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Clippers’ comeback leaves LeBron’s Lakers with plenty of Christmas regrets

Dual Threat with Ryen Russillo

04:02 min | 2 years ago

Clippers’ comeback leaves LeBron’s Lakers with plenty of Christmas regrets

"Mantras ends up on Lebron and then you come back down quite got the ball and now Danny Green's on them. And then the Lakers run a screen with pope where I think heartless was on Pope or something and they ended up getting Switzer. They could get Lebron going at beverly and again like I said. These weren't transition matchups. And at that point I'm like all right stop. Stop doing this Because this isn't this isn't fun anymore. later on in the game you know it was a Anthony Davis trying to go at mantras. which didn't really hurt the clippers? He hit a jumper. He missed another jumper. They did an awesome out of time out thing that will get you on this time. Now we're Vogel Got Mad. and He kinda called like another quick second time out where he got mad about something they did and how they were defending Kuwait going to his right off that horn stuff and The the Dow time out play was incredible but it was a lot of straight. Anthony Davis. What can you do against mantras again? Find Clippers pass that test and then it was Paul George defending ending Lebron straight up and it. It wasn't terrible but you know it's not something you do even with Paul George at his length and everything. You're not GonNa just let that happen George actually Lebron did get it going after starting. Oh a seven from three and then you look at the closing groups. The Lakers went. Beverly Shamet George. Kawhi by mantra as the Lakers Rondo Green. Lebron Anthony Davis after Lakers went with their accuse me the clippers went with their closing group at eight minutes left The Lakers brought in Davis at seven. Twenty Dwight was still in. But then this is the thing to always look at. Okay wait a minute. This was a game against maybe their best opponent they went with. Anthony Davis the five with those five minutes to go. Oh and I mentioned all of those matchups they're a little bit earlier The outta time out was awesome. It was a hand off where it was like a ball reversal van. Gundy mentions handoff. Lebron gets at the AD slips screen donkey. We go and I'm watching this expecting the whole time. Davis is going to go off. This is GonNa go off and it didn't really happen Offensively for what the Clippers did they WANNA WII really good post where I have these concerns where I go as Lou Williams holding the ball a little too much when you have George and cold out here with two minutes to go to close in a close game like what are you doing any the answers both. Yes and no because there was one possession where you looked like he was gonna run it down to the clock where he had Lebron on. 'EM EYESO- no help and I'm Mike is just going to go with Lebron and not let anybody else touched the ball here. Because I don't know that I love that despite loose scoring prowess But they didn't do that coadjutor. Really good post position coming from the right block to the left block and got fouled by Danny Green it was good foul you got fouled again. He hit all of his free throws. And that's really kind of what happened in this game. Is that the clippers. Made their last sixteen free throws throws and the Lakers didn't really know what they wanted to be. They they just kind of went one on one match ups and the shots didn't go in and it's very important though after after the Lakers get the ball back with shacklock off down three Lebron's going at beverly. I almost didn't have this in the notes and I just double checked here by the way I looked at it and go. Okay you know. Are they going into the clippers. GonNa foul. They're up three. They don't Lebron had a hard time. Kinda getting free a beverly beverly got his body right into them. Am I mean that guy's unbelievable defending bigger guys not that he's GonNa shut down Lebron but he did on that possession and he blocked a shot and my least favorite review in sports is is when the Guy Swipes at the ball out of your hands like science on the Super Mythbusters Slow Motion Cam is gonNA show. The ball usually always getting like be out out of the shooter's hands last. But the intent of what you would always call was. Okay if you have the bond somebody swipes it out and it just happens to be that a molecule. Your pinky is the last thing to touch. It's the ball. I could still off the other guy I I bet there's people listening to this that are disagreeing with me saying that it's it's it's better this way. It isn't better this way. It sucks this way. And and I'm the furthest thing from really being a fan of either team so has nothing to do with it. I just don't think that that's really. What the spirit of the rule is and I know they reversed it and they called it out? That's your ballgame But I I hate it I hate it

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