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"beth uh huh" Discussed on Movie Crush

"To be in sports whenever one hundred kids my class like I was a decent student. But really it was everything else. Yeah. Like, you know, hockey football the jazz band the Capella group student council. Yeah. The improv group which I started, and then we never had any meetings. But I still put it on my college application. That's a very improv group leader Kennedy do and that's my thing is like I got to do everything. Yeah. This is my my brothers had their things I needed to do everything they didn't. Uh-huh. Which was more sports. And but I also needed to do that. Right. And I remember actually the big moment for me was in senior junior year. When I was like, I can't understand for the play. Because now varsity. Ball, and I can't do both. I can't play hockey it. My dad at dinner like, Like, you know. you know, you don't have to play hockey. I was like what is what I'm from Minnesota. Yeah. I have to play. That's our family tradition. And it was my dad's saying that like, oh, you mean, I can quit things. Like, I can do the play. Right. You recognize like I like, you're not gonna do hockey in college. Yeah. You need tension year performer in so my whole life has been taking on way too much and then finally quitting something and being so happy and then filling that time with something else. That's that's a pretty good routine. Think cheat trying to achieve trying to over achieve and then you get happiness by quitting things. Which is that's the best. Yeah. I think I just I need to be constantly validated. Yeah. Winter's guilt is. No good. Yeah. No. But there's always something else. I I have a little bit of fear of missing out. But I also like don't like hanging out with people. Right. I like doing things on like what we do. That's prizes me though. I hear you talk about that on your show about you being sort. Of a missing throat, and that's not the Peter that I know it's a little misleading. Uh-huh. But it is that like if people like, hey, new you wanna like hang out and go to a park like sure a probably be stressed, unless you're like, a very small group of friends that I I don't care like I look like I mean, I'll be fine. But I'm much more interested in that. Like, okay. What are we building something? Right. What are we doing? Even if it's you know game night to me is the task oriented. Yeah. Yeah. Why are we here? Otherwise, I get selfish and lose interest. And then I'm like own a home you probably nightmare game night. I don't know what you're talking about. About the rules and things like that. I think before I met Beth. Uh-huh. Yes. But she hates games. Yeah. And I I don't understand that at all. But so the game she will play are. Now, the games that I love way more which are the ones where there's no winners, you know, look into those so too we have we we made up a game called crackles to crap MLS. Which is the only fun version of apples to apples where everyone takes twenty minutes to write down all their own adjectives announce. Okay. It's just people everyone in the room knows specific things like the noun of like Peter's ability to shut up is like a card. And then you play apples apples and everything's an inside job. I've never heard of apple samples. Oh, okay. Have you heard of cards against humanity? Yeah. It's the same thing. Okay. You have a card that's like deplorable. And then you've got a handful of nouns put the card down at best is best described by that adjective. Okay. And it's a cute, you know, fun game people love it. But if like the card is, you know, like the Peter's attention span than it gets personal malaria game that only the six people in the room. And yeah, yeah. Like I made a version for my family. That's just you know, forty plus years of inside jokes. If the game that only these six people compla-, and you wrote them down on little cards. Yeah. I spent four months every time I train like writing down literally every memory collectively have fun. And it is the most fun game in the world. It's pretty cool. There's a. Hugh, like cards that always wind. Yeah. Like, the one weird, and we all have right fifth any. I wanna say which one I don't love cards against humanity..

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