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Fighting COVID-19 From the Frontlines of NYC's Immigrant Neighborhoods

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06:02 min | 2 years ago

Fighting COVID-19 From the Frontlines of NYC's Immigrant Neighborhoods

"You know? He's being Donna. Ready we are the most people who die now. The the picture is different now but this sunny taty crash. We're going you gotta crises but did you. Let's talk for the beginning soon by a team. We've talked testing people with eating. My ourself and quiz area would find seventy percent of the people were positive which has been alarming. Sensing happened two days after when we went to the Bronx Sixty five to seventy percent positive. And they have to come back. Those buildings apartments small crowded woody international and resources. What we've seen today but dot day so many people seek now. We got different faces knowing that through so much pain now leaving now in the position that people had no money to like food doing pro. Two thousand meals a day in different areas to seeking the congestion with Were sent to teaching Our company nightstalkers because we know now fifty percent our people how the only there are less in their pocket derived. That's gone long ago now. We're GONNA do help we all today now. Jobs people lost fifty percent does agents. Yano joins US your job to Gatien. You're gone plus you act to other people without insurance and without papers circumstance. Afraid they had a lot of the with speeding difficult to find their family member. Who die because freight something could happen today. Where was the disconnect in terms of the testing? Why did the did the city miss? I mean how when you say a month ago you were. Testing would not be expecting this given the conditions. And giving the fact that if you were in a multigenerational house if you were an essential worker if you might have more health conditions of pre existing conditions it just seems that everything that was aimed at. Latino community was happening with this so where was the disconnect they nick was already disconnection that we have to stop paying attention on the socially health or their people live in crowded buildings with Russia. You Sam by the person was sick to the building worse than that those you know within minority note and then nobody was prepared for these. Because who has bundy we said life. Nobody deporting arouse went after we know because we knew people were were crying for giving us good. We bets. You May and building anywhere with Alone Hotel Room because we knew we were sending by millions invisible killer buyers. Plus building knows why this happened. So what did you do besides testing? What what did people you. What we're we're some of the people who are getting tested where we're told me some of the stories of the last month that you heard or your fellow doctors have heard or people in your organization of her for so many ways. But let's start with my pommie. How might keep who say's Saudi got Arresting and when when he got sick he was alone leaving apartment. He was long. He bustled hole. Fifteen days buddy They went back to work do market later. Now that's privilege. Let's go in different direction. Somebody call you. We put tele-medicine from the beginning. That medicine by the end of variety was pulling in Muslims. We plus three three songs and Y to educate our people dialing low. We doctors taking ghetto. Anybody who called even. Where did you. Summer's on the Summer Spacey Betty Portent. That's we knew what was going on right now. You has started like a lady who can out after liberty combat home to hold on is dead John No way whereas it wasn't that she even how the way to have a very often favor baber commission if you find your body and you have to make a seventeen donate. He changed now. He's getting better. But at some point with seventy twenty days cremation you. How the money? So it has the city I mean so where we talk about where we are now. What how is this improved? I mean besides the situation of people with the economic situation has this. Has the health situation improved it in in the community or are there still challenges Geno? I called allergy matching POCAR. What we're sending people city to the billing. Does Ron Koch it. Because what they do every day to work beginning in today the subway on they wouldn't papa. Papa Auditing Kidding that he sees inside those building her but up still coming out just two days ago. What am I secretary? Sister DIE evolving into aided by. Nali what he knows now. Ninety percent of the people going to endorse you die. I mean there is a very difficult thing game. Nobody knew well. Now we know now. We know what happened there? Now we're not to find solutions together. Find a way to test. That's what I've been saying is nine sixteen. That would best. Everybody does we do our you know. We went ahead of the game. Also when we decide to why are they meet a March Test immunological tests for whatever in the world? You these are the time this is

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