuff but a lot of the anticipation of action. This has no anticipation of action. It thinks that you want shit thrown at you. Every single second which doesn't leave time to learn about characters or their motivations and I sort of assumed while watching it that this was a as we said this is based on a series of young adult novels and I sort of assumed it had so much plot I was like okay. They probably took multiple novels and boiled boiled down and I looked on PD. I was reading summaries of the knowledge. Nick no this is basically the first book they made a lot of changes in the second half. But it's basically the first book and end it's written by Fran Wash and Filipo Boyens and I think maybe Peter Jackson's stuff. I'm not sure but like the script is a script and you know. Obviously there are the team who did the rings. The hobbit and people critic criticized the Hobbit for taking a fairly simple book and expanding it into three movies movies. This is one case where I wish they take in one book and expanded three movies like I actually wish they'd done the same thing here because there's so much shit going on. I think it would have worked better if it had more time to breathe. Yeah that is what I'm saying when I was watching it I was. I was like knowing that this is the first book in a series and knowing it was made by it was made by the people made the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. It made me think about like what makes what was some of the things that made fellowship of the ring works so well as the first movie and parts of it are like aside from the opening. You don't have any other big battles like you have some like you have action sequences. But I like it doesn't end with like a big like armies facing off against each other blasting lasers at each other and you it does take the time to build the like develop these characters also part of the problem with this movie is so much of the just. Why like? Why should I care about any of it or anybody? Like what are their beliefs. What why should I care about the people of London? Should I hate them. Should I care about Hester Shaw. I mean her. Only motivation is revenge revenge. And that's a relatively thin motivation. And she. I don't know right. Yeah like it's now and that's all true true. Yeah there's there's a lack of character and a lack of reason to like it. I'll mention Dan. My wife was watching with me and Brennan and she made it interesting comment which was asleep about about thirty minutes so I I have to say for once. I watched this in two parts because we were watching it. I started falling asleep. And she was like honey. We can watch the second half tomorrow. You gotta take a nap. You just so worn out from all the excitement so I'm going to say that it's also bad bad. There's a lot of neat looking and stuff in it. But it's it's like they. Yeah they they forgot to give us the characters or plot that we would care about Brennan. I know you're GonNa say something different different. I'M GONNA go out on a ledge here. No it's bad bad. It's super boring but the my main hope or take away after it was. I wish different Peter Jackson had shown up. I wish it was some some other guy with the same name. Yeah absolutely a chance Nobody like the Peter Jackson of like dead alive of like frighteners or meet the feebles even basic basic who take a crazy concept and make it fun because all the other problems wouldn't have also mattered to me as much like if I couldn't explain it but it was at least fun. It was so somber and serious. There is no joy to be had any movie that is about cities. On tank treads eating other switch. I'm sure is the reason he bought the rights to make that book book into a movie. Like and and the thing about the thing about Peter Like I've been thinking about this a lot because there is that like dream that Peter Jackson's just GonNa make another fund fun like low budget movie but I feel like he's become he's become such like industry now that like if he were to make a small movie he like he would not be able to hire as many of the people that rely on it. Thousands thousands of people would be out of work if he decided to make bad taste. There's not like that although I wonder griff now that you mentioned a him buying the rights the book I wonder if he was like that. Why a book the mortal something and he wanted mortal instruments city of bones and? They brought him this when he was like this. Wasn't that like when you're when you tell your grandma like that vendors movie and she comes back with the with the with the generic like Like the jurors like the rip off and your grandma Sure this is just as good in fact. I think that's what happened. Peter Jackson sent his grandma out to go buy the rights. She got the wrong writes Grammy Jacksonville uh-huh going into a Bullseye interview. I know it's somebody who does amazing work but it gets an actual conversation. I don't know where it's headed to. Absolutely you're absolutely right. You said it actually better than I did so I have to think about what that beats these this this this straight. Talk that that you're going to get on the show Bullseye creators. You know creators you need to know find it at maximum fund dot. Org or wherever you get podcasts. Hi I'm Beth and I'm Teresa and we host one bad mother a comedy. PODCAST podcast about parenting whether you are a parent or just no kids exists in the world. Join US each week as we honestly share what it's like to be a parent. He's not really hard question. Did he answers for that either. Garner bank show of just five minutes. And there's Theresa crying and screaming until the altro is played so join US each week as we judge last last. Laugh more and remind you that you are doing a great job find us on maximum fun dot. Org On apple podcast. Or wherever you get your podcasts all right let's move on to a few sponsors the sponsors wondering if we could let Brendan talk a little bit about the new season Love Harvey Girls Forever. Now thank you very much. Yeah starting November twelfth at any time thereafter Season three of Harvey Girls Forever. We'll be streaming on Netflix The third season about our show which is about a Audrey Lotta dot three classic Harvey Comics Characters reimagined for modern audiences and their goal is just to make it make their block the best place to ever have a childhood. It's trying to keep the feeling of that time between when you left school before he went home for dinner alive forever We try keep it relatable for all kids and adults and a lot of jokes for people of all ages especially episodes written by Elliot here L.. Oh Yeah Oh yeah. One of them does feature a Judas priest style song about a trove of deadly toys that were pulled from the market but yeah season season three premiered where we add richie. Rich Far and away. The biggest name out of the Harvey Comics Characters He joins our cast for this season of voiced by Jack Quaid from the boys He's Super Hilarious and really fun and reimagined him also so now he's a self may child billionaire and yeah just a pretty fun character and we have some good comedy folk galway's in their lap kisses are star and Danny Pudi in this season. We've got Kristin China within and a camp and a lot of really funny people coming by and having a good time with us. It's a really fun show and I like it a lot and my children like it a lot and I think you'll like it a lot too and if enough people watch maybe we'll finally get that season where you can bring baby Huey and that has been our Dr Dream the entire time. I think actually you know what I don't want to spoil but I'll save astute watchers season. Three perhaps there is some baby. Huey Easter eggs in there will be huge eggs enormous burden. Now I apologize for not actually previously being familiar with the show. But I have to ask so it's based on these Harvey Comics Characters. Have you expanded Have you spent character of dot. Because if I recall her whole thing was just that she likes polka dots. Yes no that was absolutely are Audrey Thankfully Audrey actually pretty much worked as is dot. We expanded to be She is very very precise and exacting about everything so to her it was like the dot is the most perfect thing ever. 'cause it's a perfect circle so it's something. She always strives for and loves. But it's more of just yeah acting character and she starts dots everywhere and then those dots become spirals and then her body starts growing into a spiral. Yeah it's called. It's called Izumo girls. And then she ends when she meets spiral and goes the mojo verse in. Yeah is pretty cool. Crossover one of those X.. Men Characters I love and I don't know why because I've never read a story where she's been any really good in it. She's a Cool Design de Weird Samurai helmet and arms and the mood smoot the fern apple bottom jeans spiral gets low low low and then we took Basi Lata as is but made it her. She has an appetite for life and for love and compassion and took out the fact that every comic basically just had jokes about her eating giant sandwiches. Save that for. They don't WanNA steal it. Okay all right well. Thank you for that But yeah thanks onto sponsors. I do want to okay. I don't feel like we acknowledge this enough. 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Yeah no problem Dan. What's next after squares? I've believe I sent you a couple of jumbo's Joe Joe jumbotrons. That's that's right. That's certainly got one message is for rusty. This message is from Haley. Happy Fortieth Birthday. I hope this message finds you sometime around November seventh but if not oh well. You're still getting a shout on one of the greatest podcasts of all time I'm you'll always be the bikini to my car. Wash the castle to my freak and you make every day feel like cage Miss Dadi and I I love you so much. Now I'm staring down the barrel. The big four myself guys though. I wish somebody would have a a get such a nice message for me. On one of my favorite podcasts. Alright Stewart I'll get you a jumbotron on some kind of small figure Aguirre painting. Thank you talk. What car talk or car on? Yeah I mean it's hard to get jumbotrons card since they just run reruns. Also the jumbotrons is kind of specific. Samak's fun things. I mean. It should be to be honest if you told me that that car talk. If if I didn't know it was a public radio. Show if you told me on Max and be like Oh yeah like two crazy guys who are brothers and they talk about cars really kind of talk about whatever and they have a lot of Corny corny jokes. Yeah that fits on maximum. Jesse get on get get the car. Talk license okay. I've got a jumbotron to this message is for Ali and it's from emily. It's reads happy anniversary. mysexy science nerd. Thank you for the best year of my life. You are the most caring loving fun person. I could found parentheses and that asks though and I'm so glad that you accidentally accepted my friend request. I'd rather be in a long distance relationship with you then a short distance relationship with anyone else. That's four Ali from emily. A couple of sweet messages frumpy doorbell. Are there any other plugs. We've done our touring for twenty nineteen. We're in talks verge going twenty figuring figuring out where to go he passed. We passed the Taurean tests when people we do a show when people tell us if it's a computer or robot or not basically Yeah we've plugged. Brendan do you guys have anything. Thank you well at all anything. There's I mean yes there's lots lots of stuff. There's a flop house. Merchandise available online. Steward is looking into some new things for future shows specifically really and we just. I don't know you can always go pick up a copy meets dog but we can also move onto the next part of the Pie. Yes you you know I just want to blow over you guys. Yeah give us a chance to you. Know strut around like the peacock's that we are actually Dan blow over me for a second. ooh That feels nice. Oh it feels very now. So D- Forty days and forty nine thousand talking about all right. This first letter is from Julie lasting withheld. It's eight follow up to a previous letter. Julie Rights please accept my. I apologies for the confusing email about coming of age movies to clarify. What movies can I show? My son wants he becomes a thirteen year. Old Man that he would not have seen seen as a mere twelve year old boy. Our secret theme to his Bar Mitzvah is Werewolf Bar Mitzvah. So maybe ginger snaps works is love. Always Julie and I just want to point out. I correctly interpreted this email Elliott foolishly thought it was about coming of age movies so put it on the scoreboard. Stewart's UH Danny champion of the world. Okay and I'm I'm Elliot. The big biggest losers Dan Scott Point and Elliott three hundred polling neck and neck getting closer nipping at my heels day to get on the board so of course this obviously it depends on when when he turns thirteen. But I would say I don't know maybe like Star Wars rises skywalker. Yeah Yeah it's it's it's been so hard for him to see parasite returned thirteen dean. I you know there's a couple kinds of movies. I started watching it. I was thirteen was like that's why I became a real serious sin. And so I'd recommend maybe like Hitchcock's movies are good ones to start watching when you're like thirteen but also the ones I plan to show my son when he turns thirteen robocop alien taking Pelham one-two-three the violent and and swear filled movies that I can't show him now but when he turns thirteen. God says he's a man so I guess it's time for him to watch movies. Where People's head exploded? I just watched a movie that my mom made me watch when I was a little kid. 'cause she thought I'd love it. I watched creepshow two again and Yeah it was pretty good otherwise yeah right I mean it's I mean it's all pretty good but it also like a kid like I couldn't swim in a lake ever. Yeah it is my exact pitch on that that was gonna be a horror anthologies actually exert kind of my gateway to Har was around thirteen and it was like partially is the TV show tells me dark side or tales from the crypt the dark side movie or also then loving creepshow movies so I I also watching tales from the dark side of the movie this week and wow what I just loved. The college students are Christian. Slater Steve Buscemi and Julianne Moore. Yeah if we're talking about movies the the that we watch where thirteen Dan you answer Dan. You answer this question the right way last time. You don't need to worry about answer I was GONNA say So if you WANNA do it it. Dan McCoy style. What you gotTa do is you have to You should purchase them premium cable channels preferably at this point in time Showtime time around. So your son can sneak out late at night and watch whatever. Erotic programming is episodes shameless shameless nurse. Jackie Ray Donovan scrambled and then like half him here like an urban legend that if you like run it through your VCR scrambles at a little cooler if you flip back and forth between the channels really fast. A few seconds of claritin before for goes out Dan. I would've thought you'd say cinemax the show the channel that after a certain point was just like this is what we do. HBO Has Cleared All. That stuff. Fought like it's trying to pretend it never happened but I was talking to somebody about the show dream on recently and they did not know it had ever existed and I was like this was. HBO's bread and butter for it was like a dumb Sitcom where ladies took their shirts on. That's all they had for a while. You know I just got done watching the first season of the righteous gemstones and I feel like they kept the nudity but it's old old dudes wieners all. It's all like guys with big old bellies with wieners HBO B. O.. Home Ball Office. the second and for this episode of final letters from Hannah last name withheld. Hannah writes dear. Dance to Elliott Elliot and Of course Brennan our guest. She wrote that. How did she You know we got to ask Hanna. I want to start by saying I love your. He's just get under bad side. Here's my question. I did cool mental exercise recently. where I figured out what interests me and a character? I thought it might be cool for you guys to give it a shot to so think of like three to five favorite characters from different pieces of media or canons. If you like I did ten. But you don't halftime for that. Once you have them all lined up to see lined up. See what they have in common. Some of mine were Hans Solo. Luke oop from the adventure zone Hawkeye for marvel comics. Not Mc you. She's very clear about that. And and Sherlock Holmes Jeremy Yeah no she's right using them and some others. I found the thing that I look for our characters who are self determining self sorry self determining self actualising charlize ing. They decide what they're going to be slashed going to do and they become it or do it good or bad they make their own pads rather than following. Maybe this is too complex Alexa question. But I'm really curious as to what draws the flappers two characters keep on flop and Hannah lasting with health Yeah if you don't have anything off the Bat I thought about mine I picked Sherlock Holmes of course sure handed scrooge because because the thing you like his characters were addicted to scrooge mcduck Yup Yes sir. Okay and and the things that I came up with for those are they're kind of like these characters that have this this comfortable normal life From the day to day but they cannot be happy unless they're out on adventures and also they're all sort sort of throwback characteristics in a way I mean obviously like Sherlock Holmes is not throwback. He's just old but scrooge mcduck is in that tradition of globe trotting adventurer adventure and Indiana Jones self-consciously old-fashioned story. Also my girlfriend immediately when I told her these his character. She's like Oh. They're all grumpy. People who are secretly nice underneath it and I'm like I didn't notice that take someone who spends a lot of time with me to see what I might have in common with these characters that would draw me to them. Yeah but also a couple of other characters like I really liked. Despite Mike Chris brats weirdness in real life and the fact that he was his character is not particularly written well outside of the Guardians Films. I think I don't like Nick. How he was treated in the avengers movies as much? I like Star Star Lord a lot and I like Han Solo obviously a lot and both of those are kind of the same a guy who secretly very capable. But it's also kind of a doofus and I find that very appealing. I don't know about secretly. They're always talking about how great they Dr. Okay not secretly but like we'll secretly and that like beneath their bragging they actually are good at what they do but they're also like just dorks. Yeah let's see so I'm going to pick three. Let's see obviously Jack Burton from big trouble. Mold China Alexis rose from Shits Creek. And I guess Tetsuo Shima from Akira. So let's see what are they asking. What's interesting I ah I mean they all have an impeccable sense of style have great great hair? I mean here is a big deal. Tetsuo has fantastic. I think they're you. You know little mysterious backgrounds. But they're also yeah. I think they're capable. Let's see their their their products of the the hostile environment in which they exist that they have to they have to deal. They have to overcome their adversity. And they too it kind of you know. And they're all they're all the magic powers and yeah you're watching Shits Creek. It's it's crazy it's crazy season. I guess I haven't gotten past the first season yet. I guess I guess it gets a little well. You gotTA catch up. I picked four characters. One of them is kind of a grandfathered in. I don't feel the same way about them. But I did for a long time those characters spider-man Nick Charles Bugs Bunny and hall of Famer Boba Fett and I guess thinking about them they all have kind of like a certain amount of real competence but also confidence in themselves except for Spiderman and they've all got mentioned style. They've all got their signature. Loan you can identify them by a silhouette. If Silhouette shows Nick Charles Mustache and also these holding a whisky tumbler in his hand and except for Boba Fett. They're all real talkers and jokesters offers. So who would have thunk it now. Boba Fett of course. I've talked on the PODCASTS previously. About how I liked him when I was a kid because of the fantasy of being so cool that people were just always in our view and also you were masks. No one could see your true face but you know what he's kind of a do when it comes down to it since as we've seen the stores movies he's not very good at his job. Everyone thinks he's great but it turns out he just has a good pressing. Yeah ethical helmet. Yeah I have too soon. There's like there's some kind of Fox News type type thing in the universe that's always spinning Boba. Fett failures as huge victories. And they're like Boba Fett showed. Those rebels got knocked into the Sarawak. They fell for for hits. Oh boy he's playing three dimensional chess here. That's a start anyway. He's he's like that character king in one punch man who everybody thinks is the strongest congressman. But he's actually just a guy who looks scary so Brennan. Who Do you choose all right so obviously it was Roszak John? Gosden Zack. Snyder Superman Young. You know my my three. I I went with a railing. Givens the more Leonard Character from God is unjustified Martin Blank from Grosse Pointe Blank and your Brown from why the last man okay And and basically is all would be smartest men in the room type who cover their emotions in humor was what I kind of realized that ultimately most at least two of those three are ultimately pretty damaged managed underneath but all three are slowly trying to be a little more self aware and better and what. I'm has a pet monkey and one of them. Does everybody monkey. and honestly I mean railing would have been even cooler monkey monkey and the monkey has a gun too little sunlight Manhattan. Yeah the hat had let. And then they've that they could do another season because it'd be about the Mon God. Yeah yeah the monkeys dramatic traumatic past. Yeah Yeah exactly. Oh boy every monkey that you see that is a pet has a traumatic. Nobody like recruited that monkey out of college and the monkey was like. Yeah yeah this sounds great. I'd like to be your pet. You're putting friends into stark relief right now. I mean it's clear now that that Ross and friends is a bad person. Yeah there's no there's no monkey who's hanging out in the jungle and his like I really wish I lived in an apartment New York and someone else who was not even when my species controlled. When I ate and where I Shat I would love? That is just doesn't exist. Yeah Okay Dan counterpoint argue. Why monkeys wannabe pets uh-huh they like grinding organs. Dancing Dorgan's underground. How does that work with all those brands? Of course it was that a coworker. Well let's move onto recommendations movies that you should watch definitely instead of mortally engines which was a big waste of everyone's time editorializing I'll I I. I want to know Dan Dan. I appreciate go out on a limb after this podcast we were pretty ambivalent about whether we didn't like it. I'm going to run through actually a bunch of movies and do it very quickly because this think of this as my shock tober like a cap to the shack tober season. I saw like literally eleven or twelve. A horror movie is over the past couple of weeks and I just want to highlight a few of them. I saw the movie pieces which I think is the Spanish film that I think it's a slasher. It's it's not a good movie. It's a very silly movie. It's a slasher movie with with all that implies if you're not into slash it into a movie that has a fair amount of female nudity and violence against women. I understand but that's like a big component lashes are If you want to see a dog though there is one in that movie so long alert nowhere. Nowhere else to see them. But it's a it's a very very goofy horror movie. I showed it in my house. If you WANNA movie that a lot of people are gonNA have a ball laughing at house. Yeah come to my house. I saw at the Alamo Marathon. I saw centipede horror horror from one thousand nine hundred eighty two Hong Kong horror movie And it has kind of like a Hong Kong Kung Fu vibe even though as a horror movie it's about like people getting cursed with Cintra. pede curses alley being cursed and I realized that how does that. How does that manifest what you said that we know it centipede? Repeat curses are well basically are attracted to these people and they're like these highly poisonous centipedes tonight but I I realized that luckily they only have a million legs right. Yeah I realize that. There's there's a lot of the supernatural in in Western horror but there's not a lot of straight up magic in western Hor compared to eastern whore like this is a movie that literally has to wizard's duels in it so if that that appeals to you. Try and find centipede Hor. It was very entertaining. I watched the movie bones with Snoop Dogg which I had heard was not good I think because in addition to horror movies near here to set the record straight well look just let me save my thing in addition to horror movies. There's no need to interrupt enlisted a horror movies not being a critical favorite genre. I think that Black themed movies are often not given their due. You and I will take my licks in that area to like. I am not going out and watching as many black fame movies as I could as a white I remember you you. I think you said it on. The podcast referred to Selma as snore. Fest hasn't seventy so. Please do not spread around as a thing that happened Your lies allies I believe I believe the quote was ghetto said. Dan McCoy but bones is a lot of fun it's structured by Ernest Dickerson. who was spike Lee? Cinematographer for a long time and then a director his own right. He didn't tell Crypt Demon Knight. Another horror movie. That's scraped better than you would think and bones is fine. It's kind of starts starts out like a socially conscious horror movie and then turn snoop Dogg into Freddie by the end of it. It's fun and then last Sui gets finger and last night I watched a crawl the the movie by Alejandra who did Parana Three D.. That Elliott and Brendan and I all watched on Elliott's wedding day and it's a movie movie about a woman trapped in a flooding house during a hurricane trying to save her dead as alligators. Swim all around. And it's a lot of fun and Barry Pepper Blazer. Swim in coach dead. Yeah that's it. That's what a lot of movies I'm going to recommend a movie called ashes into embers. I this is an independent film from nineteen eighty to that until recently was really only seen much on festival circuits but gave Ernie's Company has arranged a limited release for it and I saw it on the Turner Classic Movies App so it may still be able and other streaming areas It's directed by a highly Reema And Stars his actor Jon Anderson and it's the the story of a black Vietnam veteran who is having trouble reintegrating into society and it does such a good job of like getting you inside of his ahead. It's a very independent film. A very like you know rough production-wise movie in some put in some hearts but it's like an leans a lot on a Vietnam stock footage at times times in a way that is sometimes removing sometimes. It's like yeah I've seen that footage but It's it does such a good job of putting you inside the mind this character and it's a story that a lot of other movies movies have told about Vietnam veterans having trouble getting back to mainstream America. But it's rare that I've seen it in this way also about someone who is dealing with the fact act that they're black in America and that is not easy and it touches on the kind of multigenerational aspects of that what it means to the people around him and and how he interacts differently with the people that he is relationships with. And it's just a really like deep rich movie and it structured almost more like a novel than like a straightforward plot lot and so I found the whole thing very like hypnotic by the end and very moving and there's a couple of really great speeches in so if he can find it and I hope you can. It's called ashes and embers Renan. What are you got breath? I got one and I checked the flop house wicky. I don't think he has a recommended. Ready or not. The recent horror comedy. I know all right. Yeah but you didn't okay cool Yeah ready or not. A superfund horror comedy very reminded me of your next While playing playing a little bit with class warfare not very subtly but in a really fun entertaining way Yeah Stars Samarra Wiley who was also in the other. SUPERFUND horror movie. mayhem It's just it really is just kind of case of a bride learns on her wedding night that the family she gets married into has a crazy tradition that that could potentially lead to the family trying to kill her and in this case does and Madison hijinks ensue. It's it's gory and funny and Worth Chicken second wait. They wait until she's ready right Well I mean they give her a standard counter and they do. I believe let her know they are coming. Okay yeah so so. I'm going to recommend a movie that kind of keeps with the theme of a young woman who is wronged and seeking revenge I'm recommending The last minute fund roller coaster of a movie called the Nightingale. And I'm being totally sarcastic. It is not fun This is a very difficult movie to get through. It is the latest movie from Jennifer Kent. The writer director of the Bobby Duke and this is the movie that she felt very passionately. She wanted to follow following that It's about a period piece. It's a young woman in a young young woman who is getting out of indentured servitude or trying to in Colonial Tasmania and she suffers offers. a horrible abuse at the hands of The the the man in the English officer running the outpost and and it's very difficult to watch and then the story kind of pulls back and you get to see kind of the situation all through. Tasmania at that time. Time and the horrors that are being Put upon the indigenous peoples there and it's Yeah it's a really difficult watch but it's also very good so if you are ready to watch something that is not going to be easy to sit through and you might have to walk away a couple of times. Yeah yeah check it out the nightingale and if people want something that's easy to watch this should watch the old cartoon. Tasmania where it's has and his family. Oh man they actually edited new scenes into that. I don't think it's real easy to watch. They could look at the wall. All which is like right there. Unless you're outside and then it's Kinda hard to watch she had to go back inside That's true yeah can't can't watch it on your phone. Yeah Chris Chris Nelin loves it so guys but I mean he's like every movie is projected on a wall. The most basic movie is that what if we we don't have to worry about film stock because there is no film it's just and they're like taking away Moi's nine saying it wasn't me that did it was. The Wall. Wall killed them the wall. Whatever you say director Nolan very respectful? Hey before we go up and just want to say thank you maximum network. Thank you for Jordan editing. The show Go over to Mex- maximum fun dot Org. Check out all the other podcasts. On the network some of them like us are about film some of them like us are comedy not neither both things. Some of them are just culture. Yeah yes some of

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Going Green (Ft. Hilton Carter)

On One with Angela Rye

1:01:32 hr | 3 months ago

Going Green (Ft. Hilton Carter)

"Steady strap into right. Not people of god and everything. Welcome to this edition of on one with angelo ri- it is a hybrid podcast. Today we are doing a masterclass with the best of the best in the plant world. We're also going to talk. The hilton carter is the best of the best about his new book. That i'm happy to hold up in front of me. Well why he asked three bucks. I have three of them. I found to win this one. I've been flipping through. I can't wait to jump you today. Ungraded me cannot complain. I'm so excited about this as you know because i was in your dm's like when can we tilton hapu. Has that even happen where they do that at. And you were like happily and then you had. We need to do this right away. Of course of course the e back in from this book so far y inspiring feet split here exists in styling ideas for your own wild. Can you match booker day. I see you did there. I assume you did that. And i love it. I love if you wanna come come correct. I love the you. You did that for me. I really appreciate it. Which bevis same thought. My background would help claiming that also went to talk about do the right thing. Is you know you gotta do the right thing. When it comes to plant care as far as the the reception for as the book goes people have been telling me. They love it. they've been saying that there's one of their favorites of the three one of their favourite plant books out there. I think the reason why. I believe i tuned into what people really reacted to and my first book which was bothered home and it was a diy projects that so many Could not only pull plant here tips from but they could utilize some of the things that they were learning in the book in bring that in their homes and in this book the reason why it came about was because i was supposed to go out on a bookstore Last april four while the interiors because of the pandemic obviously everyone had to quarantine stay at home so in that moment of just trying to figure out what to do with myself. I wanted to create something that if i ever found myself in this situation again or any of us ourselves in situations they could Do projects at home that they can do their friends family members or alone with the items possibly. They already have in their home or just order online. So that's how walk reaches came about filled. It would be. I y projects isla plant hats that i've been doing secretly myself at home. It's like some of those old school remedies. Be your grandmother. Grandparents would Talk to you about as far as playing here. I also talked a lot in that book about my own I would say philosophy when it comes to plant here night. Nut chapters coal plant ranks where i just drilled home. The real need to provide plants with proper care so that you can see your investment really come to life stay alive and truly benefit from plants so a moment ago heels in you mentioned the importance of planet cancer. And i'm dying to know from your vantage point. I know you touched on this. A little bit in the book but with quarantine Folks being at home where than they probably have in years. I know that definitely my testimony. I have much people got a hold of two things. Maybe three things. I'd say the first thing for me. I went to comfort food. The next thing was the set in my partner. My boyfriend kareem has a dog. Smokey but we decided to quarantine together so all a dog person. I've been scared of dogs and the thing was planned already getting into plants. I had like you know four five. Now there's you know arguably greenhouse being graded here you might definitely argue that given this condition were later but how would other notice people gravitating tours in. Would you say to people who are like. okay. I am the plant master. Now come in an excerpt my garden. I love that you became a dog. Person escalona the plant care department for shore comfort food. We all need it. I don't think i need quarantine to be someone. Who's buckled down. And only she cover food. I think comfort comfort food is what you should be eating just because we should all feel comfortable right Stretch pants anymore. That company has eliminated. Are you good thing spring while you're living in la so. I was for us on the east coast. Spring is so everyone's going to be a bit more mobile now. But i think i think the idea that Being most people found themselves in spaces that they really didn't think about too much as far as how it should make them feel. They sleep there. They wake up eat. Maybe then go to work than spend a lot of times outdoors than come home sleep. But it wasn't. How can you make a space. He'll like the energy Give the energy that you need in your life daily. Make a space that you never want to leave for me. That's what i've been trying to create my space to be over the past six seven years as a space that i feel like i told you i used to work freelance. Our latte from all so for me. My home was The the the area where i needed to give the most attention shoots. I spent a lot of time trying to trying to curate that for myself. So when quarantine hit people found themselves in. I would say dark hard stale spaces where they have a lot of life in them in a lot of. Let's say i don't want to push this. More to the millennials but people who were found themselves more urban environments more cities spaces where there's nothing like here in baltimore. If you look at most windows you're gonna find but concrete asphalt in brick right so if you didn't have plants in home in all you're looking at outside your window or hard materials. You definitely felt like you were missing something in so many of us wanna be want to feel connected to nature in having ability to bring plant same can actually help the process. I feel like a lot of folks filled their space up with more than one plant. Maybe they did have four or five and then all of a sudden it's like i got a jungle in my apartment and that's where the issues coming especially at your someone who found yourself bringing plants around this time of year spring or summer last year. fall winter hit. Because that's the time of year when i'll say your your real plants. Parenting will be tested yours. Joe truly be tested on that time here because there's not as much light your your soil to drop faster warring bit off. Beings are going to start to happen. So i feel like people brought in of plants to surround themselves around this lush oasis in their home. They also found themselves in a bit of trouble finding them finding their emotions being attacked. Because if you're like me you start to see a plant suffer. You start to feel bad and the whole idea of bringing plants in is to feel good to feel those benefits of plants meeting your space right so if you start to see them suffer in your in that plant that you bought when all green and lush big is starting to turn brown and yellow. That's not going to make you feel good. So i think right now to me. It's it's was important. When i needed to put in that book because i heard so many of my friends would judge me for being a plant lover questioning everything i did last year. So many of the reached out like He please help me with this plant. Brought in and. I don't know what's happening and i saw the happy and i wanted to make sure end while cases. I spoke about that about how it's important to understand. What is what is going to benefit you. I in what you can actually provide care to. That's said having that dog in your life smoking. You said having having smoking in your life who helped you thank here because when it comes to dogs i have a dog. Abadaka had two cats wife brought into broadcast into my world. But i got my dog. Because i wanted. I wanted to care for an animal that everyone needed meghan from shelter. But i also knew that because i had this dog he would change in shift my day to day right so every single day regardless of is raining snowing super high sleeping outside. I gotta take him out four times a day so i know what is going to be necessary to provide that animal with the type of care he needs to actually live right so having a dog will help you in the process understanding what type of plants personal plant parent. You wanna be because there are some so there's some plants out there that required daily attention versus some plants that only needed to be around. Maybe every other week maybe every three weeks so knowing how to deal with those things can help you but when when hit i think people just went out like i'll say this birkin here. People went out and bought plants because they just love the color of the shape design of the foliage. Though like look at those white leaves popping up they saw that near like gimme that plant but they never considered. I'll say that light that they had in their home. They considered how often families be watered. They just looked at as a plant that needs light water in. They'll they're going to give those plants type of care they want versus giving that plan to the type of needs as Point you know you talk about the amount of time. That you spend clamp near and that's another thing baby i know i did was like oh. This is beautiful. I want my homes a bill better. Since people can't be with covert. I want to clear their house. Constituent that bills good in that but to the quaint there are some plants. That are temperamental. Just like some of your favorite els result. Yes not really know how to deal with wrestle with those should be given these away. Like what am i doing it by like killing plan like you know there. There's all of that. You spend a lot of time on to talk to the audience. About how much time you actions been watering your plants. Here and how many been angeles great question i mean. A lot of a lot of plants are temperamental. Lot of them have their own personalities. Aspire actually name a lot of my plants. I talked about that in the book. As far as like how can create that connection that bond with your plants that helps people in their care process for me in where we are today In our apartment. I have over two hundred plus points in here so in the process of care. It's it's a. It's a daily thing thing for a lot of the plants lot firms. California's slammed theorem so sort of plants. Need moisture almost daily saw myself. Walking around i'll stick my fingers soil or cigna moisture meters soil miss teen those plants daily. Because they need that. And i have plants. That don't require my attention as much like cacti. Succulents snake lanzi plants. So i have. I'll say i haven't eclectic taste. When it comes to the types of plants. I'll bring in but so the care time as a weekly probably add up to about six eighty seven hours dawn this time of year because there's more plants that will require water more often this time of year but just coming off a winter i was probably came from maybe three maybe four hours a week not as much because a lot of the plants they dormant during the colder months. They don't need as much moisture. There's not as much light so you still got focused on that. But you're not spending as much time with them right now. There's a lot of re potty. That's taking place. There's a lot of fertilizing plants. That's taking place this extra stuff that you're doing that you aren't going to be doing darn fall and winter and that's something that people should know like don't grow season right grow season anywhere. Spring and summer is when you're playing in the mood. They're ready to grow the ready to fry. You provide them with those things that will allow for them to do so providing them with that those nutrients that food so fertilizing them is a great right now repotting plants to give those roots more room to grow. Broke your plants that so there's more things that'll be. That'll be added to your schedule when you have a plants during this time of year. So if you're someone who brought in one point and you can focus on that one plant. I'm posited that plant drive because you're putting all your energy care except when plant my mom had one chow. She said you know what i'm gonna. I'm gonna focus this dude. Only s good job. I think she says she was. You had to. But she has five of us. I've seen my cousins some of them. They're all not as great as they could be. There was just one like me of those my cousins under the bus. What i'm saying is is is is being able to focus in on that cared for me. I've i've i've made it so that i know for a fact i gotta give two hundred plus plants that attention that care. I just decided to just fill all your plans. And they only consider the ones that i feel are important only focused. I'm gonna find a lot of plants that are gonna suffering die so i say when it comes to care just know how much time you have in your schedule and i don't know how often i know corinthian. A lot of people were at home. But you seem like you would be flying around. Don don don travel working a lot so someone who works light that particular types of plants especially in your home if you if you're only providing the care aren't going to survive that sort of situation so i'd say folks think about the type of person you are if you're someone who's forgetful or you travel a lot Bring plants. that came him. Be there but when you return versus a plant like any sort of fern that needs to be there every single day to water to mystic. So those are the things i think about when it comes to playing killer the amount of time putting you'll you'll see those benefits back for sure this evening of hairy awesome talk about The fact that you not only name your plants. You talk to your plan. Kerr's parts of the plant but you play music with any cuss words on there with the latest. This your your plan won't play music with rebating rather than songs that have words. Both i i play. I've played different types of music. I will say that for sure. I don't play a lot of wanna say my plants in that sort of my wife does like to hear a lot of it. So i will. I will play those. But if i had an airpods as i might be listening to while playing gear while i'm doing my plane care but when playing music for the plants let's say The type of music. I'm playing It all depends this all over the place. I might be playing a little bit of tame. Impala i'm not sure if you know tame impala is i might be playing a little bit of a now. We say no curse. Words is is hard to say. But i do. I do play a lot of future home. And i try to limit the curse words that are up in. I do think you're just like your dog. I'm not sure if your boyfriend His dog is taken on the personality of him. You know how they say like your. Your dog starts to look like you overtime. I hope it looks more your your boyfriend or your dog. Look more like each other right. my dog looks a little bit like me. I'm guessing as he has ages but my plants kinda the same where they're taking on my on my personality so they'll listen to the type of music that i listen to before they Go often want to listen to. Let's say some sort of classical any sort of our say a Standard just just the low key vibes side. So i try to. I try to very sort of mood. I'm providing my plants shore that that is so interesting out creations. I think needs a playlist in all of us who are learning how to be better. When i'll i'll say this sure. I'm actually working on a plant care. Painless right at this very moment just started i just i last week. I was like you know what i wanna do. This people keep asked me to put it together. I was like you know what. I'm gonna do it as a lot of songs that i feel like will put you in that in that moment. Not just to me. It's not be about plant plant care so so for me. The process is very therapeut-. I'm not sure if that's you as well. But that is something that i consider a benefit of plant care at find myself in that like meditative state when i'm moving through in watering plants. It just a way to escape and not think about what else unhappy in the outside world. Like when i'm worth plant i'm not old. Mike foale instagram. I'm not reading all the craziness on twitter and then he with that plant in. That's the immense. What i feel like helps individuals. When it comes to bring implant said i know you mentioned the idea of plants cleaning air. Maybe adding oxygen to states. Those are i would say very miniscule benefits truly because you need so many plants to change the air quality in such a small footprint space like i would need maybe a thousand plants just in a small area just to really change the air quality here right so for me. It's like touching on the true benefits. Real tangible benefits debt can help it. Individuals bringing plants saying provide like going through that meditators as almost like descending down in closing your eyes right in disallowing all of that all of that goodness to reach whether that's not talk about this new book is like riding a candle whether that's Play music like you said you can just sit and relax and allow yourself to feel a bit removed from all of the craziness in the world. That's what for me. Plants provide wild. Those other things are happening. So when i'm watering plants. I start by first. Putting on music i think burn a little bit of palestine so then phillip the warring can and then. I'm moving my way through my apartment as that smoke kind of seek throughout the air as those ads. Those vibes music is still in air as missing. All those things are now meet in the mood to relax to get into my zoom moment in a making fielder right they can think about different things and then when i'm seeing new growth unfairly then i'm feeling good feeling positive about what i am doing. If you're someone who has seen your plant dying that whole thing about plants make people happy will be completely shifted. Where plants make you sad because you're seeing the who wants to fill their homes with so much negativity when there's so much negativity outside of their own right. It's like why not bring in pieces that can make you feel good. Remind you of of those moments when you were. Maybe on vacation for me. That was the the first reason why i brought. Tropical plant. san was reminded me now like wind living in baltimore. The i've been to my been costa rica. i've been to mexico. City all these tropical places that i think back into my brain and reminisce on that moment now in my home. I kind of have a touch of that here as well so i feel like that's like that to me is a is the ultimate benefit of having plants. Whether it's you know like play music lighting candles all those things. Those are just ways to elevate your mood. Spiritually emotionally just make you feel a bit better so renewed think about consciousness. I'm totally with you. Talked about a palestine till in sage in the book And candles and i have a whole addiction in problem. Have that's the everywhere. It's in abundance. I should probably send you but you know the other being that. I am starting to like consider as particularly around sage. Unshowy outside is very growing sage tune. But i'm worried about Apple people harvest stage in hala santoro recreating or damage. How do you balance Setting the right atmosphere with plant consciousness the same way. The animal lovers alike. Well i'm not gonna eat his annointing lawyer. I'll be cool on. His green like is us a great s such a great question especially with this earth lum earth day coming up so you know what is one of those things where some folks i'll i'll. I'll just be jokingly. I'll say this although you know what i'm so deep in my love for plants. I don't eat salads. Like i don't mess with any salads like i don't eat my friends so you know it's like you shouldn't eat this particular type of animal but they're all of you eighty another type been so i feel like for me when it comes to plant their arlos things where i'm trying to figure out how to. It's a delicate balance. Like there are many things that i tried to vague about how i can be better for the planet planet itself right so when it comes to repurposing certain things especially when you're bringing plants in while i love a great planter right. I love it some of my plants. I'll keep in as you can see how this one here this little stair i keep in their nursery pots and when i want to upgrade this into a normal pots ceramic pot Melpar whatever it is out save the actual Nursery pot the plastic container. Because i have propagation can go in to those parts instead of. Just toss them out to the trash because while might think that they can be recycled because the classic. That's not the case. They can be repurpose right. So i tell folks if you are going to bring in a bunch of fancy. I've goes nursery pots. Instead of tossing trash maybe take back to the nursery or the plant shop that you got them from. Maybe they can repurpose them and put other plants in them as the plants that they have started to grow and develop so. There are small thing about that while this harvesting any sort of I would say sage or burning. Let's say policy told those things think about as well like you said. But i i am. I am like most individuals in this world. I come with a lot of flaws right. So while i try my best to be As a conscious of what's of what. I'm doing that the footprint on the on on the planet itself. I also know that i can do better in. I'm trying to find those ways. I sell product in went unpacking those products. I'm always thinking about how much of this can be recycled later. Like how much of this is just gonna be waste right so i decided that i would only pack with gis cardboard and paper. That's it however. I needed to move a product from one place another. That's how we do it. But a lot of these actors and then being shipped one point like like the knights. Most of them aren't going around there flying from short distances. So there's a lot of that that you have to try to ease your way around But still a very aware of what you're doing so you can hopefully be better for it later so you can try to think away so i've been. I've been thinking a lot about how i operate number. I'm gonna say this as someone who grew up in a family that looked at fashion as as something that was important you know. I don't know if you're like my grandmother always said if you look good you feel good and it was always about like the clothing war and my my wife is is why stock asian and A goddaughter over easter Was was asking about our easter outfit and life was like. What does she east fit. I was like when easter you get an easter outfit. What are you talking about. You get the outfit that you wear the church and then you get the outfit after church right and so that's how i grew up so my god it was like. That's what i presented her with like. You have to have this this sort of thing right you have to have east stop outfit. And then you're after church outfit and my wife just looked at me laugh but i thought about that was like no. I don't do that for myself anymore. Like a spine. Those black almost like those those pieces that are more value to me that i'll continuously where versus pieces that i'm just gonna toss on for a day and then throw away next year or maybe the next week so i've been thinking about that as well so i don't know i'm just. I'm just trying to do whatever possible. I guess it is bought a item of clothing saints fall of nineteen. I've been just thinking like all these have. I know i know that. I i love him. I know some of the go out of out of style out of fashion. But you know what. I set my old fashioned a semi home style. But the same time like i don't need i don't need it and i'm trying to be more aware of the things that are necessary in think more about that in in spend money that way versus the things that i don't think Speak about me or tellers or or or save stuff to other vendors. Say about me. I more than me. Myself say Or or i mean to others of who i am so i. Those are the ways. I'm being more conscious about environment but at the same time. I think if you're if you're just aware of it you're trying your best. That's all you're going to before was speaking of flies. I'm gonna take you to seize them. I've off to. I've had some nasscom. We're gonna show you all that scope. I am my grandmother growing up with my grandmother. Myrtle ride she grew greens in her yard in strawberries Here with this garden on the wall that was planting gather there. It's a hit or miss over here so you were i. Drew are tried to plant my whole reminder. That i've been to tropical places to so let's go with the flaws first. Overall the midst of this i thought okay about the hicks. Or let's do it when we come out here. Johnson here's chew. Don't let me this hold on minnesota. Here's the situation. There are strong but there are strawberries. These are all going to break it up here me. He's frozen a little bit. Okay okay so on. This is tragic. This is one of these anything. Remember what they are a while. Well okay so First things first things first your your dabbling into a world that yet to dabble in which is outdoor guarding which i love and not and now the my wife and i purchased the home. I'm gonna have that ability to do so as well. The first thing i will say is this when it comes to guarding across the board whether indoor or outdoor the light itself is going to be important so when i look at that way what direction is that particular started defense getting light. We get light in the am right here in the like Normally is brighter right now. But it's like great direct sunlight right here got it so a lot of those plants of course when when outdoors sun exposure poli moisture drying up soil. So if you weren't watering that soil almost daily and you know it doesn't rain where you are often. I'm pretty sure. I think it looks like it just rained or something out there. Okay so so you're going to need to provide the water but again we were talking about being conscious of things in that nature. I don't know how much what are you guys. Can actually when it comes to water your gardens right like aren't you limited on how much water you can't just spill on all your plants. I don't know about. We'll say this. I'm listening. I was gonna say they do make those containers that gathering rainwater utilize that for your garden as well. That's the way to to look at it but they will need to be watered very often when they're outdoors. Okay so let me show you these really quick. We're going to be careful. Because i know that it was breaking up. So let me show you this really quick Can you hear me say okay. I can hear you. Nc east growing flowers. i was so severe. Jesus cheap grew. I bet they were gonna stay down in the ground. I've planted actually nash on my on my team and it was. It was such an incredibly hill inexperienced. But your hands in the dirt is great. Yes yeah i mean. Of course they're going to grow your providing them with light a lot of looks like what kind of supplements do you have. They do know now. Hilton you above my pay grade. I reminded me of the flowers that they have like in mexico. Like in cargo. Sure these are a little toasty. There little crispy. Hopefully we can bring them back. These these powers right here the same sizes either here at their sprouting. Like i was so surprised. Yeah i mean look as far as far as receiving the gifts of balloons that is that is showing off the fact that you you have done something right whether it was by mistake or by or by the fact that nature itself decided that it would provide. It was water. Obviously the rain. Or through the condensation of whatever's happened around there or just the fact that you planted in a really great spot for light. So that's good to see as far as where you live suckling gardens. Cacti gardens is such an easy thing to actually produce there and you can really see them. Thriving grow indefinitely. Blow all those plants blowing. So that's beautiful garden so we go ahead. I'm sorry now say when it comes to developing fruits herbs. That's a whole a whole different type of for that. Let me keep trying. 'cause granny was like she would brags you i my greens in my garden. Eaten some like. Let me try shoe as you should. I'm gonna. I'm gonna try to this house trauma handout. Maybe i can just learn Trial robbery so far. So it's not all the last guy this right here are some There's some sage growing here on this side. I have to jazz plants. This jasmine is going through some changes. Right here starting bom the little bit. Yeah you and all right. This looks like with great stage to see that it does look like you anyway. I'm not gonna eat. They don't try to come in. And then this is one thing. I wanted to discern talk about this this. I'm actually seeing this money. Sushi are still dettori the window. That's the that's the poll. S the draw of lights. Lean towards light. So this is what i'm talking about. Now you're gonna have to rotate more because you wanna keep that plant balance. You want a balanced growth. We're going to have to rotated more often. So once it starts to lean towards the window if you rotate it now. Only do the the foliage say the branches that are facing inside of the house not only are they now getting really good light but the plants the the ones that were face window that were leaning towards window. They'll start leaning back straighten themselves up. So as it lanes and you rotate it. It starts to give itself a better up right. Look versus pushing towards window because if that plant starts to lean too far i mean the money tree is pretty ben plant. So it's not going to have too much weight when it comes foliage of some your plants as they start to get bigger lean towards a window they can because of that waits in pulling they can fall over. And then you'll have yourself a broken planter or spoken branches voltage last rotated in a little bit. Let me enough. I need to turn it all the way i would say. I would say about ninety degrees. Every three weeks will be good hereford. I'll do that and the rest of the place in this area are. They're doing pretty well. But i'm going to take you to one. More is two tragedies but same problem. it's an hour and my skin. Secular little will be replace source. Why it's now say your breath year but it is the nets they got me this situation so this like i could seek right like this. This completely should hear this and it is like you can just dig in the dirt and see them and i like. I didn't repot this woman. I had that the folks. I get ovine floros by the way but they They redid this for me. Inner still can't see them but they were just in here even yesterday ensure so they tell. One person told me to Use peppermint so like a peppermint so mixture. Dr bronner filled with water. And then somebody else. I've tried both of those. That were off. there's were Say this as far as as far as getting rid of those those are good like remedies home home solutions that you can build. Put together a poor on your so. I would also say the best thing to do at this moment in a plant that you are growing outdoors right. I brought it outside so it didn't affect the plan. Oh got it got it. So i'm treatment yet. So so they're laying their eggs in that so in that is a plant. That doesn't need it soil to stay more so the first thing i was happening there. Is that your soil is saying to dance or too long right. Nats are attracted to damp soil. They fly in laid eggs in the soil in that necessarily having so once you started saying infestation. Let's say of just nat spine everywhere. The first thing you want to do is just a report that were fresh soil event before you put it repotting bags at saint part. You want to clean out the that. Have it in completely that sort of soap there as well and their fresh strip it down so this roots put fresh all around those roads in then you wanna water. It's after maybe a week of it being in its new soil but when it comes to your cycling make sure that they stay won the dry versus the the wet damper. So always make sure you have drainage hole in those spots. That's what's important in this one is at never in my building. Hallo this well this is my. I killed a bit in the move in this one. I completely took all the projects are about took the plane out reported it And it's i know the repoted. I did watch the out there. Definitely a net right here. I see what you're saying about the moisture this to my spring aloe plant. Yes way too much. So many comes to allies. Which had one right here to show you that. One of my in my. That's that's the whole thing out these desert plants when you when you touch their foliage if it feels full right if it feels like is big involve that is a well watered. Does a print cycling cockpits. You want to let me literally let that dry out. Make it question may make you question whether or not you are a good plant parent when it comes to water when it comes to watering always say this it is. It is easier to over water. Plant that you underwater planning when you're over water plant if you start to turn yellow bellied foliage is going to die is going to fall off in that at some point but if you underwater plant what you might get if you underwater and then give it water what you might get our brown spots on the edge. Maybe you might get at least at curls up meghan foley thanks for a bit but when you then water them it'll come back to life but those brown spots they'll be there but that leaf will still be around that that allah will still be a christie edge but at least it still be green where it is right so i was a lean more towards letting dry out completely i wanted my aloe and my whole in my home so i'm sure just indoors while right only because the nats they wanted to get out it got so i only wanted my nets indoors voter. I only want s indoor's like every every week. I wanted my aloe once every three weeks. Throughout spring and summer income fall winter. I wanted my aleks four every four every five weeks. I give them a long time before the awards for best thing. That's what i said when people started the process of if you buy a plan right now you don't know anything about plants. You bought plant spring. You're gonna think you are the plants guide. You're gonna think. I'm so good at this. All of these new blooms all these lease. that's because that plant that plant shopping during spring. That's when they grow the most once once winter hits. You're still thinking. I'm on my schedule. I wanted my plant every seven days. I'm good to go but you're not considering is at once you get cold outside or the inside of your own. Probably as well. The soil isn't gonna dry up as fast as they once did. So now that every seven day watering cycle that you had for. Let's say your money treat might now need to be every nine dates. Maybe every ten days or seventy seven in that's where bothering or understanding the moisture level. The soil will become important. That's when everyone's tested on how good they are at playing here is when it starts to become darker outside when it comes colder outside. You're dealing with all those issues. There's a couple of other things out here. I have birds paradise in their amazing. Look at this. Get ear to take their. Because i know we had a little bit of a connection issue outside on extend your list You can kind of see where it gets ready. Maybe that's just the facts of life over shore. I loved worried these like okay so those pygmy poems those those puck bombs there they need to be watered as well a bit more often so you see them not on how long you so just seeing the lower let's say the lower franz you're seeing them dry out that could be them just acclimating to the space. Had they been there. Offline or or law reminds out three months so they're still acclimating to the season change also to the space itself. So i would say just if you see lower growth starting to yellow or die off. That's not a bad sign. That's just a plant starting to act me if you see newer grove starting to turn brown starting to turn yellow. That could lead so real issue. All of those planters that you had them in the audrain up right. Yeah got it. So i will say the one thing. It's just a just a focus in on where your new growth is developing if you see new nugroho developing in it looks healthy green especially when it comes to pick me. You are good. But if you're seeing lower grope fall off or dry up turn yellow. That's just plain just acclimating. Just changing. I wouldn't freak out about it too much right now. Let's say three months now. If it's still happening you're gonna wanna increase the moisture of your soil. You might wanna come out water almost daily or every two days. If they're outside indoors. I say you might need to water them every every week or every ten days but outside. We're gonna more water more than okay. Okay all right. So there is two more little areas that i want to flint area. This this this is like a little on prayer. Meditation rooms bay. Love it those. These plants do well without we thankfully frustrating. This is a prayer plant. Is it the same thing as Your over made them. You take kc assists the same thing. As i'm gonna grab this. You could save that. I'm a saying. Thank what i'm looking at is this you see mine is. This is what you have there. Okay so what you have. Okay let me let me break down you. Are they the same type of plants. No they are in the same family. So both of those are we'll be called caliphate. The one of top in the pink paint pot. That's is a caliphate of freddie in the one that you have in the lower pot that is a strowman feet long grow. That one is a so. Both plants are say medium to bright indirect light plants. They do not like direct sun. Please be aware of that. Nasi that freddie in that window now. Sheriff is getting direct But they they don't like they don't like direct sun but they also white okay. But as long as it's not going to england like maybe that one delete with media rotate so long as it's getting moisture it'll be good in often getting moisture so when you water that plant. That doesn't have drainage all. I know that for the does not have to show me. I believe you. I trust you so say this for that plant though the fact that you have one in your hand for that one to grow. I don't know how long you've had it. But i will say How long time. It's been like six months and it looks exactly the same minus is yellow. Got it so yeah so so you got. You got to listen to hear me out when when it comes to this when you bought that plan. Let's go back six months. That was almost the beginning of fall. Let's say during that time again. Your plants go dormant so aren't going to push out new growth but because you've been watering it for six months you've washed out all the nutrients in the soil so right now. It's going to be the perfect time to start fertilizing that plant in any plants that you purchase last spring last summer last fall. It's going to be important right now to providing them with a bit of fertilizer in a better liked would be better for. I don't like this guy anyway. How how'd you regret it. Would if i re-pot you should totally report. If you don't like you know like the pot. I was definitely say re- did it. Come in that part. Who shows that. Hey hilton okay. You like it. I'm just. I'm just trying to look every place i've seen. Oh yeah see. I see what you're doing. Assume you don easy looks. Nice ally kasey connor elephant report. You have a moves that was doing great great. That's why i said it's just you got it. This one of his worst all the way in this light is over there so that might debt is definitely angela. Exe- plan over there. Fine they can. It can deal with that. Amount of lights aren't plant. You do anything to a true. Like i can't tell you. Last snake links throwback the state plant is one of those plants that will live regardless if you if you are around or not In one in the plans are the people say they're hard to kill. A most people killed their state plants because of over water. Because they're just like you'd have to need water right now. I had you in four weeks. You have water. Sometimes they can go five six weeks about water so it's always thinking about that. This is a beautiful dressing on this guy from my friend darren hudson would love. You need to know each other Barron i'm waiting pineapple treat. I wanna find out what is having some challenges nazar on my team. Repoted something to blame her. A little bit for these gangsta. Lean water also say this inbox from hair from what i'm saying. It looks good when it comes to repotting again. Things will shift a bit when it comes repotting. If you feel like you're you're you're stocks are leaning a bit going to go back in there edmore soil. She's doing. I think i think she is. It goes a little on the leaves. I came started in. This feels a little limp legacy. Yeah so anytime you see a plant that is feeling a bit limp or the foliage fainting that is moisture so a needs more moisture so as ready to get a bit of moisture so it can perk back up so i would say it probably is in need of a little drink. This is what i have to success. Stories i wanna tell you about quickly the one that i really really really need help with so this To read it sitting here doing that. I need to help. This had three leaves left at brought it back with you. All these leak. It should look at show. But it's like it's doing better than this one was in the quarter behind my computer like Tv i lead. You'll see some of the places where it harder angles in cut awesome now. Now the wind eighty. Because you've done such a great job cutting away. The brown spots off. This one is like doing so well. There's new growth new growth rate year. Like i'm so now let me ask you this about the third relief. Was there the entire time with losing all those. You know that what happened was it. Was i of our house and moved into this house in january and when all of a sudden it was like who are you name like this watering it. I didn't know that are in it. And i was like the leader dislike. Drop off talking to it. I've played music in iowa. Go probably take now is definitely on dry in his own dry. I keep the little waster meter in this soil until his gut dot smart smart from what from what. I'm picking up what you just said there that plant struggling lease or fallen off you went. You got my book you read through it. Put put put all those l. information you apply to now. Growing new foliage is that what appeared letter. Sell those books after your pack or plant life the way that you make it a part of the decor the way that you care for your mates absolutely as practiced truly before four angry as you know so. Yeah no you're did. I try to get your book. You're like nah. i got that already like. How did i kill aloe rang wo. Look i mean. I would look no judgment just me. Don't just anyone that kills a plant. A lot of us kill plants because of over. Care like overloading plan. I think that's what happens. I i've killed snake minutes before i've killed funds for these hard to kill plants and it's because of those moments where for one. You just elax in when you wanted it last or just because of neglect sometimes rights on my earlier moments plants. I wasn't focused on the actual care itself. I was thinking more about just having a space. But i do now for at always decided to take note on when i watered the plant went on providing here making sure they have the right light. So i wouldn't. I wouldn't be drawing yourself when it comes to killing one or two aloe plants. It looks like through that through the process of killing those plants. You've learned how to be better for other plants right in. That's why i'm seeing from. What i'm seeing is a lot of success versus failure here. This is one that is casting me. This is this used to be. I in the this is also something that happened with the move z. Yellowy you said that happens. From over. Watering and i feel like this. Is it a little western jersey. You're seeing full on. Let's say yellowing leaves like your holy turning jello. That's from over warning but if you're seeing yellow spots that could be from two different things one it could be from like that could be from sunburn. Your plants getting direct sun for like a western facing window. If it's getting any southern western face window. Direct sun hits. It can get sunburns that plant. That plant is called a drama a tree right while it can live outside. You see many of them probably late outside thrive outside but once you bring those plants indoors in that sun is going through glass. It changes the entire our say a spectrum the color temperature of that light. That is now hitting your plant which heats it up in the burn that thing. So if you're seeing this yellow spots on that lease or almost yellow Orangish august just spots that could be sunburn but if the full leaf turns yellow. that's over watering not see over warring happening here. I see what you might have is a bit of sunburn. Taking place overall where i'm standing burn zone looks. It looks healthy of most of the most. The foliage is green. Are you seeing new growth throughout the process. Yeah there's there's one here is not Yellow yet if we can his downplaying see this part of the least more pale and then there was another leaf that came in and dropped off and this route exposed. Now maybe i need to repeat this one. Okay so let me. Let me make you aware of what that route is. What you have is a a philodendron plant. You have that plant by plant. And i'm sure you're familiar with the monster the so this is a monster here luke. These plants are buying out in the wild tropical places. You you've never go to hawaii. Still out of these plants crawling. climbing up. treats right the climb up trees they use what you just pointed out to climb trees what you have there yeses so route but what it is is area routes is growing out of the side of the plant hoping to grab onto something start climbing. It doesn't need to be buried back into soil. it doesn't even need to be there in your home. you can cut it off. It is not going to harm the plant. It will probably develop new aerial roots from you. Made the cut but it won't harm. The plant does need to be pushed back into soil. But if you I see you have a stake in the pot to is that is that is that in there to do what to hold it up it by any mary. Lou cleans that was like. I don't want the lead like that. She's a better plan whisper. So we'll say if you if you put a trellis metal trellis you can train. Or like a moss. Poll you get those like any plant shop. You put like a moss a trellis that has moss wrapped around aerial. Roots will then wrap themselves around that loss and then start climbing that mosque in all your foliage. Instead of going out like this will start going up. He climbing up that poll so just go grow upright versus being in the pot. That is amazing on us. L. in acolyte any party three four. Will you go to the new house in your garden. I still wanna be a part of that. Because i wanted to learn how to do the herbs and shore. This is just so good. I'm bill so so blessed in spoiled in people ask use it every time. Our plant dr plant whisper plant list maker listening for joining on been so much. I'm repotting on dates. You know there will be a success during do. That's what we need. We need to see. It is good to about these things. But i wanna see. All of this turned into action. I wanna see the actors shore if you could provide that thank you so much. Appreciate it sir. Keir that is awesome. Thank you thank you. Of course they give. I was i going to do like with a walk around your place. I love that got to see all you have a beautiful home for one. But i love. I love that what you are considering a light you have a lot of windows which is key for taking care of plans for one thing but i think i think where you placing your plants. Perfect perfect home yet Reach Darren who is really is really should know. Each other is supposed to do a whole little Outdoor garden on this balcony. Space up here. I'm gonna show you that before but he is He's really really incredible and He lives like in irvine. I think that guy okay. Like these eucalyptus. Bundles in ama- papa. Norwood trying to get ourselves the by plants drink connected to it was i mean sure for sure but this is all empty right now. You see what you got all that space. That's what so we're gonna set up a whole little guarded. They out here because for me. I don't even know if you'll be able to see that. But if they're above the bars like a good view up there but you have your site here. You know what. I mean so you being stupid you know bars so of course. Of course says. I've been trying to figure out how much i really wanna do. Because i'm like i'm rinsing. I wanna move around our folks and this is a good practice for me to do anyway. So alone i love it i love it anyway. Thank you sound like. This is so good force. Of course yeah for short to medium. Whatever whenever you want whatever you wanna do it again let me let me know but also i. I definitely want to see the results. That have is difficult to provide the care not seeing. It's like it's like when you go to the doctor right. They wanted to check up. Unc was added. I just want to make sure that where you are in the right spot. Which for those plants but again like i said everyone to do it again. Just let me know indefinitely. Sent me a darren's definitely the connect with others in the space for sure the like an townie you guys could have a whole movement going. You're already starting one and then Let me know. I'll i'm going to be my number two. But i would love to see how like either pay for a class or something similar to a webinar. That you could do with kareem. He would be so happy he thinks plant guy. So you take you take care to of in a smokey as well a spoilt. He hates to go to creams house. Now he's always here. We're gonna dog is it. He's a concourse though a very emotionally a neat of course of course five thousand clients Of course i have. I have a pet eighty five of the same thing that ten years old. So isn't understand that he is. He is thanks that he's very small and as a puppy still acts like a puppy every single thing he does is as if he was a puppy. Just funny. it's funny. They do that. But i look forward to it. You have to send me tommy win. This is going to be Re riposted and talk about it. It's the nazar you think. This is coming wednesday or tuesday. The podcast winter we dropping the podcast their wins and next week of the process in but thank. You really been a lot of us appreciate you. Usually i really appreciate it. Thank you so much your your inspiration as well. I got to hear you talk on. I take now it's like angelo would be on here. Get ready. Because i think we're more stiff with with them. So they come in with the undefeated. Don't tell anybody and then there should be some other things moving so this is with years abundance in creating new opportunities. So i'm not with seeing anymore but trying to tap into all the things that i live in there so much. That's half orange. I might tap you for a plant show idea. I have to on title like a little series. You let me know right. Let me know. I like you said type of jaw us. That's where i'm at as well. That's a enjoy the rest of your day rest of your morning. I guess so morning there. I'll take care of yourself. We'll talk soon. Okay thank you later so much.

angelo ri hilton carter escalona plant care department for shor Abadaka Don don don Mike foale hala santoro bevis baltimore tilton palestine kareem Smokey Cacti gardens meghan east coast Dr bronner Impala mexico
Military Tattoo  Escocia Mgica 52

Podcast RadioViajera

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Military Tattoo Escocia Mgica 52

"His does tend. Oh Hey Scott. America go muddy courses the Kellyanne tours in WBZ DOT COM skokie. Monkey brought up this case and Bienvenidos Miskitos feelers combined does annoy slack into them. Boras Mojica in Boorda gig Amir Thir- GonNa step admit program. Gothia SABA also throws the western Apoyo in Cabrera Pushto incorrect. Cutting Bora came mostly fellow. Gomo Gaza Migo orser companion. Molly Jose they caledonian doors Caledonian. And there's nothing that the border that or I'm also not not that gets but also state but we seen mass laffin. Comments almost is the Perama this kinder- then Parana fifty bellies gay Mazda. Stunned and Scofield Goldman Sachs going Magnifico as well Do I e balance. The daily post on is is that those lasagna in their host. Come about Dennis. The custodial festival feel Gomo Festival. Google do is not only in Auburn Komo. Sandy gather demo. Sika by EPA. Milita is three simple easy. Mark gives me person I meant them yet. Pasadena and as the Gusto is the fifty is the is the got your defendant Eka Daniel. Dan Dollars Thursday immobile. Komo's Andros is solely data. That's what he did ask you. Those misses this approach. Swollen completely simone lows. Aloha mentors eleven. Data's been Diaz. Is this common though of Fame. No sitting down. You don't remember humility. If those below in spectacle simply D'Amato some feeling about this one does what in diner rose bunsen gays since the governed by John Morrissey got get to the masses then bid isn't going through Moscow Peterman thin prices to gardiner whose though they'll steal coronel George Smile on premature the the two on George it I- ingred heavy Yakubu gator in in in a seek them obeys in Bethel Shindo mothers barricade yet singleness Gabbara Global Magnifico. Gusty Yoga just that he's done Borges Eliya military too but he's own do not multicolored decorate their own. Esi We feel Dave was that is at Melissa is probably Domino Kisser. On that Al Sayegh Law the University of this door them that it was Fiorello before Hillsborough in the race for US winter. And it's Kelaniya. There's the last been. Do not think out us as has been divorced. So W we saw million who soon it embed does Dick Donald posados. They disagree with us. Ensues Posadas but I guess those Putin Andrei dealers yes Hebron talk about. I don't do that. Do Upto. Funeral Gusto Della Russell and this is what it is that since he got is as if he'd since I go. Is the day staff Russet either? Cordial case decadent theon data's but I don the are more okay got it. Those overtures spotlight match matters connected impulsive. Tyndall mass in on this program in each is in get underway Lucas Salah view on Tuesday commute here on Algal commander until cigarette if inaugural one honesty Kosolapo. Who are nick. Eunice military's took our monte-carlo spoilers go into the Municipal Mirror is on that game on the L. I won't do. We allow those senior Webinar Kabul Muslim. Assume in the other show and let the New Vision capital thing bull connor demotic and they got onions and literally do Planeta. Rather Gusty you got those sequined. Epi MEMPHIS develop were Solo Ocho at funerals and Ramen economy and author cover. This meal is better because it's in demanding Bunko Ziadeh Muir's Muslim Bliss Hillman telepathy glavas. Alberta gun door books. He might ask does best sonus media. Pinto's in demolish deloris did Elizabeth Doug. Lock gotTA annual. There's interested in winco adult media suit third on owners lavas Gorman but he up but I'm not a tremendous the persona on so I don in Dat sees me on as the Liebler in combat or National Kendall the them on Marine Borton data either. They don't miss his own. Miss billion-dollar Galas Planeta Akaka order. Mentors Alan Arable land. You is at the Eunice. Better Todos Los Angeles Amana on since you're Musab others don't miss our store parcel post ordinary brand enthusiasts but if nobody ever been indicted on this kid. I sent that supposed to talk willow known as a lot of bonding Modibo less. I wonder theon PADRES DIFFERENCE. Komo saying the inclusion but if you're the force have defeated. His brother is deeply bureau. Technion jackets usually found interesting. Yes that there's single it amine border. Is Bill Owner Mosa Illuminate? Dna Laugh at? Sarah Been Magnifico custody but Lucky Rocca. Steve I mean what L. Real Military Tattoo. The deal is at the Viennese. Rita's Bevis cloudiness Nate Bryan Did let us days of that. Honestly gastronome western Duke. Is there for them for the spices? Komo title Siegel the humane does that is in finales. In three rows African nuts fewest inaudible. Is that old? Dominion though in a statement Obama's normally normally participants waist level or sweepers top-secret drunk op. Is that circumvented at bobble? Then throw this diversity. Well it brought us some people. And the arrival at then Finco or Cassini's stint Gomungo. Ucf Lambda Green deem the La Novella participating in his fifty three antibody or so unusual the Landau in Gusau have Dr Unease lab opening. We not. They'll throw their removal commercial mascot that a million thin as he gave in Lupus Ghitis Masika is duck law that he made those goals for Misty. Peco's by listed because his Co. Faces Imo. Titmus gives us better in this thing really festival. Not Race Paloma NAS SPEEDO COONASS US auto menefee more juicy more delays series as I am not based on your team also gone does messes up your own mess is impossible contra drivers yellowhammer as local much the embodiment under the tempo bus. I don't want to Dempo bid assume we're now there are no laws daughters. Catharsis Mutuel Alameda. I seek your spending on recessive film. They've been doing this or years. James Joan get theo. Julio military into something in the Glasgow if we all give me go as from Osho economically to pursue met Todd Avakian. The Fina about one has to be to me nauseous and Debbie. Those silly GonNa say in Casinos Komo Joan but often but in the long way is the over is day kimiko democracy's not NASA unless they're goners them college. Our normally we see that this ugly and Undersung college gone of your domestic. I guess I guess when you get above. It said an umbrella professor Jimmy. Back in August immediately interested. In the you know Joan point number though as the data lamented mobile Nasdaq's confidently us to and this is more than a few easy for me. Go David Lewiston staff. Doodo Estella Morton on in Africa. Just on your choice to being game so that he got up with you on that eight. This fit leader the fina up their carbon as the foot O.`Neil demolished by then take gunfighter. They'll let me lots of interesting them. Your News Boys. Shortstop Jose complete that on comedian the embiid Charleena's Komen phillies an animal. We'll do our faith. It is day the door beneath the LAMOTTA. Econ between also they let me ask localized. But then there's this laboratory now Komo Komo's deeply either but surely north of us. Camilo Jovian does Gwyn Disease Emil. Those deals Joe. The whole Manchester Denis Gauthier in his on your succo owner patent it is but Africa film. Deputy Deborah Fina Borders de la Sian. They Coban Democracy. And you spend the Indonesian shopping units millions of daily Barrena Fina. Ill umbrellas the free not in dog and under this but for the ordeal up although they don't baffin because we in Jonesboro Chevron me know if you do I'll go does combine yesterday ahead on Bahonar lethal means Mafia. The Jungle Aleph coffee on the system. The orders coffee the other said about the thorny Lampedusa said in a few on the laws they posted does the data between Osa. Gus Solomon's Sita in West. Lafayette now. That Going carbone daily. Cleanup Electoral Benita Brazilian Olympic allowed. The Thursday stay on those. Megyn is the Donnie love. The details at what mental capital elbow more important in West W? W WHEN GIVES BETTER THAN THIS? Outta this this day mental CBA someone on West theon there does is go faces postal. Kill your struggle but as off Stangl deep-sea lured. The Boston is deliver. Posters coffees seen do that. The airport superstar. Tim Daly is they. Both really ferro says it weighed in the balance homemade but oh the choice is stream identify. Fill fill in the north of England. Memento but I think was being one other steps to Annoy Solos graphene bamboos opposite of those laws ingredient. This is it that as we've got children. Those are most approximate e Kotaro Alameda. Ikuko him us in the municipal. Today's distant Ramos different whereas Frisk US seaboard as Kazan is officers. My Post Doc in several is complementary but as well Kim from Windsor Associ- Can Sam go COLETTA's post doc? Necessary is the whiskey drumbeat. Does this study grandma. Spicer eastbound. Side they grim. You see not Denise Minister Governor. Bullets configuration claim pushed grimmer leader. Dennis discussion thing was that tastes racial menorahs in Bush. Tara's view bus almost Dante's started going to most Korean Latin grounded. Dvd Aussie no basil's in Colorado and others still Pastel says in this situation Granddad polish-born still in Russia. There's nobody knows about. The honest doesn't another day but still going on from wizards is this both. I guess about eight but they were for the most sober is another as they still own Akaba. They they're supposed to tell the Moselle Whiskey Donald supposed to post game by bystander. Byan Eisold Pastel supposed to Timoshenko. Terada Grimm born female GonNa Kappa Mass. Remember member data all over again. Gunman got BUSTA Cup us as easily. See some bustles. Malibu Casillas and the guzzle in Brazil and Ditto and on Blah to North Korea done is cut Barbados Ephemeral Mushroom overhead. All say like the kindle compass as the peanut butter. Goad me than me not anymore in the Gush Bonino Omega did cream or not that but INSIEME K. Seem to want. This gives us ready but they got a feel for postal. Adam industrial status as he jet Denise in Boston police said we eat is believe. Your Sabah Fell I. C K NOT THAT LA EMA Llanos only male Info Galliani endorphin DOT COM but Domino's KC Sean last couriers that is a Scottish Hum stasio all over. They're like this on Gills. Any border go as delicate that I'll send us an Edinburgh Kinney shankly's Ghetto Gun Loretta. You know so not supposed to bitterness. Dini an institutional animal our scholars. Saudi come into life. Story this young cut it out this on deals gays consider contain the. Don't go more lacquer. Lynn Malaysia is Amazon Korean. My is basically our Rodney's universe does the phone is some posturing Halley. There is because in an window dot Gov it must gonNA does angels. Is that the me yet. Your delaporte appeal peon cargo. So anonymous. Could he does have a joint. Chose CAILLEBOTTE thin start. Oh candle is to be used. Momentum it gives thank God our Dot Com just buy the stock is a Condo than the ACC Donald Byun any models out at sears benefit. Most classic funeral last days. Don't they gotta Simona or subway? Denies Love The life style? The lace love the king illegals coffees city. Fit Leeann. Rn. It gives an if he is a million dollar is LAZLO MAZDA DELAYS decline estate. Is that squeaked out? Gonda though the nor attache is let this coffee I stage lab board as they got a million fairly Houston does released the Baena Caledonian macbrayne gasoline. And it's the Gush. They used this. They brought in local state delays and show be an auto the launch an northey glowna in the middle words. You still there fairly lumps in Columbia. Holy is the Muslim Union. But I know about the raiders. D'amato busy women's defend oglethorpe. Let the need them being on up. Be Clear this area. Only Mondo let us delay. The Orion is la focus this delirious independent. This system is doing nothing really here that gets in order della must put out this coffee. They WANNA gladdy email and there's supposed to women and whisky yet. Amass thin it only the whiskey big fear so unical in Mondo just probe's see right-sized. I just love it. I I started still. Area is a liquidity whiskey or commando as Inbox even compare Ronaldo Sitters seabass allies La All star or circle so hokey or whatever they the league or push talking about the about the stays. Let's concede Michigan any bull commando Dambiyn or stays up it's widely Atlantic. But if you're so busy days but knows that can get bored days better than Tho- by circus in grave Liz. Komo Ed Moshus. Casteel proposed postal mementos only goes emotion. Mama's as he was the north face that he said that he stays low or his own. Seymour Gordo not miss this. And this was out of the establish yourself. Learn to the roofing. Demand broaden my stuck in that the Emperor Kissy. I'm also shout stuttle. Espn most companies last December in Western. Abc This document. That the umbrella coffee America. Norway scuzzy charisma hard go Nassir throws Solo Denise can in North Webs with over with Bhutto Galliani and dot com or with over with o blow with Bondo Yuccas Caledonian Guntalk Orion twenty me Info Alabama Galliani and Dole Boondoggle as. He kills his last monarch. But I continue is fantastic of your address distinctively by Menno slow and a that quarterback with this roster spot gas in the spring people's platform as the eagles. I tuned as spotify. Who can put gas A. Moocher smiles?

Komo Denise Minister Governor Mazda Molly Jose America US Dennis Boston Komo Komo Africa D'Amato Auburn Komo caledonian doors Caledonian Komo Google Mondo Casinos Komo Joan Gomo Festival Scofield Goldman Sachs Bienvenidos Miskitos
Ep. 006: One-Two Knockers with Shirtless Bear-Fighter

Comic Dwarves

51:32 min | 1 year ago

Ep. 006: One-Two Knockers with Shirtless Bear-Fighter

"So as Tom said this week, we jumped into. The wettest blanket? Run. I've ever give more energy shot. Get bumped. Dot Ming Jordan Shirtless bear fighter. This synopsis is a tough one to get like super for doing his recounting information spoiler alert. It's like an essay. Recant a statement spoiler alert. Sean has the affordable. Neither ice. Some! This week we read shirtless bear fighter and let me tell you it was delightful. Is that better? Tone it down a match getting there but. Sean near Josh you're real muffled. Yeah just like a mile and a half away because I wasn't violent hathaway. Trying to be far away. I don't know how to come into it with anymore. You can't find middle ground between here first and second. Just. Ground. Grown, there. We'll start the spoiler. Maybe you'll get your Your grumpy isn't the word, but you're not excited. It's out with the spoiler alert. I don't know why it's not excited because I actually really liked this comic. Yeah I know. Hello and welcome to the comic dwarves, your guided excursion into the rich minds of comic them. Each week. We invite listeners to unearth a new comic book gem with us, then join in as we do it out at absurd length. I'm Tom Beavis and I'm joined by my fellow woolly wrestler. Sean Corbin there. Joshua Sheppard. Hello and Michael Brown everybody today we'll be talking about twenty seventeen shirtless bear fighter by Jodi loop Sebastian Gerner and no vendrell from image comics. Fellas, let's get digging. Spoiler pretty who hasn't read the book before we get any further just FYI, we are going to be talking about the book in its entirety. All the plot points everything that doesn't doesn't happen in why this week as mentioned, we read shirtless firefighter, which is the story of a Harry Wild Man living out in the forests of major city, he was raised by bears, and later in life in his adulthood hit, the love of his life, was taken from him by a bear, and he vowed to at that point. Fight all bears. later on he is contacted by the government and asked to assist in. Their fight against bears that are running rampant. Major cities all over the world, and he ultimately will reluctantly agree to join them in their fight. Later realize he's been double crossed by big toilet paper and needs to get back to the forest to stop them from clear cutting it. For their nefarious toilet paper ways. Well thank you very much Sean That was more than I than I deserve. So I just wanted to see. Some your guys thoughts on it. I thought maybe we could start somewhere in like the story area. And then maybe meander to the artwork in if anything organically comes up in between then, and we just kind of explore it together so justice just so I can get this straight. We're going to do the story first and then Schanzer segment after. Yes. Yes, much Shawn Segment Sean Parts. Will come directly after yes, I really would rather not go that way. What let's. Let's not. Somehow, get the sand waves to say Shawn's art segment. What the segment starts like have SAM build like sound file that does that. Be Too much time consuming, but I think be worth it. Yeah I'll I'll get the sound engineer team on it right now, please. Do Yeah I. Don't know if you WANNA start. I have no problem starting all star. Yeah if you have no problems starting to do it I'm doing it taking initiative, I thought the story was I understood what it was four, but it felt like or spud if felt like shooter, it was that same story that heard like a thousand times. I have a question Mike. Do you think might have been intentional? Yes just understand why it happened, but I gotTA BE HONEST JUST A. Nothing about this book struck me as I blood. There was not a lot of that specific Rambo story that I got. It's like it's like some dude living remotely. The captain comes back like Oh. We need you. You're the only one that could do anything. I don't do that no more. Like come on, we need you arrived, but I'm not going to be happy about. It will be super broody. The whole time and You know. Talking about about about the movies. That's fair. This was a sean. Corbin. Pick await. No, this wasn't. This was a Michael. Brown pick sort of technically, I mean I put it on his list because he had an extra slot, so the first thing we need to do is I know it was so long ago? This point, but we need to measure up. How closely Mike's Prediction seeks with what the book actually is with actually really really really close like I'm not a big numbers guy, but I'd say. Ninety percent right. Sure your. If I remember at your prediction was about a man who aided. Was Oppressed. You right was an claim. Crash then was adopted, or he fought a bear who destroyed his shirt, and then he wanted to destroy all the bears to avenge the shared that he had grown to love. Yeah, the shirt represented oppression, but then he learned to love it like a comfort blanket. The bear. Then he fought the bear because he wanted it back once he realized it was that metaphorically speaking, the blanket could have been his girlfriend representing the humans, which was his comfort blanket this tide of humanity. He was raised by bears, but The blanket was destroyed by his brother. Bear which Tim one destroy all bears I'm GONNA. Go the other way and save the maybe. Mike's prediction was three percent right. He adult. Bears. There was a fighter. There was a plane. There is a a t shirt at one point. So how is that three percent that is like ninety seven percents well. Because you have all the elements, but the order at which they're arranged in the activities of they engage in or not altogether. I'm just saying it's like it's like it's like. TACO shop. It's all the same ingredients so the way uranium doesn't really could end up with them. Delicious either way. That's fair your credit. Your prediction wasn't as off as it could have been so sean. Why don't you tell us why you picked this title for Mike? Is, served it into his list to fill it out because I'd seemed like a solid pick I. Remember I was getting this floppies as it came out, and each issue was pretty hilarious. It's. This whole book is a Pun. Fest is just full of ridiculous. Puns and gags in start to finish is none of just beat for beat for be? It's ridiculous over the top in the best way and I figured. This is one of the one of those books that I think. In most cases, you're looking for a good chuckle I. I don't think that there's a lot of people that have showed this book to that haven't liked it. I felt like it was A. A safe pick for him for what I knew about Mike and I sense abilities was a safe book. Depict that I thought you would like outside of the superhero genre which she had a lot of I. Pick this book up just on the strength of the title alone without releasing anything knowing a whole lot about it, but this is one of the book sometimes. There is a book so great that. Sean will go to the comic. Book store to pick up on his lunch break. In on Wednesdays I have just wall to wall meetings so I, not really able to get to the Comic Bookstore on Wednesdays. They usually go on Thursdays, but sometimes there's a comic book that's so great that Sean will go and get it on his lunch break, so he can read it and send pictures of panels to me every Wednesday when it was coming out. Sean Wood or guess every every month when it was coming up. Sean would be there with a new a new handful of panels. He was going to text me I think maybe there's only one other one that he's done. Well to I, guess you did it with Huck. Even though I was reading huck huck at the same time. You Murder Falcon, and that might have been all of them, so that's the three best comics in the world. Short track. I mean it was fun. I think that's what it's meant to be. It's meant to be something you can read and just kind of like. No, it's GonNa be the fun bright. You can read it really quick. There's not a lot of roadblocks. The book never wants makes you stop to think there's not a lot of content to it, but that's fine. It is what it is. It's meant to be a kind of fast paced, funny comic book that that doesn't really intend to challenge you all that much. Yeah, just unrelenting joke after joke after putting funny illustration after illustration like just let's get away with whatever the hell. Hell we could get away with in this book and let's run with it, and they totally did I feel like it's the kind of comic that you read on a plane. will. What is the kind of comic that she agreed on a plane, so it's something that you know you could read in like a Coupla like you can. You can make it. You could save if you need to. But for the most part you could, you could read it in a plane ride, and then if you wanna mess with someone next to you like the person on the C., you could just you could just keep that picture just. Like it's just the perfect way to mess with the person next to you and I feel like it's just. It's fun like it's just. It just feels like it could be a good time as he could live in. An airplane. What is an example of a comic book that you WanNa? Read on a plane. The darkest night are not the the the black asylums arguments, but it's not yet you're right. THAT WOULD BE A. fucking bummer to read on. The plane crashes. That's the last comic you read like Aw Dude. Man You've just completely changed my. Perspective on comics to take on a plane. Sean Sean. Sean me to see bloodshot before the pandemic. Like the free tickets and I was like showing. If this is the last movie I see before we die, I'm going to be so matt like I don't know why but I was just. I was upset about that that the VIN diesel movie is going to be my last theater experience, so you'd be a cheerless bare fighter was the last comic. You have a risk yeah. A little grin heart like all right cool. Okay. We talk about the dogs through minute. You really do. So. Why says one, Deng! CENSORSH- censorship. Really. Are you guys? Grow Dong Censorship or you're against Dong, censorship. You let that Beautiful Dung hang so I I think I. Am I'm in favor of it? Because of I think the reasoning. Behind it sometimes. Sometimes something being imply it just makes it more fun. Sometimes like bleeped out. Swearwords are funnier than the actual swearword. I don't think this is implied. It's one hundred percent there. It's no no. I meant like I guess it's not the right word, but like. Sometimes like when someone goes on a on a swearing like a tirade in as a bunch of bleeps, rather than whatever they're actually saying the you allow your. Imagination, run wild with I think in this case, I think in this case it's Funnier bleeped out than it is I think I would agree with you if the joke was like A. Of Naked Guys. and. The punchline was something about a sausage fest. and they were all censored like. Let's make a big Kinda like that debt bit on the simpsons movie. where? Or Simpson's skateboarding naked through springfield, and there's just always something there conveniently to to it, but in the context of this I think they go just a hair too shy from committing to that joke I. Get it I remember when the boys heroism was out. And I was standing in the comic shop. It kamikaze that outstanding at, but it was another. San Diego Comic Shop. And I reading the boys the time, so that was one that I picked up, and one of the regulars walked in any walk straight up to the new comic book. Raqiney picked up hero. Gaza, and he opened it. And he held it up above his head, and he screamed. There's tits in this and the owner made such a big deal about any, took all of the copies off of the new comic rack, and took them all over to the register and bagged and boarded and tape them close like immediately. And that I think is the only reason why I personally would censor out all the Dong in this. And the other reason would probably be like there would be later on. They would have to draw a baby with a giant penis. Well, so, what's your issue of that? Some people could find that problem had account imagine if they like graphically showed a baby with Bill Dick hanging out like not even like a normal baby. It gets like see that being weird gray territory like calling it out with some weird pedophilia, exum agendas and stuff like that kind of just steering away from that to have a marketing disaster avoided. You see naked babies all the time. The difference between naked babies in naked, legitimate third leg. Yeah, but the the third leg in the context of that panel is being sensationalized. It's not doing anything dirty. It's just being a penis, and there's nothing wrong or overly sexual about being or having a penis, so here's my logic I. I am not a fan of censoring anything. And here's my reasoning. You don't censor the maulings or the violence or the bear, attacks or anything like that, but you censor the penis, which means that the bear tags are more acceptable than Pena's. Don't want that to be the association to. Stir for for me, they it's it's not as as weak as a an implication would be where on the the hint of a penis or the suggestion of a penis would be funny subpoenas full on there, and despite the Pixel Ization of the penis, you can usually tell its position. It's motion and because the Pixel. Ization allows itself to be so specific, I just think they might as well have just not exhilarated it at all, and maybe this is just one of those agree to disagree things. We might not ever get on the same page for. Tomorrow, we might regret. Having wasted so much time even talking about it was definitely done for comedic values, and it could have been strong with or without the Sensor Bar, but I think it was done intentionally for comedic values at the end of the day to represent like maybe come to TV, B, movie, action or something like that. Overlook. Maybe the joke is that. Yeah. They pixellated it, but you can still make out exactly what is going on with it. Maybe, that's the joke and just in a group me maybe I'm just some kind of fiend and I just. WanNa see Venus's Maradonna. Do you. WanNa know what his which is peanuts like Tom? I feel like I already. Do but yeah. I'd much rather not have been pixeleted. K.. Up a birthday present, for Tom. A commission going shirtless the naked down pain. Guys just give it to me straight. What's your opinion on Toilet John? four MS never. There's never a shortage of good poop joke. Good, Fart joke, you know. Put it in the right situation. And if it's funny, it's funny. How about you Mike Simple and it gets the job done tall. My position on toilet humor is. It can be funny, and it can be effective when it's used tactfully and I know talking about like fart jokes in a matter of taste is dicey territory, and maybe the reason why I'm stuck on the pixelated penis, so much is because with the penis they go right up to the line, and then they don't cross. But with the toilet jokes they go up to the line, and then continuously jumped back and forth between it with no issue whatsoever, there are fully evolved toilet jokes in this book that aren't just you know like a themed toilet humor, its littoral toilet humor there are at least two major toilet props in the comic that I can think of as book does not shy away from showing you that everything it is about is about toilets toilet paper, an act of going to. Look at shirtless sitting in the prison room. At role teepee behind him literal giant rolls of toilet paper I, mean at a certain point. Toilets and toilet paper become the supporting star of this comic. That is the enemy at the end for sure like that is like almost like power rangers style like. Yes! Fighting Literal Toilet Zoo doctor wyle toilet contraption. Think it. Works is because just as much as this comic book is a parody of various action, movies and action tropes. It's equally a parody of toilet humor like I think in toilet humor. Implication is usually key, and you don't often put a literal toilet front and center, and they knew pretty routinely rate like successfully I. Guess a lot of the jokes about the toilet felt a little forced to me, but things the Golden. Toilet I think drove home, but the absurdity end the douchebag of the series central villain. was there a specific point? Man I. Guess There's actually only one point that's why. I was GONNA. Ask if there's a specific point like that was the most comfortable or awkward I guess there could be a few that can be awkward for people with the dog flopping around all over the place, but really I guess there's only one real right answer in this for the most off-putting panel where they went as hard as they could have. Do you guys feel the same panel for you that it was for me? Panel. Was it for you definitely after he ate the enchanted Bacon? I think I'm looking at pages. IS THEIR FONDLING INVOLVED YEAH! He's asked him butter Mohawk teats. Patriot now. Know that went full on that page I actually screen shot at that page and saved it. Of course. For other reasons to put it in the bank bank. Of course, that's good. Going to shy away. You got you guys got to look up that page issue to if you need to know issue to, I don't quite recall the page number because it's cut out here, but issue to somewhere within their, you'll find a stick of butter and within that stick of butter. You'll get a six Titi pitman. uh-huh, Yup. Haagen those ties squeezing those cities with a pup can as a He's not just squeezing. He's Jiggling. Jiggling them enticingly at fighter I. Guess the enticing. Jiggling didn't bother me so much as how much they built up this character in then seemingly just kinda threw them away after that bit I mean they got what they needed out of him. Would you say they flushed down the toilet? Yeah if you wake because the first issue ends with his mentioned right or Maybe doesn't enter this, but he's definitely on the cover of that issue, and he's built up in the body of that issue as you know a big, maybe not an adversary, but a big obstacle, and then he just disappears. He does play. An integral role is kind of like the macguffin of like what is the catalyst to the end of the tail to make everything normal again? Yeah, but he just Kinda shows up at the end. Yeah, it's just. They just used his the catalyst to bring the story along. They don't really go deep doom. Maybe. True and maybe this is the the wrong comic book. Almost certainly, this is the wrong comic. I get where you're coming from like. They definitely could've leveraged it to Kinda. Put them in there a little bit more and have more fun with the story. Just feel like the presented here. You would probably eat as much narrative without character. But had they been to just a little bit harder, they probably could have done some some better integration of the character into the bigger picture. They satisfied the age-old requirement of. If you introduce checkoffs, pick man, you show his Gigli teats, of course big man. Do notoriously love their teeths. Up. Moving up, guys, give me your top favorite joke in sugarless bear fighter I want to start with Sean. That's that's that's like one of those unfor-. Question like if someone says. What's your favorite song of all time yet? But there are considerably more songs in all time than jokes in shirt, bear fighter so I think you have. That is true, but I would say it's not a huge margin. It is a huge market and it's like me Lot Arjun of. Millions and millions and millions and millions and millions of jokes. No I think there's like seven or eight jokes. sugarless fighter, they definitely not. Over again. The same one. Obviously, one of my favorite ones was when they disclose why. There's only panthers in China just the bear jets and the Bear House Gag. The bear fighting montage was definitely up there. That was one of the first real big GUFFAWS. From your really loved that. What else I also liked the recurring when he's like whipping around to talk to somebody does the Dick Slap. Little Dick slap sound effect. When he's running away from the bears, he's leaping upstream with the salmon. Good methods asked for your one top shape. How about you? Mike I liked the reoccurring. Charmed are Sharman. The joke like we were. Just like a simple in just like those put in there, but it was just like a little Omar the commercials and everything and just me. It made me Giggle Okay Josh I'm fine, was like a a visual joke. The the right to bear arms I just thought that got. Me Yeah the shirt he's wearing. The dodgers has bear arms. That I've thought about this before, and I just made me chuckle also the fact that shirts rendering him powerless. Is Kinda hilarious as will many kind of made me self conscious about mine first of all my favorite Dick Job is win. It's not even really a joke. It's just you know. An image is when he. When he suplexes the bear. That's the best one. As just like flipping up at them, then that that Dick has led emotion right there. I WANNA. Make them my profile picture on facebook. Maybe, my favorite joke in the comic is I. Forget the characters name shirtless is commanding officer or partner Virk Birk Howie, seemingly fought in every American conflict history. Housing, how old are you I it? So maybe I like it because it's such a understated joke. Compared to the rest of the jokes in sugarless bear fighter, he'll say the name of the war he was in, and maybe someone will respond to that line, and then they just keep moving in. Never go back to it in a book. That's you know such a machine gun torrent of rapid fire repetition of particular elements to have that one just pop up and then disappear as quickly in between all of it, I thought was really satisfying. I WanNa talk about what I think. Is the books biggest strengths in terms of craft of narrative. and. This probably has to do with the writers of this comic previously. I think they were both. If I remember right, they were editors in the office a marvel. This comic book is Immaculately Paste Not. Only you know page to page, but also issued an issue. It doesn't ever release seemed to slow down even when the scenes are. Far, too over the top the scenes themselves. They don't last. They don't run longer than they need to. A lot of the jokes really work in this comic scenes like the the bear fighting montage because they're exactly as long as they need to be. In I think that's a skill in comics. That is really hard to perfect. It's hard to think in terms of pages and panels, and even issues how long a certain sins or certain joke needs to be. And to get it on point, just consistently every time, and especially for their editors for a long time, but I don't think they have a lot of a lot of writing experience. So forth relatively new riders it's it's kind of a big deal, and I can think of maybe only one person who consistently paces his books as good as this one, and even though I don't like is Oregon General it's Robert Kirkman. That guy has just such an incredible grip on how to pace a comic book. And especially for the type of book, it is like I think that was it's real detriment or they not detriment, but it's real strong point to have that pace because other books that. We haven't really read them in this group, but I'm looking at a American rowdy. If I would have known about shirtless bear fighter before reading that I probably would have not read America Ratty, because that is not as masterfully done as the shirtless firefighter was like. Say That right now with confidence yet it pacing in a book like this can be really detrimental can really make or break the success of the jokes. How long is too long for hillbilly warlock teat Jiggling, and what is just the right amount of hillbilly warlock? Teach Jiggling. And they found just the perfect amount, and they don't Nag you at these topics to see. Don't really question why they don't pop up again later. You just said just kind of goes into the back of your mind, and it just happens, and then it's done happening, and you move onto the next thing again. The beer fighting montage I, think is a great example, the first three panels, and the bear fighting montage pretty typical what you'd expect, and then starting with New York and the next page. They're a little bit more clever, but just imagine how tiring that Chicago San Francisco. Panel would have been if it was more than just one panel. Those jokes specifically work as one panel and they work in sequence any longer than that would've been pretty grown inducing, and they'll actually work with the story to because he indeed fights all bears. All bears are being fought. Back in the murder, Falcon Episode Sean asked about variant covers those of us you read this book and issues. Did you guys hunt which might just be two of Sean? And yet it Huntington very unsuccessfully. Those were tough to get a hold of those are tough to find. There weren't a lot I. think that really grabbed me. There was for the most part grabbed the ones that I just wanted. But I did a do admit I wanted the nude Beriot from number one the one. I really really wanted I did not get I. If I ever find absolutely get the magazine, cover issue for version that was the one that looked like it was like the cover of like a like a like a war magazine of some sort, not shirtless way to getting attacked by pandas in Vietnam, the pulp cover. That one was great. The one I really wanted personally was the Andrew McLean. Yeah, that when I did get some a huge fan of his, I just WANNA point out. Daniel Warren Johnson's of course has a giant monster truck in it yet A. Cure Andrews I. Didn't think was no. That was that was. He was still very much in his. One percenter mode yeah I did get some variance that I tried to actively hunt down. I got hold of the Andrew McLean will, unlike being able to Lord, that over Tom did not get a hold of the Warren Johnson one. Oh I just found that beautiful bare jet that you're talking about Sean, I. Could totally get over that my mind of eighty. You missed it when you read it. I missed it, Dude. I didn't know that I did not notice that I've been searching the book for it and I just found this glorious beast, sometimes I wonder if you read the comics, no I do read the comics, but. It's all brown so I kinda like I looked at it and I didn't really put two and two together that there was actual bear rugs, making it not just bear paintings like I thought it was just like graphics. War Graphics on a fighter plane. NAM realizing that these are actual bear pelts that are making the exterior. It's a jet bears. It's amazing, so it's The moment you all waited for an oh. I did ever since I laid eyes on this book. It's time for Sean Corbin to tell us about the. Oh this show in Corbin, ARD segment. Thing. It's not A. Totally being it's a thing. We say it's a thing every time, so it must be. A think every episode. Yeah, we we to put it on the website now, so we can make it officially a thing. You, realize. It isn't. But also I will say it's minor. You may not catch it as much. But over the course of the first book. Definitely like between the front of First, the second mill Vendrell does go through a little bit of a learning curve like He. He seems to tighten up some of these designs in some of his artistic choices over curious to know how long he spent drawing the first book the time between. Page one page twenty whatever? He'd like the on surely specifically. There's some design elements that he tightens up and nails down He gets a little bit more. Variation, in his line, with as he goes along his panel structure from page, one to the later panels later later pages, I mean. It just the small nothing like jarring. It all still is pretty reminiscent of the style he started with, but it does evolve the even. I mean most of it happens in the beginning like page. Issue one. But like lecture, let's fighters hair and beard. He simplifies them a bit as he goes along his bare designs. In general, he also tightens up. He goes along. Yeah, that's I would say. That was one of the big things that jumped out at me, was his his bit of his learning curve that he seemed to have gone through early on in the book. I don't know how much experience he had prior to this. But it looks like he did grow as an artist from the beginning towards the end. As far as the art itself, it's exactly what needed to be for a book like this. The characters are all well drawn and their over the top. It's successive. They are drawn in such a way that they can be the caricature of the character archetype that they are meant to represent shows. Bear fighter is just the complete embodiment of Macho. Movie Action Hero? Burke is the absolute physical embodiment of. The old burnt-out or captain in generally that's what I would say that the art is definitely not bad. It's good. It's fun. It's enjoyable. It's exactly I feel this. This creative team in general seems to Mesh really well to tell the story that they were trying to tell I'll. There was no real disconnect between the visuals and the writing. It was what it was exactly what it needed to be for the story being told Yeah, I'm apt to agree I find I try to be as as fairly critical I can and. Zero went on at least one thing that rubbed me the wrong way or that I didn't like. And I have a hard time doing that with this comic I. Don't think the artists groundbreaking or you know art of the year, but I don't think it needs to be either. It's entirely effective in what it's trying to do. All the cleaning things are really clean like it's almost like bordering like Kinda like house cleaning away, but not obviously as touched up in colored, but the line workers that very clean line worker, and then when things need to get uglier sketchy. They obviously do I like the way he was able to do that. Clean work, but also captured. The momentum and the kinetic energy for each panel because a lot of the times when you're doing that like sort of cleanness, it kind of gets stuck in. It's like two portrait esque at the end of the day, but this one he seemed to really work with his colorist and everything else that happened with the actual line. Were you know what I really love about? No drills art and what I think might be is. Top strength is. Will I. The faces of every single character looked different, and I don't mean different like from panel to panel I. Mean Each person is obviously they have a different face. There are some artists out there who draw the same face over and over again, or they have the same They have the same model and they. Powder now a various character characters just accessories. But they are such incredible differences in like the actual structure of the faces from character to character. But what I really like about his work what I think is work is really special is. The incredible expressions that he puts on these vases. Shirtless expression when he first sees the Magical Bacon, I think is amazing, and even the Hillbilly warlocks expression on that panel of right, above that is another great expression. Burke is obviously pretty consistently deadpan, and the villain, whose name I forget logger, where it has a whole host of just ridiculously evil and maniacal faces Yeah I love brother bears like fighting faces. He makes them outrageous like. When he's double axe handle bear fighter. Faces priceless. I like people who can draw emotive expressions, sometimes a lot of times in comics. They just can't seem kind of stiff. The other thing this reminded me a lot of like Saturday morning cartoon style, and you don't get that a lot with the books. Yeah it very much at that that feel for you to that immediately like Oh, very vibrating kind of just like I, don't know, but it did have a car I got the same thing. The even looking like the the the emotions are pretty damn astounding that. That that are cartoony Saturday morning art stale really gives focus on the faces and expressions in the it comes along really nicely I wouldn't. Father Bears crying in the rain like in bear fighters given as like you know what the hell moment kind of facie. Really pick that up. You could just look at that panel. Not read the book and like Kinda. Get a what is happening in that scene. Yeah, now we've allred shirtless bear fighter. How many issues were there five? But here's a question I have for you guys. Do you think five is enough or do you have room in your life for more shirtless firefighter? Doesn't anything actually. I think this should stand alone. It's a special thing. It was concise. It was perfect in any more be overkill and I. Don't think needs have anymore I. I, do agree with you. Five issues is the perfect amount of shirtless bear fighter, and I feel like. If it was to continue the one rule, I would put in it. Is that this story like the the subject matter tackled in this first story. needs to all be done like we can't revisit that All of those jokes are already told, and it's time to move on to something new. Of course, the part that is the the the specific moment of from a shirtless beer fighters pass that I would like to see folded out his NAM. Vietnam Yup that was gonNA. Keep going to be could maybe retraced his first encounter with Burke winning. Get Life Story, see how far he goes back see if he goes into like biblical times in those wars. 'cause I'm pretty sure you can. We could be some interesting stuff you want to go into the back. Stories of these characters deny also appreciate. It is the fact that this. Didn't use that Cliche trope of the action movie and end with a cliffhanger like oh! We're doing a sequel like Super Mario Brothers what man it does, but it doesn't like not like daisy coming in with guns. Like hey guys. It's coming back. We're doing it again right now. No it does does imply that their adventures are going. It doesn't even imply the the comic states that the adventures of cheerless bare fighter are going to continue by some vaguely as in life continues, though not like I don't think it's a vague at all I. Mean obviously shirt with verified is going to continue to do things but I'm saying you don't have like the main villain coming back, be like Oh, by the way I'm back like Shao Kahn and coming out of the tower like Yoga's. It's happened in mortal. Kombat is going down. It's not just that he's continuing to do things that said he's specifically continuing to fight bears. You're right. I don't know none of. We. See what opponent get at the leg, yeah! I think they could do it well if they expanded like the circle. Maybe like what Josh talking about are just going onto burke so that he's kind of in the background, so he still recognizable character, but focusing on someone else. The jokes don't get so cliche and just kind of rehashed flypaper theory if they're continuing needs to not be in it at all if it's moving forward if he goes backwards, and it's the story of how shirtless Matt Burke. That's a different story, but if they're moving from this on forward in time, there's I don't think there's anything else burke could contribute. We've heard from myself an in Michael and Josh. I think the person we haven't heard from yet is the person who will continue to buy things until the end of time, even if the quality has depreciated just because he liked the first part. That Sean Well, you're not wrong. I will give figs if if it had a solid opening really hooked me hard. I'll I will give it a lot of buffer in a lot of runway to try and get back to that. so that being said I honestly. The win this ended. It did not leave me. Wanting more I did not feel like it left. Any shirtless bear fighter on the table if they. Made a second volume. I would almost certainly give it a shot and read it. I would trust that they probably could make something enjoyable out of it, but it's not something all that I feel I am lusting after it's not something like I'm not sitting around wondering man. Wouldn't it be great if they did more shirtless bear fighter, I enjoyed this one on its own as its own thing. And I can go back and reread it and still enjoy it I. Don't think that I need. More, there's only so many of this book is so punny and so jokey, and a lot of it was like it is as much as it is like a parody of existing tropes. There's also a lot of it is just so unique in so many things that are like Gotcha moments that are so unique to this book that to do a second book. I personally don't see a way for it to have the seem impact. I guess the different setting you could do some jokes like parodying other things more war movies and stuff in the war setting, but overall I don't think, I think in a best case scenario it would just be almost as good and when you're at that point, it's not really it's best to go. Say You did this as good as this is one of those rare cases where they did as good as they could have done, and there's no reason to do anymore. There's some comic, said just scream for more content at the end. like head locker for instance at the end of that first story. I. Wanted More I wanted more stories about that character so badly, and which is I think is another one may be for different reasons. Yes shirtless verified by the end of it like I feel okay, saying yeah. I'm okay with this being over. And I think if Moore came out I. Probably want to buy it unless it was the Vietnam Story That's the only thing that seems immediately interesting to me yet. Just the that I go is a a pretty solid comic, and at least for me, that is not to say like at the end when I say I'm okay with us being over. That's not as it had not. Worn out, its welcome did not really. Get to the point of being tedious. It was enjoyable through. You know from one end to the other. It left me feeling satisfied like I got what I wanted to get out of it. Orion and now that we've analyzed absolutely everything that there is to see. I'm going to have josh bring us into our next segment Josh where we go in Josh what we end. We're we're going? We're going I mike. What I'm going to get into is I'm GonNa ask you all. After we took off, the wraps bareknuckle thought these bears. What do you guys think? Approve or is a stinker like the Logger Tom Oh boy me I. I don't know shirtless bear fighter maybe isn't the kind of comedy that I would revelant naturally, but because it's paste. Paste so immaculately, and you know because it's so effective in in the humor, and how it chooses to tell it I do think it's A. It's a great book and I can't only say that. Yeah, I would recommend this book. I can say that I have recommended this book when this book was still coming out in issues and again after the trade came out. I recommended this book to just about everybody that I knew whether they liked comics or not. Even if a person just mentioned a bear to me, my. Commended this comic books them. I don't think it's it's too terribly offensive to turn any given person off of comics. If this is the first and only comic they had ever read because it's structured so well I. It's a great example of sequential. If a person is just trying to like tip their toes in and see what comics are all about soggy this? Yes. I SWEET! We got the stamp of approval from Tom. What about you, Sean? What do you think your shirtless bear fighting hero? Is same as him. I have had multiple copies of the trade since it came out that had been loaned. Loan lost and get new one loan out again. I have recommended it in blanket situations. People who do don't read comics just 'cause it was. Delightful. To solid, yes. Oh. We've got a straight one to knockers so far from the door of Michael Brown. What do you say a one to? Do Double knockers. Mike well! With your wants to. Give. You give you a third. Knock right here. Here's what do so. I I have to recommend it because I'm the Kinda guy who puts a little extra hot sauce on his burrito. I. Don't know which. Followed trying to say is I don't want something bland I want. Something turned up to eleven and I feel like this brought the heat. I mean it did pixelated Dong but it it did it did it in a very. You know it wasn't trying very hard. You saying this coming in Diablo packet? Yeah, oh. This is definitely coming. Back you heard it. The diablo door stamp of approval three times throughout one not two, but three times Josh you. For us I got a fourth knocker I, say Oh Josh. We're waiting to hear it. Give it the UPPERCUT. We're given this the haymaker to send it to the grave shirtless bear. Fighter is a straight BANGER. Nine ten eleven all day. We are reading the shirtless bear fighter new comic books. No problem we got the shirtless bear fighter, Dele like action movies, fucking shirtless bear fighter. Read the shirtless fighter any day every day all night tomorrow today two minutes from now whenever Kwanza Christmas Tanakahe Retailers Bear fighter I love when Josh gets in the mood because he's just like an unstoppable train, each just keeps going and going and go. And now that we are done given this the knockout punch. I hear some. Beeps loops Sean Sean oracular machine. It's talking to me. Let's hear something. Josh clipping lenders now you can feel free to add some. Folklore. Mobile. And next week we'll be reading. Something is killing the children by D. James Tinian the fourth or James Tinian, number four, or is it accurate just like a name is James? Tin Is I'm pretty sure. It's James Tinian IV like. Yes. So next week, something is killing the children from boom studios by written by James Tinian intravenous and it were their dill lettera. While I am very excited, that sounds like a very good, but thank you sean. Sean you selected that book and why I selected that book something is killing. The children is the story of something that is killing children. Sean Steel into this yeah? You know what kills the children. Is All them damn vaccines we give. Just kidding, that's for you to. I'm sure she'll be very appreciative. Should it find its way into any episode? We should find its way into every episode which you know why I picked. Something is killing children I would like to know why you pick. Something is killing the children so badly. I picked. Something is killing the children because it is a comic that I. Read and I liked it fair enough. I like monster hundred things. I like a Colt, creepy, weird stuff at it is a weird Scott. Shadow societies, monsters and and killing of children. Aunt said monsters Tom is actually a bigger fan of child murder than CAM. Staunchly against it. was ruined actively I. Don't actively seek out as much as he does. I'm just saying if it's a horror story. In maybe he'd been out of horror story, but just a story about childhood friends. Some of those children need to die. and. They need to die. For particular reasons in particular members of the kids need to die like there are rules to killing children, but it also needs to happen in your opinion yes. Bear okay. Find out more next week. And with that, our job is done. We invite you to join in the conversation and send in your own recommendations by reaching out to us on facebook, twitter, or Instagram we are at comic door on all of those platforms you can even send us an email to the comic dwarfs at gmail.com or comic doors at gmail.com or any other silly ass male. Sean might have set up. Tune in next time as we tackle or next comic dorf selections, something is killing children and don't forget Sandiego listeners. You can get twenty percents off both shirtless bear fighter and something is killing the children at kamikaze by using our super secret code words select matic. Further comic doors I'm Tom Beavis. Tom Of use Joshua Sheppard in our Michael, Brown and I'm Sean Corbin. Keep digging. Split spoiler alert. Alert. Talking is so hard. I wish we could do this, but without having talk like we do a sign language podcast. We find a way to do that. Maybe, we'll get that text to speech thing. And we'll just right out our type out our parts and there it is have the computer read it. We didn't have at least one episode with the. Each of us get like gets to choose our Texas speech like voice. Just run with it what I call back or soft Sam. Damn I don't know by name. Microsoft Sam is just the most worst monotonous. SP- text to speech voice ever? It's the bonsai buddy voice. I want the movie phone voice. Yeah, that's a million dollar voice right there.

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