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"betty swan" Discussed on WGN Radio

"Because love is just a merry go round before you know it. Your love will be gone WGN radio. I'm Riley James and that's Betty swan and you know I haven't seen much about it online if you look at Wikipedia for Betty spawn or some of the other sites it doesn't mention that unfortunately she died about a month ago. Yeah in Las Vegas and January 25th, 78 years old, but she was terrific. She wrote her hits as well. This was the first thing she charted with on money and then of course after that make me yours was just a smash and she wrote that as well, so she was she was quite the quite the writer and it was a somewhat brief career though. She wound up retiring from singing and went to Las Vegas became a teacher became a Jehovah's Witness and lived there a fairly quietly unfortunately. She suffered from a degenerative spinal condition for the last decade of her life. But her first charter, yeah. Don't wait too long. 1965 on money got to number 27 on the R&B charts. And I thought it was a great song. And then of course, who wouldn't like make me yours, which was number one for two weeks on the R&B charts in 21 on a pop charts. All right, so let's see, I'll try to remember that the news is coming up in two minutes, but I'll live a little dangerously. Who are you? Where are you? And thank you for calling WGN and the Riley James show. Yes, hello. Yes, yeah, this is Eduardo. Hey Eduardo. All right. Good, good, good, good. Yeah, that'll give you I was going to wait till tomorrow, but then I just heard you at the top of the hour and I go, oh my gosh. She's going to be gone. I am. I am. I wasn't expecting this, but I don't know how I can do this any other way. There's just far too much to do. And no one to help. So I'm doing it myself. Yeah. Well, this might be the year where I actually do, but we can talk about later show about because I want to get your advice as far as moving across state lines is put it that way. Oh, no, I'd love to, but what state are you planning to move to? Well, I don't know. I mean, it could be Texas, could be Florida, somewhere south. Or you can retire the codes. All right, yeah. All right. Absolutely. Hang on a minute, don't go. Yeah, I want to know. Say right where you are. We'll find out what's going on on the news, and we'll be right back to it right here on WGN radio

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