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"beth bailey potter" Discussed on 20/20

"Cam was a very handsome. Handsome, boy, Levy says turn which sadly that was all about to change cried every day for a year every single for sun, barely surviving gunshot blast to the face. They said there was nothing. Like, they said his face was dust assault the hospital. Just how do you go in and look at your son? There's nothing but tonight on an all new twenty twenty. There is something lucked help in the form of a complete stranger a strangers face face transplant. You know, can they actually what is a face transplant? My first reaction like what own son dies. She makes the unimaginable sacrifice to save. Another mother, son. It was a one in a billion match. If he and you have something that somebody else to news, why wouldn't you shave? And I just thought he can get this face. You have no idea what this means with this stuff. Tonight to mothers to sons and a nonstop twenty-five our operation. To bring one back to life. What will the end result? They finally come face to face. Look, I'm just curious as a mother what feels like to know your son's face. Another human body. Good evening. I'm Amy robots and this is twenty twenty tonight. Our is truly extraordinary it might seem like something out of science fiction. But it's reality, and Amy you witness the entire thing. Yes. Over the past six months, we've seen the amazing miraculously transformation that you're all about to see in the face of one young, man. It's remarkable. And seeing knowing what you've been through can you walk us through what you got from will. And what you were able to keep on on the cart. Stark right here. Down and then hunger. Will it's one of the most unusual questions I've ever posed to anyone asking a young man for a guided tour of the features of his face. So when you look in the mirror. What do you say? I. But before Twenty-six-year-old Cameron Underwood wants the world to see the me. He sees he I want you to understand how his former face and the face of another young man, he never knew became one. How together camp was given a second chance at life. So much of this story is not anything that anyone would ever prepare for in their life. It's unimaginable. Like, you said it like how did this happen? Cams mon- Beth Bailey Potter believes, God put her on earth to be a wife and mother her greatest joy her four children, the oldest Julie. And then the three boys Aaron bread and her youngest Cam, they were just so close, and I always took pride in that. I think that there's a bond between the three of us that's different than any other brother. Bon. Close knit family rounded in their faith, cams grandfather, founded the United Pentecostal church in the northern California agricultural community of Yuba city faith is the essence of everything in our family without that foundation. I think the during a lot more to. Punting is a religion for Cam. And the Underwood's is well. Where will you? Now, of course family. We all liked the doors. He grew up on the leg. And he was just natural athlete. He was he was good. Cam which you got show me the game ball. He's he's gifted in so many areas in so many ways. Cool, son. He was to specie. He was always quiet a little more on the shy side. But just a wonderful spirit about him using Gorn. But by the time Cam gets too high school, his spirit, isn't the first thing. Most people notice about him. It's his face the cameras up a, very handsome handsome. Boy, you know, a smile would light up this pace, and it was so evident in his eyes. It's the handsome boy women started noticing him more and more we would walk into places, and you know, ladies heads would turn but for Cam, there's only one girlfriend or so he wasn't over there for sure the couple date for years after high school planning a future Cam starts working in his stepfather's business. Heavy equipment repair. He made so much money. He bought his own house at the age of nineteen..

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