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"Congressman per mil. A giant Paul was disappointed in President Trump's acquittal in his impeachment trial. In a statement, she said that one term twice impeach former president incited his supporters to launch the deadliest and most destructive assault on the U. S Capitol since the war of 18 12, she said, we must hold the 43 senators who voted to acquit fully accountable for endangering our nation. And letting Donald Trump off the hook for the deadly insurrection. Path forward. Most of Washington state is preparing to move into the next phase of the governor's re opening plan, just in time for Valentine's Day. The only region not moving is South Central because they did not meet the requirements set by the state. Almost keep Eldridge reports on how places are getting ready for Sunday's opening. We've got our table's spaced apart. We're getting ready for caring, is gearing up for Valentine's Day at the restaurant she owns with her husband met Herb Neiman Steakhouse, and Ever since then, what come county. Valentine's Day is the busiest day of the year for restaurants, along with New Year's Eve, so Being able to open on Valentine's Day is huge. In fact, it was her husband, who lamented that the original start of Phase two for them wasn't going to be until Monday. When the holiday is so big for them, something I took to the governor's their consideration of moving it up with a couple of days. It's something I can think about, and I will give some thought to that. A few hours later, the governor did just that allowing restaurants to open up indoors on Valentine's Day coverage colonias. And the forecast is adding to the uncertainty for people doubt spread to get the Corona virus vaccine or get tested for the virus. Comas damning. Murtaza has the latest and also talked with Beth Zebrowski of the Washington Hospital Association. King County has already been forced to shuffle their vaccines because of the storm vaccine appointments at the Auburn Drive thru site had to be moved indoors to the can show where site That's where Colin 19 testing sites. All of King County's medium high volume testing sites will be closed Saturday because of weather conditions. In Pierce County Health Department moved up drive thru VACCINATIONS did this one day and Thursday because of the weather, and none are happening this weekend it Snohomish County, the vaccine task force. Hasn't closed the mass vaccination sites. But if there any changes will post them online by 7 A.m. the day of that closure, and as for covert 19 testing, all community based testing sites are closed until Sunday. Hospital officials advise people not to take risks with their safety in these adverse conditions. We do want to get this lifesaving vaccine interest many people as possible and give this many people access is possible, but it isn't worth risking your own health and safety immediately. We will be getting more vaccine and we will get everyone vaccinated. He wants to be vaccinated. That's call most damning, Natasa reporting common whose time is to 40 as we head over to the Beacon Plumbing sports desk. Dave Lewis has today sports headlines. Checking in with the action at the 18 T. Daniel Berger has a one stroke lead over it. Nick Lashley at 13 under part Burger through 15 holes on the day. Three way tie for.

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