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"beto salty" Discussed on Healthy Eating For Kids

"You would start with vegetables or fruit. Make sure it's washed thoroughly peel the skin chop and steam or lightly boy, and then use the water that's left in the pant of mash or puree it down. So if you baby is young than six months of age, you do want to mash and paraders. But if you baby is old than six months, and you decide that you quite night to go. On the baby let meaning route and you all sitting down and having a snack at the table with a bit of fruit. There's no reason why couldn't offer cut up pieces in a very soft pieces of fruit or vegetables that have been steamed or lightly boiled, don't forget to try a good range of vegetables and do all tonight Nate between veg and fruit. So that your baby is exposed to both types of flavor. And like I said between the age of five and seven months babies are open to trying any of those flavors. They really don't mind they enjoy both sweet or sell or Beto salty. They really happy to accept all of those different flavors, and you can offer the same flavor up to ten times before moving on and trying something else when you are ready to start. Introducing a. First time meal or a second meal in the day. That's going to be based on something like Partridge os. Or you may choose to go down some baby rise because its iron iron-fortified. Then this is where the dairy free diet sort of kicks in. If you like and rather than using cows milk. You'd obviously be using maybe some expressed breast milk if you are following a day free. Dinesh yourself or use babies special infant formula? And at this stage at probably just stick with those two because they agreed to provide some valuable nutrition that you really don't want to displace by using something else. Like a plant drinks at this stage at probably just stick to expressed breast milk or your babies special infant formula from around six months of age. There are some reports that mother. Others breast milk supply is going to be a little bit low in iron. So there's no rush, but between now and say eight months of age, you really want to get your baby enjoying on rich foods, and that would be things like meat chicken fish, which can be pureed down mash down or getting quite lumpy. If they've been having solids for quite a bit of time to say in the last few weeks, or so if you're phone I plant based diet or vegan diet, or even just in general, I would really recommend that you start. Introducing lentils at this stage because it's a brilliant plant based source of iron for children. So bitter rise. A bit of lentils it could have other vitamin c rich foods added further down the line help absorb the iron found implant foods things like peppers. Martos you can all to start. Introducing mile Spicer's like human coriander. There's no reason why you cannot flavor babies food. They do life flavors. You just need to avoid adding salt or stock at this stage if you are buying pure or shop board items to help with the weaning stage. Then just remember to always check labels and never ever see in that. Even if a label says that the product is free from that it's safe to use. It may have some hidden sources of dairy. So always check the ingredients list. And if you're not sure, you know, what words can mean dairy do book to see your pediatric dodgers, they can give you some very detailed information about that. Remember that you are also avoiding milk and food products that are made from sheep goat or buffalo because approach. Eighteen that's found in these mammalian products are very similar to Cosmo protein. So we recommend that you avoid all Cosmo. But also all of their sheep goats buffalo type of foods as well. Sometimes milk can be labeled in a very unobtrusive way. I don't know if that's a real word. But anyway, it's not very it might not be very obvious. So just make sure again, read labels, very carefully. And if you're not sure about labels say if you're in a deli or cafe, and you're just you know, you just look at that label anything not quite sure what that means avoid it's best to avoid and try and take things from home. If you can wear your show that that particular brand is definitely free from dairy. I'd like to share a tip with you here. And that is if you can please, please, please. Avoid the pouches. If there's a strong dislike should I say again. I don't know if that's a good choice of words here. But. To avoid long term problems which Lauren relying on the pureed type pouches. I would recommend perhaps going for something that would be packaged in those glass type of jaws because then they are recyclable. So that's better for the environment. And you can also top these John's up so wash it out thoroughly it in the dishwasher, and then you can reuse those jars to store your own home, prepared foods, and he can pop it in the freezer because obviously at this stage babies aren't eating large quantities. So if you've made a beautiful meal of didn't know, some minced food with lots of different vegetables root, vegetables, things like that. And you want to say that because you don't fancy peeling and chopping it. And then cooking it from scratch again, pop it in the freezer, and then you can. Defrost it and reheated thoroughly when you're ready to serve it next. The problem with squeezy pouch e type things or baby foods is that sometimes baby start relying on that very smooth puree it homemade periods on that smooth. There will be lumps in them. So that really helps baby move onto the next stage. Obviously, if you're busy, and you, you know, gone are the days when you housebound there's lots of NC t- grooves and baby mummy groups to attend. So if you out in about goes, absolutely fine. You know, you can use these shop board items. However, tried to spoon it out onto a spoon rather than just, you know, giving it a baby to suck for directly from the patch because that doesn't teach children to progress onto the more lumpy. Textures they they become really reliant on the smooth flays because why not it's easy. There's not a lot of work or effort to do. It's just squeeze it into the mouth and swallow so very easy. So my recommendation in this Inara is trying to use the pouches. Or if you are using Pagis because they easy for transport purposes than just squeeze it out into a spoon before offering it to your baby. So the next stage once baby is around say seventy nine months of age you really wanted to get baby onto around three minute meals a day. So these are in a really small meals where perhaps baby is seated at the table in highchair whilst the rest of the family are enjoying their meals, and at this stage, it's really important to carry on with your babies specialist infant formula. It really isn't appropriate. To try any of the plant drinks apart from cooking. And if you'd like to know a little bit more about how to choose the best plant drink for your baby on a dairy free died, then do tune into the first episode on the podcast. I can pop a link to that episode in the show notes for you. So to clarify during this face, you can either continue to breastfeed your baby. If you're falling a dairy free diet yourself or you can't use a suitable plant drink and do speak to your dietician about

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