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"beverly beverly hills california" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

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"beverly beverly hills california" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"Abandoned things still right, I believe, following their decision notes that actually Intercollegiate athletes started getting paid in 18 52 when they had a boat race between Harvard and Yale students and the competitors got an all expense paid vacation and unlimited alcohol. No, they see all goes back to the alcohol, especially back in 18 52 about that. There you go. What do you remember about 18 52 cattle? But you were there. What was that? Like? What was that race down The Charles River like it was cool. We had really good, you know? Nice press credential. Got your free meal. The whole were you saying? Take that back in eight people I was Randy. Did you tell the dirt stories that Funny Mark. That was good. You know what Merck take it that he had a hat that said, pressing on the side that suppress to wear suit all the time. Exactly soon. His radio part of back then had a houses as pull Three students joke, Remember that was gonna do it. I've got I'll let him there. I was sitting at the game Friday night. This guy turns me goes. Excuse me. Do you know Randy Merkin? You sure said no. Who who don't claim. Who do you know Randy Mercan, Randy. Well, if he knew you were David Kaplan, Of course. You know why ask? He's going to know that, you know, I was going to say to him. Hey, Manu. That was his name. Manu. Generally, he went to school with Merkin. Yeah. Manu Hacker. Well, if you actually are asking me, Yeah, yeah, yeah, we normally That's a big time dentist in and in Beverly Hills. Big time. Yeah. In Beverly Hills. Yes. Did you work on big time teeth toward the South side? Yeah, I guess so. Beverly. I talk about Beverly around 95 talking about the hills of Beverly Beverly Hills, California. Wow. I mean, that's not the Southside rating and 90. Maybe a man like Beverly Country Club. Alright, Jared about 111th. Oh, wonderful spot. That's big time man next to Mount Greenwood, right next to Mont Greenwood. Very good. Good times. Check out York Majella next to me here. That's it. That's right. Go to the cottage man. The coolest, the seafood joint for players. What's the name of the place be Dakotas? Call us. I can eat it with my shoulders. Nicola's that places great. Mr. Coli is put on your shoes and eat it. That's right. That's right. The Jordan there you put on your shoes. You put it on your sure needed. That's so good cap. What else you have? I just want to make sure everyone knows you can now get us a crystal clear f m about that. And the HD channel 100.3 h d to show you can get us on the APP, ESPN Chicago APP for iPhone or Android? You can get us on twitch dot TV forward slash ESPN. 1000 Chicago, Of course, am 1000. And now crystal clear F M. That would be 100.3 HD to so many options. Uh, Chris, you could be in the city now. You could be in the loop and you can listen to us crystal clear. There is the key right there. Crystal Clear and a lot Basie. Lot more basic about it, man. A lot more based on 100.3. I can't believe you, too, has been around for 20 years. We're just getting around to it. All right. Time to rock and roll about time. Pretty cool, huh? Check off his truck. Horrifying convinced me that the elixir to the socks problems is Pittsburgh. I think he might be right. A Pittsburgh did the sacks of favor anyway. Over the weekend, taking two or three from the from the Indians. Yeah. Yeah, day off today, regroup a little bit and go try to beat up on Pittsburgh. That was ugly. It happens even very, very good. Teams are going to maybe lose for narrow at some point in the season if the socks also off Thursday. They got two days off. That's a huge Is that right? Yeah, that's kind, which is really good for your bullpen. Just let the arms relax absolutely like that longest losing streak of the season. Even good teams are going to have a series like that, and they had a bad one. Let's face it, you know that Tony and Dusty They ain't on the same page. No, they don't like each other. Don't like each other. No, it looks like you gave up in the series. You put good one in the cleanup roll about that car. Well, clean up. Part of it is also like when the Yankee series happen, right? They got swept in three at the Bronx, you know? Sometimes you get in this series against teams like the Yankees or Houston. And you have no alloy. You have no Luis Robert. You've lost magical. It was kind of a steady evaporate at the bottom of the bottom of the order. No eating. I mean, like You're gonna matter. You're gonna you're gonna strike you playing the best offense in baseball. You're playing one of the best teams in baseball. And if you can't like in a game, go blow for blow with them like You're going to have some ugly series like that, while they're this beat up, That's reality. I'm not panicking or overreacting. Are too worried about it. You're right, honey. I mean that sometimes I'll just show you Like how decimated by injury. Their lineup truly is, and that's why Tony said after the game as they go. What was with the Goodwin thing he goes. Hadn't worked all weekend. I figure try something. I mean, right, You know, like, all right, we're struggling right now to have had a bad weekend up at the top of the order. Moncada. Look, maybe a little bit slow, just coming back. You've got three key pieces in your lineup, Uh, that are out like, Yeah, Try something else Because we basically got our butts kicked all weekend. It happens. But hopefully the pirates are the exact look sure that they need. I think you're right. Another than rodents performance. They didn't picture particularly well. It was just one of those bad weekends. He's having a hell of a year. He's saying I have a discussion like who is the X factor for this team? We talked about cease and Rodan and he still is. Kind of questionable stuff. But road on the road splits are not good for Dylan season will say that that's not true. I have with kopeck, you know, Right? Kopeck was your wild card? Yeah. And he's still your wild card because you still don't know what it's capable of. The stocks are off today and Thursday. That's good. Yeah, that's great. I need a rest. Yeah, I knew a little bit of a wrap, and then they come home for the Mariners in any direction and they'll be at full capacity. Go ahead and make your jokes you can if you want, but technically they will be allowed to have full capacity when they come back home. How about wander Franco Coming? I know you'll be there's coming up. I know you'll be there. I don't know if I'm going to be there in this home stand. I'll try to get I've been to a couple games already. I don't know that I'm going. I can't go this weekend. Melon will be there. I don't know that he is. I have no clue. How can't you go this week? Because my son's got a baseball tournament this weekend? There's just no way Yeah, kids in the way it does. It does a little bit, but that's okay. By the way. Shocking news. The Cubs are on Sunday night Baseball again this week Shocking I mean, it's like this is who the Dodger don't be. Oh, God, I'm not bitter. I'm fine. I'm not change. Don't be Ben. I'm not. I believe the last time they Cubs played the Dodgers on Sunday night Baseball. Jake Ariana threw a no hitter because that right, But you're gonna get your ass paddled in front of a national committee. Well, you just swept them here. You think they're not going to all of payback? They go out. They don't want anything they want. The pressure's off the Cubs and by the way area stinks. He's bad. Alison and Waters. Well, here's what he is. Yeah. Should've water's wet e five and eight. What does he know? Either way, it's the same crisis takes a less turn area. It's the same crap. By the way. You know what you know. At this point, I was having the best season of his career. Speaking of the old guys, Kyle Schwarber, and he got off to a brutal start at 18 homers Warmers last six weeks have been pretty damn spectacular 18 home. If I'm the White Sox, I'm calling them Now. I told you to do it in your I agreed with the I didn't disagree like I'm all talked about it when he got D F I was always like the two guys. They should zero in on, or Jack Peterson and Kyle Schwarber, former What would you play him? Yes, I am. What I signed on to meet that and not gets. We always said that those would be the two guys. They go after they did go after Jack Jack wanted more of a chance to play every day. The Cubs were offering them that That's why I think he took less money, by the way would be nice if he runs out of pop up. Next time I see the dugout while it's in the air. But didn't Schwarber signed a one year deal? You did. One year 10 million. The Nats aren't going anywhere with him right now. I'd call the nationals and be like, Hey, we could use some more attended power..

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